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Friday, March 17th


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Welcome to the PAB it's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they can. This version of very. What does it starts tomorrow at that you don't does that does come up with. Say what's up the father Fitz and say what's up to may well have a little confession session. And and maybe give your tickets yes and let me. Funny to read the script during the had a point seven the wolf now with your shot at free tickets for every turn to T don't march 18. Text to 46150. Right now text the word to. Really. Wrong word. Thanks to learn. How to work this week. Your all option oh yeah. The alert it when we did we do that are ridiculously. There's a bunch of other words. But today text the word where the were. Divorced 6150 creation of the church to it's only from a normal. All right. That you your president Trump's. Trump birth. It's about did not. Well he's celebrated the contributions of the fighters yesterday in the United States of America by. Reading some Irish proverb about it. Only was Irish right. Well no I think those that did that appalled from somewhere else but let's let's the casino's sound. It reminded me of that proverb. And this is a good luck this is what I like sort of for many many years and I love it. Always remembered to forget the friends. That proved untrue. But never forget to remember those. That have stuck. By you we know that politically speaking. It was an average robber who really really happy I. Actually liked the quotes. You ought to mean but the thing is that. It was an end it was an Irish proverb. With a ticket from some poems somewhere. Other things when you don't. I'll let. Up. Did you to instantly like yeah yeah odds you know public. I think that the the it be accurate quote yeah. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show extra jump. Enjoy the Orbitz and warnings were famous ones are you kidding me it's. This place gentlemen it is nice to what you can be anchorman fit standing by. Did not make the news about it take you. A hole. Well Pennsylvania. Son of the year. Now what kind of a punk kid attacks his momma was breakfast. Walked in and attack is not appear specifically breakfast right. Let alone right now to Pennsylvania. 51 year old had to be treated at the hospital over the weekend. After her eleven year old hit her in the face wet. A pop tart Smart. Yeah right debate but movement. And values he had to have her her I looked at everything it can't be don't pop tarts rest room and Obama are the city. That's right thank you David pop tarts do yet. Updates do. And take you out of Florida lock down Florida being aired the beard. Some of them Florida last week Russian gas station. While sporting a terrible disguise. That included a fake beard the picture on with a shark week. Look at it but then there's the might of worked the security camera get a clear set their base. But the cops cannot tell if it was a man or a wall. You kidding me. A right to regulate that when you get these are you kidding me stories of the day breaking every. Single. Hour. It's this in the mornings podcasts after that broadcast they condensed version of the show what is there which is great for short attention span yeah. Now remember when asked. You know little dude that's mine mine sixteen year old daughter Chloe. Go to the prom. And they do these prom proposal things announces that insane thank you thank you and I think it's a stick Perry here that look at us. That's. The good stuff yeah. Against anyway it's a this kid and Ohio asked to go to prom last week. And it really went the extra mile for me like literally. Seventeen year old or Ron Fuller goes to high school in Findlay Ohio about 45 miles south of Toledo. In his girlfriend is a sixty year old sophomore named player short. They met after they don't join the cross country team started dating a few weeks ago and he wanted to do something unique. For his prominent night so last Thursday. The get up super early for school and he went up or run. Specifically so he could use of GPS app to spell out the word from money man. He would run about five and a half miles to do it and then he ran an extra mile or so to add a question mark the end. He says he nuclear heavy app as well so he took that it's not the route that he took that morning and bats and we asked him. She posted a screen shot of an on Twitter last Friday apparently it blew up and that they are headed to prompt together next month. And get a run five miles. So you how much and have these just hoping customers ask you to hear it on yeah basically go to the prom yet. Well for a day maybe hook up afterwards load light sweet little kiss and and a sense on the cheek. Way before curfew data that is against them. It fits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they couldn't. A version of very. Number one for new country the new 100 point seven the wall fits in the morning as I. You know how the Miami northwest animal stories and plays tournaments wanting to shout out to the woodland park zoo because. Vets their removed a bladder stones from a little small lizard. If the what do park zoo and Andy basically the team got together and basically they they did this guy everything. They made eight custom made critical breeding to. For me show. What of their it it's a male check while it's like it's a little bit if that Italy is third and typically 1118 inches long. And Dana the basic just latch on out on rocks all day long but it's a little. And the bladder stone and they took care of it and they removed it so woodland park zoo of the that staff thank you. Taking care of of little me Chenault. Sweet little it is certainly at their joint particulate and a photo Misha on era on her face it it's it's in the mornings contest after the broadcast. Version of us area. Show. Somebody recently up together at this this list of ray. And I'm saying in a New York. Best of them. Like it's easiest yet to learn a new language when your certain age on the Yemeni young. I remember in people's names you're certain H Sullivan of though having a strong vocabulary. Late sixties early seventies as they say after you know throughout life your response your learning and you're finally able to. Mix in these these words it encompassing a regular basis. You've heard that he had aids like a pretty well and there. Yeah. Doing mapping your head. Cover the leader payment of that. Believe not around fifty years old. Now what's been. You had fourth. When you're 51. Gifted math in your head doll that's it I mean there's going to be a lot of teachers upset at me for saying as an identity he's what you would I. Don't ideology very you don't need to pre calculus you don't need via a tree economic street on eating that crap online radio personnel to there's jobs that are required. And I outlaws some yeah. Making your peak salary at work 39 years old for women forty your soul from man. Winning a Nobel Prize forty years oh yeah that and that and that we're talking about random things and DH that your best of them remembering people's faces. I'll never forget a face named Sam McKee what that means either but it. I didn't like you faced I have seen in years I'm telling you from somewhere. Are we allowing people as the without like I recognize somewhere every morning I know that we've met right. All right into what or how audacity of that memory people's faces 31 years old all of my my pride and cash. Running a marathon. Never 28 years old are definitely got hyper I respect those people to I don't know how I'd do that. Pop finding someone to Mary pines is day by seminary. 26 years on all of us I don't know I agree that since there's a lot of people. Kinda wait and. He notes that to take netstat yeah that's what I'm doing that I have found that one out wait that's right yes. Didn't attempt at learning and language. Your ability to do it peaks when you're on seminary. I believe dat too yeah yeah I completely that because. I have learned Greek growing up because my parents are Greek also make sure that I knew English birds fly and then I'll I would agree with what the Olympic high school. I try to take Spanish and a dad that was difficult for me one because I think I was older but he because I would mix up my Greek Spanish. My interest yes yeah. Argument it is a kinda similar to a source with what would show what in my it was want to great buddies and Billy Texas and I was drawn up and where it hurts hardware Billy Texas. And Joseph told me like the best way. Later on in life as you know as he greats it's getting us there. To learn a language he is listen many his decisions we get a watch movies man musical watch Spanish movies Mexican movies. He has he is that's how I learned English that's how my parent I watch American movies I really. A lot of my a lot of iTunes and it's cooler English and they came to this country picked it up from I go to the movies and my cousins out even increased. A lot of them who are learning English most of the time did you learn English in school but I'll Dell have American movies some degree subtitled gas and that's how the dealer and get up yet. It's so. Interesting. I'd love to hear from it in and and your mind tells us about. Your best days like what is the best age period all just all of the above and what is the perfect age. And they were going to be able to find out power. Spread out the ages of our audiences are now what is the perfect age at what age where do the best years. It's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. And at first show. Now one of anybody's like you know repellent on the green right now has just there's a lot of hi knows. Or the clock in the industry used to shift with a shot and you celebrate me you celebrate holiday line you're working in the industry no way to make it through thick packet it on the drug people without being kind of buzzed up yourself but yeah experience the at the never want for your country that it went to place over the Walt welcome to fits in the morning. Couple minutes that we are talking about random beings an NBA security best at them like learning new language of the bestseller picked out of the seven or eight years old. Farm running a marathon the best dates do that 28 result. But what is your best date you know what is been your best stage in your life what's been your your. Your year where you have been the best view. So I'll say it. My age I'm only 32 at this point but it's what you with a good each Fermi. Because a lot of things happen right graduated college not interject the radio that kind of stuff like got everything going but I would say that my best years had then. In my thirties ever since I turned thirty because. There is like us to that happens in your mind as I guess for what men like you just don't care about the how he studies to care about your twenty. And it's like yeah it is time to grow up and you really have to just like he quit the BS and start adult thing right now. Quit the the F it's at that point in your thirties you know most times you are not where you're going to be in your career your established what you're used to working your way up right you're struggling are made a little bit more financially responsible thirties has money to play around with. More stable life and relationship. Yeah that's it for me is when amend the hot mama Bethany the map from the south having a Tony for NASA are at the door and I was like yeah. Are. Below. All right. Is this is Dina and now RD I'm gonna Jill Brooke mechanic Joseph what about you. Let's think about stage. Aren't talking about middle or article. Really I'm holding right now I'm actually sixteen year old I'll accept. Okay it's the best dates for him right and by the way. Joseph my friend lists and so every bit of these days yes I play it enjoy high school as much as he can because there's a reason why. They called the wonder years yeah they're the wonder years man and and you'll look back years from now and remember this conversation on telling you mr. Joel's soak it up in just enjoy it okay makes the memories. I'm a man unit thanks for Condit. He's he's going to on the on the let's be real because if only I would have known then what I know now on high school differently here lately can enjoy it now. Some product yeah you're right taking your time a federal quick Marysville. Heather what about you what has been the best age for you. Every. Light here at a town relies begging don't. Ya. And that's an awful car that you are constantly. Or what all of out. On your right that's typical you know our our our brains that good lord blessed us with we have the ability to soak up in latter and then this. Something new every day. I think he's having a teacher to a really really appreciate them. I got it done until the teachers him. And I April roughly April what about you what's been the best HBO. Why 25. Well it easier or I would edit my prayer and I'll eat there. How loud. I didn't really can opt out to do that time though at that rate. That your senior teacher doesn't like to party. Yeah. And I think I'd. At this point where I don't I'm labor market out there. It's in the morning is podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show she'll. Enjoy provides talking about Beauty and the Beast you b.'s massive community's future of Riga Beauty and the Beast atomic attack and a beauty that it. A perfect time for them to bring this now because the adults are at that age are now we all have kids. When we remember the cart CEO and they got it figured out and calculated don't as and it was so Smart guy perfect timing. It is death they don't exactly. What stage what particular demographic. Will go to the movies and stand X amount of money based off of the year they were born I mean it's it's amazing idea of the stuff. This is peaceably via the soundtrack Ariana Ronde and John Legend this is from beauty and appease him. That's. I am. Have heard of it emerged this is OK okay. Sick I RE at a drive in there just attracts those you know your audience may be out of. She never says her words fully yet another Syria and managing their pregnancy is an association as. It didn't like it drives me crazy is endemic and then the. And what about Emma Watson check out Emma are Harry Potter Emma Watson is never been much of a vocal performer. The chick at this beautiful voice you guys playing bell. It's the only news. Single event. Good morning. Fun. You know some things. The problem is comfortable off. Hello I'm sure it'll come to me. And Max Payne is Jimmy Kimmel talking about TV theme of Beauty and the Beast. One we'll be expected at the box office this weekend the live action version of Beauty and the Beast opens tomorrow. It'd Lisa's story. Beautiful woman from a small villages falls for a selfish disgusting monster looks at the palace Phillips gold. Melodic truck was calling it the feel good movie. It's still these hot. Stay condensed version of the show us what is there which is great for short attention spans. Ha we're talking about Ryan Reynolds earlier I mean you know listen. He's he is. The man and crash for a bunch of dudes out there and growth and interest. Maybe I should mention it to end it was on Good Morning America is saying that he would rather drink rabies then do what with his children. Always had empathy for parents you know it was just like flying and that's in the name and remembered the winner before I had kids dozens of contacts and it's hard. You know because they can see they're sweating and they're nervous because they're kids they're yelling and everyone's mad at them and you're just because of the so I know I know and I'm the same way I mean I would. I would I would rather drink have piping hot bowl of liquid rabies they get a where my two children have. Like rip all the close up introduced himself to every. Yes and end that is not an exaggeration I mean what what he's describing is. My god I thought my household here to beat the crap out of each other their beat the crap out of it near their parents. The dog the dog like Susie slipping its its its total chaos and airports. So much worth. Does your mom legend momma just thinking about having breast surgery she's such. She had that gastric speed gun or something like that went into the big reveal on mama Jim because she's doing from. From from there they're calling it from not to hot yet I'm not too hot it'll be this season finale of that god awful reality show that she's doing I try to watch the first as a showing right aussies don't that is transparent and it does that here's the thing where they messed up is there's clearly a confessional that hurt. After the surgery but they put on a sea otter. To make it look like it was before the surgery wow so obvious that she's lost a bunch that she's locked into that that's a really bad prosthetic that she's not really fat when she's describing this stuff. I just yeah I mean I just can't imagine though I mean I guess I'm so excited to see what she's gonna look like a the other and I feel like African about the mama June it's like. Another shows kind of about okay the world is saying you're so ugly you weren't acceptable then and now we're going to try to know. What a talent show is about what it's it's from night to hot and M and you know the show at. It started out was sugar bear hit him on the June split of sugar bear is gonna get married to someone in jail and she currently there. She yes you might how are. Shall I sugar layers let me I'll be like how you left me forget rats rise. All right I can't wait to see it momma Jim and Ottawa they'll Clijsters. At mile High Court after pictures in the seasons where she needs the support. The it's bits and warnings podcast after the broadcast. A version of the show.