The Morning Wolfpack - Monday August 13th, 2018

Monday, August 13th

Monday August 13th, 2018

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Rolling pay and welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast it's Monday August 13 a man emily's over there I. Hello slowed Johanna. A couple things to talk about but I think lol wanna jump right in here and make a phone call are you OK with that shares a day. Again I told you that given myself a number on the air has over all kinds of new avenues for content in discussion. He listened to this tax. Hey I was wondering by the is from a guy named Derek I was wondering if you could help me fulfill a lifelong dream. When I was a senior in hoarding high school I saying Gilligan's Island over the loudspeaker the whole school. Since then I've saying added a few weddings including my own. I want the world to remember Gilligan's Island do you think it would be possible to sing the whole Gilligan's Island live on the air I know it's not a country song. But it's a song your listeners love to hear I'm Derek Henrikson I'm 45 years old. And I would love to sing this song to everyone. Says is going to try out like if he does well Lowell will have among yeah well I tried him during the show are dating and answers phone a simian of attacks he said cam I'm available right now myself you know let's just give this thing around there also. This is not. Normal being you know or thinking I mean he's still still holding on to something happened in high school Elisa and hey you know we sounding a good guy. It's just check it Amish yeah this is Derek. Hendricks and I'm really surprised at his bride was OK with him singing the theme song to Gilligan's Island there well I. You can't be complete and there are you can see. In Arlen. I think if I would have heard that it waiting that's when I would have left. Biggest parties has gotten to. And sideways along here. Mean if you had enough to drink that sounds kind of fun. Well it's prob. You grain Cheerios can sometimes. Could it be to Derek is normal. Yeah I can sing during eight years. That's true and that has not gone home hello Derek. Hey it's Matt Emily and slowed to a calling from the wolf are you buddy. Our don't know. Great well we're we're both very very interested to know what do we have questions first of core asset of course now we're gonna we're gonna build up to the song America. I mean I LSU needless we got it right it's too it appeared Emily go ahead. Right so you're a lifelong drain as to saying. The Gilligan's Island theme song on the radio cracked. Yes yet why. I'm home. Terms wanting your high school. I want all of us senior in high school and I let her solved software although everywhere you here where your Jagger Eric. Yeah due mainly to idle while he's 45 OK got you. Tear down. Arm and so it's just odd at all well yoga violence. And steroid test forgotten show. No we remember it goes stronger you know eight that in the eighties. And it would be the greatest show on earth. Yeah want to Derek I'm a share something with you it's a little personal but you know and in a relationship you have pet names for each other and what you and hiker college on the guys -- that not that you know okay saw Jodie UN SB AA again I read an advanced particularly early on my wife who is younger than I am demo with these terms as he's called me loving men and I'm like you realize that that's what Thurston Howell the third call his wife found guilty and right loses no I've never -- I just hear the mere Milo senior my levied a sort of like clay that OK but we're gonna get made fun -- because this is like. Losers who's. And but anyway. So he unintentionally Derek we have a connection to show also do you know the history of the song why Sherwood Schwartz. It's agreement created a song in the first place. Our I don't actually. Did you know he submitted the idea for Gilligan's Island as a show he submitted the pilot to the network they turned him down they said nobody will understand. Why these people are all stuck on an island eggs that we British however because a guy. All I'll tell you why any came up with the song to explain how all those weird random people got on an island better. And then they said oh great show. And it became Gilligan's Island but without the theme song. There would be no showed their exceed latched on to something very special I feel like I can do the whole thing sides are coming back to tailor what you're gonna steal his stuff I'm not saying when I get the jacket guy and I think you're and Derek you seem like the kind of guy that might even be offended if we were to join in singing with you because this is your champ. Oh no no on the luggage and the our anybody near its I'd say I. I may have in my wedding well as well they're not these bad ass I think we need. Like friends and family that none. Of old school made me actually it's like no way where where race Derek let's cut let's. Cut the (%expletive) If this is your lifelong dream to sing and on the radio you you better believe that you you gotta it was your eyes yeah and your wedding nobody made you sing the song you wedding tomorrow I'll be real. Well I sure would then they are they rich state. I guess they named my wife's side that they true. Yeah yeah okay. So do you ever go out to a karaoke bar Derek and get a little drunken sing the song is this your thing. I don't have a grad year Oka and do you feel like. You're a good singer so you can sing other songs or is it pretty much just this one. Well I. I don't that you're seeing others songs rather than my this is my one claimed it came to cherished. Okay what if well nevermind that one old saying I have a pac man pass anymore questions before I'm not gonna hear it today Derek. This is that this is your chance we are alive on the podcast which means this is gonna be live on iTunes. Live on radio dot com and if it's really good. Or mildly interesting or funny. We're gonna playback on the show tomorrow morning okay. Okay all right Derek are you ready do you needing special from us. I don't know if you're watching long Caron well I don't know who are rural and I mean it's such a hard you are wrong not to sing went right. You don't want me to change it to turn her or the sort of work that Beckham won't want to ask you or Michelle Arum. Although he directed to your little ball. Break in between yes take a little break your dream it's your reset. You know get the vocal chords arrest. Okay. All right ladies and gentlemen without further reduce this is Derek Henrikson he's 45 years old this is is lifelong dream a part of Seattle the eleven Derek. Our Barrera body loud bunny lake. All right Derek appear ready we are fired up Reid lost Joseph long time ago he's on his phone texting now I'm at texting or not knobs doubled seconds later it's tough. Think the legislature have our. Okay Derek without furthered your body it's time to go your lifelong dream is about to happen Merck's so excited that we can help you do this. OK I read in an eternity. Sit right back in here and Kato Kaelin okay twelve trips that started firm interpret all. All the board and I'm sure delete or variety thrilling man looks to burn Raymond sure. By passengers let they'll let you know McGrady hours tour. Three hours to work at all. The worst darkening world. I can't. Move and if not for an content merely scuba Manolo will knee locks. And the men no deal last. Ships at ground unsure of this little charter yeah I'll. Let you know you're. Oh you should steer her through. Twelve million. Edge. And as well and the little stun on blue bolts are rare and there and hope he do time. They're. Lead. I don't know how. You know I didn't realize until you just saying you know all the high notes there and stick out when there's things embody eyes and realize. You really it's not an easy song saying Derek. Now whether it's in Nablus and work through it once sang and a lot of times yeah it's a genie yeah if you ever in your hand you know I. Now I don't like out there right there the National Anthem in terms of a no importance but you know difficulty absolutely. And I'm shocked that you guys were shocked though lightning part I don't really is such that it I thought he cleared his throat I got off in the middle of it. Oh yeah. Visit faithful or fateful I think it should be fateful eighth. And they'll say oh yeah faithful faithful should be is no way he said faith full it should be its fateful. We your fate is to end up on an island not faithful users look at the layers what does that. I just look at the beginnings to out on the right track fate oh yeah yeah yeah so Richard Derek I think he's a faithful. OK Derek. Yeah and so how do you feel that I mean that was a dream it just happened. Millions are critical or maybe just five or listening to this. It's got to feel pretty good at it do you feel accurate that. There's it does yeah I feel like you can we wanted to America's Got Talent they have I don't think that I get tested anybody least and I. I you'd have to be ready for a mean some harsh criticism even if it's unfair yeah they like to do. I I now do. Got it correct I mean so much pressure on you like so wait review it. I was when did you have been man it is mabus Tillman are you are dreading the man I just didn't want you don't like I that I guess it just me. And ruin his moment. Yeah. Well Derek Eddie said it was a second part at the end of the show men. Yes okay go ahead let's hear that to not remember that. It's now this detailed account to me they're your former. Long long time. Have to make up that's the name is turned up hill climb. The first mainland and scampered to do their very best to make the other Pope Obama dropped the tie then left. No call no lights no motor cars not a single look sir read. Like Rodham Clinton urged well that's primitive that scared me. So George wrote scenery chewing my friend you're sure to give a small amount from seven surrendered captain what an honor. And do it again. Big I don't know you know I am totally forgot about that part of it and I was a huge fan of the show used to watch that all the time battling the burning surely happy days. Gilligan's Island love boats big fans. You know describe it actually was getting ready for school every morning has been Gilligan's Island came on the second episode I can watch on them when the second episode came on I had gone bust. I almost think you we take this repackage it tomorrow do you can package right like put an end package I'm sure package we could present a variety of I don't know might be fun to hear from people what. Theme songs they have memorize that they'd be willing to sing for us like you say your green acres I had. I think I've got the birdies early but you know you have them yeah always going to be stuck in your hands and lady how in the collar and say oh yeah. When he has right sir mix a lot was today that's the song yet now ya OK I like that idea for tomorrow. Sure Joseph why you look at me like I'm proud of the planet I feel yes I got great man you damn please feel now I get. She's the demo I mean but why don't we just heard we. I think we should. Continued dirge dream put him back on the yeah sing all I have him or. Oh like revisit that OK listen yap are out of there I got a time he's there doesn't feel aren't aren't just. There were kidding we know you have that kind of time. But I did well that we can do that is sure we have now that we it's kind of like the deep guy I mean listen now we know Derek yeah. We know he'll nailed the lyrics I do yes I mean OK so Derrick would that be all right we view I think slow Joseph is is saying that we should just kind of have you on the real show not only the podcast. Are solidly anchor Natalie had chance to prove you Oslo. His email that death after his dream is not an irregularities and air. I'm sorry no notice call volume and I'm excited a crazy thing that high school and their we will call you tomorrow. I say 4:5 AM we replay in 7 AM Leo lives and I guess the Brody and a five story. Are you wanna go like prime time this I'm thinking yeah I have time. Sure yeah I think it's it's still different more unique than what we are planning. How can that to me I think we stumbled across a little gold mine here a little Perl wizard joins us pearl in the slam title life. OK Derek I think. What does a what does the rest you'd it looked like body. Are there are sort of bearish HO Florida could go under the river little boys that's cool that's fun do you have a job. I do I worked. I order trademark. Which want panel. Freaky loves Fred mentally up to 24 motto and Italy's last enemy. Hello I'm excited and you know they got the board sensitive costs go on a few Harrison is us news. They got my Margarita Manx boards and so my my uncle who's who's running how it is death gets and his name is Fred Meyer yup that's amazing Larry it's a little bit right there. Our debt Derek that we get to number would you be ability on the river with you boys a day will you be available tomorrow around 7 AM. Yeah okay of them we're gonna make you dream come to fruition for you want real radio not yet that's not just the pot who. While heard ninth talking about a bunch of whale's body. I love you there are ready I love you man I don't donate I still don't drink too many Beers and makes it might affect the boys don't you laugh Derrick Darnell and ruler can throw off the same drinks and honey team before you get a bed yeah. I order a little Sweetney and a Derek yeah landline. Arm of I did idiotic I could yard you know I mean I might win a credit toward paradise if you were lined. I know you your parents find yeah let's do everybody good melon tires on the street in news release. Candidate. That's does not gonna work for your voice hey guy Derrick if you get a little airline Comair they come about seven that ten tomorrow gets in. OK you are what you are number. 2064 Q on wolf. Or to allow okay I'll I'll live there also any attacks tomorrow morning make sure on the same page okay. And I think eight what are you guys this guy I'm curious what you guys had to do with the river YouTube you to drink you know fish when you don't. The number it's not. I like it surged I would tend towards their own Lola site lung liver to go down there. You know despite your infatuation with singing the song Gilligan ground. Which which is really weird you're kind of a normal guy like you Mary do you think kids are gonna go to the river today you workers Fred Meyer and their quirk yeah but I just I cannot be honest leader and that your gonna be sorry reloaded six. The bad. That you're not a big guy that still playing in flutter around that season and that. Tomorrow I'm quite I think that greatly. Derek you're gay guy you love the wolf the I do that's cool and awesome yeah our goal there will be a test tomorrow Derek is a real pleasure really was. How old were you originally came think I would appreciate it which we had this kind of time on the real show they'd get to know people it better than we can't I'm ready and we let's get to know mere yeah don't think and then we love it. Finalist and have fun at the rear take some snacks take it easy in their insistence that. You know Rosie I don't really they drew and I. And it's actually gonna bring us and I think at older bring some cookies burdensome garrido perfect the oracle plans for its they have hooray it's man horizontal bar here at. W Derek. I'm gonna do it what are your kid's name's. Bunch of Riley and I violent guy like me Brenda Brenda he said rice and Bryson bright eyes and Iran names right limo is David Broder gimmick and white picket fence you probably had a dog named spot. Odds are rivers August August. Districts is a good guy look at a car you drive Derek so green and the question our dialogue. Mercker rare and nice we make every year there's Fred Meyer is a serious matter. Yeah. That I get a dollar riot over it's over 27000. Talking about Newt. All right listen Derrick a tidy tomorrow have a wonderful day enjoy the family okay am glad to bring this on a scale thank you and our god damn Arizona tea that's bad and away from that. What do load yeah I'm just kidding you drink at all yeah but this did OK all right and they fired their head act Levy matter. Dad was incredible out but a guy yeah. That was something I mean out that that this is yes then. How does your mom says okay family. Can we please make this a podcast that is links to the direct Seattle wolf by companies like we do I well OK because I thought that was special yes. Yes I really did I think that was kind of Coastr I don't know awhile like Derek so much but I love that guy outmanned us tonight in Arabic. They worried on seventeen minutes otherwise let's say let's call the guy that Lawson of these guides like a road right massive efforts of US AM tomorrow. I do it. If he doesn't call me personally tonight you're gonna happy hour hotline which I told them to our then we'll call on but I yep pot is good for that today guide that's there's not. Milan Derek normal that guy I don't know. -- -- and you don't know we're talking about you Willie -- Matt read this texts just exchange with someone yet during the show during the show and its interest it's the only text message out of the hundreds I've gotten so far to -- -- -- myself -- -- -- admits that's kind of weird all the rest -- this -- like the show thanks for a given night and I I'm personally very disappointed I was hoping I mean not that's not for anything negative just weird I -- give me that we're all very -- -- is we're getting yet they're voting no weird I mean he's he's a normal guy we know that now but he's actually he is after he's good -- yet you like hey I -- say -- Arnold show that I -- there's weird and scary not hand making a -- how it's only guess that was the kind of -- were not understand it but you know but -- -- hey Joseph likes the -- yeah Condoleezza stay unique -- will be -- whoever analysis for it has a beef up security there signature that's. It's funny to say just realize a look at YouTube my perspective mr. readers like you think heaven and hell thing. But not literally but Lan is likely white and dark and light in dark yeah I mean yeah. You know innocent. No I am only lose 00 if only horizon that was there was a freaking green juice from Thailand right what he's doing over there Blake gloves weird the cob yeah bizarre and yanked. Yeah he's underground Seattle you're on top of Mount Rainier yes yeah yeah I guess it's good to ballots are good guys enjoy the show that was awesome I am I am proud of our podcast intro tonight I'll so proud enjoy the show and we'll see you back tomorrow. Can you tell you again. Do you think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point 70 look. And welcome to Monday August 13 man here and live there however they have. I had to see you heart failure smiling all year to year it's been a good week in Korea good weekend I'll go like this. Background music a you do now it's nice relaxed mood ass is at least catch me that could affect as Joseph the morning. Good to see everybody likes what and we besting even over the weekend who I have much of the new girlfriend. OK that I really bad and jealous I need some friends I now. And what I feel is best thank you so that they every result family so I was with him as my mom's birthday a yes we had the family that we had the messes pairing and soon. My cousin his four kids help out so really daily it was a big family party from Hamas that we had a barbecue burgers and dogs and lots of matter Reid is during equate to mud ash. Yet the kind of they kind of drinking you do over the weekend like Friday and Saturday got to the batteries pretty good word today amstel talent. Feel that he had agreed last night and only math still feel a little slow enough. Speaking to slow slow Joba thing needed over the weekend who. -- I think you know we went out and checked out the the Ballard marina where all the crab fisherman go out yes and I was receiver alignment on the area that's brother Deadliest Catch votes yet are they right exactly a thriller here when they're not out fishing and then nasty Sig Hansen. Now that in I didn't see any famous by dialects for how did you ever there has by the way as beacon of in. Over the weekend and we've weird things so I actually traveled I was at the airport they knew nothing about the Plame. Getting stolen until Saturday morning really yet because I flew out of here about 2 o'clock I think that happened about 8 o'clock yeah you are still all the talk about that a little bit later on the show because it's. Definitely captured the imagination of the entire world I had no idea I got upset at a morning I was looking in my foliage or liquid. Passing attack and they grounded all planes I got lucky to get out of there idea I mean I was looking at people posting so these are stuck in their airplanes for hours until Israel what to do this guy. Crazy stuff so oh yeah I'd guide you wanna talk about that they have got some audio if you haven't heard him talking to beat air traffic controllers and some of the things he said. It is so fascinating. And so do you were tell me got sucked into watching it. And just ahead on live TV yet it like coming ice being literally chased a little the end most of it was like on Twitter and like on like Cairo and Brady though you had earlier in the transmissions and stuff like that people were posting on these videos that I was secondary SI one thing on Twitter and I'm within the next two hours thank. Following it. I'm with you I miss at all like I woke up Saturday morning about how this series of weights of its own plane you have to kind of go out to dinner and stuff like. Didn't notice it kind of goes to my enemy of the times of you know these high speed chases and Iran had seemingly every other day arrow is on. You know I five in LA for them. Illustrated and I just IBM popular opinion but I love this guy like he is like there's something. It's funny you say that because that was sort of my angle on it later there's something very likable about this duel over who just like kind of snapped in him knew it that it's a self awareness likelihood. I'm just kind of the broken duty I'm not gonna hurt anybody there's no you know very well as get into that a little bit later. Your ticket and ten wounded in those tech I know I like debt 46150. If you wanna citi's attacks we'll see how do you on the radio coming up next also we'd lead off collar. It the week started right to a 6421 wolf. Settles it to tell how are you today. Fantastic petals is that a nickname or is that a real name. Do you really favor and that you've got me on the speaker. At the radio maybe turn all that stuff off I can hear myself coming back. Part of have to figure the radio up or we re on speaker. Those gadgets are right Melissa what did he say it but thanks for calling me an early off monies can be little to slow some time. Still pedal is your real name did you can't ever say why they need to. For instance apple my dad ending twenty something I'm like I'm being dead sonics are gone and Molly Wood neck and now. So we're gonna let you take a zone because that's what we do for the lead off color but so why you have so early on Monday when he worked pebbles. I heard in America organization too. Nice nice week for the world champions. I. So politically take over if she's such a baseball nerd and she she's got a gazillion questions about what exactly do for the Mariners and she probably would like to be your best friend have you have any room in your friend quit right. Now what do I do for the Mariners. I wouldn't marketing department by guitar comic on ads and that in public relations and off and hope that. So it's worked for the Mariners and this is not me I'm just asking does every employee get tickets are you get. Discounted tickets or how does that work. And they didn't let it get them we have tested it in the hole for. My daughter and I don't into the game a week it isn't. Case that's pretty cool you know that's I think about baseball is still affordable. Yeah Minnesota sports I don't know how people afford to go and do you know the food the Beers 150 dollar tickets every week. That's crazy gas well listen you know we wanna play a song for repelled we appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack can do is there anything that we can give. Oh yes Fletcher well if she's in the marketing department for them where's that I'm not mistaken America are not in the mud caught. We have pebble Jerry could. And we don't you have a coffee mug if you look at wanna because you have everything we logo on it all you have to do is just give us one of those modes would that be possible. Absolutely. Going to be grant is not that we have the rainy years and by the yet. Oh it's on the last year's one up yet he's a couple of earmarks and Hussein. Think it. Yeah have a great doubles I'm gonna put you on hold after replace your song and then though we'll make you have our address into all that stuff you probably get people to send us a brave and if you do yourself. Well a little personal touch her that's possible tells it's great to meet she thinks her Meehan wolf listener. Member of the morning wolfpack was uncle played for. I would here at sunrise London sun that repeats. Yeah I'm really proud and love that listen have a wonderful day we Levy pebbles and we will get to meet you soon I hope. All right take it. Good morning welcome back with Matt McCallister I still like to borrow white guy dead I was moving pretty good Catholic Patrick and Kimberly Cray strapped to get on his back to make an unplugging my together. 147. All ceremony wolfpack have you ever or disperse this but how long have you called. Have been called somebody the wrong name I was mortified on Friday because we got an email that somebody was moving on from the company. Which is the same as every company I think it makes you sick about it and so they're leaving. Well. I knew the person they were talking about they were to sales here in the building. Public Shockey was in the email. The guy called sage that was her name. That's now what I've been calling her since I sort of working your October what color Chris stole. Why I don't know I just had an in my head and so I had to go back and that I needed another crystal the same time in Missouri and McChrystal the works here. I actually don't have an answer for inlet. Also just kinda strange name I'm never and other states and maybe you're thinking like any beer in tiny hippie ish team. Well does that make it even worse death because it's like a Cerro Torre Jane or family or marry a girl basically means. Her name did stand out there interchangeable save is pretty unique and it's never attracted you and I want to. And in a wave and you get these hurt feelings that came in she say something aspect but I think she was just being polite. It you know there's a lot of people out there that some had people call me the wrong incentive I don't send. I pulled this is a longer conversation yeah. It's operated you're on the other side to be like hey you think pundits wrong for three months. And then you say Dallas what did you tell me so it's an event like this when amp. Well into I'm at such a jerk off that I could I guess so confident but I do it because I think I know your name I remember your name I'm so proud of myself for remembering your name. It's the wrong name and I have to. Still what does Chris dole how are you. As. You know a long time ago simply Tommy did we use somebody's name it's a broad to compliment I tried to do that was everybody really to make an effort to remember names. I just feel say now she's gone GM worker able to hit even great at getting great just over health sage I'm sorry that. Crystal crystal and shades. So how long have you called or didn't call. The wrong may need to be undecided and again was talking about the first is just is then whether we can be days this week because. 206 more to one wolf or you can asset as a quick text 46150. Basically. I'm just looking for you guys to make me feel better. So morning wolf faculty you know be out here early on a Monday how long have you been called the wrong name. All right so how long have you been called or called somebody the wrong name to a 642 on Wall Street Texas 46150. Freddie in federal way yeah thank you for calling in by the way to maybe feel better. I was actually calling somebody your work the wrong name. For ten months. And I just I. I don't know why she never said anything but I'd feel awful about Fred and you've experienced this. Yeah. Why were one of our customers he called me right. We're about two years or somebody else correctly. Why do you never practiced. Oh I didn't carry news ordered Delaware. It bothered me well and then I get where Fred's coming from because you feel bad correcting somebody else they feel so good they think they know your name. The sides a little worried and I felt Ike's it is unusual like. Now it is college's name is Mike where I'd be paid. He just doesn't hurt. There's a big thing is is that there were articles you look at a later being. Stated I worked night. Also that was denied any Japanese. I I they're OK okay so when the guy with somebody corrected the customer. Could you tell we use there and you see his face in what was that reaction like when he realized he can call you the wrong name for two years. Well he called me the eco Ayers photo of the people that were brought here to Canada he corrected him it is. I laughed about it that there was nobody really wasn't there are happier I'm the gonna. Fred bloody body thanks to listen in the morning wolf back okay. You have thank you. Desperate and tell Matt not to worry I had a co worker or call me by the wrong name for a year and I corrected him every time to answer for an intact. Sense. And Betty tag any other her name. I'm right in lessens the school of the blind it is totally unacceptable. Phillip from lake let's that he mispronounce it co worker's name for seven years horse he heard him they offer. I love look at do you feel better okay. I don't Timmons is unbeatable. Yet no on both feet. Mike no last name and first day as this person has a first name last name where both can be first names to that extent yes. And he said that people always call him his last name thinking it's his first in his like ice Sony and I. Well you know you have to that you creating goal introduce except yeah it definitely keynote does that relate Kennelly Fred from federal way so yeah there's really. No thought that my name I don't give aid and that main rate I don't let's move on we got a Big Three coming up next give us a little clue about what we're talking about we had agent or reveal over the weekend I'll tell you who's seen the. This is a country artists it yet so everybody let's it is Medicare big story coming up just a few minutes this is the morning. Alistair you 100 point 701. This is the Big Three. With only we had a dinner reveal over the weekend taste now dean and his wife Britney. Did a little baseball tops with his. Girl previous girl or girls from another marriage. And if that girl that they are expecting now Jason and his wife are any news or the gender of the baby could they did in vitro so let's pour his little girls. They were super excited to get another little sister you and weirder you get a little girl that's good they'd do one they don't want a little brother throughout and they got a little brother with Memphis it's true though another girl for Jason now being. Today is national latch key leaders date. So tiered data all the lefties both my parents are left heated so I get. The issues that they have what it comes to sitting next to people at dinner and med school and that's 50% of the population is lefthanded and that seems to stay pretty consistent no matter how many. How big the population is that stays about 15%. That they're definitely in the minority. And you know that 50% in dogs are left pod. So it's more likely to be left handed in her dog and if your purse just like and a IRA. Is that Venus and binge watched shows for each state and I. See if you've eaten in binge watched any of these map look at weld slow Joe's been what's all of them so I'm gonna pull him into our. So dean most commonly binge watch shell. Is the office. Yeah that's it seems to be especially with kids. The kennel my bonus yeah they're teenagers they love that you have you ever been to watch that now I'm never I've actually never gotten the office now one is the most watched in twelve states. Thirteen reasons why comes in second as most popular did you have you ever even seen actually do that it. It that's one where the girl commits suicide there's an energy means rises finish area. And other popular ones Gray's not any. I know you haven't you watch out when no supernatural. And friend. And you know now it's funny is none of those for most common here in Washington. Brooke 99. It means those binge Russian island state of Washington habit so Jodi CN. I have I not been enjoy much of that America did there's a difference yes I just kinda surprised that it wasn't graze anatomy or preacher. You and global kind of shows Brooklyn 99 the company is a comedy cop show okay. Dairy he asked yet it's funny it was the one that just got canceled recently and there's such a hub bub about it and others station or another. I picked it up. Did you see you know heavily for us and our relationship as we teach you to grow together is radio team Helm been watching anything I need an episode in that's not true. Yeah engine watch like castle rock some one of them yes you know they don't binge watch binge watching news you watch more than one incident timely use edge actually for our I don't do that answer. I try to just catch a nap when I came here to meet you and I again. It's kind of been watching can't sit still that long you know not a Esther okay. And just you know Frazier is binge watched in the state of Kentucky randomly. But here in Washington people are all about the Brooklyn 99 already there's definitely a big there appreciated I'd stay with its a couple of minutes away from elsewhere in for the mug club this is a morning wolf packs with NASCAR -- 100 points. The world. On the episode it. Yeah which is how we grow one little coffee mug period of time here in the NWR mug club so. The mud flow was kind of our way of getting to know them wolfpack. And all you do become a member is to send us a mug from wherever it is that she worked forever address at Seattle wolf dot com we will do the rest. Another way to do it is to come find us every Tuesday we go out called a mug club pit stops. That's where we get to buy you coffee. Great to Harvard and he had spotted how cotton company in mill creek I love the name by the I know from noon to one to stop on I. We'll bite cup cost you have to have a mud. But we'd enjoy it if you drop one can join our mug club. Hey you know it's been nice to the CD expense reports every week grow and get bigger and bigger and down more people coming out of these it's tough to start to catch on so. It's been a great way to get to know people network and community right lot of by the way speaking out last week we all remember the cake pops owing to me to take off over the weekend. To Matt Spanos of those than Don did high purity immense now it doesn't act I guarantee you did take. Yeah so let's wary you know. I. And. I didn't drop the ages kickoff girl I didn't think ENN and the content morning will I carry around and. Are you predicting great we have to thank you so much for the cake posse made S. They are still lidge just president really funny deceit make pops with Mathis on the. I'm so glad you liked him and I'm sorry did any of you don't. It's OK well I think it's LA it was weird enough for watching Emily eat my face I think of who would have gone back yet I who have even endeared herself there'll probably got bad. Though rob and it was great and I don't know what's your secret is in terms of the actual case it's inside the pot but. You know I don't see much with with food like that but I made a couple of their delicious oh good I'm glad I don't think young I mean you're just what's going into college this coming up here. Yeah I just graduated from I can't lament I'm headed there I am so important weapons of the. That's awesome do we waste your time with congress for yardage got a business going on writers like a young entrepreneur I know what I can play them. Him if I didn't think. No no I'm kidding it's a good thing but and he YouTube shows a lot of side muscle here this is pretty awesome and she did make a killing a late night dorms feels exactly and I'm not muscular that. Yet eventually. That's sounds pretty good in where can people find you to look at her cake pops for birthday party UGU customize them as we saw they were great made about a ones for the wall for their logo which were perfect. I'm on in it and kick off girl and take that as well. Fine date about girl Robin our lives were even of the month club here rather to make officials are you ready yet. Okay reassuring in a repeat after me I state your name I don't know what do hereby pledge my allegiance is if I play truly get to the morning wolf pack. Good morning wolf pack. And as a proud member and as a proud member. I'm he. Yeah I think to crank up the wolf every morning I let it. Think that school every morning and they brought in by the power vested in me I don't be an official member of the morning wolfpack mug club. Think yeah. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister here. It's safe to say by now all every one of you listening has heard about Richard Russell. Who was the guy that works for. Is horizon air into. The last scary thing is the same thing and exit parent company that owns the last care at a much. Richard Russell the guy that works for the airline you do the grounds crew who stole the plane on Friday I didn't find it in his by the way told Saturday morning. I woke up and I was looking in my Twitter ultimate weight. Because I flew I was on an airplane I was at sea tac airport on Friday afternoon lightly again on a couple hours before he did this right and they grounded all planes. And then the rest of the country the rest of the world. Was paying attention to Seattle and this plane flying overhead. For what is about an hour doing loopy loops and stuff I somehow missed it tickets I'm with you that I woke up Saturday morning. I was it was kind of awesome to follow I mean it was it was scary but then it ended up not being so scary like it was wild as a weird right now. In I think now that we piece together all the clues we note that this was in Emily you have a lot of experience in this field but this was a suicide. Facing an I was like OK some guy is the first thing they released about a list he said he was looking for a moment of serenity hears him talking to air traffic control by the. A lot of people like Jerry about it it's gonna disappoint them it. Didn't that you that I did this. I would like to apologize it seems every autograph it. You know it just got broken guys. Got your sister's there it's I guess it never really do you know about. July jumped a plane and decided to see mega fly it right and you know we touched on this briefly earlier. And Noah Leo a slightly different lean on it in terms of a guy who puts a lot of people at risk and danger that kinda guy could crashed his plane into any one of our houses hassle. Kill our all our fans absolutely. Evenly that being said. I don't know what it is but there's something very likable and real and honest about this guy like I kind of feel like he can beat anyone of our bodies. Who just snapped but how weird is it that you see their target knowing and half. I guess they got a couple of screws loose I didn't really realize until I'm 35000 feet in the air flying an airplane around. Does he wasn't that I've. Because he sounds. So saying Seoul normal gap idea I mean. It's hard because I feel for him absolutely. Obviously has mental issues in his Stanley are obviously all of that but it is hard for me too I mean. When people commit suicide it's terrible enough but it's another thing you can decide to take people out with you which was it like you said a good possibility that this could happen I don't think it was his intention. But it didn't seem like no but it could have gone terribly wrong. So sojo were you watching this as it was half an hour well but what we're thoughts watching it in by the way that nobody saw the plane or you know actually saw him flying around over the Puget Sound. To a 6421 wolf. Why didn't he say when you know what was going on I he didn't hear that cockpit audio or any of that stuff until they would already gone down. So if first it was kind of scary teaser site. Yeah I know that I'm right here downtown there's this big Pearl Jam concert going on all of a sudden at the very same time all the sudden employees or hear about playing give and take in and they're like well you know is this is like a terrorist attack or something like that. So in the beginning stages it was kind of frightening he had but then as soon as it like you say it the no no good information came out in Tel he'd RD crash and that's when he started learning about who we was that he was all by himself and nobody else hurt it again to a 6421 wolf that you sought or you have a comment about Richard Russell and the stolen plane. The other thing that I found really fascinating and I always wondered about. Are how good are videogames these days. Clearly they're pretty good why I had to be notified and it is from video game he said he played a lot of flight simulator video gets. Crazy I play video games I couldn't five play so well listen I think landing it's a whole other issue but even getting off the ground yeah. I write a morning had a in Puyallup so we are talking about Richard Russell the data stole the plane on Friday and captured the imagination of the entire world. You saw this plane fly around and a. Yet I went how and that he peninsula out at Egg Harbor learn about my in laws house. And my father in line my fiancee where Al on their backcourt Cheney they not a commuter plane go over the house remains. Not too long after three F fifteens taken off after it. That's what I read the dude there he was being followed by military aircraft and he crashed I think down that way like thirty miles south of sea tac towards coma so. Our Greg yet Betty I eat well first we heard the first rumble and then fifteen. First jump off. You've been here at the speed of sound the big boom. And the neighbors thought maybe it was dead duck under because that storm was coming into the area yeah. And we saw the plane via over and yeah I definitely would not under but. They were allowed. So I was out watching some of the videos last night as reading reading up on the story. This guy was doing barrel rolls grippy loose so I hope he loops like he asked the air travelers take this into a back flip. Which aids is serious this is it is awful as it is. There's something I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something kind of like Ferris dealers day off about it elevate our game and I distill playing this into a back flip it's it's kind of funny did you the last I said the air traffic controller now tonight is Alito whisper sweet nothing yes I air. Yeah it was something. Really comedic about the guy even though it's a horrible story and then of course Canucks are thinking about a kink in it copy cat yeah. Does feel like this is not where we know. Now. They beat because this ended with no one but him getting hurt luckily. I mean unfortunate for him and his ailing but maybe it'll increase security so won't happen beginning in a more dangerous situation ripe. Had her eat it. About eight kids and yeah be absolutely did but I honestly that there is I thought of it's not going to be deleted I think about it. Here yet and maybe had the background checks and I guess there was obviously mental some moments of people knew about it and she probably should said Sonya but. Yet he actually said to be your trip to a tape. Proceedings I can land this thing that gave me jobs pilots. And the guy goes you know I think somebody will give you a job doing something if you can pull this off. Yeah yeah you're gonna get people's attention of course there. Didn't get right jailbreak it. Anything to talk about gay rhetoric but analysts we appreciate the eyewitness report crazy stuff going on Seattle Friday night and I'm not Doug about the pros and I can't have a look at a what do they had obvious here that morning. Party. Though wolf that you are talking about how do you. Realize that you've been calling someone in our offices do you wrong in the name pretend we're ten months and edit the birdie to get into that a little later I'm gonna make you feel a little better I found it. Those and breezes that people are saying wrongs of people than saying these things run their entire lives botched cliches possibly think these days you got kinda wanna ask you. Freezing campaign against great is it nip it in the bike or nick in the about it and I'm pretty sure snippet in the bud nip it in the but okay. As well what do do you have the meaning of these tubes have always fascinated as to. Why we say the things he's taken most of them are rooted in some kind of reality nip it in the bud was to get over ending quickly that people just started hearing it wrong yet now the comments there didn't hear correctly. Hunger pains or hunger hanging with. A mistake pain to hunger pains is a word hunger pain this is thanks is correct yeah I think guys say things to go. Thanks to you got another thing is coming or you've got another think coming both thing can Judas Priest wrote a song about it he's got out and I'm banking on you know the song. No I don't agree industries not at all but if you've got another I think. Coming drilling what is the thing pelican and think when you're wrong he need to think about it again I and it's going to be possible to them I think you know that I'm a very intellectual person. I was an English writing major and one thing I remember from college is that the English languages thank him. It's ever changing so nobody's gonna say you got to thinking coming. Well India and maybe worse mark I'm telling you what the correct way you re diet. But did you know what I'm saying I don't. Sometimes if you see something the correct way it sounds wrong and people right now I get I got another think coming. You of that ice clear and mumbled it and people don't really hear it and that therefore. How about scapegoat or escape goat scapegoat. It got distract. One in SH one. One Anderson went into this thing is like in the same yep what's in the same one in the same what's the one. I don't make any sense to you that why you name it means they're identical. You know the one I can never get right up its Lejeune uses it all the time and I'm so jealous because I literally can't remember it is the moment the six half a dozen eggs news quarter. I the other six and one half dozen of the we should say that. I I wanna stay at the early and then I'll is that to catch you on is the only thing of people and it's an Asia and which is black. Not even very risky and bonus that is yet and Senator Obama did get a lower shelf I'm probably the most literate English major than ever I solitaire you. Apart as the EST drive me crazy yeah regardless. Not irregardless. It is regardless regardless irregardless is an even actual work okay. Suppose in the league average basis supposedly supposedly supposed RA and it I couldn't care less not I could care less. To get double negative to that he could care less. Then you. Could hate them more or not like the more so I couldn't care DL today isn't it just six half of one you answer yes and a basket with added that the cat cornered. Is the callous. You 100 points. All of Irving had a good weekend and if he's been a bunch of money maybe blew through a couple of checking or savings account. Storming a thousand dollars coming up here in about eight minutes of the fewer than right after defeat streak. This week we are moving over to Randy Houser tickets Randy is going to be at the evergreen state fair with Michael Rey. You know Carly Pierce's boyfriend yes get a gonna be here together coming up on August 30 you wanna go beat the street in fact you can call right now to a sex. Four to one wolf if you wanna get in a little bit early for beat the street. The image of before the had a great weekend just with family family family my mom's birthday weekend. We had all kinds of people over the house barbecue yeah his matter is. I want to ask you though Matt I don't have a great weekend but was interrupted by text messages that he's gay got your number elastic on the year. No in fact I I kind of thought well you know once the weekend it's around people be bored they'll text more half. Maybe it'll be auto worker of the league and he really was and everybody's. I AM not that important mrs. Aaron and there. And everybody's busy they have lives of stuff going on so I got back to everybody who took the time to call or tax write but there weren't that many. So people were just doing what I was doing there are busy with the fans around and around kids got yeah whatever. But it worked couple. Which is kind of nice and knows just. I don't know. I think that the predominant feeling when I gave myself a number on the air last week was you are going to regret this right and I am happy to report that I don't. In fact. I I I could use a little more volume on there yeah I can handle it I'm good at texting are you skinny continue with 6 PM. Yes yes tonight we'll be to happy hour hotline yes from the cottage the Issaquah cottage to cottage this is narcotics. Yes 6 o'clock tonight with a happy our O line I'll be there oval of just. Basically sit there with my phone whoever calls a lancer Atlanta and faced a foot Israeli FaceBook yes FaceBook life. I have trouble putting it all together right. So if you don't have my number. Please write it down to a 64517766. You can text me anytime you can call me anytime I can guarantee I'm always gonna answer this phone. I don't raise them right I don't know the number of McKeon I don't really has left at 6 o'clock. Yes that's he's like oh hey that's the only time I'll answer the calls otherwise overturn every text message and you do call back the people that leave a voice now so if I do all I did. And Joni and they're extremely voice. Yes in if you have any questions if you have any suggestions is that anything I personally I love this. I don't know why people don't do it. I don't come in every day in day you can hear this Texas and you gotta get this idea someone had for me yes people there. I got a guy right now who wants to sing the theme song to Gilligan's Island on the air I don't know why I thought I. 45. Okay we're gonna make this happen for why I don't know. But I got a text about it so we're gonna bring it up. Again right down my cellphone number you can get a hold of me anytime. 24/7. And I am here for you to a 645177. Say. Six days is mourning wolfpack with on the countdown to 100 points tough. Lacks hit the pavement and Jack did beat history to. Hello Joan. Happy Monday how would you weekend happy Monday ilk. Pretty I would killer I'll is fantastic thank you for asking a lot of Stanley a little bit of lose incidents that. Much how language skills well John welcome to beat street trivia contest is gonna teach you against arraigned stranger here in the T in W now he knows much or more than debut. You'll win their parenting it's gonna see Randy Houser and Michael Ray at the evergreen state fair in Munro August 30 all part of the full year of a million tickets. LA county feeling you're listening to it on the radio so the idea of the a. Take a deep breath and you don't know safe path okay. They are right going to be challenging in about a minute but first let's give you the same five questions that we asked her. You've got thirty seconds to get through good like here we go 321. And got. Which movie featured Hannibal Lecter kept it below him which US president supposedly tracked down a chair teacher arranged. I enjoyed watching it which classic TV show featured guest who is from a doomed to three hour tour. Gilligan's Island which Washington city is home to Microsoft's world headquarters. I. Tell you who sings the country song back roads. Act. It gently I can't remember cash. A Chinese out Jones so how do you feel like you did you you know how it sounds and the Brady just played beat the street was a difficult I'd started out OK I didn't finish there look we did certain stock analysts think in the lead the team to go five for five and challenge the land speed record but it was not to be. I remember is on geno is much more the challenger who will win the ticket so let's meter. What's your name where your ground and we have. My name is rob then I am from heads and watching Cain and I am a baker. A game we founder at the uptown coffee shop for itself last Tuesday in beautiful Milton Washington. Here we go the same five questions let's find out how heated quicktime movie featured Hannibal Lecter. I haven't fixed it. She's on the younger side of things that she did not know Joan the right answer Ritchie did silence of the lambs levees this is a success. Classic movie Jones or you're up one nothing CA which US president supposedly shot down a carry period. Dark Washington. So now it is 21 that you still have the lead Joan which classic TV show featured cast a ways after a doomed three hour tour. No clothes. I think you've been able to young for that yet have a little bit age there which is good. It's a real one in the lead now Jones you are stomping the challenger Robin Wright the Washington city is down from Microsoft's world headquarters. Seattle. And Bellevue you're into Joseph was close but no cigar do you know this one Emily I don't health Redmond. Read I think yes that's one of the ones that is the locals you know but you forget yeah. All right so you still have a 31 lead nothing to worry about your Jones last question who think the country song background song. Printers and country music says she got that one right you got that one wrong. So we finish up beat the street's. Three to two Joan you have one that to grant how. Who have had this week out of tea when the wind patterns that he did fine donate to the. He's right we'll see you to stay there on August 30 added I think not think Bieber being a part of a more. All back we appreciate you listening and congratulations on winning beats the street OK coming IMAX thing out of us myself. But here's where ago and how long have you called organ called the wrong name haven't called old woman here work the wrong name since October. How does that McAllister has ever progress. Everything you guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points out. So my hopes and tell you this very embarrassing story is. Maybe seventy listening also has a similar story. Somebody else is Campbell you made me feel better event because I found out on Friday and installing a woman here at work the wrong name for the last ten months. Apparently her name is sage. I know that now because she left the company to go to another job and so there was that company why now. And out and make sure you say goodbye to say is fortunate to have a happy hour days he loves aides say it is a great save your name but I don't think. Who's saying what do you think her. Crystal. Soul I don't know why is okay now this is not the kind of person either I don't you think that I'm. Insensitive I don't care or I take great pride in knowing people's names and being very nice to everybody. You do that because you be that you see people's names a lot when you're dressed them even calling her crystal and she never cracked it. Somebody told me along time ago that if you really wanna cut through you really want to make somebody feel good about themselves you use their name right and it's a compliment when you remember somebody's name so maybe. Day one day two when we sort of working here at the wolf I made the point you got the gap in green people's names and somehow. This one got misprint and hate. So for ten months and again I never if we don't go to meetings together I don't in indirect and there are a lot of different departments but only pass each other in the hallways like Chris. So. Script all feels so good about myself because I'm an amusing or may he land connecting. Meanwhile called the wrong name ten months and now he's gone in I don't really have jeopardy music and such that your schnauzer. So my question to you. Is how long have you call. Or been called the wrong name ten months right now is the mark to beef. If anybody can do that I think it would feel much better and that's a and as sage. She just spells not not giving daughter crystal. So confident there and that's the thing like you will be a pit stop some will meet somebody and I'm like a minute later that you'll what was her name again. He think is your thumb and I'm gonna go for America to acquire. Makes it even better is that the bulletin board in the Hollywood actor and it has an entire Baltimore dedicated to her. Because you like the captain of the you know some Tina Barnes and it ushered her catnip like. Any. Aids. Have read how long have you called have been called somebody the wrong name to a 642 on wall for Texas for 6150. Right now. So how long have you called are being called the wrong name defend that have been calling somebody your work the wrong name for ten months. But there's somebody texted me Amylin says hey should probably quit because she got tired of you calling her crystal Wright wasn't her name. To a 6421 wolf text 46150. I'm not got a text from death is said tell Matt not to worry I had a coat co worker Komi by the wrong name for a year. I corrected him every time I Wear any Jack. Is his school for the blind there's really no excuse I mean tag I would Germany were named him I know how easy that would be it's so much easier. An aura of cover and what are called my neighbor Peter for three years until I accidentally got a package for him on my porch his famous golf. Three years on freer Peter Paul. Peter Paul I must say it'll all the deficit and married to the mix here and Ella Laura and see Beckett so how long have you called or being called the the wrong name. Well I hear you could. Never get my name column really need. And I am correct correct yeah it was always. That. Okay now as a customer you sad note I worked at how many times do you think he told him that your name was war I'll probably money. Right to audit. And did you at one point just stop correcting him. Yeah do you wait it is not excited to human and obviously I was gonna call him or not is right on my path. His name is now did he correct you on that yeah you don't look at me I'll finding every now and I said this morning miles you should all of the different in every time. Jeff I. We re tired and I applaud and importantly you know he is big out at night aren't you do enough. And there must. The very important lending in his life that's all we can say yeah prove how he wanted you to be in this so bad. Laura thank you for the call we love you and appreciate it doesn't think again Monday. And be just jumping into the conversation I found on Friday that haven't gone again here at work the wrong name for the last ten months since October it's almost been a year. He reacts to a 6421 Nielsen number Algerian rain and how are you today I don't know where oh. I'll be safe now how long have you called are being called the wrong game series well. My mother here is very hard at Erie had yea my whole entire life. Call me hear it and I'll have turned out to be changed. It's something. My name. Yes you know but it's tough to keep your head around the fact that your mom yeah I can't say your name your her daughter I will tell you makes you feel any better though. So my bonus and Dylan his grandmother calls in Thailand. Visit the island doesn't call him Dylan and we we corrected her that you know that's the name. It out and I am not yet and we ought to have a hold the category of people in your same league advancing your name correctly. Well Gerri thank you so much executive and we really appreciate you. Yeah well well look we appreciate them more than you know yeah yeah great Monday. It is surprising how many ailing members cannot save people's name thing and sent this text my name is TRS friends with camera. People say my name wrong so often have stopped correcting them back at my baby shower couple months ago at rumors going around the circle saying how they need me and my cousin said my name. In front of every line. But didn't realize it or sitting and it's Stanley you almost did it on purpose now I know her so well I colored differently now known as the don't not a pronouncement that my name is amber ready and my aunt has called meet Maria since I was born 26 years ago that there is a lot of this family stuff going on hi Ian federally set my friend called me I night last name for six years not knowing that that wasn't her first name's Pamela this is obviously happen to you because it happens to everybody do you standard league correct people when they see your name wrong idea not announced. Like I'll just let it go you know it's just another conversation. I'm not mad at sage brush correcting me rankled McChrystal because it's just another conversation that okay great thank you. I know let's sit down and you'll do is usually the first time it happens it's in passing you don't have time to correct them and then. As a person is getting called the Romney you feel embarrassed because. Both at what did you think the first time the right thing going on for Howard but kind of a no win yeah yeah he's gonna happen right. I do wanna check in about. How long you have called our Ben called the wrong name. To a 6421 wolf what were we at right now what's the longest period of time us not forget we're going for our goal here I mean I think 26 year since. Yes going to be tough to beat but at Eli did drive more six point 50. So close series it's been a way how long have you called organ called the wrong name. I think call the wrong in my ankle a little bit that are our people know it but certainly invite her body. Carly. Tells. And I don't you practice that you are in third. Quick somebody win there in a position of authority or power over you argue in like group meetings and your boss calls you the wrong name and everyone hears it no one does anything. Yes. He'll probably permanent. And I want email calling me tell you. When you realized he could. Had the good news is like Emily said you work in an interactive place somebody's gonna pull him aside after they get to know you a little bit better and say. Young dudes and ensure Greece but eventually if I don't think you're gonna have to correct. Yeah I hope not or typical self. But the good thing is too when you ignore him and pretend like you don't hear him wanting yes it's amusing. I mean million Duggan is not my name right you've got that card to play when you need. More with a lot of series thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolf pack we love you have a great day. Our own. Last call for the text messages and the guy jumped to her. Three mission make street still little better instilling in Lakeland said my name's Dylan on the first day of work and my boss inner DC to every one as Ryan's. It wasn't until three years later we got me HR person that country came out at three years he's still funny Brian at the joke you know that's soul crushing. Yeah I think you're important everybody suffers from self important right it was somebody this game. So tossing you side right this is Robert de you know really Kerry works here. Something. And then it fed and other tech I've been from mispronouncing someone's name for three months and she never attracted me until it bothered her in naps he flipped out 1 morning different at every line. Fulfilling bears in my face looked like a bright red to made LT volcano finally erupted gas so I'm eager cracked some one do it. Yeah. Well so what happens there is that there's other things going line yet who truly frazzled about it and that's the thing that pushes you all right. All right. And we would we do next in the Big Three what are we talking about Emily we. Got a baby girl all come into the country family I'll tell you his DN pink and just a couple of an. Emily victory right after Chris chance in three minutes away. This is the morning. Faster than he was 1470. Yes this is a big story originally. Teeth now dean and his wife Brittany are expecting their second child any just revealed on social media and that it will be baby girl. They did the whole gender revealed thing but. Actually Arnie knew the gender of the conceded in vitro. But they did it for our Jason other little girls from a previous marriage. Can they wanted to baby girl on her super excited to find out itself now they will have a son meant this in baby girl. What's interesting about that is when you do that the hero you can actually pretty much choose the six cubic you can spin things a certain way like you 95% sure you know which you can get sobs that's that they wanted yes son or daughter at her. They are made it perfect but different and it got to go into grand laying around you can have a if you want to. Palin you know a lot of heat permit this to meet only boy and a Jason and have doubled down of the BR. I rate to eight at the national Latino voters today. 15% of the population is left handed and that number seems to stay consistent no matter how many are in the population. But it's funny when it comes she let dogs 60% are left caught. You know that I. Does anybody know the daughter just met after Don favor there laughed off to the right with their left her identity and after I shake they give their left I don't oh yeah. Researchers did it and they are important one to play a puppy I don't know but you're more likely to be allowed pond and left handed aren't the isn't new. Recent research came out but he most of binge watched show in each state so I seed you can guess the missed binge watched show here in Washington. And ledger you can jump in honesty of. I would say it's probably shows that. The amount the Zimmer makes sense but you've got like Grey's Anatomy you've got to Frasier you're the shows or from here. Yet Grey's Anatomy had six states not Washington. Preacher only have one state the people of Kentucky seemed to finish what he says he's you don't go to the tourist attractions in Europe ten yeah probably are seeing them a lot to. Another common one was the off this it was actually eat those things watch show however not here in Washington thirteen reasons why is also popular. Supernatural and brand however none of those. We're the ones here in Washington I'm just gonna get a TV I don't think I'll ever guessed this. Brooklyn 99 is being those binge Russia here in the state of Washington. Never even really heard of it puncher sojo has watched it he I've easier everything a good. Yeah it's funny and I haven't changed it again it is funny and act current I started been watching it but then we sixty knew her. Again. It's still quiet new girl. New girl accent it's the one it's old it with Zooey Deschanel yeah. Jana then heard three male remain and again. Like yours. Morning welcome back with Matt McCallister 100 points and Hillary. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura article scraper on the Bainbridge scary dude you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we know I don't know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OK to ask until now. Paula this is Jimmie and I'm really excited about this and a couple reasons first of all Jimmy hi Harry you. Very very. Doing great so Jimmy lives in Blaine Washington which is basically on the Canadian border it's two hours north. And I'm shy Jimmy V you can actually listen to the wolf that far north. Oh yeah her hunker Mario or work. Right correct reference the nation is that where there's have resorted there's called this in my hand Lou resort in my game that right here Simeon Lucas. In our estimation misstate man and I it's gonna take me ten years I asked the Simeon Lou nanny I did everything you Simeon who up there and blame all right I just don't play. What a slow actually from California plummet transplant myself well there's a lot of transplants in Ottawa. It was be gentle with each other so and then another cool thing is what Jimmy does for a living he is an armored truck driver. I think assassin because you know what you've been depicted in so many different movies I know it's crazy. All of all right so Jimmy what we're gonna do. Thank you for playing share your cellar we're gonna put a minute the clock pretty rapid fire some questions answered and gamble guess what we think you make simple come back you will share your salary okay. All right Emily go he got a minute right yeah any special training to drive an armored truck. Not entirely at all of the talent to be doing this fur the company workforce. A year and a half. Is very union entry. Yeah we're part of the police firemen units parity income has anybody ever tried to rob you Jamie. Me personally know our company yes. Right does the driver it may paid more than the passengers. The we know we all we all means. This so are we all do the same goes to each day we kind of took off driving vs jumping off the try to teach your real gun. Yes they're supposed to look like a blur teaser. Background you have your question though that's my agent and you work Monday your Friday. And if you're bloody we are we have we can do auction or loved holidays optional the most money you've ever had a one time. I. Can answer that I DN I dividend admit that the eleventh most money Jimmie you've ever on time. Jimmy overloaded and blew a policy that was worth getting the answer all frowning face Zellweger put oil and I come back and share your salary next. Is Jimmy from blame near the Canadian border he is an armored truck driver and before we guess what he thinks we think he makes he shares his salary would Austin you know him. As the reason did the study you're half he didn't have to have any real special training to drive an armored truck. Each carry a real guy and he's apart and. Are you guys gave me about that because a lot of people like I've never met a security officer is here to building to got to carry a real weapon. It's maze Billy clubs days there's not the real deal I guess just from movies I still looks. Armored truck as Gary does you distinct sides wanted to confer. I think it's a whole other level of importance and you get a firearm did not answer any kind of played out these in the police in the firefighters' unions on that comes in applying it's always interesting when you see them coming in or out of the building they've always got one hand on the gun and their looking everywhere but the doors they're walking. There is right on console and she's Jimmy's got a takedown of her honeymoon. Jimmy we appreciate you be willing to share your salary sojo or you one on Friday I remember who the person was does anybody. Actually yes I can't at our door about putting our here slow joke I'm taken right around this QK 52000. Dollars right that he'll be next. Union throw me off live element to go 45 of a little bit lower only because he hasn't been that long. Family that has being an Ayman exile little higher in slow jam it up 53. OK Jimmie is somebody close. Robert Hawkins after taxes well no life lessons go ahead and had a drum rolls he's gonna get a ride to and I knew it. Jimmy it's time to share your salary right. What do you make. Boarding. And I'm 47000. Are you mad I get the wind seems like it's been a little while. Like today. So. So bitter when I win this competitive. And Vizio and there. I think another fee incurred a good. Anyway well Jimmy. What's the top ten guy make him your business what is being like inquiries you know the highest paid armored truck driver and making good money. There's a couple years guys used to more meek about. One need some then 21 dollars an hour. Both okay character as near as pretty good as well Jamie let's admit we appreciate you listen way at their near the Canadian border thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack okay. No problem here is a wonderful day you do man you take care and by the way if you ever want to share your salary reload have you I don't know how we're looking for this week sojo it got to be spot of in our I would love dislodged in 88 this week. The share a little bit about what you do for living in and will find out what you may do it. 206421. Wolf right now go ahead and give us a call right now slow Jodie to set up and ready. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister you don't drink but I do and drinking excessively I did from there it is paid out. Right today can only pray how would I go to camp she can take whatever scarcer and spray her purse team on Courtney that I wouldn't get home sick. Whoa. 127. All stand again maybe you weren't around last week I did something. Pretty unique. An unexpected and everybody told me I was going to be stupid go to but it gave up my cell phone number on the radio on the update on them by the way you want and it's 20645177. 66 right down. But by the way I normally don't answer the phone number randomly I'll be honest with you respond to every text. But every night at 6 o'clock I will sit there and take life phone calls on FaceBook libel do it again and I'd be happy hour huddle. But you do you listen to voice now did they call you make sure they'll. To leave a voice now yeah but for the most part during the day I don't have the time to just take random phone calls but I will every night I'll make that times out. If you call me and I don't answer I'm now set up a text response that goes back he says take our mr. kolbe if you wanna talk calling tonight between 6630. That I guess everybody know so from the first day he did this your phone balloon you lots of Allison over the weekend fine. Totally manageable in fact look let's be honest I'm not that important. And I don't think I'm all that important. So people get busy with their families and our lives and you know I got a couple I responded everybody but it was nothing that I can't keep up in fact. Boring at all. But I do get a text this morning that I thought I would read in effect because I haven't gotten one is negative text message not out of the hundreds I'm never one to just say use up. I expected that. In fact I'm kind of disappointed. If you haven't gotten it yet you get it now for your shirts and o.s can make happen. I honestly it's just been nothing but positive and I think it's in a positive response to a positive gesture can mean I'd like to stay more connected with you guys so here's my number. Addicted this one today isn't the only what I would even tell you that it's kind of weird I don't even get it really but I'm trying. So the techs came in this morning just before 7 AM hey how's it going it's neither one who's really loud. Let me know if you have no idea what I'm talking about. So I texted back knowing you've got me I have no idea what you're talking about how they responded cool thanks man you have a good day. President I responded you're not gonna tell me. And they responded tell you what. Sit about how you're the person who's really loud as they don't get it. Then they said is allowed one god question mark. And ice then they respond item respond right away they respond to three minutes later. The loud one communicate to the Internet or he's psychics I'm not a 100% sure. And I respond. You can just so I'm clear you are not allowed one or are you aura might allowed. And then make responded maybe we both our Susan your obviously louder ago. And I said okay car. I'm not sure about that because I don't know who I'm talking to what kind of power you possess. And that's the last thing I said OK okay just after apple so much but I'm trying to talk the language and I'm trying to get into the mine site today I don't know what it is a new job might tomorrow Samir we are greens you yeah. And I am OK next we should give this person at all. Well I will say tonight I'll be taking live phone goes out. Defeated the Seattle both face of pace tonight between six to 630 MI of your leadoff call the loud right at all. Morning will. Was that McAllister. You 100 points. Wolf and you just turn came brown never hear him now just kinda reminds me of throw down. In how much we're looking forward to it and by the way it is not that far away. Know twenty something days maybe less less than a month that the IL AS so September 8 inning play expo center throw down a full day's worth of music. For 49. Dollars. We're talking a minute ago about myself and over the idea about death I got a lot of text over the weekend that's front of us. The most commonly asked questions say why did you do this and see how many tickets left for throw down and I keep saying. As a matter break it going didn't get to dig it did you know here's the good news I'm thinking it's August 13 and pay days probably Wednesday for most of you pray maybe direct deposit with a win Tuesday night. It does to do if you have an extra fifty bucks man you gotta come party with I think at last fall this is last week there were only 400 tickets left. Yeah and people are saying how many tickets are left who will eventually we're gonna say not. You don't wanna eat you out in person it's going to be Kahne ran Christy into and ranger Smith featuring old little junior walker hey cam chat is spinning in the air and Robert McNabb and offers 49 Alan. John we use our rattling off names. The bands like the idea ringer yet invigorating for actors and we can do that I penalty again that's. But we're so excited as part of if you guys on September 8 we definitely want you there I know the authorities that was last week over the weekend we probably sold another hundred to gas. Is a very good possibility in and ninth his blow the whistle here to blow whistle because electrical whistles because I really don't like to blow whistles. We could be sold out by Friday with payday being moments I would not expressed Seattle icon to get your tickets at throw down. It's going to be a big old party we are gonna drink all the beer and have a great time to listen to some incredible. Country music so make sure you join us plea this morning I sat with Matt McAllister and try. Yes. 100 points that are dull walls don't forget to get some cash money coming up view at about seven minutes a keyword to Italy's getting him of that and again a thousand bucks every hour on the hour also are podcasts will be up in about 1030 was fifteen minutes of behind the scenes bonus content probably it. On hype murdered by unanimous Matt right correct and out the sub on Friday and you civil lighting you say anything you're not playing the the end leniency I don't forget I really. Sorry guys like aren't easy bar yeah well that's yeah that's right and slows you ask me for the number at no I I am completely. Spain membranes basis sometimes with a lot of working parts of bolt. So no I told a joke with autism until yeah. An area that's why your hair I have left and right. The Yankees logo are highly looking you don't like what's going on yeah yeah he's really were not to mention super low energy you know the hour. From what I line. By the way I thought it's a Friday was awesome. So much you enjoyed this listen that scene all the pictures everybody getting involved Matty and say help but yeah yeah yeah that seems kind of love the way the whole station wrapped themselves around it's a Friday some nice to have DK so don't blame for you know there. When marinara I would gag on Saturday and a Monday Leonard is talking earlier about the gender reveal what Jason Allen dean dean and his wife Britney they're having a baby girl so of course the next step is we got to figure out what he's gonna play. Now did the boy's name is Memphis and Nashville. NASA should mention Charlotte I think likes that they and I often Brawley the cost something or just goes crazy Georgia Georgia. Hits and three young ray then yeah so I'm looking at them Alina. Get a nice ring to it. Don't remember those real last name is millions. It's so funny because women pick up on details men do not write cement like pink blue blue could. And I like this like tape did you notice in the June to review did you did you look in the background. By Elton barbecue there's a look this is a true does that conversation he had I don't believe there's a doormat in front of their French doors it has W. I go there because Israel I think his name is Jason now being really got to think well I think even but I picked up. Vanessa and I asked him up figuring that they obviously do. I'd aliens coming up next if you want knew I'd take him there about what Jason needs a name is new baby girl to a 6421 wolf had a great day we love you Lucy back tomorrow at five. Yeah yeah. Mornings from Clarksville.