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Friday, February 9th

Friday February 9th, 2018


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Hello and welcome to the podcast for Friday Friday Friday February 90 the north said on the radio this morning is February 8 -- at least one era lack ever got to change it on the old M morning wolf pack daily schedule I noticed that is hey it's Matt it slowed Joseph and now we're here for the little intro before we get to demean the podcast which is our show from today I want to give some up podcast love. To Vicki Jan and Kelly all who took time to send in an email saying they listen to the podcast every single room and for different reasons to Dicky says the morning that joke. I love my mornings listening to your podcast my alarm goes off and even before getting out of bed. I start the podcast. I mean at Madison intimate trust. You're still in bed and giving you got your head right yet they're gonna put our voices on its impressive basically right now we are saying good morning. You well this is Friday so I don't know she's getting in listen on Saturday or maybe saving for Monday I don't know what Vicki your team is but I see where your goal that I wish there really enjoy the morning intro is. Not only nine join the improper conversation to give a socialist humanist actually wake up before I get out of bed. I find myself getting out of there with a smile on my face now. I look forward to each segment is ago tomorrow morning's beat the street. Useless poll of today the surveys among clubs. Even though wireless and from Arizona I feel like I'm a part of the PNW three YouTube and by the way Dickey is the wonderful woman Johnny and emeritus has sent us. The coffee mug from Arizona that had the heart in broad day and then the trail going up to Seattle our awesome just beautiful so thank you so much VT edu and your wonderful family took the time in the picture in the car and I responded average funny everybody and emailed her. It was really special by him mad at Seattle's dot com is. The email address remembered as an I'll have to be positive this is not. Rest fishing for complements him and think about Jan says that came at a slow Joseph I love the show when I was living in Chandler Arizona this all the time I was very excited when you and Joseph went to Seattle as my son is stationed at JB LM costs gives me connection to him a little way and I'm in Nashville now so far away from my voice thank you guys for all you do you make my workday flyby. And Jen who works at the Gordon Jewish community center in Nashville Tennessee Austin said hey hey hey and then one more from Cali. Hey Matt love your morning show listen to the podcast every day in my way to work from home from work. A look forward to my drive home every day now I followed you guys rerun 125. In Phoenix still haven't found a replacement show for that by the way. A regarding your conversation a podcast about changing the sheets we change ours every week my husband has the same problem you do please let me know of anybody gives you advice on this that's here's Kelly not really any vice we actually discussed it on the show today we have been here in a minute Kelly bit. Soldier correct me if I'm wrong there was no it was vice other than oath. Somebody said look into. They're called cheeks SHT access on the Bed, Bath & Beyond. And as somebody else that look at the bamboo sheets they don't have a sore anything but I'm just gonna say this. That is it's uncomfortable to me now sleeping I'm bamboo somebody else aesthetic can be related to sleep apnea thing that's rates I don't know if there isn't a great solution there and I don't want anybody to think that every morning -- -- -- -- -- -- yellow sun that discussed and it happens every so often are so last and it went to bed at 730 woke up at 3:30 AM and no problems cited the sweater whatever but every once in a follow wake up it's like somebody dumped a bucket of water on me so cruising I'm just surprise I think you know with something you who happens to you runner on a regular basis using it happens every totally is the same with your relationship yeah you know on a ladies you can relate to is if you gonna have a glass while with your girlfriends. In IK. Pitcher does that make you go to bed at 9 o'clock because mine does there is no you're insane that's controlling who he's an animal you're like wait OK I thought that was normal we do get an email never area similar that might be our free advice Friday for next week. So let's talk about a couple things here that we left off the conversation and we. Actually didn't get to some of the things we wanted to talk about today's slow Joseph and cash and let me figure out exactly what that might happen to be reviewing your notes. Well I did mention is really quickly during beat the street but I gotta tell you in terms of movies this weekend I am pretty excited just like hunkered down and watch the Olympics are not riding my bike. But I'm pretty excited to see 1517. To Paris. Which is a new Clint Eastwood movie ranked and you know that's your prerogative if you wanna go watch erotica in a movie service bunch of strangers nobody which is you know fifty shades freed or whatever. I went and saw that with the NASA reeling I did we we just wanted to kind of get her head around hype of it and I thought it would be funny to talk about. It was the dumbest movie Natalie dumbest movie I've ever seen but I never felt so more uncomfortable. Sitting around strangers watching. Very graphic sex the yen. You know and I'd I've never I haven't seen any of the movies nor have I read the book but I did read an excerpt from the book once and it was so. Wanna say it was so like it was just the worst writing ever and on average you know no offense anybody note of those books and again today you know appear on the loaner whatever but I guess it was just it was like laughable well and I think it's a harlequin romance I think it may be at -- that's the equivalent every new mag for a while a lot of women in you know -- get your rocks off and we want I don't judge anybody for that but I'm not gonna dissidents fear and I watch it with that's like watching the wolf of Wall Street with your parents. It's just not happening that but I will go see 1517 to Paris I think that looks amazing and it's so shocking to me that they got the three actual dudes you know military guys the bum rush the terrorist on the train. They got those guys to be actors there in the movie played themselves yet that's crazy has never been done before I say am I have high hopes but I'm also worried that how that plays out you know what I mean well known explained because I don't eat it typically don't get non actors that through the leaders play themselves you know elect that's that's. That's asking alive well and may be too you know you're talking about maybe somebody who's Ari an athlete or musician or somebody's kind of maybe used to cameras at the you're getting three guys who were in the military you have no experience at all and it is still much harder than anybody thing the united but it's Clint Eastwood and equities was I gonna screw anything that's what I that's my hope. And the previews look pretty good and meet in those and you can't really tell a movie hammer the movie Major League with Charlie Sheen yes they had scenes in the previews or even in the movie like this isn't this is a bull crap man but in the previews which again I'm I'm disclaimer that by saying you can't judge a movie and a preview day look. Like they're doing a good job Brett. It is an emotional scenes and yeah hi I'm with you slow Joseph I don't know how that works how you just get three ex military guys to tip pull off. Acting well listen weigh whether it's may be acting in I'll let let Tuff man model whether that's good or not I think is cool that they did it because that's awesome I don't go out agonized paycheck out of I think that's historic I don't think has ever been done out of exit area. Nobody plays themselves and move and a Euro is played by a better looking Hollywood actor or actress. For a reason but they're all good looking guys are. I I don't know maybe for me. I could really care less about the turnout of it is the same way I felt about as the movie about the nineteen firefighters in new York and Aaron I'm gonna go support that movie. Because they are and it is their story and it's awesome we almost watch and the unit by the ravens decided it was. Too late and we just weren't. Emotionally equipped at that moments just like deal how emotional movies it's brutal act and especially since we're living in Arizona the time and has pretty close relationship to those fire crews. And it's it is it hard but but again and I felt like OK that's my sacrifices on the go support this Moorad and I'm. Sure actually know that proceeds of that went to use the family yeah. Is also the same moral dilemma I had to go see I Tonya yeah I am a pretty money and I tying his bank account affect us and I think she is he is all that he's the yeah that's a whole different Stan after all right so with that aside and excited for that what are you Sophie doing this weekend and a lot of feedback on the podcaster to get on the solicit for mad at Seattle wolf dot com sending email over the weekends we need some love on Monday but. A lot of people to say on the and I AI it's like you're about what you guys are up to and your families in death so we get it this week I wish I wish I could say much that. Honestly she's got her sister in law who I guess is is she my sister product you know Barbara doesn't work quite as markets there's nothing in Iowa thinks so I don't know how bad that gays are her brother's life. Is coming into town with a group of girls. And they're going to some concert tomorrow I don't know who it is. But they're going so they're doing that tomorrow night she works toros I've Sunday we'll probably get around like in the dog park and go to the farmers marketers government. Up until lap or anathema she's the museum and a well I think that's really cool in your relationship and you're newly married how you do you have independent lives in your do things with friends and all in even nine you don't see a lot of each other during the week because of the crazy hours but I think that's really cool despite very healthy a look at of course and you guys always have your space Canada investigate both needed that a change you have a baby and for now enjoy the hell out of that we'll be able to go you know and and being secured like they go to a concert. Five worth I dig that it's crazy what you do well Vanessa is not here so I'm going back next week for President's Day currently looking for that so it's another week enemy vaccinate and it's not my favorite thing in the world but. On the Iran a bike a lot. And see a movie and that's about it watch some Olympics respond to text messages and in response text messages because. Right now and I'm not with my wife is a you know it's hard especially being away from June. But the least I can do is is build our audience yet and I love I'm so flattered when we get feedback it whether it's email tax or social media. Morning wolfman is all my Easter and Twitter stuff over the weekend in slow Joan you or slowed Joseph wolf now correct okay. Just I love it I love the feedback and yeah I got extra time I have extra time I think my wife and doing all the heavy lifting actually no she's doing this weekend. We're or having to shell out some the box. Because. She is. We are paying a baby sitter because she's taken her real estate license to I had so all day today she's in like class like a prep class and all day to and I'll David like for six hours or whatever tomorrow and Sunday she's studying. So we have a baby sitter for Jude image takes its us on Monday and he had stopped now. She had that's why she's not here I said look at this is a priority for us because this is really important to her and she's taking she's taken all the the classes that hasn't taken the test there. So anyway I'm just. I just said look whatever you need me to do to be supportive of that other than just right detected babysitters you know. You do your thing I'll do my thing this weekend that's the priorities RO you know honestly Joseph. I don't know if there's anything I'm looking at that she does stuff that we talked about it didn't talk about apparently wanted to talk about a guy who school scattered his grandfather's ashes at the Philadelphia eagles' success are Super Bowl victory parade I mean just more insane behavior from a Philadelphia guy easy horse crap off the ground and in effect fact none of that makes sense to me I don't understand what you'll throw cars and break Macy's windows and steel and lose and Robin pillaged none of that crap makes any sense to know it's a little it's a little unproductive. A little destroying your own town because you won the Super Bowl. All I have to say. Monday is going to be a really big day for me personally. And I think we'll talk about it on the radio. But and again I kind of have to think about it because that putting myself in any trouble but I do you have something going right now. Did it involves courts and judges and lawyers and it has to do with my ex wife in. If you did Jack about it it would be unprecedented. Penalty you ever have. Well it's not pleasant stuff man in I think anybody's been divorced and had to deal with that it's just miserable it's been going on since we got here so what 45 months. And it's Monday is the day that we find out what is gonna happen in its basically. The basis for my financial future for the next five year bush had the People's Court music right now I know I am either going to be. Really really happy or I'm going to be devastating to the point where I'm gonna have to say I don't know how good they'll pull this off for have to do. So. Yeah the big money big morning. I guess who may update and I think you know wanna talk to Vanessa wanna be respectful of that with her as but it's definitely you know we share everything and I wanna share that in just the anxiety evidence. But in another way if it doesn't go my way I don't know Favre. If I can address that yes I literally don't know how I will be able so item afford my life you find out. My dad after the show you an Athens I wouldn't think anything's gonna happen in the Monday maybe we could talk about it. And again involves child support. And an unreasonable amount of jobs were being asked of me that I just can't even afford any Mariah but this is sometimes what happens when you get taxes that are just. Vindictive ruthless and go after and that's what's going on here it is not fair in spent. Money I don't have to try to protect myself with the attorneys. X it is what it is and I and I literally think. If this doesn't go our way which in my opinion and I think anybody with a brain would agree is failure. Here's around basket. Put my salary into the computer and telling what I'll brat that's what OPEC. That's my opinion I see somebody else is saying all all know I who grew I'm entitled to more this is Democrats used in this image are used to it I don't make that any grass so I can't afford that anymore it's sort of like. You know why were selling only Arizona current can afford anymore our excellent why I sold my truck and I can't order anymore. This is life manulife happens but then you get somebody in this article and it used to getting a check are a little hand on the Bible why does my you don't have to stop her. Don't have it's the Mets have mediate will yet because then they do things like garnish your wages are written collier muddy to study your paycheck and I. I literally don't know how we will survive stuff that's happening Monday. I don't have much room that you can stay in the Caspian Khamenei to crashing LBU and so fees first child. And anyway I don't even know if I should've said as much as I just said but that's just me being honest and real and maybe a little practice run for Monday sir. And I hope I don't get in trouble I think any I just said this a 100% genuine in the truth and a and I don't think I could so and it ought to consult our lawyers that's why I'm going to be right megabyte eight hours a day over the weekend are trying to think about my F financial ruin an ultimate devastation so brutal. Have a good week and amounts. Are. Okay do you believe. Do you think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point 70 look. Good morning and happy Friday is Matt McAllister slow Joseph is here as well to Marty sojo no warning every Friday rule here you go feels good done it has to be fun by the way free advice Friday coming up here in about fifteen minutes. So little shocking and in my freak you out but we're gonna be needing your advice to me big time morning wolfpack also the useless poll of the day national pizza days are gonna go there at 515. Mug Glover at 610 and not fake news a little bit later at 615. And then later on. We gotta make you TI don't plan as far as I liked her for the story sojo as snakes on plane. Just call it a serious. Played Tuesday the phone call us and say hi to a 6421 Woolsey is the phone number. Good morning grenades and a way you're merely a colleague here for Friday February 8 how are you feeling ring. I'm pretty you know pretty pretty pretty good will that's still pretty bad I guess rename the is the day ago. Love that so regular true weekend do you have to work tomorrow. EL IL good Saturday Sunday off. I do you have only 48. With some fights over it what do you do for a living. I try to fool the good confer but I also know bringing. You mowed greens on the golf course. Okay good fit by the way if you're ever smoking a cigar while you're doing that it you dropped out of your mouth and it lands on the ground don't put a bag he amount. But the calendar but others chemicals all over golf course that's all they do fertilize that grass all day long with chemicals so Zellweger comment yeah it's common thing I can use to play golf. And if you smoke a cigarette or put a cigar is typically like golf course Brian potter you know. You don't put it on the ground there so many candidates a most chemical grass in the world. Violet so beautifully saying it that it can kill you guessed I was actually did studies with people that live downstream from golf courses and their water is completely toxic and employees of the pants white golf courses it would almost an environmentally friend well you don't know. We now know. I ever heard it that well Rene and I have so I'll tell you yeah I agree I know Richard gig. I as a dog person I know a friend of mine had his dog die because they lived here golf course that would block the dogs there and they put all the stuff to keep other animals away like poison and stuff like that say your dog can get that poison in you don't care but all I I feel like we've moving away from Renee here and ran I can bring you back here except okay. What age kids do you drive on the school bus what do we stick with that topic is that the poisons golf courses FF and you know for what school district. Com quote part of the time and I guys. Kindergarten through the what is eighth grade you can drive device so often as the next director of. You Andy's at the high school kids or Google tough little and ruling. That I think they're pretty well armed I think you don't have probably come because there'll pacified with their cellphones. That made it out what are you at the end you know right where I had pretty we beat they'll just say there were kindergarten again. Are you can garden. Unit or TD garden I was like that maybe he's had and how long have you lived in the area Bernanke. Although it by ear hole look at you put it which is everything to do what you've got all your native then all that's process. It's you don't sound very old to Lisa must be your whole life which is everything to do in the PNW Renee. Playoffs. Always are really clearly could golfer. Well you idiot go for all her. You know a while ago I just short of the. And listen there was a point in my life where I was totally addicted to golf and I was actually a single digit handicaps I ever again it. But out of the universe are you learning about the golf course the chemicals the grass and be careful that. Oh yeah I mean I don't even broke out high as eight or about him yeah I don't mean sound hippie did the end is trying to protect my audience can like. Out there chambers that hey you know that pretty tired mentally. They simply do you all those. Environmentally and a chemical. When you're a person has a lot of patience I can tell right now. What really makes you mad as an either really just ticks you off. Cool. A lot of things at home do you make blood. Name one little little things like not eating at the park at my own driveway. Had to do the story about the couple that was getting in on in my driveway this week. Right. You didn't or did. It yet is nuts. At eight K let me a Mike's Hard Lemonade cam and got home from work did as a clean up their masks. They've pretty good Tuesday night for that group. I every listen we love you thank you so much for starting your day with us are really means a lot today and I really enjoy it. While you're amazing and I wanna play a song for his so whatever country song you William clay for you next. The Garth Brooks. Yeah. Well don't upbeat upbeat upbeat he's great but there's an up beat goalie and a tale GW gar song it's Friday we're gonna have a little fun we'll do four becoming about six minutes okay. I ride bloodier and a half by the golf course happened driving a bus also coming up next we'll get right into a free advice Friday coming up less than ten minutes. Well exempt into an email about a pregnant co worker who still smoking. Back with Matt Stairs. Once flights so walls jumping right into free advice Friday but before we do slow Joseph quick text. And this goes to yesterday's breakfast table topics Erica about what everyday task as you win an Olympic Medal for. They're mad at slow Joseph this is Jim minds procrastinate shouldn't yesterday's answer I'm finally just getting around texting. Well played since. That's beautiful everybody is on fire today that our rights are yours free advice Friday and it's not always pleasant. But Israel. It's from Kerry in Puyallup here's the email. I work in an office that has a few department OK good morning Matt and slow Joseph I worked in an office and as a few departments there's a woman that I speak with every now and then a few months ago she told me confidence that she was expecting her. She was only a few weeks along at the time anyways she smokes cigarettes fairly often I assume that now she's expecting she would quit right. Well now. She announced her pregnancy the entire office in our monthly newsletter last month. And she still smoking. I am shocked. I asked to ratify the people know that she's smoking NL city yes but it's not a legal there really isn't any thing you can do which seems crazy to me. I am emailing you. To find out if there's anything that can be done I don't think this is right by any means it's disgusting. So just like we do reserve comment until you guys have a chance to jump on a phone and send instant tax for free advice Friday animal common here a couple of minutes to a 6421. Walls Seles is taxed 46150. Free advice Friday in an email coming in from AA look carrion Puyallup. The end she works with a woman who is pregnant she's announced it to the whole office she still smoking. Everybody knows smoking when pregnant is toxic for your baby that's not the question. The question is Israeli machine can do to get this woman to stop smoking. I mean I yeah. A lot of people feel like men probably should be illegal but it's not. So it's kind of a tricky situation to a 6421 Wolfson number Greg Lewis county you have some thoughts on this one. Yeah yeah go ahead. And you know it might be a part personal struggle for the virtually pregnant smoking. And maybe she should just quicker and apartment building and tried offered or not. No it might be it's a battle that the person authority earned it and there's nothing to beat supporter of the. Yeah well I notice Kerry seems very upset and angry about it which. You know I think is understandable I just read a whole thing on. Google about the effects of smoking. On a fetus and it's pretty unbelievable. But like you said maybe zinger maybe having a hard time quitting is that what you're saying. Yeah all right Greg got the best on the world slowed Joseph used to be smoker you quit you are now on the fate Penn who I know you're not pregnant. What are your thoughts for free advice try to frigates a couple of tax. Cash you know let Mike is much is I agree with clear that that it's you know it's obviously not head and she's probably should be doing that it's also kennel like I don't know what avenues do it can help she has its whenever business like gas sexist say that like. You know it's like he said it's not illegal I just I I don't know I don't think I think I would just have to ignore it personally fools. I know and maybe it is falls into that is painful as it is and and your business category that. Children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are especially vulnerable to asthma. They have double or even triple their risk of sudden infant death syndrome there's 4000 different chemicals in cigarettes including cyanide. Smoking during pregnancy affects junior baby's health before during and after. Idea. I it's almost. Depending on how you view this exact some kind of child abuse right publicly taxable move on we give me wanna hear from you on free advice Friday night that it's that much fun of a topic. Unfortunately lifestyle is everybody's choice smoking her choice you'll have to deal with the consequences happen it's not her answered their kid. It's tough. Notice not right but it's also number business also completely going cold Turkey can do more harm than good she may have gone down from two packs a day. Hash tag free advice Friday appreciate tested veteran. Another one it does suck the smoke when you pregnant but my wife was smoking when she first got pregnant the doctor said. The stress from trying to quit would be worse for the baby than just straight up smoking. Well I it's so again the question for Kerry and you welcome free advice Friday what should she do anything to a 6421 wall for text 46150. Patty is mentally it's not sunny pregnant smoking coworker. Yeah see my. You this I know I'm right shelter and. Add that they are LG. Patty have you read all the studies about the impacts of smoking islands babies in new hero stuff like that. Asked tab add an addiction it's like get right. That is not quite that bad. Or alcoholics and that other hit. It straight while they're right shear are Al. I didn't think it co worker my girl bit. So patty did you try to quit when you were pregnant with three kids they're all three of your kids and he just couldn't do it. I tried. Several times. Art I understand that and I know it's difficult but I'm asking did you try. I tried it out right now being did you feel guilty you feel bad why you were smoking's. Okay. She now outlets like forty years ago so well you didn't have all the information forty years ago either patty for and say yeah. Yeah in. Forty years ago they get everybody smokes forty years ago. Everybody that's right I. Yet I know there. It didn't there wasn't as much information I mean both of my parents smoked at that time it was just some that everybody did so patty appreciate your honesty and thank you for calling in in this year and that with a us. And do we live do here's just an in Puyallup thoughts about the pregnant smoking co worker justice. Personal experience. My mom's vote so O'Grady's Hewitt CNN host dogs. Just doctor and hospital urged Xbox Live that get better as. Yet they say as low low IQ. This sudden infant death syndrome. Low body weighs underdeveloped lungs and brain I mean the list goes on and on and on it's scary when you start looking at the what actually happens he smoked and drank. I had I still had a problem that my asthma in note all all yearlong. And surprise Ali Ahmad stills boat the actor couple throat cancer and although it's. It's up and I hit it BP Cooper how long they do art go into the hardest. He had not heard that in that I'm definitely synthetic anybody fighting that struggle but just think Justin knew everybody mobbed him out I could have been president if you didn't smoke against Florida I'd be sitting kills brain cells that. To hell right but c'mon I just. It's their fault exactly you can blame everything on her. Just in Puyallup have a great day man levees. It about. Tonight so quick text you'll wrapping up at least rabbit refusal to call comment on talk medium market come to an icu of either committed to a 6421 wolf tech's 46150. Again free advice Friday is. What should a co worker do if anything or should she bought out. This one is from Christie in Seattle I tend to agree with the none of your business group at super awful for the baby and as a nonsmoker I don't like it. But as a new mom she's already I'm sure heard it and getting plenty of unsolicited advice and I think like slowed Joseph said just ignore it. Lost boy that is a tough putt on yeah. You have 100 points. Yeah somebody wolfpack Matt McCallister on a Friday slow Jay is slow Joseph as well by the results of yesterday's useless Poland today. It was if you are a winter or summer Olympic Games watcher and all summer personally I like winner so just that it like summary yesterday really close probably the closest you Todd we've had since we started running our social media platforms. 40% said winner. 44%. Said summer. And eleven cents an analyst who lives at all. By the way took him a little Olympics so last night and I thought if you slow Joseph because he said in the podcast intro. That when you're watching figure skating you're nervous because if you think the guy's gonna fall he falls feature phone head to doing that last night and Americans are entitled to chain Ali and I felt twice I Tsonga somehow I felt like you will that CNN -- I may however lots and they'll blame Raymond tickets curling dad hello and telling us it's curling is more talking in sport and it's weird it's an odd thing all right let's get to today's useless poll of the day and it's about national pizza day which is today by the way could take the Samad tonight grab your favorite pizza place. It is national pizza pie day. So the usage poll is very simple. Is pizza your favorite food. I have heard slow Joseph wax poetic about pizza slice that's for sixteen years of sludge hiring you know Dan this is your favorite to win out and went out and always has and always ruling finally there's raging debate online this morning on hash tag national pizza pie day about. That topping is that people uses and whether there should be some guidelines here clearly fruit is making a big comeback the pineapple. Is just the start on Hawaii acts of people put graves bananas. Seafood. Tuna fish crabs. Wars have been started over whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza okay so slow just since you are the pizza guy that I wouldn't say it's my favorite food I mean nothing have a favorite food program eating for easy utility now enjoying the fact. Tell me what is your favorite slice is it just a straight up to some people out there you are puritan you're gonna have a cheese slice. Yeah that's fear that's a drinking your coffee without any Kremer its pier that's taking your whiskey neat. Yeah am I admire him. Favorite type of pizza and slice is definitely like embargo Rio which is like the united thanks gone back to Sicily and artfully prepared Margarita pizza nothing visas or right in that's a mozzarella with a little bit of that was it what does that with the really usual basal thank you. Turkey and actor and a the today we honor national pizza pie day in our use is full today I'd do go to Seattle wolf mr. Graham is on the story. Or you can take a poll on Twitter very easy aren't coming up next. Pretty excited. We're gonna welcome somebody else another local Seattle business given some love here with the mud club. This is the morning wolfpack with that you're down 100 points in the world now on the episode of the. Doesn't matter where you work picture coffee mug to us that we can easily you can give you some local love on the radio that's the most club is all about 805 avenue Seattle Washington 98104. Oh by the way suite 14100 to get into the morning. So are part in this box but a couple of you'd be beauty coffee mug there you pool a between imclone. Loved the club baby. Make sure you're prepared for the unexpected. Being amateur just. Will you know that is the million dollar question I'm just trying to find out who Sammy a couple of coffee mugs from your office and it out so important this is mutual Libyan clock correct. Yes OK so here's the deal my name is Matt McAllister work over the wolf we got this little thing called the mug club and somebody sent in some coffee mugs and trying to find out who that was close out. Crazy in my case I shall. Actually you know probably the opposite is true but I would like to thank whoever took the time to send in these mugs man how to do that. Maybe marketing department you know that's as good a place to start as any if you don't mind would you please transfers over that be great things you. Today. Especially Nancy I actually Harry you. And Harry don't go to got a random questions were clipped us. Well I think is that McAllister a worker over the wolf coming out of boxer with a couple coffee mugs in its unique about that yes sir now. Myself and my co worker Ashley asks. And we had no idea. How to get all the youth is he didn't put a noted the box. Except. Dire it hit it well it was actually your front desk gal that put it all together and did the detective worth the heavy sleuthing his it wherein we just wanted to cause they thank you. Yeah we love awfully. Actually on her. Their hometown girl and on every year well that makes perfect sense scene is now the hometown throw down easy your backyard and by the way just love even clock ran a bicameral at times a great spot. Found again will actually Murphy as you are Dino because you those of the wolf the mug club is all about giving some love to local businesses so I'm so glad we able to do that thanks for supporting hometown throw down and welcome officially to the month. Mutual Levine and claw my name. Closure is snapping a mug shot right now with this. A copy of Agassi college can also eat soup that it's so big we'll get Europe on the Seattle we'll social everywhere Fiat had to say that it consider it done actually look have a great weekend and thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack we Libya. And I think you you are welcome thank you. You're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. It's. Good morning Roberta in Rochester how are you today. Well I actually got actor ally extraordinary. Well you know what I do I like to say where you live so I'm assuming you live in Rochester I did tell the report look we do for this morning. On good morning and well that's fantastic not enough people do that reverted back to say I do enjoy it much more now. Then what what about four I don't know what you guys changed it is so much less annoying wait a case so. Before we first started we were annoying or before we got here it was annoying. People you got there I think that I don't hit the lip and he died very often that I know hey I at all. It much calmer and not illegal. Well you know on a totally different person they used to be here right. Why what was happening yet there was a guy that was here for a long time and now on the same maybe ten years but you know that just sort of war itself out in and it was a spell where there was really no show and then slow Joan I came here from Phoenix in October so we've been here for about four months. Well you guys doing an awesome job like that that I enjoy the bigger big and a whole lot born out. I know everybody's gonna love hearing that here at the walls and other speak for myself I love everybody that works here now the on your staff all gets along it's like a little family and I just love the music club working here. Yet but I've been. Martin got the job. Roberta that is an unsolicited compliment I appreciate that so much thank you broke up and I also want to let everybody know that now and we answer every phone call but I respond almost personally to every single tax that comes into 46150. And on social media if you send something to morning wolf Matt on Twitter Easter Graham or FaceBook or send email a man saleable dot com even over the weekend. You will get a response for me because I am completely flattered and honored that anybody would take the time to say hello like you did revert. Ali you're very welcome I love it sociology have a great day and an even better weekend and thank you again for saying that we are slightly less annoying than what. With an aura got it right here I let that. That has government ever we are highly personal thing they're that you just made our day. Have a great neighbor heard one last thing you remember of the morning wolfpack. So I love the well they don't know I love you. Meredith. I now she's in all right Kate coming up next and you're waiting for this a new study. Says how lofty need to wash you sheets for the rest of the world picture officially gross that's next morning I sat with Matt McAllister and product. Though wolf Simonyi wolfpack Matt McAllister slow GO quick question Korea. How long the gold before you washing sheets slow joke. Couple weeks and it. You go a couple of weeks in between she's watching your bed sheets yeah I think Seles so we does that she's pretty she's pretty. Ice ago when I was single ought to be like a month at least it looks like Padilla hurtful as a whole different category morning wolfpack. How often you go in between achieve Washington's. 206421. Wolf you can always Texas two that's easy for 6150. So this new study says according to a new study it is more than a month the average person says 35. Days. By the way a thirty day 36 you're officially gross I think for now washing your sheets. Now America's single population in Joseph and I can both relate to this when we're signal that's a whole different story. Forty days on average before you wash your sheet there's like a month and a half at 35. Days for single women and 45 days for single men. The overall average is 24 days. Ninety days for women thirty days for men and twenty days for married couples so maybe I'm weird I watch receipts every weekend. I just wash from every seven days and but I'm gonna tell you why and I wanna know if anybody else has this little thing. My wife's side of the bed she could sleep in it for two months and it would look the same it's clean it's beautiful smells like her. My side of the bed this colors. Now I do a little bit of sweating when I sleep and I dressed nicely making its cold I got a fan. But for some or whatever reason I get night sweats my bed my side than and I know this is gross improbably TMI and I apologize but this Israel and this year. My side of the bed turns yellow. Vanessa will look at me and say what are you sweat battery acid what is wrong with you what you don't know how much the healthiest person you know. You tell me you wake up like soaking wet so dominant way and I don't think that's normal. So bad sometimes not all the time like last night nothing. But sometimes I have to put it howled out I don't want to second base is so wet yes let's see that's great so I don't know if anybody else has. Any idea about chatter our of your husband has the same problem you know we sweats battery acid. 20642. On 10 or 46150. We're talking about how often you wash your sheets apparently on day 36 you are gross. That's what a new study says you can go to 35 days the day 36 and had to put that comes to an end you gotta make some changes. Patrick in lake Stevens I was mixing a minute ago that I watched receipts every seven days because. On a night sweater in their gross after seven days I gotta do it can you relate to this at all Patrick. It's accurate or turn. Well we're talking about the sheets that to get a comment. We have a girl or walks or see it every minute every other nights. Yet they misled and this is true. What is coping for a living so yeah. All right thank you appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf segment thanks for call and they you right go to a couple of text messages here for 6150. He met my husband is the same issue as you do it could be sleep apnea your body isn't getting enough oxygen to make you sweat. Yeah it's weird for me because I honestly like one of the healthiest people yeah. There's got to be sent there if that's so and you. Can have so a lot of people are saying they said the same thing. Thanks Cathy all of those others are disgusting once a week is a must on the view map. Another one yes Matt Todd from Libby said the same exact problem tell on the bed. All I did was quit drinking soda pop and mine stop now only happens once maybe twice a year good luck I don't drink soda pop. Another way and good morning McCallister right change and watched him every two weeks it makes me feel cleaner. Another one here one week my husband is the same as you drool on the pillows to. We just moved in her apartment six months ago changed our sheets once I feel gross now. In without judgment to do this unnamed texture. I think that's probably okay these fuel grows after six yeah but but I would tell you just a moment of honesty when I was in college. I don't think I ever washing machines I went to college for four years. I I'm I'm pretty sure. Say that you may be once a year like what I would go home for Christmas we washed and I have no you had to do that I think it's as out of mind at that point like surprise the other that is exactly. All right coming up next we've got the not fake news and it's coming up less than ten minutes stories that sound think that aren't. And will remind you or remind you guys Spokane rather that nobody can steal from you what you stole from somebody else from the game that's coming amid the great Spokane story. And if you wanna get in line for Crist able to take it at 710206421. Wolf right now. Yeah palace raid and these here and 100 points. So wartime authority not fake news stories that sound faith. But article start locally in the Spokane Valley were a man was arrested yesterday after reporting. Clinton stolen items that he actually still would have been stolen backed by the person from whom we first told them. A Spokane Valley deputy investigator reported possible bird was found himself arresting the victim on the air quotes who reported he had been burglarized. The FB learned that the men and actually burglarized in neighboring apartment and trying to report the items he stole a stolen after the turn victim into some of the property back. She explains you left the apartment earlier when she returned a few hours later she noticed several items were missing including the TV via Xbox video games. If any. Yet you can't. Report stolen which you've stole from somebody else who just wants their stuff back at the game this is a truly not fake news headline. A student 21 flushed her emotional support hamster troubles down the toilet. And rounded dead after Spirit Airlines banned it from traveling and of course now she is suing the airlines. Yes here's bella and Al the coliseum. Representatives decided to give them to say give me a little like tips on oh. Eager or reflection on the toy maybe this is that album and I know him. Some people how many they had very little and I agree that it you. But I'm independent country that I would then I had no room. It's like I had really gotten slightly over to a different times and I tried everything that I could. Yeah out. Sounds like you really did yeah. The irony of thinking you need an animal for emotional support. That and also important TV have to travel with a but ultimately thinking so little of that animal that you would rather kill it dead then missed a flight for a day like them I don't know exactly what she should've done that. Clicking on the toilet is not the right and there by the repeated is looking into it and meanwhile yet she is pursuing a lawsuit against Spirit Airlines. For flushing run emotional pet Hanford on the toilet and other T. And finally in the not fake news. They Harlow drug suspect on twentieth day of toilet strike this is an England with a suspected drug dealer thought to have concealed illicit substances inside his body. Has begun the twentieth day of a self imposed toilet strike so I guess today would actually be date 21. On Twitter operation rafter has been providing daily updates using the hash tag to watch. But the police said it had publicized the case of social media in order to challenge the idea of the gang membership for dealing drugs was in some way glamorous. The man is being held in a cell under constant supervision of police officers. By the way a police spokesman says the longest a suspect has ever gone suspect. Without using a toilet was believed to be 23 days a long time. Are you kidding me it's more than just a long time handed out and even how you how he's going to do that. I don't know I. By the way be Howard league of penal reforms have hoped the situation would be quote resolved soon. Either that or he's gonna be Dennett Leann and it seems like lucky guy from not whooping. I would imagine there's some kind of septic right back up sister whatever they call him literally and poison yourself it. Either way man and that is like a high speed chase edges get over it they're better again and I actually have anything to. This is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points tough. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack did beat history tour. Good morning Jennifer in Puyallup how are you today Ali you know I was done our bit. So Landmine you got the brain work and you're ready to beat the street yet terror. And I know that your gonna be 40 June happy almost birthday you're an office leads for construction company union living Puyallup in my right on all things yes sir who's your favorite country artist Chris gable and Lilly path and at least on special man he's gonna be here this summer we want to there at the white river amphitheater July 21 party with the wolfpack can you do that. Yeah all right let's get you five questions with thirty seconds on the clock before we go to slow Joseph who is and I've r.'s fish bar in found a local them their Mac and on plans. Are you ready for five questions Jennifer yet. Okay and hopefully you can listen before you know you only got thirty seconds if you don't know something to say past don't get stuck on their. Here we go question number one. Christian Grey's character and what book and movie franchise. Which NFL team to Brett Favre when the Super Bowl for Green Bay Packers Victoria Beckham was formally known as posh and what girl band director Seattle's famous house votes are primarily located in what lake. I don't know what. Scotty mccreery rose to fame after winning what reality singing competition. American Idol can only imagine for you to needed need thirty seconds on the clock great job. Yeah oh. See math math math you feel pretty good yeah right yeah. Well let's just hope you don't have some super smarting down and I bars fish for the ruin your Christie Hamilton chances well there clamp I don't think about it. Claims make you Smart don't think I don't think bill this week that. All right Denver let's meet the challenge here. What's your name where thrown that we you played very humble mechanic to her friends. Here we go question number one let's see how you did Christians pray as a character from what book and movie franchise. It's that way. Twilight right. You know it's fifty shades of gray Jennifer you nailed it you're off to a good start one nothing what we. Which by the way I know the new fifty shades of gray freed is out this weekend but I highly encourage everybody to see to Clint Eastwood movie. Yes those 1517 to pair or some other three guys have thwarted the terrorist attack. I don't I did I. That I want you to actually overtly gay. Oh yeah I don't that's creeping I don't like you and watching erotic over the budget strangers right it makes you know operated or. That Jennifer they actually have the three real guys the three heroes of that story the actual guys who the actors in the movies so it's gonna yeah it's gonna be really great I'm definitely see it this weekend. Yeah that's OK I'm sorry we got distracted let's go to question number two you got a one openly. Which NFL team the red car with the breath Parker Parker are I think he was. The Packers. Actors was right but you've got a right to Jennifer so nothing to worry about so for Europe to the one on Eric from Renton the mechanic let's go to question number three. Victoria Beckham was formerly known as supply there for a girl there. Earl van it Spice Girls. Spice Girls right again I'll O Eric his feet up some steam but it's related to. You still got a lead in a tie goes to the morning we'll taxi you're in good shape you're heading in the local question. Seattle's famous houseboat communities primarily located let me. Leave Washington early. Lake Washington lake union. You didn't give them right either so I think you can breathe a little bit easier heading into the country question question number five because you have a three to two lead. In a tie goes to the morning wolf pack so let's just do this Scotty mccreery erodes the phase after winning what reality. Pass this. Voice was incorrect. You've got it right Jennifer American Idol so you only missed one he finished four for five. Eric the mechanic from Renton finished two for five you go to Chris stable to Jennifer. Party party party can't wait to meet you Jennifer. It's our pleasure thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack and can't wait to meet you in July. If you are likely to welcome or appreciate that are coming up a lesson ten minutes of gingerbread and free advice Friday. And email about a pregnant co worker who is still smoking. Good morning needed a leader its wealth for a handful of peanuts on dozens I don't than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf free advice Friday let's go here's the email by the way met at Seattle dot com. If you ever have a question about any opinion you want the morning wolf back to help out. You're mad at slow Joseph I work in an office says a few departments there's a woman that I speak but every now and again. A few months ago she told me confidence that she was expecting she was only a few weeks along the time anyways she smokes cigarettes fairly often. I assumed announced that she is pregnant she would quit right. Well known that she announced. Her pregnancy the entire office in a monthly newsletter last month and she still smoking. I'm shocked asked around if other people know that she smoking and they say yes but it's not illegal. There really isn't anything you can do which seems crazy to me I'm emailing you to see if there's anything they can be done. I do not think this is right by any means it's disgusting. That is. Kerry in Puyallup and just like we do. Here on free advice Friday every week we're just gonna read email and leaded. Hang in the university had a heck we'll wanna hear from you right now before we make any comments to 06421 walls or you can tech's 46150. The question is what can be done. So we got a bunch of people on the phone fired up about free advice Friday in on both sides actually. And again it's about a woman who works with another gal who's pregnant but she still smoking she wants to know what should she do if anything I mean after all it's her body it's not a legal. A couple of text messages to 46150. Aron says if you do say if you do say something it could be an HR nightmare. Michelle in Puyallup says smoking while pregnant is disgusting and selfish but it's not your place is Sany everybody knows the risks of smoking when you're pregnant. And your co workers made a conscious choice to continue in force there's nothing anybody can do about that. Another taxed it's absolutely none of this Dell's business of course smoking is completely wrong for the fetus but it is a mother's choice unfortunately. Yeah you know I am a hard time with this one because I just feel like in general is kind of a lack of self discipline and accountability and I would never do it and like Datsyuk. Hurt my child's growth and that's what it does I've everybody's read the studies Ervin knows the 4000 chemicals and a cigarette to go right in your baby's bloodstream and all of the side effects however. A wanna try to be less judge you more sympathetic because they're slow Joseph I had never been smoker but I know you work for a long time I am here on the they'd pay now I know Ole. That it's really hard thing to quake. It is it's it's one of the hardest things you can become addicted QQ quiz especially because it's so prevalent and legal and everything else but you know I like it's it's still. I'm with you that you should never you know you can never do that to a child you should never do that through child. But the same time like I kind of agree with a lot of attacks there's saying what are you gonna do about it like it's not it's because there's nothing you can do you. I don't know that are placed. It didn't say anything well unlike turned do something about it. Yeah I was reading it is quick Google search there we're playing couple songs death ended an Emmy and sudden infant death syndrome chances though I am actually lower your baby's I Q. There's a brisk them asthma. And I think it's literally suffocate your child every inhale yet now I think it's clearly not I think I think it nobody everybody knows that there the question is. Should she do anything we're sending to the co worker so that is the question for free advice Friday to a 6421 wall. Patty is paranoid thoughts on the. See my girl is. I smoked All My Children. And they are helped. Patty have you read all the studies about the impacts of smoking I am baby ZE new hero stuff like that. Out. Yeah out as it in the ditch it's like get to ride yet. Not quite it. Or alcoholic somebody that other breaking it I don't you let him great what are right. Are you Al I didn't think it co worker at my girl bit. So patty did you try to quit when you were pregnant with three kids there all three of your kids and he just couldn't do it. I like it I have several time that it. Our. I understand that and I know it's difficult but I'm asking did you try. And try to let it let it out via did you feel guilty you feel bad why you were smoking. Oh okay. You don't much know now what like forty years ago so well you didn't have all the information forty years ago either caddie for just being fair and sterility. Four years ago say it everybody smokes forty years ago. Everybody that's right I hear out. The right. There wasn't as much information I mean both of my parents smoked at that time it was just some that everybody did so patty appreciate your honesty and thank you for calling in in this year an eyewitness. Good morning policing in Puyallup are we think about hash tag free advice Friday be smoking pregnant co worker. I totally agree with her that it probably the most helpful we need it possibly do I have four children at least we'll time myself and I flipped. My outlook group an exciting glad won't be like I talked about but I thought look my thoughts. That's something like watching some fun element of drinking and not say anything. Open office. I'm glad you did congratulations because that takes a lot of will power and you were able to overcome your body's desires for the best interest of your child I think it's really commendable. How did you do it. And McCain are with you. I think Kerrey and you look at our children who want nothing but about. Not for the about why we know. There's such a pile to pump it back with potentially hung up. Without the OK if you thought your foot so behind I'll look wolf that what would the water you know you beat north south that's how. The output of Carol's blog as well. Lisa I couldn't agree with you more and again I'm glad you made the right choice and you were pregnant as your kids are better off fourth I don't think set up a little about it. What. Rightfully so thanks for being a part of morning wolf pack this morning appreciate the call I think you guy Huckabee eight. Justin in Puyallup thoughts about the pregnant smoking co worker Justin. Yeah personal experience. My mom's smoke though hope Brady QB and host Doug. Stuck in a hostile pursuit but spotlight. Kept at it as many deaths. Yet they say asthma low IQ. This sudden infant death syndrome. Low body weight underdeveloped lungs and brain I mean the list goes on and on and on it's scary when you start looking at the what actually happens he smoking Greg. If I had I still oh the my asthma acting and knows it all all yearlong. And so vitally mom while still boat even after couple throat cancer and I'll buy it. I hit it debut earth how long they do port though that sort of the hardest thing. He had not heard that in I'm definitely sympathetic to anybody fighting nets struggled but just think Justin you go to mountain mama could have been president if you can smoking gun Smart I'd be feeding kills brain cells. The Helm but Tomas. I just lucky it. My pitcher all exactly you can blame everything on her. Just in Puyallup have a great day man levied. Yeah yeah Dubai so the question again for free advice Fridays to the co worker doing things again the texts are overwhelmingly wonder action is doing nothing as you do and depending on her addiction quitting could put her and the baby at risk. Another text to be honest there's nothing you can do doesn't even matter if you really that'd be don't as long as it does not affect you need to leave alone is not your place to tell somebody how they can live their life. Same as it's not anybody's place to tell you how to live yours. There you go I tend to agree with them like you is as much is no I would not is to my own show their my own situation and I gonna do all right tough free advice fried Davis thanks for all the F feedback coming up next you know slowed just a newlywed. But is he comfortable with Sophie as a couple also in eight minutes you can play along too. We're gonna discuss the seven things that all comfortable couples do with each other picture all right we're giddy attested legacy and play along as well morning wolf back. Here that can bring more. I'm still a party. So wolf testimony will peck Matt McAllister. And slow Joseph you're welcome to play along is I give handy when you get comfortable in a relationship here are the seven gross things that happened quiz. But now I've been married for three and a half years and I can just tell you definitively that all seven things were about to discuss Vanessa and I do you openly and will we started dating. We did none. But now we do all. So I'm just letting you know there's no shame your slow Joseph I'm seven for seven a good number one play along and to find out if your Koppel are comfortably coupled up with. Number one let's just get right to it parting with fried or at least without shame about it now I say yes I mean me dad I am for her. Only one time did she ever let a little ones. And I felt so good because she always is calling me out for Fiat I I aide I try not to issue shames me if I do and it's definitely happened she does not. Yeah that and I think that's probably pretty concert are most women and number two. Peeing with the door open seek and keep talking I asked all of a big man Euro a comfortable couple like you and I am pretty number three openly discussing your visits from aunt flo. Popping each other's debts she dropped mine yet peninsula and she organizes this strategy to Sophie look out she loves it she watches those doctor pimple Popper videos online that are always going viral she had successes over that stuff is so disgusting so he might like him more than an as yet she's not grueling how to pubs it but I tea. She gets after she loves my back to you ash Judas goat go to works as this little air she calls the village or she likes to take the village yeah I don't get I don't get many so and I deal I have to save it for her on the favorite reckoning had. OK number five wearing the same clothes for a few days. Of total in that season net. So Vanessa will actually leave her active Wear on top of the laundry hamper and I say so is this dirty just on the only kind of Warren Harding and a Mara and oddly enough that's a small wonder if you can greatly. Number six when shading becomes a low priority. Yeah for her right I wouldn't noven yes obviously for her dad around Vanessa is Lazard grabbed or you hear about her and I don't have any idea that javy is not like a thing. And then number seven all of the troops talk. And have you gotten there yet we talked about food I guess that qualifies you know I think once you break the seal on that one you just there's no going back on how is the thing I remember somebody told me there's their rulers like either have to start talking about it before six months or because six months without you just never you can never mentioned tax. Indices for me I look at everything from a health perspective correct and that says an. Indication of health and how you're feeling in you know just comes up and up ms. McMahon they got seven for 70 yet you boy real comfortable real quick how long have you been married slow Joseph the couple months but he would not even deal with the fact that at. You've got no other mountain to climb out my brother York comfortably coupled up with Sophie I'm glad to hear. You're listening to the morning the but Alastair yeah. Are mine the mail whenever I had. All right morning wolfpack here's what we wanna know right now what is the craziest thing that you have ever had to deal with on any flight. To a 6421 wolf or text 46150. But the reason we're talking about it because the naked passenger. Forced a Seattle bound plane back to Anchorage this week. He was on Wednesday after a passenger locked himself to the bathroom. Took up all of this close. And refuse to follow crew instructions. Which I imagine that point was simply circuit you. Put your clothes back on and please come take your seat began its not that difficult why do people get in the so much trouble on airplanes I don't do literally is the only time in your entire life. We you have no responsibilities for your disconnected from everything. And you can do nothing but maybe there's something about like an upheaval stress out on airplanes maybe they just like they do is losing you know they're that tiny little flying. Tin cans and well you maybe that's it there's anxiety involved fly or some people and now we've gotten this whole everybody got to have an emotional pet of some kind of way where it talked about the girl flush too emotional answered on the toilet and they they would let him bring his peacock on the phone gathers that I keep this so worked up about their own issues now maybe this is overly medicated I think that respect that but yeah so. And I always feel too to think about my wife lying here you know back and forth from Arizona it's what we're doing right now with the baby. In any evidence like halfway here and then go back in and get back on the path I always feel for the other passengers and I am dealing with the insanity. So for me I'll never forget. I was really have a child like 101112. And I'll never forget this in my mama never divorced we were flying lessons and try to deceive my dad. And remember as a long flight and somehow we got on a plane with a couple of there were minor league professional football players that makes insensitive they were NFL players their professional football players and they were going to Mexico. In the party started the second they got on the plane and they had in this is back when you headed ghetto blaster there were jamming Jimmy Buffett. There were ordering drinks and partying and as a ten year old I was like oh this is cool. I think these guys are out of control and watching in the whole time what ends up we land in Dallas for a layover in all three of them get arrested or in their party and so hard in the terminal and again you couldn't get me five feet away from I was enthralled with the show if they got handcuffed. And taken away the I think I was Baghdad at least once on my senior trip from we're gonna out of Mexico on the flight home we were so so hammered we're just thrown stuff all around the plane like I'm surprised you didn't get arrested. So if your answer to a morning wolfpack question is you were the leaders are your head guy and I felt like such a surprise I had that's like if you're feeling I know that's been arrested naked as a whole another topic for another day in fact there are reform juvenile delinquent slow Joseph 206421. Wolf morning wolf pack or you can Texas for 6150 what is the craziest thing. You have ever had to deal with it. On a flight. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. All right slow Joseph we get a free advice Friday taxes they just came in I say we push every deciding it right today after all it is hash tag free advice Friday okay. But it was thank you to all of either reached out about the pregnant smoking coworker. I think based on the overwhelming response. It's probably best not to just say anything how at birth I do think there's a little room to may be. Slipped a little pamphlet yeah on the desk is still walking to lunch or passive aggressive zionist Kurds take a little hidden tennis and wink wink. But anyway this is real simple. And it comes in from a self proclaimed hurting 22 year old. On the text message for 6150. Hey guys the Jager bombs got the best to me last night. Any hang over cheers hash tag free advice Friday now. I've worked my way around a hangover cure in my day I know adding to about a thing or two is I got really really good advice my first question is though why -- slow Joseph you drink Yeager to I think it's the most disgusting alcohol ever invented well when I was according to dive literally lived off of it I love gigabytes at these days I held the line here and there I don't -- at a high end and I it it just it's a blackout and for sheriff I start taking mega shut it tastes like fermented costs are. Again I was compared it to black records and hate black actors but I blunt the anger for some reason why knowing you and I you know we'll go out and maybe reduce celebrating your commiserate where it is also a realist you're shot you're like yeah Jaeger on our. They like some high grade tech T yeah you kind of got me and that's the key unitarian the Alaska career when you're talking about Apple's first of all in terms of free advice Friday morning wolf pack due to jump in on this with your you know homemade gas hangover cures or whatever you do to feel better when your feeling this. You know how to get ahold of us to a 6421 Wall Street in tech's 461501. Of all like before we talk about how to fix hang over which I don't even know if there really is a way to do that. You gotta think the night before which are putting your body so if you drinking eager. You're gonna feel bad if you're drinking low quality booze with lots of sugar. Recognizing people drinking smoking those even though I loved ones. Unita and the goodness of a sugar in Iraq so tequila is probably the best most purest thing you can put your body but did the same way. In high quality make them more you spend the booze the betting you feel the next day and I and also as my dad's a new and Thomas asked about wine he's a little bit of a con sort. It's a dead have you pick your wine he has well Patrick about love it and if I don't feel like crap the next step by case of and that's okay because everybody's different path so here's what I would say to this hurting twenty year old terms of to hang over remedy. It's all of this figure hung over because you're dehydrated threat. So obviously drinking water is the thing to do however when your hung over drinking water is the hardest thing to do it for some reason it's impossible with water when you're known as opposed to paying. So by ideas on Amazon right now. It is not one of those cheesy hangover cures you see a gas station. They're called new tablets and you use and new tablets it straight up electric lights it's monitoring gonna ride my bike when your body is like getting rid of a much stuff that needs there's no sugar in them. Enable hydrate you faster than anything else you've taken the night before the morning the low earth both in the make some with caffeine. Seek and actually get your caffeine. From with that without having a drink coffee which makes you more dehydrated if that makes any sense so. Electric lights. It's the easiest thing to come of these little tabs you drop amid a glass of water they make the water busy too which again makes it just easier victory that would be my free advice. And again you know how we do it on free advice Friday. It doesn't mean it's really good advice but it's free to a 6421. Wolf. Theories that Tyler any bill Tyler you get an hang over cure for her to 42 year old. Go ahead elegant I thirty seconds worth. It dealt. Or maybe we let it out why don't work. It out and now they're like carpet at this. I'm working out any update during our water. So tell your vices just to push through and in does suck it up got an Allah commands. Sweated out and it required foot and I think. And I appreciate you checking in again you know the number 206421 wolf protects 46150. Hey Joseph in Bremerton you got some hang over advice for our hurt and pop heroes on the Jager bombs last night. Yes so it works grew up in the navy I got back legends ball Gatorade and alcohol. Gas X. I'll go wild work I doubt those open it up well well I its board. At this happens where. Well Joseph you know when you're in that state when your hung over like that you'll try anything and I guarantee somebody's a senior right now going all right I'm loading up on some gas tax before I go out. Sir Joseph appreciate you being a part of a morning wolfpack men have a great weekend trip to a 6421 wall. Good morning Gary in Puyallup welcome to free advice Friday we get hurt 22 year old with a Yeager about a hangover what do you recommend. Well now who has worked for me airs. You know I like that so it's what you do beforehand that coconut water works amazing. Anything where I am indeed. You know or handle the water works great. And you know it's like you guys that choose your alcohol quietly you know you use that. You know science staff the more sugar the more off the more you know we're you're gonna out. Absolutely scary I remember the worst hangover ever had was drinking so angry with my wife on her birthday yeah one of the few times eventually gotten sick we took a car right up in the mountains and I was like you got to pull over I am dying. It just goes to show. I never Aaron ever happening over in orbit that I don't choose to regard the stick side up or certain. We have somebody pulls out the violent told slugger you gotta run yeah I think it's an absolute. And I worry here I particular. At the Q there are a lot of now we could probably Yang Yang Gary and I admire you for being able to drink coconut water I know it's good for you to me and I can't stand the taste of it it's not really a done work for me in the next. I think you're Smart ending you know being homers is being dehydrated so dean keep tag going your good ago. Absolutely in Ethiopia have a flavored outspoken waters now being dilemma and you can do all these different player ever so there. There's there's little doubt there. I might be able to do that Gary appreciate your feet up bag man thanks for being a part of morning wolfpack but he the American every week it didn't Sam about a late update from the Yeager bomber. That is the taxes came in a minute ago before 6150 Hamm had three cups of coffee and some saucy muffins a day is looking up feeling a little bit better signed the 22 year old. Abolish some really interesting hangover remedies here. Cup a noodles sprite then water. I chicken Foss soup with the sprouts of Montero and diesel instant care. PDA oh short or. EU EU and but I do get a text somebody says millions are gross district cogan a large thank you Stephanie from Whidbey Island you try to Trevor slavery works. And BCA days amino last works great designed for muscle recovery but also works for a hangover as well song. There you go. All right if you have any comment to that to a 6421 wolf. Hello Vanessa in Tacoma on free advice Friday what he's your hangover remedy would you go to. Arab levees bigger and I think our current straits. If you don't drink water to bring obviously you've already linked appealing coming over. I think take notice you know it makes me feel better you know alone there was a couple of Texas team inherit the dogs get right back comments do you have to pay for the like you might be thought from you or you be it has. Well you also have so much alcohol in your bloodstream are idiots doesn't take much to get you right back to that place you were the night before announced this is granted you don't go to work or to drive anywhere as it's like a Saturday or Sunday wanna keep the party go and by all means get right back on board exactly and I appreciate the call thanks Vanessa grant engram what is your hangover remedy. So I'm my sister recommend it to me how wild back and never said there's word purposely Weld's. Man that's going to bed and the bar go to bed and a great big water food aisle and I are saying the morning first thing I'd do it a glass are all the Biden and that everything here. Works wonders. Sounds pretty simple to you know you gotta remembers all the stuff out before you start drinking because of many you had your first drink all bets are off. Her shirt and that's why people when they call instant on and I have a glass of water in between every drink. I have never been able to do that as soon as I have my first drink it's on and I don't think straight. I grant I like the plan thanks for sharing data being a part of the morning wolf pack right. You know what I just got a text slowed to the Miami something the Selassie emissary about hangover remedies on free advice for. This text as I get hydration nutrient eyed peas in Mount Rainier clinic in Gig Harbor feeling a rock star in an hour. In it reminded me that when we were in San Diego over the fourth of July last summer. There was a house next to us it was a total party house and they were all parents there was little that oldest and had a little bit of money. And they hired one of these mobile IV trucks I don't know if you see these things Alex Panetta bags on yeah I of their sprinter vans and they would roll up every morning in one by one that they would get in there sit in the seat and get instantly hydrated Yang hang overs on now you've got extra money and your goal and after it. That is what you need to do that probably does that mess hang over here there is definitely the best that it's also expensive its expenses and I asked one of the BI guys wondered out in my case. He's like a 150 boxers like you said it's for rich people elect a party card and can have nannies. Okay a couple of things here. The useless poll of the day let's just give you some quick updates is after all hash tag national pizza pie day so far and Twitter. 56% say yes pizza is my favorite food 44% no. On Easter grand story for Seattle social media yes 58% say feats as their favorite food 42% said no that's crazy. And for the majority of at least the morning wolf back. One thing is their favorites Lou everybody knows it's amazing. All right sludge are you going to be out of going to be some love for your salute to service today yes today twelve to one at Auburn Chevrolet in Auburn ever be given out eight utility Auburn certainly isn't over until near the heck not to be confused with stubborn Chevrolet is not enough learned is that breaking news. Think it is. By the way we'll have bought tickets to country night out with the Seattle thunderbirds given away every ten minutes that's beautiful goes in slow jokes keep him company today and I know you're going to be doing some salute to service to anybody wants to stuff by just give the military shout out at. We're all about it all right so over the weekend and we had to start the season with a gala earlier. If you wanna reach out for any reason. Whether it's email text or on social media you'll get a response from him. Matt it's the honorable thing comes my email address you can text 4615 sir I guess I'm the guy that checks the work taxed at home over the weekend you do idea that the president this morning wolf that is my handle on Twitter it's a brand new prime Matt McCallister on FaceBook but yes if he can take the time to send me a message I'm so flattered anonymous that you'll hear from you over the weekend I think you're just rolling. There's that too yet I don't get it goes to your wife to Thursday are you guys have a great weekend we lobby were back Monday at 5 AM. Attack. 45 so. I feel 100 point 70.