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Thursday, February 16th


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Welcome to the PAB to its bids in the mornings pod cast after the broadcast. Happy condensed version of the show and where you are at home and work in the car. Did you listing on the app that you want to McVeigh's test. What you ask yourself this question. Do you have something on your phone right now debt you do not. Want anyone see yeah but then. I would also say it hurts. You know in the second let me check with Jiri the male version of Syrians and I don't know if I'd hear enough but I say this because scientists to Saudi Arabia they've created this. This self destructing gadget that can completely destroys Smartphone. In seconds off the now this self destruct devices based on on basically plastic could be triggered to expand to seven times its original size. When zapped with electricity. Right just like that so that means that the computer chip that runs your own. He beat crumpled with the push of a button interesting if that was stolen or right. You lost it's a can imagine that the swat into the road blocks in just exploding. Would stop people from stealing that they knew they could explode. If I don't I I guess I thought that the technology. Was there now that my still found. There's nothing they can do right. Dwight how mobile via the find my iPhone app you can wipe out my critics will hold the ball where you can also call your services they shouted down out like could you imagine. Pushing 101. Point click your (%expletive) build new. Yeah and that this was the fingers something it's almost felt. Destructive and we'll let me check with Miree whose email he's in the male version of series. Mary is is a month on. Hello. Against Mary there hi it's hi Mary how are you. I'm moving well how are you. I'm doing good Miree listen I'll just want to not eat you heard me talking about this bring new technology that allows you to self destruct your Smartphone. Mary do I have anything in my Smartphone to date could be embarrassing. You don't even know that half of the half cup. Light like really really embarrassing stuff. The most embarrassing. Thank you Mir did spend less time. Doing not. Yeah. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that she'll enjoy. Kind of Orbitz and warnings were famous yeah are you kidding me it's story. That's not the what you get in the news and music is now making its if you recognize is not an emotional. Thinking right and I feel that carrying it. Oh come on. The world knows this that this blood keep going. Mean yeah. It was a major historical event for our nation's course. Bones and then that's the worst ugly it's historically different that the my. Thank you so much for being nearly zone and my name is fixed you what you can be anchorman standing by right now with the new. That's did not make the news at these stupid photo of the day file yap. I gonna get a shout out to Pizza Hut has its good to see some of trying their hardest a guy just posted on read it. But his girlfriends attempt to cinema special pizza and while he was on a business trip round Mountain States. She ordered Domino's and says listen please delivering the pizza shaped like a heart. And they did sort of the pizza looks more like a football with a large bite taken out on top of it will put this on our our FaceBook page. It's just you know it was a good chance. Would this piece dominoes on confused. Through the and with a nice and he's first at Pizza Hut and he's a dominant predominance of sorrow. Give credit where it feels so they don't like your ups and write a big seller to Domino's. Flora for making the attempt. That's out of the beat files like everybody in the world has got to be. Right yup I think Ellis started before someone because now it's nickel back beating with Arnold Schwarzenegger. OK and apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger to assess the nickel back in a video. About how this likable congress'. And advance we spent a responded with a jab about him being in the in Batman and Robin is our outsourcing you're going to be in the Batman I'm Robin wasn't. He was he. When now. Don't you wanna be put ticket if you could be put any celebrity right now no one know sometimes find the people but I take economy. On yeah in a second oboe. A compliment for hammering in to take. About a month there's a long list to be honest with that big old ladies and gentlemen you've got beat well. Stories up that day. It's this in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show. What is there which is great for short attention spans. Number one for the country and implement appoint some of the wolf welcome back to Fitz and the marketing and now. Ladies and every something right now and to keep it simple text would be fine 246150. If what about talk about as accurate. And it's whether or not the division of household chores has a huge impact on marital satisfaction. And stability. In other words. If you if your guy doesn't do chores and there's a really really tick you off and does that make you wanna leave them and command and if demand does chores. Did you really really love it a lot and make you want to really get freaky and do laundry with him. What would you say all of that's the question to me a okay nice touch and everybody it's it's it's it's that I just want people detects stand. But it is this is this true I mean. Because I'm the I'm the first to admit that I'm I'm horrible which or some horrible it anyhow stuff on the worse than it actually is an absolute worse this. Written back to the love languages. Thing to hope that it acts of service she likes acts of service and I. Take up the backing it's gonna benefit you to I promise. The study found that women who feel they do the bulk of the housework. Tend to be unhappy in their relationships and more likely to consider dumping their partner. Many of these relationships tend tend to be unsatisfied to. How I'm the situation you know for example if they're both working if they're both work full time. And it's still the woman's responsibility do all the chores and work all the time that it's not fair or completely agree with you right it's not fair. But let's say he's mr. Mott and he stays out home. And she told her well maybe he would like if she would come home and do that is for a month because he's only the kids love it or vice Versa I think. Okay what daddy business. Not that I'm asking amassed game four. Sabathia I'm asking for a friend you need to use the dishwasher right and that that let me ask for my friend real quick who's the daddy your friend anyway and in the Fran gets up you know really really early has full time job and everything. What about when the yes a totally. But what do you feel that there the person but my friend's wife should be doing a majority of them of three of the chores stuff if it. To meet at this is up to the Q yeah do you decide they are afraid. Why it felt like you decide I'm on this president Ron but it could be the media folks. All right somebody says heck yes. All right limit something else then and infiltrated she should meet Tex right now work and it's. We're gonna say because you know I thought it was going to be kicking back and got blown kicking in that I that I looking. Now I have even if you got bored with cooking when needed to address than I thought about trying to you know learn to put things together for her commands to happen on a nominee aboard that. What's it could starting in 92 from each worst I. Just ask your because a lot of times I know that my fellow women and and get in Italy because like oh honey will you go and do the dishes what you don't do the dishes Reitman takes his choice of lung to it's funny so. We tried that with laundry. And I I apparently I don't do it her way. So why should I even drive but she doesn't give me you know I don't give her stamp of approval type OK I give up or something I'm sure there is something else that you could do I'm you know what I am. I'm so great curves for women and tell you why because I envy light bulb changing guy yes I said god I can change in light ball right because it doesn't think the latter sets my kingdom is fits in the mornings contest after the broadcast. Version of us there. We'll show you could should he attacks and Intel meet this is true just. Is it true that couples who don't share chores. Are more likely to divorce do you think that's true giving it to get idea. Suited to it you know even if one of them works fulltime. Should the chores you know still be split people flip house aren't you both great. Let's committee that need some of these texts coming and my husband helps with the Tories it drives me nuts I just want him to relax not do chores polo. But as I cannot. Yeah. That it gave me an ethics Eric. My company wrote and sent our math computers. What about this my husband Nelson George and it dries we've got a cat is red Allen yeah so I says it does make a difference. We'll make messes it's both partners are spot ability I don't wanna be your mama I want to be your partner. Your partner meaning you know it takes to put together we deal with me. So what does that work full time to do everything in my house I have OCD so my husband does anything I go behind him and fix it. As a she would rather him not help out at at at. Another and I'm just gonna pick up line for minorities on it. Hi who's this. Madison Madison at first of thank you so much for calling nice to meet you. Right so do you really think the couples who don't share chores are they more likely amount to maybe get divorced we think. No I'm don't want met and that has. Helped start the right. Or lack. I loved it and why do you like your husband and listen ladies I think we should operate as to what she's saying right now since. No idea why why polygamy and relaxed. He worked so hard work and I'm sixteen hours a day I don't watch and I am a moment of it I can't get upset during halftime Iowa and aerial act that. Go out and read that as the. You get American if you were sixteen hours a day. What you do with not I Ellen it's not physical I don't know you very emotional again as I live digital and physical. It Elena would have she's gone from like 1944. Of your colleagues are now back. It's. Every person's situation every couple's two and if that's that he likes to take it from all four feet. Let me ask you this if if I were to attempt to to really start. You know really trying to get my wife to really really be in love me and start doing chores and where could I start. I am probably back. Arguments. That. Yeah all right well thank you so much dirtier and unbelievable woman and you know like your great American to let your man relax after a hard day's work. The case. Thank you for that and now I really appreciate you. She's a great American talent you know that's probably right now she's like trying to think about what's what's compartment and mountain from where and sprite trying to find a good Palo. How she's gonna prop up his feet. It's up and put the other end and hopefully if she's really get it means each of you something on Netflix from to relax and watch. Not an emotional and she's a partial and cheese and it is with the girl. And the all right have a great day you guys think you saw this for listening and continue to sound up on social media if you want to. And we'll see tomorrow public Thursday but let's. What else can you do for public Thursday decides listen to some garbage cans throw back a few yeah thirsty they're there's if there's have a department expects. Think it's because you think in anyway in this benefit. I'm ahead. Do you just at a security. We go again.