All That #Throwdown18 After Glow & Backstage Stories with Kane Brown

Monday, September 10th

100.7 The Wolf's Throwdown after glow is so real today! DeeLee and Wingo walk you through their favorite moments from the biggest show Seattle Wolf radio has ever put on including the backstage moments with Kane Brown. 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. Of course you're. I am feminine and unedited and added that I. Gonna do that. Those little warm up tones before you go on the are guys did an un needed to be about now look. Now ready if he can tell that this is very serious effort here give highly are our guy Eileen JD he did it we may get it. Me and. And Carrie Lee are you see I I do agree I probably need a little sleep but that's Nokia still riding high on the afterglow of threw him. What was so cool is I can always I can always look to deal lead to bring if you ever struggling with the energy. I always look at the least she's on like a funny and most of us are on my I try to be on a twenty with the U. But you were walking in a movement and Roland so quick get tornadoes like yes. I was beaten off all his energy that was just so amazing at turnout we write it. I know getting there it was booked yet we got there really early and just had our promotion staff. Byron and Michelle and BT in all these behind the sees people setting everything up. And like Miki paid to all right in all the colors lie in Coors banquet staff name. They the dead such a wonderful job setting everything up and it was such a cool moment rolling and I know he's there they're quiet before the storm. And then all the senator mean in turn around an hour later and that place was lit. Old school like Matt says it is bonkers led. And I mean it just just the energy MEU could feed off Soledad it was so cool. Even to the point where you and I were like giggle and an excited about this. I have never seen Amelie rains UN IOU 120 I was maybe on an 1854 for such. It was on a bit of a yes she won't result awesome and she was out of her mind it was great to him I asked her account mountain Dusan we. Just. Did you heard a Michael. That's not your I'm all my guy. Well it was awesome I mean everybody Matt and slow joke. Everybody brought it you know night I drew so cool to see all these guys. You just assume that something's going so well like it was just flawless it really was I guess it's a good time in the listeners faces excited happy. You know mom just totally getting along and loving the fact that we were in one of the most beautiful settings. On the planet to have a country shell oil and weather was perfect road our bed I don't know what you do you leave but when I left here at the station on the later on Friday. And there was a downpour. And it drove all the way home and that downpour I'm like. Biting my nails don't own groaned. You better get this out of your system right. Now why don't you just watch the news I'm meteorologist wing magazine said there was going to be a little bit of rain you can't drill. On Friday evening and there would be just a touch of it on Saturday night and then it was gonna clear out my hand I when you know what's going to be on Sunday I should have been channel and the vibes it Dili was it was pumping out because at. I know those goof balls at Walter Kelley to listen to lunch party sometimes he's quite a. I called up all the Kelly I love an Atlanta win CNN yeah I got here I would love those dudes but I've been a couple times I saw him a couple of weeks old you've only for nothing else I fired on them hey man but you're just there is a Smart way advance man. You screwed this whole weekend up it was going to be dry so I was just. I was hoping but I was like literally go and you get this on your system. And the bison now want the clouds still clouds we don't nobody gets sunburned and it was. Fact it was absolutely it was really perfect I loved it solid look to know about your favorite to broke down moments as I know you have a CEO I'd OK we have a few and I think that the sense you're liable have a couple all go in the new go. And we all know art and you've got I think he's so good. So it is open all if you want me to start I will I love when you start hasn't done I want you to start because I can feed off of your energy but you've got there was something. I he got there early right yes and using his track suit for his jumps into early only. Same suit all along he was wearing a black hoodie and black white writing on any black pants on and white an issue yes and I don't he had a hat on his white hat any had a little white T shirt underneath the black hoodie that he had on gas and bad boy wore that thing all they long and then he walks right from backstage remark right up on stage and did his show and never -- not does it like backstage hang it out like relaxed gear he just like what from his jammies right understand. Yeah he's an arm like this guy is so comfortable with a funny in this very close right. And that is gonna get all clammed up or do whatever the hell it is he does. So no there's a little side over their bomb where I guess I guess I'll food is served and we can kind of take a break in it Kennedy your bearings and there's some bathrooms for us to use the so Cain comes in there on early for like an early lunch. He's with his tour manager and he's with the bus driver and there's one other dude and I don't I didn't get his name minding get what he did. So they're all there and he's just you know easy young did so he's. Usually moving back and forth which he can't sit still you know he's just moving around as move it around all day long it was awesome we have like psychic cage played lion like but friendly they're not going to talking to 88 going up and talking and Seoul leg so humbled stuff. Sleep he turns to his it's eat turns to his tour manager he's like I'm just gonna go out there. And the guy the guy says it came none out and well I I don't think that's an idea. Are you may just out it's a real go out literally in that in that gate there and go out to the general audience I'll go into general admission okay. And he's just kinda got the Stalinist phase move innings I was wondering if he was saying that just to get his. His tour manager riled up right like it's like you just want to go tot his people it did some stand there and the did ask me was hey. It's not a good idea for him to go there as a and I said well if we get a couple of Samoan dudes. Our armed with some serious serious raisers maybe because they're gonna Motley. Him brag they're good tears closes a man's going to be naked before them all back women think yeah Cain is like god Jesus Finley cleaned him like I admit there be nothing left. Am I mean I mean they were telling me that because this is pretty that he had on yeah they could not read all of his tattoos now and they were very upset and there was there was some feelings or running rampant does a tough sell its. Goes back and forth and and he says are really wanna do this I just wanna go I just wanted to say hi I wanna go do this and I'm thinking oh god I'm right here witnessing what could probably be. Some crazy and getting a downfall right today and I'm thinking oh god oh god out of injured he can't perform tonight like your bracelet dornin a million different light not made it good when you were there why should grab him by the error what it was a noun and you staying here. Some literally get an anxiety and Mikey no man could be so neat it's cool you wanna do that. But I seriously think we probably should hang out here and just chill and whatnot. Oregon the DJ Booth which is kind of a little bit above we're so we can look and he goes man I really wanna goth and things get like serious. And I just turned it was got to make its. At cook that this is not not. Hi this is not completely here's the deal just in the global package probably listening right yeah nanny nine point 9% and you would've been cool about it but then noted and that one person search searchers would probably taken it over the edge and then when one person goes on the edge then somebody else goes over the original does somebody tell us and then it's like a ripple effect and then it's not safe for anyone now before you know. It's like a freaking dog pile like the Seahawks game rice and support came as underneath you know and anger and crush the life out of the port accurate so he was just what was neat in that moment and I'm trying to describe it was just wanted to be with his pants and you know little ball he wanted his peeves he was just so cool down to earth he wanted to like say hi. And you could just see that his face and it was no Devo was no like. Bring me my kingdom let me see all of my people it was nothing like that he just wanted to see it and had a flashback of being an other formats where. Never get an artist to do that he's crazy Elway come off on the bus before there they were told to go on stage like there's none of that so such cool moment. Any so young in his career like this is the beginning of this dudes real huge. You know the rise in its is so neat that he wanted to go and it was Big Ten with the wolfpack. I have a story is similar to that about came brown is a little bit later in the evening OK so some of my boob what he Dave's war yet it's and I think they just wanted to place to sit down and also I think they wanted to vary. Slightly. Yeah salt watch came around all we weren't so you know -- is now and they were like look can they were aware they were there there are very far away from him totally and they didn't have their bones out it was a total innings like that tonight. Because they were instructed to you know leave the artists alone is like how we do we leave them alone endlessly talked so resolutely you know you just kind of let him be eight or swarm him now exactly and so they were watching and so. He walks by and he waved at him. Any serious oh really and he says hello and there are literally like melting that it became the speaker just like to have a little bit of the young Republicans so I take you came. Kamerion meets some of the don't put it begs the performed on the stage earlier he goes. And he walks over and one of my girls Sasha as the one she is a dark skinned girl up young and she has the blue hair and she was in. Full. Back out at thrown and I love her that she's awesome her name is Sasha Sasha rocks and she says to McCain brown in the mic the reason why mention her heritage is because she says to came brown I want you to down dad's. IA feel like you've done so much for our people right and she goes I married a man who's white and we had a mixed baby. And we got so much flak from our friends and family saying how dare you wanna bring up the child corporate resentment stadium and a gambling people talk to other people like this crazy especially in today's times right you had she basically said to him and it's tears start streaming down this woman I must job is to gain ground. How much he has inspired her and how much he has done. For just her personally and her it's her struggle in life and Cain was so sweet and he gave her a hug which is so good and then he basically said you wanna get a photo Al yeah. And marveling or relative like all I got a phone what I do what do what do try to fighter rodeo like maybe I got this your photo and it was just such a moment and then the other two girls are rescinding their Jamie. And who else was with Jamie let's Steen. And he looked at them like T wanna photo and they just were like this is our system. That's so cool he mentioned a couple of those things like his struggles growing up on stage when he was performing at sort of which which really hits that story like. Home like completely home yes it does that's pretty cool there was another moment on Chris Janssen who is she asked. A fireball. Crazy entertainer he is so cool. Hate so much energy right right and so. His record person ralphie who we know we've known for longtime love wrapping absolute love hair at the grass is additional she's just so cool actually window I know you love you know drowned you play drums like. You're gonna love this performance is just chill out and hang on and I'm like okay. So we on the front to watch like over in GA. And he's doing is staying in there's some photos it's noble dot com and on social media search hash tag throw down eighteen. That just don't do him justice he's got so much energy. In this crazy man gets done like playing his guitar sing and and jumps over to the drum set and pulls a Dave Grohl and the front writers on the audience now you would think click performers like that are just gonna like. You know bang a couple drums and just do simple stuff this student full on like went rock mode. And like turning to Dave Grohl and there was drum sticks lion I mean he was doing complicated stuff. Blew everybody's mind like he was just. Awesome and on fire and no offense to Kate brown oh because we love you gain ground it's a different he's gotten to different styles but Chris GSA's stole the show isn't saying. He literally is just out of his mind and he comes Russia not the stage that he wanted to go back. And I'm like oh my god the country and brawl. Any come over news gives me his monster like a bear hug leg at a is gonna choke the life and mistake email let me a lot of he got a little Redick Christie it's it's wet out our d.s and yet Evelyn was bargaining he had some kind of bug blown nag I drew was joking gusts what is wanted to ask him kinda Cleveland. Man and that. Two died there are so I'm Boston dinner I love him he says the tree and is nodding donkeys. And the thousand a cool moment I. Just was so it's just you don't think of country music folks that just being able to do is jump and any instrument he's so talented so that a minimum of three I know you I know you have a bunch of moments what what. There's so much stuff I mean I think one of the things for me was I had the opportunity to interview walker Hayes Paxton yes you did what can we say. Goats yes there were ago. There are doubly these cute little gods there and one of the things for me is I knew that it's. He has a movement coach to teach teach him how to dance and move on stage explain this to me SATA I didn't know that so there's a lot of country artists and artists in particular that have movement coaches that show them how to move on stage sort of like being more entertaining and just kind of flow through to an original McEnroe absolutely and teach him how to dance and not much like these. The dance moves but just how to move on stage he's mad he said dead. Did with him that his move Mexico today by a lot of like I wanna do this no you gotta be it is now in the reason why is because he says I can dance okay. I'm acting as he is I can tell is movement can't stand back let me show you. So I was like this is a perfect Segway in his right Christopher Hill and one has. As I you know counted tee this up with Williams show me one your favorite did smell sweet he was all all Brady was shown me this little need then thing I like OK and he'll have you GAAP. And like cool now connection you wanna mind he's apps and I was drooling is hitching take say it's and that we put those together he's like OK here's the choreography for my best for my son ninety's country get to ask me to choreograph a dance duet that's cool because he said he remembered the dance at a choreographed to you broke up with me that's a goal like. That thing on YouTube has so many forget hit volleying is so popular he's like you ladies are amazing that's. Who's caught yeah I am mindful unbelievably quick and now if you want your movement and gyrate and do all your stuff that's awesome. You step on a delivered a thing or any you know only good thing no the goats were kind of back towards his Weaver standings and a gentleman kind of moved away from us and other Chris the people you cooler moment you months. Got some so Delhi then we said downplayed the goats and stuff and I think was like a wanna stand up I don't wanna be like sitting down I know I ask him to stand right because I knew that the dancing was coming so. In a Smart so one of the view that to the goats was a great touch that was that was something Matt McAllister morning I wanted. To kind of like that's a great icebreaker for artists so I'm calling me genius is that you come into an. It looked like it was a pick you come into an interview pen basically where the goats can get away. And then you have the skeleton it's just a great way for the artist to feel comfortable and safe and like oh my god there's guys here and you were able to feed them and Arizona they're like pets yes Michael house pet little house pets I mean it was money there that that was such a cool spot and again. Check out all the pictures on Seattle dot com largest search. I passed it through and on eighteen so alliger walker moment I love it yet another favorite moment of mine was just being with. The on air bolster our line now and you captured this was so cool one of your wondered who brigades to do. Captured a photo of all of us on stage. Supporting our and we looked like the funky bunch we. Stuff going on in this moment. You can't even. You you couldn't even put to words because in won't put it up will have to put it up somewhere it's one of those. Take a look at this caption this like what a wolf is going on in this boat okay. Everybody is in the different pose right I somehow I don't know what was going on what was said but I'm prowling or. Pena I got. Hands stretched now and I like doing this yeah it is not where no power hitting an outward rightly the winning gardening and drew Canas is look like I don't know I don't know in the veneer initially drop like pac. Matt has completely trigger higher ground out and ash shot and if I'm. Obligatory ash out of Matt McCallister right there Emily is like mid laughs as she's like cash I'd bet I read like breaking out yeah Ireland back. How are usually I don't play this guy that I don't think he. Only used. This is one of those cool moments I'm I'm with you that was so cool and I gotta say this and it's not. We're not like you know blow beating your leg trying to hog all the glory this was the biggest. Eve event live event countrymen concert event but the wolf has ever done in the history of the radio station. And the fact that it was also cohesive and fine. And we all were just having a blast that was working perfectly. From you given us all the help with social media and saying okay here's how we're gonna do this so we're gonna tackle it which is cool to be part of that. Grade you know I mean everybody was just like in such a great group I love that. Why alert where at a lot of different radio stations and I know you have yeah UN and so being in this industry for over twenty years. I think a lot of really great moments into a lot of really cool radio shows that we've put on an you know when I used to work camp PS in rank Kenny Jay who's now. With inner common he's in Chicago condominium we put on some great shows as did. Top to bottom in everything was really a lot of fun thing but the synergy between the staffed up and air staff and our promotions staff. And everyone backstage so there was a feeling between every one and then also with our listeners. It just felt like a big family Diana. Had never had that feeling before I'd known and had kind of feel him but not that 360. Like almighty god and literally living in. The best radio. Time in my career this is the guy did this just pinnacle right here. And it just it almost like I'm Serbian backstage deal convoy almost like tear it up real high and not. And I I was about to save yields didn't mean to rub it. I was gonna apologize because I think a squeeze and hugged on you so if you got a bruises I apologize. No credit on a daily is so don't give it sounds like we're on stage like he just was. It was a great event guys in and it couldn't it couldn't have gotten to that point. Without the coolest listeners on the planet that make you feel so welcome. And make you feel so happy then we would go out to. Meet everybody in GA in Dili literally is getting mobbed with. I like a I like the female came brown looks like. Think that was that was the sound effect that I heard. Walking through GA when I heard. At dealey siren and these women would come up and grab onion is like is so well it was more like me grab an odd man out here and then I get seven you know again how 70 yeah you and if she locked in a similar to go around and I love this patent in mind is that still a few times and use it on artisan. But given here and and act like you're like me get act like cue lags increase translates Erica. And it just melts just so you literally you're smiling at that point you have a great picture so we just so cool yeah that went on to Blake Shelton again. And then like I don't worry I. I mean is an ice breaker you know a little bit. I got a system building off that of the at the last moment and I think I have which I think was so cool and memories pointed out staff. And every staff every radio station is so different you know Knoll. What people like you know off the year and sometimes they're more pride it sometimes they're crazier sometimes you know you are reserved you don't read write and Matt McAllister. This was not planned by the way this was so freaking cool. You jump onstage Emily and I introduced you guys to do boogie babes so cool. And audience reacted to be cured them like getting excited for this 'cause it was crowd participation so you didn't like remind needed against first. And then you drop people out of the audience. So yes the view yes and do and do you do I think. Crazy Mack hears this he's off stage laughed at and is it a malignant cancer Dili. I might do. I was in heavy duty comes running up there and I thought he was gonna you know his wife. Vanessa think don't take your shirt and didn't know what he was gonna deal and I don't quite run out of. I had a little bit so he comes running up there and he's dance with the guys and I just thought that is so cool because. We talk about his Danzig firmer diet because Matt let me let me say this comment dances and all right I don't understand amid employment at a had so Matt is like in the linebacker position and which is crunched down let's kind of sticking out is neither Ben Brantley dances like. Kelly then we're just Yahoo! and you know I decided side is that there's no button yeah yeah and we're talking about it on the morning show today and handling Mac he's like how can you help me from Dick. You I get a little more bogey device miss Edna boots a ground ball. Yeah. I'll that was vetted you that you. A. I don't like you know nobody is driven panic get it OJ is saying it was so good and just to get him to you you know get involved. But on his own record so you know not to give away all the magic in people that are listening that love our shows him in the sometimes. This stuff is planned like when you go to a concert you known Garth Brooks jumps on the hamster wheel account plan right the man as a wanna follicle self. This was totally not planned and it was somebody who was in them our our leader our morning dude. In the moment and just wanted to be a part of it and was like I'm going full force I don't know what the hell I'm Dylan and I hope I don't bother stage but I'm gonna do it. Why is gonna be a bit but he boy he just had a. Eight listen I'll contribute to whatever kind of money it would take to get one of those sequence. Tops tops that you had made holy god just to give him and that the vehicle targeted by the group boogie baby uniform we call those are pink sparkle said god knows look good you guys all my god like you guys couldn't go anywhere backstage. How many people didn't know what you were doing the they would literally that the head would turn to be like oh OK I won't just stand here for second and just check this honey what are you guys looked so good. You guys performed great you guys sent a great and it was just so much energy we needed that yeah so none of the girls said they are in the restaurant for we're performing and can't mocks and Haley and like you know going back to what I said just leave them alone as they speak TO selected they were like. She spoke to his first season are like really isn't so he's how are gorgeous. What are you doing and I finally got it now aren't you so it's a way to. So awesome college believe this is like. We're still unlike what did you called the afterglow where a total afterglow most right now it was so good it's gonna last for like a week and to talk about Granger Smith for a moment. I know you want you because you took probably one of the most amazing. Boomer things I've ever seen in my you rivaled. A major leagues photographer probably initial shot was crazy you got explained this was I thought you practically had to stay read that and I thought you got trapped I was looking you're right you've got to have you got to like a state settlement of the the words for his side of the stage face and then they took something away or they they moved some and I thought oh you're glad I get up there but they and I was like oh you know what I can jump jumping on Jesus god you ask can I admire and jumped off a worse so just gonna be like lake lake -- that dancer on the last for every artist she's just gonna move it so everybody's going to be. The Herring that I took could have lay off is. Eight guitar guy throwing a guitar to him right and Granger catching it with one hand amidst what. No shirt on no she her course I knew dearly would be right any action grabbing now I'm like oh she's gonna get this it was so cool. And I love to win greater Smith got off the stage in died down into the pits and walks and shook hands literally went to the back of the stage and got up on the salty stage. Are the VIP stage yes back they're just among everybody ever it was cool yeah they were trying to make. You know maul him or anything right and it thereof really cool about it and he was able to shake so many hands right and and I think it was in Granger. Earl did mode at that point I know you don't want my distilling Granger Unger Benjamin and then that's when he got back onstage and you don't love about greatness that is he throws everything down to the audience which is cool. I mean you know I just read so look up. Yeah yeah yeah you know I don't ever is really got that they were dealing with the greatest. Threat is not the exact caught it and asked where his lips are running. You know combat. No problem you nailed that at that that they were doing this cool. Until we talk about that for a moment I mean anybody who. Does that so he flips his guitar and guitar that you caught that was literally in and mid air in the room wrangling back and forth which was such such a cool shots he flips over it says debt. Heat opens of a bag of bread man the whole pack and throws it in his mouth like a whole ankle thing dude is on beast mode like that guy knows no fear and then right after he did that he gave bag it's hard that little boy that was so cool. So every like flipped out that was such a great great great cool moment I love that. And I think they called ended. To the morning wolf pack. And said it the mother dead. All that it was my sad. Who got the guitar ecology and as we had posted a picture on and FaceBook and they were on there and people were tagging other people and I finally got to see that's that's also they have a professional float no. Other moment I'm sure they have tons of video and I'll let you know what it's like is nothing quite like having a professional photo of that might not now boast a blown that little little dudes mine. But that's neat to know that we Gibson guitar lessons a totally. In dance lessons and I movement Sheikh. Late breaker that's just another testament to how cool other country superstars are that come play these events they wanna be with you guys then it's not flying private jet. Get on you know bust go to stage to perform for twenty minutes to that's what my contract said the unplug my guitar go right back to the gosh dang bus and leave and not to hide anybody. And it doesn't they're artists in this building that do you. To having that I'd love that I love our artist. I love our listeners and I love the fact that they just like to have fun like you and the council call. We're gonna be a limit on this afterglow for third down for quite awhile and I don't wanna freak anybody out here. But just. Wait you guys. Intel holidays. Downtown holiday home town holiday one is going if you thought throw down was good Ol my. God eating away my Spanish it is freaking where we all know we need he drew out there right now get ready to put duct economy it is going to be crazy so we will we joke with you. About formal. You literally. Half to be a part of the holiday don't wait almighty god you're gonna you're literally you're gonna move out of the country if you missed its. There are two of the things that I wanna mention about third down before I kick you out an hour because that's always on our part you are chaotic here and don't get any food these links on the script we had the US air force up came backstage and we got an opportunity. IMac got to interview them and be you know because he's really huge support the military got as are we all yes he's puts on the military practice does all of this. So I got to meet Joseph leash at. And daisy uncle named Julie Celek that I know they're such great girls and just so shout out to Danielle there some of America's best and I was able to it. It's always such a great. Feeling when you're able to thank the troops personally I'm in total and for their service frank that was a huge amount and then also just one day you know get a big shout out to Eric Crawford. Our bull. All right our hometown boy yeah I thought he did such a great dollars in agent. You know is interesting he wasn't able after he showed to stay with us because he got the call to go and open for Dwight Yoakam. I didn't know hold he rally that's why he had to like bogey and packed up and I was wondering yes. Still don't call them like I think that Knight performs like hate we really need GOG please come over for Dwight Yoakam and he's like and cause he called our boss drew do you mind is like no did you give out here that he had a new sign and like get a life. If speed you don't go to taking a business yet and tell others basket it's Dwight Yoakam dude well an icon that so cool. Great great great great job needed to soak the grass and Crawford and I got Dwight Yoakam. So predict and I just wanna say thank you wing net for you injury because I know it was both a BL's decision to put the boob would be babes on Kelly yeah. And it really easiest and best decisions we've ever freaking made I loved it because you truly you don't understand. How big an impact that that made on these women that's awesome they rehearse every week for two hours and we do shows all over the Pacific northwest right. What I blows my mind I don't know when usually I don't I don't find out that she's either and android dash for a vampire one of the T the woman doesn't sleep. But it meant so much to these ladies this is the hugest show that they've done this year and you also were able to you know provide them with plus one so they are able to bring their families with them and this was a huge huge moment and they will never ever forgetting it just they're already huge listeners and the radio station but that is this just made their love for the wolf. Growing deeper that's what it's all about him we we had such a blast we're glad you're there that was like that. That little enhancer that was like TNT Arianna big fire and so much fun and thanks let us open it and in interview she guys it mean Emily had a blast doing some good. Yeah it was our pleasure you gotta do it again next here. Originally data are about. Yes maybe holiday she will just make your regular here's a regular donors are with me on holiday because I don't know logistically how that want to work and I have had to keep. My damn mouth shut about this this people is still freaking me just Mundo huge I can't stress this enough. You cannot have any fumble literally will we announce it when it happens pull the trigger you have to pull the trigger spray because this is going to be some may elect. That's not real. Are really coming here they really really knows when all I cannot believe that we're gonna get the act exit and a slip I I'm from Hillary and especially to be that it's time freedom but yeah to get back to where they'll act or it's a pleasure lunch part. And then let me do you know it's.