The Morning Wolfpack - Friday June 15th, 2018

Friday, June 15th

Friday June 15th, 2018

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Relics hey welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast happy Friday everybody is Matt McAllister heavily Raines is here and slow Joseph of course yes now if you're listening yesterday. For format to this bonus content intro that we do. Where to go around a horrible round the bases as they say everybody's gonna talk about something that's important member they wanna talk about today. And then we'll let you listen to the show we had this morning and included free advice Friday. When not giving away tickets to our military breakfast tomorrow. EM share your salary mug club beats street altering it stops honest all the stuffs. I'm gonna have slowed to go first because I think you're gonna make a nice middle to our in peace man Sam break up that you actually at yeah I think that okay good sludge. Oh I guess I came across this under read it a few days ago basically was a guy. Who made a post saying hey I just ate my severed foot in tock as with tenement friends and I'm like no way. And I click the post and he documented every step of this long story short the guy gotten a motorcycle accident. Crushed his foot literally in to adjust a million little pieces to a point where you never work again never walk again on that foot. So they decide that amputated just below the knee. Well he asked the doctor hey can I keep. Spit be thrown in a landfill in he's been dead had a relationship with this this area there of the reasons is for and a thirty years or whatever. And surprisingly doctors that yes no problem and apparently yeah I'm I'm actually shocked that they do that way to this US yes I'll while yet west when state he's remain anonymous if there's only one state where it's actually illegal. Cannibalism is illegal and he's not a net state senate Idaho that every other state apparently totally legal it's complicated has. Who's gonna consent to being eaten and yeah Audi I thought Cuba we've talking about this is like their case yeah it was not only ethical but could perfectly legal. So. Apparently a lot of hospitals because certain religions require our blood bodies to be buried whole. Even if a purse certainly in his yeah okay what is the body yes so basically EC they just make you sign a waiver he gets take his photo. And it's who are in the game but he put in the freezer and we use our picture of it of the whole thing he document all of it. I don't know if I can do I mean that's just gossip but I don't wanna see nice. So many questions that keep on targets of the -- to get home and put in the freezer his initial goal was to have attacked an army you wanna make a lamp and a you know that was on my question was do you think when he said hey can keep the foot was he thinking about eating at a re pointing out I guess that was planned beat. Early to get his foot taxidermy and would cost about 12100 bucks that he didn't have says he said okay what else can I do it not surprised by the way I look at it goes down the throat doesn't drama about. And a serie decides to make tacos any reaches out to eleven friends and says hey. Would you ever if given the opportunity to taste human flesh would you do it. And ten of the eleven said yes and then he said okay we're doing honest and they all agreed and basically. He had a friend that was shaft. That they are and froze the the lag. And cut you know little meat chunks out of it now let's get to that point let's just like any other army in army yeah. And I guess it really is bit yet they'd they'd made a whole thing out of it had a nice accompanying. Appetizers and ardor. And they ate human foot talked. Yet and apparently didn't taste all that bad I mean it's really just. The idea itself off putting I wonder if they were to serve those tacos to somebody who didn't know what they're eating if they would notice that it wasn't like right loyalists on all our own totally something a lot and and that's actually happened there's been cases with like sadistic killers few will like murder somebody and serve them to somebody else without their consent yeah college and they typically don't or. So my first thought when you said this ledge out was. How you make an afternoon for ten people in the bottom up well okay see what is he can't get right to cast my own it was I. I I'm guessing yes I have I didn't read the vice trying to reach out and guys that hey we gotta do an interview and yeah I read about half of the that I had and it got to where they actually come from but I do I do you think in looking at the severed foot. I do you think it probably game that cap and Andy say why they just caucus. No but. Maybe he did I haven't gotten there either but I'm guessing it was just probably a nice way to. To mask any weirdness that you might be tasting all right Emily since US the question if you're gonna eat you won your friend's foot. Feet yeah and what would be your preferred through method would you read had a baked into a lasagna or something. Now I think going anything that bridge to. Do you ground beef they keep doing it ground up would be to wait a chilling yeah I think he's generally began. We just had Vanessa has made some of her famous Mexican Teresa Chile. And I don't even think that I would taste the difference behind that and it's just him it's just like it she we have but it your -- gun and do it and say you hate flash don't you wanna be a taste it okay able in that argument would you must sock tape Japan can be look I would like a slap a mental health that they did it put him on a cracker if you decide. OK so yeah carrying a photo gallery but that's that they did says like cart has not attack oh yeah how do you concede them the foot and not yeah. Our debt and the like eighteen Elena to announce. Not in this how in the docket as it was just they carved out a little to continue I'm dying out and continue show us the picture of the definitely the toggle I don't think I wanna see the severed foot kind of I don't take a by Greg today and I don't I don't wanna think about that again but I do you ought to see and you want Emily you wanna see the foot yeah. I cannot look at I'm now looking out on I got a yet that's pretty mangled. It's basically at the top like where it wonderful would bend. Yeah pretty sad note after the act by the way we I realize you cannot see these pictures if you're listening but Emily was a physical trainer she's got a little medical trying to be a doctor doctors a year you really what I door on here in the are so yeah you're you're pretty good with the blood and gore I don't you don't need I am looking at and no I don't you don't need to see that and especially since that's kind of part of Mario lemon a bike race to morrow yes. Where people are gonna crash site and mail out and to be fair he was in a motorist he was hit by car or motorcycle and went like currently being down some our agents say all right so I'd be interested in what it looks like after the hour let me get earlier Acosta that's in the operating room that's the -- I object and that's where he finally got sojo everybody's a homeless in this it like elect Tacoma Tom in front of a computer where they go to look at these pictures I would go probably to buy stock on the buy it only counted there are Korean case yet and what kind of sick ass hole like honestly like who were his friends that said oh welcome already human flight we can say yes to that job now held up so much I don't wanna be there I wouldn't. You wanna be there I see them do it. Oh yeah I mean I've might I might be interest in being there are shown on a case that's very taken around on them and I got an area that area at get this this is just like the state. You don't think it's right to a total yet it does not look very different order that don't show not on our defense fatty console or whatever he had a funeral for a secretive and our OK now he's so they're and it lists in the onions and then Patterson the man yeah I mean I'll be honest we have bigger really dark red meat looks like Carney is not asking the campaign. That's this disgusting that tacos actually looked solutions yeah well I'm sure that didn't have any pictures of the guy's a talent see her way to learn fiddler on the high and he Indian yeah he mastery. Of the executive see these few will be the weirdest guys ever have told it's and see what's odd balls thought of all time I feel like I have for so dark might do this it's dark but that's also kind of not. You know they're almost like celebrating it until someone. Exceeding your but okay but here's on the flip side when you were setting the story up slow Joseph I kept thinking about how. It's like earthy and granola and cool and their people that meet the placenta now becomes out of a woman after childbirth until sprinkle it mean for well. And it's just more I think the fact that it was mangle a bike wreck or something it's a foot and a yet the pictures you don't wanna see are pretty New Orleans but you'd say you know there I guess the topic came up because they had this conversation in their group of friends. Like you know OK let's say let's say were were laying around on the island and I don't matter we're stack and so you know and and people and we had animals we saw every other kind of animal and they've had to resort to that so would you would you do that if your life depended on it and that that we you know that it transitioned out hey here's an opportunity to see and apparently. Hey listen if your life depended on it as nothing wrong OK but B you've got that story for the rest of your life which is an incredible story good would you talent you know prominent party I think it kind of guys that are gonna you don't panic as a hotel that's an amoeba like think about somebody at a party if you met them and you had a couple drinks and a guy was like LE IA my buddies for one time you big give me that kind of out I think they'd be proud. Yeah I eat at the people who don't brag about it you know me I like to say things for shock value I like to give people little off center fund. That to me would put somebody like that. Out the door and I don't act as a weirdo I wouldn't walkway at NASA requested I don't know are we necessarily judge somebody because of that I wouldn't do it because you know I'm just add my stomach can only handle so lets it act combined with the mental a mental yoga and I wonder if there are ill effects of being human flesh I don't thinks I'm an -- if you're kicking it you can America he had served. While OK let's move that I beg you saw around that and that's why we decided to let everybody picked their own topics and podcasts I think Emily what Ebert at the table I know this is that you give us a little me review and it's definitely more. Thought my trust so if you count how many people in your life you a 100% trust. He's. No we need trust with my life my son's my trusty. There's different levels of trust. Yeah illicitly maybe got likes. Secret in des aegis it cannot get out Maine yet here you as you. Okay that's a tough question. Like nothing about that and I have been here's my question today to your question don't get frustrated I have question. Affect who I mean lie. Trust somebody I guess they trust somebody with my life or trust somebody like him I don't throw me under the bus and work to a coworker. There's just too different levels of trust I think this is probably saying like all of that in back OK all encompassing idea for us this bird at our our question and it's just simpler than I'm making an average okay go ahead only recess so 9% of people believe themselves to be trust me yeah but then when it comes to it so what what was your it's how we first of all I don't trust myself I'm from the media and 3% Whitney and at 3% I don't think Impreza you'll forget stuff I've actually I've made you promised like I you're alive and an 800 intentionally used forget about the promised to keep that a secret daughter come back again I don't trust myself. I would say. And. The kids count. Okay. I would say are decent that more people keep pop I would might as anybody else's anybody I prepare on the about eight to ten acting. Yakking about the teen in. Cancer does not include kids because they're they don't really I'll stand when there including okay. Good. And you take the it and have a heck am I reading some excited I I think it's mine smaller yes and I would say it's immediate family it's my wife it's my mom it's mine. Believe it or not my wife's parents. And that's I. Not a sister around trust have a dad I don't trust my guess very specific you are right on everyone the average was four people yeah just or people that they trust. And everyone says 47% of people say that they. Welcome Biden Amani trust him on that they don't necessarily trust there and interest and only 36% of people said they assert that yes I was gonna say it would like my first initial honest response was nobody. Nobody can at the end of the day everybody is in it for themselves and everybody looks out for themselves first and that's truly the case there's always an agenda and there's nobody that's a 100% specifically looking out for you except for you so I would say one yeah and then I got your life that way now that's a very isolationist. Pessimistic awful way to live life and I'd rather be trust worthy of a I've made easier to trust people grant. So yeah Larry and it's a lot like that are wrapping up with some kind of easy and this is they again it's a it's a little bit like slow Joseph he's so we decide it's spread Malibu that affect. We just had the Stanley Cup. And I think in his day and age in Emma Lee you talked about it on the show today how women's voices are deepening and I would almost say that men's voices are getting higher and I think Doug bell lines between the male and female roles have definitely blended. Locator App Store but I still appreciate when men are men and when women are women I still do that call me traditional. This is about the Manley is damned thing I've ever heard in my life. And it you know and I'm not like a man man man or every step I'm always envious but Brooks Oprah plays for the Washington Capitals. And which is hockey. Has that had people there in the Stanley Cup. Or other okay are different but is no yet definitely hockey were talking about here. He lost the tip of his pinky in the game into against the Las Vegas Golan nights when he was slashed by another player. Now when he was Anthony I'd love right all the where it's not just yes yes I couldn't see it so right and I'm talking makers in my bonus and had it. Big padded heavy gloves but on the underside of that there's really nothing their secret holds. Just get a a magic came up from the underside anyway he got slashed which is illegal so there was a penalty of two minutes for the guided dated. But the guy to slash two with a hockey stick slashed his pinky finger off. And he didn't really realize it at first when he was talking to reporters yesterday. About the series and winning a Stanley Cup he said that his pinky quote kind of fell off. And crawled to the ground at colleges clubs either batteries may be dangling up bit so. If you weren't already queasy from the foot taco story. Holy crap he. In to say he's downplaying this is it is unbelievably an understatement but. So he Bubba Bubba Bubba. Where's the part that's really interesting to me he got a stitch back on. During the game and kept playing and after his pinky was kind of slashed off I think this is actually pretty typical NHL players like they are barn on the toughest like in game dude ever. And I and there's these great means that come out all the time now and it's it compares NHL hockey is hockey is an. There doesn't seem I think it's because the salaries so they don't expect a lot they worked their pass on that play hard and they don't get a lot of like the NHL is not. One of well on fighting is encouraged yeah absolutely got a problem between now and again I have a question can I follow sports but not necessarily hockey comes from the south evidently haven't. Are the sticks shark at Richmond wooden. No they are not it's. Not sure that also Dave is a great question that's the first thing I thought about two was having an impossible because there's no sharp as I thought may be a player stepped on. Day that makes sense but no it was with a hockey stick I just have it cracked edge of that or why yet I don't I don't know doesn't make a ton of sense that's and that's a good question by DNA there you'll you'll be hard pressed to find a hockey player analysts heat right and that's just part today in does not a stricken areas yeah broken up. And these cars are making them millions in ninety fear heard a lot of like NFL hardship stories were guys a break some senate keep playing whatever they're getting paid like millions and millions as a get paid that they just tough as nails that. You know I'm not gonna talk about cycling but there's some pretty amazing cycling story to end the same cannot talk about likely to let me talk about likely no but I think in every sport you do have a mindset. I know that they'll hear areas South Carolina totally into its gymnasts all the same and I. I mean you know I've I broke my clavicle last year almost at this very time. And I didn't move my arm for three months. Other guys a break their clavicle in the Tora France and ride for two more weeks and up hills and cobblestones in dirt. Couldn't move my all I I don't understand what they do. Think that there is something to say for pain threshold some people just how yeah actual. Amount of pain that they can guy there's this one guy Tyler Hamilton a read his book he's the cyclists using the doping case or less cars on a listen to this though. Broke his collarbone during the tour and wanna give up on arrive for Lance. In he's this small little Irish like you know half as asked nails guy came from a working class tough Irish famine in Austin. He grind it his teeth down so bad. During the toward France does he was so much pain he had to have all of his teeth replace me how would be more people are totally he'd just like so in creating an in your on the bike 56 hours a day bread alone are underage bathroom and he wasn't even probably. Yeah he he was in the EPO area was at Dover but he he wasn't even in contention to win and he was working for a team ask they cheered anyway. That's tough stuff different papers to get fixed doubtful that glanced back at that as much as I respect glance he's also the biggest A hole on the planet ever really knows it but it. Still we're still respect via. Athletic feat serious what I have a great week did you guys especially for you dad and ask step dads have an awesome day Sunday I hope you enjoy it the family time whatever age you choose to do about it. I we should've gotten an update and I don't think Rios number from the guy you're gonna hear on the show whose. Knows that it's a family day area watch his movie anyway screwed up family and should've gotten an update on Monday from a guy. It occurs if you're listening I think he's he's he's he has often go that he probably wanna keep you up. There's no you're shutting out the family in shutting the door and watch your papers and finally what movie was so good that he had he says it paper via pig and eight I eight Fy not 1 that I am aware right enjoy the show have a great weekend and we'll see you back on Monday. Yeah. He wants well to morning wolf that Alistair is on. Hundred point seven. It's the morning wolf pack when Matt McAlister earlier rains good morning might have sludge Joseph Barry Ontario all right so let's get right to it here this is the last time the last morning reveals for some morning wolf pack military breakfast. Free passes and Leo we know now forced today only wanna give a better idea for 11 more is going to be. Yeah he's gonna need it the coffee now he thinks he's thirty in the air humid to a different one this time he's gonna be in cue ball. Fine at pioneer avenue west Pena avenue from 7 to 8 o'clock and Matt and it's your last chance to get those tickets to make she stopped I mean they're spies flat to get there right at seven at the end. Yup and tomorrow morning is the breakfast obviously so excited to see your body coming out to serve our military active and retired. At the home course in the contest refund if you can't make it there which we know a lot of you are not military's we can't. Just have your phone on will be go FaceBook lives and doing all kinds of the social media updates right any military can't make it don't worry learned a lot more of these. By the way I am trying my hardest to stand a good mood. You realize we know you're really addicted to something like goes away I believe your phone in. At home in a drive and a working at the panic right we get to work this morning epic fail we have two different coffee machines do exactly the same thing. So we have a back up there super painted up yet yeah I mean they're really nice Cobb were very like yes this is not a super complaint that you know we were gonna building with 4:5 morning shifts we depend on coffee then they're both. Broken this morning after I couldn't believe it I'm like well OK that was right no problem Joe's they can't try the other would. One broke after he got a couple topics. Aha but because they're so fancy is not we just unplug it reach plug in Paterson rebooting that hasn't happened. Yeah we track today even the operator of computer error thrown doesn't make sense so anyway Starbucks opens here about fifteen. Dissect I think. In our diet bragging again there hang in and I barely got his cup of coffee and the lead I outline need directory via. But still I would not complain about that one by one right now I'm doing back flips. But by the way all you do is look at your window and realize that there's going to be a gorgeous and we're Tuesday means already there's not a cloud in the sky it's going to be perfect and he's about 71 today. So let's get things started off right. We need a good lead off collar seed text messages are already flooding and heavily we'll get to those next. But if you ought to be our lead off today let's go bring it to a 6421. Wolf again to a 6421 wolf let's blow it up here ago. Hello O'Connor in ordained who's a well there apparently how you'd anybody's. Fantastic things barely off collar men could use the energy I'm dead in yeah Sar story you know. He left out things here and a Conner would you mind it and live lover insecurities are popping up our girl well so we did girl out. There Connie. It's all about them. YouTube. Every go round the bases meant thank you so. I guess your goal is to be better than a lead of call yesterday sandy really shook things up with a story of our running over a dead cats. It hurt or something else let. But expect it gives you what that I was honest real and a lot of people gave her credit for stopping taking here at camp although a lot of people were just really bummed out by an altogether you. Oh here. You. Yes it. Not yet. He Conner are you dad. I hope Gary William refund plans for the weekend. I hope. He we still do that that's great we did that high school time. And it that year or thinks so I love and I don't appear to be good agreement shines. Yes it's firmer and I yeah. Albert and asked him you. It was so. Livid that excuse does the way we used to do everybody polar trucks update around the bonfire. Lights are on in and you know somebody's got their whoever had the best speaker system has a Carter's open we're jamming out of the car. Okay just make Acer's still works the same way and keg of beer moonshine. Senile what are whatever else. As if they some chips and salsa and chips and salsa. From over and sort of cocktail party here. Beef jerky RIV's Jersey. I gonna let itself play US on memo what are you wanna hear this this early on Friday. Well. So far. You've got to Craig Morgan coming up for you in about thirty seconds and only let's take a look at this text messages. I gotta say hi Tim Howard from you can't my. As CEO in renown in Q while up might stay in a way says happy Friday it will stagnation let's tackle this day get into the weekend on a bright note. He should be motivational speech I had another question here with the with the academic studies discussed this he said he had to be in Munro and henin but he's gonna try to come to the next not a problem and it worked sometimes get in the way pit stop I. I massive Qatar also doesn't come left guessing hiding him Stephens athlete and danced. We of the text messages for 6150 you can always reach out any time today as well to a 6421 wolf remember it is free advice Friday that means we're getting into the email coming up next and it. It's the standard hey I'm the first time dad or what is the protocol for Sunday email. You're listening to the morning call. McAllister yeah. Are mine the mail whenever I had. All right here we go with that free advice Friday got the email all I can find it easier NC I guidance and is about Father's Day which is on some things. There CNET and Lee and slow Joseph. I could really use your help here on a free advice Friday my wife keeps wanting me to make Cody Stanley plans for me on Sunday but I kind of just wanna go play golf with my buddies. I'm a new dead so I don't really know the protocol for Father's Day. But what is the morning wolf backseat but does the morning wolf thank C it is a day off for dad where he gets to do he wants it. Or is Father's Day a family day help I'm running at a time and my wife wants an answer. That is Rory in Everett here's what I'd like to do. With no comment from myself whatsoever and I am the only guy here with kids and it's going to be able father zipping in our house. I'm gonna say a worse. I just wanna know at the morning wolfpack fans I don't skewed one way or the other way you do haven't I haven't been back. I have no problem sharing it I can tell you the way that works in our house what's the expectation and Allen always plays out. Happy to do that but we I'm saying a word in leading anybody in any direction. I just wanna hear from everybody else I want to know really what happens in your house on Father's Day is dead take off these get the day off right. Or is it a family day work. How can be Fuzzy capacity with the kids his glory and your father a variety. Classic conundrum to a 6421. Wolf for Texas in 46150. So the question real real simply is in your house is Father's Day a day off for dead or is it a family day. Well one out today off of what my first wife Mother's Day I took care of the kids because it was Mother's Day. On Thursday took pictures to delete the vote to children. And if they typically for Mother's Day every mother wants just speaks go to the Bob just chill. Right but it doesn't seem to be the same weight for the day. Most don't is unfair it's it's a huge remote but it's all other news oh look you know Saturday. Chase you're probably get a little extra achieves like. Well that's always been in this very important that you didn't they should go off and bill Lou we're go or go out you go shop. Right here in Arlington and selling things were quite fair and balanced in your house but Jeff Skilling what are we getting and attacks before assure my opinion Dennis says that he thinks others say should be spent the ones who call you dad east gulf any weekend. But there's one day of the year that's special and just for Il OK so he's in the column of Father's Day on Sunday is a family day daily into Peter studio get an email from a new dad who wants and the protocol like the wind and it's Father's Day to day for me like a must go to take this day and be selfish and go hang out my buddies he wants to play golf rate or is hitting Stanley. And among the people are saying that they don't think it's feel proud to be well he can go golfing with his buddies in the morning and then maybe spend time with this feeling. In the afternoon Gregory right. Agree do you wanna tell us that he thinks it's. Well that would probably be more with where Eileen on that angle I have always been given all facets Father's Day would do whatever you want whenever you're dealing with the bike rider and hang down the do you think. However in our house it is traditionally in mother stays the same way by the way. It's always been a family day. Like for Mother's Day we always good to have front somewhere we spent time together nobody gets away from the family. It seems in our house it's more of bouquets of its have it today we're gonna celebrate used to we need to be with you do that. So is it true hall pass play when your wife says you get to choose if he won and go away from us go cycling go whatever. Okay now the trick question do you like I. I saw on the text message some to somebody said hey look my husband's going with the whole week and they asked the whole week it's not like that. And in quite honestly I don't want it to be that way it's true hall pass to go do something. That I wanted to do but. There's got to be there's going to be family time so I if I had to pick one and I think that's the question here. I would definitely lean on in our house it is a family and same as mothers to. But that's the way it is in our house Colin were in your house is Father's Day a day off for dad or a family day to a 6421 wall for you can text us. 46150. Hello Laurie and Munro we're talking about Father's Day is it a day offered at your house or is it a day for the family what do you think glory. But how well he'll get them together and our Q or whatever I regret if the act. Not. Is set to begin. All fire. Is it. You know the toward this year saying you're old or whatever so I mean what we do it not get my week. Saying. Very want to. Right but actually that the question is about Sunday the day and so that day is a family day in your house. Is that am heyday yes yeah we make our amateur anything that anything goes era dug it up later on. They equal. Phillip in your house this in game. Also for mothers take. I'm used to be my kids when I might get put on it Skinner. All I. Am up our act usually I work not gay enough you know we go over inhabit and I. So it's called to answer emily's question for you on Mother's Day is also a family day. But they didn't crack. And retail. Has Laura has a lot of work around right. But basically the end of the question here it's a family day Father's Day in your LC Tony JR I Loria preceded in a while I was at wheelock. I am sorry. You can tell just got my coffee from Starbucks say okay annaly. Consensus on the tax before we swing the gavel. Did detects no one is saying. Do you what he wants the entire date either people are saying play golf and he wants her half a commenced in the rest of gamely. Or spin the entire day with family yeah so is the had to pick one or the other the only way to. Like dads here's the Smart play. And here's my two cents will swing the gavel on this steadily in both kind of situation I'm always given a hall pass a unit goes do you think for a little while cool. Basically father's name means you get to pick with the families do and on Sunday yeah. It's not. I'm gonna go with a boat and get drunk by myself and fish. That's never gonna work man. Just be Smart about it it just means you don't have to go to the ballot and you don't have to go shopping you don't have to go to target into aaron's it's your day. With the family do it depicts a Sunday we're gonna wake up we're actually do some totally out of character for gonna top pot and gets and don't. So yeah I was gonna have some fun. Maybe some food I don't know if you get crazy here not to make the kids ride bikes are you mad out of the race and Saturday nights I don't I don't wanna look at my bike on Sundays so. That's it man it's a little bit of both but I definitely think and I think everybody agrees. Mother's Day and obviously you got to have them examine. Just you know make the right choice. It's easier the next day you get you have a better Monday that strip bright Big Three would Emily coming up next. This is the morning. Alastair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night liars and this is the big yeah. Matt it's official the pumpkin spice creek isn't worse and in the Christmas tree we what's the creek we meet like traipse. Don't freak like. Coming out with stuff in stores early like how yeah. Only the beginning of October 3 yeah. And do it again in the parking lot of the glacier pumps hundreds of million weirdest evidence released in banning gay yeah. Treatments that Hillary is that I'm upset breaking the curry is just film their party. A pumpkin spice. Product out on shelves which is be out till like September October but special K has RD release their pumpkin spice crunch cereal this week. He got a back down off especially like for us here in the sound we are just now just you. Are starting to rejoice in a murder isn't a sleeper and I wanna see. Beers I wanna see votes I wanna see tank tops flip flops I don't see anything to remind you don't know her intellect over. Eliminate Alvin did back gummery all laugh yeah backed off I'll start all sorts of competition. Please don't get after I sit Wiki on death. I mean it's not even other day right which happens the Sunday. Let us enjoy sunshine warm before we have to think about pumpkin spice fires you don't saying yeah meat loaf I'm over it but in its time but not very low with the comfort group. It's the I could not just the nature via and act he might not know for this Father's Day it is spelled with the posh should be the teen aren't asked others today. Which is because of congress of the person actually create a Father's Day one it did the posture to feed the after the death of your big speller and you are giving it looked like he can't. I thought I'd analyst interest in fact let's go now and again and it'd be very first. Other day was held right here in the state of washing blue did not know that in 1910 it in the actual official holiday until 1970. We are way ahead of our time and act. We celebrated that the four mother say became official which was drinking party that the thing that we're going to stay started in Washington and it did amazing. The official flower of others say is the read those so it's you Arthur flour an option. I don't know it but it also read present this to signify your father's living in a white rose means he's passed away. Does anyone that I mean you know. Posting on base but keep it kind cal and the average person is gonna spend a 133. Dollars. Equaling fifteen point three billion dollars is about to head to big price tag for fathers that is how I don't want anything I just wanna sleep in and have a donut. I'd just like the 130 to retaliate I don't bother so manned and real like it you know that women's voices are getting deeper. It's actually true researchers found that. Women to they're speaking in a deeper pitch than our grandmothers and mothers event. It goes from and I don't Emmys and outlast the red but he goes eight sharp to the we're getting that bigger roles in society and in the workplace and we feel like we have to speak deeper to be so person consciously doing it and our voices are changing so when I. How to lower register. At statistic. I wonder if it's conversely. True for men their voices are getting higher about a I don't know and I do think as we be farther away from the you know. Did that whatever that is where we started from the cave man days trying. The punt masters awaiting farther and farther away from that as we're starting to odds are antics like the bachelor. All right we're gonna do the mug club here about ten minutes they let us. Get his status as the morning wolfpack with the church after 100 points for the world now on another episode of the the club. Gamble for obvious wherein somebody do it and mug club. Just a thank you for yesterday we route into the mug club pit stop we were given only those morning wolf pack military breakfast passes but. I've battled coffee shop that we found in parking was so cool and slowed don't thank you for pick in now one. Because there's a history to that coffee shop and again at call blue steel. It's right there off set. Don't steal Avant steel Adam was off 16 and Heidi well I don't think it's right across from the faith. Absolutely that's why we chose it but a lot of you remember and I wasn't even living in state at the time but I remember the story where the four police officers were shot and killed. In a coffee shop right there it's the same shop although it's been re branded and I just thought it was so amazing the owner of blue steel insurer. Chart thanks. Getting beaten. But you know I think some local business those who try to move away from something like that since she totally embraced it she renamed blue steel after the police yeah. And you walk in and there's police patches everywhere there's even. You know like a statue outside the I'd just I thought that it was amazing that not only did she not try to hide the fact that awful event happened there. She turned it into you know memorial and and it it was a very very well gotten yet. Yes so and that was a really a special thing to go there and to pay tribute to those officers while we were handing out some military breakfast passes as well. All righty then you've got on the phone in this is really cool actually we are going to be given way tomorrow at the military breakfast tickets to a semi pro football game and it's happening tomorrow night also military. Appreciation night. Hey Ryan Matt and Emily calling from the morning wolf back everybody. In the greater. We're doing great we wanted to call and they interview for everything you're doing for our military breakfast it was so great meeting you. Stop by India where it does worry mantown can't Alex tell everyone what you are adding to our military breakfast before we Syrian of the month club. He also personal illness in my Propofol and so it's just it's adult football it's it's a blast nothing and a lot of people nobody yet we're trying to get the name out there a little more. And we have a different theme every year game this year. In this game is our military appreciation games we have a different kind of free passes through and give out toward military members. With every passing disrupt a family of four. And you know just one basically give back to them they do so much for us obviously is wanna give back and all of them come out enjoy some football have some abundant. Hopefully it's running the show forum. What's so cool used to file with all these free tickets and we can't wait to give mass to all of our military families for this Saturday night the south sound night out how long did you guys been around. I just saw a report here as the night talks we took over another team. That was in the area and and it re branded it when my wife and I took over that took over the team and you know it is just a blast you know we have a big group of guys. It's good family. And we just stadium where in place we play at Sumner high school so it's on the Chevrolet stadium. In Sumner from the good. And you don't like to think we are over we're to a virtual one this year we did take a lot the last weekend. One of the better teams in the nation earth animation I guess in the area. They beat us up in the past in. They they got a fourteen to nine. Yeah and Ryan can see Emily attending a lot of game she is the ultimate sports nerds who. Hey come on down we got a spot Horry here's a question that I would ask that she would. Do you sell beer at the games. You know I wish we should we cannot be to a real school grounds it's gonna about the high school can't do or aren't. Well listen we appreciate what you do Ryan sounds good great Stanley activity in and all of our military families in Jordan free tickets on Saturday. So let's get you sworn into the month can we do that I salute you raise your right hand repeat after me I state your name hi Ryan didn't do hereby pledge my allegiance. Hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Good morning OPEC and as a proud member and it's a proud member fellow. The mode he. I. I don't think they'll mode load. Pledged to break up a little every morning let's say it will every morning. Am thinking it was a little shoddy goods there by the power vested in it could be an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club I appreciate it thank you very much absolutely. Proud to have Ian rather. Yeah calloused as the progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points out. So I believe it was this week and leave the victory were talking about names in the most popular baby names for this year dad and they're still trying to comment in my Isabella. That lead in Manila. There's an easy story. That's low dose on yesterday's sit around since I was reading in in his the first time and actually see in his written anywhere they went around to hipster parents. They gave all their babies cool names like quote unquote cool I names and names they made up like Cairo in as aid it and told if that's and that's. Bit you know we talked about that statistic that now people are Max is making up their own may ask which Brittany good for you that's out of the box would be creative. However you're dooming your kid for life. And now this is the first time I have actually seen and read quotes from would be adventurous parents who by the way. For taking all the risks at their kids expect exactly this is not your legacy this and human life your dog around. And in his you know the first time I've actually seen a parent say you know. Probably shouldn't have named him main gun thing. Pour out Joseph Jack. Or an every EF real names by the way I didn't desert the first couple that articles from Seattle. I couldn't help but yeah. I purposes especially when you're talking about Seattle like greater like right here where we are in Seattle Seattle he adds are very hip place and trendy all of that but yet. The first time I have seen this title hipster parents admit that they regret their babies quote unquote. Cool names. In the we few bright it weird even if it's a normal name of the skeleton theory weirdly. Your as a parent have to write that name us time explain to people and the doctors and everybody that passed note this titans Ater the site sell it. Yeah you know and there's that fine line there's a boundary like I always wanted to name is a little more creative than men like. Like you Jarrett or something it was a little different in her right but but not. Main dome which I believe is the food Canada for some kind of his anthem go on the you'd find I don't know I don't know. But yes you are doing yourself for a life of a conversation after you tell somebody your name. It's a bummer man and yes that's the first and plus if you hipster bears amid their regrets so. Here's the question do you morning wolf back user anybody listening this is a big ask that we may ninth inning we may get cricket here on a Friday. Is there anybody listened regrets what they name their child. I best written at. Go tell she she named her daughter Addison. And before she's bored she told everyone my name is Addison until you know it's Monica and on everything in which she had a baby and in her arms up first looks at she is not how isn't. But she felt so compelled considering told every once she went ahead and name and so on day one when she's pulling the baby she knew wasn't an answer seems like whenever she is was and never look like in Madison she did. For credit management and named it actually aren't all that run sounds like a chemical imbalance to there's no doubt to the station like bush ever and Anderson that's now not after me. So interest. The idol. I wish we could name our kids after they were 50 yeah how no way leaders rowdy there you know they're going to be soft indeed your car cooled engine argue that yes I think they were a year instead do a demo for you know. So is there anybody who was willing to admit he asked. Kind of regret name in our baby you know access. To a 6421 mole for you in Texas for 6150. Good morning Laurie embody legs who were talking about this article where hipster parents are now admitting they regret. Naming their children some of these off the wall names do you regret what you name when your children Lorie they actually had terrible. Oh this huge I'm so glad that people are willing to be honest with us this morning M a monumental. I can't wait to hear the name. Aren't as though especially if they common name and a daughter being their Ryan. Let's go wait a spell there. It's a little different. And I did it everybody just Kobe like green and all our. Yeah I'm sorry I just don't get tired and I three mean I like Brian like I each area. How did just our Larry is an anti dean. Oh yeah does that Rihanna or something wacky miniature saw that on paper he acts idea that I. I only 22 new and young and you've got to and I modern. And it's an Irish actually Ryan's mother originally an Irish you know me. And I got tight jeans that look plain mean. And I mowing club one wins for girls. All. I don't like this I'd definitely you know actually. We originally Irish spelling. And act I I thought it was really pretty easily and are permanent. And he hit. There's an ethernet but not new paperwork a great kid in the morning you. Think if she is gonna harbor some animosity towards you because she's gonna have the burden of explaining that as well like you think your sick of an imaginary. Like half. I know but I think you're gonna need anymore the last thing that occurred and you. Yeah don't line. IA. I needed her dad by me with Lorraine dating game slightly very long laughs you know got poked out. I. Lorie are crimes jacked up every name in the box. I like other cute and they're new they're real thing there you see our earlier you know they know and hey she does it importantly my Eric. They don't learn yeah and I think the fact that you're going to call linen and you know I think it's so cool when people just owned their mistakes and Mike and I I despise this one sorry child hiding his great glory. I actually eight older. That it. Can then I'm married now on how. A pretty easy I think now and I always ordering you know you never like seeing your last name I feel OK critically important. You might not change the spelling of her first name lawyer out it yeah. And take care vote Lorie thank you so much for being open and honest and just reload. Derosa is for July and well thank you regret the name you gave each idealistic around us having your name their child after one of their kitchen appliances coming up Max. Hello Janette in Sandler were just talking about this article where hamsters are now admitting may regret some of these super cool names they gave their kids is that the case for youth. Yes double I'm actually okay what does that mean well because my name is it. Net with the sea legs a bit that I get everything under the sun that not. Yes and I hated that for a very long time and remain there. Finance and had my they've spent their life and named Dan I was a girl out good for you but other than work out but luckily the red eye opening day and you get a life and AM ban and -- are all about her likable but the and yell yeah. That they didn't I don't know. I think that they'll let the sixteenth my mama probably undergrad and it adds itself yeah I can you know the sixties and everybody was on the drug so did it yeah. See you regret your child's name is well well Nina the priest feel like Ole. DA yeah like the water purifier and a X is that Michael I and there's yet boat Mac because people white collar that. Am it was a family name Atlantic that Brett. You know the other thing that I hadn't correcting her name and mine in it like Hitler people created the Internet. I've got to ask so you growth and and and you hated that was a little out of the ordinary. I would think you'd be super conservative with your own daughter that you passed along the same burden why. You know I see her brother help that the name out but what I liked. Glad I got her brother now no one athlete once he heard her name and he says. Clinton picked up Scranton great thing about to name and I would like. And decided I need you'll like that little old Emily enforceable we're hearing here's a classic blame shift probably mismanaged. And gone yet. Do you think there is still elders. I bet you can't her daughter. There's got the same miserable life you haven't heard a good thing you know him you know our eyes yeah I'm I applaud when you're allowed. And I don't even wanna and yeah. Oh yeah you have a wonderful day and god bless all of you and a house with horrible name. Thank you thank you we are you need. And they get a day night Donovan five minute. It's your chance to win Cody Johnson take its Emmy Greece would beat the street trivia contest that pits you against Iran stranger here in a BMW if you wanna beat the street today and when those tickets to a 6421 Waltz right. Now all this is morning wolf pack with some accounts are 100 points up. Laughs hit the pavement I'm Jack could be history too. Good morning at least in buck Lee who is a banker how are you today. Fantastic welcome to beat the street the trivia contest that did she do. Against a random stranger we found European W if you know as much or more than they do you organ it would take is to seat. Texas boy Cody Johnson of the show black Soto Friday July 27 gave meet and greets as well it's all part of the wolves here of a million tickets sound and you're gonna meet the challenging year in a minute we found the blue steel coffee company in Lakewood yesterday we asked him the same five questions yesterday that you are about to answer right now but your only gonna have thirty seconds to get the raw five questions. Do you understand how the contest works. Remember if you don't know it to say past and move along. Question number one started the timer in 321 and let's go to lose the princess in the movie Aladdin. Which state is known as the Buckeye State act. I what is the name of the cart bashing reality show that made a family famous. Which company is the largest employer in the state of Washington. Who sings the song 5150. A vote. At. All. OK. If you like he did beat the street. I. Remember it all depends on how the challenge does not use so let's meet him what's your name where you're probably didn't. And is ranked Kelly. It didn't come. Army be history let's go question number one who was the princess and the movie Aladdin. Assessment everybody knows it as well I had Ryan has three daughters sold sugar and then you have daughters as well Allegiant. I don't have a thought cool good for you then I got to tie one on one which state is known as the Buckeye State. I have no idea. You know that one heavily and out here as Ohio is the Buckeyes stayed neither when he knew that so he's still gonna wonderland time what is the name of the card actually in reality show that made that payment and it's. I don't know on. Did not know that one either which just figure that's a part of mainstream vocabulary new police to keep an over the card and she's great job now you have a 21 lead which company is the largest employer in the state of Washington. Amazon. Guess one might think considering they own pretty much downtown Seattle but no you better rightly see it is still bowling move. Nice jobs in value of our real come 3321 lead and who sings the country song I want to I have found. Or. Brian the actual right into his Dirks Bentley really should arm and still win crazy. You got to appreciate you being a part of the morning looked like game playing be history. I understand. All right. We're gonna kick off free advice Friday here in five minutes and we've got a new dad with some questions you're listening to the morning. No I now. 127. Fell wolf all right you guys there and get after it for free advice Fridays I'm ready heavily slowed job. I'm because remember we need your morning wolf fact in about thirty minutes we'll have to swing the gavel and render a decision on the question we got via email to mad at Seattle we'll talk Tom by the way they met Emily in slow Joseph I can really use your help on free advice Friday my wife keeps wanting me to make all the Stanley plans for me on Sunday but. I just kind of wanna play golf with my buddies on the new dads who are really don't know the protocol for Father's Day advice. These guys think it's a day off for dad where I get to do what I want or is it a family day health. I'm running at a time in my wife wants an answer that as Rory in Everett now. Since I'm the only dead in the room. I'll tell you I know exactly the way Sunday is supposed to play out. And for new dads I think we have some pretty solid advice I've made mistakes have also played it perfectly so I have my own opinions however. And then manner. I'll wanna know what everybody else is I'm bit GA annually thoroughly 100%. Curious as to how father Dave plays out. In your house okay and I will say whatever I have to say insulated because quite honestly. Who really cares Arnold goes on in your house. And I don't wanna sway anybody when where India I know what happens in your house and and I'm happy to share data and I don't want to lead anybody anyway I just want this to be an open honest and I do think this is a very very valid question. And I do believe there's probably a very valid answer. Okay thank you you're right your face and there's a right answer yes to a 6421 wolf or you can Texas up to 46150. See here I believe this is edgy and in Arlington. Well there ought to pay off of what my first wife Mother's Day I took care of the kids that it was Mother's Day. That oh Thursday to carriages to relieve the vote to chill. They typically for Mother's Day every mother wants just speaks to the spot just chill. Right but it doesn't seem to be the same weight for today. Most don't it's not fair it's it's it's huge remote the troops are others who were so what it'll ever dates. Sources say they are probably get a little extra she was like let's let's fire station there's been playing with the kid isn't cheap the law. We'll move your little girl and Sasha go shop. Brad given Arlington checking in there and I think the keyword is acts act I don't think these are working quite appropriately in Jim's house. Ending on the text or 6150 by the way the. Stephen Buckley says that potter say should absolutely he should stick with your family. And you could go play offering out of your body's Uday but the theme we need you more than a golf course. I can't vote for family securities do you mourn little faggot lot of their day off for bad or a Stanley day check in right now. Hello Jason in port land apparently was continued driving through town thank you by the way for listening we appreciate you so what do you think is Sunday a day for dad to take often go hang with his buddies or is it a family death. It used to be let the kids a little to go take a day up but now they're older they're off or spot but they're much more in the days. I didn't like hanging out with them. That is the most honest thing I've heard all day I gotta say some to my dad we went to dinner and I was I'm thirteen. And my dad looked at me he said you know you're a lot more interesting now because something to say. I enjoy spending time with you now. I agree that's so great I have a question for you vote earlier when you would take today off and just go. Which your wife get upset about her was she a 100% okay with you doing whatever you want it. Out of respect because we didn't fit day for Mother's Day when their babies is that it ourselves OK and now that your kids are older and as you save more fun to be around what are you guys do on Sunday. I'm doing it audio play outside a mountain biking or I keying this kind of walk around the date. Whatever we continue to be outside but thank you expect activity or does your wife. For the kids well I think picking at it this day moron out but I its feet again I always final approval for battle Sunday Jason I appreciate the comment. I think very much here's a Truman in this Ager Walid is Father's Day a day for dad take today off fourth and family day. It's definitely expanded it wouldn't let kids. And you work work all the time it's ever I'm all worked yeah out of all of there's about being with Portland will kick and that you're okay with them or. So can you a 100% honestly want to spend Father's Day with the family you don't want to just chill and go hang out by yourself or. Drink beer and buddies. Not mountain. What you working so much it. They're not you know what we kid you know if you were a lot and that once dated at they called all of a good father. Kit at. In the different. That's what I wanna. You know in Sherman I think as a single woman. And we have a hard time grasping that truth that that is our reality because you only get to do whatever you want whenever you want all the time and it's. It's a wonderful freedom I know you you. You relish your alone time and without taking a wait for me right I had a day where I can do it again so you can't understand how we're given the choice some of his dad's like no I don't wanna be by myself I want to act with the ones I love on on Father's Day and that is. My reality as well I don't even you know we're still a goal back and forth between Arizona so it did and I can have with my son on Father's Day and my wife. I'm in so I get it chairman thanks for colony and brother have a wonderful Father's Day a -- we've got so much interesting comments coming up next for free advice Friday again trying to handle this question from a new dad coming up next. And amble swing the gavel render a decision. And welcome back to free advice Friday let's wrap this thing up in a swing the gavel Shelley. So the email just to reset this quickly from a new dad who wasn't quite sure what to do on Sunday and his wife kept asking net to make family plans but he was wanted to play golf and his buddies. So the question to you is his Father's Day a day off for bad. Or should always be a thinly day theory is Chris in Kirkland and other dad what do you think his Sunday at data be with a fan or is it dad's day off. For me and it's bad day off the right answer is. Is obviously what's and we are not doing that. OK so you're just gonna be a 100% selfish does mom give better. Hundreds that. Her promoted Dave my micro racked up all the kids arrived at all that. So is smaller date Saturday night out and my dad and and Sunday night at me and I have a paper you'll watch and no one bothered. My days. See I didn't happen and it seems like a lot of women to be like you know it's your day due to fly. But don't choose family it's almost a trick question. Oh absolutely. Can't ally well I think I'm gonna do it anyway hey Chris and an end to a very personal question I don't know if you can answer your fork I don't train it. Do you and your wife have a good relationship are you and happy marriage yes OK just checking she told me it's my day. And ultra collection and see probably lies bush told me as my day. And I can act don't watch like Adrian Peterson and I shall take the kids woke me bro from one dead to another and I've made this mistakes you know it's a trap. And you're gonna watch all of it related to address all. Anyway and why are you lucky it wasn't our day all the money that these these the ambush right bear man. I do actually lap the smaller debt did everything what the Stanley how is that what my dad and everybody and that everybody now and I'm at my bottom of that time. You already know the mistakes your making it's a family day it's always been a family day you can probably take maybe an hour to yourself. Which you can't tune out all together come on man public good or bad idea already out there record and watch my paper you I don't. Spec the fact that Chris apple knows he's doing Ron you also do that most guys would say why didn't know where I'm on another it was at that. That and on the precipice is our Father's Day rules you can do that but it's a mistake and it's always been a mistake and every dad knows that if something comes only days come on now. Yeah as far as the text goes absolutely notary is the footprint everyone either says that. You could take half daily in the morning they'll play golf and and spend time Stanley for the entire city needs to be the Stanley. So overall the in my easily. Well let me walk you through this new dad you're gonna get the question it's your day to do whatever you always wanted to do the answer is always. You know here's what I wanna be you get to pick the activity for the family but you don't go to Vegas. Okay drill hole and that's it big gavel have been squad that is the right answer the correct answer and deep down it's what you should want to do anyway. Your best friend yeah. This is the morning we'll. Alastair he was 100 point 701. How big are the big dream bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night at large and this is the big. Matt it's that they shall be pumpkin spice creek is worse as the Indy Christmas tree. There's an. Like to Hamburg Lou there's upon these guys creep not like a creepy Burger King I know previous mess like the fact I think he's the Christmas decorations out in like the middle of October oh it's creeping up is treatment up. It's only middle genus I didn't bother eight yet and where are he seeing pumpkin spice stuff on the shelves. Pumpkin spice the special case cereal has been seen in a Wal-Mart and I think it's ridiculous. Well especially living where we live here in the sound manner means just let us enjoy summer policy American flags policy flip flops policy cold Beers boats warm weather sun. I don't think about a total realist or training and act over. Yeah I'm with you I had down pumpkin spice people I love the pumpkin spice and all and. I'll let himself but it hasn't place and time let's just get passports and are in the same we will get that holiday season to finally starting and workers into retirement Thanksgiving break and only vehement thinks given to a village Halloween exactly like present order this is not chaos that Jurassic Park animals don't appear keep coming back our way to fight. I break my first Sunday is father's day of course than others take action might not know did you know that the theory first Father's Day celebration. Happened right here in Spokane Washington the front door yeah I didn't know that a woman from Washington and created the holiday because she wanted to celebrate her dad she actually won a Mother's Day for dad. Says she created it because she had I siblings knee brace all of them by himself that's cool I like that a woman sort of fun is it too that's really cool yet so the first time we celebrated here was 1910 it didn't become an official holiday until 1972 is such a little bit. Father solidity if you see someone posting a white rose to mean he's past it never seen. I aren't you haven't you like FaceBook posts since I have never I've never been aware that was a that I don't know who's a flower like you might see flowers are as for me mothers in the Veba may be looking but white rose OK hey I'm in an average person is gonna spend about a 133. Dollars on father's face that's currently. Fifteen point three billion dollar. Stretch your dollars with a blanket for ten. Air thoughts maybe mask good gift. That is I mean it's Alan and out there and instead I get to spend that kind of jackets a lot of money that is a lot of Shannon. Right and it you have and may noticed that women's voices. Seem to be getting deeper that's actually 23 apparently the average woman's voice ceased to be about eight shark now to a cash each sharp. And they're thinking the reason is because women are becoming. More influential in the workplace and like in min industries are what east because and in street and as the consciously they lowered their waists. So on average. Women today their voices are deeper than their grandmothers and even the not yours. You know and I think too if you watched the bachelor and bachelorette it would appear that both sexes are sore from morphing into each other. The males are becoming more female in the females were coming Mormon brought it had the same town yet and pretty much yeah. You get away from the hunter gatherer nesting the genome is about our prime ordeal selves you know our action this kind of Scott science in the air blew it in the Smart person or Eagles don't realize that a Mac kind of deeper yeah yeah I'm well read kinda. Attack attack. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hilton. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura particles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Can we all want to know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask and told now. On the ball when this this morning is Liane Knapp from Marysville she is a senior claims adjuster or good morning Liane this. Good morning happy Friday. Yeah thank god are you at work at the moment. I Ahrens Qaeda to workforce summit itself. Most people are blown up you don't fortunately. I'm Paul Kelly and the home office OK let's put a minimum clock here's how it's gonna work clear if you're cool with that we're gonna ask you many questions as we can and one minute. You're trying to have its gas how much you make a living for a year even make a year for a living in and you share salary sound good. He gratified to talk we pushed them. It's been all over the place this at least a restaurant like an inch. No promises that they'll stay on course stay Emily you're gonna start hearing go one minute on the clock so I what exactly does this senior claims adjuster d.s. I primarily work with attorneys and evaluate injury and auto and home claims where somebody follow to get there. I'm fatalities and significant injuries. Is this a local company or for a national company. At a local company he said you work from home is that all the time you ever work out of an office. I work out of an office went to Italy depending upon what meet with my daughter got on that was edited you've been there for awhile you have leverage to be able to do that. It about it because my performance instead. Have these did you start at this position or did you get promoted into it. I got flooded into it. The cages this position requiring college degree. I do not a college degree given assistant. No Jim team that you managed. Know. How claims are you working on now. I have roughly eighty. Wow OK here's how let's go to our give us a couple of seconds I was say three minutes and 37 seconds to be exact thing. We're gonna come up with some guesses we'll come back you were share your salary in the south again. So they're beautiful. It will go back to share your salary because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask. Until now on the phone with a says Leann she lives in Marysville and she is a senior claims adjuster before she shares a salary Emily what else do we know. Since she works of attorney is her talk about injuries during wrecks her home is in a search for a local company. So he got promoted to this position she doesn't have an assistant she's organize about eighty claims. And she named it works from home based on how launches that Mary and. Her performance and I gotta tell you Liane those of the worst question we morass I don't know what was on your ethnic how like yeah I'll speak for myself. I'll completely off my game and I think it's because Lee and when you tell somebody you or eight claims adjuster you work in insurance. It's sort of sucks here other indeed get that to really guilty left follow up questions that. Yeah I don't think I might get the insurance company this one time. Yet it's only go to the conversation it's a very serious business in fact a bomb on an airplane and somebody says hey what do you for living and I don't wanna talk as salmon insurance almost like they are dire and getting donuts on the so far all that's Indian. That's and but I will say you guys are also like god because true story we had our house blow up when lightning hit it one day. And when he senior claims just a game we knew that person had all the power meant I was. I was just in their you know. The latest and how much they do decide what how you can rebuild your house I mean I was the guy's best friend in five minutes. I'd just go around the morning and guess what we think you make a year in venue here your salary slow -- dad Marty second guessing Baghdad's can't second guess any. And you won yesterday get to go first as shocking here by the death I'd editor remember winning. To go 85 okay. I'm a little bit high here because I think he thought you were at the high end things on the go ahead and put another layer on top of it because I do believe Leann is a gamer. In the industry of claims adjusting insurance 105000. Role. And I and by the way I think of law. I hate and second guessing myself as well but I'm gonna go. Seventy to some kind of normal. When you look great amount. And yes there have we all think you do real well but now it's time for you to put an end to the debate and discussion. Can go ahead and share your salary. Well let me just say I think that maybe if you guys that are. Thinking that that's what I make me any to be looking at a different job I'm only eating. Okay. Yeah. But the and I don't think you should never prefaced your salary with the word only I know a lot of money instead of how long you been doing in I think that's one of the questions we forgot to ask because at least I am stupid I have not seen yet and I like and you know getting to work from home is a nice perk to right. It is death give kids. I won't I have three children but their 2421 NET a guy doesn't say how do you stop the kids from bugging you when you're trying to work at home that's LeBron might have. I've been working from home for fifteen years from now we're quite young when I start work at but yes that was quite a challenge Leonel we love how you. They are sharing your seller list alien have a great week in a tank it at. Tell us raid and these are hugger whole and. Go look all right so our morning wolf pack. Military breakfast. Us serving our military breakfast tomorrow morning is happening between 8:10 AM. At the home course golf house girl in DuPont thank you so much can't thank them enough and Anthony the whole crew over there for seven of the rescue tomorrow from eight to 10 AM absolutely free. Just our way of thanking our military for the sacrifices. Not only the enlisted soldier makes that their entire family as well and only you note that your. Your dad was in the army you're Graham Paul was in the army it's a whole family that signs up for this it's a family affair and I think a lot of times people forget that writes if you were not able to get to what America stops this week. We have some really good news for you right now. And by the way we've had a blast hanging out spam away Tacoma park on this morning in Puyallup they can wind up for help and salad apple we also realize. Life is life in your busy and you got kids and you get jobs and you got all this stuff that you are juggling thief Jason you making into of those pit stops. Probably pretty good that you were able to do that idea so we have saved a little room for the breakfast tomorrow and what we wanna do is just open it up. Right now if you would like to come if you are active military or your veteran and you and your family would like to come get a free breakfast on us and by the way. We are so honored to to be able to meet you external timing it's no union Fam. Call right now. And we will put you on our will call lists you show up tomorrow morning. The same my name Sosa will hate Jews many tickets as you need sojo your standing by. Standing back and date and we need you as many as six passes her family. Figured that hopefully should cover yeah. 206421. Wolf. Call us right now and we will take as many names we can until we are absolutely totally out of the tickets yet so that's it so. We figure thank you for coming out of he did but if not maybe we can get to there if you wanna come. Adding he called lines busy tried. Because I'm sure it's gonna have the phones are not well sorry I wanted to break points and one more thing if you are not military but you realize. This is going to be a pretty special day and you appreciate what's happening here as we do as well. Makes you watch your social media tomorrow. I know when you sing the National Anthem and Shelby does that force in uniform by the way with the color guard that'll all be on FaceBook live to be like watching TV plus we'll have. Everything on mr. Graham Twitter so you'll be up you'll be able to feel like you're there to sews makes you watch and a social media you wake up tomorrow morning and your coffee and if you wanna go tomorrow morning and you are active war veteran. Call right now to a 6421 wolf. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister you can't can't were Donny and be able to have the Dubai ports they know. This is stupid. Am fully re one and 46000 people fall there's a subway grate that up how I don't want to be the one. 147. All sat with Father's Day being Sunday and you know what you're getting. Again Vanessa that my wife is really thoughtful about gifts in fact she'll do the great gift that don't cost any money. I remember when your key moment was a Friday this is my birthday not a Father's Day but it's still like in the present genre. And it was the best present ever got to the world. I opened the garage and all my best cycling bodies were in the garage waiting for me ready to go in my wife to go enjoy an anti go ride all I have. Well I'm glad I had this Dolly alert for like forty Baxter minutes they gaga yeah like is that she she always planned something else out it's always really great I have no idea what I'm getting for Father's Day but it's always something really cool. Okay well if you still haven't gotten your father something for Father's Day I've got a list. That he ten things dad actually want and that I seek you agree with what on this list I doubt Steve is simply yes or no right still a nice dinner out. Yes absolutely fact we talked about going to our favorite type place maybe try to sneak out not gonna say is this with the kids without Arnold without. Dinner listen. Dinner with the house. Tutors there and family dinners a great but there's a big difference you having dinner with your wife and then it but it's Father's Day so we'll probably drag the little monkey along let him throw flew over the place and then apologized gallery staff has noodles all over the ground. Yes family day thank. And nice bottle of this. Share tequila I want just. Now now dedication. She Ervin we can't afford it's a stretch that clothing and yes the nice teacher as Smart feet you're at now got a couple those good steak dinner at home. You know because I cook that you'll get a good analyst and we do that all the time Deseret tickets to sporting event. I'm a go ahead and say no thank beer yes and expense of profit if the now. A good coffee. I mean I don't know just my guess you drink coffee all you get yours well like I guess and I guess I was coffee is summing and you spent a little money at Starbucks if that's expensive we do that French roast again. But our rates than those of the top ten things dads want the there's other things on the list of top thirty. I want to see you agree that beats OK how about a pizza oven now but if that's the fox. Yes love sucks you are Scott and I know traditionally that goes into the don't give dad at her Father's Day like ties socks but I digs inside by the way are making huge comeback concert cool you made the top thirty I know that's that is no joke a powerful. Yes. Moisturizer. I finally I don't. Apparently some I wanna what have we men become one out flippers yes. The only push yes yeah. For Bob and. Yes. I don't really care. I think it would be nice yeah yes I had does look at. That is not a gift in moms know what I'm talking about that is not a gift like. Selflessly for you. But it's nice I mean I sadly I have I'm on the other days she is bag and on my brother because every year Christmas they my brother gives them a picture of his family. It is like out of period and other pictures your family. Put it back to the other day Gloria I'm all right can't wait to see it I'll do with this or yeah. So yet your last minute shopping doesn't is that Allison wanna say two to all you dads out there listen it's a tough job in India doing a good one and also went through a step dads and hasn't faced up that the job a bonus dad in it's it's. It's an honor to be a part of somebody's life a kid that your mood you were born into so that's a very special. I want to wish you Mac happy are a lot of angles here not only a father and a father yet. Says I am and enjoy every minute Sunday bio the only plans we have this is so silly as we wake up pretty good dad don't let that the top pop were common for this morning. You 100 points. Wolf no remedy to wrap things up here by just a reminder to check on the podcast that he posted up for you about 10:30 this morning. Win about fifty minutes of bonus content stuff we didn't talk about on the aired during the show this morning Emily what do you bring to the table today. About trusting people if you count how many people you implicitly trust. How many would be. I'll tell you how many camera on her deep on a Friday that I was having a good donuts and Parker really stay a gallon down that's a joke. Yeah I really wanna get your thoughts on the guy who to come as amputated foot made tacos out of it it's loud. Kind of funny because look Joseph and I are actually very similar ought to talk about the guy who plays hockey for the Washington Capitals. And because this is Father's Day it's a man's man's holiday meant real men are good fathers and on talk about this. Think this guy the tip that this finger kind of fell off. Stirring up the Stanley Cup that's what he said his quote was it kind of felt lost and we sewed it back on and kept playing I. That's a real man. They might do you guys rested about Father's Day gas. Son don't you deployed for today and I know we're gonna end up that it's called fenders on front street. And it emanates out of xxx Burger's right there are fine and you go through resupply them. And it's that thirteenth here they've done and it's totally free family activities. Food trucks vendors if you're into cars I'm really not but who cares just go walk around and have a Margarita and talk to people. Will be there tonight and it kind of a fun so I don't think it would get more from her house so that sells the end margaritas and tacos and that guy who may have the foot. Give me a loan give where's the foot taco truck fleets. I'm all right Deanna Lee is in the studio has left him hey hey hey spiders day Sunday yeah right yeah and so you know we're looking for the best advice your doubters gave him. How unlikely since definitely got it. I don't have anything would let you have its line of lean into your fear. Lean in meaning to your ear and I like that or in sweet slug joke and it's. All that's good all right if you are rejected. Italy C is checking in right now for you guys to a 6421 wolf we can text to 46150. Enjoy the amazing beautiful weather we are right now for the rest of the weekend by the way next week. My handy dandy whether rap said 95. At some point next week wealthy go get warm next week we'll see you Monday five we love you. Yeah our. I don't.