Lunch Party: Wingnut Surprised DeeLee at Solstice Dressed as Chewbacca!

Monday, June 18th

Get into the Lunch Party! This week Wingnut surprises DeeLee at the Solstice Parade dressed as Chewbacca! Wingnut shares his "Epic Father's Day Fail", plus we talk about about one of DeeLee's favorite weekends of the year with camping and live music at The Spur Festival. 

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The following program is presented for entertainment purposes only the people portrayed on this podcaster real and the best of our knowledge sane but bullet you be the judge. Live from the Pacific northwest in the best city in the world Seattle. It's Dili and we goes to lunch car. Are an opening. They gobbled up body paint. Bowling night I'm kidding we're going to be talking about the solstice parade all the fun we had this past weekend on in the alleged party today were also gonna get into your home and epic Father's Day say all the worst ever got to hear about that and then also we definitely wanna get into you look. The spurs to burst of alcohol Darington. That is kind of I'm super excited as one of my favorite weekends of the year yeah. But I want it thank you so much wing nine out for showing up to the Fremont solstice parade. Right now folks she's holding up her phone and if you remember I in the last launch party episode she said you got to show up. And maybe to cost him of choice wouldn't track and I don't know if it was mere unit said she bock or something like that today and dare I am a Pete will put this picture. On the podcast but guess what Cordelia I need this is she mocked up. Stop uphold what is your bucket you've got a lot of cool stuff on T you got all kinds of beach he's got some the space galactic glasses. I mean this do you say. Decked out this is totally Fremont. Totally solstice so think of that all it was the what do you think we are lined up for the pro rated. Ed if you had asked me where you gonna be elaborate now for five years running. We have been pretty much the back to the parades normally you would tell you about and I'm like hey you get up there are grown. And I don't know if the Fremont solstice parade if the Fremont arts council heard the lunch party pod cast may be because I know that they were following it on social media and commenting and Syria to their page they were awesome so I think I heard is talking about down yes so Howell and maybe with a donation that we made. Got moved to the front you'll look at booze isn't. That's our that would give back there but that's cool if you look at the very front so wearing the very fried and we are pretty forthright after that naked bicycle riders which is why you freak out so bad now does parade almighty god have mercy. And so while this stuff. Out standing there waiting for the parade to start one of my boob put eBay says. It. And. She should explaining and then this picture is literally this is so good we'll put this up there and a cheap he got a picture of them yeah. I mean that's pretty cool we stopped and everything we were doing and I had to go get a picture with you when nine can your two bucket cost him. It. I would literally this is crazy this is so good you know what that is not something that you just slipped into. Preparation and time that is dedication that's that is somebody who owns the whole two block of things immunize school and I was very impressed with you when I. Because I knew and I think he really does love me I had like a sneaky and don't let anyone tell anybody but their was income boom right in the parade I was like I'm not gonna scare anybody but this might freak everyone out. And that is it's your height two minute video to block a cousin it. I couldn't. Bigger arc it did this guy right here I got this as a president proposals as Britain. It's a college so it's all you want it's it's in the eye of the beholder technically it really is I mean yeah that's pretty cool see you got big foot them. Hand bandages oh my god bigfoot. You have big foot the end dates yes. Oh my god it was given to me the president we have the Roman highly she's one of the group of eBay and I can't she gave me some really cool presents but this one right here I was just like I've got to bring their calls that are so awesome to showing that all my god and you know they made those that's crazy I literally how Alex went. Open this up. She listens to bless birdie tears that school big crop you even knowing in finding that somebody buys. Like that I have no idea but I'm telling you right now wrinkle. It's just three tries inside oh god it's like it like mr. boxes some what are bigfoot to. It was he'd be a little eating many bigfoot but at the that's pretty cool so I just thought I would tell you something that happened at the solstice parade at a very easy and it was a secret my husband was in on and on nobody knew what really threw me OK except for my husband and Bethany and her husband Jeff now I told you that we're losing her they're being reassigned he's at navy sub cheese right and he's getting reassigned to Charleston so. We said divided and we had a going away party try and there were hugs and they were steer players in the home when your all whole thing. And in so. We were all getting ready at my Condo for the solstice parade and all the studying in walks Bethany with Jeff. And we thought that they had lastly they had already gotten in their car and left the Dana Ford Motor Charleston right and here she watched him like a ghost. He goes just snuck up on you. Didn't say like. Camera screaming out. At all it was so great survivor there. They kept it from you to make a big surprise exactly they kept it from everyone apology the only people had to do was my husband John it was an honest and those GOP's good and say what he's like a ball he. Good organizer that thank you probably keep the secret for and the burden news yeah that's it. John one up que me an awesome. He's on dead. It's you what is of one of the girls we have two ladies who come to those also sprayed every year either one of are two girls right Julio and so what. It Caylee and laurel I believe laurel is the one that makes it okay call it salad. Salad and in them you eat this. All yes with the four OK what is salads and I have a lot of salad this year obviously because you're 3010 right but it sounds healthy but I did have a right okay so you got explained so salad it takes about 24 hours to make it but it takes a gummy bears. Oh my god I'm already I'm already in yes. This already sounds Alicia is in and you pour like a bottle of Tito's vodka are tough. Yeah dad. Oh look this club and I'll bring it. Over here as and then you're not doing and you let it set overnight and knows gummy bears is an all that happy with that Tito's vodka. The sound so good and then the next day she brings it to the solstice party a blood dubbed up and eaten some and that is so awesome. That is a really good night up so did you limit yourself to just maybe one or two little salad I had one guide you rarely get in. And I've watched your run here and I'm very night I bring the food party sometimes if you might not. I can't let me be good I had I don't that would you like my final and it's I'm I'm having like donut grief. About this I'm I'm I'm I'm literally like upset but it's cool good for you. I am I gonna rate discounts of gummy bears. Hang on gummy bears it's really on typical ya I can recipe how you gotta sit I want to get a sense. Let this soak it up amid the longer it's it's the better again it's half and they left some salad with me and yet. Because we have disperse festival this weekend see you prepared so that stuff can sit all week and by the time you get. You know to disperse those are gonna be new killer holy cow. Almost I. I don't deny EOK in preparation for the weekend I'm gonna do it tonight inhabits it in the fridge. Oh my god I think I just figured out my weakened if they don't happen. Awesome and then you can just tell your significant other. Have a salad and editing dealt there's no problems here mean I know that she likes you to eat healthy but fat. The other early or salad is is is the epitome of health I think that's probably the reason yeah the elder god did it does say hey baby I'm just eaten some salad just. We are not doing there isn't. Wait no let's talk about your epic Father's Day fail what happens so. I'd to set this up properly com Friday you know every is talking about Father's Day weekend you know we had a really cool thing omni Brian the ultimate dad. We gave women Brian tickets all weekend long and it was great every single ARIAD a chance to win so. In talking about this om I saw one of those kind of factual statistics type things where. 35% of the adults remember Mother's Day it's just happens right we just remember we plan for it we get a card we get some of the nice. And we follow through and give mom. The deserved guessed right it would be even higher than that because my Thursdays at two brings up the big deal yeah I mean months hello we we we only are we love you it. Yeah I market investing in the world but the other side of the statistic poured dad out of out of that big group only four or 5% remember. I. Say out loud so on the air I'm talking about all afternoon and I I'm like don't forget dad I don't BS statistic. Some pounding over and over and over. And 10 ideal I go get this fancy card drawn up you know bomb was all over the place kind of hard to and oh you around and around and really meaning double crazy at a my leave it right. My dad called remote he thought I was really cool card you open it up there's like two little strings this monkey is finally dangling as you open up prequel right. So just like a week and a half of the funds part. So like I get off filled out I have this I have you know postage on their and I put it on French. And even had posted. On it although I did you stick it on the pretty well so I because of Fred's Greg know a lot right oh well as open an actress so that's where you know. You know things have to get done so. I'm looking at this card you know and I don't wanna be a statistic. And Sunday I go in the morning to grab something for breakfast. There's the card on the free. All weighing nags. So that and he brain. Thankfully I'm like oh god willing this Father's Day. Hang on how can mix for. So I immediately call him and take a picture in a modern technology on your phone I snapped the picture and I text him so he dad. And he'd fight the guy you're regarded as it is like this is great it's sealed I. Such an idiot I was my god. And arsenic column on opening night in night talk to a man and he's like that's okay like like all dads. Like. Like it's fine and I said but you know I like your dad Boyd is totally he's he's totally at ease toll that went for. But he was gonna get ready to go bunch the bunch aaron's on on that day so. I know that there is a bike shop he's really into bikes now what's really crazy. Very much in the motorcycles right that's what got mean demoted right Europe bit on cycles that always ride on the back of motorcycle with daddy always had a fuel bomb. So wasserman. As the evolution of dad has happened throughout the years bye bye go the motorcycles. And now it's. Peddle bikes. What I. My dad where see exactly the it was call adrenaline rush in that there is nine. Oh no offense to Matt McAlister who's a bike bicycle not playing didn't sell the equivalent. To the dad bought like you what from the mod that completely and like he's like you got BJ you know all the sort of stuff and I'm like yeah I mean it's just. It's to me horrifying and an elaborate listening who rides bikes it's great it's fantastic it's not quite sterling is riding a motorcycle self. There is a mortar there's a bike shop in Oregon where he lives and are open seven days a week so I quickly. Dial them up and I'm like hey. Can we please can I do some sort of gift certificate blob blob old gal and the and the guy kind of got on there because he was probably bombed because he had to work on Father's Day. Sort of and he's like what we can't just. Will we we can't just for my card and send it told a McDonnell how about is there any way for you to have like a credit so when he comes in. You don't his name and he does what how anybody can come in without committing a man was like I mean. God bless him I said listen I deal does mom yeah brain off on Thursday so I like I finally let out I don't listen I screwed up right I screwed up on Father's Day I'm not in the city. Can you pretty please help me and your your mom always told to lead with please I should've done at the beginning. I was like I got this money committed credit I wanna hit is now. My dad had screwed up right so anyway we got all figured out and he was so happy but yeah ethnic Father's Day. Here's the tingling nights we knew take a envelope and you put postage stamp on it yes this is where you walked to the mailbox. All it was so horrible I was so excited as a thumb is hard I I. I Blake embodied the early in my all he's really gonna love us because nowadays know what dads sometimes nothing impresses them he's got everything he eased. Nothing really like you know blows his mind right this is gonna make him smile. All this effort. Keen on Sunday into the kitchen and there's the cardinal. What I. Why me. Oh it was so does URE monkey brain Obama again on my argument yes Colleen now so it's all the heart is in the mail probably gonna get it on Wednesday so he'll have one hope not as good yeah. It didn't get to the mailbox it was just the but it can be about you know 72 slates are. So sisters showed up to add the for muscles as Fareed for me as to block out right to eat what do you want to go. And no we got to save them for you today Iran is located there and rest a little lower at least. In. And. You guys heard emily's. She bock it would sounded like. Somebody running over a cat on the radio was not so I love her but it's. Yeah Italy as a part of the morning wolf pack she isn't usually that goes way Joey Thelma gut anyway we'll sit she showed up to the pre muscle apparatus to block out what he did it come as for the spur festival TC put much pressure on me I don't know about it what you -- did you reduced practice time. This time I don't you. See what she does to me folks this is what she does it. This is what she does she wants to put green enemy and how mean mineral I do know what that paint our hang on you can do this yourself I don't know maybe maybe as maybe the cowboys. Oh odd maybe as other rodeo clown. Those guys have the hardest job on the planet does that mean you'll put on a pair cowboy boots I'm scared to her my feet are flat footed that we've been through this. I would love you because understand growing up to Montana. How bad I wanted to Wear cowboy boots and putting those on my my feet look like planks they look like you boards. And if you have flat feet oh my god the boot will kill you. Well so I use those little luck thing in the Bob's that you put in your shoes and help our arch now it's even worse. All home a little let's deformed. Don't at a club footman. When he bought well you're just is cute is to call me back. I'd like to diverted Clinton a big opponent. I I mean IIA would Latino against woolly yeah and then the bull Jason then yes you know these guys they're pretty much deer rebels they are complete. Lead the adrenaline thrill seeking daredevil amazing people I mean that is wild so Obama meaning of the cowboys again on those bulls that's another level but. Those huge keep them all safe might run at them. Makes maybe I signed up for the wrong thing maybe. Let's let's take what I'll think about it give back teapot that all right well we want you there is not nervous because it's gonna via a really great time it's on my favor weekends of the year explained to meet what you do. When you go to the spurs' fast so I actually taking Friday off. I know crazy it was yeah not bad yeah I mean I know I was at a meeting with drew the chaos last week an Eagles roster or do you got. You got next Friday how often like why me. I can totally forgive and working through blurry I don't pretty much a tough sell tickets Friday offered gonna get a camper we've rented it can learn my god because we are blamed for Sonny we do not care levers and you've got the salad we've already established. That we salad will be in the camper we've got the salad and we're not talk about that kind of salad folks if you I've missed that used union if I go back to begin in the podcast and an enemy as it. So we are going to be camping there from Friday Saturday and Sunday in that daring to end right it's called the dairy and blue grass. Music park okay and and it's right under a white horse mountain and there don't be notable river that kind of runs behind did so for all of us that are geographically challenged like myself. Can you split so from Seattle seem to where I Darington you take I five to go past Everett past Everett on and you go up to Arlington so I five north she's only you as a candidate yes so you go to Arlington which has about I don't know 45 minutes north yeah of Everett depending on traffic. Andy hang a right wing net hang a right to hang a right a go towards the Cascade Mountains coming and going back east got it OK go back he's about thirty minutes 35 minutes is down a little you know two lane little highway while you go past oh so. Okay where the mudslides life and all that happened though so strong right of those people there're always stop an always. You know just take a moment and you know just pay my respects. Mom and they asked that when you drive through here that you definitely you know keep your pace nice and slow it's sure to big thing there are you got told that area and then the next county come to you is daring to Darington okay at it when we say telling me that very loosely it's just so it's got one it's got one stop lighter one not even that there's not even if a blinking light blinking like there's no blinking blinking light oh my god instills a country store very old wood and I'm sure all kinds of stuff everything you need for campaign so then imagine mrs. Like at the they're gonna air air vents that are some kind of area there there's a beautiful music park there and it's like an amphitheater. Where stone has been built into the side of the mountain there on seating wow and then in front of it is just a grassy area with a huge massive stage I. Wow and so people like Taylor Lynn Rollins granddaughter right he's there. Austin jinx almighty god I sneak we have Austin jinx open. Totally cool and correct me if I'm wrong wasn't he on team. Lleyton. Yet as the voice look at that yeah really good and he's from Duvol how cool is that now almighty god. He's definitely an as an epic beard he does is get the epic red hair beard it's awesome. And he's phenomenal to complete the tar like. Are you know what riot is good right on ending disaster really nice guy to you know via now Taylor Lynn is pretty awesome too. She's got some stories I mean talk about family lineage and lineage or how we say that word I mean she's pretty amazing to. I love Palin onstage because she jazzed puts on at the funniest show it's like she's a comedian he is wild who knows how to sing really great and think its audience involved and she's always like as soon as she sees me. Goes grabs on yeah. That's exactly cause she's so funny she is awesome country to the bone yeah has its own country she is hilarious so she'd taken the girls out there and your role and yeah our definitely were opening for Austin jinx Saturday night cool. So what we do so we have like a special. Routine or a special thing going on or solely down like what like what he can do right so we bring our entire Deanna leading family the whole deal is what we college so we have to do pretty baby which is our premier like idiots team and we have to do girls which is our intermediate team. And we have our beginner team the most Arabs all of among one stage well he was it'll be the B series am. Performing and then it will also like what we need a little break it'll be about a 3045 minute show Malia and it's when your dancing on stage so he's a girls that he that we lots of movement. Absolutely we get the girls chants death. And take after Foreman a break and we'll bring in the duke girls and have them perform outsmarted them or bring and their checks with the group girls and have them do little something so. To get to be threes a little bit of a break and I've noticed by all the social media and everything else which looks fabulous. You guys always have these most the most amazing outfits like you got on like you guys it. You guys plan all it's like coordinated and it's cool so will there be special. Outfits or hurt or wide what's happening. Absolutely think it'd Tito's vodka they are the dogs they are our partner this year and last year they partnered with us and and they enabled us to apart gaming you know really kill performance gear let me tell you the gear is upgraded it to Hossa at actions Standley yes there's a Barkley very very noticeable very very very cool. So look at doing that and then of course we always like to end our show by a getting people out of the audience all this right up on stage with us interaction to dance with fast and we always teach like a funny easy danced to get a whole audience just you know round up and get everybody I bet they're ready for Austin jinx and and it's super fun and that's one of the reasons why Martin house he's a guy who puts the spur festival on his. You know he get he's likely love. Eat you ladies because you come in and you just bring that Carty that's cool you ladies go bananas in his have so much I can get everybody just all geared up and ready for a big concerts and all sparkly. Action going on people will be very much entertained Hampshire doesn't. A black fun and I'm just so grateful that my husband. He ghosts of course he does and he's awesome because of having a dance team you've got. Drums and there's there's microphones right there's monitors and there's all kinds of equipment on these damn good with that stuff well he knows how to hot to the people the sound people and all of them. Yeah when you called a technical stuff you know for for almost down to the sound and staging and all that. Right real good at that he knows how to help them and I speak their language and tell you how to strike the stage there ego. Because our first year there I don't know if he was with this or not I'm trying to remember anyway he just has a great great job of that because you've got to put it dance team there you've got to move microphones in and everything off the stage right so don't trip and fall and hurt some and I don't want anybody coming out of there with him up a lantern there for kind of a lot of anything is with him being able to do that. I'm sure those guys really appreciate seconds that's a lot extra stuff that they're set up for like you know a band playing so that's cool. Good job but all you bail while the death. I got a as an ally to die but he loves a cost you know what I paid him went it was you know we celebrate don't say not on the vibrant error. Will Allen. Don's going to be he's not on a dime he's going to be on the salad I did not have an epic Father's Day fails they'll well you know go ahead point I did mine was awful but I am so bad I mean I worst. In our family I mean my father passed several years ago but we still celebrate fathers' day with a time because he's an awesome father took a little Dixie bell course X eight cell hour. Grilled pretty much that the dust no way to meet wait a minute when him and hounded by the does was just. Rust is and what not this is old old. You know I got as high profile six years ago as one of those little tiny yeah it is we live in a tiny Condo or shorter tiny little saying I don't know it's just volatile part of Donna marsh Donna gone to their hardware store three or four different times but a little things on its try to make it work better he's crafty man television Bernanke keep something Golan it's John he I was sort of put the bold some ministers and on all that it does. As a as a baby why don't we for Father's Day when you pick out a girl that you really like this week he and you know all all get a trio all my guy so I get this tax the next today and he sent me a link. To the girl he wants on Amazon and I said Coco. I bet that thing looks like the Cadillac of all great but the soccer is so big you could barbecues to meet on their for the whole solstice parade. Going on haven't as he went big and he would admit. That is often. Is awesome now speaking of grills a cake is my dad's a lien this to. I did to John is heard and I had heard this. Those grills and our the big big green egg all right now we'll see you yes I did. Because you're so culinary amazing I knew I knew Unionist I had no clue idiot right. But like he's upgraded to that deal and my guess is ceramic and. He can cook all kinds of deals on the which is great those are really cool we don't evidence based and act out. I'm a big deal the one we got is twice as big as the one we used to have oh my god it's. Sort of NASA might get a nice. Message to pick out everybody does what for. You give my criteria even though Kate obviously Nissen says let's go at it. Now he went big and smarmy and John high fives through the microphone to you right now John and I were a great guy now I won't let me touch it uncle thought. That's his that's his corner of the universe right there and a man takes pride in that grill men love Zach grill. And keep keep it going like he did so it's great that he finally got an upgrade that's awesome you know Israel I gonna ask you very important questions as you know John. Is is is doggie daddy. And you have little Dixie. Did you at least girl her up a little yummy morsel and get it. It took her as she deserves it you got us a tour or I'll get kidnapped he was eaten zucchini with me yesterday all my W into the sport dogs and that day. She loves is akin to almighty god exists and get some T and she's accused toolbar and the starters were fresh blood and she when she's when she's weakening. This isn't the noises casino their faces are so squishy and so cute. When I met her she's such an adorable little girl just awesome yes he has. Her visit with the neurologist today. So we'll find out how her progress is going after her back surgery four weeks ago but it sounds like things have been going. Progressing really well she's making progress on steady snow and steady day Dickie bell on convicted coming out Dixie bell so get your battles all packed appear beer and what are your corn nuts whatever gonna bring disperse festival technique I don't see this weekend there. Are you are you can't berg Lampard. Look at a bowl depending on how on horrible I plan for something so if if there's not a lot sickening and I have to be camper in a sigh do you plan it's a whimper oh yeah all right I pray it away or do you look at for their. She snapped it. It would distract. I'll maybe just a disaster jinx don't parenting with him on the stage and before that kind of but to me red beard and some awesome glasses and may be Beasley drummer something like that be cool. Don't know about you that you are. A plumber by trade yes I thought I want to do that for a living so it's you do let it be. Hang on you saw we hope very popular Sweeney and adds a dig it bad voodoo daddies right. Not them those guys were great but there was a little itty bitty. Banned in Eugene Oregon and I got to banging on drums at them and the original title band was kind of not so PG thirteen OK so then they the they they took out the part that was bad and the just call that the daddy's. OK before hand it was a little of the money guy OK there are alternative phase that I had a final alternative rock is the gap. So did apple that was way early on I was one of like. 22 drummers but it was so much fun so I got to do that. Eleven and a part of DOS it is reliable it is so cool dad and you play the guitar. You know he's gonna get one of these days we're going to have the wolf band maybe we can talk about that the next. The next launch party the case alleging Matt play. Once again playing maybe like a spoke in entire country and we could completely controlled clips we've put some baseball card was trying to. That there what's really gonna play you do like to shakers seated shaker a bond or something fun and you know I don't know what she do you slow Joseph dale. Slowed you can tell us were we're the Beers that in lo -- W charged the refreshments he's the tour manager totally and he's with it Teaneck I would have a slightly not you probably have. Five dates booked for assault her I didn't have all booked solid and what about drew that's your biggest questionable I don't know that yet many skills. Schaub I don't. He's getting your. And so he probably just yell at us NTELOS none are reading that song again none of single Judas song do you that's not maybe the director. Of the beyond right we have to figure out some from the plane to sleep and as a based on him they're they're important that things plugged in the big long. Long John people each in the Far East yeah. We have dueling basins in. This simply fund a large party. Get back to where we can I don't want to own and here adapted their summer fun plus. I.