The Morning Wolfpack - Friday June 8th, 2018

Friday, June 8th

Friday June 8th, 2018

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Rolling hey welcome to the morning wolfpack podcast it's Friday June 8 Matt McAllister here heavily over there sludge over there area my guess weird amount of energy today I got nervous and maybe it's almost Friday out of your earthquake on an act crazy kind. Usually we have some extra bonus content here dad's voted yet we can have chance talk about on the shows on the let you guys think what you wanna talk about. Okay at you take three out of these five options okay so. The first is a third of people say what their financial plan is which is inheriting money from their parents farmers there's a study that finds women should work a maximum of 34 hours a week based on all the other stuff that they do for the family. Brides and bridesmaids in how dictating they can beat. Oh you know there's only four options nevermind we talk about the best time of the weekend on the show right and it is there's no hold survey now that's out about which states like what kind of alcohol which it was probably not. Well actually you said that you only two states for for why yet and I images in my TC says they're now which you think. It's not like California or. One of them caught the upper no they're not it was it was actually very surprising and I have an affiliation was one of them and I don't get it so this. Each State's favorite alcoholic beverage or one why don't we start yeah yeah. They were around it and I'll let you guys is keep free styling into the what you wanna talk about our RI LO RD because after all it slow Joseph company next to you get a space story so this is a new study that looked at millions of minster Graham posts. And found that beer is more popular than wind in 48 states and honestly as stupid as that sounds it Seagram's probably pretty accurate survey for more than like a researcher pew poll or whatever it is. The only states. Where it's not. Any guesses and I'm just gonna go into he has not Californians on any place you would probably suspect I'm gonna get Scott I've. He. And. Kansas or Ohio why would you say that as you said he had an afternoon all okay what Obama's Kansas there which again. It's that is the middle of the country I'm from Kansas City. Yeah people drink wine but not inordinately more than anybody else I mean that's a beer state I would think they don't make wine there and so I have vineyards state now. Not really not at all and what about Massachusetts. No it's in the south the other one. George. I know there's a lot of s's in the then name isn't the Mississippi that's the only states where wind is more popular beer Mississippi and Kansas and by the way red wine is more popular in white in every state in the country. Except for New Mexico than most I know just weird. Let's see let's the am. Yep beer more than most popular drink it 48 states about Washington as an on the gimmick the full list are just that now this is kind of the highlight the highlight so the states that prefer beer over wine the most. By the way Vermont and makes sense yeah Iraqi Mountain State. Vermont had four times more posts about beer and wine I thought they'd be aligned states I can import Vermont I don't know that it's a little and Darryl is actually a million little you know near Delaware college its exact opposite of where we are friendly is manage your face go red wine is a lot more pop for the white. Am champagne is more popular in Nevada than any other state is they're popping bottles in Vegas be up eight. The states with the highest percentage of post about mixed drinks and he's the heavy drinkers Louisiana. Hole why he. New York South Carolina and Kentucky that makes sense because of suburban ministry aware of Hawaii. You know this. Why isn't I you're tired as a weird place I'd say yeah Diebler vacation again a lot of is as a resort yes stay in if you are going merited destination in your edit you know your view just get their sum is gonna put a deck green anyway take a picture of on its program. That's what you're gonna take a picture 43 states prefer vodka over whiskey. The widest margins we're Delaware and Kentucky Delaware had about five times more pros about vodka I think that's because of winter. Asked why had I read a shocking study recently about Wisconsin. And it was like OK here's the strike is cities in the country in Wisconsin had I think tech six had a top ten and definitely the top five in a row while and they end it was something like 26 it was over 45%. Percentage of the population is like game being like. Are not not a moderate drinker but basically like they're there always struck. So one out of every four people is wasted no matter what time of day it is is a beer comes I was compliment utter Miller may be. Miller. I don't think she you can Google that. But it's you know it's that she's deer sausage football kind of stayed right and get a state with a really long hard winter. Yeah you know having lived in a few of those places in my life I would tell you that not only. Do you get old little depressed but you gain about ten to fifteen pounds he's just don't do anything to eat drink yeah doesn't show up pretty shocking media grabs a population is drunk right now like that is yen and invest almost more than just like okay we love the Packers and we drink beer and I guess I don't care okay. Maybe it's kind of a depressing place I was though it's constant kind of beautiful young urban there but I. The Miller Brewing Co. headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin there you go oh you know wide king forgot about that and happy smug. Eight well it's almost like Erica brewing capital of the world is Tesla RS surely does she meals from Basel pop the Sepracor operated through three and. And. And then again I knowing you and nag and stories though drive lead you to pick. Inheriting money from your parents are the is that some thing. They either reviews like do you stand in her name anywhere near her side. May be a little it's a trickle down from my grandparent a sad but I can tell you that there're there there's a state there are some there's there are some things there and I don't know what it is a but I know my mom has been kind of waiting for hers her trial. Any Indy here's the problem. Because it gets to a place where so my grandmother it's all tied around her and she has had severe alzheimer's and dementia for I would say ten to fifteen years in him to the push isn't who she is a threat. In so you know when somebody gets like daddy she's an assisted care facility in somebody takes care current costs five grand a month or whatever closer than those it goes through all that and you know people start to look around doing man I mean. It's it's a horrible place to be but I think there's some people that are waiting for that check the red and looking at her gone man. It's time to stop spending and how it's gonna be honest it's time earlier this year your quality line why this is an OT or can't wiper but like it's just. Not any go see here is just it's depressing is there any I you know I'm all all about the. Assisted suicides states like in those conditions I think or again I don't know if there's any others. But I and that's a thing or again and I and you know obviously like you can't be doing them from a motivation of getting money but. Now but it but to your big there's a point where life becomes. Not life. Right she's not living and I know she is right she's alive record bodies alive and are mine disintegrated along time ago that a mile cannot because my uncles or sun. We have this packed like a week is it kind of runs in the family correct a look if we ever get like that take me out back. Shotgun yeah and it as a I don't wanna sit there and suck resources from the family and be averted everybody. NB ultimately really released depressing really miserable miserable my grandmother had alzheimer's and it was most horrifying thing I've ever seen like it that it's just it's so. It's confusing and frustrating for them because they don't know what decade they're living yeah and who these people are they forget their husbands and well the way I answer the question but you guys didn't do either one of you stand to inherit any money are now and I mean my parents are broke okay. There. The event will that OK as for now like he said. I mean yeah or you never now Summers could change yet at one point it all looked real promising the family business. Thought there was money in my grandfather passed away enforcing and I was really young like by the it was nine years old and then everybody sort of live off that and long time and nobody stepped up in did anything that generated money except for selling the family miss and always gentlemen pocketing the cash G and uncle pocketed way more than everybody else and so then there's a feud in in quite honestly I think if you. Asked all four of those people in my family who have lived off them money and never had a job in their life grant that is true. They would tell you that's not a good thing alpha and have the first to admit like it kills your motivation you have no reason to work are you have really nothing to do and I think it you don't. Have motivation you don't have a reason leisure brain in your body every day Brett you lose well. And that's why a lot of the states and will sail like. It's an address on until you're 35 until your forty the end have to meet your own money ready to that point and Smart. Rich people raise their kids like to. I don't give a minute and a Clint Eastwood is in that boat he and all his kids and one of homes already a pretty successful act grass but I remember one of his daughters he wouldn't give her apartment of his movies and nineties a waitress somewhere in Carmel like you get your own thing don't dear number I have one more question for you but do you remember the first time you and I ever met. Meant it was absolutely seamless and yes there we ask me to hit it was you're doing a bit on the radio about eating it's like this excel team crackers and under men India and Myanmar what do divest trans air is working with him time totally can do it no problem mother I do remember that yes cook is the guy abroad and Brian is the I have known I've known since I don't know I think like fifth or sixth carriers America give Brennaman. So he he. Standard to inherit. One million dollars I don't know why exactly was a million dollars that he and his brother were both getting a million dollars each from their grandma. And but their trust said that there was there were rules you can't get to a certain age. And then you have you have you have to be enrolled in school are you after you graduated from college like there's all these different rule yes and so he. You know at the time you know at the time we did that that was actor I don't know a few thousand mourners of he was the did not qualify for is million dollars a cats are finally ended up going back to school he night we had lead we had some problems we had some yeah drug issues. And so he finally got to scrap together and are going back to school. And got his million dollars really gas. He beat lost he blew every cent of that within six in the world he looks like winter lottery out yet he is where you are right back alliger she he thought and totaled probably four cars in that six month is by Amy crush him and he literally he would say. A rich originally dude. You're not rich. Again to figure out of things some yeah some way to make this last week couldn't and he didn't clean up in jail I think he had maybe has a little bit left over is he did an outstanding a lot of time in jail. So what your timeline that like he had to get this comes by a tiny state in a nod went to charity or Dino any of that. I don't know I don't know what that the ultimate time and it was on it but I think you have. There was probably another Kirilenko if you get a danger to get married or whatever you know that is yeah sure man you know I think all hard working people like myself. You know and everybody else's room gets up at three in a more tired every day side effects such an easy sell a million dollars zero victory. Six Muslim one Sigalet that is an insane story work reality yet totaled an ounce. You'll also be a total loser like Arnaz is like the worst story ever you imagine Emily media guy and having him tell you up to date. You'd run and I. Oh yeah it does dumbest person I've ever met. I wouldn't even finish the DN NN NNN you know what maybe a little too harsh because it does involve a drug addiction and lets the area but AA. In fairness to him I think that will be a lesson that fueled you know never forget and he's fine now is doing a lot better but he did he does not have been did not put that money Newark's. I'm sure if it would have garner enough interest to live on by the is going well according to this study one out of three people. One out of every three people save their main financial plan is inheriting money from their parents after they die fight that is not good to have violated by only help her retire and lesser become wildly successful them album my only opened retirement as. Probably winning the lottery ears of which is not a very. What does your wife CE NTU inheriting money. And Alyssa now. There's going to be hard working people like the rest. Well you know there's a difference between inheriting money and having wealth and Aaron to Chris Rock talking about his wealth. He he was making jokes about black people vs white people and how white people have wealth and wealth gets passed down through generations now and black people get money and they spend their foot rims on cards like. White people don't do that that's why they have well in the having money. I was so you agree I think his line was will put rims on a toaster if we could but anyway so that's that we have time for one more you guys wanna pick in the options are. Why women should only work 34 hours a week or some bright zillow stuff in terms of what certain bridesmaids are being asked to do now. I don't is that married women her arm others. Mud island that's family women out there and CEO and I and I actually think there is a case to be made for this year but as long as they have kids that are in diameter about Emily Emily is that same as anybody else who just working as single and you have you take care of yourself Brett. They're talking about my own hard work taken care well heck I can I realized that nobody said it was easy. But we're talking about women who are moms and take care of their families and you know at least when it comes to my wife and she's the backbone of the operation and taking care of the kids in the schedules and all that stuff so. A new study found the average guy can handle about 47 hours a week of work without getting burnout. For women it's only 34. But only because of all stepping into doing outside of work like taking care of the kids more often. A new study in Australia found women should only work about 34 hours a week to avoid that burn out. Researchers found women are more likely to feel exhausted by their work schedule because of all the work they do outside the office that doesn't come with a paycheck. In general women spend more time dealing with the kids and taking care of the stop at home which lets face it isn't fair. But a lot of that ends up falling on their shoulders I guess it is guys there's this colossal dumb asses the you know lot of stuff. Elise that I try to do usually. My wife wants it done a certain way totally and only she does it that way and I also clean freaks and it takes me out of the pay. Here and they have different standards steel like nobody's allowed to come over our place unless the house is clinging to some of these specifications. I could care less slick has just met these nobody he'd care out if there's like something in on that count or whatever you like narrow. So I don't have the same motivation to keep things at a certain level like she. Well and also I find and correct me Emily if I'm wrong but I around women tend to pay back half hour more detail oriented men seem to be more big picture. So F five there's a reformer had a we have food eat and everybody's healthy. I'm pretty good of women tend to be a little more specific and organize indeed tell these mile. On the saying lagged does the cleaning if you ski in the criminal looks okay but woman in the same putter the baseboard you know dusty and head though. Yes and this is by the way not to offend any women this isn't to say that women can't work just as hard as men and they don't they do the point is you're more susceptible to burning out because we're basically giving you let giving women props I mean you're working full time job at home plus a full time job you know you know even 34 hours is not quite considerable time there. He's expected to park yet I'll be honest guy how I don't know you know we get calls all the time from women who are still in school near completing education. Their moms and they have full time jobs yeah I don't know how that's possible we hear about it all the time and I think it basically comes down like. A fifteen or sixteen hour day and I have yet every off no sleep well I don't get I can't wrap my right around how single parents moms or dads pulled out pissed that she is I either this is one of those when you're in it as no other option you just do it do you have things in your life like that I certainly do we're look back on a time period and I I think how I do that. But you're right in your in it you just do yeah and you don't I don't you stop to think about it because then it would probably become. I would seem unrealistic right. Well and even the simplest thing I embraced it in this all the time I worked at a sports bar that was massively. Wildly popular immediately take an hour. To get to the bar to walking you know like just yeah popular. But when you're actually serving everything makes sense you know our tables though and it does McCain got paid you walk in as a patron your like are they doing this how does this makes it where people belly in a white I mean winner in. And can't step back and look at east did you. Do it PA does get through it in and sometimes you have an option to look back on and iguana that was like accurately noted that that was really hard game end this thing and how that's me or you know sometimes it'll be somebody else that comes in your life and says hey you realize this is kind. Nobody asks isn't normally go higher this is probably causing more anxiety stressed and you realize though this is pretty difficult so they props although moms and hardworking moms you know the take care of the family and work I think that's awesome so. That's all we got. I say we roll out on a Friday enjoyed a weekend who next week by the way is going to be all about the morning wolf pack military breakfast so a lot more information coming in how you get tickets at your local to join us is going to be awesome I'm really excited about them and you guys are too all right young you know enjoy the show and have a great weekend. Yeah. He wants well the warning people that Sarah is not. Point seven. All morning wolf thank here on a Friday June 8. And McAllister have a meeting today and today right now and look. One inside the and considering that we stayed late last night for the Sugar Land showed that is a remarkable accounts since eighth. I know she's having Friday only. Same deal we've made it slowed so yeah oh slows down slower than O Reilly has had a couple of Beers given out the military breakfast at the test and by the way getting into details on the idea morning wolf pack military breakfast. Will be rehashing that this morning to you. Along with revised Friday the mug club we get to off finally swearing taco time nick in Texas every single day to say good morning. Beat the street we do over to some low cash ticket to to give a lot of fun in a loaded farther down the road share your salary with. Well that's kind of a surprise one don't forget that counseling about starting at 10 o'clock. It's you and only a union with teasing game I investigated teasing gala hot spot take in my words. All right. What else what else what else old guys please by all means still free detect anything you want your up you wanna say hello I saw that we have a couple of early arrivals there. Yes Mike from spam way to Texas about twenty minutes before we go and they good morning everyone in the wolf pack Stanley happy Friday let's tackling stay yeah playing any need all day every day plus since all. Not true. Let's see he'll announce the Stephen Buckley it just text and happy. Rang Dave Tubbs did Steve Hurst said here door yet what's our eyes. I can handle that I mean you know that's would at least in this league guys operate. Mean you know you are friends with a guy you make fun yeah gala. Nick of course checking and good good good Al oddly excited to actually meet nick. He's Dick conversation we have our friends we never met and I sort of feel about Tucker time that I can't wait to swear him in the month club its extent you know we actually never heard this I know. So 46150. On the text but we also right now in the leadoff caller somebody to get a sound base so let's look at the phone lines of Europe when I hear from the get to know you little bit of course. Let you pick a song at 206421. Wolf right now. Well took a little prodding it is Friday released tide has been a long week but thanks a candidate Tacoma abandoned by teammate Manny in oak harbor what's up guys nearly enough call the next week for sure. Roberta in Rochester was first good morning over an hour youth. Guys I'm just have only had one cup follows up late last night too in the Sugar Land banks. By the way full house I was pretty impressed by the crowd at the assess a show or senator considering sure land. Has been off the charts are off the map like what five years every other diehard yacht. It's in Louisiana where Roberta before we let you pick song what you did look like today. I write I want them to go to that. Romancing you've been working the night shift what do you do and OK well thank you for what you do wet when airy New York in my department. So the bottom list no doubt. She is up to the thing. I got you here you're inserting now removing. The just throw this out there. Those are really really famous and rich celebrity who offered you a lot of money to go to their house and put him to bed every night and it's Propofol or would you do partner. I know I guess he was potentially harmful and maybe possibly illegal you have to and yes Mary I know it's a you or go to a two week it looked like do you have to work to get some time off. I'll tomorrow Rob Portman. Well American in the full week starts up on Sunday or Monday Tuesday Wednesday the whole thing that's. Yeah but that. Oh I don't know. Okay. How was surgery a good thing we asked yes. Think that might mean. Yes ACL meniscus what do we do and there are so many I guess I'm at bat like that's an easy when you can almost walk out of there. So the defense gazing they'll take it easy and you measly reverted. I will know we're squads like what so until we play for your Friday Herbert for literally off caller we do appreciate it. And I love that's. I know annaly always rolls arise that now it's like Hokies had you know I'd. Idea and great seat heat we await Dario. If we can keep you wake for three more minutes we done our job Roberta you have to look our eye real audio and free advice Friday starts next. You're listening to the morning wolf. But Alastair it's. Nevermind. The meal when you're playing. Flat he forgot to say in morning Sheila Oliver texture OK create child never made sense and in Tacoma actually it defaults. And Keeney for Eaton now says good morning wolf pack we got this new. In a candy yes nick in Tacoma Stephen in Bremerton and Juli says good morning guys and still to finally meet top good time naked well. Patent. OK so great that Julie is excited for secretary right Sam mud gloves instead. All right so theories be free advice Friday email we got this week hello Matt Emily and slow Joseph I got one for you for free advice Friday. I am a proud mother of a super sweet and sensitive eight year old girl. A couple of weeks ago we found a cat that was hit by car we buried it in the nearby woods. And my daughter gave a little heartfelt speech I could not be more proud of how thoughtful she has however. Now every time we see roadkill she wants to stop put in the car and have a burial fourth. I told we couldn't do it because of diseases but she insists that we can Wear gloves and disinfect. How do I letter ma'am we can have a pet cemetery in our backyard thanks to win. How should Joseph win deal. With her now roadkill obsessed daughter. I gotta be out of down the only parent Natalie the room clearly entire wolf first we have no idea what to say to her because on the one hand. I bitter dog like you're so proud is your candidacy being cast. Women have empathy for others and they wanna do the right thing and take care of animals is that it's all good gas but I did they don't date handles my car. I mean I think first of all Joann I think your incredible mom for being so sensitive on how to handle this yes I would use. Vanessa and I was that now is so new and even addressed that I think so. I don't know this is something I think you as the morning wolf pack collectively maybe you've dealt with something similar. So you can help us out right now to a 6421 wolf or I think you know how to text or 150. So I have kids and don't really know how to handle this idea you know. When beaver younger Brothers cry like 56 years old to be small pets like lizards and he answers and stuff that we would fairy in the backyard when they passed. And he would also Berry like any third or any other animal we came across in the yard. Blending we locked out backyard and they were all dug up and all over the place yeah. Assume we had eight zombies cemetery all over the backyard. So just cheerful she theory didn't back up after she bury them so. He he does Napoleon they were just the plane alone there are tolerant place. Hi this little girl that's probably kind of horrified I added noted in in various states and. It was kind of what they say they tell serial killer start like this memories that you just heard. It looks. See this look the same I don't know the and it's also buying euros exports he was and how should Joseph win deal with their road we'll let you run well thank you I do that a lot. It was an entire half and had a couple of Beers and I've been tortured land. 206421. Wilkins look Joseph I appreciate you finishing the phone number I don't tell you got my back out like that. Good morning Nancy it ever we just got dead reading these free advice Friday email for those you just joining us in kind of summing up I Joey and email lists got an eight year old daughter who after. Bearing a cat that was hit by a call our. Is now obsessed with picking up all the road kill and bearing in in the backyard and Nancy what should she do about this road kill of says get a hearse. I would explain to her. Baylor ran a pick up all the roads yell and given burial that he'd be taking away somebody's job and how did that for. Blue nose string of there's an old I didn't realize I was actually somebody's official job what we did expect that you can calling animal control. Yeah it's a great job. I don't they go out and pick up all the road kill my head it's different campaign they have you know the decrying. You know am I gonna get in the other guy I'm trying to debate you'd like I was an eight year old girl. But you know they've still have a job if there was less dead animal they don't get paid by the end of the and I've been trying to tell you she could probably come up with a pretty good argument for this you can all us today that those people do you burial service for them. As well. I don't think you know I think beat him up and Erica. Classic parent line which we use in our house almost every day. Just the reason we don't want a kid to do so great you come up with something made up consequence. Ono and if you conducted in enemy hands fall everybody knows that her. Nancy we level we yeah we love the feedback makes a play or indeed a part of the show yeah. I IQs exports you one well that do you have any advice for Joann and roadkill obsessive daughter also 46150. On the taxed. Hello Clayton and stand would welcome to free advice Friday got an email from JoAnne. Who's eight year old daughter after a period cat in the backyard it was hit by cars now obsessed with roadkill and we can all of the road kill up and given the mall proper burial. What should she do. While our daughter let us cars said about animal control and family and that. They're not gonna have enough room with achy achy novel moment there's a Bear Stearns beat we roadkill and actual animals. That sends somebody to death. And guys centers you're going with the OK this is these are not pets these are road killed as part of you know the ecosystem kind of thing circle of life yes have tournaments out I think. Now relatives. Ballet they're not it didn't permit and they don't experience that later in our shock you Ruth. Clayton we really appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf thank my friend have a great Friday thanks for checking in these guys as well. You're welcome family have a great day you know love for me it's it's like not go out on top. Very few back and let you know I. About slow death. Glad you guys every morning well thanks to that I thank you claim just give you are antibody love you went out to meet soon. Hopefully see you guys seem to have a great day guys. You do the same. All right so as far as a verdict goes for free advice Friday JoAnne if it was we hope you get some good ideas but. You know as a parent I'd like to weigh in with one thing there's a very powerful word in the English language and we'd love to use at our house in fact Jude my one and a half of his new favorite word. Sport is no no fat model for how can we stop we get roadkill. No one else to this car is driving were not stop him. It's time to move forward. That would be my two cents for JoAnne and I think if she sounds like she's sensitive that the child sensitive prob wouldn't do very well in our house. There's nobody that sensitive and our house. However. Until she picked up some good tips from some of these folks and you can cook tournament Todd and circle of life her ecosystem. Sar thank you yeah. All right we're moving on thank you for checking in for free advice Friday Emily what are we talking about next in our Big Three. The royal wedding has spurred and new trend but it's not she would expect. Clothing fashion no food. Hair removed out of the about out of this is the morning. Alistair you. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night liars and this is the big story. You know that the last straw a wedding with prince William and Kate Middleton and the big trend afterwards was her dress everyone wanted to copy her dressed in some way or another. But this year after. A prince hairy and Mandarin marbles a wedding. It's not dress that people are copying and think kinda strange looking T nine coming against fleet is the car and drove off and is the queen's convertible not just are so cool and it's rain the day it is actually blowing up because the wedding. Is kidding freckles tac team on your ex bull there you go and the leader following you know I don't know nobody beat nobody out freckles Emily I know I wanna say it's because of me but it's really pretty negative article has this little freckles. And just this actually start popping up. Yeah you're again the people are doing this that now because of her being on TV. People are getting it done so what edu did you go into attack tee shot and well basically tattoo little dots on your face. Boy that's the easiest tattoo a guy can do I could be ten times. Stab a freckles that if you do idea I had I made a homemade tattoo again in high school honors didn't make sure where that is I don't got next village other freckles and slowed show I don't know I don't know that a guy yeah. They say they're dark at first of course they settle land. And that they're not permanent because on your face your. Faced feels so much the last about three yourself you know I never even really notice that mega market had a lot of freckles and I watched suits religious she's like the small little smattering very subtle not quite lingering in my mine are out now. What's that a smattering yet just a smudge I'm just excited freckles OK Erica White. Irate did you date is the national best friends did not know day is 85% of people say they have best friend. An 11% of people met only 11% of people that they're best friend after they were done school. So most of the time you're gonna meet your best friend win year in school but I think this is interesting it's about fifty hours become casual friends with someone. But it takes about 200 hours to be considered the best friends. Lot of work like I don't I don't I don't meet a friend that bad although I fight against Emily I would say your restaurant your mom yes and those are your restaurant is Josh. Yes yes I know your guys as best I ask him if I actually have my mom Ann and I friends. And like I have you would be my bridesmaids and I let me strike that my wife. Yes that's attracting gambling it's also the right it's yes I spend more time talking I don't talk to anybody else. I think there's the funny stats as 20% of people have known this best friends necklace look like the team has you have yet only one of those nimble and doubling had that. And I think you guys like this little story to the view it did okay update is now this year's maxim hot 100 at the top of the list really yes. I never really got that hole Qaeda in thing really manned didn't really does she really gorgeous well and did she did did just there was no them. I'm an. The previous winners included. Christina Aguilera had Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus Katy Perry when it comes and singing John Pratt OK so be super cool if we had eight country star beat. The top of the list keeping Kerry underway editor at the green and Darren. Your official and I think you're judging people on their looks and I think what really Madison and I want to hand it is. I'm kidding I finally get the story for you you pay another crack on a smaller handle it. Morning wolf pack with Harris 100 points yeah well now on the episode it. And with our announcement yesterday Emily of our inaugural morning wolf pack military breakfast we're gonna be out every day due to its Dobson and not exactly mug club related but it's stuff related basically were coming to CSI understand why Tacoma Lakewood Puyallup. We going to be hood will be all upping your business expert. Can't thank you and by the way he did not hear the details about the military breakfast we got a four in about ten minutes stay with the today. I think we're both really excited yes we detect every single morning from the same guy in easy says talk lieutenant indices and maintenance guy at a taco time some like dampened. Every single day he takes the time to send us a text to the point where he doesn't get worried bullet that did happen yeah he reached I like throw everything okay death ignited the tail off mainly Mila who thought that. Do we love day. Gold and the guys who who is excited to meet him as well well taco time nick is that you sort of yeah. The there's just telling them believe that I was really excited to talk to you because I feel like we're friends have never met at the conversation we had good today yeah we never heard your voice before. Yeah exactly it also a lot of well they could really important to us that you understand how much we appreciate your good morning tax every single day five meal we go on the air. Oh they contribute to do it every morning your guys are pretty much first thing I did my wife on my mind the mobile com. One as a husband I totally get that yes when it's got to come first or you're gonna hear about it later the course. The an idea which got the time you work yet. I actually news. But all the anywhere between Bellingham to both play in order to list I fix everything I thought you relate to like the cleaning guy that was in their mop the floors before they opened the door. Oh no I think well equipped to do you know. And no I didn't knew he was driving around each location but I thought Ebert delivering. No big didn't you mr. Dick he you actually kind of an important news. Yeah client. You are important well of course he's important but I meant you know I realize he was such a big deal in the organization right there. It's a it's a great job I love the completely amazing and I couldn't be happier with my job. Well let me give you one more plug another reason I love taco time is because they sponsor cycling team in the actually sponsor a couple of really good local bike races that I do. So I appreciate that too about talking to. Now we. Flight profile every local company that's about fairness we're just what you guys we support local businesses and it's just a great company. Well nick the only thing left for us to do is it one time accident you know meets human person but right now it is where you know the mug club sound good so please every jury in a repeat after me I state your name. I miss. Do hereby pledge my allegiance do I pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack for the morning walk back and as a proud member and another thing with the handling. Love the mud club. All the blood. I've pledged to crank up the wolf every morning and pledged that critical wolf every morning congratulations. Power vested in an identity an official member of the morning will back my glove believe he can get a job. Thank you great to meet you nick Sacco detonate that's a boy right there are coming up next like we said all the details of the mr. yesterday or about our morning wolf back military breakfast. Yeah calloused as progress. Yeah you guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points out. I just in case you missed you yesterday what a pleasure it was to finally announce our inaugural morning wolf pack military breakfast. It's a very very simple concept will undertake salute to service to the next level. And by everybody breakfast breakfast and your family by the way if you're active military or you are better it's gonna be happening to coincide with Flag Day Saturday June 16 for me to 10 AM at the home course golf house grill. Free breakfast. With the military ID and the great part about randomly that I really love and I know your excited about it too. Is that it's not only active in veterans but it's families yes so you make a huge sacrifices up absolutely in fact we took about fifty tickets I think last night to the Sugar Land show we had an amount before we are making announcements and there was a mom there she had a baby strapped owners don't make me carry two other babies. Dad's deployed right and said hey you could you know military moms canyon Anderson listened come have a free breakfast on us. We talked to Anthony ship yesterday from the home course it's going to be gourmet it's absolutely free all you need is a ticket. Yes he do you have to have a ticket so we are delaying the stomach military practice pit stops all next week. You get stopped by just pack your military ID and will debut as many as you mean. While supplies last yet and still Monday from 780 M Britney and some they're actually we know that are asked me drive guys helped us out he's going to be out there from 7 AM at urban timber coffee. Place beat him before for what club so and we appreciate wing and help us out I had thought yesterday though. In this is where I think there's a lot of people every seriously how can we help. Right I'm not military but I wanna help. Well I think we could use a little help making this event even better for our soldiers in what I mean by that is. I'd love to have somebody sing the National Anthem. They want love to have a color guard. We don't have either one of those things so if you know somebody who could put us in contact with some like that that would be great to 06421 wolf give us a call. You can always Texas 246150. Also we got stopped by yesterday and leave it gave us. A thousand tickets to a semi pro football game that's happening the night of June 16 we're gonna handle all those out to military breakfast. At stake fully yet we mean engineered volunteers because the staff. At does home course have all that take care preserving it all adds up again maybe in the store who wants to give like backing. You know neck massages or a face Keener balloon artist to take you know entertain kids. If your business like I own a car wash and wondering coupons for free car wash like any specific contribution not daft. Absolutely the only thing is you're gonna have to come up with a about whatever is he your worst servant were were estimating around 200 feet. So if you. If that. Generated an idea for you reach out please see any need to do for our military breakfast to a 6421. Wolf say an email to mad at Seattle wolf dot com. We were talking a minute ago about our morning wolf pack military breakfast happening not tomorrow but a week from tomorrow at the home course in the pot right there next to JB LA and so it's super easy for. All the active military there and their families to come up a free breakfast on us everybody here at the wolf is passionate about. Appreciating our military and veterans. Your invited as well it's got a quick email and get any questions you have or if you get an idea that might help us make the event better. As we honor our military. 206421 wolf got an email already that Seattle will start Conn hey good morning I was listening. Just a minute ago you guys are talking about the free military breakfast I think that is so great. And see she says I did have a question regarding the tickets however. My dad is 71. Just underwent major lung surgery to remove cancer from his body. We are now hearing that they are linking it to Agent Orange which is a whole different story. He's a navy vet he fought in Vietnam he's about six weeks post op and only gets out of the house to go to the grocery store. I think this would be such a great event for him to attend and meet other veterans and most importantly to show appreciation for his service along with any others. I'm a full time work and vomit to marry to a firefighter whose schedule is as crazy as mind. Is there any other way to get the tickets it does a required you to go to one of the locations. If there is I would love to know how thank you for all you guys are doing it's truly appreciate it let you guys as Lauren. I'll take care Loren just. All I know you wait to meet her. And the whole failing yeah and I think too she's absolutely right I know again I didn't serve and I've always felt guilty about that which is why I think military appreciation so important to meet. You know I only come from an army family dad was army so get out there Syria seats in your blood but. As far as the tickets go. You were trying to take care for everybody best we can and will have a lower your own cyber attack try to get to one of these pit stops try to have the tickets will always have tickets on us leading up to the event. But it's gonna be great to see veterans funding without the veterans and relating to things that they can only relate to Kenya. Can't say with Stanley yeah and any argued goosebumps thinking about these young 1920 year old kids that are AJ meal and go one up to a guy like this. And say hey thank you for what you did in Vietnam. That was a long time ago but man that that was the real deal so out and obviously this guy her dad still paying the price. So again any questions you can reach out via email text phone call we're here for 206421 wolf. I dug holes Bo look at it euphoria. I hate all we do Greg Doug you Conan about the boarding all that military breakfast. Yes certainly. Will what do we do for you have a question. Yes there are dark this morning it does build great umbrage. Aren't dead baby. And choose to have done and polish debt storm urgent vault. Or don't carriers. I was by one goal on tickets we're aren't go to give him current nor are struggling again. Talked information back yet. That apparently have more. OK Doug first of all thank you for your service hassle what you've done for ARCO Arena sacks and please stop calling me sir I certainly yeah. I know I can tell your military man but you're you're the one who deserves that dug so. Listen to breakfast is absolutely free to yet cost anything that tickets are free were giving them away this is our way here on the show and at the wolf. Just to say thank you for your service so we're happy to give you for tickets. If you go to Seattle wolf dot com. You will see where we're gonna be every day next week giving out these free tickets and that includes Sumner spin away Tacoma Lakewood and Puyallup hopefully. One of those locations to work for you Doug is we'd love to connect and give you those tickets. It 206421. Wolf that you have many questions about the inaugural morning wolf thank military breakfast. Let us buy you breakfast and personally thank you for the sacrifices junior Sammy made to serve our country and if you have any way you think you could add to this event if you're not military. But you can help out we'd love to hear about that T get ahold of us emails probably the easiest over the weekend mad at Seattle wolf I come in by the way. And lead and they wanted to mention. Is that this is the first. Of Manning. Yes it's not a one off the sorrow maybe in that area in the pond at the home course were having this practice isn't super convenient for you like dogs in polls well. That's okay we're going north next time we'll go east and a friend you know any wherever there are a large concentration of military families. Will be there. Yeah a couple times a year at least do it again this is grassroots it's organic it's if we're to start now with the concept. But it's gonna grow. Any you have any area where you would like us to host our next one deathly reach out to us about that is. Absolutely. All right stay with us we gotta fund phone call to take next I don't know exactly what it entails but it's somebody Emily collar about you. Arab and a boat I don't okay. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister in Italy today whoever she won. Don't care what his name is Matt Joseph it's all good and family rain you look at the picture or not talk about like yourself president Omar you know a little low and underneath. 100 point seven. Mozilo BJ in Ballard how you'd answer aren't too. Wonderful I figured you're right if we are a little well. Yes it's one of the requirements that slow Joseph and I have for her dating is that had a gentleman must have fun toys all quads are a you know motorcycles but a boat is definitely right there at the top of the list. Well. What it is yeah. Are there are of course. They're all white chapter of this morning about who they are beautiful. Okay so are you trying to set up your friend with a Italy or you might grant are arguably very important. To bed doesn't get back to a lot of bones but if they start stating your pal then we're in with you two right out of our effort could be. Emily yeah. That's. I don't think you guys are the ones that are so excited about about why you go out hang out let them first. Fi TV gig I. What I have proposed here Vijay as we set up this arranged marriage of why don't slow Joseph and I get together with junior Powell in my we have a couple of Beers like old salty sailors do very well put the feelers on this Fella he meets our standards for Emily and we'll pass along the phone number. It. Order. A little bit but there's. Sounds good to me when he viewed on the fourth. The fourth quarter all the harder to heard blood. Erica Bible we'll call it an off day it'll be less traffic anyway. Let's call it kind of friends own date down for this BJ if you. Are there are a regular. I love and and and we will get back to you and I let let me I guess we can never do that and you know BJ you can sound like somebody we want to please share your salary with. Yeah I'll play we're gonna go to the heat that weren't there. I got and that's it likes McCain. Constant in the game but I then listen BJ great assembly give a fascinating career you will talk to unity tennis mourning for sharing your salary okay. All I was sicker. Now are either ago weights and share your salary was Vijay the boat charter captain who might be slow denies new best friend. It really great to meet everybody less than the circulate concert they were awesome and that was a full house I stayed till 10 o'clock. I. I'm a runner on Steve's mind but it was worth it man they were really really good here that morning. I'm still a party you. Though wolf all right I got a question for all of you before we get to be free cash money to wolf that works payday is seven minutes away we got a keyword laureates were to grant a first. What is the best time of those weekend. Are you happy is when your anticipated weekend doing stuff on the weekend or winding down getting ready to go back to work there's a new survey. They actually pinpoints. What is the best actual moment that we can wipe that and I are people actually excited when it's winding down and placed it back to work. Well no I got well and yes 4%. 4% of people said. And let's not like a home life span. I guess there's no people that are unhappy when I go back to work I don't think that's terribly uncommon Ido my fair time. Give it to me slow jokes right when I get home from work on Friday in these guys yet yet I said I got to daylight and out on the worry about who worked for a couple days. I urge people feel lake and I know where universal how we feel about Sundays I load Sunday it is and we had a day off at like we have to start getting ready for Monday so Sunday's a worked at. I Sundays it's about sunny afternoon in the east are. For me realizing 3:4 o'clock asks are getting into have it all day long I'm counting down the minutes of three out. Pretty much spoils that well a new survey asked people to name a time in the weekend it's usually their favorites and to no big shock Friday night came in for at midnight and about Friday night's great yet though I gotta say I think I'm in first Saturday night. 'cause Friday night and I'm pretty tired from the whole week in some of that came performance I. Decimal leveled at a Saturday night you've had a chance to sleeping you've had coffee. You got all day. And you're not think about Sunday in NASA bit on me and mean as long easy don't drink on Sunday here fine from. Right. By the early Saturday night my favorite was second 50% of the votes of front comes in first. Saturday morning and afternoon both tied for third at twelve idea Saturday afternoon. Yeah yeah this Saturday when you don't drink I don't think so Saturday for me using IP it's like 4:5 o'clock it's Metairie to time backyard time. Susan Allen right summertime. There's so many times. To affect that too many excuses to pour cocktail that's certainly times for a fact there I think you're really need an excuse I don't mean I can. You're right. Because a taste viewed. This is morning wolfpack with another countdown to 100 foot putt. Laughs hit the pavement I'm Jack did beat history tour. Reagan's Amanda show everybody. Carrier. Welcome to beat the street I'm good by the way this is the derby contest that pits you against Iran and straighter here in the PNW if you know as much or more than they do. You're gonna win tickets get this this is really cool to see low cash at the snow Kwame casino on August 2 part of the whole year of a million tickets school. You understand the contest works. I do OK you'll meet the challenger Mir a couple of minutes now we asked them. These same five questions that you're about to answer which you only have thirty seconds to get through all five. Are you ready Rick I'm ready here we go question number one on your markets at and let's go wish Disney movie featured samba. Oh blanking what numbered as a Baker's dozen represent. Their games which ninety's TV show featured act Morrison's breach. That but it looked which I was directly west of downtown Seattle. Bainbridge. Boosting the country's own beer in Mexico act in each. I got. Now. Rick we're gonna have to go back in check the time on that I think you know you did pretty well but that might be in new land speed record also not that it matters but let's meet this challenge. Put your name away from him what he did. My name is Pam I'm I'm Bonnie lake tonight site fitness facilities. That's wonderful candidates a pleasure having you want to buy anybody's gonna get smoked as a bad thing bring aid students at it again let's go through this in find out how you did great Disney movie featured. Simba. Lion King everybody knows that the circle of life for tournaments out of quite numbered at the Baker's dozen or percent. Thank dean cool kid might be just as Smart as rich she's on which the nineties TV show PG exact words and street. Yeah. Wow perfect three for three for both of these so far just absolutely blazing through beat the street racing island is directly west from downtown Seattle. Lesbian now let us not dialing into the vast I would. John did you know that when Emily I I tickets carry over there and the guys that the money in your person being like Thailand Benton. Ricky got that one right so now you've had 43 lead here pulling away from came from Bonnie lake person of the countryside here in Mexico. On crowd really. Oh Kenny says me you need your answer just as Ricky you all of them five for 530 in front of breaking your ridiculously low cash just to Islamic Dziena maybe you've got that done. I think it's okay. Impressive Rick what do you do for a living amateur to ever quits the enemy run on the college somewhere. Hey it is all right Rick we love anybody thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank you congratulations Goodyear slow Joseph do we have confirmation that the new beat history record the previous record was nineteen point 442 seconds. Reconsider managed just clocked in at eighteen point eight. Saying oh boy it's a land speed record. Just drop the hammer on most of the morning wolf pack well as a way to into equal come back strong of course Monday do the same thing. I next free advice Friday coming up confinement as we got to circle the wagons here trying to help I Joann and her road kill obsessed daughter. The morning. Oh I now. 100 point seven. So wolf let's get ready do we free advice Friday can always emailing questions you have for us and for the morning wolf pack to Matt at Seattle dot com. Heyman Emily and slow Joseph I got one point for free advice Friday and the proud mother of a super sweet and sensitive eight year old girl. A couple of weeks ago we found a cat that was hit by a car and we buried it in the nearby woods. My daughter gave a little heartfelt speech I could not be more proud of how thoughtful she is. However. Every time now we see roadkill she wants to stop quoted in the car and have a burial for. I told her we couldn't do it because of diseases but she insists we can Wear gloves and disinfect. How to weather down. We can't have a pet cemetery in our backyard and that is JoAnne. Pre era that's tough one to. As the only parent there miles tell you that you really proud your kids when they have these empathetic moments for other things and other people right however. In our house there's no dead. Carcasses in the car I mean I just know we don't have that sensitive Jeanne our family there would be no stopping for road kill the answer would be no end to keep driving however. She made a pointed to you know that her daughter's very since an apt to us to handle spread to joints kudos for you for being a good mom and try to work your way around this. As far as advice goes I have none Emily you are saying though that you actually remembered cast some similar in your childhood. Yes so my brother who we runup we had not exactly the lizards and he answers and stuff so when they passed away we would bury an outside. My brother to get to step further and would like any frog early bird or any other small animal you'd find you'd theory in our little cemetery in backyards while. But what may be locked outside in about six years old. He dug up all lean animals. Seat they looked the same he'll he didn't understand like death not concept and the you're dead animals is on the human. You're getting Hamels spread everywhere. These two Brothers named Dextre the building and create fetuses Terry Lloyd has a little girl though how disturbing is that to see and decomposing animal carcasses all over your backyard how I prayed and I don't blame the. It. They did in the school play in the backyard they got a symbol. Oh yeah there's dead animal parts are. This is by far my favorite created last Friday valor. Well you know because slider we can have a little fun with it and I don't think the it's a life or death situation either way but if you got any great divide a rental Matt Killen is you know they're already dead and no I. If you got any advice for Joseph and how she should deal with her road kill obsessed daughter. Maybe you've had released him earlier in your family to us exports UN wolf right now are you can always hit us up and attacks emily's got she was 46150. Good morning Nancy ever we discussed every duty free advice Friday email for those he'd just doing he is content sum and Joey any email lists got an eight year old daughter who after. Theory I cat that was hit by a car. Is now obsessed with picking up all the road kill and bearing in the backyard and Nancy what'd she do about this road kill obsessive get immersed. I would explain to her. It's Baylor ran all the road you know and given burial that he is taking away somebody's job is how did you ask for. Fool now string of mayors and gold I didn't realize that was actually some his official job well we did it exits and you can calling animal control. It can be done they go out and pick up down Malik wrote kill. This is different counties they have you know the the prime. You know am I gonna get in the other guy I'm trying to debate you like I was an eight year old girl. But you know they've still have a job if there was less dead animals they don't get paid by the end of the. Back. I'm sick of them trying to tell he's probably come up with a regarding the fitness he's good off yesterday. That those people you burial service. For them as well. I don't know how to get prominent. You know I think we need to come up here is. A classic parent line which we use in our house almost every death. Just the reason we don't want a kid to do so right you come up with the scum made up consequence. Ono and if you touch today and we Hansel falloff everybody knows Africa. Nancy we love hey hey yeah we love the feedback thanks so much earlier you know part of the show you know do. I take care. To a 6421 wolf for advice for Joann and her road killer says daughter or the Texas or six when vikings if I know I like saying if you. Hello Jessie Lakewood happy Friday however you. So doing great man thanks for asking and now free advice Friday how she Joey and deal with her road kill obsessed daughter she's in a tough spot especially because a rate year old daughter is very sensitive and really is empathetic and thoughtful which is a good thing that you can't have dead animal carcasses. Upping your Buick every day right. And yet the doubt about it a little seven year old girl very empathetic of all I think that it might certainly be angry have been. Bondage for years and in our backyard. The last full equipment and every time when you cut it off and it's. And just you know we can't let all the bodies here well he. All eaten. The biggest that they are you. Quote if you are older over a bunch of huge annual event where the spirit of the animal. Right now. I think that's not ask a great idea and so much easier is apparent and strap on rubber gloves and grab in the bleachers right to open up a carcass I'm down with the ribbon program this thank you know thank you Jessica Bonnie lake any advice for Joseph and here in free advice Friday. Yeah if it weren't there isn't that how are you that they have at their feeling everything to get off at the seat. What I would pay check out. That they're not having it stop every at all but also acknowledging that feeling the fact that you talk. Act or even drop and figured. I ate it up by. Then again. It's perhaps. The moment of silence the great idea of not only does it take care of the problem but you get a moment of peace it's. Well we're gonna go ahead kids and extend them on the silence are three hours on the wing movement. Until they don't feel like we just have to throw another pilot program like. Onto the golf world know an island in the exact. A lot of reasons this is a great idea Jessica thanks so much for being a part of the show today. Some more calls on the way including a couple of guarantee gonna make you laugh in five minutes again how should Joseph and deal with their road kill obsession daughter on free advice Friday. To a 6421 dual cortex 461. I'd zero. Hello Deborah silver dale what advice do you have for Joey and here in free advice Friday for her roadkill obsessed daughter well I actually had to give this advice to my grandson he was right. Because the pain that he wanted to find the animals Japan series down in our dark. And I told him that we can't move down because. They are loved ones and their family we're going to find him and put them where they want it. And you didn't want you know his mommy or daddy to normal this writers find him. And so we will watch and a couple of days later after the rose crew to come by. I would tell policy you see his yeah. She's so Smart yeah exactly how would it be families look at his mommy. And who can bury her piano and so they had been you know he felt closer when they were bought it right as you've been around the block the time you know what's going on. Apple like hello Derek in Seattle what should Joseph and do a better road kill assessed daughter. Our lawyer told that they just go watch that cemetery there are no button there you go that's impaired or die. I don't films as well we're animals come back to life the mall humans good things keep it coo Joseph I'd throw that has used the jaws just all the scary animal movies trying to think is there any others pregnant phobia boom heard one what's the one with the giant alligator NIC Wright's Q and get your of that and alana. And it's on the plane like had at yeah I'm Garrett just have a weekend thrown out all of the horrible scary animal movies and you're good to go. Exactly it'll never wanna see another animal again and lights. I mean granted you know I'm gonna have a family pet either but hey man that's the flip side of cold you have to pay a lot to be later on. Good to watch that a regular road jail a great idea are you a parent Derrick I don't know OK let's keep it that way. How witness and I did thank you for all of your. Free advice Friday for Joann and her road killer says daughter. And you know I'm really grateful for the morning wolf pack and leave because the word sensitive. We don't do that in our house we just don't want a bill like death so if one of our kids on the subject of roadkill we would just say no and he drives clone I don't have a kids' site I know I don't Latin guilt us. But for Joey and those were some great worker cancel so as we swing the gavel and close the door on free advice Friday I say Joseph and pick your poison you got some great ideas from some people and much more empathetic and thoughtful people than my wife and I think that's to help you grow attacked us. It's just so. I giggle when I hear these things is Vanessa wouldn't even think twice about pulling over picking up today general hood to the what are you crazy. Anyway I would get the Big Three would heavily coming up in 3 minutes this morning. Alastair and you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lives of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night at large and this is the big story. Some have referred apple way now fear and Heatley from the royal wedding it that we can start to see the trends that it caused. Now link middle sand and Prince William got married to big trend after that was to wedding dress have you wanted to copied or be similar. But this time with Prince Harry and meg and Markel give me gas with a tremendous. You know the only thing that this is me coming I saw that I was envious over wanted to have it was a little convertible I think it was an Aston Martin or some kind of a sports car that they drive away and drove wave belong to the queen sicker side piece rate but I saw that car Mike James and I'm like dad as. The Walsh did give it to me. Not the transit and is actually eight people getting the freckles patchy on their time that you liked his style of you because I am tired of freckle though. This actually started it last year people started get freckles tacky but after seeing meg and Merkel on TV. Of course the trend is blown out the what do you do basically get little dots put on your face. And that are dark at first but then like settling into like freckles and they are not even permanent they only last about three years fortieth season. And a tattoo shop you do a tattoo shop for freckles sweet they catch you like your nose and right under I think it's great. I could be a tattoo artist if that's the order today I don't mind. Air creating actual that you're right in my you'd giving yourself a little everywhere otherwise gone Mittal made that dig out of my hand I. Why am I not surprised by I know daddy got arrested make him once has his own Tansu Claudette the head of the and it never seemed he's had a friend actually blends right in it's almost hard to find new. Rumor has threatened artist over there area you let's slow gentle on your face now. I don't know eating right and can handle. I need today is national best friend's day. Restaurant and he did kid yeah 8% of people say they have the best friend. Only 11% of people say that they met their best for an. After they were done with school so it makes sense lifelong best friends are most common are most comedy. I think suggesting it's not it's hours of hanging out someone to become casual friends and about 200 hours of spinning kind of person to be considered best for. Do you know them on and I like people with that's a big investment commemorated in Baghdad and anybody like you know I am alliance and good despite your best friend yeah I don't really have a best friend I know Joseph does his friend Josh who's known forever now. When you meet Josh. Who are I've our parents were friends before yeah Gloria. I find like with a male female things I think guys are more likely to have a best friend your whole life. Feel like women cycle through best friends like every five years have super intense with them and then they either gone begin to find a way yes and from. Appalachia itself and I think you think your mom's LC glance yeah not uncommon for grolier at major Matt yeah I can't think the year here are my best friend wrong tonight and appreciate that and and you know when I feel the same way and I Q brother I hate coming brilliant short different. Yeah it at that. But I did a story just freed eyes and maxim just announced the top person on their hot 100 list and this year it's going to beat Kate lovely. Isn't it always Qaeda than he does actually never Ben. The top percent interest in depth affect other singers that have been in the top is Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus key Perry is seen at Valero. I literally do not find one of those unattractive is something wrong with me yes there is Eric let me tell Taylor doesn't do hysteria and Taylor and always like it seems like a kid again. Yeah outside of the big Qaeda in thing I don't really get us. Or just does things she's not maybe just not my taste. But hey knock yourself out. Portable that with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll. How much time to get Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the finger treasury to agree not supposed to ask someone how much money they make namely that the gas let's play share your salary because we all wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never okay and ask. Until now. On the phone from spent a way it's Casey good morning Casey Ari you. Good morning Murray hill. Third grade and thanks for coming to our rescue last minute there we had BJ the boat captain from Ballard who bailed on us that's a lot of these sloppy yeah. So you you've you've filled in just what we need to Casey's who we appreciate that and the fact that you're gonna share your salary here and a couple of minutes. Okay do it tells what you do for a living. Well okay we get a say at which bank or should we not. Art and OK I think that's all do before we get to the questions. Oddity like lately or has your game face on or I call her massive RB I read. And I think she did you take this a little too seriously what does fascinate I know I'm just here it is one minute on the clock we're gonna rapid fire you a bunch questions Casey and then well guess what we think you make in your figure salary here we go family means fire away. I Casey do you work. Full time apart. All hell leave Casey. When he. How funny he worked there. I almost see it do you prefer the drive through or working inside the bank. I able. DC are also working their idea. What's your in game at the bank. And don't get bonus. You create he'd eat out like handling all that money is this legally he TV fan. Really. Are you the bossa anyone. Now last time you got a raise. I had my. Are our only your salary. Hours there's no bank teller union correct. Not the thing that I. Did they have to give background check on you when you got tired. Yet did you have a team cup all right I know I didn't. We're gonna have you had to stand by firm three minutes case you'll come back well guess your salary and he'll share Tsonga. Now. Welcome back to share your salary because we all I don't know what everybody else visually but it's never OK to ask until now. We got Casey on the phone she's a bank teller in span away what else do we know about are only if you just join in the conversation let's get your speed. For guess she's 23 years old she's been hurt in the air for teen years she works full time and get paid hourly but does get bonus this. She works C drive through in the lock up test she sees herself as still working married five years and hopes one day lead me enter. Kind present all some correct he Kasey. Yet you know what's interesting about bank Steve evicted tend to cluster together. When we are pulling into the assess the show we're Sydor intend last night. One corner. Three banks one on every corner and I was like honey that's so weird I safety in numbers. When the bullpen outside gang thing. Courthouse right there she is yet there's courthouse adding on and on an eight month gas stations do the same thing that yes they they huddled together and it's out OK let's get to it here. I believe I won yesterday did he suffers from first over the weekend and knocked nearly out that hurts a little bit ahead. Based on the fact Casey you're young and I think this is your first sort of real job and it's a spring border. I'm gonna give you 30000 dollars a year which I think is still doing pretty dang good for 23 years old. Emily and aloha air. And an error 36 when you think she's got upper management written all over again okay Catholic so Joseph I can't remember the last time slugger one I Sally I watched this. Already forty K oh all right Casey and spend away. Are you ready to share your salary. Yet all right without further ado let's find out how much he makes every single year being a bank teller and spent away. Whenever you're ready. RA ID 27. And yeah. I mean basket of planning and you know Casey that's all good I mean your young gala just getting started in the banking game you're gonna work you way up and I think of what can we learn from the guy carte toys anyway he stayed the same place for twenty years you work hard. You're going to be make 250 K that's right you know so he. That's you know I think nowadays every jumps around jobs so much. Still you are yeah. And look at the matter. And into the sat at the weekend just eight counts of where we stand in the standings yes Nat you haven't nineteen. I had fifteen slowdown in U asks that. Joseph this is not your jam again ask yes or Eric Gagne and down have you ever been and airman rob earlier working. On more. What does that mean. We've heard and I don't try to make a tae Bo so you had you had a purview thwarted the robbery. The big verging disease reported that I was an English major here. Take Jaycee Lee let me have a great week and okay. Etiquette and LeRoy series salary to a 6421 wolf sic it's Tuesday morning. You 100 points. Wolf great to see so many a view last night but at the assessed a show or sinner in camp for the Sugar Land concert. I really didn't know what to expect considering certain length off the map for so long. But I actually stay Vanessa Lex wanted that was their first concert ever together mommy daughter. Yet like whenever Sugarman was called as a typical top of their game. It is funny to be held back in the day it was act now that I didn't last night selects he's fourteen Allison that this was your first controversial in Atlanta Vanessa was sharing those memories last night about how she's so little. That she took a nap in the middle because really she laid down on the off. Next to us with her mom doing the exact same thing that's which this is pretty cool. But I mean for for them not being around and in a new album out today by the way. Didn't they played a song last night from the new album I thought the way to handle it was great they came out. They played like three or four hits. And by the way this is all by design of their old stuff like yeah clear and that kind of stuff right they came out swinging like four or five big hits everybody's out dancing nobody sit down have a good time. And didn't you know they say Nguyen did like Christian bush plays a solo song and Jennifer Nettles plays a solo song and then it played a couple songs from this new album and I let's say you. I have not really had a chance to sit down really listen to what I'm doing over the weekend with a couple of Metairie doesn't. But I tell you had the song if they last night was really really good we all liked it so I'm looking forward to the album. So I saw the picture of you backstage and then and it. They don't burn rate Jennifer Nettles athlete big hair and is wearing stripes and with a part of the or something she knew about why she was stress. She looks amazing. She's beautiful man she look like Marilyn Monroe except thinner version. Head yes so they had a whole circus thing. Kind of a three ring tense circus so her outfit for the concert basically the picture the UC on the wolf social media thus backstage with them take the pants off him. And throw elected giant red Michael Jackson PT Barnum and Bailey jacket that was your other regulator exactly access. She's very theatrical so. Will we are back in this was the cool part a share a little behind the scenes we it is. They were both super nice super sweet. But we had a chance to sit down with Kristian bush talked to him and he talked to us for half an hour about their process. And you know he's the brains. How is the band they hired Jennifer knows she's the talent. So he writes all the songs he comes up with the ideas he and his and his brother plays keyboards brother was in Greenwich Brian for awhile. So they're like the brains they're run in the show even though he's playing guitar and doing background. He's the guy might mastermind she's the show he makes it look good exactly and sound good. So he was just tell us about how increased and he's music and he comes from more of our rock music background hot. Where she comes from orbit theatrical almost a musical background and you combine the two and that's what you get on stage. But you lose and many as you know. When you do what I do and he's helping all these younger artists like Lindsay L Luke home right all the up and comers they come to him say hey man how do you do this. Because you've been in the game for so long they all respect him. And he was little things like. Decent man I had to learn the hard way when your in an arena and you walk out into the crap. That you cannot hear the back beat of the drum and you start hearing three of everything because of the echoes. So I had to because I went to Kenny Chesney said hey how do you do this senior shows teacher one of the best right. Because yeah I take my earpiece out. And I have a strobe light in my hands. The strobe lights the drone keeps the beat keeps the B keeps me on time bonds and Krista gross like how did you learn that it's The Rolling Stones. They taught me. And it's like wow he was just explaining this whole thing and he took half an hour it took all this time to explain to us how. He's like dude the books are even read right by bands that came long before us that they had to do was ask the questions so I tell these younger guys in Nashville it meant. This is all been done before yeah you just need to talk to the right people that have been down the road there I call it it was enlightening tea but it's great seemed. The crowd was amazing it was path. So big show fun thanks to all of you to stop by the law as you don't match and meeting everybody at that just yet did that feel the love last night so great to see everybody. Yeah palace raid in these here and. So yeah well we've had some beautiful weather this week and unfortunately it's not gonna continue to the weekend overcast today it is supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday. Emily let's go around the horn here what are you doing this week it would get into what he would you even doing. Well my weekend actually kind of annulled it'll. Do you have a bike grace star night in Ballard tracks yes. And by the way everybody listening you're invited to come it's a big party it's called a valid criteria and shut down downtown Ballard his beer gardens. It's the only kind of like Chris and it's fun to watch this most bike races you start. You believe in you come back three hours later we as he passed once maybe maybe this we go around a city block about a hundred times forty miles an hour there's crashes there's elbows thrown its. Rubbing is racing fear fans are crazy. To be funny if it rains. It's going to be a spectacle. So I'm excited about that and that actually bringing a guy for youth to ice to meet certain. Go on so we not a couple of dates he invalidate the super nice guy I mean not like serious dreaming dad I exclusive but. I want you guys to meet in the money no accused. You realize are being spent X weight does that mean I have to go through. Yes this could just go like this large shows that we know each other for eighteen years he's never seen even on a bicycle up easily with house. This is gonna take some big effort for literally had to get out moraine. Bring a variety of aren't just going. It can be fun to have although I think I'm gonna be a little nervous. Having people know me but anyway disguise. Well I am just kind of different to what I am can you see dating and I just kinda wanna. Deal out in a social and I have different house I think inquiring minds want to know. It's high or intellectual. Polygamy. Girl and her needs you if you now. Okay sometime sophisticated. Very sophisticated. But at just and I might like random acts of mind. Rain and acts like. Did you know turtles have liked its legs you know Stephen Zack wait let's totally made up facts little. So does that effect but didn't like wolf. Dad yeah I like this really digging in the game. He is very eat in tonight and. OK good well listen I'm looking forward to it of course Vanessa my wife will be an. She'll have a radar up of course angry red flags I just don't get how you gonna introduce in the Malin meth. Right after the race so I race five and then there's there's the pros and go after us it's all changing grab a beer and we'll all hang out what I read out. Six OK I don't have a wrestling with the latest I did tell us I got to delivers over I have worked there as I can I can make look forward to meeting the Fella. It's your heart don't that are better. OK but not a pattern that area over the petered out the pattern parkinson's and oh yeah. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf and as we get ready to hand over the studio to immediately who's in here commodity LA I'm Matt catch at face value everybody's got their Sugar Land day after look the I myself running on fumes but a couple things here next week we are going hard in the paint for the morning wolfpack military breakfast will be out every day. Given away those free tickets to honor and celebrate our military at home course June 16 eight to 10 AM free breakfast it's gotta get those tickets hotel all weekend. And next week people are fired up that you guys are doing that's. Yeah a there was Colette yeah we gave out about fifty tickets to active military their families veterans yes. It's going to be a really fun thing on the sign outside into a little while to get together and it's going to be great. Podcast to be up around 1030. So the court that's most content including 13 of people say their financial plan news. Inheriting money from their parents. Well I mean. Hey mom you feel sick kids. New study finds that women should work a maximum of 34 hours a week because they're so awesome and do everything else that's right. What states like to drink whether it is only two states that like wine and more than deer. We'll tell you what they are when you had the podcast on iTunes or the apple the web sites are dealing got a lot of fun parties are relentless on. It takes a slow Joseph recaptured some elusive audio as is almost as elusive as the fame yet he himself again at the and so. We had a my for awhile what you look to do was get our wolf pack two how like wolves yet and there was one woman in particular caught our sins America. And it kinda reminded us of the conversation the other day about how I suggested that some women have a hard time making need to block a sound effects. It would appear that the walls Howell also falls in line with some of that. Listen to this in by early this is still on are in the grim story at Seattle to try to watch this live. I dad is bloody murder. Look there are fewer three others before that there where I as horrifying and I use Tadzhikistan. Here. He did that on the plaza NTS SO show or sinner and a lot of people hit the deck. Think what is happening and how nice we got a word got to walk about feeling a little bit you had the best wolf fell out of everybody yesterday it was a little girl named tail. And she's from Olympia and she was there with her mom and she nailed it is not a warm house you've had that same damn kids of the best. Brian I'll let a lot of fun thank you for the party Willis before the show started and throughout by the way Larry Maggie went up. Good to get to know you little bit better idea Italy's next we will see you back Monday at 5 AM. Good morning it'll actually Medicare and game warnings from by the film. I yield 100 point seven the world.