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Monday February 12th, 2018


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Hello and welcome to the podcast for Monday February 12 man McAllister here sojo over there over here and a brother. Before we get to the show let's touch on a few things that we didn't get to today. Mr. arson country music news. Yes dealer until we get this female co hosted the can handle the country music gossip segment right it's really involved with that. We kind of have to catch over the on the podcast yet you know our Abbie honestly just looking for some over the weekend but I can find those couple of little tidbits are small and and and most this I caught up with this morning America number one the big story kind of the only story was that Carrie Underwood oh and in rest in peace Daryle singletary. Kind of a Nashville staple songwriter country artists a little bit of an older guy passed away route is all over toward this morning how are they my condolences I know a lot of country artists. He's one of those musician's musician Brad like Tyler farce that he's the reason I moved to Nashville around all these people are reaching out so. I Darrell singletary or even a country fair for a long time you know the name but sad news that we've we've lost him an iconic country music but the where I was getting that. Was Carrie Underwood. Posted a picture on her mr. Graham over the week teachers working out and home gym which she loves to work out I did see that a case are with a little sun hits the fuel the story was she still hiding the left side of the face. And I feel really bad for her because clearly whatever happened she super self conscious so. She's in a squat into and around her ankles in her little son queue to sell Isaiah I think his name is is doing the same thing but she's. Obviously she's had someone's taking the picture may be hobby. And she's looking over the last seat cannot see that side of her face heating she's intentionally trying to yes and it was clear and that's what everybody says all the blogs and permitted checked in on like you know. It is a shame that there is so much scrutiny when you're in the public eye like that when your major celebrity that you have to just consciously she obviously is really sensitive to he had I guess so it seems like you know probably be less of that thing if you just owner I ever it is and she's making it more the thing grant she there was a picture to the one before that or she had to cover the lower half or face it's almost like your building this revealed dad out. You remember the movie Roxanne with Steve Martin yes in Daryl Hannah I had. I think it was there and right yeah I think Syria and he has a giant nose head and like whatever you do don't look at is no I don't look at those and the one dumb firefighting a ligament and its here. And he can't not let us and that's what people are gonna do that a stare at her face now. I wonder Aaron I eat like look at how bad can it possibly species pricey get the money for the best plastic surgeon in the world IBI my gut is that you won't even be able to notice yeah it's she is overly self conscious about it and he's very shy she's very sweet. Everybody loves her I think ads in her head. There's nothing as bad as you think it rat I'm getting a little story again you've heard a million times and one of my teeth fell out and I went on a date with missing a tooth. And even noticed yeah I'm just saying things that are big in our minds other people to even notice about it. That's interest thing account at times if you got a haircut or shave your beard off and come organ nobody notices I can't you feel like a furry cat at the same people pay more attention to themselves and they due to a that people now I'm sure that's cheer I just it's seen its. Odd that it would be so sets like this state secret for her. I wish she would handle it easily for her own sake she can just kind of own it and be like him and check my scar that I'll on a savvy I wouldn't be surprised also if there's absolutely no scar nothing that she's trying to hide and that like everybody's just like reading too much into these pictures well all it seemed pretty obvious that the mean I don't know maybe because she was looking at her son it was like oh Irene may be but again the scrutiny of being a celebrity like every little thing you do ripped to pieces so. We'll see the other quick thing it's really kind of stupid but. I thought it was interesting Luke Bryan is taken jump party out on tore them net you know he asked him from a six word tweet I mean taxed. A six were 66 were tax do you do you want to go on tour and that's seventh and then well let me say hello and actually have happened if we're gonna we're going to be literally Aaron let's go all the way man. He was man you wanna. Go on tour. I get man comma you wanna go on tour. That was his how he invited job party to come out for it's been six months of his life that works well and then jump party just told to back stories is a man it's cool were buddies I met Luc in 2011. We were playing little 1000 seat theaters. In any release country girl shake it for me and I never saw him again the fact. And it was great so that's just a couple of country it's there and then now of course is level week. On the show. We did talk where this but the average person thus be honest guy is gonna spent 34 dollars on Valentine's Day. Posted a couple of the more stats but it would have big news. If you get married this Wednesday on Valentine's Day there you are 37%. More likely to get divorced them and I know why. But first let's go back to the Valentine's Day how much of the spending how much she gonna spend on Sophie probably zero. Be honest. Yet you know she I'm just lucky she'd like Miki careless of us of that that are well like brighter note if you are the luckiest human being alive every man listening is like well you know I don't mean to be honest like how always write her like a letter or something like that and I think that that probably. Doesn't come very easily for a lot of people so I think. As it's not a problem for me so I know she really appreciate something like that but rather than go out and buy roses appreciates or something you know spent about a money again that. That's great and I do think these handwritten notes still goes a long way all at the one thing the women are always asking for men and on my wife is always asking for me is to share how I'm feeling right and open up ethnic and a little bit in a nice way. So yeah I think that works. 34 dollars yeah I'm an ominous and a little bit more net this year I always did is figuring out some time now I bought something and then also have a surprise that there in my wife is the best at surprises in the off. Chance that she'd listened to this I'm not gonna say when in Mexico but I do have a little sub plan OK on the outer well let's lets you know it's pretty cool. And then the other thing I think the reason that people get divorced more if they get married on that data that's probably are rushing things to get married on that date. And yeah probably aren't giving themselves enough time to space it out yet maybe it has a thought yet again it like. Pattern and a I guess. I would wanna get married on some days it like it's just so cliche for a like lover whatever you know I mean I'm sure a lot of people the nets cooled it but they might be more in it for the date in the actual marriage writer may not around as they get planned. It's emerged and by the whistler Joseph 44% of people said they plan to spend nothing also on Valentine's Day this year thing you're almost in the majority of Sarah and that's a great. Yeah I think a lot of people recognize it for what it is in my life so appreciate the small bit thoughtful gestures are on the to do that. By the way there are four states for people plan spent over sixty dollars. New Mexico Connecticut Missouri and Texas CI group in Kansas City maybe that's why the few rows inflation. That you had buoyed no doubt Jiaka flowers anywhere you know my new thing is and guys it's a tip for you in at least two if you're into it. I take pictures with my new phone at the grocery store at Safeway Costco all walk up to the bouquets of flowers that I'll take a beautiful picture in portrait mode is gorgeous take high definition. And I just texted to my wife missing have loved you. And meets the same damn thing is buying flowers for her I'd and a flower industry any pets well it's a virtual. Hey what's nice is comes out of the blue grass I'm by and avocados and they -- though missed a little extra slow and I wouldn't have to address supplement for amount has no known obviously that's a bad thing you can do you guys every native and you are. By the way there are a couple of states for people spend less than ten dollars Alaska North Dakota in Maine he does from Alaska are you slows and now. The average guys who spent 41 dollars the average woman gonna spend 26. That is the 90% of couples who learn at least 200000 dollars a year. So either completely or almost completely satisfied with their relationship so in other words. Sometimes money can't buy happiness you have parents that just MB date quick hits for you stats about all god and and we talk about everything else including me had striking. Seeing the movie 1517 to parents we have Olympic update on the way for you beat the street cannot fake news a fresh mud club or. It's all good oh in games fighting inside of Disneyland to a new Disney games is in the weirdest story ever it. It is but it isn't terrible adults are so weird about dizzy and I would never go if the award for children ground I would never I hate it and I you will from a ride to a gift shop to spend another hundred or forty dollar corn dog or piece of pizza. I hated I feel like the biggest soccer CI when I'm there I guess still enjoy it and I would go without kids. But this is like some next level Disney weirdness that even I've never imagined existed Disney super fan gangs that the names of them are so funny and you could hear all that in our shows Sobel will lead to it. Anyway I hope you have a great rest today Lovie thanks a couple of podcast by the way no email today so I'll bonnet if you listen to the podcast any you know. Feedback and positive or negative mad at Seattle wolf dot com we'll see tomorrow. It's. He wants well to morning we'll tackle Matt McAllister is on this season you've had 100 point seven. All the morning low tech Matt McAllister didn't see over the weekend many Internet pretty much broke over the subject of taping and take out. So here's what happened it was a server at Outback Steakhouse in palm beach gardens Florida she was fired on Thursday because she put up on FaceBook. That she got stiffed on a 735. Dollar takeout order placed by a church. So channeling the outer she's 25. Biggest territory five stakes Tony five chickens 25 potatoes that's good evening. She set out to do order over the phone apathy order together. To payment in an attempt to order to the car which is a lot of it is it's is a lot of work just as much as it was serving in the restroom. Now she says because she spent most of the ship preparing the 75 item order for Christ fellowship. She only made a total of eighteen dollars and tips that day on other orders so it took away from doing her regular surfing. She said out of frustration she put on FaceBook that Christ fellowship Lester no tip on the 735 dollars but she didn't mention where she worked. When she got to Al back the next day she was told to Christ fellowship got a full refund. Tissue blasted on FaceBook and she lost her job so the question to you morning wolfpack very simple. Do you tip on taken I can tell you definitively right now and I've become a bad person a generous tipper. Never tipped to take up the never even occurred to me I always feel I'm a flat fee. What's your flat face to blacks. To book kickbacks to take out so let's say a year Christ fellowship OK you're the you're the guy making the order yeah 735. Dollars you still only to tuba and now I think I actually increases you have talked about standard orders for dear people valiantly ten more in that situation well morning wolfpack we want a Knoll what you do with takeout is just everybody tip that's news to me to a 6421 Woolsey can choose a quick text 46150. Right now. Good morning Jennifer in Tacoma power you today. Fantastic so we're talking about this server outback the deck hand a bit on Friday because. She posted on FaceBook sheeting to tip for take out now. Probably honestly I had never thought about tipping on take out a figure you're not in the restaurant you know likening waited on there's nothing to tip but. Apparently. People expect this in the industry I didn't know so what are your thoughts on the take out tip Jennifer. I do I have free I think (%expletive) I'd be kept saying I you know they kicked our bait. Get all the little things Barrios sometimes they don't bring it out here aren't that I'm going to be able. I felt I bet I would actually you rate. Event not surely. Or it doesn't hurt you get both. Keep up but order. And normally you have automatic security if your that no word you know it's it's party at bat standards that then. Though Barack kind of feel like Hewlett the great hopes. So Jennifer well I don't know if anybody's the right to blast the church of FaceBook and that's just seems like the but instead it and hey yeah. June oh is it Tony percent 10% Dino. A slow just as he distanced two bucks because he doesn't know so what is it. You know I may know I. Leader how that there at one end by the number I don't buy order though it's kind of just I didn't he's on how big it. No I was in like they do it that cable belly got I want I'd typically sell for fifteen to eighteen and not our air. Who knew Jennifer thanks so much for being a part of a morning wolfpack we really appreciate you checking in on. A 206421. Wolf calls tax next. Happy Monday morning wolf thank Matt McAllister glad you are witness thank you so much for starting your day here. All right Tracy. A man I think I hung up on Tracy slowed joke out of fingers at the wrong he was on the tip on take out column. To let me ask you question that chair and again if you're just waking up to alarm went off at 530 we're talking about this. Worker this employee of Outback Steakhouse supporters to get fired because she put together to take header for church it was over 700 dollars for food and aid in tip her so she blasts them on FaceBook can get fired. I don't know if he's your glass anybody and say look I mean that's just that's a totally different issues which I think she probably. Regrettably I actually she violated her company's policies putting it there so the issue is and what is brought up over the Internet over the weekend is do you tip on take out I never have and in my question is so fire ordered only temporarily every takeout pizza. There and the place that I go to doesn't deliver so if I go to that place our order pizza I'm expected to. To give them a couple of bucks to walk into the place grabbed my pizza. And walk outlets that I don't know if they expect there I just know that I always do you would tip on a pizza in Iowa we take him clear and present at. This week you know what I just I guess I assume they're keeping it hot for you they're making your eyes yeah what you're paying for this. 35 dollars for a pizza you gotta like an early pizza. Yeah I don't know why it's so expensive but if I I just don't go to Domino's I'd I I just always have and I think I must've at some point heard from somebody that worked in the food industry is sitting out it's just it's it's kind of expected. Her new dad I'm. OK in my mind's a little bit slowed to a 6421 wolf if you wanna check in on that do you tip on take out or 46150. A couple of text messages we got to get to. Cody in Puyallup says yes always tip on take out because your paying for the convenience of somebody else. To have your food ready for you. Sarah in Puyallup as well so that we stiff on take I use it do two to five dollars. Just depends on how much should I guess if I'm getting food from my work out facility ten because it's free people. Ryan embody lake says I usually tip depending on the experience. I had the time before because intake around goes through every. Staying until I get home so I miss okay it's kinda long I'm with slow Joseph to box that's in Charlotte. The only there's only one and here's there's no way it's take out being served on or you're not being served on or waited on no. And another text to my brother does not tip because if he doesn't get tips for his job a white two others guilty for doing their if you choose that it is your job so. There's a couple that are falling into the category of no tip on take outs and dame in would be islands. Do you tip on take out days. Our absolute. It hasn't been brought up is that bibs off especially in a larger brush stroke like the one lady worked at affect the tip skid. All divided up amongst note that it supporters but it prepares. On any of the folks you know should bishops and so it gets up and so when somebody goes into it like especially in a big order. All air everyone get short. Put him to David fuel get hired is to listen I went out back and I am I got hired as a dishwasher. I wouldn't expect it tipped. Or raw data give tips because 00 waiter in the waitresses. Give them part of their chips. OK so I think part of problem for me person I've never worked at a restaurant before so I don't understand out of the back office they did it works I guess that's right. Most are made so what is your mounted on a take out tip. At least. He is me so happy and kind of thinking now that everybody hates the united you know it hurt I shorting them. You know put this in both June and leader industry all when you took your personally Kutcher paired this year with the front desk we'll bad I didn't. I'm happy to report I knew him at the Miami air cutter. I did appreciate you checking in thanks to being a part of the morning wolf back you have a good day. You do the same my friend appreciate you all right governor next be morning wolf thank useless poll of the day. And it all comes from a story of the guy who embarrassingly out his arms stuck in a toilet. And had to be rescued we'll tell you why company minutes. You're listening to the morning the Alistair. My it's. My. Time for our useless poll of the day up by the way let's reveal the results from Friday it was national pizza pie day. It turns out at least according to our integrated story debt 50%. Of the people looked at the poll said yes pizza is my favorite fruit 40% said no. On Twitter he was 56% yes for Pete to be their favorite fruit 44 presents a nosedived. Just go ahead and say that for most people athletes as their favorite food absolutely did you eat pizza over the weekend half harbors any feedback I can't remember the name of the plays I wish check Internet and other kind of building recommended it. The chairman of the I got a lot of agony and on the end. All right says so today's morning ship excuse me morning wolf thank useless hole of the day. It's about a guy and this is about as embarrassing as it gets. In China the guy accidentally dropped his brand new iPhone aid in a cafe toilet. So what did he do he weighed in after it and finally paid about thirteen hundred dollars for this phone. Which is interesting because most the time you go into Verizon or AT&T needs a little extra on your bill and you get a phone right but he paid. Thirteen hundred dollars for his phone for some reason Alley event like like full praise that he just went and bought it should only be nine in honor I have on of it apparently is a pretty fancy phone. Anyway he went and after seeing him getting his arms stuck in the Kamal the and many had to be rescued the picture that went around the world of the weekend so embarrassing he's laying on the floor. With his arm like they've they've put like bags around him to make it more comfortable when they're working on rescue an answer so clearly went down the hole yet what he's like squat toilets that your cleared to begin with like that's just the thing that's do it there so I you ID must they must just be like as direct route into the plumbing -- too embarrassed to call for help change and spent a good twenty minutes right to free himself in his arm had swollen due to the pressure and he soon realized he wasn't getting out of there without assistance so. He produced prides deciding call for help the janitor found among the toilet floor in immediately called the local firefighters. And the picture of his arm it's actually pretty brutal I didn't see I'm so here's he's finalists is get to the use of cold today. If you dropped your fancy phone in the toilet would you go in after it absolutely. Yeah that would do it and but you got to figure with the water damage that was an gonna be broken F then we'll most of over water resistant to adding pigment like. Thirty pain there ago. Booth not to get into it too much but that's the morning wolf thank useless poll of today. You can dig in on our social media user grammar Twitter Seattle February super easy would you would you let me. This is the morning wolf packs with now you're down 100 points then the world. Another episode I owe him download this club. And nothing means go to Austin. Getting a mug in the mail so if you haven't done it already wanna be a part of the morning wolfpack Mudd club just grab a month or more every issue work and send it to us grab our address and all the details on our web site. To dinner and really knows there's just a business card. But tonight looks familiar. Issue is probably expecting a call to. Good morning. Howard do and you wonder how you met I don't know bug catcher kind of energy I think any little bit of that today it's a Monday I. Productivity Cecil Kelly first of all thank you for the mug and welcome to the month club so excited that you took the time that the what are you worked mugs it in the mail sent to us ain't you so much for welcoming. Into the mud club era so Kelly your name is very familiar to me of we communicated on social media yes we have a big okay what we really appreciate that and I try to remember everybody's name and I try to give back to everybody personally and I knew. When I saw Kelly ellenberger dental supervisor on the card for CE mark community health centers and like I know let me. Ask you a chorus of telling a little bit about deceive our community health center. We help people we lived there are other we offered medical. Dental and misty everything we can help people with no insurance. And we are. Specifically does I just increase social justice. These guys are Munro Washington's so this is a nonprofit lady who looks to help people that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford full they'll work. That's right we want to help people why don't you think about that somebody had to a tooth that need to come out in it was excruciatingly. Painful but the couldn't afford to do it we'll they do. I think come the F weren't happy to help them and you recommend it over home dental surgery because I've tried that fourth pliers in the whatnot doesn't end well usually. You're gonna kick the Kelly hello even listening to the wolf eye out for about three years okay in what turned John country music. I'm I love. The Dorian I love C magic and the romance yes. That they have I left it. A few what's the best country concert you've been junior three years oh god and Lady Antebellum. They're phenomenal aren't they they sound exactly the same line is they do inflated songs and readings. Really incredible well Kelly it's been nothing short of a pleasure and welcome officially to the month club. We're hiring analyst that says the menorah for the outfield they're qualified dental professionals up there we want your help we weren't. As many people out on Christina optical though OK look many. But as the sadness and that sounds like something your interest it and we got a mug shot with a beautiful mug you sense and it's on our social meteor at Seattle wolf mr. Graham twittered faced a good chicken aideed connect with Kelly ellenberger who's got the best names so far in the mug club officially. Thanks Matt take Kelly we love you thanks so much for being a part of the month club and welcome. How. Strong really strong are you gotta stay with us it's coming up in seven minutes there is chaos in Disneyland. Did you even know that there were Disneyland gain warring inside the park we got the story next. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress. Tell these guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Sizzle and no one adult club are you a member. And a day or talking about this crazy articles that slowed to a semi last night about these Disneyland super fan games. And apparently there's a ton of and there's a lawsuit in court which is why this this dark underbelly of Disneyland is finally being exposed. Because. Filed an Orange County. The head of one club had to keep an accuse another one of gangster like taxes tactics I can't talk today. To try to collect protection money for charity fund raiser at the park. The plot revolves around the main street fire station 55 social club. Whose leaders claim they've been fully and terrorized by the head of the white rabbit social club at. And there are hundreds this article goes on for days the ticker army the neverland mermaids. Disney adult groups these are adults don't walk around dressed up to deny. Times and they beat up on each other they've got like cat like motorcycle club jackets with patch is in Michael there like leadership roles little Afghanistan IN matching vests and but apparently the suit blames Disneyland for not acting on a problem. Imagine being there with your kid and battling gangs go after nearly fifty eager army or the mermaids are yet but he just simply highlight Disney and out of IQ and a Disney gang no I think that's kind of the lowest it's on the ticket to hells angels give a lot of respect to the Disney game I don't race so are you a part of any adult group we have verso laugh but then I realized I think day and get them with a I am part of a group of people that played one specific team alliance. Definitely aggravated yes I actually am I'm I'm a member of a cycling group and cycling team because via the and it seems. Yeah eight races. Does he get violent do you know but. Absolutely and infer a lot of people let's say you meet friends and I get a social network in the that's a what I do right when I moved into town I join cycling team and I get friends I what adult group are you part of 206421. Wolf right now. Good morning William in Buckley one adult club are you a member of our current crop called so Rick. Who do we keep staying no exact club do. Except car club that family oriented. We do toy drive. We do move fundraisers for trim. I think me better than me so obviously named after the mustang do you have to have a mustang to be in the club. No sir it's pretty much going for people to me. It's athletic. If it were the ban on quiet it gave a cliff wicket gate I William appreciated jagged metal when you have a wonderful day okay you do all right Debra decade in Lacey so there are Disneyland super fan gains beating each other rough inside the park. What adult club were you part of Rebecca. I might not that extreme avalanche of elation rock club. Nobody's is that it's terrific. I don't know how many gloves like have a part of the cycling female girls beat another team though. OK so you rock club you pay rocks that's really cool. Yet we can't rocks and then we item all around town. And people I don't live up. And I might give just yes. I don't put my day my name on it. So for a walk in the race here they're just being happy as someone how do we know where the rocks her hidden you do social media Sig about clues and stuff like that they do they do they have a lot of and that wasn't it hard. College Italy is a lot of people randomly in the places they go. That sounds like a lot of fun I've heard of these you have to be good artists to join some not but no. You just up there are fabulous sorry I loved media markets that little kids do you know came on the rocks are precious. Rebecca that's amazing thank you for column be a part of the morning wolf thank you that was my other things though Joseph. Our our clubs like this more for guys or girls but it seems it's kind of equal dads and edit and no gender here math. All right what adult group are you part of to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas for 6150. Good morning Amanda in silver de LY were targeted at these Disneyland super fan gangs that are beating each other up inside the park what do no group or you Florida. Is he might have heard this French and I am also Smart at. Battery pack fortieth and there you what does that do you know eating nonstop makes it different matter anything you're happy and all that relating to sit back in my. Yes I know. We take him out on. It's no academic venture firm recently we ended up going announced it had aches dirt I hate mail that they it would pretty phenomenal. Amanda that is so great I was a part of an organization. The did similar things and people don't realize that you know our country invest. Thousands and thousands of dollars and every single soldier and then when they get back. Re released in the civilian life they don't know what to do with all the training it's useless say they don't get any reentry assistance. You're not kidding I had a typical I came home. When I got out of the army and the kind of something that I just I want to is sick is not other. That is so amazing Amanda I'm really appreciate Natalee called and about the topic of flights. Sharing that with everybody how did you get a hold the view because I guarantee there's candidacy right now veteran that might be struggling a little bit. Yeah absolutely set a calming myself those. Okay you and they would have put on hold them we'll get all that info but if anybody wants to get a hold of Amanda and her veterans group. You get a hold of us symbol level share that information that I have a great day. Think he'd hill right to protect coming in here for 6150. Am a part of a group called the Knights of Columbus it's a Catholic charity fraternity I've heard of that of course. Remote from Puyallup says the Auburn golf course men's club. The drunk 22 year old check in an estimate of club it was called the Buckley bar hoppers geyser ever and down head LK brewery best beer in the states. And have an issue there and we have to address that at some point. Into the Tex a play on PlayStation with a few my friends but I haven't been playing much because they just had ninety surgically removed. And it's saying it doesn't play it. Right that is what you should play video games. And detect this is John in granite falls a maker of friends we do little beating up and we get beat up a little bit where the electric north Brazilian jujitsu group in lake Stevens. I got the whole family in my wife and three daughters Emma sent C that's brilliant if you can bring in the rest of your family into your club for your group or whatever. Then conservatives together. The don't have to be you know a widow to the group it's a club and family time all the analysts say there is perfect. All right just a little heads up again for the nation Nyhan towing tickets coming up at 710 for beat the street's bad next. We're gonna go ahead and tackle. The not fake news again these are real stories that sound fake. And now we get into a guy who attacked his roommates. It was over cereal. And I will explain exactly what we're talking about coming up in seven minutes you don't wanna miss the to the morning. Oh I now. 147. So low and. We will thank Matt McAllister slowed Joseph time tonight big news. Stories that sound they could put art in this first one is my favorite. Again I'm gonna have to tip of the slope that we are family show. Prankster dead hides twelve inch lifts his skull of an adult toys in his son's airport handles luggage and the reaction is priceless. Ted Anderson let descend very red faced with a prank. It's a hilarious moment prankster dad left his son incredibly red faced an airport security and by the retain Anderson from New Orleans to explain some things. When he hit a toys in his son's carry on the shock airport worker can't hide her smile when she was the offending object out of his like kids. Dad Ted posted the footage on FaceBook with the caption when you plant a blank and some blank in your sons carry on priceless. I can't decide if this is also merlot an egregious waste of TSA is well you have to know bed. Think guide is he looks like he's twenty need your birdies and I kid him but I think TSA has to deal with so many unpleasant people and so much boredom on a daily basis you how many times have six. Take your water around your rags after bill take it. I think this inmate in her reaction she's happy he had this is a funny joke in she's loving every minute in the gut the symptoms pretax and he just says is face buried in his. It is great. I definitely do that to you on an extra. You know that is a whole areas Fred Matua fight headline number two Alabama man fifty to attack the remain over stale Captain Crunch cereal cops today. Yeah an Alabama man allegedly beat his roommate after discovering that the victim had failed to properly seal a box of Captain Crunch cereal which again went stale. The victims said Smith became upset upon discovering the steel serial. And blamed him failing to keep can crunch Frist is nothing worse than still series I'm not gonna say that this is justified but it's got a death. Smith's was especially perturbed since he's missing teeth and had difficulty consuming the sales there. I think it was it's tease their overbay eat it is missing teen's death. Had demanded his roommate remove his dangers so that he can experience how hard it was to consume kept currents when the man refused. Smith allegedly began striking the victim with a electrical cords at both after incidents. And and political course and around each other with Taiwan last not big news headline. Stories this sounds great for our men's field car outside saar Tel Wal-Mart and then calls the owner for help in restarting the car. Then at seven loans recently I think so yeah you can't steal something from somebody in and couldn and ask them for advice on how to. Use the object you stole whereas your own saying. Anyway the Carter told police she auto started her car from inside the store that evening. And instead of finding it warmed up which came at a wal mart's founding gone. The car was eventually found about an hour away. And at 10:30 PM the owner received a call from a woman sandman was asking her questions about the car. He then spoke to the other on the phone holder's name was Wayne Hannan and he worked for glass repair shop. Every park the car wouldn't start against who had to call and ask if he could contact somebody who could start the car for him yet Avic I still mean isn't working by the way I code I'm working at such as that out of us plays. Speech yet. Yeah did not big news stories this sounds vague and are sadly they're actually real tight coming up industry pursue nine Twain tickets you run into a 6421 wolf right. No this is morning wolfpack with some accounts are 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history tour. Good morning Vanessa in Bremerton and how are you today Hitler I'm. Fantastic happy Monday for what I know you're 28 and your US navy veteran so thank you so much for your service to our country god bless you Vanessa thank you. Well we gotta get you into this concert here she and I between companies Tacoma dome this could be made there the first day were given away tickets and we want you mention Nene Vanessa yet. And now here we go we have five questions and thirty seconds on the clock that'll get hung up on one question too long but there is plenty of time to get through these you don't need to be nervous at all are you ready Vanessa I'm ready and I will meet the challenger who's Bluetooth founded Auburn Chevrolet right after we keep the questions that lets it go unquestioned number line in beat the street. Which city served as the backdrop for the rocky movies. Philadelphia what is the name up Elon Musk based company. Asked. Which social media platform is the oldest in eastern brand Twitter or snapped checked. And there. Most of Seattle was destroyed by what in 1880 yeah. In Hussein's better man and boomed out sport. In the gross. And I announced that the US navy vet in Bremerton let's find out how you did when we need the challenger in ask that person the same five questions. What's your name where you're from that what you do. They post here we have from can't and I work evade. Cool works and they bomb got a vapor let's look Joseph probably attracted to the smell of his faith and they both do yet. All right Vanessa here we go with question number one which cities served as the backdrop for the rocky movies. Or Philadelphia filled up. Philadelphia was the right answer Vanessa you've got that one right as well so you're off to a great start. Your tie in Ireland and beat the street OK okay how you feel about the rest of the questions and answer. Knut he's scared OK let's antenna if you did here's question number two. What is the name of the eagle less space exploration company. Falcons of their lives through the company is it like boring or blowing around out but. Oh bullying we nasty correct neither was NASA unfortunately the mass that's the government's space programs SpaceX. Is what Elon Musk calls his space company. So that's okay doesn't matter what you know assistant. What Jeremy from camp the vapor knows so long she keep in tow with him we're doing pretty good here still tied it when a piece question number three. Which social media platform is the oldest Twitter is the grim were snapped check. Twitter. It was the right answer unfortunately I believe you sit in the grand Vanessa which. And you get your point you fall behind here to the one to Jeremy from camp. Okay all right let's move on to the local question. Most of Seattle was destroyed by what type of disaster 1880. It was fire. Fire was the right answer Vanessa you said earthquake you know the great Seattle fire and 1880 no main. So old just like that it's not looking real pretty right now Jeremy step three you only have one. We only have one question left so it like a city ain't looking good but let's just get to question them the way it's the country question this sings better man and boon docks. Background. Not his dvd the correct answer was little big town and you didn't get that one right either. Dead unfortunately this he wasn't your day you finished one for five in old Jeremy from can't debate her in Auburn Chevrolet finished three for five so. He actually ended up winning beat the street. Hey let it Monday but if you listen to the morning wolfpack ranked I still have you ever heard anybody walked away from beat the street without their concert tickets no. And so do you think that I would let that happen to one of our US navy veterans today. I would hope not that I wouldn't. John ominous I would be able to sleep tonight if I didn't see there's no way I am giving you the tickets anyway because I love you and I appreciate you and you listen to show in your better yeah. And there's a million reasons why so she night's win made their you don't need their Vanessa yeah. Yeah I got them Levy. Who. We love you more and it'll be that way that's congratulations we'll see you would you name it our way. Thank you I don't focus on over the weekend but an eight minutes we're gonna say when he entered it rolled. Over whether or not you should tip on your take out food coming up next some real talk. Mean yeah talent upgrade and these are hugger and. So wolf all right here is little real talk about the only. Human being in America that doesn't tip on take out and every heard of that before so you're telling me when I go get a pizza. And a Marty pain in forty bucks for the pizza. And I walked get a pick it up a walk out I got a tip on top of pain. Well like bush is what are my pain for first of all you pay like forty Baxter C Weldon the latest close to my house is the flying tied historian Issaquah and it's kind of expensive I don't know why I think it's you know for the preparation. Heating is that the Kurds the box in I I have a flat rate policy rate at takeout which is what Cuba. OK and you've just. Feel better about doing dads they gay and I get back get they're not serving me but I also get that there's some different you know preparation involved. That takes away from their normal serving I just assumed the tip was for the server when you go when you sit down and it there's a person hustle and bustle and amid it all work for you answer to chip in on. The same thing for take a gala. No is uniting in a restaurant you walk in you take a pizza go home and you get to play that you get a napkin and you get to civil where you eat your food but there's still some service involved in my case. Okay me here's why we're talking about it there was a server at an Outback Steakhouse in Florida who got fired over the weekend. Because eight church ordered a huge amount of food Torii five stakes Tony five chickens Torii five potatoes. It was over 700 dollars and they didn't tip her on the take out she blasts that my FaceBook. And got fired by the way to be detergent is a full refund that period. So morning wolf back that's the real talk right now 206421. Waltz week in Texas for 6150. Do you take out tip it's real simple yes or no why and how much. Good morning Jennifer Tacoma how're you today. Great fantastic so we're talking about this server it out back the deck can that they on Friday because. She posted on FaceBook she needed tip for take out now I'll be honest with I had never thought about. Tipping on take out a figure you're not in the restaurant you know getting waited on there's nothing to tip but. Apparently. People expect this in the industry I didn't know if so what are your thoughts on the take out Tipton. I'm I have three I think hit (%expletive) Be kept saying I you know they kicked off say. Get all the little things Ari you think they can bring it out here aren't at that point people. I'm kind of sounds like that I was actually Peter. You spend not actually. Sports says that the person you vote. Thank you up for the order. And normally you'd have automatic security if you're in the stores you know at this party but standard that then though Barack kind of feel like she wasn't ready. So Jennifer lateral anybody's in the right to blast the church of FaceBook that just seems like there aren't quite fed up that says hey is it Tony percent 10% Dino. A slow just says he does to two bucks because he doesn't know so what is it. You know hey don't quiet leader how the service why can't I they numbered item I'm ordering though it's kind of the planning. You. On how big it. You know like they do at that table so yeah I would I'd basically felt or sixteenth to eighteen and up from there. Who knew Jennifer thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolf back we really appreciate you checking in on old he'll have. Good morning Angela in gold bar do you tip on take out you know I doubt it it seems like a lot of people do so much so that you can go on FaceBook in blast at church because they didn't hit you on the takeout. And I think that's ridiculous what's the difference between Big Apple garbage archived McDonald's very McDonald's they don't get out. Taking your big twelve that's kinda the way I look at it. Too but apparently according to some of the feedback we're getting already at least on text message in social media you and I Angela are in the minority and I will tell everybody this argument blasted myself that I'm a great tipper I graciously tip always at least 20% because I know that's a really hard job don't you you're paying for the food but then you're doing all the rest of the work. I mean I'll get ridiculous that the unmarked jet. Great you know they. Like huge economic picture or kill irate over kept sometimes they're not limits take out appreciate the card to a 6421 wolf the U wanna check ins. OK so as a. It isn't any added tonight we need get a hit especially if you're gonna make a hundred dollar order for somebody. You know you're not asking for like a thirty dollar and if you must be nice you know that's what you're doing for them. And I understand that you know when not serving in a method table but I still providing a service seen them. So in other words we as consumers need to realize that when we're tipping our server were actually tipping the entire. The wait staff that includes the people in the back that we don't see. Correct because a lot of places do you like I'm like well I work a kid's dog combined for the whole day and then at the end of that money. There are divided amongst whoever worked that day something in slow Joseph in my ear that you actually got a tip from him one time. I did play yeah I was down fifteen public hearing going on and I. And he came to an eight the next hour at times. And hit you back the owner who would you say yeah he said he's too but take a tip for a lot of dating he thinks the uniform of the morning wolfpack we love you I. Have you got on love you more I'm market Marysville where you stand on the take out tip. Well myself I don't yet however replace sport outback where the servers usually. Farther gallery is the tips I probably would not gone I would've kicked him yet especially a senator and Tony Gonzalez. You know an underdog but that. You know and my question is did they deliver cheap to church or church and picking up church came to pick them up. OK given until it was like that no one would that person that part of the salary I'd probably just don't. I'm like yeah I hide our religion or just for love. Run around mark appreciate you being a part of the show I think you take care related bills there yet approached him on the take out to have conversation. Lee Anthony did I do want to emphasize that the the wait staff. Are giddy sort of that. The minimum ways I even middleweight great they're getting below minimum flow hits now they're out there. Yeah I think a bit of weight that you really do need to chip in a big order like that take them away from people. Where they're not earning hip though. Lou let him bomb why not it's not if given the McDonald's below McDonald they're making here fifteen an hour right okay. Their comment again to a 6421 wolf or text 46150. Got a bunch of those to get to Willis second. Michelle in Tacoma good morning now soldiers as you work in the industry so again it's a little insider tip on the take out. It can't easily get deliver a lot but international like if there's motivation Stanley I wouldn't bet it's not a big deal but let me larger like it will be critical. Like the Thanksgiving or like you wanna get in May it it would mean that'd get five dollars at stake and quite a bit if it's I'm telling you why. And have a good hot it's Leona Lewis that sure that it sort of order. So Michelle do you think that this gal in Florida. Was justified in going on FaceBook and blasting a church because they didn't tip on a 745. Dollar take out. The talk about plasma a bit like twentieth when. Any of their credit you know situation that a black at any one in Europe every bit of that company yeah you know moderate. Yeah I do think it's a little ironic though it did it it was a church you put a new word didn't tip I would just assume this it would be. You know the big giving his temper your right. Right now Michelle preach it to be a part of a morning wolf back to eleven a couple of text messages say slow Jody tip on fast food. Same philosophy instead spend time and energy preparing your food slow joked yeah I haven't they can that's like that's they're built for that there engineered for that you know I mean. So now I don't have a vested. My name is Chelsea and yes I attempt I was a waitress and I believe that the cook cook your food and a way to back them up and then get ready I'd leave at least 10%. Another text never what I ever tip on take out I have to get in my car use my guess you get to the food. Unaware amount I hate sounding currency and Mike I don't appreciate things are reporting this is Lauren from king's gate. Are you acting gay I absolutely tip on take out I like slow just policy of tipping a lower amount because the take out process is very strenuous on air restaurant. Another take. The attacks supporting take up for a strike yes. Especially if it's a server taking care do you. Not only agitate or take them away at it as Britney lake Stevens so moving forward here's my resolutions though domino adopt your policy again I appreciate you sharing a couple books. Why not you know bombs and sure there's a bigamist makes everybody happy. The morning when I needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't sound fundamentals than a dollar all here's Matt McAlister knee. It's no Woolsey it's a new 100 points out of the wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister. Checking in with our buddy Brad. The X games but also the Winter Olympics season South Korea. Read today what is happen in my Braga in the land of embassy there you know what's crazy is that your cell phone sounds better from South Korea then half the people the color show the live in Seattle. Just a couple of quick topics here from the opening ceremonies in the first weekend first of all. Everybody's cracking on teen USA for wearing their dumb and dumber gloves that are selling for a thousand dollars up here and even elicited through these bad boys up close and person. All I happen I don't see why there weren't that if we I don't know and he could eat go back like 2002 the American public. When everyone in the parade they teach you a state swing parade or not friend fury of the parade. So there's always something terribly just called on to announce that this thing out here right now the void who's wearing the exact same gloves in dumb and dumber. Look a little different I mean for this piece I think that North Face does that NF for the snow port side Burton is via the company that puts up uniforms without but I mean you know it's corea weather so as you look like here. The way that those you. That's the drink out here what is that it is like a stocky I guess would be the best way to describe it not super strong but it is something that they all three guys and acting mix it with fear. It's pretty good I'm kind of a done and get out every few balls back a couple of. Feel bad appreciated bread today I'd so have you had a chance to see the North Korean cheering section in person because everybody's talking about the army of beauties. Which clearly North Korea sent cheerleaders. City Olympics just for political reasons to look good. Yet I can't feed their country so why why not do that cheerleaders this stuff straight up the great idea you know it's thinking that the US is put on there now there isn't a whole thing with the but it takes on the net. South street crime I'm not here in and tactically they're still out war with a curious so this is the weirdest. Weirdest thing going on here. You'll get a entered the opening ceremonies together which is kind of weird but Reggie what do you got a free one talk about the seventeen year old kid read your are there wanna gold medal of that we can that kid looks like he isn't a entered puberty yet. He added those the labels probably throughout I don't think enough is actually a great director art I've been doing events with him all year lock it up close I think is great to be taught me like. All you know it's not that big deal the Olympics somewhat both of my neck games and all these things like that but when he won nine gold medal. Change is gonna change his life for the big suddenly come back. He is going to be yes I clearly gonna go on every single thought so that kids blasted it changed big time studying the snowboard park. He built in his back yard. With a rope so they and most people when they look for a house that's they're looking at bathrooms on the bed rooms. But read Gerard how many days look at most of it downhill slope Uga motorbike and see it in you can run a rough though is praise. While yet he immediately dropped an F bomb on live television after he went to both the I heard it if you were seventeen really haven't seen he's still confident that there's so he's the futures John why it is kind of the pass this did a chance to win any medals. He does actually does sound like perfect one under the got about a month ago and I shop wiped out he's got Iran that it actually take down the rest without. Competitors he hasn't shown it yet but all seemed a long aluminum not a wait to see what's up there was unlike soda the would you sing and to show on why in my hand blue steel in the bag and yet blues feel that's exactly that but one thing Sean did deal. He's finally embraced. Flying Tomato. He has hated Flying Tomato that is one act but there they've played and created survey Berger called the Flying Tomato and shot went in there and actually at the burger the other day. It you're just unity we're talking to Brad. Just go ahead and tell her that the Dutch are good speed skating because that's what they practice speed skating now because they use it as a mode of transportation on frozen canals. Don't go ahead and just give that heads up on that you've. Yeah that was those probably a big enough food that we can tell you about. Yet just makes you wonder who gave her that cue card to read our bread. Of all behind the scenes stuff I did today in my commute to work. All kinds of crazy stuff go on YouTube page. Came a time you can see all the updates to put on there just up of active couple minutes ago. And I give Brad JF followed two on in the granite spread JM CI love your pictures your behind the scenes is great man you bring a sense of humor too which is key. You hear that the warming globe. I'm still a party. So wolf the morning wolf thank Matt McAllister and slow Joseph lo Hui. Here on the wolves. And to episode out to a nice date Saturday now don't tell you oh about a appointed assistant Terry that I do see the fifty to seventy to Paris movie and where the three American heroes actually. Portray themselves in the movie which I think is unprecedented yeah I'm pretty sure it's a first sentiment down which is why I was so curious to see it and they're American heroes a mauling for American heroes in needed a week it's Clint Eastwood film Huckabee Bagram. But before I I tell you that in about ten seconds. I saw it was so funny thing got to get to see my wife this weekend here kind of separated right now and because it's Valentine's Day on Thursday throw Wednesday I think that's right. Yes Wednesday so. Just kind of sad because you know I'm I'm kind of started dating myself. And you know most time I don't really do much is sort of like I don't want her to have full Moeller whatever and you know we do a lot of face timing in the what announcement. Saturday nine it was just a mechanic handing it out again enjoy the world's. So I took myself to sushi which is really nice. Ended up being there at 430. It's an early birthday czar was to what's funny is I was embarrassed almost walking to a dinner seven footer for thirty. But not only was there a drunk wasted hammered duty in the sushi place yelling at four. 420 of the quake. How can I feel better. Then never happy are rated as five. The Kansas I just made a perfect by the result documented on my empathetic mr. grim story about a follow early happy. Three to five. Anyway as some analysts as Cheney no tape formula keep you posted on nationally and then now I walked across. The street went to go see fifteen to 1517 to terrorists which. Vanessa Tex receive what is Annie downing Nolan movie and it's. And I said I know you remember the story just a couple of years back there are three Americans have been best friends and they were kids. And tooled bone were enlisted military one of them was not. But they get together when they're all leave and go to Europe and they kind of going around they're seeing that you have to get the European tour by train. So there on the train I believe this from Amsterdam to Paris. Inning guy terrorist. Goes into the bathroom as soon as he gets on the turn and straps himself up with 300. Rounds of ammunition. He could've killed everybody on that turned and there was a lot of people. And when he comes out of the bathroom he encounters a losing guy first of all who who was suspicious first so he's waiting for the dude when he comes out they get into a struggle. The terror shoots that guy and then starts making his way down the trained to kill everybody else. And Spencer stone. One of the American soldiers just takes off running straight at the guy who's got. A semi automatic weapons pointed at his face he ran at him anyway. And it's just one of those one and a million floats the gun jammed and he didn't shoot at any tackles and there's a struggle he got caught up to him Spencer stone gates and cuts in the back of his head and moments cut us some clean off and then the other American soldier jumps on and they subdue the guy. And next stop they get off not one person lost their lives and they get the highest honor the French government can give anybody. Like the next day Bryant into areas that they were everywhere right after that happens well they wrote a book and in Clint Eastwood made it a movie. And I would tell you that you know I was a little hesitant Joseph you and I had this long conversation on the podcast about whether or not a movie any good because you've got these guys who were their their military guys right I mean they're just regular news American heroes but they're not actors acting is harder than I think we all think I've tried it sounds terrible accessed at. No it's very difficult and I'll tell you I thought the movie was he was so good two way that it was done the I thought it was more interesting if they played themselves because it almost turned into a documentary. Except. Hollywood and up. Movie documentary cracked. An aide I think they typically. Great job when you least you know they probably got most of it right which isn't necessarily the case yeah usually end it was just a great story to it it did it and to retell it into. There's a there's some sort of other worldly circumstances and spirituality that play into this and they're not spiritual guys you know things yes there and there are like screw ups in school and they they're map for trade is anything special threat but when it counted when it mattered when they had did take action especially Spencer stone. Mission running right directly into. A gun now an irony and I could neither. Yet ask yourself what would you do so anyway phenomenal movie came in third over the weekend the box office and said say fifty shades freed was the number one megabit and no surprise. Almost forty million dollars. People went to goes. I don't care and manner and that well organized that's a different governor Peter Rabbit came in second I get in an apparent enough. And and the 57 team to Paris was third and I higher committee Agassi might also. Something crazy happened over the weekend were ended up. Hitch hiking. That's dangerous you know that I'll I have an interesting outcome omission that story in about 10 minutes that morning back with Matt Stairs. What request. So we'll also look remember we had that conversation recently with a morning wolf pack of ballots could striking yes that wasn't the outcome of that that the majority. Would not stop and pick up somebody attack you absolutely I think of the vast majority. It was news largely skewed in the other direction Iran and nobody will do that anymore right a lot of people admitted that they would like to thing you know it comes down to it's like night and I think progress. Buy into the pitcher making over the weekend Scott had a kind of a podcast yesterday but agreed to meet him. So I take off like an early due from my house you know firm by cried about a half hour and a shred the front tire. Beyond repair normally I can repaired on the road or whatever but. Paying an aunt and so what I normally do I grab my phone and I hit it over and kind of on the middle of nowhere on south of the supply now you know. Sosa's movers and about twenty minutes I don't think anybody was even close so I'd spoken. To tell you I'm looking ahead with the sole hitch hiking thing to test you cancel the library waiting for like it will mean to and that means America so I'm sitting there are gonna come out I'm I ever spent Exxon's I would like I just came out of the Winter Olympic figure skating competition. And right. Three or four cars passed me by not surprising. I don't think anybody's gonna stop in not to mention a motto really narrowed to lane stretch there coming around it down hill coming around a corner. Not a good place for anybody to pull over. So I see a suburban passed me. And I seem kind of slowing down into anybody's ever hitchhike to note that if you see brake lights near your end. So I CNET and disappear on the corner and Mike and there's chance. Sousa yeah. Lo behold this car comes back up the hill and pulls into the driveway in the front yard I'm standing in Iraq and picks me up. And I couldn't believe it the guy's name is rob his wife is Heidi. Robyn Heidi hands commitment cedar creek. Hang in on the back mean these are our people okay these are wolf people. The back on the back of their car is a little sticker that says we salute and respects first responders. I think these are my people dead so I jumped and we don't have. Long conversation turned other country fans. They don't actually listened to the wolf. But I made him promise that they would that affect us that yes so from now on they're going to they were came PS listeners and they've actually been right that loss of sensation when away as I told him respect and understand but. Turned out to be the nicest people mandate they said that they do the support vehicles every year on motorcycles. For the STP ride which is Seattle to Portland. So they say they drove by this Australian cyclist. Heidi looked over robs like honey we have to go back at that we have to help. Were you like on their way wherever they're going after evaluating it they went past where they would normally take a left to go to cedar creek and drove me all the way. And author it was so great and I will tell you honestly you know Luke tried most people against Italy took two or three cars is a little pull over and picked me up it striking with my bicycle. On Sunday panacea that thing yet my partner yeah Ellis they got any huge truck entered the bike in the Vatican we said it's great conversation. And I know Heidi gets in her car about 830 hopes to return to subtle little literally today but I did tell them as a listen you guys are amazing and I wanna fullest thank you for this so. You know. On the call you and tell me what constituted a dominant you guys are the third thing is to go to a cool country show this summer is a bunch agreements come in and has initiated a Nevada about a pocket is well worth it tonight of sit there and yes I canceled my movement are various units you knew I was finally may have five dollar and AM I canceled my Hoover but. It was a seven are really cool feeling man to know they had these. Most people are good. And they were so kind and it's. I sat in the back their grand babies car seats are right there which. They'd like tested the Carson. Tied to you know I still think it's kind of dangerous to be carefully pick well again. Again but I am a grown man and I'm in spandex. And our help or hurt nobody gonna mess me let me man and a Mike leads on in my little. Is the callous. You 100 points. Well Heidi you're losing now when your commute into work thank you for stopping used to thinking outside the record and a view. All right dad died check our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day about a go back to Friday it was pretty simple because it was Nestle pizza Qaeda. Is PC your favorite food is the answer would be yes mr. Graham 50% said yes forty cents a Knoll. Twitter 50% to suggest 44%. Universally I think in all countries there. I think commencement of a slip me sometimes how do you get 50% 40% to get a 100% the most of an attack another option on Twitter I don't disagree yeah. Well but overwhelmingly yes pizza is the favorite today based on a really embarrassing story that broke the news about a guy in China whose. Dropped his toilet his new iPhone eighth in the toilet his phone in the toilet. It's tough and it's a nervous because Heidi is listening for the first he's trying too hard to grasp again and again it. Jimmy I do things are so embarrassing story the guy drops his brand new thirteen hundred dollar iPhone aid into the toilet he reaches his hand in to try again at his arm gets docked it went down the little hole. Eighties and for twenty minutes trying to wrestle his arm around to a finally to call for help the janitor came in Fremont. And of course EMTs paramedics embarrassment. But it's worth noting that these are different kinds of two these are not equipment is like in an in a normal American toilet which you sit right there yet left glut. Well is like the column a squat toilet well today it's what would you if you dropped your phone in a toilet widger reaching to get it and it's not even close man everybody would 83%. Of folks on our Easter grand story said they would. And only 70% no it's even worse on Twitter 96%. EU on the Twitter. Say you would go in after this your phone I'm not even embarrassed to say I've done it before multiple times multiple animals out of happy drop your phone that to a multiple times and I just happens hey I got a tweet. Hey good morning Chris in Kirkland how are you today included those decisions on and about a morning wolf thank useless poll of the day. Yeah no problem. Providence or. Evolved. Yeah that is a completely different conversation altogether there is no way I don't think anybody would you know. You have you know human being that actually went down in a four applauding. Address those are people you don't wanna be friends. Like Garza is a difference in low places and acres they Serbian part of morning wolf that man appreciates it. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. 100 points it's. Been wolf Baghdad encounters flo Jo and Didi doing this before she takes over. I want to give you that energy and our relief. Our symphony tired out. Can you go and it was great that Zuma has been very few days and since that time would exceed. We did a little sticky Santana thing. Baghdad we have some nice and how is Dixie crystal balls she's doing great to get a little strut back Connie ceilings. To see whenever as the leader of underdog her whole. A slight it's like a and if you think animated body lying and they know I'm talking that's a different for all my dog. I had an. Well yeah slowed don't have a similarity there where you and your significant other have very opposite schedules so it's really great thing you can spend some quality time really slow Julie it's one day week with his then wife and I to hang Sunday night and hardworking Americans wouldn't do. And I might grab them for an afternoon lunch or something like that it up to lately he's he's going and coming home it's. You know what absence makes the marker of funder that's right eleven every time I feel like Cain gave me you know. Mean I was in my wife and two weeks have got down on overload if it's on him coming for a good long weekend for you. All right so did you would get going on your show here what's celebration is the this week. It is appropriate and a please. Love your area I the end is going to be fun this week Valentine's Day is Wednesday right eyes. I repeat Valentine's Day when defense. Here's your friendly reminder you know I've already gotten taken care I'm so proud of myself good for Israel ordered her something off in Easter Graham. Yeah where you look through that to be dead I think in every time I told you about it and continue sending she miraculously again rant about anyway so where you go with a son and your show well. I just posted a blog and it's it you know it's to our men because let's be honest Valentine's Day is for us ladies right match of course okay. What not to buy your woman for Valentine's Day have a whole list of things and it starts wed. Anything that has electrical cord attached to waste good that would include a crock pot. Yes a vacuum cleaner that's right again a blender toaster yes off actually you know didn't let me know what is the worst Valentine's Day presents. You have ever received or new girlfriend who knows. Wu I like that I'll be listened I to a 6421 Walter gonna jump in their early firm is. 46150. Have fun thinks Massey will be listen in the other room you know. Good morning it'll actually not a military weekday mornings from by the film. I yield 100 point seven the world.