Lunch Party Winds Up Wingo Over Naked Solstice Parade & Sugarland

Monday, June 4th

Jump into the Lunch Party with us where we Wind Up Wingo over the naked bicyclists who participate it Seattle's Solstice Parade! DeeLee also shares about her Boot Boogie Babes filled dance weekend, and Wingnut loses it over Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland's return to Seattle! 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. Can hear me now unfortunately I didn't and on topic you can hear me now. We live here me I guess we're live. And Ted you Bob are totally. I was in my. Mimi Mimi Mimi Seth. Texas Tech tech tech and they hear constantly. Testing testing okay. I don't think I was aimed at odds he's. Still on us if Sylmar secrets I elite all like a magician the on on TV you know Xeon actually do it. Well I brought you assume prize oh god. Last week folks if you were listening I got one of the most amazing different salads ever it tasted great the chicken. Was and how they get big Q8 I shouldn't ever said anything after you typically people will come back he that was really good thing I feel like you walk daddy your Internet yeah. It's not now let me just explain that that came in eight giant Mason jar so I didn't get the chance to you know and maybe share with anybody. Yeah I know you have someone on the too high that it actually air food. Meet when it comes this way I know any. Every now and then I will share you know some doughnuts and whatnot with you know in the community donut. A special gift to me that you know I don't eat donuts anymore. I am proud to say I'm OK and and it lost six pounds. And the reason my eggs out because is because they don't eat donuts any more we can't. Mr. Bush and the way she says no so that's probably a good thing so tell you what I'm eating up ready to exempt ride he was he broke good and what is actually I'm gonna show it to you but you can't have it okay finds the surety set the rules out. God is like playing checkers and like you can't make this move and yet make that move OK so it's a kale salad oh boy and it's made it with a very healthy just oil and women dressing and a little bit Indies on mastered in the dressing just to give its apparently smell. Now as an eye opener out. I looked beautiful it's got grilled chicken on it. And and on this is really high 32 minute okay back. She is okay is okay but I put just a couple little crumbles of blue cheese. You gotta have tease tease makes everything in house and I don't eat it very often but jeez and here's a little bit happily they're too so it it looks really cool at it it has a lot of color to it. And and like you're saying with the blue tees I think she's makes Cahill awesome. She's a prime making me she makes any odds and yeah Italy for the six loans why now. Believe that you feel like her and she used if you can. I doubt it's totally different this is sort of the vein me I can tell a difference around my chin area you know how when you start gaining weight is her getting the terror doubled and don't just kind of piles in grade and so I feel it there and then also feel it in my waistline really see when he's like when you were swinging at her and on Friday to implement not. You were selling eleven actor amount of velocity and force. I. Maybe I was a pick. Ideally it's again it's on get what I would end. Feeling healthy and I feel like I learned that I definitely am more confident on the dance floor and it. Also it's all going well and that's awesome news it's going really well in the. I don't know let's talk to batter weekends and it never gonna get into some really and kind of some crazy old neighbor stories on the lunch party today we got to get to that I've got I've got one or two when I lived in Texas again going and I am well now Leah I'm glad I went on Saturdays but over the weekend at what did you get into I I got into her relaxation and a lot of edges I took. Can you believe this and I know you don't do this which I still don't know how you function. I took two. Now it's hidden. Title now goes I know you've never heard of it I don't know how your battery doesn't recharge deeply that's impossible. Telling me just nap in the middle of the day yes. Crashed and it does take maybe an average of two the kind of calm. You know dull the senses. At acted say and then on the couch and just like sleeping like full blown. Rotor tiller snore like. That's happening and that felt so good and sometimes you wake up and elect a groggy but. Own man I need to get in the habit of napping how do you nap so the first the first time I was looking at the clock it was only like two hours. But when snapper to let an hour on Sunday. Pressed. On why it took a nap I would I went to napping time three. I didn't wake up till nine. I felt good. Let me let me slaves of the tearing your good let me explain something. That is not called Knapp is aptly called it going down for the night. And I it's. Much I get every night. The trade that he has more energy I finally met some in the universe that is more energy than me however. Dili never now ups. Ever. This is here I do get an app it's more like ten minutes. Until until I just tell my body OK I'm going to sit down in this spot right here. And I'm going to turn on the food or heard much and is gonna lame I had back for a second and I'm not going to do with. Tell myself that this is not okay and I literally sit in one place for a few minutes that's like meditation and picked up to now. Maybe is a little bit of that yes you have a couple of a couple of those strong beverages in just. Now only an app lets Iowa and do and I sometimes you gotta just charge you get of recharged up that tree. You know I did get to recharge my batteries this weekend and I did it through my girlfriend about it is there's nothing like a little girl time and with like minded women because early Friday night we put on our annual Deanna Lee dean Lance loop instructors workshop. You tell me about this front it's a big deal it was really big deal and it was a lot of fun we do it it Finney rich communities and that's where we Ret studio time it's a beautiful studio all hardwood floors and these beautiful wall to wall mirrors a loss you can see each other what if you went into the studio I am so it's right to tell my classes. And so I brought in all of the girls who wanted to move up in my organization and cool so girls who wanna become DS instructors and dance assistance. And we began to train them and get them certified do they get nervous. You know I think. They probably do but we have like an icebreaker game that we play you know well this mistake on nine Camilla this is does this involve a little bit of adult beverage. Aren't you we not drinking I don't magnet does and how one little shot. Gotten rocked. This wasn't what are counting but I Wheatley a lot of fun so it was a game I think you what I should play this apologies he's maybe had the wolf pack played this game. What is it first literally it is for a pig ever think that gave a heads up where you. You'd take the wording you put it on your forehead ya can't see it yes everybody else has to guess it bright bright. So are everybody else has to give you clues and so you have to guess as to what it is right exactly so we played dance how do you get to stick on for a 20 it's usually you have Calderon at -- gotta gotta -- and again but it's up is where you draw. IDF Smith okay -- and then we play a song for you and and you got to act out the move on your team has to guest. What is that dance and all of my guy and the best one that I thought nobody would ever get and they totally nailed at her name is Deion and she has a French Bulldog named Lola also waiting yet she's I don't girls she's adorable. And she got. Pork getting stuck. In the garbage disposal and you got audience that she had did dancing and the girl and she did it and the girls nailed it I'm never thought we. All that's hot that's possible. Mission Impossible dance the dance moves at. So good lord so it's funny we loosened everybody up at school Ed another one that was really funny it was grandma busted a move out so you know Bethany is like an old barely got a bad back and I'll listen in Gary's. And. Some of that box lying granted you lives. We have loosened up that's cool it's important Dervis right is like. I can imagine there's a lot they wanna get to the next level and they wanna impress their peers and look at the EU and I. The lights are on a like a god you know economy what do whiskers a mile per toward an ankle I don't know via your enemy and so that's it we've all been together we all rehearsed together every single week for two hours and we have events that we do together and we have two events coming up this month actually that will probably see some if you add it a little into the lunch party come at tightest. Will be at the solstice parade as a result of bright. As can be naked. Think Obama's also sprayed it doesn't take that all you hear her naked naked naked snake. That's why they haven't I think it's awesome so he'll be out there Danson captain Fremont crate on Saturday June 16 how cool is that the the parade starts at 1 PM and correct me if I'm wrong because I've been a couple of these but doesn't the solstice parade start in that area and go all the way downtown or is that the twilight and I Alec him confused so the solstice parade is in Fremont as got OK that just goes down the Fremont street and in the Fremont avenue and all that right in the main street and prima protect its 34 yes right through there and then it comes right by in front of the Fremont bridge right and then turns and goes down right along the lake. Writing in there are so real beautiful area and 250000. People come to this parade east Eden and all like I. That's crazy and this will be our fifth year to be involved how cool now are you. Do you know like about where your hat in the crater you middle beginning and how does that how does that all go or somewhere around the middle but it I feel like our first Jerry think we were the very last. People eight re all. Like as we've been involved every year and we donate more and more to the Fremont arts council tool we get moved up I'm like. A little more this year. So if people are in the neighborhood they live around there in the green Laker wherever else are right maybe even north gate and all that. What like where's a good spot like camp out and seeds here in May be through Candiotti if that's okay or whatever the heck beat a anywhere along that parade that was okay. Yes it's you wanna get their early yeah yeah and what's great about it is that after the parade is over Fremont just turns into this wonderful. Just. At a pub crawl really block party link lock goes crazy guy it's super fine that's awesome a great things that we do with the duke boogie babes is that week. We create a DS party in this draws its that you interact with the crowd to Ethiopian people out of a deal and began some of them and all that's when we get everybody involved we like the grand everybody implemented the streets and get a dancing with us. And we're just right in the country music. It's amazing how many people in Seattle would Els say you know on the Mike. Australian dollar. The criminal holiday there this now do you have any special communal waiting like. Are the costumes can be tailored to some different this year would be an all anything like that that really good question going up because at the solstice parade you can not where logos at all so we cannot have a sign that says boo rebates on that we can't we can tell people who are harsher. So it's really about community. And it's about bringing people together and it's about raising money yes Fremont arts. Council and get naked put the body and on your well. Joseph. Folks that believe in the bee Epstein should beat. In some body painting group but he's made stopping and post your wing that was to be let you know god and that grand Marshal describes. Seattle would shut down and no one would move back to this in Manhattan but I'll start taking donations all Google find me for will get ready for next year. I'll be taken request would be all kinds of days or even it'd OK so next year I get am and hold you to this who do you wanna be painted as you block not. Listen listen I would would that be hot and what's that you can be sure act counties. Ultra may be getting pain what I wanna do you guys meet any dirty track. You know what the the whole place I five north and south who probably shut down. Down like we probably tell our viewers Shrek the plays that you're gonna get it done you guys you have no idea I will I'll trying to at the Helm of this and work this out well that you're gonna have to speak with my husband first because he told me. Okay Deanna Lee. Yeah I painted you are not allowed to. In the free muscles parade until you retire from India coach. Smart. OK so we we we moved to Italy out of the equation and we can after the movie babes and decent there. I could be at artistry on my neck pain I don't I'll bring like when them on your brushes I'll be ready you're just putting get it those are defined I would art piece that. I'm an RT I won't listen and it it will be professional okay this woman where blindfold albeit. I think people don't. Let them but. That's going to be. Fun done thus also Brady is is after the three month rate I do believe they're they're really close together correct. And that's the limits in downtown and that. Like sweeps through all of downtown and I remember. When I lived down in this area there was that all sort of happened the same time it's a lot of fun it's Super Bowl city comes out gives a great good news. In the Seattle frees you always hear about nobody makes eye contact and I don't like to talk to you. Now for like one day. That whole thing just goes in the gutter it's super fun and what what we do is we get everybody together my house has I live a block from the Fremont bridge yes he's a nice spot we squeezed like 3040 people adults who are five hitter not a tax cut it's a blast. And have a couple the deadly cocktail. That would do little pre Fong candidly we girl out and then we washed out of the parade we do to pray that we come back. Literally after dancing three miles a year industry supreme into probably boots on concrete which blisters I lose five pounds in that prayed every year I'm not kidding so I gonna ask this is a big big big question. Then will Dixie bill. Maybe be at this parade may be. You know we heard in order ray imaging we've had her in the parade before but right gallon Dixie is Ellen Chilean and progressing and it. And she got a daughter known. As just. It just so cute and I have no idea if you have a chance to meet her. She's just a little Turkey she smells like corn chips got a thing. Chips and corn sir when you're saying that it's like I've never I I I could never put that smell tool word and to eat at the same thing he has got that they all got that corn chips milk does a day if they just can't help they get cute and she is just a sweet heart I just love that little girl. And little ears alert portal years the dog is just cute I hope she gets better thank you I appreciate that she's doing yet delicate lots of lots of good wishes for her and then so that was I was hanging out with girls on Friday and then on Saturday I got to do the coolest thing would you do I love it. When I can jump on a fairy. Go to Bremerton and all of that that's like the country pocket that nobody really like all of the guys and girls who live over on the side of town. You know there's a lot of folks. Over their Bremerton the bases over there to applicants on its beautiful area if you. And it was doing it now with a lot of navy people because one of my group of debate turning his Bethany she's also one of my league dance instructor she was integral add add very important part. Of helping us launched a boot camp in Bremerton school that has been wildly successful idea it's been so successful we expanded into Gig Harbor. Our parents and students will take the Bremerton that camp and they'll take the book Dick Gig Harbor that can't now go back and forth and I images and a lot of it is because of Bethany. And this skill level and just her. Wonderful beautiful attitude and personality she's just people love her she has her groupies as we call that's cool sounds like she wants to be painted in that sort. For an am just guessing in and out it. So she's married and navy cheese and they are getting. Bree. Assigned oh yeah yes in Charleston, South Carolina oceans don't. Yeah she's going away well maybe you can expand it and your whole deal will be in Charleston too bright so that's all I say they're sweet about this all she's built this wonderful community here. Of dancers on. Westside us again Bremerton. And in Kitsap county numb and so she sad to be leaving that I told her I said you know what in my radio career at moved around a lot we view that and each time that I moved around I always built a dear community with me because they'll have to do it to try to do on an instructor and teacher it's what I do. It's a it's time leaving those people it was sad but it was also bittersweet note that. When I went to another town that I was gonna start the same thing over again I always love to build those to its communities and people love country music in Charleston and our guy you love that crap out of that. All they will love her while boob you babes multi stage yet empires screwing him high school. Global take out that he's going global everybody deal he's going global that's the golf crazy eleven I love it also and then. You know we we hung out over there and there were so many wolf listeners sat at the clouds in Bremerton yep yep yet people on the spot. You're ever the Kitsap redneck county crew. I'm trying to remember I'm trying to place this so it was the first time that it worked at the wall and the Kitsap county rednecks and they used to call appear all the time. The phones yes yes they would call they were act watershed and they travel in a big huge pack. Oh yes OK I was able crazy and they just had a blast and by Sunday they just smelled like beer. And corn chips. Hang in Allah every that's the way there and we're paying it back all of it and it was just cool I love those people's eyes solvent to them that's also on Saturday night I hope I don't know sponsors Lee and then united. Come back on the ferry that there was no now. On the fair I did I actually. We know is I was. Is anybody any like hey I got drew what your faith is trying to get out get out. Here. Interview to get yourself out of here at eight. So yes so I won't Akamai has that was really sweetie came and picked me up nights at at the terminal to ferret from moment it is it related she got to catch that figure out you. Few 1150. Or you'll become a part of that little island community over the divorce what to back yeah. You know Nolan wants to swim that thing or you gotta drive all the way around so the parents are cool. There is commander and that's not been cool and many other bids that we're gonna be apart. Coming up this month the spur festival a part of per festival heavier band I've not been of the super festival when are you gonna put spurs on your bootsy geyser. To jingle jingle you let me tell you the name came from zone Martin house is the guy. That designed and built to spur festival cool this is his brainchild and the reason why he calls at the spur festival is because he is a treat locker. Oh yeah I have climbs trees that are he literally cut the trees down by hand with these big sought to lower pretty you know incredible that's intense work right now he is he New York. Pacific northwest through in the room while wherein. Veers well and trees top and I'm like mountain man but he's a man he had been got a Janet thick beard maybe. Now I actually ladies he's real clear how these clean cut okay services. This is one of those dudes that puts on on the spurs built like a brick you know 1000 lines up on the trees and just. Thompson and all that sort of stuff that's wild so we just music festival together because he loves country music yes and he thinks that we have amazing country music here in the Pacific northwest agreed he's huge fans of people like Aaron Crawford Miley made up Miller Campbell asked. So he left school he'd put together Marlon james' band he put together a festival where all of his friends could come together and enjoy this cascade country music for a weekend is first thing like that heater none in others not and I bet you they had some amazing food there they do hello all. I'm in my mind just went. It is nothing that this country other than you know great country music. Amazing food and something awesome to drinking and mean well and Tito's hand made by a head as I sponsors this year past now so they're excited to be apart of the festival. And we love it when Tito's is there because they're a sponsor of the group rebates absolutely and that we love Tito's and everything that they you know they helps so much in the community they have. They have their fingers in so many different nonprofits as it's it's exciting to see them expand to a festival like the spur festival which is good to get up on the north ended Gary yes it's good for their business and make an innocent. Should stay. He does him and I can polish Spanish solutions solutions. At the big coming up on it 100 point seven the wolf this week yeah out. You noted what is it like this that I I was just in Tito's and made vodka lands sorry my brain went foggy and maybe it's wing net is going to be on the radio today and put and end the leap year on the radio today for God's sake. I'm trying to think he of course I'll guide that you know I saw a bunch of I saw a bunch of social media. With Jennifer Nettles and Kristian bush from Sugar Land big huge circle and show. That's going to be happening and the neat thing is. Everything is at its key or at the Tacoma adult right Dili where is this going to be show where sinners it. Holliday holds on holiday I just about every single year great spot kind of in a different location it's gonna be awesome. And correct me if I'm wrong they have not been together for. Learn. Because they were kind of taken a break and they're doing so and pleasant and we're trying to I'm trying to figure out I don't know if it was eight Elvis for I had sort between eight. And five I think streamlining and a 1008 right and there are some that this you didn't hate each other. They didn't break up ages wanted to go do their own soul stuff right and on when they're together there's not often. Those guys are so talented so what it is I love Jennifer Nettles solo music retail just didn't really break through yeah and the way that I think she probably had hoped and wanted it how you and we always want. Female acts to like be totally smashed through in country music writer for some reason you know the men outnumber the women in the music it is. It just gives it is what it is so everybody's pulling for her but her music was so good we had her a while back at the hard rock cafe and she performed for like. A 12550. People that's it that's all we allowed him write such a great job and answer questions and she's just so dynamic she's personable she is she's like a real person and you see her and she's all balled up the balls cutters in on state are you not see her one on one. She's just like your everyday girl like the girl next door and you can just have any kind of conversation you want with her I think an almighty god country would probably take over the voice this ever happened but Blake Shelton as a judge. And Jennifer Nettles as a judge against the that to Yahoo!'s it would be so fun to watch I've always wanted to see her hosts of the B she's so good at bats so. Think it's great about your Lang getting back together for me isn't there news on day but oh yeah that features Taylor Swift it was written by Taylor's brands like Taylor XBLA and exclusively for them right and it sounds like the old sugar land and it has that guy yeah we likes to film mice yeah I think that's why this music is breaking through for them there's just something about. Kristen Nash and that Jennifer net yes together Sugar Land that we just all melts we're like OK we we love it went in every song that they did you know back in the game was just there was like like you said there was different spin on it. And it just fits those two like they fit like a glove stuck like liquor just via you know why did they unstick themselves they forgot they shouldn't remain stock. God I think I might it's weeded a couple of years ago I'm like Jennifer Nettles Christian. Give back to gather stick yourself back to get a read it's you're gonna drain itself. Was my doing I don't know it adds a negative and there and I doubt it answers an easier they're listening they're so good they're so and she's got a voice. That's like powerful like Carrie Underwood yet. Control and fine and you can hear the country. Spilling out of her like it's just country music an enemy and I love it I really love. And allowed watcher if you check your social media not over this past week and I believe she was in. I think she was in Michigan don't hold this against him which who went red Katie oh lord she is up. That's Superman had landed. Can't do. The arena that that she was comes look at Agilent is some kind of instrumental with a just stuck in honor I know she is ready can't slow it mandates he was saying it was like I. I watch the full two and a half minute video that was on her deal. And I watched it again upon watched two or three more times I looked amazing I feel like this is the part of the lowest party where we wind up wearing a looked amazing it was hard to take a nap after watching that she's so talented look so good. Not. Two minutes of your life yeah yeah yeah. How did two or three it was so. Get clean and does K look. Perfect I Cristian was in there somewhere thing and maybe you know they have camera with the camera was on her and it was just great to. Can't wait and hope you were on its weak today. I hope you Wear that red K. You better have that red tape on when you come to Washington girl come out and where will have the police standing by. He'll out. It looks great. Obviously but I tell you that he was also married and has a nice little baby and yes but there's a look there's a wild wing that our eye or god that woman. All the way back all my god gorgeous she's aptly gorgeous and the talent matches up with absolute beauty there. Looking again can conduct and I mean. At a similar rate is left Honolulu or on chiefs. Running around studio ever okay. And he some water. I listened to the lunch party today spine and listening and. Every week jumping in here and I also got to give a special shout out I almost forgot but I'm we have a very special listener named Margarita. And it was she's been in a couple of our invention comes everything and she's huge wolf fan huge tea leaf fan huge morning wolfpack fan. Huge country music huge country huge Old Dominion thing oh my god this woman travels. Everywhere is he Old Dominion so my joke is we have shelled. I like we just had on a couple folks it's still creek you know he always good Old Dominion but he won't come see to. And to now of course she takes she she's and everything which is great again that was my goal and she brought us cookies the least so I know you can't have. But I'll sit here and eat him and for any American snip outlet to sniff what I've that he's going now I got to my desk and she even made a nice little bags been out to the picture will maybe put it up on the on the on the bloggers like that but thank you. Margaret you're so sweet and she listens to the lunch party podcast. She loves it cause she's amazed at that lamenting gut not I don't know where she finds time out I call her on FaceBook and she's constantly making something amazing for her family and I might have an ankle missed in the bag. She was cooking cookies should make baking cookies over the weekend she all these things and she was all these pictures unlike my god this looks delicious she goes. I'll bring you some of it. It ATP and an almighty god I know he's delivered to the let's party she knows what your hands are. He does own Margaret thank you so much we love you to death of Levy Levy Levy Levy we do and they bring it out that's. I. Get out okay goodbye it. You know you let me all right but by now. Into.