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Friday, April 13th

Friday April 13th, 2018


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Ruling welcome back to the podcast today is Friday April 13 it makes said Friday it has aired today. Generally you mention a couple times on the show impressively what is the name of not tryst addictive Kobe but you added a word to it. Toll Carol are you yeah. Jerry committed to memory allies like panoramic tryst detective focused. Anyway Friday the thirteenth the only heads up we have for the weekend is we hope that you can join us eight tonight and still creek. Got Eric Crawford an album release party is going to be a lot of fun. And tomorrow night we're going to be at PBR so come on by the wolf ten before you walk in the Tacoma dome we don't catch it there. We will be on stage all three of us saying hello to the crowd I imagine that point sounds overwhelming the B eight people are asked we might I use my front yeah. Areas on the air right we get to be an onstage announcer will be six people that are drinking beer getting warmed up for the bulls and come yeah the cumulative security thought we do appreciate the invitation put us up on stage is pretty cool. Murray a couple things that we didn't get a chance to talk to about emissary by the way I'm sicker hells yeah let me take on the court let me take this moment to you to applaud your ability to get through today that you're filling out yesterday. But by the singers Sherrie you can you in nobody out and notice I appreciate that it at I think in the first break in the mystical yet or Emily take your posture it was so particularly scratch here and talk and she's like here I got a whole Bangkok for us so thank you mammals are. All right so thank you for that jar appreciated them and who switch from day colon Michael and just sleep all day and all right so how many people you kiss before you find though one and and Amelie who's that directed you. As you are the single lone single human being on the show anymore. How many people do you think you have to kiss before you find the one likes those sales frog prince thing. I need two guessing they actually guessing it's not euphemism for anything all right no no no get yeah. Wow I. Had no idea how does. You are the quite it is you as a person. We knew kiss somebody that doesn't necessarily mean that you're gonna be shaken the sheets accused is totally get out I really not act OK this is some people that thank god for gonna make Adam's gonna go I know everything. Battling I just checking you know. I would say. Error and thirty at a high. Just grows that's nothing. Well according to a new study woman on average so you got to factor in Amish. Yes or men whatever in only kissed every and married them exactly it's 22. And men will kiss an average of 25. I like you might find those numbers it's a tad on the low side yeah probably factory in of people innocent there's high school sweethearts that you're never as anybody so. There's a wide Specter there but that I guess is maybe somewhere in the middle Tony to. As a party on my app prints. Apparently the two of those people to that I've heard you say and I think really intelligently that if you find him you find in the uniting and Mary just to be mayor now act exacts a Smart. Nobody thinks like that I didn't like oh yeah I gotta get married giver expects me to be a gamer gets that I got divorced. Certain sector dumb ancestor stupid SO look at now and being me you know you don't. Anyway long story they're so. Let's see the CD average age when you meet somebody gonna sell them in his 27. Your little bit over the Apatow I don't I think nowadays. But again I think that's factoring in the people that that the high school sweetheart yeah and the people in a city like where that area Jiri and also a text that. I think you're gonna do well Seattle because like they say with the tech industry booming here there are so many more single men and women and I think you got your taken literally darting among the got any do you do I mean this guy that you well this week his name is also Matt. She literally on the air that I will never go out with him again and he texted her and said. So you're saying there's a chance. I had yeah you got me on Arab what do you think I listen back to it was probably the coldest no I've ever heard. How did you even think there was a glimmer of hope on cheese desperate man desperate just in case matters listened to the podcast that's fictitious mettler gathering chorus nobody really had a chance rookie Dexter. As a so what do you say in here exactly. When you give me the hard now. Which is is. And I think it's gonna work out your favor is the older you are the better I think your chances of having a meaningful masri Ellis Hobbs. And any more at bats you. By the way. You have an average of five relationships that end badly before you find the right one sounds about right and yeah. Ya you'll be the one doing something in the three Obama blah blah blah they really break it down the very specifically. And Ellis threw on FaceBook is now the least trusted tech company by far Joseph this might fall more into your wheel house again it. And they're now all trying to figure how many people and actually deleted their accounts I think one thing right now if we didn't work at a radio station and FaceBook wasn't a big part of an how to. A plan I would have got I hate. It's our question to detailing what used to be even list. I just like what else is there to contrast how birds are coming I don't know you know that's a really good question. They're I don't know them okay hated company is Comcast but I I don't that also makes them the least trusted here's what I do you know 56% of people say that FaceBook is the least trusted of any tech companies especially now with the Cambridge analytic Abscam angle and all that. However the next closest only got 5%. That tells you how here FaceBook is at the moment. And that's Google which I don't get that because. I need to just get everyone uses it's a there's bound a people don't trust. May be now and it is the library and Google it is the same they're doing the exact same thing may be on a bigger extent like they are all they're doing is minding your data and selling it that's a bail out here and everything and we all of Amazon we love primal and ease of it but I guarantee that in the season. That we get excited when Amazon already knows what we wanna buy the we get mad when Google tells us right now we wanna. I'd that is a little creepy remission now before in fact I was looking around for some new cycling shoes the other day. And it popped up in my wife's just regular social media feed yep fishy Tex we always somebody looking prisoners cycling shoes are trying to keep down on the DL. Thanks a lot Google now. And as well on the face time writes 09% of people they figure now had deleted their FaceBook accounts. 9% Americans say a Deb about 70% of deleted FaceBook off their phone but haven't gotten rid of their count that's a big number. At 35% to city and keep their Campbell planning on using it less than before. I think people keep it just has some leaked photos are stored an aunt and it would take time to have. Mine all the photos turn here's. The idea you're not gonna if you're not gonna change anything take you birthday enough there. Don't don't checking in any place. And don't tell it like your phone number on their stuff like back and ask you to you just take on a personal information off and then you know just except that is it is what it is they're gonna know a little bit about me and that's just the way it yet the ease and convenience of our lives also opens us up to be bent over literally and and and you feel personally more than we have agreed to address me there's a reason or her service. Nobody's gonna literally bet you have her. And it is big guys give him the go ahead you want to take me behind what I do. He's your agreed on the to just bend over there counter him maybe Bob can make you in bids. No but you pretty much to give you credit card number out to anybody else like right now. I had one more thought but I lost it my brain is a work in a 100% they who have big Bob enemy over an area around like it is kids I don't. Take your Ferguson I had to do with me out. So they came out with a list of the ten most hipster cities in the world and guess what three of them are in the Pacific northwest root it out toyland Seattle sales number four which is pretty cool paint and you know we think that's kind of a neat thing even though and I'm not a hipster only downtown that would be slow Joseph but. It was cool and you live and have a major hub of the world has played full will I progress that he totally that fixed gear bikes scenes mustache is that any facts straight and on many. Number one was Brighton England. Portland Oregon was number two. They say they hit the city America I still have not been to Portland and I need their own account and keep it weird and Salt Lake City is number three shut the front door I didn't. I don't agree with iron off. How much time have you spent there a lot I've learned is there okay yeah yeah I always I fly in the Sierra Salt Lake and I'm like you can't buy beer on Sunday some non Italian. Not even more and there are a lot of mormons the parent lot that aren't Mormon and on and there'll aggressive then but now well they're more of the I must say back tier airs don't have people like that. Conservative. Like that no like eighteen and eyelashes. I'm blonde then that later assurance fairy tale Orange County at the very small town like. We need to we need people yet I have not seen Napster's asked analog and. Nobody in a real plan and so likes and no no hell no grey Canada that is not number five Lisbon Portugal. Number six Fort Lauderdale, Florida I strongly as any player all get hit you add that little list got a loses me here is an exterior Fort Lauderdale Miami and Orlando I was in Miami may be probably because that's a huge major awesome city. But Orlando unless there's like a whole Hispanic hits her passionately missed time we totally mistook them. And Dan and wrapping up Melissa that takes us a number eight in number nine is Helsinki Finland and can you guys guess the other city in Washington it's number ten. I don't as a shock you by congress is. Now Libya booted go look at the Sonia. Let me see then these it's the second biggest city in Washington State it is the second biggest city yet. That's not Tacoma no or Olympia. Him. Her now argue about the view and it's out of I guess for hamsters. Spoken. God I'm sorry our and you should know that Friday night the grandstand classic history and I thought I was thinking on the reserve that's the only reason I notice the second their city and Washington is easier question Barack. Booted go misspoken bush did I. That fourth. Heck pac man that's all I actually got those are the kind of three big cool things that we didn't really talk about him that we go on and on my throat is killing me that I'm I can't stand this any longer there needs to be perfect for her fans still treat tonight PBR tomorrow night's short of that everybody heavenly or anybody medical plans for the weekend it's not I'm a pretty much working on add their armor and and it's an ACMs and yeah all we have thank you mentally we're going to be live tweeting during NASA's follow assault on our Twitter accounts. You've got morning wolf am wouldn't EMU got slow Joseph wolf yup and you got. Morning wolf Matt hey I anyway so while will be there were also be on the Seattle wolf is two grams story doing some behind the sea legs. Yeah malice there what's up to alma Washington. If I recover and I feel good I got a bike race on Sunday so be driving to alma. And then back up for the ACMs I don't know if asked by good worst thing happened a push yourself but I feel like I'm an appeal better and we need to have a contingency plan. I just thought it what does he gets it I will always be well don't worry about that I can push through four hours of anything. OK I so you guys enjoy your weekend hope the weather clears up it is not supposed to till next week we love you receive back on Monday. Lap yeah by that was that was Iraq it's over. TWA it's very easy ones now the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister is not this is then you 100 point seven. It's the morning wolfpack Matt McAllister thank you for having us on your first thing in the morning and happy Friday the thirteenth Emily yeah is explosions while. That's not a scary and I know it now I decided it was scary thing if that footage it's it's. It's not dead yet and put a little bit of the ninth he doesn't know what it really says if they don't like this. Okay. They were joining really scary going on today happens to be in my throat apologies in advance of I don't know what sort of revenue or something you have government be doing the cough but a lot today that I get through I hope pushed through because it's free advice. Right and got that coming up in a few minutes or so but Mudd club 610 Morgan swearing Honeywell. Traffic forgot Jimmy John foods got the mood she is kid living at home and and the kids Phoebe join us in there and watch the missile that you would still. We could beat the street seventy and that's scary now. All right we need to Friday lead off caller thank you pick up the phone right now and give is abuzz 206421. Wolf looking for somebody with some energy somebody who's fired up ready to get us on base again to a 6421. Wolf. Shout out to Corey new Elmo also Melissa in cared for Conan be leadoff but first up was a leash who happens to be in my hood the quad it's CM EC happy Friday area. I don't really well and I'm sorry elite C a and I only see him slowly yeah defense overall slows you. It's gonna have to name on the goalie you use that. Eight and AO ES LA police yeah I like that I've actually never met anyone that team. Okay. Under it up then given me the evil. I'm giving amnesty guy symptom fearsome I don't like to some stupid to use maybe sound stupid. I'm stupid and I'm fighting you know. If I I've had the words as you do that my name drag out the less cloudy than that have to stay here if I were you ever tempted to just feel like I'm just gonna be Ian. Like un general when I was younger that's all I want it I have we hate it I am and then as I got older I don't mind it so much so only my friend Pollyanna out. It's almost Disney aspect anesthesia or something. Hey I hope they lately you simply can't wait slower dreary you know you won back here from sale process. One point back the useful to hire people who make you the smoke. That's right or wrong so what you saluting. So I organic cat they'd like I'm just a couple days that each would get quite clearly that and I have a pet service business that I owed. Well let's talk about the cut service is but is York cafe that you work at is that in Issaquah. No it's how how can got you so what do you prefer patsy you like dude dog walking in star. They had got blocking house sitting for any planning at all like you are working of course we're concentrating. Did you see our our horses that we got to go meet on based applied yesterday a little bit they're cute accent. I didn't but I don't work there. They had very huge wonderful company absolutely adore that actually got my question from them when he retired from the program. Able early delinquent loans or his friends saying now. Yeah I'd say little bit status but not my well. You don't need to do is get yourself a coffee mug for your pet service business he's senators the mud club move. Happily plug you wouldn't go farther with that nonsense. A lot of that he is everybody needs somebody good to take care of their animals and yes I don't know what it is here in the but man does for their pets here so. I absolutely great which we're pretty I mean I've I've got a pretty good pretty solid visits from that I would love that and it might get these guys. Please do give anybody that has very specific and sometimes to many requests the dog like okay. You know muddy over here gets prime rib at 10 AM a little filet mignon and left. That they lean on my clients are like that I swear external act and I got greedy is gay people don't either by their dog. One was that a little politics and if it was raining outside that area. Ended the half hour block so you have to carry it everywhere you go about your and then like I didn't doubt about it a lot to watch. He absolutely that we get they have ever had the best. Well listen and Lisa's been great talking to you we really treated to be a part of the show and we've got to play a song for you any ideas that you want your coming up next. Anything by George Strait would be one. Oh cool. How all the UN Lisa. I'm which are kind of love that outside George Strait and concert to my father laughed for 65 birthday one of the greatest guys reverend Haas he doesn't. He doesn't do anything but he's just magical I have been all right we are a unicorn that shoots fire and porn I variation but he's amazing I we're gonna do that come up the next day at least appreciate. Today's topic is definitely get ruffled some feathers we will read the email coming up next. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back but Alastair yeah. Nevermind. The meal whenever I had. Free advice Friday about a if you wanna ask a question you get the morning wolf back to weigh in on it mad at Seattle dot com email. This is from Jeff and DeMaurice says now work fifty plus hours a week in order to provide a life allows my wife to stay home when their one year old son. Before I continue reading the tea right now this is going to be divisive. As I can split our audience right down the middle and I imagine it's gonna cause a little bit of a ruckus. He says I'm writing to see it from being a jerk or if she is lacking in some areas. When I come home from work she's often sitting on the couch scrolling through FaceBook. With mounds of laundry piled up next to her waiting to be folded. Dinner is even a thought until I mentioned it in the whole house is a mess. I always figured having her stay at home as a mom she would care for our child and our home. Our child as well cared for but our home is another story and my way off here. Obviously morning wolf thanks we want and what you think right now to a 6421 wolf we can text 46150. Emily this is a conversation with a lot of layers in gray and anybody go yes but all in our all out here is the questions. Just keeping the house clean fall under the role of the stay at home parent and that can be to stay home momma to stay at home dad. If you had to get closer to a yes or two and know what would you say that it closer. I say now. Interest what I you. I would say yes. Without coming off like a big old jerk or whatever okay I would end up I can explain more as we get your opinion do morning wolf back right now 206421. Wolf let's hear from beyond their. Fred and in Marysville does keeping the house clean fall under the role of the stay at home parent that's the question for free advice Friday. Oh absolutely so I mean obviously it's the worst that could go anywhere in the extra money the house all. Shouldn't be expected to come home and also there's got there's got to be the next here now under that. Somebody else and now you know there's two great teams period that Orton makes money warned that the elsewhere template back. Do you think Brennan that the person to make some money should also contribute to the housework and that help out as much as they can't. I mean you mixed messages so yeah there's always gonna be you have to pick up too early nobody expects cleanup batter somebody. Mostly it's your team that there is gonna lie it so I'll send. There's Shaq gonna. Right so Brent and I think feel more similar than maybe Emily united because I'm very traditional and our roles and luckily I married to a woman who takes such great pride in our home she loves keeping our house clean and that's just her saying. However I contribute and help I washed dishes I watch that baby whatever I can do to help Al but she understands it like that's our sanctuary in she's in charge of it. OK but I nurse in she's a stay home or white but she does stay at home parents or her full time job is being up here wrecked. Not a housekeeper yeah and good to meet like his job is to make the money her job is to raise the child and then the tour should be 5050. OK so that's the question is keeping the house clean fall under that role of stay at home parent Greta we really appreciate your feedback Brothers. Appreciate everybody got a little girl and you demand bread and have a good weekend as seal. Its slopes are about that. Muscle he could I Texas 461 item I just got from in and caught dead yet she tell all day. A little laundry and dishes run vacuum doesn't take too long and isn't that hard Jessica's been home with five kids on spring break and her house is clean. Her husband's dinners always waiting to get home. Is one child who is. One and there's zero reason for a messy home to be normal occurrence and we don't scare her address because we're sending her the mom wife right the year you were not mean just that some see it if it's an occasional saying everyone needs a lazy day everyone's mom but yeah everyday no way too arrogant. Here's the number 206421 both or 461 fives here of your way on this free advice Friday. Welcome back to you free advice Friday we got the email just in the morning he's working fifty hours plus a week his wiped his home with their one year old is basically my life. I need just from them that I directed simply just got into. Yeah you gotta check yet chick basically he comes home. The child as well taking care for obviously the house is a disaster he's winner he's way off expecting her to do that's the question is morning wolf factors keeping the house clean. Fallen to the roles of these stay at home parent Chris still in Bremerton in your opinion on free advice Friday. Hi. I'm. You know so it's kind IC from all angles actually. Call it may be out is that where it. He did that can amount to wander on our but it every industry out is acting as at the here and tired and you know my thought it. Why not take that you don't loan and and say hey can I help me all the longer it. And take that bit and it's just talk about bailout but that you're doing things together. But my boys are what we both part but I how they are both sides of it I'd say I'll mom as bad still working and so. No we cut together. Rarely do did you get there early to watch it together and that's our times it just talk about art. And a double with all the work I say yeah sure it. Yeah I do about it and I really think that came out urged it does helpful. They're beating at the same time it doesn't take a lot of time to do the other dishes during the day or whatever he. He'd he doesn't say that she doesn't do. As you know laundry was sitting on the couch that I. Well he did say to about playing fair he did say the house the whole house is aimed mess. And it's one thing to like I'll say look I don't I really don't expect the NASA elect had dinner plans and I'll say did you plots and chickens electing grilled for a students. You know means a little bit of a thought I heard. And I think that means she says if he says can I help you I think that's great because it shows he's making pepper inch body to be aware of these situation and that's the best way to bring it up. I don't know I know none of us are doctors but I wonder could there be a postpartum depression. I don't know second last year I obviously don't have children my own that maybe there's more going on than just absolutely easy this. I think that's an awesome point what I. Crystal what I think we can all agree with him we can wrap it up for this I don't envy the position he's in because that is an awfully sensitive thing to bring up and not make your wife teach you replace. You don't need to share is taking care of that baby and that is hard in May and I know my wife their times or she wants to throw herself on the window. But man I don't envy his position but I think crystal you nailed it conversation needs to happen. Where he says look at trying to be in reasonable lives. How can we make this a little more productive you know I mean but boy I don't I don't Mandy and crystal have to bring that up to a full time stay at home mom who's probably going a little nutty like. Endless. I you know I am so let's are now on how would you feel if you were able working white the next thing about this area I'll stats like that aren't you absolutely. It's it's the senate are old. And you you know avoid that big blowout fight at all costs it just ruins your situation so. US and I'd Jeff and a Mormon rabbit of this nobody in this situation bro. But I think. Don't make your advice is probably the best to have a conversation. Asked if he can pitch in you know I mean start by being an ally instead of an enemy. Yeah absolutely I got a facsimile is gonna drop the Big Three stories of the day and it was hottest crispy as the heat of a thousand suns. Did the generic of the royal baby just never he acted on my gas up nice to seven minutes. This is the morning. Alistair only do 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. The yesterday we talked about weird these condos and it can. Did all the sudden social media blew up out people who are paying attention to what exactly thank you and Heinz company because they introduced a new product they're calling. Mayo Cha it's a kind DNA. Come mind at Heinz catch up and right now the only sold in that Middle Eastern east states like certain states. The US but they're saying they will indeed midwest. And middle. Because that he believes they're relics Syrian made K okay middle west and in the midwest they wrote it wrong or pirate Iran whatever else goes fly overstate just what ever sailed to thank you have to tip your format that is trying to help me Smart iron. So we have until Sunday to pass survey to see if the rest of rescued to try this may have chipped the U we need about 500000. Votes to get behind to start selling it. I just voted myself in fact I said yes because I think this is a great combo and actually make this on my cleat all the time I don't. Most people I mean nine I don't know about most people but I don't think it's unusual for some of the slap a little mail on their cheeseburger and also have cancer chronic. I think you're catch a person where your mail in ketchup not eighty dollar mail no catch but you don't among Mayo mustard. I like I come. Well can make him with a tee chapter outta the Europeans like just Mayo like on their French Fries yeah they would all man they'd give free you're right well if you don't Barrett he could do it on Heinz Twitter we will find out Sunday if they get the numbers right now more yes than no but exact numbers or are you. Funny is I'm such a control freak I don't think I like them controlling. The quantities of each I would like to mix my own mail intention the first sent into beef is that have to waive them both out to make sure they come in her marriage or act. I big music comes to the rule ill baby. You know Kate is about to give birth to baby number three baby watch has begun and sometime this month we'll Prince William might have just hinted that the gender he was at a soccer match in Aston Villa football club which is huge in. After outfielder Jack and I'm gonna say it's probably wrong gray list one of the soccer players that scored the winning goal Prince William said. I'm going into this debate he's called Jack. Orange yellow. Yes he tried to save about the horn Jackie but I think it's too late so as far as Vista looks like are gonna have another caller well maybe team cater to negatively. A team Kate. That's fifteen again like. I like her but I NT Kate Taylor and they're both kind of loss and she is my major progress I think the only person on its star struck and Kate Middleton walked in now. Over mega market over mega Mario Luigi rather party that. I would rather Iman I think Kate like yeah we don't wanna I don't train I guarantee you would have looked like earlier party on Vinatieri I think yeah carry out my hand. All right we can't go through the day without announcing that obviously it's Friday the thirteen. This is the first of huge Friday the thirteenth we'll have this year than excellent yeah. In October. So trust it though Guillen is the fear of the number thirteen. And just connect Adobe I think if Tristan. Just to connect with other popular in the Middle East and compare the decades I vote yes. You see that yeah there's evidently tried so yeah. Is the fear of a Friday the thirteenth and the teens seventeen and 21 million Americans have this spoke at any cost the economy 900 million dollars today. I know that people won't fly people won't dry. Gap also coming Friday the thirteenth obviously the dignity green ties there'd been twelve doesn't eat. Sweets you'd think there'd be thirteen right there's 'cause the thirteenth coming out last year and I hope. No one knows why. So I'm sure eventually. In the free ties on a twelve dad would be nice to see them actually rebooting itself might have to go home tonight just. Bundle Laden's last Friday the thirteenth Xena just taken the original DAS probably netting and scary anymore but I do it anyway all right coming up stay with us we got a mud club. We'll source somebody else and entail what we did yesterday. This is the morning wolf packs with the church after 100 points and the world now on the episode I know the. And before we swear somebody new into the mug club let's go ahead Emily and recap yesterday we had a mug club pit stop in Redmond at these little bit therapeutic riding center. How great were. Maybe I love every single person and company that joins our month club and this is cool special to eat. Because they focus on at Brian Baer PE and I've actually done aspirin therapy my dad passed when I was 1998. And I can do you normal therapist I knew I wouldn't tell the truth you know as a teenager would really share my feelings now. I did with a horse and just the interiors in the balls at a horse to bring down that you have no idea so what CD was amazing they're not only do you laying. The mental therapy but there are also big physical therapy with some amazing people out there and it is just as blown away by an established. Wells need to CU. Really comfortable in that element be that you know about it and you have been the recipient of what they do yes so is a natural bond and I really funnel. Add to meet meet the many. How healthy committee or see my shoelaces yeah. That was and they're filming the video that's on the FaceBook live by the way and all listening to the slick little non of my foot. He was it the untied my issue my boot like king Pete he's many like she is you know line cutting and after I like that. I would love to come see you too wanna look Clinton's job yet or swear even of the month club to send us a mug from where everything is that you work and make that happen so beat and a let's call Allen from how well he's on fire pit stop I can brought a couple of months. A little bit don't hello Allen met in Italy calling from the morning wolf pack everybody there's certain holes you can just quickly. So wrapped up an important business a fair that the or is it about. Whatever he doesn't know about it yeah so that's bad your door I conduct a beautiful way listen may have gone swear you in the mud club because really appreciated meeting last week university coffee there in Renton often yeah it was great comedienne as well to regretting having guys down here in Turkey to meet in person. We'd love for. Rant. Yummy here. But I figured out we selling goats when we say France. And yeah. And I are. So Allen since this is the mug club and it's all about local businesses give us like the teams that you feel on Honeywell in Renton. Are specifically this year Renton that cheers supporting commercial and attempt avionics. Rules are you protect our country from the terrorized his. But the thought we did some of that Serbia mostly a slight electronics here you can push the red button Allen. Physical red button but does figured if one absolutely. Like that is the personality was great to make your acquaintance like we said that we got treatment my gloves it's all going to be nice and official yes twenty. Ocalan raise your right hand and repeat after me I state your name hi Alan. You hereby pledge my allegiance to morning wolf pack you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back and is a proud member of the month club. And they're proud member of the month club I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning congratulations Allan I. Yeah that's the official member of the morning we'll cracked mud club. You are on your family. He would have on site but thank you very much guys really appreciate put together doing for the community in the per region near the knock on the at that part of the morning zoo and part of my morning receives. I write a new study says kids today are mood cheer than ever and living with their parents longer than ever. Yes stick around for eight minutes really give you the shocking stats coming up next and find out how many do you have a Moochie kids delivered an all. What happens that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Happy Friday everybody so this is a little bit shocking and again right now we want to know who's got the Moochie this kid living at home still. Mean look you have to financially support and you gotta put -- there in your house now's the chance to use that to your name you call your favorite friends here on the morning wolfpack an alum. For me mood teach kids. Any good because they're really old 81 and never left home work and because they're. 24 but have no. Idea try to beat results. MRSA Moochie kids too I'm talking about the kids that live it like you're saying. They just don't wanna join the real world junior enabling them by living living house living there how about a scheduling their doctors quit now I mean they niche on everything you possibly can. And his parents that's partly our fault. To a 6421 wolf or you can Texas 46150. Again. Now's the chance to out of your Moochie kid. This is crazy note this article came out yesterday the share of young adults in their late twenties living with their parents is the highest it's been in 75 years. This new form of parenting we've got going on here not a fan. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center 33%. That is insane he is I think as Elizabeth I 33%. Of 25 to 29 year old are living with their parents or grandparents. That is almost three times as many people. Of that age group doing that as it was in 1970. Daddy's not healthy. Yes and you see unheard of CU I mean he got out when he went to college not even Dow AT and I go people are served in the war serve the country AT and gas now very typical live graduated college and new home. It's the it's the new thing and we as parents election. For some real world but he's an enemy to good team to be too too big and now. Eight me out so Joseph 6141 wolf call us right now and tell us about your mood she kid and we're gonna find the person with the mood GS. I got a morning. Whoever you are I would like to remain anonymous calling in from Seattle about the mood she is kid it's crazy when you consider now that 33 for 125 to 29 year old living with their mom and dad or grandparents. Hello anonymous our UNR. OK so this is not about you or is it. It not repeat not Mike it. It's just spent and the parents is at this stage in life whereas they're not gonna make this call. But they're kids served its teeth in six years old and never left well they don't even. Hire people but I'm an encouraging clean. On my goodness and this isn't some kind of a strange calls this is just a weird household situation. It does go. He is certain to four year college educated that. I saw last. What is your friend have to say about that are they frustrated with the fact that they never left means let mama always told me I raised you to leave. I didn't raise you live with me my whole life that's the sad right. I don't know the answer to that one and you know we never really talked about it does that then let me start giving. Parental advice to their friends you have kids on our we should raise our kids the league. It's been get clients these people dolls out jobs. I didn't at all were they don't kids. They don't need an employee for. That's insane little or corporate about how to live on campus. In other and he never will we appreciate you calling an anonymous that isn't a heck of a story and I don't wish them among worst enemy now. Harry and it's just. Unusual yes it is who's got the mood she's kids delivered an 0206421. Wall. Hello Debbie in Spain away so though you have a Moochie siblings living at home is that the deal. I oh okay what's the story. And I felt like I. Go to school. Age will no doubt though that Kool Aid hear. Him. Nancy no opinion with her. So this is your daughter Debbie in. Her sister her sister okay. We do now she's decided to go back with a husband. Yeah actors heat and cool completely and and after we care curt I don't very hurt. And then it won't be packing slip. That the families none too happy about the situation. Do you. Did she help out at all pay the bells of the mine Anderson OK you're in school also will take care yes. Pretty hearing. Here it is well god bless you for step and up but it's almost enabling at that point that when there's a kid involves hunting and Alfie you know. Yeah you know man and a little innocent baby and can I look at how I feel about Khloe Kardashian and maybe they can it's just that's the real victim here you have a little kid what world is that you be aborted due. A deadly slightly Eric and I and I would ever be Levy thanks for being a part of a morning wolf facts. And you studio. I'm Robin Hispano they were talking about Moochie kids he got on Lebanon home what's the story. But lately he's going to be hit the spot. According to eat my mommy daddy out act but stayed there about it back down on the right. Let's go out and air about another go at about that yet what parent. John. Dot lab where I am glad I held the job at it Barbara they did everything actually quite birthday off. He I think you're missing the bigger point here Emily job or no job he's fifty years old he got a girlfriend on tender and then somehow he talked a woman into moving in with his parents that's what you said is yeah actual Sam Mack is going on here. My daughter thought that he's up for Eric at Eric and like with economic collapse. That it was its parent to do it like how odd. That is a trainer Erica Aaron I'll listen. Been divorced him and gone through some stuff I'm doing really good about myself right now Robin thank you. A lot out there. Like. Oh I tally is as I was the one charming dude how to sex look at me to get we're talking about this because a shocking number came out yesterday a new pew research poll. 33%. Of 25 to 29 year old right now living with their parents or grandparents that is triple the amount in 1970s. This do parenting thing we can't Conan. I don't know when a. We are a lot tech fan but people getting out of college not so much debt which is understandable worked like Tex about just straighten miniatures like Lisa from Phoenix at her brother's 47 and never left home. We got another. Texas or gas tax said my wife's best friend is 263 kids no job lives of their grandparents. Bill three and the calls to go on for days Aaron and Rainier so much older brother just barely moved out of 31 etc. etc. Man all right stand by for about a minister got a Melamed the fake sounding real headlines of the day are coming up next including the North Carolina burger joint making headlines for the most bizarre burger you have ever seen. Morning low that would match. I meant it 100 point 70. Here I'm not saying yeah. Say something real headlines of the day and we start off in North Carolina where a burger joint is selling delicious burgers topped with recently dead tarantulas. I think this is not a joke the pictures horrifying Emily it's actually looks like a regular cheeseburger and it is has taken its an intact tarantula sitting on time. I mean I'm all about strange condos that. No thanks thanks but they sell out every year bull city burger and brewery. The promotion is part of their sixth annual exotic meat month. Which celebrates a restaurant to buries anniversary Visser burgers made from needs inside you around the globe excuse me that includes by doing alligator wanna python bison turtle bugs. Zebra and and among others torrential they told the bull city burger tarantula challenged only have eighteen. Animal to raise those by the way CF did is actually a raffle. To determine the lucky person gets to keep this thing. My penance not liking guys saying where it's like eighty eight and Angela have so Lou has made you a line is we're done. I always do that I guess I'm stupid at the cheeseburger is delicious you need a giant disgusting hairy spider. And it felt like if the guy said to me I'm on a day like I needed to reside in the I anticipatory tactic now. All you've got hairy Newt teeth let's make up. Now let me just needs to be more specific about the target demographic here male eighteen to 34 effect as we get a brain after 35. Who do you need to read Hebrew home food. I mean come on behalf of all men of all. Tied let's jump to New York City where the report of a tiger running amok in Manhattan turned out to be a big Rex who. Please don't want a legal news and yet we didn't think. By the way so the NYPD got a call about a road tiger running around. Yeah and news four crews showed up on the scene about fifteen minutes later. Please confirm then that it was indeed an animal siding but it was just direct noon day. And both have black markings on their bodies. Asked her and yes but imagine this some Twitter users actually woke up. To a citizens have notification that quote police are responding to unconfirmed reports of a loose tiger earlier on the street cars yeah are you leaving your front door to go to work and else. But rather to turn into a burger and broke quickly here. A homeless man in DC wants to be the next mayor but will the city let him on the ballot he's actually running he showed up at court with 2000 nominating signatures. But the two other candidates are challenging the validity of these signatures of the Jeremiah stand back deuce 32. Who by the way we showed up for the sixers also had all his worldly possessions with him in a bag. You are straight up almost did it Brunette I don't know. Let the other run bad and and by the way is calling himself the homeless candidate and we will be following this territories so it's you know so my feeling is not gonna giver her. Kite beat the street to a 6421 wolf right now you'll play this is. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points off. Lacks hit the pavement and Jack did beat history to. Good morning Thomas and Lynn word welcome to beat the street man happy Friday Doreen and I am doing a topic I am so excited. And you sound exciting. Literally and maybe not internal. It so you was giving Erin Watson Pena airlock and yet. Okay cool it's going to be great shows decrease sold out if the 45. Part of the year the million tickets are the wolf the little party with a talent so you got to beat the street you know what that means yes sir I do are you tell me how does the game work. I gotta get more. Than the ground. Absolutely in fact this is in a random dude it's actually a wonderful volunteer at the little bit therapeutic riding center who we found yesterday in Redmond. But. You're right about the thank you got to get more answers right and she does okay. Okay let's do this Thomas five questions thirty seconds on your marks get set to go. What is accurate former wrestler the rock real name's. Dwayne Johnson. Which planet is third from the side. Which top story was married to Kevin fact. Kirkland Washington as the namesake for products made and sold by which store. I liked who is hosting this weekend's ACM awards. Rebound that ash. Thomas time is up. It's ridiculous not to lie and now I don't think he should lives be now you you're you're right opponent. Again upon it sounds in Newfoundland could expect OK let's find out what we ask the same five questions to the challenger. Which namely for him and we do. Hi AM Jessica and I eighty pounds from boffo neon sign that adoptive services director had a little bit therapeutic riding center. Had such a good time at the mug club that stuff yesterday all those ladies were fantastic how they are so amazing OK here we go question number one what is actor and former wrestler the rock some real name. I don't know. Okay well listen she didn't even have a guess on that one good news for you because you got to ride horses Dwayne Johnson nice judge Thomas your on the board. Thank you so much one nothing heading into question number two which planet is third from the sun earth. Was their idea is there and that is because there's TV show third rock from the sun exactly. But I wanna commend Thomas for saying Venus tonight Iranians which in an attempt. Guy answer. Thomas and showed straighten them premature there I would have been totally immature so. I'd just like that you we have a time when a woman let's go to question number three rich pop star is married to Kevin Federline. Britney Spears. Spears has the right answer Thomas got that one right too so this is going to be a great game I have a feeling. 22 heading into the local question Kirkland Washington is also the namesake for products made installed by which Stiller. Bosco Bosco was the right answer my favorites or so. Heading into the last question Natalie this is a nail bite. I'm home tied up at three peace tie goes to use but let's find out how this is gonna play it's always nice to get the win Thomas and not the tie you know I'm saying. I know corporate. Who is hosting this weekend's ACM awards. No idea. Any idea that Thomas your country guy to listen to the wolf part of it. No match or she knew it was mrs. KFC Reba McEntire post season. So brother. You did great and you finish four out of five that is a heck of waiting in the week and we will we party he wouldn't Watson had Steele creek in Tacoma we can't wait to meet demand. If you think you. Should. Awesome Thomas come finds when he gets typical bicycle pump okay. Pressure that the public's eye. All right coming up next to dive right into free advice Friday that anyone's gonna ruffles and others in less than ten minutes we will read the email you gotta stick around. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister did things Kelly really doesn't like -- oh yeah I don't know whether it. Yeah I had family were days he wants an island needs you back to you that thanks I'm fishing. 127. All are welcome to free advice Friday never remember. If you have a thought as to be email or about to read to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. We've got to get through this and rendering decisions and swing the gavel and make a definitive this one's going to be tough fifth. Here's the email from Jeff in the boys mad at Seattle dot com by the way if you request he won the morning wolf back to weigh in on. Here's his email I work forty plus hours a week in order to provide a life that allows my wife to stay home with a one year old. I'm writing to see if I'm being a jerk here or she's lacking in some areas. When I come home from work she's often sitting on the couch scrolling through FaceBook with mounds of laundry piled next to her waiting to be folded. Jittery even a thought until I mentioned it and a whole house is a mess. How is figured having her as they stay at home mom she would care for our child in our home. Now our child as well cared for but our hope was a disaster in my way off here. So here's the question. And Emily in and ask you. Just give me the answer no that's tough for this thing has a lot of layers a lot of Graham there's a lot of guys know but if you had to say yes or no keep it real simple here's the question. Just keeping the house cleaned up. Fall under the role of the stay at home parent and that is to all of you listening right now as well I have to say guessing now I think. Okay we're mighty math. I'm gonna say yes at the risk of sounding like a jerk but it basically I am living the same situation as Jeff. Right I've got yeah I've got a wife who works but for the most part is home with a one and a half year old. And I did explain more but we wanna hear what you think right now to a 6421 wall. Get more activity are welcome to free advice Friday we just read email from Jeff and the Moines he's the working parent he's got to stay at home mom with a one year old he comes home to house disaster he wants in on his way out face. Should keeping the house clean fall on the role of the state at home parent we think. I think they need to share the load because even here a working parent anywhere in this scandal mom. They're doing a lot of worked him. So you feel Tiffany that he should be helping out more do you feel like based on this email that he's expecting her to do everything. I begin in his mind say yeah I think it's a while they seem to have a house while at an all I can but I mean. You know even let you go to one year old. Really a one year old Leonard like really a gallon energy there's been awake all day they might take one hour nap is that. Yeah I get the situation home right now in doubt while I feel like I would also be annoyed if I were just a little bit about the situation in the house because I wouldn't do that filed the stay at home parents. You can't have that fifty's mentality as a dad in 2018 deep in this to win more balanced in today's world. That it had done exactly it had a baby he's four months and he's still trying to. You know I'm pleading the baby I'm GM I'd like you're not gonna get that far unless the baby if you don't clean some of the stuff and I worked yeah. People think oh the baby naps and you know when you're gonna sit down and watch TV you got time it's like a the breaks you I mean that's a time for it does sound isn't constantly living in. I just baby sat my own nephew per like a weekend and I was exhausted I couldn't imagine being say it is a tough ending as they don't quite on top of that. Here are really good day at home mom you know they don't have any contact with any other dominant car you get a hold. I mean there went that child all day long and you know they're good pick it up. Two ways you know they're do what they can you explain to do everything they got has now about. All right nobody in Port Orchard your comments on free advice Friday does keep you announced lead fall into the role of the stadium. I think at that time I am a fulltime working mom and them. I still have responsibility he can't dead child I what. So what you have a child you have a full time job and you put it upon yourself to keep the house clean. Mean that's a lot how much does your husband help you with that nova is that is a lot. It is the idea of what it I mean I think the world their candidate I do think that they shouldn't be a pile on injury. Sit on the couch and eat but I think I'm like the back then fourteen I mean. That's the big. Please let it be cool right. In today's society most relationships have a working mom and a working dad. That's just the way it is and if you are lucky enough to be in a position where for the most part one of the parents whether it be mom and dad gets to stay home. I really do you feel like that's something you should tackles well appreciate gone in no that they so now. You know I think there are a free advice Friday we have to render a decision next but we'll take a couple more calls before reduced from U2 06421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Chris dole in Bremerton in your opinion on free advice Friday. You know so it's kinda idea from all angles actually. All of what they alternate that word. He took that can amount blunder on our but it everything that you absolutely nothing ours at the few things here and Eric. And you know my body is. Why not pay act you know loan and say hey can I help people but I'm very. I'd take about fifteen minutes and just talk about it although you're doing I'm seeing. Together but my wife are right which we both players but how bad combo right there I'd stay home mom I had bad. The working elements so. You know we put together. It is yet. There we aren't together and not our time to just talk about our patent and you know Google put a lot of work type thing yeah sure (%expletive) I. About eight and I really means. That's the catbird seat as probable and job security at the same time it doesn't take a lot of time to do you know that it is during a day or whatever you. He doesn't say that she doesn't do anything he does that you know Andre Woodson on the couch that I. Well you did say due to be fair he did say the whole house is a mess it's nothing to like us it looked I really don't expect Vanessa alike have dinner plans and I'll say 82 plots and chicken so I can growth forests have been. It means a little bit of thought yeah. If he says can I help you I think that's great because it shows he's making it up very inch body and be aware of these situation not the best way to bring it up. Yeah now I know anonymous or doctors but I wondered could there be a postpartum depression. I don't know second last year I obviously don't have children of my own that they'd even more going on than just absolutely easy now. Think that's an awesome point what I. Crystal what I think we can all agree with him we can wrap it up for this I don't envy the position he's in because that is an awfully sensitive thing to bring up and not. Make your wife teaches hate you don't need to sham is taking care of that baby united hearted man I know my wife their times and she wants to throw herself on the window. But man I don't envy his position but I think crystal you nailed it our conversation needs to happen. Where he says look I'm not trying to be unreasonable but. How can we make this a little more productive you know and I mean but boy I don't I don't Ambien McChrystal had to bring that up to. A full time stay at home mom who's probably going a little nutty like Emily said. I think you know kind of soap flip it around how would you feel if you are the working life and had to bring about this. Stay home that's like that's hard. Oh absolutely anyone you wanna avoid that big blowout fight at all costs it just ruins your situation so he'll listen hijack an appointment rabbit of this nobody ever easier situation broke. But I think we all may be your advice is probably the best have a conversation. Ask you compare him you know I mean start by being an ally in sort of an enemy. Absolutely I really appreciate your feedback thanks for checking in in I would say definitively choose the feedback. Does keeping the house clean fallen to the role of the stay at home parent the morning wolfpack has weighed in it's more VS announced. Yeah without question or on your side the side absolutely. All right listen. Let's drop the Big Three stories of the day coming up next Emily I. Usually have to wait until the royal baby is born to find out for dinner but not this time we'll get into that six minute. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. I guess we talked about near that you'd combinations in the Internet and a little luck with the beard incarnation because obviously they're listening listening to us so I synergies in new product they're calling it may I checked it's their Mayo mixed with their catch up. 500000. Gases by Sunday. He did good putter and take the poll I took heat and gas is a winning but it doesn't think. How many didn't she say in the south area have this thing called something else he's on I had it is called fry sauce. But why did Utah have to be Super Bowl with the economy. I don't know if they've had won its leader who dog yeah I asked you like they have it out in California prior year out of the divisive place I've never heard of I live in the control freaks like did. You know it's not usual to put mailing cheeseburger for now did you like to control the amount under the should be 5050 spread ally and all about the mansion good for me not to worry about it. Pre mixed okay. Did you like the peanut butter and jelly combined to legally do our athletic that's a little I have no idea why it's different with different. I'm sick she's exactly the same but okay. RA and the baby you watch for though Roy yeah baby is almost starting Kate is set to give birth to baby number three this month. But prince William and my and he told us the gender of the baby he was a soccer match for one of the his favorite football club. And no one other players whose name was hacked scored the winning golf and Prince William said Ayman insist that that the eightieth called Jack. Only I save it yeah play. That's a really hard thing to do when you know the sexier baby ya almost have to make an agreement with your husband wife is Erica we're gonna produce as an it's. Or one of the other because just left. But even if it's that you refer to with it or they didn't Millie. It would eventually come talent I tell I don't wanna now can I tell people print blood and be like Robert aura Roberta. Like I doubt I can see the your lips are moving but all I'm thinking about is what is hairy in May DiMarco speed and it's like. It's important and I never think about that stuff some guy but he insisted and I still wanna party with him. Yeah ask you we probably get an invite him back to gavel look like or they're gonna have a little and you're coming up the month. And of course today is Friday the thirteenth. It's also eat first it's huge Freddy the senate I had this you heard. The other one is going to be ending October cell. Since sixth and thirteenth to the ear and the number thirteen is trust index though the F. If you're a screen after Friday the thirteenth he loved Paris even death to try until the end. And it took me instead of twenty million heat. We'll have this Soviet ads appear earth Friday the thirteenth day in pairs Stephen deck Atlanta. Head if it and it caught 900 million dollars in business lost and people why people won't drive they're not gonna go out go shopping. T why am firmly against Christopher pairs if you don't there's even that type of use and it's making. You're instilling in people they should be afraid of a Friday since zealously. Have a phobia. Come hi Morgan over it and that's Friday the thirteen maybe one more fact Korea they had a twelve let me be in that green ties not thirteen to twelve they're supposed to the. Thirteenth that it canceled I what are cyclical my Netflix tonight at that will be one of the trending movies the original low per share that's a good night and it's raining curl up with a movie bad. Here that morning. I'm still a party. 100 points. So wolf all right if you call right now with these things that annoyed you the most about your acts we would love to get that phone call to a 6421 wolf. Four you can text or 61 finds here by the way tomorrow is national ex spouse day. So that's why the survey came out Emily yes slow Joseph. Already guys guess based on your past relationships I have beat top fives most annoying things about x.s. Because they just had to Google pulled about a solicit DS but again the top five quickly here the most or take some phone calls. What about forgetting important dates like birthdays anniversaries. No. Puke clinging no. And by the way there's a definitive number one for women about X-Men in vice Versa. Hey what about nannies and no didn't get along with friends know my friend how are really got to the slick yet you know like tell the toilet and even entire Catholic I. The EU. Not that's this is not a Nath she's shaking. No. Deemed dirty. And clean like not clean house you guys are bad or. This is just our opinion daddy hey are you right our right of your not bad if your experiences are not matching up with the polls. But that is not. An insult to either one of you who I loved very much. I let me give you a couple back. Number two. Was snoring. Okay snoring in that that's never dated a source Celadon yes I like is that your experience to match ups. Again what's the most annoying thing about your acts it's to a 6421 wolf number one on the list and this was the number one complaint. From women about the guys was selective hearing. Yeah yeah I know slow Joseph if I ask your actions and maybe even your current I care wire dead insects that attack meaning men ignored women are pretended to not hear something if they didn't want to hear it I'm sure my wife would chime in on that as well. I don't do it consciously. Came in look I noticed except eclectic at our part today. But you violate the number one complaint for men about women. That they are control freaks. I and yes that that I would I would agree with that based on a past relationship as well. Not Mike currently. On number four if they were financially irresponsible. And number five you were talking about the top five things that annoyed as the most about ericsson's. They avoided the household chores now it seems to meet reading through this list. That it was skewed a little bit more towards what women would find really knowing about their mailboxes yeah because I think it's a slow those guesses to it's like. Maybe guys say stuff like nagged dean buzz kill. You know what I mean that wanna have fun not enough shaken to sheets right or men complain so. Ladies or guys it doesn't matter we're gonna open it up next TU two a six. Four to one of both. The most annoying thing about your ex coming up next and it can be super really tiny specific detailed those are more fun. Good morning Cathy Olympia so we just been over the top five most annoying things about x.s that came up in a poll what would you say it was the most annoying thing about your ass. Like I 80 am and keep it great big idiot but what I need all the time. Over everything. You know I wonder how many women listening Cathy would say boy I would trade it you know they. This guy that I have now for that. I think you say that I did in her situation TU. And you're like yeah I think I did tentative and then when he tried more than you you're like oh what an idea. Yeah how much it would wait why didn't he oh my god no easy cried all the time like him how losses. Lake lake during that I get there by eight square watching that movie where I did. I guess we normally quite a plumbing like. Ice and anti he would cry we do you guys would fight. When Vanessa and I get into a fight. The minute she starts to blubber I stopped. Because it came over tears means to fights over. It's you don't mean aria if you can do that on command it's a great way to end an art yeah. So Kathy Nguyen when the roles were reversed for you when he would start to cry would you immediately surrendered him OK we're done. I wouldn't. It irritate it I don't care limited made you matter the outcome. Degree go take Kathy thanks for being part of the show we love you. Hello magaw Mount Vernon what would you say it was the most annoying thing about your ex picking up his thirty get it off the bathroom floor. A our. Just the underpants or was close all over the place at all. Where did and you have to pick it up and it's been in his pants all day and protect college Bart oh that's really your EA. And has really yet can any tire tracks in them ponders yeah I. Did you ever discuss it just personal hygiene then maybe you could do today or something. The idea that didn't help and now learn he gonna bed bad wiper their magnitude mom's fault let's close out all right meg we love you thanks for getting real things get dirty with us rubbing elbows if that have a deadline I love you man. Do you guys fail. I Melanie said her ex is an attention seeker so you go to Karrie she soars during dinner he'd make a comment. And if he noticed someone noticed ten he with talk louder and louder antley got every one in the area and coverages and have them. Everybody knows somebody like dad my wife is always talk about this one woman in the gym the ghost of the same workout class that always has to be the center of attention yet it's not about. Her needs to be held by the way they talk an ambient noises they wanted to starve Ford eight N and federal way fourteen and her ex got her slip first for Christmas. Yeah Herbert and her birthday is Christmas the wait we got her clippers for Christmas C on her birthday and the again the next morning publicity at two pairs as the protect act. Creative that's an annoying and I education and like the first fair I got your back up here right Mickey and how much that her exit maker paid for everything even his gas. Even though he made five times more money than she did a month. There having amateur they get us back a pair of slippers that knowing are by the way a list selective hearing snoring control freak financially irresponsible and no household chores if you wanna weigh in on the most annoying thing your extend these are fun calls to a 6421 wall. Hello John in NT 90 AK AT town what was most annoying thing about your ex I think it's only fair and balanced dimly that we do have a male caller it's been all women up to this point John. You're talk about living within your means very yeah Sonoma has swept every Saturday just go to she would go. To them all. When this scenario some burden combat this sort of gun loaded up lit bags and bay synthetics to step so it is good to point. We got divorced I had a good and every critic could we had an retention and just started trojans that the divorce on the one could guard him and introduced. This over the top little topic for me that's good appreciate your time. John did you try anything to discourage her from shopping so much how did you handle that. The only thing was so like my hunt my position so you have to be kind of you know. We missed the free rent here to stay up we didn't but it was that you do need discipline not spend so much money might take receivers really never happy with. Yourself now that's trying to fill some black hole inside of herself this stuff yeah I know it's true that's a thing that we've worked both big money the Catholic and there's never not she's just an assassin who -- mayor we ever made it well John I'm glad you got out of that because there's no winning that game ever. I don't know you have to go to take care and appreciate your show page. Appreciate you buddy take care of any did you ever built on. I'll at least top notch ma'am we scored we got her OPEC kept okay guys take you know get this. Let's wrap up the annoying ex conversation. With some text messages Emily actually got a bunch of them a lot I have been reading through them as they readings of these diary. Yes arsenal we appreciate you sharing all the info. And here and and George said that her ex is a clean he would mean a letter go to the bathroom alone it's it's and BB CQ one to go into the. Commode room and stand there and watch tonight. Think what it is they like it or restaurant like he did get up the rocker to bathroom came in I love my lines that that is the one time on the letter have us. Texas right all she's an actor and. Oh my goodness any of you all. That whenever her act to get upset or yell his voice and it's super high pitched in my like child. He's been steadily for the most annoying thing he did was he did nothing no job no house where they're taking care of the kids listen listen as he did was when he didn't but he didn't do exactly. We have that attack from within he treated and left his car more than me. He was noncommittal a lot of emails Jack in an on the day yeah that's right Matt and that last not least heat led eight total toothpaste he was completely respectful. And turning your parents but when there's just the two then he was jealous and controlling. The old Eddie Haskell. Those who have get a good lead it to beaver reference. All right coming up next if you plan and on a PBR tomorrow night we're gonna be there and give us about five minutes a day where we're gonna be and how we can pot tape together. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister Tosca stir fried vegetables in the frozen sections so money all day. And only pray here he really hasn't been kidnapped. And that's it as an all. 127. All the morning wolf thank Matt McAllister Emily rains slowed Joseph raw data down in Tacoma tomorrow night for PBR. Just wanted to be could heads up on this because we've given away tickets to the plan on going and watch in the bulls' next stop by the Wolfson before you going to Tacoma dome will be out there are probably from 536. In an apparently this kind of came and you just it was a big honor for us Emily. You and I get to go on stage and welcome everybody to the TV or in the arena before everything gets started which is you don't care absolutely so excited that. Now hoping if you have a some kind of an outfit that cowgirl I'm glad to go shopping mechanical bulls can type deal. I don't know what that's going to be but it's going to be fun we're thinking now ways we give me entertain you but it is and we can give you cedar early we look business. Wait you wait I had X and subpoena section eight seats fly there do you. But definitely stop by the wolf if he can we love to see if I'm sure after we do are paying will be walking around drinking Beers with a resting is so. Please you don't mileage for tomorrow night we love to say hello if you listen to the wolf tomorrow night at. Back with Matt Stairs. Once reflects the overall. The morning wolfpack never again. Spirit of the race though Joseph we're gonna get out of here Deanna Lee is gonna take over and you can pick up the podcast that we posted at 10 AM one thing dating world and the we're getting you through the show today but luckily in the league has and I don't know fall when the likes this time but she's got more. Pharmaceuticals. And cold remedies and aspirins in her purse it's like a walking a CDS so I come prepared. I'm got the halls of got paid some have delicate stomachs thought that I mean. I think Willis and I woke up sixty jump into the I don't yeah thank you you'll offend you thank you teamwork makes the dream absolutely. Take. All right so Deanna Lee we already know because we've heard all the rumors in the hallway that see yet so one of our favorite local country artist common in China fugitives is really cool yeah I have a co host on the show today his name is airing crop per car owner. There in. That's one of the great things about the wolf as obviously we play polls that. Biggest newest country music that we support local artists is a great local scene here. Yes it's a night Aaron Crawford it is at night we've been waiting for for so why he's having his big. Hotel Bible album release party at Steele creek in Tacoma. There are some tickets still left and it will be talking about that today in some other stuff with parents yeah Iran's those are turned you know run into the ground. You know why do you cookies didn't help us time to get to nap between yourself and the benighted country that he wouldn't count on. Daily you'll probably government showed too happy hour to distribute it kids it's on right testing Friday day shoot too well. I will have a great time if you want to reach out to Aaron Crawford forty Italy to a 642 when will he detects were 6150. We will see you tonight if not tonight tomorrow DVR yeah arguments all the players on the go home switch from date field the night world. To sleep this crap off like in Virginia I can get into the second round in the that long. Hole. That. Morning by itself. It feels 100 point seven the world.