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Wednesday, April 19th


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Welcome to the PAD is this in the morning's hot. Yeah take condensed version of the show what is there which is great for short attention span. Anderson. It's. Soon. I'm alone. News. I love you check. And all you. Yeah and yeah. Dean dean dean dean and mediating. Petered even. On that he stopped. Well it we are live. From the fifth of a morning radio clubs or Wednesday April 19. 2017. And let he'd be the first to welcome you to the mornings he winds I gotta tell you Alan. It's the whole getting lighter a little bit earlier thing it's kind of freaking me apple are trying on its. Are you enjoying it yeah. From out of the elevator I'm like holy crap what time does it. Pick up late every single day that's nuts on the pick it up today with breaking news you guys. That disgraced NFL star Aaron Hernandez has committed suicide. Just days after he was acquitted of a dead 2012 double murder and on the same day. That his former teammates are scheduled to be honored at the White House for their recent Super Bowl when he was already serving a life sentence which special that's correct. Don't seem as we hear how the legal system works in that way and what he's charged with and get like let's and it's and been like another. No trial no I don't have the fact that he. Shows to commit to is that our so they favor he committed suicide bunker. Days after he was acquitted however he was already serving a life sentence of our recent violence is why would you go to trial. For the second round he joining me now and I could be wrong but I think it has to do with closure for families and completely robbed our government it's two different crimes. I think it was already serving a life that double jeopardy right over not to include Houston like that from one crime despite this other crime. So what he did this this other peak adequate for the completely different crime corrected what if you are you're serving a life sentence. And you're gonna they would admit this choice anyway I would make the choice for anybody even go to trial for the second that you're going why why do. A few hours you're single wildly way to tell right now I'm the dude is already in her life exactly yes yes yeah I mean I. I don't know I mean what sucks is again. Is you know he's got a kid he's got a four year old daughter and he just took the easy way out and and that's exactly what he's dead I mean I'll Whittle it with a Betsy. And that being in jail wasn't very hard enough on that little girl you know and immediately she her dad is never gonna get out and then did you know I don't know. But then on the it's like OK what did he do in order did they staged it to look like wine. I don't know. I have no idea probably did regardless he's gone now that this is sadness for all the families dollar. This is this is a guy who you know his entire life he was always about vengeance he was always about revenge he was always of he wanted to. Played that part you gotta means. What wanted to be wannabe gangster and and you know I guess what that any real life is a real life you're gonna get hot. And realize your butts and go to prison for life in there and there you go. Only around at night but yeah he's leaving behind for the families of the people whose lives he took. And things like that it's. And be selfish thing immediately to his former teammates on the day that they're going to be the White House or production of always did you think about that. Yeah I rarely someone of his character probably self. To make it about him instead of few of them on that's some of them. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcasting condensed version of the show that's for jumped. Enjoy. Billboard bits and mornings were famous. Thank you thank you so much standing by right now. With the news that did not make the news breaking every single hour on C estimates of the news you know these days that. Specifics it's skipped over him and I don't appreciate it which is why I reported. A meticulous Florida ladies and gentlemen. Don't watch your mouth. Woman in Florida was drinking with her boyfriend on Saturday were man he called the fat old. Yes and she proceeded to a lot of destroys truck with a tire iron and now and then that's as bad as him calling her yeah. The F. If she was arrested for criminal mischief you know to me but as it is to get it jump owner the F word apparently it's. Called a month crap but I tell yeah. By Polly. Sort of like he did he jacked up his rock at a escapades to. Hitting game well out of Pennsylvania. 'cause it's still. You know woman a Pennsylvania she got to the argument with her and her boyfriend last Saturday. On how to cook there Easter ham right. And I wonder she reacted like like most women would that situation. Chew on that stab them and the arm three times and she was arrested for Europe for felony is simple all of its yeah now. Gibson like get a somebody insults your cooking a mean does that give you the right to stamps have won three times. All Easter by the way the day the lord went to happen. Well maybe he should have was saved his comments for the day for eastern wouldn't have gotten out all right Dana though can't say anything nice and anything you can't. Protect that they go late gentlemen meet at feet. You're kidding me stories of the day breaking every single. Out it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show us. What is there which is great for short attention spans. Did you ever ever store anything on your work computer like anything Brian that you would think now at 27 team would. You know. Obviously cell phones can hold a lot now that stays there at your own personal computer and ipads tablets stuff like that is they're really need to take personal computer anymore. There is not I mean however I think. Many of us are still in the mentality of it never happened to me meaning bosses will never like computer. We. Eleven I put stuff on Andrew because there's only other troublemakers at the check first. Before my computer right center. And I was suddenly one day Dave randomly. The now we want your computer current the I don't them with the note yeah. Anyway. Somebody asked a whole bunch of HR experts. Today things that you should never ever store where computers you're you're the top five obviously number one's the dirty stuff that price. I mean I would hope that a lot of this you guys as they complete common sense. You would really really hope so but there has to delist because obviously it's not a that's all right HR people or they're telling you for reasons. So the dirty stuff you know videos and you know that's okay personal photos or videos most of because. They could take up a lot of hard drive space and if somebody IT department has access to your computer they might take Abbas. And on this and that that'll make you look at professional that you're using where computers. For a lot of personal photos so they went to the iPhone is full in stores yeah photos on your work computer. Came right or not. Video game. Again to look unprofessional someone finds out the but people do that during the day I'm I'm I'm pretty. I think maybe face but I asked how many people actually. Get paid not to work hearing today in a lot of people said hey you know I get it with I played video games of the day but Obama social media. And I get paid because my bosses think that I'm doing this stuff yeah. It's crazy. Are anything related to your side job. Or anything that has to do the job search like an updated resonate cover letter believe it or not you've got to work I'm not work computer. You know my first couple years in radio I. It's all like it dude you know I'd I didn't have my own computer I would do everything I had to do the radio stations so everything. Like you know demos just enough to other. You know radio stations and stuff I would create at. Where I'd point you are young trying to work your way up brightly and did you how doing that here that's gonna cause a lot more trouble than they sure he was injured starting to do that immediately rise. Well that you're trying to work your way up and now regulate well. But you didn't have that choice yet they knew it to create it had to do that we're in now obviously with technology. Can do everything for your house. Like iPhone yeah that affect the ones that have so many days like. You are public crap about can't do the show from my house is an electoral microphone and I and call them Monday. But me out right to need to know increase. The lets you don't work from your bedroom does does no I'm saying I don't I'd say with technology it nobody can do it yourself at twelve I've done a microphone and do it justice to them superdome as I try to keep them out. I told you know what I say what I wanna work from my bags at. Up to see your pretty face OK eight so. What people are late I think I'm the most lenient person ever completely Atlanta home beds usually you. But I but I had difficulties that day member. Yeah we're glad you think about it but it finally went one thing that's never ever store on your work computer. Anything that has to do with you know offensive jokes are mean and stuff like that and I'll. Share and all that stuff all day long from the work computer and then. That's how they get busted what's amazing is you know. It's always illegal in the workplace to volatile than an appropriate in the first thing probably a lot of these HR people do the second day you know mr. sit in the same means out to every. I sort of got it to our peoples of the Leinart. If I were a bunch of them we like here for a long time that was. I'm but it was all part of the problem yeah you know pick ever speak. Like the sorts of mini me asset and an offensive would he fell back on the Gary it's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast and a version of ovarian. All right check this out and Americans do not take vacation days it's just how we roll apparently. We would like to be able to go to our kids' soccer games or are nursing Tuesday morning hangover once in awhile because I think that we are told that but. A Brit has every asked people which of these work options they would want the mosque being able to work from home. Having flexible start and times for their day or. Having a four day work week with with longer days right. And the one that we want the most is flexible start in in times with 37% of the vote of Afghanistan. Okay. Actionable we can take vacation thing you know her nurse and a lot of people don't. Saying little you know a lot of people that would take a vacation day could nurse hangover like that day that while. Italy vacation days than back. At today's memorial went to watch I'll take whatever day I got laughed if it's a sick day vacation day it's really bad karma but what Atlanta. Vacation days and paying over days and like you know. Adult mental health days and I got subdue my kids' days. I'm telling you know that the survey also found the people who who do have the option of working from home they do about three days a week. Her people couldn't work more productively. All I can play I promise you I eat so much done out of the radio I'm not no play really not so distant. He does sit on the couch and put on net flicks an act. Multitask when a focused some might show what was their do you Wear cute so it's a blessing that I worked out. Outside at all because that's a lot to do with like you know the way you you'd like as you know if you want your environmental design and and and and you know what environment makes you comfortable and creative feed on I mean and at home yet the ability to. Now you can do that you can create whatever it in your conference space. What are your radio studio you know that's that's a bite of a big company and he can't do what you wanna do it to like a room creatively to get you that that the show mode does that makes it. I the home that's the reason why don't live in the stadium with too close to work. Because I like to have separation between work and hauled. I think about where it did an argument to work all the time that I take vacation days at work. We just gonna have that that personal spot that you are able to shut everything out the you know in the outside distraction at your house. Of which is tough to do especially have crazy little kids yeah Orioles you live in a really small island and we'll move to Africa I think they'll be at 300. It's bits and warnings podcast after the broadcast. And have the latest version of the show. What should get most of its attacks and just to fill the blank for me this is going to be an easy when this can via phone one. I am so sick got. So. Sick up. They didn't finish the rest and I'm going to sit and take off if this lawsuit is the text for example I am so sick of jeopardy. Our contestants or wheel of fortune contestants not getting it. He answers when it's just like so obvious and not mean. Oh my goodness gracious one and the other night that the answer was. A hired killer and and instead of saying. Hit man. They said putt gun. You know one. I'm so sick of that and dealt with that I don't want to buy you I'm so sick of I am Seles. Here amid schemes I'm sorry. That's sorry there's a bunch of those you know I think it's a car. Because everyone's pretty everyone else Q why these products or part of their. Focus and all of the miracle thing rise. Doing it because you hear about me here mice in nearby at least or what ever I did because I am not. Yeah lobbyists and get X amount of people underneath you I assume. And a pocket about what people Yemen and even what you make you have. That's great to you know I I know someone who is like beat head would have liked CEOs of one of those companies. Literally everything. What posts and face Oklahoma gets some type of a solicit for some type of pyramid scheme in aren't present are. Who do something magic isn't it would appear that this is pyramid scheme. Sounds like just the bombs I'm sorry your team by. The artist would have been opened sounding board for you because this is this what this show is all about. A big sounding board sound off. I am so sick of it's in the war is podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show. Enjoy. I think you know in life. People need more of a platform. Mormon sounding board sued to sound off Armenia Ellen and other social media and everything ride mine. Is that Mike it'll radiant. To let people here yet so I just what you from the like this morning I am so sick of blankets and all its attacks. Earlier accidents are sick of people you know who are contestants on jeopardy wheel of fortune. When it's still obvious here yellen Iraqi leader on your bring in your head against it and get it wrong and in the mean lose like you know eight and and 20000 dollars or something like that. And not if it's. Enough money but don't. It is right and of itself yes. To get a brainy group went oh my bachelor brandy. That's right. What do you suppose. Yeah. Are dating dating 46 and why it network. I can't. Do your. Part in. All my opponent has coroner. I'm amazed though that in toll seventeen would bubble intended it people can be sick. Of dating. Wanna find love brightly in Italy Britain Britain is a hopeless romantic with a sweetheart she just wants to find love so. What do you final out with someone who's tried to get Clinton that's still. Hard to not be bitter toward. After putting so much time into so a person. And and all of a sudden certain and that he would go to so it's the process that gradually sicker exactly. Well I imagine I don't know let's go to Greta I just love that name written by Greta what about you I'm so sick out. Oh. What I grant. Could locate. To what. Happened. Our breaking right now what they held don't know what you read it well. What you know what what he's a sick. Well. People leaving garb they are in my have. Oh yeah giro I know how I'm realities all. Those big night outing and there are. A lot. And although they only two of you know watch him. Well again I think they're right up he would call one hell if if if if if you're mistaken. Coyotes who puppies really does. It. Dale is that LL. I don't know what you call. I don't trash. If you need me to thousands of mud and a little bit and I. All right Greta I love. Girl it's it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show us what is there which is great for short attention spans. It's a Richard Simmons was hospitalized for apparently having severe indigestion. And discomfort while eating. Does because I think he was alive and we expect to make a full recovery sprite and a couple also and stuff you know enemy import or Richard. Also check this out Oprah was about to sign autographs outside of the CBS building in New York. When two guys started brawling at my ankle on the stadiums are going to last Oprah Oprah's bodyguards suddenly. Kicked in gear like Secret Service men grabbed no. By the and despite protect your question Oprah yeah. He's making a comeback because she was just on the top of the U whatever's on CBS I think she misses that she was on on and I think she's going to be on. In later this week if she hasn't already been on. A lot of good stuff from and I would not count Allen. Excuse me I would not count Oprah a retirement attempting to daytime TV I would not count Oprah out of politics. I think that Oprah. Has always felt that she has this internal calling to do more for this world right in I think she knows that made the I don't know maybe that's one of her reasons for being on on this earth is to maybe change the world right and so. I don't know I would not count. Counts Leno out crazier things out crazy things. Up having a bad. You've seen he's seen it with your rising nobody would have ever expected right upper don't have to be like the rest of the nights out of so you know I mean you know you just never number I think she has a deeper now. He's been in the mornings podcast that after the broadcast. Big condensed version of the show.