Lunch Party: Fresh Manure Kid Games & Flathead Lake Monster is REAL!

Monday, June 11th

Get into the Lunch Party where this week we talk about the "Fresh Manure" kid games DeeLee played in the backwoods of Arkansas as a kid and the crazy things Wingo's dad caught him doing growing up in Montana. Plus, we have a new obsession with the Flathead Lake Monster in Montana where Wingo grew up that is said to rival the Lochness Monster! We're already planning our camping expodition to find "Henry"! 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. People here in there a minute. In other and it. You recording recording now. Yes yes and I figured after trying to get us say some weird. Like you do you're sneaky like that. You off guard because they're. Always do it up and com. That's wing that right there that's Dili over there yeah Ed at this past weekend. We were texting back and forth. And we want to let everybody know that on the alleged party today. We very serious we're going to be talking about it's curious as hack in fact I was in this area and I don't like about this right. Get to that we're also going to be talking about Father's Day which is coming up. Yes at the end of the week and we're gonna eat if you will I know you've probably got a crazy story about something that your dad caught you doing growing out of course I'll be thinking about that the first half on Friday night I was watching aerial America and they were doing these fly overs of Montana yes and I love it that's the state where your from I've never been there and it was just thinking about you watching this going all my gosh I would love to go to Montana and now I gotta go because. Apparently on flat head lake which you know where this is our right right right and they have a monster on that lake that rivals. The Loch Ness Monster which is crazy like I've. Literally coming from Montana and I went there a couple of times as a kid most of the time I was at a place called mystic lake which would fit. Having a monster because it's Mystic River right in higher elevation and there's a lot of the reason gets it name is because there's a lot of like myths that hangs over the lake and stuff. Sadly that's where a lot camping is. It's were a lot of the kids in college go and apparently. Some crazy things going on there it's like there's a lot of like people that this monster can. It. I guess like that's what's freaking me out and so over the weekend we were texting like teens. I'm like looking at a public should just pull my leg she's given me so much crap she's trying to say that I'm from the mythical. State of Montana and it has like monsters and it is so the more I dive into the Internet I'm like holy crow. What lies below the water but you know the waters out there in flat head lake and like. There are artist renderings of this thing I think. Haven't seen it but there's artist renderings that this thing has it lol the glowing red eyes Steve. And look at right now I could flip the com. The prep that I have across from you you you lose your mind when you see this what does it. Now they said on aerial America that it has in heels shaped body and a head that looks like a bowling ball. And weighs over 15100. Pounds. I'm speechless this is crazy maybe there's a reason why I never visited that lick that much made my parents knew and kept me away. And because of my curiosity. They would ultimately you know we got it back demonstrative of the lake be out there with us at element damn thing. I. This is this is crazy because this is Derek counseling real people that'd said that they've seen this thing. And that it is scarier than bigfoot then run in with bigfoot. 15100 pounds this is thing is and lock this has nothing on the flat head lake. Monster in Montana and let him like monster western Montana which is crazy I still can't believe it is but now are you looking at a photo of her right now yes let me turn it I'm gonna turn to throw we got I got. A picture this on the podcast we do let this this is an I don't know if you can see this that's an art. Monster team until we do it up right. We don't have weird scaly things like this thing looks knots. And I'm literally see in this unlike. He is totally full of crap out. And she's just trying to get me think and have a bad dreams this weekend. And I'm like oh my god until there's article after article after article after article published by real journalist the work new papers like these people are. Working for the inquirer this is like it's I mean believing in big play. On that surpassing al-Qaeda when I was watching it mean it was on aerial America on the Smithsonian channel. Right I do this they must be real so much so and so my question is. When they showed that on the on the show that you watched was like an aerial shot of the leak and like did they show some murky waters some. Weird blocked out stop for what they do they showed an aerial of Flathead Lake and they show the beautiful mountains around it. And days said that it was first spotted by a steamer crew out in the nineteenth century up via. And that different people have seen it through the years. And I thought might hikes. Flathead Lake has a monster I have to ask where. As we even things like yeah I do. And I'm like oh my god someone sob beatle catfish or something or bagel brown Trout. No Alina I'm at but you know it's got to be one of those like junk fish and stuff the catch out there when you're you know trying to fish for brown rainbow Trout. But the more I started looking stuff up as you're taxing them like. Holy crap. Like the click of a mosque. The Loch Ness Monster is about back. So I think that. You know Montana is not give enough credit we monsters and my mind is set a beautiful state is a mountainous and so cavernous like it there's one part of Montana that was carved out by glaciers up. Back I don't know hundreds of thousands of years ago and see you gotta think about it in terms of this monster being bigger than a lot this monster because it came from the map it right right right right from the glaciers in the mountains. It's it's crazy that you have like you made tensions in specially. Knowing that it was carved out an all that's for stuff like that's crazy in and you're right so big fork residents have. Seen this thing regularly. Article that I looked up over the weekend says that. Big fork people that go out to that league as close by. Was similar to other it is no big deal it's glowing red demonize at odds as to who cares you know it's like they're used to the literally. Used to seeing it's it's no big deal what are they call him FH LM. FHL am flatly Flathead Lake monster yeah. We just started a social media trend that's gonna be hash tag. With that and I like that or we give them another name like Ernie. Are hidden radio again there. Monster so now we we've got to set up an expedition going oh yeah I know you're from Montana we don't look at me out there and look for the plant heavily monster we have got. We've got to. We've got to try and find Henry. You could. Probably knowing that your culinary skills are that above you know most people most normal people like my it makes a monster family and close that. And my idea monster put to be like beanie we knees and rain or Oscar Mayer hot dog which they probably love that you could probably whip up something that this thing has never won whiff. Yeah and he'd probably come to our direction which might be good or bad and don't forget the Coors Light. Right what if we poorer what makes it likes what if we were just a little bit at Coors Light in flat head which is a little dab. And all of a sudden it came rationale it's like Johns sympathy. Or is it did it. If you Montana trust me he loves beer and Eliot traveling at its first. Oh my god this is literally go back to the text message that you sent and I thought she's hold leads his team in the right now she's totally right. Joking with me international team only Imus to kind of computer. I'm like she's. Had eight. Start from the eighteen hundreds. Wow it's so that's pretty taxing my folks like hey. Didn't tell me about the Flathead Lake monster they probably wanted to take you out they're Flathead Lake in hope that the monster would get it leaves little wing at a lot of data like couldn't handle that story at that age. So we didn't tell you about it and I might look at. Your parents love to Europe yes they do but I I think it many times yes at las the Summers with my grandfather on his ranch. Bomb in. In Montana that's up there by Nye County. And I'm sure they wanted to drop me off at Flathead Lake on the way there that was like my boarding school in enemy I had to get shipped off to Graham pock. Because you know they wanted to break for and would. Well I I can steal your parents on the field trip party come as we need a little. And you need more in our you know I'll take it your parents spot these days coming up and that we wanted to know if there's. Any seeing that your dad. Ever caught you doing that you thought you were gonna get away with well but he totally caught doing and I get it and it preface this by saying he shared a story with MAME. Earlier in the week last week that says something that your your dad caught doing it had to do with the Montana bought and. Oh god gas heating oil and and him and my uncle because I borrowed my uncle's car. And you guys probably the list in the podcast if you've been a Montana there was a stretch. Of Montana Rhode that was so horribly. Put together and it had pot holes which is nasty. Said he didn't have a speed limit on it was very straight night and literally no speed limit or costing me about they called it the Montana bonds are. And they did not put a speed limit on it until 1996. And he would just get out there and raise hell is this flight. Deal and like you know the deer gates yeah well that's up on that's on you. So of course you know I borrow borrow my uncles you know car and I and I take that down and you know. At that point I thought the Montana bond was still rocking and we'll they had removed those restrictions. And so I was racing Montana state trooper not good at what. A Montana state troopers you. Racing a Montana state or. Am I heard about this growing problem like you can drive on the freeways is is fast did you want to come. I've got the I've got the bitterly the final smashed to the floor board and hearing companies like me. Lights on his leg or you idiot do. And I'm like I I I thought he won at it let's go faster must go back. Must of Ambien is that you ready mentally in an absolutely stupid idiot. It all over. The going nuts in it. Races state trooper this unbelievable and I believe you thought that it was okay to raise the long I was bad what I find a cure is going Whitman uncle. Always talking about a meg talking about my grandfather talking about it might. Okay you keep up on the news and and things getting changed and no social media got it we know blossom like OK I want to get a chance to Eunice. And I think is what evidently get people on the street now not quite that way but I have a rival story but before I tell you. The rivals for that I'm really not proud of that I was very young and blowing out of money here and I wanna hear this kind of reveal what happened with the state trooper sell obviously. With the lights in the siren and pulling me over on the first thing out of his mouth is son. Hell yeah. And I am I going to Horry. I go into the story and he would Montana bon literally can drive as fast as you can and he goes. At what point did you not see the seventy mile an hour sign posted on the freeway. An excess of is that I think what we're going so fast as of maybe they left them up from when it was the Montana money you guys just didn't want to take well. So the perfect plot I don't breezy in law. This state trooper I want to ask for your keys oh. That is serious stuff that's never got riyals. So I'll call I dropped but it was a my my job and he was not in a very humorous mood let me just tell you ask for you go I think I had that I had to mustang in my uncle's at least. At least above a hundred BB ninety between 95. 200 something we did we don't look down because you can't you know you can't take your eyes have to focus alien. I've driven that fast maybe one time. And do you find it when you get that test the car almost tightens up and is are seeking a little rattling its shaking your freaking out but the adrenaline is there you like must go faster and faster must go faster must feel that we all makers are all NASCAR. How was my one dream to be this and of course I didn't have my own cars like apartment uncle's car. Almighty god did I get so much trouble I did go to JDL the nice man. A allowed me to how to ride in the backseat of his car. Yeah there was a phone call to my not my dad because I would've been killed but my uncle first and the first thing he didn't care deeply. If the side of the road so yeah it was. I but all records have been expunged everything has been satisfying. I've done my time so to speak at this is a what not to do if this is the what not. Ever to do you folks ever if you have kids don't let him drive to the twenty. Do not ever try to drag race a Montana state trooper on the Montana and even if your parents tell you about how wonderful this experience was back in their day. I didn't practice that it wasn't. Currently going on I mean. Here I am impressionable like do this. Abated drugs NASA is like an idiot so there's something that your father cut you get into you're gonna get away with itself. Stupid little kid you know I don't know if you grew up in the family where. Where. You know you had like one bathroom in the house and we have one bathroom. How we definitely grow one bathroom for the whole little city little bitty house and it was so cool and a little bitty kid and I got so lucky. That my dad keep me black and white TV to play like that you games Internap. Opera now not I'll get it about the book saw complain complain and get away not. And I fall asleep. The controller met him like. You know on this thing on and not so apparently the 67. Year old in me. I don't know if I'm sleepwalking into this day I do not. Ever remember this. But. Well I don't typically remember when they still locked Null and has more about this all the time and he makes a point like to tell. Every one in the worst situation is his story to tell about your love and I'd rather than walking down the hall. To use. The restroom oh dear oh dear to you a little footing PGA's. I go in the in the wastebasket. I fill up the waste basket to the where he hears something like. I felt like you'll something out of a out of this ticket into a bucket. And so he walks to easily what's going on partner in illness you want to agencies meet eyes wide open and I'm going. The rest of the relieving yourself in the waste. In the clothes hamper in my clothes hamper would wait winking so you had your sleepy days until they might have been soggy. Pretty deep that they did make for Boise made that one spot that could just it was an emergency exit just there was yet and so I figured out called the but flat. And as I might might have put him on backwards it was in the front at the answer here I am doing this and you can imagine your dad. In those situations where. You think you're great you think your so awesome and you know we get older in life any whips out that story it's like dad. It it's at least threaten me he's like you know on the mother knows about the studio and so I always look turn like. The bug story that he lives elegant dinner party raising hell and that's why he is not invited a lot. Those that are ours I love them a look at eight the man did it. He will whip that story out of the most in opportune moments I mean I hate. That day he can find because he has excellent that it's because you'd. Laden originally whipped it now I asked I. It's it's and I think I. Ali now every kid bill on waste baskets like they're small so here I am as a comic one and eighty. I know your dad. Passed through pad. Some good. Items out in the back. Like seriously that's where I and I am I am so we have a lot to entertain ourselves when. Am I mean of course we you know as we got older had motorcycles and horses and things like that out but warm we were really young we decided my dad had built this. Beautiful. Chimney out of rocks that he had gotten out of the quarry mountaineer. Because we lived on the ridge at an Arkansas try it in the Ozark Mountains. Wow these courses rocks and he made this amazing chimney. On our house like cement and the whole nine yards as you can imagine each of these rocks were individual in each unique they were all different sizes alive and they had different grooves and things in them so of course we're monkeys them all your own elitist and we need to climb this thing that your support climate it up like monkeys and this was like our thing every day when we got home from school which about the school bus and we grind to -- me and we would you know Shimmy up that thing we get up on the roof and we have a roof party only. And then we would jump. Not true. Almighty god in the I get my knees a couple of times like I have some knee problems now yet you get to open opera house roofs do you leave so I thought that he was I. We eat. And you Egypt's. So of course when he says get out the room we take op run and jump up. Now at dad's nose and a. Of your dad was like this because I grew up. In a time. When parents. We're allowed to beat the crap out our elder yes they'll have lumps bumps and everything from all that so yeah you knew of all in for it we near death walked over to the tree you just knew he was walking like she's got that look out. I. And yet. That leaves off like we're in for a new home and for folks listening to switch like big they would do to snap off a branch okay of the Chinese. And they did so believes will help help pad that it would hurt is that they take the leaves off and it's just practice. And that would skiing I mean that was the worst that was the worst yet all my dad did that yes and grandfathers. Are getting right. I don't know I can tell us what it's yeah. I had my dollars a year like you get that you'd get a feeling in a pity your stomach what you're going over the wrote roller coaster maker going down into like. Oh it's over highlights on the beat killed well here's a funny what my brother. We got in trouble I can remember what he did but I do remember that my father went to get the switch and he took off running. Again I. An ace and then and then and then it got sikh he's got to come yeah I got it. And mom and dad they got a guy memories on them it's only come home they're waiting for you Alia and they can turn Nash then that. That that discipline on like that all I've tried to do that in times and all was like release are pursuing it well. You don't always you feel like I paid a bid for the bad humor you miss. And there's no I didn't know how each other and laughed he. When I would hit I would love it when mom would happen to this week because she gives up wouldn't spend. Who. Let. This wouldn't for some reason it didn't hurt like she she didn't. Mom so she's not want yeah I love to have yet. And then here's the deal be feud when it should done has been Smart. And not laughed after the second black. Seat and then mom when I was in the discipline but I would. Hurt. And she said on the future father and he Ewing hits you with that. Oh mark of like a wooden spoon. Made from. Like yeah I got splinters man from where they hit me apologies. I I know you probably have. Gotten into some stuff by I guarantee you land the beat well there is no doubt it's. I'm back a malady was like oh now you were on the ninety bus all day I work with you every day I was in massive trouble. All the time now's rusty so jumping off the root. And Allentown fondly did you asthma who. Or like to keep you jumping to and be good but just jumping in hitting hard ground a coach. We may rednecks slip inside onetime matter trash bags that. Can. Order it. Did you take like duct tape and like keep it around under was just one back at. About two bags together and got some water to a bit of baby. But let me tell you some. You can move on those because I've done that before too and the kids today they have all these cool toys and stuff like that sometimes. That's the cool stuff. Yeah so we played a game growing up I shouldn't even say this outlet and it is just how redneck and backwards we were wasting it I bet ten going OK we had a gamer we would take a sticky find a stick okay and we would go out the cow pasture okay here and we called it fresh manure. And and we don't take -- we would dip it in the freshman or and they need chase the kids around with that you chasing each other so and who ever in light of fresh manure on someone first. Did you were out of the game and everybody else had to play it's Allianz and like you would you'd touch of wind yes I was bad penny out on. So you go home with you played that in your in your neighborhood and whatnot and you'd go home smell in the loop yes. Yeah BP and that let me ask you. Your play and I think back about it now my common knowledge you kind of street honey pot to kids they would get arrested for doing that I just. EPA. They that they be in the deep trouble moment plus the people risen accounted probably can lead to you wouldn't want to on the property. That's awesome manure heiress and took it that was called it the game was called fresh manure pits and he wiped out some. For every conflict not. On Ron after the count as you're trying to find the freshest manure. It's disgusting what would take more time finding a right nor practical in the. It. Seemed like we played it all the time. Pretty often because you're fitness into your exercise habits run around lake Griese and year out in the great outdoor. Oh my god. The right. Down on them. I guess who's on. Keep us like a picture this now you need taking match Emily and slow gel. Out to like snohomish. Or out to Munro it's good to scotus guys we got this new game it's his new bonding experience for the staff. And then from the missing for you to its dealer. We take them out to a field whether just house right we're like OK guys here's the deal we got to stick okay and we got to find freshman Newark and then. Whoever has the stick it to put the freshman new work on the person's it's like keep away. I would be all. Out of luck because Matt is superfast at it in great shape and I all be we don't have how poop all over. Now britches you and I would literally be stinking to high heaven that's probably about it you know I think about it. And it's fresh manure because this is way before a Hari of course commodore six dollar enough holidays but that's fun non. Nick and here's the deal you guys had a blast doing that there was no. There was no like you know on you does this new game or anything like that you guys just have fun plots the one that got hey you got to like you know given happy about it. The. That's absolutely awesome that takes the cake probably the best topic we've ever talked about about that even rivals meet hearing. About the Montana flat head lake monster. Great work battery and I agree. Now we've got missions right we got to go bigfoot hunting together yes and we got to go find him great we got to find Glenn Headley monster. Lafley don't go with. It. Buddy and then and only have way to many Beers we're gonna try and find of some fresh maneuver with a stick and we're gonna have we're we're gonna play. And it might get a ground down doing now if you are gonna get smeared on ammonia and. Probably a. Probably look like pig pen from peanuts because of some remarks some it'll be. Out. Let me in the showers probably and stuff like that are gonna come home and your significant other is going to be like to. I'll get. In the house of life. Dili told me this a fun game was a fun game if you don't always lose and get poop all over yourself and that's. The best game ever heard. So you listen to the was part of today and our nonsense about absolutely crazy residue or and Montana's Flathead Lake. Monsters and he does is real people. I believe you yeah why do because I believe a big but it not joking around you're like a really believe I know do your eyes get big when you talk about what you literally focusing Italy the. Yeah Italy I can see the hair on the back of her arms standing up which talks about big foot she's. It. Ed Cashman. Well you know I I did get passionate about it and I've really do want you was kind of like last week we were talking about the solstice parade oh and how you're gonna get naked in the prayed at the Olympics for the topic of discussion with you. You to milk it here all know people are really old antique being strangled in the parade allergies we got a lot of comments that all. I tell you what I'll I'll I'll make me a Flathead Lake Montana cost him do that that would be better than being tracked you want pain up is the. The iron and I got some kind of snake looking outfit on god how did we get on that topic all this is greatest thing I am I got what we have this military that's going on answered you. We are so pumped up about the yes and I know you've been out every morning handing out these tickets. It's been really fun and for the folks that are listening to us like this is a really cool passion project of the whole station you know Matt had done this at a previous radio station and we do our salute to services. Every hour on the radio station. So it's a great way to just. Tell all the servicemen and women who have served the people that have. Relatives thank you for your service it's that simple right it's funny Lola this morning from an Auburn. People with king and had paid for like didn't you yes because you know everything nowadays everything's expensive in the city that we live in and it's a beautiful city. And you know everything costs money parking everything it would seek knowledge to come for free they're overwhelmed like I said in her term you know get together earlier this morning. Three. And the crap out of me and it just made me feel like. Coolest that. He. We Appel looked like he needed probably did make some faces that I made some bases especially RW that now we're up really early and like we had to make a peso. Yeah aren't unreal what a guy does it look like cy. So I from ops like you think about it aside from the from the TV show I don't get that done. Diet does dynasty he looks exactly he's so cool right odds the nicest men on the planet listened it's. For ever and it was so cool and that's a better in range total veteran like. A hug from now boy is. Light while app that school he went honey get tired I was like that's I don't know how adult brightly that I got to elect to work you know he was like. But anyway it was great so we're gonna be doing that on on Saturday and it's going to be great we're gonna give out more tickets to do it if you wanna know more about the military breakfast. You can go and where you can get your ticket you all the free tickets yet or she now. Ayman justice for active and former yeah active military and their families so military wives maybe their husband is serving a working. If they wanna stop nightly series at your babies with the heat coming get a ticket and we wanna feature free breakfast actually coming up this Saturday that his June 16. At the home course in DuPont and you could get a all the details where we're going to be to get your tickets see at a wolf dot com the united can be found. They key to our military how we love them we love them we love them we appreciate what you've done and everything. That you have contributed to this amazing country that we live and. Do you think that we can convince them. To go hunting for Henry and yes I'd issue I think you wouldn't take very much convincing identity not a trap him and find that's right they can you just the whole thing big foot what was discover channel. And bigfoot while proof did do it wane now I know we are gonna do this seriously it'll be fun and we'll figure out something really yummy to bring what I get after it. Ideally need to go down OK you gotta go here on race you race. Chirac's from your map he's not gonna do oddities and Bhutto here in a Bloomberg and the Netherlands Italy and greens now I'm going I'm going doing. An amazing day.