Lunch Party: Whacky, Shocking, & Unbelievable Watershed '18 Moments

Monday, August 6th

If it went down at #Watershed2018, we probably saw it! DeeLee & Wingo's Lunch Party relive the whacky, the crazy, and ALL of the moments we'll never forget from the biggest country music festival of the year; Watershed! 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. At home we are for a lot of headway on the illegal party was on. On month hiatus but were like on remote and it watershed you sound like you were doing it. I can hear your voice girl I was dead that you got something you until I standards of the in nineteen. Oh my god did you survive did you have fun. You gotta give me the lowdown you were there every single day of watershed plus. Bonus you there on Thursday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. It's a week that's apple week I think basically am a shredder. You are shredder here's your shredded you're stranded at a totally have been shredded in a good way. Yeah but we there all three days six hours hosting the lie idea to take it all ended. Giving away backs he's passes for the wolf huge huge fund with that that was way cool means as you're there early you use odd before all that set up solid. Creation of watershed like happened before anybody got in there. You have to have some of your best moments. Some of may be questionable moments some things you maybe it will never unseat that are burned in your retina and what did you say Edgar burned into my face. I should Gramm might letter got to share some of the stuff what like comes to mind that just. Literally caught your attention I I saw some of the videos I I don't wanna leads you down the wrong pat you tell me well there's two things at me that her previous things that I solved watershed. And the first to begins with a grown man. That's when I was think in enemy in teeny sought no shoes no shame no no shame in all this mean. On your video I was like almighty god to Kurds that this man had. Why hole and he was working. Because we had dance competitions and we did the day it's competition like you if you've been to the Seattle Mariners game we did that we would dance with schools that we would draw now a type of dance like drop it like it's hot it's C hammer. Well this guy got working. He guy working could got to do and I'm gonna tell you something not is it weird late this admin and said. He had moves I don't know if it was with the Kurds that was inspiring I don't know if you were you egging him on if it was the music or everything all at once but dispute. Had moods I hadn't seen. On Amanda that's ice. Ever in my life. To Larry's about him is that he was really hairy I thought for a moment I might seem big fly in and being at waters had. On. It was the best thing and we're seeing it live on FaceBook you guys you wanna go search Seattle but it's there and heat it. Yeah he did I mean he represented everything that. At any one of of that statue would be afraid to do and had no fear and no fear whatsoever. Were there any motivational things that you should get him to move and do with what releasing this man to animal bluntly what I was saying hey would you like to shake it to go backstage to meet Blake Shelton. For those words. Exit in your mouth I'd that he was already doing and he was. People were so excited just to. Get out there Indians in front of people and be exhibition has yet if you're wearing all you're wearing at watershed as a grown man is a man Keeney and that is it no shoes no shame. Then you're ready to shake your fun stuff for anybody and everybody that comes by you don't care for your when he backs these passes or not I mean you know that old saying about. I got drunk and all the sudden I was waltzing across the day is Lauren I would I'd freak in won that contest that happened a lot watershed. Script you guys that didn't make a chance to to get out to watershed. Do you Lee had this set up man I put my feet on this deal you had I don't know how many square feet of dance floor that was brought in out there you had a sound system it's an agreement lights I mean just like you brought your dance studio. Out to watershed it was perfect for this wasn't like somebody could you know stepped wrong. In like you know some sort dirt and in and Grassley permanently kill himself I mean this was would you tell you. But this too but the moves he was pulled it off if he was in the dirt he would have slipped and with some then. And next thing you know he would have been in the hospital like his arm dangling off of his body or something like that this was cool the senate you have described as well I'm blown away. He got it and it is basically like a line gazing party right. And we were right by where they have the foam party. Right was that off to decider that was a strictly back just directly behind us and so it was right off the main drag there when you enter a watershed and I'm not good at square footage but I would lose huge I would imagine it was probably 15102000. Square feet. Of dance floor and this was solid stuff see you felt I think you know with you guys being a positive excited everybody's jacked out of their minds having fun. And then they actually stepped on that thing a little. American hurt myself this was Greek as you can do is move around it was so cool I was born lamb like. What is this I'm like poking out it think in this is some kind of foam finger it's like a wooden. Dance floor that you brought out which is so cool my park anyway. Yeah nice and then your girls were just having a blast and you stick your front step up I tried I tried as much as I could mean I'm AG did did a majority of that it's a pro. The mine was like you looked like wounded I had a look like some sort of wounded animal in the wild that was trying to lake limped back to is like. Little Caver some them and us trying to flail a little. See if you would have been there at the right time with you could've got those backs is pass. Are you can't our faces off. So you saw Harry do you you've got to was there. Was was that like a high point for you or now what was was was there anything else that was a little. Mind boggling other than you seem so squad shake it for backstage to hack right it's so when we first got to watershed on Friday. We we called it walking up to the top of the mountain because if you've ever been Aaliyah. Two watershed in your at the entrance of and you have to walk back to general standard campaign. You know that it's a little bit of a hike that's a hike man that's a serious like most people like myself. You probably don't need is the will get on the shuttle right. But that doesn't take you you know general and you just have to keep going what did you how do you giggle just keep just keep walking keep blocking what we're trying to find some wolf shatters ya in particular Jessica handed Tiffany who had just completely. Wolf down their entire campground. So we've been mocking sense I don't know last Tuesday. Look at. Don't think this is is if he's never been the watershed I think it is probably his biggest Tacoma it's just the square footage of Tacoma. And the stage is that the south and in the camping is that the north and I mean. You know what this could have. Now why I think you know I have a theory about this I think that they put it so far away because when given the watershed it's not. Like you're gonna happily mignon and it's not like you're going to have best salads have made and planet earth. You're gonna have like awesome fair food like my steeply and amp chicken fingers. You're gonna come yeah French Fries you're gonna have tacos so 814 dollar course life. Coors lights besides your face and that that the king and his massive so they think OK well these accounts you all these calories do all the stuff. What five months off and. He when he gets a little turned around and comes spend another 39 dollars on chicken fingers and her. I think genius and it tastes good this isn't bad stuff either and this is like you Obama and you know she this is gourmet free yet. Deanna told a story about Taylor Swift in the chicken nuggets backstage and all that. This square meat chicken and as he's just take pride in what they cook out there and there was barbecue so that's my theory I think that it's so far away so. They just they can get more hungry and thirsty. Well we definitely Wear when we got to the top of that mountain and I started seeing some really crazy stuff but there's one particular herbalist in the I think he de he. Well there was one inning and I'm still a bit mystified by and I thought maybe you could help explain mean. Yeah because we saw this girl she was probably about 2223 years old on and she adds. A very tall girls who was discounted tiny itty bitty itty bitty little girl and you know. You've seen a beer bong yes oh yes you know Bierbauer has like a big hose on it sure we'll she has still got that gearbox all the way to you know the bottom of the hose and she's got the hose like banned apps are now she's holding it yet she's got it she's got it can dump soil so the beer one escape. Yeah okay and she's walking and were thinking OK with she's gonna. To that shirt or gonna do the beer bong or get some folks to do you belong with their and it's all going to be in extravagant party right. However she was heading somewhere that you don't necessarily Gil with a beer ball well this where I get really horrified and maybe could help explain some. I doubt it but I'll try okay. So goes. This is really bad call sink its race yourself play for what's about to come out of everyone's mouth. Guys are part of the tour. And K okay Dili just walk everybody through now remember this is that this is a cute little little girl itty bitty girl. And she's got a beer bong she's got it tied up so none of that freshness. Fresh Coors Light or are escaping right this should be in sell British. She goes right to deport pot if you think yourself okay. Well. You don't. You know use recycle reuse recycle your pictures of why would you go took a lot. There that's gonna be able to you. I think she was she's in good days and I think that she was so excited that she was managing this massive. Hair ball it was tied off. I don't think should look she's oh I think she knew exactly where she was going and what she was going in their four and I had to ask my girlfriend I was like why it's. Is she dealing. His cousin my girlfriends are on the yet humorous irony younger than me I mean maybe I'm old school like hey we did that college I didn't view their bonds but we still outside we were never in impart upon it or opera or meets you know whatever wit to the bathroom with nothing loaded with delicious. Awesome cold Coors Light you didn't do the. And I'm still trying to make calculations in my brain there's only like a case of she's not gonna do rink yet now. What she was she going to recycle. Was she lowering heat recently she really does increase when she Gannett was she gonna hook up some elaborate hosed so everybody that pop out of that thing to get a little. Little cycle of that amazing how light it's rich it's going in a different I think you know maybe not top that moral bottom. Oh good lord. We warn you when you were listening to this. We warned you that maybe there was a little bit of reverse engineering and put the quotes her reverse. So I could she's invented a new way to do. Well you know these kids they eat tied tides are what does that you know and they think they're gummy bears and whatnot they did they put plastic around their necks and tried as he gave themselves a mean of course I why did they go into a Porta potty and tickets beer bottle and put it where that well. Oh. I think that was what was going down my brain trying to be insane as they could not all she's not doing now. All the sweet woman know what are you know no you're wrong way you should appointed her them the opposite direction like this is not where this goes is done and no self. That might have been a low point of watershed or the beginning of a point but it was witnessed in. Oh my god I insisted explain the craziness that goes on out there like it is yeah pine. These people are so happy. 222 beater just have a blast. So you and I went to big rig camping. Tom before that I went out to. Premiere a little bit past premiere which can take the shuttle and and you gotta lock. And all you probably gonna walk about 55 or ten minutes. And a legacy if averaged ten feet right I want you back. You have no ID number one class yesterday you think that set and I was gonna explain dialogue he. I logged 21000. Steps on Sunday in a week ago are you kidding me I want 2347087. So out there there are line means to get on the bus right so everybody is hot sticky dissuaded they got. Some girls have to make up on in the state three this is I'm just talking about Sunday night to stop this smeared you know deals stuff Chapman right there. They're cooking their own juices and whatnot they do their literally sweating and some. And I could smell it too small lake suites are killing chords like ever. It's a final exodus their attitude. They all come. Upbeat and happy and the wind so I went out looking for people. In a witness stand in line the line was probably 85200. People deep. No complaints they're saying and they were laughed and we're talking about who was on the stage next we're just having a blast and I was waiting for someone to go all Mike dot. This line is can kill me like it would double the buses Korea get a one time. Not thinking on the bus is legal back it's such a cool thing to see everybody so jacked up and so excited to for country music and to get together and how to blast and be safe in drinking not to drive anywhere it's just a cool by IB now ankle all love it watershed all love all eleven catcher mis club cores that can attribute to him so let dirt. I'm still confident dust from the desert out there on my god it's it's so beautiful as you you've digger you know OK what's gonna be similar if if you're new to the area. Similar to Seattle temperatures not at all that's Phoenix Arizona over there almost I mean. And we love you this past weekend because Seattle got a little rain and I think that helped that westerly push of that cold airless and immediately to meet your. Wondered everything your idol this hour. But I was paying it is easier because last year was like a hundred and find out there and were dancing everyday all day long so it was the first day it was around 85 Williams. So that's beautiful you know and then the second day was like nine Ian and then third day was almost 95 I think. Now I was a little over one is which is so fun coming into waters hadn't seen you guys you know when acumen on Sunday early about noon. I didn't notice maybe you can correct this but you dance floor and everything going on where their fans was for some to blow when you. We did not only fans now nothing and that was one of the things that I imagine we love being there at that yeah live nation for having an irregular anymore house we really appreciated Tony and she invited us back for next. Bonus so watershed 2019 look out oh my god that was one thing. We were supposed to having tickets yeah so next year round like Amy please that's gonna go on the list yet. Found the last couple of fans' pleas of uncommitted big block of ice deposits and on. Yet. All those engines could engines are Golan. On the list are going at you like I don't know if she's write it down right now folks so here's going to be got two blocks device that would be awesome and you just sit on the and cool your jet a little bit while you know you when you ball worked up and Dolan. So is the craziest thing and it that you saw no I share. I got to pull you aside and like Dili she's busy she's two and you illegal these people these dance team does so intricate. It was hurting my brain watching everything that you were like running around doing it's awesome. It's such a good job and like got to come with me. And we got to just go roam around and you're like yeah. Get out of all of let's get so it's so Dili is who is our social media some font IC is the bond her official titles like captain but some on. You like a where have all the social media aspects were out there were armed whether their phones. We're walking around looking for people who are. Showing us the wolf Friday or look at for what setters photos of backstage passes hash tag won't shutters and how to blast and as we walker away were weaving her way through one of the campsite. We stopped kind of buy on. You know the port putts and you'll like. I gotta go badly he too. So give me a second too skinny second and Mike are you give me a second. Itself we had a sack we come out and there's this guy. There's is dude who as the biggest smile on his base is it's actually we had we we will we mentioned everybody's so happy to be their but he was like an entrepreneur newer though this desist. Yeah has so go oh yes I also brought. So we get out and I'd look at is sign which is like a rickety sign. Tikrit but I would sign you know how they work it out on the street here in jail. Is this cat's a page out of these other these deeds. Down on the streets here in Seattle so it said. Toilet seat cover and no one dollar. Or beer question mark. What should. Like I like we've talked about like you know when you're out campsite into the port parties which one vs a great job making sure there are plenty of those things. Most. To sit on I used to that now. Used to especially when he got people fill in a beer bonds and roll and in their so this cat it was Marty had literally d.s. Seat covers. And he was willing to see you. Heard dollar. And here I thought I had to stop we got a picture that we stuck in an effort to him. Bomb we Margarita was the first one to comment OMG. She said and I'm like you know he's got inside of the rock and the dispute I didn't get a chance to ask him to that was kind of freaked out. And how much money and or beater this guy made but what a brilliant idea anyways Q Tucson citizen Carlos. And that I got a story got one quick story for you and I think I captured it. On them. On video and some on instrument FaceBook but we're also as we've in the way these people I am so much from the campsite. This dude and I don't know how to describe this other than being an god bless America banana boat Hammack. Underwear strap that he has. The. This. Guy and it'll air using underwear strap just got no clothes on. Really zeroed right in on what was happening and some was going on in these people were having a blast that kiddie pool. And I swear to god in the clock that would barely cover the palm of your canyon and barely. God bless America he had read lighten who he had starts right. Everything was packed in that models. Were in there everything all the wobbly at everything. At a course in awesome Dili fashioned she's like. It picture that's like what's going on right here can you please explain this to me as I please get this on video and then. I decided that his name was captain watershed and. And I think that the idea was Roman and the can't think you'll have to law. And he was sticking a finger you know Blake points to himself on and on on the voice yes he was pointing and in the nether region where. What order he was supporting this. Underwear strap I don't know what a banana. And I am called listening what it was a wonder to behold for most women it attracted every woman. That was in the area and he was working that the it was funny that was probably one of those goofy moments that that was pretty cool. It also is really great was right after that when we got to you find. What was the lady's name she was from we gave the backstage passes to integrate campaign now there would Peterson's. That's what I know Peterson's Andy were so freaking she's happy Hillary out like when she saw us. She literally she's. She's not yeah. And you you've rolled out yet she was like Turkey sandwiches and this woman. You can hear how do you leave she was rock and at watershed and in your voice you know it's it's your your Emma shatter your Fedor right at this lady had. You know of extremists green and she was she was a deductible that most people don't hit normally she was so excited and just gyrate and moments but I doubt it was soaker she. Com and should hardly any threads of clothing and unlikely. Things get a break loose here it's gonna go bad were on video right now. And she just kept it together and she was so excited her whole Fam of the Peterson's lost there marbles if I mean. Freaked out it's like we all campaign design it's all an extra ram and FaceBook to be searched Seattle wolf. He literally hand painted our red white and blue. Wolf I'm logo logo and they did it on it was all on the side of their camp was huge it was massive it was the biggest thing up and it was so neat and you're like. You'll like you wanna go backstage. Ticket even makes sense you could even speak regularly. And then you hitter with OK we will now is your choice is Nicole swindle her as a Brad Paisley. His interpreter. And it ended there to tell us why she's had. Watershed speak like what season. And he and I after that. Just there's just so excited in the did such a great job Jonas the rule so all of our wall scatters everybody props big hugs Q you guys were so great all three days Friday Saturday and Sunday you know Matt annaly Ali did a very salutary we're out there on Saturday out. You know you spearheaded and I got to stop this for 12 and wanna get all crazy and weird that time I give the only conference that we stop it. You just twisted my arm my Lilly I don't want to what you literally what was so neat and you were asking me. You know its economy to park was you were asking me what was your highlight and what was so cool is this is what I love about him an emblem ever since I've met her. Like you are so into what you love doing in sight of this to Lebanon radio. Probably close to and it's him on a time and and they've told me that I have a little bit of energy rate and to unite have a little. And you come out there and you like take be deemed too like another level. Crucial sided yourself happy to do this yourself fund yourself positive you did all of this dancing on your own. No ask you to go to do that you hooked up with the watershed people. And nearly giving up your time name. And it's all too big make people happy and to make people excited to begin in the vibe of watershed. And the weave the wall fan I just think it's so cool that you that it's sort of neat that you. You you give all your time by the way folks this is Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday that she laughed. And went and did all this if she got her whole team of cancers out there'd be threes. And just need to do that you do is you keep everybody into the party. You love begin excited and I know you look at me funny and well they I am I doing things that thank you wince at the moment I step in the watershed. It wasn't. 3040 seconds I side yulia Gaby big hug it's just like electric power pellet. I've got huddle and did. It's that the level raises Blake and percent it was so cool and I'm just glad you're there and we had so much fun and I really think it's such a great job you're just so into this. Think. I be suing added I was so excited when he showed up in and came to hang with us I'm delighted to ten at the wolf tent. And for me it's just like to have fun I like so people to have fun. And one of the things that I'd like to mention is it which was also one of my favorite moment at watershed. Happened at the house for we stayed in some land I don't telling message from throw down artist yes Aaron Crawford. I am doing a show in Idaho and to be coming back through some land on Sunday can I do a pop up show. Would you guys be interested in coming now explain it to the folks who listen to the podcast like pop Utley what does that mean leading he did shows up and it's a pop up so there doesn't come see us and yeah be apart of it and so he shows up and I get all of my B three to come to the house -- were staying with have this huge sports at school and the video is live on FaceBook at Seattle while he can watch an air Crawford came in played Wii DS with him. And didn't that was acoustic and in he set up like attend. And eSATA all of his gear and he sort of plain for everybody and it became like this massive sun land block party almighty god is our schools are great do. He's an unbelievable cat in fact that you're able to like catch all you can watch all this if you're searching and looking on FaceBook an instrument Twitter to search Seattle but. Doing that kind of stuff like in the moment that's what gets every applicant enhancement. For watershed and for all of our wolf shatters the hash tag will considers you wanna see some of the moments were talking about search the hash tag. Wall shatters right oh my god you. Look what that result is so cool. So witness and you're like our good will find the mandatory fun ambassador element. It's release we ran out where you know island EC one of the things he said to me. That water said that all you know since you gave me a compliment I have to dial back at you just because this used to can't just take called Mae and love and like I did it. Edges they would that she's got a legs spread the love again here well you May Day when he said island coming award because they get sick where we do you think is gonna present time you make it so much fun and right. Even if you're traveling out there and you know guys like we have the best job in the world this is job public that we we don't do this right. And it's neat when you get two jobs that are location like were out about each so welcoming and happy you won people like bill. Fun no one has got a frown on their face of a blast and I love. I love that he's now before we wrap up today we have to you share. About how you act. Though watershed decided to slap the bag all good god why did you do that first of all do it was it was poor judgment. It was horrible totally just taken the plastic bag out of they wind box yes and so they have this ticket they're holding the bag and it looks like theirs you're in inside of it. So forcefully now wants to take your little hole off that so little boys are running around and they're like listen dude you've got a slap to. Economic we talk about league we're looking at this easily the Aggies holding up this bag. It did not look like wind like Dili said on this day and look like a bag of. You're of course you put your mouth on surgery again it's a slap the bat is like take all of my. A lot of the local. Wouldn't. Oh and I looked to dealers that streak since. As they hit that taste has not left my back I'll try. I went back I even days hand sanitizing stations I thought about cigar ruling that stuff. So watershed failed that was probably something I should not done so when somebody says slap the bag and take a poll politely say. No no. And some right on the way down to it's like do's and don'ts for watershed for we get next year might have teacher may just remind myself just politely because of trying to have a nice time. And god knows what liquid they're trying to share with you. Politely refuse insane and. Don't take a poll I'm glad to survive bag as I thought we need to good during governor that they mean you're gonna hear repeatedly while he's going to be out. Get a fight given that campground somewhere they're really I'll bring that down. I goma got to find thirteen Mickey Mouse and cotton candy from a do you start non and you better. Please also butted Al. So much fun it is a lot of good moments are awesome hash tag wolf shatters you got to see some of these experiences that they can snap the shot of the bag it was corporate. I'm just glad you're here today I'm glad you made I if anybody had a reason to clips it pollen. She added. It was you and miss this moment with our I don't. And it never out moron still had a blast the levee to death you were you made my watershed moments so good so good. Is it for fun island BT Wayne Atlanta party how.