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Dear Wolf Pack,

Every year during the holiday season there are plenty of families who have fallen on hard times. There are many who need help in our very own neighborhoods and communities. Each year, Whistle Workwear helps us spread holiday cheer to those who need it most, and this year we're able to help more than ever! We have $500 to give to 10 families right here in the Pacific Northwest.   

Thanks to you, we’ve had so many stories of people who really need our help this year.  We’ve done our best to chose and now you can listen to all of Fitzmas Wishes right here on this page.  And from all of us here at Fitz in the Morning, Whistle Workwear and their employees, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 


P.S. Listen through Friday, December 16th for more winners' stories at 7:30 and 8:20am!


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