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Monday February 5th, 2018


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Everybody welcome to the podcast for Monday February 5 and before we get to the meat of it you to listen to our entire show that and commercials and music let's give you a little bit of an intro for Javon Matt McAllister slow joke here is well good morning. And yes we work today we both had a very mellow Super Bowl experience and today was almost a joy to jump out of bed and talk about the Super Bowl halftime show. The commercials and you hear all that we get the podcast you know what I did and I realized something because we we both stayed up late last night well past their bedroom or our bedtime ended today guess this is asked. And felt great this morning Emmett cash was the difference that he asked at lane I feel like crap yes and we drink you're gonna do whatever message that I never stay up late and not injury. Brian enemies now they're married all changes when they put this is us after the zeroing in very apparent that have insurance. Yeah we have in the past always gonna like a big Super Bowl party neither wanted to do tonight going to be honest and I'm much happier for it I enjoyed watching this is us after. Five though way we neglected to mention on the show today so let's mention now. You know all weekend long we had our trouble running on Seattle walls of this and they were going to be talking about this is us to make your watches. We both watched it you know sit I didn't. Which he was in the car talk about the little ways Jack always makes her laugh and he's flipping the radio stations 100 point seven was on the dial back and hits. Somehow I saw that. And I didn't even register oh yes that's the world. This course it's in Pittsburgh's audio was embarrassed should've I radioed to work I should've made that 100 point seven cut action to blow up while Leo is Michael slow healers for the shadow like a prayer list. But incredibly I was crying Tara probably is a blur and back through the whole thing by Dan you definitely by spoiler alert in case and in case begin to realize that we talk about on the show we talk every proud of those things I've talked exile listen to this intro every single day I don't have -- anywhere and talk about when the iPod in there are actual though. Come out of next I'll tell you one thing we left on the plate. Super Bowl related was the Celtic it. Yeah and he was definitely you know like in past Super Bowls has been like left shark there's are allocating only something that goes viral. It was definitely this I would say he's a thirteen year old kid with the braces I know you've seen him by now yet he got this LP with Justin Timberlake yet. A couple of them by the way I think you probably screw I think he was so panicked my theory is that he was so panicked the first time they can get the camera ready. So then Justin Timberlake gave me a second shot in the saga finally ended no I didn't know that. And all the means work kind of funny because there's one shot of just intently quarter rabbi and the kids just stern isn't the grammys applicant the phone. He was probably getting the camera totally yeah it is a good as that great Celtic hat I ask you caught it he acting just enforced amusing get to Garrett who has did this kid was there any blame us to Hannity and his game plan to take itself there was somebody in order a micro cell today he said an officer in all self yet. But it was I was I mean. You know again my mind works a little bit differently sometimes and they can who paid five grand for this kid to be there again here's this rich did this over the Super Bowl and I mean you know 47 years old analog to go desert Iraq. Come on kid you don't get to go for twenty more years I is one of those things man hopefully he was a Philadelphia fan that was great game anyways so that was at the Celtic Camby didn't talking about tomorrow on the show. We're going to be talking about celebrity encounters based on Celtic in Iraq and what is your coolest celebrity count earn if you have a self senior from when you get bonus points or if it's local Seattle you get bonus points. But again tomorrow starting at 710 we will be talking about your best celebrity encounter. Teaser Joseph gap don't tell all story but to say the name of your best celebrity encounter. My all time favorite is David Crosby yeah I AM yeah I was there for that you're there very cold you weren't there for mine. No jargon as saying yeah at Diego Lance asked is there one where he had had an exercise back before anybody knew that he was dealt to the grill rack we all this love thing although I think you suspect that even back then well in the cycle and community effect. Anybody who's at that level or I knew the and I knew plenty guys I was never good enough to be that guy but I do think guys that word there's the kind of roller rise again in fact I had a personal trainer one time that was also trained him for small amount of time dad and said one time he made him drive into them. The air quotes vitamin store dad and like yeah I mean that's I think it was pretty unbelievable what those guys got to within that's not a bit we took a little bit about that tomorrow. Something else and ended up on the cutting room floor today we replaced with the interview of the guy that was power washing veterans' tombstones that bush is a broad that was really cool. The Oxford English dictionary today by the way foundered over a 130 years ago. Added the new words like they do every year I was like woke. Yes and it's always fun in this used to bother me is an English writing major but then I kind of looked into a morning realize that the nature of the English language is that it's always is dynamic that of all it's always changing so you have to make concessions for certain words threat even their ridiculously stupid. Act but some of these okay with. Some of them I just got a scratch my head a little bit here but Mayo on me. Okay there's six new words the editors have just announce a new batch number one bored out like angry. Okay when you're hungry and you're angry angry yes I get it again at that one seems OK like narrowly in the AT well they all are in a more slang than anything else is right and invent a new word my question is win our. Among -- gonna be entered into Oxford English dictionary is most people speak in a Mozee is oh you mean acronyms. No no like like I well know like second class highly phase you don't speak in smiley face hard guys people do do they were absolutely. Probably only a matter of time or I could see the acronyms the I mean if you're mash and that words like hungry angry he had he liked first at some point they're gonna have to like say okay here's like the higher that's for today's dinner is just that's right I mean if it becomes part of the comment earlier language. I number two man's blamed which somebody use this. To me the other day or yeah is an insult I know we have we don't need your man split like effect. Well Leo head bowed and flew directly about role in explaining something needlessly overbearing -- or condescending really typically when addressing a woman in a matter of the thought to reveal a patronizing or chauvinistic attitude. Now I wasn't doing any of those things that I love and respect women. But I was I think I repeated something grasses to girls by Alameda man slain half I thought I look at. Number three so wag. Which in radio is what we call the stuff that we give away at appearances used there and uzis and TH day bag so wag bold self assurance in style or manner. An air of great self confidence or superiority they have got mad swagger dog number for the meantime. Which I don't think is anything revolutionaries this time devoted to doing what you wanna do that not two words yeah I mean it's not even with a piece of me it's an expression. He's been around for a hundred years I've maybe it's dramatically contracts and other like you know accepting it I guess. Snowflake. Which was used a lot this year especially in Portland when had to pump her gas path and a person characterize as overly sensitive or easily offended. Or as feeling entitled to special treatment or consideration or anybody under the age of thirty rat yet and number six. Is controversial in my mind. And I'll struggle to say it because somebody's gonna think I'm chauvinistic or something but. Aunt flo. It flew aunt flo is it is a reference to a woman's menstrual cycle that they're putting in the Oxford dictionary first of all. Around forever and ever like camera my sister using this growing up which is twenty years ago I've no I don't think ever record an aunt flo. Yes so are like the year you're getting a visit from influence yes exactly I did Erica Agha. But it did nothing new or revolutionary it's been around for a long time and again not a word more about an expression dad. You know there's a whole list of words with those of the six I would say that and the most notable I'll click on the rest of them officers had. I mean native put a lot in there and some of these you know co parent dean dean globalization and Dick dish. The other day I did definition ridiculous yes I think are probably if it had no I don't because they're okay well hold on hold on I'm in the I mean I they were there well let me that's it. I think it would be man's landing if you explain what Dick Richmond circuit and he got but there's a lot sun burst to re sun care sun catcher mean they've put in every year. Thousands of words it used to but the media chooses to clarify this fear the most interesting. Actually I'd like links so I can get into some of these and I have no idea what they're talking about the what is sun burst or have no idea. I T I thought that must've already been in there. And Tom Fuller Tom pong Toms with the Tom walker what guarantees and are. Okay so moving on from that self financed why is Angela self discipline and I'm Enron lists you throw layout new word entries for 2018 hour. Go to. Public dot OED got confident listed waste some time to work that it's fascinating. Despite owes us. Disney. Castle capital big Disney this is crazy. That's bizarre east signature I get that gag at that you referred before is now about a flap around. And it has endless. Hind milk. Do I need lakes yeah I I have all opinion girl that they Oxford English I'm gonna study this this is fascinating or affect a game and the last thing I just would like a little feedback. If that's okay Oslo took him over the great idea a new segment for the show called not fake news from the little pond on the vernacular of our times. And we used to do signal while back called hard to find headlines and basically it's the same thing it's wacky news right. It's stories that sound fake but they're now are going to cannot fake news. And we did it today kind of a test run when you listen to it about 615 a podcast just if you take a minute. Plus I've also confirmed that somebody actually listens. Pesticides Joe's mother to finally I'm and again this is a test mad at Seattle's dot kinda system be back if you like it if you don't whatever kind of test driving at this week you'll bosses at a town boo yeah group. Yeah the Boston infielder Brian Super Bowl party you know national series there. So anyway that's it tomorrow more Christie able to take is 710 cool celebrity encounters and we can't wait to see if 5 AM on the wolf have a great day guys. Okay do you believe. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Good morning wolf thank Matt McAllister slow Joseph is here as well subs low blood it is Super Bowl is in the books are we talking about it later we've also got more Chris Stapleton take is to get away it's an attempt to beat the street. I've got kind of an incredible story about somebody who didn't watch the civil yesterday it seems like an oddity who happen to me in my life he chose to be something else. We adult feature to the show brand new today called the not fake news. Stories sound too good to be true they should be fake but they're really not the thing and of course soldier on both stayed up last night and watched. Not only the Super Bowl not only the halftime show now with the commercials. But we digested this is us after his well when planning I would that either but it is due to how do you not gonna do that. I'm a right now you know how we do with the start up the show with our lead off caller meet somebody who's up who's fired up maybe not hung over. Or take you behind over entertaining that's good to one lead off collar to get a palm based Jerry go 206421. Is due before 21 Waltz was the number give us a. All right now so all right Veronica it's only going to be our lead off collar here on a Monday February 5 how are you today. I got to like Ellen coffee down when we goals what time's the alarm go off for you Veronica. 4 o'clock okay all right what you've reliving Veronica. Aren't they carry you yeah oh OK do you get to carry a weapon at all. I. It shows that I would wanna you try to ease salad let it go Italy Germany and Canada just assume something. You kind of a spit fire I would wanna see math can say. I and it aren't you married. Okay congratulations. So no kids yet or had he gone down that road already. I know good for you move so how long is this marriage had been going on them. Airport. Okay is their baby with the new husband. Yeah some are treating it really. OK so your husband came into the mix and he took over responsibilities of the chug your hat. Yeah that's playing that's really means did he have any chance. Now you know I had a buddy did did dad and I have so much respect for him for. For doing that that that that's of those huge adjustment and I can't imagine soldiers walking in this of these like that a five year old dad they came and he loved that video games to a that in January 30 and did very well dad. Amazing so you guys are gonna have one of your c'mon right. And we thought. Scared the bad so we went out and licensed hair deceived eve I'm sounds like he admirals it's a son or daughter but they get along pretty good. I well Greg you got the message via a paper and baby play. He had that first year who see you know it Veronica it's it's a struggle. Yeah he's very lucky to have to go through that you like cattle like how. I'd Veronica what did it to the Super Bowl lesson did you watch. I didn't want to let you know how come. I don't think I am not a fan of purple since the Super Bowl and everybody wants even if you don't care you eat the food didn't go party or anything. Yeah the hotel Transylvania to it might. I have to. That's great actually dad's elitism nor next conversation but more on that and a couple of minutes. Trying to think what else I can do my forehead a question slowed Joseph Johns is up Veronica you said year year to come see your driving to the train stations legally can double commute right he driver of the station and trained to work. Yeah how long how long as a trainer. An hour and 15 minute and I am not the liar route for another ten minutes. It's a big commute ahead. Do you know what it trains are running. That's her under. Or if I see I can do it man Al we think about okay how and I if I had eleven Tacoma and end use public transportation would work with my schedule you couldn't get here didn't get here you have a guy and a billion does have the he would give her nine or ten and it is so. Well Veronica god bless you for being so hard work and. Thank you Uganda a wonderful thing about the unity Austin Starr's. Well a couple of not security. And apply. Let the party girl you know she's got some scars. I can be on a fight what's until we play for you run to lead up calling it to take dead and Exxon what's gonna be. Any thing from background. Who who who hadn't fumbled with some exquisite tastes that's not even a problem do you do for a cabinet next. Thank you and they Veronica. We love you. Know well we lucky. You can ask am running a portable days. All right codecs gets in Zack brown band DN against. Might be hard to believe the maybe not I mean maybe brought it is not alone. Not everybody watches the Super Bowl my wife was one of those people coming up in less than ten minutes on and say what she chose to do instead the into the morning. Oh I'm out. 127. Fell wolf we ought to know right now give a voice to the minority everybody's going to be talking about the same thing today what do we talk about what you did it. Instead. Of watching the Super Bowl. Like Carolina color Veronica. See what's Transylvania to whether my hero back fine because she don't care. You know my wife called Super Bowl Sunday the best day of the year to go to Home Depot. Yeah dad asked what she calls it it's the best to your of the data do anything other then. Watch TV is nobody's doing anything you don't go to the supermarket that I learned Palestinians. Span ID Tosca on Saturdays and that was an especially these little what did you do you. Instead of watching the Super Bowl. I know god because the Disneyland every system is gonna say that it's probably agree dating it is and it is absolutely so really good for a little variety here the morning wolf pack 206. Pork to one wolf the in my life Home Depot home projects could care less about the game. A death in Puyallup happy Monday how you feel than anybody I don't right. Okay you must not have watched the superb also tell us what did you do instead of watching the big game. I want lifetime movie with my wife math math math math. So what is it you just don't care don't like football I am a huge yard span. But. With low the crowd that was going older team and have the deep. A break from both below and we've got their attitude street excuse you know I understand you kind of little bit today in the middle of what you were saying but I know what you're saying little tired of the at the lack of respect for the American flag in the NFL this year correct Jeff. My daughter's air force and look at him in the Arctic blaming I get it god bless your family for their service and sacrifice did you hear the guy we had a last week that says clean the tombstones of our veterans that are watching the game. Also also Yankee power washed him local guy here is cemetery fact death. We're in tracking down this morning get an update on Napa test yet we put him on the air we told people where they could go volunteer their time death. Make sure these cemeteries of our veterans still look beautiful and I can't wait to see what the turnout was he was on the local news too so. Some awesome that you're not alone death. Yeah I'm sure I'm not it. I'm happy that the patriot but we. I did. Look at my phone to check that out that I did not want it like got to tell you it was one of the best football games I've ever seen miso soup bowl it was incredible but. Don't worry there's always next year. That's right take care Jeff thanks for being a part of a morning low back in August I know I hear anybody goes Seahawks populated Jeff credit but Bubba. To a 6421 Woolsey is the phone number what did you do instead of watching the Super Bowl. The more creative the better I got some text messages coming into Mallory watch the Kylie Jenner pregnancy video like ten times. And Courtney defended freedom terrorists don't take breaks out plastic card and I love it. Allocate land in wooden bill. I spent Saturday running around your neighborhood I. In the rain oh yeah and count. It's a great the Montana love wouldn't gotta love that Saturday ride it's called the rocket ride and we go through some of the neighborhoods it's very alien in the end up in the valley riding through all that farmland all that bag. It. So tell me what did you do instead of watching the Super Bowl. I'm. Not agree counseling psychology advice that I had all evening ink tank that there are a bit. It. On my side of the draw Elizabeth. I guarantee one thing your smarter than the rest of us that just watch football and that's about it. Well I. It yeah. Good for you all that hard work get a pay off eventually and you know we probably lost some brain cells watching the Justin Timberlake halftime show music behind me and I don't think that help anyway. Good luck yet I keep working hard and thanks for being part of a morning wolf pack we'd love. I really don't here's the sweet all right take care. I love slow jokes is there so I know you watched the big game yesterday did did you insulting to drink did you partied all just cannot navigate to state to only ticket and elongated died are kind of wash the dog after elementary -- analyzed the data alcohol involved you know that was the way I get consumed it's the first and didn't go to a party you know my wife little boy is that's the sand -- back in Arizona or -- time there Eaton chicken -- Houston's case that he is going to be sitting there like this yeah it's just a Sunday you know but I stayed up late and I feel great man just a tiny bit alcohol makes it's a big difference is well not having -- as -- as an underdog presidential amazing and he -- to have a beer again and he noticed that we are alone -- the -- is the only nobody showed up for gonna see performances this thing here and there I'd ever come on man I feel like you know our good friends in the military like an ordinary. There's still sleep other radio station that has terrorists. Caroline an ordained. We were at the Tacoma unit for the 48 spring kicked off all we can yell at 530 last night while my daughter who's in for a twenty clean stalls at the farm. She worked dead picked her up to seven came home and I went to bed by 830 it was a fund an exhausting week in the Super Bowl did not have my attention at all that's like. It's an act program red. Yes foray Chan yeah now it was a forays okay I'll have yet come on that's a big time as. All right common up next we're gonna get tomorrow morning wolf pack useless poll of the day. And yes it might come as a shock to some of either Conan about things do other than go to the Super Bowl with fourteen million people are expected to call in sick today are you wanna bump. The use is told to make coming up in seven minutes. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice. So all morning wolf Pacman McAllister. Happy hash tag super sick Monday. Often the biggest day in America for calling out sick to work. In fact. Fourteen. Million Americans are expected to call in sick today after the super humble yet can't decide that's a lot earth are not enough well last year was sixteen point five IA would imagine because there wasn't a lot of hype going into the game tax Internet to be cool great football game out greatest Super Bowl in terms of competitiveness and Allentown it was amazing and it's an all kinds a records for the most points scored the most yards throw by the quarterback. The underdog one leg it was an amazing football and that's the but going into it nobody seemed to care now we talk about that lies these New England again. And then nobody thought Philly had a chance to get back up quarterback turns out they pull off one of the biggest upsets of all time at stoke. And that might be why the number was down a little bit two and a half million people but again. And I didn't even realize there is a hash tag for today people and an uncle who worked at it had to dig through present Monday are going in a good idea there is a think it's because death has steadily doing so funny about this article that Joseph he said the last that a re enter an inch they're actually trying to attach it to influenza in rises in the flu cases and CDC in my. What do you do that I'd there's TV earlier this year yet you're either camp ski grant from yesterday in his message to get in a car or should you get a call known to say I'm not gonna work I'm taking a personal to ask everybody gets sick days to you to take one. What you don't want to do is actually have any kind of a flu symptoms and try to call in sick today and pretend that it's that early show to work a little sick and it's and other ways you can pick and this is the land this thing ever. Like you gotta figure nobody in Philadelphia showing up tonight I mean you're out in the streets at the grille and just like rioting in setting things on fire when gave any worse who like what are you doing the eight horse he gave words like he forced a second thought if I think there's enough good analyzes video a few minutes ago like though he celebrated he was wasted. Having trouble instill an idiot just add alcohol because I kidding me you know the sad thing about Philly too is they would burn the city down if they lost threatening to burn it down then I haven't just. I saw a little bit of a live video it looked like a ride and I did elevated because Tim his damn I mean loses its tiger have near LA so I've seen that candlelight thing idiotic celebration. In and there are contracts stability in Afghanistan and aggressively to I mean I didn't realize they'd never won a suitable harness that was kind of a big deal normally. But why got to destroy your town to celebrate your tenth wait any horse who buys you cannot investigate it. So let me get the streets are you had a great divorced after the death and can you explain a little bit YE. Our viewers hear that millions of viewers on television why did you eat divorced we will or the Eagles won their first super however I did I felt compelled to eat north of that horse I was working hard training hard and deserved it wanted to be part of it. Try to make sense out of it's the plan help. So I. Martin Wolf bags are useless poll of the day is a real simple. Are you calling in sick today don't are. It's on the mr. Graham story and on Twitter and actually I'm twenty got a couple of options to like you're working hung over you didn't watch the game etc. says it join us Seattle social. This is a morning wolf packs with NASCAR sex 100 points the walls it's on the campus O'Donnell's. And before we eat christened somebody new into these sounds most prestigious and free coffee club a reminder send us a coffee mugs from worst ever it is you work. And lead to some free love money or become best friends for life. 805. Suite 14100 Seattle Washington 98104. Even grabbed at Seattle's dot com today's mud comes from colonial optical. Don't get mugged by the competition. Erratic Kirkland. So and I are good he's Susie he'd idea or panned out. And so we travel mug here and play out what is going to be the case number are you Mario I'm doing good opponent for some respects. You know I'm looking for something different and that really good looking guy and I'm trying to become better looking you know to me. OK so I'm a bad thing to be pre determined Antarctica are the and we do. I didn't realize this. Ultimate high fat high definition HD on this it's the last fourteen at all. And I do not answer cards it's airlines and technical heavy. Summer Knoblauch I actually talked here are our look I know this sounds when you goods we're big misses us fans and my wife loves Randall is there any way to maybe look like him no classes. Learn down properly I'd have to fear birthdays are way clutch improbably today now I'm white suited I think with the right glasses I could look like random. I think now the we have. Good collection. Again but god does that kind of I need to deactivate the city are staying. Right the contours iron out as he owns today. Yeah I think right now I think more like reynolds' mom and Randall but hey random question are you a fan of country music I am all that school do you listen to the wolf. I do know that's your station and that is what do you think about the of the new morning got the sun and they hired a needed a couple months ago. Yeah yeah. It out. Yeah I think yeah he's there right. Yeah this is meant accounts by the men the new morning all I'm Nat back. Mario I'm good I don't get that unit and here we go Todd that I love them ideal ID field. And summer he was your business cards in the colonial optical box ago with a copy vote because assuming your big fan I guess I was wrong. I am a hand on her art it's a heated up eight with the idea cold pack of my nose is bleeding again and that Bill Bratton don't feel bad I appreciate the honesty in summer the newsroom to tell you right now welcome to the mug club did you send me the box yet I didn't think I loved. Thank you for the coffee in your locker room travel mug is tight he got the cousy like if it is for their elected giant hand just in case you're blind. I like I was able that in my stats aren't summer where are you thinking that's him it is innate but obvious here is really come see you too can your beautiful Portland yet we love you thanks for being a part of the month club and vitamin C for some respects they don't regret that curriculum and. Welcome to a dumb mug by coming up next. The whole world is watching the big game last night it really didn't disappoint gonna bring down costs and talk about the halftime show and of course the commercials that's all coming up by the inning commented Super Bowl related. To a 6421 wall. You're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. Staying super sick Monday. You know Joseph and I both watched the game yesterday and we are both here for work bright eyed and bushy tailed the Jonas had a sip of alcohol. Kind of like that exec pay attention of the game and you honestly and I was on a biker gets through some bodies before and we are tied to this guy goes Hoosier team and I don't have finally have a dog in this fight but. I just want a good game. And so that's not a blow up again and minutes seem predictable the very end when Tom Brady hit the ball back with two men that ever go yeah movie a million times before. But somehow Philly finds a way to make the only defensive play of the entire game you know hold on to the wind out of curiosity I mean. Nobody's defense stopped anybody that was a touchdown every thirty and I can my favorite my favorite one Q fronts in the whole game is when. The paid the patriots tried that trick play and threw to Tom Brady just like drop their another's hands. And an Eagles then it it was like a resounding success on fourth down. That was pretty sweet there I just kind of felt like nothing went Tom Brady's way now you know all the means. After the game there was one that showed Tom Brady who he was dressed he had showed up for the game to my wife screen shot data text please do not ever dress like this. That is Internet Everly your hair get you don't ever have the surge. Tom Brady's Philly the most handsome. The guy in the NFL but yeah it was and his date night look was on luck bringing had like an epic game in terms of like yards and everything now also wasn't that bad just 500 plus passing yards three or more touchdowns zero interceptions. By the way that's the first time in history of the NFL the quarterback hasn't lost the Super Bowl with those kind of number it. Yankee and Rob Gronkowski had a cup meaning he was crazy guy he's always crazy. Somehow you just love to hate Tom it is they they love to hate who's on top. And you know honestly anybody forty year old man who still playing that game played well I think it's pretty good. Up by doing New England kicker Stephen against Dallas feet. His 26 yard miss. Is tied for the third shortest miss field goal in Super Bowl history that's not a stat that you want now. But over all this just about the game and I know that's probably a little boring for some people. Seventeen news Super Bowl records were set last night today kind of tells yet it was a phenomenal football and write down millions so you can ask for its that at some hot buffalo wings. I didn't hit it if I coming up talking about the halftime show next. So before we get to eighty Super Bowl commercials to slow Joseph I'm. A curious to hear what you would Sophia tell your favorites in which when you liked Augusta pretty good commercials actually one that may be straight across that really billion that was before this is us okay balls like a little baby I have again but I want to talk about the halftime show real quick any comments to a 6421 wolf for you can text 461. 50. I had a thought you and I are both big well we have been saying they were Justin Timberlake fans were always impressed by him. I think analyses in the most respectful of ways. I think Crist able to makes Justin Timberlake a lot cooler and I think and he has when I watched that last managers realize I was a really a big fan of him for his music it's very poppy and very Vanilla which is fine and I assume that people like it makes Theo did again. Kids not to be led. Cracked but. All of the performances lately that I have been in love with Justin Timberlake. Chris Stapleton standing next to a drag and I think that makes him cool for me yes my own. I think I I think you're right I think. Like you said those recent iterations of him have been with Chris Stapleton and that makes them both awesome but I'll tell you this my wife Sophie who is a huge Justin Timberlake fan. Of all all manner at all where are you as your wife is a woman in her thirty's she needs a little bit disappointed with the right. And she she kept saying he's not singing and singing when the us are seeing any really only saying an Arab. Really saying a couple parts I read later than they were he had to make issues whereas Mike wasn't on for half the time sort of pressure cooker for him to with like to Janet Jackson debacle you're way past I mean. I can imagine I was thinking about him action right before he went on to get a nervousness is gone right now ga gotta wonder if they ask stage in the world and he's flopped on the big occasion for the amount of all the pressure that Clinton then that he's so I thought yeah I don't I I didn't think it was a spectacular myself and Seve who pretty much he can do no wrong for yet fewer than ever. Remind me later to play the clip of JT and Chris tables and on Jimmy Fallon later that I am else. That's what I'm talking about Davies. But there was a lot of problems to a lot of complaints about the prince tribute which I always say no good deed goes sometimes I tries to do the right thing he's in Minneapolis home to France. Do a preacher I thought it was really cool I think it's and I really like in the song that he chose to do you know. Yet the hologram of prince and purple. He sounded. Great new entrants. OK but of course no good deed goes unpunished prince fans were very upset about the hologram. They went to Twitter to demonize him because at one point in his career. In Sheila. Told her and told everybody never let them hologram me he said quote that's the most demonic thing imaginable. Everybody. I he goes on how many we'd been easier way to do like run with a double give it was a really hologram is more of just a giant projection. That's the way guys and I zone is nothing but its review. Don't. Prince purist heck that that or should I say. The people that like big guys that loser oh yeah they Aztec princess that it was say in. I thought it was kind of brilliant that was the best part measured as I was the only. Let them anyway as a little breakdown act coming up the Super Bowl commercials what did you lack. All right slowed to go before I find out what your favorite commercial was yesterday and others are pretty good hoods and wanna find out do you morning wolf pack what was your favorite commercial 206421 wolf and had this conversation can be heard that got to do it for 6150. Isn't taxed. Really Google is now like all the latest on where its due because it's low goal. My favorites are more commercialized that was definitely DN Alexa loses its ask from Amazon with the yet a cameo by Jeff Bay's doses than it. In Austin it's sixty degrees with a team. And. Amazon's Alexa lost her voice this morning talking likely lost your voice possibly impossible to have their replacements ready just seeing the way. Sure that's gonna work us. Yeah. That's only a recipe for grilled cheese sandwich up. Take two thirds into the rallies I don't know how to make your fruit cheese sandwich it's naive and recipe view. But how far in my thought. How well as much as well and that's what and I haven't NBA yeah. I yeah. Yeah yeah not even know. In the end like that and it. Fascinating to me. You're in the bush today and it just didn't have that Amy and science. And things because it's hot in that bush. Three bush three reboot the two recent country music. And. I'm fine doesn't know how to work for country music I called Brandon. I'm afraid Brandon is a little excited out. Tuna announces an icon and an elector can anticipate that there. I thought that was a faraway the most creative the most compelling commercials look Joseph you yeah I think my favorites were probably out the tide lions is they were just everywhere they can mock the whole Super Bowl commercial tradition we'll with a guy from strangest thing he had the latest so weird that I am in Titus everywhere after the on the heels of the tide Todd thing in as little more and their sales are way out that this carries them it's kind of weird though the whole concept of Super Bowl commercials in this day and age because they. They were all available for the last few weeks here they want you all alliant in like. The handing it there's no there's no surprises anymore you know nice to be kind of the fun part. Unless you don't really pay attention he's too busy Bryant had to Fisher around online and learn elements because I really didn't so I sat down and take another one man that did actually. I guess. Yes the Verizon one with the first responders. Yes arrogant and and went they played that went to during this is us and I already crash but now a man who won the so simple but it was Kia. And apparently when you buy Kia some of the proceeds go towards cancer research. And certainly they had these people that they were like they didn't know what was going on it to come into a room there may yet latest video played at thank you you helped save my daughter's life in I want to thank you person rack and then they came out and obviously she add housing in a calm blind man. And then just on the lighter side of things too I really did like Eli Manning you know they'll Beckham junior dad during their touchdown ahead in the stupid but funny he had this. Very good at other a couple of good ones too for sure. All right coming up next in just a few minutes. And by the well phone lines Arenas are get kind of carried away Clinton monitoring and testing grabbed those but coming up next and try something a little bit new here. It's called the not fake news. It's three headlines. That unit thinker fake that are actually real news stories are good and next on the morning wolf thanks. Alex rate and these here and. So wolf morning wolfpack Matt McCallister time for the not fake news. Stories this sounds fake but surprisingly art. First one comes to us from Easton Maryland. Where a dead deuce has fallen from the sky and not they hunter unconscious. And Eastern Shore waterfowl hunters and stable condition after a dead views fell from the sky. And literally knocked him out there is water fountain isn't this considered waterfowl yes sir so that it's almost like divine intervention to support our. 51 year old Robert mill hammer. Was out hunting with three people just before 5 PM when it happened he was knocked unconscious. And he had it was caused. Head and facial injuries by the wood and came to he said he knew we was but little else. Well but it's literally killed the good thing though that motherhood through that killed the Berger whose dislike no. A freak accident he could maybe be water felt had a heart attack and landed on Robertson and I think it's just bizarre talk about having a bad day. Ice cream van. Men jailed in the UK after attacking rival with shovels for encroaching on his patch things. Again stories from England so there's some different vocabulary and an ice cream van driver has been jailed. After he attacked her rivals cellar with a shovel because yes he grossed on his turf. Kelly Chia 33 for Middlesex launched the attack. After another ice cream van arrived at his usual selling spotted this game time. That's hard core that's like gas street dealers drive he got out of his vehicle liberated get a driver before punching the window of the park ice cream van. Get a ticket neighborhoods upstairs it apparently or their patches. And then the victim who is in his twenties ran away so he chased him down and of course struck a with a shovel. And bottom a budget kids ready rest period at the and that is true part of the story there was one young child who watched the attack don't you think they kids did you start for the rest of his life in. I've heard that anymore eyes preventing that's the eagle a shambles and again this is the not fake news stories that sounds they could are actually real. This last month a doozy student paid stripper to visit middle school in Texas. Defense but Foley ordering a pizza in high school was bad he is still under way in showing in its Austin, Texas. A student in middle school there paid a stripper to come to campus last Thursday according to the local newspaper. The woman went to the provide an address 11:30 AM on Thursday she discovered when she got there there was Grissom middle school. So she called the front office and explain what was going on. A by the way. Quick thinking employees. Were alert the woman did not enter the school. But with a student used his cell phone to call the stripper in and paid for the services on his parents credit card that's crazy. So old school officials say the student is facing disciplinary action you think shocker if you don't get expelled for that and dirty and actually kids from school anymore. Chase spiders here. Not fake news is able to dig is next to a 642 on wolf this is. Morning wolf pack with an accountant Jack 100 point seven. Laughs hit the pavement I'm sad to beat history tour. Good morning camp in Seattle how are you in any real I'm fine teach you watch the Super Bowl yesterday did you partake in the festivities. Yeah are you feel this morning. It current Eagles and that it. Yeah it was a fun game to watch now you're 33 years old your teacher you know the story a minute ago about the kid the culture for school I hey it. It's quite not quite well and that isn't saying kids today I can tell you what they are holes that. Here's what's at stake for beat the street. Chris stable the tickets at the white river into theater he's coming in July July 21. Before we meet the challenger to find out who you gonna stack up against somebody slow Joseph found at the Tacoma dome from a random let's DB the same five questions with thirty seconds on the clock are you rated a stab this beast right now. And that. Let's do it question number one year ago who stars as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible strange cuts. I in which country would you find the Sydney Opera House. Harry style isn't seen Malick we're members of what Boyd Gaines went Seattle's both topped stands and watched. It and Aaron. And which country star is the son of Rhett Akins. You. Okay you're at a time so let's find out how you did with beat the street and we ask the same time questions to the challenger who against those Joseph found at the Tacoma dome at the -- to show. What's the name of the program they already name's Kelly I'm from club and I do not being able. Clothed that's vague she does nothing to him at. Let's hope she doesn't do a lot of Reading and information check ups in her time doing nothing but here we go big history let's. Let's see how you do compared to Kelly here question number one. And stars as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise. I have no idea. Well that's good news for you because you didn't know we'd akin and so it's like we didn't even start to contest she had 00. Nobody has a point the correct answer by the way is Tom Cruise. Are I'm crew's Mission Impossible does all its own stunts pretty impressive. Question number question number two in which country we could find that Sydney Opera House. Australia. Oh you both got that one right nice job. The old Sydney Opera House actually jumped up and and you Crocodile Dundee movie promo last night Danny Bryant making not the point. Wonder what times go to question number three beat the street for Chris tables and tickets. Carries thousands came out it remembers the blood more than one direction the wind direction is right you both got their rights took him this could be close I don't know. I okay you're tied it to a peace let's go to questionable for our local Seattle question. Channels rogue cops dance crew. I don't know. She didn't know but guess what can you pulled it out you were a little. You had to work it through the two came up with the right answers. They'll just like that boutique at you've got a three to two. Let's go to the last and final question let's see if we can put the nail in the coffin here we go to country music question which country stars this regret that yeah. And among them. He's here the son of Rhett Akins it's a little confusing is Thomas rant. Dance threat which you. Did you get that one right. Well now I didn't think so I think you didn't get that wondering if it really didn't matter if you win with a three Datsyuk. Definitely couldn't handle her then you're gonna go to Chris stable in the summer. But perhaps in the end it's a great Monday UK and it's going to be one of the best shows of the year so excited you're gonna be able to go. In thinking. Can't. Well we love you have a great day of school today they don't put over the nonsense. I love you thanks for listening. Things. All right coming up next. Flick and I'm making are to believe but. Not everybody wants to Super Bowl last night affect my wife is one of those people in coming up in less than ten minutes I'm gonna tell you what she chose to do instead it's hilarious. How does that McAllister is in progress. Everything you guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. You know right now. What you did yesterday. Instead. Of watching the super ball. OK to vote number you know it to a 64 Q1 multi Gaza that is a quick text. 46150. What did you do instead of watching the Super Bowl yeah. By the way we're gonna check in with a brand of Patrick remember the guy that power washed all those veterans to get he did daddy had a huge turnout thanks to the morning wolf pack. So we'll catch up to him at 750 and but my wife calls the Super Bowl she can carry us. And we weren't together this year correct last year when we got to be together and Super Bowl Sunday you know I did before game time she's always it's always got to go to home Roger so is gotta be. I got we got to go to Home Depot for the home project right adulterer flower garden. I put offenses in the ground built the boxes or where ever I did the whole thing before the game even started well yesterday she had all day so she was at Home Depot she calls it the best day of the year. To go to humvees had dozens president people go to Disneyland I mean if you are not hunkered down as usual party the world is your oyster anywhere but supermarket or cast a man and I braves costume even on Saturday. It was nuts but I felt like I was at everybody Super Bowl party said look at their card it's good chips and Jesus in the deaths and whatnot it's so Israel simple. It viewed as something other than watch the Super Bowl we go to here for you right now morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf. Or 4615. Xers but your name in your tax that we can say what's up would you say hate to yet here's lady Annabel. Hello Jeremy it's over dale what did you do instead of watching the Super Bowl. I'm 32 laps. But these. It what is more being the people honestly this year for the first time ever. Now tell me why was it teams were playing or some of that in not TA you know stating after the National Anthem business. It's not a lot of that did that mean I believe it can't hurt. Put men and women do dress their predictions or freedom than in those guys get it out felt. I really do care less about them women make another million. Don't get a couple of people that do more blue left. Jeremy I got some good news for equity. Nobody took a knee on either side yesterday every single Philadelphia eagle every single New England Patriots stood up. As they should we know the patriots for Pete's sake. And everybody was standing painted a beautiful job the National Anthem was on point. And there was so much love for first responders and our military during the game it would a major crowd Jeremy finally it would image proud this season. You know at a beautiful thing or am I think every paper to be any different than you wrote well we'll get back to playing football next year no more and his taken in the I think it's a stat I think it's over. It all right man thanks for being a part of showed German rely Libya Loretta in federal way what are you doing instead of watching the Super Bowl yesterday. I don't OK tell me it was a good reason to be the hospital. Blue dog is never agree that it's not this race you can have a baby. Sure you know he's okay what happened miner we ended up that I spend three hours staring 300 dollar what happens. And you have female and black and extend outstanding all right yeah I hear. And after that we went home and didn't spend a month yeah I'm glad to street didn't win spat I only. It was a great football game I'm sorry to hear at the hospital dealing with female issues but it was a great news for the best Super Bowls ever is the first time in a long time at the Super Bowls better than halftime show and the commercials it was amazing you. I heard it we don't see you look at these score. I heard that that was the big stink you know all comment is that that's how I felt I was. It was very Manila is a little bit slack there and thank you for being a part of the morning wolf back we love you. Don't like you. I'm okay. Movement and I had a couple of etc. everything. I've got more calls coming into a 6421 wolf and text two to 46150. Simple question what did you do yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl. Joseph in Bremerton what did you do yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl hopefully something good. All of them off but put billions and other. OK you know I'm not a gamer and I don't think they'll ever be slowed Joseph is but you know I can't help but respect the fact that it's an opportunity for you to spend time with. Your children possess and they wanna do. A lot what was gonna let alone a little better. All good for you oh good for you Joseph some magic you run again a baby you do at all. Well god bless you did you miss Watson again off. Those Serb. You like that looks from brother also opened adult well I want obsession elsewhere a lot of swaption themselves. Do you think he'll look come around next year things change. Or. OK I respect that in Joseph thank you for your service and your family. Respect the hell idea sir all right here is two Mayan Tacoma power you. How are you I'm wonderful what did you do yesterday instead of watching the game. We could adopt the girls Larry let me look out and shot into this thing. No interest in the game. Oh knowledge of the game. Yeah the yacht bingo at list. I was just happy at Philadelphia Eagles beat the patriots then you may have heard a reference I went out it. Absolutely thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolf back on the enjoy your name is on enjoy. Obama enjoys your name. And armament and I'm sure and his beautiful I will never forget you. You call any time on the door what do you yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl. We could be kid got the belt about a lot of friends rock and in the mud just enjoyed sunshine. Your kids must love you was that brilliant I was out ride my bike when the sun came out right around new net so glorious. Com enjoy any plans to watch the Super Bowl next year he does not care. I hear you Stephanie Shelton welcome to the morning wolf back to go. My wife Vanessa calls Super Bowl Sunday the best in the or go to Home Depot or or do anything for that matter retail. Cindy what did you do instead of watching the big game tablets xmas is coming in 46150. Went bowling bloody guys crystal. Brady says hit the gym there's only five people there. Roxanne says that a watching the Super Bowl I treated myself to aid panic here. Say hi Laurie firm Roy I didn't watch long Meyer all weekend long. And Carl Levin watch movies and went to ocean shores at a late lunch enjoy the beach nice Stephanie burned it records and moved furniture. Interest being put it like to know more about that. And Leesburg intimately beating against my teenage son because all his friends or watching the game and he was not the gamers. The Salina video Alina greens all the time you gotta think of something intact either. Coming up speaking of what did you do instead of whats again you might remember a guy we interview last week his name is our brand and Patrick. He owns a power washing company and he said you know because I don't believe in supporting this organization is not standing for the National Anthem either. Coming up power wash the tombstones of veterans on the show my support for their sacrifice. Instead of this other thing. So where to follow over the coming up next kind of how that went cornered. You 100 points. Wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McCallister on the phone with a sprained and Patrick from pro one services power washing. Brando we talk to you last week you with a guy that everybody saw on the news that was gonna new boycott watching the Super Bowl I should just say. To choose to do something different which was cleaning the tombstones of fallen veterans and making that cemetery the beautiful again Brandon how. To go. All did you lose it'll also we had them all of you had about 35 or forty people show up. It's been worried that hole and daughter and doll we had so one of the AV equipment rental companies they detonated achieved our lives. He put an employee illness to be great golf that we like but what. They found. That's beautiful week but we've got longer and 8880. I'll probably. Come alone in the studio here right now Brennaman I'm giving you standing ovation that the data such an amazing thing and remember telling you last weekend and money just do this like 10 AM your notes. These veterans these soldiers they sacrifice for us every single say the least I can do. You sacrifice symbolically my time at night when these Super Bowl is on to do this for them. Owls actually very very proud of the alms leaking well in the evil in the patriots source and endure in their home. Don't National Anthem and so a little right now make you want to look try to do it all may harm. Saturday and bought a Sunday during the Super Bowl on lives is could she use. During the season right here. But if they're doing makes it more of the same thing pictures. Well I think that's right and it was nice to see everybody standing painters such an amazing job with the National Anthem at seem like I spend as it was in full force a lot of love for first responders during the game I am hoping Brandon like you Lauren like a lot of proud Americans that this was. Almost a sad or phase that we went through with the Colin capturing garbage in next year we don't have to do that that's not why we watch football. Exactly exactly it's not the issue it's not that struck out. You know everybody I don't go to McDonald's and oil law number per evening ticket aboard each complained about it I'm needs. And then these people might be crowd how Ellsbury. Well you should be and bring in house proud youth for spearheading that grassroots movement do what you did a nice finish read this book about a guy. Who was Japanese but his dad is north Koreans he gets sent back to North Korea and India do escaped North Korea did his stories. About growing up in that country makes you realize we live in the greatest country in the world hands down there's no question and people. Sometimes don't realize that they haven't traveled as they haven't read it they don't understand. What some of these other countries actually due to the people who live there yeah as America perfect no are we always gonna agree to leadership. No it's bad stuff happen in our country yes do we need be aware this do we need to make sure that we're seeing his fairest possible is justice possible absolutely. But this is still America and you gotta love your country and then let's work on our country from that perspective you know. Exactly there are indoor and our national air from our flag laps the one. That we should. Altogether the country in a hurry home almost flag almost all eat. I'm so grateful you did which he did and I think a lot of people can understand it and appreciate it let's just up to the NFL next here is less about that in is more about plants in football because that's lunacy exactly thanks for following up with this my brother Thanksgiving dinner I'm really night got a lot of people out there supporting you too. Absolutely and I appreciate it thank you are you ready for a simple although for different. And. I. The morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Though wolf there's a difference dream get together for a little Super Bowl match and going to Luke Bryan's house. In Nashville. And watching the super bull with the biggest country stars and planets considerable difference is exactly blood. Drew did yesterday. Our night guy also have to be our boss drew. Florence checking in from Nashville how are you feel this morning 08 to keep deployed double that we are very quietly it's just a little ordinary start. I teed up a sober guys on the coffee over here. Slower up a copy already here to. Role Hillary you listen to your voice though it. Just gotta know how the Super Bowl party was it Luke Bryan's ouster she told me when you look for Nashville you were doing that I was so jealous. How mentally when there was pretty epic the funniest part is like. His house. Temple bar. In the barn is worried throws the parties in the bar him. Deployed six times the size it is viewed ourselves as the streets. And that's pretty impressive the garage is close to the video or living room. Oh I saw the spread when he did that interview riffs there Robin Roberts I guess but it looks like she's just got. Acres after acres and is it just looks amazing. It's pretty it looks like something out of Paul are gone with the wind. You know like the big palatial. Southern house is pretty cool. But you know he's good here and fuel from bars in the we word of mouth and you know they're gauntlet Philip what became a minister. There was a game completely the halftime show and everything that. I didn't know what country stars we hang out with through. You know until hardy hit there cool Davis. Jordan Davis was there he was still discussion about Tuesday. So we did last week that a course Lucas there's sort of hold court on another bunch of guys colts' window wandered around is pretty cool. And out to be about the Super Bowl snacks and kind of proves he's serving up because I guarantee he had he had some good news. Yeah they had to barbecue go amid smoke girl spectacles fried oysters. Newsom through trucks and stuff he knows how to throw parties and it either entertainer of the year for a reason yeah I was right I don't. I don't take any of the world like a world like home made. Luke recipes from his favorite food trucks was pretty cool. OK just tell me that no like Dougherty radio guy get drummed in ended up in the petting zoo with the alpaca is. I don't know but held off limits I agree and I. Do not go near the farm animals and radio guys predict pretty good and it's just security big cure all new notebook unit employees go well that's cool I just I had to find out how to oil episodes I was thinking about you all yesterday as I was sitting you know in my little cottage doing show draft. You know well you're little stories sort of or or something and get the short straw until when yesterday so I'd love it with the debate everybody's fine and India over corruption via. It never happened who have never happened and how I mean it's certainly wasn't on the radio never happened. And off the a man go west Markoff builds ideally. It looked back coming up we still haven't discussed. Joseph and I boasted a pastor bedtime to watch this is us there ought to know what you think yes big spoiler alerts to a 641 wolf of course it's one of five to zero. The morning when I needed a leader. Well for a handful of peanuts and I'm doesn't sound fundamental than a dollar ball here's Matt McAlister knee. It's no wolf well slow shows you got a lot of heat last week our Hawaii was more you didn't need that when he sort of talking about this is us and some of the possible finale is of for the outcomes of that show. So book. Without further resume. You are again if you miss that. OK we're to talk about this is we've reiterated spoiler alert. If he had admitted he didn't watch last night after the Super Bowl and turn the radio down or off and come back to a sad about one minute from now. Up first of all you know it's a big episode of anything but it's a show like this is which you normally watch with your significant other that you have to make a deal. If you are together I think that you're gonna go ahead much to show my wife and I had to do that is she wasn't here in and so we worked together bit. She since we face time during. Life prior to at a different time notice no I was about the same music done now we just as it looked. There's another one on Tuesday this is a big show I have talked about it on his show for a I got to watch you I guess to say I told disown. Yes I mean it I always do at the equity credit where credit is still use. I mean I knew wasn't gonna be as simple as they were lead they were like laying it out to be you know I mean. Yeah that then you know the part that was hard was that a case of he doesn't die in the fire he's the hero. But then you still know he's dying that day Brad and Michael Haywood as the victim get car accident and my guess is the act and being the accident and then. Not to get too heavy with us and it didn't even really occur to me until I was watching. But. A case of for me that was the status this is us that was the biggest issue Tuesday even though was Sunday a theater and I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I could have an a wipe them off do you agree or disagree I don't disagree with that is but I that's pretty much every episode for me but not for what I have I've never had water works like they're really even when Kevin was at the tree. Talking Tuesday at Iraq finally he's not been a sure they're you know an easy I don't know I don't know what it was for me personally that I found myself more I cried more. In at the episode where Randall's dad passed away and I think maybe it's just because like. He didn't necessarily knows common. Solutia way that they laid it out just a little more emotion that is the greatest show an imminent fast forward to Randall being older drag and respect that show goes backwards and forwards at the same time. And not to drop anything to having. But again growth starting to say it was that. So my grandfather. Died the exact same way and I didn't even really think about it until I was watching the show last night. He died they had a fire in their cabin up in Minnesota. And he is he was 68. He went around the house to meet your dad houseguest major everybody was out of the house of the same thing rejected. And inhaled so much smoke doing it he died at the hospital later that we hear he was there for couple lazy and have a cardiac arrest that's how we got the smoke inhalation my and when that happened I was. I was. I mean that's a very personal connections in the end and it can happen when I was nine years old and our families same thing has never been sent stem sixteen years of knowing each other I've never heard that I was amazed as a that I talked about her and I'm watching in the I think that was my grandfather my grandfather was that hero he did the same thing so. I think that's part of the reason why I was just sit there kind of dumb struck and watching the whole thing had are about it. It was the same like my grandmother burn her hand strength of the house to the door knobs are so hot she reached for one at school that are skin right off her hand. When he was a had his hands wrapped up and all I ask some. That was scary theory you'd see him and he he definitely they captured the hopelessness of being in a situation like well I think eminent take Tuesday off. I don't know foremost you have to handle. Anyway great. Great episode of this is us less than another. And into the morning. Oh I now. 100 point seven. Well wolf let's take our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day pretty basic fourteen million Americans are gonna call in sick today because they got a Wii today hangover. Like our ball journalists I think. So I appreciated his honesty and are useless poll today it's available social social Stevie Seattle social. Mr. Ravitch put on the story it's pretty much by the way lock down data even on both 90% of the evil eyes asked. Are you taken a sick day at work 10% said yes on mr. Graham 90% and now. There were couple more options on Twitter but again 90% said no. 3% say yes they are taken a sick day 3% said they were gonna go to work come over only 3%. I take back I retract my statement about being honest. Come on this got a human 3% due Margaret and I think it's a bit of a skewed sample size because my guess is that if they are taking the day out that there's still asleep relying on its only thirty south. In at their -- their sleep worked in. Thing over for a couple more hours and you know I think we've all done and we usually call in Unita making the red bank to ads that's a good point Joseph it's complex. And now by the only four cents a added much and also. So far that is the results of our morning multi useless poll of the day I remind me slow Joseph the coming up next the next thing we have to do. Is placing Justin Timberlake with Chris stapled yes from Fallon less than all my gosh was ago. Here that morning or. I'm still a party. So what we haven't had a chance to play this enemy that we watch the game we lost the halftime show we watched this is us after big game. But we couldn't they have been watching we found to have two bigs to modern technology we were able to polish listen to it. Because we all knew Justin Timberlake is gonna be on we all do you did the show live from the Super Bowl threat pretty cool yells for the cast of this is us on yeah. But I didn't guess every may again miss did that Chris Davison was gonna join Justin Timberlake I zero. Well of course when they're together and again. I know if you're a woman. Aged twenty to forty. Justin Timberlake can do no wrong and anchored he's pretty special but I think Chris staple to make some cooler. Yeah. You know it's amazing because Justin Timberlake is one of the most talented musicians in the world and he's discovered that Chris stables that is trees and I would DA is not for hitch in his cart and we are like you have to be at the C amaze a few years ago windy introduce themselves of the world as possible throughout. And I was actually sitting in the fourth row. And I would tell you I'd never seen anything like that before so so glad they continue to do that now started. Win just good deal. Invited Crist able to play it just and to release birthday party and there it doesn't elected even know we once I had no idea and now I've heard Crist able to talk latest Jim and I just got invited clipped private parties Justin Timberlake in. And no he wasn't that big at that time Iraq and he blew Timberlake away and that's why they've. They have a friendship now geared for error yeah right. How about just it just appeal right yeah I think guys just a couple of famous Jessica is attacked at. And him appreciate that those are at a news single say something just unbelievable. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. It's. Ouster slowed Joseph and of course Dili jeopardy near to you about takeover you know I Deanna I am for high high. And Ngo you know a can of Dili Greece is incredible energy to to the station in in into even when you commit to cancel crossover. And I don't feel like we have. Music that accurately depicts her. So he found this ability to understand. Is it fast and. But it doesn't give me a picture. That melts and the strains. What do you think I love it it's our Dili crossover music it's official. I'm down at it anyway having Monday they you have to even be right back to get to have a nice little Super Bowl. It was not it was low key absolutely nothing that's that the time with my husband Dixon is doing well. Dixie gutter and Ailes did over the weekend was big deal dog better nails did. You see they've pretty deep into the unit in Alabama home. Something more than just flipping them his field that to a dog's names are and I think they use something called it is that a dribble and they. He doesn't look Joe's the man. And other days when I'd wanna be reincarnated. As he leaves dog. That dog treated better than most humans that I know who else is an Angel we left well. I woody got cooking on your show today did you know mats that it is national flirting week I didn't know then. Israel clarity and go bad the eyelash lives my hair OK okay. But it's funny because women flirt a different way than men do women solar by flipped in the airplane with the jewelry and men's flirt by. Approaching women wed one liners usually the media is I can't. So what does find out about the best handlers. One liners OK now you know it's institute I find that women know when other women are floating that a lot of guys and even notice it because it's a subtle it was geysers is stupid relate. Yeah it. Yeah yeah you made it. But women have all these little nuances of track and you know my 100 us please if you didn't see that mixing up a toll mr. Our island Florida this. I dig. All right so you're gonna take over at Morgan late if that's how this is gonna work OK okay thanks my daddy we put in our shift. We're out on the. Bushel that nine Dana. And that's what she. Is that even a word accident that I bring it up the country and human obviously got a Kabila came right on Tuesdays and now being there. Arnold actually not a person. Mornings from cardinal.