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Friday, April 6th

Friday April 6th, 2018


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Ruling in welcome to podcast for Friday happy Friday to ready April 6 Matt McAllister here and Tony Raines actually. On the phone as restarting the podcast were little jammed up for time I'm on hold. So she's talking you're movers but I thought this was kind of cool like a little decide I'm behind the scenes look that your their picker upper stuff today in Georgia and they're gonna begin the trek out here to the Pacific northwest. I guess today react to that yet an estimate as to how long of a thing. I don't well apparently an estimate of what is they're bringing offset apps or haven't fixed rate now oh so it means. I think I know what I mean it was an under over it was under estimated the amount of boxes so many gifts they want a little more money while yeah. Now let me shake down effect these movers man they can be kind of shape it's there racquet he had earned in Nigerians. Well have they ever hijacked a major ocean liner with a guy named captain Phillips on now that I know of the nurse Alabama pat nice poll think the slow Joseph over the two of course. All right we aren't a lot talk about today so I thought we we just. Can have them Leon if you were put it on speaker to I'd be curious when he starts talking it's not he officiate. Rant rant she had a coronary actress she's gonna get back and K garment and by the way if you're listening to this right now you're probably pretty savvy digitally if you enjoy a podcast so moved. Check out our beer pong interview we're gonna do with Tyler rates it's going to be our FaceBook page were gone live with it at 10:30 AM Pacific time. But it will be on the page who live there all weekend long I think it'll be more like ten torn. I think it's going to be revolutionary. In either country radio or epic fail in the other well we certainly put a lot of time and energy into more so than we normally family has a referee outfit she's got to where I deal with it and basically the gist of it is beer pong. Except when the ball goes into the cup. There's a number on the cup there quick there's a corresponding very personal intimate awkward question the year I have to answer or the artist yet had I got I don't know I don't know seeker it's so it's just a matter of whether or not Tyler rich who's an up and comer new guy on the scene you say you got Nancy we'll find out past. Yeah like after we put his name as it payless and if the rule is you have to answer the question I will answer the question the health of all the only thing that that might be an update later is to have some sort of like optional punishment for not answering a question. But that would now thank opt out he had all okay third air okay things that. But I don't like giving them an out without any candidates for you who the country fan you're gonna wanna hear these questions answered and so by giving them an exit. I mean I don't really add it would in less it was totally were thick as the punishment is visually awesome okay you know I mean all right so bad this time let's see how those in no way us and I think yeah I mean the questions are our court of personal kind of like bird did nothing inappropriate that yet. So at the morning wolf pack coarse light beer pong interview will commence at ten join in on our FaceBook page for. We're in terms of things that we didn't talk about on the show today man we really kind of got to everything and I. Think we even touched on this a little bit too but. Soldier you and I have both. Come to this agreement where. Our wives might think they know what they want when it comes to how we look. But in reality when we give it to bomb they don't want it. Yet it definitely is a thing talking about facial hair rat and when we mentioned is at the very end of the show Indiana lead today I walked by our production studio and Jason who's got a dirty hasn't trimmed in a year gratitude. The return of the story. Any told me this whole story about he's now divorced but as ex wife there or get a for twelve years and she wanted him to shave his beard for Halloween custom. You remember the Will Ferrell. Whoever sketch from SNL when they were the Mike I think the Michigan's pardon cheerleaders nearly Diane okay we're worried she would she's really an Halloween she wanted them to go is that. So she said listen you need to shape the beer can will further and have a beard. He's like whoa okay that's commitment he said but I'm gonna tell you. You have never seen me without a beard. And I know what I look like without a beard you're not gonna like it you that's silly I can't way helical fresh and new and exciting news that's why they got divorced I don't know technically has certainly didn't help anyway he shaved the beard and I believe the first three words out of my mouth were like sweet almighty Jesus and I think you'll have to -- tournament history I can any OK I can count Emily I'm aware as you all might interest you pay some awfully can't spend. But anyway she's like Unita girl that bag immediately so I just goes to show you with this latest study 41% of women say facial hair makes men uglier. I disagree with that number ladies do you think do you think that but a lot of us just a better with a little facial hair that's it I agree yeah. End on the facial hair if it's like and nice but it that the path she ordered just like the porn stash again depends on I think there. Well I. Also depends the way your custom view because you know I there was a time and I didn't have appeared when I first as Sophia and have a beard. And we still started dating sic the issue is attracted to me Ben now since I almost always have a beard. When I Shane is sheet cow loses analogue it using and well I think you make a fair point however let me counterpoint OK and when I started wearing glasses about a year Adam may be was even longer. That was a whole new look for Brett and I remember unlike the beard which I shaved his Vanessa says hey I think you look at your look a little bit like aware wolf. At least on the phone by north a backpack and I came home with those classes and right away even though she was used to on palm's gonna be frank here. She found me severely attractive man said I ate her quote was. I think it just fell in love you all over the interstate and lake Fermi what's the difference brackets which are used to. That was different yet now she does it may have figured boy I it definitely and I'm not you know think your fantastic looking gentleman at all you don't need a butter mama I'm not as we attracted to you go on but the glass is definitely Dickson getting misty for me what one now if you don't have on its super reared like he's thinking hey. It's. Phase I took off antitrust matters though it didn't help first and Fiat. I do think there is something good to get Easter and I would just say ladies in Europe Smart breed your creature of love repeat it and thoughtful in this season and culture however the grass is not always greener now and you're used to which are used to and quiet. And I had haven't talked to were Miguel Lugar whose jacket or prices right now. Yeah this one box he said five by eight to six by nationality. 400000 dollars in cash she's like any in my mob buddies can go out and item. He you know unfortunately too. Sure I think there's some trades people that I know that always try to take advantage of the NASA very good to deal with me. They assume I know better are you know she's way smarter and handle things better. Because I'm a guy in that's what I get in they'd be protecting human in my mom all the time I must say that's what happened to make it rains or regret my peak while especially services that you don't need all the time why can't get anything done in my car or not just assuming I'm getting ripped off course that is English your car guy which I am not you know try to make it. You know I should I try to be guy. I mean there's really no faking it to a certain degree be unite our try to second guess I gotta the -- every era that yet tonight and I have no idea when talking. I'm in the same boat had you know I think in high school I wish they would had auto shops. Yet because I think that's one of the most. Important things you can learn ID you know they did have an in my high school and I just that didn't occur to me that it would be helpful hand and now and then but then for you you're pretty lazy would you are to get out there and pop that could be change in. Well your rotors are having listen if there was some you're seeing a B movie there's something that presidency like every computer them all about a love cam apart Indian and there are so. You know I just I was I'm not a car. Yeah I'm not him the I don't care that much about cars is longer run yeah I'm all about learning how useful things investors eager education wracked our shot would have been pretty cool way better than ceramic out there and rarely go back in scope the pot now now very often hum Akamai you know selling these days there at. Well in and if you out of their algebra and calculus and all that nonsense in there they're never. Never randomly gag no clue which is and I was selling in 1000 on with the movers were there. He with the problem. Snicker that place up. He just degree to get charged more she's got she's got up so it. And any she's not sharing because she's embarrassed Turkish hitting a solo. She's having turned out our conversation now. Times are Emanuel are the three prop blocks of 3:5 o'clock blocks and negotiate and and and replant now I don't know not a whole. Yeah she just a bigger headlines there and I don't blame probably the only news. Am favorite anymore packing paper I don't know I don't know him. She's left. We're getting a run they were tired. It's Friday. OK so that's all I got slowed opening weekend plans my brown nothing of it well you're gonna contribute yeah I've got some did it contribute. Which we've never talked about for weekend plans reports that the slide up young and effort together bunch of IKEA furniture could. Which I haven't I got home. These 45 yesterday after yeah I got there was a twelve hour day thirteen yard day. And I having brought it up from the car handling it is that stay in the car. Again tomorrow thank god can fit the car thanks all the Swedish engineers it was shocking news media and by doing sit and slide Fremont foundry tomorrow night Seattle dot com love for you if you listen a show man come party have a beer have a slider would love to meet Chirac and we do want a lot of the wolf pack there's a buy tickets. So we never talked about the. This stupid thing that the kids are doing and not. We say decades it's a small fraction of kids like with the tide tied eating in it is a few kids they get cash Eveready it's Pena with the same brush for that generations and other snorting condoms. Which if you're not sure they basically take a Revver. They put up their nose and Nace. Inhale it so it comes down their throat and then they pull it out of their time on the wilds why you did these trends have to be so miserably awful I have no idea when she did something that was fun while they're they're stupid but that the question that was posed in the article Ira it is what did you do you that was really stupid when you work it I'm like OK I did a lot of stupid things. But the stupid trained thing that I did was. Was this game where. You kind of like hyperventilate Intel you get dizzy and instantly pushes on your chest and you base he passed out and he asked tried that and we did that a bunch of times school like that I did it again in the middle class on time and got Barack class guy yeah the teachers found in laying on the ground that's a that's just it's. I guess you're not picking up the lesson today us you know I guess there was something and that you know that that's pretty a pretty stupid thing to do you and I in the age of like. If we had. Social media and snapped sat. All that stuff like if you put a broadcast it went live forever OK I got on ordering yet go ahead lighting my source on fire. Half an everyday and you know these are only for boys yeah family had a run out here disgusted at our lack of professionalism whether movers the passion he would not have a story can get a system to see the stuff I doubted that issue ladies girls is that there's just more about drama and friends and who's doing this and yet. No winters like idiots well lighting source on fire is like the stupidest thing you can do yet but it's also kind of timeless and kind of impressive the yeah there's that. What else stupid stuff man I would just say big game we used to play which now I think about it and if I mentioned you'd doing it I would be disaster. It was cult like group in Kansas City we had a winter and it was snow is called goo leading and I don't know why we called that but basically would hide behind a bush. In my car was stopped at a stop sign is it all the roads are covered in snow yet we run out grab the back bumper of a car. And then let it pull us down the street really sliding on our feet. And I don't. Big game big game would end when you hit a pothole -- Taylor meet we just fly out you to slide down the road my gathers there a danger I think about now that assists stupidest dumbest idea and totally dangerous thing to do so that we was so much fine hub then I don't endorse that to any kid listening by the way it is stupid ass thing to do but yeah that sounds kind of fun I I I don't even though. So they would stop at a stop sign yes and you go grab my guests and we beat our neighborhood where there's all houses and so so the cars are never go faster than say 25 Arthur Iraq but still ma'am when they're going like go Boise area though. But then like what the targets in an accident eat your big drivers on snow ran an ice can't controls call our yen the stupidest thing super dangerous so with that I don't think we should give anybody any more ideas have Riley really MB irresponsibly and sharing Allen yeah so my wife that if she's a huge moron and nobody. Fight feedback any guys wanna share with us comments about the show or the podcast or joining it was a heads up you know join us tomorrow night. Just mats yet wolf back Communist have a great weekend honestly would I am. This is ratcheted up so he what is the end result with the movers are we go to are we not eighteen. Regard yes you are they charging you more though he had of course how much or more. I went about Ahmad a lot more really angry and like over a thousand dollars over a thousand more than over your budget through the company is that I donuts any bright online Annika I moved to get a house AO shifts my car here earlier so I don't exactly remember what was yeah but I mean I don't have a choice like you got to get yourself. Do you feel like they're being fair in what they're doing right now. Yeah I mean. So what I'm not there to count the boxes I definitely think it was at the wrong number was put in for the original boxes to I didn't actually do the inventory. I did over the phone with someone and he just kind of estimated. So it's tough not to be there yeah I'm not there luckily and she's doing it but I mean. The problem is because it's coming so far is why nicely it's expensive but it. Beard I just won Monday's game boy at a San and then. It can be a week or three were the words Todd has had a unimpressive window. Well it's a reputable company you did it tell me that yeah. Okay are they packing your stuff now it's packed a ten. It does seem Bracey dozen. It's. Well I. I think gonna be taken advantage of and having just gone through that it is very pricey and I only found one solution that was under what the company was gonna pay so I guess what it's all about square but aides ranked exact Gatti got as so it's funny because I actually took a lot of stuff off the inventory. Where I think that's where it may be. That the pricing down a lot and not gonna go back up and cut because I took the furniture off the inventory you brought your Ab roller right. From stair master now. Only treadmills stationary bikes say an aunt asked. Hey one last question here before we wrap it up did you do anything stupid as a kid like like your five parts on fire have a friend ready to pass notre. I earned fans with a magnifying in no light tied anti god snorting condoms in Saturday. Now now but I watched my brother Steve many of the although he did it as a boy thing we did. I would play the game where we would Capellas down at the apartment scarce. And we would jump from the top of the stairs probably down and tiny leaning with like a full glass window right at the bottom so that O'Leary haters. And we lay is solidly on the stairs with a disposable camera and take pictures of us crying over them in a game I don't think I ever went to the very top I think I say it like. Seven or eight stares out still a big job but yet I was rallies risky as I got. We used to slide down the stairs on things like cardboard box and it out of the carpet to. All right that's it we're out W missed most of the times are out of it didn't ever he goes until we talked about some of the time before our guys evidently it was he back on Monday. I. Yeah it's he wants now the morning and we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point seven. Well it is the morning wolf pac man McAllister good morning Emily morning may drag IA this ride and slow Joseph away. I hate this conversation because it's always a perspective and everybody's different but this week actually is busy as we were at seemed to go by so quick. I'm so happy it's Friday 215 of Danica any answers as weird conversation fish a by the way it's almost as we here's the weather's going to be. Today. It's saying it's going to be 65 degrees and sunny I mean I party tells the armor and as radicals. Yeah I mean it's going to be one of those freak days today and then tomorrow the rain coming it's like a monsoon blown in it's going to be awful. So I wish we could flip flopped the two days and if you get a few hours this afternoon you know I'm Dylan and I think I'm actually excited about this no luck. I'm mowing the lawn. I'm excited about it's I haven't noticed his memory came in off popped up because I know on how early end of the day today you've done your fan. Yeah it was the first spring mowing that Al excited but I haven't done a sense so IMAX is miffed perfect afternoon. Not hiking Emily and mowed grass. You know you're dead when you excited for a man that ran. I wrote quicker before you know it of color any fun plans for the weekend oh we can't sit just flat out going to be hanging out tomorrow night yes. I will thank you be among the biggest thing yet we love to drink beer and eat a cheeseburger with you I'll bring my scale with cool yet at the Seattle icon get your tickets. It looks fairly up caller right now it is Friday were looking for somebody who's now pumped up ready to talk and your coffee unlike me. Joseph 6421. Wolf let's go lead off color for Friday when he got. And what to say thank you to call in Puyallup. Staley also in Puyallup and Tyler Arlington Janet are you guys for Conan to be lead off but you know ladies first a good morning feathers since. Then there. And and had I had heard federal way our area. I would get an LA call other a lot I'm sorry it's early in the coffee hasn't kicked in in hand there but. You work it comes to corporate is that right. Yet parents can't get so excited with anybody were to Costco corporate that's kind of my thing I love basketball you hear anything Costner I was her I'm so lame but anyway. Do you work on the weekends or do you have any fun plans. And corporate implode on the weekend so I get it now then we got her doing it. Now we got plans for the weekend. I'm well up front month buying back probably caught on an eight our moral right that well Ali and I look. He seat back home to Kabul since she lives in Mexico. That's kind of interest he had succumbed to live in Mexico. That. I thought maybe she's evading authorities. Wait a minute I've been watching too much Netflix app. And copper I don't know as a place you go to Mexico you're evading authorities make a little deeper you have travelers pretty tourist in these days. Well it sounds good what else about you what are you into which your which is being union out of work you know I think you know you mama what you like to do for fun. Welcome hang it. Even edited or am I gonna start falling on I Wear it. Thought what I like. Let's say what I dig out as well Emily do you enjoy good height equity ready go to the gym no I'd rather height. Hi these beautiful and there's so many hikes around here do you have a favorite Heather. I like you are wrapped up in the young affluent and you pop them out I'll. I go operate. Really like. I why I don't whereas I think that's completely. Do you ever bill to who who the top of that. And why do you ever hite who two point ranked near tiger mountain. I have not that's what I not ready. As I heard Lee. It's Jack I'm glad somebody 301. And act out well. Yet there's always an end it there it's not a hiker that it's one of the pair gliders that got blown into a tree in half the time ago vitamin Russa had an ambulance which is not a great sign but it's just like a rattlesnake it's gotten pretty blown down on the weekend it's almost hard goats give parking whereabouts. He's got to pray for good weather and you gotta get there really early that's my thoughts on a lot of work to go hiking is he got to break it down. Yeah it. Bone yet you gotta do it yet though it violence and we know you like country music could listen to the wolf so what songs we play for you here on Friday to today started right. I mean it is. Why I. If we have that I don't know we have that system can do or that's something we've never actually played it but. Will play jays right song for either way have a death. All right and we let you have a great weekend enjoy mum and hope began I could soon. Well he ill pure awesome by bank accounts go stir fry vegetables in the frozen section so money all the I. That. I had obvious. Who if you. All right I least expected to shell out for a wedding present these days means that's still I think we're gonna find out we kick off free advice Friday in less than ten minutes. You're listening to the morning the. Pat Quinn Matt McCallister yeah. Carmine. The meal when you're playing. So morning wolf back Matt McCallister. Time for free advice Friday so deep big wedding gifts are necessary for an outdated. Tradition. He reads the email hey guys by the league for a meeting in Bremerton my husband haven't final week and I was hoping. The morning wolfpack can weigh in a friend he isn't getting married in May my husband refuses to let me buy them wedding guests. I keep telling him it was customary to buy a present but he feels like the fact we're spending almost a grand. Just to attend the wedding that weekend is a big you know present thoughts. Family. Yes it's a necessity you have to get a wedding present. So you would say wedding gifts are still necessary if I sort of and with her husband on this one way it's really don't be a wedding gifts. And I think it's an outdated tradition that goes back to a time where the bride and groom didn't live together before they got married in so the gift was. For that reason it was OK you're starting into learning they're help your beauty you're getting married and then you go by is very traditional do you get the house and even any pots and pans and and even back then it was for like China and stuff. Nobody uses anymore anyway. Pretty even though people are living together they probably still have like and what they had from college instant you need to burnish her her and still especially the kitchen area and it'll play there again. I have always thought that the whole idea too of of registering. With a list of things that you want it's just so pompous. Here's a list multiple IS and so helpful I think you do that for your birthday I want to have putting it in mail list of things I'd like it might have done. I do think with the cost of things these days. In the fact that you have to just it's so expensive just to go to a wedding anymore even accused local and deadly in babies that are. But there that is you have in your knowing it yeah it did error getting a piece of chicken in a bad wedding bay hill and I did. Though morning low bank. I am sure I'm probably wrong on this but at least its allies feel and it's honest to a 6421 wolf for you can Texas 46150. Right now about wedding gift. Welcome back to free advice Friday. Just to summarize these emails from me. They are going to be going to a wedding coming up in May her husband refuses to let her buy a present for the happy couple because he feels like the fact that they're going. Is a present enough. 206421. Loss. Your morning dusted in lake will welcome to free advice Friday were talking about wedding gifts are they outdated or necessary. All week. Says it they think I'm all your president blue plenty for us to be there. Well we if you feel like you'd want to give something like that get a little money third belt but the entire I don't work. And how people think we're. Our circle they're letting them all yes I have no they'll get there. Why would tell you Dustin do you invited me wedding I would much prefer that because it's easy. I get loose look at when he into an envelope and say they're happy wedding you don't have to go to the registry go to the store wrap a present bring the presents. I mean how much word gotta put Anderson like I'm happy you're getting married and all that did you lord stick in my whole day. You gold mine click what they want for their registry. And send it to them directly or you throw some money an omelet. Though we are we have everything we needed throughout. But figured why not help but in the bill that we're gonna miss that wrong. And Dustin. I think to OK so eat dust is a good point you in your girlfriend have lived together for him right. So it's not like you need to start your life together and they've already done it and I think for couples like that like dust and I think it's called the select. We are you have most of the stuff and wedding presents or for a new couple starting a life together. So it's not necessary. I'm not a lot of my barely started to beat. The other bird two or three years where they're tired but they do better and got help here at. All right Dustin so you're saying that you you're on the side of wedding gifts are an outdated tradition. Maybe that wouldn't say you can maybe not at their best to be here. If they want to yes but. He's kind of an adult choir I was trying to pull him over to my side dusted off and a wonderful weekend appreciated chicken and congratulations on your wedding coming up to Jackson Imelda. Did you big wedding gifts are necessary still or are today and should be an outdated tradition to a 6421 wolf. Free advice Friday Nina wants to know our wedding gifts necessary still or an outdated tradition her husband and fighting about it all week he says look stunning almost a thousand. Fox to go to the wedding. Do we really need to get the gift on top of that. Let's go to JB LN save your first of all thank you for your service and appreciate the phone call. What do you think wedding guest necessary or should they be announced data tradition. Outdated it's okay prince speaking from. All we have to go to Lleyton in Cancun coming up in June. My sister was saying hey what we want this a registered anyway. Mark and at least 500 both on my pick it yet. And leave. Let me ask you this is your on the side of they're still necessary to still expected. Even on a destination weddings I need to. I believe so we did get one person text and sad if it's a destination weddings now because you're spending more money. But in my mind a year to get them against soak your spending a lot of money for the weddings and you can take and get does have to be expensive you can get a 203040. Dollar guess a couple months later and send it to him and at that spot account. Right that you haven't been married yes I've been married twice. When you register Xavier nose and I'm talking about you always register for the expenses stuff that you don't wanna buy yourself or that's why he's. Give them a gift cards to the store that they've registered to you it can't afford my father read straight years to revive bucks to Bed, Bath & Beyond that I get a CO2 carpentry so mr. and knock yourself out. They Xavier rely everybody they Serbian part of the show and and I Leon do it anytime so I think definitely the destination weddings that's a whole other category but. Even if I had a flight to Kansas City which are due in May for my cousins wedding a prank that's a destination for me right. So I don't quit yeah I guess I'd like three or 400 dollar ticket do you consider money and get my time yes I'm talking everything like money gift cards. Actually I present similar to their course when you're saying no I guess you mean no cash dividend. Not a I'm hearing join me Berry from C back everybody. Hey we're great welcome to free advice Friday our wedding gift still a necessary thing or should they be an outdated tradition considering. The average cost of going to a wedding in America for a weekend for a couple is almost 700 box. Now now wedding guests are goods and need to keep giving people that. You've heard it for another. Eight might I just wanted to clear the site near real quick. I feel like you're cheap at beginning of this whole conversation. I think you're I think you're cheap and lazy. And by. A very. You're wrong about what. This I need uliassi orgy of it's you or emotionally I'm going. No I just have principles buried in a figure like great you didn't merit a common enemy that is a commitment to giving your time boredom what are you meet they're giving you a fun night we are getting me in and carry your friends and you wanna celebrate their love and to give them. So I'll give you know what I like every other question that she's delays I think yeah. Very I will do my best over the weekend to really get into the toilet got there I love her but you call any time any day. Go to our alum give me a little bit are coming to Mexico and drop the Big Three stories of the day Emily what do we got. Yeah how do at the bald eagle just rain completely and it on your shoulder hurt I'll tell you on asked Biden asking him to sixth man has figured out is do you stay. This is the morning. Alistair you 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor impaired eyes cross a rebate this is the date yeah. You can never had teeny country festivals and sell when I'm hearing yesterday the Dirks Bentley was gonna host his own needs best well I was uber excited. When I am indeed does not even worse them that's gonna be in between Vista Colorado over Labor Day week in a club the seven peaks music festival. Burst or to Bentley will be there and he said he's not even and it just play he's gonna be like down the campground like hi Ivan people he's gonna be all around which is very well. Yeah I don't. Yeah I'm in Iraq. And that's what I wanna knuckles in Attica and I'm just NA norm to you guys are saying greed only ever Brothers I'm currently and count. Cadillac premier all gonna be there including some others so I think this would be an eerie cool it's. Sounds and Martha well in front and durst recorded the mountain in Telluride I got to do the words when a Vista is so I'm pretty sure there with Colorado Venus here but I've never heard of putting distance on my vehicle spot. Yes it's a very cool spot if you missed it he posted eight. Video of him getting undressed in your bathing Sydney in a creek and that's the location. Which Emily only watched 35 times yesterday I mean it was you know really how many did he get you Macy's Washington's predicted leukemia and yeah also married back down. Yeah and Rebecca black back down I know this place to secrecy. Irate yesterday in case you missed it mayor pitcher and James Paxton was hang out in left field before the game yesterday when a bald eagle Leonid on his shoulder. He's out there in uniform I'm just when he stopped for the National Anthem and then this happens and. It's. A America's solemn moment and a patriotic moment and a good cooperative but both legal and. No the U specified at hand handler we're just inning and a pitching mound but instead he can lead to tax and it popped to punish shoulder. And many hot down in the Eagles able to be Rangel but and he handled it like it can't blame freak out. I mean I wouldn't I would. Seriously start running but he said I'm not gonna outrun an angle so I just thought well let's see what happened. Acting as eyes and his name's. Thank you to watch the video talents might hurt when they're trying to grab me you know you. He didn't land yeah where and that's where the handlers where like this like triple think Vlad third thing in their armor and those shred yeah I need to act like Alice does happen to you gotta pace with the theory Q Bobby you've got how Hawkins. On your eagle on your show little hat. It might just not icing dink and their decision was pretty impressed with the Mariners lost yesterday to buyers is how he handled all the yeah. Bald eagle and as a partner. And manage the pet Brazilians rebooting had been so successful in me says they're now considering a couple other revivals including off this west wing and thirty. He says the mob an op here five years they said that there RT shows that they refused to revive and that's friends and find out. The reason is because actors would be asking for too much money. That's probably right. Still love up this Wesley in 30 Rock which one would you. If I'm being honest yes. None of them. He really meant office into your office. Yeah and that people watch the original so that people ref thought he does not find and I kind of think that but people would be all over the office that would be a popular with how I react without a without a doubt all right we have a mug club coming up here a little bit more on that in just a few minutes with us this morning wolfpack with NASCAR stack 100 points. The walls. On the episode it. Yeah and before we swearing in elite from O'Reilly auto parts who we met on Tuesday in downtown Puyallup that's your besting. He's George pero yet you two bonded hard that was fun to watch the gold Huggins. Just wanted to say thank you to be Everest tea and coffee shop in Renton who posted this yesterday as bad weather so we didn't get a huge turn out of the deal came back felt like really appreciate the fact that we were you ran. Yeah it's not just good team talking this did did their kids in here and the anthem boots judge that you think they have an on tapped. A pilot Alan from Honeywell and Matt from Denali federal credit union. A couple of guys brought mugs who will be swearing in next weekend on the show will take Sarah Palin. Up. Round out our don't tell you well Aaron Haley. Matt and finally going from the wolf Dario. During Gary you would do a great calling him a chance where even of the month club make it official that was really cool that she took the time comes down in hockey team that we love me my fellow Georgia girls. I know that I thought it hit a 77 outnumbered out of like you can. Celebrated art. Are you guys best friends are I think the night at an inkling or from your bag you ask a lot of room for activities this. Is actually. And we wanna thank everybody O Reilly's for listening and we are kind of thing can at least I was thinking of your name you know in front of it could sing the same song for boo boo Haley. In auto parts. Owed nearly. Never mind. Yeah you know I really hard time finding it nearly doesn't always work week. Now the government like Wayne that Alabama O'Reilly and though. Now but let's make it official against your mug shot plastered all over social media everybody there in beautiful downtown fuel that rally on apart but we got us where you've been to a you're ready please Frazier. Right hand Healy and repeat after me. Oh hi. Oh hey hey hey coach in the FIAOK. Okay quick ETC and I worked my agent I got yeah I forces. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack you hereby pledge I needed good morning wolf back. And as a proud member of the month club. And as. A proud member of the like but I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledge to paint of the wolf every morning and on the lawyer laughing here uses some serious business. Right now and whom didn't congratulations to you by the power vested in the back of the deficient. We'll technically. Out of class thinking I am I welcome to the fans we love you and I think we've seen in. Honorees to grand story like running around you know particularly in on the best stuff oh yeah definitely. How does that tell us as the progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. On empty wallet it's Matt and Emily happy Friday look we euphoria about what's going on hard you do that do what cheered and help. He put the words I am not at the 000. And really. Hello. It wouldn't you agree that that's one of the counties ad slogans of all time OO of O'Reilly and everybody knows right. I got four kids man they LT. It should all. The other night and only have a catch your slogan in that when we get stuck in your head from time to time. My artery and it is that case the content is. Always that out yet so envious slogan that this is there a song. I let's open it up morning wolfpack what do you think is they catchy as as slow them all time and a slow Joseph whenever we do in the podcast and he's run the board for some reason he goes. That that's that's that's. Every day McDonald's yup everybody knows what that means to us export to one wolf or you can Texas 46150. John bloody body have a great weekend it. Again we're asking you who's got to catch these ads slogans ever to be jingles. Or just. Slogans he gets stuck in your head to a 6421 wolf. Or she does attacks 46150. The morning rocket to keep peninsula who's got the catchy ad slogan or jingle the one that's always stuck in your head. Our I've brought you know you're gonna have to sing for us right. Do you. If you upgrade Clinton obviously that's did get bond. Isn't it amazing that some of those it doesn't matter to be fifty years down the road and you won't forgive him. God bless and rock. And. What about the as best fully clean commercial not only clean Intel you best believe me evaluate. Irish spring says yes OK I K I. Today Italy's a year ago. That was a possibility I would admit the best tumors I would about the double that. Low. You go out there is conflict between their. Yes tonight I know the Americans and TV commercials but I can't remember the song magazine that they can't you were didn't have to work from Budweiser the frogs though but. Apply again he had. Let. Add. Yeah I think the daily dilly is gonna go down in the history of advertising is one of the cat she is phrases app is there now we've been saying that's on the list of the band things at the masters I am you can't be allowed daily daily that's a part of the commit a very short amount. I'm also good at least another jingle we just got an arm I want my baby back baby yeah. And be eating bacteria and and then if you whether more slogans Arby's we got the meat. Backhand and you are glad Krejci red hot I've put that is an everyday yeah. And then the red Robin's home. And about the red rock and and you listen I didn't know finished it I would have never known. Him a fresh embarrassment. I catchy ads slogans. And jingles to us export to a wall for 46150. By swearing Riley's auto parts and the bug club of both O'Reilly it's we've been talking about ads you know ad slogans catchy ones for the next hour work. Good morning Carolina's man however target about the catchy ad slogans in singles ever who would you like to nominate for the prize. Tickets yeah. And in those are always so funny because that they've updated the commercials and allows of their very campy and eighties. Yes very eighties beat Caroline here's the here's the million dollar question did it work did you buy it Chia pet because of the jingle in the commercial. Yes right. Really what I had their deadly little lambs in beach you can exceed violated dudes head in the hair would grow out of the top. Yeah absolutely. Figure Levy thanks for being a part of the show have a great weekend. All right Jodi gay Garber who's got the catch he says slogan ever or jingle. My ear okay saying it just so we make here were on the same page tuning. I. Am a legacy on my knee that. May mighty arm well. Everything. You have any why else. Up higher so it'll. You know there's something about those really old school jingles that just puts you in good news they're so they're cheesy but they're really happy. Out. Now how about Coke and I'd like to to groom that's code. Keep it counts that he at least look I don't I just fell out of spaceship. I don't. I don't Littleton and front and center does a little before at least time. Catch a shot at our anticipation. You got to refresh my memory and how would you eat. It up any. Any. I've noticed I've never I don't. I don't go live we levees Jodie and what do we get adjusted and are burns who's got the catch these ads look at the jingle ever. Already they're. I'd say it. Her. And you need you or error in shape and yeah. Can you do it's. I got to give just incredible going all these I I gentle man. Props to you buddy. Keep this. All right what are we got the text calls are pouring in by the way similar that nationwide. Is on our. Great you've got until we we we are farmers. Did you know that I think insurance companies spend more money than anybody else maybe not alcohol and advertising yeah we have had crazy parents and comers you watching TV that we can pay attention how many insurance commercials using. And they've all got awesome James gaffe are they nationwide or get a lot of exodus I'm got milk. Bill and art Auburn's gotten out first and Mel you may ask not your mouth not nearly instant channel guide the southern Iraq. All right we could take these goals and read these texts a day but we do have to move Ballmer running at a time. We get the not big news on the way stand by about nine minutes from the fake is sounding real headlines of the day including the DC couple found out something very very it was happening in their bag of Trader Joe's KL yesterday. Well actually Matt McAllister commandeer 100 point 70 yeah. Oh here's another fake news. Big kids sounding real headlines of the day. Restarted Washington DC Emily if you were found anything weird in something about a Hershey store and I am not now. Well. A couple in DC were a little freaked out when they went to Trader Joe's which you know I think it's safe to say bills itself as a pretty healthy place to shop at this in math. You might give them this footage you found a very dead lizard in your bag of fresh ready to eat kale. Dead he added I mean ally blizzard might actually be better. Which almost don't know why people get all worked up about this you want fresh you want freshly picked you want organic but I have no car that. Then you get a looser it just means it's fresh. I mean if there were tonic chemicals on that hill man you wouldn't have a lizard in the. Well. That's why I'm saying elaborate there might actually get better than elderly when she seal the Baghdad Elizabeth and having us and that's it was pretty healthy when he got in there OK I don't there is an organic dead lizard. It's good and very. I'm by the way they reached out to Trader Joe's corporate they are investigating the incident but it's pretty hard like some people think this stuff yes pretty hard to smuggle a dead lizard into a sealed bag. I think they got this one locked up. Moving on to Miami's hurt Ohio. Slow joke don't we see this story just a little bit to Boston where somebody burns down their house trying to kill bugs yes. Not a good idea men that's why they invented pest control companies. I guess the guy started the flames on the second floor that spread quickly throughout his home. The homeowner told firefighters he was trying to kill insects that were crawling around inside this house. I don't know exactly how he started the fire because 20000 dollars for the damage. But I'm guessing wasn't like an authorized flame throw herbs probably Canada aerosol he was an Iranian yeah make it to them by flames are you better dynamite. And where do wrap up the not big news today here on Friday and an update you guys remember the story. Of the ex boyfriend to crawl looked into the attic of the girl yes go eat or change her door. And she found him when his legs felt through the ceiling right and then net new boyfriend told him all the way through the Hilo and beat him up. The dude gets out of jail he was arrested at the same day he got out this is all happened last week it's kind of coming out slowly apparently. He broke into a woman's home. And was wearing her clothes. Under this is another acts. I don't know home. Anyway they say the oversee the medical emergency call about Burger King Tyler berg cannot have a good week we found him wearing a woman's T shirt. A woman by the way reported finding the hospital again on her bed and knows her clothing had been disturbed sleep yeah I haven't yet. I think the clothing is fine I think Tyler bird campus Salina can. This is the one used disturbed he needs to quit breaking in houses and shall work announced war and this is morning wolf pack with some accounts are 100 points happen. Laughs hit the pavement and tactically history. At least in Port Orchard welcome to beat the street. Happy Friday it would make your Friday complete if we were not given the heretic is right now who see Luke Bryan would jump party currently pierce October 12 at the white river amphitheater and got me all. It would be live when it not. Only do we would all be world. Are a part of woke that all day I'll show and it's amnesty in the mine isn't. Sounded that sounded pretty dead men the ninth useless out at least I'd like to strike that from directly let's move on to beat the street by the way your Port Orchard yours that. Tek good for you that's awesome and your 25 years old yeah. Boone all right by questions on the clock before we meet the challenger who we found the every team coffeehouse and rent in yesterday. Thirty seconds five questions are you regulations. And ready and your marks get set. Go who most recently played the role of bad news. Don't Michael Jordan won six NBA titles with what team backed. Opt into. What seems to show friends based in. Two weeks Seattle neighborhood is home to the famous role. Out free to sing the song drums on a plane. I do at that time is up at least you made the five questions how you feel about it. Wow I'm feeling okay right start. OK Betsy Webb made a portal that there in the second half and remember it just matters what our challenge you know let's meet the challenges shall we are. Here's what's standing in between you and Luke Bryan tickets which are able to. Firm and we get my name's Matt Skaggs I live in Tacoma working OK as marketing manager for now I credit union for Washington. And we had a chance to meet met yesterday as well he's a sharpshooter with upper management written all over remember the kiwanis club the Rotary Club he's an every club that Everett got embedded in rent eight. Thanks so he's bonafide let's find out how you didn't Indians in the same five questions here we go. Who most recently played the role of Baghdad. Yes two to pass on us all to. He didn't know that one either which is great news release because you did not get that one right the correct answer. Who most recently played the role of them in its mr. Beck tend to himself then Athens. All your age the channel and they've made that movie over again so many times and so many people learn to keep up yeah. Channel I don't fault you one bit for not known Lisa. Let's go to question number two by the way and having 00 tie Michael Jordan won six NBA titles and what team the Chicago Bulls. Okay easy duties and and it was NBA basketball against the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan believes that you didn't get that one right so now you're down one nothing little bit of a home. Okay it's nothing you can't get out of them here we go question number three. What city was this your friends faith. That New York. Was in New York a cliche you've got to ride as well so you're in the game and it's totaled one heading into the local question which CEO neighborhood is home to the famous troll. Fremont. Pools he got that one right as well. That's so did you releases. Three months of course where the famous troll is we're going to be slipping and sliding tomorrow night by the way the Fremont foundry Seattle the concert tickets it was like come party. Like to a guy that all of you Daryn it looked at it. You know it's my job so here's where we stand. Matt from Tacoma has three you've got to. So a tie is a win for you but to tie he's got to get it wrong and you've got to get right there's one question left it has to go down like that your fingers crossed deletion. Who sings that draw on a plane. I don't know so. Buffett and Jimmy Buffett is incorrect of course it's a country star released today and you knew the right one Dirks Bentley which means. Yeah. You have beat the street view best fitted let's say I've met from Tacoma. For you one. I got out cited. If your man. All right coming up next free advice Friday and an expected to shell out top dollar for wedding presents these days as this though a staying home. We're gonna find out we can go free advice Friday in less than ten minutes. Into the morning. Oh I know. 107. Cell loss welcome to free advice Friday we've got an email from meeting in Bremerton hey guys so my husband and I have been fighting all week I'm hoping the morning wolfpack can weigh in. A friend of his is getting married in May and my hubby refuses to let me buy them awaiting yet they keep telling him it's customary to buy a president but he feels like the fact that we're spending almost a grand. Justin go to the way now weekends and they get a president. Thoughts. 206421. Wolf is the number or you can text 46150. Your morning dust in Lakewood welcome to free advice Friday were talking about wedding gifts aren't they outdated or necessary. All week says duke taking time off your president there's plenty throughout the field there. But only if you feel like you want to do something we looked like they get a little money bird belt but prior to our network. Why would tell you doesn't he invited me wedding I would much prefer that because it's easy. Don't you gold mine keep click what they want for their registry eat. And you send it to them directly or he throws some money an omelet. But we already have everything we needed bailouts. We figured why not help but in the bill that we're gonna miss out on. You and your girlfriend have lived together for a bit right. So it's not like you need to start your life together they've already done it and I think for couples like that like dust and I think it's cool in the select. We are you have most of the stuff in wedding presents or for a new couples starting a life together so it's not necessary. And not a lot of my badly done. To beat Benoit put together birds they're barriers ordinary but they benefit yet what I will remember Glenn. All right Dustin so you're saying that you you're on the side of wedding gifts are an outdated tradition. Oh I own early. It's out. There it is not a necessity if they want to yes. Got an email from Meena hurt her hobbies and fighting all week because we're going to a wedding in May it's on his pals and he refuses to buy a present on top of the expenses the wedding is are you gonna cost thousand bucks. For the weekend. So to a 6421 wolf. Good morning Brenda in white setter and welcome to free advice Friday evening wedding guests are still necessary expected or should they be an outdated tradition. I think being outdated tradition that. And I had. My parents and and I just got married in October and we've really didn't want. Any at all. People really were clicking pushy please read these. Kids come without yep but we want our friends family there. Yet you know I think too heavily if you're worried about getting into when you get married. We did the same thing Brando and every married the second time we give me the second time it's not like you need all the bells and whistles exactly told everybody look your presence is all we request and you know what. People and to bring in more stuff than we could have ever registered for. So I did have a friend he was in the same situation resolved and they did some very cool they registered for certain donations by people want to gain from want to bring you get so Ben just register for a donation. But don't you feel like Brenda is this is a tradition that dates back to a time when maybe Americans were more fat and happy and really. Who anymore doesn't live together before they give me a that's exactly what it's about and what he just bought your house. This is just goes back to a day when the groom would pick up the bride and carry her cross the threshold into their new. Wedding at home that they've never spent an Idaho power of parents houses in they don't yes they don't have a pan Arab pot or China back when people got I even did it. Those times you've gone baby cyanide. Rear view brand's death even me enlightenment. Emily and I have to follow me and I mean I was always a hit assailant and you'd get a nice count the ones I'm telling you at Kirkland ran over. Brennan a day like you and I'll go in and finally gets married you know go in on the vehicles that it will go ahead. And yeah I. Forgot to take care relief to some real nice. I think first putt well yeah one thing at a time Brenda we love you thanks so much for being a part of the show. Ain't you aren't so here's the question do you think wedding gifts are still necessary and expected or are they an outdated British. To a 6421 wolf or Texas 46150. Right now. Good morning Andrea intent welcomed a free advice Friday evening wedding gifts are still expected in necessary or should they be an outdated tradition. I am I I I'm pretty and you come because I put my head and I thought here we were about older but had never been unmarried people aren't. But we still have a lot of the only thing that we really ask Eric yet to bring light and our campaign and electric can think that we really needed to. They clinics or are just have to go camping. Sure and Andrea I needed to pick a side here because we've got to swing the gavel in a couple of minutes and figure Ralph. What do you tell me in Bremerton shooter host you know should she buy this a couple of gifts or go with her husband saying no no gift. I'm I think and I would probably. Go with my husband on that one gifted as a matter. Angel Giuliani are in your butt kicked him really well because. Want to give yes as it's not just to show us your friends. I'm so happy for you and Mary doesn't have to be like like it is that it didn't have to be trying our dish where it's just some. Me me or one in their house that's what registries are useful because of their registered or they obviously want it. But if you but it you know who your friends are you know what it like filling out directly you know like you and black and Glenn. With India and and time you look at your patent and and. So I'm going to a wedding in May it's my cousin and I would tell you I think in new trend which is great news for all of us is heavily to what you said David they're a little bit older. They both have plenty of money they said you know life. We just would prefer you make a donation to your favorite charities and drastic shift. And and I'm excited because you know one's gonna cost me thousand bucks to fly to Kansas City with a family in go to this wedding. He'll when people say im just went your presence everyone still wants to give a gift and there's so many people and I lost in that used to you know they need to get the get. So I guess or just it might not eat it but it still tradition and it's still necessity. All right Andrew we appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf thank me thank you so much anger I had a great. I guess that's check some of the digital Emily and attacks before we swing the gavel and render our decision to for advice Friday. All right Matt the poll unto on Twitter and instead ran. Over 55%. Are agreeing with me. That they are still a necessity it's not old tradition forget some text and Michelle says that she doesn't hurt early twenties coming straight from her parents house also m.'s closing needed to get. Doesn't another tax similar she's 26 when she got married and they would have been lost without their wedding gets to eat there are still people complete and truly need like the toaster in the China. Christie agreed means that weddings are expensive. When he needs gentlemen doing so you see your grandparents are trying to units. It isn't nice gesture and to give it gets in (%expletive) you appreciate this massive party tonight aren't let's. Make a decision here for free advice try to get help meaning in Bremerton. Slow Jolene again before render a decision and render at finals I'll just say this I had a big fight with Steffi about this recently I've made I've pleaded my case and I thought it was a good line but she still made us by again. Are on the site as. Well. Clearly I am too. Finally we need a louder gavel. What definitive thank you thanks for. You know I I see this as good news on both sides its first ball. Millennial through the ones getting married right now to getting married later and later and later in the are opting for less and less gifts because that is kind of an old tradition and they are actually it's a trend to say make a donation to charity which is still guests. Sure just not a selfish one at night. So that's good news because you don't actually have to do it awesome. While I. You know how I feel like Italy I do agree with you that right now. It's like the Monday after the Super Bowl we all wanted to be a national holiday but guess what game yet. So yet they're probably still expected. He should probably do some things. But isn't an outdated concept that needs to go way. Absolutely. So like I cannot it's still a necessity you still should give a guest at the moment you gotta kinda do something if you don't wanna look jerky and by the way why do you have a whole year to give the gift yeah just another topic that we're able. But is that just to make sure that the wedding last at least a year did not go to Britney Spears is what I have no idea right to have to. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 7010. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor impaired eyes cross a remixed this is that they yeah. Another country music festival has just been announced in this time Dirks Bentley will be hosting and it's common seventy music festival set for Buenos Vista Colorado over Labor Day weekend it's going to be a lot of signs. Gimme marina labored brother Bob Marley and you know Cadillac three plus more people are gonna get announced and of course Dirks Bentley all weekend long. Yeah he solo with Colorado now he recorded the mountain in Telluride. In but I don't know work when this is I'm pretty familiar with the states directly it almost is like very center of the state rate in the mountains. Enough investment Hamas he act when. Okay. Like I let my bilingualism curiosity and highlight clip right in the eye. I think I'm pleased next story than to see through me off and Mary so easily hold them we don't. Comfort skiing and loads you know I mean that putter to the right training program. Irate if he didn't you don't watch the Mariners game yesterday Americans entered James Paxton with hang out in left field according gain was warming up. Pitching and an all people leave it on his shoulder. This is slightly announcers had to. Yeah. I am not patriotic moment and want her to. And him. Doesn't just apply it in order on the pitcher's mound instead it lead to tax me without their warming up. He'd stopped for the National Anthem and the bald eagle justly punish are and then hot down and handle our pentagon and that he handled like that she didn't beat them he. He said afterwards. I'm not gonna outrun any Eagles are just out we'll see what happens but to I would have thought that I would immediately raised. But nobody I think guy has Tyson as things yeah because that's fine to say it after the fact that in a moment activity on the bike and an upbeat sign of health. I did not remain cool I was getting a bank Clark centers swarm all over the road that was the first instinct would be to read something and I was watching video frayed at the talons would meg dig into his shoulder and those are powerful. Yet that they have to relic that glove man. App packs can handle it it's got Preston and evil and it just that's when you have that reaction that's ever caught on video where you're down acting not so manly exactly do him like eight. Then again luckily this viral video is because he looks so cool and not because he just made important. And it because they end the Rosie and read it and been so successful Indy he's considering a pilot at the office. When we EM 30 Rock now they say they're Tisch shows they absolutely not revive. And now will be framed and signed up for many reasons but the main reason is B actors are asking for too much money for those two ships but. I often streamed it would do really well. And I'm not sure that any. Sending them friends heavily idyllic I don't wanna come back you don't I actually don't know but I don't think they have. Any right to ask for too much money other than Jennifer Aniston. But what's Lisa Kudrow doing. Gavel when they were on the show they are making and you have to remember they make it a million an episode he writes is that that was in the hey day every mayor Brian what do your notes and if I'm what are featured Chandler Bing would sign up for eight bucks an episode at the moment. You know I'm saying but look for office 30 Rock or lessening I'm patsy well the office I think would be well received everybody's still references that show almost every single day. All sat with Matt McAllister has brought back. Go low cyanide. Big guy could be in position we're about to give you the best advice you've ever received in your life when it comes to your relationship but there's something morning wolfpack. You wanna share with us in terms of the best advice you ever got. Just in light prayed not in generally added him to be ready in particular to a 6421 wolf creek Texas for 6150. Consider this segment on the radio like scrolling series Graham and people always post those little motivational okay. That's what it's going to be okay but I really did think this was fascinating especially. Because you know look I'm married and you're always trying to make it a happy marriage there's a new study out of the University of Utah. That says literally your entire relationship hinges on one thing that happiness. Between Emily you when your stick to speak it's fictitious has been to be a Hank. Easy for me to sit. In his son. Who does the dishes. That's what they're saying in its college that put out the study and everything. With the professors. It's a big addition. They do so bad news for you guys but listen manager gonna make mama happy wind up in watching this is easy and abstaining a big bank. Especially getting crushed. Dean researchers found that women do most of the chores around the house or let's just say they do more tourists traditionally that's what they found that. Especially the really soul crushing chores like cleaning the toilets. Doing the endless flow of law injury. But doing the dishes is the one chore that apparently really breaks. A spirit of a mom and a wife and a woman in the house who's already doing most of the work act. Self when hobby. Pitches in and handles it issues it makes everything better for couples are happier with their relationships are more stable they argue last. And yes guys there's a payoff for you. A little more shake machines and that's what they see a lot of guys the district I'm saying in. OK whoever cooks the other one does addition right. But now I'm just gonna do all the students just Ali they do it taken out the trash just putting your mind toilet seats down that's your eyes out dishes or wash so. With that being said I think it's awesome free advice yeah guys do dishes make everybody happy Emily best advice your against. The best I I ever gotten is that if it's not gonna matter in five years and don't spend more than five minutes boring about it. I love that you know why I got so we tell our high school bonus daughter every day yet you never gonna see these people again now trying to girls over the sojo. Probably the best advice I ever got was any time spent arguing with a stupid person is stymied just wasted. I love that yeah I love it. Our morning wolf access device you ever got to be about any thing but let's share the wisdom all right you know the number 206421. Wolf. Good morning a mandate in Bonnie lake happy Friday so apparently the best advice you're ever gonna get is that the husband does the dishes in the house always. You're gonna have a great marriage what the best advice you ever guess. I spent a lot from my grandma actually only yet. Ali me stories Yorker's right and hint he's back to kids in Lebanon and asked in an ambulance or hospital. And he agreed. It all year yeah. It's. Not like cats and not just underwear ads and human bra and yeah. And obviously clean and well a Canadian man. That not to get too personal but do you think the fact that she had matching undies made a difference when your husband saw you and house. Oh and have it right you know didn't hurt dinner it just look at are confident. We need started to tell us your best advice from your grandmother I'm so glad the sentence didn't and that's because you never know when you're gonna have a one night stand which is worth you're going on behind me ran well and more all. Me yeah. You are it sounds like it but you know what her advice paid off and I think too when we're young we think. Older people are stupid and we know everything you know glad they know a lot when we do that lives in years slid eight yeah analyst Larry rice youngsters now that you into the hospital and you had a matching brunt nannies and manager hasn't. Do you still match. Yeah six years now. Yeah and clearly as the drama listening to isn't even if you're married happily married you still wanna look good we do go to the hospital exam. Playing here are rising demand that we love music I thought it would you do I hear is Steven in local TO love that little town Stephen best advice you're guests. Back in ditto matters but look at don't get branded Internet users. And it didn't work doing is we're doing right burst that. Yet it kind of falls in line with if you want it done right do it yourself gaffe. Yeah absolutely. You lead by example. Stephen thanks so much for checking in been a part of a morning wolf back we love you but. It. I'd again best advice he ever got the feel free to give us a call 206421 wolf right now or Texas foresees 150. All right Joey yelled at best advice you ever got. This came from a horse trainer and it said this if you don't have a good time to do with rice was the deciding it's time to do it twice. And another. Yeah and I think there's a lot of I don't know speak for myself and I could generalize like that into dude. Guys at least meet attended just one judges I generalize and I didn't I can't help myself. But you know that's funny because my wife has taught me to slow things. Yeah duke right tickets and I saved more time there right first time it's got to go Home Depot go to go to Home Depot twice instead of like trying to Jimmy ringgit with the wrong Fey and and if breaking something else strip Joseph great advice thanks so much for calling it and yet they have rather. Denton Texas a lot of from buckles says that any fool can Russian gift site that are real man to walk away. Who turn the other cheek says by the we were talking about this because we read some advice this morning out of the university Vuitton says. If you want to have a happy Mary had a good relationship. Men should always do the dishes that's it no debate don't ask just don't. And Melissa from oak harbor says above all else hurting your heart for all you do close from the don't put up walls men don't put up walls are its rituals down seed are they without except loan a taste of map what's yours then he don't agree happen. Well. It's doesn't do with loved so much hype but harboring resentment is like slowly poison and expecting the other person to die from it. Out of it and it's got me through a lot of things to judicial ago. Yes and you know you're. If your card readers and you're the little walking around man I got some advice is get this kind of like that is don't let them rent space in your mind. Who then. We need to quilt this. I think we need to scrapbook let's do the math that's at. All right appreciate the morning wolf back. We have got to talk about our mug club pit stop and reds yesterday were still getting some pretty good tax and free advice and freelance writing. Pat we just got a Texan that I need all three and then as elastic quotes you read about that don't like immigrants facing your mind and the poisoning them. She's on her boyfriend is seven years just left her for another woman with her which hurts her daily and she's allowing him to control her and it sucks so he's not enjoying life. Harboring resentment is like some oil in poison and expected to the president I've from that those are words to live by 206421. Wall cornered. It's a callous. You 100 points. Wolf morning wolf pac man McAllister Emily rains and what a pleasure was this morning at 6:10 AM to swearing in tow boats oath O Reilly. Auto parts from Puyallup pales stopped by our pit stop on Tuesday. Turns out she's a Georgy girl just like gambling to hear you guys were love and a funny in other in connection and tibia that's that it did icu exchange cellphone number. You text and we are checked and the future anyway if that's just how it works the mug club as a way for us to come together as a family to bring a community together and we didn't pit stops man we go out we get to meet you it's great. Yeah and yesterday we went to Everett tea and coffee house and ran. Have to rent. Significant threat engram and how to say thanks to then that they were so gracious and gave us some really good kids in case you needn't have patent that was the first yummy stuff. Ed took care of us over there which is not necessary we wanna come close up and then meet members of the morning wolf pack. I don't think Allen from neighboring Honeywell and Matt from Denali federal credit union they both stopped by with mugs for the mug club so we will be swearing them in next week up. Turns out math is in the cold one as the rotary fish writers. These VA I mean being a better name of the club resent it and he's going to be bringing all the red and businesses in hard clear. Ran. Slow Joseph is telling me to the next week something to look forward to for the mug club pit stops Tuesday Thursday we've been gone south this week we're going north. So if you are in sojo we agreed on Marysville right that's plan. And if you ever want us to come to your hood man sent an email Amanda Seattle I come we will be there will post up for an hour will buy you coffee whatever we can do. Anyway that's what it's all about the mug club don't forget to canister mugs. Back with Matt Stairs. And once or twice oh well some. The more we look back now McAllister. That's the only rains slowed joke. We are gonna get out here they'll get to check out our podcast that we posted at 10 AM with some bonus materials. Including. The fact that 40% of women do not find men with facial hair attractive. Which can lead astute people in and out well that means 60% do yeah. Hello majorities so you boom for the did little upset about that at first this is like you it. Well it's just funny with women like my wife for example six you would think to cave man shave your beard and an ECB fears accuse you look grossed an event. Yeah I can't wait ideally welcome how are you. Hey hey yeah I'll hang happy Friday happy freaky Friday well is it warm outside did they say it's as we 65 degrees today telling you bring it on yet you don't. A mowing my lawn that's ominous celebrate happy and excited about this you talk about it can't way it's gonna rain all day tomorrow somebody out there I get that do feel dad had on him along I. Fired up tonight daily what he's talking about today it was gonna Leo well I just found out that its New Year's Eve on this day back in 1933 it was the very last day of pro addition and the reason why. Is president Roosevelt that I think it's time for a beer. And then America lined up at pubs all around the country and that next day we drank one. Point five million. Oh man. That could Cincinnati date as soon as but can you imagine and how long was prohibition stealing thirteen years thirteen you mentioned not having alcohol for thirteen years as that country will be you can tell also around his those. Gallons of beer came out of nowhere that's. Are people towards those that don't. And that was a critical time that we'll never have a game where they had the speak easy yeah you'd go knock on a secret door and you can go into this you know really cool little club. It's also had NASCAR god invented this. It's true with moonshine airs yeah I run moves through North Carolina in their fast car doesn't have enough provision of you know NASCAR so. All right so where you go with a steely Vegas that's a good cool like historical reminder yeah America is America is we drink it's her eighth. You know we're just celebrating here today what's your favorite beer Brady go way it happened here today with your favorite hurry because tomorrow. Is sit and slide again so we're celebrating beer all day. I love it we're gonna try and all kinds of beer tomorrow and by the way you don't have to be yet come hang out but that's gonna be at every both sessions day and night. A Seattle wolf dot com used loves his ID a.'s OJ craft Beers will downtown micro hipster slowed Jovan I had what's your what's your favorite beer right now sojo. Favorite prayer right now well it's it's scary get something I can't say on the air head out Eragon me yeah yes. As they speak. I give the midterm of plug over there on KSW their men's room read that yes I like it because strong. You only need to. You wait that's a free drink at happy right now and now those macro. It grows daily AIG agreed to ideally right now to us export to a missed extra force excellent pleasure guys have an awesome weekend of good about our FaceBook live at 1030 the beer pong interview began the day we'll see him and if it's. Not a palace. Mornings from Clarksville.