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Monday, April 23rd

Monday April 23rd, 2018


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And ruling welcome back to our podcast for Monday April 23 we're about to lets us do our show today AM minus commercials music and all that protests and things that we didn't get a chance to talk about by the way I'm Matt McAllister Emily rains. She is as sleep deprived as they get today because her furniture got delivered late last managers up till eleven and you're just gonna go homes are unpacking boxes I think the government can ask. Yeah in your bed and have a bad day in my bed and does slow Joseph of course to boils lets you. A lets you listen to the cable movie guide description game Letterman apparently slit our sleep is essential for the gas it and we let let's say we need your name Greg Fokker you gotta have an. I'd rather he miss. Am I saying meet the Fokker is known as legal weight well then what is right. Hadn't said that I probably could've gotten eight but when I heard adequately well but that's even the sequel the originals jacare he threw me out he thinks and. All my tie. I have a heavily involved excuse I've received news as but I look so hard play this like attacks like ours are Canada's game where she's off flexing where your insomnia at the time yes which again goes back to my original statement I think sleep is key for morning show radio game performance did not sleeping slows yep and then snapped OK so just a few tidbits here real quick first of all rest in peace burn Troy your yes the little fellow from all Lima. With the Washington power Austin Powers yes. Not surprising there didn't he have all kinds of alcohol issues you address the problem yet and apparently this is not confirm anywhere and and is maybe a little bit of speculation that he threatened suicide like a month ago. So if it comes out that that's edited it happening at least not gonna surprise a lot of people have they ever figured out what happened to a VT because he died on Friday usually 28 or 29 he had. Very serious alcohol problem apparently he had some diseases related to that I can't remember them the names of them so I definitely think it was says complications due to alcoholism. You know whenever somebody says this is Mike Meyer said he's and I hope he's in a better place. When anybody says that in your life was not go until now. Is now there's not a better -- you're no longer alive brag that's that's how miserable your life must have been telling any new armor they announced that tells you something another tidbit for real on a little more of a positive note by the way that doesn't mean I hate to be morbid here but that's number one and number two there's number three coming and always ask and answer is yes so maybe sometimes and hope Libya lawful or shooter would even count him. Countless is. Pray and hope they issued a bad day yeah. And then number one album in America and I'm not talking about the country charts is Jason LD he's now sold a 183000. Copies of rear view down. And then number one Alleman America which I think album sales in general are just sort of not. Around anymore to different hair but the fact that he be Carty BM. Burden the greatest showman soundtrack. And the country number one Kevin half of these are yes it is in half of these are movie soundtracks. The tree of forgiveness John Prine. Never heard an all right the black panther soundtrack at number nine in the big guns he's and some it's an original Kendrick on which is that he's to him and anchor pretty nice top and on the charts are now kind of heard that song and I've never heard the band Breaking Benjamin anybody sounds like alternative rock. Picking beans and you know I can't say that idea and a percent on the island and I but I knew John Prine is the weekend is at number six but I had Jason Allen dean a top the list ahead of Carty be invading our privacy let it yet you know perform I'd here's a question Korea. How long. Would you that a friend stay with you on that and a family movies we talked about that read recently saw Joey you three days three days further Israeli air travelers to three days man. Although I have to say though in this conversation slow Joseph when you stay out of my house and he was five days I didn't mind at all now ours only three days in Europe there wasn't a threat has only are very easy house get and gave it my situation is different I think you fatter bigger place with more room yeah some are hired for everything I could I could do longer than three days yet. I think it is down yourself respectable but the people stuff like you wouldn't even shower yeah. At my house I'm now getting on day three we came in her to look I don't mean to embarrass you on the radio. But give you showered and you've been in my house that you know I I haven't being about showering when I'm staying with a friend and really well especially when they've only got one shower and I was like dude I got a thing about people sleeping in my bed that smell like ass apple get a shower yeah because they others the soul and then there's this year I finally did and so Orleans is out there like like everything went wrong with -- will happen again he's -- I can figure out the hot water than Matt is like in the shower but it was Whiteside in humans he I mean I was totally that I understood why you don't like Aetna. What's ball anyway the most popular answer 22% said they would let people stay up to a week which I think is pretty generous. 1% set up to a year they're crazy thing for 9% said in definitely. And I guess it's all depending on the situation immunity effort has gone through a hard time Brett that's a little bit different it's a Super Tuesday. Ten days as long as I know they have an out I think you know we that's how long people come to visit foursome that's typical. But I would say ten days then you got to go are you got to start paying. See I think that's maybe where you and I differ in an I don't know if it's a thing that comes with a little bit of age but I just typically tend to not let anybody stay like slowed to a very long maybe it's a girl boy thing I don't know but I don't want anybody in my house longer in three days. And I can't family friends nobody I've got I Yang and I think you're hired the same in this way that we got such limited personal time like just to yourself with no noise and no entertaining and Nike really I'd like to keep that as much as possible it's pretty nice and when you get back you realize you missed it so much again if you haven't. So many ways and that's the number one answer bed 9% did say they would let anybody come a stage as long as they need Tuesday. I think that's a bad idea had a lot of strain on our relationship whether it be family or friends SE people with really big palaces that Saddam Hussein has been since I've got a mansion and you can stay in the west wing and on on this the everyday and just knock it's yeah well and we have that a little bit because we still haven't sold our house in Arizona in all the bedrooms are upstairs is two stories and the bottoms there's there's like a little guest suite of bielsa uses our office and it has its own bathroom and has its own insurance. And quite honestly that is so super easy we've had people stay there for you know 34 days but still. They don't wanna stay with you when you have a baby either suck it both ways and again you can't like we have a baby I know it's good I got a hotel yeah just opened up back after how about the woman in Laredo Texas 34 years old. She was arrested around 1 in the morning because she was wasted in wouldn't stop dancing on the bar at her local Applebee's. And now Applebee's is this outs but it's not think it is a family friendly restaurant where you go with the kids I mean it's where Ricky Bobby women and 1 AM that's obviously but does doesn't turn into a nightclub while I'm telling you though they recently I think there's like two months ago they started doing this thing every week or every month they have a different. Hard drink cocktail that they sell for one dollar and the first when they did his Long Island diocese. And you know how strong that's like I advertise about calling yourself those for a dollar of its Fries and some of these dance and I detailed so they don't do that all the time it. Drinks at a certain time what specific I think they do it on time but they changed the drinks every month. It's I don't know it's like certain hours or whatever they and it got these one dollar cocktails and I'm sure they watered down but still any kind of Long Island iced tea for a dollar is asking for trial well the story gets better 34 year old Priscilla Flores. Left her kids at home this year go to Applebee's and get hammered. We met that is intent though that's like OK I'm leaving my twelve year old home coming to get drunk and I'm going to Applebee's. Animal to get into it was just a twelve year old there were two kids. Com one of CD oldest though nom de they're both twelve so they must've been twins and he's not that young we end our twelve year old that with the iPhone that Fannie happens zero Texas or whatever but. Yet 1 in the morning that's Alou. Will. Let's just crappy parent there and dance around and how literal musically its enemies and just going on her head because they don't like player music in the air. I wanna know what it's like it Applebee's that 1 in the morning and Plano Texas and are you the only winner. I don't listen to their kids I mean but then again. I don't I'm Bigelow radio is either maybe they don't have a lot of great options and a lot of towns were bar shot down pretty early crash media only may I ms. yen late day and derelict the place to go. Anyway she had blood shot eyes she could barely stand on the cops showed up they arrested her for public intoxication. Which is even worse because the kids are home by themselves yeah she also kept cursing at the cops we didn't help a cause. Anyway they did go grab the kids they were at the nearby apartment complex and I think it her case sounds to me like and are just gonna. Taking guests she probably got a do you buy. But a year ago you can probably doesn't have a license that's as she walked to Applebee's yeah unleashing go salads our I get her buzz on then get out of the house and whatever probably hard work and lady relive Gergen brought about the kids are dead asleep you have to derail you 34 okay yeah. Though years actually weird story and now we didn't have time on the show to talk about a but I actually saw. And not a woman but a guy with a couple against others full domestic abuse situation going on and Issaquah it and yesterday in the middle of the day 3 o'clock on a sunny afternoon. Finesse and are walking down to the park can be taken you down there again and swings. And we walked by. 34 cop cars they got a guy in handcuffs on the bumper alien in nineteen. And then a girl on the ground like sobbing so loudly you can hear from them couple blocks away. So course is a huge crowd of people. And let him know what happened. Guess as well. I saw the whole thing they come out of his borrowed and there are so their drunk in the middle of the day Sunday fun day yeah and again they look so young it was discount pathetic but. They had a guy in cuffs on the bumper I guess. They came out of the bar there are some kind of a fight she started punching him. Trying to get him to hit her for some reason he's like look I'm not gonna do this am I gonna fight we view you know whatever she asks. Then he got his car is like you know screw this summer to get out here Agassi were from Spokane says the long drive home. Yeah after rolls cocktails and are a good thing something happened. But anyway. She grabbed the door handle. Is he's driving away across a park like she would not Lego and so he was dragging her across the parking lot in the middle of the day as little as a while Washington. That he probably got a do you lies yeah like domestic saying so in the end of the stories that we go to the park with all the families is heavenly through I felt so normal you know to me after saying yeah I'm like their lives are so wrecked and turned upside down so we come walking past the police station to go home and there she is sitting outside smoking a cigarette because. Page you know Oregon we got to rise you know ride on cars impounded you've heard this began as Friday. You. And then end them just the part about this kept enemy was I think I've deprive both have fake IDs and that there were nineteen yeah I think that is is masks at least way to get home to start the fight yeah the last second. Can't beat on each other home. Anna and I get arrested for it. God I sent oil that comes from the woman who got Nana you know what I the other one is just another crazy person I don't know who wanna you know home of the story but summit in a delta passenger through coffee. Overturn a drink cart in the salted and air Marshal new nose and air Marshal and an out of identified himself probably there are person to us the right man here it's crazy but that seems. It seems like kind of the store we just talked about. Her civil it is very similar finally somebody who actually deserves to be dragged off a plan in case. Hug anybody got any else you know move an oil analyst and I boxes slit my parents both say hi to both of diva. Don't. Of his beloved llamas is too deep almost exclusively to the podcast and grow and it should really isn't a whole show which is kinda. Felix and again it's funny because then I get their she's like she she. She remembers things wrong so she's like well Matt that this ended that might well now I'm not exactly is that tonight. I'll speech everything together and kind of explainer of what's going OK over Richie loves Amylin our flag burners so we'll good I got to see a lot of goats this weekend. I know I was so excited Jonas how much I love go to round contest and he liked as he had no gavel my sister's monastery they raise goats and they sell some of them and they keep some of them. And they've got cited because it twenty goats there but it just so happened that deny we came and a couple of hours after wreaking and then they had babies and it was like three brand new baby goats that's pretty cool it was cool and I didn't realize this but there there are so domesticated I guess he's goes just love to be held in battles and that's a resident. The analysts and hands on guy yeah I had a little forma because Emily and I went to the pancake breakfast in Auburn on Saturdays ago I had just been texting me all these pictures of baby go to McGrew and I can you. Obsessive well I'm in now I want to send and architect I don't actually get any service they're cited text her from south these phones then yeah then. You know I don't know what it is maybe just had kids some at a different level of comprehension on things like this but when it comes to goats. And we went to the you know you have writing senator the therapeutic riding senator and we went to the dog care plays some like. He added dogs those are horses I've seen one before I'm good I'm glad I like to meet the people. And I more of elect to hear a story from a person but when it goes on animal. And I am valuable leader of body else but I'm not gonna war are looking at a bunch of course there are definitely different now way you are more animal lover I. Super excited and Jimmy's and animals and hang out with on land on our like the people but it's good we have a nice variety the third odd adult conversation you just content maybe goats and I think. Live in peace yes there are beautiful weather enjoy it and enjoy the rest of our show we'll see tomorrow. He do you. US PG when smell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. All morning wolf thank Matt McAllister back on your radio for Monday April 23. Emily rains good morning things. Sojo here good morning everybody is here I ask how does your weekend math. Well you know we spent the whole we can together I. Does her best conserves who pretty much worked so the only you know is awesome the weather obviously was glorious. Vanessa and you got in yesterday at around noon going to be the next week so my world is good. Let's get a happy age you on the other hand closely enterprise Darian is good isn't bad news I. I'm happy I stuck finally got air that is a good news and Lilly has furniture in a bad idea about that ahead. But I got here late last night at Baylor after an 11 o'clock so. I needed to have the energy to find sheets for the then I'd like wrapped up in a blanket hey. But they're not bad and on the beds reserve big difference between the air mattress in the bed after you've been on the air mattress for so long. I think last night I was so tired it didn't matter today I think of the avidly truly enjoy like I I have my means you got that cities she yes I don't know that yen. And so is a little weird to gauged. I would think you'd almost gotten used to living in place with no furniture it's almost you know it's like a museum or gallery half and Alison it's probably seems clutter like so let's. Half black boxes. Upon boxes upon boxes below overwhelming it is fair were lucky any help I'm busy so they ask. Backpack there Carlos illegally don't collar somebody to get us on base especially for a Monday everybody's moving a little to slow. Haven't our copy. 206421. Wolf if you're up you're ready to go let's hear from your right now morning wolf back again to a six ports you won wolf for the leadoff. Think my game style push for gonna be lead off the we had to go and order of appearance. Deloatch Gilead Graham welcome how are you. I am pretty happy Monday I just. Happy Monday. Forum only eight she. So exhausted she just got coffee isn't normally drink coffee through this has got a copy and she spilled it all over at the console over there on her side of the studio concerned and I love playing our you know always a mass Monday like your Monday Julia I hope is going and Emily is. It is I adds in this is actually might ideally and you got to look. Oh that's fantastic you know we probably love that because you can run around to get everything done on a Tuesday and Wednesday and everybody else is it worth. Yes exactly and worked and I've also got Saturday off so it it worked. It would be Julian in dialogue actually plumbing company I hear. Of course I mean we're the show the start of the mud club to promote local businesses so let's go out and worked for aren't out there were all. OK guys get bigger and so what are you doing right now Julie you weapon on him make up get rated ago. Yes I started thanks but here a lot of that early Eric that's got they escape and eating drinking eating. Well that's fantastic you do if you loses his job search your question was is it weight ged or make a plenty good yeah. I'm impressed and it amateur I don't quite get your that's IDC righty might make them when I get. Into the studio before you like take pictures into. Yeah exactly how much I waste of time in home. A girl's gotta do girl's gotta do yeah and there's so much more work that goes into being girls you know Vanessa rolled in last night and her. To stuff. That she needs to go to bed it took up our entire bathroom after just containers of things well and I I need my make up first thing in the morning I hope my eye out like this that I mean. I gotta get a little bit more as. Oh you have Vanessa was shown minor candidates are showing this new tool she got her face that has little babies by accident it's like giving yourself a little mini facial add on that I'm like OK this is getting crazy you have weapons in this. All right Julia. Obviously your big fan of country music we play a song for a select few lead off color play a song for you winning you wanna hear. Gymnasts that's a really great clash thanks. The how about some good. Very good I don't know we think that what it by just like funny and I kept that you know it didn't eat me. You Julie that we just played bad I'm literally just played that song five minutes ago how about we play for use Florida Georgia line with a little Tim McGraw may we all it's great sound. I'm just giving you a recommendation is we just played very good west. Yeah. Juliet or maybe you've heard it subconsciously and that's why you wanted to hear you thought you didn't have a big asset happened sometime okay Julie and we are in your head GE I think it's. I was and we got to go we luggage they soliciting in Abby Elliott a caller ID Julian. You two have a great day regular with a make up. This morning. Yeah palace created and these here and 100 points. So wolf right now we wanna know about the time that you were attacked by an animal. The reason we're talking about this this guy actually happened on Thursday but the story broke over the weekend. Twenty year old Dylan Mick Williams from Grand Junction, Colorado again he's only twenty years old. He was bitten by tiger shark in Hawaii on Thursday surfer and how she's been attacked in dragged by a black hair in the wilds of Colorado. And he was bitten by a rattlesnake in Utah a little over three years ago and now he really that locker likes to recruit provoking an. We can't provoke a shark. And you really can't provoke a rattlesnake now there yeah you could probably make him yourself a little more attractive yeah but this is a dude you either like super lucky because he's still alive yes or really unlucky. But it did go there and that side of things that's why we wanna know about the time that you were attacked by Al wild animals are gonna attack bag goat ones go on. I was in Mexico. For her sound event. And meet my buddies are really drive anywhere near goat farmer and we're feeding the female goes over the fence and I dropped something into the goat pen so I figured out the top defense and grab that was that was one male goat and there. They've got these big hole learns and there are other job is is to protect the females. So before I knew it this thing was like you know it is tough in the ground and get ready to charge. And as I sticker on turnaround at turn off he just came full speed not rewrite them and I say yeah almost knocked me over the fence. Thank you were inebriated can colonel I won't get out there. Probably won't back let's go to Monday we'll hear from you right now to a 6421 wall where he can Texas 46150. Tells about the time you were attacked by an animal. Twenty year old Dylan Mick Williams from Grand Junction, Colorado that didn't buy tiger sharks Thursday now he's only twenty. He's also been mauled by a black bear in by the way drag twelve feet. My black hair and if you think that's crazy that is crazy use also was bitten by a rattlesnake. Which I've had an encounter with before but never attacked. By very different and that serious right Rouse takes an absolutely he had indeed be anti venom for rattlesnake is like. We 5000 dollars was. Yes so 206421 wolf about the time you were attacked by the final four you can Texas which seems to be the popular option right now and only 46150. Yes Amanda and lake Stevens was that a camel farm an air is down as they were female camel. Its turnaround to take a picture with it in the camera decided to fighter in the shoulder blade. I handled it can be there this bitter soup yet I believe are they can I ask. There he and nasty and failing that gamble. We got someone that is fountain hidden start petting them and all the sudden the mom the stray cat mom attacker jumped on her head started scratching their faiths that stand in a I just actor but basically. You know mama get attacked by a bat one time. She was in India and ours that's all over the place if she says she woke up and she's got along here like you Emily yes she's been choosing younger lady. And there was a bag in her hair I don't know acting I would agree to outrage out like that's how you wake up with a that if you're here. Meta tags is that this person holding a durable and it bit on and held on to their nose. Half hour hour mom asked if they can do it again they get to mid to America's bodies of videos you know I didn't wanna be mean but again that's something I wanna see. Yes I want to witness that the studio with the Obama can tactic is to go ahead and then death get in am pop when you belittle growth beating a bunch in east. And one of the gays deserted grabber certain kind of polar down to the ground on the slash. It. The census the smaller animals just like the smaller people to can be a great aren't coming up Emma did drop the Big Three stories of the day on you there or are they is he there onion yelled to our alternate measures in labor five minutes ago this was it just happened it it dead are we got that coming up next. This is the morning. Alastair only do 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess cat fight in their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. If you aren't they and a Grey's Anatomy here in the months even fifteen is officially in half the season. A team that's unbelievable they had announced it people were questioning it that was going to be the end of the the episode. Since did you assembly I mindlessly like a baby tonight we wouldn't be easy as though this news by now I don't find out maybe end. Here I had. And there. I know the duchess of Cambridge has safely delivered inside. Weighing eight pounds seven ounces hey big kid big boy I asked. Both her bra highness and child are doing well of mercy won't know the name of the time this Milan. I enjoy the things bloom only money in the you know town hall via tiger first paparazzi here outside waiting outside the hospital waiting for them to make their grand entrance or green exit from the hospital. We'll miss. One couple good just had a baby wasn't suspecting anything you block out all the sudden flash fathered an out and. Well and we just went through this astute in that is the like as a woman. That is the time you wanna be photographed the least. I mean is the most beautiful moment in your life is precious little human being and it's so beautiful bits. He just gone through hell yeah and he did award bag image I just can't imagine the pressure of being Kate. And see a host gorgeous. Well of course you gotta have a makeup stylist right there in the room yet you guys know that for every baby that it Lillian has it pushes eerie like further out of line for the throne so this they did and mine. Yet now he now he goes back to sickly as Harriet like dude stop having kids yeah Prince Harry wants. Well he's not going to be. Unless this is game of thrown innocents killing off an offspring he added what I found a threatened areas to our Gary Woodland. And. Clearly the dragon yet know when or if morning comes out about the world baby will deadly you know donated for the royals you know all kinds of yeah aren't. But the beheading you know hit the Middle East she's pregnant RA if you aviator sunglasses and I think twice about it. We're coming out aviators who might cause more wrinkles and sunspots now it's not the shape but the sunglasses got to worry about it's. Acted the rim is typically metal on aviators. So what attracts the sun and reflected directly to your cheeks and writer on your eyes. And so can actually give you more wrinkles than sunspots so you're gonna get aviators they treated them with plastic grams or any sunglasses and snapped classic grand. Keep you from getting those wrinkles. Good protest them. Boy I hope it'll reboot top gun because after that in the mid eighty's man like half my friend got flat out somewhere in that flight jackets and aviators. I love eighty aviators but I always wanna plastic parent and now Oakley comes out with a very good parents saying Natalie and everybody governor -- the current feet you go. More Botox no more radiator some students I'd coming up guys in less than ten minutes it's the mud club we're gonna swearing in of the local bank can tell you where were buying your coffee tomorrow. This is the morning wolfpack with Matt Harris after 100 points and the world now on the episode all of the club. Happy Monday before we swear in another local business and get them some free love on the radio Emily let's talk about tomorrow because it's a Tuesday. And morning wolf thank you headings on the road for a. It's pretty into the wind and green and you espresso from me into one tomorrow stockpiled by the cop beat. Then he got mugged in that you wanna drop off for the month BD that into an account for items. You know what these pit stops and degrades you wanna thank everybody that's shown up in a lot of time yet people come and hang ticket conversation for now we need to meet a lot of interesting people end up like you mentioned a minute ago. Denounces and a lot of new lean. Yeah when my club tomorrow. This weather is going to be perfect all week long. Gonna have fun that make sure you join us tomorrow I've got a mug from an of the banking this one is an ever and I believe I read in the well. And it's gonna get run afoul. Political pain in it that candy national team hello sandy you may help us. It's mad and I'm calling from the morning wolf pack carrier. Hit him hard being our you know we're a little. I think two years old well it was a wonderful making your acquaintance in Marysville you made a special trip delivering nineteen coffeehouse is to give us some mugs of each is sworn in the month club so that's why we're calling really see any new Ferrari best friend's home make it official. All I need to visit I ready go ahead are right razor and repeat after me eyes featured game I don't hate seeing you can can do hereby pledge my allegiance to. A morning wolf. You can find and it's going to be used to good morning wolfpack came as a proud member of the mug club and the problem for a full month called the I've pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. We didn't much time to hit it straight couple and great morning John good muzzle any funds back. Do mandatory never ever invest any fund manager congratulate. Even the kind of just an idea of an official member of the morning all month club you are family blue Kool. That's the best policy can do work yes that's. And while we'll. Yeah but with him what matters and I got some business over here. Over wolf sandy loved me it makes the mug welcomed the nightclub. Love meeting I used to think that a great day you know a direct correlation from my mug club pit stops are ladies somebody would have been a list of the five sexiest jobs a guy can have before we tell you calling guest right now 206421. Wall. You're listening to the morning. But Alastair yeah. Our mine the mail whenever I had. The morning wolf back Matt McAllister happy Monday to 06421 wolf you can take 46150. Ladies what do you think. Is the most attractive job a guy can have in other words what's the sexiest job a dude can hand. I've got Lindsay in Bonnie lake what do you think Lindsay. Are. Absolutely number one my wife a degree few 100% she is a rubber neck and bold new drive by a fire truck firefighters or police officers. Even realize it but there's I'll listen I'm just gonna call the way my wife sees it she doesn't double take for cops she double takes for firefighters and yet they're not saying. Yeah I can't firefighters via their but police officers military some about the uniform well knows difference between respect in light. Sec I guess yeah Lindsay would you agree firefighters police officers different category when it comes to that for women. Yeah. Most of she's pretty much just painting her perfect picture and a Harley yeah what do you think before we tell you and again. Ladies in the morning wolf pack right now to a 6421 wolf putting to the sexy job a guy can have is what would you say him. I think doctor. Doctors are sexy they're helping people they're intelligent I you to saying that because they make a lot of money I mean that doesn't hurt the fact but. That's not the main reason I just find that. The question very. We'll dig deep sympathy are you talking about it's sexy in that they make a good living so they can take care revue or you think sexy like they're. Look like somebody should be on TV their hands I mean I'm being in like they dreamy friend. Grey's Anatomy do. Even if he can compete here are saving lives they are saying I does that why they get into it they get an ode to make money and you have lots of monies they can buy you loop Tom person. I cannot be real here. 206421. Wolf ladies right now he can text 46150 will tell you you don't guess I'd rather have you gas. By the way it lawyer. Was number three Amelie so I put doctor lawyer in this I kind of get a gory lady is as ever army. To a 6421 wolf where he can Texas 46150. If you get a guess from what you think is the sexiest job a guy can mentally honestly and nobody's even close to number one really. Yes so firefighters battling not number one now we don't even in the top five which I find is a list might be flawed Gabbert did an about higher buyers but somebody did say country music singer sat anybody with a guitar onstage does he count them about real job I real attainable job. Good morning call in Tacoma power you today you. Were fantastic happy Monday we're talking about the five most attractive jobs a guy can have another word what job makes a man what the sexiest in your opinion poll. Definitely. Boys likable prayer beta club I'll wait. Probably not coincidental that DVR just came through Tacoma and your colony in the cowboy or bull rider yeah. Diaz who won the Kutcher I Paula that what I'm hearing all night. What is it what is the chat service packs is the hats. All of that at nineteen. Mainly men. And what are both. Yeah well Paula it's not a top five and it was a lot of women agree with you. Okay. All right hey things are gonna par the morning wolf thank Paul and have a wonderful day okay Oprah money isn't too painful faith. And before we give him by the way M. Imitated this is it disappointing list I think it's the worst list in history and in fact I'm a guy that any guesses on the tax we're not construction worker. No ad that he cynical but. No but there's something kind of close. To number two is engineers. And look all I can tell you is that have worked in radio my whole life so all I know our radio engineers. Brilliant minds but sometimes a little antisocial and definitely not sexist. After the idea of what and that's it some more well off and well he stays in a dark room all they play with wires hey I want my. My Afghan fighter pilot or blogger. He even gives their all areas yeah bull around her but her power countries are they are equally. And it's true loggers had amendments the Pacific northwest was a man. All right so let me just give you lists him to move on I. Number all an embolism number five at like somebody and market. OK. On trip to new work as a reporter. Actually. Some that he had number five is kinda silly Solis is go for his marketing debris is entrepreneur. Two is the engineer wouldn't and number one. The sexiest job according to this list which again might be. Do you worst list ever as far as I can tell. A sheath. C Evian I see they can make you thinner this same crap hits in whom. My right and. Great list but I Canadian green apple and if you and again this comes only 3 AM drunk smelling like newsletter and. Yeah dude you have a chef. They area ago. I Staley this then not make news is on the way in eight minutes and you and I got to believe the stories. According needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't sound fundamentals and I don't. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf before we jump into the not fake news. I just gotta give some love and who they're calling the Waffle House hero this morning and Leann and you were. Yeah how's your weekend was a little chaotic with boxes and movers annually paying attention. And quite honestly I was a little distracted too so I didn't really read up on all of this until this morning but yeah there's some bad stuff going on in the world right now. There's only adds there are some amazing heroes out there. And this morning that hero is James Shaw junior who's 29. Who had what was it slow Joseph 3 in the morning every 30 in the morning. What a nut bag and I mean certifiable nut bags Travis from bring kings 29. Walks in all Waffle House in Tennessee some little town. With an AR fifteen. Not wearing any pants hoosiers wearing a jacket vested a green jacket. Brother's crazy saudis when the masters how well he goes in and start shooting people. Now in the Waffle House at 330 where typically everybody goes when they're drunk waste gets out food and whatever so. You can imagine it caught everybody by surprise. Unfortunately. People lost their lives people were injured. Thanks to Travis Shaw junior 29 he got grazed by a bullet. And then decided. I'm not have any more than this tackled the dude got the gun away from a and unfortunately Travis running team got away so the shooter is still on the Lam. But without him so exchange shot junior is the hero that's absolutely here is. And when he proceeded to kind of news I actually work behind this like push door close what would door. He shot through that. Door but we sure don't we surely glorious moment. It was at that time the economy and Obama because you know with a lock that door. Dead if it was. Gonna come down to a he might have to work to. Were particularly. You'd Manny that's a hero that is a hero right there. And this guy by the way I didn't realize this the slow Joseph he has a checkered past how yet they caught him he tried to hop the fence about a year ago to get into the White House because the body at a meeting with trump the shooter yet the shooter data and they ended up investigate they took his gun away the same guy and he used this weekend for the negative back to a press -- and yet he's he's a guy that needs a guy like Brad they also he also got institutionalized for a very brief amount of time for thinking Taylor Swift was hacking news Loney was like climbing routes and turning to jump to humans after him. We very mentally ill yes. In the fact that he was on a lot of people's radar is a little scary if I can give this guy back a guy not to mention let him have a gun in the first place but actually taking and then given back to him. Is mind numbing but at you know what we have a hero amidst us James Shaw junior is a hero. And I'm almost ratings say the other guy's name I know let's just focus on. Well actually Matt McAllister comment you wanted to. Here's another thing yeah. Big kids coming real headlines of the day you know as a parent of a twelve year old. I'm a little bonus son Dylan I can't imagine this happening but it did. A twelve year old Australian boy got into a fight his parents and so in an act of revenge he stole their credit cards and booked a trip to Bali. And Natalie booked it but went on the trip figured out a way to get it done. He figured out that he could fly a multiple Australian airlines alone without a letter from mom and dad. He got to valley east twelfth. And all is where Australian deli it's like people from Georgia going it can't hear like that is their destination cells. Yeah he had to heavens had to that was the spot somehow yeah. The only boxes he needed to take was a valid passport and student ID. So we told us parents whose header off the school he packed up into the school backpack with a scooter theft instead of going to school we took the train to the airport. They checked in through self serve check out so nobody would have to know he was an unaccompanied minor Wright made his way through security gates and got on a flight to Perth. I mean that's impressive he was able to stay in the country for days without being picked up a minority did I did get a hotel and he yeah I don't have to. He booked himself accommodations at the all seasons hotel. He checked himself literally told the staff that day his sister was coming he was checking in early. He was there for four days by himself I mean I'm not even that out of the your traffic and impressive thing is just brilliant and are you kidding me when I ran away from home I'm like down the street this to get the ball. I'm telling you what I mean if on the parents science. Like petrified of what look at this kid not your next fight in other not fake news. An English Barbour has been sentenced to eight months in jail because he gave a ten year old boy is humiliating haircut. And I guess the kid picked up the rays are the clippers and tried to use them without the Barbour looking rightly wanted to teach him a lesson. Abdul rom Omar. Then took the kids added Shea did everybody laughed at him and pointed out and now he's doing time in jail flat out gas producers business over there in the UK when it comes haircuts. And last finale is this is funny and silly unless you're on the Greyhound. That left Cleveland headed for new York and somehow ended up in Toledo over the weekend of the different city New York Austin a claim the opposite direction. Pretty much an opposite exact experience that no one on the bus noted I don't understand maybe the bus driver not paid attention but no one noticed. Photos 3 AM yeah I learn manner now. Have you it was late several hours late Thursday they are headed through Eastern Pennsylvania and sort experience of prominent of the fugitive in the event. Basically there's double back to Cleveland so they spent seven hours going in a circle. I can't think of anything more frustrating than that. All right if you wanna play beat the street now's the time to call those demonstrates tickets. 206421. All morning wolf back again if you wanted to beat the street now he's your shot we got a huge prize next. This is morning wolfpack with some McAllister 100 point seven. Laughs hit the pavement and that could be history too. Hello Jackie in Marysville welcome to beat the street and man when. Stephen saying. Oh all right Jacqui you're thirty years Yung January stay at home mom much respect as they say threatening that. Yes trust me when I picked up my wife in one and a half year old son at the airport yesterday a aid my wife fell asleep on the way from the airport home. And was like your baby your kids take imam Don yeah. Seeing. Look we all know it's harder than a nine to find him and Anderson Jackie god bless you for what you do and as a part of the wolves million tickets go to Tokyo with Tim and faith coming to the Key Arena on July 13 but you're gonna have to better than the challenge and we found that these guys did valley to the festival. Are you ready to tackle beat the street. I'm ready. On your marks get set go. Which movie featured a talking chimp named Caesar. And I looked at it they. To name the jamaicans Brenner who won eight golds in the last two Summer Olympics only and I just for either via a link to. Good isn't there. I. I don't who's married to Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake which local island is home to convicted sexual predators. It stands. At eight who sings the songs takes a drink picketing it can't bench. Asia Jackie how you feel about you the rundown of the history Elaine there. I don't know. Not feeling well. And that that ilk actually. Yeah a low and that. Now we'll talk to her area should be doing plenty. I will let's find out how you did when we asked the same five questions to the challenger who again we found it to the festival. Let's made him. But today we're presently do. I claims test I'm from lake put and I militaristic and it's there. No hey let's ask the same five questions we'll find out how you did which movies featured a talking ship named Caesar. I have no idea. But neither one you knew that on which is good for you planet of the apes. And we Xena I would guess it just isn't the only thing I think is that monkeys an OK let's go to question number two no points yet David. Jamaican sprinter who won eight gold for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Hussein also. Same ball was the right it's urged not Bob movies replaced the funniest answer I thank god. In fact I'll give her half forget trying to get a half point for me in his last thank you that was hysterical at. All right question number three and right now Trisha has a one minute to half point lead yeah. Who's married to Jessica field. How Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake Hillary knows that our rights the land and one and half for you and two full points for the guys challenger. Which look islanders whom they convicted sexual predators. I I don't know. I'm not sure how many people actually know that there's documentary about McNeal islands where that we get calls really early in the morning Jacqui from people that are unfair on the way out there it's pretty interest. All that exactly where I'm. So we still have 8221 and a half points lead for the challenger let's go to the last bush did improve things that Cedric. I am sorry I don't know. She didn't know but you did which mean yeah yeah. Like taking a look at. When a final score of two and a half that to you of one thing the seats in and say. They have handled everything is up. And only as the bond on count all right yankees he regularly since you have one you're gonna go to David Fay who love you thanks so much for the morning we'll back. You can't do not be our. Coming up in six minutes the story of a twenty year old guy who is now only bitten by a tiger shark over the weekend he's also been attacked by a bear and a rattlesnake. Here that have. Morning long. I'm still a party. So wolf right now we wanna know by the time they view were attacked by an animal. 206421. Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Dylan Mick Williams he's a twenty year old kid at a Grand Junction, Colorado. And for his twenty years he's lucky to be alive on Thursday he was surfing in Hawaii and Hawaii to be exact he was bitten by tiger shark on the legs. Before that he was mauled and dragged by a black bear in a while to Colorado where you can brag about fifteen feet before the bear eleven live in the town or a vet. Three years ago he was bitten by rattle sneaking you to off. He's either got very that's not your very good luck things that I. How many things are bad. I mean it's like he'll have dollars in overall but does the guy that's outside all the time having lots of wild animal encounters. He is the crazy end of the spectrum now. But I think everybody has a M when animals attack story and suddenly got a really good on him again waste in Mexico yet. True story I got attacked by a goal which is a lot less life threatening but it still hurt. Absolutely we're feeding goats definitely had a few drinks in me and I dropped something over the fence and suddenly jump over the fence and grab it. And the male goat that was in the man whose only job in his life is to protect their own. Started you know digging into the ground taking charge that we are trying to get nervous confessed almost knocking over the fence about it her. It's ten terroristic got a lucky you're inebriated sooner or Atlanta head and I through the next they have morning welcome back we wanna know right now announced Monday to pick up the phone give us a call and tells about the time that you were attacked by Al wild animal. I got a great story on mama mom getting attacked by a bat in India with 206421. Wolf right now. I deploy Kerry in are. Man. Tells of the time they you were attacked by an animal. I the year. I would ultimately how can and head out on my morning walk. You round a corner and we're treating hair standing in the road like that. Me and I it's a last minute. Goal well there any lot in extremely well people thought about Matt Levine. Wow crazy at first I was thinking when you called in care for man. That you know since you had a lake house in Montana that we need to be friends but now after Arafat and you dear that like and this is your hip check you into trees in the past I think that's. In this crazy Kerry thank you so much being part of the show here is Kerry also that this one is in federal way sonar man. Jerry tells of the time you were attacked by a wild animal. Well and I was let go we hung out with another family we have a buddy hit bad about it. I'm tired yeah I'm I mean I was like why and and they will then they get rob thank you to gallop and they'll you know I have to adjust anything. And that's what they've got like outlets backhand down they went out that over the best that I had little of that text upgrade at that. They count on him that I. Blows the end result of that attack. Well I you know I don't remember I got the story a million they don't really remember X. But I know that's my aunt siblings got in trouble for but eggs if that's what the. Yeah I would sell them stuff. Gary has a great story thank you gentlemen yeah you can't get Palin yeah lobbying. Matt Beckett in Tacoma when she was seven she got bit by a Golden Retriever and still has a scar from it and then when she was little Latin an issue Larry had a -- died and that's gone by telly and cross your fingers. I'll take the jellyfish to orbit everybody's gonna segment I had been sent by jellyfish that is so opening. You if it ever happens on the beach and maternity and crass the useless to pee on it yet that doesn't in order to repeat under fridge yeah. GE had about the I have what it and it like bush yeah. That's our. Annika and pat pat he does do read yeah I got there it is because he will live but I know a lot of things that problem Steve I just don't know. All right art. We had a listener when they are thirteen listening in a river air a Jennings got attacked by a must. Whose name that sounds terrible yet there was a monster ad in the big about ski you know out of the fair a fair and OK crazies. Packed with Matt McAlister hasn't progress. Tell these guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. I think it's safe to say here that slowed Joseph and a for almost as excited Emily for your stuff to arrive last night as you work. Mean I think we both collectively feeling really really bad for you the you've been here for a month. And you've been basically living on an air mattress with no furniture. And I don't know if people can appreciate that man but I certainly can't. It was rough I mean it doesn't air mattress that was not having a little things like a rumor vaccine or scissors or Leon I mean. He had a eBay man. Or light and gas or you know like I'm itself I found happy Friday afternoon they called me and said they would be your Sunday between three and I've. Which was her face didn't have anything planned Sunday. Why is that perfect I tell you right now mama my wife would not have put up without giving them or not any purity to him so gamble they unpacked boxes not expect me to get situated at 5 o'clock at night. All they have another drop off they had indeed sunny morning cells and whatever else pay get. So he called me Sunday and click OK it's gonna be more like 7 o'clock brouhaha I. Many tech beanie but it's 8752. And I think it tomorrow like today yes. He's like no we've got to play protection get out of here tomorrow morning sounds like a cannot catch lace like they're gonna bring it and still have what do they do with the truck. I guess turn an end I don't know to what did you higher and come on and he wasn't do you look for our company. Has finished at 8 o'clock on both. Steeper nice guys did and got it done quickly inning they were done by eleven my neighbor pitched in which are. Awesome I was expecting that. And so I finally got stuff but. Last night I was so exhausted I'm even aware machines are so I just went wrapped up in a blanket and I can't plea coming on then. So you got all your stuffing your place yes but everything still a box and renewing demands 11 o'clock last night crack. I've got to tell you that and I commend you for your disposition throughout this whole thing is I would have been in a bad mood every single day for three weeks. Yeah I mean pretty stellar but that's. I know but I'm just saying like that the story told about you spilled some things and then you couldn't pick it up because she didn't have a room and India and open up a spot and he was just like. It's tough not to have thinks I'm super happy that you had your stuff suddenly just don't know which is there and you are and you are settled our if anybody's in the US Seattle area this afternoon and as a mine health and a damsel in distress a megabyte. I think I think neither tall guy two to put a TV I didn't have a dog our dog Aaron I might have and no one. He might feel a dog like anyone. I don't I'm doing this afternoon I'd. The Big Three coming evidently we got a royal baby don't re did all my gash in the details coming up here in about five minutes stay with a morning. Alastair on you 1470. Yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than a princess gas lighted their royal wedding will hold onto them zeros ladies this is the big story. We have been net deathly NN Sunday and that might. That's good you do if you're Grey's Anatomy and it is official there'll be eight season it tips and now we are wondering if they forget that in the show right now wondering how we work this reason sleep did they have to announce whether it's gonna continue to get is there'll definitely be a season fifteen even though a couple of doc. Personally I'm so glad you're in the show only because I didn't even know they're making resented me anymore up. And then without you I would nominate so my wife watches it and I enjoy at the because there's so much of Seattle Ennis and where they're Seattle shots or maize and yet they go look at you and local angle I'm I won't but I'm glad you bet I. Well well eighty lots of the officially all America. The royal highness the deck to the key bridge they really delivered a fun this morning weighing eight pounds seven count since he Nikkei. Additional title got more titles than a heavyweight fight him. Go to royal highness energy out of the blue room Somalia that have to do that I did do a bit. He adds though I don't know the name yet obviously it takes a little while for them to get the name of the sun out but. Her baby. To that you know what though it's pretty cool because Vanessa my wife has something in common with Cano there's little ladies and had big babies yes her baby was what eight. Eight pounds announcement yet I'm almost a nine pound baby get Jude was almost ten pound out and when we delivered to you when she went beyond that. Especially in the nurse is like war. So big this is a big they had the big boy he's healthy thin line crude and. I'm sneaking. And slow Joseph had an astute point earlier. Mood with every child that she's laying on this Roy alert thinking thinking if push is Prince Harry farther and farther away from. The royal seat yes therefore if this were James groans he must start annihilating the Austin. Yeah I didn't feel it when he lets you look around when they're happening game to throw a stone I only have to look that's what happened. Poison the offspring to get to the throne and. I don't think he's good and but I never are any aviator sunglasses. You might want to give them up or at least a parent that is classic. The metal screens in your eight heaters are causing wrinkles and sunspots because the sun is attracted to that medal yeah on your face. He's gonna Wear sunglasses. And we don't we're trying to metal rim has their batting causing wrinkles. What I hope they don't reboot top gun like they've done every other eighties movie or television show because. Men on all my buddies got buzz cuts flight jackets and aviators and 19878. Years are very popular with women drain out like I said it did the classic sprain your okay. But I do they look distant because of the hold gold medal I now look I got a pair oak leaves that are aviators and pretty nice and their plastic. That's the way so curly speak for me aviators and yes by the save some bucks on Botox and just skip the aviators like it. All right we have got the cable guy movie description game coming up in less than ten minutes you gotta stay with us. Here that can bring home. I'm still a party. So wolf and welcome to the cable guy movie description game meant and it's kind of funny that I work with two cord cutters who don't watch cable. Therefore. Over the week I like to scroll through whatever movies on there's the same batch of movies that at least contest plays every single week in and every chance. I'll read you description you'd try to guess the game now the first time played in only destroyed just as dead. The second time we played slow Joseph destroy families asked all out I have no idea which way this is gonna go. So play along and home here we go two minutes whoever has the most points after two minutes. Wins the game not calling out our names again highlight that act now if ecology name before I finish the description of the cable movie that's fine but then you have to guess and then the other person gets three yes I I screwed that up last time. It's up to be the host Cameron's idea and keep score at that I'm doing at all. Sojo are you ready. Our editor is Michael that helps that had a now back here we goes those are you ready I'm ready Emily you ready ready to minutes on the clock. After being exiled from the most advanced town in post apocalyptic Australia. A drifter travels with a group of abandoned children to rebel against the town's queen that's would you slow Joseph mad Max. Nice idea Allen beyond thundered down to be exact argument tipped to imprison men bond over a number of years trying to slow just shot checkered action. Commander. He's up that's not who I think come on impact and police receiving dinners allay the other night. Two aimless middle aged loser still living at home are forced to close or will slow Jones step Brothers. All Emily this is not going well now. John back within Jeremy gray a pair of committed womanizer who sneak in a wedding incidentally many family wedding crashed smash a big. And by Andrea it's a Monday. OK prison inmates form a football team just like really slowed Joseph the longest yard. So's look Joseph has four and only you only have one I now. A buttoned up newlywed finds his two organized life falling into chaos we falls in love with an old classmate. Italy family go along came Polly. It's creeping back in here with a little bit of time left for a two. Male nurse Greg fox let's go to sojo. Who meet the clock. At a time Natalie. Well what finish it what's the rest of them this he didn't get it right or press the destruction it is. His girlfriend's parents before proposing better suspicious father is every day's worst nightmare. So I got I know it is us at the wrong on. How I don't know Emily year time out slowed up leaked apparently. Brian eighths Floyd Greg Fokker is all you should have needed. I guess I didn't know. After being held captive in an Afghan cave billionaire engineer Eric slow Joseph I ran. Six that do a video one more heavily come on. They get a girl one yes this lady is that after. Competition between the maid of honor in a bridesmaid dresses slugs and Bryant made. Ha ha ha ha there and let you leave well. Hello all I Amelie there's all kinds of excuses for getting your Yang out mills again Brad Arnold. It's mobile there's another excuse. You lose seven and soon. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister dirty cracked his first beer I don't think anybody can beat to it only rains isn't actually great for creeping back away. 147. Oh. In case you guys did not know. He's still on the loose which I find these so odd and if you don't know. Early yesterday morning this guy pulls up to Waffle House in the small little town in Tennessee. Where they are fifteen and start shooting people they don't know if it was racially motivated or not. Because the kid who's 29 is whites and nobody else appeared to be but this kid is also. Off his rocker yes he has a severe history of mental illness itself he tried to jump the fence of the White House a couple of years back I mean that break they're just great you can tell off. But there's more I guess on his FaceBook page of what was that thing about Taylor Swift look Leo he was convinced that Taylor Swift for stocking and then hacking is bone in his Netflix accounts that he was chasing her upper roof of a building his parents body's gonna jump so he got that. He's the he's got that flagged for that one deer in at some point government officials of the police took away this particular weapon in and dated back to his dad who in turn gave it back to him yet right Secret Service investigated him after the White House incident he thought he had a meeting with trumpeting his late Fuller so yup the fence but yet they ended up giving back to his dad who might end up facing charges and see footage and at least within reach of that yet it just goes to show you that as a parent. We are in denial about our kids out even as something as a misses that going to preschool any kids of fighter only Muslim the other carry out remote you know. Here's your kid here's your AR fifteen back can clearly you're right and head anyway I find it so we are eighty kid showed up. Wearing only a jacket so he was naked except for green jacket. And then he started shooting in any way there's a hero in our ministers who why we bring it up I find it so interesting that the guy can run away down the street naked and he still land they have no idea where this guy is enough. Gotta be in the woods somewhere deciding or. Go check the dad's house there. The number of but there's a hero I mean him without this there's the thing I love about 29 year old James Shaw junior sees telling everybody I'm not a cure I do and anybody would do that's not true now that's after he actually got graze by a bullet and then tackled. The shooter through the weapon behind the counter and stop the entire I think more people would have died if it weren't for this guy. And when he proceed because me and I actually went behind this like push toward us what went door. He shot through that door I'm pretty sure enough we surely glorious moment. It was at that time the economy Obama because no way to lock the door. That if it was. Gonna come down to a people have to work to. Work to kill me. The two men as a brave thing. You cannot call yourself a hero James Shaw junior we love you buddy thank you morning I sat with Matt McAllister and product. No walls every morning at 610 we swear in another local business into the mud club. Something that we started the day we got here in October and assist in a way for us to get to know you. The people to listen to this radio station like our show this morning we swore in sandy. At the northwest plus credit union in Everett. And it'll start with you sitting in a mug from where does he work. And Alice not to get too prophetic about this but it's like. It cannot opens doors absolutely so we got a mug from the Mountain View fire and rescue department a while back. We loaded up with some doughnuts we when we visited them in a pit stop we said hi we hung out. Turns out they have a pancake breakfast a couple of months later which was this Saturday morning press by the white river amphitheater already by the way. So that's were went on Saturday morning just the support of VoIP local event in the community. And it was amazing to go I mean how like old fashioned small town needs community mind it was that Emily. It was amazing we did get to meet some amazing people in fact we met someone that organist we are and the month club tomorrow she does by mama and her story is. I mean it's just it'll melt your heart yet. And if we would have never gotten a mug from the mound you fire risk department we would never gonna pancake breakfast. We would never met mama and then we would have never sort mama in the mud that still comes I it's awful hard. Question it's a crazy circle of life. Yes look I just take us off track but did you settle up with McGrath the crime can dish it out Woodruff decry and I actually put me info Hank cus for a couple of minutes OK I confessed my crimes to cheating at the end misread a Thon in first grade. Forests that are adamant books ever did and I won the M Israel again just horrible moment feel good to get that I think I did I did I broke down a little bit with Sparky the fire dogs you guys pulled in about 5000 dollars for Seattle Children's Hospital to sell and paying cakes and biscuits and gravy fell off so thank you Mountain View fire and rescue for have a sound that was such a good thing in tomorrow. Another thing we do is apart it's all part of the same thing goes low layers here man parallel that is one onion. It's the month club tomorrow Emily we're going to be out from the mug club pit stop meeting people. Bring me out from the knee until one into wine at marine you espresso seek to bring us nor Maggie. And join our club right they are just so final fight cup of coffee. It's all about getting to know the community gets now meeting news thanking you for being a part of the morning wolf back and supporting the local businesses out of what's all about so hopefully I can see to Mumbai a cup of coffee them. Tackle Matt Stairs. Or one place. So while Sam we've got some good news here on Monday if you are hard working corporate person. Who would fall into the category is a unattractive or very unattractive. This is the most horrible story I've ever by the disclosure sent to us last night. And again if you just allow us to be judge you for a moment. Beautiful people arguably have an easier life for you always hear about that they make more money they have more friends about it ticket sure. A common belief is that good looking people also earn more money but there's a new study that turns his theory on its head. Researchers have found that people who are quote very unattractive. Maybe the biggest earners in the world. So your looks might not actually to Dem and now. My dream right away went to this place look I think is people sometimes are pretty unaware of ourselves I'm real think we're. Good looking that's just a commonly the matter what you look like you've gotten used to how you look at me you look in the mirror you look like that yeah if you like who you are in the and so I think it's. I don't know anybody like how did you do this done today literally take people and put them into groups of people they Darren played seemed a year unattractive enough. Your varied. And. And it can't live over here in the up here yet you're in the wrong just study group there sir how this comes ended jealousy like the boss see someone's super attractive and their adjustable looks like to pay the response. You know there's a whole long article I'm not gonna bore you with all the study of it but there is. A K a correlation with the lower earnings and higher attractiveness in this particular it's too confusing to read the whole thing but they called basically ugliness penalty. And how tennis looks around works for you sort of against I mean I get really at least make it yeah. It is king. You're you're at the very the other trader had apparently who and who even knows that about themselves to do the studies I don't know collectively you've got to get depressed on there's been a good. Good making money good news if you really super hyper aware of years. Open your idea. I'm pretty ineffective. Saying. You 100 points at this. Wolf supporting wolf thank them McAlester early rate slowed Jolene adding here that the only takeover but don't get about a podcast that we have ready for you at 10 AM. Where fifteen minutes bonus material that we did not get a chance to talk. Things being talked about today like the fact that Barbara Bush spent her last night and it's drinking burden. There's a Boston preschool that stand the term best friend because it leaves out other friends and the best friend. The drunk woman who was arrested for dancing on the bar at Applebee's. By the issue that the kids at home could do yeah I mean everything over there and a delta passengers that went preserved in an airplane flipped over the drink cart daily value today. I that I was really studied international picnic day. He insists on that actually had a Seattle's getting with the program the sunshine is here. The perfect day to go have your lunch outside of the window here is the best spot in your hometown to have a picnic. That's a good line. I would have to say in this o'clock. Then why didn't beat the top of right there through 2.0 yeah they jump off with the UC they're watching guys like still with these parachutes and jump off the left is it windy up there than he sometimes. Typically mean you're atop mountain right when you're in the normal. He disincentives in the eighty degrees this week since I have you figured it out did Al Penn State PGA I mean I gotta say at the outside beat yeah that's the best place to pick it says I don't show us what's the best placed at a picnic downtown. By that ten to oh yeah over. Saturday night and I. Ideally what I see union little neck in the name. You know I was doing some research around the Puget Sound. And there's a great spot called see Hearst part in a period where this picnic tables you can see that he just out of the Olympic mountains in the background song beautiful. What's the park slow Joseph in clean and where he wrote black Cole's son Chris Cornell. Jerry Clark carried our dad. Small very small to be small but beautiful city. Getting you know a little vintage spot there all right you're reach out to. 6421 Waltz. Or can text 46150. Enjoy the weather and the beautiful sunshine warm temperatures we'll see you back tomorrow morning F. The morning it'll actually not a killer game warnings from five field. I feel 100 point seven in the world.