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Wednesday, February 15th


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Welcome to the PAB it's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they can. This version of ovarian. Anderson. It's. On the loan. It's. I love you slowly. GAO. And we have lives for the fifth in the morning radio how far Wednesday February 15 two. 27 scene and less mean. Be the first to welcome each of the morning Pete lions. On nine here yes there's Randy great TV is old enough argument for an hour if you want to or you. What's that Jenna had a security there's ten at the millennium the other room. Radiant bride I. Running yesterday I noticed and in these are. Yeah I feel really bad about it because of supposed to. Bring a bit about the about a day ago. But I want to beef cattle and even clause in the Catalonia and flaws with the greatest. Little piece ahead a matter of fact I would like to provide. The cattle named club with a little piece of heaven ward if you don't mind while lucky that I'm lucky them thank you yeah that's that's incredible. We you know. What I thought the little pieces have been awarded to big deal to yes just ahead of my head of security company and tell how important these muffins are if a massive deal we've struggled he's at work yeah I think so too yes. To me to get the music for that yet if you could I mean. Whereas I don't think you really properly do it justice without true music of the little piece of heaven lord. But a nightly round that well I'd probably say I have an award music I could ever find lately I don't really know all of your yes so to the cattle. An even clot thank you so much. My family we were apparent at over the weekend. And the services is unbelievable the food is unbelievable the muffins. Are among the and space. Tonight. And my. If you go into the heavily upon. Just should we look text message that says muffin. To 46150. It's a good way. It's an ever of those and are you gonna have one and you. You know you're occasionally get a cheap Dave Wright Randy I do but today's not it. So I don't know if a kid and but I it's not I don't want to it's just that I. Do you normally say V cheat day for the weekend yeah. In and because I like to do it I had my two day with care in the same time so that's kind of what it is that we just. We'll like haven't won Neil that's like Carolina Mujica. I don't know let's go to like down with the place it's fifty cal in Redmond. I've never been a tipsy count attempted to tell me about the tip over and I asked burgers and milk shakes fry like yes on go it hits you count read it if you want a burger and I'm talking in April. Everything radius are you trying to tell me they you'd like that. Maybe brought a little piece of heaven or to them I would guess that fifty calorie read deserves a little piece of heaven lord British or positive. Hello with a crack. Rob button that if there have an eight. And yeah. SARS is if you let good movies have an award. It's good to I don't know a spot in the northwest that it it it's just one of those places where. You know you would say fixed you have got to surprise CIA. Thought a little peace in heaven or guide the raging river falsity to. I'll jump at the raging river that that's the got a whole other thing integrate bar that normally you always make fun of the little piece of heaven ward now you're like guy you love the little piece I have an award no I don't love as they get people deserve it. There's some great plays out there that deserve it. What's this with the at a place ridge irreverent falsity raging river falls city you to get a little peace and have a chance we're sort of like. If that little I'm not I'm bored I'm not I'm focusing on the cattle in applaud the muffins. By the late DC's Barbara the men got it look amazing in any you guys who want them Allan as is not here yet by the way but everyone else the president and accounted for. Welcome to the show what's going on today. Blake's doing a place up the tickets yes 7 o'clock a couple of chug tickets and all kinds of fun greatness with its morning. Powering it eats into your voice and it's good to be my voice again. I'd like to voice on the air I like it to buy hey nobody else nope nope nope we're the only two. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show that's for sure enjoy. Orbitz and mornings were famous. Yes let's jump it is tiger what are you kidding me anchorman that standing behind with the news. They did not make the news nice it's a breaking every. Think the last hour. Brady went negative but what. I do not know where they this might be very very unfortunate. Dissident. Please gentlemen. On the to kick it off out of the state of Utah. That's really messed up. Yet 27 of the I was driving through Utah last Sunday with you know it's the normal that they drive. With 36 pounds a man in his truck that's well that's all. They get really paranoid right and some he's like oh my god somebody must be following me. So he pulled over and yet did what most of us would do with 36 and on the map he can all the cops. And cops came and and arrested on its feet and you know what's funny. Nobody it's even following. The updates do. It. Of these Starbucks community endless and everyone knows that. I love Starbucks I love Starbucks have also found out that Starbucks hired has hired a lot of veterans. Which is great news to me but I have a rights talk about Starbucks because I spend a lot of money there every single day I'm a customer. This time except to say and promote right. That Starbucks is now testing ice cream copy of more than a hundred stores that's cool. I'm very excited about that that they just announced against our testing ice cream drinks it more than 100 locations it's called the effort god knows this out of expresso. Or other copy. Pored over a scoop of ice cream interested in their testing at 100 stores right now that I am absolutely. Very very excited thank you that's good and yeah. Get heavier rain and it's convenient Eddie voice Ellen's underway in Kiev for the suit to be here soon that is all we know which there is Benet. Hair dryer accident from what I understand yes yeah. They'll bat and I acknowledge god now think all the power went out Ullman doesn't. And a terrible bad fumes gas. Art and there again you got that. Stories of the day breaking every hour it's. This in the mornings iPad. Take condensed version of the show cameras there which is great for short attention spans. Allen is that a little bit late today that's we'll take your time. There's rain beat. Right there rain and a biscuit like to say hello to Jenna my head of security over there there's two and the millennial. In the other over their hit some buttons. Are in my premise that this segment with. Well first I'd like to ask everyone to make that call. It awesome. Or awful. But I'm not talked about right yeah. People are. Freezing their do dads I repeat people are freezing. Ya. People are freezing to do dads to spice up their love life. Apparently now they have little clinics that they set up across the country where you go ahead. And you just it's they date these spray like this. Liquid nitrogen. Solution degree paper. Although when you look at me like that for no that's rain out biscuit boggling case given hurt him in a while you guys behind fifth he adds it's getting you know but the audience you know. Yet know who this strange voices I took a toll on used to okay sure yes. So anyway Randi what it does is. If you go and you'd like this liquid stuff squirted down there yeah for both men and women. It apparently. It stimulates. And and do orphaned. And ramps up obviously quicker blood flow. And he does that to and from what I understand right. I guess I. Don't know what I wonder how much something like this would cost. And and I wonder. Guy I would love it if you you know just go and try to sample some like it not only what I do it I would not pay for cliff. But an honest to rethink some like this runs. Like what can you and what can you go and get the you know. That you'd expect aborted due to add the last four I don't probably a couple hundred bucks I don't know. And I. I don't know I think if that stuff blasted why would you yet why would you spend that amount of money and hope that 55 dollars. To maybe try not to hit to stick it a freezer for fifteen minutes to prefer Altman well. I tried it once but with a refrigerator. It's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they can. This version of ovarian. Show quickly this is as some fantastic news out of Burlington. Because that is two's Garrett county gals are being credited with saving accounts lie did you see the picture is. I did add a little Ashley and Britney Burlington Ashley Richardson Britney richest in Burlington they're out taken care of their other horses. Right there on Francis road. And in the girls were done actually happened to glance over while driving past the council the farm the area so this town stepped up to her neck. And the farms in the forms drained pond. And that the girls to a five children have been raised around life stunt their entire lives and they do it what to do they do something wasn't right so once again little Ashley Richardson and Brittany rates in Burlington. Rescuing the now. Who would got. It to go scout dot what did you tell it to you do expect to die. But yet again I'm primate you know honestly that the that a replacement. Let's see what us happening. This is the so does not that this is such instant headlines. Like football. Is more. Dangers to children and tackle I repeat no more dangerous to children attacked as it does that wearing pads. They compared injury rates including like Tim hutchins. In youth football league and youth tackle league and the results. Well the amount of severe injuries confessions were not significantly different between flag and tackle a brought entries more likely to occur. In fact Papa. Of football we do anything anymore. I think we know what football is like and we see when you take people and tell them to goal in each other and I can't keep helping the earth be effective that there's gonna be back. And it it like that we're so soprano is an outlet. What's surprising to me that we still locked while we still give all of our money to the NFL teams that we just we turn a blind eye to it. I think we turn our ally to it because. We watch it too I don't know do we hope we wanted to. See if something happens and let's be honest that's why would watch the game. To see if we will look for the big hits and why do you think the you know what I like that gladiators back in the day. I've said that before to a I was like yeah I like watching men being Manny and I mean I I I like watching defense I totally get but I also don't want someone to get hurt never wanted to get hurt but to wait for it. You portray you know we're way too soon to watch it. And we're like all I hope they get concussions advocates not. Always a sensitized to get you to vote Jackson who was do you have my opinion. It's not the greatest athlete of all time he said. Bit knowing everything he knows today about concussions at that he with. Never let his children. Yeah that's Bo Jackson saying. Well and our friend Joseph who played for the sea hawks what did Joseph. And he brought his face but he was like I used to watch football with my son and now I'm really second guessing whether or not to let my funded and that someone who played in the leap. It's just that dentist gave me chills these are. Professional athletes are on the NFL's saying they would let their kids play. We have another friend who has not like you don't get the lead consumables amazed at. Known and he's playing golf wow. Wow. It's like when my kids as we had Daniel now and begin radio no doubt well and now. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. A version of the show. I'd love you know trying to prepare the Jones that I'd love to get on Randy do you forget them reds and I mean. I you don't read it all day and altering this article about waitresses revealing the worst. Things that they have. Witnessed. At a restaurant is being a server. Like I am your customers all of these this is the waitress and waiters observations. Of up Custer other customers right represent weird stuff that that went down specifically like first dates for example. Are there. Remember though thought you'd be junior member those. Because we're to the ball. I'm not it was a restaurant and then at night turn into a bar and it. Oh my god. What later said every time I walked over he would be the one talking to those observing the state and she would just be sitting there not have a good time at the end. I asked if it was one built a separate and she immediately packed up separate. The waiter says he later saw the guy taken his opponents are swiping through tendered during that date. My. He may. One waitress at a man I was not even serving came up to me allows punching in order to hit me twenty dollars. And a napkin with a phone number on it he told the list among the worst it in my life this woman is horrendous and got to get out of here take these twenty. Please go to the nearest phone call me it's on the that I had to get on home right a way. How about. To have it done it didn't hit another way to set. Had an obvious first state where the lady was grilled again how much money he makes and he didn't want it and it was so awkward serving steak and salad during this interrogation a nervous people right. So if you are a server in the service industry what you see at the restaurant. It can be anything from your customers what she here at the restaurant. Based off of you know maybe it first dates. I noticed how bad for the parents that came in because again like it during the day aren't pleased that I work that was that had dinner plays and it was downtown right by the reach nine itself. A lot of times that of the Disney on ice show. Kids coming in with their parents right in the coming for a dinner again and parenthood gets all frustrated their kids their kids from being whittled. Alitalia. Apparently only got about Ellen's judging. On. All child free it'll. You know what though is dissenting it's people do judge. Yeah there's so many people who just don't like kids and do not know how to be paid around children or I'm a bit about that as a parent or that other parents or other adults were judging how their parenting right children which I think is a bunch of crap if your parent should he does anyone right of the appetite guys doing. But I'm like oh god and those are always the most awkward ones when parents and they are literally kids and I felt so bad for appearance I want to bring them a little shot of tequila or yes. Hopefully me and we will take it. All right what did you see at the restaurant if you are eighty. I don't know even a manager in the service industry. It's it's the more he's podcast after the broadcasting condensed version of the show. Enjoy read it is just one of my favorite sites to visit and and and I'd just love you know reading everything the product. And a bunch of waitresses. Revealed. We are things that they have observed in the restaurant I forgot to mention one of them and he read it thread was. A lady saw this guy is eyeball fall out. During day vulnerability and even now that you get a tape and so what you see in the restaurant gift that it if you have been as a service industry any weird observations would love to hear from. Let's go to vet to replace. Beth what about you what you've seen the restaurant. I held and it got. So I worked with what they thought that it was OK to eat the leftovers offer customers late when they cleared that. Don't eat it's like militants it. You know. Have you wouldn't. Brits are about the power without him. Want cup off track that's so weird because especially working at a restaurant you get a discount for not from the foolish or. Yeah hero that's like why pick up the plate then. Get up once again what you shoot the restaurant. If given the service industry what what did you observe. From your cut by the way the ultimate movie. If you've ever been in the service industry according to my wife because she's a server is the movie waiting. Have you seen the movie waiting who's in all month Dane Cook is it Ryan Reynolds is and it. Give him yeah. You'll love it let's go to a K growth quickened the calmest Kate what about you what you see the restaurant. Are. The ballot. There are eagle and it is cute kids and outline here they see an eye ear and the lady respect you know one out I'm all for like play that it keeps you can't see you. And you. On the line here and that I know that and eating Mexican guy and kicked it a crime here and started eating. I let it got quite yet. I. You know I'm a long time ago you know people look at me weaker when I was you know breast feeding my kids in a restaurant you always yell it's weird. Nor is it weird let. Adding I mean how. Hit the five year old Golan from chicken strips and French Fries says that the milk to wash it down. Yeah yeah look chaser got I don't know I don't know I'm not trying to judge I don't wanna get the hate X by any means like. I little. And now what about the nutrients Allen. The about the nutrient and vitamin C let's go to Derek recruited Derrick what you see the restaurant Derek. Take that dale. So I used to work out will be and heard a woman. I turn around a corner of the woman going off on it protecting another woman had been. Well he does there always. Always a bad idea I can't imagine what people's seed. Like standing behind someone now. Whether it be at a restaurant like a baseball game or hurting about what. What people have observed in the in the business we have learned from people. It's some of these hot. Stay condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans. Wonder if you get an update on. Little anti. Who is these teen daughter Jamie Lynn Spears. She's eight years old. ATV until times. And and what a scary thing Amaechi was underneath the wire two minutes and that's pretty yet that that's amazing. What the latest free chase Bryant featuring runaway June it is unbelievable cover. A better man. From little big town this of this amazing. Listen this. Some cheese so amazing. Can you guys here because I'm not here I don't hear you hear it tanner but care whereas and not planning. Now I'm nine hearing now and amazing and the gang at this is so good. Right and regularly Judy. I'm still looking for really really big big things and chase Bryant. Agassi his star you know continuing to rise. It's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. And I had this version of the show.