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Tuesday, September 12th

Beauty & The Champ features 2x SuperBowl Champion, Greg Scruggs, and morning radio personality, Ellen Tailor. Follow us on Twitter! @G_Scruggs & @EllenTailor


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From beautiful downtown Seattle. Explore 3101000. To fully agreed on. When you Seattle's. Greg Oscar she's 53104. Pounds. This professional Elan all amateur ration water and recovering bag coach. Bad she is clearly Alan Taylor and this is beauty in the camp and well don't. Iran. And quite sometime after Africa but. Years probably. Yeah it lists the. What I want to go look back at the last part Kaz a big it was 2000 affords any. No has been that long. Think it has. Substance sailor. So there realization that come true. I. In Cheever resurrecting it matter where would you. And we are resurrecting it I needed his breath the fresh air here com we are definitely. Resurrecting yeah I don't remember intro holes. You. Yeah I heard something about you being really tall and mean I mean really tall. Email. Whatever I mean new beginnings right. Yes yes well it's good to hear your voice again good. Thousands of miles apart. Jail for those of you listening guy in elm in my makes his studio in L lose in her. Makeshift home. She told not another hole. China and that I'm in Seattle and your don't even know where you are now. Yeah I'm in Boston a mom non hidden in. And nuclear saved in Boston so. At least is how Phil enjoyed being here is there were some crazy to go down. And there's no down my mile without calls and tells him his space is there with everything surrounding me embody everything coming. Close issues. Protect. Today's topic at length how we solve the problem in this area North Korea are so welcome. I. Welcome everybody admits it and know that those go on to be the topic numero uno. But knows dope on that we're doing this again is super cool. Com are those that visit first I'm listening. We did his. Lol someone go three years ago Leslie's it and we. To have lost such she got is the I moved scenes and wages. Aren't able to keep well with a soul food the power of technology now days. We're able to pick this back up and here we are. We should say we can't lose touch because you and I had still been talking to our friends are now is that her please her than just that. Physically we had any she's separately into the log and didn't. We haven't seen each other or on site and highlight. A broader race. And I'm back together do you project like I'm meeting friends horror oh god what I'm six years now. You know wait the see those do math on it I got drafted in. 2012. That means I imagine our rookie year and yeah so this is kind of been going long and since then so yeah. It. Her five year anniversary. Night. Oh. Hello. I'm sorry Al ansari LO service would say I prefer it. He lets you lose all you know great Ed's greatest technology is this the worse at times and it. Oh. Okay yeah our competitors because amusing and warm you go look and all and then trying you know not being good every little thing that happens an elegance and it worked out really really well. Feeling I managed to use it Alexi and I'm. No number well you know I wanna do I wanna do is instead of that was is kind of fun and loving in. You know just kind of talk about things that we haven't been able to talk about things that has got to cover right now and you know whatever whatever it is MB anyway. Out I must say Ellen first and foremost. Arm. Our prayers and our thoughts are with all those down in Houston who all are. Affected by you Cindy you know anybody down there but since a. EIE you know I doing so you know I mean you realize they are dragnet. Who I used to work which here in Seattle. We kind of radio ranks together you can stand there and you and he now we're -- playing we're an important that he is you right there and commit. And died I mean she worries about animals that are easy to the helping the other he doesn't matter you know rings are. Not what. But cited the high failure on everyone's kinda coming together how each other during the our multi. Yeah one of the coolest things I'm singing and is the Jose why you fund new joint that. Would an original goal of 200000 dollars I just looked right voice on the recording. He said the go to ten million hit ten million Danny said twelve million and it's sorry surpass twelve point three million so I think you are having goals is just. Now ending in what I appreciate about it is if there's ever a time that you wonder. You know where's the money go when there's always there's always skepticism about. Disorganization that organizational what is Dolan and you know what he's doing right now I'm sure are Smart I mean Amanda is worth a hundred million dollar. I did this and you know he's gonna do what he tans and does his is his nature I don't know him personally but his nature is com. Is that this seems like this one has always been given back to community is always going to be holes and done things are right wade our way. On our destruction so school sees somebody like that setup of on what his platform to give back. How much says there are all actually step sister Karen us sort us she was like. Her mom heard bad in my Amman. Maine on egg eightieth floor. Ever blown in like my little brother's father is her father so I mentioned column muscles there. She's right in the thick of the I closed all in this is our neighborhood because they were flooded so they were pretty much. Pigeon hole in her house for a little bit and in the flow water started to recede and now there's like a grizzled borders overflowing and arm. Yeah so yeah I have been six hurt poor three times a day. Probably travel clock in the morning her time zones are a lot of data I shoe heard text because I didn't know what was going on so. Luckily she's been OK fortunately for her and her manly our mom or they're dead overall a well lodges. You know. Would do would be due DG you know law. You don't. Yeah football player doing JJ watt designees and ANSYS or a couple million dollar check on how. Yeah yeah let me go to the union money. And bank account when I would go through that dream and ascended I'll let you know okay. I doubt these journalists nobody knows seriously and I came close to. I came close to. It's not my Jesse to what is wars. England ominous if I had in me. Success of trying to be bullish on the sales and labs but. I'm one of the most powerful things assault on Twitter have you seen that video of ministering to people didn't going in the Houston. No all Albie should listen it's a yellow that is super no it's it's a strangle people. Needs of somebody taking a video of a string of cars led by wood looks to be an escort a source. About a mile wall. On all these people would big Jack they'll agree X trucks. What they're bolts attacks in the cabs on the video was people take Buhner both going to use in the run rescue. You know rescue missions it was Seubert opens so. Our prison also are built for sure I mean I know legacy it it is it almost because we are in a nickel there and my sister. Who is there and is directly affect you so. That is before we did and dale wanted to make sure that we we put that out there. Make you will note that we're aware and it was born. And then how I came away Ellen to do your opinion. I know this own a bully now. In the NBA nor by the top Craig but okay go no no no no no no don't. Actually you may be but I don't think I'm just I'm just curious OK and Taylor Swift. It's okay. She has a new song. Now I've done my best to listen to the song and try to figure it out I don't really did it I guess you have to be in the know vault of peace to. Understand it OK but I see it interesting perspective and I'll wanna know your thoughts. Is Taylor Swiss camp though woe is me innocent girl personal note cannot played out at this. No let me tell you at Taylor's it is doing she's planning another way to make even more money than you already making it happen in the house every day a parent or how many Asian or doesn't matter somewhat better Butler what ever. Open the door eat and there are guarded shots coming in ages job. Cash into her out Athens daily. Is she is he likes sorted out and being the candidate when you make the next day right even more cash so what you think your cursor on energy trying to find another angle she'll that your significant still. Eighteen her money we are talking about it every. Boy it. Aren't you tired of it. I don't think she's coming after me. It is being looked at that lol I don't. And it's working birds making money and she did not what I they're what I think about it. Okay here's my thing now okay Leslie got to from gases Brigham mostly for the fellas a big check this out. If a guy role as many. Songs about x.s. As she heads. People need to learn dues to get over it out Robin thick Robin Dick wrote the song trying to get his license back. Here's why back in nearby like all ethnic. Woes me too little too late us year old soul mate and hit trying to get his girlfriend during beyoncé whatever word back. On her and Robin pig was theory that's. You only because the eight year old girlfriend. Here they split up with his wife with apples are. But we have for the first of all I don't blame Robert for being a man okay go ahead and do her I've listen goal Leo Robin to be a goat do would you do Robin. Don't if this. If you'll wait a year and she's still they come around rob and I all I don't understand why you're making a subtle but it's gonna do you're ogre. Listen he should have divorced her forty stepped out with anyone else in the room and I'll lean and well rob I need a little bit more and more in that relationship in the age you may again live what are our. Sung and see gotta know that was gonna. Need that. I bigger anyway go OK what about usher you know hey he made a mistake so what he made a reconcile. He may now and now it's got a load conundrum. If that's the right word because you made millions while leading sol you'd feel too bad porn because the song was. I mean eighty men album one album called confessions. And. Paying Burma's state he's making because. He would giving women and. He he know any empire no trouble not. Broke if you. See ball not long. Now I refuse it lets you talk Dow up refused this dog down talk bad on the glories and that is once so Raymond V. I used to let you do it okay all right whether it whether let it Burr was a little shot. Deals every day which is. What a mob points later in this conversation. I don't know we don't know we don't know for sure that list. I heard the complaints. The complaint was that these alleged Dick dumps OK. Don't know. Or he doesn't know. Whether. Today he contracted the virus if they have so it's said virus and move or hill or not there's no proof. Taylor's good to know what kind of you know and like I said earlier. She continues to have this good are all on the women especially little girls look up to her persona. She you know the song she's Brady they will never get old. Until. Hopefully she doesn't like to become a hypocrite like let's say I share. And shape it. Okay we'll will suddenly you talk about the great names in music so. How are you but it did hit okay. I don't have a problem as I say it is I don't know about the bees on the senate being. I don't think people have a problem with the army that there was a sea somewhere somebody said like. You know they were tired of bid and no. People don't acquire woes knees a player out act like it'll be your selves like but actually doing this continuously you're actually. Bringing more attention to yourself instead though and in acting more like a prima Donna's that are back in light. The you know kind of innocent new girl that you are blah what I will say is. I don't have an issue. Was writing a song. About X writing is all about relationships. Writing a song about me. The problem that I have this. Every day you know some home. Really. Can't. Doesn't determine eighty you'll understand she if you are on the same type of play on the ball. Every single time but it works. You change. Well as a Brennan now that's an analogy are available in my job OK if I'm talking on the radio. And does seem kind of top it works every single time and he is doing if you are OK maybe that's not a good example let me be another one leg today got a good diet and workout routine. That a bad thing. Every single day in the it. You're is a new point. I know he'll. To salon Nazr was his pork. Or just. We'll sit up for another day and okay eloquent on the Ellen okay at work its done now. Our aid but at least at least an exodus dot com and it may work for some remain a work program. I saw somewhere I think it was on the walls page actually. Arm who is it one though one of the country artist said that they were gonna give so much amuses. Right so check this out here's here's what's funny about that and it goes right along what we're saying. One. I was listening to Joseph Blanton. And on this on Joseph Biden hasn't shown now and he drove down on the shuttle. I. Won't because. Because you know he was talking about do whatever the scenario was it was a rapper and rappers daughter committed suicide may had no idea. In her right shoulder grab the rapper had no idea. Net and that that all this was born on. And that Enola needed to basically rebel sailing manages tar balls make an out as music and I had no idea walls on all souls music. After that fact was like hard hitting and soul winning it. Are you just never know fuel or through will Joseph has a he's had a history with suicidal Waltz and he would you talk about. Arm you know just. His big game was that artists in music. They. You can know what ours is going to do by simply listening to them music. And you G and how it was clear as day it was evident in mom music that I was going to do some a nobody even pays attention to. So my question then is for a guy like Sam aren't. Or any other artist do they give too much of themselves to music or is that all makes them to be successful because. Some people like Sam hunt. Right he created out was it wasn't Sam hunt they created a whole album more Thomas threat. Well I mean it sounds like an army dumb about arm dug go to high school sweetheart it was somewhat right or yeah. OK so check it out. Do that works. That's all. People love that but how many times can he do that right like he's only got so much of a story detail so do audit once you run out of bed to artists give too much themselves to the music I'd be inclined to belief to say yes would be. I disagree well good night from Lincoln Park to be a mechanism goes on Selig the most recent one he was in for how. I don't think it were any tension. Each at their end its youthful people don't know how to burst on to win and they don't know is this you re all in isn't the reality of what this singers going to like or just poor people who are on. I'm the guy and a writer now for example Brian just how good news on lighting it up. And on its acquire a cell phone lighting up anon all right line. Own life. Alan duke meet her brain to think about and I love Lou. Dumb to think about you marry me talk in my taste in his you know didn't only can you know raising his Stanley in my belly. Songs like hit up. It really didn't like it did an relate to dominance can make me either way. Now I'm saying that I am mommy doesn't like to sing about enough not. Arsenal him. And that's okay that's a step back and I think the point where. If your money. They don't care and again as a knock on the Brian love and you know in my you don't see him in England that I was saying my. Yeah. I struggle with that. Because you see some the satisfaction of tolls and take like. My my I guess my point is a Gallic semi new commands say a guy like Joseph blood Newcomb I'll say it. Boy oh. Thank god Justin Bieber and he'll admit it finally like I just can't do it. What will a guy like Luke Bryan emitted or do you think she loves it does he just loves it that much Kinney says he's been to refer. Osama golf Joes like whatever it is eighteen years or ever like eighteen years liberty is like Mike. Would those mortal people over commands say a war. Will they just have behind it until the room to the ground. IE some artists somewhere I not only use and about a specific bush. Right people think that's the reason economy is kind of like gone off the deep in Magnus because he's given sold much since his music that. Now warn sometimes amusing didn't write way York when he's having trouble at home is goes over to the music does that necessarily. Relate to bolt who. Other. Is it like it it's tiger still like I feel like they change you too much because. Like they make it's what keeps them going it's there artistic expression what is not what he Warner a year. We understand. Singer like her when I mean we've been talking about. Their job is their careers so. You and I both numbers and then my football records saw an analogy. What you give everything you how to. Hillary I. You might curry are right and there to try and at least three draw a line in the CNN separate TO I don't see the artists problem I eat a lot of us all have a hard time separating war. Really like how many of us go on vacation which are working now are still tees up oh or on vacation a lot to write a gambler line. So I artist Tennessee when you get perspective but they're humans you and that's their job. I feet easy to grasp and understand. I have no opinion here I am doing you more because we know about art then you know. Magazine dinner are published only. There a lot and figure out our. I think you can debt. Everyone every America and every person forget her and every person in the world I include a lot more or not Jesse RN. Did you look at Jim let's have a life like every day on a roll like living his studios for 1214 hours a day. With those certain collective group of people live a normal tour bus school a different city would different people all the time I could do that that's Abu lives in number two would you be saying why you don't do you think you could be saying or you don't. Yeah some people who say never on the radio said in a sizable one and plus. I could never meet a player wind I'm not a you because I'm not at all garden. GO. You know everyone has their own wine. Right true I guess there's this. It seems like a very lonely place a slam are people like. A book person like Justin Bieber who in his admit that man I'm just don't have it I need to throw morals sent any to step away you a guy like. It is sheer who who says men armed armed done. I'm done with social media tour and everything I'm going home for years and quite literally. Less. For an entire. He's here. Just to go back home and I mean I say also something now he's is that I have looked all. And only time I ever pull a ball is to do some little social media I don't I don't have a cellphone anymore. Because I got tired of living through pictures and cell phone and media and is it seems like. You know for these people that. They give so much themselves to us they never ever give time to the you know we themselves anymore and it is. Until like separate your eye and says you know people in general. You when I have a friend you she got her. Own because. He was sitting around my girls bachelorette. I heard. On their own though they were together a gamer and I didn't you realize you so much on her own ASU when he got a die hard numbers in that Rasheed wasn't going to be my age because she knew she couldn't handle it. You know I had an eye on seven. I thought would be good idea to have you yeah I don't know what I body gets blood I wanna get meaning not and she my. It's so easy to get wrapped up in things that are not. Our real lives because it easier to focus on what's happening on economics and Graham at oak is indeed the real problems in our eyes at me like we're in a joke but in committees it was either you analysts and I. Is player having those he should. Light later this outside and then sometimes. And I am not saying you know. Instant when I'm stressed or wherever people go shopping. And social media some people do other things. I'm just distract themselves. In real light and it's. Every her going there. I understand. Why and. Yeah people have to have an outlet of some sort non. I think that that's that's why this is good I mean I was. Posey and butterflies thinking about our park has only did before my men also to broke the light even though is obtainable Tavares is. I'm I'm like who. Just this China coordinated. Oh yeah I just trying to coordinate give me hell out of there from being with you for so long that as a that was not the pain but no none all you know as. Send an eagle sitting marriages. And you bring Amy must reduce British army gonna get monsters prisons in her. You know an hour two hours and has been able to do is get out let me I know you have your mark as Medicaid which is Super Bowl. Our own that that is just an outlet for you to speak freely Knoll. No kind though. Inhibitors who use an odd thing was this is Jews music that way we'll let you know some sound like a concern that. Maybe you're Jim Moore of film then. We shoot it and while it's our benefit attack on that site. Now own a C. I hate to see that right where you've got like. It's now not apply like what was once a party a life is no longer a part of your life and more blood. Whatever I gotta be honest husband in the back of my brain we sell pay to go see Luke Bryan. Of the concert that you damage Tigger suit thank you so much. The lube brand G load and super dope OK but it got me get me again it's funny I'm glad that we said this. Does Luke Bryan have sway as the bush. It's okay well are defining the definition of slap thanking you the black I mean the white girl. There are different definitions and shouldn't. Okay. And personal agony. A Cecil wide is subjective to the person to the individual I came just like Kanye a guy you most certainly will dress like me but I think kind he has slang and I think I got a little bit this way. I don't lag in Carney wouldn't just like to endear him shortly Daschle wag Al goalie before a walk into a U turn maple central middle school graceful middle school basketball can't paint a hit Arctic. I do one or Walsh lagged out he would it. Oh no no you're not playing your teacher in your back also are its own beer. That's why egg that's somewhat dull light as he's up toward this objective is different types is why don't try to hate what does that Ella would type its flag is tucked its shirt in a hot out. Who would call how took. Lag is high so. Tell me. You know what you write and not have the confidence that Jim Green flag equals con. I would agree yes I would say that Luke Bryan has some Latin. I'm not gonna stay that scene at the same level as saying I don't know Alexander Klein buying beanie and bad reference what Brian. Yet something about them it is early in the and he knows that the door got a little bit of an annoying. And in the back. Yeah. Is confident and back. This. Yeah okay soul. So how can the only I'd disagree because he uses say it is you just basically contradict these up in the same statement. And you you you agreed this swagger subjective right. OK so then how can you say it would be in the same breath that you think Sam hunt has little more slack then. Bryant went slack is subjected to the person out of it like what are. NASA and to some of the city as I disagree I think. And what this world not put in some wag terms slated world it is you have shall know. I don't make enough rules are lagging. Our podcast is okay is says it all sit here all right okay. So we can make a whatever rules we won and won two and we Jim baba those rules okay here's a question it. How do Mahan did slack. Confidence again going up the hole so I mean I'm an. In you aren't once you. I think we'll. He had here's why disagree I'll give you a prime example Steve signal was is named Steve Ballmer OK guy who used all the work for Microsoft right. You do it. No no no no no no no no. Ballmer Ballmer im pretty sure is named Steve Steve Ballmer Tuesday's order founders of Microsoft okay got an award like thirty billion something like okay. Teen Arabia for two billion cash cash money aren't. He cane until one of awful ballparks okay allows over the Seahawks he stopped about one bright Ari. He was lawyering eighties are remembered vividly he has learned hand. Light. And almost saying entertain khaki shorts wrinkle. Usual Wear a white collared shirt on button who scholar was warrants a new balances had been warned maybe 12 minutes sounds listen to white socks okay. There's no way in the world that you can convince me that that man and confident being a leader of a fortune 500 company. I seen a scene like. Is right there's no way he's that confident correct. You know. I'm not that I got my I'm just saying and so it it'd be pretty hard at all. Have you. Ever seen one of its one of like. Steve Steve Ballmer is my home to. Why would they call altogether meetings that Microsoft have you ever seen one album. Until his second I mean nobody I want. Listen do you goal look at him he's notorious. Purges being out long rages leading curry Jane over to top enthusiastic. And I think I think. You can read the phone to a certain point I don't think you can prompted a sealed ports about Roger company level all Microsoft. I figured it. Doesn't pass Latin which to me based on the way that says they dress I would say yeah 00. My guess you're. What ever regardless. And I. How lucky I am glad I went pretty darn happy to high. Ella you came back slash. Okay the air listen if he won a ball a silence he still wouldn't beat swagger riff it. Because. The slash day is a new easy you have it. Or you don't to be plenty of people listen as they're gonna say I disagree I believe are pretty wagged out and we clinic people who say I agree even got this way you don't. He you do or you don't if you don't okay decency Camby ball. And what's in what way shape or form give me and have slide let's talk about Sam wants slack OK we'll have a Charlotte rouge we lose the lesson shot about the globe my stature I came shopper at forever 21. They got caught on the pact on a somewhat or scallop T shirts are well blu. From you know. Well a limit is give a plug cracks a real quick destruction has bugged you about tax on accident and that. Well a million. And Elliott the street seasons are citizens upgrade is sarcasm by you by drags on. Exxon that no home loved the and I'll scallops are now back two years didn't release it. L'Alma. They've got I've found as like a swagger out a little bit right they fit me well nice divisive good on the shoulders just pokes out last only flat as can be grown. Your main thing right so like it work it works out right you know OK got a local it's okay is sticks out. But that's not the point the point is that if they fit me will okay him. What MI to do. If we don't have those sorts. We Kane shot. Low key you gotta go to true religions and ungodly amounts of money and am I even arguably about the baggage not to do that blood. All your YouTube blunt completely don't ask you though they're out year in a fashion and called to tell me now. I'm totally. Specially you know what when where I don't or you lose weight I'm in the crock of losing weight but I had the sweet. I got my UI and I agree. My heavy suite 230. Pounds is one of any store and I would have liked to have put on boats. No I would ever. Sickly like I play eighteen out how lucky you may know and EU have confidence in your situation and the only way that you start losing weight. It was because I was able to be content in the I in no only that wasn't it like this forever Ray Rice had a look at her a job. You know and so I found a way you'd do that he might get created it's not an easy is going or putting something not an hour I'll. There are ways you have that. Right no doubt. I think is just easier for someone who you know is great to have a flat stomach and is eccentric. You loafers and all the red flags on the part on reason must summon looks flat is because my six months or six out further than it does right now our home. He is on the slow moments ago for sure but that's okay is on the looks good in close. I'm not really sure. A town that do you Lisa Brown took a musher at a beach like I don't take government shouldn't be each Arnold. The angels announcer our oh win my shirt comes all of our own. It's almost guarantee water starts running down mile washboard and AM. Winds blow away and and I got a lot probably don't like life large shirt some a hole the Little League. You know and so. I. You and me never ever ever since you. Don't. You know Cray is how is about the complements who loves his brother give a shout out to LA and and let everybody know would l.s been on his way to calls Kate Ellis so dull light. So try to use so that before you know I don't Warner Rollyo moment so you know if you like it continual weekend. I don't permit I'm sure you without a shirt please don't ruin my momma. Is not up early so funny but. You Monday. Weighed in again and I am actually and now you get to be kidding me. He's Hollywood was 18 Ron may. Oh hole we were never out on the airplane. Hold my gators did ally I don't know a couple months on our member. I'm Aaron Cook for you does sold dull like. I'll satisfy chasm of fist pump you like text even motif is on you because as though I guess. All around so I usually England there you like you can just see that you feel like confident on dissidents are confident formed a. Yeah yeah. And then if we can speak it might thrown into here it. OK so. What I moved to Seattle an easier now. I weighed a 180 by now and super street got a lot of weight I teary it. Well I couldn't afford to lose the weight but right now my goal to get down once he wants the ball I. I haven't been. Indy 100. Ends it. At least in my third at all at all I'd always been over and right now I'm six pound the way. Mean those 100 and that OK you know what I do what I am doing them. Around every week re doing way. Anon that's great making two weeks three Leander you know what I've been doing lately. Advertising myself. OK I have this ball and go because. We got a talent not trying. To close that I in my law. I am Medici and seeing my MA. Yeah you know I think that's one of the big things that. That'll separates you from the rest of the people and if there's anybody who's listening like one of the biggest things that separates. Great people and people were dedicated and committed to our goals of people who or Kyle needs personality tests and Iraq. Well like what I've noticed insight goals people who committed to something they are committed and there is no wavering. Anywhere Russell Wilson. Student. Sexy. Sorry. You and he roughly. Whatever. Yeah. Subliminal subliminal Lewinsky in Oakland lose our great even know her or her mild mild or. They're just so everybody know avoid what it takes me to be able to sit with the island for an hour OK come. Russell was was one of the greatest people I had seen at that and where he said his mind is something. He didn't stop until he got it when you look at from a guy who while listened to motivational speaker calmed down air Thomas. Doctor Thomas. Homeless seed not a trash cans was determined to go back cows want to cows charm to get a doctorate degree. Got a doctorate degree and now old doctor Tom charges are some like it 802000. All the speeches tomatoes are not trash cans in years ago. You know remain so like one of the biggest things that people struggle with. It is that last little hall like is always easily get started Travis they would it and I think it's so encouraging. To hear new day is you gonna have you hit balls and are heard this from somebody actually said it's who grew tears us all to its OK it is okay to slit. Like there's no there's nothing wrong with slipping gossip on the field all the tar. That the role would would slipping. The issue comes when you stop. When you completely quit completely give up and completely fail like everybody's gonna slip I haven't met a perfect person yet. But the people who succeed and have the most success. They they don't they don't stay down don't don't let that don't let it slip turn into a catastrophic fall it's a slow. A look they've kind of think about what happens when you slip you might slip where you trip. You look you figure out what our laws and if you walked past that same spots in terms though you know that that rule that curb that. And even sidewalk that object whatever it is it through a stationary right there you know was there. I think was super don't. He's very. In no position you can admit that she slit. Like scroll. Animal it's finished and I still live. Yeah embassy isn't saying like there's a different between slipping. And then just the blue solvent. Yeah. Also a kind of aluminum and like you know Russell Wilson he's determined he's dedicated you know in the making it. I know I'm not taking it running and dedicated and determined and talking about losing weight or years and years you're tired and like. The most progress that I had to me is that amount of current. I have my own thing they in my own way Greene I'm me and they're. I have a burger and I tend to my goal and an AL. And I mean it and not determined to lose it means that men and I need help who. Right yeah but I don't should be offend develops and about Ross because Ross slips so I'm not saying that Russ is more dedicated then. You I'm not send that out more dedicated menu or you more dedicated Timmy arrest. I slipping and saying that Ming given as examples people. Who always go go go no matter what pitfall may come before them I was actually trying to compliment and you in admitting that she had these default these things and McKee slipped but you wouldn't be able to go from wherever you were each Powell. Would you working Indian better and working towards some. So I feel like people have to understand that the people who are included in this in this is this he has. This is amiss and I may be assuming but this is a miss your pitfall I mean is amiss just slips. I can still continuously gradually dropped and dropped and dropped and held it off a Mitt like. In the mists of these slips. Right in what I'm saying about president wants and about people who are actually toppled Manuel is at the greatest people I've ever come across a virtually anything these people have been able to recognize their their their Israelis who recognize the mistakes I understand that they had issues they need help but they don't let it hold Barack. They understand had been made in May it may it may pull back. Once or twice but they don't let it they don't let don't let whatever that may be. Didn't douse on not imagine in an offensive way it's mortal way that yell for people may be listening and you're doing it your living example. Bet you know like isn't even though I've done this does not much on no I wasn't perfect in my route to getting here. Like 86 tomorrow or in in just buildings are does slip. I'm sure there's this many times where you look at you all watching you. Oh boy this is may be right. Here a little per. Yeah. Dedication in an army you know not. On. You know I have relations with Sierra until they are Mary was born what makes you look they got there. Home. Home. There are real easily got married I. You know I'm not a delivered needs to. Yeah. And kidnap me. Me I had I you nom mad at liberty to. And the other no one. And yet you know I had a home more proud tool if he actually did it sound more are doing. Around though have you seen the Sierra rad video. You know back it's not like that because he's on my boys and that is why I can't talk like that. That's was crazy about this whole scenarios like I will Boyd's house they would talk like that because she was so far off amid this is from where I can. I can't talk like that because that's my boy him no. Cancel everything and that's. Yeah. They knew you say it anyway well Ellen. I'm just be real everybody on this high gas down. How wanna keep I wanna keep recording because has been a world. But island arm. Imus is B frank would chew and everybody Hosea. I'm currently sweat mob balls also. I. Blue boy okay. Not exactly the way to wrap while Blair a this is beauty in it yeah we're trying to be genuine authentic we wanted this to be like. The whole purpose of this is we want to be real and honest conversations did take you want plays a go another who cares like we're just be real we're just talking journal calls have an outlet so you know it might be low boulder but I am our lives I am not joking out a semi after this. And here are listening. OK I guess sweat running down my lyrics. Very and I am not exaggerating. Yeah me this is making lol sure scene and I hate it ten times better that way we always TC mark Christie tells. Oleg. Even more worthless now. And they lead us do. Beauty he is the chain out and are out. There right. Our it will save her next time okay. Don't get our I'm gonna get out his closet you are people. Oh yeah a day whatever day. Yeah as. I take a shower Ocalan is. Our. Or. I.