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Friday, April 20th

Friday April 20th, 2018


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Today and welcome back to our podcast for fried day. Yes it is for twenty yeah. We'll touch on that little bit down more later and they've by the way a couple of other things tomorrow is husband appreciation day of their brother on the show your about a year. And Sunday is Earth Day. And I don't know and leave whenever I see some thing. You know in the news about single are being single and date being out we aren't buying it do you find a guy. That cares about the environment more attractive than one that doesn't. Am asked well it did six stories. Like where he's judging from mine and now super heavy dipping app but do you recycle. I. OK good I find more women are more conscious about environmental issues and men if I can generalize too that's what I love to do to. So I think maybe for you if you see a guy who's at least aware enough to eggs. You know separate trash recycle it means he's a higher thinking evolved into the human being in my credit is that north. Well you agree with a study analyses 70% of people and a new survey said. If they wanna date somebody who cares about the environment that's a pretty big number seven always 80% of women find that wave more attractive. By the way some mud deal breakers littering wasting food and leaving lights on. It's a big thing I just tighten up on me but I would hottest eco friendly thing you can do guys if you're on a day maybe take a girl hiking this weekend. Pick up trash apparently they go bananas for so it's funny like I consider myself. You know I treat tiger basically like I'm I'm I'm all about the environmental issues at the hippy hippy but I give so we bust me all the time I apparently I campus staff and then a trash can it can be recycled even it's like Connors and well the rules are pretty complicated and even hearing where we got three different containers and there is like a full guide on what can only had an eclectic compost bin for certain staff for the woman always trips me up his pizza boxes to that's just a big budget cardboard but I had a guy tell me it was good. Well but then we had a local guy here in Washington saying now you actually came in so early I would err on the side of putting the pizza boxes in the recycle you remember that called our local trash guys do you have a nice I still not allowed to put them in their cycle I've taken down to the compost but at least it in my complex that's where they say you put the beat the Democrats well mad at Seattle Walt I count him anymore info on that likely I don't order a lot of pizzas but. That's a big one could if you think about all the pizzas ago lot of Ali Al every week in America by the way Matt yet she rebuffed them willing. On what I'm not hey let's not all all half I think. I think that's yea it is I mean it's the same as a cigarette but I think I'd begin in Thailand or heard or Singapore Singapore yet I'll kill you for that gap and the way she did here was so unsettled over. I think we're driving into the doggie daycare place for a part of the mug club and I had given everybody is sticking gum and and Emily I see your like go there she's trying to flick come out there have been stuck on all of our better suited up and I literally like slow motion for thirty seconds try to get past and does not get that stuff on your car door and I didn't say anything hanger and then we stopped in Milwaukee man in Anders cycle is all over the place commuting to work incidentally. You know and I think either with the company said that and here's why you should never do that hey it's littering but beat. When I run over peoples come on my bike you have no idea how long it take to clean the bike he gets in the gears or gets in like all over the frame whenever. Have the iPod itself as a dominant means biodegradable or whatever I am not a dumb she worsen I hardly ever have got problems I didn't think I don't ever again I would that. Contest you becomes biodegradable that's amazing they only were ever going to Big Dig is the old wives' tale that if you like swallow again a little so you're you're gonna. And I hear music group now I think but FF FF that yellow never did again he'll greeted in an end you know Vanessa he's the same thing it finally had to tell the tell her. So she always has a water cups to put the gum on top of the water got nearly tore the trash we get now. But there you know this the same spot I move around we probably spent way too much time. On that particular story that we didn't get a chance to talk about. Let's see let's. The swearing apparently is being number one way that we deal with stress. Yup yup and most of us according to new study can't even get until 9 AM in the morning without swearing no luck. Our day starts at 3330. Batman that bid. We've been our chain thirty F bomb tonight. For fifteen it's actually and I think people are surprised when they hang out with a some person that. We don't swear on the radio because I know sledge are you're really good athletes at. This where the great yeah my god here. If I can find a lot of money in you can get fired but it's kind of amazing that it never happens as we swear a lot off the year that somebody evidently you don't swear at all. No I honestly for me swearing is contagious. Like I ECB in athletic trainer on the football fields I heard it all the time Internet you pick it up yeah I'm around people do I noticed I do more ya on but if I'm not that I just eye to -- easily do the PGA we talked about these again you know the biscuit leader and that kind of thing right those are more mind. Actually as my way more charming for a woman I've definitely noticed an uptick in your sorority girls all had I don't know yet though. After I had a season and he's also I love the swear their power words and I enjoy this like India and our four. Get creative to open here there so I'm not written the stuff I never heard before. Is that it's an art and if you can do it would be greater goal win. That's where this is really a lot of fun again and some other news here the ten things I think this is great McCall but it is second. Ten being excellent warning people in their sixties do better than millennium goals now. Let's be honest and fair there are things. That people are sixty simply cannot do and it's frustrating of Siam and the intimacy you Avery a comedy series I kind of suppressed it and fight it all again there are residents there. Anyway so the next time a millennia makes fun of you with your annual aside if things for not being on snapped chatter during what turned to means he has them. How many feet. Are any yard. Because most millennial have no idea but apparently. 90% of older people know exactly. How many feet are in New York yet is that three it is through. Job and militarily preface that a visit yeah that's fantastic maybe shouldn't lose they get out immediately don't know it. Only 61% lentils can confidently read an old school clock with a minute and hour hands. So that's just for a canyon road McGregor yeah you know what our kids can't they may have no I think Andrea at all it hard to figure out the enemy is the aggregate there's the hour you know I don't know I just I think it's the same reason that I can't remember how many days urinary month of the year and never will I have learned that I can put packet and others are military time like it takes me imminent figure out. Cast there. Yeah I kind of did to see you guys gonna relax. Yeah that's like Fidel Castro or at a business meeting you would never ashes cigar to keep you on that a total power and there is doubt really distracting yeah. Only 52% Amylin Ailes know how to iron shirt. Only 21% are confident that they know how many feet or your brother were talking about what you learn on YouTube today yet another data iron assured on YouTube you and are in New York for Sunday can't remember what. But I needed a short irons are gonna YouTube period that's so great I don't. Even Wear shirts anymore there knew we need iron and a half let's see how to so on a button 84% of Monfils don't know how to do that. Multiplying too low numbers in your head. Using index. In the back of a book. A spelling most words without spell check these opens life is not that how to set the table properly. I don't do I. Frankly pathetic that's the thing my dad would care about that part of his first makes him back it up tight ass hole yeah. I did for that reason you'll never cared and now I am trying in my own personal life to be way more chill about everything because he's so uptight about everything and it. Don't wanna be that Perez sucks I hate I get around a memories like that. How to garden without killing all the plants and yakking it garden how long in Nassau and Robert you complain about this too how long. You keep fresh fruit before you thrown out I feature story opened up homeless yesterday to make delicious salmon petty Thomas amateur. In the homicide molded it never does well too far. Week. Millennial don't know how long does keep it or. How long you can wait before fresh fruits need to be thrown out and that's spread like you know lettuce and yeah yeah and that doesn't have that date on Dreier we learn are very very much with yeah 63% of older adults say they know compared to just twentieth reasonable and as I'm still about it that and I'm kind of in between Mitt. Or the day two I Dylan my bonus on took out of one of those features. She's heard bad things. He's eating fat it's she's out of the container like don't affect that's not something you put two fingers and his everybody uses it and if you want to finger she's grab the cheese Kurds dude. So he grabbed amigos are they supposed to be green. I know they'll put those in the trash on skis we recycle them come on it's through cup as well. Yes I put a plastic say there aren't they in the recycle our let's end on a light note. The most underrated snacks of all time who and any guess this. Matt I tell you what it's a very counting macros in paying a lot of attention to what I'm eating more so than normal which is disturbing. I canny mix nuts anymore and it drives me crazy because they're so fatty. I may steal a lot of fat. But they're too much that aggregates are approaching it is it's a good if you're on Nikita Jeni died in your reading like protein and healthy fatten great but if you're incorporating carved into it is just fat fat is fat is good or bad but it's fat. It was underrated pretzels. Very you know the away more specific without so the snacks that are on really really good which is probably don't use as much like to read those later cheese nips Lou is number I just he's it's not cheese nips you have no I say their roles Sherron not better than the angle to this goldfish. Or does are underrated dad now I think there has appreciated where I've met so when you have kids. You know when Judy as you know half they'd be live on goldfish and I need the crap out of those not anymore but -- oh yeah Shia Pepperidge Farm really knocked them for what about com those. Combos now and his geeks these so random on the various parties have what do you think sock. Bagel chips oh good well okay you know bailouts have been hunting thing those that it just that their liquid. It that the chemical is like this has been made like a flat and it's Chris that their friends in Janet and they're good with spinach artichoke dip dip hard to build your group did crackle mr. good bar and the 100 grand candy bars I'd. Crackles awesome America. I think songs hoes get the most of the hostess loved it Ding Dong should not be overlooked you know I used to love being known as other kids that are last time I've seen. Yeah I you know I yet it on the hostess section the bread section of the Hershey store the and I would concur with this next when he used to be called because nutty bars and other cold know anybody. And basically it's like a Wafer with peanut butter and middle ending with peanut butter kicks ass is so good I've only recently become a fan of peanut butter says a lot I haven't explored yet wait was that one. Yeah now. Nutter butter and formally not everybody Barr is a Yang and like it there's officially today at any batter cookie you Wafer looks like a piano they have ever had won already nervous I'm surprised you're just now recently getting and subpoena but to try harder I hated peanut butter up and tell I think I can't remember when but it was you know the last. Q yes so he forced me to have peanut butter Apple's looking at mum like holy it's so good so I'm all about it what I've learned with the macro is again he needs some fat is not bad for use this is healthy fat. But peanut butter. Cheese. Opera condos and like mixed nuts some of my favorite foods all of them there are so high in fat you can only eat a little bits of them at a time yes your diet aren't there like some of the greatest things and that's what I'm saying hello all of them has have to manage it out there really splurge to have a one ounce of peanut butter. It's like a wet too it's like spring break in my mouth. A nocturnal emission. Fellow. Okay that's felt like not. Except for go to Seattle dot com check out the blog that Emily put up about the pancake breakfast we're gonna go to tomorrow with the TV yeah had a Mountain View fire rescue guys doing it for the Seattle Children's Hospital. If you can't come it's an Auburn by the way you can make a donation on the blog posts and that's pretty awesome so helping kids out there goals five grand its seems very attainable. Especially since McGrath the crime dogs involved coming out dude carry some weight he can't he can't let him Sparky the fire dog -- how many do you think that there is donuts for the I think in the there's kids listening that you think there's a hole like fleet of murder of there Ulf Erica and I don't think any kids are really holding on to enter our Gardner Carolyn Manning this time I asked it and they've all been replaced like McGraw it's been around since I think the fifties and now it's it there's other superheroes like Iron Man in black in question is why isn't smokey the bear is a firehouse. At them. He's of these the green why because he's the department of forestry OK he's not a firefighter acted it rightfully due the current government branch bro is different and ask god men they think they have enough firepower later today on the same thing you know get to Hamburg are showing up at Wendy's who you'd be like okay do now I guess you're out of place. So there's that Kelsey Valerie any tomorrow night it's shoebox Soto if you're going to be there. And you have any idea who we are saying hi pleased to meet its shoebox autumn tomorrow just a ballerina who intimacy on Monday guys have a great week and enjoy the weather. Can he do you. US PG when spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. All sporting wolfpack Matt McAllister good morning Emily good morning and they're slow Joseph there rings happy fourth money whatever that means everybody around. I see references. That now the kids whatever it's easy but more than any king it happy Friday analyzes we've all made it ladies and gentlemen to Friday. And I don't know again like I geek on the weather I get a ten dollar whether they be second and next ten days the little bar just goes up. And I'm not even kidding you wanna take the next Thursday they're saying it's gonna be eighty degrees and no one out yes. Whether line downloaded Apatow now I'm going to be sunny or rainy or a no no friends no rain in the forecast anywhere. Yesterday I rode my bike with no gloves that no booties that the first time yes he's well known the day before it took up the gloves after about an hour McClinton it. I don't eagle and I our tour with their gloves on I learned that happening all happening at tech and all this sunshine all the stray although her fiber could have a great show dribble getting to free advice Friday here in a little bit also. Out what did you learn how to do from YouTube. I Sugar Land Taylor Swift avenue saw the replay for this morning a little bit later on down the road if you wanna set a reminder 7 AM more Zach brown tickets at 710 and we'll talk in new TJ John from the Brothers Osborne. Their new album that's out today right now gas is straight fire the over Ruth. The ho wrote us letters they that's of the few musical instrument vote to help. All right you know what it is Friday time to get early enough collar on the radio if you're up and feeling good like we are we wanna hear from you get to know you little bit and let you pick a song that's it. Right now 206421. Wolf. I would do you personally sometimes you know you guys just get to forget the year you forget to call for the B leadoff call so let me just throw that number one more time or maybe the phones are broken. Oh I have not. 20642. One's the wolf. We are looking for a legal roller and you get to pick a song on the radio and we get to talk with you and say hot. Plus she got to get a sub base and Alina hang in on a Friday that's like Mike panicky in high school. We're talking about national high five yeah any turnaround any high fives they can have five nobody five I have I still feel bad for. I yeah I need to call and apologize to people like Audi I think he couldn't remember that moment. I don't know I'm just. Every night before he goes to bed he remembers the elusive ISI you don't forget things and new Regis gets that upping your crowd of people nobody five G that's you've got the plague or something terrible. It's almost like government. Kind of a subtle way to bullish data sales are coming or no no no I can't touch setting. All right so what literally the color of real quick to say thank you given became last night show box Soto for Luke homes where it should. Wolf pack I mean I know he's sold out and think OK it's gonna be I that this was had. I guess I mean to beer garden area was packed everything was this crazy. If you got a little. Leaflet on your way out with a code word will be getting that later for the autographed guitar here in the know. See here sojo at the early activities. With every all every single line is ringing now as a matter of options. He's over there answered I found myself. Silas is due. Hey I Jeff if you all of good morning sir how are you. We're. Doing great man to Ted two you know kick start that fire a little bit to get you guys. A week here on a Friday so Jeff. You're a trucker worry donut day. Well I'm I'm going back where that would ever that a lot last move. Powell you know you'd prefer that because there's less traffic though if you got the overnight shift his charter. Well actually I had I'm I'm I'm a bite out of driver call out its ticket ahead though. Now I'd like that or they're Africa. He likes and well I didn't yardages so yeah with a coffee early on you'd think maybe be nice to get out of office to get to drive around but I can get the honor. Decades if not beyond Taylor bit of Miley it's art and. And you go so you weekend starts you a couple of days off when do you actually cracked the first beer what dating him. Probably yeah. As I thought Saul relative to what your schedule yet absolutely you know it's at 5 o'clock somewhere like they thankfully can make. Hi Jeff what's on we've played four as the lead off caller. Quote bunker by great leader read so there are. You know what I'm. Pretty sure we probably do. We'll we'll give it it would give a look see here Jeff can get it on for you and eight minutes and Emeril so gonna jump right into free advice Friday. Today should be interest in its it's a little items of them can be. But you're being called upon once again to dispatch wisdom and advice. Today's email tackles a favor a poop bag in at 250. Dollar fine we'll get thirty minutes. Into the morning. Oh I now. When it's. Well wolf let's get right into the free advice Friday email remember Matta Seattle's dot com if you ever want the advice of the morning wolfpack yes. Hey guys love the show I Dade free advice Friday so check this out. My roommate asks me to walk her dog so I decided to be a nice person and do it for her as a favor of how walked the dog to dog when Pope. I didn't pick up the poop I was in a major hurried I wasn't gonna be late so I didn't pick it up I also forgot the blue bag so I wasn't able to pick it up anyway. Somebody saw me not pick up the good dog food videotaped if we are now being find it 250 dollars. I know you can do that there's a bunch of people in my neighborhood I don't think of the dog who in my yard I'm going to videotape. Anyway besides streets my roommate wants me to pay the entire 250 dollars finally did you pay any of the money is not my dog and I didn't wanna walk that thing in the first place. Do you guys think I'm obligated to pay any of this fine my roommate and hiring the biggest feud over it and I wanna know fine being unfair. So Emily the question do you just yes or no that we can get into it when we get some calls here in some text messages on this one. Do you think that the owner should pay the fine or the dog walk the dog walker. Okay slow joke he'd I think there's a compromise in the middle similar what I UMass. Well I think I'm gonna be in a minority on this one but I kind of feel like the owner of the dog is responsible because she still does she asked. The friend to do a favor for her and walked the dog without the favor there's no dog outside. I think she should do were solid but to a 6421 wolf if you wanna check in right now. Look Kristin in Puyallup welcome to free advice Friday so we just read the email about the dog owner and in the roommate in the dog poop in the 250 dollar fine. Who should pay the fine the owner or their room. So Good Morning America. They did you know it can be equal split split but I think the responsible. You know apple they have supported the so I mean I think a hundred bucks on the owner of an uttered out on the walker because the locker did. Whether wanted to do it or not accepted responsibility for it and everything that goes along with the innate advantage okay I'll eat out or yeah. We don't know that the Bruni knows or likes anything about dog wasn't she should just said now what she's trying to do a nice thing for somebody in a jam to meet you agree it's like OK I agreed babysit your child. I'm just gonna be in the house with them I'm actually gonna babysit your child's not just walk them. He didn't like your job. OK Emily I hear you interest and I hear you but let me ask you to assimilate your babysitting for us yet and you'd get sick and you've got to take into the hospital. I wouldn't expect you as the baby sitter to pay the hospital bills I would pay the bill because you're taking care of my child's psyche taking care of her dog tryst and he feels he and Allen. I mean I think the jobless issue. There is you've got it deeper problem right because they don't know. Yes which he had constructed correctly guess they don't pay debts they about it in just a little bit ran out the door without the you know I mean. I don't know that that brings up a lot of different level. Do you feel sort of like slow through the maybe there's a compromise somewhere in the net you absolutely aren't. Thank you so much hate part of free advice try to Christiane. Ethiopia prided brother about it. Dallas Texas and 461 side though just got a text the dog walker should pay all. Not just most of the fine. All of it all of this it's like if I was front can ask you grab my car and picked me up during that time he ran a red light and it's taking it. Then yeah you would pay the the dry Garland made out here and wherever they can't like beat Caroline what I've heard not true I'm. Roberts then we are just start to peel this onion here you gotta jump in morning wolf back to 06421 wolf or like Emily said you can text 46150. Who should pay the fine. Free advice Friday so here is the email recap. And this is from soup by the way. She has a roommate to roommate owns a dog the owner of the dog asked her she would walk the dog to dog went poof she didn't pick it up she was in a hurry Chanel bag. Somebody videotaped it and now they have a 250 dollar fine to pay the owner of the dog. Want her to pay the fine if she is the dog walkers says. I maintain current number dog didn't even wanna do it which. I kind of agree with but I'm a person who likes to take care of others to a 6421 wolf. Sandy in Puyallup who should pay the fines and we really wanna hear your opinion stated that we got to render a decision your swing the gavel if you don't mean. Yeah. The walker need to clean up the crew but her responsibility she took full responsibility and everybody knows that he to clean up the group but your dog group there's flying everywhere but not everybody knows that's anybody is dog lovers and owners do but. This this girl says I don't unlike dogs now Madonna wanna go I'm not a dog owner bud and I know there's a clear about the third kind. I want every day out not everybody wants a lot outside. And and there are signs everywhere I go that does it it's that this is simply have to build exactly everywhere. Pension plans with the dogs so I'm sure. Yeah I remain at one point is that like hey where's the dog he had bright but with Al the roomy doing her solid she is up the creek with no penalty she is still pay you and not enough or it's almost like why even get a dog if you can't take care of the dog yards. The emergency is it sounds like there's something that happened that you couldn't get there in time and the sea after room and to do that they reporter present it don't happen very often. But the bottom line adds a girl walked the dog did the Vista boots. Or pay that I was sandy Seattle I think he'd take care of the people who take your view so in other words she's never going to be able to get his roommate to do this favor for her against us like Hank. If I want this woman to take care mean taken the dog helped me. I was gonna pay a fine. He got it and notice nobody heard in this aspect. Take your name out because I I looked into you on the radio you're gonna take care of me that's threat that the Pentagon thanks I was. Does my philosophy that is exactly it. I would take care of anybody it was this show they need some help that's what we do well yes yeah but not as high if I walk your dog didn't I don't find need to tell me dude. Like you can't disclose any first of all I would never call you dude. That's to start with yeah. Yeah and yes I would take care viewed sandy we love you thanks for cocaine and a part of revised Friday OK hey how did they get ETW two of our right to. Get renders some kind of decision here. And I think there's really only one way to go on this highway. Well I wouldn't go that. In my talent. Let's swing the gavel and render a decision on free advice Friday. First of all nobody agrees with me. Now so in other words nobody thinks like I do that the dog owner should pay the fine excuse me the dog yes. Everything's the dog walkers are paid a fine. However I don't you think Emily since we are gonna agree to disagree that they should do the amiable roommate thing and both pay eight. Share of it. For the sake of having to live that this person in getting along and for the sake of us never. Southern and their side I agree yes they should split that's I think that the I think our first call Jeff in Puyallup kind of had a right split it. And maybe. Just because I and IDC then I'm outnumbered here on the big man and admit that I'm. Not in a maturity. I think maybe a dog walker pays a little bit more. 115 a one way maybe it's a 15100 split Hank suddenly okay renowned cleric that OK there is free advice Friday about a week you have any comments to a 6421 wall. This is the morning. Alastair on you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Thomas pretzel wife Lauren Aiken has started in e-business and won't have become a star in her own writing you don't follow her on social media. You really should she's. Rashes and she chose the kids and but she's come up with aids crying and jewelry line help raise money for kids need Ghana which is where they adopted her daughter brown. You can see it at Lauren Aiken got comical Lauren Akins X a lady bird collection now. Issue I have. Is that the joy you possibly have an issue and Jewelers served me. The yes waiting African just you wait and 830 on donate three on that's not it I'm a bit three necklaces so far what she selling and silver opal. And a gold or diamonds. Really cute. But the silver is 99 dollars kind the gold is 449. Dollars. And they gold or diamonds and 749. Dollars like little expensive. If he should come out with some less expensive action like that. Fifty dollar read error I will say sometimes it it is better to have a lower cost item for charity like you know but the live strong yellow rubber birdies it's those were what do buck right they sold. Twenty million of them. Yeah like I want one of these that can't afford to get again. I dollar went you can just donate for the cause anywhere between 500 bucks but didn't mind that maybe do speaker Boris I know plenty of good. Police said they had a 99 dollar option right yes gambit that he's still that's a joke that's a big donut mothers' day coming up guy yeah that gorgeous little he that is a fair gripe. That you're gonna gripe on the little African you know. I want the money to go to them and I hear you trying to figure Robin did you fighting for the good golf exactly. Hello Emily I react officially or less than a month away from the over royal wedding attack and may nineteenth. And all that Maggie and Markel is gonna meet prince says she won't be given the French official princess title. So what people believe that she will be called will be at the duchess assassins. That I find all the surnames and titles so confusing. So why wouldn't she gave tissue wanna be a princess is that the thing or would you rather be at dutchess. I mean I think every girl wants to be princess but they cleaned. Isn't the prince William's wife she's just the duchess of them yet look at what's Charles becomes king. Then of William and Kate will live up to the prince and princess from. But the queen gets to decide and give them their name says she's in every month thinking shall make Prince Harry the do that to make America. That's what. I think the Wii is still limited affords him learning things that embrace this effect I would like to DV. To her friend and good. And I liked that it just came out with eight in new updated caught is still. Blueprint we've been basically making it quiz is and has mice quizzes. And Amy could also get a tube pre load he enters soak your babysitters there and it says you know where's the formula. It gives you the into the TP put it let's go great idea if you don't what people are getting musical or is feel like. These ugly person in the house and you know and I just didn't play a few prank war is all across. C.s and you can program Lex yeah it's only the stupid can you are at an English or annually and you know you probably right I don't think we might stand by to the mud dog gone adolescent and this is a morning wolf pack without parents or 100 points. The world. On campus O'Donnell. And before we get to today's swearing in just wanna give shot out to thank you to everybody who stopped by yesterday and visited with it was on Obama glow pit stops were. We dropped in on somebody be sworn in if they listen to the show and you learn some doughnuts. Suited to the downtown and dobbs grounds it's a doggie day care and order in place through me I mean they do it all training coming out Claudius give us a tour. There's like a 117. Don there I was head and. Canine mayhem if that deal getting you to out of their less than two hours was a personal victory in the and a funny back story to you know we bring everybody doughnuts a sister things so. We drove all the way up and Capitol Hill to get top buy doughnuts which took us probably 45 minutes and all the traffic and on Madison. We get to be downtown dog lounge there's a top pot right next door literally started the next door I think that's an icon. All right today's box came to us from maple valley little company called b.s in the burglary sounds. Awesome yeah. And our. Even. Honey you. And no Christy Peterson please sit and scripting makers' demand namely going from the morning wolfpack got Larry do. Hey Christie doesn't work on to say thank you for listening to the wolf obviously but for sending in a mug for the mug club so. B.s in the verbs tells a little bit about that because on the Johnson seems kind of scary you know these running around suburbs. Necessity we had a little spam police still are here myself thought honey local honey. Honeycomb Steve Holland with be equipment and peace in fact. The owners coming home right now from California was than a hundred bucks apiece. My girls. I can't say I'm sort of infatuated with the whole thing in mainly to because somebody told me a long time ago and it's true that when you consume local honey from the area where you live it helps your allergies. Yes it has the wildflower honey it's a mixture of all the the metropolitan areas that builds your means of if I'm up against opponents in people's whereby it. Yemen and I can tell you works based advisor tech from Moscow has picked up ground he puts into sort of have a little bit of hunting every single day that has gone bad. Taylor yet takes a little while that doesn't Kristi before it starts to kick in yet it has to build up its so simple now. So but it worked with a well you know we got your mug and beyond as we boasted that we got to go sees. Yeah how we gonna come feet so I. It lets you determine our little it's Friday so how about next week maybe next Thursday we combine bring doughnuts and saying hi. If your kid and I just about the road in Issaquah city for me yeah. Come visit my neighborhood gambling that the let's let's make it official swear you in the nightclub Christie the. Repayment I am ready for it ordinary Iranians repeat after me OK I think the site says it teetered then you hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolfpack. If I played lately just in the morning look back it was a proud member of the month club. And it's a proud member of the nightclub I'd like to crank up the wolf every morning. That's pledged to crank up the wolf every morning and kill all the africanized honeybees is there now. Yeah. I congratulations bitumen apartment yeah I remember a morning wolfpack mug club I don't think you guys will be a third base can't wait they. So much OK so yesterday the battle with a household appliance and one thanks to YouTube. So coming out of seven minutes to I don't know what did you teach yourself how to do by watching YouTube. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister come to Seattle man -- Thai food and hang out bring your girlfriend Kimberly raids it was kind of like okay the tiny in the rain and I have did after our pilots getting you know it's time to go majors calling. 100 point seven. All happy Friday everybody we wanted to right now what do. You learn how to do from watching YouTube YouTube is amazing. I don't care how obscure your desire or want is you will find the answer unused to register and you know when it comes to. Handyman stuff I can do some things but I'm not overly qualified nobody would hire me. This for the and I did battle with the a stove yesterday and thanks to YouTube I took that bad boy apart and I'm talking about the Kelly these extremists connected. And I took it apart where it looked like you would never work again. And thanks to YouTube of civil put it completely back together want to get the part back in its fixed. That everything works even the little light in the instead of the other works similarly you've come over and the cellphone rose to kiss her a happy I don't have to try that. I don't know why morphed into a mid western boy that's visceral. But do you ever learn how to do any namely Ali do me you do anything I've attempted to learn how TU apple that they did sheets. A wide eyes right at the net video there's one that's like that gospel it's a very specific way and I've watched it on repeat more times and I'd like to admit. Thank you still can't could now see I don't even have an actor Owen so I'll never have to fold it good scoring comes out of dryer goes right back on event I don't have to worry about it. There's a wanna know morning wolf bag right now what have you learned to do. Just for YouTube. To a 6141 wolf creek in Texas for 6150. I'd be more obscure the better but we don't hear any and all responses are what we ever do before. Usually go library I have no idea ask your neighbor gusts and what do we do. Associated Libya what did you learn how to do just from YouTube or data pulled my hopes for my four world and they redo my brakes were polar per prenatal care that is cool thank you ever have any changes mechanical like that before Shane. A little bit I mean I've done some other stuff that that was. Once I got into it it was the four wheel drive trucks so that a lot more intricate. Problem is only when you're working on something greasy. Is you have to take your greasy fingers and bush has asked me YouTube video trail so eyes saying did you download like an owner's manual or did you watch Jay how to video step by step. No I found out his veto it and then and then I I was able to view most of it and then when I got that sticking by it I watched either another one that was. I'm the same guy or. From somebody knew that had a specific way to do it. Jane thanks for being a part of the show have a great weekend brother hears the call in maple valley. So Nicole what did you learn how to do by watching YouTube. I've got to take Amir opt my. My act and I think that I ever thought I'm. Typical parent need their exactly. How does it hit some 500 dollars but but Meyer. No you almost think that there's a bunch of repairman like for Maytag in. These little handy guys that are out of business because unless a lot of stuff he just had need to sound tailored to do. Former creating more business as we watch the video think we can do it and then then break it failed miserably. Yeah it. Doesn't from the people who actually close to. The video I like Eddie. You know they just as we know it alls and get a bunch of views on their videos and that makes a good form. Yeah they did a great Atlantic that Albert and I think you'd that they won a spot in the and I and yet you hear a bit like well I'd I'd. But the guys that work that he starts and I'm like yeah that crap you know I'm glad I figured out. There is nothing more satisfying than not knowing how to do something getting instructions on YouTube and then it working I trust me I get it with my alma Nicole it's the best feeling in the world. Our morning wolfpack what did you learn how to do by watching YouTube we wanna hear from you right now to a 6421 Walt or tax for 6150. Here's an ad in Bellevue good morning what did you learn in that. Hey yeah I hate them all here again I yeah yeah yeah. That's impressive. Yeah that is really impressive are you mechanical that way NN there was this like OK I'm Dimon and I've no idea what I'm doing. I I and that I. Bonnie eggs. And what inspired you to do that. I didn't ask. How well yeah and it would probably hot apps and Eddie House Elaine. Yeah. I've got a lead yeah it just didn't. It opened and that Al. I don't think my biggest fears that a mess of the carbon that point just like yep the masses instead it Pena and his art in this. You know if you've ever had an older vehicle which I have and you get in there is a lot of civil in the cars now flat and a case like a big computer and herself and and we love it thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack. Think the net we get some great tax door SA team learned how to beat her one week gold newborn daughter and watching YouTube videos and she's in the hospital she's still out of it cheap the nurses stayed there and the neighbors know one home and she didn't had a baby it's baby got. I don't have to look that I didn't know it was late technique they used but the baby in the water and then you. Palin that we don't shoot at another of the technique. Ian Murray from bell US EC you don't learn how to tila do you buster rimes rap she said there. The diversity should be learning this that you wanted to prove the point is she's un American blonde is apple pie to the fact that she'd now be busta rhyme draft. And that takes I can't imagine those easy draft real sociedad. They follow it down Korean and gradually speeded up so there's actually instructional video on how to wrap. Apparently gaffe affect Exxon like jobs figures and pause pause pause now right down right down. A leap into Elmo learned how to play the guitar. Which I'm very Delis I don't slowed just a little bit of that he's our opponent and yeah I learned. Every thing for music anything I learn edited and to meet you there for the good old days when you learn stuff because your parents would teach you and I grandparents could show you. I anymore and I wouldn't how many millennial and actually the thing you do to figure out how to lead time on a watch and hope I can tell us and then that. Radler did you read that he which I think is probably pretty common Rufus packet. Gregor next door at the end that's yet. Kind of like the nerdy thing on there he can do it in two seconds others who sector competition there also that's a whole another world you can give me that thing for two weeks I know I haven't figured out. Well actually. I'm 100 point 70 yeah. Here's another thing yeah. Big kids coming real headlines of the day all your stories today we start. Monroe Louisiana where a woman came home to find a naked intruder in her bathtub eating she knows. Yeah they're responding officer found a tub full water played a clue what would have been Tito's belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub. You know I guess. Because cheaters are so messy you have to be no deaths have to actually successfully get through baggage he has nothing orange. Yeah I wondered if they brought the round but apparently it was don't know they donate via. Washington. Told the homeowner and police and unknown male had told her this is a woman by the way. To break in the house. Police found a tall ice just under a broken window that's actually gone and it's. Unclear if she has a lawyer at the moment on the go ahead and say no I'm not on that on the legal representation. Moving. Kellogg's unveils a playable and credible record made out of chocolate frosted flakes. I guess the only real question is why would he do dads because down the list just. The final inspired record features a new release hello from the Simon cal back to boy band pretty much. The record features a silhouette of Tony the Tiger the animal record is made with a core of chocolate frosted flakes. Top with layers of milk and dark chocolate that repressed and a 3-D printed mauled to create. Label groups so you can play this record and it's a boy advance you -- would want to and then you can even I think that's typical do you I don't know why I'm fascinated about it after. I mean I guess just from a technological standpoint how to get chocolate to make music that'd that is kind of cool. My only problem is like twenty meeting can't listen to it so no talk about records keeping yeah he'll keep it exactly the right temperature in a million dollar bit. I eighth as these problematic to me and especially if you really hot for the new pretty much single I don't know I didn't chocolate and quit and all of you are. Okay the last story this is truly terrified. I don't know if you seen this in the news the tumble weeds have actually taken over at California city. Trapping residents inside their homes tumbleweed tumbleweed now so I grew up in Kansas City in your driving I seventy west like say to Denver. It's tumbleweed cities infected so straight flag play game with the car trying to hit him. Bigger tumble eats like soccer all like. It's all so did pretty big a very Siegel beta and we do get some pretty big ones but the town of Victoria which is about an hour northeast of Los Angeles has been invaded. By tumble weeds. Many residents are calling 911 for help because they keep it on the front door there's no traction. They say normally we get a few but never like this. They're estimating that about a hundred to 150 homes in the area have been affected. By the way FYI fun fact. Tumble weeds and the result of a ground plan called Russian missile that's dried up and blown off. Russian missile is an invasive species brought by Russian immigrants to South Dakota any 1873. Did you imagine on the bond flicks I can't have men tumbleweed Gabi he double its desire I had no for sure this is morning welcome back with some account. Are there 100 points and lacks hit the pavement I'm sad to read history. Good morning holly and local TO welcome to beat the street and happy Friday and he made you don't hijack do you negotiate Zack brown band at Safeco Field August 31 been Mary Steen and quite -- but I need to count on their unbelievable live if you've never seen his background and you have to go they'll throw so many different kinds of musical styles that cute it's kind of insane. Who do they can do it all part of the year the million tickets are on the wolf. But you gotta be the challenger who we found a shoebox Soto last night holly so we'll meet them in a minute. But first getting to know you little that your program manager your thirty years old and obviously a huge dvd fans yeah. Let's keep the five questions with thirty seconds on the clock don't get hung up on one question too long I'm sure you've heard people do that Ali. Attacked by questions thirty seconds on your marks get set go what does that title for the upcoming avengers sequels. And Kennedy named one of Donald Trump's three sons. Darren. Who was scooby news hit each human counterpart. Yeah what number is synonymous with Seahawks fans. Twelve who sings the song tear drops on Mike you talked. Kick it off. See. Your hundred dollar. You knew tests lead deep history I didn't even need thirty seconds and listen I'm not gonna give away the ending here but. You do very well that that is the way did you end a week yeah date that's you don't. Tommy yeah I let's meet the poor sap challengers have a chance. Who again we've come up with last night the loop comes show. Your name Williams run every year. My name is less time from Lynwood and I'm a caregiver. I was actually great to me west last night good duty were suspenders to Luke comes show a shot them in that its campy and kind of retro like did you I don't think he meant it that way but it was kind of that way. Are you go to question number one what is the title for the upcoming hey here's a car. Infinity lawyers. Infinity war was a right answer how you got it exactly right so I'm negative but the point on that one nice job good starts. Let's go to question number two they want them Donald Trump's brief. I don't know. Usage Darren which is correct we would have also taken Donald junior. Or Erica because west from Lynnwood didn't know that you got the two when leading heading into question number three parents everything is happy feeling to honor our. Cheney is the right answer great jugular Scooby Doo heavily all of that now one of the mystery machine van so bad rousing nice I wanted that pain and that was I should see John and that totally manic publicly charity event way. OK so you he got a point there are so now we got a three to two. Leave for you great job your Qichen booties so far here's a local question what number is synonymous with our fans. Twelve is exactly the right answer everybody knows that there's twelve it's plastered all over the PMW. So holly and to this point you were a perfect four for four. And our friend west is three for four so you've got a lead heading in the last question. I think you're saying but let's play it out apparent. They're proud my. I don't know that money come on everybody knows that one ranks yeah Tim Taylor's yeah. On who exactly who feels like eight years old was. Holly you already know this. And everybody knows this you went five for far. You were perfect president you have earned yourself a pair of tickets to the Zack brown band can't wait to have a beer and if yes. West did find three for five that you get the win an outright win. I happen thank you so much. Hey enjoy the weekend the sunshine warmer temperatures we love you and we've seen as soon thank BN. Well it's Friday and morning wolf thank you were being called upon again to dispense wisdom and advice for free advice right game. Today's email hackles in favor of poop bag and it 250 dollar fine literally did in eight minutes. Here that morning world. I'm still a party. Go wall to. Getting a free advice Friday receive email and you can always send us an email to if you're looking for morning wolf thank advice it is free and nothing good could history. Mad at Seattle dot com your go to guys love the show dig free advice Friday. Check this out my roommate asked me to walk her dog so I decided to be nice person do it for her as a favor. This is from sued by the way I walked the dog the dog went through I didn't pick up the proof I was in a major hurry and I was going to be late so I didn't pick it up. I forgot the poop bags what was an able to pick it up anyway. Somebody saw me not pick up the dog food and videotaped it we are now being find 250 dollars ice. My roommate wants that maybe once means to pay the entire 250. I don't think I should take any of the money it's not my dog and I didn't wanna watch that thing in the first place. Do you guys think I'm obligated to pay any of this fine my roommate and I were in the biggest viewed ever and I want to know if I am being unfair. Families who should pay the fine the owner of the dog or the roomy that walked the dog. And the remedial Loc dot. Joan I'm Kevin gray area here but I side I think more should be paid by the walker a little bit by the owner of the night that she. I'm going with the owner of the dog I feel like I may be in the minority on this one but I have some pretty good reasons I'll share with the coming of next via your dog your clue you think that I have been. Good morning Stacy in federal way so you wanna we have free advice Friday who should pay the fine the dog owner or the roommate who walked the dog and didn't pick up the poop. On it isn't. Somebody being able to accurately. I don't look at all the. Let's say you're babysitting my son as he got sinking and taken to the emergency room I wouldn't expect you to pay for that. It wait it and yeah does not got it. A lot in the edge that I didn't. I just wish I could have the rest of the world see my sense because my sense makes a lot of sense over there are dead in a matter of I'm a little bubble of making a kind ascent. Stacy appreciate you being a part of the show we love you. Blew me appreciate Stacy got to be true and loyal proud gym in Arlington your thoughts on free advice Friday. I'd well my girlfriend that in San Diego he argued that any chips parking for a bit gets voted had a file on your ticket I had stable state. Right off. Well we've both been maybe eluded officer heating and offered a larger call. You know you know CO is likely ocean along party. You know I'll admit that sounds. Like I don't know like art anybody anymore. That's tough to man's but if you have a truck and be close on a glorified hi Jim you made a good point is sorry that happened you were pretty sure that snag rewrites. Evidently you care about free advice Friday got to remains what owns a dog one walk the dog for a walk dug into the blue 250 dollar fine and who should pay the fine for the text messages looking heavily. Add their Morse code that he had dog walkers should have to pay because she obviously didn't pick up the cable we have and a couple. One says the dog owner should have to pay because. The locker does help and offer free like she's doing her favors that he should be fine for greater have to pay somebody else said that. Forgetting to take your dog out or not making time to take your own dog out how and get someone else to do it is irresponsible sedation have to pay just because her back Diego. I go somebody with some good insight and how. And elect we got a text and said. The dog walkers apps page says if I was John and you asked to grab my car and I had to drag you home as driving your car home. Got a ticket when I hated to getter when you. The driver was able to get. Hi we make our final arguments coming up next in morning wolfpack we need to hear from you could you gonna swing the gavel and render a decision here for free advice Friday who should pay the fine to a 6421 wolf protects 46150. Right now. Welcome back to free advice Friday. So the email from soup kind of goes like this she got two roommates. Owner of the dog he roommate walks the dog for the owner of the dog groups the roomy doesn't pick it up. Somebody takes a picture sends it any that you are fees are fine the owner of the dog once the rules to favor me like I don't think I should have to. Now for me I agree I think if you wore the owner of any thing umbrella policy kind of a saying and also like to take care of the people to take care of me. So I think that the owner of the dog should pay but it seems to me Emily I might be in the minority on this one today. I feel like you would take on the responsibility of walking the dog he took on the responsibility of the fine began in Texas the Dallas Texas for 61 by though. David can ask for reports hearing let's let the judge decided. But that's over right there we this is hard court instead of three earlier say that's right. I'm by the way guys we have to render a decision near Rios wooden gavel on a few minutes and I make a decision. And we well coming up Sunday whoever the Faber is for action paper any issues caused during the favor sell the dollar owner. But Michelle and relate says it did the U roommate they'll walk the dog she'd have to do when she agreed to take the dog out. She knew why she's taking Madonna added to go to bathroom. So sorry not you're wrong well. We have. That's very harsh statement heavily grown rod hit his opinions here OK I don't Leahy casting aspersions on the way. We there's I guess more people homicide here yellow Tristan in Puyallup welcome to free advice Friday's who should pay the fine the owner or the roomy. Good morning. And I think you know it. It can be equal split split but I think responsible. You know ordered up quick outs opponents there. So I'm kind of governor box on the owner and uttered a cop on the locker speak does the locker did. Well the wanted to do it or not accept responsibility for it and everything that goes along with that we need to add a edit OK tell you Florida. We don't know that they remain knows or likes anything about dawn what she should've said that what she's trying to do a nice thing for somebody in a chance to meet if you agree it's like OK I agreed to babysit your child. I'm just gonna be in the house with them I'm actually gonna babysit your child to not just walk on who do the entire job OK Emily I hear you interest and I hear you. I mean I think the jobless did you run into the areas you've got you've got to deeper problem because we don't know yet what he had obstructed correctly did they don't yeah. Gaps that about it you just and I ran out the door without them. You know I mean that I don't know that that brings up a lot of different levels. Do you feel sort of like slow to the maybe there's a compromise somewhere in the middle you absolutely are. Thank you so much and part of freed by Friday Tracinda. Ethiopia crowded out there but no bailout. I think this is kind of like politics coddling him and talk to anybody in in my suddenly. You know against arguably our side I do feel like Kristen make a lot of sense and we got to Garth Collins at the same thing. As the jury renders its decision here in the case of the roommate vs the owner of North America and approved the I feel like for the interest of the relationship and the fact that they live together there's probably at least involved in little more complicated in this bickering they got a split it. Don't you guys think I agree split and I don't even have to think you go 15100. It's escalated right there in the middle and it. Put great and then never lock the knot again for your little bit. Might be the case right there if they'd only be on a date ownership don't have the remain healthy out all right decision rendered Emily what do we do next in the Big Three. Yes ma elect and just added a new feature will get into what it's just to be used for and what it'll probably actually be used or in a statement. In the morning. Alistair you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. How does threats wife Laurie Aiken got into the jewelry business and can you follow born on social media Kelly should she EB cutest most likable person and urged. It's interesting there's a couple of these wives now for the country artist Russell Dickerson where Caylee is the same way. Where they'll be playing a show in the audiences are cheering for their wives and they'll come out on stage. Kelly had their problems just as big of a star all the women really relate to and illegally won't turn mile I jewelry line is called the Warren Aiken X lady bird collection. You could see the line at the warrant Akins dot com the cool thing is it raises money for orphans in Uganda which is where they adopted their daughter from. You disagree lift the so there's three necklaces that are in this collection so far very cute they're silver gold the gold with diamonds. But the prices range from 99 dollars to 749. Dollars. It's pretty rich on the high end. I'd probably gonna sell a lot more 99 dollar ones and anything else but even now and it is the kind of junk. I mean you can't just go and just donate anywhere from 500 dollars but I wanna violent but do we get like the read I did not read. Brother wrote then. Eight why you lady bird they do have birds on some singers and. It's it's just I don't know personal presidential wife reference engines are donating. The amount. IRA the royal wedding is coming up to less than a month away now it may nineteenth the white well meg and Markel he called after she nearly. Prince Henrik well they're thinking and that singletary. Our gaffe sorry yeah comparing like wind and she married to reduce our IE eight and yeah. See you'll look like he called deep patches excessive fees. Sounds wonderful the queen gets to pick the name and if you remember Prince William ENI Kate Middleton became the duke and duchess of Cambridge. So they're saying most likely it Gary and mega of the current duke addresses duchess of the. Emily from now on. I would like you refer to me is. Duke of rent and you've got her and her and yes and no bull feel to it doesn't it's. And I had the duke of Kent may end. Any Amazon and elects people if you haven't noticed in Dayton you just got a new feature at its hottest guild blueprint basically did you quizzes and you can programming it into questions for you like yeah baby sitter. But the thing I think it's been used for more than helpful stuff stealing your unity. An elbow that he did creep people think of like one in here I can't say. Tale like they used the stupidest and I would turn in a statement I'm out there yes his movements and employees are now. Know people really like hail Emily when these did you learn how to be nice to meet and it's gonna feel really good time for you does not collect that you're lashing out she's funny answering Matt McAllister lashing out at our I need a little bit of kindness OK it's sorry you could re. Okay yeah. I think that's Sadr. Now we're talking. All right thank you Emily for drop in the Big Three of knowledge in speaking of dropping like that real d.'s is do that's of all the time. For a dozen Brothers Osborne about their new record came out today coming up in less than ten minutes stay with us. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister security cracked his first beer I don't think anybody can beat it Emily grace isn't actually great for creeping by the way. Point seven. Oh yeah. Hello OK okay so these days what's going on guys. Aren't we are doing great congratulations on another racing him. Port St. Joe coming out and I think to look him back the fact that you guys write your own music there must be satisfaction for being validated when you're writing. And then performing your music has got to be kind of twofold. Yeah that's absolutely you know if it's the other countries its community and our peers you know both of those who work. And to know that we've been given them by being ourselves that means the world and its political continue to do our thanks and our next Erica comes out it even more. Brothers were the collapse on them. And you know we're beneath over time are grown past that you know we couldn't do it with obviously the help with gulf of Arabia the fans and also. The community here. So they didn't show you guys winning your ACM. Does that take the pressure off of not having to do this feature is a little party like oh. If that played those so very it's up those like come on man do we we're gonna hit it here yet give us. Prime time big east spot Philip wolf we're on stayed out all its not the. About us but we don't want our home out of watching with a look we're we're represent our support how to deal Maryland and are thin on the logic and we do look we're all part of it together bits. If they pull that award segment a last minute out monarchs beat them grow up what we don't know why didn't get it explanation. And announced you know so we had a little bit put lives might screw this and this I could tweeted this has been done well the muddle. We're grateful Adobe feel word and maybe they're here if we went bull. This ship them all you know it's amazing this year especially with haven't they been in the category. We really going into it again haven't you know it it went on or off or current. With a little like Taylor Swift by pretending or actually shocked every time but right. We definitely. Where there was so it was a farce to us that we that we would whenever we retreat we thought man this is. The year there as well when one Iraq when and for their perfect country love story. You know that we thought the fact that they didn't Eric even even having even more superstars in the category seems very strange. If you just union Brothers Osborne John TJ on the phone with a sense you know in the history of music there's been a lot of bands of Brothers and in the typically they always break up because they hate each other. The ability to abilities we love each other so much that we fight about it I'll have. Oh look it's it'll work best friend you know we've we've been whether they have what you do form. At two years two years is. Do it much easier and and you know whether it's intimate that we could have done a study. And when does the on the overall number that would be impossible and the two of us were like toothpicks book or guys. And we're pretty tough with sometimes think they have I can't take this anymore he can pick up black good. You know we would have them you know way. Now Don we know you're married TJ what's your relationship status. Our men at that's the volatile. It's complicated on FaceBook but I thought about it. You have to have a moment where you sit down like approve each others because she's gonna be on the road obviously dying your life on the road. Lucy is off she didn't even if there's pressure great story were. Lucy as far as she doesn't really drink very much and usually well put together and she's very. For the first time. Are bad that earth we all wanna call for a and achieve this I think just trying to keep both we're both of forum to few weeks we can look dangerous which today is we put them down and and loosely ended up fast so the bathroom floors. That's never been there is what a load sees the brilliance you can go one of I don't know about our. Travel well John TJ Brothers Osborne congrats on the new album we look shoot me straight as you know little time of the wolf and we're glad we got to catch up men have a great leaping guys. Thanks Obama. What happened that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points. OK ladies tomorrow is husband appreciation day use the hatch says it by the way conversely. White appreciation day is September 16 guys market account rated down now you know I find that a lot of times during the show and in life I mean dad husband meet. We had to be labeled as like the bumbling idiot even on every TV show like the dad as the hapless idiot yeah always get terribly wrong but it annoys everybody. So I think tomorrow is kind of cool they did a poll and they asked a thousand Mary women that top ten things they appreciate about their husband. And for me as a husband you know we're trying so hard meal is just kind of not really Gatorade. It was cool. So do you does not make some guesses Emily and slow Joseph. What do you think the top ten thing minutes guilt tended to do whether he thinks on the list or things that why it's really just appreciate about their guy their man. Obama. Is it that they like when he does stores like Ashley it's all kinds of everything I guess so when he does source. Yes they need to be more specific more specific time but listen let's just knock that out number eight is when he does the dishes and we have learned on the morning will fact that if you want to score a million brownie points you make your wife happy guys. Always do the dishes doesn't matter who cooks as a matter who does any else. Do done dishes out that's one of the most important source for you don't feel I learned that I'd do it. Slowed though about since of humor yes he makes me laugh is number three that's a big ones have guys. That's key make them laugh. He can fix things and. Nova number ten is he buys me things. So he can't fix things guys via her Saddam I think that yes. Guys have a lot and I guess and to me. Them be supportive supportive of failure be supportive of whatever is that your your wife's journeyman yes look at what numbers that. That was number five thanks. Miss the number one you missed that one. It's it's the most basic thing titles he's up there now now. Now come up stuff but the fluffy stuff like let's get to a year now I mean think about it is go back to a day where men were punters in the gatherer I prefer yes he's a hard worker. 69%. Of married women that was number one agreed with this one. He's a hard worker and as that is our job take care Verifone media and war. At that point on Pineiro. Okay yes claymore as a dyed her kids. This is a good dad good dad number six string job and my leave sick man and a the F every Arab acting head back to back a hundred and that's why don't you fight like it but it was raised themselves. It may take it the tablet three yeah everything he does well right yeah birdie YouTube build layers out. You still need number two but it's pretty specific comes at a table and as I can be myself around. Yeah no end women wanna feel safe and they want to welcome to yes so broad. Let's see you but the number seven is really great and there's no way to meet that only I knew you would never guess this is. Of course I'm husband Keith sexy. 42%. Of women's and I think my husband's success awesome soon. But that means sixty or thirty let's not worry about the reading a majority let's not focus on Nash and that number not a rabbit of this phase you know he's good with the money he handles that I financials of things of their ego husband appreciation day tomorrow using hash tag celebrate all things how to. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's the morning wolf back hitting the road tomorrow morning that we're really excited to be a part of this and I think it's a big. Requirements for all of us here on the show that we be a part of the community we all wanna do that we wanna give back especially come zoo's first responders. And policeman. Of course EMTs paramedics absolutely firemen. That's where it's all Latin and those of the heroes in our communities so we are thrilled tomorrow morning to be a part of the Mountain View fire and rescue. Pancake breakfast this is about as old fashioned is against. He'll back in this 50s6070s. Did these for like a community gathering. At the fire station ever go eat breakfast Saturday morning and we get to know these guys Jim Morse in particular when we did a mug club pit stop. At the Mountain View fire and rescue house message hey guys wanna be a part of this we should absolutely sign us up so tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. We will be at Mountain View fire rescue station 96 in Auburn and we hope that you can join us for pancakes sausage eggs hash browns biscuits and gravy coffee. All proceeds go to Seattle Children's Hospital. They're hoping to do about five grand. I'd love to blow that out of love for the wolfpack to show open forces in support these guys and they're just trying to help other people which is the best part of. Big guys and Lotta time. We'll be there but it's not you can donate and and I'm posting the link to that right now on our blog suggested Seattle dot com that's awesome you know finger allowed over. The girls the crime dog and he's going to be there and Sparky the fire no not if you're gonna make fun any forays into. Funny you know judging the judging. You're the harsh one not mean man okay support of your jury. Okay at we'd love to meet you if you can join us tomorrow morning at the firehouse 96 maybe will be decked up and gravel were and our gear we're going all in for this tomorrow we'll see for pancakes. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well supported wolfpack Matt McAllister or something he will not be seeing at Safeco Field. After me nineteen. Players with the dip. In their lips spitting on the floor and when I first saw that they had and this week this is kind of a big deal to secure a baseball fan you'll go to mariners games. Go hand in hand baseball players did it all liver instead I first thought they just get sick and clean up the floor. Like this is disgusting and nasty and everybody's getting all Otis discussed this at some of our seats that they get it all over the floor so I guess Adam. Man the coolest thing to as a kid we were obviously allowed to use chew tobacco is that we buy big leagues you know I add I don't. Aren't that all the kids you know we played baseball walker a big old chunk of that dumb. Like the big leagues you and fake cigarette hated new. Yeah exactly I think they set hotels. It's not real. But again the King County board of health voted unanimously yesterday. Two prohibits smokeless tobacco in the field in the clubhouse areas which means yes they are now gonna tell grown men. They can't dip anymore we can listen to bad example for the youth of America is watching and it's one thing for their own team like OK if that's your policy of get used to that vote for the visiting teams that think it's going to be really hard for them to deal yet it does actually it's kind of a thing in Major League Baseball so now they're saying that basically acting players. Path of the Major League Baseball stadiums totaling fifteen have bans on smokeless tobacco frankly during games and kind of making it impossible sort of like smoking in a restaurant. Anywhere in the United States a wonder they find if they. Her breath Cotter I have no idea I don't think any visiting bulls enough in the states signed Friday half earnings for based think I think they do you get fine there's like a tier system Lego person first offense. Around this second I'm the only one that thinks this is a little listings like looking kids have rules follow the rules they're adults they get to chew tobacco you're a kid you don't that's why they may big league chew a bubble gum you can pretend you're a kid you don't know I'm conflict and on this because I'm all about personal responsibility and personal freedoms and making up your own choices. But I had a Fred and he died and really really young. I don't honestly know what I don't like it and that was why it was from chewing tobacco and today was a horrible thing for the UN the worst thing you can have INN. I am and honestly had nothing but sympathy and and empathy for that situation Joba well yet I've just conflicted about. Well that's. And we're we're just letting you know that's happening with Seattle Mariners coming soon cornered. You 100 points. Wolf the morning wolf thanks them accounts generally rains slowed Joseph we're out here don't get together podcast that you posted on the happened Seattle wolf dock on the 10 AM also. Details on the eve pancake breakfast at the Mountain View fire rescue house is on the web site there's a flawed if he can't make it out. You can donate right there and only. Fantastic blog post think yeah Deanna lived down that's about a blog posts are you. I'd do it today we're talking about this ordinance in the state of Washington did you know that here in Washington it is illegal to kill bigfoot. I mean it's easy and well if anybody can find it I didn't know that that's. Crazy yesterday we are actually talking about the fact that they're trying to make it illegal for you kill your own petty needed. The but are we others oh we actually already have laws on the books that prevent us from killing the elusive getting. That is right and big foot he's considered endangered and so you could actually get a year in jail or a 1000 dollar fine or both men it's okay well listen I don't plan on doing that that's not on my list of things to do this we did mowing the yard is on a night. Not killing bigfoot well there is a big foot and Buckley Buckley bigfoot pace that is dedicated to finding bigfoot and they most sightings that have ever been. Excited this year in the state of Washington people who say the Washington scene bigfoot more than anywhere else in the world. Well listen to creature itself. Used to exist in the ice age. Now I am not saying the ten foot hairy dude running around the forest now. Nature in the ice age like the mastodons in the other creatures like dead. Used to exist and it's possible I'd like to see here are your sources and that OK I've. Happy to provide yeah I it's a big thing yesterday and Ballard he's a smile or like him to teach you how I didn't get a photo. Was he wearing suspenders. Because we some of the guys in less than death. Ideally is going off the rails here it was closed last right now before that's going on with you I just wanna talk about big think today it all of these and I know what it is. It's more time. OK now right yeah. All right. Big holiday with the LA if you wanted to check in with her it's easy to a 6421 wolf for you can text in your pictures of the elusive Viennese 46150. Sale Monday. 1 morning it'll actually now that you're. In mornings from I don't.