Lunch Party: The Crazy, Shocking, & Unforgettable Watershed Moments

Monday, August 6th

DeeLee & Wingo share all of their favorite moments from Watershed Festival 2018. From the craziest Wolf Shedders, to the unbelievable outfits, and unforgettable moments that will live  in the Shedder '18 history books and will forever be burned into our memories and on our social media pages! Thanks for all the fun Wolf Shedders! We love you! 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. First like lunch partied like two weeks I think it really is it feels good year where a judge and met a president dissident craved it but I think I've missed it but. Or super excited to have you back with this video it was a lot quieter around here right in Oregon corset was but that's fine. And as I did back to work and lazy Delmon. The Hutus wind on the planet which every knows I like that the Alec eagerly as the hootie is Weiner like dissing my vote didn't tell me. Did anybody gala I ideally brought a little but and it's got a motorcycle and for God's sake this is so cool the Vincent. The Vincent Borg track races how cool is this if she's Gumbel a sticky note and I didn't notice it till now wouldn't get mad phones. Welcome back could it and a smiley and then a little deal with a line through that got out. Notice it it's sitting right here on your desk doing some things and in this major not doing any work yet not at all a basically guiding it down yet. We'll welcome back yeah. I know you had a big vacations they are much party there's a couple of things we're gonna talk about now we I have to get. Our talk on about watershed all now about how you can show your wolf pride to went backstage pass is that's coming out that's mega before we get into that though. I understand that while you're on vacation in Montana that you learned how to do a new. Redneck gay got and I figured you know since your Miami U my other redneck compile greatly don't know all the stuff yeah. Arkansas early and got it down a little bit and totally legit and you can check it like Michael was stuff which you know that so this game is called. Beers be because we're about ready to play corn hole and let me tell him Beers be Beers beat like beer and B I'll Alec yet as is being got it. We're gonna put corn hole and I say to my cousins and an Arab to the family kisses. It's fine but we always play that. In the Montana and they're the Cornel champions of like the African universe tribe that no pun intended. So I would it. I doesn't go dark early today than it was just gotta you. Mean my friends did this a couple of weeks ago and it's appears to be an IOK explain it. It's because they got married his name's Adam so there are two PVC pipe polls OK so he's off I like this is go. Home Depot or Wal-Mart okay yeah PVC pipe that's probably about I wanna say about 45 feet high OK and he just this. Stick it in the ground can there's one on one side one on the other side. Then this is where the beer comes in a Casey it's either a drunken beer probably and that's how we did it. The beer cans or beer bottle. Goes on top of. The whole PVC pull on it like sitting at the top of the solving the top of the polls the beginning and up there if you had a few is is is rust challenging challenging her choice of words or jacket I see here we all try and get the. There was a net so I. Also I finally got up and duct tape to make a little more landing does seem they stay down I had to fix this 'cause we're all backwards here. Sell the bears are on each poll and it takes two people to over there to over here. That is with a frisbee comes in and this is almost mission impostors or frisbee there's a frisbee and ABC I forgot to many here in frisbee is okay got it right and and don't forget mother nature in the earth does that the bulls and okay. Yeah I forgot one thing. You do need. It's probably good to have like a sharp peak. Because you got a mark where. They complicate the red Flag Day. They all and it's okay. And I I I I do I do you warn you to start this before you drank because you know putting all that together. While you drink and could be a little bit of challenge just like put together like it ultimate legacy. I. On a Casey take a sharp you don't have to do this but my cousin insisted that we follow his rules so you mark on where the frisbee cannot. Cannot go low or that right okay so that's about like knee level right okay so anything higher. I you hit the pole and you knock off the beer can now here's the catch is where the two partners commend to you two on one side of the pool to any of the side. So you know I would be on the same team and you'd be of their I would have the frisbee. What I have to do is throw a frisbee she holed. And not the beer can or the beer bottle off. Aren't you challenging a parent you then if I successfully. Knock the hole and hit the beer can off. You'll have to get the beer can't text it. May. That's pretty much insane now the partner next to you when you're playing against. If they catch the beer bottle or the order or the frisbee they steal point. So I successfully throw the frisbee hit the beer bottle you catch it and you catch the frisbee that's two ports. If the other person catches one of those things. I know it gives one doing now. It is still much Monday Lee it's called Beers beat. I think an Olympian and you lose you'll carry out just telling me about them is crazy so credit where are out. Opened some of those minutes I guess it's so crazy in you know. Meal but in my stupid big fat Malcolm might do you know let's let's try a different game we always play corn hole which is fun. So he comes up with this thing premieres three here's people so the question is how did you do it appears that horrible hole and how drunk did you get very very much so slow and drinking part of the game well you can drip everybody's drinking obviously and then you know. Pretty much what you wanna do is swap out via a beer cans because my cousin had this whole theory. If you put a full beer can on there. One slight little knock on the pole and it and it also over you know or doesn't fall over. And if it's if it's empathy they'll go over quick like with a windy he had all this crazy messed but he was top business. What happened in Montana and what do you say dad that's been there are often at all but ray and I broke his foot throw frisbee east and go cats it anger. Like freshman aren't we all eager game of the Breton or. It. But you gotta we gotta try to I don't know is weak it can't anybody. Now watershed. If they have the attention spans I barely have the attention span is telling me those people out there that is a lot of our. Just do much over the threshold I think that shatters probably just wanna keep it like straight public beer pong. Once they play. I mean it's just because you just Dili between us I mean when's the last time me through frisbee. Like I don't through frisbee not often I'm terrible at it so much we do play a little frisbee would Dixie but an awful lot of because I want the frisbee to go this way I did it behind me. That's exactly what my problem was. Now you trying to take a frisbee into the pole I don't that's damned impossible let's. A lot of fun it's fun either so proud of is demonized like this is crazier and L I couldn't even believe. All these rules and he was coming up Rick and mark in the poll with the with the sharp. A group of people. And added everybody sitting around watching this not let you idiots what he Dylan and it's it was so much I'm sure there's video somewhere and as we might have some actually I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna be able to dig some it was fun it was so much fun I'd like to see that be legal. Beer is three years. Google that it did a bit I don't know if he invented it or he found a couple of crazy crazy back would redneck Montana. Is he's got a lot of crazy friends that wedding oh lord. There are a couple people that fell in the tables yeah. They got to drink on and things were crazy our group ended up all good lord I thought were going to be kicked out of this joint I mean it was so much fun if that's what you're supposed to do it a wedding yeah it's Geron can misbehave I thought there was a pond over where. They they they did their whole wedding in my pocket we're going to be jumping in the pond I thought our guys this is going to be awful it was fun but there was a lot of the botch reap a. Wow I'm glad I'm back way never speak to misbehave it watershed where. I. You heard set up your whole deal you're gonna bring the girls are you gonna bring that to beat three ease the BTUs in the B ones that I invent them not. So we need bit amusing people against him teams to. It's family's going to be there water generally so we are posting for the second year line dancing with the group of eBay is we have a tense that's cool. And it we're gonna have a set up right next to 100 point seven the wolf right and our tents. And we're gonna kind of piggyback off of one another and what's really a lot of fun is aside from the line dancing and teaching you how to dance and having fun out there. We're also going to be giving away backstage. Passes the to every single artist Atwater. A big deal people yet and you wanted to Harrigan do it tell us come on this game because this is gonna be so this is where we kind of got a little devious yeah we were in the lab and we were altar come up with something. That would be weird and goofy and fun and that would involve every one of view and this is what we came upon. Well tell me I what you don't work for it. Deal is gonna walk up the picture name and a hat that's boring that is old boring and always know what an idea that we've ever been to the Mariners game and you see the wheel of dance. And they spin the wheel and it lands on the robot and everybody in the audience is doing their robot. So we're gonna have the moves and dance are gonna get all those different dances the robot the chicken dance of dad dad dad dad everything gang in the style today that caught the eye gel Bremer gonna pull it out. And anybody who wants to. Win at the backstage passes now has to do that style of dance so do you bring up a bunch of folks or is like a single and anybody wanting anybody who wants to do it oh lord and it is judged on audience participation. So you'll you'll code is not a clapping laughter striking whatever happened so if you like your crew with you and you wanna winsome backstage passes you come you do that gangland style is she kidded around gated I didn't know. And then whoever gets a lot of clapping and screaming is gonna win out that is so awesome this I I can already see this unfolding interview a giant spectacles. There has to be a ton of video for the senate I I would assume that you're gonna be a person or someone that we do a video augur for Friday and Saturdays is going to be a lot of fun so Friday Saturday is the hole that's when you're gonna be out there just completely rock and end up in the leaders will be there Sunday as well be the whole weekend we can OK I'm telling Thursday wing that oh good job I know I'm not dig in and you get near you you shed on your yet that you get the Roland annoys shattered date man. I'm Dylan asks you what else are doing here at the wolf is if you wanna go backstage is a lot of ways to win which is cool so that's one of the ways and hopefully it will be at attend the gulf tent. And you can come by there and you can when it the old school wage our name in the hat shirt and we'll do just regular drying right in my dancing is not your thing reverend. On an either of those things are not your deal will then we have a third way feed went taxis pass and. Hello this is so good this is so so so good in involves. Campaign. Baja or clamping is he's taken good people bring their clippers out there in the original campaign degrade and they got a big break like he said that that lady that's on year of the year of your beat three team that brings a big jamboree got Jessica so why he did does a power slide in parts it perfectly. So if you've got the best can't style and you show how we see in this. You're wolf pride get your wolf on wall bull organizing your word tense your group to show you wolf no less durable. Try to make your watershed campsites scream at. Wolf that is crazy cool and we're gonna be out on the prowl look good for Yale and whoever has the biggest wolf pride. At their campsite we are going to be handed ever taxis facets of big deal this were talking Blake Shelton all the mega superstars. You have a chance to go meet him. Just spy get your wall funny and it just completely turning your campsite into something that is wolf Felicia is with tons of wolf pride right. I love the wolf malicious so. It is gonna get Wolfowitz is going out what would be an idea exactly got a lot to I don't ideally you have ideas like look alike you know the first thing my mind goes to you is obviously to be Gunner right but that. That's the we could talk. To us like a wolf you could find. And you know you guys can do this on a killer budget. You know like at the dollar store like it some of these thrift stores they got masks and whatnot but doesn't mess. You can werewolf masks you could decorate your close. To say war 400 point seven wall to get that. You know that shock of that paint stuff. You can paint yourself up like you less trying to get you to do and a in the in the. Ray that was as trying to grow and you don't daily and your buck at it totally but you know you can you can paint yourself up as a wolf I mean you keep Krejci with this you telling go redneck on it and you can take appellate case. A couple of a man sewn together. And then pay the wolf pop Arnie and a flag out of it. To the Mack Brown absolutely wolf I assume we're giving you insight on how you can win it and think about it. A couple of used pillow cases act thrift store who could teach you. Backstage to Blake shelter. Basically double who wouldn't wanna do you does that mean this is so simple and it's fun at the same time so you could have a spectacle rang and nine times out of ten. You pitcher wolf can't cite all decorated not a nice you're probably gonna attract some attention and meet some new friends they're like memorial. What you do for your what is is tricky and the chicken here here's what I got all of a sudden your campsite turns into the cool spot. Ever but what's really cool about the wolf logo is that it's red white and blue that's awesome and watershed theme this year is America that's the only guy that easy at all so you can do you know red white and blue with the wolf logo. And you can picture American arrived deciding you can mix them together hook her I mean it it all goes together yeah. You know Jessica you mentioned her the lady that knows how to back that thing out secret back it up. I zero Sheila she told me on Saturday when I mentioned to her that week. Wanna see your wolf Friday your campsite she says I am gonna take. And make a banner. The size of my trailer and have it printed out small laminate that Smart and on the side of her trailer. Or how. Little dip stick you guys. It literally install into your packing in this is early enough and and you can get the stuff all the only good with historical grab some stuff I admit I bet. You can do this all for 120 bucks I guess Lee you get some cardboard paper and just take a dot today Donna yeah. Doctor and they have red white and blue duck tape I know this because I was up a Wal-Mart in Billings I don't know. Duct tape. Like the wolf Paul was a load that's like gets sixty's to you girls out yeah I don't have anything on that's where I was gold system. At the very beginning of the conversation. And and and anything you guys can get creative and go nuts with this and I don't think that anybody's gonna say no I mean this is a place where people just. Get their (%expletive) I'm like you said get the wharf on and they and they get the country music on and if you think about it. A couple of fun ideas meeting Blake shall meeting one of the biggest country music stars all of them actually like you mentioned. For that that's. It's easy it's fun. And I swear to god you're gonna make more friends. Out there than you ever made in your life what she teacher camps on a rocket sort of the craziest thing that you never seen let watershed you mentioned. You mentioned tasty and I swear to god. Like I thought there's a legal limit for the how big the paste is supposed to beat. And I won I was out there did it is. Doing this tonight and I'm I'm I'm thinking to myself. Just look at the site to describe what we sought to ask please I saw him. PCs the size of you racers I mean not be racers like you think of the big erasers I mean number two I recorders are. Number two pencil out right errors okay that's partly they speak well. And that that was covering the wobbly bits basically on the do the girls on the girls I didn't do. Had some banana boat deal he had some banana. Banana at him a lot of quality. And. Like yeah. A banana playing or whatever it. Yeah. You know kind of thing they so kind of that literally should not be legal in any of the fifty states that we live in on a man it's like general flop yes. Our. One guy god bless them and and it's hard not to look at a train wreck once passing you might heat it was getting a little sideways in their so he had he had duct tape. Are on the side didn't look that. Giant but they are being made on his deal. I didn't have the courage which normally at you'd ask him what what in God's name are you doing good I didn't want any part of the earth like K okay. As it is a telling wolf how total this is how do people get out a dip down with a few I know you've seen some. Reasons who even gets another and doing and bring enough the boot but eBay's out there for one for a couple of years now been out there since it started I mean I was working with the wolf the first time they Friday launched watershed and you and I went out there you have got to you've seen something I am definitely seen some crazy stuff she thinks she thinks OK can witness number one up it was last year we were walking up and we were just getting there and these guys were coming back from the shower. And there she powers out there I couldn't vote. This community shower sunny as they wait in line. Hours to get our hope god it's okay it's he's got to bar so he's in his flip flops at any stagnant in buddy's little white will ski he's. Let sit to tell you why he's for whom god has done yet and he's got like a six pack washboard add an am telling you oh geez he's not a day over 25 couldn't be around. Tiny bounce and Aaron and on that whole line didn't look like Brad Eldred salt my job. Like had really out did you end this and this translate. That into your business in wheat and other shower and only can I get a picture of you. It he's dealing. The courage to does not give thanks and anybody that you absolutely so that's for the guys than the craziest thing that I saw from a girl yeah. We were in the sort of like lounge area and there was this girl in the air and she. Will let's see okay did you grow slowly describe how. I. How did take this one line and say hey give me a second problem we have is it's really difficult I honestly I could not believe it when I saw high Jimmy's second OK okay it's -- girl beginners it everybody's kidding around and everybody's gala their bikinis on eyes god bless them which torture their board shorts on or like bird or you know the may and demand Keeney kind of thing you know that you were mentioning earlier but particular girl had a different type of mounted on OK now explained as he. I had to get him I was parched so she. So she flip flops OK and on her feet on her feet. And then she had on and one more article of clothing that's yet and two pasty. Lol. She better think teeny little bottoms on pain and and then too little single divers have their. Dueled not coming up the wildly on top doubly bits and she was the cutest thing you've ever seen each is about five feet heat policy and at the cutest like figure I mean Sean was adorable oh lord and she was standing there are just waiting for someone to pay attention to honor -- she lives so of course on whenever and said who literally had to get picked her true absolutely I did get a picture of her but I had to convince surge do. It's off for backstage pass at all yeah I bet she won Norah but she got damn close to dig they're really close yeah about that now which you can eat at that point was that like. The middle watershed the end was she a little intoxicated or Saturday which you know I just want it to. Think she wants to tennis she wanted to dance when attention is one of funny get a lot of sun he has obviously. You know nothing covering. Most of her body so we would probably on a percentage scale who would you say that she was probably 2% covered. Is it pretty nice that that was about it and later that yeah this is how we wolf. Old old dead if that's been on this or the homer of the deep trees Indians are wobbly bits well. And so much that I can't outweigh. So what do you know what day you're going to be a watershed yeah we're still trying to figure it out I might be at the big day I might be on on their Sunday. So and so the data Blake takes over and all that good stuff right they still got a late there have been meetings about it but I I think if you know the wolf will be covered. Every single day he'll be out there like you just mentioned which this is news to disguise. She's leaving early Thursday just to get there you. Great well because we cannot everything up we kick off everything. With the wolf and yes the group when he babes simultaneously at 3 PM on Friday now are you gonna have cooling stations because it's gonna be hotly you mentioned right. Earlier today not quite as hot as last year. But we can't have you overheat and pass and house are you gonna have a place three to go take a breath there what are you ready to have tons of fans. And we're gonna have a big bucket full of ice and ice water probably girls and they're dancing and stuff some are you gonna do at this. I swear I have to ask people their listening to lunch party podcast right now I don't think I think Vienna is an android official stance. There's no sweat involved she dances like crazy she dances all day long and the normal people like myself and anybody else listening. You can you and I could probably do twenty minutes of flailing around trying to do. It on the grill we couldn't keep up you know see you it's good. They amount reading comes out and these. I don't know I mean you just please don't overheat yourself enlightened we can I have eagle down. You can't there can't be a man now a man down a watershed right we know tons of water. Let me memos time deters violent too much the. I'm common Amanda both. The aisles and we look first of what instead do and put out the biggest bad as wolf tried the ads that show us how you wall. It's a big thing like this it hit the thrift stores up do you know go over to Wal-Mart goal for two all those awesome two extras in your area. Grab some supplies it's it's gonna be hardly any money and literally shall you wolf pride. Red white and blue is the theme go nuts yeah teach you passes to see some of the biggest stars. On the planet out there water should guarantee Blake Shelton. Brad pays raid easily Brantley Gilbert all of a colts went deluge Dustin Lance Shimon it just the list goes on and on and on and on and we'll have details on how do you know what to look for and all that sort of stuff in our you know in our lunch party podcast. You know I details for you see you can kind of figure out what you wanna do you but misty how fun. It's. So now all what I want you doing tonight is go figure out how are you know wolf this weekend. I don't get the pay these high double eagle putt about right now as we speak. You.