Fitz In The Morning 2-16-17 6am

Thursday, February 16th


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Welcome to the PAB needs bids in the morning is pod cast after the broadcast. Big condensed version of the show. Until I mean. It's. I love you too though. We are. From the 6 in the morning radio hub for Thursday February 16 Tony seventeen. And let me be the first to welcome you. To the morning Allan good morning to you. As you can see. Ladies and gentlemen so we. Okay. A couple of words to. Describe this morning most what. Operating costs washed out. Dredging gloomy. Cited as the clock yes I didn't say it was obvious front street exit left back and I shut it down then yeah they are thirteen disabled car. At mile marker. In nineteen it it's about yeah. Oh my cat like can you tell me what time that happened. I'm seeing things on my Twitter from. Washed dot. Happening about an hour ago so it's 100 minutes ago brought meals from Kyra seventy that it is completely shut down just west of hyper at the due to them. The F front nationally as anybody hurt. There are couple cars that are disabled and do well and he went specifically what it measures allows them cars for shared. Yeah I heard thirteen for someone who. So move. If anybody has an update let us know what's going on that's not you know it's not too far from from my house and I will tell you this morning in the quad the rain on the way where you are. It was torrential downpour I'm. Hard to come up from the same kind away and it yeah I did nervous because maple valley high labor of free floral five. There there's potential for that to come down and maybe that's in my head is saying but feeling. So so Allen would that be a right there by ideas the pike place right here right right there it's at the hotel and you know any type in my in my yes. I'm happy that there's literally nothing except for like it goes over river and stuff like that. So evidence into the valley highway that connects to verify yet and once pocket so I maple valley highway. Between. Like that brand use our but that they bill in the 405. You know I'm talking about right there yes the Phillies yeah you're the golf course may just the golf course yet he's got him go to yup. You know that's that's. Like it will ask her too much cool. I hope this doesn't come out I don't know it is again that's just me thinking as a person not as you know I think you should listen that because if you go by somewhere in and honestly believe this if you get the bad feelings. Who have the. Listen to that thing because it's telling you something's not right there's so much rain coming out I. I'm crazy but I definitely like I thought I heard thunder. I saw lightning this morning okay so I'm not. You probably didn't offend anybody else I hear thunder look to hear from him. Still 6421 wolf Tex now to 4615. Out of everybody's okay give us an update you once. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcasting condensed version of the show that's for jump. Enjoy. Orbitz and mornings were famous. Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen it is you know what you're hitting the anchorman fifths. Standing by with the news that did not make the break in every single hour. According to brain and steady but it checked get fed up. Seriously this case wolves. Especially me you'll you'll find out why. Great to bring to steady the states where you're most likely to catch an STD from the time. From a local. Things. The Louisiana. I mean imagine that that's where you're like it's trump. Using everything from the ball and get up that's what that you see that's why I said OK yes we take an acquired right so. Our North Carolina Mississippi and New Mexico. The state where you're at least likely to hit something his name Hansa. We don't damn puck the candle faced not a vote if you wanna go park capital quite get the vote yet Arctic. The F do you decide. Yet market probably get on the boat to go fission but you can't do that step Yelp are the top. To the and why are you kidding me they still haven't even that didn't. But out of London paid back. A woman in London reject the guys offer for a second date last week. So we sent our message asking for 53 dollars to cover her have a survivors' day. I've heard of this hybrid guys duking this move both I think she actually painted them as she stood right at night given this guy's second day down. I mean it's Noah Noah outright. And then you got you got beat. Are you kidding me stories of the day breaking every single hour. It's this in the morning's hot. The broadcast they condensed version of the show. It is there which is great for short attention spans thirteen. Pars disabled and Eminem had to Adori Republican Everett is just tried. Driver dory. Yes there it may dory how are used to be little update please. I am great I suppose at mar back mile marker nineteen in cash and I know it all sports cars but now. And and then let the media and and there is my entries all of reload. Highway traffic as fact that at least to about a mile. Well let's be stuck on the freeway and I don't go anywhere. All right I think I really appreciate it thank you so much and another he wants stuck in traffic we're getting your text messages and then. That's gonna carry real quick in coming to carry what about you what's gonna. I did this actually party that Oprah thanks okay sorry I feel when you land to somebody else. And yes so I'm that's I think the right before an Issaquah highlands and debt. Aaron I don't have a front row seat and yet that's lie deep counts but aren't yet people are turning around and driving up on the shoulder to head back that. Previous exit and I mean the highways the clearing out particular turning around it kind of creepy. Yes I think that's yet to go all the way up to mean almost. I think I'd wait I don't what what's next want to turn around. I think I'd write a born again we'll take much from pool. We'll try to give you function OK everybody second traffic okay all right let me let me tilt Avago by. Right everybody hope you're okay with that. Elena to jump to entertain people as it is it is it dead in a tank it is. It is our job jobs ago. On a mission from it is our job to find good news for people that you know I mean sometimes everything fit people here on the radio. Sometimes people like. But what if we find the cool stuff on a social media undiscovered talents. Or stubborn talent straight up. This I don't know I don't know funny only one that never seen as the forehead used defense I have not been tough and tell you you tell me about it. Gonna want to go listen to it at and by the way the mission for music continues live. Cold music collaborations as well as because this woman's amazing and got his video and it's of a CMT episode where a lady in about watches. Darius Rucker and Adele take net their sons. You'd now okay it's figures lately here's Lady Antebellum the songs Kanye mountaineers and. Just a great summer. Hillary's got the Creighton it's what you want to my wife Bethany about from the south was listening. Particularly Scott's new gospel out of it might want to sit at camp still might look at it girl. Get your spirit. All right it's a now Allen who is seen it and Dallas and there is struck here it is. To decide again. Gangs and again it's Darius Rucker and Adele singing. Lady Antebellum need you now on a mission for music if you have heard of a cool you know. Hardest. Collaborate. And let me know about it go to my FaceBook page just not in the subject make it say mission for music or may be youth. Found really local people on social media that are so talented that should have. This platform and the opportunity to be discovered. After she's saying that she later on said that it that song inspired her to write songs for her album she did this done back in. 110. Privately urged them I heard how can they did it was the CN TR is that the here and they are honoring Lady Antebellum and Adele and Darius Rucker come out and a lot. Did we not seen this before me Evan living under a rock and a better late than never up the video product placement that's okay thank you it's. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast taken. Version of a very is. These gentlemen and it's cool all of more international airport. Just a couple of days ago this exodus dark haired young woman and this shortened skirt and keep tights. Really attracted little attention in the strolling through the airport terminal to a small bag in her shoulder is the initials LO what else. And a teacher right. She was just one of about a 150000. People walked into the airport that day that the people know the C. It was a female assassin in. Stevens she killed and. I know. Kim young moons had a right there yeah. She kept Kim Jung those. Brother and some people say oh my god can done on just killed his brother and apparently the student was it is for women like this whiskey gambling. You like consulting his half brother that aura strains. Apparently right. I mean that's just freaky in NBC the photos of this. Female assassin and it's and it's dirty and wrong. And so like out of the movies. Right right because he went eggs that at all in all and that's probably why should definitely right don't kid yourself there are some female. Jason Bourne suck it you know matters are the show alias Jennifer Garner Q the bad ones who lives it. Is straight up alias and that of course we have a very on Jenna client security tennis are on the a team a Jayson aren't as. Anyway get a chance to check that out that's it it's it's a petrified. A grandmother New York City get a gruesome surprise about tonight's state when a stranger jumped to his death off of her twelfth balcony and during butler's 87 years old right volunteers and knocking on the door. And it's like hello and she was expected anyone. And young man wants into the door and he says deal about the need to get about the need she's like a page 87 UST have a balcony. And she's like yes I do and she said that he kind of gently but sternly moved her to decide. Goes out to the balcony she wants out the seconds later he's gone downloaded app. I can loan. And. I mean that's like you think what are you kidding me it's just all full because now this woman's gonna live the rest of her life knowing that that happens like that's just treat addicts are writer and I. She's 87 years old. It used probably you know just a scoping it out. Made from the from the bottom looking for a place to do it now threatening his life all might as a whole story is set at. It's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. A version of the show. Totally random topic. Like if you could take a trip and have a celebrity tag along when you. Don't use. Eulogy to all this. 206421. Small Texan out of force 6150. Its next. It's at least podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show. Enjoy now if you could take a trip and and have a celebrity tag along with the Phil would you choose as a. Travel partner I'll ask you first Alan government I mean I know that a lot of people apparently think that picks on the you know really good looking guy like you know. Sam hi entered Trace Adkins putt but think about that you're right the travel partner aspect of healing so again it. A really cool experience as I traveled with Oprah and I Walla pitched rather well with Oprah should be my celebrity get. You side you know that because that's great. I don't know if you can veto but that's a fantastic. Partner how it is early yet how would you guys not travel with Morgan Freeman had a nearing the Maya area beyond that Oprah over in the war and Morgan Freeman like the GPS maker right here Phillips. Andy do frame says make a right yet of the mortgage. Unit and Rose Bowl. I. Looking I don't do that lobby and as hot as hell it. Reading my idea Randy nodded okay Oprah's great. Oprah's so it might would be I'd wanna travel with. Good drive and start. And and you could only seen Exxon's from the snow fences out executed at the travel partner not an inner thing in an economic and entertain am I gonna say yeah. That's a that's my other suggestions RC's Lisa my other possible travel partisan B Tom Brady. In and Justin Timberlake would be called travel partner for me. And MIT energy and instead Graham fitness model TNG it. Wouldn't want to travel across the country with and I'd be able to work out celebrity is a famous person. Random person sorely sorry ever bought outcome like sorry to tell her she's sorry Italian. The new celebrities are these social media stars yeah. That's the reality right I mean that is the it's like celebrities celebrities aren't celebrities and more these celebrities of today our social media stuff. For Oprah who also I want to travel wind yeah for sure there'd be an athlete on their somewhere I just can't pick. Will unveil a desolate travel with Matthew Pennington OK can travel with the entire. Get a bus. Tires Seattle Seahawks would be now. I would Pete Carroll. Takes apart with me to elect a generally speaking of San hunting and Christine Christine what about you who would you like to have is the ultimate travel partner please I go it band yeah. Gigantic egos of parity. And this model is that for work on stuff feet and. I get it thank you so much yet he's. Very unique school style again thanks to Steve Steve what about you ultimate travel partner. Michael. I. The he well here. He is funny merely gentlemen but that is he went up to the bicycle when Phil thank you so much different. Let's go to. Robert is Raoul or Raoul that wound. Oh well I'll. Yeah parallel there are becoming. Modeled an outlook trap or her name and where they Della. Also and it's Graham fitness model and cigarette model it wouldn't matter where we want it because. My vacation would be beautiful long issue act along with. And married. But he he has. Are you married now. And my wife can give a crap to fight my wife does not care pilots and miles east secure I know that your wife doesn't like you hear what she looks and other people is Alan you're exactly right. He's been in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. Big condensed version of the show.