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Monday, April 9th

Monday April 9th, 2018


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They are welcome back to the podcast for Monday April 9 Matt McAllister Emily range and slow Joseph and now back ominously train odds are a little slow today as usual it's a fluke how it is lives targeted your head man I begin easier than they're all gonna get our before attorney over the show today which by the way for Monday. Man hats off to everybody in the morning wolfpack did listens to her show because they were on fire today as I say they were lit. We got woke Italy I live in a good day until that moment right there just killed at all it. Yeah from the box that arrived from Nashville which you're here about a little later in the show it to the words that you know people always say you pronounce strong. Umbrella and you kind of a fun show anyway I'll luck up boxes in the closet how I know I know I actually feel like for a minute here we might be successful yes I don't I don't wanna hear a daunting and error on my convey. Finally speak at the mud club of the boxes tomorrow just a heads up if you listening you are local. We will be in Marysville at the living room coffee house apparently the only sit down coffee shop in Marysville literally she's a thicket dying breed right up here it's all coffee. Higher center is yet so will be there from noon to one by new coffee you can stop by the have a great bring a mug swearing in. You know the news. So there's not much that we really didn't talk about on the show today other than in this is the conversation that slow Joseph and I have had in the past. Emily I'm not sure you've ever discussed how many times do you Wear your underpants before you washed it aspect and right. Yes and I'll be honest for the I. I haven't even read this article I don't even know what it is but I just copy and paste it when I saw how many times do you Wear your underwear because I would assume that. It's all excited they're under discussion. Well there's a gray area we get into later this when I realized. OK so here is the hero there results according to a new survey 31% of men. And 10% of women that's a very small minority of women yes thank god. Where on the two times or more only play ES. So these survey was how many times do you Wear a terminal where before you wash them. Yeah me Yan 3% turner underwear inside out before they were in in the second time so don't don't take this the wrong way but I bet you've done. Well. Hall and he's not a laundry guy do you remember in Phoenix we're doing your show and I do I do my laundry we talked about as well we had dinner so we called you out at the dinner table for not doing laundry yeah like you audio that tell us total the end I was doing was she said Brian by the way were reared Phoenix. You were sensitive you are such a proponent of the you can Wear your bra and underwear to get times in a row if you don't Wear hard as you can edit well. Chaos there's they have had wrote a song about it at all and we had a plan all the time that we're after is yeah because some parents were upset that I was telling their kids they can Wear their underwear is now on or before Reagan I know Emily. Our broad as the same as pennies that term a peak of where brought how many times we would say hundreds and trust your elected eager to you what's the problem house. 26% of women Wear abroad at least five times before they wash and 6% where at least ten times were you on that. And weaker to. Depending on what they do in a timeouts when it here at 31% of people where their gym clothes at least three times before analog passports are different. I work out a sports bra I only weir wants. Yeah but that's it takes all the sweat yes. But I have noticed because Vanessa wears her house call her active where she wears it every day all day Brett. Mean so what she does which I think is really interesting and if I did this I guarantee right to Kraft for that somehow she gets away with a she'll put her stuff on top of the laundry and then you just figure it yet and I'm like well okay is that dirty your claims his aunt it's like in the middle so. I know I've worn it but on award again before -- I didn't work out in it occasionally hang back up I do the same thing with my sweatpants and a hang on line and hampered sweats don't need to be washed but once and regular zoo where he had made up my hours I can see stains on thrown at me. And but we're gonna Wear it to the point in what I was saying was okay. So my schedule a little bit different than most. But if I am wearing some underwear okay. You just have to I guess you just sat down and it's a very you're thinking very hard I just wanted to strikes play myself clearly his I'm not pay with a certain brush. The so I Wear my underwear let's say I don't work out in Birmingham ride my bike every day to our shower in and I'll grab a fresh pair of underwear. But if this is a Friday or Monday which an off day for me. I'll Wear the same underwear if I don't shower. Does what's the point of putting clean and or on it your body is the same as it was that the Brian I don't yet now and I'm not sweaty and not dirty as Joseph likes to quote me. I haven't worked hard and not out and break in the brick Serbs split logs I mean think you're say he is or dry here. Your body dirty your eyes open dirty guy that's why don't always appear clean underpants on a dirty telling you what you're saying is you never take a lot. But you don't know that I know that he cannot but not yet so I go to bed that night I'll sleep. In the news thanks in morning wolf pack and I am a wake up and just on the salmon or go to work. And get a chance and that's it for after a day that I haven't worked out im gonna come home. I'll ride the bike a shower new unbeaten CIA I don't sleep naked sol where my day by anywhere. Despite boxers germ or in Saturday's boxers and they get a new pair when you wake up yes so policy that's the that well and I am okay go ahead to a sleeping on an that's part of the reason that you got to change a variety so yes but there is all of Mitt like on Saturday media all week both kind of roll around but then I go out and do something that I'm changing everything. But as soon as they take this is they take them off their back at another not a Niagara area OK I got a so I've got a pair of boxers that I they're like really comparable boxers that are were around the house. And I'll give those the smell test that's kinda thing and they're getting a little right they go in the laundry hamper. Heaviest milk anything you don't be dispelled nine under the smell now. Well and I would have not only I don't know where it smells senators to embarrass no matter where you I don't plan where more than yeah okay. Right to an area. All right one more story aids the podcast I have a little fun with the hack come on what the heck even. All right so here's a stupid colonel storr for yet how about this is kind of impressive actually a roofer repair. Lee didn't get paid so he repossessed the entire roof that he put on somebody in Louisiana thing that is awesome that seems hard. Yeah I think that more work than just walking away or filing some kind of complain Brett happened in 2016. After a few months of after he put the roof on that's when he read presents the entire roof he was arrested by the way for criminal damage and trespassing. At. Well I element litigated this because again I haven't read a 66 year old guy named Andrew Haig then. I he's in west Monroe Louisiana. June 2016 which by the way. I guarantee the fact that he put on in the heat of June in Louisiana had something to do with him being so pit stop it paid. That's brutal duty ever see those guys work in that humidity and heat on the roof yet yet there are getting paid sex any time you care good point. Bush never paid him she says they had an agreement that she'd pay him when she got an insurance settlement but he got impatient. And in December of 2016 so that's six months started demanding his money. She didn't have it so okay it's money keep reading but I haven't thought. I'm guessing game and let them have been. Okay. Which he didn't have the money. She got home one day she found and Andrew had been there any at repossess the entire roof he took the whole thing's over home was totally exposed. And then it rained. And that caused 111000. And damaged so she went to the cop so he can just rip off the shingles he ripped off the whole the whole damn no rule gassing and he just went ripped off shingles. No I mean he left her house it's almost like those doll houses that you know girls play with with kids do you take the refresh and Malibu beach house and you see aliens I asked. That's crazy I mean how you would do that yet that seems like a lot more work than it's worth I'm worried that he can't resell the roofer reporter on somebody else is now us as bitterness but it's one of those things where if you can't have it nobody else's either or something out and McCain didn't get paid yet. That is some resentment right there I would've just turnaround. But okay it's kind of his fault look to for making some kind of a side deal rat I did just get pay got to have that written notes are on track dad and he did go to jail right where he was arrested for criminal tread damaging trespassing although I'm really bad news. And he might not have the money to sue her forehead the money you know like he might not have the money taker record for the money he's owed. Right that's why he was a well out there. Let's go to the way this did I look at things as he got to keep your side of the street clean and so she didn't do the right thing. You never gonna come out winning when you do your wrongs don't go longer favors and destroy a woman's Al and ruining all of her worldly possessions by letting it rain is however house and then that's on used in your the deck I mean let's be honest this guy's it's his mug shot we're looking at not -- and a cool then there's movie ticket to the next level you know what happened man. This is my life lesson this is my lesson in life Erica when you lose your temper that you'd lose and a every single time and no matter what you were arguing about the mrs. I'm talking about my personal relationships he doesn't matter. Because you lost your temper you lose the entire network like that your yeah you can go back and say but I was right it doesn't matter of hours though this guy ripping off her roof. You lose early in blizzards and I that's all I got we can keep it relatively short here on a beautiful Monday by the way how about this whether we have 65 and sunny on Friday have mowed the lawn I was out. In shorts and a T shirt and so gorgeous fired up for the weekend. And then it rains I mean dumps pours rains. Two days straight the two days we don't have to work tunnel into here are you very we're just trust me I did a three hour by Craig yesterday in the wind and the rain knocked you over. No but I was riding across I ninety bridge towards Issaquah and that area. And it was close the water was blowing over the bridge and yet it was no orally and it was you're not fun. Anyway it was fun but it was crazy but. And then of course the book ended two or weekend we get another perfect 65 degrees sunny day. Yeah mother nature screw you pick a sack yes is making a point like there's some places are just like teases like like you know it'll tees the winter they get really hot again here at teases the submarine ahead and get really cold grows in the well listen I guess we shouldn't complain and I know in Georgia you get humidity and it's nasty nasty it's gonna be 100 degrees in Phoenix Arizona on Wednesday again I will take this all day alleys tonight and enjoy it. Well I was explaining to somebody back there I'm like look you get so much sunshine you take it for granite means nothing to all all the means is heat which you hate right here when the sun comes out people party yeah bagel forget bananas it's like you in Alaska or something that's like a celebration is this the solstice Brodeur. So anyway anybody else Emily any file it's any thing personal appearances love life. I'm gonna roll out we were second rumble what I was doing my show. I ask is Sarah Michelle aren't aren't yet the very days this week. Not yet okay having quiet on that front. Yeah. I think she went hard in the paint. Early on my. Likely first round and then does a strikeouts and now I'm like accumulating the second round may take a deep breath yes trying to figure out on on OK good you keep pursuing in the know I'll keep you. Accounts like Jonah and note on and here's how the Israeli don't take a math so attacks can't nap that's CNN is its name is voted -- as tired complaining about it all right tomorrow on the show we already promote the pit stop after the show the jury to show we're gonna have the Florida Georgia line on it Tyler and BK at 805 AM 805 AM Florida Georgia line tomorrow will be join us and have a great. He doing anything. Do you think he went smell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. All the morning wolf back Matt McAllister good morning Emily grains and more slow GO. It kind of floor you gonna give a shout out here started off two nick who is our friendly taco time means guy he Texas every single day. He does such a sweetheart good morning that Joseph. Flee if I believe you offer here okay yeah. Hey you yeah I he usually includes you have. I thought Eileen and I mean he's ahead of me I haven't even London a look at our text detonated outside. 46150. Of you audio I'd jump in here by the way today and the show's going to be fun welcome to Monday April 7 I don't know if you check the weather but it's supposed to be schizophrenic we 68 beautiful. How about bookends on Friday and Monday and Saturday and Sunday the days we have a pet also a disaster all the way disaster. Fair mother nature. So coming up here in about fifteen minutes what word did people say you pronounced wrong. Also what's the most unusual gift you ever received Dustin lynch gave bread phases something unbelievable get into that the 6 o'clock hour this box here from Nashville. Well hey guess what that I am here. Chris Janzen jacket. And we'll see how I fit into it a disturbing self for recast it as dry I guess got it your wife to marry the seed us last name. You have she might get a little but I can't always go all. This is true that what you Wear in the studio buried out. I so Monday's traditionally we seem to have a hard time getting you guys up and awake and calling in to be the leadoff caller. So let's not do that that would be proven wrong. Let's make it happen right now with a great leadoff caller don't wait for somebody else to do it. You gotta start the week off right get a some base right now 206421. Wolf and into a 6421 wolf. Call us right now. He shadow ST Jim in Arlington Michelle and ever since Matt is Puyallup and Blake in Mount Vernon all. Called into the leadoff caller thank you guys fur on not letting our Mondays suck in that way. But ordeal at Betty who's in federal way this morning why because she's apparently hit into the hospital to have a heart procedure the morning Betty. Good morning good that he can move. And the all I just have known little pacemaker putting the decade. Well I don't know if you know this bedie of but Matt over here actually have a pacemaker. So with every ask many questions we combined right now many. Only okay he. Snapped yeah that he's not tired of them. Yes you do so I don't know exactly what year is your situation eight bed with. OK so I had a little bit of that is back in 2013 and long story short Betty I broke my hip and I was recovering from that from a bike accident had a little hard malfunction but it was a said. The turn into something a little more serious. So I have a pacemaker mr. Blair house on soda lawless fur about a year. And I eventually weaned off a bit now don't take any medications I've ride my bike fifteen hours a week and good to go no way fifth. However you make sure you do with doctor's orders thank you come down gradually as you're supposed to do and don't feel like that and just say I don't need many more dogs. Yeah so I. It. Need to surgery it did want to you know something. Those doctors are smarter than we are better. Now yeah I get our streets of Google and of course. I'm like extreme about armies are trying to get off the medication after about three weeks staff and my heart did this bing or basically add should be dead bid if it weren't for my defibrillator I'd be dead. Yeah well I don't I won't have a sister. It. One little speech so it adds nobody Betty do you mind me asking how old York. Really have now I got there well there's this is something I've bond with with all people that are a little bit older than giant because you know on the young guy but I've got this pacemaker and so like for him Vanessa is grandmother she and I have a little time kickback we have attacked you know we we check out our pacemakers it's awesome. On. Now. 64 a year yeah just that you just have a little baby. You're the young people pacemaker club you're not even in the old people paid tiger blood soaked bed the crazy thing is the one in my chest as 80000 dollars and feel like Iron Man most days. And by the way. The batteries they give us for everything else are a joke because the battery that put this thing liquidity chest out west for eight years as they did that give me an eight year found that exacted a good it would cost you a little bit more maybe I don't doesn't. And I'm Ryan. I'd been anywhere open it all goes well yes honestly even you and our public prayers yet it's really routine again and nail it some don't worry about typically play a song for you as the leadoff colleges to make things feel a little bit better for anyway and not thinking too well so I understand this relax those factors are Smart they're gonna hook you up you B five that he no big deal. Cold day all right we love yet and out by the way we'll bad song for Betty our way into the hospital there in federal way in coming up next is there a word to people. Always say that you pronounce strong and it appear the promo over the weekend but. In eight minutes we wanna hear you worry about the bus Stanley on the word she's been saying wrongs he she got yeah morning. Alex rate and these here and. So Woolsey Michelle let Emerson how are you this morning I. I don't worry you'll we are fantastic. Cappy money Michelle look we euphoria. You know hey you know you're talking about how we don't I'll be ideal weight this Monday morning. I'm just asking now what the date today is a role. Ninth. I think again. And then I can't take a look at the assault say oh you're so funny you know what you say this I said it was a seven because they didn't update our daily schedule I didn't hear it. Yeah and it could well I guess none of those early and our guys you're so funny OK I'm thinking okay it's the seventh and our moment and that's instead yeah. Michelle keeper catching me and that adds hilarious. Oprah does it have a wonderful day we lobby and we appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack. I appreciate you got traffic at Christie's state. Wolfpack with Matt Matt Stairs. Or 100 points. Oh well what word to people say you pronounce wrong. 206421. Wolf a 46150. There's nothing funny even hearing somebody say the word they pronounced wrong. Emily go ahead and say the word it is done yes it's a word we use a lot here especially over the weekend. The word is umbrella. Umbrella. I don't know what. Umbrella on well we noticed she looked out the window last week in Dallas it was raining it hampers a bit and drill a heck that's it would mean an umbrella. Sega's seal like. Most of us go up on the age you go up in the beat out an umbrella. Umbrellas room and umbrella. Handle it the accident whatever whatever changes he says where he's from which is the state of Tennessee he says Tennessee Tennessee the front and he did the Alan. Umbrella I think it might be a southern thing. Eighties is than I don't know I got to say you know I didn't yeah yeah. You know if there's anybody ever correct did you an affable well I I felt like they might. Not even technically be wrong but it's just like caddies and on buried others to say umbrella. And nobody we're the first people to them ever since you pay you say they were all LO little wrong. And of first time actually doesn't make it hadn't even an email and I was like wait. Does he mean I. And it. That's why we're talking about the words that people say you always bring a strong guarantee not alone on this again to a 6421 wolf where you can text this to Elvis second to be fun but you must understand how he he had never mind and we're talking about. Whether or not there's a word to people always say your pronouncing it wrong Emily says umbrella umbrella. Oh yeah actually dismayed to remember that slow Joseph we started working together and I don't know why. He used to say the words yesterday wronged and I would correct him all the time I think he did say yes he did say credit. Well I sadly any nieces think yesterday assassinate her. Quick with now are as yet guy got jealous that I think I've fixed it's an act I had ice and then CA yes they're being yes dude this is there today it was almost mafioso and think it was The Sopranos was they get around there has got to be like Joseph lawless. Guess today. Anyways are worried that people always say for now strong if so give us a call right now at 206421. Note wolf again 206421. Wolf last call it now we're moving on this money we get things to do. Becky and Lynnwood what is the word to people say you always turn out strong. I guess I pronounce it wrong at millennium well at millennium. It sounds like a pretty good to me. That's Italy not a added I think it. Maybe it's because you're on the radio your your best behavior and appearance right alien auntie yeah. Yeah. Well it does Rihanna is there's way too many Els combined with and yes I agree I beg Julian nailed it when you're on the spot. Thanks for checking in cast in Tacoma what is the word to people always say you turn out strong cast. Yes everybody's you know it's true story I used to work at an outdoor concert venue. And I used to sell those sandwiches. In near the funeral sandwiches. But the way people would pronounce him in Kansas City, Missouri where in Europe was classic yet SA eight XM and give me a gyro update to problem. I hero. Until I passed a guy. Oh yeah are made sparrow in America thanks for checking in gas all right Jeanne in Pacific what word to people say you denounce from. And that's what we thought yeah woody. I gave me do you eat Sicily Appel a little XL ID act and it's. So I think that Iran but not until I completely. Equal. What why do you think you see it that way. I don't know anybody ever corrected me when I was. And really let alone and so we get teriyaki a lot of the gimme a forty spots and he never said anything it's like I'd like hey all right what he's. We got the right authority that toy. What's uniting too he seems very play full in me happy say the icing it every word like that some coffee yeah. Any idea thanks for checking and we love you have a great day. You are I'd Johnny Graham what word to people say you pronounced wrong Emily says blue umbrella. The letter that we liked it always at a W. W yeah that's existing a lot of people do that though it's almost I would think in the south to mentally added Bree from desperate common deadliest George W like our you know express yes. This Dalai bail out whatever they buy it looked as though they did all my card you know yeah this. Was down it's funny you bring that up because as a radio guy when you're starting out depending on what side of the country you work gone. If you're on the west side of the country ever greatest resource the K but if you're on the other side source the W Weaver yeah and your school early on not saint W yet the W that oh yeah BC you know like really hammer the W all every radio deep knows that. It is match dissidents. Are down they're bred on well I'll Indian we'll talk some more normal. You just Jalen. So they'll get stuck India and John bloody bodies they had at least he's the pretty girl on the way to. Emulate the go ahead. Hey John have a great day everybody eleven debuted back I always tells in my. Any there's actually were that I always make fun of my wife and ask for sanctions since Tom birchard. Instead of hamburger palm whose home burned yeah I think it does and so much more LA I'm told jurors all of America is a Tom birchard. Anyway what we got next coming up the Big Three heavily. You'd think stumbling across some Blake Shelton memorabilia would be a good thing but not necessarily. We'll get into it just six minutes. In the morning. Alistair and you want to yeah point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor in paradise crossover event this is that they yeah. Best selling Brian Parker lived in Oklahoma which is where Blake Shelton is brown. And her daughter brought home her new reading books from school and was super tidy his Blake Shelton was written in there he actually had that black. It's super when you come across memorabilia like that until you realize. Wait a minute that this book has been. Used one for forty years basically and earned thirty something years. And adds this she and we just social media that thinks every parent teachers support staff very matter of fighting for kids' education for the comes out perfect time is right now. You realize Oklahoma teachers are on strike al-Qaeda fishy like this is the perfect excuse for why they're fighting likes. Yeah cool like jump on misspoke but not good my daughter's still using. Think how many educational updates have come into play for the last thirty some years that should be probably represented as textbook yeah. So. There really enough support still and Emily which kind of takes the president is saying reading. Readings so it was pretty basic look away keys to reading yeah well maybe dad do reading is still reading. I guess but I mean you can't get updated until today yeah Mr. Bush can you imagine. Is that I wanna see a picture of the book it's got to be used weathered gamble. Is the weather yeah yeah she goes to picture on the sense of media right this is very very cool a woman here in Washington. Has donated one million dollars the part she passed away recently but she older I mean it wasn't sad story Betty Wallace their debt Wallace. Has donated one million dollars and Mount Rainier Olympic national parks clean use the funds for computer disk system which she went by vet. ET TE had never heard the board Betty shortened to best of our bet Midler. That and other good call yeah so close knowing the wind and it was some reason my amendment to BET feel like dead the guy he's like Monday night at minute yeah okay sorry MC UETTV London. Married I mean just totally ignored fact donated a flyers and the words. You're. All of the daily guide I just my mind went down the wrong bunny trail but that it fantastic for you bet typical you know today -- that this lenders wonder at the Pacific northwest and are hiking trails and our majestic trees. Appreciate that are at this it sure would think if Hollywood is rain out of ideas. The answers yap pretty much T there's going to be 41 is sequels pre schools and remakes coming out this year. 41. So problem on Ari come out like Paddington to. That Sherlock. No homes no movie he and Vicki came to read about it and the I don't coming out this year Siebert your first to you which I don't think there's any way to be. This thing making money hand these that who's watching Scott temple too riled up legacy I like that for one. Of course our workers you know that's gonna make money ocean eight. Is another one a new Mission Impossible. Now may be ninety Anderson that those years. Pretty good Halloween kangaroos too eager to do his own stunts don't do. At that I had on a mom and EF a new modern Vietnam you know and it's important planet remakes. I usually doesn't equal well you know man it's it's like music you get to a point words okay and we're out of every idea has done and yeah man was gonna have to reduce this is a morning wolf packs with our staff 100 points. The walls. On the episode it. Happy Monday before we swear somebody new into the mud club just what I need you a heads up Marysville comedy tomorrow for a mug club pit stop. Did he hang out of the living room coffee house from twelve to one try to enforce streak Google it up we'd love to meet you buy you a cup of coffee. Take a picture hanging out in if you wanna bring a mud from wherever it is that you work in Marysville. Let's do that we can put you the month club there. Yeah we've let mud and not the point of the month club but we hit not every company makes mud so you wanna bring us business cards like today mug club. It taped right onto another magna make it look just as they see. Highly encourage you to TA as chicken and families of the job. Scotch tape she stole from the Iraq issue. I think it actually looks pretty good as we make Dallas where it's like and Lisa does not ideal but we can make it work. We'd rather have you and a mug club enough. Tank. Well Jane count and make Matt and Emily calling from the wolf how are you surf. It's and we are great we are calling to swear you in the month club and thank you for stopping buyer it's up in Puyallup last week was great to be doing your daughter. All all quote he walked a little bit more about your outdoor what I do is supplied doors tram and hardware to. New construction home delivery models is this your company's chain or do you work for somebody else this is my company Ryan this is a local guy working hard and at the end WS the mud clubs all about change. Excellent all right dashing and are you in Puyallup. I'm actually right at Lakewood up the end. By twelfth still 300 well I'd Emily would like to put in order now operate door shaped like Kohl's windows Qatar yet you really wrinkle. We do our guide dashing and it was great to make your coins now let's we're human element Levin make an all officials are if you don't mind please raise your right hand and repeat after me. Nine state your name. I sing god and. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf back. Do hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning look back and is a proud member of the month club. And have a proud member of the mud plus time pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. I've pleasure crank up the look every morning regulations change straight out of Compton by the power vested in the end of the official member of the morning wolf pack. Yeah you demand Rada. All right date yet. Tell you I was pretty customary for country artists give each of the gifts when they go out on the floor meaning a benevolent song within the artist by. Dustin lynch will forever go down for giving Brad Paisley the most unusual gift for taking him out on tour. They tell you it wasn't less than ten minutes by the way go down in history that didn't sound good. So according needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. Now you know wolf. Speaking of us to lynch. He gave Brad Paisley a pretty interesting gift over the weekend it's a Nigerian dwarfs go time. He did drugs stages and wade team thank Bradford take him out on tour bloody. Okay. The. Can go to. Earnings. And cut back. It's funny and cute and all of stage but what spread phases of the new with a Nigerian dwarfs. Go to one that's what his wife. On industry imposed as she goes I can't tell us tonight take care again notes. But it is sneaky I'm incessant d'antoni just so you like I'm scrolling your answer and nothing. Get a never seen so excited don't you follow it to go it's innocent emptive and one of the things straight and here in Washington I'm gonna go over the that's about and I actually don't believe you have to do much to the kind of take care of themselves got a place for any grass right it's pretty good to go you have they are packing animals so it's better to have more than one because one gets kind of lonely though it looked like Bradley isn't gonna have surrogate mark goats. I don't put it isn't women go through my wife went to go to. And so. A bigger businesses on the Internet all those videos of them making him a little belief that there will play and yet that. Putting it again just. I. So that's pretty cool that have an over the week and actually it was Friday night in Nashville but what we want to know right now what's the most unusual gift that you. Have ever received 206421. Wolf it could be anything give us a call or Texas 46150. Good morning Jacqui about full so over the week and actually Friday night Dustin lynch gave Brad Paisley a Nigerian goat as against what is the most a usual guest Jackie did you bear received. Tired Egypt and the etiquette but for and explain right now. Okay why do you think he would be viewed that as. Because he says that advocates. Are. Wow. Who would be staying you work this idea what he's saying. I gave yeah. And I and I told them I was like what the etiquette are getting an attic yet but. Yeah yeah did not request that. And as well I have other guests here and I live like I wrote the book guy you know I don't greens and I don't know where it so they can do about it bagging an error writing it's up there well. Let's break it down on the real tip here I mean guys are usually the ones immediately to book where you opening beer bottles your teeth or something yeah. Not ice and just. Added. I think you want is proper very hateful manner that no I need. Having three different order and on these. I did I would normally use very OCD about staying and each glass yeah I had it. Go to particular injury. Even know look like that's the milk but the water. And they're all product nor am. Sounds like a lot of runs on the departing did you give him a look back with Albert got. I know I think you bet they just. Clay they'd been locked we're going barely. I mean how daunting and how long you put up with a bouquet of so it was late author and I. A year and a half. Emily. How long would you put up with that. The Sydney Games now both kind of unlike Ireland well what about only the second you sold your milk had to go to particular glass ads in day out your patient element. Yeah and this. Yeah and lonely that I like. I really you know what you know. He must've been good at some things for you to stay in the game for a year and a half that we can leave it at that Jackie but there must have been sullying their hair for you Amare right. It deep by a nice gifts was he good to assert that he Maualuga. To give up and yeah. I didn't I I like it is. I Eunice Aggie that's amazing the other thing. I was saying hand. I was raging on you can also Texas do. Horrific so one by those gaps and got a lobster for the saltwater tank that's interesting guest chair and as somebody else came angrier and also got to be mean Nigerian to work out how about that the word goats are not that we need you and I. You know Latin I don't think the guy with the etiquette booklet like Kevin ago but most of us would yes I've what is most unusual gift you've ever received to a 6421 wolf cornered. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf by the way 65 and sunny today it's going to be gorgeous I. I'm a little bit bitter about our weekend considering Friday and Monday the bookends of perfect we got to work. I'll get over it mentally how would you week I know we are going to hang out. At symptoms slide on Saturday as well thank everybody all of you guys showed up and had a beer with us and a cheeseburger it was a lot of fun. It is time to get in the night after I had my first girl's night out in Seattle snow first GM no I wouldn't superhero yeah. This is big but I can tell you guys. Much I love that this year your salary game we play we do it every Wednesday people calling in and he's your idea that we ask questions of Yasser salary and it's still much fun and I download downside to it on my girls night out. Because I never Bronson place. I'm so though I'm not gonna give her name did you have everyday. I bubbled up 10 how much I make of them what pet what. I think now not ever found what kind of shining moment I don't wanna even. Bird. That's funny because that hasn't happened a meat out in the real world yes but that's why we do on the radio because it's awkward. Anywhere else brother. You'd probably get later and you think your stand and I would if you let let someone else you can do is what you did for the shooter radiologist did you guys Ellington again. Edit the end of the take a look like when is daylight time well. Quite honestly I'm interested to know what a radiologist makes you glad that we get out of bounds thanks beat him you know what we can wrap that thing like a burrito and get around here Wednesday she can very first we actually share or does he really does want to play there clearly she wants to share her salary ever think early total fun and like. Not offered after that all we totally connected but it was just funny that that would be first so I found the one plot TJ you're Sallyann idea particularly in orca just and a host an. Well as vice loaded and lead house. And I just to avoid all the lives aren't conversations into real life. That's funny by the end all right coming up next and by the way yes let's Booker for Wednesday's figure salary like it. All right standby for a nine minutes to take a sounding real headlines of the day of course are talking about the not big news including the guy who got into a fight with a moose in Alaska and lost this. Well actually. I'm 100 point 70 yeah. Yeah it's. It's something real headlines of the day. Our first story takes us to Alaska the wild frontier but let's be honest things just operate differently there. For example moose dogs man's foot after he kicks it. And man was injured north of Anchorage after removes that he had just kicked stomped his foot in return for an answer what he expected it and they yeah right. State Department official games spokesman Ken marsh says it sounds like the moose were audit trail in this case it sounds like the guy was trying to go through them which is never a good idea. He went on to say I'm not a biologist but as a lifelong Alaskan I would advise people not to go around taking moos. Yeah rest and didn't gang up on Ilya. Yes things are massive and they're all over the place I imagine that we were comfortable scene moves through Aaron occupancy means left and exactly right. Anyway south central last as the number of violent incidents involving moose this spring including a man who had his moves swipe it in with smoke after he was beating it. And a cocker spaniel who was attacked by a moves in an Anchorage yard he'd sagging they were provoked but I'm totally team is on this island. Kate you're allowed to stop that we team news and I sleep hey this. I agree Tuesday cities and hiking trail and I got to do is go around the city's gonna like bull his way through no pun intended a bunch of and I. All right we move out of Pennsylvania where authorities are looking for you if you by chance that the World War II style grenade in a goodwill donation bin over the weekend. By the way nobody wants that you don't know area. Wow they really didn't know how I get rid of it there like cat not my grandmother and then now with their four but I totally see your point. Yes so this was in burkes county Pennsylvania a grenade popped out as a goodwill employee was emptying a donation being inside of the store. It's kind of a scary moment let me tell this is a new shoes. Or if they found the pen adversity that. They did out. And that her neighborhood Alley all kinds of man yeah officials do not believe there was any sort of malicious intent behind the placement of the grenade. Exactly which incidentally these didn't know what to do that so the reading bomb squad took it away and destroyed what are some of like cleaning out granddad stuff and didn't even realize this and there. Like just dropped off a I don't know I listen I'm no expert but I would think it would be kind of happy and most of time when I think something good will. It anal and heavy it's usually sure well I'd taken so much stuff to get nothing hadn't done taking heavy artillery Coolidge and heavy box is not necessarily RI and not the dropped off. They can't say they'll comply. They were all right coming up next guy's got beat the street and we have a great prize to thought Erin Watson Steele creek if you would like to beat the street all you have to do was call right now 206421. Wolves get in line over your personal through you can play coming up at 710 beat street crisis. Morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Hey good morning Michelle if you all happy Monday how are you today I'm Harry fantastic thanks for Conan to beat the street by the way your cake decorator which is really cool by the way your thirty years old where do you decorate cakes yeah. I admire. Cake decorator I really don't need to take Michelle before we need to challenger who by the way happens to be a famous country singer. Oh you what does mean they're Smart don't where I should just. Really value on the same five questions that we asked him on the for thirty seconds up on the clock Michelle you ready to beat street I'm ready let's go let's do it. On your marks get set. Go what's the tax Leo DiCaprio in the movie the revenue. I don't know. Which state is home to the Gateway Arch. Against Alex direct post what gain show. Got pretty into the white river into theaters in what city. Hussein is die happy man. So Michelle and you won't let you feel about the street. I don't know yet is definitely a key question marks there any media into California. We're gonna find out how you did when we asked the challenger from the same five questions and again we found him in the walls Coors Light studios on Friday let's meet him what's your name where you're from every year. My name is Tyler it's and from Yuba city California and on the country singer. Wildly talented country singer by the way we had the pleasure on Friday like I said you gotta be here and from Tyler rich in the near future but Michelle. Let's get to beat the street and find out how you did what attack Leo DiCaprio in the revenue. But big ogre is there. He is right it was a great day or did you see that movie Michelle. It'll so that was the scene and everybody thought was so gross he ends up cutting the barrel and I believe in getting inside of it. So you gotta do what you gotta do frontier days and so Michelle your little bit of a hole to start out one announcement. Let's go to question number two which state is sound of the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch is. This the Gateway Arch as a Gateway Arch. It is Kansas City and 66. Kansas City is incorrect it's actually in Saint Louis in the question was which state which is Missouri. You said Michigan Michelle unfortunately hopped. No point for you Gary but you still closed we still got a game here at one to nothing. Tyler rich has the advantage is that a question of three Alex your back host what game show jeopardy. And everybody on the planet knows that Michelle congratulations on a bullet point did you. Two and one you're still down one to Tyler rich let's go to the local. White river at the theaters in what city white river amphitheater is in. White river on the city where his white river like the rapid I'm sick Colorado somewhere in the city am to say Denver Colorado. Man yeah but it was still wrong but hey hell of an effort. Unfortunately Michelle that was at the academy of some ground on Tyler reached he's not from here but she didn't know that the white river in the theaters and Paul Byrne. I'm quite good at Auburn you probably just froze up he's in the big lights and all that so you're still down to the line heading into last question and let's see how this plays out through things die a happy man. Officer Thomas Reynolds right answer jail. You did not get them one right either. Well unfortunately Tyler rich Bermuda city California who does a heck of a cover by the way of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean sensational. He finished his degree at five U unfortunately only gotten one five. Oh it's not my it's not today but since your model is sold out. We're gonna go ahead and queue up anyway because you watching Tacoma on him to show you this in the morning wolf actually levees. Italy. My pay gonna make it happen wasn't happy about your performance either an immaculate. Empty handed. I don't think it is less reluctance. I there's a word that people always say you pronounced wrong. If so we're gonna hear from you about eight minutes because we have a Stanley other words she's been saying on since she got to Seattle to a 6421 wolf. You hear that every morning world. I asked not party. Go wolf so. What word to people always say you pronounce wrongs to a 6421 wolf for you can Texas at 46150. Still slow don't have to give meaning trapped since what fry yeah. So we're the wind down and some is locked in by Andrews before Friday because it was sunny and bright yeah yeah Thursday and going on for about a week. I have got Rendell and for the fox bought I ate and they had an umbrella. Act and act and the it'll nonbinding meaning that any minute now. I have to know as an urgent threat it really says thriller weird enough like me he. Plays weird who. But apparently and I think if I carry and why it's. I think it's just a sudden things. Because most people say umbrella and it maybe dug up a little bit on the game that you go up in the beginning you got all of brother crown away I think. Go to the movie the haters yeah. So it the other umbrella umbrella out umbrella not the umbrella of behavior. Probably get a breakfast but NATO's. But at the odd they must beat Georgia. By. And again these are the words do word we're asking for you guys to call them with the words of people see you always pronounced wrong he's everybody's got one. They're the easy words it Sara not the words that are hard to say because we've already had that conversation yet Republicans like worst assures and in Canada so what were to people say you pronounce from to a 6421 wolf. Case Serafin ABC what word to people say you pronounce. Wrong angle at which he. He's a bag don't add that I don't. I don't I don't know I don't think. That's I felt when they tell me as saying umbrella Enron but. I. It what got you didn't. Look at it. Sarah you just reminded me of the word that my wife says wrong Vanessa and I always correct your Jesus Tom Berger. Somber and instead of hamburger and some burger just like you say was it boggle. I know what bag you'll get a morning Elisa Inman rose so what word people always say you pronounced wrong. I think Horry added I again Heidi think that started I don't know why am I or. Tight early on my. Friend and ally. Can you say orange. And it. That's let me say in a number around. Ground. Boise combined to be the full read. Well. II found no hair or. Known no you don't so mattered at all not. Do you avoid saying in in general now Alyssa because you know somebody's gonna say something and now I know. You just rocky uncle Matt's right. All right let's have a wonderful day thanks for being a part of the show has seen in clubs what do where the people always say you're pronouncing it wrong to say hi I'm. The opponents say it again on. High end. And undying. And and I think when do you did things like show them warrior with samurai swords. That's come from your gut he comes and do our time today. And I eighty right Jesse and I yeah I. It is. Yeah that's you say but I say Hyundai I thought eight gas eight major colony and be a part of the show we love you think. What word to people say you always pronounce her onto us export to one wolf. Good morning Kennedy in average so what word to people always tell me your pronouncing it wrong. Well I. Thought it. He. I'm wondering if there's not too different words because I think your both right I think some somehow I wanna say in the military there's a bad tree. But in you know like a double play it's a battery back could be totally wrong and and you know it. Well Emily would save some battery battery noted it is a battery it's not a bad dream. That are not. Yet so we are you the wincing battery urge your boyfriend I can. Tell your boyfriend he's wrong. Okay you've got a they've boyfriend what's his name. And Aaron it's a battery. Yes there's an. And I read you guys are out today soliciting Kelly in Auburn what word to people always say your pronouncing wrong. Based act out I don't know. Yet you do run out I don't know what's wrong with an executive withdrawal it failed our time. How on off. Tylenol sales accusing excellent tool yes maybe there's an oh with a way you say it. Soon. I say I'm off I'm pretty sure that I'm. My son Jude easier to have when he turns to ease concerns saying that word like that do not much had. Reviewed them. Kelly you're us and let it be in a part of the morning while back we Levy here's Britney in Tacoma what were to people always say your pronouncing wrong Britney. Yeah I mean if you do if I. But that sounds to me and they like maybe David CNET in the south and to Rutgers instead of rich now integrate yes right route to rest right. But they were I threat. Don't ever go to xxx burgers and Issaquah because they make the best root beer in the world you're gonna have to order one or try to get a job or they and Abby yes yes it happened. Hey Brittany thanks for us hearing the words you say incorrectly with a great. Yeah do pierced record gap in Puyallup all right what word everybody says you pronounce a wrong turn to Jeff. Days so. Order your sought principal. A principled. Parental it sounds like you're ordering him dude. I got different friends soul. Well and it Bristol. The wage record deficit that is did. He get it's a problem that is cheap psychic guy in a fairy dust enough. Thank director Jeff you're a brave man we love you. Failure to keep daycare brother at all right coming up next at least they drop the Big Three stories of the day on yeah. Yeah how why findings to Blake Shelton memorabilia and make someone match I'll tell you in just eight minutes. In the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three bigger then bachelor bachelorette and bachelor in paradise crossover event this is the date yeah. So Shelden being from Ada Oklahoma there's obviously going to be a lot of memorabilia there. But sell Brian Parker her daughter Marley came home from school one day just recently and I've got a new book. And tasteful black and Blake Shelton was his he'd used it used to back in 1980 TU and some say he's in it like in my. I don't you take up in the library you know how like we mean used to get your books in school the first thing the teacher George if you sign your name in Encino is yours trying Booker here but this was his reading blunt. And so although it's kind of cool that you did it's also like that's. Thirty something years old. He soups and I assume there's thirty of the names in there. There's a list a meaning that they get like can't believe that it's being used as bright. Every year for thirty years that nobody else took it doesn't even use every year for other users who looked like maybe went away for a little bit and came back there deadly not thirty names on there. But it has been used sits heat and if that's my daughter she learn how to read and taken a book in a silly and even pull. It's our. Telling Bremer is using it as an example of why the Oklahoma City teachers are walking out and on strike because like wisely you guys are even have enough money get kids new books. Since you were asked is taking issue social media value the mature responsible thing I. Think he miniature responsible thing. That Wallace a woman and her right here in Washington just donated one million dollars Q our national parks here in Washington even Mount Rainier Olympic and you are met she did at C. He says C put it in your will begin at the national parks there any that per computer disk that system that are free today. Still unbelievable but to be nice to be able to give away a million dollars or something you really loved I'm sure she was an avid outdoors person look at heightened due to deal. Are you gonna give a million dollars you pass plays is cycling club or. To the point and I can have a million dollars ever that this is being Denny and I've got stiff and if I can not leave my children dead obviously it. And just start even without me yeah. Guy and as if we didn't know this already what is basically ran out of ideas did you there's going to be 41 is sequels prequel than remakes out this year out. So look I'm not hard to come out like Paddington TU and at Pacific rim uprising Tomb Raider or some other ones coming out Siebert your first genome. Which I don't think they should have ever read made that one dead pool too much and actually it. Great deal to consider me the first one blown this. Good movies don't have remakes classic movies don't have re Max says Star Wars dummy I I don't like all that stuff that. Fairy potter now aren't there ain't no no now I listen to a every day spent like three billboards outside of having Missouri will not have a part to any signing dory with a great wrinkles of finding -- actually wasn't fighting to. I went to the movie theater and saw because I have kids the only reason you don't know excuse terrible. Actually referred my tickets for the day can now win and now I own it. No I'm not but this debacle look in the coming out this year Mary Poppins returns. And yes I mean I really want us Kevin. You gotta figure it's like songs you're not right yes yes pretty seized or borrowing for the people up. But it doubles believes in blues musicians got checked for millions of dollars serie head of our summary of the are we got a great news coming up and about ten minutes. Yeah calloused as an progress. These guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points. Have you got a jump on FaceBook live right now enjoy this we thought this needed a visual. And ES Susan. Of brag here whatever I've just never had a country artists Indian meeting before so I am totally deep down I'm also a huge Christine since I don't have seen you this excited ever I thought even lying to me since Christmas when I got a text from a number I didn't recognize his iMac kulana Crist chances numbers and said good hitting OK all right hometown holiday yet Christian Hanson shows are pouring in McAlester hunting jacket rate happens to be my last name I'm kidding SA bro I love that jacket is so cool bubble. So the guy surprises me gets my cell phone number from out of nowhere and orders be Jackie. That was in before Christmas yes you know they really got this in April sales sender now I get the jacket there's a muddy buddy. I've never had anybody do that from before I was blown away. And then never never kicked. And then we just talked to last week can easily tell us toll on the way you really. We had a whole debate about whether or not he. Blowing hot air adapt when I mean imagine them believe they were Christmas morning and you went downstairs and there was nothing in street that's every day for me since are all our second look. Look him in the mailbox like well they do here. I got a box over and asked looking at a park two to this if this is the jacket. Am going to be grateful no matter what but B he said I'm an order you a medium. And Chris you are. Really skinny I'm not that skinny I'm 62 that the pretty set every day I've never worn a media mania I think he'll then that lets the kids. K it is a garment got to beat it jacket. I feel like Geraldo Rivera opening up what was it I know how unsafe. Yeah. Call our iron and big timer over there I gotta tell you. For the first time in my whole life I feel kind of cool. The first time I have is a year radical right now look at before we went on Mary your face lit up like a little kid I'm trying to put in intranet exempted you know exactly. You guys as Reynolds thanks to its content that's sorry it took a minute. Signed Janssen well. But it allowed his logo because it's very Whelan and I don't you know. Right right you're just pushing me OK like how cool is that how cool is this. It says McAllister company equality an invasion of authenticity tradition sporting conservation. A medium and looks a little. Small fighter pilot just this kind it's like hunter greens. Yeah. Oh it's a whole little coup. It's not even a load she's so good doesn't fit it really doesn't fit. You got to carry take out and bounds. And we are on FaceBook lives any chance layered check out you could see him putting on this the media and it's going to be like fact and a little coat moment I have a feeling. Don't and they. Really bed dog table sort. Look she pulled the sleeves up and yes we'll start we'll. What do you think Matt. Eddie fits perfectly and worried everyday and irritating and I this probably doesn't show her. Just oh there's a day out OK just go ahead and her dad and he music maybe it is just (%expletive) up. All right you know my anxiety ahead and got a check out at the end things you didn't act that. And ever and that unit on the defense. Good arms all the way out. People OK I guess nickel short final minutes you could racquet. If it's. Well I am truly humbled and amazed I'm going to send this to Christensen Chris thank you so much for me and I. And I'm sure they play and we did it was so cool the way he waited a couple of months. No ID doesn't affect the puck and the the way that he sent me attacks in stages he actually screen shot of the jacket and said Mary Crist is facing a very cool I've never had a country artist care. Well yes. Currencies now are and I feel of the stresses that he's rubbing himself on the and stop doing all of that right now you're listening to the morning call. But Alastair hey you know. Nevermind. The meal when you're playing. All right defeated you don't play the cable guy movie just pitching game give us a call right now to a 6421. Rules for the cable guy eight description of what's fact. Well figured you wouldn't know because you Emily and slow Joseph are cord cutters I guess I'm the only guy to show that still has cable I feel like a Graham Paul could. But you know it's funny over the weekend I just tend to watch movies and I've seen a thousand times because they're wrong. But I I noticed at least on Comcast they always have a funny description under the movies. And I thought to myself you know be a fun game I'll redo description of the movie you guess what it is I their kind of vague but they pretty much sum up the movie and again these are movies that are on cable. All the time so thank you to know nothing about which I thought would make her more interesting game yet looked like our IRA. About about the two minutes on the clock whoever has the most out of that fire load is going down. To say about that is some effort on the like more mail when some more female moves I made it balanced and I don't have any dad look we don't worry about it. All right Elle Woods a fashion advice. Again that is one for Emily. Give ago. A recently widowed man son calls or radio talk show in an attempt to find out okay now. Reynolds and slow doesn't live ballot here Mike and he hadn't had come on man. The story of Michael or a homeless tonight. And police got there he slugged you getting crushed. I. Two aimless middle aged loser still living at home were forced against their will narrate. I gotta get a few dude movies and I still in the mix here. When his secret bride is executed for assaulting an English soldier synar. That was I had. I had no idea I just need your other brave heart and there is always on it until you know what I was almost late to myself and slide because I was gonna. The aliens are coming in their goal is to invade and destroy earth mighty Macs know finally. Fighting superior technology mankind's best weapon is the will to survive. In. Independents say yes. Nice job Italy's got by you know they're favored I don't actually need a new night about it is not her favorite movies is not our favorite Marley and is. Baghdad. Again so. You're making excuses because you're getting pummeled yes these are all these girls and women me no no. They figured you're gonna get go I go on you sound like a bad loser right yes Emily has vibes Lohse who has won. When a shopping mall is taken over by a game of organized crux. It's up to a mild mannered security go up there are a lot of coffee there's six to what. You can't until we got to girl movie plus it's really all we do cede power lower. All right. This was going to be temple anyway this one if not like Joe's gonna win and yeah. Newly rich Californians and their dog her charm by a worldly bum and saved from drowning. Tim Tim Brington it's an older movie I can't think it was like eighty. McNulty ladies Nick Nolte Bette Midler. They admit they're McNulty. Is now down and out Beverly Hills and down out of Beverly. And also won it gave baby. I know finally you didn't win you dominated. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Is that you wanted to point 7 wolf the morning wolf pack that McAllister and mug club is blowing off. I want to welcome in Paramount door and our good friend Shane strip an accountant we saw him this morning at 610. Remember I had to do to give him a club to send us a coffee mug from work which your logo on it game story and will make it official now pit stops Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last week when south Emily I think we got to go north. Gary get married bill tyra really neat though living really copy house on fourth street friend me into one now I'm excited about this. Absolutely any news about the need to go post up in get to know the people live around there bring him mugs from that area please look at swearing in on the spot all week whatever. What do we know about the living room coffeehouse or slow job. Actually it is the only sit down copy shop in the city of Marysville. What do you mean it is the only one I the president is trying to. Yeah I think there are other drive throughs you only sit down diving capital city what I guess that speaks to all those little pop up coffee hunts you just drive through that. You know what does that say about our time in Lee and the lost art of conversation in the we can't stop in have a just a chance her coffee McAllister running jackets. I'm. Hey we hope you can join us tomorrow we real export a medium Marysville we have your away from 12 to 1 morning sat with Matt McAllister and try to. This. Though wolf the morning wolfpack Matt McCallister in of course Emily Raines who if you don't know by now is a huge huge country fan and now. Only death but you follow everything that's going on in our country artist lives oh so maybe you can answer this question for me. I'm reading speculation and conjecture about Miranda Lambert in Anderson east and you touched on it last week. But a bit. And it is lasting just before that there have been rumors that Marie Anthony Anderson had split because they had men on each other social media and a long time. And then she was at a concert sang yeah I used heart ache in my music and MI RS several speculating. That neither of them have yet. Officially said that they're broken apple more sources are coming out saying that they have split it gives us weekly's the latest to jump on the Irina yes Lambert. Now that I'm glad there's sources are saying however that they have split that they could potentially get act gather at some point eight. But with us weekly coming out I wouldn't be surprised if Brando or. Do you Emily reins things that Miranda Lambert jumped into this with Anderson east as a OK that's fine Blake you can be with whatever but I'm gonna get this on my side like almost a. Well mailing me about I did she didn't jump into lit with bad intent but when she saw how happy. Like Quentin Blake warehouse serious I think it definitely. Holds the relationship forward more quickly than it probably should have you cannot maybe your original into play like this guy and an O we got it serious and I wanna compete. Well in India do you think there's almost like maybe things have been great for a while to think I'm gonna break him first out a way to bring that up because honestly if I get try to put my money on this just my opinion. I would have broken up on her of debt on Blake breaking up with Gwen Stefani before Marie and any Anderson added I think if you happier lighter happier never but it's such an that. Pairing yes but it's working so. Okay so I guess I'm just waiting for Miranda Lambert actually say something and yes I read all right thank you and your thank you for making it rains hash tag. A way I'm. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well I know it's just me at the end of the song reminds me of Christopher Cross sailing. He's laying. Me weighing in the last always. A mile and a half an idea Johnson and I never. See my and a there's these you're 32. Christopher who come are now. I could do whatever point 7 ovals the morning wolfpack could get out of your lead DD takeover but don't forget to check out our podcast will be posted at 10 AM at fifteen minutes of bonus content. Including the Russo who repossessed entire roost because somebody didn't pay for this. And there's actually a debate about how many times you should Wear your underwear before watching the isn't the answer one. Actually out there that they I could actually make an argument hurts it should be a 24 hour thing not a one day yeah. And if you Wear a light vs where in Florida you. I guess that's for the contest. That's the fun stuff Seattle wolf dot com or you can check of the Seattle won't happen listen anytime you want. They kill you and really did today and if you need some Monday motivation that's yeah. I wanna daydream today Matt I wanted to know if you could trade places you that you could trade places with anyone in the world fourth day a day only. Don't tell like that who would it be and why. Right now we're gonna go to any moment in time so like tonight at ten years ago in my time travel doing. I'd probably wanna see what is like to be Lance Armstrong after he won his seventh sort of ran her for anybody who's a liar she. I knew I had to guess cycling. That's just me though I'd like to know that world's you don't mean any adjusting well because aids this thing impassioned about but also media Agee sixty had all the money in the world uses famous nineties also. Curing cancer all of that you wanna do it like the day that he won it to see what it felt like to actually winning and go after he. All I can take the stage in the tour de Gannon and that's fine yeah I'd here's your idea is better for me Emily what about you and I wanted to eat Blake lively. Did he Ryan reynolds' wife dead pool. Iron in her honor and honor. Slug tell you that way and probably like you on nice. On dirty staff plus all the money he's kind of jerked about this. Now I also doesn't recognize that well you beat him you wouldn't work for cash so you can see him at the end here's a nice anyway to cool to be a jerk for it and yeah. Had a lady who's going to be. Why is really interesting I would trade places with Julianne Hough so I can hang out with her brother Derrick tough and we can dance on the ball. That we're so predictable are. Well listen Dili gonna have a lot of fun and again I think that's great manager looking for some Monday motivation and who isn't I tell the morning wolfpack was fired up today I guess you hear your dancing earlier I was asked the court did that. You know everybody's ready for Monday so here we go to a 6421 wolf if you want to reach out to Dili right now we'll see you back tomorrow at five. Tell us. Mornings from five to. I feel 100 point seven film.