Fitz In The Morning 3-20-17 8am

Monday, March 20th


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Welcome. This morning's Bob. But after the broadcast. Yeah version of the show. This. Greenberg and Bob Casey and I assume it's a proudly served my country from 66 and Cindy. Army specialist yeah. We live in land of the free because. Our brave men and more and ask. Here's our troops. Again and I just special thank you for forever one. Here checking out the church salute. But today we honor special first class Al than the Lehman united states army. Out the most active for eight years in the united states army during that time he was deployed overseas three times. With a 101 airborne infantry division. And he went to Afghanistan twice and Iraq ones. And upon his return back to the states he also became a drill sergeant. And finished his active duty Fort Campbell Kentucky. He was promoted last year to seven today again we honor special first class Alvin Lehman united states army. We live in the land of the free because of the parade and reflect on someone part trips and past present or future please go to our FaceBook page and sinister message and make sure that we are we definitely see true salute. Okay. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show that's for jump. Enjoy I. What about the happy birthday wish two are Washington State parks because yesterday they turned a hundred form. May I try to get a hold of them but he's inevitable outcome of the hearing aid to watch is that part oh really you have to add in working with her yet a 104. It's very. And yesterday was one of just twelve days that many of the parts for free music equipment could that happen they. Happen. You have to discover pass right. And there's only 93 days left for the years of take advantage. Keep selling what they are before they happen to not the day after that that I'm just I'm caught up ahead of Florida. I'll be ahead evidence so happy birthday and an important result to Washington State artfully done. It's this little these hot. Speech condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans. Import goods and mornings were famous. Thank you so much smoke like tuna in the studio. Haven't eaten. What are you kidding me that's actually two and it's great. It was great SM a complaint about Buffalo's bounty wouldn't isn't it a pledge yourself like Ari that's going to actually it's. Working on him right good healthy now. Let's kick off Bob meticulous out of Boston. My list out of Austin you know what a pocket. It would tactic. All police near Boston had a 25 year old burglar trying to break into a house on Friday night this dude and I had an incredible to do list in his pocket. Including the following goals for the day by math number one okay get a gold watch. Do a break in or rob a dealer policy should you rob a dealer and get a goal nothing happening on ready for the last what. And do one bit deeper strange. Isn't that erases everything everything and yeah. I think this sexy photo of this there is when we'll post it needs to. Are you kidding me I'm gonna take you letting you talk. But the result. Last week in Utah sixty year old man and his wife got to a fight over her snoring right I get down. And after the fight she did connect. Where she sort some more so. Her husband responded I would totally sort of like well this now or have you responded by grabbing some were closed and setting them on fire. And seconds later the fire's spread and he had to wake her up and save her life to get around how this narrow. And they go please don't. Me stories of the day breaking every single. Hour. It's it's in the mornings contest after the broadcast they condensed version about variances. Show us. It's gonna be well I think there could be some showers this afternoon throughout the sound but it's it's beautiful right now. I'd like to bring up. The woman's post tracing her ex husband's parenting skills this is like this gone viral we're gonna make your post this but that I'm. A woman named Jessica singles and posted on FaceBook she says this is my acts. She says this is a man who doesn't pay a dime to the state because when my son needs new clothes I just call. This is a man who buys a bunch of kids movies on it is so even I can enjoy them of my son in my home. A man who drops off to a 45 dollar box and pull ups at my front door. So I don't have to load a mop and go to the store. She went on to post. Several black and white photos of Iraq's guy named John with their son and praised him for telling his son. Not to forget mommy's boyfriend when he lists his favorite people off the top of his head. And for labeling gifts that he's purchased. From mommy win chicken by him as many. And she admitted it to a long time for them to get to that point by the Perez but then wrote in case I haven't told you lately I'm grateful for. What I would you have to be able to go back in time and just you know and I mean avoid a lot of defy us and a just peony young nit wit dad and you know casting battles and that it just the stuff that. You don't mean just didn't need. Things need to be said in an all sorts of stuff if we cannot just go back and and I really applaud what she's she's 22 years old and that's pretty. Allies that's a lot of maturity for a 22 year old mother as if I was I had that maturity as is it 22 year old father you know I had to maturity is at 32 year old and a Coke. That's amazing. Although I want you know it because I was a part of a page out of four I would always encouraged to your dads you should do it to the state by the way just make sure you you pay your stuff and and and dads if you are avoiding transport and moms by the way for the dad says that's. Paying child support it will it will catch up with. We had a friend that. Has a baby not with the mom. And he. That they don't go through the state or anything like that because this has a limit and he's ably as a good jobs he's able to provide more Agile at the state would allow him that he doesn't stay out. A generally forgot it was a great thing because now you know he knows he can afford more so he does give back even though they're not still together but it's obviously for the betterment of the shot. The other so many amazing you know parents out there who are not together who continue to to have. The greatest friendships and and I really applaud you for that because of what what you're doing for your kids as. Is unbelievable up and calm and you'll see that you know. Through your children later on in life bale will be grateful to you for that you know I mean. So just do what you can. My mom may used to say let them be little the kids deserve to have a chance. To beat kids right. It's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. Version of the show. Welcome defense in the morning and I just looked this up into Alaska Airlines employees. Right now recognize as icy. Are recovering after one donated her kidney to the other I'm talking about captain Jody heart scan the volunteered. To get flight attendant Ginny standstill it hit me and actually both of them are actually based and acreage but that they had their surgery. It's Swedish medical center and we're thinking about you guys ever by an Alaska Airlines were thinking about view. Did you hear that before this to happen and the one that's the one who was giving the kidney to her house burned down. Flag guy and then the other at the that person is now receiving McKinney had donated to help her rebuild our house so when this opportunity given that you can give back her kidney patients were elitist she paid up. Lower eighties he passed. She definitely paid a board and a Jenny standstill by the way she's had this kidney disease for fifteen years. And right when she nudity. Parks camp was right there and volunteer. Pretty admirable again. And we need to. Did you hear about the dude it. The cost on Pugh out with his phone exploded in his pants and he was shopping at a house don't you Allah is LG phone exploded in this dance they tied it. If it's pitch count fire. With pay you managed to it to get the fire out before he suffered in a series burns but I had to face pants were destroyed from what I understand. The manager of because they'll Puyallup. It in the prepared pan or at least to him about that name Alex in a big package that don't have anything to do it you'd be doing is walking is that is don't understand. It around because still some out and that of relief that he's going to be how much that's happening. Have you seen photos of this I mean from whether it's. It you know he seeks to two phones iso one over the weekend this girl's face and be tired of able to see them. It was just burnt I don't. Third fourth degree nasty burns from phones exploding so. And how that I don't know what they're gonna do about it all right so what if your batteries today arm because. Be thinking about these wonderful be thinking about these wonderful people of Alaska Airlines do who are recovering today it Swedish embassy tomorrow you guys' minds that I think. Got you thinking anyway and spending. And and odd and lovely day. You know.