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Here are the 2017 Hometown Heroes!

March's Hometown Hero is Dave Syson from Snohomish, WA!

Nominated by his daughter, Dave has not only been a hero to his four children but also to the local baseball community. He has loved baseball ever since he was in t-ball and has played all his life. Later he then added a love of coaching to the mix starting when his two sons went through little league, and even though they are long past those days Dave has continued to coach. The last two years he has continued to co-coach the Snohomish high school's Junior Varsity team as well as help out with the Varsity team from time to time. He continues to do this even though shortly after the season started last year he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer in March. But even through his many rounds of chemo he has kept his hair and devotion to those boys. He truly inspires all who are around him with his can-do attitude and a constant smile fixed on his face.


February's Hometown Hero is Mark Waldin from Mill Creek, WA!

Mark works with the homeless population of Lynnwood and Edmonds. He is the manager of Trinity Lutheran's South Snohomish County Cold Weather Shelter, where he, his wife, and all their volunteers dedicate hundreds of thousands of hours of unpaid work for the shelter. Trinity does an amazing job providing all the assistance they possibly can to those in need, even though they operate on a very tight budget. They have selflessly helped countless people survive the harsh, cold Seattle winters.


Here are the 2016 Hometown Heroes!

November's Hometown Hero is Andrea Jairl from Port Orchard, WA!
Her Story: Andrea is an amazing woman with a huge giving heart.  Every year she holds a benefit for a local family in need.  It is called the Hometown Holiday Benefit, held in Port Orchard. The Hometown Holiday Benefit donates all its proceeds to a chosen family to help with medical bills and helps make sure the family is able to have a Merry Christmas. Andrea is a person that anyone would be lucky to have in their corner.  Her giving heart and generous nature shows all year round; someone who offers help and gives all that they have just to help another person, expecting nothing in return.


October's Hometown Hero is Marci Volmer from Snohomish, WA!
Her Story: Marci is the Area Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Snohomish County. She raises thousands of dollars for the club throughout the year and has been working on their holiday drive for 2016 since July! Many of the families in the area have their holiday greatly impacted by the gifts and the help Marci provides for their families. Aside from all the good she does for the kids in the area, she currently serves as the Snohomish Kiwanis President, Snohomish Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Leadership Snohomish County Board member, Christmas House board member, and Chair of the Everett Community College East County Advisory Council. Doing all of this selflessly while still making time for her family.


September's Hometown Hero is Jennifer Cullison from Renton, WA!
Her Story:  Jennifer has overcome adversity and has reached every goal that she has set for herself.  Jennifer grew up in Puyallup and faced many challenges in her early life.  Despite this, her schooling became her way out of poverty and a path to her career in science.  She would be the first in her family to graduate from college. As Jennifer was finishing her research and PhD work at OHSU, she decided that she would make a bigger impact in society if she became a science teacher.  Her students have loved her since day one and as she starts her thirteenth year of teaching she had more passion for her job that has not been diminished. 

Jennifer has now decided she would like to help support English Language Learners (ELL) in science.  She is passionate about creating supports to see these students gain more access to health science and has already spent hours of her time in the planning stages to start this program, including taking Spanish language classes at night and spending the last two summers abroad in immersion programs to help relate to and support the majority of the ELL students at her school. 

In addition to being an outstanding educator, Jennifer is also a coach and advisor for several different clubs and teams; she is the boys middle school basketball coach, National Honor Society Advisor, Education Union President, Junior Class Advisor, the advisor for the Free the Children Service Club and created a 501c recognized charity to support the efforts of this program. 

In fact, despite the fact that Jennifer has a genetic heart condition and competes with a defibrillator and pacemaker, she is one of the top urban adventure racers in the nation.  She also enjoys competing in triathlons and marathons.  It is her goal to complete the six major marathons of the world and she is well on her way, completing three of them, one with a broken ankle. She is a firm believer that she will not allow her heart disease (the same kind that took her father from her at an early age) or any other obstacle to define her life or slow her, they just motivate her and make her stronger. 

August's Hometown Hero is Melissa Robinson from University Place, WA!
Her Story: Melissa is a mother of 3. She works for the YMCA as a nursery supervisor. She goes above and beyond what she is asked to make kids in the community involved in games, movies in the park, and meals all for free. Melissa uses her own personal money and time to put on events free to families such as family fun night; offered to those who are not members of the YMCA. She volunteers her time and ideas to other departments and uses her creative thinking to better the community with her Tasty Tuesday meal planning ideas. Melissa is more than just a hero in the work setting, but also as a mother and a member of the Tacoma community.

July’s Hometown Hero is Eric Patno from Lynnwood, WA!
His Story: Eric started a NPO to help educate people about saving local honeybees and has volunteered many hours and a lot of his own money creating a website and currently tending to 5 colonies. He is very passionate about Honey bee conservation and the money he could win could be directly donated to He's a good guy doing a great thing for everyone.

June’s Hometown Hero is Kimmie Moore from Renton, WA!
Her Story: Kimmie began donating "Kimmie's Chemo Care” in February 2015. Patients who are in chemo treatment are nominated by family/friends anywhere in the United States. Kimmie creates a bag for women, men, and children off all ages for free. An example of items in a colorful, zippered, multi-use bag would include lotions, toothbrush, pill holder, journal, mints, gum, playing cards, tea, adult coloring books, pencils, thank you cards/stamps, lip balm, word search puzzles, and handcrafted hate. Kimmie includes a hand-written note card sharing with the recipient the person who had nominated them.

Kimmie has small basket raffles with donated items to have the funds to continue purchasing items. When Kimmie started her project, she used her own money to fill the bags. The only cost now is mailing which the person who had made the nomination absorbs. As a breast cancer survivor, I know what any gesture of caring can do to get your through chemotherapy. I am so very proud of her for what she has done. When she told me about it initially she said, "I work full time as a hair stylist, I rarely have time to get involved. This project seemed like the perfect fit to do something for others." Clearly, she has done so much for people all over the country. She is my hero; hopefully she can be yours too.

May’s Hometown Hero is Marcia Pedersen from Deming, WA!
Her Story: Marcia is an instructor at Bellingham Technical College. Before that she used to teach at a high school level. Marcia is a wonderful instructor who cares very much about all her students. Beyond the class room she is a certified underwater emergency recovery diver and volunteers her time with search and rescues. Her latest call was to save a poor dog that was stuck on the side of the Nooksack River. Marcia is also very involved with the area nonprofit animal rescues and does everything she can to help. She is an all-round amazing person!

April’s Hometown Hero is Christina Threlkeld from Black Diamond, WA!
Her Story:  The cancer patient's journey is scary, confusing and overwhelming. I met Christina when I came to work at UW Valley Medical Center. It was immediately evident that she truly cares about individuals going through life's challenges.  She donates her time and expertise to provide respite for people going through cancer treatments.

Christina is an aesthetician. The services she offers are a retreat for anyone but especially for those facing cancer.  She creates an environment where cancer patients find respite and escape. When a patient is feeling overwhelmed and I make a phone call to Christina, she is always willing to help by providing facials and massage as an escape from the reality of a cancer diagnosis. For the patients referred, her services are free.

Christina is an independent business woman and is currently working to set up a 501(c)3 in hopes that she can expand the number of clients she offers free services to. In fact, she recently mentioned to me that she'd like offer services to patients bed bound in the hospital for a prolonged period of time. She has a heart of gold! Christina Threlkeld is a hometown hero!

March’s Hometown Hero is Kyle Terhune from Seattle, WA!
His Story:  A couple of months ago, Kyle started "urban no-mads". With the works of simply gathering a few friends (including myself) and reaching out to local schools and charities, Kyle gathers clothes weekly and goes out to downtown Seattle handing out clothes, care packages (toiletries), and food to the homeless, including fresh burgers from Dicks burgers drive-in. He has driven others, including myself, to reach out to our community and fellow man. I feel he should be recognized for all the hard work he does to try to make someone else's day a little bit better. Every day we hit the Seattle streets, people offer us money for how touched they are by our act, Kyle is always first to explain that seeing a single smile of appreciation from someone is more than enough payment.

February's Hometown Hero is Jessica Reasy from Seattle, WA!
Her Story: Jessica has a huge heart to help those that need help. In 2011 she started working for a nonprofit called Redeeming Soles. This nonprofit helps to put good shoes on the feet of the homeless. Her kindness and her love for the homeless make her a hero in the eyes of the homeless. I believe that as she stepped in the role of Executive Director of Redeeming Soles that she was led with a true conviction of her heart to do all that she can to help. Her tireless efforts and her dedication to finding ways to put shoes on the feet of the homeless is truly an inspiration and something that should be greatly admired.



Here are the 2015 Hometown Heroes!
November's Hometown Hero is Spencer Broden from Spanaway, WA!

His Story: Spencer Broden is a high school senior in Tacoma who is making a difference in the lives of poverty-stricken children in the Puget Sound. In 2014, he created a charity for children named Time 2 Party! Time 2 Party! provides free birthday parties to children whose families cannot afford to give them a gift, much less a party. The children choose a party location, invite their friends, and Spencer pays for everything - the facility, pizza, cake, party ware, invitations, pictures and party favors. He works with local food banks to select party recipients, and organizes fundraising events to pay for the parties. He does this while maintaining straight A’s, and swimming competitively.  Spencer has always felt compelled to help other children. From the age of six, he voluntarily donated all of his birthday presents to the Tacoma Rescue Mission Family Shelter so those kids would have Christmas presents.

October's Hometown Hero is Brandon Dekoning from Marysville, WA!
His Story: Specialist Brandon Dekoning is serving in the Army National Guard and has done so much for our community. He is also a full time tow truck driver for American towing. He was deployed to the fires in Ellensburg a few years ago and also went on deployment to the Oso mud slide in 2014. He works at the tow company helping the community by offering free tows home on holidays if you are intoxicated. Any other day it's a small fee to get you and your car home. This small family business includes his mother, step father, and family friend. They volunteer for many things including a house fire they put out on the 4th of July before firefighters got there. Brandon personally does everything he can for everyone else and I thought it was time he has something nice done for him.

September's Hometown Hero is Chelsey Smith from Puyallup, WA!
Her Story: Chelsey Smith is the Director of Nursing at Puyallup Nursing and Rehab Center. Her husband Tyrone was deployed by the National Guard to Nespelem when the firefighters needed back up. Chelsea was inspired, due to her husband being deployed, and her eastern washington roots, she decided she couldn't sit around and do nothing. She initiated a donation drive to help the fire fighters and victims, and through community donations, received enough donated items to fill a Uhaul, and a shuttle bus multiple times over. She made 2 trips over to Omak and Nespelem to deliver the items, and the response from the volunteers was sheer amazement. Chelsea used her ties within the healthcare community to secure donations of much needed items from multiple pharmacies, and with the help of friends, donations were acquired in the Home Depot parking lot. Word spread in the community, and local banks, the VFW, and other local business soon wanted to participate. She assisted Haggen in filing a semi of needed supplies. The response to her donation drives was astounding. Chelsea is an inspiration to myself, and many of our other co workers, for her hard work, dedication, and selflessness.

August's Hometown Hero is Therese Vafaeezadeh from Kirkland, WA!
Her Story: When it came time for my older sister to graduate from high school at age 21, my family was at a loss for what she was going to do for the rest of her life. Although she has both intellectual and physical disabilities, my sister is bright, engaging, and in need of meaningful and productive days just like the rest of us. Because there were no local options for her, my mom Therese decided to start a non-profit day center for young adults with disabilities called Tavon Center. Located in Issasquah, Tavon now serves over 50 clients. "Through working in the gardens, caring for animals, practicing daily living activities, and building interpersonal skills, participants gain capability and confidence. Bonding with peers and staff creates a circle of friends, an invaluable support system for participants. Daily stimulation and personal connections foster a healthy lifestyle that helps sustain physical and mental health." Therese dedicates so much time to ensuring this amazingly important non-profit runs well and continues to grow to support not just my sister, but so many others in our community needing a program such as this. She deserves great recognition for all she has done and continues to do. 

July's Hometown Hero is Matthew Baughman from Snohomish, WA!
His Story: Matthew started Boy Scouts at age 7 and has been a very active member for the last 22 years.  Two years ago he realized his life career dream of becoming a full-time Ranger where with his best friend they maintain and run the Cascade Scout Reservation that encompasses approx 900 acres and 195 buildings plus a water and sewer system to rival most small towns.  There is a Cub Scout camp on one side and a Boy Scout camp on the other.  These 2 tirelessly serve over 5,000 children and adults making sure the tradition carries on and everyone has a great time.  It is vitally important to Matthew every boy has a chance to be active in scouting.   Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas they never take holidays off and during summer camp work about 18 hours a day 7 days a week from 6/25 until around 8/14; 3 days to reset and the fall programs start and continue until Halloween.  He never has time or money to splurge on tickets to a concert. Please give him the recognition he deserves. 
June's Hometown Hero is Eagle-Star Bowen from Everett, WA!

His Story: Eagle-Star has started a non-profit called Live4purpose. "We here at Live4Purpose strive to reach out to those less fortunate struggling with hardships in a turbulent life. No matter the scale we help inspire people into selfless action for causes and situations that are greater than themselves. Our goal is to impact others and start a chain reaction of positivity, kindness, and compassion. Our focus is strengthening humanity with honor and integrity." He gets a group of people together to make breakfast burritos to hand out at the Everett Gospel Mission and holds fundraisers for Wounded Warriors. He did a fundraiser for the town of Pateros when it caught on fire and helped with taking all kinds of supplies over. I know that any kind of help that can be donated to his non-profit would greatly appreciated. 
May's Hometown Hero is Sheila Smith from Buckley, WA!
Her Story: Sheila is my mother, she is a wonderful person who is always thinking of others. This year she celebrates 20 years of running the "Donald Loomis Memorial Clothing Bank" where she has clothing / school supplies and new socks/underwear for the children in the Buckley community. About 5 years ago she took over and is now running the Enumclaw clothing bank as well. She is always thinking of ways to help people who are in need. She has a wonderful goal to be able to purchase shoes to give away at the clothing bank this next school year for the kids. Everything she does is non-profit so, everything she gives away is free. She gets money from the schools PTA and any other generous donors. On May 9, 2015, she put on the Clothing Bank's first fund raiser - she planned a Fashion Show where teenagers and family members were able to boost their confidence while raising money. Again, Sheila is an amazing person and a true hero in my eyes and I know in the eyes of countless other people.

April's Hometown Hero is Christie Welch from Bremerton, WA!
Her Story: Christie is one of the most caring and giving people you will ever hope to meet! She spends her free time crocheting baby blankets for our local birthing center in Silverdale, WA. The blankets are distributed to mothers whose babies would otherwise go home with no blanket. Christie pays for all of the yarn herself. She has donated 3 times now and continues to crochet more blankets for these precious babies!  I cannot think of a more deserving individual than Christie as a real hometown hero!

March's Hometown Hero is Patricia Caturia from Federal Way, WA!
Her Story: After watching a friend's struggle with a premature child in the NICU, Patricia took it upon herself to create the Think Small Project. This project creates care packages for parents and families of babies in the NICU's of several local hospitals. The packages include things like board books to read to the babies, puzzle books for the adults, snacks and toiletries. Nobody wants to have their child in the NICU, but these care packages give families hope and a little piece of normalcy in the midst of a maelstrom of emotions around their ill child. Patricia frequently gives from her own pocket, in addition to funds raised for the project. She donates her time and gas to deliver the packages, and gives from her own small business (Illusion of Grandeur Photography) to give the families the gift of newborn photos when the baby is well enough to go home. Patricia is an amazing person with a tremendous heart. Whether she ends up in The Wolf's Hometown Hero Hall of Fame, she is a hero in my book.

February's Hometown Hero is Lori Cavender from Langley, WA!
Her Story: My hero is Lori Cavender, Founder of Ryan's House for Youth which is a non-profit going above and beyond to get homeless youth out of dangerous situations, into caring living environments, and finish school to become productive members of society. To say she works 70 hours a week is not giving her enough credit. She has been on-call 24/7 for the past 5 YEARS! I am one of her former students and am now proudly serving as a board member for Ryan's House for Youth. We have had 2 adoptions so far along with many success stories. We are even teaching other rural communities how to effectively care for their homeless youth across the country! All of this, and more is because of her! She needs to get recognized for all her selflessness and accomplishments! It would also be nice to spread the word about how easy it is to help the kids around your home because no child should have the burden to care for themselves and get through school alone. It truly is amazing how one simple gesture can change a life! Lori is the most deserving person I know!

January's Hometown Hero is Stan Samson from Snohomish, WA!
His Story: Stan has volunteered for the past 8-10 years picking up food at local grocery stores for the Maltby Food Bank and has also cooked and delivered hot meals to 100's of homeless in Seattle and elderly in Bothell. He worked with a group at the St. Brendans Catholic church to make up meals, every Thursday, to take to downtown Seattle until the place they went to closed. Now they make meals for local seniors. Unfortunately, Stan has been suffering from lymphoma and has been sidelined for the past few months. He has been a real credit to his community over the years and really deserves some recognition for his efforts and untiring dedication. I am sure that he will be right back at it as soon as he is well again. 

Here are the 2014 Hometown Heroes!

November's Hometown Hero is Cameron Blas from Everett, WA!
His Story: Over 200 families; 3 food banks, over $15,000 donated and an entire school working as one.  I have a true hometown hero for you his name is Cameron.  Cameron is a high school senior and as his high teacher for the past 3 years, I have first-hand knowledge of his passion to help and serve his community.  For the past 2 years he has helped to lead and organized our annual school food drive.  For the month of November, Cameron organized the student body to adopted and provide Thanksgiving meals to over 200 local families; enough food to create and stock our own Everett High Food Bank; donate several boxes of baby food, and $100 to Housing Hope Women’s Shelter; and sent 1 U-Haul and 3 truck loads of food to a local food bank.  Also, he set a school-wide goal to collect $15,000 to be used to help support local families in need; he exceeded his goal for a grand total of $15,443.32!  Cameron is a hometown hero not only for what he has done for the local community but also for his efforts to bring our entire school to serve our community.  He is so deserving of your hometown hero recognition. 

October's Hometown Hero is Hailey Trumble from Shoreline, WA!
Her Story: Hailey started her community service project when she was in just the 6th grade, when each kid had to perform 90 hours of community service. She started a coat drive that she called "Keep Out the Cold," where she collected new and used outerwear for both sexes and all sizes. She then distributed them to needy families all across Snohomish County. She contacted several different companies each year, including Hansen Bros Moving and Storage, JR Truck Rentals, and Campbell Nelson VW, and they would donate a moving pod, truck, or car that would sit for (at a minimum) a month's time outside Hailey's community service. These vehicles would serve as a collection point for the Keep Out the Cold charity. Hailey graduated from high school in 2013, and is now employed fulltime as an orthodontic assistant. A month ago I walked into her room and glanced at her September calendar. There was "Keep Out the Cold." She picks a car up from Campbell Nelson this weekend and it begins again. I am so proud of my daughter, she is a giving and caring young woman. Over the past 7 years she has collected and distributed over 15,000 coats, hats, sweaters, scarves and blankets to those in need. Hailey is the poster child for Hometown Heroes. 

September's Hometown Hero is Leslie Alsteen from Bremerton, WA!
Her Story: Leslie has volunteered as a coach for local peewee basketball, T-ball, and baseball teams, but she also serves on the Board of Directors for the Bremerton Youth Wellness center, developing a safe and happy environment for young people to spend their time. She has fundraised as the Booster Club president for Bremerton High School NJROTC for the past 3 years to help raise money for cadets to go on field trips and special events. However, Leslie didn't stop there. She CREATED a not-for-profit youth fast pitch organization, The Kitsap Rockets, from the ground up. Leslie saw that the opportunity to create a place for girls to learn not only sports skills but build self-confidence and leadership abilities. She has given so many of these girls a place to feel safe to express themselves while learning a new sport. She created this because she wanted something in our community to empower young women and build strength in them. She runs the organization as well as coaches 2-3 teams every season. All this work is on top of maintaining a full time job and being the mother of three very busy children. If anyone deserves a thank you for hard work and dedication, it’s Leslie. 

August's Hometown Hero is Lance Hanson from Auburn, WA!
His Story: Lance is an amazing man. Lance owns My Town Motors in Auburn and has been a wonderful supporter of the See Ya Later Foundation, a foundation that helps families with children in medical crisis. Recently Lance and his staff recently took possession of a van from a family that just claimed bankruptcy. They totally fixed the van, changed the oil, a tune-up, fixed water leaks, fixed the air conditioning, fixed the window and even detailed the inside and out!! We then presented the van back to the family so it was now a reliable vehicle to take their son to chemo on Thursday. Lance has donated several thousand dollars to support other families that we have been assisting while in time of need. Lance works almost every day and it would be great if all his work and generosity would be rewarded with an award such as this! 

July's Hometown Hero is Jana Hecla from Edmonds, WA!
Her Story: I met Jana during the Oso crisis as my organization Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 needed a contact person to help us get handmade quilts from my home south of Olympia to those first responders and volunteers involved in the Oso landslide. Jana was and still is volunteering to do all she can to help the communities of Arlington and Oso, from running supply runs with her granddaughter to putting together a HUGE benefit for the community with Oso Caring, this amazing woman just never quits. While FEMA and Red Cross and others have come and gone, Jana is still there, still reaching out, showing everyone what 'Oso Strong,' means. On May 31st it was never more evident of the love she has for her community and in her heart. With the help of a few volunteers and her family, the Rhodes River Ranch and many donations, she arranged a huge fund raiser for the community of Oso, it was a daunting task but whenever anyone asked her about an item, had a question, she knew the answer. Jana not only deserves this, she deserves a total spa day to relax and be pampered and to be shown the love she has shown others. 

June's Hometown Hero is Steve Myers from Snohomish, WA!
His Story: Steve has put all of his heart into organizing the Dream Builders Car Show benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Snohomish County. When he was 10, he was matched with his "Big Brother" Rich, and now nearly 20 years later, they are still best friends. Rich has been his father like figure, since his dad was never around. Steve has made it his mission to raise funds and awareness for BBBS, an organization that matches at risk youth with adult mentors. He has single handedly gathered many sponsors and donors, and passes out flyers for the show every day. Years ago he organized a weight loss fundraiser where he lost 60 lbs and raised $1150 for BBBS. I love my husband very much, and admire his dedication to paying back an organization that gave him so much. Steve is my hometown hero. 

May's Hometown Hero is Jessica White from Redmond, WA!
Her Story: I believe Jessica is not just a Hometown Hero but a hero to anyone who has ever been down on their luck. She volunteers more than 40 hours a week at numerous places. Jessica serves food at homeless shelters, volunteers at assisted living homes, goes to preschool/elementary schools and reads to the kids while setting a positive example. She is always smiling and willing to help others. Shortly after meeting her, she had to cancel plans one night because she met a mother who was homeless with her baby girl. Jessica, out of her good nature, befriended this lady and her baby. Setting them up with a good place to live and helped put food in their stomachs. Jessica does all this without hesitation. She helps all of these people not to make herself feel good or to put up a good image; she does it because she cares. Jessica doesn’t know I entered her for this and probably wouldn’t want me to. She doesn’t want the attention, she just wants to help. Jessica is the change we all want to see. May God bless you all. 

 April's Hometown Hero is Greg Wilson from Renton, WA!
His Story: "Moving from success to significance" has been Greg's life motto. However, not a motto for himself but for his Greater Seattle Community - everyone is successful in their own right but how can you take that success and make it significant? How can you make a positive, productive contribution to the world? Greg embodies the word here. Through an Innovative 'STEM' Education Engagement Strategy his non-profit, The Education Effect (TEE), is an integrated partner. Greg has changed the lives of 100 Highline School District students which he calls his Student Champions. He has combatted the social norms, reminding them the skies the limit through new adventures in attitudes and the value of an education. Some of the students Greg has mentored under TEE have never been to Seattle. Greg enabled 100 students to take a trip to the State Capital to meet many elected offcials and tour the beautiful campus - something most of those students have only dreamt of. He has coordinated a number of job shadows and internships for King County students, all while being a tremendous father and husband. Greg Wilson is a HOMETOWN HERO and should be recognized for his unconditional passion to his community. 

March's Hometown Hero is Aaron Kaehn from Enumclaw, WA!
His Story: Aaron, my Step Dad, enlisted in the military 3 days before 9/11 occurred and failed to mention this to my Mother (his Wife) until after the tragic event. Since then he has devoted his time to supporting our family, as well as protecting his country. He is one of the main guys at the Snohomish 'base' and they have been housing (at their office) some of the victims and the people who are volunteering for Oso Relief, so he too has been staying up in Snohomish for the past few days. It amazes me how willing he is to help people, and how much he loves his job and his country! 

February's Hometown Hero is Dawn Corbett from Auburn, WA!
Her Story: Dawn is someone who gives without wanting anything in return but to put joy on others faces and in their hearts. She gives much of her time, money, and caring heart to help the homeless in and around the Auburn area who have no where to turn! She will go and feed the homeless with donations from others, or from her own food if possible, sometimes two or three times a day. She has a Facebook page (auburn shared blessings in helping the homeless) which is a group to help men, women, teens, and children who in hard times need a little help, and faith! She not only feeds, but tries to give toiletries, blankets, and clothing. We met because my Girl Scout troop made Easter baskets and she went and hid eggs and the baskets for the kids to have some joy in such hard times during Easter. She just has such a big heart and is truly a blessing to those she helps! So when I heard about Hometown Heroes I immediately thought of her!

January's Hometown Hero is Brooke Burns from Shelton, WA!
Her Story: One Friday afternoon, when Brooke Burns was driving home, she came across a bad accident on Hwy 3 where a woman had a collision with another vehicle and was badly injured. No medics had yet responded to the accident. Brooke and her boyfriend, Jordan Byford, instantly jumped into the situation to help this woman as much as possible. She was having obvious breathing issues and was partially ejected from her vehicle. With the help of other on lookers who called 911, Brooke and Jordan were instructed to carefully remove the woman from her car and place her on the ground to help aid in her breathing. Brooke sat with this woman, encouraging her to stay calm and letting her know that help was on the way. They told Brooke that her quick reactions may have made the difference in her survival and that she is a special person for helping someone in that situation. 

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