The Morning Wolfpack interview with Garth Brooks - 11-28-17

Wednesday, November 29th

Our complete, unedited interview with Garth Brooks from 11/28/17


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Hey Garth. They've met Harry you can do and we don't leave us alone manners has felt it smelled like a bad meaning here. I just Helio instill ago I got my master's degree in Garth Brooks and here you are again what could you possibly one Garth. Oh man I gotta tell you anything you think just thank you I can't believe we survived five actually but they were not there wasn't one of the five for me that was like. A vacation they were all strap it on and go out there and fight for your life it was so much fun. Well I gotta tell you two years you're the only artist will do two shows and a day for multiple days in the vantage point that I got which is pretty unbelievable. You know there in the Tacoma dome. Was 20000 people. Leaving as 20000 people were trying to get in in. It was mayhem all because he you I can imagine how good that must feel these fans love you. But what what's fabulous was that guy to relieve it from the afternoon shows in the afternoon shows for all home runs for us but they were tell the people outside. And by the time the people got inside they were so fired up that it just went to a whole new level it was it was great. Should it was and thank you for putting the effort into to do and and we all know it's not the same as well back when you were in your twenties and I. Didn't sit there watching you grind it out up there as I saw the Saturday early show I was I was totally impressed it's all gonna tell you still you're still doing it every bit of energy ever put into. Man that that was fun year you lose. You lose a lot of water as you just spent. It is so much fun and I know I got to play I know this sounds masochistic whatever but to know you're gonna get to do it. An hour later again just makes it all the more. More honored that you it's for me this is mis speak and I know you're different you're better human being and I am. But I would just wanna go like OK I I got to take a break here this and I know you're exhausted. Now man math last summer work that was toward a series of houses and I'm there or work again matzo music is nothing but joy for me it's like you know you get to do it. Accurately the could do it twice today because there's a lot of times like in a football game he'll come often you've got a whole week before you can fix the things went wrong here you've got an hour and you can go back and fixes things went wrong just make the trip more fun. Well you went from not Tacoma writes in Nashville you when your six CMA entertainer of the year which must have been unbelievable. But when we're talking in that. Conversation. It must drive you crazy were a guy like George Strait can get up there and do a show and literally not move bottle thing more than five feet up I don't think he believes his Mike stand and in wins the same award you've got to be god dude I have crushing myself. Take you know what. Didn't mean you look like George Strait I think we can win every year villages that guys but guys can get away with a 41 he's got eight billion number one songs and it's George Frick and straight which. All the got to do is stand up there man and I I called it and I've become a teenage girl in large agreement and I just am I love mid term. It was cool it was the perfect way. To wrap up. This tour very flattering very humbling and now speaking a wrap and a tour you know we got into work this weekend. And we're gonna turned heads for home per Nashville would you do seven nights here and Natalie in the North American leg right here in the home country music so I can't imagine how you can better. Well this may now be a question you're rated answer may be noting I don't know but. You know obvious again I hope you're gonna take some time off and not tire you interest Germany you gonna do it all again. You know what go we we told Vermont state there and in Tacoma that you don't know what god has planned for you I can tell you this are trying days are behind me you guys back yet and how you got to throw me out. We're gonna do rest sleep she's got every day of January she's got sleep Britain on every day of January on the calendar and then were a wake up in February and figure out what we're going to do that I'd love to take this thing. Outside the United States it was also probably about. Fifteen markets that we did not get too because of building available in North America that I would like to get through it feel like oh those cities to get their Q whether people Chopra not a feel like I owe them so well we were lucky enough we've got to we've got a busy schedule and. Well that's good news I think I hear what you're saying and it's good news or to see you again. You know sooner than later and in the meantime. We can kind of settle in our it's the season with a fire and yeah jet in read the anthology part one the first five years it was great seeing all those pictures you your concert Garth back in the day and you know I think for a lot of huge longtime fans is book's going to be great way to go back and relive all those all those girls. Thank you know what I love about the book it is the truth that that I'd love because they just interviewed the guys that played on all this same five guys that played on the first five records same engineers same producer same manager same song writers they just interviewed all the the people that were there every day in that little house all crushed together and the stories that came out of it. We're just phenomenal they're they're exactly where member but told from the other side so I got to learn a lot of stuff about Garth Brooks and the first five years that I had no. Clue. About like almost not getting friends in low places almost not getting the thunder rolls all these things just seemed like serendipity made but now when you read the book you realize a lot of effort to win in those for those. For the assault to actually get on record. Yeah it's crazy how one small decision could go on a bunch of different ways I'm sure. Yeah that's that's the cooling and again man the part about Trisha Yearwood you know we've we've known each other now for over thirty years and she's been in on before we were at a record deal is one of us so in the interview her she brings a whole new light to this 'cause she's got a female's opinion of that and she's got a female artist watching the same time we are so that that everything around this is the same but the story of how the climb works is in her eyes and it's it's it's a it's a really cool story to read in itself. Now she's so amazing road just I was actually thinking about you over Thanksgiving and I was wondering. What your Thanksgiving table look like with a sheath in the house and what was the best thing that you must to gain ten pounds I goes without saying. It's phenomenal match it and she doesn't think Ole miss that Thanksgiving she's very. She's very aware others put it that way which is a wonderful characteristic of somebody but art art industries kind of packed with people that moved here just for the job so they don't have family here so she finds all the people that don't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving opens up the door and in Canada everybody sits at her table and it was. Pack this year it's Travis and of course she's gonna make sure buys got more than enough to eat and more now than. The greatest stuff on the planet the. So how many folks would say hat. I think we had a problem between twelve and eighteen at the table at one point. And it's great are scattered all of that out to watch football you goodness but the greatest thing your body weights or is that second meal because what she doesn't she takes all the leftovers in makeshift casserole how which are getting to play these as the pinnacle of your stomach cents. Switch you make this thing called left over Castro which is even better than the meal you had when you started so everybody kind of wait for that. And that's ridiculous are Garth the last question in you you may not answer but I'm gonna ask you is there's a little rivalry appear in the Pacific northwest. So yeah Tacoma. Or Spokane. Who do who did good did it better because I know Spokane was on top of your list when you came to Tacoma. They're gonna tell you this let's throw in another hospital in Portland so a lot of people their from Portland had to come from the two million winner you know that we were there couple years ago yeah. And you say they're gonna I don't know how it's better than Portland and at Tacoma comes out and bring that I kid you not those were five of some of the most serious shows ever got the part of we got that time of the live record there within the Spokane where Spokane got all of this was. But Tuesday night show is they had been so committee showed you know spread eagle on the weekend yes. Tuesday night. Would rock and harder than this Saturday night was there in Spokane and so you guys rivers dig yourself really well ever won their nose their country music and we got a ton of the live record for most forms. There will you do such an amazing job thanks again for the energy you put in and in how you treat your fans this is a little behind the scenes stuff but there's a rock station here in the building and one of the guys on the afternoon show on a syndicated all over the country his wife was there and she had really cheap seats like a Nazi but up at the top you know and I'm same behind behind the stage this. What are your guys grabbed her and putter in the first couple rows and she just went home and said you know it just doesn't happen in rock radio these guys are so awesome. That it's sweet man yeah that's been that's been a tradition is they want it as long as nobody that anything in return it makes where they may say it makes me very proud that that's awesome guy I'm glad to hear that thank you. Tell Garth thank you for all the incredible shows up here in the POW we love you brother and deaths. Have a fun time in January doing nothing. Just. I love you remember Christmas you and your family Merry Christmas I'll read your book over the holiday things Garth thanks zip.