Lunch Party with DeeLee and Wingo

Wednesday, May 16th

DeeLee's trip to Kansas City turned into an AirBnB horror story because of a super nosey host. You won't believe what this host did to try and get into the condo! Plus Jimmie Allen returns to the New Country Night Out stage, and we Wind Up Wingo with Chris Young whisky stories! 


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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. And we had I had seen you like a senior either in the like. Seventy you know. Then a bunch hours it's a long time a long time I'd wince when I got to work today I was doing a poll around the building an am asking how many people like Q. And I live yeah. Yes west and I got like three people when I don't like me and I'm one. It open to count and two counts it's like not I would invite you win here to watch party yet still hasn't done with meat and I liked that a cash. I didn't do at the end only poll that. The whole building Poland. You know I'm teasing with Ewing yes yes I or really do want to get into what happened over the weekend now all the doors is more important because here's the thing. You weren't here you were in the state of Washington cracked and a sister and I am also point out a logistical. Thing that I eight. I think tech did you told geo news. Matt McAllister was in the same cities. That's like twelve minutes from each other the entire weekend guys run into the took no we did not. Now we did not eat at the same places. I can't imagine. I my husband's family was off from Kansas city new yeah all of these places where he was going right so to eat an analyst enjoy different events with his family's public may have thrown like oh my god they're in the same city hit. Conspiracy what's going on here what are you doing right it was cool he got a lot of great pictures and I think. I might have been hallucinating but I think I saw. Joseph on ironing your clothes he. What do you have his or. Nice man and why why in God's name. Was ironing your club and there's got to be a story here's the deal swing that I am a princess. And trust me like wine and you know what else swing that I've worked. Is that why he was like Bernard. No really I mean. And it was great that was a good job you did a video that I thought this was the shirt iron had eighty do we. Don't. Did and nobody out wrinkles or editing and that really get how. I asked them. I can't tell you about this air B&B that we stayed and oh yeah have you ever stayed in an air B&B. It's been a long time Sonoma so you're staying at somebody else's house right a right. And this was actually house and in the mother in law was the basement below which is completely separates separate entrance. You didn't have to see these people with he did not want to OK so there in the regular house and here in the mother in my house right. Dot and here in Seattle we stated a time of air being of these rights and the things about Seattle likes it or private people post oh yes. And sell when you checked into an air via beat typically they'll have a lock key thing on the outside OK you know pillar of the door something where you can just into our Cody get the key you never have to see to air BB hoax just me and say -- not an. They don't feel it's like checking into hotel it's it it's super pride that's awesome well not in Kansas City. Wait a minute wait a minute limit so they take a year BMB in the flip the script consulates all. Deadly dozen doors open there's like is electric common along the State's open now okay now this is completely pride that mother in law had its own insurance. There was nothing that we would have. Facilitated esteemed air BMB host ever okay all right but I'm guessing there's the story to so it was morning. Our and we get the not. From the house I would assume I was Joseph and he got the grocery and I hear. Like. It tweaks should share some clothes on some clothes or knots on the beat twigs of athletics there's really no bra off you know what's so there's a situation if someone is around Iran Iraq other than my husband and I think in this why would Miley be knocking on the door and it happened. Right right right. The and honest to god he's. So what happens. And I. Can't for the third time adding this is not like. Gentle like is he. Pounding. Boom boom boom so. I think it's John blip right here eager to work in this air being beat at opening up. And there's Carroll Steve McNair here Carol is the owner of the house aired yet be had a unlike. I'll let it. And take. It she's looks at me like. I met from martyrs of them like this just happens every day like she will lead to a bite her. Maybe she's really curious about. And that people are that are staying in her little mother log house but my god. I don't know. I don't know that I'd open the door but knowing you still flies open and what's going on. Would gets worse Sauna and getting there with her and sees me she's she's leaning. Into wants him. Like Sheila stand up when you guys thinking you and John got critters crawl around and there was nice and trashing her blazers. Customer data element lens that night but but how you I mean we're super why nurtured we we leave the place cleaner than when we founded and a great gas all right she was just curious news. So with her leaning you know what I sent her when I don't know at the end you know. What did you say. You get kicked out of the joint did you know okay but we are wondered at one point to does that mean I have all my god said to Carol let me she was. Karen you know my boats are. Just flying everywhere and why is this woman do this smearing out at this hour Carol back up. Possible Carol would you like Pomona Hamad get a shower maybe get a shower with me to view all argue and and Mike and tell people. Do try to get to watch your back. So we joke all we can't let Carol would you in the shower with me. What was your response was she did you wish you the clip was like. Violence. Acts like dubbed found and and looked at me and it started like rambling something about. Will and you know I just I'm I'm required by law to tell you that I'm there's a fire extinguisher on doc. Wall over the air and on there's a bit and on your ballot all. God Carol. Carol okay thank you we read all the instructions on the Internet no offense. Carol kinda Selig companies to always say if you're gonna start the lawn Morey but among the grass than she kind of walked in the I mean. She she pretty much. Set herself up for whatever cannon was gonna explode. Into her base which was a very sweet hey Cheryl meaning it's our care. I. What would done and all my god. If she would sit. OK. Let what I. And Carol all four Carol mid westerners bushy sweeter as sweet as pie afterwards super sweet it was weak but and she wasn't done unknown oh now the same day this is the next day the next Dave Carroll park to Carol part CO all the foundering okay. And Lisa is not good are now this time it's the pounds he's calling John and Al work. And fifteen minutes before check out. He come on the phone like and John Rich is me I'm like this one. Answer it just as you please domestic just currents chicken and see if you're on the little scene Andrew in ninety checking is an island. Like this isn't a motel six Carol when you read the instructions. It's only to YouTube. YouTube might. YouTube might like encompass. Like. Youth in this everywhere he'd say collected twenty year old couple Brighton personally you guys are eighteen in nineteen in this is your first credit card and like. Carroll is doing your favor by letting you stay in this place I mean c'mon. Well as we told the story tour for him soundly. It's carols bloom Carroll very lonely just want some interaction and she needs to get a hobby street. Our restraints. On. So you're off we get going mind. You know my mom it was Mother's Day weekend so my mom and my dad are in Arizona and their visiting some family out there and mind. Grandmother is still an billing so I got to face time bull of these people my mom sent up to where. I beamed in the face time to her and then she got my grandmother on there and it was a little bit of a struggle she's 91. It's a work and I that she's yeah she's great. Grandma's on the act and I ran right now we had a teacher and she some I mean she's so. So with my grandfather went through the thing in the garbage is like what is this anomaly just let her deal with a so we all kind of like had a little hello and what's going on an acceptable to our. The there in a kind of an assisted living thing too is where people can. He cooked meals for them and stuff like that at age where you don't. People can do stuff for them you know I mean we've where where they've done everything for everybody for so long or so. Every time we do this. I get the tour of the of the of the cottage. Over and over and over him so it's like my promises like that's a deal with this she's excited about showing you the furnace. Excited about showing you where the oven is again and telephone is where she keeps the I'd. And she's sweet as pie like and she. Shipment of flowers that she planned I mean just so so sweet so great is named granny name is Janet Grady DNA and sometimes I collar Janet from another planet like. Little nutty. It's so great organized doesn't love an idol. Grandma I seen the other unique time I'm the color so let's. Outside. You know and you'll hear my grandfather. I told you. I. They're so sweet and their own so's. Your granddad is so and so on so it's like did and I just and I mowed the lawn again my god to grass is growing in Washington really everything starts growing again. I'm voting them. Got to ride the bike a little bit so I was totally totally happy but mine was she'll no one wanted to take showers at me. Darling sweet and I just I keep going back them begin. If Carroll was just the Smart Alec are silly and she's Biden. Well sure I'd love to get an action I'm like what would you dot. Until you get the hell out of here. Flip the script moment and I would've been no one with a budge on and weary. Let me. What is on the on this with T. He was done and and he couldn't believe that I said that to her while I can make it I'd love it. Yeah this did in mice case did was Lehman on yes she was lean to wanna me to want tighter it will come on Carol. You just take this matter for the tabs and so just get the clock they went right to this. Carol at this hour the you'd like. Any. A flop it just seemed like that thing to say it's. It but I'm gonna say that and then I'll be the in the Carol right we won't see Carol for the residents and not Errol was curious then the yeah luckily up and check out so yeah so you're freaked me I don't want. Like have you. Think of weird things when you're in that sort of deal I always wondered there was a movie but I can't under the name of the movie. I'm into the next podcast a figured out a Google it but there is an air BNP where these families command nothing malicious is happening. But there are cameras all over the place and the people's. There can't see him in which I think is illegal. I'm pretty dang sure it's not so my thought is amazing Carroll had I don't know what is Carol. How well. If Carroll was. Kind of goof ball I mean what me and John have a bond and she's like oh my god these two are awesome. I'm bored. Like they're gonna be great to come to go hang out these two people who knows. Or maybe she's got a camera when you walk in there's like that for security I've always wondered about Patton even a couple hotels whatnot also it. It's I don't care. Dollar that the windows and doors like I'm probably there is Camden like that that's Canadian. You know what's on him and me is the most amazing invention ever and that's that's would you say. 50% less than like a hotel or a lot lesser. But you get used to like you and still be able that kind of stuff you deal. Yeah it depends yeah. I think it's cheaper than staying in hotel right. It depends on where you're staying you like here in Seattle mom if you get on your B&B you can stay it's really cool place is really off the wall like awesome you know with great you have you lose and you know we live in postage stamp size apartment here to clean man yet. And we love it or on top of each other all the time and we we love it that he. Matter fact we were in the air BB in Kansas City this bathroom was probably bigger than our Condo home like it had two different sinks wing Matt and and so would his long years of both John and I go in there and we put her stuff down and I've got like guitarist frank Reich and just like one bag. While going there to brush her teeth the first night and we're literally hovering over each other brushing each others teeth that like John Deere is another save everything. It. All of this is like. You could use the and you want to yell that's cool I laughed at us because we're just so nice to add to creature of habit so you're you're in that space like. In a big palatial mansion don't know where to go Larry that's funny. Now so come this week I wanna talk to you about that country artists that are coming to town to Seattle odd we have so many wish isn't big show's first. There's Jimmy Allen and our new country night how. It's going to be big key is like you and I talked about this and you could see this guy before he is somebody like that's our big. Claim to fame for these shows and we really work really hard at picking these people that we think are really and have a huge impact in country music. In this case funny he's so talented he's got story. His story living in his car. Practically homeless for several months before he. Got signed to a record deal got signed a publishing deal like how committed he was his crap so I'm excited to see what the skies like with a bunch instruments. And him are. All powered up and still creek it's going to be good. Now you're listening to the lunch party today and you don't know wing that is the music director and I get I get the dual although weird song selection and stuff like that but so have really great relationships with these artist yet relationships. That normal people are people like me William don't get to have with these are sometimes they need to bring you along and it's like a hole like literally adding. It's like adding like a firecracker into. An RD explosive moment which is. Because you pull out some of the things in these people that like like. I like it never ever hear. Somebody say but it sneak as you'll have a different perspective stuff right you know we were angle Jimmy. When he stopped by the station you know just to do penis that was. That was happening while we were all talking again and stuff do you remember when Matt Emily that's the morning show against the wall for talking with Jimmy Allen. And they were he was telling them about living in this car yes and he said the two things he did is he would. Sleep basically you would sleep in this car right and he would use his car to do all of his social media work and things like that right and they would also go to the gym and work out brightly in even had a car. Close by the agency and that's good for reckless right. But and they asked him what was the question they asked him about his social life you're all aware if if you go on a date or like you know. Going on on practical dates and stuff like that. Where where woody taker. And what his response and remembered as if I can remember he would like will we go to the movies. Now it's a match kept pressing it likeable well okay what immediately. What. Your back like come on over to my on the senate. Carper a bit my my apartments really messy just like paying your for a little while you know he was saying things like data neatly. Based. We just go to the movies you know he would he would say things like that which is pretty cool and I remember the next part that is because Matt kept pressing camp. He's. Typical on a lot of second states. Really focused on meet at the time the it would sauce and you can see why I mean this guy was so committed but I. I wonder he's probably telling us the PG thirteen version out here if there are a couple of amazing. Woman we met like maybe he talked them into going to. There and met a girl like you're all. Right. It's hard to hang out with a tendency. And things it's really interesting about Jenny an ending it's sort of like the thing that you don't say out loud but it's like a big elephant in the room yes what is it what is it about Jimmy Allen he falls into the line of Charlie pride yes Darius Rucker. Who else can we say I'm trying to think. Is came brown. In that it's kinda like this was sort of kinda nude bomb up bogey full don't count it Jimmy Allen is in that category with those great. That country singers Jimmy. Which is awesome I mean he's literally eat. Any any any makes no excuses about it and he's funny about it and hill he knows that this is kind of territory where you know. Country folk are used to or or the or the format. Because. We don't have a lot of artists like that which is a shame but the same time he knows that. And so he's just like ready to bush whatever conversation to be out limits in fine. And Andy you know in good spirits and just kind of lighten everybody up because. He knows right like. Your music it it's just so awesome ride so neat that he's so great soldiers willing to say that and not like apologize or not. Not even worry about the response. It's right well speaking of Matt and Italy and Jimmy Allen I believe we have Matt from the morning wolf pack on the phone hi Matt Hyde that's. What I. We were also talking Matt here on the podcast about Jimmy Allen and that question that you asked him about dating while he was living in his car you remember that. Course I remember out or look at a game to do that they have a bullet check back uses you know 1982 Cadillac. And what is response to year. You know he set clap armor calling it correctly that you know I think we had a goal and are placed most the time. And note no girls in the car. And how do you describe Jimmy Allen. Jimmy Allen school and that's the only way to describe it he's very chilly very cool it very stylish. I think he's kind of a next generation and the guy has always mean Antarctica minority fish bank and 99 and it according to report for budget we are those like us but it cannot but he was crushed not that it is one of the more impressive. Performances that he's to got a guitar. That's really cool that he's going to be here in Seattle for the big show this week's show. Heck yeah the only blond guy that bank honestly. You're gonna see him on Wednesday night and be like oh man I thought it went going to be huge star. Now we think so to five years ago was Florida Georgia line. Exactly is crazy so definitely check it out candies. And it hit pretty lot America well they're not that be that much but he did he was on the air tonight. Yeah. You run but you know again like chili detonating and develop China it on America and also you can only give that so much weight. Think we Levitt and you assume that have a great day I let a guy at bank here. Matt McAllister. Get on me about Jimmy. Me. Yeah I agree he's the great questions eminently when they interviewed him all is good it was really especially drawn all that out about how he goes on the heats and what he does this and any other country artists that are going to be in Seattle this week are Krishna young and kaine brown yeah. Along with Christians which is can be really cool so. The music director position you're mentioning this earlier in the podcast and the relationships you have with these country artist you have told the story. About Chris Young we shared it was back a long time ago and I heard talk about this on your show Thursday act there's a few stories of Mika is. Can I Chris was starting just starting I was in Colorado and like he was where Jimmy Jonas where. They come to the radio station and played music and they wanna get in value because they desperately want to play their music radio. And what's neat is. These guys are famous yet they're there they're literally starting a little baby accidentally home baby bands and so Chris you dance off credits and would love to ago. Drink beverages lots of them for what beverages wing net Chris Young would drink anything you put in front of him that he never knows that urged yes that he did not like I mean this man. But not only that but he. You're just kind of nurse and in Allen just having a beer. He would he would order rounds of shots he wanted the party to start all the time and I mean this guy. There are many cab rides and had to take him literally it was funny he's so much fun the guy is literally crazy enough to. I'd be dangerous and I don't know if if he has stayed the same or if he has gone even crazier now that he's. And guys make a famous now headlining his own show to come down to a big deal in the Seattle Tacoma metro one of the largest cities in the United States. It's here to record with Vince Gill a living legend the odd couple singles back I mean this is a big deal he is one of the newest members of the grand Ole opry eat you obsolete writes I mean that they stopped its movement with him is so fast and every now and then it it's neat. Could you knew him way back when you get a random text like hey he's deployment music or why. Crystal limits on in and you'll look down and like. Oh my god of course like he just. You don't realize when they get to a certain level elect okay him leave Malone I don't wanna bother them but there's really really personable and they're really really super nines and I. I love the fact but if you ever get to a situation. Where fewer and drinking situation in Baghdad if you're not a professional if you're not committed this man will break you just ran. This mammal take you to the edge literally just for puck you better bring your big Joseph did. It. And please please please you've you've got to be ready for because he's just easy easy he's very good at this and he he can tell when he picture about a tap out I know that's when it gets cranked up even more and it's like you can't whip this man he's like a magnet you know an Angel just the drinks keep cumin and you know I I suppose it's a no but he doesn't take no for an answer is one of the Austin. Explain her line here afternoon show here at the wolf talking about Christiane and I don't know if this is the truth to not because sometimes you might oh well saturate a little bigger stories that we have to embellish well. You talked about all of the whiskey straight always kind of a somersault out the front door the bar. Trust me I mean this man this man does things when he is drinking and then when. He gets to know you when you start talking about different things like you know how. Gymnastics came up. Or or or any of this sort of stuff like like huge play baseball did you do this like it usually interviewing you while you're having copious amounts of shots in the pouring down your your your your your throat for crying out loud. And I'm like I don't know I think in gymnastics healing those get that was the somersault. Any. And I'm like are you crazy we're gonna get kicked it is ready and wanting to kick us out ocean duets so we literally roll which Fries. And this was so I listed I'm so glad there were no cameras or there are no videos only Lily tried to you know when you try to do cartwheels. And it doesn't look so good and like it's that you probably never ever supposed to be designed to do a cart will will somersault kind of the same thing easier but. We crashed into the door I mean there's were. And his guitar player was awful and was trying to roll Chris out of it I mean it was. One of those fun moments that god bless the fact that nobody could see still open. That sounds like some whiskey so country music rednecks I'm retiring at call in sick the next day it was shown that mattered solve out of a that we call begun. Run its course it's. Our thinking cannot end. I'm not feeling. I and I got it again technology. So it's going to be fun. Stimulants on. Well we're super excited about all those shows is again an. You know you go out there back in to the halls they're here at the radio station and find out who those other two people are they'll like yeah. I only know right up my leg to other fans in. Maybe I should go to the dollar store did you love the dollar store in India diesel gold stars. And then I can find is now and I'll put a gold star axiom that might be an invasion space here I guess you Carol. Could find start plugin stars on people. Are that might be considered an invasion of personal space that I'm. Mike. He is it now over army you see I'm sorry. Now we let the audience knows so much fun lunch party is a blast my god they spring Allah and let alone here. A.