The Morning Wolfpack - Friday August 17th, 2018

Friday, August 17th

Friday August 17th, 2018

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Rolling and welcome to the morning wolfpack podcast happy Friday everybody Matt McAllister here we get timely rains over there that's right slow Joseph DO you know a couple of quick announcements for the weekend. Before we get started number one tonight Ballard if you're local I drink white. And we will be introducing him so we're going to be there I think the show starts at nine but he's got an opener so he's gonna want to probably ten. Which I keep thinking you know for us. Against I think killing a nine year old I don't have a ten year old to the the middle of the night was 10 PM do it same I told Europe thirty dinner until ten. 8830. She's like can OK no Rory is let's say dad and and I say what the shows are again on the boots nine and and then I noticed another name on the for those -- your big country -- -- Jacobson I believe it is who have heard the name to -- is probably pretty good -- quite some believable. But you know my prediction is that I since I'm the one who told Nguyen that you have to be careful. And then you're gonna bail and I'll be the one star bearer introducing very quiet at 10 o'clock at night. Well I do you know that I am Kurt has early morning tomorrow morning yeah. So. Here god. I would fear an allegory both of your significant others are getting the blame on this night well I mean I'll hang I think she'll be cool I just act Abbott yesterday arrows were key senate for us or throw for the second day in my Cadillac I suggest is this amount and of being sick and have to bail well it's a illicit it's fine I don't mind Aaron have to be up for anything tomorrow so. I don't have a problem staying if you guys you have a hall pass especially since I cheated. Yesterday you share your salary which you're gonna hear on the show if you listen to the next key now you know still repaying some karma for that once I'll be honest and that was a shock and yes is gonna come up but I have I've had the opportunity cheat on shares sound I would ties to Islamic would be yes creative overrated and intimacy and an ounce of Margaret so this weekend announcement Sunday. Yes manual for Saturday forget easily naturedly as I annexing it to be met your PCS in Bremerton and no number return L avenue left brown in new entities do on how I think they're give Atlanta a laptop gate gift certificates. But it's. Where in Burma to get a guaranteed is more than one MetroPCS has Kalla at Callaway avenue okay you say that time you said. I wanna make sure they come by and it goes on Seattle OK good I'm glad we did that a Sunday we're going to be at the local coffee shop and even claw at noon as well. With Russell Dickerson doing a free concert for you guys and if you show up you're the first fifty people we will buy you coffee because it's a mug club pit stop. And hey we really haven't mentioned enough but man bring you mugs yes I wish could I mention that on the show now that's that's a fail but oh well c.'s Sunday to support that and so cool Russell the common performed for. You were saying oh let's hear your salary yes I admit on a Saturday here at the attack. I knew how much he made because he texted me on my cellphone well and I I didn't make that decision before the segment to cheat edges did it and I felt so terrible lie I confess as somebody's done a lot of cheating in his life. You never go right on the money I got wrote a little bit well and I thought I did because I couldn't remember exactly what he says he'll actually I thought. It was 72 is as quick close but it was actually seven hey you bask in your glory and got a right on the money I have I have had somebody in talking to somebody that I can't replace yourself already this and here's what I make them act. Okay so now I'm out in in. In every time that's happened and I think maybe it's happened about twice now. I golf I've gone Mike are honored to be he had to go while -- total us debt throw well yeah I prompted and I have my cell phone out there I do get those I think have had like three or four people say I wanna please share your salary he's limits only income now is kind of spreads heated now Ret I devour him on me that I told you when a man guys refuse to Jesus met our ass so listen I'm sorry guys I'm disappointed in myself I was on my bike right yesterday on the cap. Would do it why do that like. It would have been interesting for me to admit that I knew and somehow. It's not interesting just to take the win a lion. We took away DT points yesterday and one extract and I think urge you reasons and we status on the air one he came clean and we didn't find out about another way until I think. Both Joseph and I weren't so much shocked the wheel it they're what we do I don't. Oh and you hear each yourself and you'll hear there's an audible silence and then there's disappointment and that hurts worse I would rather I do you yell at me call me bad names but disliked it disappointment in my characters that's what hurts this film crew yeah I wash my hands either way and they cannot explain something via. Yes the lights are on their motion sensors for these life. She was freak out does now because the light went out that are in the nobody was in there our studio yeah I know that every morning we commend our off well I unease among turned them off. Yeah they've got they're really big on energy conservation in this company hang around here say yes and if you if you leave when he CBS for more than five or ten minutes a minor always turn themselves. I thought maybe why Kenya anti or nets I thought people turn them off I didn't know this thing and I know we're all over the place but it. But why isn't there when you walk and no I won't turn on do it if if it doesn't sense any motion for certain amount of time it's as OK nobody's in this room I internalized. Well that's not I mean come on at least it both ways turn all our guys side yeah I think that makes sense you know people will forget to turn the lights I can agree that I'm just saying and if he got the motion sense. I can't really are highly recommend it. I think it's also another speed like when that don't want light's on that's I knew I wanted us to read some feedback about the podcast yesterday this is Nate in Phoenix actually said hey Matta had to take a double take publicity to the podcast yesterday. Now once but twice you guys are talking about Drake quite. Drake why is one of my favorite country if not favorite country artist I think it was so cool that you guys are discussing him and his music. I agree with slow Joseph on Drake white sheer talent in his amazing voice. I drove from Phoenix to San Bernadine notice CM I hope you guys have a wonderful time of the concert enjoy him as much as I did. I also think it was awfully bold it's you got yourself a number out there I feel weird texting or calling new so as of now email wool suit me. Have a marvelous weekend can't wait to hear about your thoughts on the drink white concert. How far is attract. It's a standard of care about seven cents an hour it's an outfit that's that's a tough turnaround right there. Well I'd made as always thanks soliciting were really excited about the continent I'm also just as excited about meeting hiker for the first time having dinner. We are never going in I have no idea analysts have some good suggestions all the scam look at I have all afternoon my we're I'm relieved to houseful seven. Speaking of that I will be doing a happy our hotline tonight from the house. So 6 o'clock join me for cocktail of taken phone calls and talking to you whatever you wanna talk about. I'll play at the news call my phone during six and 630. Michael little below depends on the meat dinner yeah mentally he'll do I know we are all one haven't. Will we keyed at seven but the shows are to nine out of they were having a two hour dinner. But we're. Mean we weren't eating at seven eating and then slowed down and suffer gonna join us well I would like I'm OK so let me about myself and number for the happy hour and analysts were rack or about tonight affect our. All right. 2064517766. And please don't feel. Intimidated or we're calling me I am literally begging people to call me one quick suggestion yet I don't know what are it is with your Wi-Fi. But you might consider. Just unplugging your router and played like for twenty seconds then play it back in before you do the hotline happy hour earlier last night everybody was saying yeah radiant light here and I had there's no and it's it's tough to expect anybody sit in that dig get better it did then eventually Utley moved into the kitchen I think it was down trying to. But in the kick it's got a little pixelated for a minute I know why they could be if there's something else going her fear and you know if there's something else your motor it is even if he motive just hasn't been heard you motivate your router has been percent on time sometimes and get bogged down averages do that do me a favor enemy what are you going to be donated six Joseph I don't know. Is it the hard part for me is you don't see what your broadcasting Grasso and you can't test it otherwise you're going live on FaceBook for no reason right so I have it took me probably ten minutes to figure out. Is it to the comments are also delayed threat will you do speak texting me turn my phone app. In just saying and not on the FaceBook like a call me whatever Muehlegg good bad good bad and sooner or get that figured out the better it's going to be a I was about I can't tell. But by the time I did people I saw a comet coming out right right right but then I looked round so far behind me you know it's it's hard to be like the one man show so I ask you 2 am same thing and it. Millionaires that's like. Just got a text from somebody in the 805 which generally this is live call for someone in the you know it is it's Tacoma town wait this different number by the way America. And users enjoy your weekend make sure you throw tin cup references that high Kurt tonight to test his metal theft which is the one of the greatest golf movies of all time anchor. Kurt as a golfer is that the one with Alex's and Kevin costs today and teach good movie from cheesy charm now. There was somebody else who had a comment oh this was interesting. You haven't done a good job so is I was you know crying about the fact that haven't met hide her yen. You haven't done a good job of screening her boyfriend's otherwise you would have met him already and just saying way to step up big broad geez. So some people come and your side you beat the deadline but then another text this in this yes Joseph. Did you know one guy that a failure to bring in somebody don't bikers hasn't happened didn't happen the issue income. As day. Had a migraine and here's the other side of the cold and I met Chris they've far that has happened and as a Big Brother I'm on your side that it's hard to screen your sister's boyfriend she purposely keeps him away from you know that's a brat I never purposely kept animal and here is my response. For sure man she's done a good job hiding this do for me the question is why. No report Monday. What's funny is I'm soap like this is finally have a guy that I'm actually proud of meddling not worried about how he's gonna be around might work you know people yeah friends and I gave myself. This is the last person I would ever how he got to eight plus. From everybody the funny thing to you is an and this is just for keeping it real. We the three of us spend so much time again we spend more time together than our our wives whether or significant others anybody else our lives. And it's not just here physically like a pretty much in constant communication all day third during the week. So it like as much as we love each other and and if we get the hang out together it's awesome and we have fun. We're not always looking for opportunity right like usually relax article Friday Eilat and it's not always our great region like and I got a few guys on Sunday I know them by UAW I don't know lunch on Monday I announced just the two of us are so yeah we you're it's a fair point in I don't know I would never take that personally if you guys didn't really wanna hang out Mika is you know it's okay Alliedsignal wait time in the trust me. It's a tough thing with spouses to. And Kurt will probably be different heavily because he's a dude but women are emotional. And they want you know they want our you know they want her husband's attention yet and they feel jealous sometimes like why did failure to white eagle and why don't you think you know that's what that's what we do to Alice cell phone is so became and I think it was last when did you start and happy are out. A time in about a week I guess it was like the first or second Eddie is a second day it's issue oxen and it's 6 o'clock I'm going about like seven. I'm sitting here like on the happy hour hotline and that is sending an email. It she's like when my when he had when is it like you and I Micah Wright press yeah. This is speaking audience of what time are you all getting their idiots get back to that I had to Kennedy give a fair point I would love to see Sophie and spent some time we did have car begin not wanted to spend time yeah. Passes this is just a rare is yeah this rare diseases celebrated. So I don't know I think she gets off work probably about six Hogan home. We're gonna let you guys do the dinner thing together semi to come out like Adam 738. Militias until 98830. Sure I here's video Italy while we plan on dinner at seven and I'll do it the happy our hotline until 630 yelled jump in the car Amaechi guy. I will text you today much awareness. Sending us get there we need yeah it's an area I NSF is. Giving a polite way says he's like a wondering and I got to go home canister era so we don't get their Stewart yeah all right in EBU I don't know yesterday that it before you were like let's get drunk again you had that saying and I think it's part of it's just like that OB thing like it's been a long past week I definitely are going are you getting on the booze trainer I. Not now probably not too bad because. I don't think anybody else is gonna be like excessively drinking set out to be the only run right by got to drive so. Well not a question to you and you Wear abstaining from drinking and for two split up than today say you're gonna have a drink tonight. Yeah okay Al listen I'll be honest I said that on the radio to make it sound more festive. But I am I am not drinking for and we also change your mind nine in these jobs will be the same thing because I love a couple of cocktails but you know I promised myself when I left Phoenix as I have been drinking too much and and I get into a habit. And I got whenever gonna have a gonna break it up so it besides like I just have not been feeling very good so no I'm not gonna drink until next Friday so I've got another week. So no I won't Indy you know what sometimes that makes new introductions easier and ease she you know had a beer summit. No no I don't and here's the thing I'm the only big drinker in this group merit Neil Kelly don't drink it all well Kurt beset like maybe one year out. Joseph hardly ever so. It's like Jack Campbell fit in better if I'm not being me which would be three for drinks and yeah I'd be the only guy yes so it's going to be good night for that except let's you know is sounds kind of fun to have a few Beers at this concert yet and I've got some friends donor like dude drank like. Yeah and I had a Texans and not tonight plus atlas and I do have to drive home so it's gonna be good to be responsible for one night and not my car taken Hoover's sixty box like you know. And it has a long commute. The longest commutes the buttons seven anyway I'm looking forward to it in I'm looking forward really to waking up tomorrow on Saturday feeling really good man yeah yeah. Yes and a lot. It has been awhile but even last weekend are no two weekends ago I had a bike race I still drink the night before the biker. Like what am I think you that was it we went a watershed. We drank all day I got all you I don't either but how do you go to watershed and walk around targets and not have a between L you did it nobody cares you know we told you not to go. Ray the next that all enough but now he gave you know it's not the race is the drinking their race was the most to lose more important and now I don't know I was fun to have Beers and all those great people that. But my problem was when you guys drug out and house I had like two Metairie is over with today. What what sense does that make. I'm sitting there by myself hey why don't need a battery of it you know once they get the buzz going I like to keep ago he had a problem here and Shaq you'll you'll put those away now I am overloaded lets us live in a Vanessa there's you've agreed to an area did that effect but she's now have. So yeah and I wanted to makes him like I wanted to do so crappy in my bankers. Hello and and learn. But anyway I will tell you after given my liver break this week and I've been training hard in go to bed early and eating well I feel really good like I can tell makes a big difference yeah so I definitely have to institute moving forward. The no drinking during the week think I feel so much better. And for awhile I did for awhile and then we heard certain heavy on the background yet they had started did an yeah I slipped off and like I say hello also. But she ends and yeah here into yell and those summer yeah man with summer hit I felt like party and the sun came out on my wall. Ordered to do you Anderson a firm and. And I can pull it off and I can still be very productive and I don't. I don't really get hung over to the point where I'm not gonna work out or not it is but it is fueled some of the better and I don't. Plus or read more agreed highlight because you read you like. All right and I'm about Dallas and enjoy your weekend have a great time if you are local hope we will see you out at one of those two places over the weekend at Ballard a cloth. If not just enjoy you weekend may be LC one FaceBook liven him by the way thank you guys for being there you guys jump on every night to snap. I mean it's not all about me you guys are there you're talking to people you're probably am more fun and I haven't I just chat is sometimes. I I'm I can't say I'm always paying a 100% because attention OC I got some other. And have a turn the volume down answer called the that's good to know can help direct things your way is sometimes there's no response I used it on and I. I didn't listen I'm listening but I'm not ours so heavily was there tension is mixing in and out of trucker Howard is pastrami sandwich some weird. Our guys so I get FaceBook live tonight around six mine number of that we can if you needed to a 64517766. You can email anybody could direct message anybody we will all get back to you. We love. He WNBA. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Wolf and we're graduate at a with us we'll take you text messages here a couple of minutes if you have a fire going off what's gonna give you the heads up on that 46150. Emily is standing by at the ready with a keyboard and you will get a response yes. In fact it. The first hour of the show you pretty much just been taxing people which I think is awesome. Most you'll get they get that auto attacks like hey thanks for the tips televised it and you nanotech and I mean that just happened but I will respond as. Slug other morning good morning everybody goes in that everybody rested as freely slept most of the day yesterday. Yeah I guess I would Coleman laid down I was having headaches site. Lots are short I have to get a direct about my headache and my neck was bugging me and it causes headaches have they dealt with a hot pack in. The wake up until first. Apple sold one thing and went Helen Keller and we all know that you could be an Olympic competitor sleeping or sport how long we do you sleep what was your television NAFTA right. Four and a half hours. Have you ever heard that little thing called 120 minute nap that's supposed to be the way to go I can't power an app I noticed that I am white didn't expect falsely with this morning if that's like going to bed I know I didn't expected and then you slept fine last ninety I go to the final time supplement that more yesterday afternoon that I slept that I got. Our plus bloodier now much better so we exchanged some emails every night about the show and these two guys are leg recapping their afternoons are both of them slept all day well I I I more of a power and after IR is like lane with my dogs all day that I only slept product 45 minutes maybe I'll maybe like. Better parliament not even an emily's tiger. Typically now I try not now so that was. This I have to tell your your your ability to sleep is impressive it really is I if I woke up four and a half hours later Natalie Wood my wife. Be frantic lake where are you what are you doing FF I would think there was something wrong with me that I can sleep that much in the middle of day like this as me if I think a long nap and I wake up from like anything more NIC did years ago but it would be like an hour and a half two hours and we got so angry in grumpy is like ages it was oh that's when they say you know the sleep the sleep book says he'd go to bed you're your body thinks it goes to sleep and it doesn't wanna wake up and for a. Well I'm feeling good after my nap until we got that we have to email what we dead and so Joe's wife kidnapped funny and cute and that's like. Tonight when you're out and I'm him and he worked out worked and then Atlanta degree and then I did this and I did that nothing. You think you're I think that about myself now mr. Hubbard. And you know at an and I realize after a subtle that it I didn't mean to be that way Aaron it. I was pointing out the contrast Savard David editing sit there until he. Like I've read your reply what I think you get your efforts Hebert was like you're you were genuinely excited about I. I had a great dad I know how much it I thought I learned to jump from my route to the neighborhood. You said no let's be it but I golden Sheen has to be an inspiration and yeah hole. The. You I wish I wish I could feel every day as good as I did yesterday I don't know what was in the air maybe with the fact that it was fresh air it wasn't that hot. I took a three hour bike rides I did a leg work out and in my laundry. I cooked dinner. He's got a group we get a and I we get a Mac I'm not a lot. That's dale those days are amazed that you still great though I wish it had been that was more the point like he had today was amazing that I felt good on my bike for three hours yeah it come off ally. Hey Steve are you guys are these third and comes right zero victory. All right let's illegally don't column let's making good because it's Friday and everybody's pocket and you admitted to a 6421 wolf right now all the typical solid too. All right heavily before we jump to relieve a collar Howard attacks looking here on Friday with. Game logical thing in high. That any first timers and any virgins. Not admitted okay. I love I didn't execute listed in this new never sent us a text message for 6150. Scared at 5 AM hour we're losing UC Davis those nights you look. And so I. In the end of Buckley says that she can't wait for Sunday. The only run his her kids don't fly into our eleventh eighteen they've been on vacation says she hopes she can get out to even try to meet us at our pit stop before we meet. So her kids land 1115 delegates even club but by noon new and by the time we leave yet you're 11. And get if you don't know about never do a mug club pit stop this Sunday a rare weekend appearances can be pretty special. At the local coffeehouse and finally in my feeling and I didn't know Andy was. Yes target his zany with a nine I hit eighty I in we talked to I've talked her life after about a 71 this morning we're going to be. You just wanted to listen B 720 gonna add something to that could stop this seventh when he you'll find out what it is. So please can make it yeah the says good morning wolf pack and he said. Italy I think he just let us in on some information and then you fell asleep and I think you wake up to hiker got home. I guess he didn't hear that I did admit. No matter. Yeah your Albright hurt her it's going to be mid day in Paris impaired securities RD pretty much living with them only if it's a few to be official September 1 so I'm sorry. What did you say. Yeah as our as good morning Cody in Puyallup happy for. Amen Gloria good are you up photo we're doing great body we have made it to the end of the week what you know pro Bono work re headed in. Absolutely I'm headed downtown Seattle but outsider it now. They act Cody what are you going into the weekend any interest in what is your Tyler what do you call or two this weekend. I'm about to let ticket ABC. So get ready to go out and it all right now let's talk about have you got any got two tickets did you get them early or were you one of the last guys to snag a month. Thought I'd throw wild out. Okay who are you most excited to see it's a tossup between Christie at the UK ground. Yeah I agree with you came round is definitely like the hottest names in country music and I'd hope anybody beats Christensen when it comes to a live show. The percentage guys so they're. I thought Christiane. Show where there when he first if you don't go out. It just may eighth. He works a crowd like nobody else in a tag you know he's got a weird back story about writing songs for rock stars and hanging around with Guns 'N Roses. I think he takes a lot of cues from Mick Jagger if you want my opinion go back and watch Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones onstage. It's got that for skinny like windmill flying all around it. I think he takes a lot of dislike okay Dirks Bentley takes a lot of cues from Bana. You know there's a lot of guys that did borrow moves I'm pretty sure Christians and borrow rock I'm Chelsea Valerie Morris Taylor slipped yep for sure and who borrowed. Garth Brooks. Nice put together yeah like two degree separation. So Cody and we all you know we're excited about the road now for what ought to hang out would you write. Yeah I hope so active we William a cell phone number right I go a can't write it down to a six. 4517766. Chances are I will be hanging out with them only in slow joke. Just text me Sam over here by the course lights on welcome party was on good morning. You 100 points. Yeah and it's free advice Friday here's the email hi guys and it was Jenna big fan of the show. You may be laugh every morning effect laughter is the reason I'm emailing you I work for credit card company in the cubicle next to me is a guy who wants up telling me jokes I think he has joke books and his desk and he just fires amount all day. I loved jokes but if you tell me Tony today I'll get tired of it I don't cause any problems in the office but I can't stand hearing this guy tell jokes anymore. How should I handle it go to my boss and a bigger person would confront the sky directly but I also know that I'm just not that fish. Health Jenna and now we. Have an unusual situation were isolated we were gonna studio and I have never sat at a desk next to somebody I have no advice other than maybe. I don't even know Amelie Bure had this opportunity. And what do you do about annoying coworker that won't leave you a feisty people the opposite annoy me I go the other way. Avoid them but if you're sitting next to them you can't. We'll just confront. But when you actually have to confront the person wanting you to sit next to them every day are right he says that as she should give them away Lilly and the like with that funny or. And then after impact correctly you know you're your solution is to put your finger in somebody's here I had to keep Doug dandie dinmont I was not a wins and a. Not from Dick Garber says Alaska and then so knowingly did he doesn't wanna tell you jokes anymore. Again that's not a bad idea actually that is yeah but here's the thing I think if you engage him in any way yearly encouraging him of any member and anybody who's that annoying to tell you jokes and the joke book all day. Probably that's just feeding the fire. I don't know about that's enough said they would handle it by going up to him and telling him alleged rape joke. Before he could tell his that are really the self esteem in a never an intelligent again. No I mean this to a 642 on wolf there's a photo we're joined jump in here Emily. What would you do if you were in this position I can tell us why that is the mind of Emily rains I'm. On the lines and this plastics we got although I would can bad hand joke for joke. So that he would realize how annoying it CPR. Yeah I would write down the jokes he told an Intel Mac don't like that exact. I think you guys are missing the point I think if you engage this guy and all your only encouraging their behavior. It's sort of like when you get into with somebody on Twitter if you respond to it it's on all I I think you go to the boss you don't throw one of the bus but to say look. I think I can be more productive that's my guess for somewhere else I gotta tell you why but I didn't I need is he gonna say no you have to tell me why. I crazy Kyle what would you do what you were born to play what you Janet due to handle her annoying joke telling co worker. I'd be. An abrupt end you know like. I'm like here but I got it at the battery on an automatic. It's really thought I did I'd be very. He had you know it was so let's easier said than not on Friday due to Assad showed you two of the most non confrontational people I know I would never did Genesis they Weis is I don't wanna com. Confront him but you're saying crazy guy that's what she needs easy steps that are bigger pennies aren't analysts. Learn but are there any gag OK we. Here that outlook since everybody I air crazy how to get tell him or her. Maybe crazy Kyle could become a workplace. Delicate Terry Tate like an office climb back out these big analyst Paul thank you Aaron Terry take our. I think I'll explain later I what are we talking about next in your Big Three Emily. If you haven't checked to see if your kids have one and ease you're gonna want to see you after we talked about it on the big. The morning. Faster than the 1470. This is a big series with only. Bill seven the highest paid actors that just came out for this past year. Actually pretty surprised by the top three especially number two in number 31 Scarlett Johansson making a little over forty million that's Brad is go joke but. Carriage of not begin please don't go right. TO was in selena's show we. 1998. So this solicited people to make the most money last year or just how much you would have to pay them to get them in a movie right now no. Over the past year and I was so I was like why the eight humor to a number three look into cleanest is number two with three million because of Melissa sent to. That's coming out okay so it hasn't and I get to cherry got paid port and Jennifer. Is it I can't remember the last movie and Angelina Jolie was yeah intimacy her she's got fifteen kids right underground and a magnet Tony millions I'm an outsider. Jerry yeah that's only a couple of dinners with the kids they have. It is one of vegetable to be speaking more of and don't think about it it's he is. He nor p.s but. They say that they make you staple longer and I know those people to appease the bear is what's called key protein powder now. The two good could quit it doesn't have a taste or flavor and seek put it all sorts things you get protein and fiber seat at a little. Benji steer kids meals without it then even knowing about it. By the way. Mom and dad parents who got to make meals all the time the cost Coastr Fred visuals and was talking about that are frozen they'll last forever they have peace in the east room. Hey dad I didn't win RA. How do let's be as nobody's gonna go buy a jar of pea protein although that's interesting fascinating not putting down the degree that nobody feel like. He proved why doesn't think is not gonna go by. Ari and I had two options very gap RA so. I do it is not even two yet so we named him not that long ago yes when you ripping him names did you look up to see if his web site dirty insisted. Munich with his name mil domain name now the only thing we did you know our government Jessica oh cool hash tag. Or just sounds funny that's it's an alien always search his pictures on mr. and that's it. But they say now it's the things you before you name your child. And even 20% of parents had changed their name or about changing their name based on the domain name. Availability you know what are people doing this stemming names almost 50% urges stadium for the future like it when their kid grows up and they wanna have their own website. How narcissistic is that do you have a website give only rain stuck up. You know what when I first got into broadcasting my Brothers like you should buy it and I kid because I was gonna do you teeny in style to be sure that as it you're gonna be a public figure like 99 whenever Daniel Arnott but honestly. I let it dealt because I have an I was like I'm paying money for this I have a meaning use it people are using it as the digital baby book or on. To teach their kids how to use use the Internet I did have a print tell me that they eight. When heading got their son's email now like. Blake Smith at Glenn and makes them and they actually emailed hand a little letters and notes and then they're gonna give him. The email on passer on the eighteenth birthday I still think it sounds narcissistic. Let Dick don't know exactly you got checked into its and it has website yes man you know and nobody should Google me. To find some really good stuff there a mug club coming up next system morning wolf pack with a counterattack 100 points. The world. About a late Monday re getting a little featured the month club we think you liken and if you don't know the mud club is our way of getting to know the morning wolf pack one coffee mug at a time. Are you gotta do to become a member is cents a month for more every it is that you worked. Trevor Anderson Seattle wolf dot com and we will do the rest today is real simple. It's going to be from talking how mean and I were on Sunday and to make sure we're early. I mean you know any men and link only from the morning wolf pack carry you. Know every guy is eight weeks not leaks come here and the local news and hot meal on Sundays so much fun. I'm so excited I guess I can't alleviate preached outlet and are allowing it it but it's so cool it's. Our pleasure you're hosting us you guys are so friendly last time the whole city be employed showed her practically and I notice. Think that you know that now we are going to be bringing somebody very special with us although we're not gonna tell anybody who it is until 7:20 this morning. Okay that's perfect and Hubert edit your your outfit cleaned out and we know have tried to do that. Yeah. So what do you think sandy is going to be like at noon when nobody has to work families are all hanging out together you might be a little crazy. I think we might get along that they give a cake is slow Joseph had a nightmare last night that we were being overtaken by thousands of people and I I don't know about that but I think it's going to be a pretty good turnout for. I think it'll be great turnout yeah we have them send it on colts though it's party unity you know pennant. Cool I domain and the jets in and that is the topping sent it off them he said Sundays or went. Spend it on cold. What is that. Our Sundays we sat down and tired mean streets in their little downtown corridor. We him Enders out there in a championship and the cool little thing that. We knew the possibility happened at a news that will be happening at noon while this is going to be asked yeah attitude in the relief and that does. This that they kicked out. All right annual list of bitterness where you win because we've already done that but we can't wait to come back to the law. And we'll see you at noon on Sunday and we're gonna work it because we are gonna have a lot of people and the company's only gonna buy some it's coffee but the first fifty people who show up and put it on the wolf tackle tank. Well it in it so often thank you again that that Shirley called it's our pleasure we were just happy to have good places to go with good people who actually want us to be an hour. It. Well we appreciate it well you're always welcome well we love hearing that feels like family thank you so much Jamie and remember 7 Tony this morning we will be announcing who we are bringing witness on Sunday at noon and it's really cool you're definitely gonna stick around here who that is 7:20 this morning. The morning look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. 100 points having no wolf. He added it's no. You your country tennis got to sell their assets. It's weird having somebody pass like that who is legendary but really hasn't done much the last ten years because you don't hear her day announcing a picture. And then yesterday literally your social media feed is all. Aretha Franklin. Who we lost to thank Greg cancer at the age of only 76ers old by the way cool Winston deadly. She passed away the same day that Elvis and yet this is crazy I was 41 years ago I'll yesterday that he doubted equal confidence. Yet Elvis a wreath I mean the queen of soul the king of rock and roll yeah it. There's so we'd if you believe in all like cosmic you know man about Cambodia is an airman and finally she was 76 he was only 42 years old. He died in 1977. It's crazy. Anyway she had some visitors in the last days like Stevie Wonder. Jesse Jackson. The word was out everybody knew what happened by the way reach their recorded a 112. Charted singles on billboard golf. Hunkered in twelfth she won eighteen grammys. How including the first eight awards given for best female R&B vocal artist. Crazy but here's a story that's even crazier we always kind of go left to center with the stuff you know that this couple's four. So sorry to Franklin died at 9:50 AM yesterday morning apparently a couple of guys in a barber shop in Suffolk Virginia heard about a repossessed right after it happened. And they started getting into a fight about who should play a rethink in a movie that. One of the guys is in Nikkei I think Halle Berry should play Aretha Franklin and moving the other guy was so appalled by the suggesting. The argument got physical. And at 10:45 AM. Less than an hour after Aretha died what the guy shot the other guy in the markers. Over who's gonna play every day in a moving. By the way. Our isn't Halle Berry too skinny to play area that lake at least she puts on a good hunter. The bull that's just here's interstate guidance regularly unpacked the box on the debate. Back in 2011. Aretha actually said I want Halle Berry to play me in a movie about my life well is she said it then married out but Halle Berry said I can't sing well enough and the movie would into production where it still is stuck in production. Okay I see why these guys are arguments and I mean there's plenty made on both sides begin none needed to be brought Al why not tell you celebrity with a gunshot in Toledo and then turn around walk Payson. Can't they by the way we're still not sure at this moment. Who did the shooting whether it was the yes Halle Berry should player in the oh she should don't know which he once we don't know well I don't know if there's really a winner here earlier. I'm it. By the way I wanna know so they did give the part to somebody. But it wasn't Halle Berry she said I don't want and don't say 11% lesbianism and Aretha Franklin was a big girl you gotta have somebody panel looks like Aretha Kelly very edges than anybody fat. Cain who do you think he gave the world to only I don't I don't now. Okay and the Bruins did somebody saw Jodie guess this. How about the on the hot underneath I think I'm thinking I just and I about a big bone in the moment and I can't truly insane. Like catch Jennifer. Yeah Jennifer. I'm Jeff so she actually was given the role of a legacy that still in production so who knows of that a bit now out in adding up to come out so. Yeah we all know Aretha bad but now you can say hey I know by the story about two guys who shot each other because they argue about who was in a player a movie that's the real story. Yeah Alex rate and these here and 100 points fell wolf tidy little sum for a break and I think we. We're also little surprise us that we I mean slow Joseph lie in the entire Seattle radio audience to find out the yesterday. You know you lay down for a little afternoon nap the minute of sleeping for four and a half hours. And it rarely go to bed two or three hours later and sleep all through tonight your prowess. When it comes to sleeping. Is unparalleled I've now learned met anybody that can sleep like you I did sleep like at sea when we got into the car to go to watershed you got it with a blanket and pillow and slept the entire way literally woke up we're pulling into the gates is for it and I think. You know at first I was like how can anybody like I can't sit still for five minute break a captain David but I've embraced and embraced the chill the Emily chill factor is is real. And I think to have somebody to maybe even help you. Help me help you add to Dillard to make your take your chilling even better. There's a new campaign a kick started for something called the bed chill. It's a big table on wheels that sits across your entire bed. So you can work you need while sitting up in bed because listen I tried early got to get to stop beating in bed that you make your bed is yeah gonna happen. But this might make it a little bit easier is basically like a TV tray except it's the size of an entire desk. And it's got charging ports it's got to Bluetooth speakers built then. Yet they were trying to raise 23000. They got that in the first hour or so apparently you were not alone now it's about 320000. Dollars this kick start a campaign for the bad joke here is via inventor. They're old they who isn't happy to sit on into the more comfortable place for years. Bad. Bet is comfortable but look upon the mind that nothing changed forced entry. Today we are more connected than ever and it's thanking you this piece of furniture we spend so much time move and that they and then have great. That's why we created the red chill and shaved head and looking over me grooming table. I lose you to enjoy your bed like never before. You need to get out of your bed for anything to do that and they put down the court. I mean look I may be enabling you a little bit but we are all. And allies who we are mean me but this entire. Population of Americans we're gonna end up on my six and about life every single night. I seen something like this but it's just. A plane peaceable way you know like next directed so my question is does have a little intention like. A cup holder. Think that it's just flat and you have your drink on there I knock it on my sheet so I'm gonna need a little invention with a couple there and cancel. You know like he can add extras like speakers to read and little external control holders of the charging port had he sold again I don't know the price point on this yet but. Yeah I mean this this was this is custom made for an earlier age right here the dead to chill I think that's been the face of the fence I. Some us like you need to get a bigger room it's good bets are pretty big missing is bigger than your ride a darn thing in my that is Massa I don't know I'll. One points. So well so I gotta tell you Emily in my way financing is very upset why weld and I'm going to be meeting hiker tonight anchors and she doesn't get to do I'm meeting in together and I'll be like a double day but she's out of town. By the time she gets up here I told her look they've I'd. We're gonna do a double they with hiker yeah but the simple truth is and again people keep making comments here on the show they hear things we discuss this more the podcast can be an honest. You win hiker basically are already living together which is something you kept from us. I even lied about I I just had admitted it to myself. Able what do you call that that an embellishment. Pay. A lack of information act information they yell out you know it withholding for very and I called which is a lot but anyway. So it'll be official on September 1 you guys will be would you have now knows stuff and rent Nabil Luke in a panacea to. So I told Vanessa look. They're living together. I've never met this guy and Lina worked together every day we have a relationship we're friends it's weird that I have a man I gotta mediums I can't wait. You know she's going to get here till throat so. Yeah we're with the here's the good news I complain about this a lot I told only that I thought it was. You know getting borderline rude that I had been. I I also I had like I kind of unloaded on the podcast and a tea on slow Joseph two he's never been invited me over to his apartment there and seen the inside of the department before well different issue. Yes it's not I am hiding and heard from you it's not that I don't want don't any it was truly just a scheduling thing and so firm announced that. It's not it's. Yours mining current schedule all put into one but add a weekend chief hero of that we don't you back. I hear after the factor but I think it was a little bit lazy instead if you want my honest opinion about slows it was massacre. He has because he text me last minute right he had to text you can handle haven't had no listen to me that's. You haven't done a good job of getting costs to meet him you've been keeping a multi yourself you know me. Up there. And I think you should have been more forward about that I'm you know. Well I should have had to complain two months later that I had to make your boy if it's working a long day this is there's excuses after. We ain't black Jesus I thought about it she can't talk about it anymore. The meeting tonight and why we needed tonight Italy's biggest problem ctrip because I complained about it. I'm excited freedom and a half. I love you even a positive note I am really excited to meet and how does he feel about you know ninth I'm sure is that many feelings about meeting me but I am excited to meet him. Well I mean I could see why he Keener to meet you because. Mutual and slowed Jo or like the three people of my lives as then as time went. But he says he's not nervous although he asked me like six times yesterday where we're going to dinner and I didn't know yet so I don't know that simple little bit of spare them. Mom but now he's you fertility rate. Five cents chum in the water on goal in like a shark now hearings. Nice I'm good I'm a nice person I am always don't grill them and I got to grow at a -- Ab I know everything about him that you that already which is a much as you keep all the stuff pretty compartmentalized or not you know where you initially your tough cookie to read so I don't. I just know what you told. It's been viewed Reza. I don't know if so what I'm looking forward to seeing. If I'm being transparent is YouTube together policy chemistry on a C. These are not very emotionally you're not like a normal girl like let's hold hands I had no teasing Casey's and I can't wait to hear what I ask this act that night that's going to be weird for me I've never seen you express emotion and any kind of get ready for awareness. Are they like as though Jorge G over selling us a little bit and now I mean he did you see where he got just mentioning his name does your RBS flat out they disappear if this thing man all right Willis and full report on money can't wait and then for any either going to be great white show yes. We will be there as well the tractor tavern about it which is going to be a lot of fun so. Jeter before I even had at the reason they slow Jones so if you're gonna come yeah. And I backed him off as a nun and I need I need you had your time bro. This is my. So this is just the three of us to sit around and ready awkward isn't compiles yeah yeah yeah that. I can't wait finally finally I hope you're ready for me. Like her face is morning wolf pack with another countdown to 100 points off. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack could be history tour. Good morning Sara in federal way happy Friday however you. Fantastic day welcome to beat the street's security countess of that you get to random stranger here in the PNW now Sarah if you know as much or more than they do you're gonna to parenting is Agassi Randy Houser and Michael Ray at the evergreen state fair in Munro August 30 all part of the wolves here of a million tickets now yeah. And are able meet the challenge here in about a minute. We found her at the spotted cap coffee company mill creek she answered the same five questions that you have to answer right now but you've only got thirty seconds. No pressure she did really well oh you've got to be on your a game Sarah. And I don't know some things take pac. But don't say passed more than. Are trying to help BO OK theory goes no pressure relax and get through this started the timer and 32 and one. What was the name of force comes eventual wife. Oh to Vatican is located inside what country. In which city do the show full house take place. Which island is furthest north to Maine to San Juan or whidbey. Are you sure. Hope they get and it doesn't relate to. The San Juan island sounds pretty good about now. Since the country's own die a happy man. Nice dash dash let's needed challenger. What's your name where you're from and what media. Hi my name is Melissa Mathews I am from Everett Washington and I work for brookdale and Kirkland. Okay let's go to the same five questions and find out how you did what was the name of forests guns eventual wife. And each day in May PG forgave named Steve shrimp boat Danny you do to pass on that meant Melissa gets the points or you're down one the Vatican is located inside what country. Italy I only was the right answer a nice job serie you're on the board but you're still down one in which city is the show full house take place San Francisco. Just so again the right answer yeah both John and so now it is three to two which islanders for this north. Camino island San Juan island Arabia. Sam ones. And Long Island was the right answer and serie you gotta do no problem there is straight up shooting two U moody nail that so you get a point as well. So now. It is 43. Heading into the final question. If she gets this wrong and you get right it's time which means it's a win there has to play out like dad here we go this thing as the catcher's sign guy happy man it. Yeah yeah. And interact mysteries series. It was common thread nice job Sarah although you. Need to heal and I'm glad he did that all on your. Yeah from anybody who cracked Sarah nice job. You hear that morning warmed. I'm still a party. Cell walls hey Russell Dickerson you know. It's. I'd be broke on the great I don't know if we've talked to since we've added and lead to the show we plucked throughout the bull in Atlanta Georgia so I have a new coach Patton now below. Oh look what Emily how. How are average amazing things about you now. That isn't saying that dollar friends is real knowledge they were. I don't know I am gonna put us a broad status of what you're. You yeah I try to tell Allegra and edited and it and it happened I found out that they blocked him off after stalking no Russell listened this week we talked to Charles Kelly we've talked to Darius I mean that's that's a big stage to be unmanned but they all were raving about you. So I'm glad the media to kind of learn from them there. They're all legends they got it down to either consulting with them. You know I have. I have technically been invited yet I think they keep that group very you nonsense and I'm not I'm not like the biggest golfer until like I'd be there for that Hank. And their Benson serious cash. Apparently talk him 510 G I don't know if you wanna get out of my game many. No there there were those on vehicles are years. Hey well listen I have a question because we are friends and I do have a video view on my phone doing that with Nene in my living or drunk with my bonus on your you go up. We're gonna be doing what we call a mug club pit stop on Sunday before you guys take the stage is going to be even close is just down the road from where you're performing at the white river amphitheater. Russell what are the chances that we did you come by make that really special by playing a couple songs for our people do that I am so. Mean you would come. Here's yeah. Today yeah. And all the good and Colin promising people bring in somebody who's just made OK I've been bragging that it could you do this but nobody believed me. Yeah yeah. He seems that same line over and over Russell. Well it all day all day it's a severe where men went to junior had you can't get it now do it yet. I love that that would bet that without ever good while ago that dude seriously that is so cool due to come by again a mug club pit stop. Noon on Sunday at the local Indian and claw the first it to be the show up we are even gonna buy you coffee for coming line hanging with army and Russell Dickerson who's gonna perform for anybody to shows up for free. You do it and I have every mom and daddy Jerry. Yeah but one condition you gotta bring you beautiful wife will be outgunned. On earth that you guys don't go anywhere that each other anyways have figured that was the issue and yeah absolutely accurate is that I don't do good look good. So. Nice. Guys we will see you Sunday were so excited Russell congratulations on being on a huge story in keep booty and they love you period. Today man I loved it they're too good to us are here one last question. With all these babies pop and had a Lady Antebellum everywhere is this continuing Caylee any ideas or what do. You know we're getting a low we're getting there would get used to get the speaker and even. You know all our friends we are in Tokyo have babies and all that so yeah we forget that when it. Get your friend circle and your professional work circle is now all babies yeah. Yeah a lot maybe there where I'm sure Caylee is getting the itch and I'm afraid I might begin its report she'd. I'll call on our our little thing that's I can't remember trying is the best part if I had done. I. And then all right you've heard a purity are first on the morning wolf back to Russell Dickerson is going to be their noon on Sunday at the local Indian and floss daily to see anybody best to Caylee and everybody else again I morality does my VCR Eddie is the best. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister they welcomed the normal facts were little drunken we need you now it's great that you're aiming at a great weekend and he never have to cancel. 127. Also all right free advice Friday we got to get right on this morning wolf back because we have to sweep the gavel and try to help somebody out in a short amount of time. We have the Russell Dickerson interview we get the Big Three I would have got to squeeze this in here. Janet emails in hey guys I'm a huge fan of the show I can't tell you how much you make me laugh every morning. Laughter is actually the reason I'm emailing you I work for a credit card company and in the cubicle next to me is a guy who won't stop telling me jokes. I think he has jokes folks at his desk and he fires and off all day long and I loved jokes but if you tell me twenty today. I'm gonna get tired of it I'm gonna cause any problems in the office. But I can't stand hearing this guy tell me jokes anymore how should I handle it. Should it go to my boss. I know bigger person would confront this guy directly but I also know I'm just not that big help Jana and so the question to us we have a short amount of time guys to get through this is urgent. How should Jenna handle her knowing joke telling co worker. We work in an isolated situation we have never worked nexus somebody in a cube farm for so we have no idea how to handle this if you've been in this situation. What did you do in what should Janet these 206421. Wolf where you can taxed 46150. CNN in few blogs said how about getting a budget stickers. And putting them around his cubicle or Turkey buckle that has the word jokes inside a big red circle the flash thing but that's subtle yeah. My fear. Is that if you engage this guy at all it's only gonna feed the flames the fire you don't I'm saying is gonna encourage him like. Laffey nor sayings I don't know I think he's trying to get her attention media has a crush on. Or Maggie carver and didn't say it black and then so knowingly entity doesn't wanna tell you just seeing march OK I've got some thoughts but I wanna share it after. We hear from you 206421. Wolf right now. You got the Zacks number 46150. How we should Jenna handle her joke telling co worker come on let's go. Crazy dial what should Janet due to handle her annoying joke telling co worker. I'd be. An abrupt end you know like. I'm like Eric got blocked about it after battery on an automatic. It's at least I do not be very. Yang you know it's easier said no and writing you to know sojo YouTube the most non confrontational people I know I would never give Genesis and places I don't wanna come confront him but you're saying crazy cal that's what she needs easy steps that are bigger pennies aren't analysts. Where. A gag and it. Hear them out of the kids everybody I air crazy how to get tell him or her. Maybe crazy Kyle could become a workplace. Pelican Terry Tate like an office climb back out to you again and I involved thank you and our Terry Taylor yeah. I'll explain later I think. Forget intended text. Let's see and somebody said Tony haven't ear infection and heat here Mary well herded tired of thinking you can't hear him. Amelie as a woman why do you think Jana is annoying coworker who's obviously mail because he's telling jokes. Is doing this to her twenty jokes today at least he delegates are going what is he doing turning our attention right so what are you not wanted to. Gamut pension rights isn't the solution they're somewhere and again we're under the gun here we get the Big Three coming up we got to swing the gavel and render a decision. OK well then I did go with Don from Gig Harbor evaluate what would you do. I pride tellem a bunch gets every time he told me don't I tell on him retire senior engaged in the sword fight man you just pulled out your later fencing and. Have that they need. Anybody here go to the boss and just say look I think I could be more productive if I were sitting at a different place in the office I don't need to get into details but I'm really not enjoying my workspace nobody has been hiding the boss and say won't know I need the deet tails and they you're just a little sick she yeah. Would you ever as a woman analytical reason would you shut up now. Now now you two guys and I know Don. I had sojo no Gaza City I would Wear headphones and less I was on the telephone. Us and Canada India but what if he can't what if you have those open spaces where you've got to brainstorm and be creative in the rose woodland. Well Donna IndyCar says I would say casual conversation and what intrigued you about jokes because. He might be using it and didn't ask his way of dealing with Ames I eighty and once you understand why he's doing at it'll be easier for you to deal. That's super richer IC you wait too mature for nobody nobody is that mature so. I strongly disagree but I feel like I'm in the minority here where most people cinema Texas who we haven't got any calls about a support Jimmie just leave her out to dry on the silent despair. Most people are saying either in combat joke for joke or laugh and knowingly look for joke yeah. Itself down. Come back out of so so that's where we're gonna leave this yeah. We're to swing the gavel in say go joke for joke highlight get a joke cost. Hi this is the first free advice Friday may be easier to remember a time I feel totally unfulfilled by this I don't feel like we told him out of office. We're we're actually doing jet had to come up with jokes and do more work to help with her annoying thorn I did a joke book. I listen this is the what I'm I have to disagree with everybody. Jet unanimously wanna Hanlon and you're on competition but how he'd look of him tee shot. Four I would go to the boss and say man you gotta movie you want me to meet regularly get the most out of Jenna got to put me in a good better workspace with some glass doors or quit. Sar had to go on a nod to our Arab Salo. I took a flyer on that and at least big threes coming out actually talking about them we're talking about the highest paid actress and U surprisingly on the list. This is the morning. Faster than you 147. Though. This is a big series with only. No real surprise to hear that Scarlett Johansson is being world's highest paid. Making over forty million dollars in the past years goto. But what you surprising is number Q and number three of for this list of highest paid actresses. Number two in dealing and Jolene who was last time she was in a movie that's what I thought actually looked at the new eighty Melissa sent to you is coming out it hasn't yet. But she's very mint paid for that's where her. Many million pennants and right after that is Jennifer Aniston which again what she done lately but hers is mainly from endorsement she does it Beano. Smart water and emirates airline. It just a point here I think it you gonna make a list about the highest paid actresses you should only count their salaries are making as actors. Well not endorsements don't I'm saying well I think she gets endorsements because she's an actress. Right bit of producing these are the highest paid actresses over or movies or whatever I think is slightly misleading edit digital Franzen wouldn't be on their based on her body of work for 2070. This. It's quite happy I am sorry uptrend on man tell us how to contact yeah L dot taking you so personally. Let me ask I can comment on the land ice conduct forums strongly worded tweet I well thank you. Iron right. When eating veggies I mean don't really enjoys and I I do that Matt I love veggie sensibly you should be eating more is he is. They say even the key to actually help you stay Fuller longer than most other veggies because they're high in protein and fiber now. I'm not saying that he's an every meal because let's be real or not they do that that there is a key protein powder that you could add to almost anything you saying it is to list. And I can trick your kids. It's putting Packard that. But thread eat that. True TOJ matter I don't think most folks are gonna run by a box of pea protein but I will say. At Costco mom and dad to go for the quick meal the frozen veggies they never go bad they have peace in them. I had cheap and Ares. There's two options or are you know you aren't either matter you can go finds MP protein pray that you haven't sent you do does not even to get almost duke coming up in October when you thinking of names for him did you look up and see if there was. I mean like out website party registered his name I did not. You should I have you show up let me do right now you're talking to forty millennial parents say they major changed or thought about changing their baby's name based on a domain name availability. 45% at people are reserving domain names for their future child so that they can have it. Whenever that he gets old after using it as a digital baby book but. Did you just look it up to its advantages and can't find the server which means available very you better get that I'm sure Wants when he ran towards the well in a way to it's if I get it but it's also slightly narcissistic McKinnie checked out my website rice. And you Google's meeting on the big night I don't know what I did yesterday in new. See here I had a friend tell me a good idea that she actually got eight email and her son's name like clicks message you know dot com. And how I makes and a half inches. Annaly all the really matters is skeptical hash tag my kid has a cool hash tag that's all you need is a hash tag you can have a hash tag you don't exist on domain name hello ash are dude Judith gosh yeah goes out for and you get married doesn't exist Alessio Michael last segment that's your passion. Morning we'll be back with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura articles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do it or not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share yours. Larry because we don't know and everybody makes for a living but it's never OK to ask until now yesterday we found out that James the dental technician makes 70000 dollars a year I guessed it to the dollar I got double points but there's something about that that you don't know. And I'd like to come clean I was on my bike ride yesterday and I got to eaten up with guilt about it the long and short of it is I cheated. I knew how much she made before the contest James. Is a guide it reset to me because they gave up my cell phone number he texted me say it had loved to play share your salary I make seventy grand doing this are you kidding no so I knew the number now here's the deal. I didn't think about whether or not I was gonna achieve before it just kinda happened and I. I didn't know that I remembered it I thought it was like 72 or seventy but that the point is I knew the information go on and I feel terrible I did cheap I wanna come clean I'm prepared for Florida punishment you have but I know you need to take my two points off the record I. Not only do we take the two points off I think we take an extra point tee off at least I'll leave it up to you I did wrong. It's a 100% on me I do I was I was wracked with Shane minor yesterday. Minus three totals are right so wait wait so the two and then three more so it's five no they don't threes total. OK if you guys think that's fair I'm prepared for what a punishment you ask where they need to break I'm a really honest person and I really. Any socket a person. Okay are we good yes you guys accept my apology. I don't think it over I mean a low shot it is news that I'm gonna the consequences or dishing out its its competitive. In Italy gets so competitive I feel the competitive with. But that was it right thank you for admitting yeah I felt battled yesterday and not that person and I let myself go there I got caught up in the moment I'm sorry. I cheated I am bad way hello Tom Puyallup how are you. Under an area and to find him that he no time has he texted you or Clinton men. Now Tom and I have never text and Robert Zimmerman cellphone but Thomas to a 64517766. Gone over the week and again do not text him how much make right now can last a little light. I'm a number we're gonna all right Johnny would about a minute the clock we'll find out as much we can about what you do for a living and bands. Well guess what we think you make. And you'll share your salary sound good time. So it'd make maritime married okay see a little low lights of duty at worker something's. Yeah I am not a literary book my first job not okay are here we go heavily with the first question I how he worked there. I have months. How long have you been a cable installer. Five months. Photo then you hear round or five what did you do before you installed cable sound. Oh good so charter. Decongestants all right you also fix problems. And so on such problems what are your favorite DirecTV TV show. But are they a murder go to all of what a good month. What did guest work perk. We get a lot of perks the word. Probably the phone and those cheap TV and give a rolled up on somebody lives in the door naked. Know. Of any special training. Yeah about four months of turning. Cool. Okay sealant on the job wow you are at a time aren't they if he had mascot as they were channel I don't see held work Turks. Factor in her salary either but Imus over here judging you. Betty and I cheated Soto. Minutes. We have got Tom on the phone in Puyallup he's DirecTV installer. And before we bring him back in line I agree with Jeff and Issaquah on the text you think you guys went a little too easy on me for cheating yesterday he set a five point penalty middle and I kind of agree buzz. I'll take your punishment. I like it could have been worse off. I said three just because you admitted it and we found out you lighter cheated some other night how the freedom then we do like at ten point I don't know this doesn't show one incidental. Larger honestly even though. She late. To much yes I think less of me thinks highly of both of the ad it's disappointing morning ask let me know what you say. That's the worse or rather heavy yell at me call me names and still be disappoint us all right Donna Puyallup what else do we know about Tom before we guess who we think you make. So he installs and they say is I'm dressed he'd he'd he'd been unit about five months and had four months of training before that he would attempt at Pratt her. And his favorite TV show is America's. Got talent some good looks at you like via the judge lineup they got right now downs. Yeah it's like when Matt Howard Stern on there. Yeah I liked it better and our hour long day ME tips okay are right. Let's go around the morning you guys gonna make me go first to yeah since I was bad yesterday's. And a 35. Easy really I know there's a lot of training involving has not been any game that long but then again think about cable and what they charge us a lot of money there I don't know about to go 35. I agree as an Al so that I may go higher up 47. And they turned the middle but man I'm in a box you got 36. Well you're putting yourself in the middle low I don't think that's a win. I think it's I think your closer and I know it together and by the way Tom and checked my phone you didn't text me so. An ambulance is on the fly honestly yeah disappointing. Attacked. All right town and you all of the DirecTV installer what do you make every hair. 36000. And oh okay so. Fantastic Tom and we think the high into what you do his brother. Are maxed paper is about. Twenty dollars an hour what was the you're talking in a couple of math it incapable. What would that mean a year. Her arms 65 to seven hole. You don't blood brother ski do what you do and thank you keep teaching people how to talk in their remotes and you're gonna go down. It was another plug in remote cheerleaders. That he can non liberal media and the other companies attack on on Tom like anybody at Carolina aren't morning wolf back to her I think says her earlier today we love you man hoped to meet you someday. So it's heading into the weekend what is the score with my penalty and slow just double points. So you're thirty. I at 29. Bold. And slowed jealous that when he three. Kind of getting close slowed you're catching up brother. Right now here's India we ought to slice him for next week share your salary we'd love to have you especially if you do something kind of unusual for a living we loved learning about new things. To a 6421 wolf called right now if you replace your salary. That was that McAllister has ever progress that they tell you these guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points out. Okay just to recap if you were listening this morning at 720. We've been talking about this pit stop happening on Sunday at the local mean employ new. And we've been saying it's gonna be pretty cool. They get if you mr. we were talking to Russell Dickerson this morning this is why it's going to be colts they will listen I have a question because we are friends. And I do have a video view on my phone doing them with Nene in my living her drunk but my bonus on your you know I. We're gonna be doing what we call a mug closed his stuff on Sunday before you guys take the stage is going to be even club which is just down the road from where your performing at the white river amphitheater. Russell what are the chances that we did you come by make that really special by playing a couple songs for our people do what I am so. Mean you would come. Here's the there's yeah that's a talent promising people or bring in somebody who refused me Bob and bragging that if you do this but nobody believed me. The dude seriously that is so cool if you become by it again a mug club pit stop. Noon on Sunday at the local Armenian claw the first fifty feet of the show up we are even gonna buy you coffee for coming line hanging with army and Russell Dickerson who's gonna perform. For anybody that shows up for free. Exhibited. And I have loved every moment and daddy Gary so that has happened. Russell Vickers will be joining us Russell Dickerson and it's going to be a free performance and I you know I'm I'm so excited only because it's a weekend. And families will be together and people are running around and trying to catch us on Tuesday and yeah their lunch break. Is is going to be if hopefully you have some time you come hey. Gas Doug it's gonna open it up to hold Edgar the people who you can't make it to our other pit sop I see her site at any effort to keep even the show will buy a cup of coffee would love to meet just. And we found out this morning will be called a local that they do this thing and even thought about it if you never gonna even cloth that is accuse little town the world yes it is small town USA. Personified that a snohomish her life. My injury anyway. The point is it is and on sunny with a shut down all the streets anyway they have like farmers markets and vendors and it's going to be a great family day especially if you can't go to the show later you get a free performance from our. Four play if you will for throw down but it kind of warm up the law first and I made arms sale or you aren't a. Needed a leader. And well on our hands on peanuts and dozens. And I always. Alistair. You 100 points that go low so it's Friday and we're pretty excited to get some plans in our plans involve each other and really great concert that's right well look let me speak for myself I can't speak for you all he's probably aren't excited but I'm excited to be hiker for the first time your boyfriend like every Albany its about time your move and any other but anyway enough about that when I gonna go down that road it is what it is we're here you know now in present were in the moment yes. You know the past doesn't exist because it's a memory the future doesn't exist because it hasn't happened yet. You're insane to think about anything else and right now a strike zone. Where was I going with however I think about 6 o'clock tonight because you an idea yeah. So here's the deal so we're gonna all go get dinner tonight in Ballard they're gonna walk over the tractor tab learner we're gonna watch. Dylan Jacobson and then drink white after a couple of up and comers fantastic country artists. So if you're gonna be there make sure you say hi we love to hang out now if you're not. Since now we have our plans kind of cemented we know the shows a little bit later dinner yet to be a little later. I will be due another happy hour hotline tonight on FaceBook alive and I will have an adult beverage I have an all weeklong have a good outing good all week and chasing that little bit could be elusive be fun. So the dump. Boy that that's you need to know is it what I do basically jump on FaceBook. And I think phone calls yes I give up my cell phone number on the air so write it down and call me tonight if you have a cocktail let's have a cocktail together it'll be on FaceBook so. Have a little Colin about the guy this old plane who's like this off the record right now. And well and we're on FaceBook kind of but debt to a 6451. 7766. That is my cell phone number you can text me call me anytime over the weekend. Yet any questions about the concert tonight about the pit stop on Sunday about emily's personalized I'll answer the. Someone asked about your marriage is an interesting phone calls and I don't think it's funny to watch the comments why you're doing a piece of black. Because it's back to where like Eleanor are entertaining themselves and their whole other conversations going on. It's funny you say that because as a point last night worth like I was and even a part of the save. Truck hours talking about a pastrami sandwich. Justin was talking about turtles yeah you were talking to somebody else about I don't even know why the days faster yet Amazon I think women. This is my FaceBook. And like hey I gotta get the comments section but it's always interesting to follow Marines are never know what's going to be disliked phone calls. And speaking of myself on somebody texted me this morning Emily about you and said look. Fuchs I was griping about not having met hike out yet you guys are living together quicker she said well you haven't done a good job of screening your boyfriend's. Otherwise you would have already met him I'm just saying way to step up Big Brother geez that's great big rather. NATO listeners coming your defense. A logjam so again tonight there will be a happy hour hotline from the cottage on FaceBook lives and join us on FaceBook feel free to be called. And again to a 64517766. Over the weekend if you need anything at all to me I will get right back to the into the morning. Oh I now. 100 point seven dull moment. It's nasty it's. After Friday everybody disagree get out of here indeed he is coming up next although we are aware series he's in the building somewhere I saw her running around with a bottle of moonshine. And no pants on. It could be a crazy day. It's a fright and then they get people the but the bit that she takes it officers as he does have a full character and I mean ripped instinctive wasted so it's going to be a really fun show. Anyway listen have a great weekend at being reach out there was over the weekend with a B social media my cell phone me and Lee's DN music no matter. Slide in when you can hopefully we will see tonight at the great white to a knot again. The memo to you guys right now Sunday. We are gonna do Mudd club pit stop Sunday in even look at the local coffee shop great place any runs that things like a machine. And Russell Dickerson is gonna be there at noon to a free concert for you guys plus we're gonna buy up all the people off the fifth year the first fifty people in the door. That's next that's a weird way to say that. First of Indy mood or get a free copy from viewers truly. The morning wolf that. All right guys we live via thanks for great show. And enjoy your weekend we'll see you back Monday morning it's five and if we aren't any over the weekend out somewhere bloodiest. Or. Are. 45. It feels 100 points and over.