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Friday, May 11th

Friday May 11th, 2018


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Rolling hey welcome to our podcast for Friday may eleventh it's the morning woke back up matters Emily. Slow Joseph make today harmonious yes it rises god bless the lord will wake up it's Tuesday it come on Italy it all right before we I'll let you hear the show today here's just some stuff we didn't have a chance to talk about the top ten magical moments in life. If you guys reflect in your life and this is a little heavier little the but it is Friday this good stuff. A magical moment. Can you think about moment and the only wanna start with you and if you take a second. Mean it joke you have one go so gonna dead air I mean getting married her head getting married is number two on the list a cab broke down. And not that anyone of these anymore important in your own moment threat and most people said what I have in the top ten well and I can imagine having a baby it's got to be up there and what's interesting is it's not really you do whether it's number three B yes. I did what I meant was not number one K it's never align it but number one does have to do with. Kids which I just you know listen up. I have kids you know ahead of they have about tell us. Yeah I know those sir those are some magic moments there's no question but number one of the list was hearing your child's first word. Which is cool and it's really awesome but not. Magical not better than the birth no. Lou now that number of them leaving the hospital with a human being and your eyes imagine and I don't I don't know I agree with that. But come. Some other ones and in it again when your memory jogged do you think of those magic moments here like I mean definitely getting married you had is there you're looking at the list has whatever is left has seventh or can happen in our lives. I don't a lot of it they have Alia my graduating. The imagination. Maloney go to bed at nine and tenor on the backs let me just get those out. But ten is hearing your baby cry for the first times that's the other baby one getting your first paycheck. Number nine which again I go back to high school for that one I kind of remember getting my first paycheck from Roselle nursery I was I summarize the work I was in junior now yet junior high seventh grade and an error being magical I've I've certainly liked the fact Ellison that is pretty cool getting my driver's license was magical and that was big that was like tonight's I went from the DMV straight to junior varsity basketball practice I think it was a good how how long before your first accident. I added in a while really year's Iowa libretto and I was like the next week you know the. Okay and number eight your first kiss. I mean iron hammer out of the debate magical. It's kind of cool. Place for me I remember thinking about that along to ever happen but there was Stephanie Pratt fifth grade he had a I exit stairwell of the hotel the funding in Santa Fe, New Mexico rulers. Is his name is Curtis and it was at this. Them. I highlight the Donkey Kong machine or something before it went to penalize the kids now go to those all night. Now I ask us what happens at all landscape and sleep over choir trips by the way mom and the Jarrius mine Arctic ozone we are waiting so it strays. It was Ternium is Tiffany is she's actually one of my good friends that are grow up with the younger sister I think might have known controversy over Eritrea hats and a now a race to hide my dirty magazines and treehouse and alerted if and so you did anybody get the Tiffany song in the background I think we're alone now yeah doesn't seem I didn't know why it and it Iran. Iran Tiffany mall tour 88. Number seven hearing somebody say I love you to back for the first time I'd love you man and he. See for me that comes with horrifying connotations. Like when I was dating smelly girl. And she Earl yes he's he smelled really bad when we would sleep so we'd break up in the morning that what he sits in the house worse than anything science went out toxins I I don't know why she smelled so bad she was from Australia I think he played Gerri we talking two young twenties here and I just remember dislike I cannot be was smiley girl and she woke up 1 day or morning or night whatever is really nice girl like enjoyed our time but I wasn't like glittering stations. No it was at night and Zoellick you know I've always woken up early and come back on those rare case story came back and she was still sleep I'd open my bedroom door it would be like. Our hockey locker room. And get it at all daily we she said I love you to me I like. Broke up within the next day blossom but that was I love you backs a year ago out on a limb insane enemy again and access to go against her investor number six falling in love for the first time. An amber probably a passing driver says that is on there. Number four I believe I've only been through this as well buying your now I know you are selling on you bought a home about a month so I was pretty magical right when you assign a favors. I mean I don't OK so not actual signing of the papers to that takes for ever and I think the very first night in my home yeah that was. Seattle I felt like anxiety diagonally. Purchase regret all that now that I think I would freak out I've not about a moment I think I would definitely well recount you know why you bring up the good point and heavily made a good point to the actual signing the papers is pretty it's it's exhausting and it's stressful and you're wondering all time in my doing the right thing -- kind of scared yet but winning the key in the door for the first time -- viewers -- even down the -- like a few months knowing that I can afford the payment that was kind of started to feel magical about it. But overall I would say this list was received by YouTube is very lukewarm well I think a lot of it we haven't. Been there maybe honest I can't imagine your kid trying for the first time as a magic the most well that's it right at first to yeah I would think downloads like kill the Matty I the bloody amazing Diana and I don't know about dove for a female point B of affirm mail forties seem bad kids for the first time that's the magic yet so I dream about that and it can already tell it's going to be amazing that you have beginning nine months to sit there in fantasize about what this is gonna look like I am finally get to see him -- her even with the sonogram is great is they're ultra sounds it's still like insane debt. Okay switching gears how about the guy in Georgia who stole a 55 and Steve from TV from Wal-Mart last week which is impressive in itself this. And then and he asked to cops for a I don't do we know entered into an. That is does every state ever Columbus and it by the way yes it's one of those I Christopher Columbus Leon Garcia I just trusted documentary about prisons and Columbus, Ohio city. Okay is this the boldest or the dumbest criminal 24 year old Avon Wilson went to Wal-Mart in Columbus, Georgia. He picked up a 55 inch Samsung he did still busy we still the Samsung that's a pricey item gaffe. He walked out of the store through the cart apartment without pain sneaky move. And he was having trouble caring and as he walks and that's a bigger box yet laughter awhile you know if I yeah like a block you think digger don't feel the burn. And so we saw two police officers he asked them if they would give him and his stolen TV right now. Well they were is right around the time the cops got a call from Wal-Mart about a missing TV heck. They connect the dots and tell Avon was arrested for shop let's gave I'll count save aunt did and to answer questions. It's a little bit of both bald and stupid but definitely leaning Andrea Forrester and Al well I'm looking at his mug shot and he looks like he really dumb person he looks like he might have a heck. When he freak and I knew when is it. Look I'm sure he thought. Walking out of the storm was part partly to meet you want caught Walken outsource your acne not immediately you're you're not walking over the TV and I don't care even if it did didn't reported still in late last Thursday asked her ride as he can bright so named the situation where you're walking down the street. That's good and I tearing a 55 C I still in the barn I had. I had him on the person asked. Right from the steel ST these at a cost anybody I'm not an honest people or else from night sky televised villainy is imagine coming up with a reasonable excuse like look I'm moving the moving truck broke down. Odds are grabbed the thing that's most important to me still new in the box of course a memorable to go back at lunch just the opposite at Wal-Mart and. I didn't our cars wired and while that's pretty unbelievable. Are so as far as that goes I think that's kind of all I haven't since it's Friday I don't see any reason to extend this any longer than we need to do well. I'm headed to the air yeah again like running at a town very quickly are being Kansas City for my cousin. Cam cam is getting married and air tomorrow tomorrow's so we're actually it's weird notified Salt Lake City got a connector there. To Kansas City meeting my wife at the airport he's flying from Phoenix we meet there about 515. We get an a car we go to my uncle's place we change hopefully we have time for little extracurricular activity if you notice being repaired bone. Although I don't wanna show at the Joseph the what do you India alone or use our. And then I hate her idea grow variety of Lionel many of wow I'm sure that I don't think you really like selling here this yeah. That's. Think it's awesome so that we hop in now the car that we drive over to the place for the rehearsal dinner is and hopefully catch dinner and some drinks and there's an after part of it. Tomorrow is there is an after party. Could be one of those like 22 hour days for me is today in turn out your parents at tomorrow today on indoor outdoor and indoor and I think evening she. Meaning Emily all have been able to think about seven so busy leading up to this moment is I know what's happening tonight at the rehearsal got to have direct. I don't know anything about the wedding nor do I care tomorrow you're wary about your mom's gonna do it yet she's flying in some big trip Turkish she's not too mobile all right so she'll be there she flew in yesterday gotta say of course there was this holds a calls mean cost go freaking out coaches have a ticket. Film honor at her equity made you laugh I don't have a hard ticket nobody be taken on have a ticket ago yet you haven't taken nobody has hard tickets anymore. And I had to go kind of walker through double checking in and that you know but I got closer she is going with the which a lot of I know a lot of the mighty Angel took comfortable with the mobile boarding pass in your phone. She's doing now I don't write that he does Tyson mama now I'd throw it out every time. You know crazy but mostly I'm I'm also checking a bag and they usually Oprah know also nick pop up Fareed I write you totally airport at pops up and tell if there's a delay is it's like this interactive tickets. Mobile as a way to go I was surprised my mom it's seventeen whatever years old was down with a but that tuition so now we'll lose that I'll do that on my phone that. You know look even correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you sets itself up through one of our mug clubs tangerine trap absolute. Evil and had a hard time trying to figure out two flights one from Phoenix and one from Seattle that met in Kansas City the same time there and so we'd date worked miracles to do like connecting flights and all this kind of stuff sells so yeah. Thank you for reminding me I mean among club we made some really solid connections. Turns out a cup rules yet tangerine traveled there roster Regina was a gallon LB and she booked my monster I was gonna say in my mind a little jealous is the million travelers to a butcher I want to use tiger I and your book and one ticket from Phoenix to L I can't think of it. I walk I just you have one how what are user okay uncle the agency does make you feel kind of important though to use a travel agent but it's not free so just consider that there. It cost me a few extra dollars to get connecting flight celebrated. Ended up working out so any special plans for you guys this weekend. I'm not attend this afternoon so excited about him and I didn't I don't know we'll try take it easy today tomorrow not Cheryl are going to be and then Sunday organ again tear a U dub baseball games. Call it a UCLA they connect campus is so beautiful I mean the camp I belong out. An amazing and there yet you'll go Huskies are excited to meet your mom. I think next week the Jimmy Allen be the first school. It down drag it and Tacoma yeah love it Jolie plans no big plans to go out do some Saturday night a -- we're barred hang out that's kind of our thing lately is so funny they go they go to old weird like steamy bar on Saturday in a dog park farmer's market Sunday I'm I would like to squeeze in a movie this weekend to the we tried last weekend that it was all quiet quiet at quiet place is that John Kaczynski kind of creepy ones with the awesome so I -- I saw an interview with him his wife plays his wife in the movie yet. And as a director he had his wife is an actress read script and she and he wasn't gonna Caster and she said no and I and I have to be in this movie bad it's so good putter let down she's like I need to be in I don't know RE SSR. I any night in Athens and Emily Blunt yet is that staff. But that actually gives me faith that. Hollywood hasn't dried up into this comic book you know now landing craft that's a good movie it's doing really well and I want especially I think is dense and it's not yes not doing these billion dollars it's there and pretty as in top it's been a top five for remotely. He's let us know how that is on Monday remind because I will forget I. And since I forgot last Monday it will come back on Monday with the cable guide movie description games concert if any chance of all the candy got lost with the share your salaries well also a we have a private investigator on for shares are on Monday -- aren't lots of things or remember guys just came back here with a podcast and by the way. If you're on the app for the website go to iTunes and just give us a little love if you don't mind a subscribe to this podcast on iTunes makes us feel cool it does and it also isn't like I did at the data is really cool because it reminded pops up on the front your phone when there's a new. Podcast to listen to it's it's nice reminder you don't have to like go find it's nice swipe right analysts and I enjoy the Friday show and we Osi back on Monday have a good weekend. I think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not the. Point seven. Friday may eleventh that McAllister handling good morning good morning sojo and can have a big show today freed by Friday we're getting a little heavy but it's gonna be great. Also we've got the mug club obviously at 610. Today's shows where we had a good stuff on Tuesday. Elsewhere in gene. Military spouse appreciation day a big day it's a big deal man military spouses don't get enough recognition so we're gonna take care of that today. Your Walton worked Eddie starts at seven with a thousand bucks in cash. Tees whistle tickets right after we beat the street and share your salary. I believe we're talking to T assistant to the police chief of what our local police stations began but she may not tell which one which I think is quite OK yes I don't wanna give I don't it was just. Nobody don't get a throw. Hey I just wanna say hi to my mom it's Mother's Day on Sunday it. Flying to Kansas City after security for wedding my cousins getting married but my mom is already there are some she's taken she woke up she's. She's OG and you eat your parents Angeles and on the podcast. My mom likes real time. The she's listening Marines have. She looks for matter basically of how obviously tonight and I love my mom hey I airwaves you Booth. And as we love it there. YouTube and let Heussler dinners is that are on the matter but. Well he got up version is using a good record this summer when it's a 115 Phoenix Applera. So everybody get happy Friday it was not only the day guess get my mom gets here in a couple of hours unsavory I it's. We I did sleep it's weird that you had like a random Wednesday night basically achieving good lasting wells of the 'cause identically priced so tired yeah yeah tonight yeah. Williams in good we can beautiful weather and a long now only TD on Sunday and going to be insular and a tourist there and they feel the traditional and I know our kids baseball game on Sunday let's go. He doesn't so much. Do take on UCLA. So many activities happening so many things. I let's get the showgirl the lead off collar it's Friday so we need a good one if that's you of course we're gonna to pick a song but tell you got a call us first. To a 6421 wolf lead off collar gets us on base get the show started right. Good morning John Allen Harry did anybody hear very little degree or grade happy Friday thanks for being our lead off Colin and we appreciate you listening I was never lowered it. The that's great so John what you had this morning what do you do to make your money I majored in order. Data to throw in the fact that you unions are so we know that you make a lot of money. But I'm not have been. The only dog actually ever had I got it treated at a high school level in thirteen years. Wow wow you know it's funny it let's just say something would change at work. Would there be another career that you could segue into from that. I've learned a lot of them a lot of guys' job to learn a lot about carpentry and a beer around. Yeah around other great it's probably I think I'd make it. It's interesting because I was out of work recently for about nine months in avenue radio since panel like you it's all of ever done. So I took a good look around the landscape of the world and I'm like what else in my qualified to do and I came to the realization John at the answer is nothing. Waiting tables. There's a look at yourself Karzai over the I don't know what else I would do I know one thing that kind of scared. That he thought that. Ai John keep a positive outlook especially here on Friday now. You know as Alina scholar we lobby abut we also get we let you pick a song is there anything you wanna hear this morning at Travis trip to great if you that are. I haven't really traffic it's it's actually hear her yeah. We'll chat after a break. I mean everybody have a great day thanks listen I love you got it back. They shadow didn't just at a Tacoma works at Fiat motor oil supply also called an a BB LOC maybe Monday just to give us a call back but. We got free advice Friday starting three men stay let us. Good morning welcome back when Matt McAllister. Look at work I'm a big fan and I mean Labor Day I act like an odd things are I'm not. It's point seven. Well let's give you free advice Friday at little real but little heavy but that's okay. So this actually came to me on a FaceBook message am I gonna say the name they are important here it is. Schematic it really is some advice about the divorce I'm going through and on the show you make you've got a divorce and stuff but it's. Because it's kinda depressing in a way you don't go into XT tale of an on the air which makes sense the reason I'm reaching out is because I feel like them spiraling. And you've enter it in seemed you have come out of it in a good place. Any advice you or the morning wolf I could offer or give would be much appreciated thank you. Up big topic. Yeah and I would tell you and then obviously to a 6421 wolf morning wolf back. You're smarter than we are wanna hear from you that's a whole point of free by Friday 46150. On the text. A guy Alice didn't present in the sense Streeter. Really good buddy Mike California when it was happening he actually was pulled me aside is it looked it is a Smart gadget. Passage you are gonna go through it really crappy year it's gonna be one year of crap. Just be prepared for it just know nothing's gonna goods gonna happen in about a year and then after that it'll circuit and prepare yourself for one really bad here and you know like he was as leader. I like that because it. It gives you light at the end of the tunnel absolutely guided look I can accept this death and then your world's gonna fall apart for about a year everything everything that you know. Is you know their kids involved and all that right is gonna go slip on it says upside down in that old normal is no longer gonna exist the new normal will come out right the it's going to be a hard party here. But I also like because I mean it's tell someone oh it'll get better it's not always gonna be displayed but to give someone a set date which is true I think that gather all the holiday here to. What is that like I marked it on the calendar but I know and yeah I thought I thought. Said the 865. Days if not better. Yeah I mean you think Ed says. You know I was so stupid and so simple but it manage health like he said it would help just like look at that one year I thought I could put up one year of anything bring. Our morning wolf packs so the answer to use any advice and I've got another one to another really good piece of somebody gave me that's very technical. It's right there some legal stuff that goes on but I'll say that to a 6421 Walter if you have any advice for. Anonymous here about going through divorce. What are getting on the text messages right now. We're ever variety of Texas super serious and great advice and then some a little bit more funny. One was don't give up the farm and just to be done. I did that. They deal fell one and out so bad I just I rushed through it comes to save all these legal possibly get them quick and easy just to know what you want still paying for it. Twelve years later another one is. Says my best advice is that for bins are the best revenge is being happy and get edited all that happened that I really goes. Now the one the divorce is a marathon not a sprint guest and then okay this I'm just greeted exactly how they sit and. But as the 5 AM hour that's a little room risque a guy. Stay awake bottle. Visit a pot shop go fishing and GM checks and tell them. Not eyewear that's that's what's the name of that text dusty is no date and doctor Earl. I love that. Another Texas came in from Cary she said try to keep something in your life the same like I say routine whether it's. How you've got to like take shower at the same time every night she said your wells going to be so turned upside down again in the same routine practice something right we'll bring you some normalcy. And like I mentioned before the one piece of advice I got to really help me was just get ready for one bad year to ask about 365 days to get through all of it. It's gonna be crappy just prepare for it can ask a question about that. Of course is that like how long it takes to finalize like that negotiations of the divorce and stuff like that. No well yes. I would say that's it that's like kind of when you're gone back and forth the trying to figure out what that's the really are better idea what the new reality your life is gonna become after. And then. Let's is called six months later depending on the court system you get this piece of paper in the mail that says it's official. And you're going to be kind of relieved but also kind of depressed at the same cracked because hey it's over. Hey I kind of failed that my merry yeah Iraq right in name. No matter whose fault that is there's a little bit that it didn't work may be (%expletive) like you don't I'm saying yeah it's a weird weird feeling. I will tell you though. Some. One thing that was done to me that I learned just in hindsight. If you go out and take as many consultations as you came with that divorce attorneys in the city that you live and because once they meet with you they can't meet with your spouse in the so sometimes they'll charge you may be a hundred dollars for an office at downer fifty or what it is but it's worth it. Because go to the best divorce attorneys in the city that you live in. Then your spouse cannot legally hire them so she did that to you today that it seems she locked up and it was a smaller town in California she locked up all the good ones so you literally couldn't and I was you know. That might be the best of ice yet I'm never heard that he is that's kind of brutal. Well that's who I marriage and that before Lex Luthor on the other side of the border anyway if you've been there or what advice would you give to a 6421 wolf right now. You're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. All right so recently on the show we discussed the video game four tonight and how it is the most addicting video game that's ever been released in fact. Canada did on that my twelve year old bonus on. Her face times new denied it seems that friend's house and he has that you'll love our kids have that ask we don't have the right videogame system anyway but even said. So to me and I count at all it's the greatest system tasks. Did you see fit some of the dreamers. Players baseball players turned the Jumbotron into fort night screen and they are playing it from the dugout nobody suggesting that you bring a baseball. Because there's a story this morning about a Red Sox pitcher David Price and again. This is not about baseball this is the fact that the dude developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome he is now on the DL. Yeah disabled list in May think it's because you complain so much for now yes I have my thoughts jeopardized. His entire career darted a million dollar baseball career Boston pitcher David Price has been terrible over the last few starts earlier in the week he said he was diagnosed carpal tunnel. There's been a lot of speculation. It's because he's obsessed with four ignites some people on the team were saying that. We have now by the way Red Sox manager Alex scoring isn't buying an infant but he said he talked a price about maybe taking a break from gaming while he recovers. Now this is interesting too because you wonder what somebody would say about it if it was not true you'd say that's too bad however he said. He didn't think it was a distraction but he's gonna stop playing. At the ballpark and how okay because he's become a distraction or a winner he's married and he can't play column. Yeah maybe that well yeah it's kind of like a man cave for most do yeah these guys go to the locker room negativity wanted to. I also think it's funny a lot of professional athlete in their contracts like the heat this team can't you know has been out. They should put him like no video game and how they handled well especially if your pitcher absolutely an answer my. How popular I think Kerry's self help. Ford night man blew feed your kids off the juice. I'd Emily Big Three next what do we do and I got a B biggest tranda coming this summer when you hit in the water I'll tell you what it is is called beer it's obvious. Wow that is a new development okay. This is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. Right match and when I first got here I think I very first big three's I did a story about a huge inflatable swine dead at like six people and that's when I kinda got a clear direction for the Big Three to ninety plus that's right so much are geared I don't know another trend again toward the water this summer yes it's actually an inflatable hunk. Poor in Flint match. So it's a break like energy bitching at city and but it has this pop up. Honk like many and from the torso up on it people like catalyst and midnight he's questioning any heavily muscled only 29 dollars it in 0809 dollars. I think it's funny given some of the comments. People women are like I love this I've already named mine minus Chad minus starve as. They have this hot kind of hunt at that storm goes I don't know that's what she did not judging speed now. OK see you know I. Would it be fun and lead to get a little girl single girls with a bunch of confidence levels at bill slowed in lake in just like talked to your dude. Lilly didn't even if males at the same company out looking makes hunk on inflatable ring toss that he could. Throw wanted muscles. You know what I'm I'm feeling this summertime and there's going to be a little floating hunk party he needs to buy heavily rained a last minute mother's again earlier Liberia. Since I don't have any muscles here isn't there they could I get irate the next. Even of the Boyce it's interesting TU coaches will be former American Idol contestants. So season fourteen of airing right now with Kelly Clarkson getting her first and she's gonna be back with the candidates and then did perhaps then. It's gonna be back as well it's the first time those two have been together. And of course lovely child and animal theme that next season the boys will be on the fall that hiking it's interesting. American Idol. It suggesting that Adam and Blake ever go to urban affairs is rotating female astronaut is in red tape that gap and Dell flat why can't they just locked down one female for the show for the whole time or jail or do I mean that's that's who is then I'm mom loves the voice and she's always got some complain about one of the females. You know maniac I think they just haven't found a perfect shape they she loves Blake and Adam like in love with them well look. Women are harder on women right yeah and guys are a sure thing. Right of course in the Mother's Day this weekend some facts. About a 122. Point five million phone calls will be made for Mother's Day how many 122. Point five million. While editing thing like and a yeah I think more Texan our people is losing their moms to make up for it. 34% of us are cleaning it to dine out on Mother's Day and another 34 said they would be cooking at home. And then this is funny 40% of moms admit that they take their reaction their Mother's Day gifts number one being. Lindsay who. Her mom yeah which you don't let. That's well deserve it's that's well deserved and I'm not even embarrassed to admit that I spent a little bit more than that. On my wife because she's the mom called and monitors are nested. Getting a big one day good holiday classic it's this morning welcome back with Matt Harris 100 points off the walls. On the episode out. Love you was great about the mug club and what it's absolutely free to join us. There are no membership dues or monthly costs by eight did you won't you won't be it. Hassle with the letters. And l.'s. Newsletters fliers if you were then entitled to all the benefits and privileges where thou art download within their two. I like that their core I guess you get all made free radio love. Well we got a swearing in for culture and Annan. Valley where we were on Tuesday to look at stuff. And yes I just can't. Gina men and Emily calling from the wolf. Yeah what are you doing you know over there we don't know what to do we have restraint and. I and we are getting catering job ready for a black airlines spectator or and a couple. Actually several days to wait until we're getting now exports ready to head out the doors. That sounds like a pretty big order Gina. Hit pretty far pretty flat when spend some cash we love Alaska Airlines about frequent flier mileage through a member. Ariel. And I had so much fun and meeting you this what does it he's day yeah and our month at a stop it and enjoyed haven't yet. Yet you or your husband Brad are good people and I feel very blessed as well that we have a chance to know your how sketchy and Sanath. Well where rhetoric I hit it isn't and placed. Hot sun we actually so much so that Wanamaker OPEC has the morning answering questions and she is kind can't resolve microbe has converted over to the wall. Dad I'm talking about you know you might have stolen a few of them to beat the street this. It all okay well there you know determined neither ours but we know you're busy so let's just make it official we needed to swear you in the mud club I am ready I'll do it nineteen to reach a rainy and repeat after me highs featured game. Hi Gina like this you hereby pledge my allegiance is here I played smiley to the morning wolf back. Itamar in both fact and as a proud member of the mud club. At that pat Embraer and I'm glad I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. Luke congratulations to him to harvest community had to be an official member of the morning wolfpack mug club go well. Today did I get back to may get a sandwich boards we love you thanks for being in the family river get your rugs. Finally address on the web site Seattle dot com. Calloused as progress. Yeah guys got a free doughnuts. So today is military spouse appreciation. Day yes and we thought this phone was kind of cool because we talked about a lot on the show before it I think you know if you listen to the wolf how much we salute our military we appreciate or military us. But that definitely includes the family nationally are sold jury and a lot of times. Again housed or military so I may be speaking out of turn here but I would think it would be harder to be the one who was left behind. Taking care of the house taking care of the kids take Arab everything else. While soldier goes away and when yours you know it's like. My work situation you know I'm on getting validate an all time Andre Leon I'm the one who I think sometimes it's easier to deal on who leaves. Because an analyst day cast he and they airline while at home especially if somebody's out in a conflict zone and they they're aware of the dangers that whoever is at home has no idea yeah act just on I have a best friend you married a marine. And he got deploy aid. Very quickly after they got married and she called me Monday into ghettos. I had to tell you something I can't tell him because I can't get in touch with them she's pregnant but I have to tell someone to the fact that she couldn't even tell her husband she's pregnant had to wait yeah I mean. The sacrifices are just and watch her if he actually was played multiple times. And still like to watch her basically raise those children. Meyer's mouth while her husband all the way. In a way for a really belongs gas and then you know Lotta times and again. I don't speak out of turn but just from people that I talk to you know you come back from. You're deployment things are not the same area and so does tell us a different and yet here you can get picked up the pieces like half trying to hold all that together and keep the family going Allison. Work and all that stuff so. Today is military spouse appreciation day but we were just kind of looking about the history of the gipper started at back what 84. Not a re enter and 1984. Iron yet. And so it's always celebrated the Friday before mother's access to the labor. If you would like to say a couple of nice words I know got a lot of military listening if you wanna say a couple of nice words about your spouse because its military spouse appreciation day we would love to hear that I think it'd be a great way. Especially being so close to Mother's Day to salute military spouse yet. F to a 6421. Wolf share a little bit with us right now please can also text in 46150. Yeah palace raid in these here and so wolf here's a story that's going viral today about a guy in South Africa presses sell small the world is thanks to the Internet social media. Well he tweeted that he was gonna give his girlfriend the wife tests. Which is to say he intentionally messed up his house by the ways name is of bright men miss seeing goes by Vijay. G. Intentionally messed up his house to see if she would clean up after him to see if she was going to be a good wife for him. So Elizabeth dirty dishes in the saying she messed up the sheets and make a bad left laundry out. Invite her over and then he tweeted afterwards I was extremely disappointed to be honest she left without even washing dishes let alone some cleaning. I thought this one was actually wife material and Richie entirely failed at the girlfriend being test. I mean I know when he people put other ones are test I mean I have one of my own but this. The terrible test well I LL is your houses and. Yeah here's the end results. He got blasted on to and destroyed on Twitter by everybody else who read his idiotic agreed. From the dark ages and then somebody showed his girlfriend and she dumped him the next day bed so now we sing it but. Back to your point and again maybe this is a horrible example because it's a horribly stupid tests right but as the only on the show dating emling nearly single person. Do you have little tests leave out on the bubble day with a guy in terms of drugs like I know people that have dogs if the dog doesn't like the person there out of gas right away. That's a good test. It's a Mike test is if I have to say. I'm just kidding. More than three times the first time in Egypt not work because you don't understand like I can have a very sarcastic dry sense of humor don't you ask and you don't edit it and I just I'm just kidding then it's not earth. And I think that's probably not just for YouTube because I think there's that sense if you think has to be there that it does not get delayed. Teachers scary the first and wry humor or having to explain my jokes yeah it's fine art I would throw this out to anybody else to and again probably a horrible story to start with that's not the example we're looking for the girlfriend into. Could be you had a test that you failed horribly out to like. Now that's true lied to a 6421. Wolf morning well thank you wanna hear from you if you have a test. That you give somebody when you need of the first time they're gonna be a potential suitor or force X one Pfizer on the tax. Good morning Denise in rural place or talking about this idiotic guy in. After violence is leave them behind. Do you have any test for potential mates demands. I am habitat that's why it's significant hot air add or restart and he told. You wanna look at how I can't play it. And I found out later at it I'm in my eighth. Apps and look in all of them over and then I'll look at things like I cart and eat a lot. And I mean what how I like I. I hit me. Up. You know I'm from Kansas City and that's a big deal valued your stay. At. You know what I'm talking about what tell I overheard my mom stated she got up and walked out houses left if you like this and I'm sick and I had this is an unacceptable. We didn't. That said they test how they. Syndicates in Atlanta they think they're silverware. I think third they eat he wanted to make it on the in my notes you might make sure I. Cute they might not clothes I had an idea at a club where the Packers. So Denise are you still together you obviously with your significant other. We have done together. And I thank you got a lot attack yeah. I eat eat eat eat eat so it. You might at some results here with a a friend of mine's not needs to remind us the single guy has a pool. And he always invites first second third dates over for the swimsuit test. In the backyard. Conveniently why he got a house with a pools we can see with the girl's body is able to work gets to that point. That's obviously. Our state is like let's go swimming and our military they're an Obama I. I only get out we knocked it. Out blown out of the ground they can second third down barbecued get a beer and mr. and the food bring you swimsuit. That's how this is. IDs how we love you have a great there's anything I did it and I. He's got a great text not actually might steal this one I figure there's a lot of tips here you can pick out. She says she always goes on a hike with a guy inches is strength and weaknesses on Monday and she also fakes a trip or fall to see if he'll help. Drop. It's gonna continue like jumping to the more difficult the hype the more you learn about some really asking him and he helps you got yeah yeah regarding Iran issue and have to make them. It's it. I'm kinda fall anyway. He's mega sepia is health insurance on the open. Our idea but he tests for potential mates to a 6421 wolf for you to Texas for 6150. This is morning welcome back with some accounts are 100 points uphill. Black entertainment through its history. Hello Jimmy Lakewood welcome to beat the street our anybody and good morning and I am well OK you're what those Taylor Swift tickets century link field may 22 part of the wolves here the million tickets are playing for ourselves Laura let me just take a wild shot in the dark here may be your plan for mama and then I went for my beautiful wife and beautiful mother of the children. Yes surgery look forward. You gotta take ever on Sunday with these take insurgent. She even out. So are you Gannett. Let her go with the reigning U watched Boise Augen enjoy the concert together. Of course the but we're gonna let her go in into it some time away from the boys and pass. And ethos and forget and unit to sit through Taylor Swift concert fantastic. Jimmy I'm with their at that. It is a very high pitched grab all the trees snapped her now raised the shrieking of the ten year old girl crying girl yeah a bit before we meet the challenge used to be the same five questions we ask her. And you have thirty seconds to get through are you ready Jenny. Go what is console those furry partners namely Star Wars tree bloc which country is run by Kim Jong-un. North Korea which reality show makes Nokia a household name. Charity to which Seattle based TV shows a spinoff of cheers. Frasier was named Taylor swift's guarantor to the reputation. Blame it on the right yeah yeah and you did it didn't get a get a well you could go down. Run through the you know status quo with the challenger but let's just say that's going to be tough to beat Jimmy in fact darn near impossible and yes I mean amazing that was impressive. Now we got to do we got to do so let's meet the challenges what's your name where you're from them what you do. On jordin from Tacoma and that I have a really pouring Java and accounting firm. Sorry to hear about that Jordan let's says it's. Questions what is hung solos very partner's name in the Star Wars movies per ticket chewing. Hey thank goodness those points for the sound effects OK 121 which country is run by Kim Jung who. North Korea is only the right answer since 2220. Hole the only way to get dangers is Jordan smartest. That still wouldn't you know those aren't rich reality show made Snooki a household name. Jersey Shore wow get a couple Smart guys serious time three apiece heading into the local grid Seattle based TV shows the spin off of cheers. I don't out who did know that. Maybe you listening to our show we talked about this yesterday Jimmy for Asia upgrade to the right answers that you go for the challenge Jordan has only three what does the name of Taylor Swift current tour. Flew there Jordan did know but I was really impressed that you actually knew the name for toward the reputation George Jimmy you and her five. Alive you know record kind of you have one those tickets for your beautiful wife the mother of your three beautiful children. Thought they can get film you're gonna be superstar you worded but you destroyed because. Way to go enjoy the weekend and I think your mom on Sunday OK we'll do what we get pretty much by the way out auto announcement that was they beat the street world record the faster. This five for five perfect match in history well. No. Acadia there's losing twenty seconds is the time to be now my coming in extreme buys Friday in five minutes. It might get a little heavy but I tell you what it can be one of our most beneficial topics he had yet to stick around for the free advice Friday email coming up next. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister. Was Abraham Lincoln modest or not they're. I get a paycheck they back off with a fresh air and Emily grace was just gonna give her advice and Aaron. 100 point seven it's time for free advice Friday today. It's and FaceBook message they came to me and enigmatic the release of advice about the divorce I'm going to earth. I don't to show you mentioned you've got a divorce stuff that because kind of depressing in a way you know go into too much detail on the air which makes sense the reason I'm reaching out as you get a feel like I'm spiraling. And you've been through it seemed to have come out of it and good place any advice you or the morning wolfpack could give would be much appreciated thank you. So. Morning wolfpack the question to you and it's always more valuable if we can draw from a pool of family and friends are resolutely if you've been through this and yes I have. What advice would you somebody going through a divorce the best piece of advice because again it's not fun and nobody wants to do it nobody plans on and but it happens and unfortunately I think 60% of marriages now in divorce which is you know right it's the reality of the world we live it. The one piece of advice I'll give a nimble move on and I wanna hear from everybody else. Good friend of mine says Streeter who still is in California. Came to mean today. Just get ready for one bad year. It's going to be one awful year of your life and then it will start to get better and that'll be better and better better and pretty soon it will be fine but you are gonna have one really bad year. And it's silly as it might seem to have that be the advice that I go back to. It prepared me for what it was this a really awful year. I think that's great advice I mean it isn't easy to say oh things will get better but if he could kind of see the light in the for the time all death. Then it's a little easier. Absolutely and it's a horrible videos are you wish upon anybody but. It does. End and you move on doubtful you can find happiness on an aside so morning balls back it's open to you right now free advice Friday give us your best device. 206421. Multi you can text us 46150. Hey Lauren welcome to free advice Friday Lawrence in Seattle and if you've been through Lauren what advice would you give somebody going through divorce right now have a hard time. I'm so I went there to force a couple of years ago and his focus more on your financial health and Eric will be thanking Kate can be exactly he'll. Most powerful serve back I would then like Wimbledon. Just getting away from I think one. A few days at least maybe a leaky kicking me longer and is going on the pillow chat. Yeah it could be something as simple as going back Hechinger. Hart campaign where week. That's good friend who grant. And they weren't giving you won't bite in. Did nothing I'm like well like any help. On the revised Friday they'll do well. Lord it's a great idea and like you said the longer the better quite honestly in just backed. And I recommend an extended stay a year or two would be nice up about it I don't think this kind of the same thing is stay out social media. Another good collective yeah deep tax that they Laura we appreciated thanks so much for your advice they aren't. Thinking oh I. And penetrate taxed once and prepare a divorce no but you don't have so much like eight to remember and paperwork so trying to keep little organized in my place having gone through 98. The more organized you are the Betty going to be getting its ducks in re getting your paper trail straightened out and don't climb in the bottle yeah I did it and doesn't help. That's because I was married twenty years it's two and a half years he he'll. Don't read on date but don't let yourself be a permit to make a bucket list indeed them and mostly talked to other divorced east. And then cry into Hilliard here's a finally dried up being you'll be ready to say again happy Friday everybody right. Making. Absolutely and look this is not easily and really wants to talk about the somebody's asking him and I feel that it's kind of our duty to help them out so limited as you gotta think a break from inside this break. I've got some advice that is something I learned the hard way because my ex did it to me. And I'll be honest she outplayed me in this regard in terms of strategic Anderson there's some warfare and I'll be strategic and oh yeah. Absolutely you've got to be Smart or you gonna end up with nothing yeah and I've pretty much fell in that category so I would share that coming up next. And welcome back to free advice Friday got to face a page from a guy who's going through divorce he said he spiraling had a really hard time. He did reference maybe you have been through it but he also is calling a new morning wolf back if you had been through this what advice would you give somebody going through a divorce. And this is out of the ordinary but very welcome my wife is on the hotline thing maybe Harold. This is a surprise. I cannot stand this topic well you've awareness and a better than ID so I have out of bed. I think the biggest thing that we've both been through it and they both are not on the other me do it you have to hit batter as there. And are you your kids at chess pieces. Now my wife would be referring to my ex because I think you when you're acts had done a much better job attest to it. And even if you don't have kids just don't have a couple of the balcony if it hit two adult you know children. Just you're respectful. And the United States Egypt and terror always listed but especially. With national been involved. You got it. Pulled the hybrid is teach your kids the right way and using them has gone over time can manipulate that had never worked out for and want. Because I'm the person that that's happening to them it's a hard place to be in any parent has been divorced him in the other parent is poisoning the kids against you. The hard thing you can't say anything because I see anything in your doing your poisoning as well right you have to sit back and I've talked to so many other parents that are gone through this before me you have to just sit back and wait for your kids figured out. And that's a patience game and that's an acceptance game and it's not a pleasant one it's very very very hard the sun getaway means most likely to other adults and made it out on long time now until I have kids I. So that's the game that Vanessa and I airplane. With my daughter's eyes just. Emilio waited and figured out of their own and emanate come to tell us where we're ready right at an open door policy from day one. I just increased teen is the extreme on both sides I'm he would have achieved through the different situation than that. And keep those kids out of it for sure what type of course an absolutely not love you baby I let you calling into. I know is not it was nice yeah Gomorrah Simonyi is they do not only overdue and morbid Todd depressant for a tough access. And on about every topic from all about the real that went that night you know you've got big and and I appreciate and lebed gave us the later today and then BO. Aren't you Ventura what advice he gives somebody going through a divorce to a 6421 wolf we can Texas 46150. Bobby in Olympia free advice Friday so if you've been through a divorce what advice would you give somebody go enter right now having a really hard time. Well I got divorced with kids and it. A grilling that the domestic I don't support. Sorry Bobby won the thing that I learned let it it didn't you. Start letting go of trying to control the actions that get a person are responding to an emotionally. Divorced it's so much easier because you get to act and an empathy that he had to bear spent. An older everything's fair blowing a lot more easily right yeah and their beloved by. Great advice body and as you obviously have a lot of that going on starting your about to happen and I'm glad you're a better place now. And I we love you appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf thank John and DuPont Caffrey vice Friday what advice would you give somebody going to divorce right now. I'd say it's everything aside about being amicable. And go ahead this big bucks for the lawyers to considerable risk if you're gonna pay one we're together and that didn't do all your life if you built a bit of work. Amen amen amen and one more men to John because he is so right because I did exactly the opposite. And I that's group. Yet we are saying they have to be strategic and it's not being malicious at all are these crafted. He's got to protect yourself the use your mind and your brain not your emotion. So John what my ex did it which I'll admit she outplayed me in this regard is this is the small California town where our divorce happened. She went around and had a consultation with a every good divorce attorney in town which means legally. I cannot hire them once they've met with her so well it left me the scraps off the table so. I'm just saying if you wanna give way to farm and I ended up given way to Forbes I was in a hurry get Dirks I was so happy just wanted to be over. I'm still paying for a 1213 fourteen years later. Go around interview all the best divorce attorneys in the town that you live in and your spouse your ex cannot hire them. That's brilliant and even if they charge and it will be paying less and solid and they paid a hundred bucks if it's a consultation to pay it you're preaching to acquire brother. They like it's good man I'm Tonya and no joke that the debt money ever spent. And trust that these if you knew the person as well as you thought you did you would begin divorce go to go ahead and go to battle. Yeah point and you will be surprised the person that you thought you knew in a marriage can be so malicious so bitter so resentful and what they will do to make your life miserable in the joy they've taken that. It's almost it's shocked if he asked and don't look back don't look back life is good it's got to go through some bumps to get there. And manulife is all right John thanks much for calling in saying. Have a good mornings it's at this is almost ceremonial. Dissuaded legality of revised or there's no decision to be made heavily yeah I thought gonna bikes. Just a couple of pieces and Amylin and leave Hillary gets hot at Texas to shoot anyone throw in here but I'd jot down things get ready for one really bad year yes. Stay out of the bottle and interviews many attorneys if you can guess get a voodoo doll. And don't give up the farm just to be done yes and don't use to kids as pawns my wife nailed that one she says because I had. Keep the kids out and absolutely don't poison the well and that's about it let's move on heavily Big Three next what are we talking about. When you hit the water this summary you're gonna wanna take this one thing with you I'll tell you what it is. Beer right this not be here I could not be Peter this is the morning. Alistair you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted the royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. And there's something you're gonna be seeing a lot of the pool and on the lake this summer. Did you remember match but I very first victories I did a story about. The inflatable swine it'll like six people how could I forget is still may sort of set the tone for the Big Three through the rest of you to try to you know he's not that's a mindset you love this idea die hard news Emily goes right after those big stories actually that this. More lady it is then inflatable Hong pool rain split the season. Regular circular foot you sit on the and it got a man from the torso Japanese must leave gotta keep smiling legally can hold your drinks. Just twenty bucks Amazon's. You know I can see you would have had to single gal pals outflow and hassle labor unions you know a couple of cocktails are and which he did yes. Keep their mouth shut. And in the coming into people that a botanist on Amazon they've actually named them like the look like I thought I'm Chad in the name of. That's pretty funny I like to be in the ladies hey listen I'm also pound ball and you think I'm gonna make funny writer and a hole and the lady's eleven and still like a lack of it is gonna cut it right. Now on him. I NT and the voice that they can't just for the next feet and are announced and I didn't sing that. Two former American Idol contestants bargain if he judges felt like parks and he's actually on. As a country now is gonna come back for her second season and then Jennifer Hudson is coming back it's the first time these two have been together. And that of course Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be back into the new season of the voice and talk about in the. Well why is it that the female coaches have revolving chairs but Adam Blake ever going. I don't know it's even they can't find a female that sticks they're all good that big episode I have watched them luckily she Keyes was great to have it must be a schedule thing is enough come back like in another season and then nobody can be busier than Blake and Adam Levine. I don't get it I had no idea how can just sorted out there. Free app the will have to thank you feel like the only deliberately and I irate. Back or this Sunday there to be a 122. Point five million phone calls wow and a lot of phone calls. I think would be interesting to see happen tax you don't I don't think it's really interesting Amelie is the amount of people that are traveling. For mothers I send to your mother's flying into it which is great I'm going to when he came city get seem. Our boss traveled yeah. Eight innovation and yeah mama 34% of people are planning on eating out for mothers say while there another 34% say they plan on making home cooked meal. I've on this list funny 40% of moms admit that they hate it reaction to your Mother's Day gift. The most continent hopping yeah. My OS nugget that especially when your kids give you like that glee you at a car nearly an all yeah yeah yeah. What is genuine when your kids make you anything that's not what I like seventeen when your husband graduate dumb gift then it's maestro. But Vanessa doesn't play sick really really is what you got the temperature gradient to. I awareness. Morning wolf pack with McCallister 100 points and hill. How much time to get Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the finger Kerry can and cannot live without someone how much money they make navy that became gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes reloading but it's never OK to ask until now everybody say hi to Heather. She's in camp this morning she is an assistant to a local police chief what I can say which department has been on again anybody sigh here I had there. Every morning morning Heather thank you for being willing to share your salary here a couple of minutes. I appreciate you calling and I'm very curious about this so wolf it. Yes it's you know it's one of those awkward conversation they can in person you're never gonna ask somebody Emerson make I get aka my mom asks me that yeah talked about selling off thinking. Frank everybody wants annulled so let's put a minimum clock we're gonna rapid fire much questions Heather and then. We're gonna go all take our guesses and figure out how much you making your shares seller by the way Monday's going to be really is to do we have a private investigator. Who aren't. I've always secretly wanted to be private investigator everybody as he can begin at that we all that we need for immediate thought OK okay fine find out that the financially worth at all Monday. If Heather didn't hear wanna be like a real private investigator we did like the stake out and you see like your drinking coffee outside some department Palace Theatre and that's yeah. Beef jerky I had CEOs as popular I don't you know having a partner that's an elite. RC we she did and I'm ending aren't we got a minute on the clock are you ready Emily I'm ready yard go I this tiny dumb but are you a government employee. Our local government and okay are you an any kind of union there. How long have you been doing this job. Here that the department okay hourly or salaried. Hourly. RA how do you see yourself still getting this and by the years. No one under oath what kind of gun you carry. I do not to me if I'm at at where. You are right out as there any chance for eight permission. Your days ago worker. I help you. Know that NK for home. How long is your commute. About eight minute do you own or rent your home. I don't. And what was the last big purchases. Oh god well I have you kids and one when he won so maybe college or use the breadwinner in the family. Now. You had your own office. And now my English. McKay. Had to risk you stand by for only three short minutes we're comeback we'll all guess I believe slow Joseph gets to go first anyway yesterday. And negotiate your salary called. All right three minutes away. Slugger back to share your salary again Monday it will be finding out how much a private investigator makes reliving if you ever washing your salary to a 6421 wall slow Joseph gives you an irritation. Because again we don't wanna know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask and told now. We have got Heather on the phone she lives again she is the assistant to a local police chief what else do we know only. Fish she's a local government employee she's the next six years. But she doesn't plan to be there in another five she's nursing school that missed expensive thing she spot lately at college for her daughter irritate that's a big ticket item gash get paid hourly. She's not a breadwinner. And she has never got the taste of one that she's been tasteless that apparently important to have you may absolute now I have a method demand madness plays I don't question your questions live IR I log your commute the what does that mean. Yes those are Heather are eager to be a registered nurse. Yeah about the thought OK because we talked to when yesterday and she's found out why I called it an act ninety grand. Unbelievable OK so slow Joseph got the win yesterday about time. So you get to go first and I'll follow up with the overall lead in venue to share your salary Heather so slow jewelry don't ongoing 42 K Merritt. Emily oh no it's me next I was a little bit better than that just because I think she's been there for six years after. And you're the right hand man or woman excuse me to the police chief. Is dragnet stuff man can I go the fifty. RA I have I really want to wind today is a sorry sight of Canada 41999. I good prices riding high price is right. Off me man I without further renewed had that are go ahead and share your salary when you are ready. Remind them. I found an hour. Which means. We're amazing that is a matter at a very very important it that well obviously your good job ends so I guess it came down to the fact that heavy dinner for six years in you have gotten some raises in that time correct. It doesn't have a way to the government works is that you're on a case scale in front capped out on the scale there will be no worries that outside of colas. And but it's the job itself so when you applied for the job you're actually applying kind of like a meatball with where you have to go to a polygraph. A background checks they were asked about what I often don't believe how yeah cardiac death. Yes believe it wasn't home although there are pretty well so much information that's awful that's also pretty G but it really importantly somebody in the petition Mac ten. Confidential. All right great. Now we need to remember that are you maxed out on your pay scale. I question app that's bringing us they had their trying to shoot her before you that Americans can't do that when your nurse. Yet try to battle to and I try to dig and a scumbag on a little breaking and entering before you get out of the police car. Is it gives you somebody for you don't get to do that when your nurse I'm sorry just through Atlanta. I don't get an angry parent and Ed we love you thank you hear that morning what. I smell a party. So wolf hello Mary snow Kwame what we euphoria. Well you know I think it was not an hour late actor suffered a morning and I. Don't think there. Yes no apparently a million adults on the radio show that makes their bed every day I swear by Mary. What I trick anymore and my earlier the complete and utter disasters. When I walked get tired of it at that they'd like to rest Tamara is done about it. I'm telling you there's a feeling when you get home and it's just looks nice it makes you feel that Emily. Have you made any changes in the conversation we had about making your better every day absolutely not okay. That listening to marry does that inspire you like maybe this is going to be a little thing that makes my life better as well enough. I thought maybe they're yeah he would help me but I'm glad that. The morning wolf pack changed your life. I'm happy for you area I think also it's still not I I happen I think it's a thought it with a one aero. I have found is I get a little bit older Mary the stuff that. I can control 100% that's stuff that makes me happy riding my bike that's mean nobody can touch that at least we can't I have a one and a half hurled so maybe that's were on the same page. Aperture like I couldn't find my sketchy today you know why did you hit it somewhere a little Tasmanian devils have to worry for the takes can I write characters. In and he by these kids all these toys they don't play and any bill they wanna play with your stuff. Favorite but are they extracted. I thought you. You'd like to go to our desk and opened the bottom drawer that has the phone cameras in to start throwing the pages one Owen or iron one out of my files and yes it's maddening. Married over and we love you I'm glad that listening to the show in some way improved your life out of court but it. Like Tony Robbins right now this. We charged that that's. I don't think enough and I can't act. Three leading free and rise faster Mary we love you thanks for being a part of the show at a get on let me hear it cornered. You 100 points. Yeah all right at least so here we sit getting close to the universe show yes it is Friday may eleventh. And from the time that the movie truck pulled in a pretty house in west Seattle out kind state beach who. Slow Joseph and I had a running Wagner about Howland is gonna take you when you seemingly where the lazy is first of all time to unpack all of your millennial boxes and I had a seven beat boxes and I'm excited about emotional boxes here Milan all the time about actual real cardboard boxes filled with stuff yes. Okay and for I would say two weeks I don't think you unpacked Onebox. I strong one day. And then I'm kind of the arrest has been bubbled dating in sitting at the average watching the most of jazz legend that I could be done by may Beth and I really appreciated him believing in me that I totally let down you did and you know there's a part of me that kind of admires that about you both of you actually you could be so. Lazy and killed because I honestly I don't have that gene and it. You know I get back on a Sunday night from a weekend trip. I got unpacked the car I gotta get the laundry cone I gotta make my meals for the whole we like you have notes you know I have earned no chill if I sit on the couch for ten minutes I start feeling guilty in laser eye and I you know way kind of admire you're you're you're jealous a little. Then we'll tell you know like that. At least erotic dancer from a set down you don't why you why you run around right. They viewed five yards and nineteenth is actually may nineteenth is my mom's showing up in you thought I would make her and tackle box. I thought you're gonna pull that typical coddled kid move where UA that your mom and dad derby for April coddled. Where do we stand and you are not that by the. Well thank you I at I don't have any boxes in my health. No and there's a cardboard in the air because I have to have to get rid of it. But yeah and not everything is put away but it will be by the time she gets there. I'm and then all she I'll have to do decorate decent last picture you show me your place immediate look like a quarter. Tell me and it's all cleared out a little I take an entire car full of stuff to goodwill yesterday yeah yeah. Well Ali infidelity. When I get home I'll go on in Syrian story for the wolf and I'll shell degree. I'm very big broad proud you little says that's the amazing. I have to get a fifteen frightened than that. Well now my biggest motivation. And that was my goal from the very beginning was to try to motivate designer there's nothing better than that feeling when you moved in and everything's put away and you settled in you make you betting you don't even negative currency value you have house normally my bed yeah silly jock. And leap you gradually change is okay. Okay. And now momma can come and you can hang pictures and have a good weekend aren't allowed to IG stories out this I love it. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I sit up the hard stuff mine you know I said no to know Nancy Reagan's over dead. And Emily Craig I tell me who she is that I had a lot of content like show. Me. 100 point seven. Won't. Good morning nanny in Marysville happy Friday want to do for humanity. After I. I can't I at least he. Not been an oath and I hate him and get our chance to welcome Angela could. And ultimately get debacle we can't celebrating. Angela and I change their mind. Athletic and it ain't happy that they be by the stadium and he instantly though I share the same urge your Smart. Even born three days supporter and former. You know it's a tough spot. I was raised from a mom today you know when your eleven you wanna do these things it's really don't have any money can't do anything for our moms we like you. I had remembered drawing pictures and trying to do craft the stuff like that do you think that I was getting into an inning on Sunday or it's gonna do some foreign. Eight I think it. And they only can't. Do them out to go shopping. All that's so sweet. I. That's great that we added that the fact that they would have that forethought to go do that that's pretty amazing and the parent the man in my housing sales. Tumbled Jones or whatever you do it over there maybe you do it right to happy mother stadium it adequately. Yeah and have another state to all the moms out there are winning out here Gailey is taken over next. And only when you have a wonderful weekend with your mama thank you thank you I cannot wait to meet her next week and Wednesday night at Steele creek nuke country now about genealogy as we have a good weekend if you're on the clock I. Thank you for that slow don't you see your mom now at this America Korea and you were just up to affiliate that don't we set out and tell the moms out there. And just if I hope that help demanding your life take care of you on Sunday because it is your day to be celebrated. To be rejoiced to be inspired thinking. To make Levin Hanik. Whatever you wanted to. It's your death just enjoy that was even money five Arnold actually not a health. Authorities try to go. I feel 100 point 701.