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Monday April 16th, 2018


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Ruling and welcome back to the podcasts happy mind today. It's Matt McAllister here earlier raids over there and then slow Johanna ceremonies are starting us off and I was staring at the whenever second best all right realizes make huge those who did this as a podcast doesn't start until you say I know had a different studio are things a little different than you know were were making do here make him do so listen before we let you to show we did today. Which was a lot of fun without a commercials and music and all that is a quick plug tomorrow we're going to be in now brothel for a wolf pack Mudd club pit stop pretty excited from noon to one we're going to be social grounds coffee and tea company who by the way. Just happens to be listeners of the shall. We shall I can first time that we've actually gone to a coffee shop to buy people coffee in the person already listens yet when I called her to see if they would welcome us on Tuesday she said. Is this about beat the street. I said now but aka records and beat the street contestant has got them yet two birds one stone will also swear at them into the mug club while there are so that'll be chemical gas so we'll add them in southern. It kind of sounds like Zach brown star label that yeah we're all and so Basel if you're in the area tomorrow for worker like Mumbai would look to buy you cup of coffee from noon to one. So some things we didn't get a chance to talk about on the show today. How about Justin Bieber punching a due to Coachella did you guys hear the sound now Yang and you know it's always good when you can punch a guy for the right reason. Named Justin Bieber doesn't seem do you have done anything right in his life up until this moment which I really honestly can't say I blame him. If our that young and famous and rich and stupid I'd be an all kinds of trouble. Your stories about him punching like what paparazzi and stuff before you know try to get tough guy like with huge people when his bodyguards there around that. We as you're saying he wasn't in the wrong. Then he was at Coachella he was at a party hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger son Patrick when he saw a guy assault the woman to this other guy grabbed this woman by the throat and I guess wouldn't let ago. So Justin took it a mom upon himself to punch the guy in the face and many put him up against the wall so the woman to get away in and the guy who punched the girl. It's got kicked out of the party I just less than a pretty Smart back. Well again I mean Justin Bieber is not exactly Muncie Indiana he's a little Fella anybody's famous is little wreck except for Tom sell a lot of remarked that by the way did dude who assaulted the woman was later seen chasing and smacking an SUV is it left the party thinking Justin Bieber was inside. But apparently he wasn't hello this guy didn't get arrested. I have no idea oh he did in that point the police are now and that's our budget that was the last line of the story at that point the police came and arrested the dude did yes so. He's the few some. Still some remnants of my sick from last week. For the most part I'm healed up my equal and equal warm my best friends over the weekend. All right some other thing that we didn't get a chance to talk about obviously the ACMs we covered head to toe to stand by again here that. There is. Evidence coming nominal nominal nominal. And I don't know about the static at the end as stupid what does it what does it well at least tell us so we can agree all right you just tell me yay or nay if ever talk about this. A woman got an invoice from a guy for their date after she never texted him back. So and I would say Emily you have a pursuant at the moment he's not taking enhance our very well. For you imagine if you to send you an invoice for the date because you work responding okay today. What is key. Like an invoice from what because what did you pre ordered the mile creek but what is there to. While I'm guessing he he felt like. If he bought the dinner or whatever the date was that he at least deserved attacks back and Charles you're saying he he charged or for the previous date yet all this tell you a woman named Amanda Burnett from Indianapolis went on a day with a guy earlier in the month afterward she goes to him and never texted him back. Then last week he gets something in the mail which turned out to be a full invoice for their date. He charged her ten bucks for Moscow meal ten bucks for beer at 1450 for pulled pork tacos plus a 199 processing fee to 56 for tax and forty cents to seven cents for shipping and handling. Ticket to a whopping grand total of 3952. Amanda thought it was ridiculous she tweeted a picture of the invoice restarting going viral the next stating I texted her follow up. And said he sent a collection agency for the money if she didn't pat. Yeah I don't think he's got a leg to stand on she didn't sign an agreement saying well why this for me and I will text you know he's making Internap a Moscow annual cost ten dollars but no beer cost him now. News. That's not for us here in like a sporting events or something or maybe they got a ER a high end estimate. Letting you guys economists in the points on how how how ridiculous to take a girl out in and expect everything to me and if you're a tool include this guy is a world class tool there's no there's no expectation there's no. Hey you go you have a good time does or doesn't work eight and when that yet man there's no guarantees a tennis score or the girls don't like you bitter party of one day there are and you are right in more happy news instead of taking one long honeymoon more couples are actually taking a what they call a bunch of shorter many moons. Is that a one honeymoon hack attack I think is kind of awesome I mean if you are gonna put all your eggs in one basket on one big trip maybe take about a weekend trips. So honeymoons are currently out with millennial new trend has many moons. The thought of trying to plan seven romantic weekend getaways in the span of one year sounds exhausting but. To sounds like too much work anyway baba baba okay basically take a much shorter trips together instead of one long trip to celebre to wedding. The two main reasons people are doing this one. People are more into the idea of traveling to lots of different places not just blowing all their vacation time of the year in one spot. In two it's a lot Easter them to get their jobs to give them a few scattered days off and plan their trips etc. etc. Bastard take a Friday here they aren't you have cleaning seven and the is. Well I guess it depends on. If you could afford to go to in Bora Bora or you're gonna stay locally anyway because. If you only have a long weekend to really go anywhere but now I'm right within the US or maybe Max right. And I think the beauty of a honeymoon may be dusted let's just say some people can do a week some people or reelected in two weeks or secede and averages ten days. He got a two traveling is out of that yes in and it really takes you a day or two to unwind all England and unpacking especially at the right after your wedding yet you're really amounts dressed in your tired to you sleep and then you know you cannot like if you go slow place you're kind of takes their two to get the vibe of the place in what's good and where to go ahead get over that you Aaron and send I feel like I sleep. Her probably a good week before I start waking up early again like OK I'm glad did. So I don't know man died many moons Villa hills Nike sells out it sounds a kind of more expensive and B. And others there's something really rejuvenating about taking a lot of time adding you got to do both do go gold. Somewhere for the weekend and Easter got to take a nice good like. Reallocation. From time to attack the I agree I mean look at all comes down to money NL leading couldn't afford take a honeymoon when we got married so we kind of took a spring break kids honeymoon which had all I can tell you. Is if you're gonna take a honeymoon. Don't bring your kids are now aria that's all we can afford to do it we wanted to share our trip with our kids but the beauty. There's there's a difference between a family to certain and a vacation. And taking Patrick Lee traveling with children is not a vacation. It's more ferry can work than anything else. Exhausting every time I'm traveling and icy kid from a thank you that I'm not to deal with that it's almost an iMac and it's. You it's a waste of money because you know your kids are getting like this crazy right experience and we took the kids to Mexico the electric we were tucked. But man I spent two days just trying to hook up the damn. Baby monitor things so I could put Jude in the closet to take a nap and then we can actually you are or the beach or whatever. It was so much damn work. Now did you does go to a place like I've been to be just reporting they have like kids' clubs were you could basically give the kids to the now baby sitter for the day and that I know that. Now we went to visit beach resort that was way too expensive on the putter on the credit card number like screw it man let's do it it's the same place for Jason on dean and never occurred I'm Mary Nash after the Makiko beach resort in apply a Delcarmen so great but man. To be there with Vanessa without any of the kids. And I know my kids don't listen. Would have been haven't yeah dancing off Jesus I is that it's an entirely different turns drama Estes like babysitting for a week if you date yet and we had six month old baby rat. In total Kenseth and it was fine mid they didn't have like a kids club but they have like a little pull they had like a bar they had a pool table and ping pong. In the kids like to go and met some of the kids and again out of our face permanent but the thing is to let's go on these trips and you wanna and shake the sheets you know you have that daddy doesn't have a special or I am error no real irony of the way not only worries that we all shared one room. Harriett yeah. Green Bay is nice to each other kids and wanna see it because it was so expensive there's no way so I mean we had a great time I don't wanna tell you that we but it wasn't a purse and nail it wasn't. Like a stress free vacation were actually going to a wedding in May my cousins getting married him or not taking any of the kids including Jude. That's our running apparent to Kansas City that's our honeymoon and I can't wait are one last thing here before my throat gives out. There's a new Internet challenge remember the I spoke to challenge yes disguised in the US OK you did that I literally. I did it. Do what is called much easier by the way the eleven face challenge. And remember the ice but the challenge went viral and in an appraising a 115. Million dollars to fight mail us so these things are stupid. And you get sick of them. Like planking. But at the end of the day they're raising a ton of money so this when you have the eleven we have record yourself I don't know so I don't know of planking and anybody now now another out of Lebanon thousands of head now that was in the conversation of stuff you get sick harder but that was the first I think like Internet challenge was still think playing all over park benches or whatever. But this one is is stupid but you put the eleven which in your mouth to react to your you know whatever. And if you wanna do it. The proceeds are gonna go to our breeze army to help fight DI PG which is a type of brain cancer that attacks the brain stem minute of FX little kids. So what I think it's funny is we always do this to Jude even before it was like I think Iraq because there's nothing funnier than seeing some director is well yeah I asked so if you're gonna do it and I'll post one on behalf of this for whatever yeah raises awareness that's great. You do and because its solaris and by the way it's named after an eleven year old Alabama girl named Aubrey Nicholas. Who was diagnosed last September she started the challenge by daring Alabama football coach Nick Saban to do it and that's how I am also a school like it might be slightly annoying in these things can be. But it's cute and cool at. Like this and even a little better than ice bucket at the easier to ask you guys are Renee Zellweger Jeff. Yeah boom. I don't get it you know Kenneth Google Google and grenades and I did yes eleven faced her so well. The packer and always ask you because there's always partners and up to the. If first base made a noisy do you. I gotta go liquor Europe I don't lose and I guys enjoy his show we love Lucy back tomorrow five. He WNBA. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. All morning wolf Pacman McAlester early reigns of mourning mourning their slow Joseph there on where happy Monday April 16 everybody have a good weekend Emily how much you. I many okay weekends and Louis I think the I believe humble well I've been without why I and the guys are says come on get up her check and see why I couldn't get up then they never showed. So get a big hoopla about that matter was good begins and. Telling usual they would show up at all. Guy and a late one thing not showing up at all they just get busy I am in Hainan lessor in your and that I have plans have fresh and out like I just I'll do this on Monday like I'm over it when what is your stuff gonna get do you have any idea that we don't know either. For at least a living in an empty apartment with no Wi-Fi area. Basically any modern conveniences as awesome video of that last night as you were rat tweeting about the Asean's it it is empty I yeah. I think everything's Libya and airmen I still there's nothing there that I mean look Kindle in the match. At face to some co workers I got says it got systematic city life I would saved me. They haven't not a good leads PDR Saturday night GI a lot but it was fun to zero out there and then just had a had a chill I'm kind of pressing into mice like you have my stuff is gonna get here and the mean nonstop like. Unpacking and cleaning and what ever so as much as I can rest straight now own just relaxing into us yet to come before the storm is arrogant may be this weekend and hope in this week. Will you our fingers crossed I won't know it's like 24 hours before they call and say hey you be there tomorrow right so. Well. Fingers crossed and sooner than later. For you to. Our rights are you feeling better because you're sick the last few days I'm feeling great yeah I've actually mature and I didn't do anything stupid I just left all weekend and relaxed and stayed home and in -- by Kathy. That's see huge effort for you I know guys that skipped a race yesterday there's like if I race in the rain I'm going to be sick so I just did I went to bed early last night caught up on the ACMs this morning we're gonna talk about that this morning also. The most interest in place junior saying no ever got into a fight based on something we saw Saturday night yes mug club is back we get Zach brown take its 710s going to be a lot of fun emirates jump right back into it today with heavy and hard and help everybody is ready. Right now though we need leadoff caller somebody to get us on base. To a 6421. Wall. Well Monday is to be difficult but thanks to everybody that called in to be the lead off caller Matt what's up these street sweeper in you wallet but we're gonna go with guy Johnny this morning he was first in. Also in Puyallup that Johnny howry today but. Yeah they're they're at. Johnny's hello Johnny. Yeah I don't Johnny would do good buddy how you doing man out he was up downing. Eight no you know we knew that name game thing. How often Johnny to people make a Karate Kid reference about your name. All the time I would think amongst the guys it's relentless handle general that registers the renowned. Oh I need you working. Saying some things have so you kind of reference I know I feel just referring to sell your mouth moving into words coming out by rain that made no sense. Yes we've delayed Johnny is one of them over sky's the sends a karate Kid Rock flat on lacked solid gets a little body back John. And and say we could throw out David that's an interesting day and police so tell us about your week in Jonny what was not a by the way Euro welder in few wallop what did you do over the weekend. I told you so much we just chilled and hope all weekend and we did and as we got a big weekend my girlfriend. Birthday last weekend but we generally do it at home you very did I say you know. Is that they snagged a never Nunn Lugar eats yet in Libya and now I sect to typical like pizza delivery and okay never hear all right and yet you have Johnny what did you guys do breed I'm just curious. You are a lot Jack that Bob can I ask. You know I had earlier first time that data that is a new level of lazy as you can't just had to do that it's a great live well laid out how many attackers did you get Gianni. What that really are or act only I don't know ornament dad John Young kids are you guys use you in the misses just Jones. I have kids been looked like oh okay so jeez you'd do this weekend. Yes yeah how long any damage your girlfriend. Almost you know move did you guys watch television shows or movies. Oh yeah I doubt that means. We got a seventy inch downstairs and out 65 out there so yeah I'm so we don't mistake beauty. It's headed hard court Joba going on the allows the sale I was sick all week eulogize so I feel like if there's a show on Netflix I watched it. Yeah I feel like a torture just about everything plus a little bit later on a test you guys does love another round of the cable movie guide discouraging game I'm saying you are terrible I've adjusted the rules that Joseph might have a JR I Johnny this in your country fan we'd love to play a song everybody we really appreciate you being a part of show. I place Lou Dobbs Braly Gilbert didn't stick. Can do that. Brands looking good with his wife less than the great artist Casey and oh yeah it was there a little Johnny we appreciate you ambled blitz on for about eight minutes okay. Thank you you guys think you are also your friends here in the morning wolf thank witness something truly bizarre Saturday night. And it resulted in a couple of getting tossed out of PBR. Solution that story with the coming up next here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf we are breaking down the ACMs for the first time at 550 with the Big Three would Emily but first. What is the most interesting place you reviewers say go have ever gotten into a fight to a 6421 wolf leaving Texas for 6150. So we were in Tacoma Saturday night for PBR. They were kind enough to let us go out in the arena and make these kind of welcome to yeah DVR now a lot of fun. But it wasn't the most amazing thing that we did know now so if that's so we're backstage and we're waiting for that moment to go out into. The arena. Inner lining of the meet and greet for some of the bull riders. And if this kind of awkwardness and I think we've all been there and our relationships where. You can't help but you're a fight we usually go your gonna fight yes. So I don't know if there are boyfriend girlfriend they can see more like husband and wife to me dad but they were going to add it loudly backstage pass underneath the bleachers sent. In the Tacoma. Yes they kind of put themselves final line were topped off the side and you could tell just by the body language that they were in a fight that than like math and they kept getting louder and louder. They don't have strengthened their hand at one point the female completely just the rude arrogant I think so yeah she hasn't done. And beer covered MB yet the government here so needless to say they've got the boot from the event. I got to thinking like all Terrell slightly dating get to meet any of the writers video to see at the event. And you were kindly remove from Fiorina so I think to a place with sit I mean break bread to watch the terrible. Place I read there have an idea I they've spent on that yeah yeah and especially if you I don't know if they won their mean angry today upgraded to VIP. And emanated but you know when you're in if I need somebody you can't stop it. And they like to think he could fake it and maybe get through the event without everybody knowing there's no way without you we see a couple out to dinner you know they're gonna fight. That look on their face usually the girls are crossed yet after breakfast and it seemed to me with this gated. She was a little more animated and he was yes I think he's like OK Sharon heated I don't know what happened but maybe she went through his phone right before the meeting greed I don't know if so we've all been there will share our stories boo what are your for you morning wolf pack right now what is the most interesting place junior Saito got into a fight. And based on the fight we saw at PBR Saturday night and a couple of getting thrown out of the events. What's the most interesting place you when you say go have ever gotten into it to a 6421 wolf quite in Texas for 6150. We just got a text said at my ex husband and I never fight the one day him and his fiancee pusher a lofty bar. And it was an all out brawl in the parking lot of the support minds and keep the security officer. Let's eat healthy you know we don't mean physical fist fighting can just be you verbal you know most the time when your target. I would think most time we talk to make a significant issue it's a little fight yeah do you have one of these half again the one and Everett the sticks up for me. Is that we it took a road trip kind of spontaneous road trip to Monument Valley. Which is in Utah yes about a six hour drive. The funny thing is when you look back at these fights he can't remember what you're fighting about I think but it was like two days just wouldn't stop and then it would like kind of subjects you know subsided and it would pop up again but the funny part is we bought one of those. It's almost the equivalent of a of a modern day Polaroid camera I. You think the school Campillo AM and so we are taking these really cool like vintage pictures and they're all over my truck. And I would look at these pictures all the time and all the could think about was it was the worst trip ever because we thought at all times but shouldn't be your savings again Monument Valley if you don't know that's like the road it this straight highway that goes to a beautiful plateau that's in Forrest Gump when their running in the middle to death that's Monument Valley as those picturesque place in the world and it was the worst trip ever art but I you have. I'm as so I actually got into a fight my significant other at his sister's baby shower. So it all is Stanley EE and I have agreed to babysit his nephew her other child while she went to you add doctors find it later that week and he found out about it. And was upset because for some reason like he thought he was the bush speaking directly to the athlete of eighty said he is mad because it's his sister who knows why. But it was always the Alina we're trying not to fight but clearly fight yes and it is just awkward and not. Not okay yeah I mean I guess at least you know Vanessa and I were out if the out of nowhere with just each other nobody knew we were on earth like that dinner was awful. But you're around gambling. And we like that of course the games like you partner up for baby shower games and he and I like didn't wanna partner trap I. I'm happy I don't is not and I. I so again this the most interesting place have baby showers dead mine in the valley you get or go it is to a 6421 wolf we get Texas 46150. Morning low back it is time to wake up and share with us let's go let's say your calls are right now. Good morning Zach if you olive Matt in heavily here slow Joseph tell us the most in place you in your significant other ever got into a fight. So when you are. You know you sir to engage. I. Hey you you are truly understand don't you know all they do that are so I don't live. And are just a little little through all the mold doesn't. And so you always rose to heart which is right. It's tropical mouth loan it to like three hours normally eight. I've actually. Carlos I've actually been on that you rented GB drive it's beautiful yeah the it's been nearly blew. You played here at this point it's all about projected cleared. There have been no go do it through the who is don't let you see you're probably not go about Ricardo really Silas. And they say who. Yeah oh. Yeah yeah. You know. So no rest and dry. I do is yet. There's so I would want to stay lake Utah guard Rory Jews atmosphere you know it's seven letter rounded a player smiling like the honeymooners. But I still know his self inflicted damage do you pretty quiet girl. So how many days injured today honeymoon was this like day one. I don't jury agreed to he did so Barrios and we heard all the ball out. So oh how did you recover from that our field all all the moons semester and it looked our troops. Is reduced Terry didn't bring it pretty loud it's there's street soared so did lose it to the witness for sure. It says act when you look back get your honeymoon is it filled with the good memories and happy memories in the turtles on the road Hahn and the my ties or is it filled with that fight in the car when you got busted by the guts. Yeah well. I am innocent very honest about it. It's been pretty straight. Clips and got led all Al. Hello import is not battery current memory so you know you longer Mary Zach no nothing I didn't go fluid and then went to thank him without. Are exactly we appreciate you sharing your story men have a wonderful that. We do well again. Think back we got a couple of great tax as somebody got into a fight with he and his ex wife at their wedding and see she walked on the aisle but has his high it was merely a shade darker than his best. The meantime she got can be in the aisle she's not happy home yet that's and it's simply to point that out another wedding fight with her husband because she found out that he was just right 1000 never did and was trying to write them out wall they were -- and take better looking I can see that. That ties you got to let that go well and it advice now so if makes them. Big Three coming up next family I know we're talking about Diaz Asean's and it's safe to say that yesterday it was the biggest day Chris Stapleton life I'll tell you I just six minutes. This is the morning. Alistair you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger than it princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. See yesterday's ACL lord's word amazing a bunch of big winners but the biggest my thinkers Stapleton so not only his birthday yesterday. He took home at three and eight awards he's nominated for each took home male vocalist of the war here. An album of the year so that's songwriter and artist about three awards. When he does win album of the year Dell. A huge announcement was made. On a second that Chris congratulations. But that's only the second biggest news. You know Chris couldn't be here because Morgan's expecting twins we just found out that. Those little wrestlers came a little bit hourly. I guess yeah. Wind Belize. Knowing me. So Christie right. You mortgage and to big brother and sister of and of course congratulations on winning this award and it. Happy birthday treat us we're very proud of the big game birthday twin boys. Street Asean's so that means his sons have the same birthday that he does yup that is so cool Daniel hi I know a lot of guys that tried to. Do other scenes. You know while other wife is dangerously close to deliver right I'm glad I didn't do that because sound like became a little early days. There yet he was there and they dig a little early so it was really cool because. They'd announce earlier in the opening montage that he was not there because you know it's like yeah pregnant and no one expected her actually going to labor. Those cool that they got to be looking at night even miss that moment yeah another big now make Carrie Underwood and made her revealed her performance you know she had had. The big fall in the stitches and she didn't hiding an interesting she's not on the red carpet she's not seeded. During the performances you know they always like go to the audience that she she never seen until she got on stage for her performance. And of course the court just yet but remember even thought about this how there's nothing wrong with a pretty. Well you know I've had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times and I think it's surprising because on stage she's so bold. And right I don't know what we're magnanimous like she's so comfortable when you meter person she's incredibly shy faith feels the same way yeah and she's very immunity if she's very saying all and shy and I'm sure she's incredibly self conscious and he's fifty stitches in your face is alive. I'm sure she is but again more. Attention was paid to it because I didn't eat red carpet and she did it and. Sheer Schieffer I wish she hadn't teased everything right so much because she looks amazed she did get the longest standing ovation of the night you know bloody sheets like the courageous so worried yes. In for her idea was probably pretty big deal but again for the rest of us they came out and a tooth knocked out dominant date pray not that big behind. Some other award winner tonight brand a labor historian. Yeah Randall ever took home three awards hue for song of the year for ten me and she's artist and songwriter. She also took home email vocalist of the year for the ninth year making her. The most awarded EC a winner she's got 32 now. It's amazingly every the most shocked winners of the night and Old Dominion need to Cohen group of the year and you could only tell they weren't expecting it but she's always the best moment and you know speech prepared. And then have for the third year in a red days now dean nabbed the coveted entertainer of the year word. Our rights it so let me ask you. Food Miranda Lambert take over who had the most ASEAN whose family. Brooks and I'm Brett when he nines figure you knew that of course she would I stand by we get the mud club coming up in just minutes. This is the morning wolf packs with NASCAR star 100 points out the world now on the episode of the. Love it all right to Italy before we get his swearing somebody in today a local bank let's plug in where we gonna be tomorrow and what we do for the pit stop. We are headed team by apple we're gonna be it's social grounds cost. Don't matter this beautiful and really crazy now let's not get crazy they will start just talk and also if you have a month and you like to join our MacLeod he could bring it to us. We don't have to mail it then and the swearing in right sounds good. It's been good luck club and we do get a lot of Muslim and appreciate all of either take the time. But again it's a free plug for your business today's mug come from Bainbridge branch. The Bainbridge branch of first federal hello morning wolf back here's a mug from the Bainbridge branch we are first federal were small community bank based out of Port Angeles slowly and proudly expanding. This is our second bridge the first from being in silver dale we've been around since 1923 excited to be in the Bainbridge area where we plan to stretching grow our routes into the community. I. The opening Tokyo and Chelsea we look at her Kimbrel please. Yes so can brought home means you guys are going to be Pauline he had eight customer appointment so he had it needs. Take care of it because it was originally my idea different ways and he obviously doesn't know any event. And Chelsea you're the person we'd rather be talking to anyway for being completely honest okay. We like talking to the people that actually listened to the show in the station at about. And I told him it like it that you founded Canada seriously I think they just want him. You don't even if you don't even know that I don't know can you just answer it means they can. That's funny if the fiesta listen to this show you would know as you do that we're the opposite of serious. Exactly that's what I told them I was like it's not clear if I promise you he's like are you sure Mike. A gala dinner at an amendment every morning comic right and as I said I want to swear humans because you lose. Oh yeah I would do it lower bankers we take you know that weariness yeah. You know it. My degree where my emails now yet and we want to back down on legal jargon but sorry yeah. It would appear right well listen you're using the mug club Chelsea for exactly what it was intended you by doing Bainbridge branch. Of a bank is about the hardest things in the world. Oh yeah I yeah I know and then I am saying I had heard this story families for eight years palate like oh my goodness hammer out like we're doing that. As the Bainbridge scary day. Well listen we're really excited to have first federal in the month club especially Chelsea since your listener you appreciate the show we love you for that and if you could raise your right Hamilton's when you win some super serious official mug club business. Okay and ready all right I state your name I held the Adam. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack I hear I pledge my allegiance to the morning look. Wolf pack and as a proud member of the mug club. And thank you think the end is a proud member of them. And as a proud member at the mug. I think they need to shorten my sentence you zero -- I think I think that it puts a lot of pressure on a gal early in the morning in a game Ilya wall more sense to go Chelsea and an eerie and it. I pledge to crank up the wolf every morning. I it led to victory against the wall and every month you can read the power vested in me I don't need an official member of the morning wolf back mug club very serious and official business are Campbell you couldn't play. And I will let him down appreciate bad luck yet. I did you missed it over the weekend in the news something truly bizarre happened in New York City on Friday the thirteenth if you missed it we've got the story in nine minutes. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I hope we don't have dinner to your person comes just derided afraid Ukraine's. Tie your wasting putting a pillow on top of that. It's point seven. All the morning wolf thank Matt McAllister just a little reminder we start given away Zack brown band tickets at 710 to beat the street right now we want to know. Where have you been locked in 206421. Wall Street in Texas at 46150. Could be anywhere. And we're talking about this because Friday the thirteenth turned out to be pretty wacky for a guy in New York City he was out of the bars have a good old time. And somehow when the bar closed at 4 AM and everybody left in the clean up the barn and match their process takes a little bit time. They locked the doors somehow he stayed inside. And they locked him inside of the bar until he called 911 it's 735. In the morning the next day to the Marshall stack par on Remington street. On the lower east side. I'm a match in a Manhattan. Firefighters responded both later they open the door let about the guy appeared to be his twenties that even locked inside the bar persons for him. You've just passed out I find a way to. Given you know did you see the picture in the story to tell a completely normal he looks like Houston library most the time if you saw a guy and he's been locked in a bar lecture after. To pass out into sleep through all that you gotta be hammered again they feed and I mean did it he would have called called Lemond wanna like 430 whereas if you're like in there well I wait till seven OK that's fair but didn't think about a few one of the people like the bartender to clean it up a catty missing guys Daryn that's why I Africa. And all those little bars that are near soon there'll tiny and down those are particular moment Laura so not a lot of room I mean I you must have crawled under a bench or something. Anyway it doesn't happen. And I know there's some great stories out there is a Monday and you're probably tired but we wanna hear your stories right now. Where have you been locked in I got a great what do nobody calls and I'd rather hear from you 206. Four to one wolf are gaining in Texas for 6150. Violating EB some ideas my story involves the trunk of a Cadillac. You. Get a couple of great call standing by for you in about three minutes including a closet in an ex employers paying. The text messages just blew up which is funny I didn't know anybody responded slowly ask somebody got locked in to be decommissioned carrier USS kitty hawk in Bremerton for six hours wolves. That's frightening that would be very scary. The BF that locked into a lumber yard and they were seven months pregnant it's this Saturday in the closed and locked gate with her and her husband inside. Pregnant had climbed the fence to go find somebody to unlock the gate let she didn't have declined to write pregnant. Another element that we just got a text no named Mitch did you name on your gift giving a shout out. Got locked into the grind up her husband's house for over eight hours in the freezing cold in new jacket and a phone to call for help. Is the fourth they are married and it was on the first time she stayed overnight to get that's not a good way to get things. And you know out I worked out they got married. As you know little adversity makes good people I guess all right you got to stand by these calls. Tiger morning Cathy in theory and so based on this guy getting locked in a bar overnight on Friday the thirteenth in New York City where you've been locked in. The bedroom while her son's death and bathroom I let that happen and really great academy camera when he you know hit the weight gain like you were there on purpose. Yeah yeah we're sorry you're on an anywhere and get panicky panicky type two black wolf. Manning play in my opening up the longer with much solar. Eighteen. As free and could not yet been known as terra. You know it's funny kid I don't know if I've ever had a locking closet before that's bad luck for you. Oh you're doing there and since I'm here yeah. And a prayer on think goodness Baylor and Baylor than usual so he was totally joking or were you guys a little bit of a fight he said I'll show her. No he's got to show are you heard banks. Yeah we met here on line and by the Kathy appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf that we love you we need character that I. Hello Vincent from federal way where did you get locked in body. Both I got locked and an old employers. Okay how were you working there at the time you don't what okay what happened so we were doing all of our close object. For the trucks were about to go out and then it was early in the morning. Mom we needed to make sure that everything we've all looked up ready to go and everything I had to go back in the warehouse Jew. I'll put one more thing away to get it all ready to go and look like come back in each do. The main show room. Jew or a locked everything up. I don't entering into the showroom might see one of the guys blocking the door and they reported that the alarm. And they walked off. She knew that boy years year realize it's your host. Basically yes. How easy to Rupert. I would only dug in their Ehrlich did he meant by a a good secular but it was just didn't like it does really leave it right right. There's a panic right if debts that moment that you realize your lock in and you are stuck in your brain starts flying hearing like. How might get a fix this how I get a fix this. Does the birth regular public opinion of under real built and a little magically unlike himself Vincent appreciates your Colin many thanks so much. Overall but. And they ended just tech today and she said she was that interview of her and me any job and she locked her three month old. Sign in the car immediately following the interview in their driveway. Nine Annan had to be called but she did its job. How I don't know if a parent there's no conflict I'd like you at all that the mess obviously I think you did locked in a trump. Look at story I get to a really quickly I was when I was in sixth grade debt Kenny Rommel and I were playing over his house this is Santa Fe, New Mexico where the the the time and we were some reason just playing around the trunk of his mom's Cadillac. In the door was almost shut and opened just a little bit as kind of a fun game I don't know. The dog jumped in in the tail knocked the trunk all the way shut behind him so is locked in a trunk in a garage in the summer in San available and like for over an hour. By the time his sister came home. And thanks to a wee girl who's dead. Allow it to drag this in put us in the show like a cold shower too fast emergency latch is now called now is bad old days from a I listen appreciate the calls coming up next. Stand by about eight minutes to get the not fake news including the story of a glass blower with the sights on making it 24 football in Seattle for April 20 this. Well actually match. Commandeer 100 point 70. Here and say something real headlines of the day. A lot of we get a local headline and not big news. We'll start with the renowned glass blowing artists are gonna try to make it 24 foot high ball and in Seattle to celebrate the upcoming four Tony weekend. Gang posing learns. Jason Harris and her mother renowned glass blowing artists will be meeting in Seattle to create the world's largest long. He will feature Google like attachments and actually be smoke a bowl. Says Chris Davison co owner of Jerome baker resigned to sit I think everybody the top floor of the Canada's museum can end up high. And so you know. I didn't swelling does fascinate me as though. Perry who. I mean it's abuse slows you actually have in common for different reasons very different reason mentally is there for the glass look a joke because secondhand smoke. By the way the blow will happen and rented studio in south lake union April 19 through the 22 but dealers said it's not going to be opened the Pope again. Our ride in other news from San Raphael California news having a bad day when you get hit by a car on your bicycle. In an ambulance taking you the hospital gets hit by a car who. That actually have an three individuals who are hospitalized after a collision between a private vehicle and at. A fire department ambulance Saturday morning in San Raphael. I feel like that's something that happened a like a Bugs Bunny cartoon that's. We'll listen to this a total of three new ambulances had to be dispatched one for the injured cyclist one for the driver of the private vehicle and another one for the driver in the end. So I can look to seven immunized him I got hit by a car friend I had to get into an ambulance I broke my clavicle. And when you're in the end it's like oh thank god I'm finally safe. And all these nurses and doctors and paramedics can't imagine that getting into an accident I can't. All right and now finally in the not fake news would you try a doughnut dear. Emily Aaron of the interviews no you don't drink slow Joseph you DN a man you almost had me said don't I don't think Donna here. Belafonte a Pennsylvania based dammit doughnuts and Robin Hood brewing company are teaming up to create a limited edition donut infused beer. No funky monkey chocolate covered bananas don't importer. The name and is expected to be available in late April. Let's see here I guess they originally jumped in with king cake based brew last year. But. Attributed the donut idea new employees who soft spot for the west Ty streets treats. So they threw in sixty pounds worth of donuts dumped directly into the blue room. She says to think our donuts are actually in the deer that's pretty cool to me I don't enjoy mixing my alcohol with the donuts. I just. Now though they've done any at all. You know an explosion that big news on a Monday yes stand by to get Zach brown think it's coming up at 710 was beat the street joining play to a 6421 wall says. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points and flack hit the pavement I'm sad to beat history. Good morning Ashley in gold bar welcome to beat the street how you feeling today I. Decided. It. All up. But congratulations on getting through this is going to be hot ticket all week long in the walls here a million tickets Zach brown at Safeco Field on August 31 it just doesn't get any better than that actually. I never worried really. Man one of the best live performances of name the end you'll ever see new life. Well that his players they're all masters of their instruments gives violin solos they cover Metallica they do at all as thrilling and it's amazing. So here we go before we meet the challenger we found at the Tacoma dome for PBR Saturday night let's DB to same five questions we asked him. You'll have thirty seconds to get your way through these questions so anytime if you don't get stuck on one question for too long you know Ramsey nationally. And by the way you're twenty years old in your account manager for whom. It. All. Okay good for you thanks for helping people here we go. Beat the street five questions thirty seconds in your marks get set go who plays the role of Indiana Jones oh I get it. Which ingredient causes bread to rise. All of which reality showed Donald Trump posts from 2007 to 2015. Popped up I carry it. Which city is home to Boeing's biggest building in the world. OK and finally who sings the song dirt road anthem to only get that I don't know he's ninety or entertainer a two year old and I thought I'd now. Can kinda. Vastly seventy like you locked up a little bit of the pressure there actually like he knew a lot of the answers which just insane. I'm you know ain't right. A whole different ball game when you actually get junior on the radio and you're trying to answer these questions it there's a lot of that choking that goes on. Absolutely yes well let's find out if you know more than the challenger again we found him at PBR at the Tacoma dome on Saturday night so let's meet him. It's your name where you're from and we do. They landings will laugh from Renton working construction. Okay will from Renton and here's question number one and see how you both to you who's played the role of Indiana Jones. Errors and poor air support was a right answer Ashley and I knew you knew it we just couldn't say. Legendary. Airs in full and so that's our you down one after one let's go to question number two which ingredient causes bred her eyes. East. East was the right answers so you got that went right SEC you're on the board. But you're trailing one it is two to one question number three. Which reality show that Donald Trump from 2007 to 2015. Cookie was called the apprentice. Okay you've both said the apprentice and alien and need your help on this one. They either both get a point or neither one of them gets a point because the correct answer technically is Celebrity. Apprentice. We led by the whole apple gives all. Families the good. Hillis doesn't really help either when he accuse you both had the same long kinda right answer so. Here you don't. Our challenger will from Renton and he's got the reason you've got to see need to make one up on at least a tie let's go to the local question. Which city is home to Boeing's biggest building in the world. You never know that. He's not gonna happen there and even when he got Devlin ride it is Everett Everett not Seattle. Actually. My goodness that I work rated I think our. Darn it and let the lawn do. Few silly. All right so we have a three needed to lead for will from Renton so if you get there the last one right which he probably did as I've told you it was. You may value may end up winning let's see how it plays out this thing with their rent them. Well the good news or use that he did not know that Ashley thinks from the little nudge from your friends morning wolf thank you. I listen it was a little bit of the struggle for us today but it's Monday Ashley and I felt like he just were a little locked up but congratulations you're gonna be exact brown on the 31 of August can't wait to meet him. Much appreciate it really well we love you and your friends are in the morning wolf pack witness something truly bizarre on Saturday night it resulted in a couple getting thrown out of PBR will share the details of the eight minutes. Yeah Alex rate and these are harder and 100 points. So wolf so what's the most interesting place few years ago have ever gotten into a fight this morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf. For you Texas 46150. We've all been there for your relationship. You can't help but have this happen every once in awhile and Emily we witnessed it firsthand and fortunately. At DVR and Saturday night. Yes we are lucky enough to do you like intro Greek hello staying at PBR so we kind of acts agent Erie near where they were doing the entry. So long line of people and we saw this one couple and you could see in their body language that they were. Not how they were net other net right now and they started to argue that he got louder and they separated themselves from the creative kind of went off to corner. And it escalated to the point where the woman at the rule of beer in my guys they. Well they were promptly escorted out which so I'm figured hey that's twelve dollars right. I am a leading gives you every inning get to say for the event that you could tell you there's no way they were stopping this fight based on past. Point in order and now what it was about was she was a little more animated and he was drove fear that's an atmosphere and yeah that's almost the point of like OK I found something on your phone wires get all me here I found out some that I shouldn't have but you know we've all been their for. Less stuff stuff programmer what you were fighting about but it's still where that's important not though why natural wanna know right now. What's the most interesting place few years ago and ever gotten unify we'll Augusta or is a share Linear premiere right now to a 6141 Walt. That's great text clear up from Tacoma said they gotten an argument at target while filling out their wedding registry. But can they are looking at Ellis matched accountant can decide what color the count two what is. She said to this day they still are you about it every time someone new comes over they asked what color they think it is and have a talent skill involved man you've just got to get rid of the pillows or something didn't Alice come on. Lorena firmer Ole guy and he'll fight at her husband's company Christmas party who alcohol was involved guaranteed. Up yup coming up got into a yelling match at sea tac airport. Track. You can bring out twelve hours. So can getting married in so can spectacular vacations than just about anything you never know what's gonna pop up. Yeah. We can't see you talk about weddings and he added that's got to fight at their wedding as soon as she walked down the aisle but has his best was barely a shade darker than his tie. She wasn't happy about that apparently. Well that's kind of content to bring and a man now it's like it's over yet another wedding I think gotten to fight because her husband was Spencer right his wedding thousands down that he's trying to right them when they or does he take a picture Canada I can see how did you get your. To me commodities I'd and we look great yes. The worst place you're gonna play with a boyfriend. His sister's baby shower along the worst habits around him and his around his family offered yeah we try to hide it we didn't do very well. We had to play games where we are partners in the game and one half. When I had slowed Joseph DiMaggio. One of my axes and I got their huge fight in Brussels in Belgium massive blow out got to split up I got lost. Had to sleep on the street that now. I am a die. The die. Yeah that it's funny. Good morning Zach in Puyallup Matt in Italy here slowed Joseph tell us the most in the place you in your significant other ever got into a fight. So when you. Fruit and you know you are engaged. I leave you virtually all. Don't you can pull out failure bachelors so I don't wish. And Turkey's. A little little pot through all this little guy and I'm. And aides to the road Harlow which is right. This tropical. Melt slowly like three hours normally a souvenir to blue. Do you think late but we're McCaw I got us in the back projected cleared. Stand. And so no go to all whose. They do well I didn't know then you're probably not go out and got my card really silent. Donation yeah. You know dad's just you know we asked and you know rest a little draw. I do is yes. Did it's I would not say they cheered document storage established did you notice that you're around a real player. My blue lights yeah there's. But I blew his self inflicted damage do you pretty quiet and. So how many days into your tending honey nemesis like day one. I don't agree. Three streets so Barrios and with the journals and all that stuff how did you recover from that I wheeled all all the moons are not trying to look so there's. Is we just tell you didn't bring it thirty. Throughout its history sort of self inflicted pressure. It says act when you look back get your honeymoon is it filled with the good memories and happy memories in the turtles on the road Hahn and the my ties or is it. Filled with that fight in the car when you got busted by owning guns. Well I I am innocent honest. It's been pretty suggest that probably got let go as low as far as that battery current that race. So you know you no longer be Ares I know you've got the lions didn't go do you spend it and went without him without his. Alright Zach and we appreciate you sharing your story men have a wonderful day. Again think back irate that we you heard ours yet here. So there is really beautiful place you know the movie Forrest Gump yeah. Yeah there's that straight road and it's on the middle of the desert in your seat beautiful rock this week running he's run OK I had an army that's called Monument Valley you tell investment to the road trip there one time and I don't remember what I was about we got into a doozy. And we're literally one of the most beautiful places in the world is breathtaking stuff in a car together so I just six hour road trip I mean we've recovered and all that but you know it's. Sometimes you just can't help but when these things have her alone there's no I try and nobody was around in noted Belichick you've gotten a fight and pretty family yeah. Bennett that's I think that's far worse and getting into a round of much to begin never Tennessee and it's her because they knew the couple at dinner like not talking you don't wanna be that held onto her she's all right coming up Billiton dropped the Big Three stories on yeah. Yeah actress stable and had eight huge night at the ACM awards and he even and they here I'll tell you by seven minutes. The morning. Alistair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. ACM awards are yesterday in it was a huge day for Chris Stapleton and it was his birthday. He ended up taking home the three ASEAN he got male vocalist of the year and album of the year which got two ACM's been outlined compete with us. Freezer in an artist how he wasn't happy Asean's though because. They city is expecting his wife is expecting the twins so he stayed home with her. The poor thing was when he was announced as the winner of album of the year breather came up and said this. How long a second that Chris congratulations. But that's only the second biggest news. You know Chris good evening here because Morgan's expecting twins. We just found out that. Those little restless came a little bit hourly. Bring us down. Twin boys. You mortgage into big brother and sister of and of course congratulations on winning this award candidate. Happy birthday treat us we're very proud of it. Really. In a stable that how's this going to be one big day when the two twins and Chris they're all the same birthday ahead. It's going to be easy for Morgan remember that it. Yeah an easy day but I mean this is a huge state for Chris Stapleton. It was also a big day for Kerry under way it did she finally perform for the first time. She'd been hinting with pictures on her into Graham we've talked about. Since she had that all earlier in the year she performed attorney single Christ greedy and got the longest standing ovation of the night I was interesting that. Before that she performs she wasn't on the red carpet she was nowhere in the audience and because like catch glimpses of her before her performance. And then she performs she looks gorgeous place that success in the city and I believe. What I would have done if I were her just because she is kind of she's the one who's kind of made a big deal out of tough time outage run like one of those big Halloween Frankenstein's cars ahead with the marks that would have been funny just played it out because at this point it's. The big reveal is really there was no deal I just think it's probably her being very shy and self conscious feeling like something was wrong that man. He speed it's impossible to look any prettier she should know or in some do you really guys give DNA and the Shaq. I'm not an Emmy she's an amazing that he had no reveal in her revealed. Couple other winners the last night Koreans when amber. Became the most winningest I don't know if that's the part Greenberg say that is good to me he had been just ACM awards at anybody now with 32 she took home three awards last night two for ten man and female vocalist of the year. He missed this shot to winners get Old Dominion and they want groups are best group of the year because they didn't expect it they had you can tell they had no speech planned. Which is always the best. Awesome and just kind of way I didn't like the neat they gave the best new artist awards away early and not on camera did live does she military member Luke Bryan would make years ago just like. Crying yeah right that's you get the real stuff like Brad Lambert is great achievement thirty GM dealers they gave thanks again out of gas. You know they are given a word to secure and it was plastic surgeon. How great I mean she should have been like how has been handed out business cards I don't Rambo movie the real winner big winner of the night entertainer of the year when TJ's now dean for the third year in a rental. Entertainer in the air I stay away this coming up and less than ten minutes as the return of the cable movie guy description game to gamer I read a brief cable guy descriptions and you guessed the flick its next. Tell us as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points out. And welcome back TV cable guy movie description game. It's ironic that we play with Emily in slow Joseph beaches need when you actually have cable now which I think makes the game fun. Now for a guy like me who was sick over the weekend I said in front of the TV and took day quell the so I wrote down every movie that I saw these the movies they replayed over and over every week and on cable and I. So I'll read the description of the movie to brief description. Now Emily since you lose slow Joseph away so badly last time I decided to implement a new rules because it's maybe not that she no more movies but you're much quicker the app so here's the deal is I'm reading the movie description you yelling and your name that's a buzz and crank. But when you in a -- mean you can at any time I'm gonna stop you have to guess if you get it wrong I go to the need to the other person after I finish coat that okay. Here we go yet ready I'm ready I two minutes on the clock when two minutes is over you'll hear a buzzer the game will be over. OK here we go cat miss ever being so damn slow Joseph Hungarians. I need a full title. Catching fire. No. Rules so I'll finish reading anger and has ever been in district thirteen after she shatters the games forever under the leadership the president calling in India by super trusted friends can to spread your wings received. Fights to save team in the nation moved by her courage I don't cut your games. I wanted to Miami gay part I. Wait. Martian Dumars in Israel and I just heard Joel yeah there. I don't affect power it's they give you mentally. Brett mavericks needing money for a poker tournament faces very comic mishaps and challenges including a charming woman seeks. And the idea. Neither wanted to you know that when it's just called maverick. Ran it over a movie or music in August element. Literature student and a station steals life changes forever when she needs Tanzania tour billionaire family facing grave. What's your name and you know. And inimitable well. And no. Fifty shades he didn't say I get a chance to answer well I blew that I'm sorry Joseph I knew you knew when you are you still leading. Two straight single Brooklyn firefighters pretend to be gay guy all doubts let's show. Chuck and Larry something second Larry. I know plenty gentler. He's hanging out there right. In order. When he shared his fed up father's hotel empires go to slow Joseph Billy Madison and he's smoking and you got the last thing okay. Goaded by his buddies a nerdy guy who's never done the deed only finds it or not Emily. Forty Albert yes on the board three align them in nice job. Running out of time here. A look at the relationship between Mike and Sully during their days and months and emotionally I could play way you say his name you know them as. It was definitely first I know John it's monsters university it is monsters. And league discipline and knows do one more receivers tired Joseph wins. A water boy for Condit really slow Joseph water boy lot of Voyager I handed. I got to think that we're now. I'm definitely not only got mad she yeah competitive and we ran it again I'd next Monday morning back with Matt Matt Stairs. One place so well and if you have any comment about last night. ACM awards to a 6421 mobile or you can always Texas 46150. We've talked about a lot of stuff but there's a couple of moments there's always moments in the show that everybody remembers. This has got to be one of them end with Reba being the host. Maybe not gonna get these hilarious punch lines in the awkward to monologue in the beginning but she is a straight approach and how will give her this this was a hilarious line. This year around Solomon some guys have done such a great job this hose. Luke and Dirksen. And light. I guess they finally figured out that it only takes one moment to do the job it to me. I'm by far. Best line of the night might drop. I it's over you don't know so awesome did you notice Matt and okay border Georgia line performed the Beattie racked up first of all frank Kelly have a half up do. Really get out actually get take notes from his half up do you think he's quite the stylus lad he's got his own clothing line called dear leaks are. Iron women everywhere and tired yeah exactly. A right to they performed the camera panned to Luke Bryan and he's just don't paced the when he noticed the camera got on him also and he put on that smile. Then it was too drastic you are from Somalia RB after like you have the look cooler or is it in your opinion in the sort of like. Some board yeah I know that these cameras are painting the entire time people are on stage I had smile and I. I never understand obviously floor George lines one of the biggest acts we have an Deborah shows that sold out over and have a good time they don't win any awards three I don't know it's political or. At the ACMs don't want them to be the face of who wins awards I don't know what it is but if I were them I'd be Dustin lynching myself a little bit mean like. That's what's it gonna take asked because they did it were up Purdue over the year. Off screen brother Osborne won it yet I didn't mind. A moment I'd love to see last night Emily was Dirks Bentley who I've always been huge fan of but his songs to be never fit the artist is he's happily married he's got a beautiful family but assigns about getting drunk on a play after getting divorced and having a cut and just I never associated the music with a guy until now until now like songs like black. And woman amen. And I thought it was very cool and finally I think Dirk is being true to who he really is a may be finding out who he really is. Because he ran out of the audience and hugged his wife yes and he showed up for a lot of awards shows was dog with his mom and half the time Rebecca black doesn't even com. So I don't know man I like a good love story am romantically that. I thought that was good. How she was kind of embarrassed not expect the trying to bury their season to suggest she's very shy and she doesn't enjoy the limelight but I think it's good these you know it's like look. We give credit where credit is do you had very sleep I. I noticed when Kenny Chesney was performing which first of all he doesn't look like he's changed in ten years not putting that put him a cryogenic chamber really did he's a frozen. He has yet cut off shirt like always I noticed I guess shapes us. Yet with the wedges actually I saw something on Twitter that somebody just made the same comment Toby Keith does the same thing really. Yet and I remember asking to be about that he's thinking oh man. It gives time and go not torrent on no luck to slit my armpit I don't know if the two were related or not but and now he doesn't count yeah I don't. You can sweat anyway he does a lot of cut off shirts and maybe just a Michael the market there but about Kipp Marcus Jim Moore is never met a sleeve so I'm wondering I think he has hair and think they ought to look into that well part of the cryogenic chamber of process. He does it have to move all body aircraft and cornered. Is the callous. You 100 points. Wolf an article that slow Joseph found over the weekend. About Amazon a good news is. There's some things that you can buy on Amazon that are only one penny still. Three and Emily is the thrifty one on the show I figure this could Mercury years right up. The bad news is is nothing that you would ever want in a million years however it's kind of nice to you can still buy stuff for a penny yeah grand Amazon prime. Stevie a couple of examples here. Behind L fairy Hobbits Vulcan Sparky alien caused play Halloween costume your tips are on the impending okay. Yes and not drag what does it's now our bluntly if you ever break your arm you can get a three pack of medium cast covers. For just a penny. I like when you go to the show are that actually would be convenient to you what I'm telling you right now somebody with a broken wing is going yup yup but. I wonder if it's almost like Costco where they get you there for the a dollar hot dog did you go to spend 200 bucks I think all of that's why they have some items are marked down for just a penny. That is also a teacher fan. NFL New York Giants small static deep counts. It's also what I am feminine and be worth a dollar or an. Strip. Let's CV pink princess big flowers hair band baby soft lace infant girls had been -- flower hair accessories. Out and he gives a New Year's the game do you know your type senior searching. There are people that sell stuff and they put every possible word that you may surge soda pop up to get to do their currently fur fans. Others also the seven piece cute baby doll bathtub toys floating cartoon kid showers at. I'm actually buy that. There's the senate women's soft stretchy Cammie round next race back tank top of one or two pac titles and so I just. Any clothing that survivor of Haney X prize valued here fighting for Betty can but even we go to the dollar store. Very few items direction to all true. How about the Shrek forever after 2010 mcdonalds toy number eight the three little pigs off. Include others this is just funny I created the names of the made me laugh at. So there's some things I had another pending. You probably searchers to the morning both sat with Matt McAllister has been brought back. Yes. It's no walls morning wolf pack mentality during the rain slowed Joseph and I feel weird playing in dealing music for drew but I know it's a media leader Dave Wright excitement levels not quite as high as well. Drew brings in a more level I. But what happened Indian leisure she's a vocal rest I think Friday night at the Aaron Crawford concert chooses who knew tolerant two months its luster voice. Yeah those has got to get data rest of pipes so okay in the meantime her husband's going at. The most wonderful day of the year. And those terrible words not a good idea for the first time in America can't quite hear you know. Love it. Well just a little back story to drew came holing any with a knee brace because he attempted crystal mountain yesterday one of the last days and there is he a full blown Lindsey Vonn yeah except that she can ski in stuff and you were down the tree how many times how many really good wipe out to think dad. I've maybe four or fives like you but can that really hurt. 45 and since he's going into the city and if you know saw united try and did well. Yeah there's a couple more days this season pass holders those not quite the last. Maybe did you just save your season yeah a little more time on the runs there listen he's school or something molested probably a good idea of this area. It's to Graham followed Syria today. And you can easily kill 3040 minutes just wants his hands on the ski slope they're okay Jerry the day is the funniest thing on this program I love and I wilders got that you back coming up today and receive back tomorrow morning finding guys have a great day. It's actually not tell us. Marty and myself. I feel 100 point seven the world.