Lunch Party Returns with Houseboat Stories & Kenny Chesney After Glow

Monday, July 9th

The Lunch Party returns this week after DeeLee's week vacation to a magical, far away land known as "Eastern Washington", and she's got all the floating trailer park houseboat stories to prove it. Plus we go straight Kenny Chesney after glow! 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. Hello Spartan. Let's party like I delayed a week we miss you your tanner your lighter you're happier your smiling ear and your mom your brighter. Well that's what it doesn't run. Oh my gosh you know I didn't start that Kenny Chesney and a vacation afterglow is a real. I paramedics fire analogy fire and energy fire analogy is like Matt Maurice is lit it will real was let it was all lit there's a lot of lit. As opposed to you were on vacation in so let me tell you folks we didn't know league we were joking around the office during the week. Leading up to Kenny is Ian was off work. Relate there's no way she's come because she's in begin Asian loads on a house boats emerge he's swim and would dolphins will tell what she's doing. Now here's comes the week before that. How was your tiny. You're like -- did you go to the tropical islands in line sniffing yeah I was only commuting is like I'm I'm a little raft did you like TED weren't you. I would to this mystical magical land. Called eastern Washington. What is sun is out. It all totally out to wool we first got their way night it was cool it was only like 67 may be seventy the first day which was great so yeah and then it just slowly warmed up throughout the week the heater gets turned up new. It was great at night is from the sun would go down we had these big fire pits nice. And we just makes buyers and makes more are ours and so was somewhere close by like. Like watershed in that area were you further beyond math. Or it's about thirty minutes from the court see this is almost like it's like a treasure hunt for me because the deal leaving occasions spots like she's sixty spots that people know about but then she. Does research in like finds the really good area like. The three mile area you guys slowing US I have we have some friends who own property there and shell and Cranston. And then their friends Dottie and Greg could they introduced just tuned now dot Ian Gregor the ones with house that. Guys on that and then Donny and Greg also narrow mr. Knight two is a retired police officer. On the keep on the same area the and they all live in what's called mark on resorts all just affected has resort attached to an admitted awesome so it's amazing I'll go take a little community and they all know each other. And the shelling Chris kind of brought us then boom and then we met everybody last year so this is our second era everybody CL is not really wild this year early Allie Allie as we know. When you sell your ass won't show up again. Biggest miss Donnie was so funny she's like on FaceBook and this is all these like videos you and I do Gary how crazy we act together. Is she gonna turn to south but I did not just goes I don't understand. Why you don't act like that when you're around us like okay woman who lady I can go the fifty year. Right now I'm in second here but I think you could fifth and sixth I haven't seventh reserve or. If it. Be careful what I had day. Awesome that's cool is she always did and I know people joke that live over here in Seattle nearing a it's always have a front of the boat because you don't want me alone devote his lot of maintenance and lot of stuff going on but that is. Awesome it is really the real deal and did you did you do when he jumping off the boat likes women and Holler and that's discovered spoken and all the science. Last year my husband. Decided that jumping off the top of the house vote during the squirrel which I'd never seen before. The one and a half flipped to the belly flop I'll geez did that hurt all he just totally and yanked himself up and it was a bad it's bad news bears Alex out of this year the big joke was we gonna see the squirrel do it again John girl coming out bust up the score all. But you know wet heat. Don't think he ever got drunk enough he was just chilling yet he is like no we remembered the pain right up flopping on where every year slop and and that could hurt yet they do you have kayaks. So Michelle and I would get the kayaks every day so how well would be like. Floating you know and tied it to another house boat and then we would discount and paddle around the lake in around them are we don't want like thirty pounds like you have a pack. I mean she did you and Dixie learned how to kayak I was just gonna ask you Dixie have a little mommy rafter something where you were like pulling pulling her until. Around the kayak or how did that work so we putter in the kayak with me apologies because when your float on the house votes yeah sixty's writer and around. Let's do the math chair she's your supply. She and streets I did dot you have here their dodgy business that needs there's a business that has to get downturn so would put her in the kayak and we would. And paddled over to the shore OK we'll get around litter right around the winner and that usually go between their opinions how many times did you have to who was elected three times a day or so. Did it once or twice with her idol folks if you listen to this for the first time and haven't gotten in the kayak before I have once and that. Takes a lot of work. So do you leave it is in their paddle in and I don't know if you had a kayaks with the two rose two or is right. Well art I just do one it's a one person kayak with what North Sea and there's a lot of work to be done to you gotta laugh. Left right right you know you gotta go this way got a that we can make sure straight. I eat would give up. Shakes and attache some wing net I think Dixie did in the water. So could just jump in the water so look at my legs are much in particular care oh lord you see this all I got a right now I'm looking in I'm looking at scratches. I'm looking through the Republican of some bruises now. It was a kayaking accident what happened did you smack into the kayak another kind. Ford and an organ away from you or 130 Dixie freaked out and circle moment mommy and an eight. So the first day we get there and this before Dixie learned how to kayak I'm just out with Michelle Wright and that we had a couple of those Tito's cocktail adult content deals help numbered since I'm not only that your vacation or. Kellyanne and so would all of us I think in the ads you didn't know like we laugh so hard because I'm trying to do something in the kayak I don't. And I was picturing this right now I slot back then like I had I. How likely like all the way down like it was I was up in the hair wait image around. And then that and then kayak capsized is now underneath the water column and he's still scratching and I. Nin. I'll make it now was a daughter when you when you capsized wasn't dog you know why no thank god now holy lord now. I just to save you go out with that thing you might habitat Tyrell blunder or something. It's just he didn't hit Fuller back and I was so nervous after that to fixing in the kayak that. I was much more careful in idealistic during. It. Do is listen. I am like I told you I haven't come back and attack in a kayaking get away from you again you look at that thing using okay peaceful water there's no weeks didn't everything's good quality human egg gets into isn't so he's. And you're not used to live though the whole generation that's happened and so so things can get. Away from you fast NAND yeah I have no balance like them wanna plus always think this dumb we do laugh at me. Think some big ash shark's gonna come up swallow me whole and I lay tried to steer me and I don't know we can't worry it's yeah it when you said that rock madman is a one. Oh god I could see Dili and I you know he'll have a two person raft. With like these little helmets with lights on and were rolling out we're out and then the thing bumps us over there were no water. And it says all he's the fat one let me add one and it takes a lid off me I don't want that really nice dinner and she goes and that occurs like first and mini get your earnings. Always led chicken leg and god so that's my feel like I've always had that stupid fears so. Apparently even on a hospital you've got no fear of that water. Well it's so much on this this house boat has a big yellow slide that goes off the back always saw that on your on yours FaceBook page and it's an image that was crazy and it's these people are just so much fun you know how to crank it up and tell you you can't drink all day you don't starred in the morning. And that's these people's motto. Start like a we talk and for the prior 8 AM or when they roll out of bed bam they've got to Melissa and the role. Well I mean there's practiced. The and then there's part time and is 11 AM so we've only started probably before boats are the way to do it got something not a vacation brag all the glory in bed. By 10 o'clock no way is US I don't know how you turn your lights down you can't you're just going constantly. And how does it did. Powered out you know John must know where the switches. Could look at it just to kiss. Really cheap and our stuff let me tell you what I did to poor Little John Ono week. I'm not gonna ask you this is spend all this time with me and utilize it and we don't is don't we don't get that I kind of qualities to the un interrupted time together. Thank god bless my husband because. When I hit my drink on now you've seen mile that is fun and well I get this really. Like funny and down home Arkansas. Turns very southern when it's 2% when it's on its friendly now it's awesome. And I were you just. Neuron UN Arkansas time I was on a thirteen honey yeah. Why around at. Any point did John like touch your enemy like honey. Or was he like I think what I love about him he just enjoys. The ride he enjoys the fine. He enjoys the those rocket ship that is all of the excitement entertainment is John is awesome he's always smiling he always great demeanor. But he's very like look she ill yet he's just chilies do you wanna drink a beer with and just chill and so. You. Slide me. A home and have fun. So I drove him crazy you know he's got his country music fan now he's not but god bless him he puts up what it and he knows he shows and he digs it. So we're out there in recent Washington and I keep hearing this song on the radio. And it's one of I know it's when your favorite arias we just added it here at the wolf a few weeks ago. It's Jason now dean drowns the whisper oh god that is so good that duet with Maria and a he had that hole I only met is my jiggy jam right there -- think it'd be shown a and I like every time though come on I just cranking up like really loud. And he just wouldn't say anything and then you wouldn't even when I did 1 morning it has IB a in this Dallas. Why. Would he. Scores would. Might EPA and what's what it end up like this is an opponent thirteen known and clay but. Yeah. Okay and this week and cars here I'm. How to get the technology you'll wanna hear jays won scrub in my mine mine mine nether regions. Mine via a mile wobbly bits. And so did he could sit on the and computer there and turns it on for me and that like. I. And that man is is is your tech analysts that guy handle all the technology. Deanna and I say this love ice in his with the extreme love. And I don't mean to to offend anybody but it's DNA is what I call and she she gets an attack like I got an iPhone and stuff. Kind of attacked hard but it's OK. Okay. Here's lights later when I see it up and then she's downs we shall like amount of gloom be like oh this is how you do this is only really. But she she needs a technologist to be around to help her with stuff which is cool did you like it. Yes and that's why I got that sweet man in my a lot of I'm I'm I'm the entertainment now and the Canadian is considered negative. Got edited I got rob music out in the hospital all. He did put it on one day will we were getting dinner altogether and everybody was there because we just really great cabin and everybody would com. Night and we make dinner together a fire and I'll sit around and talked and he got his music out one day in everybody's like totally liberally all OK there's Joseph and all the yet eyes darting left to right. Crickets. Like great listener raises try to be nice to them about it you can make John mad because he's listening to angry music cranked her off let me tell you miss Dottie mr. grabbed shell and Chris they all mr. Mike all these people. His wife Cindy they all listen to country Hollywood sell out numbered toward John oh my god that's funny. So I had to deal and I made the joke I was like honey man you're you're really didn't hear your filled country music this week to guys when is that any different from any cap. War that's awesome. That is completely awesome nobody knows nobody wants to listen to his music and you'll say that yeah he doesn't get that he tried people hurt does look at enlighten. Can you put some canny testing act on some and is now. At least is getting an attitude that's one after the house vote all that was ridiculous that was crazy off off the chart it was just so relaxing it's what I needed let me tell you I did not open my laptop smarts. You didn't Susan what about your phone maybe twice. But that's it would I would get up in the morning each morning check I would look at the pictures that I took the day before. Because I did not spend any time on social media can you oh god you are like it. I don't know if you nose and I'm not I'm given only secret. Dinner is our secrets on social media like extravagant extraordinary like she goes for all the dials and almost which is. It she's flip and ridiculously. Fantastic and it that's all for you to. Took the switch off to a big how did you do that idea withdrawals. And no good no because I want it's. To be with my husband and I wanted to be with my friends and I was so much going on there that it's. You would have looks silly. Which account and a out like this you know that you looked and felt silly but that's cool see you were you had an Italian the phone out to take pictures and capture all the cool stuff yes and the next morning I would get up and I was having my coffee and I would. Edit the photos and post a few Obama time and face that can be seen the one of Dixie as Gilligan I got to see it from a yeah yeah million Hal honor. Oh lord god you gotta show me this I didn't see it. Like I is on the ballot voter and a slide following on coming over there aren't I tell you I probably shouldn't just pull out my photos one OK all I didn't enjoy second courtesy rule. Can you never know with a photo on somebody's mom personal phone. You could be thrown through some stuff that may be meant to be private. For their eyes only and that has happened. Season. That little Turkey is so cute almighty god. God bless her and then a little float is that a floating what is that she has her at her jacket on Jesus. Class and it's on the chair again with big Gilligan oh lord god. I'm the dog this dog needs an NC Graham on page I think you know she needs some let me add another page to another deer and thousand million. All in this one look at this is this is the fourth of July she's got a little. Uncle Sam hat on and she's got to keep or like a Bandana around her neck and it's all red white and blue that is ridiculously awesome it was fun because she's a patient she is really squeezes Alito faced. Those bush. Ate cake all my god could she teach them that yes almighty god that's crazy we had a dog he birthday cake for her yeah yeah. Have to and there are a lot of people that listened to the lunch regardless of love animals both dearly and I love them we have you have to show them the bird dedicate it. Pictures how both pitchers those are cool that's more out. She's just troubled look on a deck trait they're like oh god please nobody touched me ominously for 55 million hours so much what a sweetie. I lover and she's doing good right just quick update and some good good good she's doing great. Herbert it was June 3 and because she was not feeling well prior to surgery we waited until the fourth of July and celebrate to get the whole thing got home on T so La. Awesome so I taught me about your Kenny Chesney Xperia we have so much as near as old running around everywhere we were in two different spots. App essentially north side so. There was a lot of coordination so Matt Emily myself Steele is on vacation the chosen to help we all had to kind of run in between these two stages. Brandon League on up there almighty god. New dude out in country music like just killed it and Kenny took a year off so the year before last like we get a good crowd out there were in the same spot. But this year people we got the message out is people new to get there early and get their Kenny Chesney wolf pre fund gone. Moment that place was packed Deanna you couldn't you couldn't get it and how I mean it was just ridiculous. That was good that was really good there was no beer spilled. At that deal yeah. I so what did you think when I walked out what did you think when you saw I thought it was a moron. I'm like wait a minute. So she's ten and she's well that's Johnson she's really here. No eight. Yeah I hear all the help that quickly I have like a little bit of like oh god we were like Haiti leader he can be at this like thinking you know she's so sweet shall say oh I want to you but I'm on vacation. T yeah. She showed up until like oh god no she's she's can only waste a vacation but. You'll love this and you love being a part of it and we had people out in the front so if you're familiar with central link. On the north side which is basically the entrance okay for nobody wants to be anywhere else but right there that's the entrance yes a spot. So opt out front in front of the gates read it scanned we have like a stage with a sound system and Healy like let's just. We had some people that were like you know listen we talked about this new podcast before yes she's got some videos which is. Ridiculously cool. You got to show as we met some talented people. But sometimes people are timid. As we talked about the Seattle freeze we talked about. I. Can't even do. Want to get wound up. All I got there and have a good time we wound did we wound I mean not that we wound them up Rachel McQuay yeah at this video and she sent it to me on Sunday morning she goes here's something to make you giggle dearly this guy I think except you left. And sing and she thinks my tractor sexy to this guy and the students full on dance and he's like formally moonwalk in brake late. Oh look at obviously he's delighting folks you know that like he upon glide yeah us yes this news and after we got so much stuff to share on by just. Don't try to get him off the stage to thank you all know you all go and is it taking your odd scent at any oh yeah under not I don't. She our hearts are just a nice vibrant. So the folks that were there because there have been a good time which is did you got to do a gentleman that was kind of bashful kind of shiny had a big huge cowboy hat I remember that. Hillary looks similar or collect you know you don't judge a book by its cover button every human being kind of does. And so he gets on schedule like we don't laugh I looked at the end we don't know what's gonna happen. This dude belted out you had me from a low and like sleigh. He's dead full and Slade I think once he was from mean imply I wanna eat I can't remember. It was beaten bill Dayton bill home. You start with a couple people from Portland came up and like. Oh my god you guys had like a talent show going on it that the it was like the coolest in the Muslim that you got people to do it. We've tried to do that Portland we try to do that Spokane we try to do that Yakima wa we try to do this where we can't get into doing lesson well. We had a secret weapon and the like why don't you. And these people is to weigh in need to console line dance Davidson ahead and sing and actually might don't I I literally we were doing the point you were like point out of Chesney Kansan and at what she called. Was it the depth or what I always just say get on base they get on down oh my god we had so much film that like people. We're talking about that inside mechanic got to spend just as quick sniff at a time in the sand bar and there are like they're like get. Talking about you're a member of the yeah. It was so much fun it was so much fun and people I love these just shows deserves they're they're really excited and they're they're so happy lake. There's no frowning face in the whole bunch and I love that just wanted to be there are one it's yet there it was hiding this and number one wanted to see yeah I got a big dog. I got I got a like a big squeeze like it was bells adrenaline was gonna look. You know all we're really right now well and I got lots of photo I don't know there was no money Miller was greeted. And it was never need to get my photo at times and that was a lot of pent up plus. I was there because I wanted to see the listeners I do not want people brown one at my found on where are you where you deal right here. Well Matt Freeman hospital Nova Scotia. That was fun that was so funny did you go did you go inside and experience and the in a move the fun and the craziness Thomas rent was off the chart we didn't gas and he. Seahawk cope while playing. And it was so hot autumn like dude what are you doing but. He represented the seahawk colors it was so cool. And I'm thinking oh my god how those little details like you know any with a C hockey helmet on I mean they didn't. Call Garth Brooks great. And when he came here no no I mean these feuds yucky it was a little colder but still. It's just neat how they need the infuse some mostly Kenny has supreme meeting as a kick us. Don't forget where your act in Seattle's let's Seattle this thing up Brian and it's so immediately to see them all. You know Washington aside a little bit like I just with all that stuff aside about school yet he brings the party only god knows how to do it you put you posted a photo on I think it was either in through them or Twitter bowl. Where he's either had done this let's or is on his knees how he acts and you were like what did you call that you call this morning you Colin the dignity any. After to lower what was it Kenny afterglow yeah real quick how to failed miceli did dude looks like he just he's got an Elvis pose Gillen. Honestly I just given it did on his laid back I mean that's some yoga stuff right there at advance a level. Like wow you really can't be limber to do that continue to be what I try to do that it would hurt herself looks math. We never recover from now are you kidding me off. We got to release other alleged failure to. You doing some serious she or won't he must be in man the EU looked amazingly like tan and like rested thanks Kenny. I think he's just and that permanent state that dude it was. It totally tan and like just totally chill was pretty cool and a little weird like this is for people that love the Seattle Washington. And I bet you guys I've heard of the issue company Brooks they're very comfortable like running issues that were built and designed in Seattle. Just homeboy not to mention the CIA CLC document francs up the Seahawks Jersey that he wore he has Brooks she was on. Made is all headed no I was like food. Like she just won't listen these are the bench use that wherever that god made the shoes. These are my favorite she's mean general Mike is he just seemed to hold a lead late means that applicant wishes to meet the tails and he's so into rightly talking about Thomas Rex. I'm talking about Kenny and Thomas read Thomas Wright had done a Jersey and Kenny was where and the Brooks had the crux of the shoes on man he was totally like love and it and he didn't spilling beer on him I hate. I didn't do and I was so nervous and wanted to bring that up that's not common so getting 86 and has. Are you didn't. And you learn. And it didn't go read thank you I'd look I was I was. I was breathing heavy is like. Don't stop honest he's very short holes they about a. Just shut up I believe they elected back I man eater I was like I'm just an instant amnesty in the back corner and hopefully Allen he worms its way around and he finds it. You know he's not to let anybody get out of the way of what is Kenny Chesney so that's pretty cool. What do you want to give a little shout out to Gordon little and I hope your girlfriend Cheri because they won tickets from. It's Friday they wanna from me. And yes that's how I had tickets to the shout out I decided to show up he didn't go. No he he and Sherry are on baby watch oh congratulations. East that is still like she's been in late Friday Saturday oh my god no bless her heart holy Molly so maybe still not here but Gordon and broke me. And are okay and you're on vacation but I just want to let you know we're on my niece's baby watch and we can't use those tickets and use them if you know somebody that can use them. And I looked at John and he's like now. Of course he could use some became a member using this anti would you he was like. No and no Canada and oh no we never tells me now tried elated she's like okay. I sit just a little bit honey let's go. And it was nice it was only got inside and got a beer and and we sit in the serenade just enjoying it we had great seats so thank you Gordon. Gordon is a rock star and I gonna tell you so somehow magically. Magically very quickly magically. We had a pair of floor seats like sandbar so that someone. It didn't claim or whatever self. Mac comes out in the front and you know their people that want buying that we're at Seahawks and we had met somebody that didn't have tickets she huge fan. Listens to launch party her name is kinda wanna screw some discernible and L lake Lucille some really cool all the time named Lucy. Nine something like that and she was like 27 years old with her husband rather they just love and a little rain what's collar Loretta yeah. For now glory she was old news ETF half. It is we nail it down. It would've been just had a baby and this is their only like daily to do something so mammogram but we're watching their baby so they can go to the Mariners game. The marriage game got out G. As before Chesney so there was so much track so many people down a good got a mighty so anyway. They're like there there lanky now you know seen all our names like I love the wolf blob of others having a blast in Matt. Asked the question of course because he's a dork thing deceiving not have tickets to the Chesney took. Everything's came on and every you know kind of comes in there and does this woman really puts her hand of the she's so short link. Five foot 15 foot two and eighty app by 88 nobody around every S tickets. And so we magically made these floor seats happened she started drying. Oh my god and husband that. What can end like oh stop it and like she was so happy and all it was Jesse did right honorary get a quick photo we hugged honor but there was so much going on there was no time. Oprah notes. There was just no doubt it was so great and it was Sony but we all got a hug Emily under early two which just. Those kind of things where somebody didn't have a chance to go that listens to us all the time so cool so cool. That is what I feel good story sorry for air and I know what the hell I think we nailed and those with her she's so Sweden. And -- on -- to you know wrap it up on a nice note I know that as a did not absolutely lucky. Guardian here's the lake it was a lunch party without you for a week locals took over the controls folks don't even know had answers I would know how to turn this on so I'll have to get over last week it's good that I didn't. Does it probably wouldn't let me back in the building and dealing with not had a month party so. And.