The Morning Wolfpack - Friday November 17th, 2017

Friday, November 17th

Friday November 17th, 2017


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Yeah. He wants well to morning we'll tackle Matt McAllister is on this gives you 100 point seven. This is the morning wolf Tagamet McAllister welcome back happy Friday producer Joseph is here as well hello Joseph morning headed back to Phoenix today Iran gas. Your first time going back since you've been your first time back puppets are excited to see your girlfriend and your dog that in this case of me she's been up here is the ever think senator COB after his big surgery but mostly it's gonna pack and the worst. I really hate to say to at least you guys have had some time apart he's probable fight and throw things at each other to stat. And they say moving is the most stressful thing a couple can go through together it's hurting our own way it's it's I've always said it says the worse like non punitive thing it. Am pretty much everybody asking us through one point or another and on and understand that why it's so bad in in honesty Vanessa and I there was one year. Due to a bunch of extenuating circumstance we moved three times when speaker I admit that figured either we didn't kill each other through that. Morgan's rant. Yeah that was a tough few at its. I don't know why it's so bad goods it's too many moving parts and team anything unexpected things and just as well as I wonder if it comes into play too you know. Maybe you suggest getting rid of something she's got emotions about keeping invited vice Versa all black cast that it should be sort of a cleansing process for Paris and stuff you don't the grass but that's hard to look at it it's and there's just there's so many parts to I'll be thinking about two and I'm. Scheme whatever your ethnic ethnic preference it. That's funny and well I think it's good to that. You're avoiding some of the costs of going home and travel problems of going home next week which I'm doing Seattle elect India slightly can't it is yen a year Lincoln and whoever connects 600000. Bucks just travail is 600 bucks and -- again now is that for is that around jerked up yet since this is now I wouldn't have gone into an actor 12100 dollars. It's carries and but Thanksgiving week they gadget company gone and you really don't have a choice when its fans Baghdad so you know I had to bite the bullet and Alan van likely at like I was saying yesterday I don't have any like. Like set in stone Thanksgiving traditions. My parents for the Washington Emma go visit them that these indirect card over how look at the drivers that a three hours. That's nice it's in north right east. So he's okay are. Still haven't done that you know and Washington State this'll have not gone that Far East. Yeah houses the press is to have a personal Kwame falls which is right there I've never got that Far East from here though they go. We'll apparently turns into Browning in agriculture in a totally different climate yes a lot of that out there where they are it's pretty pretty forest the gases. Well listen today is going to be a fun show. We've got a lot going on I think the biggest thing is Keith Urban at 735. And it's funny we're playing Garth a minute ago and a bigamist and you know I'll ask you about death of Lance what he thinks. In a way it's not gonna. I wanted to be honest but I also don't wanna be judge G but I want nobody thinks about lip syncing and I think I have a way to ask him them where he would it's it's. Yeah we don't have to talk about Garth. Brett just lip synching in general and Joseph promised us a very spirited beat the street at 710 back and yes I've it's because of this beat the street that his recorder that he uses is still smelling like chief. Bottom shelf fervent yes still list. It was life threatening at one point. It could they have I was unsure but luckily got out alive. And enjoy your same idiots who hate mail to get to today before we enjoy the weekend has little bit a little bit of hate mail trickling not everybody's drinking the cool idea. Which is fine and then probably this. The closest thing we're gonna do the mug club I think I saw box over there to just kind of happier than Iraq okay good. But Mudd club submissions definitely. We need can keep that going we had a man rush right the beginning we started the month club and you know it is like anything it's kind of settled down and and I gonna say it trailed off but it trailed off. Listen if you if the union after working your marketing department you can get the marketing award of the year. If you just send us an. Electricity if free airtime your boss is beloved I don't think most people realize what a commercial call separate Iraq into my schedule is kind of expensive it is a free plug for you teach your part of the wolf family your part of the community. And by the way today. You know we open a box and I'll just give you little heads up on its a dentist's office in Redmond. And Cheney's and a coffee mug she sent a little Tumblr. But I'm gonna make an exception to that pretty sure I could drink iced coffee affinia everything's so. They get. And make this work you know she's if she's in the Buckland afternoon traffic we we okay. What else any amiss and ear gel. And I think that's about it honestly I'd Aaron will gonna check him do you guys right now that's what we do here in a 5 AM hour we are on we our lives to a 6421 wolf is a telephone number. Real simple. Wire you up early until a throne today some weekend plans. May be doing something interest he may be with something for the first time. 206421. Wolf look lighted up. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister here. It's are we haven't gotten any your phone calls on the area for wire you up early birds we realize that somebody last night when these wacky over niners. Disconnected my. Ability to put phone calls on the radio from my on Ayers and now we have millions of the best phone calls ever trust a bodily sorry but here's what we can do I think Joseph and I figured out a work around because we're really. 206421. Wolf I really need a couple these guys in the morning wolf back to call you don't have to have anything super snazzy to say we just wanna make sure that we can actually keep. Did this little thing worth thinking about because. Listen we got to Tim and faith tickets to giveaway we got again we have to get you off without you we get Keith Urban gun united we get him but also without you guys. In the hash tag MWP there is no shot at him. So 206421. Wolf somebody does do is a solid call we can see we can figure this out I'm all hundred say company go to we can't. I mean I I think this is gonna work its. Kinda complicated but here at the bulls have three different studios I think sort of pact age to be we're gonna divide seed by three to thread and number gonna hook that up and sprinkle sugar that's it 206421. Wolf. Before we play Blake Shelton Jenna. There is nobody really gonna call it a go of it. I think this phone work and they've already and before we play. A call to get last night Blake Shelton read to mean tweets. And is that bush felt in his sixties. Our properties every sexy man in the world. And the great sexy place 2000 team over now you'll penis. Blake Shelton is sixty if you lucky guy who's always about the Armenian and tell you about party you know the American involvement. With the split. But that's fine. Joseph are ready. Can return Alex the great phone experiment two thousand seventies Harlem live radio I area and it. Pay Daniel in Puyallup Dario. Hold it Daniel. He can't hear me he can't marry and Daniel did get our man and you. I guess you can't hear Matt the canyon. You know our campsite Daniel you can hear me right now it's got to get it. Forget that always do. Yet I've got every little thing pushed that would connect us I don't know out. Do you hear me and Daniel. So far no Mac man. I'm really doesn't work I was up an office incompetence. The always very gags and I'm thinking now what it is now he can now making an area the day we appreciate about. Thanks for helping out Joseph I must do it Monday yeah I am doing here Lovie Daniel came here yeah. Maybe you should just do the show so is it over here take cover the cost. Had this you know I feel like we can fix this recent I don't know we'll have to think about something different practice work as is the beauty of Liberia well here is. The good part. Yesterday we had a fun discussion about a woman in Ohio she's. ED. Six years old I believe it she gets so frustrated her husband for leaving his dirty underwear and houses she punched him in the face. So we ask you ladies what makes you wanna punch her husband of the face. Good morning and welcome to the morning wolfpack are talking about this elderly couple Ohio. 86 year old Helen punched her husband in the face because he leaves his dirty underpants all over the house what is your hubby do the makes you wanna punch him. The drug is believed what is almost slower but by the bad. CD using that I'm gonna everywhere he's close excuses well. It. Does he actually we Wear them or is it just excuse to put his clothes wherever you want. He actually will hurt read where had sweat pants okay that's nice release he's living up to that and thanks for checking in appreciate yet. But it that you two daycare all right any in west Seattle what is your husband do the makes you wanna punch him in the face. Each and then after rank any and keep his pocket on top of art director on its gains. Everything from the day it's how can I. She you know I do the same thing but Vanessa hasn't complained about it yet what is it about that that upsets you so much. Big Ten and brand new piece of furniture and all this changes everything like drafted and I'm like come on and. Well and I think changed to we live and they made her change. Even just by itself this kind of annoying you don't meet any change visa debit card for everything right. Yes yet that pain there feet. Everything out of pocket it it'll on the thanks for being a part of the morning long guys have a wonderful day here's Canadian wouldn't know what is your hobby do the makes you wanna punch him. We don't know and don't apartment about a couple months and now I got married 30 and for some reason in this place. Every time he opened the cabinet you leave that wide open it you know men are notoriously bad at that we're like children when it comes to shutting cams I don't know why that is. I don't you buried and I walked into the kitchen like every topic so suddenly didn't even need anything from that might not why is that how bright it is you know letting it takes away to all the credit that we wanna get for maybe unloading the dishwasher because we leave all the cameras opened and it just ruins are going to clean up after them after it at all. Katy that's so funny thank you so much for checking in. Thank you are right here is Dion in Tacoma what is your husband do the makes you wanna punch in the face. Even though every cycle item on the counter instead of putting him at the bit right underneath account. And you know infer speaking for guys there's so many things that we can do stick that one last step that would make our wives so happy you don't mean. It's like oh great error our. That's why Vanessa wants to punch me he hates it so I'm I'm sorry it's all right hey this is an honest conversation Dion I love you thanks for checking in. If you get an update this guy Jennifer and lights that are what is your hobby be that makes you an appointment is based. You know I don't I don't buy any of them I feel like we're now and he's got on Barak or get back home from work. And that we get in the air and clean and. The away and he's now the way he's not working. You know oh he's got to step up is dinner game I was in that spot for about nine months when I was home in my wife was out working I definitely got to step up your home game. Oh yeah definitely I mean am I pre made dinner last night about the economic thought that later that you make in the middle Earth Day. I Jennifer I what are the downloaded thanks for listening knew it coming when even the sad part is you take calls for days four days. Delhi and granite falls what is your hubby do that makes you wanna punch him. All hey Matt and down my husband always eaten the last two brownie. You but he. Absolutely. Out and give you a golf. Course and I. They would what is usually what is his name in the majority it and he goes to relax on your shirt Christian academy underrated golf. Hey big sanity guys the family thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack. And take care lobby Arab one more he's just as we gotta take this when Joseph and Arlington we're gonna put one guy on the radio this conversation go ahead Joseph. So I got a problem with this topic search your reasons newborn baby fury hurts this but I guess what my wife's due to make us more launch analysts say. About to be considered gay absolutely there's a reason Sergio there's a reason we're doing it this way. Don't know we all got to keep being very luckily they didn't know you don't. It's really not a problem within us is just Jenny yeah actually it was all individual reverse the topic is there any other than it does not enough that you want to ensure the safety absolutely perfect. Exactly one of us what you want you know hopefully all the work yup. Hey Joseph broke both the real world welcome the marriage and that's how it works guys yep that's it I total total inequality but it was already knew it mom I. Happy nobody's happy right in sometimes I'd rather be happy than right. Here that morning. I'm still a party. Though wolf this is the morning wolf pack MM McAllister producer Joseph you're too by the lake he's joining us this morning at 730. The Smart guys are on their way and by the way to fix the phones so that should happen. Got a mud cloth mug club calls coming up next but my favorite story this morning my favorite Seattle story. Is this time capsule they found while they're doing is 100 million dollar renovation the Space Needle they pulled it out of wall. He was put there in 1982. And on the front of the it's his time capsule to be opened April 21 2002. So clearly whoever put it they're forgotten that they've put it there at which is so funny joke because I know for a fact. I have been a part of a time capsule. Varying ceremony before the problem is. Everybody forgets about it right there in the ground your there's nobody in charge of what we're gonna go back and get the time camp right it's like if people it premier high school that are in charge of labor unions leg they always forget. Yes and again if somebody here it's not clear why it wasn't recovered her it's because they forgot about it I would love to him I can remember I wanna say that I think in high school. We did this we did a time capsule for some reason I think an eighty's it was really popular yet I definitely when I was an elementary school which was in the eighties we did yeah. So. You can't go back that mindset is down again opening today. Building I don't know is that. Where who whose opening alligator live feed or something I would love this is like you know taken a page at a stranger things that coverage so. Back and Ronald Reagan was in the White House ET was the number one movie the box office. On television we're watching dynasty in Magnum of course that your under forty none of this makes any sense. But I loved open but there's an Atari. Joystick and there you have probably what else from the eighties. Little offensively for the you know echoed a stretch Armstrong per share in those little hand held police division video games in near Atlanta like that. There's got to be like you need to be governor some day. Well I don't know about that from the female side of things that you can again though. Cabbage patch doll he had. But that's it I just had to laugh because I remember I know that there's a time capsule somewhere that I contributed to that is completely forgotten us probably if there's probably hundreds of now you have where is it you just forget anyway so that's the story's pretty short but. We can hide in a weird way I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what's in it can ask you were more questions yes it was in the wall at the Space Needle that's it looks like it's a small article on kimonos dot com but there is a picture. And looks like there's a little wall next with Steve still be on enlarging the photo now and hand. Yeah I aide Tariq kind of hard to Tokyo before I have to have them in unison some cloud to be able to put something in the wall to sleep apnea. Yeah I'm thinking so ahead. There's gold nuggets in there. Mean it's funny to it eroded eroded and Flickr fees so it looks like it's firm 1630. To affect him at the three musketeers and edited it there this way that led to believe 1980 do. Now another episode oh. Your club. Meant to open up another box from Redmond signature dentistry. And really nice junior and Cheryl she's in pain and Sheryl we would like the apart the mug club to consider coffee mugs we have water bottles. Am really enjoyed you guys the morning keep up the good work in hand. Come visit us. Yeah. Because most of us folks during the mug club again if his campaign help me how cute. An elderly I was wondering if Cheryl was there in assuming I converse with her briefly. Am making the kind. To calling. OK just to mama teach you so much and Wednesday it kids to love you Papa I think if I look at you. Easy. It's. Cheryl Cheryl how are you today. Thank Mario good as Matt McAllister calling from the wolf thinking used for the care package from a Redmond signature dentistry. In the cinema to give you a little bit of a hall pass because is the mug club than you don't have coffee mugs and how I am cracker. This little water Tumblr is gonna be great for guess what. Maybe alcohol all well now you're talking my language I know I'm I'm talking about iced coffee later in the afternoon so yes yes we're gonna call this our Redmond signature industry. Ice mosque. There you go thanks fer put the package together including by the way guys next to toothbrushes and toothpaste and yes of course. The off I am happy to announce Cheryl not that you care but about five years ago I sort of flossing regularly announces regular part of my nightly routine. I am that is great to get that more than I do really you don't floss you're gonna missiles and you did not every day. Every day happy not to and every day you know got a busy life and then you know. Me and I think about the little food chunks in between nature and they're gonna live there the direct T. They didn't they take about it. Eighty Sierra how long you've been there in Redmond almost went here. No kidding wow how even listen to the wall salon. A long time do you have ever been there in the office listening to what the problem with my office at least listen to country music but Isner in the bottom floor of candidate that building where are up. Can't get reception. I hate that but I listen you guys everywhere I love that that are on earlier in the morning that I have more time this morning to execute. That's why we do that because we realized so many people do get up at five and there are other up and yeah so you're you're listening between five and six. I get in the car depending on the morning about 530 and get to about an hour Packard is take thirty yourself. Sarah we just appreciate you in of course a meter shot out to Antonin McLaughlin and Geoffrey stone breaker when an awesome name that is the press that those are your dentist over there. Yes the edit owners. I'd ever we have a big group a girl can't edit ironic MIA. What does that mean big group of girls aren't you married guy he's adopted as women need anything I said afterward but there's a big thing about twentieth this year it's really. Yes they got. Actually Joseph my producers flying out today it was easy to good runs and doughnuts a candidate he's got to get a flight back to Phoenix up an eight year you've been following now we've gone. The only guy decency to picture of these two and a half pound tumor they pulled out of that I heard or. About Monday cure we have alleged gunman days from. I went to Q all right great Monday it is as a thank you were coming if there were some donuts. Hey welcome to the month club thank you. Into the morning. Oh I now. 100 price fell wolf by the way to compile the list just in case you're curious of the worst Christmas songs of all time. I. I'm not the biggest fan Christmas music I don't know why somebody yes I like it like on Christmas. Yet you have to there's I mean it's crazy. Christmas too early Stewart crash but added to the top five in we have audio examples of all the I will be honest with you go legacy go five to one. Because the first one the worst Christmas on the all time I've never even heard of really yet but let's give some love for number 51 appeared it's a little hit for mud John Denver. I guess that's please daddy don't get drug this Christmas. Wow I don't know why I don't even remember there's a course remember John Denver yeah how many families that like it's a little too close to home for. Yeah I mean I think you could strip away the ridiculous this evident there's a real story right. It's kind of sad yeah ceremony. OK number four he Christmas Eartha Kitt the classic Santa baby. And I infections Vaughn pants can thing. And you need to. These kind of sounds like Yoko Ono flare. Number three is Bruce Springsteen might surprise some people. Santa Claus is coming to town outcome. Throughout and I think there's at least for me person I can only speak for myself right. It's a bit about huge rock. God so singing. Christmas music yet it like every country artist has their own Christmas album and I don't think the client and I do actually about is kind of like this month. And I'm not a big Springsteen fan I was kinda like this I dig it out of talents and those that all alone number three wouldn't be a list unless there was some controversy ranked. Going to the second worst Christmas song of all time. I. Baghdad and Spike Jones. I. He's from 1912. Yak begins with my grandfather. Used to sing this to me at Christmas and he could take out as you Brent Dietz areas like automatically released a freak me out yet that's a memory cats and then the worst Christmas song of all time. Is by guy named Lou Monty and it's a song I've never heard of it called Dominique the donkey. Adds Italian. How do you know these zones show I don't know but I as easy Neil I find it very impressive yeah. I've definitely heard this month. It's pretty nine. Yeah I think there are three definite home runs and Alessio has ever leave I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas did not make analysts should be a new list knicks win again or to cover. The morning when I needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf happy Friday Matt McAllister Joseph. And were hurt a little bit today and the show doesn't sound quite the way it normally does just because we are a little disconnected from you guys just a bummer. Now we somehow overnight Los ability to put your phone calls on the radio and I would tell you. I realize today Joseph how much I. Depend depend on everybody this or your big part of who you are for now you're the coast of his radio show on after economic coast here today I'm ahead you guys Ellis in the morning wolf back. I feel totally disconnected kind of thrown me off south Friday of one if you had to redo the whole schedule because of course we had things were like hey. We you don't have to guess color about this that the other can't do any of it. Kind of a disaster. You know still can it's yes. Sound much you can do. Although the Smart guys are supposed to be here to fix it because. Coming appeared a few minutes yet we're praying we're you were merlot you know. Hey we've got the big key Durbin interviewed 730 times. Which is huge back to have to figure out we get that done. And we got beat the street coming up here in at 710. For a deep demonstrates that it's maybe my favorite beat the street of all plans. Yeah I mean listen we managed to get the person on the street there and we've got that in fact Joe's recorder still smells like bottom shelf fervent outmanned but. We definitely need to get this fixed but anyway take it as a compliment. How much are rely on you how much I value how much I hate doing the show without you being on the radio I hated. So sometimes he needs something taken away before you realize how valuable it is not that I didn't know that but I'm missing you guys today. Or she can always come talk to Joseph I just can't talk to. I respect him and actually traded earlier in the 530 our eggs they could hear Joseph and they couldn't hear me I know dying. Inside a part of me died that Lester crashed here's a link. Day I could not driven his name was I thought he can't hear me. And here it is really quite good dreams you have when you're dead. Like the sixth sense in. You're there but people can't see angry commuters stuck in the floor and I. Well listen we have high hopes that we will have everything fixed by the time beat the street rolls around at 710 and now we're gonna do something different though is that they'll Briggs feeling sorry for ourselves well. Felt good yet and I got to get it out suggestion to stuff frustrated diameter it 206421 wolf by the way is the number of so that I will we do get there and Q&A call now that's fine Jody do you change maybe there's a way we configure work ran off the air I am I fat McAllister and try. It's. Old rules the Smart guys this guy here to I look at the phones hopefully thank goodness hopefully we can still do beat the street here a couple of minutes for the Timothy tickets. On that note Tim and faith Purdue in the media around yesterday they actually went on Jimmy Kimmel last night Allen talents are and mislabeled that. And I made a middle of Africa and a little out of you iron I applaud you for not getting angry because you know five years ago this that you have been an air raids. But your ear handling it very professionally. But you are visibly sad. Listen there's a certain amount of acceptance that comes at things that are out of your control rests on just trying to take it instructive if you miss my cohost I missed I missed the people CC so anyway here was Tim is safe on Fallon last night and actually an attempt to look pretty funny story. I was on the road working and they they give me a call rescind you know grace she's going out on the day do you mind if she goes before you meet the guy's face about amending either really nice guy everybody we've we've done our researcher bodies. It please. Yeah yeah. We put our Secret Service does donuts. They're just about everything is good. That's an OK bit but he's got to come they can go out tonight but I'll be home tomorrow so around noon own and to come on a house just Arkansas hi doing looking and you can actually just in Mazar I get home at like 2 in the morning and give the next morning and then and we're gonna barbecues on. In the kitchen and I forget that he's come and so I'm wolf a white apron on and a knife from the chairman of the I'm driven Mena Arkansas got so what's the needle over this white paper there. And everywhere. In the door or rings the doorbell rings are going to answer the door nerves this kid who's. Gracie stand up got a knife in my hand and a bloody. Paper and on and it worked out really well. They go and no one more thing too on the team and faith nodes they've got a new toward documentary gets in a premier and showtime tonight if you get showtime. It's just sold a sold tour documentary. And can do wrapped up pretty for the show here in July flat hit the pavement. History. Yellow Taylor shoreline how are you today. I RE are fantastic. Publicity rated beat the street for sentiment fake tickets. I'm ready. All right I heard you were a big fan initial July would be amazing for you to go to right. Would be unbelievable. All right well you know the contest works five questions you have thirty seconds and we'll go down to the street will find who produced Joseph asked the same five questions to. If you do better than that person. You win. On them are right let's do it thirty seconds on the clock for Taylor and shoreline. Here we go. To meet hero he's the study of watched. What they picked the longtime mascot for frosted flakes cereal is Tony dove what. Finish this country lyrics god is great fear is good and people aren't. What is the name of Seattle's professional baseball team. In 1997 phenomenon hale Bopp was a type of law act. Are. And down and find out who you're playing on the streets of downtown Seattle first. Look at how can lose money you know kind of Jose Molina from Minneapolis Minnesota. And I'm homeless. Okay you're playing cannon then he's homeless and meteorologist she is the study of why. Prado rode it. Meteorologist action city of weather at Taylor he's good Democrat like me and I guess technically he's not wrong but you got the right answer tailor your of one nothing on our good friend Ken. Or the longtime mascot for frosted flakes Serio is Tony don't know what I. Tiger. He got that right in so did you Tony the Tiger that means Taylor right now you have a 221 lead and cannon on the streets clear that this guy can't there. Got a today near as good and people are. And yet bleed his response it was incorrect the right answer was people are crazy of course Billy Carrington to really got it right again. So right now heading into questionable for you got 31 lead you were sitting pretty Taylor who. Maybe what is the name of Seattle's professional. Error. Mariners. He got that right by the way he appears to be slurring it's because he is just and he was entering and tonight she urban when we had to be street OK so. I he got that right my score his fortitude fortitude in favor of you Taylor here's the fifth question in 1987. Phenomenon hale Bopp was a time of black. I was a group. He was in prison so he missed the whole hale bop thing which means he got that because I think it was as a comments tailored. Hope you sit down and you went five for five your perfect to win. It's just it's been in July July 13 a Friday night. I think he arena we're gonna party down. On. A guy that is on everybody's got. It made him so we're really excited that's awesome that's going to be a great night Taylor can't wait to meet Tuesday to being a part of the morning will now they're thinking it so much it. How does that McAllister as a product. These guys got to bring donuts then. 100 points. Morning wolfpack Matt McAllister Keith Urban on the phone hello. It does not yet this is Matt. Yes it's okay yeah it's been a little while ma'am but I gotta say congratulations. On the CME's you had everybody buzzing about the song CNET. Think here I was very grateful that I thought. Do you have some of lay out much us. Well why was the song so important to use to cut emir all happened really quickly you're hurting your like oh yeah I got to do X. Yeah well minimum on the other it's two daughters six and nine and as a husband has done. And it. This song just spoke to me on so many levels and if I didn't other things case it was just heart reaction has that song ends and we luckily got to build a recorded. Have you heard the cover that the song suffered jets have done this group in Nashville sure the video is actually beautiful. Do you think it makes the song more powerful than Amanda singing it. I think it's a powerful song period. And if it's. And I I'm I'm glad that the separate jets cut it to that you can you can hear the song from that perspective. It's a great song a great message. I was still the song to just as much a prayer as a that this song and it's celebration should be it it's a love let us. It's many many things that it addresses certain things in the in the in the persons of cool. That for me the song. Is this feeling I get from the entire salt is is very very spiritual. Yet and you've been in this game a long time key so I'm sure you've seen. Suspect behavior from guys in Nashville power executives are you happy with what's going on right now in Hollywood with all these guys getting outed for what they've apparently been due. It's it's it's just a great part of evolution I think it's. As we move forward. This is these things to bring out into the lie in and this obviously this is high time that this is put out into the lives. Everywhere amen brother and a lot of people that are nervous right now because there's literally is nowhere to hide anymore about we keep happy belated birthday he turned fifty in October. And I did it you gotta be the youngest is looking fifty year old in the history of the planet by the way I. I love that I get to do what I do again and I think everybody here until dissembling. I would feel any different to limit the town. You know getting this year and I can racquets getting off stage touring I feel exactly the same effective when I got here. Well you look the same maybe actually I think maybe you look better so that's a good thing that's signing with what I. Well and I know you feel that way about Nicole did I read correctly the U guys are new Ager valves when you turn fifty. I don't we will trade debt chuckled not a guy all right CNN there was something else to end and I had never heard the story. They were claiming in this particular article that she propose to you originally is that how went down. I had that that's the first I've heard of that one I can promise you. It was as traditional as we get I can even get to press says I had to ring picked out because I awards show which ones would be derived launch propose we thought it. No way how did you make the decision finally is that as well that's a hard thing for guided do. I had a I had a very traditional. Much older antique pandering that's sound that I love this jewelry store and it was a more modest. Kind of and the snazzy immoral while trying to ring like gosh. They're both speak two different things but you know what I should because we've CNET and I just went with the one that I felt was. At the heart. I tell ourselves it's been violated with which. Additional you're dead and did you ever find out later down the line which when she would have preferred. I altered chase it I would just want to whichever one you felt. Of course he did it as Casey's awesome. Yeah. They keep their gonna follow this right now and would you. Keith Urban ever lips sink a performance on an awards show. All mad at him like everybody every artist is thick and goes through times and have to figure out what the heck am I gonna days and there's things in life. That we all go through your like damned if you do damned if you don't. And we have to make a decision and the Mamas so I think everybody makes a decision that feel is right at the time have you ever done it in the past. I I've had to do in the past here at Amway and I will also add that. I don't know that anybody knows exactly what they'll do in any situation until they're. Smack dab in the middle of the necessarily yeah. You know it's easy in hindsight to say what you do achieved in foresight that he might do that man when your rights smack dab middle of the moment. Not quite sure. We'll keep you thanks for taking the time I love talking to you and Jack congratulations again on female you know. I was watching it here in Seattle my wife was back at Phoenix and it was an hour difference. And she kept saying you have got to stay up for another hour because you have to see to keep their song it's beautiful. Appreciate that I had and again as a safe from I'm on the on behalf of the writer and myself I say thank you and I just so very grateful that I just be small part of putting yourself. Always a pleasure Keith you're one of the good guys you happy holidays to pay abbey on it and enjoy Thanksgiving express this morning. Palace raid and these here and it's. So yeah I am a little. Blown away that Keith Urban admitted to me and her last conversation a few minutes ago that he has in the past lips sinks an awards show for. You know what I think it's just probably way more common than we would like to believe probably know I mean probably making such a good job bad it today ashes this probably goes on all the well I think now I'm gonna be keeping a little more about it when I'm watching the AC Aaron you know rhetoric he's just yet eighties you know and IE. I don't know adjusted just how Iger I just. Used to be so frowned upon but I maybe there's some situations where like Keith was saying. When you're in the moment yeah you just have to do it myself at television broadcast of the same look at things like the Super Bowl happens all the time you know there are instances where seems to be more common studio than we talked about the media don't know when this is pretty cool actually it's a little Nashville insider thing there's a group there. It's a group of rotating female country artists they're called the song suffered jets. And they cover a bunch of songs and a lot of these women uses as an opportunity to springboard into a record deal for example but you said it's it's usually five female songwriters and artists. In the past these have included lord Alina. Rae Lin and Kelsey Valerie was a part of this right before her song went to run number one yes so it's. It's a launching pad may perform at the listening room cafe every Monday night. So I was really excited to hear they had covered. This song. You put it up on the Seattle FaceBook page to wanna check it out but like you watching you don't really know who these women are listen to these voices singing the song female. You re so that you see so many kids hanging. And as sayings. You don't hear a song I didn't think seeing it. Do you. Name. I. And he's seen what meaning and imagination. So yeah I. I'm gonna play the whole thing man at school and I guess really cool there it's really beautiful and I can take away anything from Keith service for farmers and that's why I asked him wonder whether songwriters you know had a guy do it to be here women sing it if it does happen. For me it's got a little more power again. But I think he touched on it Q I think a guy singing it adds a little bit more credence to the message do you like listen yes. Check this out this is cool and it's it's a cool group a ladies nationally to do this is 2014. Like a country artist incubator pretty much yeah yeah I mean it's a way for them to get out in the performance of who gets on the ES Seattle FaceBook it's the morning. Oh I now. 107. Solo also morning wolf pack up Matt McAllister thank you for starting your day here. And I got to give props to this nine year old kid sitting here reading this story and a blown away. And I think it's a great Seattle story because there are so many hiking trails here it blows my mind. Every time honored by privacy at different hiking trail and people going up on mountain bikes or hiking accurately theatre car things get out of that. You will tell you will. Check this out though and nine year old kid from Colorado is now the youngest person on record he's got the world record. For completing what they call and hiking the Triple Crown if you're not familiar. It's when you hiked the Appalachian trail the Pacific crest trail and the continental divide trail where entire Appalachian trail him like. 3000 miles yes if you Adam ala the hiking Triple Crown its eight. Thousand miles of hiking this kid is nine years old it's done. Things like a punishment and I don't usually do. And in also that isn't that. Restored it in your faith in this younger generation dedicated to be so single focused and not distracted by a video game because. He walked for days I love these kids that my faith has never wavering I know you're video gamer but yes of the Appalachian trail to give you ninety got to walk from Maine to Georgia. The Pacific crest trail you gotta go from California Washington State right here peopled died giving. He notes it in the continental divide just a movie with Reese Witherspoon yes Theo walks through Mexico that's insane yes that this kid has done a mall. There's only 350 people that have ever done all three and his nine year old is now on the list and he is he officially at Guinness world record holder he is Christian Thomas who goes by buddy backpack run -- to Graham and it's really cool to Obama's step dad and his step dad as a one started. This when he was five years old took them on a two week hiking trail. On the Appalachian trail they spent the next nineteen months. Finish tonight. So what are you dealing Gannett pad strap on the packs. The picture I can't get that didn't go around the neighborhood and escape or are you kidding me at that would be some dough by the the Washington Post is a huge story on the skin and tells gives give props and that's awesome. You know right well we're talking about Guinness world records I can't let that go back is we've never brought this up. To our Seattle audience. You held a Guinness world record for I think at least a year ago and obviously it's not about me we don't need to go there Ali we got to go back to 2006. September 15 as the day remember like it was yesterday you strapped on. 155. T shirts. To set the Guinness world record for misty shirts worn by 1 person morning wolf pack Joseph is not telling you lines this is true. I was verified on the David Letterman show class for having me Guinness world record for the most teacher toward one times the stupidest thing. But it also has become my legacy you're right I don't think the morning wolf thank knows that now and I IG I actually my hard and that. Was creating a video on it that way and Ireland guides got like seventeen million views I just put it on the Seattle FaceBook page. And I had a dream come true because of that as well. Not only did I get to go to New York City for the first time and all kinds of stuff hasn't been the famed unity. Yes I was famous and in a but the video that I made got spoofed on the Simpson. It's they spoofed it and that's the show speaking at nine year old I came out and 1989. I've been watching that instilled the U it's one of my favorite shows of all time the Simpson. And all of a sudden the guys who are videos on the Simpsons. You know I feel bad because we started this break talking about this wonderful nine year old kid who really heaping praise on on a job well done. Now we're just patting ourselves on the back end sounds terrible reads like that Michelle has come down on the same. But I will tell you if nothing else the video Joseph that you put together is a reason that became so famous so I highly recommended everybody's looking at impersonal doesn't LaDainian like me anymore in the years ago or more in wars I had a buzz cut no reared back. I looked very weird but it took four hours to do. It was and legacy examine YouTube sensation and one of those movie watch what is the original viral videos that X 2006 that your team came out yeah. Asserts are where can people checking out Seattle wolf FaceBook to Seattle FaceBook page if nothing else it's kind of on the ticket and I guarantee by the end of it you will be laughing and keep in mind when you watch a video of me putting on a 155 teachers I almost died the firefighters and a chainsaw the shirts off. This is true. All right Seattle FaceBook page. And again. Congratulations to Christian Thomas. King you're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Mentally it's. Okay we're Millen and Lee hey Matt Mattel. Oh right Joseph won't let me finish the week off without doing our hate mail thank humility therapy and like you think when it's getting too big to handle. Time goes on that's so funny it's not me about a summer was they get and quite honestly some other really enjoy this feedback when most of time it's just beating. Thanks joke I here's a tweet started mail from Richard. He said I didn't like you from the beginning. Yes. You've loved this not. I that I sort of stars I didn't like you from the beginning but since he started exploiting the homeless in beat the street I'm completely offended by you. I hope the wolf wise is up and gets hurt you sooner than later how much it by the way since Twitter expanded. You know their character links I hate tweets or the means we threw the longer by the way anybody that I ask questions that is homeless I give them a couple months. Yeah including at today's guys who left to record a smelling like cheaper yet you have killed me had not given. Joe's out there risking his life for you guys. OK Debra and email says I'm writing to express my extreme displeasure in this morning's conversation about women wanted to punch their husbands in the face. As this new morning show already been reduced to promoting domestic violence to get ratings I need those it's disgusting. Well if you miss that it. There's obviously tongue in cheek that's out of context yes ten all right Becky on the FaceBook says why I won't listen to the morning showing more. He used to be family friendly this new guys to joke. His languages pushing it a bit. But the icing on the cake for me was news talking about the Tooth Fairy. I had my six year old in the cargo on a school and at some point he stated does somebody need to grow up and stop believing this stuff what's next. Christmas is coming up if you wanna ruin that for a still. This guy just doesn't seem to care about continuing a family friendly morning show. I just wanna say that guy do apologize that that was a flippant comment to a caller I. I don't even remember that I kind of do I know what she's talking about it losing you know again I'm I'm Griffin I'm trying to be funny you know I kind of thing but outside of being famous film is very important to me and last week we addressed the deviate toward right. And even though those two words are the Bible I said because it upset somebody that I would not use the DO Neil. We've done pretty good pretty. And I am sorry. Just so you know I mean I've I have kids on the father and stepfather. Family friendly is what makes country country so I'm I've just I don't know why she thinks he could possibly say that would room Chris. I don't know I mean I don't know what it is. Can't wait to see the big guy and the Tony Smith who you may vote all right and last but not least in hate mail today a tweet from Amanda. Your show is more depressing than our Seattle winters. That. It's death now come off. I'm may use to be the H word sometime but I'm not depressing I don't think so I'd look wouldn't I hope I'm not a I did were and we've paid that analysis thank you Midland yes villains not convinced as I did talk about being really depressed on Saturday morning. But that was on a Monday it like 5 AM and a busted for and I moved on anyway don't don't be shy on the the criticism I can take it it's good forming 72 mad at Seattle dot com or any of the social media were there. I'm not the only one a do an email. To go Blake Shelton and last night to a mean tweets this lesson is that bush alternate physics is. Our property every six men world. In the great sexy play two thousands team Obama you'll agreements. Blake Shelton is sixty if you lucky guy who's always about the Armenian and tell you about heart you know the American opened. But she also looks like that I had in drug commercial where they list office on ethics at the end while you watch him build or else. Blake Shelton isn't even a sexiest man at this law or else. Shelter up to six this guy at a San Fernando Valley country club turned strip mall but that's about it. We may be living at a time of division and strife. Middle East People Magazine has united us and our certainty. That Blake Shelton is not the six man off. Here that the free world. I'm still a party. 100 points. So wolf the. Morning wolf pack Matt McAllister and producer Joseph or actually get out of here and that drew take over here and a couple of minutes. But we wanted to tell you I don't detect up to Seattle FaceBook page here and a couple of minutes. Pure luck upon this and I gotta say this has been a wacky is de Yang asked phones and work until 7 AM we barely got beat the street on the radio the air conditioning just came on a bit and sweating and here it's 45 degrees outside one of those days it's just you normally like to have these Kennedy is on a Monday but Brian okay it's all good. What I was saying to keep Durban interview was pretty great today he was brutally honest and open about a bunch of stuff. Check it out it'll be on the Seattle lost faith in Seattle wolf FaceBook page here in a couple of minutes gel have a good we can in Phoenix thank you I appreciate it. Take a picture the sun Andrea thank you so I can look at it right now it looks like a video where it's at we'll meanwhile everybody there is going oh my god that. The grade the rain bring you could bring it to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Again that's kind of a different deal. But riders governor next and we'll see you back Monday at 5 AM. Let's keep connected over the weekend on social media to Seattle wolf everything and you confine our personal accounts on there.