Fitz In The Morning 3-17-17 6am

Friday, March 17th


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Welcome to the PA DB's fits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. They condensed version of the show. Which is great for short attention Spezza. I don't mean. You're. I love you slowly. I won't. And we are lied about. But the fits in the morning radio loud vote Friday march 17. 2070. That vegetative it has Connecticut bar name that's a bit of tires I've got to tell Lombardi a lot of how aria. I got my green. Balanced judge sugary yeah yeah get a degree in lipstick over. Greetings all lipstick and get the leopard time outlook every penny over there. We're not allowed to address raining anymore. In that case yeah I don't know how injuries that way injury. They can just a bookmark it posed yet how is your last night. My god. Shortly my dogs to top off of bread cut off at least click. It give him an adorable thing ever how hard unite growing so attached to to Foster for him I am so that was different after two and a half weeks. And somebody got on very fast and they keep telling myself because I am. I'm going to give him you know forever home but I really got a line beyond my house now that's. And and so it's you know that if you want you now for from what people are telling you that if you want to continue to Foster animals and then. This is something that you can't get attached to the first one right exactly that seems to be like in. Yeah it's genius ideas as a sponsor for. And just keep fostering north of the doubt I have three dogs. And I don't think they'll be Evan your beauty and depth actually following a level that personal one. LB acting doesn't have room for all that if I did I couldn't tell you what it's all I've what. I know what I hopped on this I'm about to be. May be crazy god guy did and you know I have a problem with that I just don't know how much Boston Terrier Susan was not full of dissident level of my life. Is going to you know. React to other animals yeah yeah I mean I don't answer either until I brought frail or to meet Charlie's. And they are getting along great. It's not all of them but it's adorable. I'll I know the German shepherd at the keeper of the. Do. Yeah his name sarge straw. All the time. You mean is this are yanked at the field is that he broke bring years while one is that he's a German shepherd and looks up. How much is a constant wondered two the legalistic one dog that is. You know inside of a pound or humane society. What does it cost two years to keep them fed. And you know with their their medicines they need to run an entire year yeah. I don't know it's a good question it's a lot of money but everything that all of their adoption even up with that for example if someone wants to make read their forever puppy. They don't let them forever yet they would make an adoption donation to not easy you. For 450 dollars but then frank comes. Microchips. Is buried have been trapped they do all that all of these shots which if you work to get that go to the vet today it didn't weigh more than 400 dollars straight out. Yeah so now so intense yes the old puppies that are. Less expensive and it. I can you say Patrick stay for a music forming an errant second because and every essay. We're talking about four things that we do on Saint Patrick's Day that are really iris like pinching people for not wearing green. Straight right America. Has nothing to do Saint Patrick's Day drinking green beer ya right here in America we made that to doing Irish car bomb shots are. Made America. I tell you say where I. Wearing green hats made in America Saint Patrick's Day now is so much different than it was say like ten years ago when I was working at Irish public. We did shift shot 630 and they were Irish car bombs Nokia every at. It's ridiculous money. I had my day after. Hey calm down and play an active right. A blessing you right now again a blessing everybody right now. The lucky ones thanks for being happy pride days. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show jumped enjoy. Orbitz and warnings were famous. Mario. Ladies and gentlemen thank you it is I your what you can be anchorman that of course standing by with the news. That did not make the news breaking. Every single hour. The smell of kittens. Yet folks you wanna smell like yeah. Like kittens guys you wanna you and have that special Cologne that helps you smell like kittens it's available it's called. Kitten from happening in the path with a described dissent is both the we'll factory essence of bill Wolff and company from just behind Putin's next. I don't think like that day act as a four ounce bottle costs forty dollars. Demeter fragrances dot com yes. Kitten from. You can smell like a kitten today folks come on gonna put you don't want a trend I don't think. Makes do. They just let out of Florida what Donald Florida that smile forming. 42 year old woman was on vacation in Key West last Sunday in. What should get arrested for biting her husband too hard. While they are having laundry and your enemy. And she loved pets until his forearm. Wouldn't let go by the way. By the way you know she does for a living life she's a dental hygiene. Both the left. Alone mercy. They're very young ladies and gentlemen you got that. Kidding me stories of the day breaking every single. Howler it's this in the morning's hot. Sleep condensed version of the show us what is there which is great for short attention spans the catalyst of the that we need to get that kind of vent about it. I'll talk about well I'm of the county smoke right yeah beast mode. Lets talk about Eddie lacy and something that's actually in his contract. I'm back with the Packers find the heat hot. And he's got weight incentives right and a paint him on it wakes him to plot his contract yeah. They seem to get on a 255. Pounds by day. And I think that pay you 55000. Dollars each month. And in between June of 200 in September through December needs to be 245. And he. Keep up ten pounds between may and December okay you can ask you of what is at right now. I don't know but. And dollars to loose out. EC isn't just needs to get open it's gone. And it's got yeah that the end is Yahoo!'s to whatever you don't she's making money. But Demi flesh is that as a lot of money had you know like 32 in weight loss for lack dot com. And thought out there right think about it thirty to wait let's putt putt dropped out of your body for the dollar I did well I'd do it. I'd a hate we have to have be that we keep track it at least out via. Lazy weight loss leader yet Cambodia if he'd get his money. All right itself. Color the power of your voice spoke when it comes to getting a brand new job once they may be more important than your resume or your references. It's all about making your pitch job hunters who have fine tune their speaking skills. So they can adequately explain aloud why they should be hired for particular job are much more likely. To be a successful in their quest for employment ami. I notes we must not my opponent up I have I have arrest the man I mean you know I mean we can with this radio that yeah this is it. But I've always felt that if I got in front of someone and just you know look to Medea you told them my plan. That I always felt like hey and I'm confident coming into this thing. Pretty charismatic to sell people tend to the leaflet. Right it's another thing right now disputes this a look at many guys try to convince him why did the best candidate and best of two of them now. Speaking of employers. About you know about this. Employers may not be able to ask your age or inquire about your religion and but they can ask you for something almost as personal are you ready this is legal age the opportunity to morph your FaceBook username and password. They could sport has been a Munich and it's in an attempt apparently screened job applicants. There are several companies and government agencies they want to do more than view the you know one of what's available edited it to everybody in public. But that's the keyword government jobs. And I'm OK with that cut is that he wanted to government shiny box access to that kind of information that I totally understand. If you're going to go NC AD I don't know a manager. Matt Walgreens yeah what do you might see a counselor and I want it now. Yeah I want to see what you should now know the I don't stick your inbox could do it or we should add the right to take whatever you want pictures of pop and me that's. Ever want to know that these kids in the mornings podcast after the broadcast and this version about variances. Part of it that was a different practices you know just totally random topic. I didn't want to it. But I get it and liked it. I didn't wanna do it but I did it. And I liked it didn't want to do it. That. I'm trying to make all right. Would you consider like a California rolled. I mean is that what I NG food. Is that legit sushi. Like it's an eight you know I tried sushi I didn't think I was gonna be into it but my god I get I'd like California Ross is it real soon. It. Means that debate let's try. And I liked it strangely enough my one is trying Palomar I did not went try Palomar I thought like. This with little fried squid that's nasty yeah what I. I loved. Right loved it. Do you wanna try squat on because god that seems like a stupid idea to put it but yeah I batch and then. Did yeah I come back up again and yet get your back but you actually did you like you're pregnant my bought hello Laura both went after plea deal down to the wall idol that's just. Now what I'm saying is when he you know I mean have you watched as answer Graham videos where you'd. That's it went on to describe where they begun to describe it to come up into little. Little falafel a little while. At an act okay. They do a little flop on of it's not a word should be. Did you double the context clues that I use what's it say. Do you know exactly what I'm saying. You know why by the way I used it. I mean a little while ball well. I would look at me I'm about what might come up on her dictionary com. I didn't want to do well. What is it a precedent exists since it's like that much but the high by your award at particular. There at edit. People active and I'm. Yeah see executing at the this is all my kids is like a little weird moment. You know we ended up right now. Heard it and I've never ever heard in my life I swear to the living lord and it's it's literally what it sounds like it's one of those people. We'll let you know when their activities he doesn't know what yeah. I'm like that's the ball further refinements believable all right so listen in this could be for anything I didn't wanna do it. That did it and I liked it gives the golf ships attacked. It's bits and warnings podcast after the broadcast. At Augusta version of the show. I didn't wanna do it. But I did it and I I didn't wanna do it but I did it. And I liked it I got another one I didn't wanna do but it didn't like it do you remember what I did a full line freak in the trapeze. Mackerel. Adding. He has idea remember because that was my car. And I and I liked yeah it was applying I would let it go. You are so scared and I did it once it never did it again and YouTube became it up. I was like yeah. They called the flying if the flight had these people yeah I actually thought that was pretty amazing to do we get that video. I couldn't find that somewhere there weekend that so much fun part of the different man the rhinestone cowboys on what's at the pistons. What is up with this evening and it's not. Yes rights don't fill in the blank. I didn't want to do it and I know. I won't want it eat you know what I did it highlight debt out. It's what I growth. But it's amazing not on this and it's it. Some people like my son Cooper didn't grosses in him. Out each of an eighteen dollars to strike you would not do it real and a month ago I tried it at all like. I've been missing all these years what's the same with you tried broker's well like you never tried okra. And Michael my god. Mature you're at a country Stacy never turned fried okra habit. Now I need to be we went out with Larry and that everything I like him a little bit right thru me after that you called me up moving address on our. Had a good. Steve and I I got Steve with a rhinestone cowboy was there to prepare yes I noticed right outrage she has spent the next 45. Obama lie public. I'm. Not a big. Cards thank you for Colin Stephen have a great one. All right guys that. That's the barrel but right there are nice to meet you Tom. I didn't wanna do it but I didn't like it does about it. Well my fiance at the time it made me right sushi is well I'd had a bad experience. Couple years before that where my mom forced me to try to really bad sushi yeah. And that suited my fiance and made me try it again and now it's one of our favorites meals to go out and yes. So DF AM MI doing the right thing by like starting with like a California roll and kind of like eventually. You don't work my way up today isn't just like the species do you smell like I have to get my Omega threes on a daily basis I throw down my kids Omega threes because. It's big taste they they can make it tastes good now. I'd like to face stuff. The issue of getting like. The raw fish a lot of times get cook's single interest to run out nine. You architects of don't ask the public theater is one I have to agree with it checked I didn't wanna take medication supply side what I did like. Curry great dad yeah. Some of that lately I am not why I'm taking you there and yes I agree with you levered to accident. That's awesome guy by the way he's continued to. Sound off on a social media as well I didn't wanna do it but I did it. And I liked it you never know you never now they tell you try something. It's in the morning is positive. After the broadcast a condensed version of the show that she'll enjoy here's how one not interested Ryan Reynolds is. Flying was his two kids. She told Good Morning America quote I would rather drink eight. Piping hot bowl of liquid rabies. Why are comparable to fly. Well my children I agree with him it's miserable Ellen. Kids in the airport is the most miserable experience he talk about anxiety. Yes. I'm sorry I try so hard to just be patient give that like understanding. My mailed to parents are struggling with their kids because thank you for that I did. I guess I don't get that don't have kids but. Hamlet might after the fact that I tell obviously you know what do anything about it I'm. Think you have you have no idea how much I appreciate you saying dad that you have an understanding for parents with kids because listened. We hit bad looks all the time price you is somebody gives me bad looser makes a comment about what my kids even are payouts and all ending and it's game over it and get up for it right well protected and don't make a comment. I know you don't make it count. I picked up a bit of the day up. You must not have children right or I must hate children yup that that I get offended that the kind of comment is probably a while Panetta percent. But you know what hits my manager of what they did it yes. Are just morally Bryce are co headliners on their American made tour right now but neither one wants to be the guy closed the show earlier lives. They're both daddies the pro family man who'd rather be in their PGA's by 9 o'clock I don't blame a man. Under the agreement PGA's now watch in what this is not the. HL. It is rated the PA me. It's this morning's ha. Asked after the broadcast. A version of the show.