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Thursday, February 16th


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Welcome to the PA means it's in the mornings pod cast after the broadcast. And this version of the show. But in case you missed it. Let you are talking about Lady Gaga was up isolated spoke to me because I think we can all agree that Lady Gaga that's pretty good talent she can. She can sing and when what a great entertainer right over on retainer. But with some of the audio Torre. You know the moon and. Just kind of exile I had forever to stay. Didn't mean anything he's you mean million reasons given me an email us. Examining the last season. Do alone is smaller now than they add. That being me and his team won the times news day. Dad. That was symbolic now Ali what would she did that at eight it did it made me tingle open and now and you know the don't know. You know I mean all mine and I know Mike and and it tingling sensation and a when she said hi mom hi dad would have to sexy. Thought that was sweet oil in the senate as sexy it would have now very sweet movie by guys earlier around guys are we got the yield. Up. All right this is funny I'm Senator John McCain. A you know Avian. Ashton Kutcher have like a little charity function together. An act at Ashe in Mexico founded this charity and then they uses technology to fight child sex trafficking. Was like which is great. And here's Senator John McCain telling Ashton Kutcher that he was better looking in the movies. Also want to thank released and Haitian and Haitian and you were better looking than the movies that anyway that. Our blood coming in my like you still love Washington June. I think he's eight now. Something happened though I am I think he says something. Politically than my wife started like not liking him over because those staying celebrities and get above the politics is speaking in front of I believe is the senate yesterday. All the work he's doing well this is an important show me. Are some a little bit more audio case you missed it. Now there's this guy Idaho's name's Adam pearl have you heard about the Adam pearl dude yet know. What you're gonna hear about it today it is this a few of social media because he's got a little pet squirrel. And apparently. He just found out that the thing is an attack squirrel. And someone broke into his house and still look to stuff in with a cup steinem. He had scratches all over his hands and here is talking about his attacks squirrel. We're still working on in most people or. Maybe you should work too much it's obviously. She said while she was questioning. The individual. He had scratches on his hands and she asked him. So did you get that from the squirrel and his that's a damn thing kept attacking me one stop until I left the nobody can believe this week. Consider adults Rutgers or als. Registry he can't let them move. And off like a great problem. When the color TV people and deliver is hey you guys know exactly what you're doing and and they're great you know finding these stories. Which date date oh okay are are the radio personalities gonna talk about it are people going to share this story about the killer squirrel on social. I mean these Bryant he's a great store I would rather hear about killer squirrels and all the crap happening in DC right now okay. Just I escaped from RL which is why we do the what you can store and somebody's gotta cover the news. That didn't make the news. That's why I'm I'm very glad that we do that. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that's for sure enjoy. Orbitz and mornings were famous. Thank you so much yes that is I hear what you're kidding me anchorman bits standing by with the news that did not make the news. Every single hour Ametek at a Florida very special what South Florida story. Are gonna say is teenagers are growth. A 44 year old guy in Florida got into an argument with its. This sixty OK sorry this isn't about attended this about a forty super girl man and support or older girls that would say. No I'm saying that I'm site that this is the 44 your guy because I thought it was a teenager what happened. So again an argument with a 67 year old mother earlier this month. Because. He accused her of putting over his toilet seat and she was accusing him of looking over the toilet seat. So. It's the accuses you of you know something like that in he didn't do it that that she want to slapping him. She was arrested for battery I mean yeah. All right. The minute she's mama she has the right system knocked the crap on a variety escapades are no pun intended right. Why yeah hitting. It. That this is itching because we talked about. You know if you if three's report convenes that it might increase you know accusations that now they're saying the newest trend. It's freezing your stuff so it looks younger. And feels that all my life I just do people really care about it looking at me or do those does that aids. I'm here diet like I don't think putting it in the freezer is. Healthy by any means what I don't think you actually you know put in the freezer I think it it's probably some sort of you know liquid nitrogen pollution water that helps it looked younger. It will both. Are at it here on and they do that they don't. I know for a fact they have the gate at the JG Botox and I I selected shows on there do all sorts of stuff for the jays right now. Most of the big load the boat got maybe two. I don't know what they're doing this to keep them looking young maybe they do Botox to keep it looking books to prevent wrinkles. To keep good looking young right you don't want to look at old wrinkle is equal old at the public not to opt out I think it's something that. People are going to be thinking about the entire day I think oh. Backed tech that woman I'm I'm in particular right now trying to work computer your. At that absolutely I always bring my iPad. You have to do and they yeah you got these. Starr is today breaking every single hour. It's this in the morning podcast after their broadcast they condensed version of the show. What is this thing which is great for short attention spans. I don't know just to get stuff has. If this exactly might be given all all men are really really bad name because. He has officially won down times. Of the year my opinion he has would it be correct in calling him a two Casanova of his high school when I tell you. That he bought roses for every single girl and schools will all Zach Peterson high school senior home in Wisconsin. Showed up on Tuesday with 625 long stemmed roses. So we can give one to ever girl all the girls lined up in one of the hallways to get a rose from him. Question is who paid for it he did he did yeah I got a lot of hugs and returned apparently to some some of the girls I saw the video even cried. He wanted to be surprised so he didn't even tell us sister who's a sophomore. And he used a bunch of air freshness to kind of mask the smell their house at. He says he ordered the flowers and he could do this he ordered the flowers in bulk through Sam's Club. Oh professor of cost of money weren't a fifty dollars. That he spent eight hours over the weekend trimming each rose making sure that they were all perfect. Before he handed them out. It I'm telling you if you can get a woman out of that right or he might even have a woman I don't know what do you think knowledge he had a woman there's no way I have been let my man but it hasn't high school senior yeah I'm sick here is that there's no way I would let my boyfriend give up flowers every other girl in school no way. They got that is the good stuff. It fits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they couldn't. This version about variances. Yeah some audio bit that that I want to play for you because if I love Regis Gelman and I I'd love Regis and Kelly I mean. Obviously when Regis was. Think it's a time I guess the Philips Arena just. And I was I was wondering what's going on why that brings us. What did Regis leave was there friction between Regis and Kelly. And ended up since then what happened with Kelly and Michael Strahan was there so Regis I did an interview with Larry King on his online show. At that this is instinct he hasn't said a word to Kelly Griffith since he left the area she isn't reached out to him and. That's just here instantly. Via some. You keep in touch with Kelley worked both. Not really no no they ask you go back in four days never once that they yes political back. You can she got very offensive when I left she thought I was sleeping because so hard I was leaving because I was getting older and wasn't right to be able to admit she took a personal yes I think so I was eleven years ago. I haven't heard about half. I house another Regis is of Perot and I had heard that Regis. Was upset because they didn't give him his flight you know. 45 million that he won it and of course is missing now I want and believed though you know X amount is interesting. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. A version of the show and I would like to kick up a very very special addition of. You make the call. What's accidents. Just last night having a very very just a wonderful time with my family. So we're sitting on the couch watching TV. And just have a moment in my wife looks in mean she says. So. What do you think about having another thing all. In this conversation has and it is is becoming a politely via. And it seems like this this conversations coming up I feel like it's really because of the show this is us. To be honest with you that is making her her over reason glow again or react in some bizarre way because of vehicle believed to Obama because one which is meant. Neat old analogy yeah I love the denial you know some deadly disease. Oh good god one again let me confirm that but so were sitting there. To withstand the moment of maybe some hoops over them accounts and so you make the call. Crazy to think about and by the way I have five kids of this would be six so. 38 was six kids. I mean 28 know what that's. I am an iPad babies born in the group and have fun winning nine cents. I think you make the call thing and he does it lie and he took the line. And it hits a tee you. I don't think that's a lot but there is incidental and and I've always above my listeners in my life and honesty making huge decisions for me like. My listeners and huge decisions for me yelling at another kid and the names of etiquette. No cannot pay for mile babies. Yeah they should have a say at this Lima. It's like you make the policy crazy. 38. Possibly certain you never really decided that you were done after cash in whenever you never shut down shop that's pressure. No nothing's been set down yeah that I had to go in and and reconstruct anything it's it's a where we're still get a gotten. So we'll see it's either we do it or she wants me to have to doctors that but he snip snip snap. Yeah now I've heard of people knowing. You can paralyzed because of your sojourn has never happened and. It's it's the more he's podcast after the broadcasting its version of the show. Enjoy. Very very special edition of you make the call. The 3828. And a little moment last night my wife and I today he's on the couch payments and Cooper sitting in the room. She looks at me down in any one of those times where she's you know in love with me. It's not tired yet one of those rare times. And she's she's as Rome would do and have another baby you wanna do and my own good heavens while only talked about on this now apple analyst at this match. You make the call. Love all of the text messages coming in from big families who went out or it but then. So my sister tells Bethany Bethany is 36 by the way in say five to six can't be a big deal. I completely agree that. Once you get beyond three in my opinion there is no different between three and two and there's not a break there's not a difference between 310. My suspects also remind everybody else take yet might the three and I'm veterans that and I have two together. And my other three are betting bonus babies a total of five considering six of them out. Let's go. As blessed to replace them. Maybe does that seem like to have three with you sadly even if she's got three bonus babies and team with you if you like at the relief healing 300 kids. I don't know after. I I don't think so and almost like she's in the competition. Ordered the equal with your ex now. Now now that's not know it's interesting I'm like I liked the way you're thinking yeah I wanna know why she's right why she would consider. I think because of its Value Line. Can they spot. Her friends are friends right now are all having babies like crazy and most of Marty to. Yeah and some there there have an imminent you know all of her friends are having babies like crazy written newborns or something from my perspective the chance that he dating someone with kids very high right I would probably marry someone. Who already has kids sure am what I do want my own kids I'm wondering if I would feel like and how to have as many they need to have as many need to give him at just as many as. His extended. That's variant at. No I think at nine you're making me really really think about this and psychologically that would be tormented today because. It should parents Sharon what about your thoughts you make the call. All right Dan appreciate you for that that just go and spit him out may make of the umpire. She kept for you. I'm a profit prepared. Through Sheryl hi Cheryl how are you. Yeah I know I'm good your thoughts on this you make the call. So what we haven't wanted him out totally out nineteen year old I have as well. Utterly out of twelve girl and we got out our laps in the department told your great heavyweight does it would it. I beg the U didn't tell you know where it's this little spot. Stay condensed version of the show us. What is there which is great for short attention spans you don't know the health foods being pitched that we see are on every I around the supermarket. Not all of them deliver on on the promise that they are healthy actually healthy knees and yet a sane have you ever researched it as Dahlia. For example. Veggie chips. Apparently fizzled veggie chips that there are often made of sweet potatoes beats. Certain routes within your fried just like potato chips so. That that that's aren't they backed her. For you would then potato chips I wouldn't say they're healthy founded their letter for you I mean let me ask you this or would that depend on what their pride in and and what. Oils and stuff they're content. And I'll. I ask you a question and that's honestly how can not lose my Mike it states like their friends have parents that my dad's never Khatami on his life and I'm not a guy and ask about this whatsoever. So if anyone knows yeah. Madge at the base of it which it was a white potato vs asleep potato I'll exhibit is are better for it doesn't matter what it's. Friday in Japan the sweet potato would be better for about that makes it healthy it's a healthy and not think some. In this reminds me Elena I don't know if I can have this conversation. Without. A song to my producer rain needed for me couple years ago about I'm not a healthy food ever this branded as. On a year our bullets at this time out right now and and talk about healthy food man has straddled a healthy food that I like DJ now I'm. During the be my headphones and he's not the mom and here we go. I like these things jailed and is not protein shakes and I don't like waffles or the ice cream and I don't eat Jake's. This debt reducing the chairs are one like two months. Don't know I think hamburgers aren't healthy lunch. I'm gonna live at the he's just not the choice is not glad there. Brand name track. Rein in the Israelis could cover a BA yeah glitzy. Does that some other unhealthy foods that are had a bad three granola apparently smoothies dried fruit. Instant oatmeal. Yogurt. Yogurt packed with sweeteners. If you get yeah that the free early. There's even the ones that are like. Oreo yogurt out yet he'd be healthy for you it's cookies Intel. Bingo and just because it its an hope food stored there does that mean that's that's currently healthy for its bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. This version of other area. Why it's gonna freak out if I. She's listening right now there's some amazing Patrick Swayze memorabilia that's in the auction block in April including his leather jacket and dirty dancing. All my goodness gracious be auctioned off was getting anything interesting to great question what does his wife yes yeah. I mean maybe there comes a I think security remarried is yeah. I anomaly I tell my want to fight nice you cannot. Thought jeopardy by noon it's unacceptable and man known I don't know about them but Patrick Swayze and his late to be the after he was gone at it. I miss Patrick Swayze tells a tough one that was a tough woman when he left but comes. I'd love to find out who it was selling the jacket yeah tenth let's move on me he also mentioned as Alan Thomas read and his wife Florida adopting a baby from Africa but that's only to have a bit. There are also raised its price to find out that she is right now. Do win you've ever. I don't know what she's deal but they were on me African safari with Tyler Hubbard and his wife. Look at Georgia line knives and he had taken a pregnancy testy out it was food poisoning. Had friends at home I got pregnant while publicly busy working now. So Tyler covered in his wife found out before before Thomas directed at the death isn't very quick hope like I've actually fret that you're adding that there are. The front adopting babies from Africa as well Pepperdine guys. Double for them. Now are apparently Brett eldredge is still a singing to his sleeping dogs basically follow monster and right. As they ever had snapped at two all my. It included a Valentine's dedication to his fans and he does a little of this classic can help following. In love check out my boy Brett. We. Oh. And then and really being. New bit hey Randy nuclear. Development stating you Britney some sexy beast with. Randy and a bit let's just maybe you know lullabies to red dots yeah I think that people take off like bread out and it's. Humbling thing average caddie because Brad have wrecked dot Edgar doesn't give a crap he's an easy event let. Leave leave about it while the rest of silicone and now all caught up these Edgar Basset Hound I think I think so too. It's bits and warnings podcast after the broadcast. And bad condensed version of the show.