The Morning Wolfpack - Friday July 6th, 2018

Friday, July 6th

Friday July 6th, 2018

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Rolling hey welcome back to the morning wolf pack podcast today Friday July 6 man McAllister here. Emily were there I slow Joseph over there and I'm perfectly comfortable as he goes to carry the podcast interns and a little bonus content because. As you two pointed out a notice him minister in a way. Little tired today and I come on at two days sort of like. We had a weekend in the middle of the week basis and again that's how I lived it. I'm just like dead I'm gonna go on having ice cold brew and try to get a second wind here in act well she it and lay welding pressing so. I met funny story and I don't know if you all are aware at best but you know holding its coming is how to Carla Thomas right Kenny Chesney and ultimately in his actually reason that I'm here today. Because I became friends of them even before they were signed. Have gotten to know the guy is really cool name drop and are now nano drop away and that we own biggest thing it ain't that I know I'm looking forward to have your story's gonna come around. Yeah I mean do you did you know them before you Burke and country. No known as group country radio but. And the station I was on pick him up before they read and signed for or because my boss like I don't know what yet again from Georgia now. A guy there from Virginia. But I he had said because at least another Richmond is for lovers. I did I actually has a Virginians feel like this Pletcher Virginia's for them it's our but the episode of the restaurant which I watched last night their enrichment go ahead I have a Virginia's for lovers my brother lived in Virginia. Other cell collection of 400 stretchers after act and actually made the cut came and I know I. Hell we think that my hometown born and raise our super lucky T start my radio career they air south like it's got to be the perfect opportunity. And the perfect city for release Isley said Denver Nashville is the two places that we tell. Went out talking to the guys they are looking like Seattle not like I never been there but are not added to the list why do you think they said that you would really like Seattle hound. This of the I didn't super chill and just different and I don't of the West Coast and be the best place so it should and so. I really nasty questions I'll RA and then got email we have links industry emails that not every day I saw it there is co host position opened here and then. The rest is history soda hours Old Dominion put Seattle like kind of planted the CN BA brand well. I could I would not have looked twice at that is it because her last name is rains and like them. You would fit in well eight Seattle it rained I mean either way I'm glad the senate yeah. Interestingly enough Sophie had a very similar kind of thing happen where she had three cities on her list outside a Phoenix. They were. They were Chicago. Denver or CN. And so when this came out for her was like OK no products like. I'm one of the city like the I didn't like you know yeah I've been willing that to happen says she was all on board from the mid that we started talking about it I don't know that's kind of interest. Well I just think in the conversation of cool cities in America Seattle is in everybody's top five yeah it has to be out. In fact big guy that we used to work with he's always say in the studio. Man I wish I could get a job in Seattle that well turns out I did. So a you know but again I think personally this is my belief IA. Could be happy anywhere and that only happiness comes from external factors but it is speaking of just places where. You can I don't know man it's weird because Vanessa and I disagree on this because I think she's more weather affected the main and growing up in San Diego. Living in Arizona for the last she could differ fifteen or twenty years. She's out of the sun she's used to the sun and into the a lot of people like this I didn't have a problem when it that this winter. But I think when she moves up or full time I think she's going to have a problem. Was so when I went last weekend to a Mariner's game up in the lip of talking to one of the girls he's originally from Arizona. And she said sixteen her sister both mintier about ten years ago and after three years her sister's like I can't do I need to sign yeah I get. You know and saddened seasonal whatever seasonal affective disorder. Get real pain yes and no I mean the sun and she moved back so infected once a server on the other. Yes and I am I worry about that because right now we're still going back and forth which in Arizona and I think that's fine for now but I do worry that when she has to move up or full time it is going to be an issue in a winner as he complains about it in the summer practice to couldn T she just used a 110 and sunny and so you have got about her life this kind of split between two cities right now too and that's hard yes you know I think I think probably some of her some of that comes from that you know I mean maybe I mean our situation right now is not ideal by any stretch of restraint and enjoy we have one last month together an -- circle back and forth again. But yeah I worry about that because I do think as much as I love CL and going back to your point that Seattle is one of the greatest cities American bipartisan most beautiful absolutely and it looks totally different on a sunny day that it does on a great day totally yeah and I can do the same by cried on a gray day in its and and when it's the sun is out I'm like oh my god it's so much like the green is so green and the blues are so blew it it sort of it looks totally different my eyes you better get her drink in the Ken lay and I had I never got back well Lee I think where we're always gonna be wherever the job and I think we're incredibly fortunate that the job is here and we have no desire to leave but I do think it's going to be Europe adjustment in May be. We do okay an up or we can have a Condo or something or a small part. In Arizona so it's like okay baby go get some sun for the Wii maybe you both get the suns are doing and and that's kind of injury still have friends I've slowly friends. And family my mom lives one mile away from our house in Arizona right now. So now wind there NASA and the kids officially moved here is around it comes to you know she you already have a talk well. We a little bit I mean I told her resting his job the first thing out of her mouth and eat I don't know my mom is. She's not mobile. She's not real healthy and she's addicted. To going to the doctor and so she isn't our doctor she's more attached to the Mayo Clinic than she is to us is set makes it CN airs and it is humid there. I did yeah I know we moved turned out she was in such bad shape five years ago she was in a nursing home basically I think she would have died in there. In name she just she really mentally was like not rate that. So it was actually Vanessa as I did she said this is (%expletive) we're getting your mama getting out of there is a hatter and so many pain pills had even know where she was it is like reading get her we're gonna get her artery to care for so. We just she never choice we just move drier and then she can he get better better Nash is living on her own she's doing better. But I know when we are Bainbridge and last week and I facetime my mom for mill street and as a mom you would love this place it's like an artist community it's super quaint it looks like it rains here all the time a mom likes to be inside with a fire reading a book not a lot of that. She's the same I hate that that's the way she is too and that's great. She's it will worsen your hostile. Now first question like I. I don't know Seattle with the ethnic ethnic and today you know so again I don't know why I think she's pretty settled in but then again I know Arizona's not heard jam and that gets older. He am I'm Molly my mom is a is a liberal she is it is and I know she would like the mindset appear more than Arizona. And an ocean like the weather more but it's getting her I'm sure she's pretty scared of that that premise I don't know. But I know she loves her grandson too so yeah. She's gonna miss you she'd been miss seeing the Fam I don't I don't get her hair and while she was talking about trying to be July 4 next year which recent OK let's set that as a goal. Start start working out at ethnic and anyway. That's it. Anything else these guys are carrying this on and mr. I think I've got anything for him. They're baby is did you have to talk with self yet that you might beyond. Yeah well we can we again I told her about the conversation it's funny sent a couple things happened you today. So we had my mom on the podcast that's the episode that then we're talking about via site told Sophie and leg are you by the way we had my mom on issues super cute he should listen to. Says she did. And I've never gotten a call on the on her way home from work sent. Because that was lowly. I didn't think about that I was hoping you are near that but that was the same show and tell them about that south. She was really funny about it she's acting out by the way and it really he hated because me and my all and I don't. It was the Canada holes yeah kind of time apparently she did. Well you know I guess on the timings aren't home your wife's not alone have Vanessa has also figured out that we talk a lot more about more persons on the I guess there without telling mission creep the podcasts I had there was drugs at all and I urges are about that a good you did have a lot in this into the prime. I. I was in but I also. Listen it's not a healthy communications down but it's also passive aggressive way to deliver a message we ask you did it now you don't have to have that you know golf. That's our guy I she she actually called me the first stage that Riley is the last oval because it's. But she had issues that she she understood she gets it she's article about Phillip and John they talked. Belly has did we did talk about the baby a little bit before that I am nature to have that talk before our she was in the podcast as you and feel like it was like these discussions are happening I have learned in my relationship that any thing between you and your wife should be discussed before she hears about it on the ill or on a broadcast after accurate they hate that we think we think we're probably DV a year year and a half so yeah. Our and then nine after the inning. Activism and emily's gonna have a baby before you situation he's going to three rigs and started coming together and it real frustrating we'll see I'm not having babies while we've got you know we gotta get there are certain things that we got to get a little bit figured out or just that we need to be very secure we've only been here for all they very am I not trusting we talked about that. You but it's I mean it's it's pretty much in concert with what we had kind of discussed previously I just don't think I was ever mentally. On board as I am now and our Sunday and I hated is not about money Iranian baton but I definitely recommend it with a baby that you have another room. Yeah because you don't have your studio it's you'll hear everything the baby will hear you yet you could never watch TV when the baby goes to bed at 7 o'clock totally. You need another and that's a big deal so I think we'll do one more our lease on our place that we have now and then towards the end of that start looking for something. You know a little bit further town. Middle west Seattle the pissed so you can take the water taxi she loves us again yes and she can take she comes later to works as she could take the water taxi still many guys that still just one car that's a great point that we could definitely probably a forward two bedrooms there gas. That usually water taxis where. What do they have sex Erie and then they have a water taxi like a small actor and a really and it's just hear about us just people and it's not a lot ass again like twenty minutes. As a puzzling what is it costs because of fairies are expensive. I don't I'm never taken yet you can get like I think because have you get the Arctic orca cards I think so you can just like go to there's no fairies have west Seattle. Matt I don't know under the bridge and there's there's no water to actually test out and I stayed each did not know yet how big is the boat. I don't know like forty people aren't so bad with guessing numbers yet but at the bit here. It's definitely it's not like a little plug there is no record gondolas delegates oil and yeah. What do you like about the fairy A can drive a car on it but they got like a full on restaurant and a bar and so we rode a ferry back over from bay region was on Saturday night and everybody had a cocktail it was that bond and I really cool as Tenneco nad that's definitely are also on like an hour. Yes I was 35 minutes to Bainbridge but most of that is just sitting there kind of waiting at the very entrance of the neighbors to get into the tapers on ourselves. Iowa feel like officially now we're really not talking about anything so we wrap. I dreaded you hearing that I'm ready to go and I enjoyed a weekend enjoy the show you about here and we were back Monday at 5 AM. Oh. He wants. Well good morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on the. Point seven. Wolf every Friday is so bizarre that this Friday this Friday July 6 sillier mourning him more so job every let me reiterate there is nothing wrong with me today I think it does have one of those two days. Some you know sometimes you don't feel fatigued from things for for two days not the next day yeah that's terrible as that I slept like a law last night. Clean and sober look at sporty solid if my body's chemistry for the date right now there are things have a copy certain kicking. Yeah I know it is usually coming out here I think I love. You'll look quite slow more pep in my step it's it's coming around the game's coming around how are you mentally I'm great yeah and it beats yesterday. I saw that on here is to Graham we'll work and your freckles I am freckle game yup did you actually go down in lay on the beat up on the sands of the beach style everything. That's pretty phenomenally live on the bee champ is here in this area it's hard to actually find a beach gather up the first time I've actually like. Put on a bathing suit and enjoyed the beach usually just lock and sit down by the water yeah they have with port. Gas at a girl like she slowed judge you get outside it was a beautiful day policy and now at at. Fanatic and I was an okay ready dogs out on three times. No thanks counts if you're gonna get them right if you didn't have dog you wouldn't go so it all out scratch that I did I went to get my hair cats tactics that block from my place than to simply no way does NASA and I've bashed than a little bit and his sons then I I mowed the yard cut domestic is that let it go by Greg first and we decided to mow the yard yeah currently guards that are. You know ideally yesterday I was so tired or not. Fully enjoyed it in and I will say if anybody can invent a weed wacker didn't works now I've since I've been a kid have always mode my own lawn and always Donald and somebody could just invent a weak record that worked that is to say that the little. Graphite fishing line didn't break every 35 seconds I need to take the thing off the bottom and need to re threaded through the hole it's sort of like a printer at work. I never actually between blacks and cut the grass but I've never we gladly I had this is the first complaint ever ever heard about we let you have its its just one of those things as small highlighted the play order if you hit Iraq's citizens in Iraq some of them. We reckon grass for the most pardon yourself most this thing through a window. As I said. Com are male pilots who got the text covenant including a couple of questions are gonna get to here adamant about we deal leadoff caller for Friday if that few if you're up. Lead off college have been great this week. Help get us on base especially today to a 6421 wolf. I particularly those text messages Amelie who's up who's witness right now. Email from hoarding says morning all and that helped me up for that matter reader recipe sounds like the party I would invite myself deal. Well you gotta be careful because they taste so good going down that after a few you know you might forget your name I had something to the matter addressed to what did you ask well before I would just do the mix in tequila on the most is in 95%. Tequila a little bit MX on tab and a figure now. Summertime and endangering kin slowed down a little bit so what asserted it was cutting it with basically carbonated water so I sought so. Go a third guy they tequila. A third Trace and I doubt base. Organic Margarita mix and bite and you relate Safeway. And a third I use the soda stream carve it one at a club subtlety is fine and then to squeeze a fresh wind in there you're good to go. He put salt from Iran near dance that's a little too much. Everything I Gilmore and written on her desk and the crew from 8 o'clock so cynical. Tina and you want says good morning Matt Italy pledged no bulletin manes an island like this in an odd names. Gilmore Gilmore in queue up there in written civilian Gilmore at freebie. Did and you all went Kinney to hit. Kenny Chesney tickets yesterday to Cecil BR pre party tomorrow. Well it's going to be fun by the way if you have a ticket can you're invited to a pre party data center lead at 2 o'clock north and have boomed by the way you might win meet and greets for all the artists and rain delays can be prepared it and the response. Hello Rick in ray and happy Friday body a Loria. And here. Excellent Rick so what are you doing for a living nearby yup I am actually I don't know and so were we just got a dent who cares what time you start. Artist assistant last night the doctor Gupta. So yeah. Why do you guys do the overnight shift present just union guys do today should do. That in addition to work and overnight now into coma moving dirt. Let us. Avoid you know I was talking to somebody about that if the day when you actually Gig Harbor in we were turned pontificating. When we think that I five project might actually be done Rick give any insider trading tips on that because I know people that area are kind of ready for to deal. No clue and it's going to be done do you think it'll ever be done probably not. From the guy working on the tragic med so depressing how long he's been going on I don't know clearly been on a permanent and apple. Wow I feel like it's been happening for ten years and have only been in the area for less than a year that make any sense. Because. You nice little time in Southern California tuning did the same thing just these projects that never got finished Atlanta that way or was Lan a little more efficient and. We eat a little bit more efficient at one point we actually had an entire interstate claps. And they were able to get backed out of a couple months that they had to pay like twenty million yeah but. A work in this trip shifts like Ricky well I guess it's nice to know for anybody stuck in traffic every day that you guys are working 24 hours a day. Pretty much like Willis and Rick your hardworking guy and and we appreciate you listening on your way home we gonna go to sleep for awhile and get them. See you got to DC was one of those masks on that until until the light like I do to go to bed at 7 o'clock. No he's rock and rocket used to room really dark. I am a black eye shades. I do right aero I mean what's on that we play for anybody let's go old school student in the car convoy of don't have that when you have to go a little more news golden mask. It'd be like yeah. Tim McGraw I you know what sounds good to meet him in faith coming here pretty soon too it's going to be fun show. And Ira account today enjoy your nap. I. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister does so we do every day after our show we'd we'd take a look at what we've just done and we try to manage the damage it. Emily ray disk clean best by not telling even Toys 'R' Us closing I see my child was flying. Point seven. All tied to Friday's let's get into the free advice Friday email here we go. By the way mad at Seattle doctor Thomas you're one of ask a question you want everybody to handle not assist us but everybody who listened to the show. All eight of us we'll jump in effect. By the way does seem just based on the text messages that there are a lot of people off and Adam back towards yes I can feel like. All right hey man and M they have a topic for free advice Friday how long do I wait for guys to text me back after a first day. We went out for lunch on Sunday. Had a great time when he walked into a car he said he'd like to see you again but when I got home I texted him to thank him for a good time he replied dudes in the same thing. Then no radios silence. Your thoughts with okayed its Friday. This happened last Sunday yeah so there's two things going on here Emily you're a little bit closer to the dating world and anybody ray thank. Why how I would handle the us but I can't get your perspective as that guy first map like eating Christie because I kind of what to get your free. Girl and I think I know how you would handle it I didn't think I would you know I think you would just cut it off yeah I think he'd be disinterested with an eight seconds I. Yeah you have a lot of patience for this kind of I would not have again in the heat texted me in a week or two or a couple of days yeah I don't know that I wouldn't general plot. Thank you you've waited a week to text me. No thank you. Hi I'm still gathering some information every bit I think there's a few different angles I don't think it's good. Sludge or give any thoughts on this one I'm gonna get tell you what I mean clearly would mean for me that's what I'm looking for here OK then he's not interested okay like Arab I would always respond abduct this exact scenario has played out I was going to date. We have like hey thanks in the states. Conversation and then I would panic the staff to get there are I think a few more positive angles on this that I can take. I do wanna hear from anybody else soliciting right now with an opinion about this appropriate rights Friday. How long is the appropriate time to wait and I also think as I've gotten a little bit older a little more patient or realize that there's other things going on and of the people's lives got bigger than we are. We think we are the senator Durbin is a world we are not so it's Monday to Friday. It's also a holiday week. The couple other factors here 2064 Q what wolf or you can send in a tax for 6150 morning wolf back who wanna hear from you right now. Free advice Friday here's the email hey guys get a tablet for you how Lonrho Wafer got a text me back after a first date. We went out to lunch on Sunday had a good time when we walked when he walked me to my car by the way generally move. He said he'd like to see me again it's quite an elect accident thanks for good time he replied to it saying the same thing and then it's been radio silence your thoughts OK it's Friday. Emily you seem to move forward picked up funny your like. I'm done I'm out yeah slow shows thinks he's not Anderson what are we getting back from the text messages. It's it's. Context are saying he's not injury you don't get a text by the third day. That he's not into you and less C debtor in jail he saw the stone on and says sorry girly echoes did. Some enough that I exhume my ill when he handoff before texting him again mamet probably fold giving him cutting him some slack. They said I typically say that a guy is not and if he's not interested however since it was a holiday week. If he doesn't expect Sunday in Milan have given him a few extra days. Can Trace in Tacoma says the realist in me says he's not interested optimist in me is the Max and makes it was the holiday week a lot going on to hold out making through the weekend. Okay about it to a 6421 wolf here to come would love to hear your voice and get your opinion on this I really agree with the given through the weekend gas I think nowadays everybody just expects everything soul like. I think so far the guys played it perfectly. Now since many amateurs and I just text however it is a holiday week. And I think somebody even mention it to tees off at a cabin somewhere Stanley. Or lo and behold. There are people that are actually less addicted to their phones and we are and people that actually just put their phones away for a couple days has been Stanley time. I think if he's a great guy. And he said. I'd like to see you again that he probably meant I'd like to see you again you know you're absolutely right he's probably spending time and his wife and kids. Well if there. I took us an essay and give it to the weekend to Baghdad wait for it text or should she text former time. I even happy I still think it's a man's job to do according I still believe in animals fashioned mad on sex is. Normally I would but doesn't yet. I just think there's some things that I did guys got to work a little harder for I think can be I agree with that yeah I don't think she should text to make a late fees and interest that he will he will win out to be says if he was being honest and says hey I had a good time and Alexio against. Then he will reach out of the inning happens over the fourth of July. That's your if there weren't a Hollywood elite men that's the only thing that's yeah me giving me a reservation on this. But you know I can say the other way too late Monday to Friday guys work hard you don't mean every you know you even setting you said there's this expectation. That people are incorrect back yeah whether we like it or not that's the expectation so if you can't deviate from that yeah somehow got to like me -- Well I'll listen to that because I do know. I mean waiting too long is almost an insult and it's absolutely however don't quit giving the holiday week I would definitely give at least the weekend. And I know rod is you wait for someone to text you that you like so he does text and healing shall we are on merit to a six ports you'll who pulled she if their are any of the things we're not thinking of here or the text message for 6150. How does that McAllister is in progress. These guys got a free donuts it's. 100 points out. So he can't remember I think it was at a baseball game about a month ago it's a couple from DC worthy guy. Took his girlfriend's kid can took a whole bite out of his that are breaking off for the sticks and how fire role in the entire inner Webb told her to dump him and beat. Unorthodox way in which he consumes a kit Kat candy bar fairly he had never had one before seen when he didn't know how to eat with just crazy crazy. So get an update on that story by the way. Ernie detailing his name is Evan. He's doubling down on his minor Internet fame he proposed to her on the fourth of July. And guess how we get. But the key to winning Dick Gephardt although. I gotta give the guys some props because he kind of wind. Above and beyond he made. A 3-D printer version of the team chemistry is that the little plastic ones allow where when you break the stick there's actually compartment on the inside of the where he put the ring decision to pull the sticks a part of the content to find her endangering. And again I'm looking at pictures. It's a beautiful big ring that I did good weight more into that I thought he would just break it apart like it's like everything else playing he cat. Yeah very wealthy you know. We tend Albie kind of judge you can if you think about the guy the way that anybody would you be content like that is red flags all over route is lifestyle. I gotta say. He's a good looking guy he did it right and shockingly she said yes I kind of thought if you don't know this about somebody. You probably haven't been dating along that if he's proposing they've been together for awhile is never intending to tent party together I think he totally made up for it with the way he proposed I'll absolutely and it looks like he hired a professional photographer. I'm an excuse the fact that he's wearing shorts because you know it's a heat wave and stuff like that. A nice job Evan and by the way had a damaged and as she did say yes so it's all good and leaving three dead. There's certain things you should not be buying in bulk I'll tell you what they are next. This is the morning. Alastair only be 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big. So there's I think he should and should not buy in bulk something she should I am ball like dried pasta and race. Condiments buttered which I know you'll be happy to hear that Matt did you seem to I a lot of butter ball. The obvious well I mean I admit this but I get in trouble so I was just six shopping exclusively Tosca. Yes in my wife Susanna towns like honey what are you 43 sticks of butter. Butter does last a two year in the freezer he could deny it and they're something she should not be I bought actually surprised me. Likes it's just because they're dry. You'd think they last a while they only last two years in the last year. Using a ton spices usually you don't use of the time how does this by since you make any money Anaheim had the same spices since college. He's a brighter than the way coming out of who knows staking his lies like flour baking powder. That baking soda and those all. Only last about a year and the same thing you won't even the lesser big baker and then of course things like fresh breathe fresh fish which who is dying. Fish in Bosnia I wouldn't think that would work although you can freeze everything that's your so there you go. You stay away from those that. Fresh fruits and leafy greens like this decrease some of the greens but then. None of the men. I today is national strategy in day 6% of Americans say they eat fried chicken every single day you did not going to be alive and fried chicken every day X percent yes I wanna there I mean consider chicken nuggets apart fried chicken family. It has again yeah I know we had this debate if I don't but keeping people are really eating like a bone in fried chicken everyday. Adding good night and we listened. On the healthy when the show I'm the last purses to basically knew why some but he eats fried chicken every day are at 149% of us eat fried chicken at least once a week and this is kind of cool colonel Sanders is actually going to be appearing on in general hospital today short ride to donate now unfortunately and so sand that I notice is not read about playing it. This colonel humanity I'm likely find it could reboot gonna lead George Hamilton playing Reid ever grant clog barriers and I had no idea that I I don't know I know he's not a patient I didn't even think. Of the current and this is the moment when general hospital jumps the shark officially goes off this year. Lord. Of the upcoming call yesterday about ship drilling and I never knew how they got their name. Christian Bush's finally opened up about it. And he says the combination of the bunch of bad things that happened in his life at that time his mother just passed away he just turned thirty what's. I don't know I was bad thing but the amount. And it was ready on the time of 9/11 and he said so things were not great and he needed something dead. So he would like surely and it sounds like a place I'd wanna beef from. So he named the man circling and he knew how did so he just came up with that penalty permission early in Texas okay but even like that sounds like a sweet nice good place I need to get is in my life. It's kind of funny that all the times we've interviewed them I've never asked that that never came up my nose and dig big dark coveted secret what they need it most band name that's like Republicans are right. But I'll just now coming out through. Interest in Aaron Mobil's. Label Sugar Land for Sugar Land as this there you go. When if ever played a concert sugar land and they're going to at the end of the spot are they really S. Merry go comes full circle I look at the mug club coming up at about ten minutes stand by for that another travel agency getting in the. This is a morning wolf packs with the howitzer 100 points so well. On the episode it. Yeah definitely I just had a thought and that the well anybody's gonna come to our Kenny beach party are free party essentially fields. They could bring a month that's true as long as you can forget and don't you why you couldn't there's no liquidated or whatever and you hitting a mug club bring your mug tomorrow at 2 o'clock centrally feels good pre party and then we'll take it that's perfect yeah the way the wind. Happy to do that for a got a letter today by the way from the birth travel agency. Teen birth travel says Dearborn wolfpack please accept our non mug offering to be in the mud club we don't have logo coffee mugs so we have luggage tags. We love your show and hope that you really use these even though they don't hold coffee thank you for making our morning commute so much better. Thank you thank you thank you. It's go there we will look anything with a logo on its airport and tonight and mega man and heavily calling from the morning wolf back now are you today hey pretty hairy hole. Well I think I've got to date July 4 angle and ray and and in fat. But I mean here again or it doesn't matter absolutely how is your fourth mega excellent excellent week. Look pirate so much to show the fabulous do you live in an area where it's legal to do that thirty's break the laws. No we do it in and out and in snohomish counties so it is legal on the fourth of July so worn compliance. Clinton and we kind of format which we've been out now that he's an athlete feels less. It with the working for travel agency is after import tinier down memory all still in full swing summer action. No this is definitely have slowly because people are traveling right now and as summer wears on people start thinking about you know Thanksgiving. And Christmas break in the third and then it'll definitely pick up again but. Right now it is a little bit low tonight is an are going to take a little time into it obviously is spelled. I'm just happy to travel agencies are alive and well and I did mention their names because this is your segment but there's another travel agency from buffalo that we have of the month club as well. I don't know exactly what I face a lot of people so he's he's a value in having an accurate planning a trip back means if you're gonna spend 101000 dollars or more on a vacation wetsuit can. Not uncommon and that's why not how we make sure that he was. It's not that common for me today. Pay attention and I think more than anything we appreciate you listening thanks for being a part of the show and thanks for wanted to be in the month club and go and swear UN if you're ready the timing and raise your right hand repeat after me. I Megan found do hereby pledge my allegiance is hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack in the morning wolf pack and as a proud member sand as a proud member John. None of them mug and. Who could tell he really. You think does not slow. Love the food that could I please think if the wolf every morning. I fled the clinic crank up nightclub every morning RD guilt and we appreciate their congratulations. By the power vested in me I dubbed the official member of putting well. They do they appreciated our don't forget 710s big indicating got those tickets coming up for you with beat the street. Here that morning walk. I'm still a party. So wolf well heavily you re mentioned earlier that it is national fried chicken day that's right. It is also about what a point out here in new list what stupid thing it is today international kissing day. International kissing day. I have a question for Europe yes. In this is a little bit awkward. But it goes to the survey that came out today because of the international kissing as I do you think they use are a good kisser. A presidency yes. Drilling nobody based not on. On my boyfriend saying I am enjoying doesn't have all your boyfriend said the same thing have you ever had anybody tell you that you weren't a good test. OK when I need a slow or you and ask me yeah I have no idea. You know women's college airbag sensor for Vick is. Well but I think this one of those things you say to your partners just to make them feel good nobody's gonna tell you you're a bad kisser. It kind of tell if they avoid this it yeah I just remember hearing the conversation amongst women and I don't know a nerve in my sister and her friends in high school or whatever. Just Dem talking about. That the only thing really ruin a kiss is if the guy who is the Koran in his tongue down your average basic. Too much which did come up on the list of things that'll ruin a kids by the way him and when he gets a number what is. Press that wrecked his number oh nine hours ago about a way to in other weird news tempers at a disturbing gross Della Reese your parents kiss with our. Which is exactly what my bonus kids do invest and make kids like. And the aids and a so. Here's the breakdown some stats in the by the way slow do anything to add their do you think your a good kisser I think I'm one of the best. I always I always taught by an older girl and I was very young and I know nothing but rave reviews throughout. Some think the technique can. I nothing nothing nothing. Are right. 23% of us think were an amazing kisser like slowed to 28% said we're great. 32 saves were dead so heavily I would say you are you great gooder amazing how great are you Tony percent say I'm gonna. But again I don't know it's finally singing don't really know until somebody's in the car we can go in and you can sing and all I know I'm terrible thing. 80% of us give our own kissing skills a positive review but here's what's funny 2% of Americans actually admit very horrible kisser of you know your terrible though. Why not get better. Maybe just feel that just can't get better like any other funny we just can't get funny maybe we just can't figure out amazingly enough there's more people that eat fried chicken every single day of their lives then that they're bad kids. Same thing and does have to. But it if anybody's willing to admit they know they've been told that there are a bad kisser I would just. Have about a million and half questions for to a 6421 wolf absolutely lot of questions what we got some time demagogue nightclubs are. OK 84% of is that a first kiss before we left high school parents that's a good thing to remember. A by the way when it comes to our partners we rank them about the same 27 cents a great 26% said their good. 12% those eight years just OK in the kissing department. And again it's about a 2% my partner is a horrible kisser. Emily. Viewing your your Feller pretty new with this if you are bad kisser is there a way that you could get around that in indeed happy for the rest your life being married to a bad kisser. Keeping always kind of keeps the other person what he's liking you kind of get their groove and final learning each other. But they stained Fannie keeping I don't know let's have a tough one for me kissing is the gateway drugs yeah. It's the it's the beginning of everything else it's a setting the stage right its site. Wardrobe for a great play yeah you have to start somewhere gas can that was made a plea lessons and unlike the impressive. Now others terrible. Amanda myself. Often. Yeah okay well that works good. Again I don't get any calls oh boy and a call from somebody. Who wants to Al. There's significant other is like look I love to death with an angry because I don't choosing to not something that. Gets it gets started for me because as fast I don't think what it calls from either but we didn't just get taxed to Damian Harding said hopefully not kissing skills. Aren't like just dancing skills. Wow holiday on our right it is a drug he's not wrong man. Hello Rochelle in Mount Vernon how are you today I think it's fantastic happy international kissing day we were talking a minute ago about just some of the stats. But 28% of us say you know we're pretty good cancers but there is this 2% of the American population. That feels like a they might not be a good kisser or and I think this is your situation Michelle. Your husband. Is a pretty terrible cancers is the case. Yeah I mean I've I've product product comedy view or or that. It's still just a case how you break that news to them and finally just like Acapulco I don't like. Then it. And you click what do you like and do you like it if you were shell all the guys wanna know what was he doing wrong. Wow pretty quickly infinite. But that's. Okay this is he but small. And mobile is that it's like Newton broke the law. What do you know that quote. And it it can't. Hurt. OK so that's easily correct to bolt what about the rest of its its own closet. It was quite well and okay and a big a lot of guys are married I think it like as the conversation I was sharing and I overheard some women having like some guys wanna play console pocket friendly allies like show there's time dad I really dislike you eat your face yet now not good enact goods. Yeah. Okay super show how good it like it is and how long is he that a bad kisser Howland and even mayor. We are under. Attack had you gotten any better. Yeah you and battered. OK so how so sit atop a hockey mound now maybe to tongue dart maybe. I. What are the basket no time at all. You're right we just. Playing at home able to only work on global. Okay yeah you a little bit horrible role as. It's the. Sure I like this is gone from French kissing right back to Americans die just a little or nothing too aggressive. Clear out. OK so she knows ladies if you listened to the wolf he's listening to the stats on international descending on you know on the 2% are on the bad kisser my wife has told me that car. You probably think that there I don't what Bartlett or. The blow hole. They're like yeah. Well we're definitely good yeah. Not him in the right direction. Brag I don't want it more warm and little did he shave the mustache by the way. Do you actually played terrible he woke global warming would all won't keep into the alleged. We'll do the unthinkable so we'll look at its. Or show you better have a great consumer get as a whole Lotta red negatives here brand brings the our Irish are. Thank you for sharing that with us as what we asked for and we really appreciate you reaching out. It was well we appreciate the fact that your part of the morning wolf thank thank you for that. Oh yeah. Kallis. You 100 points. Wolf so Italy spent the day yesterday and how can I state beats on this and getting your freckles all caused a lot of surprise and it's sunburns and on the right side I'm not hello I'm not read on the back was the beach packed solace. I'll just check in my overpriced whether by the way. Hey and just for eleven dollars you also have an accurate whether it's not yeah whether line you gotta get it. A must have been drunk when I downloaded that who downloads eleven dollars any I. I'm just glad you finally embrace the fact that aids is like if an hour the eleventh I'm not fully oleander is seen. I in my head will always justified because they spent an -- as Kagan that I'm just saying right now is joke I think the jokers I was on the play along that the joke OK but secretly I do believe it Erica I'm into it anywhere in fact Al Daisuke team to beat back our. So I was check in my overpriced whether it does sort of saying before. And it's true July 5 boom summary it's like upper seventies low eighties even next week according to the overpriced whether wrapped ninety's. Out there was a cloud in the sky is gorgeous it's not a question for a did you see a Speedo. I didn't not but I wasn't down where all the people work without kind of on the edge closer spot. Well there's like yeah why would she be where the people. Because I just I usually stay bright side my street like I just walk straight up my street and stuff. I don't want real need on the B I on the beach pass it on bad money in the where the action was born out of the big cooler Darren assailants fired up. And by the way is it bad that when you see a guy in spiel on the beach you immediately assume that he's European. No are as good as this isn't half. Well there's one thing seemingly that we all agree on at least is Americans. Nobody wants to Wear a Speedo and nobody wants to see anybody can speak. Seattle last person I think I saw on a Speedo with back like swim team now before sky switch to like the longer shorts yeah AA asked Peter was saying oh yet to even seen yet is that that's next they're called something forgive their call. But there's a long nurse yes when short Manila today hasn't name date of this Tito's and you're like my Nelson now an antibody season. Did you watch the Olympics and I thought I thought I still sulfide known now they look like under armour boxer brief yet to come along in mid may find late in the water they collide a little bit better. Probably don't have that nasty I hear slow you down. But they did a recent survey in 99% of women don't want their significant other to Wear a Speedo now is the peace. I look at an Irish and only 2% of guys would ever. Even want to Wear what I think the problem is you kind of have to have that kind of you you have to have a perfect body. To make a Speedo look good in Olympic swimmers Sid got their body or he did as a drunk joke it's you know you're gonna get crazy on the fourth they need to by the American flags feet down in just a rocket but very Erie lake he takes to see nowadays Cecile like the old school Speedo that's not the one with the leggings. That is right. That you remember probably about twelve or thirteen years ago we had an intern and we named him the speed we would send him out everywhere in a Speedo step but he was a swimmer. I don't know you that Imus yeah simply give him he's the cell amana I'll do it but I don't have a servers body because he was like my. If that's what hit it yet amid evidence you're not doing it to be a threat if you do it for laughs it's funny I had it always in the end. It's really did have one of those Baywatch breweries. Yeah. I love playing her head everybody's like yeah we got one on eBay there you see said it was on the show Baywatch is why we run it. I beat the street to a 6421 wolf. This is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 point seven. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack could be history too. Good morning Linda in Everett how're you today good morning I'm so it. I can't even believe I got hurt well I would say the online was ringing Linda but somehow slow Joseph take you there and every the apartment manager so welcome. To beat the street to the trivia contest that could shoot it's a random stranger here in the PMW now he knows much or more than may view. You are gonna win tickets yes indeed to see Kenny Chesney Saturday night tomorrow night saints really feel like I am so excited it's all part of the wall's year of a million tickets at a work site for you but you do have to beat the street so we'll meet the challenger here in a couple of minutes now we asked her. The same five questions that you've got to answer right now but you're only getting a thirty seconds okay cool case let's start the timer and you mark. Gets sacked and go what 2018 movie featured the country won't conduct. I can't get how many strains are on a traditional guitar. Which gave Joseph latitude to phone a friend. As million dollars or one. Who is the CEO of Seattle's To act. On my god yes. Didn't. Protect our editor. Which country star married Brittany cart. Doesn't have. Time is up when dash let's meet the challenger here. What's your name where you throw them what do you do a great job runs down in Paris. We get a nurse two governors as the challenger let's find out how you can link to him yesterday seemed like questions like recent. Feature of the country we'll come back. Yeah. You boasted blank team they're so you both get a point that was of course the right answer many strings are on the Kurdish a look at. Here's a. Six was the right answer out so she go with three well it's still tied 22 sports game show allowed you to go to class. Oh yeah. She got that one right. You did say the word millionaire and half white half a point sounds about right so. As it stands right now Lind at three questions the challenger Rachel has a three to two and a half lead and you. I don't know what hurt us. We Seattle born analysts on background. Yeah. Now marriage she comes up empty there. Again I think your and a half point category ask you said like Jeff Bucky hammer something kinda close. So with a half a point there combined with your they have a point right now is a three to three tie heading in last question and into his death isn't. Thank you for this country star married daughter. Pretty sure that was adjacent Al dean nobody gets a point there are so. The way the nasdaq's up and it did take a little bit of math work today it is a three to three tie in what happens when there's a time Linda I. I thought oh. I failed to nail biter as close because you've got tickets to candy which means your also. Invited to our free party starts at 2 o'clock if you wanna get down their early due to parking taking care. I hit. Kidding me I'm so excited not as excited as we are to meet you think is it was and we love you. All right coming up next free advice Friday we got an email from somebody who thinks they may have been ghost did it. But you'll make the final decision on that next. Yeah palace raid and these here and. So wolf a decree advice Friday they had a relationship hangs in the balance or what could be a great love story of our time yeah. Came out and Emily I gotta have a three guys for free advice Friday how long to await for guide text me back after a first date. We went out to lunch on Sunday had a great time. They want me to my car classy move yeah. He says he'd like to see me again right got home I texted him to thank him for a good time he replied to it saying the same things. Then Noth and radio silence your thoughts please okay. To a 6421 wolf morning wolf pack we wanna hear what you think also for 6150. For a quick text. Let's everybody say answered this question yes or no will play a song come back you get into a little bit here analyst. Did she get goes to it or not yes or no yes she got us slow Joseph yep. Okay I see no real and I'll explain why I think there's some other factors in play is a lot of odds and ends here mod to complicate hey. We'll get into it three minutes right after Luke Bryan. Free advice Friday we got an email they went out on Sunday. Had a good time he said he would this year again but it's been radio silent since then there's no name on this email but she wants an Oceanic ghost is Emily why do you say yes. Because I think she would've heard from him by now especially with the weekend. Like I understand media is busy for the fourth but I would think that. I yesterday he does that hey what are you doing this weekend or she would've heard from a lot of factors involved here and what they sent a text message for a share my opinion. Well yeah and said that you don't think she know best and I don't think she had three says that she agrees with you should ending she's being tested everyone has their own busy flight. When he's reeled under attacks husband's pricey for busy ink could feel Levy text there because I know I need to respond to text and forget to respond for days. Totally I have a guy friend of mine we ride bikes together I'll text him. At the time was in response to write a lot of dudes are like that. We got Khamese at a holiday Easter Monday it doesn't matter how busy he has everyone has their final minute guys interested you will know she throughout the polish Maliki did conversation over and then this than just seeing and I would say she got ghost did she should have texted him back when he also thanked her if someone doesn't try to have a conversation I don't respond to there say it's her fault. For not continuing the conversation between Beirut and what's so. She texted him saying thank you for dinner right assuming he bought. And he texted back right saying thank you again as well and a combo so he says and they're saying she should it continue that conversation. I think nowadays in this is my quick two cents on an Indian to a 6421 wolf morning wolf thank you wanna take in on fried rice right. I think we are also conditioned now to getting everything we want within seconds literally everything. Mueller comes to whatever Prada consumer product wanna fight ever and doorstep the same day. It's the July 4 week people are two down there's lazy techsters third Stanley believe it or not. Not everybody's addicted their phones like we there's some do they just wanna put away their phones for a week and not think about it especially over a holiday maybe he's out on a boat. He's at the fan you know I've met you just convinced me to completely change my stance on this all of the time it was probably out and his wife and kids and it's. It's. I don't think that's the case necessarily but I did think that even if you used to be hits and a sex and hey hope your door in the forest. I'll get the holy week to get up there he got seem here's the problem. Especially no offense with your generation family is big and you think you're the center of everybody's affected you could being Catholic. But I feel like in this day everybody thinks they're the center of everybody's world cannot. Nobody is like he's got his own thing going on he's got to maybe he's working biggest tournament Thailand for work out the then Houston Texans say hey Evan Tyler why they had one day they're not married and had a relationship that one day. There's no time stamp on it. Gavin Mac you've been setting it the expectation that's whatever whatever that may be in this generation like that it's still there are you gotta at least acknowledge and somewhere on their feet Sam RB out of town for few weeks or you know I mean that's where. That's fair 20642 run walk for 46150. Any thoughts let's get to it otherwise we're gonna swing the gavel on his side of the break so speak now or forever hold your peace. But again I would tell you there's a woman right here with some real emotions he tees and really heard about nuclear don't help out that things are gonna happen. And welcome back to free advice Friday came out and Amelie I have a topic for you guys how. I'd take you back in and day who announced Sunday it was good it was lunch he said he wanted to see new game anymore we in my car. I got home might text him to thank him for good time he replied to it saying the same thing but enough and all week long your thoughts. Family thinks she got coasted right slow Joseph feels the same way am I right about that Soledad so. In fact he might think he was spending the fourth with a family. And the wife and kids I'm gonna be be minority here in the group and just say it's the fourth of July. They don't know we sure that well they had when they get no obligation to reach out under at certain times stand. Hey he's busy maybe he has a funky job that he had no work for the fourth I don't know maintenance service Libby dropped his phone and a beer. So I could have done that officer I think it's a little early to call this a wash what do anything else on a text message. I am a lot of people are saying it's a two way street so it's not only his responsibility does show interest she's detect ten during their first second they literally say how is your fourth no no no no no soldier and I both agree right yep. Do not do that as a guy when you get that taxing you can tell that the person is fishing is it's a turn all of a sprint it's too. Way to guarantee interest that he's gonna tax man he's a lonely it may be a few more days or may not be having your gross that Intel you're not you know I mean. And it's really hard to find somebody you're actually enters when you find that person when you're single you're excited in your texting if he's not texting there's either a really good excuse. Or he should do do do not text and that won't get to the result you're looking for. OK so how many days like if he texture next Friday should cheer sponsoring a meaningless get them only if there's a really valid excuse that I otherwise it's a little shady. They say through the weekend. You know what I say about Monday this is just me and the guys I'm not the one making it a second yeah. But based on what we're seeing on the text messages that we did get a few calls as well too. I say give it to weekends that you don't area things. Time to move on there I vision you but that's the hard thing to him and know you can relate to this says a woman who you know single gal go and throw it. Don't have closure yeah happened I thought it was good to do them him breath smell that I forget to wax my mustache. A damn toilet paper stuck to my issue. You know the best advice I got for someone from someone that thought about that. Whereas if you need closure just think to yourself I'm listening to awesome and I just intimidated him to seek Saudi fall mufti fast second just as easily been me and carry an hourly. I agree insulin also could be slightly delusional because it doesn't may not be and you have. Well I think that way when you could think you're also. It's a very positive way to look at it I was sitting on the negative I wanna find out what's wrong so do we all agree that means. As of right now we don't really know you may be goes did you may not. But by Monday you were officially goes stated yes okay so we have to Monday and hopefully we will respond to get an email update or even maybe a relied phone call with words group who. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister you know we love you brother reload your beard reload your lawyer wisely lover thing about it and pray we sit still suck I say play at a cupcakes. 127. And hard to believe that coming off the heels of a weekend in the middle of the week which is party party party reading another big party tomorrow we're gonna get back on the horse strap to strap it back on own. It's gonna be huge Kenny Chesney going to be in town and he's bring in Thomas right Old Dominion. And he says just fun time but just let it be concert of course we have to throw a free party at Pebble Beach party it's inside the stadium clear right inside the north gate seeking early. Starts at 2 o'clock rain delays gonna perform plans to meet Kenny Chesney or Thomas threat or Old Dominion which is you. Let me tell us about something else but talk about me or hate her I don't think now. Downtown tomorrow night is going to be a mess it's always a mess anyway downtown is they met some really excited to have our people overrun downtown. I think Gordon actually probably since of people back in the Joseph lives downtown how weird is going to be a lookout Z. Boots hats belt buckle that's right out of the country attire different by body be found to be a great. I can't wait. 151000. People are coming to say drilling for canning. Now. You also got to Mariner's game yeah remission as for me is is gonna be chaotic so are recommendation to you. Not only their beach party going to be awesome and like Italy said you got meet and greets for all the artists will be given away there a lot more things but let me finish and you know. Here can I guy had a bird. I just from the sheer sake of convenience. Get there early get your parking out of the way you can come in and out of century league field if you want every Tuesday night call that your kitty tailgate you have started your party gone patient self you know. I cases can be nice to get your car put away. In get downtown early C nine traffic for two hours yes yes Loge Darren Jones is another when he's like super popular local theater everybody loves also performed over the and are at army aren't any yeah. Even know that however better better and it does a kayak like he did veered one last thing and this is not the most important thing by any stretch but. As you know we're always recruiting for the month club if you go to bring a mug just wherever he is who works. Packing your little bag for any we'll take it from the Annenberg back characterization were swear UNR. Get emily's Big Three stories of the day coming up next. This is the morning. Alastair on the U 140. In the long how big are the big dream bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big yeah. The forty. Oh yeah just coated yet aligned so good but this honey should I tried costs and write eight. Condiments bladder which Manning you're excited about active tuned byline matter up Lenny you could freeze it and the last two years ago. When it's their time because again. And to health none of the show we don't consume a lot about it let's strip is by a lot of water is eliciting a forget AMOCO were probably run and out I should probably just get twenty more sticks out of. Wolf forever without actually you do that you should buy it in blocked yes there should not I involved though some surprise me despite. Can she think they'll last forever the last about two years and in my she spiced everything. You're gonna use that much in fact I know why buy just the regular size and I still over thirteen years. You know latte you can pretty much for allow freeze on everything and there's this new stuff that's made here in Seattle still Johnny's they sell at a cost go but it pretty much you can take. All of those thirty other spices which you're now telling me here are probably all expired rate yes I've had a seems by. Systems college. You just use one of those junior got everything literally barbecued anywhere those to the word that you. Allow worries and then Johnny Cash is ago local equivalent hiding it tastes a little bit better but Vanessa still on the allow restraint. Al yeah off this thing does her missed baking supplies like baking powder. They can Saturday you're not me using it and it does expire and name fresh fish and flesh a lot and you want a free. Fresh fish kind of common one that you should knock them. My you're seeing fresh Jeff Rosen is different different well you can freeze the crash free cheery I today the big dated national fried chicken day. Six Americans say they eat it every day eight weeks. Beat a lot of fried chicken but I think they're counting chicken nuggets may be just fried chicken. We've had this debate before two different categories prepared seeming lead the same way that for fried chicken you can have a bony chicken nuggets are fried chicken fried chicken has evolved 49% American city fried chicken at least once a week and because today's national fried chicken day colonel Sanders is going to be people appearing on general hospital. Unfortunately will be the lead us and we expect that should go off here on the Internet it be George he would think colonel Sanders why. I have no idea has it right slowing artery I hope not hail Killen family you know why they don't call. Chicken nuggets fried chicken and I because it's a chicken nugget it's not fried chick former tried to get. Great nexus topic gains aiming at about I want it's generally and how to get its name I know that the Christian bush says that he. When they were forming the bay and a bunch of bad things are going on his mom in just passed he is turning thirty what's land on the right that's bad but. And it was down thirty in there rather it's kind of the 9/11. And he was basically saying he wanted something good news like that Sugar Land sounded like a sweet nice Lisa lynch generally it can be and is being black is the strip club to assure you I was not sound like a nice place that I didn't he Andy and the gains I think the man's house but they're actually issued early and check this silly but that's sound gets about how to. And Sugar Land I did see it both ways but it definitely sounds like a cabaret for right now I think that they tax act. I'm saying where you're sure you're landing in. Glitter all over your word resigning I know at this Maine very serious salaries nags. Morning well that with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll go. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to. Dude you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make and they need to be aghast let's play share your salary. They don't we all know and everybody else makes reloading but it's never OK to ask. Until now I think girl shocked a little bit yesterday he didn't hear the conclusion this year salary I guided builds rockets. Literally an aerospace engineer makes 65. To guide the claims and honey bucket Puerto bodies is making more than that. It just proves you never now he's putting together Iraqis that takes people to outer space and brings them back safely guess him leagues. You never miss a mandate in maple valley happy Friday how are you. Don't carry a fantastic are you at work now. I am not I have directly off after the holiday. Well thank you for you know calling into being a part of a showing your your time away from work that's pretty cool. Normally I would reserve these kinds of conversations from when I was at work. Both had a we're gonna play serious salary you're in a minute which means. We're gonna put a minute on the clock organ askew as many questions as we cannot being an orthodontist assistant. And then we'll guess what we think you make you know share your salaries at older video. I read Italy's viral way right I mean are you a fulltime are presently. Thrown for how long have you DN at the deadlock that she worked at currently. A little over two years and how long have you been doing this job total. A little over 300 acts. It's news. In the past go ahead how orthodontist to work in your office. Just went and how many other assistant. Right now just one. Give me keep going you might rise out of lets you. I'm what is your least favorite part of the job. Hygiene could move. So your refuse to work on a guy because it was nasty girl. Who now can you ever see yourself going back schools be an orthodontist. Now. You have to have for your job. I'm I have a panel at this don't certificate. For a month and I go and you're on your home. I don't. How can a Siena and come round here they're Vienna and Eddie Shannon Mac app. I give just three minutes of men were event. Because well I don't know what everybody else makes relentless never OK to task until now we meter radio contest about it until share your salary demands on the phone she lives in maple valley east by the way MB is my backyard love may have of Alexander and she's an org to done to system but also we know Emily. She works full time she's an at this office for a little over two years that she'd been given the job. For a little over three years she owns her own house she there's only one or the irons in our office and one other. What I at this Anne and her least favorite part of the job is tight. And by the way we know all that because of endless questions I literally tap out after two questions just could not handle and I think if the wind just because the question well you got going yesterday Casey gets a first Amanda did all that sound right to do we get any wrong. This sounded okay. Man is what's the effect haven't dale hey. So you start Emily because you won yesterday I am a 47047000. Why I had no idea OK good to now. I'm gonna go a little lower only because. Amanda I always feel like when I go to Dennis there 68 of the that's the only reason I think there's so many orthodontist assistant in one particular author EN if you haven't been doing it that long so five years totally in the game music where eagle at thirty two's I. I don't know why you're so did really slow joked I'm gonna go thirty. Right in India he OK without further ado it's time to share your salary and an apartment about that I don't know what. 35000. Thirty. Hey I only. That's exactly Iran I had just feel that. Amanda deal love what you do. Do it why. I've been wanting to do it than I was sixteen sounds. Yes so interesting too because Vanessa my wife wanted to be an orthodontist assistant didn't follow through that the that was her first thing that I wanna do that's. Entrepreneurs and on that every girl straight I think they have about a little far for you that. That's brylin destroy your downtown Amanda this is it me or has. Teeth cleaning me as the technology gotten infinitely better and I remember in the old days it used her like she's a school re partying without little metal hawk now. I think you guys are using these these days seems Paymah she's had Macy's she'd worked for the doctor given braces. I am yeah different and I totally different Barack Obama and I just now put that together. It was actually know health and I need to go to bed and everything about the way and I had works out like down Amanda we Levy thanks replacing your salary. Thank you don't if you'd like to share your salary we'd love to have you and I won't be so dumb to a six sporty one wolf I promise. Back with Matt Stairs yeah wasn't quite so well the Tyler in Arlington and look at we do for you sir. I don't mind if I got all America they'll be fired. You know video on the fourth to July. Other big guys at the flag that's McGrath and as I get a check it out. Hey that's really cool you know we've actually visited the Marysville police department we took them donuts one day and they are a great bunch of human beings we do love those guys. That they are guided the tigers doubt that I thought about the negativity photograph noted did you like bad that a lot against the a lot of people out. He knows funny last night so we bought Jude my son easier to half of animals little American flags to wave of the parade yes. And last night courtesy and her from porch and he was walking up and down the sidewalk with a little flags. And every time New Dragon on the ground my wife would say do not let the flight testing grounds on do not let the you can go up and he would raise it all the way up let off but again those are the simple things Tyler. That I think we need to get back to strip it back down to the simplicity ease of just being patriotic and loving your country and being supportive. You know I can go. They gave more ads and upgrade here the other day on the fourth of July and it's beyond that it's it's a good saying it could get up and that. Absolutely it's just small town values and I think the world's much simpler better place we just stick to the basics like keep it simple stupid about spam links. It's about supporting them heroes and our communities really kind of easy actually into. Case you weren't around yesterday. I was blown away by the Issaquah fourth in Europe fourth of July thought I made an appeal of the turn of the thousands of people every single person had red white and blue on. Yeah I completely agree I agree. Well it's good do I hear that man thank you share Nasr we had seen that yet but like I said we love the Marysville TV so it's good to know. Got a little bit but I. And I and I got to take an animal feed Tyler have a wonderful day enjoy you weekend and yeah yeah. Hey shout out to commanders Thomson deal by the way who are the ones gives the Tor of the Marysville police department Larry and mark. And I mean it was like a two hour tour yeah you can get to sit in the swat mobile I dead. So let's find a president literally throw a grenade. I did an amazing game one more like kind of fourth of July footnote to that I thought was really cool I didn't ride on the fourth but I wrote on the third. And I saw at least three different pick up trucks is that more islands kinda out a little bit. But they had giant American flags in the back of the pickup trucks in typically a guy and a bike and got a pick up trucks sometimes we'll see I'd if I mean. Sometimes Zola lay on the gas a little heavy duty smashed in DC smoked I smoked meat out. But I'd say on that day July 3 2008 team we were friends there was not there was a wind there was ahead. Right on IC US EC meets America with the same person broke. So my And if I could get and I got a hug right off the bicycle I would have but I was wearing spandex and I think you might beat me up right love America. Needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. 100 points out. Though wolf apologies. Two everybody who's big fan of Johnny seasoning just like Diana apparently is not new I said it was new early because it's new to me it's been around since the 1940s. Thank you share in our legs and everybody else at the time it takes then this bizarre. OK let's Nittany convey to sort of silly at a cost go on another facility costs go for twenty he had her on again. But that's Costco here in the POW and I've been here less than a year. Right it's a local product and I like to consume local and I live local you feel me on and so it's new to name. I'm still getting used to the fact that the cost of milk jugs or square that might take me a little while longer is that just fears that if it nearly everywhere so this is the only place I've ever seen evercore square milk containers but. They fit perfectly in the show for their refrigerator I think that's why they do it. Like we did he get a carton like cart for her sister square zoning and but there you go I mean the two gallon Joanna are they look like gas cans very out anyways finally got things that we can actually don't mean we have Kinney tomorrow yup. And then my preference I towns I'm just me relax and doing things in my thanks very much what you do anyway pretty much out but with him gone that he's your like social outlet I Afghans so. Extra jail Esther Schiller I guess you know but I'm in the same boat if you I think I woke up today feeling like it was in Monday not a Friday because a feeling in a week into the middle that we ask and you don't drink but I group and drinking excessively I did some pretty good Tuesday that. Friday as of now I feel like I've just nursing this two day. Coma now I know your not good the hold just chill on the weekend and don't do need is some advice to the scene. Yeah I'll tell you today don't how do you sit there and do nothing imminent even now. Like get up and that I go to the couch and Pacific down and it has something on TV and I just kind of outlines part of it is giving your hands you know yeah makes it tougher QB you'd see do you cannot even if we wanted to kill and catch up on a show you can't. So I know today for example gonna go to flaming geysers Dave Parker would have a picnic. Laugh because our kid can run around a little place to be crazy we can chilled there ask that you chilling at home with a one and a half year old. It's madness that's her she just busy into everything as slow Joseph any plans were speaking shoot and guard since. Why the last person of exciting but until it from now long. Emily and slow do we you guys are actually doing something. That's when I'll let you have to let me know otherwise it's assumed were doing and I wish she too had a half that gave me notification as we mentioned moved on the weekends and that's great third like my every every day and I am very glad location services off I need to ring the doorbell and notification of the vote today when you actually moved Reuters movement in at least living room all their my Jesus he's feeding herself yeah so you can just going back to the backwoods Matt Stairs. One place. Overall I'd bet though that we're out of here drew his company and one last day for dvd that she's back on Monday oh by the way you know and a conversation what do we do over the league and every dimension towards France coffee toward France. Tomorrow morning sunny morning ol' in and for the next three weeks. I guess my only question to you guys is. How long do you want those toward friends' updates to be starting Monday six minutes seven minutes zero point 02. -- negative amount returned and he just like it tore podcast. So I used. Trying to sneak that in our I guess right. Oh wait I can't even discuss the tour in our. Have. This drop and hammer it down to earth let's keep daddy tell you I'm there I thought. Find you can follow me as a wonderful. About cyclists okay by space because of the podcast by the way it'll be ready for you today about 1030 was fifteen minutes of bonus behind the scenes contents. The radio that count or eyes to please subscribe like shared love and not enjoy your weekend hopefully. We will be seeing you tomorrow at century link field for the big Kenny show. Remember get there early part three party it starts at 2 o'clock and if you have a ticket for the show you of a dig of the Green Party real idea. Kara. Marty I'm so. I feel 100 points and overall.