The Morning Wolfpack - Monday August 6th, 2018

Monday, August 6th

Monday August 6th, 2018

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Roland hey welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast it's Monday August 6 Matt McAllister and only rains I show it. And oh gets the show here to second that we did today but before we do that just a little intro to the podcast talk about a couple things it didn't come up on the show including C fair which. I keep running and of people here in the building and see fare is new to us because we're near the area but it's a big deal man and maybe for you guys Arnold's the U really got a chance to see any of it because your watershed all weekend but. You know when you go out towards my house of. You saw on Saturday morning all right let me crest over the bridge for ninety we did see the boats like how crazy right I was together yeah. Amazing have never seen them and about spike in Rhode Island small body of wire iPad I guess hundreds and not his votes but yeah yeah yeah I got out there and help post up for the entire weekend right there lake Washington and wants a Hydro races which again. Is very in my opinion I've never lived anywhere where they had high speed boat racing is a part of the colts Armenia Hydro races happen all over the country but I've never been apart at a LC in Georgia health. I mean you need a pretty spectacular body water yeah these are big vote yet and then if you're elicited a somewhere out of state on top of that you have the blue angels flying overhead all day all weekend. So get the blue angels doing tricks above you and and Hydro racing on the water it's insane it's. Pretty insane we get and we actually got to see a lot of the blue angels yesterday driving back from west Seattle Sophie and act which is on and I've been seeing them all we can they fly right over downtown yet to their right here and and more mania here. But we we were we didn't think we bigger crew and see him in action at least not like during tricks but we totally did like 45 minutes and that's awesome it was amazing because I watched them on television that's not the same they could have been an Idaho well in you know how we cal laugh like after clothing ninety isn't planes and in some tricks there I know why now everybody on the west Seattle bridge reactor back I'm like holy (%expletive) I'm going to collect forty miles an hour freeway. But their electronics as everybody else in early in the exam you realize everybody again and the windows yeah like everything in my this is a freeware is understands though because of these planes during lyrics. Well see fare is something I would have liked to experience but I don't even know where people for the most part like on the news they were posted up there's a festival headquarters. Where basically gunning we had income were in the same fruit Brett thanks fair fruit yeah watershed C fair bit. I don't know where people go for the most part to watch the blue angels know why don't IRAs yet you don't have a freaking DIY know that there's a couple parks on lake Washington I can't tell you the names of either one but act I drew who we carpal weapons he knew about on the and then I think probably over near only union like gas works park and elect asked that. I got better apparently it in south action looked up when yesterday rose fifty bucks to get into a public park have closed that. In the GO money you know end. Well and we have a friend a lot of the people and our sales department are part of the Columbia tower memberships and again park there. I effort that's amazing place to watch it's. Far away I mean like I have the ideal. I wanna go bay I wanna be on one of those yachts and Ali if you would have done when you're supposed to do and start dating a guy with a boat and this this right now IA analyst says that illiterate they sat down like should I give her a hard time for not having a and that. Did all that. But that would be fun and I think the longer that we stay here and continue to do radio and be a part of the community eventually one year that invitational open up but then again after if water should seats are gonna continue to be in the same weekend were always going to be a watershed and not to mention. The day after watershed I don't wanna go to rather festival right. Exhausted yet a year or year surrounded by 25000 people drunk crazy walking miles and miles it's hot. It you know. Dili that a three day that you give a lot of credit ask a lot of the go to Vegas for three days out navigate I I kind of Packers sound about yes they know Bravo. He had learned at an environment CN violence there and none of these urged people are happy wherever we can be friends is we do bring a rare joy in the lower we just did Ballard Vijay and Ballard or whatever red you know we never met him I had I can that he was visiting that guy anyway quite a weekend man I mean really a huge weekend here in Seattle era and the weather's perfect and after all of that. You guys actually got together yes I wanna hear a little bit more about lunch and I do appreciate the dictation Joseph yeah of course I was just you know in the midst of whatever I was doing all we organ. To do something Asher Allen governor greatness yesterday which is rare especially these days. My favorites get list. Does Cody Simpson's scanned house whenever there are we aren't in the you know that we haven't we've probably been the west Seattle a couple times but never anywhere other than outcast them you know. I keep having in my head that I may be organ and moving there at some point yeah I think she agrees may pride not next year's the issue ever with live downtown and cal there's a baby in that ever. Well I did see daddy mean your from California Brandon that is the most California looking played out Seattle totally plus it's just like it's the right mix right age group like every as everything's about it is kind of re you know who feel we have to figure out the commuting thing let's heroin needles restaurant. A lot less irony. Good hard. So we figure we go check it out like just to drive all over to see what else is on my Seattle and then. We went to that farmers market which is cool out and they were like guidance lots of violence and now Michael offered go to the beach and violence with the penalties the so be dead then I hit Europe and that. Yes for blown behold. Hi Kurt burden heavily were just Sheila and I think she's probably as sleepers on things. Yeah welcome makes you look and a that's so we have lunch it was crater is awesome couple things and out. One have you org have you guys ever seen something. And not been able to get a picture of us and nobody alleviating actually side yes. And I it happened and I proved to use that it actually existed on Saturday were Amir you're asleep Donnelly you're driving the gorge. I told you I said look on nine leaders as weird thing when you're kind of heading out the past. Where I swear to you there's like a public aware of billboards height there was a little house and there's a there's a stationary bicycle designer and every talk about this the for the trip yet Andrew like duties this is you in your bike staying in this total day compared jury has overdrive and on the cargo K guys here it is insurers (%expletive) there's a little houses are a little putt it's. Fifty feet up in the air and there's an old school stationary bike with wires on the go straight to the mound Barack. And so we. It just speculated that analysis something to do with like. Carrying a basket of like you right to life if you can make it's always that simple system I want to know how anybody gets up there that what. A look must feel little latter like you know we didn't see I guess today's your day at the the vaccination programs like soul fascinated by and in fact I don't know that's something we need to bring up on the air tomorrow or not like anyone knows that it is in May be is it something that was used fifty years ago and just sitting there dormant I mean as I do it's old look we'll have to find out I didn't sound like you're having a dream about some like bicycles Salvador Dali pain doesn't answer is I saw that coming back on I ninety back in a town and I was with my wife and kids and I sought nobody else did or like there's not a stationary bike up in the African billboard right there is always and I so bacteria and yet here are. Source in their breakfast or at lunch yesterday and I'm sick and I've got this perfect view of the ocean collectors there's the sound whatever it was just like gears could have been seeded matter everybody else's talent and towards me. And I see away. Oh my god there's a whale right there Kirch and turns like holy (%expletive) yeah there's a way out and it's so it sink in synchronized factions obediently turned around. There's trees and like it. Bloodied by the time they turnaround the Mayo there's no added a breach for cars don't play itself it. We watch very long time been breached and it was what it was like at the end of your field of vision you can that ceiling or there's nothing left to Selig was on its way I got turned. Very quickly. And I still NCAA time questioning is why do you think two people would make up the same like hiker was in trying to verify your feeling I don't know something about maybe they were collecting collision are he's trying to make up for not liking dean yeah incipient. So habits we'll get into that in the show but I dairy eastern. Don't you just letter that you saw it because I've lived there like five months now and waiting to see Whalen haven't so my and I'm just gonna go with the idea that you didn't. Well here's a tank and engine and I accept that Sophie actually does not believe me sick you know he's a waiver of the week or something Mike Bibby and Miller a waitress. Notably it looks like like this is they like big black Doris will then coming out of the water and going back down they came out twice here this field. Horse out to see I don't thinner maybe it all than Baghdad biggest golf and our lamented for first to see it from that far away I'm thinking it must have been Unita Loch Ness Monster Melissa NA if if we were anywhere else I mean is that it's not like. It's an uncommon thing or Ireland there's work as well over the. Well yes I was skeptical as does no one else reacted that usually like I've been on the beach when felines have been married everything. And I run George the sixth that's the everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you're always over there and I saw that who was drinking everybody. Everything any I had a I miss that both I as Maine goes sour my time virgin get you dollar OK the most acknowledge licking college drinkers the Harry do you feel when you're drinking do you feel kind of like ma'am kind of like a grown up they got a big girl during. Just taste it again that I had felt Swedish period and on that theory doses that damage is like the smaller than everyone's well engineer. Is that margaritas I had Mitch Alatas. Oh yeah AS that's like a beer bloody Mary basically those incurred at a party Mary there that's the only problem with me is that I don't do well with just one of any fan out and so I start that then it goes in to something else and I'm at home American Metairie is it'd been a different story viewer there like I can. Like I I drink last when your daughter Monica and that's why didn't come for a no idea and I got home you guys driving up on Saturday had a couple of matter read is that night that is just because you once they get the buzz like I wanna keep going yeah I just can't do anything in me in moderation try to wake up I woke up on my own. At 630 on Sunday on Sunday. I'm like DNA. Why am I wake me I got a bike race in three hours plot may be you Tyler I wish I think you've had declared by the time we got on the I'm skipping an actress and now tonight it's not happening I really dividend and I woke up on my own at 630 in my view is no reason not to do this I knew that I even talk is when writes text you about lunch yesterday getting back me for a minute I'm Mike. You know what I bet you he woke up and he went to them bankers' eyes can how well so it was close at. B I would've felt like a loser for not going to see I knew I was in and do well that's OK guys wanted to get out maybe a little exercise went out some of the Beers we drink on Saturday. But Avian Aaron I didn't take it very seriously our I also road's slow (%expletive) out there racing season was over. It really is this is just a time trial the little the state championship is literally weaken ago and I wasn't really prepared forty they're gonna fight in round. It is wanna do it's it's and it was in ravens' dale which is twenty minutes from my front out of the last slinging that's the last thing and there's another one but I'll be out of town for its and adolescents now. I'm actually you be proud of me elixir know when you do work out you do more of the strength training and cross bit. I started doing that now to three times a week with just legs in the paint came yeah so added that yesterday as well but that's an on time trying to build some strength yes for next year his. You know cycling is a strength to weight ratio if so any more strength less way then that's how I'm gonna get better. Yeah it can be Carpio as part however if he W an attic to get better so anyway next year's my year sort of proclaimed right act. Let's go to a lot of time. This year helping other people mixers my wind does the seasons are actually I don't actually know lamppost and like. Thought about well but I sure. I wanna be really good shape in November because that's how guys are doing these rocket rides which are due on Saturday mornings with guys that are more brutal than any other ride in our rocket right. It is named after a guy that actually he's a local race or Betty owns team now on the shop. Doesn't this is like a national they oh no this is a Seattle Saturday morning like. Crush fast. And last year I spent my entire winner getting crushed by these guys so my goal this year. Is to be able to hang with the guys that were crap IG so this is just thirteen treating me and because they like the hardest one of the hardest rides I've ever done. It's two hours of absolute pain at all Saturday morning 35 degrees and raining too it's freaking out brutal out there man. I'm yet to be able those state Iowa I don't I wasn't able to do that right one time last winner where I finished with a those guys that finish first I I was always the second or third group and is so weak second stay with them longer. But they still this destroyed how many. Depends sometimes it be only about ten or fifteen of the times yours thirty. Just depends on the weather. On your team you're asking a lot of questions about cycle I'm really enjoyed it. Joseph is about puzzling about the further say that it's probably a lot of times online has just does not just guys on the team is who are Ross coming right hey open anybody come get hammered they aren't on the TV these rocket that now. Is where you went by hammered you mean just like beat out like hammering yeah well I media drama all right you place and I during both of those things very well yeah. So that's inside is one of the gallery better next year that's all Kevin disappointing year for me I'm being honest I'm so. Well listen. W professionals say no it's not exactly it's just a hobby but I'm competitive and for me I'll say I think everybody needs something at least me I need to competitive outlet I have something to do that that makes me feel good about myself I cited to you. Well I later got and I know you do and I don't know what it is late. Gains video game China aren't you competing against England and narrated by the way you were asleep and the car pull out two other gorge but I was surprised that drew is just as and a video games is this guy never real until I started talking of they and they might have Weldon talking about it a different language different country I don't know I deal with their target twenty minutes of talking about no. Unit by the hammer of this secret god. Give to relax time and I live I couldn't follow it urge you just got on the got a board train peaceful at a game not important. Yeah I are there times wonder. What you do and you work a lot in and I appreciate that you're really really hard but then I it's in underestimate how much time you can kill the video game. How I I honestly. Have not gotten nearly the amount of videogame time in that I that I feel like I should well even working a lot we really really good. It's you have to work and having a wife and all that stuff I asked when you have a dog stand out to react. Hey by the way upon your recommendation I think it was you or maybe it was true I finish glow yeah over the weekend starting castle rock I started castle rock my annual us now. What do you think is amazing and I am right near like it's just a matter of time left what do you think which one castle rock heavy CNN dot I. Got me into a ST thinking thinks it's I don't know yet it's a little scary. I mean I don't do well with the scary movies it's it's kind of scary it's kind of dark but it's also kinda cool it's really so yeah and will not watch or like she absolutely refuses to Europe or she loves this yet pretty cool and they I think the concept is cool I think its original with so many reboots replays yeah sequels pre polls. Anything that indeed it has an original idea and especially when you go back to you like rooted in Stephen King rag. Ideologies and all his books and weirdness I it's really awesome look okay that's my question did you end and how much Josh can be guilty shot here and I like wow what in my favor movies and show. Think you injure or talked about it as your bone to pick up mad men and talking about you know different things I didn't understand at all. I know nothing about Stephen king's I don't like scary it will I energy in the show a couple and I had no knowledge of Stephen you know. It does for you drops like on the Easter eggs like Shawshank that yes it's not about you have to know anything about Shawshank. But if you dude are you really were Shawshank redemption you like a cool this I think you pricey like reds name my card somewhere. There's a there's a part I don't know if you got an area where. There's a newspaper article talks about this big rabid dog it's like they you have to attack well he he's flipping through a full and I saw a headline so its conclusion yet you don't like funny I didn't even put that together together everywhere. Okay old things. Rangel I didn't put that together yes it's really good draft and it just Netflix or who who looked at castle rock Hulu highly recommend only get two episodes and yet it's another one of these inhaler he really does this and again it but it kind of annoys me like in the Bengie age they don't they don't release them all on salary it's like every Wednesday at denied Eleanor or like your regular TV show Brett. Yet which isn't a great strategy -- has been watching is so effective keys you can go and get it and I think you know it's haze of like I still do with the the bachelorette drag an American into worry read by the way the finale of vasser that is tonight at Kansas and down you know she picked. I don't I don't think since they want and I hate that you in my its bonus daughter they and I read the articles and what's the whale watching the and I know they get right. My point was I do think Hulu is missing a vote and a little bit and I know that they show you term into looming towers the same way I am I am I gonna sit Murano wait like I'll wait for and network show but not on demand if that makes any Seattle we still do that I'm an. It's one of those things and I guess is different the different model orcas are stills Jeremy you watch ads and in that. But it's good it's definitely good for you okay between man was when my family was here all summer long. I didn't watch any up and elves and I'm like. Flipping back on the Netflix and getting back into that world so it's it's in his interest in his face the film I got a little more time absolutely. But I am a great weekend all around if you're listening you were a watershed it. That is a thing I don't know now I think I would really be talked about the salon I would like to go back in just. Experience watershed without working it yeah it just be a part of dirty. Yeah any concert at that bad if guys like I guess they it's it's in it in. And the band circles that I am interested in like it's always either one or two you on the best venues in the country that would bring Broxton turned yeah like how beautiful is how amazing is sound. Just saw the I think David Crosby just we did this morning about his favorite. Outdoor venues being red rocks in the words I Edson either of those have been to vote them both visually spectacular he may see all the countries who have always wanted to play a watershed I think they are adamant that these are guys that did enjoy the show and have a great Monday a hot all week by the way and for us Todd is nine the baby movie blew us all the way through Friday but have a great week Levy in we'll see back tomorrow. Yeah it's he wants well to morning pulls out Alistair is not. Point seven loss and we're back it's Monday me what is today. August 6. You know okay that's going to be I think Iowa will actually make sure I know the day before we go on the entire starting tomorrow. Starting tomorrow Emily Thornton I'm Mario I'm fantastic feeling good sojo are great to. Will be sharing a little bit of our weekend coming up this hour in about twenty minutes something we saw at watershed which by the way most of the things we saw what should we will not speak of ever great. This great and watch it and what we did gallery had a great time so I feel I guess for the week it would easily ask you are I know. We also have a great story. About hiker who obviously at least boyfriend. You guys got to get held till they yesterday was bloody I ask them very nice a slow to notice something. Kind of an usual about high Kurtz are going to be talking about that. I nose is one thing and that he loves the guy. Loves the guy that but more importantly than any of that stuff we have got the 1000 dollars coming up at 7 o'clock back road bank rolls back to 789 AM. And then for every hour for the rest today were shot a 1000 dollars also beat the street seven to improve the Lady Antebellum. Who's come with Darius Rucker and Russell Dickerson stopped hiking and Lee were on the air I'm sorry things happening right now and stop what will you typing right now I think texting during a conversation. It's done and off by his daughter had an important doctor's appointment. Just giving way and Alan how you play a song and I get the lead off caller. This distracts would you lie you don't wanna talk about her man I'm I'm gonna start immaculate and I think we're there I know I just don't know new offensive things out do them. I immediately dubbed colony get a some base symbol of course lets you pick a song would have you wanna hear to a 6421 wolf. How or the text messages between them they're gets I know you feel the pressure that he is people start banging on the door about 445. And they keep Berlin. I know but that's good. Hey you ought to send a text just merely we have back to you personally for 6150. Please do if you ever have before WB shout out next. Apparently before we get to relieve a caller let's they had the Stanley. Indian Buckley says good morning and she is happy with her three alarms went to make sure we knew about that well how is your one alarm system gone and we easily get this morning I asked Tim getting hit snooze but I didn't I can't I didn't. Yet so it's working it's a mindset so far. Listen we're spending sleeping in which is Evan twice in five months Brian and Boeing says he needs tellem that eight Q I quit it to be nice CEO Doug. No listen I'm not accepting that if you were having a conversation with anybody else in you were typing in your phone that is considered rude to my current. Yes the same when you narrow the radio I'm looking right in your face were having a conversation in your typing I felt really. I I accept it yes the don't tell me be nice and correcting behavior but he should be nice and I always going to be nice that lightning and a call late so did you feel me I don't know I fear you get a lot of people are asking about our watershed experience. Yes. Bob Bullock Jeff that this is Bob coming up next yes we'll talk about and Donna brothels daughter his daughters are just where that would. Good good news is awesome glad to take an abundance. Good morning Jason if you wallets everybody. They're pretty good crowd that thought. Fantastic. Say hi to and leave scores yeah yeah Lloyd Carr yes I do it pretty good. And Jason got asked were so grateful that you listen to the morning wolf pack what motivated you Colin B lead off today. Pat why do you live on the bottom. All right Kyra or for state farm belt I'm not at all hours of the night so. So you've got to work for state farm that's a full time DA in that you drive a list. You got to come up with spousal support is just poured something what's going on over there. Bet battled it out or do you know I've got about motivations. Yeah I'm Melissa began to stand to Jason so when you sleep. And they brought out big power today you know. But I certainly that would. Try to get seven buddy I'm Tania also you sleep book guilty of seven hours I said. Yeah. That this stuff are. You know I do that then you go to other outlook sawed back and stay away. Yeah still is live plague amber and that you can kind of pick whatever hours you wanna work or at. Did you hear about the guy over the weekend started up an army Schumer service. I did yeah I thought they'd look at archer about a buddy or bear that pretty Biden. Yeah you know unfortunately he doesn't have a cell phones so you really can't use it like Hoover but if you see him in live in the area that he lives in Pennsylvania you can flag him down to get arrive for five bucks. Unisource and bugging. He's the real honest guy pretty clever out. Pregame all right Jason we you know the deal look who appreciate you listen thanks for being a part of the show and we'd love to play a song will you wanna hear Jason I. Would get along here. Works for us buddy listen you have a great day good on you for being a you know good dad coming up at the box there were console heart are at daycare Krstic. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress that yeah these guys got to bring donuts. 100 points out. It's thanks to all of you who proudly displayed your wolf over the weekend a watershed. I I think I speak for everybody when I say we were thoroughly impressed in half and blown away at. I never worried look to soften the us it's so cool we probably spent six hours walking around campsites on Saturday and like to suddenly they were everywhere. We couldn't get five feet without stopping for jello shot. Which by the way there's two words for me there's some of watershed its dealership here I also a lot of jello shots. Well they were there any big guitar freedom. Could probably the most interesting thing we so we didn't capture this on social media because nobody was really ready for the moment but. There's a lot of love we met a lot of the other were engaged in people wanna propose a watershed it's kind of a thing. Well there was a couple that clearly. Have been going hard since early yeah. And the guy was light's hand thank you guys here I'm gonna propose to my girlfriend were like cool pool. You know Laura would love to be a part of the moment or see what happens. Well when he whips out the rain in May start doing the lumbering in the cry as she's like hysterical and this is a true story she actually threw up. On the ring on its. Her hand me down him his key McNeeley down and putting a ring on her hands she got hepatitis and was wasted and I mean so gross and the poor girl then it was not only in fairest but then you have to deal with the fact that you are free and you fraying of the U wanna show everyone is covered in. Look let me ask. It was watershed and that shall let you know I'm sure looking back on a bill left the Mona did it just seemed kind of truly like she did. Yes I mean I guess that's the that's her I love I don't know that either of them will remember though that's another voids in my leg up with a great honor and a good. Have to cover them out as Colin do you over the death trap that wanna GAAP. So we ought to know right now who's got the best marriage proposal gone wrong story you guys have disdain that we get and her head how we wanna do that. And it doesn't matter if the situation changes if suddenly we should call an audible. We stick to the game plan no matter what it is so there's a lot of ways for things go wrong yeah. So under the words if you're gonna proposed by a lake in beautiful but it's hailing you're still gonna do make your god there is that the plan. All right who's got the best of marriage proposal story gone wrong wanna hear from you right now. Hello Eric and Rainier happy Monday through such a thing how are you. Peter Lowry or I'll were wonderful so we're wondering who's got the best marriage proposal gone wrong story we just told you about what we saw at watershed a shocking is that was taking a video games. During my god and the viewer on erodes or at least stopped a war corners regions are not our place and are forced to eat when I'm sure. I don't know my knee and recovered it at the same time it's tornado touched down. No way you and not you are where we where. Everybody is agreement intact and and I guess the answer a quick I didn't yes. And we took on. That's. I think champions where you're talking about what it would of the four states do you remember and the EU top. Colorado New Mexico later on yeah I've been theirs by monument valiantly yes I think I think a critical gaps. I didn't even know a tornado would sit there at that particular instance I didn't hit out. Our current they would close we see it relaxed in a motor home it was at a speed angry that little warning yet that ripped out. Out off sort trying to drive it like a big balloon over tomorrow. I'm a little app credits did you really even have time to process what had happened to world were you more in survival mode like it was and we don't want to die. I flew it right on the edit certain to help out an exit and I would like I think I could pass. It was simply a much bigger yeah exactly there's a great story thank you for sharing in that have a wonderful weekend thank you to think you don't who's got the bad. Marriage proposal gone wrong story watershed we saw a woman who was so overwhelmed. With the prospect of getting married she threw up all over the guy proposing and her hand in the ring and everything else I think there's rare alcohol involved and they're yes. There's nothing that alcohol was involved yeah that's ahead at march Esther is 4615 Jersey and text. Metered Jason said that he proposed ad in the New York city's Times Square however it was during. The ball drop and seemed displeased that nobody cared around them because the biologist yeah go. She he had to propose again. I really yeah he doesn't seem right it does that but. I didn't have any is down but I can't get how that can be like in your mind that's going to be such a great moment. And then when I happen to have known Kerry give that. That is a woman are due to some points is grateful like oh my gosh it's finally happened at all look at the beautiful ring like does it have to be all about you like them to redirect the entire track. Yeah situation in New York City. I Henry a billboard. And but reopen that he's the dad that dropped he dropped just three in a gopher hole when he proposed his life in Colorado he could even do Glenn. And me and her upbringing gopher hole could have caught on camera he made a good hope he made the new law I checked it out appeal areas he was able to get the ring back. We set it was about twelve inches down but it still the case in the thick of the. QB I have to call him in track him down that stories too good that if you've got one look at the best one that's a whole thing. The best mayor's proposal gone wrong story right now 206421. Waltz. Hello my can span away we're looking for the best marriage proposal gone wrong story what do you got Mike. My lifetime. We've been dating for several years. And I had decided to propose to her as a Japanese or Chinese restaurant in our armed out of Albuquerque. So I I. Figured out that you did it take a fortune cookie. And if you put it in our quick route ten seconds and I'm older and become virtualized noted there and elderly but it will you marry me and burying him there. Wait wait wait wait is that actually true can you really do that is and if so I'm just learning something for the first time yeah yeah you can actually worked at have you heard that only I have. I didn't know that I I get extended to a company to get it like made. No no no good value and technically anything martyred bat and second fiddle. We'll start to get right out. School tax for fortune cookie at the Mike so you get the idea gonna put personalized note in the fortune cookie god so and I would your proposed term balance our day. Let in about being February 13. I. We were laid in bed and for a little longer the man who on Thursday and she ended up giving you my I hit it at that time Italy you know I got horses pulled on guard the post and her. I'm laying in bed little portion Turkey that was supposed to be or the next night couldn't make it out you know and it struck the the ticket for the people. OK so you're gone wrong part of your story is that you ended up giving me your girlfriend a fortune cookie that is that a with the Chinese restaurant yet yeah. I mean a lot of effort put into it's not. All of their with a plan an answer yet molesting in unison hey thanks but found that eczema you can actually. Yeah you almost caved under the pressure but I know that pressure migrants have to give you present you feel the need to responding kinda I understand. Yes well listen that's the worst thing happened to you think he did pretty at least in puke on your face. That's Soledad we'll have a tornado yeah over three around I think you're good man and and honestly that fortune cookie thing is pretty clever and I'm sure somebody's gonna hear this enshrined. Up I've buddy listen thank you for sharing your story have a wonderful day Mike are you you're like I I. I'm all right coming up next at least got the Big Three what are we talking about them the newest plastic surgery trend is just ridiculous floated into the net. This is the morning. Alistair only do 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three are bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night at large and this is the big. There is a new trend in plastic surgery took you so look. That celebrities for their inspiration from plastic surgery. We now are looking to. Snack shack filters. There is a new trend where it's gotten. The doctors are calling it snapped chat does more Fiat that basically people are seeing themselves and snap Chad filters so much they wanna look like that filter. And so there asking for like Fuller lips bigger ice in her notes. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. But the unit to help you this on because for me a filter just changes sort of contrast or the color or the hue of the picture doesn't actually give you Fuller lips at least now there are definitely right on snap Chad they are I don't change you may have snapped a thing we want that the dog ears and step scale back those kind of bill but they can also then after an air it didn't Fuller list yes do they have those on mr. Graham as well. It just percent I think you're doing your story and yeah thing okay. But they're not as extreme as. Net chat that self though just act don't go to your plastic surgeon asking to look like a snap Chad please. Great to kind of far had a very interesting experience at his own concert. He'd gone into a restricted area to hang out some bands and security guard appearing apparently didn't realize. Who he was. Straight up tackled him and he didn't have the getting a sprained ankle and Mike hitting it head had to go to the ER. Any of this the crew had to convince the guard no no this is the guy that's going on stage. I just feels I mean he's trying he's nice with me and it. Totally backfired organized and I think that's who you have to take a look at merely took I don't look enough like star yeah I need to up my star game does that look like. Yeah everybody else break out of our fits into that category. That's true well and a lot of artists don't Wear the all access passes like the rest of their crew guys because they don't think they need it but. Yeah that's embarrassing fool not to be ego well not CO NBA going ahead Malia. IRA how is the exact amount of exercise you need a niece study just said the exact amount of exercise to keep your brain functioning at a high level all. Is just about two hours a week they say they teach you hours every six months now Matt before you to do this or do anything. I'm not a clue who this is just free your brain and unknown. And it to trust me I get it like I'm talking about in the near drug I'm assuming of well on older demographic is you get to a certain point. You know if you are using you lose. Well it doesn't say what age I mean I think this is for everyone if you want your brain punching it highest level. You should at least exercised two hours a week now we're not talking about party and everything else. I think it's great most is people don't do that right that's it now I few hours more a week and I again as a bad second act I I didn't amount to start with two hours a week. Again most people don't do anything different. Work out snobs. To smooth political hype get us to make love gonna have to make well you know it's all good I'd stay with us whereas a couple of minutes away from the mug clubs where somebody in a. This is the morning wolf pack with not just after 100 points in the world. Another episode of the. If you wanna be a part of our little mud club kickoff and get a disservice to work mode from wherever it is that you are in the piano you get or address its Seattle dot com. Or you can give it to us tomorrow in person we're gonna be out again as he mug club hit the road for a pit stop them. Yep are going to be in Milton at uptown copying cafe for me into one to stop I see it saying hey. By eight feet and we're still swearing people in the U met last week in Edmund yeah that was terrific to stop the see today how the Kong's First Financial bank and abusive who got to. Stop by for a cup coffee good morning to cities and a usage man Manley calling from the morning wolf pack everybody. Hey good morning I'm gonna hurt you. We're doing greatly enjoyed meeting you and me and the other day and making. South and by bringing us and I think the vast. Arctic and copy really appreciate it source did you yourself playing beat the street as well last week. I did not know I wanted to tune. I was on the radio about it not here now probably good thing I think you won for five. All of a how to like Emily said it was great edu and it's always good to expand the parameters of the month club which you know before we can move on we have to make it official by swearing you win. Use it for you ready for the I am not nerd and the like this before the first time I heard of elsewhere and so so I am ready. Pretty serious business now so okay. There contract remote an agreement at some sort yet we'll send over the papers later but let's just get the and verbal agreement out of the way so I'm gonna need you to reach your right hand and repeat after me ice featured games. I used a pocket do hereby pledge my allegiance to hereby pledge my allegiance. To the morning wolf pack. To a morning wolf and as a proud member ended a proud member. No no he. The month close. I've pledged to cranking the wolf every morning. A pledge to crank up school every morning you nations uses less power vested in me I don't eat an official member of the morning wolf pack mug club you are in. And does it take so much is an honor to join amok. Oxy suit you well I'd slow Jones Obi got to meet hiker over the weekend and of course everybody loves this guy emily's boyfriend are those one things slow Joseph found very strange he'll share it in five minutes. Tell us air raid and these here and. So wolf so I just in case you missed the memo this. Italy has had a torrid love affair going on for I would say about five shirt two months for me yeah I earth. All going very well I got a text yesterday and it'll be afternoon's vote just say hey we're gonna meet heavily over in west Seattle the lunch gonna come I don't as a nice to include the fifth wheel. But you know guys have fun Doubleday let me know. And then. He said it takes letters his cap. I really like to get music there's really nothing not to like about hikers like the nicest. I every mile added well I mean listen to date started off great he's got a good handshake. For a broad the he's easy big needed tock very vigor and I am but he's not that's a much better Saturday night not a big fan cry about your size your old. More must a lot of this. Again that's that's a nephew and a and I think these guys are great tan line. So handsome yeah romance a real nice guy the doctors though where we're sitting there were eaten he orders a huge latest steak and eggs and in this. Stay in school or is it yet. And and and and record time the heat in my fast eater I'm like a huge debate all of and he goes yeah well everything except beans. I hate being. And the concern of him like Iowa this is being cool we got ago. She goes now and could be a cultural thing let's talk now. And April and report and says he says you know it's not just black beans Pinto beans any kind of being that hey wait. Even read for us and I criticize ours is disturbing as you are right now. I've never met a person who doesn't like vehicle NASA mentioned the difference if you black beans and retried there's completely different than doing textures and different fields so Palin like strike line yep yep that's our suvs are are and I don't know the thunder from anybody that really oh openly hated beads. Yes I mean I'm not if he'd CNN them but I like pre fight being inspected meat not the beans it's a seasoning. He used the word hate. Yeah yeah I don't hate. BP oil and also these are some neutral they hardly even have a taste like you said Emily music comes down the seasoning economists like eating seafood there's no flavor lets you put butter on itself bad barrister I found a red flag a little Mister Ed. So I had after that voice and congress. Well and there are certain types of food I think there that are. Divisive polarizing mean if you allow me to there're certain foods that are openly hated it's okay right for me I think it had picked one. It's going to be mushers shared a laugh but I need plenty of people that feel the same way. Blue cheese says that for a lot of people this all adds nobody would blame the hates black beans Hermida. Has a concern for you in your relations laterally not this could be something to think about how are you living together. What's your food. That I hate yes black licorice. Who India god I hate it's been hooked up. That might be the most say die case in her food that isn't she BC's that is the bar yeah. I mean this is a weird conversation but what is the universally probably the most hated Booth. Put a liver. Crude I don't even like liver if it. If that's really serve that much more than our heroic people like it's expensive yes but back in the day used to be more common right I suppose. I don't know morning wolf thank if you are way I guess you've got to look inside the food you made the most to decide with a mound it's. Also hit about a lot of the people on the black beans is gonna make they'll assembling two a 6141 wolf or you can Texas right now 46150. What is the most hated fluke. So slow Joseph and his wife Sophie. Met hiker yesterday and had lunch together which aside and earth but it was a little disturbing to slow joke and Sophie actually that and he openly hates me. Openly hates being Matt yes they guessed at the first thing at that there was. Hired enough. Well like anatomy just column hiker at all Darren spiker anyway so we're coming over the list of what you think might be one of the more hated foods I've never heard anybody in these before. And you know life. For me it's mushrooms and pickles dominant take those off the list because so many people love them were talking about what food. Gets the motion yet right almost universally hated it he said black liquor certainly and I I don't know anybody that likes it so I think that's perfect for this lesson my thing. 206421. Wolf. Pam in Marysville so what do you think be most hated food is which food do you think is the most divisive. I think that top number one booed would be for Easter doesn't matter how you could. Billy Jack you looking there flying me there and William La and time to look Barbeque I can't even. It's no there's no way. Doubt that if ominous seafood place and somebody pull some oysters I'll put some cocktail sauce and I'll suck one back because I know it's good. But I guess it's are they are nasty it's like he needs China it's not rocket Jackson need of the text they like it there for I am dead you know. But you're well let's look tell him let's put it on the list because I do you think you're onto something here but let's call a raw oyster. Okay let's go O'Reilly took it anyway any kind of it's about what yet but if you deep fry anything is gonna have a lot of flavor to it it makes it palatable for a lot of people but I think a raw oyster adding that could be one of the most hated things I agree with the right partner. I would it be in us is so it was just a little oysters that's fine okay I've and you got it once you win this one. Larry thanks. And it takes W hand thanks so much. About like. Right on our taxed beasts. Is getting a lot of hate. Okay. Okay tape defer. People that her athletic how. Beats her big thing for cyclists because they have a lot of nitrates so they improve athletic performance increase the amount of oxygen during your blood pump so I'll tell you even though the deep stuff is nasty right I either drinking beet juice or even a deed every single day. And now that but it it it turns everything read in your insides if I don't mean. I feel like the first time I bought pickled beets I was like unofficially in adults. Kids hate beats and I was like half. Tastes like dirt but I eat them every day because I think somehow it's helping me probably isn't Brussels sprouts are getting a lot of paid no no no no it's become a beloved president bad that's like the gourmet appetizers lad Arnelle I'll put beads on your for sure I am now I have to say. Deans are getting a lot of hate lies a lot of people are saying they don't like Eddie. And it's going to be a part of a club that's not real. I don't know why I'm among the fence. Deeds definitely so we get black licorice liver oysters and beats what else can be added a list of the most hated cruised to a 6421 wolf right now. Charlie insulted happy Monday everybody. She is a sure he's. Charlie to retire and about the fact that emily's new boyfriend high Kurt. Openly hates being outsider he's retried black it don't matter what what do you think the most hated food poisoning I'll agree most people like beets. Well this. I actually like myself but most people donuts. Chicken here's. No we're do you eat chicken deserts Charlie because I don't even get presented with that in most days yeah normal things. It. Out and Colton Dixon. Pretty good you're you're what exactly is it gives you what part of the chicken it's the part that. Smashing the G and EC. Let him speak pellet that they're just blow their neck. Mean. How is views are prepared surely beat Fred was. Here better. But I don't know. I feel like the people that he users loved wizards I don't know if there's enough hate for them to another mainstream like for example. There's this restaurant in northern Michigan on the damp side in. And one of their specialties is frog legs. Me and everybody loves the frog legs they go to the deep fried it's it's a little chicken between Mexican. A village right but not on every minute write in sound gross but. I don't know for its popular app reveals though I hate fraudulent. I got in Puyallup so we're looking to add to the list of the most hated foods in America so far we have oysters. Black licorice liver. And feats I don't think users are common in a capitalist what he got forced out. You know Luke Scott I've done here can't Orkut spinach. It is like oyster no doubt about it for us and that's. I I grew up an age where everything was again because. They didn't have them but hurts. A mobile but you. Target for Europe in the non farmers market area. It had to go all the author or apartments. Yeah I remember as it being a kid though in being forced to eat spinach and it is one of the nasty as things how do you feel about that and the putting speeds and amateur and elegant delicious spinach salad at a restaurant espionage like east have been that wet moist damp. Think it. It's like you know it is the pop last minute Seattle pop by space like when you come in for and cut the grass and it's been raining you have clump of grass that's what's been incidents I'm gonna go with hate because I never actually tried it I think any time I've been offered it up. I've declined okay. Sojo or you can feel man yelled god dammit that they expect they eat at the right hand in front of yeah. All right Scott F grade point buddy I. A lot of those campaigns have actually gone by the wayside and you know that were around here to make canned oysters or via blue eyes got things but what sorry means. Our ancient obese very below its all an ever get a lot of text about raw onions. Really laugh I think that's one of a lot of people like it did. I agree and that's why sometimes you have to take your own emotion out of this in your own path and in your own preferences and realize that death. I yeah I know I know I give a lot of people that are tied to a 642 on wolf if you wanna check into the last call on that because we are. I'm getting closer today keyword at 7 AM worth a thousand bucks to back road bankroll the wolf Boston hook you up this summer cash money coming up now. This is morning welcome back with another countdown 100 point seven. Hit the pavement and Jack did beat history tour. David have you all patty Monday howry pal good morning I'm doing great welcome to be history trivia contest of that you mr. random stranger here in the PNW now you know as much or more than they do if you are gonna be the first we take you see Lady Antebellum with Darius Rucker and Russell Dickerson August 19 that the white river amphitheater as that sounds. So all of them already are I'd rather unity to challenger and a couple of minutes we better watershed over the weekend we asked through the same five questions you've got to answer right now you've only got thirty seconds are you ready David. I am. And you marks its ads and let's go to the plate maverick in top guns. Are. To a group what state in Green Bay Packers playing. The project what does HBO stand for. Pat who is Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's Mary to. The era who sings the country song saying Maria. I can't do it not sir how do you feel like you didn't beat the street David. Billy do all right. Agree and I know they thought they can't if boosting them. Did you get a kick yourself later on that one but let's meet the challenger and find out how you did what's your name where you're from and what do you give. I'm actually I'm from Seattle and I and in sales and for a technology company in Seattle. All right let's find out how you did she answer the same five questions on Saturday and who played maverick in top guns. Talk us. Andrews is right by doing this is slow Joseph asking the questions after about four jello shots yeah so. I'm paying attention to see if he slurring his point. Right now we have a 11 tie what state get a Green Bay Packers play out. Minnesota. Minnesota is incorrect David you've got the right answer of course Green Bay, Wisconsin and it's nice job easier to willingly. What his. As XPS stand or. Com stocks that are now. Yes it's having that were thirds of the man no but you know to be honest I had forgotten what HBO stood for as well it's do you notably. Home box. Office I've I guess is yes home box so it really HBO. Nobody got a point there so you still have a 221 lead in heading into the fourth question David Louis Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson America. Sarah. Eric is right give both got it so now we have a three to two lead heading in the last question and we already know you got it wrong. And here's the country songs anger area. Okay turns out Ashley's pretty Smart she got that one right so you both finished three for five. But our job now I don't know if you listen to beat the street you know that a tie is a win for the morning OPEC style is still a player David you've gone to take. There are if they do who's closer to nail biter which he did manage to pull that out. No it's. Not thank you appreciate you as an invasion being a part of the morning wolf thank him for playing V history were back tomorrow with the same prize awesome to all week long lady day and areas take its but next. How do you say to say we saw things a watershed we can't describe Matthew on the radio yeah. Nor would we ever want to but there's one story that we have to share from over the weekend and we will in five minutes you gotta stay around it's worth it and you will not believe. But it did happen we have witnesses. And here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf so right now we're looking for the best marriage proposal gone wrong story. And I'll tell you why so watershed was amazing big thanks to all of you that showed a wolf on Saturday we looked around the campground for six hours out. Just drinking with people hanging around out there if there's one common thread. Between most of the campsites Atwater says jello shots that's sure I didn't realize a lot of them have pushed out for such a thing. I'm are on the literally every campsite or tell you we stopped at somebody had to go Alicia. Every one of them and we were blown away by how much of wolf we saw people won't blow those flags and banners that is amazing and you guys are. Pretty dang good at drawing the wolf logo including a far working we were so impressive thank you for that. Now the story we're about to tell I really did happen we have witnesses. Although we were expecting it so was he captured on film or video right now. I wish it was because we've gone viral. I think so it's one of the best stories this and I don't think that. Proposing your girlfriend. At watershed. Is. And I think it's a pretty common occurrence and I'm trying to I met a couple people that'd gotten days or showed neither rain we get heating gates and but an actress and water should they be so we'll hear about it and I'm not over yet and Leo describe what we saw. What happened. We're out with a group that it didn't hurt taking in bed jello shots and drink gang and all of a sudden one of the guys get down on one and starts opposing team his girlfriend and she. Of course it's super emotional starts. Almost sobbing sobbing crying and laughing and to all kinds of things I went on there and right is he puts the ring on her finger she. Got sick and threw up all over her hand on him. It was just a mess up message so then of course you can bear she did at the scene and hair has the ring is disgusting. But has anything to him and over the mouth and red eyes and it only got a few good register that. You're talking about emotional peaks and valleys. Yeah. Yeah I get straight out. But for the good of a really freaked out but yet it. Today released an engagement for approval on wrong. Yeah we talked about the whole way back in there's a better among us whether or not either one of whom you remember any of it happening right except for the fact is gonna wake of the ring on his fingers. Also that they had no running water and probably had to clean it up without fear. So that's the bar now we're looking for the best myriad of proposals gone wrong story if that's huge. We wanna hear from you right now and you may not be able to beat that but that's watershed Mandel and hear your story right now either way. Hello Eric and Rainier happy Monday through such a thing how are you. Yeah Lowery at or I'll were wonderful so we're wondering who's got the best marriage proposals gone wrong story we just told you about what we saw at watershed is shocking is that was it can't be the only. Starring Larry I'm sure. You are on the road trips we'd opt out or corners region general workplaces all or eight at one time here. I don't know in my knee and proposed in the same time tornado touched down. Yeah no way he's not you are or where you're. And so everybody is screaming and and hacking up and I do against real quick I didn't get a chance. And we took up. I think I've been to where you're talking about what one of the four states do you remember. And the EU job. Colorado New Mexico Arizona yeah I mean there's I'm monument now you believe at eighteen I think about it I'll ask I didn't even know to me that would sit. The earth that's ridiculous I didn't hit out. Are cornered they would close its. She can't relax in a motor home and we think that evening and thank you without office or try to drive and a big balloon over the Motorola. And a little pat credits. Did you really even have time to process what has happened or were you more in survival mode like to listen we don't want died. Blitzer right or not it took me to help even today and I would like oh my gosh it's like a pleasant thing in my finger yeah exactly. Erica great story thank you for sharing in that have a wonderful week doing you'd you'd think here. All right who's got the best marriage proposal gone wrong story looking for you right now wolf pack to a 6421 wolf for Texas for 6150. It is joining us she missed the story. About the proposed we saw at watershed that involve a guy only need and then quickly covered and throw up after his. Girls and got really excited and happy all the same time you couldn't really handle her. Inside tore her emotions. Hello my guess span away were looking for the best marriage for girls gone wrong story what do you got Mike. I like kind we've been dating for several years. And I had started to suppose tour as any Japanese or Chinese restaurant in our hometown of Albuquerque. So I I've. Figure out that you did take a fortune cookie and it included in our quick for a second and I'm holding it. Don't socialize go to there and elderly that will you marry me and Ernie and their. Wait wait wait wait is that actually true can you really do that Jews and if so I'm just learning something for the first time yeah yeah you can actually worked at have you heard that only I have. I didn't know that I I get extended to a company to get it like made don't know note so diabetic and secondly in having marred the bat and second fiddle. Well start it right out and cool hack for fortune cookie OK Mike so you get the idea gonna put a personalized note in the fortune cookie got so. And I would you propose for a Valentine's Day led to about 80 February 13. I swear words laid in bed and ordinary workers and I'm on mount as stake and she does it mean if that's fine. It you know our guys were still bulldogs flags posted her. On laying in bed with a fortune cookie it was supposed to be for the next to eliminate street kids out you know when they brought the does this take it's been able. OK so all part of your story is that you ended up giving me your girlfriend a fortune cookie bad incident at the Chinese restaurant yet yeah. I mean a lot of effort put into it's not follow through the play and an answer that yes I'm almost think EU leaders that pays banks but Valentine's Day tomorrow you can add to your day here you almost caved under the pressure but I know that pressure might when somebody gives you presidents feel the need to responding kinda I understand it. Yes well you know my guess that's the worst thing that happened during your proposal I see it turned out pretty good I mean at least nobody after a client and that's certainly saw that one or have a tornado yeah over three year old I think you're good man and and honestly that fortune cookie thing is pretty clever and I'm sure somebody's gonna hear this and try and yet I expect. Our buddy listen thank you for sharing your story have a wonderful day Mike are you do it like I. RA we had some money is a step our Murray in Marysville step mom when she got proposed to by her dad her dad got punched in the face. I step mom's friend apparently the stepmother had eight soccer that was constantly proposing to we're in the spring didn't know that. That wasn't the stock without actually her boyfriend womb mentioned in the banks. I wonder if he'd just emerged out of nowhere and who clocked the guy yeah. This moment of your life. Yeah well the media fed they're beyoncé had set up a scavenger hunt for her but she was hung over from the night before and didn't wanna do it. By the time she got to the last Liu she was so frustrated over it he said he was scared to even. She made major work more. App. Those are great and I keep government is we are looking for the master marriage proposal gone wrong story. To a 6421 wolf or you can Texas 46150. Let's go morning off bad break Dan. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAlister. Didn't look at work I'm a big fan an immediate family were hey I'm actually not things are I'm not. 100 point seven. All you know one of the things I woke up thinking about this poignantly was after watershed of the time he's been out there and again we probably spend. The better part of an entire day walking around party people who were flying the wolves banners and. I thought okay. Think about how great that was to stumble across the campsite full of people little party into the wolf thing ends right part of the wolfpack. And it got me thinking about thrown out which is four weeks away not that far away good decent tattered September. Eighth Saturday you play expo center now imagine that then you completely sold out in everybody there is a fan of the wolf not. 304050%. Write whatever was at. What is at stake here. Throw down is taller people. Yes I can not. Wait I'm so excited and it's almost sold out though because it's seven acts for 49 dollars right so why not that you tickets came round is gonna be there. Chris DNC and ranger Smith. Aaron Crawford. Walker haze and low and we did they have a standing. We've been talking so it's no wanna sit nasty you know it's time to get access throw down back in the forefront glass front and center and and mentally nailed it. Don't get left out. You know no wait just a little bit too long to get tickets to throw down in game it is gonna sell out and there's no question back and got a shot that hasn't already asked. But there are still tickets available that's the good news. Seattle wolf Icahn is probably easy place to go get more info get all your ticket to get all ready to go and I know VIP and premier and all that may be gone but still getting is coming out. Yeah I mean I don't think you need a good seat like we. Soda water should walk around have a great time people Florida. Only event at pace slowed a little bit better you know you won here in slow Joseph and captain lightweight over there starts watch. Gotta make straight up yeah a drinking game after admitting what but really what was and into the drinking and we've led rage cage they called it more to work more door yeah yeah we played some insane drinking game in slow Joseph was targeted for termination early. Death and and author. And often in and ended with him drinking what was it. I have my wine cooler and cheese and wine cooler name a lot of fear a lot of wine cooler things yeah I schools return quick counselor joked. Our eighth road around the long explosion alone when he does I think wind change. Not that way if I'm drunk in my winning the fight confidential and Italy's big three's figure number that this is the morning. Alastair he was 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the Big Three is bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night and liars and this is the big story. The new list plastic surgery trending is ridiculous. So used to it. Use celebrities as a references when they went into plastic surgeon one now people are using snapped chats filters. They are calling it snapped Chad does more Fiat basically people are so used to seeing in himself and staff kept filters they wanna look like that. Permanently so they want their lips bigger their eyes bigger their nose Boehner I think it absolutely. Ridiculous. He thinks so heavily hasn't really tiny and not ask to ask Schlegel a little less net jets built. Yeah we had discover station actually on the car pull out a watershed decision there's a difference indeed is aging gracefully looking good in happy. And in the people that try to do things to tipped him reverse that sporty right I mean it's just it never looks natural. What doesn't. And you have to realize that this is they trended people and your neutering dreading it ten years finale plastic surgeries permanent yet so don't follow that trend. I pray to our had to intercede experienced at his own concert he decided he might go in mingle with Visteon so he went into a restricted area and fortunately. One of the security guards didn't realize who he why it. And tackled him it was until it's free to convince the guard that they he would tackle the actual. Artist Tyler bar it up with a sprained ankle on a big thump on his had to had to go to the ER. I just think that's I mean talk about a bloated ego. Yes unilaterally came in under a really good job just looking like every other guy. You know and I have no star quality whatsoever that that's not happening to tumor growth that's exactly Susan I mean I know most artists don't Wear the all access pass but they're as good an unexpected and I don't active if you're getting go into the crowd that was tapestry Garnett looked dear. I'm from backstage got to go in and buy some chains and leather jacket or something. You know the missing an outlook like get yup hey there's and he said he out from me and University of Miami and I'll like this one if you're not huge and exercise they say being active exercise. You need to keep your brain functioning at a high level is just two hours a week. To give if I can get you in slowed due to complying. By no means an hourly guys and split it maybe. Big guys that's manageable it's a good place to start for your brain function and not worry about your party and everything else later. Taylor isn't anything is better than nothing that isn't over a brisk walking is about it and it's still outside what do you call it when your revenue upon nature Emily. Course they think forest bathing area make eleven panic Matt had to get out there. Morning wolf that with Matt McCallister 100 points and he'll go. How much do you think this Space Needle window washer makes Laura articles free for on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes reliving that it's never OK to ask until now. We've got Victoria from Port Orchard on the phone hello Victoria how are you today. Ariel don't fantastic you have a good weekend. OK Victoria by the way is a certified nurse's assistant think she's actually working at a patient's house right now. I hope you're not expecting any of your news nursing duties. Talking to us. Okay we carry your awesome thanks for listening to the show being a part of share your salary which are gonna do heard a couple of minutes but first let's put a minute on the clock and ask you as many questions as we can try to figure out. While we think he's okay victorious. Are scared oh Emily one minute a great deal worked for a house solar specific doctor here in home caretaker. So the people that hired you you're getting paid privately. No direct for a company and then we go into people's houses. Through their company so I I don't work rarely get obsessed but I don't like is kind of an off. You just take your one patient at a time. I had time yes but I normally would be different our Redding got an X. So you're certified what does that mean exactly. And I have a license up how even if it. And a total party is still four years in the business. I was last time he had new car. And a month ago. Our gear patients typically elderly. Do you own or rent a home. I rank how many hours a week he worked. Forty. And that Hondo they would take a little break here we'll try to figure out what we just learned Victoria. We'll come back right after Brooks and Dunn will guess what we think you make and then you share your salary okay. I don't can't thank you oh. Maybe get us squeeze in a quick cap there are some lower the song. Don't forget the jelly. Victoria from Port Orchard on the phone he is a certified nurse's assistant would mean she has a license is not some Brando that walks into your mom and starts us. Flying lubricants and right not. What else do we just learn about Victoria Emily before we try to guess who we think she makes. Session works for a company this sends her debut in home care taking mostly for the elderly it's it's been about an hour with each patient. She'd get worked up forty hours of each bring her home and she's been doing it for about four years. Okay. These guys had to refresh my memory that I was the champion on Friday in fact. To the number which Jack I got a two Bagger I got to always honor so the story amateur guess first. And I a first Indy and also deter thanks for doing what you do you know my mom has a nursery two and it's really not only helps the patient but the fan yeah so thank you so much. Not always glamorous work it's. You know. Okay I'm gonna go just because the three sound young we never asked how old you are but I think you're young I think you knew in the day is. And you know whenever you have a profession that mainly help to the people you know make what you show phenomena go 42000. Emily Europe next a little higher rate of 47000. Same wheel house. Slow Joseph using a flyer go hunt -- group. Yes now am I got a little bit higher risk to cover the top and four years long time ago 49 this time I think I'm gonna get the win again here is kind of. Mile and a news. Now I Victoria dinners from Port Orchard news Douglas junior his way news. How much you make in the tourist. I. I. As an affair. 300. Out of my ten. Which again I've seen some of the things that nurses do and there's not a much money in the world well and most people can some like what you guys do every single day so. God bless you Victoria. Yeah thank you and I am period remains a little bit Marleau at the top ten for what you do you like. The best certified nurse in the PW what's what's he or she making. It. And at our I am actually getting in the act anyplace that I go. Generally how rightly you meet me forty stay with the company along. So bad maybe you know you you attack on a little side hustle someone committee makes an August 4 determine Levy thanks for your salary. Yeah right. The morning when I needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts and I'm doesn't sound fundamentals than a dollar ball here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no Waltham what are we can obviously we had a watershed where we early Saturday the Chancy affair in the blue angels fly all over Seattle high road races. But none of it compares to what I saw in the carpool on the way to watershed probably the most amazing spectacular feat of human endurance I ever witnessed in my life. And we always talk a lot about Emily and her sleeping. Is sleeping were an Olympic sport Emily you would gold medal I don't care what I don't care what countries competed against you. I've never seen any like that they these guys picked me up and Issaquah on the little water should Saturday morning. And I say out of habit on the ground in the backseat role as bad it could put it hasn't been a blanket and pillow. Emily was probably a wake served thirty seconds just to exchange a couple of pleasantries how is your night good okay good night all. She puts her head on the pillow crawls underneath her Seattle Mariners handout blankets. And he's left. For three hours all the way to the gorge death you know be your eyes one time now we sat there we Rhode beat the street questions we talked about life we Missouri case. We drew in the car sort of three way dude conversation and I kept thinking like you know sometimes when you're asleep in the car we cannot really asleep in your kind of listening. I can single thing just to see if you're awake he reacts like all I know emily's got a vicious cocaine at. I couldn't he was out and then as further evidence of this week fully into you know George Washington where the gorges and and we're pullen manoa and you finally kind of wake up as the car slows down and it set full like. Yeah and highly tuned. And again if you don't believe me we're sitting there were looking up high and we're we're standing at the very top of you know the cordless or relative it's is so beautiful. And there's this little city that's probably ten miles of the room and an ambulance service goes. Hey is that bill view it. I up faraway. Gives you know you both leave it on a player card you wake up and you're just bear you know you how you got there and see the three hour landscape out fast. And must be Nordstrom's and good putt. Because he deter secret in the distance at that you're. We wrote to grain silo in the far. I likely an as the car ride an airplane like flights. I pass out this second I get in there my body is strained it and the upper car they think it's because they car sick so I'd rather just sleep but he had some great afternoon. That's impressive I mean M I'll be honest I was completely jealous fit in with the Joseph put us to work three hours talking to these guys I think but yeah we are talking and you're crazy flights back and forth to Atlanta for the of vacation we death. May you lead at midnight and Alec that would wrecked me for a week we used to literally sleep every minute of every play station relevant sleep. And for us of the more impressive than the blue angels more impressive than Gloria more impressive then Hydro boats flipped him. She got Silvio Brcko jerky bird. Yeah okay whatever. And I go to ideally I am completely just I love sleeve but I don't think like you say I can't think I'm supposed to sleep and I know I am. Oh yeah. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf well if you found yourself really affected by the mother orca whales. Who's been. Carrying around her dead cat for the last week and a half two weeks you're not alone. Seattle times. Did a pretty incredible thing dance disaster readers say if you're affected by this in a way that seems more profound than normal. Reach out it was more than a thousand people there and and I know from just our little world here remember slow Joseph it's out of this well in the podcasts and and in fact he said I have cried every day that this story has been a news because every day there's an update. Every day it sadder than the day before and after she continues to carry around her dead calf by the with a whale's name I now know is to leak what otherwise known as 35. But people have been writing and poems writing songs drawing pictures one woman says she hasn't slept for days Powell thing. Yeah I can't stop crying I can't sleep my heart is aching I am powerless to help. I got totally sucked down the rabbit hole with his articles and reading all these responses and I actually slowed to put something together. Most people. If they had a loss in their life recently the apple were really attaching to this story about loss gaffe and it didn't even really occurred at least those are the the read many girls as I've learned you were crying every day Africa I don't think it's a coincidence that you lost your dad on fire. It makes sense an we didn't include the dinner talked about that we know that deep into it but to unpack the box a little bit that's probably. Out why it's affecting you so much higher. I've definitely never made that connection invade there can be sending you that I feel like no matter what happened I would still cry of a circus the market for. But visit leaving you and if you go back it was in the podcast that I did you like I don't understand. Like I'm I'm crying and control we all that I got this whale. He had you know I may be your right at this isn't just think that it is the clear what is not even mean I was just reading all these stories and all of them had a loss yeah recently and making it more. It right. And by the way I don't know the update. I I stop seeing them I don't know if this up on the story sojo has used you solid closer than anybody there hasn't been a yeah a real detailed update that I confide in the last four days if it's only gotten Saturn portion lamb in the rest of the pot like I was a word at one point that the pop was gonna fail on her tissue was flown out there helping her for a couple days there's another like really young like a four year old. Whale in the that's also really sick and another figured. Out how to help that whale Ali can you passel and oh no no no we love in the morning wolfpack with Matt Matt Stairs. 100 points for the wolf almost 9 o'clock which means a couple of. Things first and foremost the most important thing we need business out of a thousand bucks for use be back road bankroll 1000 dollars DP. But given keyword ready to go to give away some cash I do hopefully it's around here somewhere I still have. I just didn't end from water said yell and I think you give out of keyword and maybe somebody can give your voice back any comedian and a fair trade. To be quite honest with you this is actually pretty good compared to years. When it was about a week in front party with you must have for the man it was so great to meet so many wolves fans and listeners. I know you and we know we're just as taken aback by how many people had wolf's stuff like flying wolf the news great. Lot of wolf ride out there and so we need nice. People I love our rule setters thank you so much for Dolan above and beyond the to show your love for the wallpaper just feel so kind to us for so much love out there. This weekend a watershed absolutely I want to thank everybody to begin this of course life or jealous. We're both at the same time I think everybody except the lady the anatomy for drinking Japanese misty. You gathered yes Joseph almost gotten to a fight I'm waiting for what the shuttle's. Ngo let me ask you a little aggressive at she'd been out for a couple days and I. You know that kind of thing to where it's a couple and you could tell that the husband he Bloomberg yeah okay you see him back down. Stein and that's. Yeah but I've never seen so many creative jello shots in my life. It's fantastic yeah. Daily it's almost hard to look into your so sunburn to go get tomato if the color over there hey did Alan get I don't know what I said there's no. That would go sunburns or whatever are right now the bus coming up next dailies got a four with a keyword at managed likes him they have five minutes to wait for that. We will see you back tomorrow morning if you wake up early we got you 5 AM we love you'll see tomorrow. Actually the car. Mornings I don't. I feel 100 point seven the world.