Fitz In The Morning 4-19-17 8am

Wednesday, April 19th


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It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show that's for jump. Enjoy. Disagreeing very Bob Casey must. I proudly served my country from 66 from Cindy. Army's yeah. We live in land of the free because. Our brave men and women are. Is our troops. Here's the headline. Veteran what prosthetic leg. Carries guys across Boston Marathon finish line. Now I'm talking about army staff sergeant Earl grant bill who lost part of his leg in the summer of 2008 when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bombing Afghanistan. And Toulouse France died that day as a result of the blast. And on Monday. Check this out he took part in the Boston Marathon with the help of a guy named Andy this keep up. And grand vote carry the American flag the entire way bystanders came up to me there are one and hides photos self he's there thanking him. And at the end of the course he looked at Andy. And decided to have some fun at the finish line. Picked her up carried across the line much to the delight of those gathered at the finish line. And today. We honor you army staff sergeant Earl Grant Hill angst. And we live in the land of the free because of the beret. I. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that's for jump. Enjoy. Orbitz and mornings were famous. Yes of course stand by without wow some news that definitely definitely. Make good news among that we'll take you out of crazy headlines yeah. I'm sorry. The deal is sent out an email with the subject close. Can grants you survived the Boston Marathon. All you know I don't know in people immediately. Just went crazy on social media. Considering that you know four years ago three people were killed in the terrorist attack the Boston Marathon that dieters has apologized united like he wrote that the yeah someone else I have issues with PR please. Take it off of us. I mean it definitely wasn't intentional but it's like are you just you just would hope that. The clippers didn't just. Read that subject and not had to do a couple of people are now that he was thinking let's go to page two. 88. Out of California. Here comes later and I looked at and they don't jive at all. Yeah. Oh yeah he has his you know what happened senator right California Highway Patrol laughs in Southern California was on the five. And yet pulled over the Easter Bunny and now. He spotted a guy in full Easter Bunny costume on a motorcycle going 93 of the five with a rabbit and a laugh all. And I don't know yet. Aren't. Place of birth I'll make. By the we have three and a motorcycle rally alpha and. At the rabbit head on and didn't even have a helmet on the rabbit head that is that is the woods to name. For Peter cocktails and I think he's still in jail for a little bit. Very valued at well are you kidding me stories of the day breaking every single hour. It's it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans and I'm so sick. Like and I wanted. You to Colin with you know what the heck you were so sick of right now we it's almost found within and in what particular woman holding Greta. I wanted to play the Greta phone call from mr. Colvin earlier estimates fun. But a couple a couple more things I'm really really sick of right now I'm sick of that little circle on on the iPhone when you haven't had problems finding service. Or try to look at that percent and a little that the thinking circle yup oh my gosh given any how many iphones of almost destroyed because that serve gets a nice start on Pakistan's minister of yeah. I what about slowed drivers in the left hand in May and should yeah. Tear right you pass anyone. My dad calls it Smart Alec Klein writes appear to be the smartest thing you know you need a little faster. What a slowdown and get over in the right lane and you heat shield like traffic is so yeah well. Something doesn't really stick out if you don't mind I'm so sick of my wife tell me she can't find meaning workload I told Hanson. Yeah apparently they disappeared from all over the world my amendment might have a couple of today you know favorite you know because of six point seven so it's really hard for me to find pants that lie right. We really have to search the globe but it's a now all of a sudden right now apparently there is no more tall guy pains in the world you know I tried search on campus it might need cheaper for just has the made. Honestly in my teacher dispute I never try again it really because it with a lot of time and costs of going to distillers. Like that and findings stuff bikini and find the many ways out. You like to that's going to be crazy crazy expensive to have those made right eye is expensive as you OK I mean you're right on line would easily tailored. To gusts up to him like we should call ahead to to make you pay her pants and designed it or pay it right. Yes what did you do some unbelievable travel that's putting you yet yes. All right here's the right after cracks perfectly. Happiness and pride I'd done lately and let me tell you what drew Barry Moore is now in new endorser for Crocs and I am also. Want to be paid Bobble ridiculous now wanna be the first. National products mail spokesman you know and for our radio via cracks in Austin. They're really great you should trying to hit the crotch for a day I did cracks and I was enough service industry vigilant they're very comfortable a comfortable. And I realize now they're stylish. So this is Greta from this morning who has been. She was like at first calling details what she was so sick up right. All right listen here's Greta let's go to Greta I just love that name written Greta what about you stick out. Yeah yeah. What I'd rather good luck. To what. Happened. Our breaking right now what they're celts don't value it well. What you know what what he's those sick. Well. Equally in car Britain aren't mine out calmly yet bureau and on and on realities all. OK okay outing a mirror and I. Although they each of you don't want to. We'll open it I think they're acting properly at all what now. If you if if if if you're mistaken. Coyotes your puppies really did well there. Dale is that he's an old I don't know we call. Talk about I don't dress. If you name it just it's my dad and his little bit. All right Greta I love Euro. It's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they couldn't. Version of ovarian. I'm so sick of just on the blank form I'm so sick of hit it hit the millennial. I'm so sick. I'm so sick. And so sick this crap. A veritable lake. Allen hit Tel needed big that was good. Buddy. Let's get a zero quit. Suzy and a couple minutes ago L was saying is unique rocks right that she's associated products what are your thoughts but branded products first of all. You know I love all the different styles that they have to keep coming out its new line. It fat high heels. High heels are off you get to him even if you. And now that Eric crop by fans. And I agree you're fabric and everything but they have that iconic crock I'm part in that we I was just texting about high heels. Yet I all think you could not totally let them also here you are talking complete smack on drugs can now ya. Of talent you're gonna love. I am on her out mop I'd. Have been like that or even. They really do that he Jessica heels for me I and I am on Sundays and Tuesdays by the way at the still check mail and concert but anyway arm of they are so comfortable and I really want to do it in national and endorser for croft because I'm all about they are so comfortable thing in you would never know with the clock slightly they talk about talking about them right up for free you know I. Should. Mickey grateful. I talked theory to pay. They have this huge like eliminated sign purple ink. It's not the most our sister station and some of the TV people I have seen imposing videos and tweets and stuff of them trying it and what's it. I don't know I don't like to try eagle try at a curiosity but it just looks like cotton candy and coffee. Will it sink. Just given that it's it's pink and blue application. Made by blending cream. Maple syrup. In a pink powder and glaring at with like a sour blue drizzle listened to keep those moderates though he's. I don't know what does Starbucks about Augusta about to get I don't but I about. Now on non. I think you know part of the team that was available have a great day you guys thank you so much listen we'll see you tomorrow minds that I. It because you think it anyway and who is better than. Okay. Are we talking.