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Monday, March 20th


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Welcome. Bits of the morning's bar. And after the broadcast. Best version of the show. And others. So. A lot of room. Do. I love you slowing. I. We are. From the fifth in the morning radio hub for Monday march 20 when he seventeenth. And let me be the first to welcome you to the morning the winds. Real quick let's go to are our weekend headlines. Ellen and you have an unbelievable week of headlined your fears might weaken headlines. My kids did not like Beauty and the Beast they. My babies were complaining too long in the good look as though. Mean followed enlightening and like to be the end for three public if Christ the box office no doubt about it. But I yankees' favor in my life doesn't go my gut I didn't go by the left of my life as a fill my god it was it was so long. Maria yeah so Samantha. I don't know they said it was just. And indeed he might might that maybe drew was you know seems reconnect it seems like you're so mean. Why and then the word is they're delicate saints. Over yeah I heard that too well but I haven't seen yet so I cannot judge dollars and ten minutes well aren't a kid I hung on the man I would about you give me your weekend had. I have an highlight make this a creative way Allan Don you know let them lots of vehicle keys. Car but now my up at five. I this is that the actor trapped by the witnesses line headlined. I locked my keys that are you Mikey scars the wolf trap right my phone in the car yeah the wolf keys in the wolf struck right. And if they are aware of outward to Taylor's not one but two would tailored and he communities for medical reasons yup and a breast pump. All of which we could not get alert bell I hours IA was. And yet and and it and you're probably asking hey why did it take so long to unlike the keys from the track well nobody really announced. And in that never came and we could have some awesome what he won volunteers step. Bob Greene and dale thank god that it's up against in some very yeah culled there to out jump over and over and over again nothing happened finally got pregnant came with me. Other husband drama from Puyallup and coming and JJ Donald let them you well he. To have a year and get your check to can't go out of car. Plus has been a gallon. I think pop like yeah I thought well I would tell you I would tell you this then hit another anybody else after church that my wife and nine. Good night you there's all these detours everything going on at around to help us it. Crazy construction going on we could not get out I mean Syria have GPS and sitting insidious everywhere again it took us forever. Anyway but Eric church yeah it was unbelievable. He once it was so great to see you guys out there. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that's for jump enjoy. I don't Orbitz and morning's work famous ones are you kidding me it's still. Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen thank you it is tiger what are you kidding me anchorman fit standing by it was semi. With the news that did not make the news and get a take you out of England. Ended the title of this story is I am. Maine isn't a bad old days now. And I should. You understand. Lettuce and why just a moment. Nine England stolen gold chain earlier this year and they swallow that Wright was finding out about this. And so the cops waited for it to come out the other end. After the her dinner and once it did it became a key piece of evidence that just helped convict and by the way yeah it's been eight years in prison yeah out. Patiently wait now that the thing to come apple at this afterwards after comes ruled evidence is little hazy and we'll hopefully it's destroyed for all eternity. Melted. I don't know if forty can make stability cannot know. Umbrella that be dirty and that monitor as it takes to. You kidding me. Out of Phoenix. Ladies and gentlemen. Is this design. And I made his growth rate hike to the top of the mountain in Phoenix last Thursday in ninety degree heat so he can do a lot of Gore's proposed. Yeah we get this she said yes the bad news is that they're both so exhausted they had to be airlifted out by helicopter all right I don't know hole me. Stay Phillies got a then he got them. Please stories of the day breaking every single hour. It's this is hot. Stay condensed version of the show us. What is there which is great for short attention spans. So you know mama and daddy five and had babies really really early and never really had the opportunity to really honestly travel anywhere it's like I've been suit. Icing get tripped up to the Bahamas. In Cancun when I was you but and I had the opportunity to travel around the nation. You know most of the cities across our country which I also feel very lucky to do but. Never really had a chance to plan the country didn't hear about something like this pick the music in there. Ellen would you like to go whining blue marble right fit yeah. That will that will soon. Take tourists more than thirteen thousand feet down to the floor of the Atlantic. In a submarine to paste it. These teams the first thing is probably opt in an accident now. That would suck. But that's how you think about this year's topic is probably will not be that your crew but anyone else. Who thinks it you know not about their ears popped it. I love to listen so apparently this'll travel package last eight days. It only cost you a 106000. Dollar cars and help. Get them to Iowa which surprised me that a non cash. But the key and their backed up alive and well you're saying well because there's no guarantees down there Allen the. A black thing and it's like it's so yeah it's easily Syria horrible drive it. Well like I hit it looks cool I am okay with. Looking at it from you know the OK I can see that night that's not thinking you're looking at a from the computer now imagine being down there. In those course in new quarters. With nine passengers. Each time you're down there with nine other people see you know what happened excellent tight right you really you cluster folks slapping people in day and they try to like you know arrests mean stuff these guys. I would have been known as this Latin people the bottom of the. I yard to the bottom of Yancy. Laws like I know a lot senate for a great whore yeah about now does not want to take people out down there idea. That you have now. And on down. That trip starts and accused of Newfoundland Canada. And helicopters seat plane with a take passengers to a support he what it was made in the past two days being taught about the ships working. Yes to explore scientists to room. And then as the lead in the series yeah. Go down in the little bubble campaign bubble looking which could be a chamber of doom. Now. Warrick is wonderful but they are really not attracted if it was. What's it like this person looks up the next thing it's a chamber of do ya I'm petrified. I'm petrified odd that a lot. At different places you mean the Titanic when the accident to rest of the Titanic while Tony seventeen what time we live in now. But I mean who'd a thunk it easy to go down and check on the tonight. Guidance and experience Jack and rose are not like it's clean and the clock. Experience at all. This doesn't really get any better than in and a second debate and you pricey the instruments stuff for their playing the music is floating around yeah just Fuller. Sit down at the Bob. It's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast and version of ovarian. Well lawmakers and Olympia we'll consider legislation this week that would tax. And the products are relatively inexpensive and them once state lawmakers that the industry hasn't been paying its fair share. I don't know negative effects as thicker I don't know anything about he's sitting there thinking that. Jupiter and basically there are a lot of people keep their their nicotine from their statements to the F. It was sickening to that question nicotine's makes me I I I like try to make tainting one time in my heart some don't raising academic team. I guess the reason why am OK with pets likes to dress is toughest because obviously the negative side effect that needs to go towards insurance because of the people who choose to do that though. I mean. I would rather the taxes safer that as opposed to coming out of mop. Up your base in the navy ship I don't know if they detainees at the same negative effect. I guess this is not ideal house because what it but I would say this though I mean my god no it's American somebody wants debate and let him make. An enemy attacks on just like the you don't want to do cigarettes and just like again with those sugary soda and I was at New York I think yen but yes. Mean look at the tax on the on the green stuff that'll be enough. Where does that money go all the all the tax the people pay for in a marijuana in the state away at that where's the money yelling at that I would not want to see it. Right hand we have a total system we have marijuana tax and we have a state lottery I want to see where the money's going. Right sisters and Brothers and I. I felt like take that they let me do that. All right up a brand new study found that men need alcohol to have a good time hanging out the women don't. Tell the truth. The main reason is that better too embarrassed to show like emotions but after some drinks we feel less inhibited him we can we have a better time to let the guard Dan. That's mostly because I have a culture where Roland like every man needs to be much yellow and what do you guys. It does now it's gotten gently loosen up and I haven't wrote I. I think you're 100% right and I will tell you to. Like I wanted to party you know. I feel loose but after a couple of drinks did you really loops in realistic are again if you really really open up and I I would completely agree it is women on them. Naturally no house to show their emotions right. This may. Imagine moving to a new city brightly here in your mid twenties early thirties and older right your movement is sitting by yourself don't get drunk for the first one night it. Girls could make friends and other girls out of looking weird part of my friends and other tough is now they're like I'll. See I think I like repeat as big bro but yeah I've produced three friends that do that I think. Right and it lets you might like to work in the same ministry Euro or beaten in a weird way you know. I'm always heavily radio like kind of radio Frenchman blue from city to city but your right after meeting new people of its interest and. Exactly our guys here guys I mean I don't really doing here where he met a hot cop that's I mean on route eight not. Author and. It's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. A version of the show. It is always you guys the and and there is no right or wrong opinion on this I just want to know if our world has come to this week author on an opinion. And nothing is wrong or right as long as we always though that out that nothing is wrong right we should be a bit like cool debate but. I ask you one Ellen Taylor yes. This. Is this that was indication of America what's going on now. University of Arizona they've they're suggesting that students say it out she would win if they get offended or their feelings her. Do like he just said I know welcome my hours out its own it idyllic this. Okay I admit it bad he's confident. It's kind of an update. That's what people would start sounding Webster of I think I'm trying to prove a point that eventually people at the University of Arizona said they would be like. Like Ravi my producer went to the University of Arizona later palace did yeah yeah. It also suggested dialogue is better than debate telling students that those engaging and dialogue are trying to find common ground. But those engaging in debate are trying to plan. And I mean. Yeah apathy of people who argue. They wanna make their point right dosages and the disk if I had a good debate that you can still have a debate in have a discussion but how lot of mature. How often do debates turn into discussions you're right you don't mind bop a wave. True and I think you know why because people start of the conversation like hey there's no right around here. And everybody that would hear it and. Doesn't mean it adds that the gays so of red eyes that you make that call was negation of America all are out should it does he didn't support it. I text out and it think it was case of America. Text right now what's case in America you see people getting offended by the way others outs you know. I think he did well and it actually says allies to get your creep faith that what. Gonna happen now with this that's what's gonna happen. Are you guys are Bolivia for me get this call should this text. It's in the morning is positive. After the broadcast a condensed version of the show. You. Enjoy coming taking a lot of by the University of Arizona ladies and gentlemen they're suggesting there that students. Say out. When they get offended for their feelings hurt I repeat they are suggesting that students say how she. If they get their their feelings hurt and Tom I actually don't yeah you could Gibbs called citizen tax. You know I wanna be is sounding board for you there's no right or wrong is this solicitation of America. If you believe that text was vacation of America or do you agree with it muted at text in ouch. Or Al teeth. If you agree that. Yeah. But Cristina. Cristina of your thoughts with gates of America are out. I fit and I definitely think that what it in America. You know it's one thing could be able to say hey you know I'm talking. Or you know you're right feeling and how. Are you anywhere. What about the good old Erica went to saint shot up I'll make. Are your words as opposed to how it might be a good thing. Imagine my girls three and outs went out. And I'm not yet but I am very Smart as you get Miami. Yes indeed every town to respond to it you know you're stupid. Okay he's not out yeah. Thank you. But that's gonna Heather Heather your thoughts was the case of America or or out she. Definitely want to vacate an America all the way yeah I ten now I went split I would crying as it was that someone that something you didn't like you got over it and it their own opinion. Yeah internalize that so much with. Right I just can't imagine ever once saying outs all the time. Mel and I don't come under Clinton and that can't emulate what. Now why. All right thank you so much Emily continued to sound up on social media as well have loss would give him let's post a story from the University of Arizona it's this morning's hot. Stay condensed version of the show us what is there which is great for short attention span it's. Stretch very notre various yes. He passed away on Saturday the age of nine. That haven't haven't here and honestly a little montage for. But the thing that one moment please length. And it would have been attributed thing again. And I. The. Back to the future right. The different. Nine. Years ago. I break it lets them breaking news that you can't the NFL has released a statement on the recovery of patriots Tom Brady's Jersey. They denied the opportunity and talent in the patriots here team yeah I bet on sports authorities. This New Jersey worn out by Tom Brady has victory. Slow retreat during the on going investigation. Was the Jersey at Grady ward the patriots victory. Against the sealock back when he fifteen they were found a convention of eight credentialed member of the international media and do the. Ongoing investigation. In order for any questions. Guy so it sounds like some sort of like crying. Steam that they that they busted you know and you have obviously there is of a bunch of stuff again it's immediately to Houston verbal answers that's OK and obviously those are important things are worth a lot of money. Because Monday it he is the most winning. Super Bowl quarterback an in depth on his right yeah. I guess it's better thing to know because the law says this is it it's just that that Jersey was valued at over 500000. Dollars I believe anything above ten. Is a first degree felony but so yeah I did not apply to find the top ratings there's about the FBI on Larry. I think they're doing that to and I really do that this was 500000 dollars. Again that the country I'm glad he did. And utilize his mom who has cancer get to watch her son play managers. That's more important actually does it sounds. He's been in the mornings pod cast after the broadcast. And eight condensed version of the show.