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Monday, March 20th


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Welcome. This morning's Bob. But after the broadcast. This version of the show that's really appreciate it makes you tell friends family member maybe coworker about itself and be so awesome. Good that we socialize them. Only take you I can. Doing pull something out of my. Romantic. Moments. Archive. I mean this Joost spells out romantic this just say romance I don't know what does whereas soccer player. Think both his wife and his girlfriend after Matt how. Think his wife and his girlfriend that's sweet ride no airline. This happened in the game and let's see. Did not media. But it's gone it's as you begin Damien soccer players that have got. A Canadian soccer player right yeah you would think it would be from you know of course the country Denon it does not want to city. I'm not posture. Really. Now is that. Common practice in the I don't know I don't know I just you know I mean. I feel like you don't say because that that was sweet relish and does and I'm genuinely think his wife and his girlfriend if. Mean. If it's not common practice at all well we use since one attacks. In amity text Donna right now to say hey you guys. Is it normal practice to have a wife and girlfriend and do you normally give shout outs do you soccer games to your wife had brought. Literally cloak firstly I and dated. And my wife and my girlfriend and immediately realizing his mistake he fumbled over the next few hours support clarify high. Thanks we have audio as accurate secret free cannot deal is jealousy. Well it download. And I appreciate him. My wife and I don't read every word yeah. And I visualize. An argument. Somebody gave the futon and a moment. Trouble. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that she'll enjoy. Kind of Orbitz and warnings were famous yeah are you kidding me extra. Thank you so much personal thank you so much for sending your unbelievable what are you kidding me stories and it is not go what are you kidding me anchorman standing by with the news. Make that it is kicking off out of Florida very but very very special what the Florida addition. Stupid what got you there that silhouette it titlist went and it happened yesterday around 6 o'clock in the morning. Near Orlando someone spotted an eighteen year old pitching an air conditioner down the street in a wheel barrel. The cops stopped him to explain what happened and he was seriously convicted of shoplifting from Wal-Mart and he owed it 200 dollar settlement so his plan was self solidarity. The paid out went out and then he was the rest of course he was Steve that's what got you there. Page to why you're kidding me up. Let's take you out of Virginia now I've actually been in the situation like this illegal use of sharply. On Friday night Virginia 31 yo dude got hammered drunk and he passed out of accounts of one of his crewmates drew. And mailed. Out on on his cheek right. And it was you know. Whatever and so anyway the guy woke up did what most of us to do he looked down and then he beat them livid dot com you guys dude yeah. The group may end up with injuries on his face the guy was arrested for malicious wounding. And the drawing apparently was visible on this much by the way. And I don't know if this the other guy get in trouble for like a defacing property like he he he they think that they exactly. Known companies go around writing a people's faces I should join those things on the and that your attorney let us know can just drop people's faces I think beating the crap at the earth down to a question at the odd that he LA's gentleman got the stories out today breaking every single hour. It's this in the mornings odd yeah. Yeah they condensed version of the show. What is this thing which is great for short attention spans. Out of Michigan what's up Michigan. This is that what most nineteen year olds would do in the situation. You know maybe your kids appreciate you more than you realize he's been a nineteen year old kid in Michigan recent but a ten dollar lottery ticket at a gas station near Lansing. And hit the jackpot for half million bucks. I've had a patent costs yet. Believe it or not he doesn't want to blow it all limos and jet skis in. You know prop what we're accused of his camera equipment for their use lives incentive that you believe it or not. Instead he wants to invest about 5000 of it and he says he's given the rest of the money to his parents why it's yeah. He wants to remain anonymous source name hasn't been released. But he says the money's gonna go to you know definitely a huge weight off their shoulders and they deserve it. For everything they've done for him groan on terrible at that right now they did so little boy. They get of that is that gets them. It's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they couldn't. This version of ovarian. You might remember few months ago and if you knew that this shows that you try to remember this but it was built around November we discussed the story. About a girl from Texas City, Texas and it was. Brandy Baylor. Thought Alan if an. I believe parliament to talk about this your remembers the story. In November. Because of cyber bullying and because she was being bullied on on the social media she he she killed herself right whenever family friend Ali de icing on this particular sub her for families will and get her name that story one more time Brinkley Bela. She was a senior in high school. And again this happened right in front of her family members. You know or it is there anyone listening. That is noticed their kids being cyber bully. You know what have you done about it what can you do about it I have some ideas are on I think what we can do about the future and stuff like. But dare program. And that we have we signed the pledge saying no to drugs Ryan I think I would like encouragement to schools and I think it's happening in a much of places right now. For kids are students and holidays listening in high school and junior high elementary school to sign pledges to say not only will you report cyber bullying. The that you won't do it. I had dinner at my good friend Nicky and she has a daughter who's in high school and I said you know. Being a parent nowadays how are you scared about. The cyber bullying because I remember if we got bullied in school and we are at high school right but her. That was before social media came around right now an album art and photo by a photo so let's add. Yeah I mean what is that life incidents and events are difficult to keep up with all the different technology and how. Kids can interact with one another let alone it's fun to check this out what she's got a great honor but you know say they. While I can imagine that your your ticket it is a new world. Of bowling that you're right has been amplified times. Thousands I commend all of you parents because I don't like it. But really ill but I'd certainly read a study here today you know that 70%. Of teenage children. Will not tell anyone if they are being cyber bullied. Because there are totally out being bullied let alone cyber bullied me forever in the seventh grade to let my dad know that I was petrified to go to school. Mr. name Robert. And Cody how much is it last night the host and petrified in your right it takes a lot. Com this father says listen. My heart feels blessed that this couple has been arrested and charged with cyber bullying in the death of his in my daughter. He says I just like I'm blessed that we are able to get justice for our daughter I can explain how happy this makes me feel. Figure out like. How do you notice which. Has apparently also why do you feel the need to bullied because this couple of like a 2122 year old. And yet were bowling just a senior in high school or high school. Can a pill and one more thing I found out about this is that they also created. All that new profiles fake profiles to two completely and go after this girl so they're not even do it behind their real name. Right its outlook on believe what do you try and went into getting them done but you hope that her. What we're trying to get on the right I imagine they're trying to get bad outcome. Sat out what's happening right obviously but. They are responsible for it went. At a percent responsible and take kids they're listening to sign a bunch of kids. Who who go to school with my kids and you can't listen to so let me tell you something. If you are a cyber bullying person he had been cyber bully do not think. They view will not suffer the consequences for harassing people. On your FaceBook Twitter instant rams snapped chance all of you think those of us net jets whatever the guys we get screened shot that stuff for miles. You'll suffer the consequences if you cyber bully and I'm just saying this is a dad because I got kids I'm allowed to say it's a little kids to. And if you notice someone doing that please report this or anyone listening. That has noticed maybe their kids being cyber bully what did you do about it. And you can't save someone's life I mean if you see something. Say something. Throws yeah that's so much easier said than done if your. A kid if you're the one out getting its Arab leader if you know of someone that's doing if you don't want people to feel that your painting you don't want people to feel the Euro once I mean I tell our battle to. That's next ethnic yup I've been I've been there and I've had that here I'm sure I'm sure we've all had that fear right yeah. You could save someone's life if you see something say something. And yet the question is is cyber bullying I mean. Is it a lot worse than being physically bullied I mean I assume it probably is well I don't think I think bullying is bully your regardless of what it is and it sucks all the Blair yeah I know I'm I don't matter what does get popped in the nose and then being attacked by people I'm I mean it's a horrible but you know what I'm saying. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. And version of the show. Want to get an update on a story we'd we'd. Told you about it a couple of months ago about Randy Taylor an eighteen year old Texas City. High school seniors in November she she committed suicide. In front of her family actually in them. Because senator of relentless cyber bullying. And certainly listening. May be giving you notice that your kid is being cyber bully how did you handle it. Bomb we'd love to hear from him. Some amazing text messages come into of one guy says they fit I went straight to the source ever win a scared to go to the parents yeah he's an analyst after the parent. I mean it's the schools are handling and that some schools are but it is the some schools are. If they're not I would give the police involved immediately and I would go to. The shoe on the other let's say a parent comes Hewlett says you know for example and Khloe is bullying my kid dynamite into the talks over our apps I mean just an everyday life Ike and out all comic it's not under the because I wondered if people are skewed I think I would nerve is that the parent would depend not I have except why aren't there right now on the board. The touchy situation yeah I'll listen I know my kids it hurts and deterrent like behavior. Absolutely imminent and if it. Kyle Oakley. Kyle your thoughts my predominant. I think it's the kids are bullied somebody in that outfit that's committed suicide that he just felt you know the couple. And it charges that goes on. It's. You have to put the repercussions of what they're actually listen to get it the ball that hey this thing that is. You know this Brandi at Baylor and Texas that that the people who cyber bully her their tweets and 23 years old by the way. And they did just receive a jail sentence so kids that are due on this right now let's watch it here this. You just can't be doing bets that you can't be bowling anyone on social media very period that you cannot do that you. Happened at the golden rule treat others easily that you want to keep it simple is now crazy hazy because you can hide behind a computer screen yeah and a keyboard courage. You're actually right. And it's social media did that gives everyone the ability and to do and say what ever they want hot because our ability to do it doesn't mean it's okay to deal sometimes people don't mean to say whatever they want. My name is what he continues to sound off on this again just brandy Bela was her name and and if you have children. Who run social media think about that because that. You just never know just never now. 7% of the kids do not even want to open up to their parents that they are being cyber bullies. It's in the morning is podcast after the broadcasting and its version of the show. Enjoy a beautiful morning so far if you look at over east toward the end of Vieques gates is beautiful. Could have some rain by the way maybe this afternoon. Are you sure about that peaked poaching and yeah so how are your mom to find peeked out. To keep coach out of Kennedy so out of it bad. It's spring but I cannot keep these suckers and honored. In my music in the music in. So I think you would agree. That is a female. US. Well at all hoping maybe not 95 but deadly the amount of power right. 95. He worked hard for your mind or heart I'm a drive. And you you probably heard they found that women in some cases get paid about half of what they do in an average week for the same full time wages salaried jobs and these are the worst paying jobs for the women's. And Tony right now. Real estate agents and brokers. Re only two houses based on commission. Maybe it's. Maybe more men and makes say the near me that these are the worst paying jobs for wind with the percentage of men's earnings of some basically it. Compared to them so it ain't fair merlot in. So you real estate agents and brokers get there today you demand. Demand and then you demand why haven't they know exactly like you know what with a guy making and they're making half what have they really know exactly. What a man is making I mean people. After release that I have no idea. I'm sure they have to probably release information like that to be equal opportunity people I mean I don't know I don't know it's okay. Physicians and surgeons. Mahan ladies they're jacking you rarely yes they're getting and he had to do to get a whole lot more money in the late in I would tell you. I would rather have me a CE. Females surgeon's hands any day of the week and let me tell you something else Allen. Yet and I'd had a conversation. With a female pilot who flies. Planes in turn nationally. And I said you know I'm. I have the greatest landings with ladies every single time thank you for that. It's about the so many times but it doesn't matter whether your guy ergo if you want the same work if you why did not getting paid this simpler right in L why would you. Let's go on your insurance sales agents apparently it's not clear for the ladies and personal financial advisors at your lady. Organizer are are really like and make in a lot more than you do wonder if because. Majority of people trust the men as opposed to women when it comes to that and I think I agree with that but it's far is like going to set up an appointment with a female financial and I cannot say that maybe. Women are seen as always been a money frivolously Burke shopping for I don't really know about and yeah I think my I'm gonna go with that guy as opposed to a girl correct I think that that that might be accurate did you see this on true yeah. This viral article that was kind of going around it was. Tech company basically I think tech company credit for companies right. Somewhere where there is a man a meal completed female employee rights and it's on plane was taking very long to respond to customers great and there or why does the man take a lot shorter time than he now. Well they swapped emails right so the people didn't know that the man was actually responding from the female name. And people give more agreed to this woman and because she's a woman as opposed to the man that is how artistic yeah but it was so much Arizona. Difference between people put off by with a woman as opposed a man. When there are nicer to a man fillies in this you know. As static apnea all right thank you for that welcome to show you guys it's so it's hot. Stay condensed version of the show us what is there which is great for short attention spans. Hitting the reset box office records with a massive 170 million opening the United States that's the best opening for PG moving and the best opening for any movies. Counting the international box office at least 350 million dollars although I will say and this is and I didn't see it's I don't know I can't save my wife might get might have bad days. My daughter drew who is who has four years old. Yes she says it she didn't like it was too long and Beatty caches the result that he was really really mean the end of Lisa's. Yes really really means a little too young for this yeah I guess. I'm this is inching Dirks Bentley is whiskey row restaurant and Gilbert Arizona. Apparently refused admittance to a man because of his neck tattoos and in the news got out that one of the tattoos. Was the number of 22 which represents the number of veterans who commit suicide each day because of PT SD right so. Once they you know they figured it out to me Dirks is the nicest guy in the world and they definitely you know made amends. And I Aggies and he says sorry can't account you end because you have yet to Suzanne and at first I thought he was joking that never had that issue ever. Raise awareness that people would ask me what's at play to a net four as a basketball numbers they are based on numbered the knowledge you know when I tell about it. Say yes and I'm sorry we you know we had an issue previously with us. And so we have a new blanket policy that discovers everything. But I think they they they took care of and a dirt definitely reached out to and from what I understand what I have seen. Protecting quietly high class in between plays I would start plays like. What I mean. You know what I'm about to baby DJ nice to males like from clubs Thursday Friday Saturday night frank and sometimes I remember if if people had weird tattoos or whatever people thought that this could promote gang style pages didn't know or other church there. Are all right Rick McEntire recent explained why she decided to share her wisdom might teaching aid master class. When I'm good interviews people would say oh my gosh you should do a class that's what four. Little people would know what you've experienced elector forty year career. And then when master class came to me and says would you be a part of this and they sent me Dustin Hoffman's. His class. And now washed out but what Howell maybe act can help people out trying to get the music business or that are in the music business. And can give them a little tips and tricks of the trade and so it was a wonderful learning experience for me I absolutely loved it and I'm so glad I didn't. You know I'm actually hammered watching Olbermann went over would have the master class people c'mon I remember watching Simon Cal's master class the steps they took to get to. You know. Where they are asked critical line. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. And I had this version of the show.