Sea otter

Watch This LIVE Stream Of CUTE Sea Otters!

Need a smile? I PROMISE this live stream of these adorable Sea Otters will put a smile on your face!
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How You Can Help Others in Your Community NOW

Looking to help out people in your community during these uncertain times? From small business to blood donations and those who need a little extra help in making sure their families stay fed, check out our list of how you can still make an impact and help people in your community today. Here is a...
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Washington Governor Cancels All Puget Sound Schools For 6 Weeks.

All Private and Public Puget Sound Schools are cancelled until April 26th.
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Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Test POSITIVE For Coronavirus

They become the first celebrities to come forward with a positive diagnosis
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[WATCH] Coronavirus Survivor Says She Feels "Fantastic"

After getting Coronavirus, Jerri Jorgensen says she's back to normal life and feels "Fantastic"
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Lindsay Ell

[WATCH] Lindsay Ell STUNS In New Music Video!

WOW! The new video for her song 'I Don't Love You' is something you HAVE to see.
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100% Of The Profits From Shirt Sales Go To Nashville Tornado Victims

ALL the profits from the sales of this shirt today, will go to benefit families affected by the Nashville Tornado!
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How To Avoid Coronavirus, According To The CDC

As the Virus spreads, know how to keep yourself healthy!
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Be In The Know About COVID-19

With increasing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, there will no doubt be escalating fear and speculation about what’s next. A precautionary measure may appear to signal the discovery of additional diagnosed cases of the virus when, in fact, it is simply a case of exercising care. Stay in the...
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CDC Wants Men To Shave Their Beards To Stop Coronavirus

Do you have a beard? The CDC says you should shave it.
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