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Monday, December 4th

Monday December 4th, 2017


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I think he went well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not there. You 100 point 70 look. The morning wolf pack here on a Monday morning a little bit after 5 AM by the way were quick Chris Young tickets coming up at 7:10 this morning. Which beat the street as we Swiss switch gears. And an estimated new prize always on. The big headliner now I know he is dead zone tour claimed that the come abilities think he is girth komen to. 120000. People ask you know what he's got about a number ones on figure and might work out formally end here embodies. So listen why are you up early to a 6421 wolf if you're out on kind of wake up get going here on a Monday we love to hear from you find out how your weekend was. And their share a little bit win us a so hopefully this like five to 530. Double actually reached their really funny conversation that we had on Friday late in the show where I try to talk to ten year old out of what they want for Christmas. Dissenter in just got away from me there been any parent. They who's doing the cellphone battle understand exactly what I'm coming from there ten years old you don't itself solve all of my personal oh opinion. So anyway just thank you for the belated B day wish his head man Attica honestly I really would've made any big deal out of my birthday because it's not a zero or five so it's almost like it's an unmentionable. But I consider them my wife Vanessa took the time to surprise me like you on Thursday she flew out and you know she's coming. I showed I got back room by cried it was like 4 o'clock and she's sitting there on the doorstep the house is like yeah okay so we had a great weekend. We didn't have. I think bigger than my birthday it was our first weekend together. Without our son had school whose over a year old now and we've never had a baby sitter and we've never gone out. I and it sounds crazy. But I think. I don't know how to explain it other than we just really haven't won in two. So we're outside you go way Nero sound editor and I had just gives you very real conscious somebody's gonna leave your way here outlet that I know Vanessa that is not going to be an easy decision for now. What she found this gal who has a nanny in Phoenix and has been using her a little bit and then all of a sudden. You know I was like oh. I didn't I didn't think there was any way that she was leave that you'd for an entire week correct is when she was here in Garth was happening she wouldn't even leave for the night I thought I thought maybe her parents must have been in have. That's what I thought that with her again said it was like an old who's got June she's a well. Case god hates us so let's get it worked out really good the whole time she was super comfortable and we was facetime well you know every day in him but she. She wasn't one of those moms that's wondering. Missing and wondering in nervous she enjoyed every minute of the noise. She's had that Kidd Tony forces threw her hat for a year she enjoyed every minute it was Friday night or a big well party ears turning but we deeds did what we. Can't do when we have Democrats a Friday and ailments are moving which was just great to just sit in a movie theater not to worry about it. We saw the three billboards outside and the Missouri and I've been wanting to see that yet if you like those movies that are a little off center and they are blockbusters movies great it's cal sag got Elliot Cohen Brothers arrived here totally in Frances McDormand sentences Coen Brothers and she's never won their movies but. Then last Saturday was the big day we got up early went skiing a crystal mountain. And it's no the entire day it was and s.'s first time ever on skis that's carries and she crushed the bunny slope shoes on an all day long necked a discovery era and we did from 9 AM. Until literally they had to kick her off the list at 4 o'clock Pixar and you cannot go approach it's crazy I mean your first time skiing or snowboarding or whatever like that edges terrain. Oh yeah public trust me she passed out hard in the car on the way don't have and we got no we got a pizza we Europe till about 9 o'clock and she's. You have no idea also connect affect tubes so tired stats go to fed baby so she went to bed and an immense youth I put her on the plane yesterday issue for chizik. He added that today isn't muscles that you never used in your eyes totally always he had a couple of good wiped out still Jim whitehurst heard necklace. And I think as good roses he secede or set Isaac think. She's I think I'm can cost I got a concussion last Stuart that's why we Wear helmets and outcasts I Wear the helmets but no is great and John wanna talk about no where you were over the weekend. Meeting some people in grams on talk about that a little later reality show our hog the whole Ayers first break her that was such a great weekend epic birthday we can but I tell you what. To all of you to did reach out whether it was on Twitter or FaceBook or whatever. I don't social media is not a gauge of real friendship. The men go web 500 people write in my timeline yesterday. That's a sight to be kidding me I was just I was totally blown away by that reasoning being Linda let. So thank you. Stylus Sebring at the morning wolf pack of them going. I RE a slow today I'd invited you guys twice I think that there will be a third time. We'll talk about the fact that it's national cookie day if you make this a game that's when you know we run out of material. 206421. Walsh why are you up early come on guys let's go. Delorean bill fair or good morning what are you doing up early. Lauren me and I am headed to this lovely bang your Washington based. To support our men and women that are serving our country. Three will god bless you Lori what do you do and to support them how I do supporting trade. And delivered to different delving inside and support or what they do so you're actually employed by the base and yes I worked for Lockheed Martin. Oh that's fantastic glory how long you been doing that. And I about fourteen years but I think that's earth thirty years. Our Adler what time you wake up every morning. About 3 o'clock OK we got the same schedule god bless yes it's this morning I don't know what it was made used as we have stayed up late watching the Seahawks game we probably all were good my feet did not wanna get out of bed dated one of the floor. I am I out Falwell are I got sort it all right don't work you sound like a perfect country fans in me. Get my idol. That's great we love you and we appreciate you so much starting your day with us Lori yet I enjoyed listening on radio you the best. You know what I noticed over the weekend and ask you questions to see if it's true okay did you get your Christmas tree over the weekend. I did not ever that at leavenworth. Watching the tree lighting ceremony. All okay how was that. That would absolutely spectacular. And I would recommend that anyone. Probably it for today. I feel like Christmas really got started this weekend I saw Christmas trees on every roof vice I know there were lighting is all over town so I feel like. We got into the Christmas spirit a little bit over the week you which is so cool yet and it was snowing up there that started. My tree up this weekend. That's beautiful well Lori this and have a wonderful day thanks for what to do to support the military that that's so important I know you know that in. We really appreciate you being a part of morning wolf pack and they get out continue to listen I love it yet please do I mean we're a baby show we got to build this thing you gonna help us. Right spread the word say listen you gotta be a wolf for your route that right I Laurie Levy have a good day care. You're listening to the morning and welcome back with the advent Alastair and I know. Nevermind. The nail 100 points. Happy Monday Matt McAllister. Prince George wants a police car for Christmas. What are your kids won't do you know. I don't a lot of them had not even so about their Christmas lists it's only December 1 but now I think I was on that night. Halloween just. I guess it depends on the childhood. For the most part I don't know if you have a legged. You write added traditionalist in your kid every year CI a piece of paper pencil cookies milk the whole thing I was so lazy I would just take the Sears catalog. You know the big yeah in this year's general orders through the toy section and then to circle everything that I wanted to just handed over. I guess that's. And it was a bridge yes I'd and a runner and that I got certainly not everything else and I'm works and a bunch of different ways very much for kids. 26421. Wolf is the number. Kathleen good morning how are you. OK Kathleen what is it that you're hoping well first of all Kathleen holding him. OK Kathleen sound a little of the tenure kind of maturity it. The role he may be a little bit even naughty or nice this year. Okay and what are you hoping to get for Christmas this year when you open Santa brings you. And hopefully. It. A new dolls which tenant all. They won't in those are the best now do you know which one that you want. Well I won't. Eat Addie Kathleen do you read the books do. Do you have any American girl dolls right now is they're pretty special world all well. I hope. That have been good laws will maybe even hear this on the radio as we broadcast worldwide. And then make your Christmas. When you'll never forget. All all right Kathleen thanks so much listening. Also. OK let's talk to her name. Hi how are you. Pay your hood OK now how old are you and what would you like for Christmas from Santa this year. Didn't hit a homer DNA. Hitting well not tonight Barack yeah. Poll. No match rule. Yes I know they have those it's like the mini need all loser really Q. All right. I bought a house cat link all okay been good because that's a big Christmas right there. Well I think think Merry Christmas to you sweetie I love you take care. I did not all link all of probably all my Ole Ole Ole. OK that sounds good to you have a wonderful weekend. Our national coaches by now. All they me. Merry Christmas to you thank you so much. I I just can't bring myself to hang up on different. And when they say Merry Christmas about the sweetest thing I can hear and I think we got time for one more so first of all Savannah welcome to the show and how old are you. Okay another ten year old Susanna. What would you like for Christmas this year what do you hope that Santa brings you. A phone okay the idea have a phone yet. Else okay do you think that it's gonna happen for. Yeah. I'll probably be okay how come. Having good. Well now San isn't charged but he he mom and dad are ready for you to have a phone. Oh yeah. Tell your mom left in the Bagger at now is sent on to speak very generally here in very general terms is after all mom and had to make the decision when it comes to Christmas we don't know that but we have our stepdaughter. A phone when she was ten. And it turned out at least in our house it was a little too early so. I don't think it's a bad things Savannah maybe Santa decides maybe twelve their team that's or attacked me on sand. Bet you yes. Others injured it's it's fine to ask it's fine to want but it's also a good idea maybe pepper your expectation just a little bit figure out. I'm really Savannah I really ready for phone I don't know all that pressure on instant grandmother might send an element stuff. I don't know I think you better off without that's my opinion I think kids need to be kids say the phones relating to look at one for the rest your life. We'll let you get the yeah you're right and I don't know how to expect any real jerk your money better than I mean let me talk to mom real quick Savannah. It does actually Savannah grandmother. All high now how do you feel grandma if Santa brings Savannah phone Santa brings a manifold. I think she's done yet. Why tend to agree with the job of I don't know it's up to Santa but it's in our in our house it was too young Fisher. It apnea but listen they start asking when they're six or seven it's crazy in and the worst part is. They go to school in all of their friends have phones when there in fourth grade and then now hip bones they have nicer phones and I do they've got the new iPhone ten. I don't know I don't I I don't know it's just crazy to experience. And I'm sure it's gonna wanna be in her backpack every day. I'm well Savannah I have a one year old son. And I know things are gonna change before he gets to Saddam's image but I promise you he get a phone a mind and so. He's fifteen in my town when you get a fourth round go get your own home I'm not buying it nothing but trouble she threw me. I hate him he's the end. Any one well get used to it. You know you ride or else. I think kids are better without a mile on my kid to be better on the union and ours are real interest in this notes are yes. It right it's completely lost track of what murdered Savannah are Ramallah bloody guys. Merry Christmas is Savannah thanks for calling from Tacoma Ingram on two. Tyrone everything I mean not that I have strong feelings about just over tonight and don't like it either way I'm sorry I should've stayed out of the. What happened that McAllister visit progress. Tell you these guys got to bring donuts then you know 100 points. Not those Seahawks. I don't know I mentioned before but everybody move littlest slow these data and watch the game of course for our hours 9 o'clock is pretty much the middle of the night. But date yet these Seahawks besting. Last night the jets' 24 to ten or. Philadelphia Eagles when Philadelphia same colors I guess you know to actually beat a good team. The Philadelphia Eagles moving to 84 which I have to tell you. We're breaking down not to get too technical about the NF public your brain and the NFC in the AFC the AFC's terrible. And if you look how good the Seahawks are needed for the be one of the best teams in league less than if Karzai considered need to beat the Eagles you can with a suitable I feel like I just beat the Eagles. Climb out of breath. Yeah they go ready made America great news. But. This is the part that I find so unjust is that the Seahawks now find themselves still fighting for a wild card spot in the playoffs. And they are playing as good as anybody right now the attic I mean they had kind of a slow start and now that. Landed Russell Wilson played incredible lesson that they had some staff at the beginning of the game but he's responsible. Directly or indirectly. For I think 26 out of 27 of their touchdowns is the offense the last their last scoring drive was one I mean every first down was on third down. At every one of them was from him scrambling out of like three spot three years Fisher's exact. Planting any of the team that's why the Eagles beat favorite team do they sacked every the court of Iraq but he's doing he's pure wets in the back the other agents can get him. Anyways so that's where we stay and I believe those kind of checking it out this morning we gotta be Jacksonville for that wild card spot in the playoffs. Which is definitely doable after last that I would say confidence is high. We're Defcon three I just can't I mean it should be at that game last night it would have been absolutely zero China. I don't Randy next door was at the game everybody here is that the game of again we get this weekend well we stuck it to get through would get there but we're working on that but anyway goes Seahawks great game last night they win Sunday Night Football. Now on another episode of your club and we got a really really cool coffee mug. From some fine folks at today in the W modern real estate. In Seattle you got to actually check out the Seattle will disagree and Twitter and FaceBook to see this coffee mug. I can't really explain but to put hot water and it. And I anyway you gotta go see the social but done. Jackson down to thank them properly. Plus hello is this Kelly Johnson. Hit a daily hurry today. Then I'm doing great I get your business card from an associate of mine who's in the real estate game all you do residential or commercial. We can vote actual currency particularly look at it while I'm more concerned with the residential last victim and I just moved here from Arkansas looking in I was looking to buy some to him Bellevue for three to 400000 dollars can help me out of that okay. Yeah no luck. In Bellevue on one of the nicest biggest homes in Bellevue. Okay we won't lose yet 300 maybe 250 looking to deploy won't. Or or three. 5800000. In Bellevue. But I want dug in all 40000 square feet definitely got to have a pool got to have a man cave. Movie theater wine cellar Jim. Supermodels. Chris stalled. T pain all the stuff. Obviously Alexis footballers on HBO and I want all the sudden and yeah. Oh I got some of the wall. At. Yeah Elliott's Mac telling from the wolf are you. Larry you don't feel you can totally the professional voice now I'm just gonna say thank you for your Fossum coffee mug. Go to LEOs is Colin thank you for listening to the morning wolf pack for being a part of it and officially welcomed into the mug club which. As you probably already knows all about to celebrate people in the community people working hard trying to get it done day after day just like you. Yeah absolutely. You know we have worked out for the team in the united eagle putt or regaining. Hopefully we'll put them didn't fare so cruel. They get to know that evening welcome to do plan. I'm a believer of heat activated included in the coffee mug on the cards you don't you ballclub and a little while before you plot. We need heat activated the public. Hot pot yet so let's reward. Light up a little bit more I don't got to include these formal. Lead us. And when you look at the heart healthy you'll autopilot while others involves. Well we don't I don't or won't let them it won't believe that God's fault he can't you want to model Paul. That's a good chameleon like garlic and it'll put a cup of coffee guessing right away in the end in check that out that's awesome. Oh won't you love your show I do think that every morning that I get up. Early to try to DPS Seattle traffic in some article which because somehow whether. Well Ellie I don't know the schedule over there at ten ANW modern real estate Keller Williams Joseph and I would love to come by and meet everybody and then bring you some doughnuts and just thank you for listening enjoying the mud club. Alright awesome in my thoughts and so excited you guys and that's awesome that it is. All right Haley will be making a donut dropped to use a little bit later today as there really journalists and soon enough I appreciate having you guys who welcome. You're listening to the morning all back with Matt McCallister. It's 100 points. Obviously everybody and high from last night Seahawks game and you know it was all over that game and if you're going through mr. Grammer toured this morning Chris Pratt. Not only had like that he fired up to two wells before the game he raised the flag but he was taken pictures with the local police department the TD he was in the stands he's he's one of my favorite actors out there he just seems like such a good duties though hollered as well a lot of celebrities that have this sort of untouchable thing about a but he's like the guy do you wanna have some beer now those who have absolutely I have to personally I had no idea he was from Seattle but they cities Seattle native. You know that's interesting because what I gonna pretend that we do here for a long time we really we have and we were getting to know Seattle we love it but. We're Kooks were new. I think maybe we should have that conversation. What are the most famous celebrities that actually live here and not talking about. Celebrities that are from here we know the Iraq CNN he had a Jimi Hendrix is a rabbit that's the you know that if you don't live here but if you live in Seattle. Who are the most famous celebrities that live here and I think we could come to skip. Bill Gates you know Brett we know that happened like Chris Pratt is a huge Jurassic Park celebrity I didn't know he lived here either general that so I think that's kind of a good conversation we have not had yet. Morning wolf thank you can help educate us a little bit here normally we're hooking you guys up but maybe could give a little back. Famous celebrities that live in Seattle right now 206421. Wall. Say good morning Caitlin can more we are talking about the biggest celebrities that live in Seattle educate us a little bit. Yes well I know I have an inaugural but the art. So live in the area they both live T yeah I believe it booklet here. I would assume then that Cameron Crowe lives here as well because he's married to I believe it's Nancy yeah. Cherry got this so does everybody in Seattle no the Chris Pratt lives here or is from here I actually had no idea okay. Yeah I about the maybe that's another question asked as he lives here or is he from here I don't have any idea I just sumo those folks live in LA all right. Question for other people with Taylor you are awesome thanks for checking in thanks yeah all right take cares act in off burns what big celebrity lives in Seattle. Is it makes. She's you know we actually knew that one because he does the morning show on our sister station which is right next door I had nine lives I mean is that they called them Kyra number all I am what so what sir mix a lot what was the big song it won song is baby got back. Out out I'm pretty sure is baby got back but. Zach appreciate you checking in been a part of a morning wolfpack meant thank you. The morning wolf back on a Monday Matt McAllister producer Joseph taking your calls on the biggest celebrities that live here in the Seattle area try to find a couple of don't nuggets we don't know about Zachary in span away you know a little more info on now Chris Stroud. Yeah. You doesn't. Like it was. Okay that's where he grew up and assuming now he lives in LA might have a little place here though you never know rights act. Yeah so you actually lived here. Yeah area very cool I'm wondering is this the biggest modern days celebrity their lives here because he was all over the Seahawks game last night. Oh yeah he's. Beak and a lot. He goes to a lot of local schools up that the lot local. Very cold Zachary appreciate the update your Jennifer ensure line Jennifer big celebrities from Seattle or their lives in Seattle. Hi Tom air love me some Tom scare. Yeah and that is. Reverend. I think he was also mavericks is mavericks instructor and top guns I repair it and if you go to watch Ted there's a really funny scene where mark lubbers boss has an autograph picture with Tom scariest things that is most prized possession which a little bit a mockery of that very funny nonetheless Jennifer I love Tom securities great. Yeah he is very ice on the outward as being capped an eight news is it was imposed. I think that enigma do the bidding. Think both you know what I always say you'd spent I did the one rule I have about celebrities if they're eating. I try not to bug and they're not. This family I didn't wanna be like you know I didn't think I think you and you. Well that's respectful I'm sure he felt the eyes burning a hole in his head. Yet all right there ordeal from Jennifer shoreline to Jennifer in Everett the morning Jennifer big celeb that lives in Seattle. Cost some now that one I news but what part of town to see eleven. Wallingford beautiful. You know he actually when this. That would be kind of cool I saw him when I was in college she played her college bar there was about fifty people there and I just remember thinking. Ford has the best violin player ever seen in my life. But that was when Jennifer thank you so much for checking and it does go to pat in Kirkland another celebrity that lives in Seattle pat. Pat. Pat cash anyway let's come back to pat Joseph you want your face. A group quick and we had a bunch there you animator and on the list we got out Hilary Swank Kenny G Bob Barker wait wait wait a flat iron this is well according to fifth and he's been verified. I had no no definitely not verified Joel McHale built my apparently got his career started here Christie Keegan who I am a huge fan of Rainn Wilson from the office an affair a secret Brad is getting divorced for them. Let's see about them by Jeffrey dean Morgan who pat is gonna mention who is Jeffrey dean Morgan he's accurate from what he stars in the a lot of people think you look like him he's married to Tori Spelling he AM you have seen it before let's see Apollo Ohno. Olympic figure skater. And and that that about wraps it up of course on you know Jimi Hendrix Bruce Lee Dave Matthews. You know the look at just popped into my head and remember from American Idol who's the guy that did this donor kid that's from here with a big Mohawk. Sunshine. I think I I can die. And I also know the Gallic semi big bachelor now and a junkie I admitted it's my guilty pleasure benefit go to bachelor star yet the bachelor paradise that the girl who just got married his firm here's what I can't remember her name but just like the 23 year old psychotherapist. Market gas is good stuff all right appreciate it takes the calls old by the way coming up Geisel reminder beat the street another round we got Chris Young tickets all week long. If you wanna jump the line a little bit early 206421. Wolf I sat with Matt McCallister. Brought. It's no walls Matt McAllister producer Joseph and we are about to become roommates in fact I got up a little bit there early today because at a pick of Joseph at his hotel. In Capitol Hill Lotus. All his worldly possessions back in my car and we can work together is officially. On and I'll tell you Joseph. Everybody was really concerned because my wife obviously fluent that we can she surprised me for a birthday which was yesterday but that meant. I had to call Joseph Thursday saying look man I know we get this whole roommate making going on at that my wife she showed up at my half ounce. Our house and we don't have the baby I'm like the quad AG physical beloved squad age. Eight there are a wonderful thing anyway I don't show. If there's any way that you could find a place for Saturday night and I said this is a rear. This is rarefied ground my wife and I are about to walk on he added I was not about to stand in the way. Well in its. My house is very small it's 900 square feet and there is an older that you don't donated you know needed but I appreciate it Joseph I know you you spent a couple bucks on a hotel Saturday at all the lovely silver cloud hotel or rural crowd it was a nice little hotel out Credo don't synchronized. And there was actually a stretch their word Joseph was actually homeless. Gaffe from 11 AM on Saturday when I had to be out of my temporary housing Intel's 3 PM before when I get checked into the hotel. I was completely homeless I was able to put my stuff like check the stuff of the hotel. But then had to go around and finds them to deal is I read a couple errands and Iran are set to do it is pouring rain I was walking around soaking glad I was so tired and it's the ever Lillian on Friday between that in its time you fell asleep in downtown a double gonna make out. You're about half homeless until now it's I've finally went back to the lobby though talent like I hope they don't mind if I just sit here on this count from warming up by their fire the guy that guy that I give my stuff she wasn't there are some like they're gonna think I'm homeless guys that chart my hardest to stay away but it was it was a hard well. I'm ready for you out of the cottage right around. I'm looking forward to it grew we're going to be roommates this week we've gone over all the ground rules we have boundaries. You know I think it's going to be great tonight we're gonna barbecue I got a big try to forest fire of the face that yeah I think we should do a FaceBook live together to run Marion roommates and I expect that I'd I'd much rather go down this for than have you be out on the street well I appreciate that as elegantly. When you move into your real places Thursday morning a third case is only a couple niacin a few nights I think I think on this side this time. I think originally were looking at a week club and that's when we had to go over some respect the fact that should be tried yet we promise you guys a a FaceBook live tonight from the squad is how to become a fund. I got Monday Night Football. Cricket couple bidders and this can be fun actually own authority. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf Matt McAllister here in a Monday at six days since its history. Yeah good morning Mandy in Marysville welcome to beat the street how aria and a Ari I'm fantastically you have a good weekend. At. I'm so glad to hear that many will welcome to beat the street to get a fair tickets right now to secrecy and at the Tacoma dome on Saturday may nineteenth he's headlining courtesy Bergen friends and AEG live's. Yeah I'm really they avid it that he bit that I. Nobody. He's got the best voice in country music I swear he's amazing in this is going to be a fun show now the contest is real simple. Before we go down the street in producer Joseph found somebody asked random person in downtown Seattle the same five questions we're gonna put thirty seconds on the clock. And we're gonna roll through five questions here just random trivia there's always Seattle question there's always a country question and let's see how you do are you ready mandate. Question number one. Which famous white rappers birth name is Marshall Mathers. And Henry went there became famous for playing the funds on what's seventies and eighties TV show. Michael Phelps is a 23 time gold medalist and what's port. Of Seattle Washington is located in what can only. I. To his country star Blake Shelton married to until they're divorced in 2015. Inch. Pat all right let's go down to the street in find out first of all who Joseph found that you're going to be playing against here we ago. Fireworks in name away from what do you do. There is some from Milwaukee. I'm almost. Okay he's got a great chuckle this kid I love them all right senior Curtis varies on the streets no job right now. But that doesn't matter when it comes to beat the street some of the unemployed are very knowledgeable Mimi. I hear it. They were all one paycheck away right great here is question number one rich famous right wrapped her first name is Marshall Mathers. I'm an. And is right you both got to write many nice job so that means you both have a point 22121 times. Yes all right that's a good way to start Mandy and theory we've blurred became famous for playing the songs on what seventies and eighties TV show. Or was close but it was incorrect happy days was the show me Andy Kenny how old area. Charity thirty's your voice happy days. At no but it just hopping and I had I know it's tough when you only have thirty seconds but that hey it doesn't matter eating get it right so we're still tied at one apiece heading into question number three. Michael Phelps is this morning three time gold medalist and worse court sort of swimming is right give both got a right nannies are right now we get to questions left and you guys are tied at that 22 are you feeling. The stress. I don't know will act on on how can I love it that you know the rules mean that makes me so happy okay Gary go questionable for Seattle Washington is located and what founding. Yeah. King County oh my goodness this is so tight we have a tie 33 headed in the final question. Mandy he gets his right in you don't it's all over. Yeah but I followed that merits the death. Yeah I feel like you had the advantage going into the last question here it is to his country star Blake Shelton very clear before their divorce and Tony fifteen. Curtis didn't know you did of course Marino Lambert so. As I see the scoreboard here you finish up a very respectable four out of five questions Curtis only got three. Mandy you're going to Chris Young at that can help and nobody in mandate. Yeah I am comment on that but help me in her path he can figure moment of the concert I only got a country conflict with my mom. Saw loves are you Miree. At no. Even then you pay when you get married used to get take a moment of the country shows. Yes that's your thing I love these guys have a thing you do together Mandy thank you so much for listening and for playing beat the street can't wait to meet you at Christiane. Well Uganda compound in holiday. Would just ten days out from hometown holiday Mandy told them we need to just take its congratulations. In the morning needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't stop until Senegal. All here's McAllister. It's no lulls the morning all back Matt McAllister and last night. Joseph and I got to talk in and there's a story from here that is now gone international. AB haven't heard about Rambo nanny in Everett Washington. And it's crazy too because you know we're talking about a lot of people in faced and didn't even know the story was from. Here correct but listen to. An audio clip from the news. I actually. Let me restate that. This is the video a case of their surveillance video basically what happened is a car rolls out. A woman jumps out of the car pretty nice SUV actually runs up to the front of the house and steals a package it's what happens this time a year unfortunately. And Kate Andersen who is demanding. Was watching the baby at the house who wasn't even her house on video she runs out. As the car's pulling away because it sees the nanny running. The woman falls out of the car and rolls on the pavement a couple times went for the video in the Seattle FaceBook page. The end. K Rambo Mandy runs out tackles a lady. Seduce her. NN ends up calling the police and arresting her so that is so awesome you've got to see this in for anybody who's ever had a package sold I have yet. It's the same somebody breaking in your car it's a violation of privacy to here's some audio from that video. The I'm out there. Yeah and though many don't play. Yeah. It. Yesterday we're not can donate that anybody try to approach a criminal. Minutes of satisfying and somebody to well no tell employees to Wear every you work like even a bank bro don't you know go at the robber like I did that. Not Rambo Manny no rights and she's never morning multi we have a finder. OK we we don't know can you help us find her like we did for AAA Alex 206421. Wolf come on morning wolf back let's getter. You are listening you're Rambo nanny came to Anderson from Everett Washington. She's gone viral she's all of a sudden. An international superstar because. Somebody tried to steal a package from the house that she works out it's not her house but it that's that's her space. So she jobs out runs tackles the woman in the street. And subdue the perp until the authorities can arrive Rambo Manny is a hero. And she's from Washington she lives in Everett's. We get a finer Joseph we getting any closer I know we puts some feelers out on social media well I've got a message bra and the woman she works for. So I think she's trying to set this up right now. This could be fun you know work with AAA Alex rice gambling will be thrown out there live radio hey we wanna find his first morning wolf I can you help us again. Rambo nannies and again the video. Is incredibly you've got to see it's on the Seattle FaceBook today. They don't I think you said it best I mean it's always dangerous to engage the criminal. How or when it works now it's so sweet six satisfy. And you know that's a real problem this time a year we talked to FedEx Corey and join a mug club last week and he says. That that is you know. Rear view mirror he sees cars that just follow his delivery truck around and wait to steal the packages well it's such a problem that Amazon is now selling these locks that it allows delivery driver to go inside your house because they're stealing so many packages they guess what. That Baghdad didn't win this time no. Because Rambo Manny was on the scene. And she's locally she's an international star and she did something really really cool for the community all right stay with us I have high hopes for to get the next couple minutes on the show. And I told you guys how much I love you can't believe the morning wolfpack is done and again. We get an international viral story now abouts Rambo nanny remember Washington who tackled. A woman stealing a package of the front door and how she was working and it's everywhere the video is on our FaceBook page Seattle world. And thanks to you guys and a couple of FaceBook leads in some my phone calls here we've got her on the phone right now all right is this Rambo nanny Kate Andersen. I can't that they pick up I guess they're very. Hey hey good morning my name is Matt and the morning guys here in the wolf how's it feel being international superstar overnight. A pretty and Spain I can only go up about it at a point. I'm not really social media person in general though it already greatly. I guess so many questions for you first I'm so glad the morning wolfpack help us track you down because we're the story last night Joan are like we've got to talk to this lady and you can't look like a country girl to meet you listen to country music. And I thought I mean effect but I definitely enjoy country depending on my mad but yet it's you know I might get old school country girl like her bra and charged me thirty. Plus are you holding about the fireball you FaceBook page I'm like this is one of our people right here. Much data but the awhile ago yeah I can definitely enjoyed the unpacked. What took you tell me what inspired you accuse your obviously working at somebody else's house is packed it belonged to somebody else. What inspired you to run out in the street and tackled this woman who's trying to steal the package. How well. The people that I work fire also like my longtime friends my husband and her husband went to exploit out there and act a laid back our kinda like McKinley but are now I think it was just my instinct and that I prepared then. That and I will I'm not afraid to let people know I don't agree with them thanks so I think it was just my instinct and do they can't pleasantly but it grabbed. And once I saw her I was just like I just. I instinctively just took off and started rat and and I went Hewitt last summer brown by her getaway driver and I can't really get. I heard him. You know why not now know. And do you think that the driver of the vehicle was your husband or boyfriend. Analogy that it was just different empire. Shouldn't get too much information obviously when the police are asking you as she made it seem like it was that kind of hurt but it's clearly not to get Democrats. No no you'd everything the man behind it is that went out the window literally she fell out of the car it'll look like a pretty nice car Timmy too like I Cadillac Escalade or something. Yeah glad that it Cadillac SUV driver parents beyond repeat ball. In the video you grabber and you walker back up to your house will wish to wish she defeated at that point are we she's trying to talk her way out of. I'll now Atlanta. I don't like physically. Trying to get her to sit down for about five men and that's on video and and vets are problematic she's screaming at me I think you're right then he called me sewage that checking our abstract. At you know wasn't doing any change and then once I made it clear to her like I have videos. I know they saw that package. That you are and apologizing. And you're asking me let her go because they are it. I don't know staff Kate one last question and something everybody wants to know what was actually in the package. LS play. Thank you dollar per cent babies. You can have your momma like we have a nine year old that don't yet if mama you know across momma would baby stuff that's that's that's not gonna work. Yeah and we can have done this or that we don't need you about. Part of our deal here on the morning wolfpack is we'd love to celebrate local heroes and that's people do when good stuff and I know your country sand how would you like to come or concert were having in ten days it's called hometown holiday. Dustin lynch figure it's Chris chancellor Michael Rey a bunch of great artists six artist in total it's going to be the DX SO show or centering can't. We would like you to come is our guest just to say thank you for just doing something good in the community and making people feel like you know what her for once the bad guy didn't win here. Now at the end eighth day and that gap I'd be so much but I love it. I noticed again I creatures FaceBook you got a husband or boyfriend got somebody good looking in your life. Yet they haven't made they have bent all right we'll bring hobby we're gonna have a fun night and drink a few Beers listen to some great music. And on and recognize you from the stage. Along with all the great people that we put in the seats. Thank you so much I appreciate knock me let us. Mean yeah talent upgrade and these are dug your hole and G. So wolf move a little slow just because I know we're all played watch in the Seahawks DC Philadelphia Eagles last night or a huge win the Seahawks now waited for which means. They've got to get through a wild card game to make the playoffs I believe against Jacksonville the last night. I think a lot of people were hopeful but also knowing that Philadelphia is one of the best teams in the NFL. And it was going to be a tough win bath then they go edited out no problems huge who went out soil Arum was absolutely incredible. Yet he accounts for I think 99.9 percent of their off it was one of the best quarterback performances I think I've ever seen although you gotta give it up to be today the Seahawks have gone through like six running backs. This Davis guy that was last run ball last night they have families yet tank. But he's nimble like a ballerina. Hello James lake Stevens was going on Biden. Is gonna end they got out that the game last night but also were you there I was there it was especially at the end of the game. We'll go on in today game. Man I was thinking I was gonna be a tough one to win in May pretty much dominated Philadelphia from the beginning you must've been so much fun to be there. Also good news either got to be extremely or very good that the applauds. Well it's good to see the Seahawks kind of getting their stride as they always do in the second half of the season and you know honestly I don't see anybody beating him now they beat Philadelphia they keep playing that well it's gonna be a Super Bowl year. As long as they keep it up another way. I know what I do and it banged up too. You know without the the safeties came chancellor endeavor Accenture and its just great. And we need a year got a Bartlett. Next season so how are you feeling now this morning Europe early gonna work after a late night James. I'm that you are. Put a template two shots and a coffee this morning. All I got pushed out to. Parents in them I'm feel anybody who doesn't have a great day thanks for being a part of the morning wolfpack. Yeah I think I guess that it'll. You do one thing I don't play for it and nobody is quite figuring out to happen at the end of the game Chris Collins worth one of the announcers obviously. Nobody really knew what he was trying to say here. I love this game that first Rashard has the defense of coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. You have to take the land that from the main. Take the land for the band in front of you if you're going across the line of scrimmage we win it you're going backwards away from the line of scrimmage. They win tonight Seattle to. The plan from the man. So we've heard news. I love Al Michaels like yeah I'm not sure. It before it takes to lay in from the man who stick it to the man that's what you're saying here we are listing the morning. Alistair. Are mine the mail whenever I had. The morning wolf pack on a foggy Monday Matt McAllister here producer Joseph over there and again I talked about this earlier but had such an awesome weekend my wife Vanessa flew in surprise me for my birthday. So I took her skiing McChrystal on Saturday for first time ever on the slopes are jealous I just I know we atlas sounds like what what can we do we don't have our baby for the first time in over a year what do you want it is sick. Well I was a little jealous that you would scheme that last time he didn't take me so we're going skiing so no problem. So anywhere what are the highlights going down there were huge Chris staples and fans and we got to listen to his new on the came out on Friday which is part to a from a room. And it's. It's almost. Says nine tracks. And he's got a great formula going where there's a little bit to some for everybody so for me. I was like he always puts on his albums one song that's really upbeat. And that really rocks. And he did it on the volume one going to this is the kind of a place where it's called midnight train. So Memphis. I get the idea. It's so good and this gives you fired up. And of course from the female perspective my wife she always likes a different song that I like our fare zones but this is her favorite song. It's it's called millionaire's the first song on his new album. You should. His love for. Damien. It's. And it is. It's been easy for me just to walk away and I now he's here. Anyway if you're Chris stable and sand like we are. You definitely got a I don't know if there's a better voice and egg cross any genre across all of history at least for me he is probably my favorite voice. Well I'm Merrill we talked a Vince -- he said the same thing brightest and best voice you're ever gonna hear doesn't matter of using country or any other format he's really. Kind of an RB singer man Saudia. He did an interview to it was on yesterday morning C minus scenic Krista Allen and his wife Morgan was really guest for NBC. And this is a part this really gonna blow your mind you gonna talk about a prolific songwriter and somebody who's just as talented as they come. This is how the song daddy doesn't pray anymore got written. And if you're married to a woman like I am who's always late and you always waiting. In this might inspire you as it did me to actually utilize that downtime while you wave your listeners how long it took him to write this song. And some of the story of the song. Again tell me the story's true. That you wrote about ten minutes one night. I'd say that paying more and that's true story that's true yeah how did that come about. We're going go out somewhere we're going to. Some function where you are waiting on me as your Alley you just heard her apartment. And we're just going to be late. And she's like what are a lot of functional for the solitary rooms are about ten minutes. Ten minutes. We didn't leave because I was I had take time to regain my composure after you've played it for me in the southern Iraq now and large bank. Then and trains Marla is on travelers. And it. Flee the late innings incredible line isn't that. And and it and mine and I am down more than commandments because to me it took Leo on area but in that time and there you never let. I. Haven't done it in there is record have the same lap Aaron. I thank genius intent of this team is one of the best songs industry story too about his dad so. And doing great album allows a long story to get to tell you just how much we enjoyed the nuclear stables and now I have parity and it's not my that's MIT minister did it today and Davies. Yeah calloused as the progress. These guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points. Comment McAllister producer Joseph is here and was out over the weekend getting to meet a lot of folks that showed up to see you in the -- in grammar and Graham which is about and one half hours zero traffic Bryant premieres so that is where it's further south in Tacoma you know you're lucky day book that events for you on Sunday. And not a Wednesday or Tuesday it was taking hours and hours and I had them for the first promoter I've ever done for the wolf. And we got Aminu is it. Kind of a crappy day it was really cool it was raining on and off we get out there and cold to promote that promote iron one of the guys I was aware that. He's like gauges don't be surprised if nobody shows that all we are out here and renew in in Italy knows and you returned those years freezing outside. I was shocked. Absolutely shocked at the amount of people that came to this remote and T-Mobile yesterday. Starting with award winning teeming. Who came running out of efficient chips placed right we got there are saying I know you you work with Matt here on the wall ball alive won't yeah. How you know she actually so. Cameron what we're doing among the drive amid severe or but I got a FaceBook message from her head to head as mr. sidekick had affected him so cool so does that people feel the love forget and you'll remember last week we talked to a woman really early in at 5 o'clock hour named Mary and the caller Amazon Mary Nash who works at Amazon down there yet and she showed out just to say. And then she came back probably an hour later with. Three hot chocolates for me in the remote text is it was so cool kidding now and that's awesome super sweet. Brittany who played jazz who played B history ones that are giant boyfriend I forget I. I know exactly who you're talking about zones watching and it's a grand dad and there's do their lives he plays the NFL today little girls out of they're a personal trainers of they had gotten out of Zack that works at the that will change plays right next door. And several of the people I didn't get everybody's names being at other people's shock and a lot of people are you guys don't realize about producer Jose is a British series of behind the scenes guy but I just know we don't have a coast on the show yet. Joseph has had to step forward and be more of an on air guy bit. That means in the Sony people know you now have an idea I still don't expect them Noah looked like Joseph ism a shy person and that kind of introverted in commentary in video gaming and for unity as somebody that you'll come up too big to follow it from. Take some getting used to I think blew my mind I just didn't having I didn't expect that many people can actually stop by especially you know being so far out in and on such a crappy yeah well morning wolf back Yankee. Forthcoming a seed Jo his first big appearance move he it. Of course we're gonna be a hometown holiday. On the thirteenth next Wednesday night look at nine days doing about it. Can cover that in corrections and complaints I actually wanted to defend my stance on can I pull up the account or Nikki. In today's physically. Until that. Count on your head. Listen back to the point. I use my Atticus. Everybody Graham who showed up to seed producer show at the T-Mobile thank you so much really appreciate that all the love and for helping us find Brando nanny or layers that helped us find. You know AAA Alex before you guys are the best and we love being here and and again thanks for welcoming Joseph Graham who. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's. A morning wolf that. Grew by 1 this morning at 610 we do it every single day when we get a coffee mug which has been literally every day since we started this job October 9 alassane. We have received a coffee mug. From somebody in the morning wolfpack and it's so awesome and second he got a couple new boxes today and you're dead but I just want again to thank Kelly. And up all her realtors over there and and W modern real estate we're gonna drop by today thank him personally bring in some doughnuts. But that's how it works. Take a minute grab a coffee mug from where you work so Angelo go on and obviously sent it to us we'll take a mug shot with a post all over social I'll call you thank you for listening. Welcome you to our little family league out Bruin here and that's what it's all about just connecting people in the community and make in this. A family that has each other's back if that makes sense to. Looking forward to getting out there were some dollars and eighty address is on Seattle wolf dot com along with a bunch a mug shots you can take and actually thanks for the federal way police department we have real lunch every there should ASEAN noble social too. Look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. 100 points out though wolf some morning wolf pack Matt McAllister Joseph Durant things up and a couple of minutes but death yesterday I get to sneak out in the afternoon after a dropped an ass off at the airport. Got a little birthday by Friday and right to where I live you'll see Joseph you're headed out there tonight to be my roommate. It's Christmas tree farm. Rich I mean every couple miles there's another one of these Christmas tree farms out there off them in I'm out by you know 169. And just. South of Issaquah if you go through whole bar I know that such a smells like Christmas tree it's pretty much less and according to my. Scientific research and the words what my eyeballs on the two hours I was out and every single car at a Christmas tree intelligent I said the same thing to coming back from their remote yesterday we're like everybody every yesterday was that day. Everybody everybody industry it's pretty cool and another bunch of Christmas tree lighting is all over the area but I'm telling ya I'm pretty sure that if you're here in the San in my voice right now you bought a Christmas tree over the weekend because everybody did they were huge loans and pregnant where these people fifty. Well actually got to have a roof rather or some then but also. There's a lot of these lots are in your two reason cut it out yourself at all too much work that he made it featured one of those unknown Monday or Sunday Night Football last news really cool to see that though got in the spirit. You hear that every morning wolf. Phillips party. Though wolf. Yeah. It works both ways the third third whatever kind of the same exist together. The new one and avoid some of the wills the morning wolf pack we're about to sign off the lead through takeover continue this nonstop country music while you're at work. But Joseph before we go corrections and complaints hi ya gotta call myself out for saying that Apollo Ohno who is a native of Seattle was a figure skater at the Iraqis to that. He's actually yes speed skater this is easier access than Matt you said that the hotel holiday was ten days away when in fact that is only now and know where you getting that from because I even did you bust to me so hard on it last week kept hold of a calendar is today is the fourth right on the thirteenth. If it does nine days. Yeah I I I I get that but if you count today I literally counting the days on the calendar yet knows it and you're counting today and then saying it's it's ten days away so I think ABC eight days the way EOs can't count today I guess sir are say it's. Who it is going to be so confusing I don't know I think you might be my bid just to get it wrong every day out there till then well I guess to Joe's point and you don't have that much time yet you know last time that I thought I had which is not a lot of back. Next Wednesday Seattle's dot com it's gonna be a lot of fun we're gonna add. Rambo Manny to the list of VIP attendee hometown hero the hometown heroes man we got AAA Alex there random tire changer is going to be there and. We're gonna have a group of route 91 survivors there's the first time they've gone to a concert. They're going together there's of course a support group their reached out to me I'm gonna help them do a photo shoot together and stuff like dampened. We're to have them all sitting together as so often it's it's gonna be a great not a music obviously but also there's going to be some really cool things happening there saluting military etc. etc. to be just a fantastic night. Make sure you are there do not wait. Another minute. Not of the second. He should be on Seattle I come right now by again right now. Alright Joseph and I are off to lead to a donut drop and we'll see you back tomorrow morning at 5 AMC. Or. Are. 45 so. I feel 100 points.