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Friday, March 9th

Friday March 9th, 2018


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Hey welcome back to our podcast for Friday march 9 it's Matt McAllister here annaly reigns over there and and slowed joke it's a lot of vocal rising time and who on this show just enjoy the Vietnam during the show as yourself busy so it's nice to have things happen to be a minute to opine my hands free at a at bat. Heidi just a couple of quick reminders and we talked about it on the show which you're about to hear so I can get into it but just a reminder set the clocks. Spring forward. Set right forward which. Oh when Joseph and I have not dealt with daylight savings time in one note ten years is Arizona for some reason just opted out. Yeah well we are to me now let me just make sure got this track so at midnight on Sunday morning it's actually one man right. Yes yeah because it the only thing I can tell you that I'm kind of looking forward to is that you know. Vanessa my wife is really bouncing back and forth in Arizona know what we're on the same time schedule now we're in the same time zone yes. Where as before she was always in our Lola so at least that just makes it a little easier for my life threat. What are the coolest things I've ever done with this spring forward to as they were having a five K or ten K which ever one. You wanted to do it started at midnight so you basically either had a negative time or you did your team came like two minute. We really. Fairly specific but okay analysts are looking for five gators are to deny a retinal area. All right so a couple thing I wanted to get to today. Kind of an update on the Tommy Lee story that we discussed yesterday at what again if you missed the podcast injury yesterday we discussed how. Tommy Lee from Motley Crue drummer who by the way to this day. Still the best live performance of any drummer in concert I have ever seen drilling on the girls girls girls or Kemper arena Kansas City, Missouri. When his drum kit in Italy and you don't you know I'm talking about how now. As a 32 year old but. On that tour and he had a drum kit come up from the stage yeah it's it would elevated. He went out over the crowd took your house floor. And then it starts doing flips that local and I had like a 25 minute drum solo while the thing is spinning like a top and a damn circus and I about it the women sort of taken off their clothes. Not ethnic. Jury they're throwing women out because they were thrown robberies are that was expected to have my right in Asia well it kinda is dead as also where I learned to you know Gagarin the midwest lot of rock music camp before I got in the country but. Man I remember go to the shows is thing is it like dirt bags central. Some of those beautiful women I've ever seen in my life and I totally shows wearing formal dresses. You Wear a homecoming prom are nice of them you know. It was crazy and then there are naked. It may. Will have your address to take your top off you know all I gotta go all the way that plan but that was I think one of my first ever shows Dolly party Kenny Rogers back in the early days anyway I'm distracted so here's the update on Tommy Lee. That was a little Motley crew background. Pam Anderson wrote a blog. About our son Brandon was only trying to help is dead Tommy Lee was his alcoholism when he beat up his face and knocked him unconscious so now she's piling onto the Tom maybe your scumbag party. She added quote Tommy is a disaster spinning out of control and he's not act like a father but this is nothing new. Yeah. I I I honestly. I have believed that about man like he just seems like he's probably an alcoholic and even admitted it in his post two days ago I received electric more than the average person pretty rich all they. Yes I'm a third drug. And I don't know I mean about it lake to its. And know the guy and I think assuming you live life according to rock star runner you're supposed to be a drunk third party normally nobody expect you to be responsible now that we have kids and you also private lap I guess you're supposed to say we does that somehow he had a little bit. Anyway in her blog which I thought it was very subtle it was titled alcoholism is that double. She separate Tommy gets the help he needs his actions are desperate and humiliating. Now here's the other thing too though. As somebody who was married to now divorce and I have an ex wife that. Is sinister to the core cracked I always take ex wife comments with a grain of salt grass and not course I know are ready here's pile on the Tom and AM mass taken a format and I don't have any reason to. But I also know comments from ex wife for comments from an ex wife. Now has an axis usually rare they're gonna say something I. I didn't we see that's why you're here emirate of Reggie balance I'm not as though that if if if I become a father. And my son knocks me out cold Monday the last thing amenity is post about it on instant grants. Like that will be to womanizer that I need to make some sort of changed is like yeah well good to think keep your son Knox Shia call for any reason is probably time to take a look at the mere yeah absolutely does not mean right yeah like Yemen and added brand is and doesn't come across like some psychopath. It's out of control. Alcoholic now he's got to meet heady days to come on Tammy. And he anyway she said both their sons have been trying to help Tommy Lee be sickened quote in narcissistic and socio path. She also took a shot at Tommy's fiance which. Okay let me just ask you Amelie as a woman is this the kind of family dynamic you're looking to marry into no absolutely not can you imagine being Tommy Lee's fiancee now and so here you are gambling here in bed with Tommy Lee you're having a moment right. He's about to whip out his eight foot Anaconda you guys. His son comes in and beat him unconscious. And then you've got Pamela Lee is the exit you're dealing went yeah here also. Yeah every step mom to these kids who are beating up they're bad and then you got Pam Anderson Baywatch CJ ward running around and read it's you're coming after you. Now not for me thank. Is CJ Lawrence yeah it was a name of the show I thought the CJ or is that anchor in Santa Barbara for the the daylights. Yeah he is saying name. I don't know I guess we. I don't know I guess is the guy was he didn't really season I might you know I love to be happy and we'll we'll what do you call it when I'm rom and I'm confidently wrong you being governor and Pam Anderson I think it's a matchup. They I think it is too because you're right about that news anchor yeah died too by the way are great. OK hold on and I know we're killing time here. Come on give it its use women and I I know and Ono. She did you she's turned and I see over there I have no computer rattle he's trying to be honored at all as slow as molasses. But well if he's pulling up the new movie which I saw and I thought was really thought Stevie this is please note that I started CJ Parker sees it it's our car hits affect our right now forget where we work differently and I think. Sell anyway that was my other thought is what woman in her right mind even though you might be getting a little bit famous by being married to Tommy Lee and there's a little bit of a lifestyle there was money. What woman in her right mind would sign up for that hell I don't think she's spot in their right mind. You could be all around good well and obviously you know you know it in Italy you don't drink at all Brett could you be in a relationship with a heavy drinker. Now yeah I had injured a casual drinker and my. But not a heavy drinker. Yeah so she's. Well anyway be fun to get them on like Maury Povich it's US coast of Africa fan all right seven us we didn't talk about because it's pretty stupid the average person panics. Because they have nothing to Wear 36 times a year okay that's clearly not an a for guys who now guys do not get your jeans and a T shirt you're good to go so easy for us miss time fair you know I'd say I will sag you know a few guys that take you there war drove situation a little too seriously but this certainly isn't me anybody you would hang out with a fine -- I believe there's people that China Emily do you panic when you don't have anywhere. Give us a strong strong word but I also know that it's gonna take me and I and I also Wear all black a lot like when I'm going out so. You think I'm making a lot easier it does not I. But I know that this is coming like if I haven't and then an economic address I start pre. Yeah and I still. Yeah I don't know where but I don't he and beyond that I tried on I am to six outfits a different shades of black in there she is from. Laughing yeah my wife like pop a color every once in awhile spice it up I may I don't put it on you don't put on my fifth inning and. OK yeah that's safer again there say. Okay according to new study the average person panics 36 times a year that's a lot of panic in because they feel like they have quote nothing to where that's three times a month. Yeah I don't have that much going on my license Danny did dress accordingly but clearly that's people that dress every day for jobs and I strikeouts is at least me is a very simple Dresser and work it very casually you get away with sweat shirts and right active Wear so it's just a -- that I have to think about but yeah so for the average person maybe let's just say a woman that has you know I'd corporate job it has to look a certain way. I'm sure those of moments approach I worked out yesterday. Well almost swear you'll sore yesterday I know I don't sister up I can't believe I didn't I didn't. 74% of the test of a closet we'll never Wear again the average person has 53 things in their closet likeness of that history. And parents just say how many things that pulled out my closet eyes packing. That style attacks on. I just yeah but that's a woman thing right react after lamenting that they are an all day it was only deal where one day but I bought at seven years ago so. Yes it's embarrassing how many things that I'll never Wear again I'm still holding on to him. And those things that you buy in a smaller side is now I'm okay I'm not one that's OK could but what I was referring to fight and holding on today encased gathers women it'll buy a smaller shirt as motivation to lose weight in for a diet or jeans especially exam. Good lord my wife has and I don't even know how many magazines so one piece of clothing she has a lot of financial go by another pair brilliantly. Like twenty pairs of jeans and an act cheap. Hi I have probably I had regular jeans and skinny jeans then. Longer ones for healed I only had forty players forty and I Wear two or three. Why did you bring them all to Seattle do you have now urge a little bit I urge you lot and still brought a whole big pop that. And it's funny is how many times we ever gonna see Wear jeans to work men usually never never had you made you want to live man while. All right what's everybody doing this weekend Marley and with that analysts are with you I mean your here by yourself when you're gonna be looking around for a spot to live may behind. Yeah Manila around it's real estate we also have that they can Hamburg and burger debate urban a bacon or any hang out. Urban comes first on a sorry. In my right bacon and I hate and he's a funny how she could make it first is that it's a priority for her I I now have a thing about Bergen for like humans man absolutely immunize overall gonna be gonna get it to yes. Where is Seattle and senators that Chrysler Joseph you remember act. Let me just make sure you were all gonna be there tomorrow I'm bring in my father in law and it was ago keep going them in Europe Asia so amenity that I also might have a date collapsing that I went away when we start with this just about stupid crap commissioner. Curving and it paid I don't know it I just got a message do you wanna meet up for dinners out. I haven't trying to. So how when did the message coming in literally like three minutes OK good because I was gonna get really upset with you you have to go on and on about panicky no clothes I even checked it I just what the notification to eighteen and I see the dude. Yeah it's the odds on days. Talking about you have. They're just got a little bit longer and so okay is this bomb blur the bumble Marmol and I combined humble and Tumblr OK so this is somebody you have wait I just got you request heard and and look at is lot of them Tommy Lee now a crack is he's married now getting married. This is the first guy he gets scroll down. But due to he now. I like that guy who all you have you seen anything. So he for sure OK he's definitely military perhaps police. Special forces like police he is surely African GI Joseph okay and our guys all obesity Canada will. He's a man and a man's man emily's not your taste is like I don't. I have no I I don't how to tastes like I have dated all over the map and then it and the other. It's for is very different. He likes to insert pictures and assured David really good look at dude but that guy will cheat on you the first guy won't let. Don't worry your generalization yet they're oh the guy the shirtless guy walking a tight rope is gonna cheat on he's he's almost like free so good looking. He's got side ass out of days. That he's got a dog and has not listened his two profile pictures like perfectly. Planned okay me on the date at Meehan a dog of the K show that this is and whatever it's a trap at least probably all creditor you buy your best picture you put an advocate find bodies in a backyard I hacks people I see that are now from cheating to like Simon and get our film as a serial. I was bunt I'm like guy like the second island matter is seen see it a second. Yeah I think I like special forces did yeah. Maybe about a thousand as well nodding and bed and then I think in the interest of show prep and contents for next week I definitely would encourage you to get there. Yeah see what's available yeah. You're trying to find ways the Limbaugh battle it out and organically that can do it's meanwhile yeah I did they're both really good looking I'll look. Did you think this thing looks a little bit too fancy come on now. I don't think Saddam has like a twelve pack of Babs so I don't really never let us earlier this do you see guys like will bid that's more like I have ads 'cause I'm in the military and I go back and go kill Taliban. And actually the second guy looks like a pretty boy did you have an article appealed so I figured he takes a lot of self and it. Is probably gay two teeth. That's an idea that bubble RE great I'd love to have these two guys. I'd love to be able to put it up on the web at which when suitably date and had to go out are going to go out both of them and we'll see which one turns out to be the better prospects for you. I mean I don't know after a first date anyway. Mad Uruguay takes him more deeply NN so what would you do for for it lunch. Coffee coffee probably copies good call yeah I wouldn't recommend dinner down cost airlines perfect he had nice write our Beijing and then meet up with them at this I'm gonna press those two quality look and do totally ahead. Boehner I would have to root threesome. Lana mess them then. There's even more Mueller tied and I don't know that light is that 95% of what you're not in president and maybe you know what he doesn't like diamonds in the rally cloud Tinder Yates why you strike refugees out of a thousand pictures are it's far right like maybe like fifteen times as I think. So there's just a lot of like to last a lot but the net I remember when they first came Alexander and I had already met Vanessa but Joseph was singling came over me drank on the back porch and and Vanessa I just did render well. Our swiped for and theater goers are women are so hard and swims at now now you know it's it's now for a bit and I'm like Fannie take it he's thank NSA for Sunday's Iowa you got a fun weekend plan apparently. Okay up by the way just a follow up to Bieber gonna make invested that the Seattle design center that's we're going to be there Joseph and I assume that during the day and I think you decide recital of the Dili I think I don't twice. Guys aren't the guys and then we're have a girls' night. As luck thank god you know drink because if I went suburban vacant for us twice I wouldn't know my own name now I mean by 10 o'clock at night. Thank god for that there. And anything else is slow Jerry Yang on top of that. Not really I got Irvin they can't say if he's living to. Know how to price gets that mad box issue earth and Clint Didier and see then you for coming me bats are reversing Vanessa and Jude. Lex Dylan nanny pop eater all on a plane coming here right now for spring break yeah I got a big weekend got a big weekend and then a big week everybody's here till Wednesday and then the kids fly out in any poppy fly out and it's just. And a possible Ricky now possible root canals are calling actually sues we in this recording and call this endocrinologist. And yeah. Kevin rook and hopefully next week pace yourself with painkillers make I don't have many now is yeah everybody been dope fees it would be like 22 time I put them into the morning with torn. Now Ibuprofen during the day I'm only gonna use them to play when my mother lustrous talking incessantly or tasteless. Yes well who asked not. Why don't have that many do that I area I gotta say that so are you guys have a great weekend honestly we love you thanks for common elicited the podcast and will find all of all about it at least dates on Monday. I can't wait you guys are excited that if you don't well one of them your fired you know yeah you gotta get. Okay what I agree to go out an and then somehow they blow the opt out a softer front ankle is on you show willing eagerness and they're going to be have gone to drain out GI Joseph in net asset for five bro. I'd like did you guys different on both excellent and yet pretty well over their likes the pretty blunt honesty by the readies a cop men deny the said police and he is only not. I think he might generally as heavy as background clear glass slide or get ideas why. They got a shot bin Laden hit I got an idea and they get tickets to him and partisan every week it was evacuate on Monday. He doing it's he wants well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Well good morning Matt McAllister here join of course by the lovely and talented and leave him alone to more good morning slow Joe's analysis here Jennifer at Friday surveillance Adam let everybody made especially me. Yeah that's a couple of painkillers yesterday to kind of get through this abscess tooth until I get a root canal ahead. I feel so much more mentally alert in yesterday which is a good thing gas you know effectiveness of the show assembly goes slow motion naturally that is you know the thing and and I as effective yet but I'm not even in your insomnia leave Joseph so I'm I'm a rookie. I am not in the major leagues itself may grind it out and a front Natalie how would you dais today. It was really get at decent training stuff for work which is never fun but got it done on all caught up in the guest Colorado ranch. Both are gonna have fun today. Been discussed an addiction of mind that serious doesn't into the paint. And it's an eagle addiction don't worry. Free advice Friday coming up there about fifteen minutes also what do you found in your food they didn't belong there. Along way to Baghdad regular stuff by the way there's a story there's a reason we're talking about death. Elvis say. Tooth cashier's. Believe the death. But right now we want our lead off collar it's probably use here on Friday joining get some base to a 6421. Wolf it's good to see the phones lighting up before we even went on the air today. And before you know they don't call are as well thank the following people fur trying to get through air content. Got Howard Port Orchard. What's ahead and Nancy Auburn as well but he called and wanted to get on base which is awesome but Cameron you're the first remote carver Yury truck driver. And from understand your big listen so thank you for that camera happy Friday body. Right at JS it was going out Cameron talk Jerusalem that what do you plan for the weekend. Our work work more work to try to get caught up on mortgage crisis went through. I'd say tough break up with the exit of four kids. See Google get paid in the break up then yeah. Moon. Are they your four kids or her four kids. Herb market. OK do you have any between the two have you. Well before I got to give our serve our heavenly in my OK well like that would be like Amelie who's single gallon no kids getting into a relationship with a guy with. For kids eager to do that and I mean apple ought to take us on a lot to dig out from the right person zero to sixty hacked my worry guys get there. We are together for two years I so what did the break up until he said it was a tough break up how sojourn house together sentenced. Well I've bought our house. Scioscia could hear kids or because they're merely that was bother you a little harbor. And and needs. But doubling down and they're divorced when I got finalized in journalistic account LB not built on that call logs. Back in the days I'm starting to get the picture here boy Jerry and I am like it was that you took out a lot they're sound like you were on the up and up those turned to the right thing by her and her kids. Yeah. Like every error failure sprinting around we're first in the world and I was like I'm sorry but I can't help the very much like they'll let you know I'm sorry Donna songs. I know it's tough when the kids are involved is are you gonna try to keep in touch with the four kids or is that something you need to detach from a little bit. Portfolio work at that because her kids hope. That your old. I think you back to us Kevin welk do divesting candor it's gonna be tough. And I can already tell you that she's gonna make it tough because she's going to be eight values so that might be something that you need to sort of step away from and maybe come back to a little bit later when things calm down to announce. Planned unplanned outages one highly parallel circuit delegate I literally thought to come over to adopt a look at like ultimate dog needs. Yeah he did all the right there and all the write down why would you say you broke up thing camera what happens. In her eye it apparently she didn't think I care. Are they dictated daughter how. Are you didn't see Digi cameras. No do you object to snake in the cage out. Terror at a boy look good food good what else anything else that's we know about camera for Olympic song. I don't know it's the way Jimmy you're gonna have any fun this week he's gonna work all we can drive the truck counts. Where much R&R let's let's have an hour or brilliant idea that money noon and low low money birdie afternoon to about. Six more in particular in the more all right Cameron will that stop bombing everybody out would you work we can work plans and let's play a song three that's for Judy good mood for the Friday okay what do you what do you want us to play for you about six minutes. Oh it's nothing but look good just to rest on any along okay night and only your fish for. We can't ever lower your brother. Boy and then we'll elect kick off free advice Friday right after. Is it ever OK to deceive your spouse. Even if you think it's in the best interest of your relationship. We've got an email from a woman who wants to do exactly that will let you weigh in on that we got free advice try to coming up an eight minutes. Here that morning or. I'm still a party. So wolf let's do free advice Friday right now. And per usually got the email mats the audible dot com by the way give any questions you think the wolfpack can help you out on. Hey Matt slow Joseph and now Emily and I already included in the email. Give my husband and I both agreed before got married that we would wait two years to have kids and it's been three and he's still saying he's not ready but I am. Whenever I ask him when he thinks he'll be ready he doesn't have an answer which leads me to believe he's just scared. I'm now considering not taking my birth control without telling him I know this is the wrong thing to do but I'm afraid he'll never be ready. That's in quotes by the way as if he's gonna say OK I'm ready today. And I don't want any tool to get pregnant. Do you guys think it's OK if I'm speeding up the process a little bit I know he would be thrilled. If we got pregnant. Okay. I recommend we all take a moment to think about this one half before anybody says the wrong thing index is the radio station burned down. To a 64210. Wolf is that telephone number the right now morning wolfpack do you if you have a comment. Or if you're busy you want a text 461 Pfizer's put your name into text. What are you may remember in May not be good advice you're about to hear but at least it is free. We are looking for your comments right now about this email that we got about a woman she's married. Her and her husband agreed that after two years of marriage they would start trying to have kids. He still seems not ready it's been three national thinking about considering not taken a birth control and just letting it happen and not telling him. Family before I share my thoughts what do you think about this what should she do. I mean I don't think that she should not talent as I want and I'm all about it your body do which once of when to stop taking them but she should let him know because. How child is set to be dealing you don't want it started with deceit. Rights and obviously if she's taking some kind of a birth control now right you know it's so funny and and I think a lot of guys are probably gonna get mad at me for saying this but. You know is a married guy and I've got kids and all that stuff sometimes. I would tell you that I think my wife knows what I need them. Better than what I need right and I think she knows we don't know myself sometimes and and I think any married guy we'll tell you these addition to speak for myself. Probably could. Thank you I can't guide people get less mad at me when I add should be a rule of you know I think the NASA a lot of ways that hey I know you think this but what you tried this sir you know she's she makes says make decisions for me to some Michigan's open my eyes to a different view. So. I almost think that if they got and this relationship and I said listen let's wait two years it's been three. Mostly that it issued a do it and maybe keep at it will be like she said. QB so happy at that moment like OK I'm all in now I don't have a choice to. Obliterated the only way to know it's a pretty big gamble it is but I also think is a man when you tell your wife OK look I need let's take two years to just be with each other. Any kind of set her in that motion. Kind of we are headed he had asked what I EJ you're married to -- you yet here's the thing so I'm terrified of having kids only because I feel like I'm never ready elect financially year professionally. You know to me and yet regular guy may be like her husband has a lot of things I totally have a lot of anxiety about really want that but never feel like I just can't see when I'm gonna feel like this is the right time so I I can no I would never endorse doing this you can't Lackey has been talking about it they should. Seagate sit down figured out but so we probably could have produced in the senate on he. I let and I'm not saying death but I'm saying act 206421. Wolf morning both like that's your comments right now or attacks and up 46150. So Michelle you got to count about free advice Friday ship this woman's stopped taking a birth control and not tell her husband. I'm absolutely not calm I understand it is scary when it. Here's the order. We got married. And we only one hit but see delicate thing he was ready he was released. He's. I couldn't do without him only that but that does happen there's still trapped train at all that stuff. You might never really emotionally inner strength and they eat but it's just gonna have to do it. There's never a good title if they. All right Michelle appreciate your comments thanks so much for being a part of the show this morning. They keep you are right near branded in Marysville what are your comments about free advice Friday Brandon. Yes. Does that drew closer home with the united mine and my last relationship we act you're have a it and accept either it's. It's hardly the wrong. I mean that happen obviously it back. Never ever get this record I'm getting out of it. It's eight and more like a big. Big part of him. What did a lot of damage at our relationship. Yeah 206421 wolf as the number. Emily and you're sitting on a much text messages over there for 6150 we'll get to those and a second but a man today in C thank you to comment about. One of our listeners senator and emails and you know I. We said two years for the babies it's been three he still saying he's not ready I'm considering not taken my birth control what do you think commander. Yeah I am I just feel like if you're gonna start something that they I'm a mother at skill and Heidi. I don't feel embarrassed and Joseph both I don't believe me it's not like it's not happen at numbers and. Can you sue somebody for that Amanda needed there's got to be a now and their right now there's a little thing on the bottom says there's a what ever since she and the I men cancer came and go ahead. Can't he won't get pregnant I think it at that aren't. If she does and see how that AT. She's got caught up either eight helmet you're potentially in hopes that he is let her I didn't become a single moms. Or beat kidnapped a lot I don't him by the arrest of her life. The situation I think that I get. That's I got into really big gamble with Pez yeah he could be super excited to not. And he weeks or did she stuck and she hasn't they did I mean like like me that she's a single. Rights and I enemy and I agree with either of the points you make about lying to the risk your lives a pretty big points. How every. I mean did that hanging over your hat forever. Your child and look at your husband she's gonna think like oh highlight about. David I'm playing devil's advocate a little bit here he did say Hal want kids. It may be it was great he's isn't good you know he wants it did so. Do you think with them batter and hit about it or get our our whole NC so yeah I about it. I manage these seeds yeah and lighting and force her we're really isn't a healthy. Now oh. All right Amanda I love you. They could be a part of the show gets attacks of there yeah I mean those people are saying it don't stop don't live that we did get one I think it's great says don't talk taking them just setting up the baby's room and get hit there Diego and other ways to get around it. All right listen keep the feedback coming on free advice Friday to a 6421 Waltz. And coming up next and leave get a break down the Big Three stories of the day don't forget at least three ahead this weekend there are things you need to be on the lookout for the 'cause at this morning. Needed a leader. Well there are a handful of peanuts doesn't. Senegal. Oh yeah Alistair. It's no lol families got the Big Three stories happening right now. So this Department of Transportation here in Seattle is trying out a program that's new and I did very cool and allow parents to get back to work earlier and still spend time with their newborns. Come into it at work program allows some workers to bring their babies to work once they're sixty sold until the sixth sold. How would you feel about having babies in and around the studio. Awful that sounds like the worst idea I've ever heard in my life was an annulment on the parent maybe that's why I. Think makes it two hundred eighties around Leo. They think any less productive through an entertainer crew's morale and allows for work life balance of their parent they cut down. On the employees being out so. Eighteen parent or participating we'll see if this catches on yet talked to the people who's got the cube next to the people that have the big baby yet yesterday. I don't forget this Sunday we're springing ahead in daylight savings time starts and we lose an hour's sleep this weekend. They're cup need to look out for the Monday after daylight savings so next Monday there's an increase of heart attacks. There's an increase of a car crash is. And there's an increase and that's your stress level. Now. While battle sounds find it ridiculous to me you know is slow Joan I've been an Arizona the last ten years. Where they simply choose not to observe daylight saving time so we have not had to deal with the effects of the one hour time change for ten years he had been allowed but I seriously doubt that either one of us are gonna have a heart attack over I'm pretty sure we can just adjust the clock there's if either one of us is gonna have our index can you thought I. I don't know I. 25% increase in your chance to happen. Well the car crashes to ride that's so funny to me I'd mom one of those people and I read this this morning some people to just adjust easily I think more mental. Innocent he was it really panicky and anxiety about it. Yeah apparently a lot of people get panicky aren't Heidi. I am and Grey's Anatomy it will have to say goodbye to doctor Arizona Robbins and April cat here at the end of this heat and there's a character called doctor Arizona Robbins has he's got one thing yeah she doesn't see you don't know who's Ovie guys you have some of those I told them that's on the story does about it to refused to have this yeah. And that you know they're not gonna dot easy like every person left they it's just a cry fest in watching that guy. Ryan terrific accidental death and I admit something to you I did not realize that they were still making new episodes of Grey's Anatomy I thought that's a show with everybody watched in the beauty you know I I -- wish me dreamy and all that bill on and it's filmed mostly -- Irish they use an asset in Hollywood but they do a lot of filming appearances and yet like new bad I just didn't think he was show the good that's like you telling me that somebody for Melrose Place was leaving the I don't know these fourteenth. I didn't just right heavily appreciate the update. This is the morning wolf packs with the church after 100 points and the world now on the episode I know the. And obviously the month club was designed to give local. TNW this is a little beloved and every once in awhile and we will get a note for a mug from somebody who just listens to the show. And wants to send us a coffee mug pile that is very cool today is one of those unfortunately the mugs arrived broken. All so we've got some bad news to break to RT but. The letter was really great hello Matt I've been listening to your show from the beginning. I realize the mug club is designed to promote local businesses however giving your love for our military. I thought you'd enjoy these army mugs. May have little biased since I'm a retired soldier. I included a business card of the local recruiter I picked them up from that is from our chief. He. Listened to find a home. And we'll get in the mud club. This search you. Hello Archie or you somewhere else love to hear it Archie aids Matta Natalie calling from morning wolfpack are up fox fox log good morning. Here's the tour view and slow general Eric well. Well Artie now yeah the pleasantries out of the way we get some bad news OK are you sit down Archie. Yes I am. We sent us two beautiful US army coffee mugs and I'm afraid to tell you that neither one of the soldiers made it intact. Are you serious. Dead serious my friend of one of them was completely shattered the other ones miss and handle. OK so I will replace Sam Nunn and and on another note. I think we get some super glue on the one handle and we still got one good US are Maria compliment you never leave a man behind RG now. That's what certain I'll just replace some. None at all and deliver of this but they don't break. Artsy you can come by suing get a picture with you shake your hand thank you for your service between now I'm gonna go get two more confident. You do realize that this is advertisement for the united states army and it won't cost the leg or replace them. Well arduous and nominally data to you it's not necessary. But I appreciate the fact that she knew how much I love our military Natalie here you know who's due to the show comes from a big army background factor dad is buried in Arlington. GAAP my dad is an army my grandfather and then mine and step grandfather as a lieutenant colonel in the army. So a lot of military my family so we greatly appreciate what you do I get it. Awesome quote you know Matt your luck of the army is what made me want to get post blogger insider. Man that that makes me feel really get excited server you think I've always felt guilty about it so at least I can do is love up on you guys did. Well we sure appreciate it and Archie thank you so much for listening to our shows is a very beginning to that means a lot or you're welcome. I can't imagine how awful was vs. I can't even go back and listen to I won't tell you bet I appreciate. Your approach. To our first date. And the way that you kind of eased into it was perfect to beat allergy every day kids. Ice dance at bat what to do you get that chance RT if you ever do you come down with those two mugs we'd love to meet you be an honor. Okay Mormeck but before we do that please raise your right hand Archie repeat after me I state your name I urge you. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back. Do hereby pledge my every tipster reported wolfpack and is a proud member of the month club and as a proud member of the board called. I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledged to court and border. Congratulations Archie Clerides by the cowardly and I'd just be an official member of the morning wolf thank mug club we love you buddy in fact it she took the time is just a guy out there retired military now part of any business to give us some coffee mugs. That means a lot further my daughter Lovie Archie can't wait to meet you may shake your hand. It was tough but this morning and realized I suffer from very real legal addiction. Share what happened seven minutes plus we will get Alonzo Mourning wolfpack what's your legal and Dick. Sheehan is good morning. With the palace raid and these are dug your hole and G. So wolf the morning wolf back Matt McAllister Emily is the air and slow Joseph of course and battle figure ever gonna find me in a better mood that I am today because. My wife this line in the whole family and just I'm so excited but I also the pain. I got all go and I had an abscess to bat if the but I but I tell you that one thing if it you know when I'm here working in in my wife Vanessa is not here. You know I get completely engulfed in my phone and I realize when she comes and he'd pull that back in she gives me a hard time better all the time rightfully so. So I realized today. I got out of my car in the parking garage and we were on the fourteenth floor in downtown Seattle. And I told myself OK look. To have this thing or get off the elevator I don't know where I am you don't know which way to turn there's a couple elevated exactly death. So I said all right Matt casino that's my name yet. Don't look at your phone from the tiny get out of your car in the parking garage until the door opens on the fourteenth no I said all the way to the radio studio. I didn't make it three seconds before I had the phone down. I was checking the weather apps for the weekend I screen shot and it sent a text to my wife said here's gonna be beautiful all weekend. Can he came to make it up now I can't even get a one elevator ride without just sitting there being okay and MySpace. And and not looking at my phone slow Julia a year a year. Pretty bad and Emily you don't know this about Matt is the driver for them for almost seventy years of just tell you if he's not looking you'd directly in the eyes he is not listening. And you sit there and you'll not know respond like allocate coolest dude man yet if he is not giving you direct eye contact he didn't hear a word Jesus and the man speaks that your dad amen brother. Well I think you're alone in this addiction I think a lot of people have technology addictions especially phone addiction right but they don't know. That I bring this morning I realized that became very self aware about how addicted to looking at this stupid phone I really am the first. And meeting there's a problem thank you and Lee are 206421. Wall for you can Texas at 46150. Morning wolfpack. What are you addicted to what he's George legal addiction and come on I shared now it's your turn. 206421. Wolf what is your legal addiction and leave before restored jump on calls and text what's yours. I have an addiction to blanket. I had about eight blanket in my house before and this year. I sky high air being beaten and realize there was a blanket for the couch and on and body another wide public health and they're all being shipped here I'm easing might airport my airplane blanket right now. Wait when you stole from the airliner now take on a playmate on I have to have a blanket and it doesn't matter which blanket. But it does not all that matter how high it is outside I have to be active and the like. That's interesting you know my wife might be a little bit like that to be a throw blankets all of that place there's one that we don't even use that she's there for show I love and I am really wanted to bring went into the studio you for baited I. Yeah I don't know this is homelessness. Is basically is there's addiction that you would make scene was never space heater and a coffee -- a warmer. Her photo of you in the right act nobody ever mean a phone for you. That's something. That's not gonna happen to good morning Christina in two balls so I do share that. I became aware of myself on addiction and really how bad it is this morning turned to the elevator without looking at it what he's your legal addiction. I don't get it. Checking the status on like it. All right so do you have the standard what is it 101000 steps a day goal. You know my theater a little lower. 8000 feet and if so how often would you think you look at it Cindy and now. At least I I now at least really. But it dealer didn't even when you don't do many things have to to sitting at your desk you still feel compulsion to look at it even you're not exercising or walking. Because I kept hey you know how. Hey. What do you think we're more scary don't you like the air sea lion or let law. See all sort of thing. So in other words it's become an of the device that you're addicted to. Our Christine thanks for Sharon we love you have a great weekend you. I what is your legal addiction to a 6421 wolf for Texas at 46150. So I am dreadfully addicted to my phone I became very self aware of it this morning. Emily says she's addicted to blankets what is your legal addiction to a 6421. Wolf let's go to joy in a ring and joint. And I enjoy what's your legal addiction. The English beautiful we talking about cookbooks this married ending PeopleSoft had a nice that I have cookbooks. It's funny. How many he thinks you half. We'll. Probably. At least 800 well lol yeah okay where do you even keep when he 500 cookbooks and out of existence. You know I. Bookshelves bed and I eight keep them aren't. Okay and how am I hollered yeah I was gonna say is it. Do you think this is a healthy addiction joy years ago a little bit overboard we need an intervention here. Well maybe. Eventually I think there has since seven mile and so it's been a while. What's your plans for the cookbook collection. Hey daughter and my friends. Plan when I Baghdad amid divvy them up. I can't let them get what do you think they're really gonna give your vote and share them okay you get 800 clear about the. My daughter has. Plan where I know how that's turning debt that is the plan proposed. About thinking yeah I got the pistol bunt birthing him. But you know is now under a little and I told that they could have a barbecue and just let him in the back Garrett has had a lot of irony dry gas. I'm glad you're not gonna burden them with keep being in in you make sure that they're even putting those cookbook somewhere is a burden. But I'd joy we love you and your cup folks thanks for being a part of a show today. Text messages or 6150 Emily. Britain Canada Marion everything's been addicted to Diet Coke for more than twenty years she drink 106 to ten cans a day I'll he gets out that Denise is. Sour patch labor and go. Didn't even know bad beat surprising jump on the Old Dominion concerts they RD and sixth shows already this year has spread and Margarito he's the. This year gas this year we're only three months then I now and by the way I know that this yes she's a huge opening yeah area and then margaritas and another legal addiction from the past. OK hey whoever says margaritas and that the name on it here Rona how to make a matter Rita let me know assure my recipe that's not dangerous it's just most acute. All right couple things beat the street coming up at 710 don't forget Scotty mccreery in Jamey Johnson tickets up for grabs if you wanna get a little bit early that's cool to a 6421. Wolf. And coming up. In about eight minutes we'll jump on and not fake news now we've got a guy who drove a stolen car to his court hearing about this one in league west. Stealing cars are now you know that happened the morning I sat with Matt McAllister. Product. This. Though wolf let's jump into. Where a smoking rang attain as riled up. Zoo goers there. I guess a video shot Sunday a young man flicked his half smoked cigarette into the prime mates enclosure. It's on ice he was picked up by the reddish brown primate who expertly puffed on it. Laughter from the crowd. Well they I mean they hit eight so we saw the kid oh absolutely and clearly that I think I think now people just toss and then there are. Song yeah by the way there are signs at the zoo that tell visitors not to feed the animals we give them cigarettes specifically and by the way you know in Indonesia everybody smokes grass. I'm being so I'm sure yet. I think assuming things probably smarter than most of the people gawking at him probably so like you said Emily Keyes is watching on the lawn again a lot of smoke. They stick to patch on like nicotine pats. You can putt to save him first you know he's got to spend his entire life in some included here I am and I don't think I'd thrown some stronger now than you want to opinion. It up by the way the funny part is now a change dot org petition is calling for the banning guns due to be closed. And it's got nearly a million signatures for a nice quiet because the humans are tossing cigarettes and to the monkey gets stuck in zoo jailed. I don't get a look the guys smoke all day long I'm with you Joseph all right. Not big news a man pulls a night after he's caught shoving hostess cupcakes down his pants. That happens all the time doesn't. I. A guy went to a 7-Eleven in Bayonne New Jersey last week he served 32 dollars worth the hostess cupcakes down as fans. A lot. And would you still wanna eat a Mac do you shut them down your pants antagonist to US open yes. And new employee caught him tried to stop into the got pulled a knife and and ran out with a tough take still in his pants. But with the cops are trying to track him down had not found the hostess the. 32 dollars with a tough to. Gates is that that's quite an answer it's an I think probably thirty. Today it's too technical but he must've been wearing like NC here I. The same thing like and then when he brain and if they were listen they would have just on others can't like say well they must be tapered. And send out maybe our guys prepared hag art up there live professional he had a big old granny panties like he'd say that he spotted out. And finally in the not fake news man drives stolen car to court to face stolen car charged with a hot iron and it a Hartford Connecticut. Police say a guy they're answering to a stolen card charge drove a stolen car to the court authorities say 25 year old Jonathan Rivera was at the Hartford superior court Wednesday to appear before a judge on a charge of first degree larceny blah blah blah parking authority agents scanning license plates outside the courthouse found a car that had been reported stolen. They kept an eye and the car and they arrested him when he got inside and tried to drive Lee had to make the court date so me. Yeah. Another urgently go it is still a big I really sure. These upper management updating it did an excellent yet as a as a singer is a bus or knew where our attacks series trained there's no other way to possibly get to court. You have to steal a car right channeling. Yeah I see your logic I see working and makes a lot of sense. So I think this is morning welcome back without the countdown to 100 points and laughs hit the pavement and that could be history too. Good morning sandy in Q wallets are you ready for beat the street. In Marin and you get up but it is doing them in my car but it didn't feel a sandy is not and we had the person who played yesterday CNET exam I mean like I get my overall gas so. This is an elite to do is relax either a note you don't all like to tell you was that when you hear something you don't know just to capacity and get to the next question I you know what you're playing for right city got Kerry record got a yeah. Ask you to do. Our guy in a Scotty mccreery Jamey Johnson back to back nights at the Washington state fair beginning of September we'd like to get you there which he got to beat the challenger. Who we'll get to hear in a moment slowed Joseph found him at the passcode in federal way here we go won't won't go off track at all. All right sandy Puyallup like at five questions and thirty seconds on the clock which accordion was detained men missing. Hit hard which city is home to Wrigley Field. Pool of capital. What does C a stand for. I mean investigate those needs. They've been asked what sport does the Seattle storm play. Clocked out. And which countries are recently played colonel Sanders. And Marlene McEntire my favorite. Hi sandy in time is up you've made your way through five questions. Had a ticketed seating there a couple of their I didn't have any flaw I mean I I but I think I did okay on the London milk OK let's of the challenger who slowed just found the passcode federal way. Knows less than you that's the game let's meet him. What's your name reaffirm that we do. That come from federal way and I work and local grocery store. OK let's start to contest here we'll find out how you did when we ask him the same five questions you go question number one beat the street's. Which were again with the thin man that thing. Old. The hearts and heart was correct San DC got that right to your both Lorena. One peace. Now I'm just going to be honest with you see this is where he started to go a little bit downhill in beat the street. All right does go to question over do the city is over to Wrigley Field. Shots down when he says yeah. It's Shiite town was the right answer Arab League to the task at no point their fleet at Eden there's all right just like they do down to one demand from federal way. Here is question number three what this CIA stand for central intelligence agents. He got that went right to see and he thought our unfortunately you didn't get that one right so just like catcher in kind of a holier 30 on see him publicly answer. Central Intelligence Agency he got a right. So often and the extent that. All right so you're down 321 let's go to local question here in beat the street what's forward to the Seattle storm play. I got. Not sure. You didn't get downright evil in Indiana Seattle storm play basketball. No Connie horned up the storms are WNBA team team he didn't let things OK listen. But I don't think there's any mathematical waves are going to be able to win dentistry today you were down 321. But the only one. Actually left which had about what right did did get it right let's see if all men in federal way got a right. It's country star recently played colonel Sanders. Back I don't know. And yeah I personally people who read it as colonel Sanders is a little odd but hey. Go to war and it do you think it's odd to sandy it's it's it's been at the double cooler a little bit but that he sees a much better do not so listen scoreboard says man from federal way when I say and being too. So I want you did not beat the street but sanding but then I think you know Meehan now and Lee and slowed Joseph in the morning wolfpack is not gonna sing you home empty handed and indeed tickets anyway and he and it's okay aren't bad. And car how about thank you for giving me the tickets I losing about that a flat. About thank you Matt for giving me to take it even though I lost. They came out that the animal and they are looking away and I love war in the US labor new car on top of it for losing sandy. Hey come on now and I tried to Kaplan apparently trying to. You don't all right well OK fair enough sandy and Google are both nights in music we look yeah things are playing beat the street. Hey thank and welcome to the new lady and he is quite a little. Judy I think you know now right coming up next. Is it ever OK to deceive your spouse even if you think it's in the best interest of your relationship we've got a free advice Friday email deleted in eight minutes you're gonna wanna stick around. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's. Happy Friday everybody and yes that means free advice Friday here is today's email by the way you can email us anytime even over the weekend. Merits not their device but it's great parents at a Seattle dot com. Hey Matt slow Joseph and now Emily. My hubby and I both agreed before we got married that we would wait two years to have kids well it's been three and he still saying he's not ready but I am. Whenever I ask him what he thinks he'll be ready he doesn't have an answer which leads me to believe he's just skiers. I'm now considering not taking my birth control without telling him I know this is the wrong thing to do but I'm afraid he's never going to be quote ready. And I don't wanna be too old when I get pregnant. Do you guys think it's okay that I'm speeding up the process a little bit I know he will be thrilled. If we got pregnant and we would you think about this. Absolutely not I think it's just terrible idea. And she should just. Get out of my engineer it now days a year now I actually think I can make a case for her three there's a began there's a part of me that's a little sympathetic to her situation but morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf right now with your thoughts. Good morning caddie in rainy here you have a comment about free advice Friday what do you think this wife thought ado about didn't Rego. Come on let's play and I can't think she she had talked to lump in my husband talked about it for a couple months before we started trying it only took like. That's so weak and trying to break it up hagel our top ten and a half weeks and there are pregnant see that's that's a bummer when that happens. You really wanna try for about a year that track yet that's exactly what you're looking for I cats yes yeah I wasn't on earth can thought. I'm so we never and I never ended up pregnant but we've talked about and we had a scare about it back in November or. And I think about that pat and I hit my husband in the head it was like yeah I really wanna kid and we talk all talk about it and it's you honestly think you're ready very kids you really not. The academy does appear though for reading the scene of the they have talked about it there has been communication. He still hung up on a for some reason maybe he's a little bit like slow Joseph where he doesn't think he's going to be a good chatter. He doesn't think he makes enough money in there some anxiety there he knows he wants a kid so all she's saying is say. I'm is bumping up the time clock a little bit here without his consent. Yes but as the people at. That's Q you don't wanna I thought it might be able to have it involves one big hit. The caps let's say she is pregnant right he's going to be excited it's been 23 years he's gonna be like oh my god I'm gonna beat dad. Whether like or not it's sort of like skydiving once the plane takes on got a out of the plane. Then she says look don't be mad at me. But I adjusted things a little bit to speed this up because I knew you would never say ready but I know what's best for you teacher my husband and you're gonna be a great dad and I love united action. Yeah well you can upload a popular guy I wanna get off my birth control poppy so rational look at you know he. I'm just trying to make the case for her here because I can feel her frustration and if the Brothers that look we're gonna have a kid in two and it's been three. It's time to step up and be a man I think that but you also talent you're going off. It's in his control that. I mean he can then decide OK I wanna continue where the protection or OK this he gets it. I'm off the bit I want to OK I guess I got it then it's up to him to make the right decision exactly how and a guy always and it's the wrong exactly but it. And if it. That's a dangerous game that never works out. I was just ask you a break in a week right yeah. They can't have really appreciate you being a part of a morning wolf pack thanks so much for listen thank you got a dog a cat flat mile view of could at least if I morning low fat free advice Friday we wanna know your thoughts to a 6421 wolf where you can always Texas or 6150. And that I. Actually surprised I didn't think we get anyone agreeing with you but Alyssa and young says she's just stopping the hells no one is ever ready and so he's got to do it. If I don't know and I mean the guy did make a verbal contract you know you have to honor contract where's the accountability in America anymore okay that's what I'm saying. It reset a real quickly here for free advice Friday. How we have email from morning Gig Harbor she said three years ago. Her husband and her grief they're gonna have kids after two years now he's still says I'm not ready she thinks he's scared. Considering not taking her birth control anymore soul. They go ahead and get that baby don't look import to a 6421 wolf three contests or 6150. You know I can add this sounds a little familiar to me because I have huge amounts of anxiety about having a kid I never think that like about everything about everything but especially that it never think financially am ready emotionally the act career wise on the staff. So I have a feeling Sophie is gonna have to do this one day I don't condone it I don't think is a good idea that she will probably do it Sunday in Iowa how will definitely for gear doors are here is that Tiffany in Marysville what do you think about this about Lauren she's a real person. Should she stopped taking her birth control task. I I would think app or not it needs to be something there a 100% on Bartlett on both sides. Might say that at least struggle we have our daughter at its ticket or that treatment Kerry is and we love her. Our kids felt like Atlanta DREAM Act era though when you're old at or eight months pregnant with our very gradually obviously the U. Obviously it worked out but. Yunel play out financial stress they're extra they're getting married and married a fourteen years and there has been not as stressful as you can't. Yeah entity on my wife I'll I'll also went through miscarriage so I I completely understand what your family went through its devastating. Devastated and eat after all that that most folks are right our Stephanie really appreciate you being a part of the show yes that's. He brings up an interesting point so let's say she does do this and gets pregnant it didn't. And then have a miscarriage on top of that and he's like I told you not to do this any way you see me and now we're going draw this it just. I didn't think that only do it. That's except strong point right Mo in the quad what do you think about prevents Friday your comments. My comments I don't think she should feel that I have a span of about her father and thank situation she wanted to be that. He waited because my son was like you slowed down that I am I ready financially in every way. And he finally came around she's pregnant students in advance if the other part is if she does that and these are really ready to get into. Some of that excitement that's like me that they OSHA chair and. Yeah I assume we economy and I kind of respectfully disagree I think you know about you know I've I've lived this sad moment when your wife says we are gonna have a baby. There's nothing that replaces that right Christina in can you might have the last word here I'm free advice Friday what do you think. While I'm my friend and I were in the same situation we are 26 to eleven ready. And I went ahead but at the processing got pregnant with our science so you can you do ballooning Gig Harbor thinking about new. I gag out and he was like totally shocked at first and they would really excited and he named cam and it. He's the one who put captain more. Things and you told him we did you hear it she just said I'm glad but did you hear what you just said which was Matt is right T get enough that's what you just said. You told then it you had sped up the process. I did not tell him you know everything else. Although I have to say it's. And Christina do you think he would work out that well for lowering Gig Harbor or do you find your situation is kind of unique to you in your husband. I don't know because he was terrified to have children I don't think he ever would come around. Is stupid is my point was I think come on has something there Christina. And proven me right I love it. I think sometimes and I would just say this. My wife she knows me better than I know myself a lot of times and a lot of things that I think are true are not in cheap points and a game. All right Christina really appreciate being a part of the morning wolf back and have a good weekend okay and yet you think yeah enjoy those babies. They hero all right take care. So the morning. Oh I now. 147. Dull walls in new girl on the block at least got a Big Three stories happening today. So this is really pulled the state Department of Transportation here in Seattle is trying to have a new program that helps parents go back to work and still spend time with their new borns. The into a work program allows some workers to bring in your Beatty when they turn sixty sold until they're six months old which I would love to have babies around here. But by you that. Listen I have a baby. I don't necessarily pick out what the baby I don't like Jude at work you know I can think of any more distracting or less productive. They say the program helps for better work life balance for the parents and improve the mid term rally around on the this that he has not been there and how did they get everybody else in the office sign off on Alan I don't know eighteen parents are involved and pray and honestly met you can tell me this as a parent like you can't at least. Work is work and home facility at its head and feeling you get away for your sale. You wanna bring a baby where'd you go insane. And any mom I'll agree with me and a group while at all the time they do you're lucky gets go to work you talk to adults I do baby talking to be diapers and lose my mind my current you know. Highlight well I think had had a I think it's cute that you like I. Don't forget we spring ahead this weekend at daylight savings time starts this Sunday we lose an hour of sleep now the reason this is important is because there are few things got to look out for coming up this Monday there's an increasing heart attacks. There's an increasing crashes. You'll probably based more time on the Internet and you will be more stressed out this ball scientifically proven and that it happens the daylights savings. All right I'm a little curious to slow Joan I spent the last ten years in Arizona where they ceremony easily do not adjust the clocks yeah. So we have no idea but I wouldn't think one hour is going to lead to too much difficulty how we want our sleep makes a huge difference. The car crashes again if people are late in they're trying to make it kinda heart attacks equipment and it. Apparently changing the clock can be very stressful everything you know yeah yeah yeah. And and Grey's Anatomy and we will be saying and I seen it to doctor Arizona Robbins in April cap there Kenner die as a real happy in defeat GAAP. Weeks you know there's not gonna be an easy sendoff because if he'd ever seen Grey's Anatomy every time they get rid of the character it is tear jerking they'll have to wait until how to get rid of these characters. That and Liu obviously watched the show up or I'll be honest with you I did not realize they were still making that show I thought it was over in the ninety's no worth in fourteen. It's a very close it is it's already nice is devastating injury he's still a no no. Oh he got a lot of the news this is victories kids. Man they couldn't for a while that not victory in Afghanistan aren't. What happens that McAllister is in progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. All right we have heard about it by now a woman in Ohio or since I went to college there say a ha Zack says if I happen. Was eating a bag of cash Jews and she found a human tooth in it was. Like yet it was planters cash used which by the way happens to be one of my favorite food. I felt something in my mouth make hard you know play. This I think it is a tree root word yeah I mean that happens to turn the light on the cars like that looks like it too thin at that point I just pulled the car over. We inside the road and sure enough. I was like mom I think back to maintain its exclusive blood or bodily woods. That's not fun at this time tightly day I have heard from them since they came at the sixteenth up on that Saturday I tried emailing in my tank calling them. They say will update you only know more they stay on the back that package that there's multiple foreign countries that they can possibly come from. And you know Indonesia to drop their teeth into those. Last year prior you know what you know and you can think to you could possibly contract something from somebody else is two to cured of putting your mouth and suck on yeah. The aren't anybody here ever found anything in their food thankfully am. You know now and by the way listen I'm going to be the person that is we have this conversation in morning wolfpack won invite you right now out of colon and tells him he found something new food shouldn't have been there. To a 6421 wolf we can text 46150. I'm not the person that's out to Cheney's restaurants or companies because you know. Accidents happen absolutely I make fifteen to 20 accidents every morning in the shouldn't. Do my job to Texans have teeth fall out fingernails while and a little off each Friday to arms fall in the suit good things happened especially future low on iron slow joked yeah I found that the visit like a half of the cricket in that comes out chicken and which was it wasn't that like it was gross as freaked out by it but they also they serve cricket there are so it wasn't like I got you know what I mean latest quarter cricket either guy to hang by the way people like me that are super into health are paying top dollar for cricket approach against the -- so -- so yeah has ten times the amount of protein that say whey protein hands and tie -- no idea I was saying oh yet they have cricket protein brands now and this they're peers are all going to be in cricket as is natural resources to the theory just I didn't see him. Not had yet now nothing now so my wife Vanessa was still story she found a huge dead perfectly intact grasshopper if in a salad she was eating what time at a place called wild flower. If you've heard about yeah greats like paradise man and a great place but it ruined this one particular cell for her forever. Type 206421. Wolf morning will affect what have you found your food that didn't belong there cortex 461 by zero. Good morning Liz in Everett welcome to the show us it would be fatty food that didn't belong there. And the strange when landscape. Box eight into salads they get it. Common good and we've we've had since when does that come in the finest day believes Allah but they did it come and because Derrick Edwards back at leaded cans and because I hit down hard on and playing. And I was I was on the first day. You know like under the you let what was that he heard it. And I pulled it out of my mouth yet but it will and then since tweaked out set only we get those sometimes. OK so this is a place that happens all the time it was a kind of a cheap place this guy was taken into the first day. He can pitch you know. I can't remember looks like it was civilian college town and so long ago but you know you know it was can live along the lines of her Red Robin I guess something like that I don't know. A man and a value I don't spend a ton of money and threw him a very simple eat right but I would never go to a place that says oh yeah we get staples that are so. All the time that's just happens here to sit I think though it's like Russian roulette you never know it seemed like Liz you have another story to. They do so I'm my honeymoon and we were seeing an errant strand and we heard an explosion in the kitchen. And they came out and they said no problem that would just a light bulb that growth and a big deal. And so little while later my husband lives eating has sued and in his favorite part of the broken lightbulb. It was the same guys from the stapled date now welcome message to tell you need to send a good dentist yet you're right here and that's just think it's. And frighten me the most about both of those cases neither of them offered to buy air meal are elated with you know hop relay at freedom burger restraint or something like that. Well there's no offense but if you're eating a place that commonly serves at staples and so they're probably pretty cheap and not going to be given your company. Hester who dare say they can't afford to give away a salad at their place. I live we love you thanks for being a part of the show morning look back I think Pelosi aren't in Bremerton what do you find your food that wasn't supposed to be there. And it. Yeah in my hot button. Game like humans then. Oh yeah. Tierra. The way you say it I keep thinking of like silence of the lambs Hannibal Lecter in like how much skin are we talking about here that's nasty. It was night and unlike somebody older. And given something. Are you gotta do you don't need to DNA match got to go out to the concessions area look for the bandit rates. So yeah yeah they Bobbie the kid though the acme work in about a machine yeah I guess your finger skin if you wanna best. I knew what was it what did you guys do about that did you go tell anybody did you just finish the popsicle learn let's be honest here. I'm no I didn't did have her way and that forget it. Did. Though mine so it's almost like I'm thinking maybe like a blister in that skin comes off sometime those that get to it. TR listen we ought to thank you for listening and sharing your wonderful story. I ain't Leo all right take care have a good weekend here. Yeah anti incumbent when we wanna continues cups Latino anyone going to committees as they can be just ruined popcorn for them. Yeah it's stark yeah. It's so good you can't stop feeding popcorn. And now you're right and only there's going to be the thought in the bag your brains the next handful of popcorn and Hamels and have a little skinny now and 20642103646150. Hello Scott in renting and so we are talking a minute ago about this a woman in Ohio that found a human tooth in her bag of planters cash used rooting cash used for me forever runaways got plenty county for good that didn't belong there. All I would not getting it like rabbit you know drink over in the East Coast Dunkin' Donuts and I found it. Fingernails it was I'd put it down audit knew what and I'd something like squishy little bed pulled out it was fingernail. Yeah you know male or female I don't know really ain't it was it was three all but it was not exactly how I found out later. It was the males that work there. But the owner didn't want you anything you argue it means that there was no way possible on our back to the store and I look at this guy nailed it nailed completely disgusting. Chewed off and everything in gas they offered me like a five dollar discount on the next. Border. At least it was a one of those you know guys that wears mascara that has a super long pinky fingernail for some reason the drug now the drug meant here thank you mentally that you all bought it several. I Scott does that number come up for you when you order the same drink. I'm not over here I'll let you go to Dunkin' Donuts night you think about it and it just and it brought up a little bit but they'll get a I know the onetime thing but a broad. You know it's tough to be manager at those kinds of places too because I've that's got to your point there's a lot of people that puts up and accrued on purpose because that was clearly they just scam for a living. And I put butter spread it out but yeah I got the that would McDonald they think of Arabs are head runner tried separately cabinet and then go back. And goes to edge on the air. Well listen I'm not a rich guy that's why carrier dead mouse with me everywhere like a slap an end my stay here whatever it is gotta you gotta do what you gotta do right. Jack. Scott thanks for being part of a show man we love you. Not IQ. Scores to a 6421 wolf is the number what you found your food that didn't belong there or text 46150. Getting a ton of text messages by the way. I feel like we should move on. But it's like an accident a rubber neck and act hands yet these are so good again this is based on the woman in Ohio. Sergeants from their hostage found a human tooth that are cash used. Gas fill Madison that she found glass and repeat that jar Herbert pizza a jar of sauce and broken I guess it's OP class got an hour every people every year. Hey you know that's good that's the restaurant making her right I'd be willing to find pizza and a glass like he ever. For you wonder how she sought though because if you didn't that can be very dangerous dad yeah. And that. She found a large rusty metal washer in her pad Thai. I don't I think it's. Standardize its movie of all out all the things that. Somebody else thinking I must say and it down and found it debt tip of the finger in the glove. Okay better than natural to but the thing you're good point but remember outside that one in a link on that same rock band aid in from the ice cream. Having learned that Brandon Taylor out. I think you may be right about that but I gauze pad. I'm stitches. Jeanne the grandmother ordered a salad and while she's leading a life senate he'd crawled out out. Seek out of all the things he says Navarro be the most OK with that because men that's just nature. Now go ahead and eat that thing down to get the extra protein yet I'm not I'm not even a bug or food or whatever but it's going to be there are yeah have Garrett knew what about alive beetles crawling out of your chicken lettuce. Okay. A make one point and I'm gonna move on I would you rather have the bug be alive or dead. Did I do know it's alive it's fresh. NIV. And they pulled the garden. Neither c'mon you got to choose one Emily well I understand I've. OK slow Joseph I had and I did these are on the same page that we're all organic. Back with Matt Stairs. 100 points so well Matt McAllister. And believe slowed Joseph oh Dili coming here to Syria are gonna miss by just a little reminder to check out if you case you missed any part of the show today. You can always hit a part podcast it's usually available around 10 AM every morning Seattle dot com or download the app you can hear the entire show. Without commercials music plus fifteen minutes of bonus content that we. Didn't have time to get to today ideally matched a club before we throw things your way. I got to plug the month club a little bit here. I believe as of today we are officially mug less. Me and he we have like gone through all the boxes of Seattle business coffee mugs ambling provide everybody with the address please. 805 avenue is suite 14100. Seattle 98104. Just to be six months to do that do it and he's good you know one thing that she's a woman. In your narrow our Canadian and international women's day now and I took get a those mugs the whole point is that we can give you go to the love your on the radio a free plug it. If you're a small business in Seattle could be better than that. Last on the ticket cost a few bucks to advertise. Great free advertising game and happy Friday ideally they came act play Friday that dance and evidence value and did it mean big item I had let. Well let's go and I'm boogie man you set it. All right so what's happening with the union showed today besides given a thousand bucks here about a minute set to die that's big yeah it's an end of an air act in Seattle and have been taking a walk down memory lane with Richard Sherman this year right there I mean how can we forget that. In fed says no play that he had an NFC championship game that basically kept its press in the Super Bowl. I'm running in the league went on to win the with the winner went on to win the Super Bowl and just a day. Well what I don't understand is how the Seahawks to let him walk out the door. Allen and Lee was breaking down salary caps in this that the other group got a guy like Devin locker room who is like the life blood of your teen. Can't put a price on I don't let them go all. Come on man. Yeah I mean I know whatever here because he should. When when we won the Super Bowl a few years back this city the entire Puget Sound was on a high so I eat any last minute. For a leaks how high was a month it was utility and I was I pretty that's why the bottom is really low pentagon today. Yeah well I think if this comes to fruition and made it to guarantee now that Richard Sherman is not going to be here just yesterday was like. Not quite a 100% looking everything today the Seattle times and all the reports that are out there it looks like today's the day. Wrong. Makes me worry for the Seahawks a little bit in the season you know can we didn't have to see if we want and you lose a guy like that right to Alitalia if your famine of the football team. You want and among teens yeah he's that kind of guy. Well in the stats don't lie this guy and I so where where you go with this evening I know is Seattle Seahawks make the right decision. Of course not I want I want Emily actually said they work. She she was suddenly checks and island is business wise I did it as a fan now. Yeah I mean cell and and exploit the depressing time putt. Yes he got were about a feeling that I had a direct me to go best hot dog and I don't wanna still standing now when you talk about it C not so let's re live the Richardson and oh lead at and and let me know in the funeral is will be the first when there that my I love you game is right and all you're not from here and you don't get this feeling that we have a better Seahawks around eight. I. I think I did get that I just a little wallowing in misery and Arnold actually not a terror. Warnings from cartel. My real 100 point seven the world.