Randy The Biscuit

Randy “The Biscuit” Stein has spent most of his life on the move…literally. From Pittsburgh, Pa, to Ohio, to Hawaii, to Arizona, where he finally settled long enough to get his degree from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in psychology.

Randy’s radio career started in 2002 in Tucson AZ, when he became an intern for the morning show on the big top 40 station. That meant being put in a coffin with pythons, walking on fire and broken glass, taking a 90 mph fastball to the ribs, being tasered, eating a dead mouse and many more stunts. It was all for the glory of being on the airwaves. Randy got his promotion and became the producer of the show which eventually moved from Tucson to Phoenix, AZ.

Next stop was Atlanta where he worked for three years as executive producer at WSTR with Cindy & Ray…but that wanderlust continued and the Great Northwest called!

Randy “the Biscuit” joined The Wolf as executive producer in October, 2010. A true health nut, Randy enjoys working out, long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners, and spending time with his son.

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