Jones & Fischer

Monday, September 11th

Darin Jones and Caleb Fischer make up the duo Jones & Fischer and are based out of our GREAT Pacific Northwest area. It's often said that when you want something bad enough, and you work hard enough, you will have the success you desire. Jones & Fischer live by those words. They share their story and more with Ellen Tailor.

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Hey it's Ellen Taylor. I've got some low guy is and who are making it big in that national around the country. His name Jerry Johns is named Caleb Fischer together there Jones and Fisher has the highest. As a gone. Only spent a lot of money figure now what we're gonna collar band name and you just pretty much summed it right up just Jones and to see you know. It's not there is just forget video grueling and we have those who is gonna go first and who's gonna the last now did you guys decide that. Like everything we just flip a corner with a plan that EU LA that's how it is when you're in like you know it has been in the band is like being in a relationship really and sometimes even more intimate because around the room with each other all the time on and when your 5050 like you know. Partners like we arm. Sometimes you just gotta go down to forty disagrees with us for the quarter. Paired up and then he also actually talk about being an a partnership he got to tell me how you first met you we have to tell a story in Omaha. You probe. And who decided they're gonna you know asked Brendan did did. Alan I'm in the first new on this on that you know we're coming upon a four year anniversary here in about two and a half weeks I guess late I didn't to bring up the story again. Our amid Daryn an open Mike in nine Austin. At at the Austin and Everett Washington and it was he was sitting down there with his wife fans I didn't know. What the deal wasn't how to how to enter into this open Mike and so. You knew I knew the area com I'm from San Antonio and I just got out of military. I think you're services are on the problem a problem. And so and so I went up to him and he looked like he was about ready eagle on states to so wise enough to masked and went silent she was and he told me what what to do when and how to do it and that's I think I played before you did though. He did I wouldn't talk to moments he he did Clinton its annual and and and then. A different impression of how the whole thing went down what what exactly killed sound like so he does Lou the door open just like some big proud Texan and he just has had that. So lonely dog look and smell film and my guys now are pretty good today he he snow accuse fresh off the navy though but he came right out and he was Steve. He came over and you know he had that. I'm from Texas number out of it yeah single. So I mean you know I've been appears sense. 2008. Yeah and yeah so I mean. Mine I'm now I know ash I try to I try to keep as much as possible but. I like coffee Alexio. Yeah let's not have an act does mean they don't have to let you don't like Seattle railing a news of that and a guy I heard a little bit around the command to and that on my gosh I used to that you're married rat. Yes. I have a life Ager on nine and we have three view. We'll kids yes isn't out it would cease suckered in by this Texan accent and actually was actually is no matter of fact I met her. Here's a crazy story and that her editor Stanley concert here in and it and Everett wash no kidding yeah ideally young band is opening up and she came up CDC we knew mutual friends and she pulled out some she's not in some shots in her brawl. Oh my god and and I got one of those shots and so that's how I met them right does that Betsy. Coincidentally though I was at the same show in the same GA is him not even like it. The stone's throw away yeah we have known only you know each other at the time though we were at the same concert. So you let the love of your life and eleven your personal life Hannity and we'll let you would very late I mean and at that point yeah that no crazy how they're put now the lives ovarian yet and then he when he's document open Mike night in the media history. So I don't celebrating four years of being together and meet at the big show you guys have been super busy over the summer. Make in the great northwest proud because again Daryn here from here. I mean Caleb we've adopted deal with us I adopted yet. I got into. But with a daring here from here indeed Anna how are we celebrating for years one of the accomplishments that have come up these past Korea's leaders are very proud of. You know we've been very fortunate to you know do we do and it's our absolute passion in life and that sort of spread out enough to where. You know when there's a big Nashville like come through town they often Alaska's we wanna come out later combined Japanese. No doubt we're we're playing with Craig Morgan and I think that's how we're gonna celebrate for years say well we're playing with him in bend. Organ. Not ought to be a real good one we played with Craig before last summer yet and I've also been Dorgan and and then you Ezra just say that you worth formally. Normally and ray land this weekend and or Fino Idaho what a great little town. Love the little town so Nokia's can be from them fires yeah. Yeah we and we gotta tell the story here right. So it hadn't rained in some might fifty days right right and I hate that joke when everybody is you know when we come to different statement starts ram I jolly off from Seattle on during the parade route I feel I have a fervent loads for that joke. But for the first time ever personal you know they hadn't rained in fifty days were up playing on stage it's our says. And not even ten minutes in just torrential downpour. And for the first time ever we had to stop right now I hate this joke but I really think for the first country to bring up that and then after it said it's been raining dinner edited only read for our city got to give it up to the crowd though they do leave and it was an outdoor event. They stayed there troopers all the way. So now I feel it the great northwest can help represent you guys could them you're representing us how can we support you'd done. Those low guys that are and try and you know be the next Parma Lee did an inch day in South Florida Georgia line. Right well we just released a new single called perfect kind of crazy we recorded in Nashville actually but were remaining independent so far we're all of us residing here in the greater Seattle area and this is our home base and we're sort of just making it happen on her own in building our fan base one fan in time when showed attack and so do the best way to help us has come out to show. Listen to the new single perfect kind of crazy in. Have a good time. You know Emmett poses podcast on our blog and so then also I'll post a link to the song as well they're TO. Well played as they upcoming shows anything that would you say you last month the shows me what's next but where can I come see light. Man what with the nationals. We're playing with Jason Bowen on a Texas thanks tractor tavern on the tween no question about. The tractor captured him drilled. Right who's our mid day guy that's our boss he's new to the area because he calls it that tractor. Is really. He'll just trying to make it well that like that's the real deal delegates are the last word on the street yeah. Because I'm making fun I'm like no one held mention active surveillance societies especially in Seattle it's like there's a place called the tractor would Carly. Right tractors a great place them in we played there a few months back with. Harvard buddies here harder winner out of Ohio he's gonna do in some big things to any you guys are playing with Russell Dickerson to the day after the show that we. And yeah down Steele creek to sell it was John Nichols we were John Nichols music video recently on his new. Baby got back with survey analyzed some excellent those quite an experience. Now I know that's a mix actually does mornings on our sister station just turn out yeah yeah yeah I and it is a cool did we had a great time with him cash. OK beyond this country baby got back. The NBA hit for jail by I think so I mean time I looked it was RD at lake. Four million views smells like a week ago because you guys are and that that dual those set himself that estimate the most country song on the albums of all in my what do you. Wait in between takes up there we said Joseph this is one of the worst phone calls we have forgotten you know because he just coliseum few days before he says hey I'm fine hour doing this music media. You'd love to have Jones and Fisher out for written we said absolutely. These that is for remakes of baby got back with sir mix a lot of that's it was a joking yeah. And we are up on stage between takes and as they have this song come to fruition. And he's a united start playing in his shows and you know people respond well to it. That are recorded it and he's like yeah and actually turned out the one more country things only album. You can't covering any son -- just covering some excellent are you guys covering sons you know we had to play that song about 200 times so we might help round -- -- steal it from -- little bit yeah he's not internal play and called her -- there -- she's all about stealing -- is that what it is I don't -- all her opponent whose songs they -- and now now we -- trying to do you as a -- we try to do your own thing that I mean it's a great song definitely check that out and it but they say imitation is the sincerest form of -- you know that is absolute -- a -- Webb said -- -- to go and check -- your stuff they -- all Stuckey -- -- -- let me -- sake of support -- that's the you know looking for you know -- all right do you know can't white Atlanta problem got a house in a perfect -- crazy there's there's some truth that yes -- I -- it's got its -- I like it did Johnson Fisher dot com perfect and -- is spelled -- I. As CD eight she has very Germans are very close and he I am telling Taylor. TJ IA LOR I am like Italian isn't for the record. I mean I chose that name doesn't this filly uniquely on home being ED it. Now realizing that I was on the radio or no one can see how it's spelled out there on the immediate economic times we had seen the billboards that are shows really and we had to put in our contract because people are like. Trying to finest in the confined disguises if I guess we need GR yeah. Note John. And featured dot com Darren Johns Caleb Fisher thank you so much gentlemen for having her for coming in and stopping by we don't think for avenues of cars.