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Friday January 19th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. Was happy Friday day and I know it. Again I said this on Wednesday out of this week flew by and I worked all five days okay it's been amazing yeah it's a good coach every week to slow and just do it. I highlights from today we're gonna try our first ever free advice Friday analysts from all get an email. Somebody say hey I can diesel vice on this now I'll lately it seems. Yet I don't think it's our advice are looking forward to your advice so we got another one we're gonna crack it open here about twenty minutes and I honestly don't really know by know how to respond so look at do you morning wolf pack for free advice Friday and about twenty minutes. We've also got to tease for you to win those Zack brown band tickets coming up this morning 710 feet to street. And and by the is slow duke can you give us a little indication of how the challenger is today. Well I tell you drive her liver act caught him picking up her right here right outside saint gains cathedral lease. Securely either way it's pretty sharp other allies are gonna need your a game on Friday for beat the street's. Then an 830 we kick off two hours announced that country you can also win. Another pair of tickets and I think we're given away I don't think I know we're giveaway at every hour all weekend law. So a lot of opportunities to score those he BV tickets but right now we need our lead off caller we somebody's gonna set the tone and sit right with energy deposits dignity. You are gonna set the stage for the rest of the day 206421. Wolf as a telephone number we need our leadoff caller right now. Irritants over dale looks like that's gonna be you how are you do embody. I'm an outstanding marry you fantastic happy Friday get any fun plans for the weekend Aron. Man I'm actually don't aside up this weekend okay into the wrong without the US gas. I NSR comment okay so. Let me guess you work for a company that on the weekend you can do your own thing industry task under the table. Yep pretty much aren't past and my wife flipped houses and so we gotta what you guys on speed dial that two jobs on the weekends and it's it's. Quite houses kind of a win win you know I mean it's it's a little less expensive for the person doing the job and and for you guys a good thing he needs and six you we're good picture we're good at that exposure we're in earth is. So where I am more than happy to do for you need it now now we're gonna we're gonna go but I do appreciate that Aron what what do you like to do when you're not working in Atlanta soundly you work a lot but in your free time. Man. I'm pretty much. Kind of like a bargain played video games board game move. Fishing hunting pretty much anything you can think led to enjoy doing. They are regular guy are you married or single. I'm single but say you know we you're married that him up our guy thing tends to go away just a little bit teacher at home more you know remain. I have been married one reason it didn't change. Well you're now divorced right there and I had yet deal look back on and think well maybe I should it change a little bit and then maybe they now live now. I. So there and how long were you married for. Well truth be told I'm actually. Honestly I don't Larry we've been separated like six years. Cash well is the the legal expenses the reason you haven't kind of finalize all that. Exactly yeah in I guess if there's not kids involved in child support involve you don't really need to go through all the legalities of the paperwork right. Right exactly there is no children involved no. And houses or anything like that. You have the crazy thing is. You know I'm glad you guys didn't have kids is it makes things so much more complicated at. Play left about there is there anybody knows the complications of it just hours and I Annika I don't talk about a much because it's not rules. Bright spot in my life but it's it's interesting because when you get divorced and I've I've been divorced to learn. A bit when there's kids of all do you think you're getting divorced because you can't be with that person. But you have to deal with that person almost more yes because you have to coordinate daily activities with TX they make it did very well it's nuns it's you know and admit my. You know I I got married I was I was young I was an army you know I got married and you know couple. My advice to everybody that young out there as you know if you think you're ready to get married. Give it another year. Yeah I've kind of got get an age limit on that too on how you feel about that and finally to guy should get married so least 35 and I don't think a woman she got married till she's thirty I really don't I think it takes a long time to kind of maturing to who you're going to be for the rest deal. I agree today you know it's that's just me it was certainly true in my case I think there's obviously and lots and exceptions people are happily married again here gesture ahead I'm married any like I gave before 35 and athletic. Well airless and good luck besides job this weekend we really appreciate you being a fan of the radio station listen of the morning wolfpack doom. Eight guys getting baby boy beat the street this morning yes. Success or lick a little early but dad that's that slows shows departments Obama put general lets you guys discuss that okay. Are men doesn't seem quite fair for everybody else or sandy 710 disaster and they come to the party but go to air it was a pleasure getting to know him a friend. Hey you have a great credit you to body. You're listening to the morning the but Alastair in. Our minds it's. My. Let's get things go with free advice Friday we've got an email only the name off bid because. This guy sixteen years old. And on his way to high school they mad at slow Joseph by the Steve guys every morning and what is stadium high school in Tacoma I love when people emailing for advice and your goes. I'm sixteen. I finally starting getting along with my dad after not really speaking much for the past three years dad cheated on mom married another woman and had a kid with her. My mom was so sad and hurt in continues to be. Mom did encourage me to go to let go of my anger and make peace with my dad for the past month we've been really re connecting. Now dad is asked me to take a family picture with him his wife and my little stepbrother. First of all that is not my family. Secondly I know he would posted on FaceBook in my mom might see it I love my dad but I don't wanna do this. We are getting along so great what do you think I should do. I'd. That's the email before we say anything morning wolf back we wanna get your thoughts on this complicated. To a 6421 wolf right now we can text us 46150. First of all I'm really just honored that somebody would trust us with something this sensitive. And it does hit home for me because I've got a mixed family have got to blended family. And there's a little bit of this going on so my perspective is very human and very honest to them about the experiences. And what I would tell you is. There's got to be a point where you've got to accept the fact that what happened between your mom and your dad. Doesn't really have anything to do with you and your mom is the one telling you hey you got to get over this anger but with your daddy got to move on and find some peace. So you'd. You got a candidate except that this is my dad's new families or my this is my family and maybe step or whatever name you would put on it. But this is also my family yet I have to embrace that I got to put my arms around them and you got to take a picture. With them and that's how it's gonna play out that nothing's gonna change here they've got a lead got a little brother but it doesn't say like when it might be a case of too soon in my opinion if he's still that yet his mom's killer diet and he's still in. Feeling the effects of it. By the way a sixty I thought this gonna be about like is being locked out of his snap out counters and no I. Sixteen year so obviously kid who's been through a lot of some pretty deep thoughts going on as he rightfully should. To a 6421 wolf is the phone numbers to a couple of quick tax mammograms and calls. Heartbreaking that he should be honest someone is dead no she's not ready for that step and a relationship yet. Another text Haiti needs to understand that this is his family. That's his father and now that's his brother and like it or not that is also his stepmother and I tend to agree with that but didn't two sides of it. It's free advice Friday may not be good device but at least it's very. To a 642 on wolf morning wolf back we'll wanna hear right now from years. Had a heavy situation on a Friday. Email from a sixteen year old dad has a new family he would like him to take a picture of Stanley torture with a new family. But the sixteen year old involved as a little worried about mom's feelings and how that's gonna. Appear on FaceBook it's satirist sitter didn't seem like he's quite ready for that yet misty in Marysville you had a comment. Good morning yes I can't say exact same situation a few years ago my son in nineteen out that the age of fifteen. Is dead in the apparently wanted to formally poetry also and he actually effect on talking about it and talk to his dad after we talk in. Told him that he was comfortable with the whole situation and his dad actually understood that these talks with his dad. I mean it might just work out he could stay out of. OK I have a question a couple years down the road. What is the relationship between your son and his dad and dizzy now take pictures with that family and except that is his own. Heat does take pictures now with the family. And your relationship actually pretty dead zone. Okay so another words you try to force that too soon to get a get a good result and it right you just say okay. I lets a great common misty considering you had the exact same situation. All right have a wonderful day thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack Mattie JB LA and had a comment also. Yes or until I actually your government balance now and Yeremiah my dad cheated on my step mom G he left. Is original wife or my mom. Way back in the days and you know granted this is a lot older when it happened so really he's just you know in the way that he does. But the same time you know she's still does that. Of this new 13 of these armed. It's gonna be used to love brother or sister you know that voters are. And I think you know I feel like you're lucky. You regulate that just he's really talk to him and see. You know if if they were sending out because or even talk to the mom and letter no halo. This is what I want needed to. You know how do you feel you don't just you know assume that she's gonna feel that way. You know there's a lot of maturity and and both people and you come into about it. And met the boy you make which is very good is that it mom is the one saying hey go make peace with your dad this. Is what it is there has to be a point where there's acceptance and no more bidders and bitterness and resentment it is there it is it's all happened it's all done. Say you know this is yet you simply gonna half to get your head around the fact that this is also your family. And I think to again this is a very personal connection to me too but I think you have to think about your dad's new family to. Yup and say hey you know their feelings are going to be hurt by you not wanting to be a part of their family. So there's another side of the coin they're Toobin Matt appreciate you checking in today brother. I think you MF thank you for your service okay. Obama low volume and women JB LM all right Naomi and body like just had a comment about this saying email on free advice Friday. I ain't. Good morning angle. And I am. Hey Gary you hit a break up a caller I didn't open not to Wear you know he's he seems pretty much rarer and. I think day because good areas that. Aren't maybe AK and Billy. The pictures and tell you feel more comfortable I definitely don't think people and didn't think something not elect. Got it. Daly thanks for checking in. And amp RI RID quick text from Jessica she's gonna come from a divorced family as well. I would sell this young man to sit down and have a real discussion was down about his feelings and just Allenby doesn't have come building in a picture. Right now he's trying to except the fact that his step mom a step brother that he doesn't feel comfortable yet taken a family photo. And I just be honest I would hope instead of the accepting of that you the other party have to think about too which is kinda uninteresting in this day and age is that. For sixteen year old is FaceBook account in his social media. It's everything he had so he he seems more worried about how that are on FaceBook then really how isn't its only -- he's saying I'm worried about my mom seeing a picture on FaceBook. Not a word about Obama skills to get a picture or accepting this new spam I think I I I my it's my hunch is that he is worried about how his mom's gonna react to that and you know. I think he's just I think he's gonna talk to her about. I know I I seem to be in the minority. Just based on my personal situation here about being more accepting of what's going on and just moving on him being not in not making this kid field super comfortable all the time you've got a little bit of the get over it Canada Pannemon well I do I take it there's a time we like okay this happened. It wasn't great nobody in nobody wanted but it happened. So everybody's got to be comfortable with it I just I've and I only disagree and that. Maybe it's TCU and I and we don't know and it doesn't really save it may be systems. That's why it's revised Friday memory got a different perspective coming from all over the place. Back with Matt Stairs. It was quite awhile I just went in to use our little boy's room here at wolf I think. And one of the guys and Agassi who from what this stations was eating up the Amanda. In the bathroom in using the commode. And he do you ever eat food in the bathroom slow joked I you know I don't make a habit of it but I'd be lying if I set and there have NC maybe have the pats are head what would be the sisters because I don't even like bringing food into the bathroom I'm afraid it's. You know I I airborne matter I don't know why I just remember I distinctly remember one time eating a bowl of cereal. In the bathroom in the bath yeah I don't I can't I can't say why must have been there really hairy you know there's stuff in the air brother and there's a particle yeah man things attached we we breed them it's what it is I'd act and they're less than batteries and I just don't know Noah feel bad because I didn't shape the guy evident if it looked to a Saddam like this for me I just don't do battle like Brigham by anything in there outing like Brigham water bottles wherever it. Apparently some people do so basket we are useless poll of the day I kind of warning of the morning wolf pack viable on that one. Would you ever. Or do you have you ever eaten food in the bathroom emergencies only yeah I mean it's. Had you some kind of virgin but I also know that the bathrooms and I sanctuary. There to like just have some peace and quiet that you can bring in your breakfast burrito and that's come Modi a mean okay. I certainly use my phone that stagnant pattern miracles like go to the bathroom without my phone and I are like what do I do and it's gonna stare at the wall. I'm between come on man I'd go to our enter grand story to participate in the useless poll that day or Twitter at Seattle wall provoke. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister it's. 100 points. Now on another episode of club. He handed got a great little noting here the coffee mugs his aim at a slow Joseph I'd like you to meet my friend to Michelle wolf if that's a last name. She's an original wolf thank member that would greatly enjoy the surprise of your call and loves 100 point seven her business nature's stage gardening is a thriving business that you should learn more about. I know you're gonna love visiting with thanks for being great hosts on the wolf that is from Kirsten which I always think it's really cool when and nominate other people. A seed who can't get to a shield phone. South. Hey Michelle how are you today. At noon. Michelle I don't know if you know lie AM but stamina and his men McAllister and a host the morning show the morning wolf pack on 100 point seven the wolf yeah let's think. Well that's a good thing. I. Think that's. Well listen I got a box this morning. Horrible thing we can have called them mud club. From your friend pierced in who said you were a big fan of the radio station. All of the I. And I are hurt that I ordered our might and then she got something like each other at doing that and then you or me. She sent in a handwritten note talking about and out of an affecting your last name is wolf it's epic. Or. Nice to think you're a big fan of the radio station had a great business here locally called nature's staged gardening here's the kicker TCU would actually enjoy hearing from being so it was a no brainer allows him to give you call auditors myself. The employment. In case at least I can do for anybody to take the time to listen to the morning wolfpack and I don't know if you're aware of the mud club works but it is an opportunity to highlight local businesses. And now give you some love so I've taken a picture with nature stage gardening and I've got the coffee mug here and we're gonna put it up all over social media and now we're telling everybody in a radio right now that you're awesome. Think yeah it really appreciate that runway. Little Tokyo my lovely people speechless at that happen. Initial system we look at what part of town as your business and actually came and they start there I thought. The master recruiter but what I have done for twenty years chemistry I think this bill had Jenna and general edging out there. And to play defied the Nike do outside and I think that it chirping up it's into the ball flew where it's you know picking traverse everything but actually taking care of leveling. And home and their garden and it didn't matter that really isn't batting an is that aesthetically pleasing and it ends the pledged to grow the latest us to grow. That's really phenomenal and I tell it maybe since you are a master perimeter caddy stop couldn't I start training something. Attended just go nets within trim until it's all the way down to math and. That's a good question and the best way it it is just. Believe our pitching around the plant and it's you have about twenty side and that they're laying on the ground you better stop. You're done it's like eating pizza stick it out. Well so it's it's great talking to you thanks so much for being a fan of the greatest nation listened to the point wolf pack and welcome to the mud club. So. Due to the same are coming connection I got to believe a Lakewood woman is a local story it's gone national what she did after her husband most of her boyfriend. Refused to tell whether. Palace raid and these here and when it's. So wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister good morning happy Friday slow Joseph is here as well. Story out of Lakewood breaking nationally this morning it's a love story. Until isn't. At 29 year old woman from Lakewood movie with a boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. Always going well until she got home last Friday. And she wanted to cuddle there seems a reasonable your I wanna go to. But he wasn't into maybe he had a long day on the job he was tired just wanted to watch cops on TV drink a beer I don't know. As she tried to kiss him and then he didn't kiss her back in vans when things really took a turn for the worst. She got so angry and she grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to stab him through. He called the police and she was arrested for assault it's taken a week but now the story is breaking nationwide. There's a fine line between love and rage it's. And they're fine line between cuddling and yes your. Doubling in stabbing us. You know and there's crazy there's good crazy that there's a little bad Curry's and I think every two weeks from got a very rude awakening about. Who he had moved in with their move him and him. You never know gonna of the peddling conversation before he movement yet we talk about cuddling is saying about different types a couple of a couple of bids did volunteer who. And I'm just trying to think how can we have a conversation about this and and and it occurred to me like I'm a gonna justify what this woman did this is not. Now there's a woman needs some regulating with her you don't solve the non cuddling with 90 you never go for the knives but you know there are things every relationship the Euro was trying to get your significant of the nadu and they'll never do it went to ladies example. You know maybe you want your dad go to yoga class yeah probably not gonna do that it's always always trying to get him to do it. You know what does that one saying that you were always trying to get your significant other to do in this can be male female doesn't really matter. But let's let's break it open here morning wolf bang and 206421. Wall protects us 46150. And a guy in Bellevue so it was a one thing you were always trying to get your significant than to do but they just won't. Aren't gonna get my adult and get on about my motor through the turn on a couple right there she does not wanna get on at all. What they've done it arts. Now that's what it's bad when she what do we get on it was in the garage. The earth you're writing your yell. Go ahead. Our regular marriage secret you can see your rent or. Yeah and we bought the bike did you have visions of the two of you writing down the road together in her on the back here you know wrap around you tight at this kind of one of the appeals of heaven a motorcycles and it. Yeah. And like organic are like why are. In the theater critic there. Yes it what do you think the solution is getting her her own motorcycle that may get even worse than they were okay and how you think you're gonna have. Go ahead guys. The one thing you don't like the one thing is digging your net back right you know maybe. And then there's an area and I got you so there's like step one step too so how you gonna get over this warriors are no resolution. Our warm Broder put foreign fighter and they're like art. Get on the back of baby yet but it certainly I hear you kind may be taken to a big parking do on the grass or something. Yeah work. No right guy appreciated jagged thank you get a part of morning wolf bag brother. Bernard yeah. A couple of text dominating here I want mom Mandy get a credit here for is nasty ass beat this thing. I get pressured into that all the do you ever done it having to think their nasty but I guess the end diet I've never ran well I think it's for at least from Iowa that's a little break from the world is a woman become. Not that I would be getting from sultan says now I go to go with my I want him to come on dog walks with me he just won't do it. And then Rachel. Sorry Rochelle. I've been trying to get my husband watch the office with me my favorite TV show but he just won't. I what is it that you're always trying to get your sick go to do would you but it just won't world stubborn right to a 6421 wolf for text 46150. All right so there's a 29 year old woman in Lakewood she's making national news this morning as happened last Friday to go week to get out to the media but. This Friday nights came home mommy just imagine the two of them both had a long it works she wanted to cuddle. In her boyfriend and one McConnell as you try to kiss and you want history there so the of course she does what anybody does in this situation you just go for the kitchen night or try to stab your boyfriend that's the next move. Right that is conflict resolution that's fine because it. Well he called the police she got arrested him by. A way to don't live together for about two weeks they'd just moved in together Sara Payne. Yeah I get better and or not Dan and if the fifth but you know it did get us talking about the things that you're always trying to keep your significant other to do and we're all stubborn at the core we really are. 206421. Wealth or even Texas 46150. Joseph is there any year always trying to get Sophie to do. Yes I act and light Arab blood playing video games obvious that I elect her to play with maybe she is we'll get into it I mean I bring up like that that Mario Kart all the easy basic stuff that she's is laying there. Gas I couldn't imagine my wife ever sitting down long enough to play a video I've spent years first in her arms is there a point where you just gonna resign and say okay this is not her jam or you can keep. Like inviting common to keep laying the pressure on my Yemeni get a knife if I have there. You know it's funny I remember my wife she loves Lou Lou. Lululemon Clara that's her thing she wears that all the time error was called like leisure active ware Baghdad where is it ever that's all she ever wears expensive stuff that's really spent you know it's really comfortable rat in her shoes for years trying to get you in a storm like note do. Ever goes in that story she's like just. So she got me apparently worked out sure yes. I get into the most comfortable things ever worn a mile Larry I'm embarrassed to tell anybody that I have a fair that I Wear it but you know that they're mean to leave you for the first time. My wife zero annualized ask for right now it's very it's it's a whole thing ID is Mary in Auburn. Mary what are you always trying to get your husband abortion to do but it just won't do it. And help. Me. And then so how many times did grab the kitchen knife and tried dishing it wouldn't. Oh. Gather some. Go ahead. Oh. Like it or whatever. That's me he doesn't mean you. Aren't. I'm. You know I don't have any that I do I don't have any explanation for that is that I know some people that don't like the physical touch yeah. And you have to except Mary's still seem to get the 39 years and your fighting this like what are you gonna re resigned to the fact that he's is not a touch here. You marry the guys. At odds you still get out there. Look we are who we are there are tweaks but we are who we are cute and learn how. Keep it. Mary didn't do you decide Tobler you know not cheating you're inning maybe just Steve Milligan Cutler you have like them. I don't know that sounds bad that there are bars Japan cut our. David get yourself of the body and get a body pillow put a wig on it maybe a little mustache comb Hank you know that's going to be your total body. I. Mary I empathize with the situation I really do time. I don't know what does that guy. That I help yet. Don't give up fight the good slide area I double a quick text before we move on here. Let's see what you are trying to get your city go to do but they won't go to my family events. My step dad goes and I'm all the time for pedicure slow Joseph they just sit in the back corner he leaves his sunglasses on at Mikey sleeping when he realized that. This tax I want my significant other to exist LO well hash tag single. The effects that Todd my wife thinks I need hearing aids but I don't so she's constantly trying to have to get them. You we have the same problems. Hey morning wolf back to push my significant other would actually go out on dates with me it's ups and kind of go on the dates keep the love alive latest Jonas. Are coming up don't forget Zack brown band to get to seven Timothy street back to you wanna get in line for that to a 6421 wolf in. You may remember the story about a hospital on lockdown. Here in the Seattle area made national news as well as other as a shooter well turns out it was some else now again the audio replay green next. How does that McAllister as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points out. According wolfpack Matt McAllister slow Joseph happy Friday we've made it. Yeah a body hey it's free advice Friday we're gonna get back into a pretty heavy email somebody look at for some advice from you the morning wolf thank you know look at her eyes from us. About 720 about I. Another email here again you can email Matta Seattle wolf dot com or call about anything on free advice Friday you're looking for some other people's opinions they may not be good advice but it's furry. This is from Kyle he says okay. A wanna listen to get for my dad to go to the Zack brown band I told him I would enter every radio contest I heard when he got me a phone and I have but it's just so hard to win since so many people are entering should I keep injuring the Walz contest or just buys them for my dad free advice Friday if you don't mind sojo wanna take this one the he'd be my guess OK here's my advice to all of you trying to get Zack brown band tickets including you Kyle if you listening. Here's the deal we got a pair coming up at 710 with beat the street and get another pair coming up at 831 we kicked off two hours of nonstop new country. We got another pair later this afternoon with wing go. When he kicks off two hours of nonstop new country at 330 and then here's the real road here's the real deal hope to sit down. This weekend we're giving away a pair of tickets to see the Zack brown band August 31 every single hour war. Every hour so. My advice for anybody trying to get those tickets to see dizzy BP is way probably till Monday to go on sale today at 10 AM the way to money that I can sell out over this is Safeco Field like a sell out over the weekend. Try to win a from us over the weekend. Again everybody's trying to do the same thing in Monday if you still have a parenting it's. Maybe that's when you wanna think about putting down some changes to make sure you don't miss the show that's good free advice. I'd like I said I'm not really qualified to speak about much. But when it comes to maybe concert tickets. Magid I out of my hat in the ring and Alan. Take out appreciate elicit a buddy thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back cornered. Is the callous. You 100 voice yeah slacks. History they called the Olympia good morning how are you I have spent it carried your order am great thanks for listening thanks for Colin to beat the street wanna Nokia right now with the parity is to go seed Zack brown band at Safeco Field. August 31 Friday night by the way tickets to oneself for everybody else today at 10 AM but lets you Jeffrey Terry what do you say call me that's spent men who by the way you are 31 years old and your second grade teacher love that what's your school man. A guy whatever it or are ankle we will thank you for crafting our nation's used to shout out to evergreen forest oh by the way for all the rest of you were given only tickets to see to Zack brown band every hour all weekend long but Colby let's get this going here. A before we meet the challenger for beat the street let's give you the same five questions slowed Joseph asked him. And you've got thirty seconds to get through are you already told the I am ready here we go question number one beat the street. Which movie was about a clown fish searching for his father. Trying to be able to do is a longtime host of jeopardy. Out survey what is the name of prince William's wife. I Donald Allan if you commute on this calendar you ride a what. A strange what country star started the 2009 moved deadlines act. Oh. It is due to blow to run and at a time. But dropped it dropped to actually with you guys through the questions. Over home stressful lake Colby. It is stressful it's hard it's easier to do whether they are listed the radio until the moment I OK we're gonna find out how you did when we asked the same five questions to the challenger who slowed Joseph found outside of saint James cathedral let's meet him. What's your name where you're from the radio so my name's Doug from federal way and drive forever and a okay get a new driver sounds pretty sharp to me let's asking the same five questions see how you both did it. Question number one which movie was about a clown fish searching for his father. Policies and finding him. Yeah that was easy finding you know Colby of course knew that you teach second graders come on yeah it. OK we gotta wonder when times heading into question number two who is a longtime host of jeopardy. A longtime host of jeopardy. Know that Alex your bag obviously told you got it right watching TV. Mean the guy's been doing that for a hundred years OK so you got a nice lead here to start things off and beat the street to the one heading into question number three. What is the name of prince William's life. Prince William's life. And a I don't know. And there is not the right answer Kate Middleton is the right answer you unfortunately didn't get there right either coldly. That's good about it well you ladies listening go ahead and Google Prince William today because. You know he's been holding for awhile now but he finally took a razor to his head any shades and up high and tight yesterday much better look at all the conference really he needed to go all the way balls. But it's an improvement okay your go question number four by the way no blood there seems to have a two to one lead heading into question before. If you commute on the sound very you ride a laugh. He can be on the sound heard you ride a train. This that is the right answer he knew that because he is also in the transportation game working for Cooper called you got a right to so you still hold on to a lead heading into the last question which is a great spot to be in. Europe's three to two you are one question away from Zack brown band tickets for December at Safeco Field. Some odd days. Which country star star in the 2009. Movie the blind side. The blinds. You. Oh it took you a little while to get to Kobe that you did come up with the right answer Tim McGraw of course. One of those movies that win it's on TV I can't help but watch it I don't know what it is about the blind side I've seen it 300 times a great movie the good news is you finish. Four for five and you end up being dug from federal way afforded to you're gonna go with his background in the summer rather. It yeah that's going to be one of the best shows of the summer we got a ton of uncanny Miranda and Zack brown band. Kobe congratulations eight baseless and in the morning effective date he had a great day. All right coming up next free advice Friday we've got an email we would love your assist on morning wolfpack will read it next. Sat with Matt McAlister hasn't brought. Though wolf welcome to free advice Friday amid heavy good advice you're gonna get but it's for. That is one thing we can guarantee and it's really really cool we said this before that you guys actually trust us in the morning wolfpack. With some situations that can be delicate impersonal today especially. Probably the name off this one because it's a sixteen year old boy he says hey Matt and slow joined us neat guys every morning and the way it is stadium high school with Tacoma. A local people email improvise so here goes. I'm sixteen I'm finally starting getting along with my dad after not really speaking much for the past three years dead teetered on my mom married another woman and had a kid with her. My mom was so sad and hurting continues to be mom did encourage me to let go my anger and make peace with my dad so over the past month we've been really re connecting. Now that is asking me to take a family portrait with him his wife and my little stepbrother first of all that is not my Fam. Secondly I know we would post it on FaceBook and my mom might see it. I love my dad but I don't wanna do this we're getting along so great so what do I do. I'd before we say anything morning wolf pack let's invite you to jump in on this because your advice is probably better than ours to a 6421 wolf for you can text it's easy to. Free advice Friday we both have some thoughts on this email but before we share arsonist does any kind of close to home for me as well let's hear a thing morning wolf back about this sixteen year old. Whose dad's got a new family. Doesn't wanna take the same attention with a new family out of respect for how his mom feels because his dad actually cheated on her 206421. Walters the number. Misty in Marysville you had a comment. Good morning yes I can't say exact same situation a few years ago my son nineteen now but at the age of fifteen. Instead the new family wanted to formally poetry also and he actually just got done talking about it and talked to his dad after we talked and told him that he wasn't comfortable with the whole situation and his dad actually understood that the talks with his dad and me might just work out you can stay out of it. Can I have a question a couple years down the road. What is the relationship between your son and his dad and dizzy now take pictures with that family and accepts that as his own. Heat does take pictures now with the family. And your relationship actually pretty good zone. Okay so in other words you try to force that too soon to get a get a good result in an all right you just say OK hey Myron incan happy Friday welcome to free advice Friday. What do you think about that email that we just read. Now I know my area at Nick's family blended family I have spite of my own children and I have treat that children. And my. I am ex husband had an issue Whitney. They haven't campaign back at the EM I can't Wear my current hard and after eight years later he understood that it was fake. I need viewing it should be. Mean are cool. And so yes it content into it can cause issues but. If you really truly love your dad and your bad weather and you're here that my. It shouldn't be that big of an issue later on Democrats get the next couple of heartache and I heard the mama go back pocket yeah. Right on Meyer thanks for being a part of the show really appreciate you okay taking attend college or your opinion. The text for 615 reserves which name on Matsui to say hi Tia stated that that's a hard when he should ask his mama she would be upset by had to make a decision based on that regardless if he isn't comfortable with doing it. He shouldn't have tuna shouldn't have to be any hard feelings are when you try to understand it. Here's another tax ask him to please not put it on FaceBook. And that's the way he doesn't hurt his mom because this could go on flip side of this I would hope the mother has realized that the father is moved on in life. And she would hopefully understand and I have issues with their son being in the picture on the mother of four I got the blended children. I've been there done that guy as well as I have as well as almost sure kind of my thought on a two and a slow there was a check into. But if you wanted to get on free advice Friday to a 6421 wolf tax for 6150. Mattie JB LA and had a comment also. Yes sir until I actually -- improvement of balance now and Yeremiah my dad cheated on my step mom G he left. Is original life Vermont mom way back and saying you know granted this is a lot older when it happens so yes Billy he's just you know believe that he does. But the same time you know she's diligent. The new 13 of these on it's gonna be accused. It is a brother or sister you know the brother and I feel like you know he'd like me just he's really talked to him and he. You know if if they were sending out because or even talk to the mom. And letter no hey look. This is what god wants me to do you know how do you feel you know don't just assume that she's gonna feel that way. You know there's a lot of maturity and talking about people and you know commandos was about it. And met the boy you make which is very good is that it mom is the one saying hey go make peace with your dad this. Is what it is there has to be a point where there's acceptance and no more bidders and bitterness and resentment it is there it is it's all happened it's all done. Say you know this is he had you some point you're gonna half to get your head around the fact that this is also your family. And I think to again this is a very personal connection to me too but I think you have to think about your dad's new family to. Yup and say hey you know their feelings are going to be hurt by you not wanting to be a part of their family. So there's another side of the coin they're Toobin Matt appreciate you checking in today brother I don't think you MF thank you for your service okay. Love all you men and women JB LM a look at B you had a comment about this email we got for free advice Friday and it's a tough situation so look importing or which had to say. Well I think actor for compromise here I ain't you know if he can talk to my dad and say look I really love to be in this. The only air close portrait with all. I'd hate to put her mom's feeling and so how about that and you had to take a picture together. And me and my half brother take a picture to got to leave the woman out because obviously she is the problem. Got that area problem but. You know something. Yeah I do appreciate the input for me eve that's not really like if I just had my two cents a missile thing. I don't think you can start excluding people you know I'm saying I go to you can be in the picture you champion figure it's. It's a tough situation first of all ending American has stated Jim man's name but I feel for your brother fearless and right now. But I do think you need to go my two cents on this and get I have a blend of family situation going on. And I have two kids for my first marriage that have never really fully wrapped their arms around my new family and it hurts. I would just say going to your mom and saying look I know what happened between you and dad. But this is the way that it's going to be for ever and down. You know here's what he's asking me to do. In kinda needs to be okay with a because ago got to move on and let bygones be even though it's I know she got. Wrong lyrics but it's at the end of the day it's about. And now this the new move to blended family that ignored I'm saying again I'm trying not to be insensitive and I am I got that dad's perspective except that in cheat grass is so it's. It's it's harder again I I think you should go to his mom and just ask her how she feels are you OK with this and I have a feeling she's gonna say yes. Yeah I seems like he's just trying to protect her right let's go you like Alex in hoarding Alex you had a very similar experiences this email. Yet I. Got me out a way. You seen my father and I mean why. They know they need to be in the eight that it felt that it was. So when my mom. Four. Thought I was actually got really get what you hear other than sir you're right exactly the opposite situations. Yes I think. The bottom and that's you know say what you thought about it. I love it Alex you know we do aid in and things like this come up to give you get a blended family man ya gotta get on the same page we should should we do we go a little family meeting. And everybody said now my wife taught me that she comes from a big loving family everybody sits down and they just get an out. Like here's what's going up and we only to come to peace when it possesses this is the ways to look for the rest of our lives. Family meetings can be good and Alex really appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack. Have a great day after Friday morning the fact that McAllister. Product. It's no wolf happy Friday and I'm glad day that at the other week we are resolution to the hospital lockdown in Kirkland that went national with the fact exciting to see it here in Seattle on the local news her any act and a tweet from somebody to sit. Everything OK just got a hospital lockdown. I'm likely we'll OK you know yeah we live in a crazy time you never know you always get a little jumpy and some like this happens things got. At the end of the day it was just dude and did took its umbrella game a little bit too far the guy had an umbrella that look like a sword. Ennis sticking out of his backpack in. Looked. It teaches us. Maybe the guys in the medieval times a game of drones lord knows slowed Jody earned that old saying he's no income relive what ever like key you can add your own personal style. Public not a good idea to go around in hospitals and places like dad's looking like you got a sword sticking your backpack with. And umbrellas are outlined here they say well that was the first device we got a arriving have considered or there was nobody carries an umbrella alas it looks like the so our dinner and has little. But we got the official word yesterday. Looking for ads served himself I dad just yet and he was able to contact us and let us know that. Where I am the person that you know the keyboard at the right index you guys think I as a wrinkle is actually in Forney and right. Oh yeah there's smile on my face now just because I'm so thankful that I wasn't a rightful and that it was just an imbalance but obviously opera passions and protocol was taken to ensure the safety of the public. Eight number around. Yes so now we know there is such things we have take a little bit of a closer look at against these media brotherly Renaissance festival is down the street in that way this is a hospital Leah ornate umbrellas shutting down ever agreed health and Kirkland the life she said. Thank god that's all manner that varieties as the dude didn't like dragons little too much substance. The morning when needed a leader it's been well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's so long it's funny slow Joseph I've been seeing on my social media. This tied tied challenge thing but I never clicked on the link or reading about it it was until this morning. When I saw that there was a donut shop there was now making eight tied pod don't have. Michael Q what is this for some reason my brain kept reading tide pool. And I thought you were eating Alexi Reid when it went out you know the tide receded it is is the dumbest of the challenges well as any parent knows especially the parents of an adolescent male. You never underestimate the underdeveloped brains. Up and adolescent male. And all of these YouTube challenges that pop up and they're all guys I've never seen one girl doing any of these things whether it's the cinnamon challenged. Or that drink a gallon of milk challenger whatever it is and in now we YouTube. You have. Have a television camera to broadcast. Your stupidity and Rihanna where it's at the time it feels like a bold feed of news or whatever and so ridiculous and I well argue that there are women doing evident that. Of mass majority urges them kid adolescent males as you know you're right I actually remember I think I saw a girl. Teenager trying to do legacy was this an image I had so there yeah you're right but for the most part losing 95% of these I think. Our guys just like us an hour we stepped backyard wrestling matches when I was a teen Natalee was literally jump off the roof onto each other just before you to meet my friend Easter break beer bottles over each other's heads as if I was really cool well mom and dad this just an update for you if you don't know what's going on I mean we all do laundry you know those little tide pods are little colorful gel packets that looked so cute and harmless. Wolf some. Kid would have been me probably a couple years ago. Decided that it would be fun to try to eat one. So this is the tide tied challenge basically is who can eat one at least he'd do your laundry detergent Todd in not die. That's the challenge as far as I can tell. It actually take traced it back to a kid last year who's in college. Who put out the video. And decided to. For whatever reason to try to consume one of these things and he ended up on an ambulance stretcher he did this deter people reading to iPods no I had no not not since the say yourself on fire and throw yourself out to Allentown 4017 years of access to Israel Gaza viral. That's a real thing is an aria I remember that it was like kids putting rubbing alcohol and themselves and might themselves on fire yeah. He announces the end don't we forget. Again if you were to take this back to science to human brain is underdeveloped. Indiana lesson. Humans have salute for awhile ago only sends a signal it isn't perceived if this signal. Made you and I am sure. No my mom's got stories every mom every four mom and dad has the story of the morning wolf that this might be a fun way to spend the next couple minutes here. What is the dumbest things are caught your kids do. And hey look if any view and I wish this time Todd thing on anybody that's potentially fatal but if any of you call your kids do really stupid stuff. 206141. Wolf for you can give us a text 46150. Just put your name on it in let's have a little moment as well right now. Hello Mike in Lynn woods so we're talking about the time Todd challenge which is the latest stupidity and you two were kids are literally eating tied tied just to see if they can survive. They beaver country kids still is often really stupid like. My mood like jumping up there at the barn roof or something like that in this no thanks well then with our doubt added our eight bottomed while just blow that barn. Now which is now we got to let. Mike thanks for sharing your story to be a part of the morning wolfpack brother. That's a tax coming up 46150. For attacks or give us a call right now to a 6421 Waltz your kids doing dumb stuff. You were talking about the mean of the week he tied tied challenge where analysts and use mostly males are eating time because just to see if they can live in fact that he. But you know with YouTube you got to be aware with these beams are because your kids are probably can try. 206421. Wolf as the number when you caught your kids doing something really dumb or you can text in 46150. I mean. It's legit you know my wife yet there's no nonsense that are housed other children but my bonus on who by the way is turning twelve today happy birthday don't know about anybody you know he's the guy I know he's actually not. Not because his mom is from day one since I'm you know kind of came into their family that was like. Don't be dumb. Don't do dumb stuff and don't be dumb that's hurt that's when she sent have a does that work. Yes are you can you get it one time remember Acadia member of the Kylie Jenner challenge yeah okay where kids it girls were putting their lips in the bottles in hoping they would like to ask okay. They would have that injected look at what he was trying to make his friends laughed so he did it but he did it was booties. I'm Rick and we were swimming in the pool and we're like what is going on there any told us. And then he got that don't speed dome so it is doing a vacuum or something I don't know what he must some of this some container that was a little bit bigger so we had these. Rings around his analyst Elaine what. Don't do that I did texture coming in. Christie said my son is getting total long board behind my truck. And his friend slammed on the brakes causing him to slam into the back in my truck which caused him to break his wrist in three places. He was taping the whole thing on FaceBook by the way he forgot he was my friend on FaceBook so I saw the whole thing. I was waiting at the door with keys and insurance card in hand oh by the way forgot to mention none of them had a driver's license its profit. Oh boy another one Shelley hoarding and attacks. They were my daughter was year old had taken the doctor in my thirteen year old son went with me. And is our doctor was checking out my daughter my son asked the doctor K what did he do wrong when he inhaled milk of his nose and it didn't come out as tear ducts. These I was mortified to think that again my son was tried something he had heard about. I had about six years of these stories thank god lord thank the good lord there was no YouTube Baghdad. Yes it only would have been worse. You know what it comes to kids being done and doing dumb stuff there's no shortage of material from. It's excessive force excellent five series you're in your work entertainment is that we can read it for him. Goodman Sam from yelled says an Arab kids gentle my brother and I were young at least to the quarters and see who conclude from out her. Of men in on a scarier text. When my brother was approximately six he went out on our roof with an umbrella. Luckily I drove in Ryan I saw him I was able to talk him down off the roof. Before we were able to see his test of gravity going on Mary Poppins I you know when you see in the movies and I had org. Another text here all my son jumped off a 92 foot bridge for fun if I. To the morning. Oh I now. 107. So long as the morning wolf back happy Friday everybody moved. Am ready for Google we can and we hope you are too if you don't have your. Zack brown band tickets yet maybe you have one of Hamas. By the way to go on sale until 10 AM this morning. We've got a shot all weekend long every single hour. Like I told the guy and NBC. We got a pair. Just cooers moment you know I'd you know my recommendation personally what do I know very little but I would wait until at least Monday device teasing us on over the weekend. And now we may be have a chance to win and from us this weekend every single hour that's a lot of tickets allotted tickets so. What I wanna do is. Palette in a little bit pull the curtain back a little bit by two behind the scenes. We're all taking this concert very seriously Meola Zach brown is very serious threat not a lot of smiles. I think it's a family man but there is a there's a southern survive. So mullets in the behind the scenes kind of what we do we get off the year here and we chill together is is a staff as a family of honor people. So go to the Seattle FaceBook page right now or Seattle Twitter or is to Graham and check it out. Here that brings world. I'm still a party. So wolf daily Carrington on the new 100 point seven a wolf in the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister. Slow Joseph Indiana Lee and I got to tell you. If you're ever get them you know winter blues in Seattle right. Just go to Billy Currie to censor the do lives in Hawaii he searched every day he's skeletons girlfriend who's always in a bikini drinking coconut juice thing and the it makes you so the and they put two and a better frame of mind and makes you a little jealous supplies. Are hustling and their turnaround and Nina tank tops and flip flops. Did you want another reason why I go to military to disaster ground idea and I look at his hair cut. Early on those like way gas rose you know one time when I saw Billy carries and I asked him and I think she might have been a little bit. You know little stony baloney that the and that's what city bill he kid. My fingers in your hair this is back to my single girl days into millions through and don't end there is like coma messed up the fitted out and hit hair. I love villager can lead as of late in Nashville game so he's never going to be like to be a list biggest star there I think for my money he's got the best voice in country music love that guy blue eyed sold CEO. Is likely to need it like this I believe they each the little and have been only if you read and believe there are going to be. And you broke my headphones I had to set a headphones there was a hot country neither doing a Biloxi Mississippi via a pick of the headphones you need to be Kate she's who just some an absent. Whom. Sort of go at this minute can you talk to be one time for five minutes about how to grilled snapper in a column in these getter evident. Fits in but some who he can and so community. It's if there. She likes to go in the nation and I think. It was awesome I love that guy he get rained down on one of his neighbors voluntary when they beat up into. Yeah there's some risk issues underneath the Billy Currie to decide anyway ideally we're off on and you know what we're talking about it. An arm and beat you to me that he should boo we're from the job. I'd daily what are you doing today I did yesterday by the face let me jump on you FaceBook live video for twenty minutes. Like now I'm addicted you have to come and hang out with me every day at my show don't tend the well I don't. Exactly. Yeah here comes Matt McCallister average about DBB all weekend your tickets every single hours so. You know with no sunshine again until next Friday we wanna know. What is your thievery summer concerts memory now let's think sunshine listings summertime and tell us about it ever gonna get you those dvd tickets all weekend. Non country concerts count or Regis you know just keep it in the country world. Any concerts and I got a GB both of memory from way back in until the guy threw up on my issue it was well that's concert ever and he was over served. I regularly carried. Good decisions and as. Ideally have fun today we love you and for the rusty is morning wolf Packers we'll see you back Monday at five and have a great weekend. Arnold actually not a character. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point seven the world.