The Morning Wolfpack - Monday July 9th, 2018

Monday, July 9th

Monday July 9th, 2018

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Rolling they welcome to -- morning wolf pack podcast for Monday its July 9 Miami's Matt McAllister -- here course slow Joseph is here as well yes and I was pretty quiet on the air today some look at forty fill in the gaps find out more about how your weekend was a guy and leaning happen you over the weekend we did not discuss on the show today over the now and I talked about Sunday because I know the order of the day was a do nothing and you did nothing. Nothing I didn't get and you'll be proud of the aisle you might not be proud of me Friday from this ought to be good. Friday I hung a bunch of my am like brains pictures and stuff that's good yeah. What's interesting is Friday would be seemingly less productive day because you've had a long week a work in all I know we had a pretty sure we work nevermind. But I I'm I'm surprised that your impressed by that I figured you wouldn't think it's not pretty not. Now listen I I learned progress is good in hanging pictures that this might come as a surprise team and so anal about everything else but. There is actually in the paint K which is our little place downstairs. There's kind of unfinished bathroom and a premier down there it's still not hung on the wall so this league it's the same right yes I know hacking easier I know it's okay it's they've got the cardboard triangles on the edges of the Mir actually spread. I have to know what to do damn I just don't feel the need to hang them actually as I cannot laugh every time you say pain came is its first thing like I think gather my head and aliases says more about me than you yeah is like a dungeon from like fifty shades of gray hairs grey and torture chambers you have like negative darn well for me that's it's a common cyclists expression or like when you go deep into your reserves in. Like in a race here in the paint cans so I decided that's it. That's totally applicable on whether or talking about it Jim I have in my head I like in the bottom like it is in his basement via people erotic piece that does sound like you have worked out religion and a box down there. Dammit I trust me I didn't know until we moved to Washington that was going to be necessary to never had that before. But it rain we don't Cutler. Like a June in my house that ticket but you know have a stationary bike down there right and I can ride if it's raining here do some other work outs is based like these are to join a gym like when we were looking so fit I were looking at places that appear before ashy move I was really hoping it would get a place in the basement this is before like I figured out how much it cost to park it war. And realm in my reality were shattered but yeah I would love to have a space like so much it's kind of nice I have one child. House and land and here it's kind of nice and let me night and what they've moved immediately see it is that either because we just renting our house to dislike unfinished basement and man it's amazing what a trip to Home Depot can duties by some carpet squares and I am around ninety million meets all very grungy in fact. My wife Vanessa still goes to the gym she's not gonna work out mash season is like gag me and we she likes to go to classes she likes them until it worked her out you know. I can't speak they are you can't. Do you much like if there's any jumping in ball under any like it's not a high ceiling no it's like six and a half feet maybe break and I know you can't Staley lift weights about your head entirely and stuff. We're tired outside hustles recently I'd be put that space to work these draw a lot Yahoo!. I'm pretty bad but to your point yes there's a part of this were cutting into that it bought like a little box and a box jumps to you know stand ups or whatever you call those things on but you have to doom upstairs yeah he got a run outside your record grass those do not happen. What about you saw joining haven't over the weekend let's see best thing we did all we can we've got a great Mexican place I think I talked to a little bit about this on the air in this area called Georgetown Georgia just south of downtown Seattle and it's like kind of like down at this old industrial neighborhood there's all these Peru worries there's some really really cool bars but it's all like your wife and -- is it considered Soto though. Leno at south does soda Otis dad without the sort of so it's it's it's we did we didn't invent their once but we agencies are evidence like the heart like the the downtown. Georgetown. Is amazing case are you talking about where we did the whiskey and you know of those things as down OK we have been there because when we re tile the bathroom I think we went there to get the title but I don't think we saw the que par yet of acute heart is really cool your wife if he if she ever needs to take pictures of somebody years that's a place yeah you know how. In my old apartment in downtown Phoenix she's allowed that. Do yes photographs is right it's like that on steroids. And I'll. Brick for blocks and blocks and blocks and really cool crazy old buildings and stuff like that so is it industrial. If we're just like it's but it's like. Eighteen hundreds and a king but they've maintained it all the preserved at all so now there's Ali's cool bars and these like probably 20000 feet zero buildings. There's all these weird like gat. All these yep like just quit essentials we're Seattle vendors out of like air stream trailers. That make all kinds of words that. While yet we'll have to check that out for sure I had you know speaking of that data in sometimes are pretty harsh critic of downtown this is I don't enjoy a just the dirty mess in the riff Raff out and and all of that but. When we went to Kenny on Saturday and parked here and I walked down to century Lincoln took first avenue went through pioneer square and all that and I'd never been in that part of downtown I have. I loved it free items Coleman estimate we any around like so many bars restaurants and even around pioneer square there was an article about how and intuit didn't hurt that the sums out there was a bunch of people are brother and evens the architecture and building yet I'm we have a really cool attracted down to our N and that's world that's like. Really old Seattle too I guess Georgetown as the oldest actually read in Seattle but but I hear square. That's where liked agree fire was that's probably underground tour is our eyes yeah. I want to write my dad's arms legs and that's rigor is like the ovals Seattle and yeah round which I think we're getting to the place where that is a Taurus. Yeah that's something I definitely still wanna do anything funny that you mention that we decided so once a week we'll do it cheap meal yet where we eat whatever we want. And we now to see it we we've. Agreed on what that cheap meal is. In its the Mexican that we walked two down and has acquired him to the part of the best thing just as we take our. Matter reader as we put him in getting coffee Tumblr and so looks like we're just normal parents for the kid in Durkin. And we get the al-Qaeda allies LA avatar Greg get our Carney is not a tacos price means and we sit right on front street there in outside yeah I feel is the same every week. No we just decided that that's going to be our team meal but we've done it twice now. But we have we don't do it every weekend but I think now we decider OK if we're gonna eat. Off the grid that's what we're gonna go week. I'll see I don't a different genial every leaks so tainted severed air kind of the same way we don't have a grid so to speak but like we. Like on the weekends will eat whatever line yet we just Downey however. We're not weighing except meet yet exactly but it's either going to be peaks are Mexican every single time yes yeah way down to LA and an honest in the curry is not a tacos are so good ended the the guy Mario is always our waiter it's a family owned the place that. I don't know I just it it's. In fact that we are positioned in sludge you were to namely your TV can walk somewhere and yadier beater car and he's got a drink and you can walk home that's so feeling back if we expand the other weekend for baby shower and it was the first time she'd been back since moving here. And how has your biggest things like can I just forgot how far and everything awake he's your driving 2030 miles. To get to anywhere that if you like your front yard and Ellen has really know that gives you never really spent any time in Phoenix but it just hotly analysts say it catches sprawl and and it -- it takes I would the first year I lived in Arizona I was late everywhere went and I just kept underestimating how long it takes to get and it's not traffic like here yeah it's just mild assistants yeah everything's in thirty girls the way we act like I would put like I think are and when when I have my longest commute hours for the next sixteen to 181000 miles on my car every year while just driving to and from work. Now I don't even collect forty miles a week gone you know I have a car you ever thought exact its share car Mitt. For the most part I will say it was a it was a pretty Seattle moment for us though us talk about Friday night we went down we had our chief dinner at las margaritas. And it was perfectly as of the weather was hurt right right now out of nowhere is that Seattle like you always have to have a jacket here you always have to be prepared for colder weather in her because on the Wear helmets are reporting like like a downpour. We're in shorts and T shirt and we are freezing and uses. Within ten minutes of it being 7580 degrees imperfect in margaritas on the patio I'll bet. And we facetime her parents are like what. And Seattle did you and I don't even think it rained downtown god we didn't you guy gets them you definitely get a little more precipitation. Yeah icicle I listen to the mountains yearly get the weather pattern from the mountains and I look that up and we have more rainy days in a squad than you do here in downtown for shares and that's significant. Because we get that weather pattern but. In a I would rather have that'd be interesting trees you know with him all that good stuff and I just liked of property where we're all like hold down a different. Type area I got the water at the beach and down and winds and hard about 270 amid about it a lot senior spot you Alan Seattle and don't pay. Turned Downey and I. Oh I'm a block tracked by the street your eyes. I was busy cat. To my area what I didn't tell me they are furiously back confirm that later. Well there is something to that there where you feel like if somebody's in your neighborhood that they have this obligation to look Q then. Honestly they probably don't want to him even Jones Sophie went to a dog park which who's at the other end of lake some damage which is not really that close to me. But compared to downtown but my god be eager are everywhere outside of tech center right rarely do you gotta come get appeared to injure the mountain enemy how impart. Twenty minutes away yeah I think it's funny and I didn't I didn't feel like goes anywhere near your house but I guess as I did but I guess it's in the vicinity or and so immediately seed and mr. Graham here like all those ass holes I tell us they're right here. Well I think the same thing except. I never ruin anybody's called the yeah it's automatic you sort of called out later exactly well that's only in our relationship has only happened one time and it was two weekends ago and it was like. I dirty started drinking and I think it takes did you relate laid on like you nations come already through pizza Kareem we're gonna have pizza Democrat. And you did a this is monument finally Shockey. Yeah I don't know that that's ever happened before every once in a lot. When when one of us is having like a raft relationship gay. Well like meet each other just the do you buy out the game Erica did you get a drink way our sorrow ask other Nat and I don't know if that's ever happened before. Well if I parred to his the bikers they did Ballard into our Boskin yeah they were job might. True I've known Joseph for. Eighteen years he's neck and never come to one might Girardi come to more biker is is then show us now live and then I can New Jersey now I don't think. Well excellence in Redmond last one cleared of come on now tiger Redmond red is nice. Are you going house from the weekend saying you know final thoughts here. I got something at a pattern out this Erica this is is is we're having is meeting in minute this is one of the things is gonna bring him as a bring up here on gets out. If your neighbor. Calls you or knocks on your dollar and asked to borrow a plunger and you have a plunger. What are you did you lend it to your neighbor. Of course that's what I've done right now. Yeah I mean it's it's you know it's one of those is every note of its Poehler yeah it's groceries into whatever yes I got my neighbor who is. Always drive through lockers of out of the park is the same guy day wow where he's super nice guy a guy when he party say he had like. Pro like fifteen friends over. On Saturday and they take up party bus to winery somewhere. Came back he called me rumors still can each and these IV and Mueller's name gridlocked as again allows the keys. The Gregg and Al PM yeah I'm down I'm with 50000 other people. Better earlier in the day Iraq as far as generating go to Kenny he calls me already wasted before leaving on the bus Israel attacked was this this does well see I left it about one says pride about 1230 and then make a better rub some of my drinking habits and we N anyway event you know they were they were again after so he he colonies idea got receiver weird question Allah. Is that one of these idiots of greater volatility in the plunger up my shirt and got the finder so so that I was telling Sophie later. My gag Ken and teller about you know drunken or whatever and she's like gas and and I said oh by the way he borrow a plunger and she does now ha ha town to keep it. I'm like OK and then he he hit me of yesterday as I can't occupy undergo we were out. And I am like I can get the pleasure she's like no I do not want that back like that is is plunger now. Thought that's weird what. Did it today I guess is a part of first I have a bunch course yet who goes or buddy's house. And noon and plugs into it right it. How high premed student has really embarrassing that premieres and gather as much due but also you know there is the how do you clean your plunge after you use it confrontation yet and you know it can at least get hot water you know in some kind of we have that sink under you know in the paint can I am we have a sink down there are run and under hot waters about all we do but yeah I think I am I he's gonna return it well. Well that's the thing I'll let you guys think that way. Of a single guy would think even going to clean that I. I don't know of the claim that the I just didn't think twice about it and I figured yeah like a minute except the plunger back of course giving you a much more than leasing unit if you'll find employment they're only like five bucks well. And I think this matter yes and Alamo yes there's there's ones that are better than others to get the stand will with a wooden handle Yemen there's ones now the technology and Campbell I was thinking about it now it's over and I feel a little bit differently but I don't think I'm allowed to get the plunger back. I wouldn't you know dramatic totally so are there things like to you without ID and speaking with Landis somebody but then you never want him back firm proof I wouldn't let them do whatever the case. It but I figured my neighbor and here's evening sue them advice so peace thinking somehow or your Cooper is better than his I think all food is pretty much the same yes that's rangers' fifth is different it's food waste all that it is it's under processed or on digested food waste and what you're putting your body's not necessarily gonna its all gross and now he's probably healthier than Hyannis and no clue is better than the other services gross me out. Yeah it is but it's a real thing that happened and have a story and leave it just didn't you have to go by new plunger can get the doubts I mean this awkward position are gonna go hey. Just OJ you know it's even more awkward and that is the fact that he called you and ask you to borrow pleasures that are just walking on the street buying one and I would never call anybody say hey. Cannot bar your plunger yeah I think that's more awkward the new parent does know in a park and why when he called the maintenance. I have it was Saturday may be like that is unless it's like running over in its neo flooding the apartment and it's like and as well. Second thing yeah I think you'll let me if you're having a party and he's got one about him and got about fifteen deep and everybody's got a piano Tony's everybody's getting hammered us smiles yeah I'd say that's kind of an emergency. Yeah I I don't know that I would ask a neighbor for a challenger but he sure didn't have a prominent and well I'll that he was drunk he was dropped rights and a voice. I think more the conversation is maybe what's the most awkward interaction unit neighbor have ever had or Aaron let's some reading thing you ever had to ask his or you know get in terms of taking this and in actually using on the show it's pretty gross rat. In an eight Emily who is our target audience reaction set at all. You know you can't help but think about plunging to toilet when you talk and write us. Probably not what we're gonna go for an but that neighbor manned the youth day and Tuesday. He ought to be paying you some kind of like an umbrella renter next door neighbor and a convenient excuse no Mike Dee just make a copy your key because this is gonna keep happening in the fifth time yeah he's still hasn't even though you know I think he's just remember he called me canny I think at 4 o'clock. I got home about 530 yeah it's funny that the U relying because there was somebody there that wanted to go have a beer with us and Joseph McKnight got a gum in my mirror like himself out I tell you may data. What do you. Well a guy can at least let them into the buildings that standing out on the side Henry says making go at him like there's a little common area Europe on the roof or whatever yeah it's hey call me a four. I got or about 530. He's I mean they're all in their apartments he got back and they figured that problem now he sees me locking up the street becomes east. Again and dollars and weird sweaty drugs. And I am like so would you if you fight your keys. You Jack call you. No I'm like Brothers and hours and guess that waste in it now does he get that wish to during the week is not on the weekend now now he's not like a bad neighbor like this it's not even every weekend how long do you think he's probably my age and ability younger thirty fives singles is like when these tech geeks yes single buddies like really but -- is like a good looking cal I just he's he's like this like Michigan bowl ways cal like being in Nike's buried jock looking yeah super nice guy just parties is also parties balls off but not to the point where it's ever like effected me I did I mean Saturday night at like 2 in the morning I thought somebody was like directing it's like general -- as the masses follow and other than that it's not. IQ doesn't party every weekend her feet as it's not like and now iCloud now that. And then he did after our first encounter he bake me a dozen cookies like that we have quality of the weirdest thing yeah I'd do amber is the super weird thing but did you earlier does this as he's ever ran through they were so good and then out of the guy not a bake cookies that are good I don't know that I had this guy isn't your thing and I got a girl that uniform maybe I. I don't know Heath Ethan Sony didn't do that hangs around a lot of girls and what he does like Desi different ones like he's kind of a player I think I can never seen the same drug owner's apartment wise and that's if you girls are they go department yet yeah we describe him is a pretty good look at guys giving guys like he's charismatic he's really nice legged nothing like you know and I think is my direct neighbors sometimes a grade any I think he works for -- So ABC making money in all this stuff but he did see. He picked for me on a second occasion. And again remember. I can't rely idiot just like he's just an infidelity made pop muffins. They may like these we had our friends and neighbor. Auto whereabouts that's OK and I was about to say before you said Kennedy's only time it's appropriate to bake it's a good I delivered to another guy who's got marijuana. Intoxicating. You did that there is my goodness it's the from its regular life and the causing pretty slow you have to read last night pitcher's story we tried to finish that. Documentary called evil genius and only four episodes. So we watched three on Friday night I stayed up Connolly got out Everett. And we put it in at 630 last time again she did Chico's or called you get TT to bed we ate dinner relic show crept out we're done. Both of our eyes were closing by 648. Yeah we like governor I'm getting tired I'm like crap c'mon c'mon that look over and Vanessa has already asleep on Mike were gone about so what's evil genius again. It is another one of these murdered documentaries but it's about. The I don't giving away it's about a bank robbery a list that I have like a bomb around his neck yes yes yes survivor which I remember very well easy the psyche it's you know the companies like criminal masterminds. Which I feel like as much TV you watch in the united tapped into the net for. No I mean I just figured out a case I don't know where you watch other than that I just figure out how to get at least from my TV OK so I'm. Actually did it roundabout way I was like I have my brother of the defrag your Netflix C I have no you know I have my Brothers Netflix lock in and but I didn't know how to do it and on my extent eighties there was like a Netflix show site wood and now way in the kind of back sorted into Netflix and I figured out move the gas so yeah I'm not are there ever and yeah. Loop that in there and I love Netflix yeah I answer. Guess pretty good because now the TV's that you buy and we bought our TV when we got up here from Moscow and I think it was 400 dollars. In not only is it 55 inches it's some brain never heard of a think TC no or something but it's great. And it has all of those apps on it including Netflix just click the buttons are easy. My older and is so it doesn't have like I know some now you if it's on your Kennelly of like cast it to the TV Iran under my Kindle from. And act and he's arguing why is it's got to paperback and a. I don't think there might just you're you're you're technology. You know 30. Yeah no I read a book action I read your but I also look at our backs Isaak you know for vacation but. I'll never had no TV for that month an athlete being hadn't watched Netflix on my Kindle via my TV is old enough that I Keeney the likes final passer and everything. You up there on the Sony trench around with your rabbit ears like trying to I have no idea what I told you I give you an apple TV I've got like five of nine else and I got everything I. Eighty I don't think you wanna like cast premiered in ability but I'm that Netflix now I think you're an they have an apple TV is so easy and so while some and you can stream anything from your phone or a computer rated TV it's seamless apple TV in actual TP or is it just like it's a little Abbas he played in your TV takes it could be theirs we'll bring it on I'll try it again yeah that's the way I don't imagine yeah I mean considering you have five she has not missed a good thing. Is a good thing it's almost like the cooler for the drill trade we did Yasser networked are really well. I let's stop this and ignore talking about anymore except via Unita get apple TV her. I'd enjoy the show. You hear all about Italy's lack of a vice which we're gonna go heavily into tomorrow as well seventh one. Yeah. He wants well to morning bulls with Matt McAllister is not. Point seven. And happy Monday to ready July days definitely good morning good morning slow joke. Good to see everybody here survive that or is luck Joseph and good news. All right I'm fine wave it than Friday Friday to take Alexander and now it's full ass look like a baby last night. Slept in my socks that's a key to and so I feel we spent Saturday scattered Kenny Chesney woods yesterday. You know other than just says take a long fight for. They should do a whole line kind of homer in the house yes yet I felt like we were gone all day Saturday so Sunday we December and asked how to chill day. Very chill day we went grocery shopping. Dropped off some things to goodwill for the less fortunate yes Temecula overflowed the house now lives. The upper chilled and a that's your kind itself wait a minute you gonna long backtrack and yeah I at least it and our experience. Two and a half and has yet if you expect from him expected to start off again later he does have been out to would have our biker item and we chilled. Kennedy guy I can't shows that I exercise I just came pretty easy and it. But I say Friday we had a wonderful they would do picnic lunch. It's the claiming guys are Steve park I so bad and beautiful. You in the water like a cold. Yeah but he's a baby we ask him fat paycheck even our dugout in the water is great I got in. To my waist that's about as much as I can handle a pattern of the pictures are accurate it is and there was nobody there nobody there that's the thing we would mug on a Saturday or Sunday but Friday there was nobody there kind of got a spot right in middle river meets. At a picnic lunch mean it was great night and ready have a good weekend Emily I dead yeah and that Kinney concert I didn't do anything wells we've been predicted that again I'm gonna be literally said I'm going to sleep all day on Sunday in hasn't cheated. Got up when the celts knew they affect impact that at the time to get up on Sunday. Prize tenants it's time to get out of bed I wake up and thought actually that Martin yeah I know why you never gonna have kids. Does that doesn't happen when you know exactly I priced at 530 Sunday everybody's up in our house handcuffing their kids may slow Jody do you chill heart of the family now not harder so I mean I went today Georgetown. Yesterday. There which is pretty cool little area just south of downtown Aniston's couple hours there. You know that's my claim to getting outside that is what what is Georgetown. What Lewis what's that a valid why did you go there it's interesting so it's like this old it's it's where that a regional Rainier brewery was that this really industrial part of town that now it's all been converted into like shops and stuff like that. And there's a bunch of like there's all these little trailer. It's like they're like trailer park in Peekskill words and stuff like that a unilateral might actually yeah I had better passer it's a trip. That's sounds really cool and as well it's good to see all the fields or get it on the text message gonna do that it was gonna read those here in about five minutes for 6150 cent attacks say hello to be shot out. And we're liberally enough scholar to seven to get us some base get the show started to a 6421 Walt Willey to let you pick a song editing you wanna hear will play it again. 206421. Wolf right now if you wanna be no lead off scholar and as ago. Now we got Diana companies to anybody barely enough compliments first attacks heavily. Nate if you love is the morning of may and skinny and friends are amazing as usual Saturday night about Muslim elegant show he had rechargeable talk about it later gadget and you love says good morning. She had a classic Kenny Chesney on Saturday luster boy even. And that she's been Smart as scattering at a hotel in part to their private parking lot but when she went back the next morning someone had hit her car and car. Honolulu. Lemony creation going on now there is not a bad decisions yeah. John Obama plus Chinese and he's us this morning he's happy T day in lean crew. We don't need a new last week I felt like I was on the wrong day every right I say I don't need that this is Monday evening star and it worked Friday. Obama and I think I'll never it says good morning also excited three weeks until watershed. Oh yeah that's countdown for that depth plus tenant based on Friday night we be giving away tickets coming up at seven Timothy street we start that this week. If Chris stable and right around the corner gas is all good LON good morning Diane in Covington how are you today I'm doing just I think you fantastic thing and how was your weekend. Our weekend they were done with other games it was hot and sweaty heads to yeah it was wonderful. To buy into smiley acts. Or on the thanks a lot Diane what do you do for a living and I'm customer service up did you can go in just like it that's why it was. Can have that gala. This franchise. Can aren't so Howland even any medium or well we we don't need more money. Barack and I got a little phrase for it and you can bust out when you're feeling it for a young Obama who took that and ultimately. I got the generic. 4 o'clock army has given them by the dozen. Well okay you ready as any guy and we can't give any money going to play a song that's about what we can do. Well I don't know that type and they think I want you to play the lens I got a little bit tired of it. They don't understand and that's. Damn good players on Soria right now and that we really greasy to be an overly listened to by the morning wolf pack thank you can be an evangelist eat it eat off hot we love benched. Vegas with a new person that we're better than friends and her family such stretch in my notes every time make a moment where every delegate up. Baker you hear that every morning woman and. I'm still a party. So wolf so heavily. Did you have a great time to show which they know old demeans what are your favorite dancer I bed holding his great Thomas Wright was great on the pre party he has the beach party was amazing. But happened during that that kind of like asking guys about what our listeners came out to me see first week. Asked eighth. He combine the appear and all the blacks that don't drink thank you but I don't drink on the cheap date yet. And he was like real gad actually never tasted alcohol I don't drink and his question immediately was limb what your rights movement but. The way life don't do those with the seals on don't drink don't smoke would do you do that got to have something that's so I was like I don't. Out of fights I don't think I'd do anyway and so I want to Kanaskie guys like. We'll do that. What are I don't ballad yeah what kind of life I'm still not been so confused like. It rattled the foundation of you very worldly existent easy until like what is the price and am I the only one that doesn't have wonder. Who do I have one and I don't affiliate to deep deep question and it can it is the right that each party that's I've maybe got out of prepared for it. Listen my personal opinion and everybody has one. And you know due to the point it's something that is. Unhealthy or not great for you which you do it anyway because he's can't help yourself Freddie. I'm roasting and about one time opened up like the whiskey tobacco store and I'd talk to a friend of mine about investing in and he's like oh yeah I'll always invest in people's vices devices always win. So I would think part of human psyche you've got to have something like that I have been deaths. I mean when when he says I mean really Powell I don't drink I don't smoke I don't do drugs so Null like. Those are main bison maybe gambling and I don't do bad. A table so for me he would be easy the only thing I do it's unhealthy to music. And I love it. Of this problem you know that's my advice the little matter read on a Friday or Saturday slow Joseph I only wanna get into what he had and I think I've got to fear of a Manny Diaz and many in Britain one of them are too might be illegal there. The so heavily in other words you're saying you don't have one thing that you do. And I guess to anybody if we're not defining the word fights correctly to this day or 21 wolf for 46150. Peabody has a different idea what that might be I can check field Miriam Webster yeah it has to do that but food. Yeah now I mean like there are things well and to all Jim Ned don't let every once a while but it's not like every day so to me that's different you know like. It's not cute enough time within a certain period of time like it's an occasional thing. I potato let's start with the definition of a vice. Honestly we're a little thrown off by this or give any comment to a to a 64 to a wolf like we said before but I'll have slowed Joseph looked out up and we'll come back to the cinnamon. Take a boarding Austin and some near happy Mondays we're talking about bias is somebody as steadily over the weekend what are vices and she's not sure she has won how do you see a vice Austin I don't fight. To use. What. It but we can all agree devices and something that is not good for you that's why it's called a vice because you lean on it it makes you feel better but you know it in the days not the best thing you could be doing for years. And yet. Could also be signing that originally might have been healthy that due to extreme like I know people have worked out to the street so it's not healthy eating more but it originally working out as healthy. Writing you think for the most part working as a good thing to do usually Gallic Tim McGraw who's now putting in six hours and days into the obsessive so what's the point where it's unhealthy regardless aware and start yet but I think device by definition has to be something that is unhealthy I mean less like you said you dig into place where it's unhealthy deserve. There are studies that show something you work out for six larger markets stuck ticket at a question for both deep and someone just texted and it said. That advice is an unhealthy addiction does have to be something you're moving to new Seattle things are. Because you couldn't have. You can like a cigar once and awhile or a drink but you're not addicted to that you haven't you can you can wait to Friday or Saturday that and yes I would think. All mentality do you see it any differently and that you have to be addicted to your vice. Well different mentality. It's kind of a tough one to to dissect drilling. Based on her song what he think Maria glamorous places. Drink and sleep and around the smoke and that now we know everybody basically depart the shelves until what did you find in Marion the old dictionary is I I did to figure out a family has a vice and you know exactly what it is. It is a few that are a little extreme and I don't agree with these like immoral or we can behavior. Another one as criminal activities. But here's one that I kind of like I think it it's pretty well in abnormal behavior in humans that is detrimental to health or usefulness. At a Tim I don't like that is as abnormal. The cabinet drinker have a cigar whatever your little vice he asked us not abnormal. Just tried this on a presents that I did I did the same thing misses from the Collins English dictionary. And again. Does Emily Hanford device I see he's thinking of that. Yeah everybody has a vice OK listen to this. A vice is I have it that is regarded as a weakness in someone's character but not usually as a serious fault. I think that's perfect. It's a weakness in our character so weakness probably for me on Friday that I wanna unwind and have a matter diagonal slide I think that applies mad to your and my vices you know and I am extra mental and maybe Iran. Tourists like I gaze it great for me know am I doing something positive pregnant Nolan does do good. And it's to the yes I think consultants do you want that we'll look at a comeback was later we got to get in your Big Three coming up next why you're thinking about I know you have advice how many. His rewrite to do I like a riverboat gambler yeah I don't I don't you know you have when I what are we target about the victory. There is changing being enough to make room for healthier options I'll tell you all about it. Tosca and there's another rush yeah. This is the morning. Alastair only do 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night and liars and this is the big yeah. And got some bad news for the end of the cost goes to court her makes this beaten kidneys for youth. They're gonna be changing their means you in this summer all of the stores are gonna be ditching things like Chapman frozen yogurt. The barbecue brisket and went small Chile and the polish hot dog now don't worry that he had children. The regular hot dog is gonna say the dollar fifty hot dog and soda combo still gonna be around. Well that in the pizza. If you keep those two you're good to keep the peace up there also get add things like at. Asked I evils and I'll Pasteur Sally this sounds bad to me man keep it simple keep it just goes cheap easy comfort food like you can get the ballpark that they're adding healthy but I feel like you you're going the cost of food or you're not an Italian you know you're looking for the what I call the 400 dollar hot dog actually because that's the gateway drug. You buy the hot dog disease disintegrate and still the U walking has been for heroes on a stainless steel cooler. Yeah at a dollar fifty goes up real Africa. I RA at Christmas commonly missed sun screens spots now I know I'm in get a lot of sun screen. Things in my victory lightly but I think it's such a big deal especially now that the sun is out in Washington it's a big deal for the next five weeks in minutes won't be visionary and a couple. Spots to make sure you don't miss like he bottom your feet and the topping your feet. Actually knows when he laid out understand make it didn't hit bottom their feet and they were still miserable for a week while they burned the bottom of their feet that never number in the tops plenty of times you get an ace cliff yeah line. And don't forget your belly button your eyelids. Your scalp. Which I've actually done myself over specially you apart in your hair ladies okay deadly to your scout your ear Ers. Your armpits. And I love Alan but don't forget on yep and the next and then your lips and he knows Conley missing just a toxic with an SPF an. I've. Sunburn probably the most in usual body part. And I don't know which I don't know I send burn my eye balls went eyeball to eyeball 'cause he's. I was on a mountaineering trip to. The literally hiking up a glacier for a month in the guide said. You've got to worries glacier goggles or the reflection disarm the snow is Erin your eyeballs I left him off for about twenty minutes my eyeballs. Got so sunburn I had to lay in a tent for a week putting neo sport in my well because everytime I open they would start to water we were sunburned. Yeah that is even minor just squared setting in now we're glances then not done. Hiring and both. Feed best or top five country albums of 2018 are out so far. As the best album. The columnists who comes in and number three. Frank Thomas threats like changes is number five that Chris stables in the sport in at least comes. Can Tina Brown stole the number tear and then Jason now dean the rear view town boy that's funny I think we're having him in for concert here pretty soon I now in rural BC Dick is still available Cano also has the top selling country song in your head as he. Is number one and they just a reminder. You could make the case right now we believe that came brown who headlining throw down as the hottest artist in country music absolutely I don't think you can debate it's going to tickets right now Seattle dot com yet ready all right coming up stay with us for about ten minutes to jump into the mud club and welcome some wonderful people Abbas bowl. Who run a Cairo practice it office something Emily lives and dies by for the migrants coming up next this is a morning wolf packs with. Parents after 100 points. So well. On an episode it. And it all starts with getting mugged for use in the mail so where does she work here in the BMW. And quite honestly doesn't have to be caught him on ending the logo on it will excess. Try to make her little fame to bigger and. That's IE it's ended day 805. Avenue suite 14100. That Seattle Washington 9104. Or just get the address offer web sites. The end of what's above legacy for sweet traveler mode that endless news you'll make her own personal call FEMA that's great now we get shown the content brothel chiropractor. And I words. But where. Economically. Paste your morale is matter namely going from the morning wolf pack carry you. Well with a were Colin could you got to box him we wanted to officially welcome you to the month club pulled it. I got to ask him. We even on the air since October in Wii's where somebody new to the month club every single day when major finally decide sends a mug it would appear we all are from Latin. The other Halloween tapes so there was a FaceBook video or remember doing that we live our pride on FaceBook lives. Yeah I had an eight said he had a good things can look good yes we got to a critical mass you know him he's in charge today announced that she started to feel that anxiety in that pressure. I know I don't think you so much for spending one and plan. Lot of mud and sticks out to mean not only did purple which is my favorite color but it looks different than say any other man we've gotten it's pretty cool. Yeah Sharell we'd love bottle necks it is a little hidden gem about the local laws Boone park if you've been there oh absolutely and it's beautiful and leave gotta go take your new boyfriend wants a seat planes land on the pier is gorgeous. Towards its. All right let's where you of the month club she relic you're ready I think I'm ready blog and play a new injuries to right and repeat after me Sharell. Absolutely I featured game and I shall hereby pledge my allegiance is hereby pledge Miley for the morning wolf pack for the wedding we'll pass. And is a proud member of the cabinet of the month club. The moon. Holding. I was denied the. I pledged to crank up the wolf every morning. I pledge to pick up the wolf everybody rallies are robust power vested in me I don't be an official member of. The morning wolfpack mug club. Date you so much our nobody did the web setting on that is get a some stat Seattle's dot com. I'm happy that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points out. You can list came out today. Pretty cool from taste of country where they did the ten best country clap back songs of all time. And now before we covered those for you let you know what they are under the bus myself here just be completely honest. Have a little bit of that this. Where Biden moment I read that list this morning's gaffe and I Ganassi tell you and I'm kind of curious as. When you guys are in the same voter fund is that uncool. I had no idea what flat bag song was hell literally I thought I had to look it up on the dictionary did you really I thought it was a song that you clapped to. I can just see where I have never heard rounds out our should really force yes I mean. Barring grandpa so flat tax Jon is when someone is making fun of you are attacking you are pulling you and you. Come back at them. Yet club back I think that term is really popular twittered out days in and somebody says that thing is that he did this year or whatever and flat back with this big. You had heard that before. Their effort for years yeah well in my research I learned that it was originally a job rule songs from like 2010 suddenly I never heard of this before. I admit I was like yeah this is my. Hand brown on the left talk I had a little bit of a man I'm dad. I did I was kind of hoping that what you guys inside out yeah I'd never heard that you that's a weird term they met in a big if you admit yeah well I thought that would be the police have funny part of that I think that by the way there are a couple of cool country songs of all of this category so give us three minutes threat to Sam hunt we will tell you the top ten best country clap back songs of all time plus. Will play the audio from the top three there's some throwback to their to their guest. Our I decorous in Kirkland what we do before sir I'm. I just call and saying I'm what you meant much Alexei. I want to know what was either with the club back. Yeah I'd assume though those are great songs the rating despite the clock flaunted. Hey that's back down jokers held a guy area. Or are you hope avoid the big 40 while they are making me feel a little bit better Christie's didn't have nothing to help that. It might insecure I was hoping. Roll song for so why would we know exactly not a big jar ruled guy you know named Chris everybody have a great day. So here they are the ten best slap back songs in country music getting into classic song just in case you are cruelly yeah. It's like day in your face back as you kind of spots and of course it makes sense that Taylor Swift is on this isn't that her thing. Harry zest everyday and I even made commercials she did for apple where she was on the treadmill. That was sort of a clap back commercial. She's feuding with. Race can play always eating a site and anyway I mean who now has not yet slap backs on god number nine get more just another girl. The best class back in line I'm just another boy in an of the band you're just to the girl output and a song. Hanging rule out more sons of guns out. Dirks Bentley commemorate how Mike Dylan yeah. Best line now that we're done I'm getting right every night we every single ever loving girl inside wow. Always an interesting song from me for a married get drunk on a plane is kind of that same death depending noticed last couple years he's flipped it and now he's doing songs in the I love my wives through which is more believable if that's his real life. Jack Ingram lucky number seven grand Leonard number six only prettier. Yeah I'll keep drinking and you'll keep getting skinny here I'm just like you only pretty and it had to be drained the song. Aron Tippett and number five kiss this yeah. Kellie Pickler actually made a list. Love Kellie Pickler you know I love her to stay when it comes to actual music and songs there's less of that and way more personality yes I I love her personnel. Her best lioness on you can watch me walk if you want to about to show you just how missing me feels in my red high heels red high heels as a somber. That is the song crash nearly took her red high okay they're here is the top three. We've got some audio to go with that again the ten best clap back country songs collateral if these are an order or not. Now will make it work whatever it is. How long way. We got a right. Number three ain't worth the whiskey calls myself. Move the dollars and I number two now. Does this is owed G and I knocked dynamic OG Claire magazine lit flare red the red Lynn fist city. The man I love when he picks up trash he puts it in the garbage can and that's what you look like demeaning yeah yeah. As a at a club I saw that they left out and the number one country music clap back song. From the big dog daddy. Oh yeah like an hour. Quote he never comes home when you're always a loan your kids who you cried on the home alarm clock starts ringing who could that be sitting in its meat may be with you wake up call our. You always good. OK okay. Plus as low density. Yeah what do you think. Yeah that's not exactly the most subtle generally no way to go about heads and general class that's not Deborah Mays like reading your number on the bathroom stall yeah good voice. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAlister sit up the hard stuff my dinner I said no antidote to Nancy Reagan's only that it. We pray I tell me she knew that I had a lot of content like show. Me. Or point seven. Won't. And now they attack Kenny is in the books we start looking ahead to Tim and faith on Friday night's going to be Key Arena will start giving away tickets at 710 with beat the street this morning so that's about thirty minutes away. Speak and Kenny and which are gonna show. Oh so amazing yeah me always puts on a great shell but having Thomas read Old Dominion brain and play all performed before hand it was just back to back to back. Long long day we get down heard about 11 o'clock at which you how it's only one of my favorite parts of the hole that park here at work which is downtown Seattle I walked just about a mile or so yes you since reeling. I was the most amazing walk I can't really tell you why but I think because. There was a mariners game there was also the Kenny concert the sun was out downtown Seattle was just bustling there was people everywhere asked. And that walked down first avenue you go through pioneer square. Which other than a lady have an imaginary fight with a dude that didn't exist and in fact I thought she might if if fighting for second. It was really cool like our downtown. Egg is much is it's a pain in the ass one of the most beautiful downtown to the world's gotta be the old buildings in. It is so that is a gorgeous -- I really enjoyed everyone getting there early yeah there -- -- party got to meet a lot of people in when brenly came on performed at our beach party was pretty special -- -- slow -- moments they got a -- you know you have I I think grand -- it was a shock I had it wasn't really familiar with his music but his pre party share over the offs you know -- anybody from Jackson Mississippi who's got like she's from Jackson Mississippi he looks like Iraq -- -- -- -- like I admire Harry is -- factor and you are kind of guy like -- and now in terms of actually win the big shows started you know 5 o'clock on race. Any moments ago do you I know your big Old Dominion sand and by the way we get to go backstage and have sound Jack. They sound exactly. The same as the song to play on the radio gaffe that they're that good. Super talented yet and they did play a three and Nissan which may or may not be any single in the upcoming feature which is pretty cool to get here for the first time they had played before I. Then Thomas Wright comes out in eighty Seahawks jacket which. I was surprised he read the Seahawks because he throughout the first pitch at the Mariners game and so I know and they just given him a yeah I like notre and it's baseball season like this give them Harrison look at and they're on a fair they're doing really anywhere instantly link where I Herrera and there are enough of course Kenny brought out David Lee Murphy which is awesome yes and David Lee Murphy looked really happy to be there to be a part of the conversation after. As he should be it's pretty great to have him have a hit on the radio again after dust in the bottle is what thirty years ago. I article candy to put him back on you know. Centerstate thing you know what's funny is they have pretty much finished data being Murphy's album and David beamer became can have this song I wanna do it and Kinney had RE. Staying on another song a hit is on the album so we took his voice off that one and then put it off and. Maybe things can be all right I'm glad I did it will mark just kind of funny behind the scenes things and Italy's Laura pointed out there's guys on notice of again issues. But Matt the leads are both my name apparently has a shoe fed and I asked and he was wearing leather loafers that look like Italian driving shoes. And I'm like that and what's with the issues guided even noted the you pointed out did you know yet he's got a little bit about shoes same issue and jackets he's at it you could dress homeless as well as long jagged jacking good she's just Wear T shirt and -- -- never see the country star pull off the rawhide to low for so I asked half the fat man but if anybody to do it. And he did a bad guy can do and Larry great show great to see all of you Saturday morning. You 100 points. All I wanna hear that story from over the weekend obviously. Yes there's gonna say no to that. This story made me laugh maybe five different times so there's a guy. In North Dakota in Bismarck, North Dakota. He's nineteen Europe many years old. He got in trouble that we can because he exit more than twenty cars and a school last month. Eggs now. This takes me back to my childhood if you got mad and a neighbor or they did some and or you're just out trying to be a league and you would egg somebody's house or their car. Actually does a lot of dandy just throw a rock and Ronay and I you know it's called a game member aiding the next door neighbor when times are Mina mar oh but it's bad at the end Clark and actually ruin paint job yes remember that. So the cops arrested this nineteen year old. Any guesses on what his name might happen to be to remember. He got busted for egging me. A bunch of places cars and a school advocate service at some itself and I ran out of it but it's coincidence isn't yes Shelton. Talk talk talk talk again there's guys I di Natale and yes logo is it Benedict is Matta yes. We. I think I cracked on top no it. Nobody knows that is except for you and your mom so. They call him now he's a nineteen year old kid by the way his name is eggs Benedict. And if he wasn't made fun of before for having the name Benedict. How is Al eggs Benedict and I don't have naming people Benedict after those like GAAP people were traitors to their ocean yeah there's that. And by the way is a serious thing he's arrested for felony criminal master mischief that's a felony because he did more than 3200 dollars worth of damage flowers he ran around and being so yes it happened over the weekend at Bismarck, North Dakota is now famous exit Bennett is. That's too good I don't play beat the street to a 6421 wolf. This is morning wolf pack with some accounts after 100 point seven. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack could be history tour. Hello Martha intent how are you today are fantastic. Welcome to beat the street the trivia contest institute is a random stranger unity in W. If you know as much or more than maybe you're gonna we take its legacy Tim and faith to Key Arena this Friday night. Of course it's all part of ovals a year of a million tickets Martha. Do you understand how to beat the street works yet. You're gonna need to challenger here a couple of minutes do we found at the walls Kenny Chesney beach party before the big show Saturday night you're gonna answer right now the same five questions that we asked her now keep in mind she may or may now green you created your kitty Chesney so. I might help you okay. Here we go five questions that you've only got thirty seconds to get through all five in that 32 starts in 321. Go what is actor of the rocks and real name. Wait don't Julius Caesar was the ruler of what empire. Running which movie and TV franchise featured the USS enterprise act. Start tracked which islanders directly west of Kent Washington. Yeah kept silent act. I don't and losing the country's on the little little. And I think intent nice job let's find out if you're gonna go see Tim and make this Friday night when we meet the challenger. Hey Mario brown irony there yeah. My name's Katie and friends nice cities watching ten and I'm a special events premier hands and music room and into today the party right. OK here we go question number one meant what is that under their rocks. Dwayne Johnson. You both Iowa writes you off to a 121 time Julius Caesar with the ruler what empire. Ground rule more Roland as you said was right again soon get a 22 tie nice job brits movie and TV print guys injured US. Aircraft. Oh that's easy that's our track star and being in everybody's into. An intense auditions it. A clearly she's not drunk enough Martha because we have a 33 tie after three questions. All right let's go here to more what island is directly classes. I know that one to guess what since you live and can you did Vashon island was the right I did tell the nice. One last question to go you have a forced to three lead. Using the countryside that. I have no idea. Funny because were at a Kenny Chesney concert and she didn't know that Cheney says he sings the song little little but. Mark that you'd did which means on a Monday this is pretty outstanding new finish 55. You're our press. You would beat anybody today and your legacy to invade this Friday night we'll look importantly their congratulations Martha. Think yeah not thank you for being a part of the morning all back we log yourself Emily got asked a question over the weekend at the king show actions that rocked the foundation of her very world and I would save a few days. Yeah news decorated did she get a share that conversation view in five minutes. Yeah palace raid and these here and. So what are I had a lot of fun on Saturday party with you guys there everybody was there at sea life but. Something happened to him believe that rattled her core. Conversation with what our listeners who was it Freddie years. It was a listener and David that the pre party and they are super nice and offered by an easier which is. Very kind of them but I had to say sorry at all I don't drink alcohol on nearly flat play mostly dad never had outlawed never tasted it. And you understand that for some people. That is a foreign concept open up the idea of never haven't agreed it's even Tim knee is yeah. It's crazy Sunday so that responses like wait what yet but then they said will then what your bites and I was like what. Wait let. Like why don't you out of what lies to Doug gates who. I don't think I mean I don't drink I don't smoke I don't do drugs sounds like I don't I don't. From my response to that is and everybody may be used don't know what it is because everybody has about sold okay but what is advice that. A vice. And the slow just that you have more vice and Canadian. I don't know man OK listen mind is definitely drink correct it's the one thing that I do on super healthy I work out all the time. I eat and I wave my food. But I still love a good cocktail I love my battery does and I love the buzz so that's deadly Mumbai I know that I do and I know is not good for me it doesn't help me in any way shape or form other makes me feel good and some that to me is advice though Joseph any other way to define a vice. You know there's a bunch if you look at Ed if you Google vice definition some of them are pretty dark like immoral or we keep behavior or. Criminal activities the one that I think kind of makes a lot of sense is that abnormal human behavior that is detrimental to health or usefulness. And I'd argue the abnormal far. Yes that's true because having a drink is not abnormal have a cigarette is not abnormal I mean in slow Joseph that would be yours right nicotine heavily mammoth consistent is that basic things. And the way we can talk about on the radio ads legal effects of the slow don't I have the two most common drinking and smoking a pack but there's a billion government may need I can compare you to my wife Vanessa who is also like. Super healthy she's never done a drug hey doesn't really like to drink. But she was say the only thing that I do that I know that's not good for me but I do it anyway because I like it she puts this Kremer narcotic that's super unhealthy it's one. Ingredient away from paint thinner pray she she loves it she's like that's my vice. Your prices unhealthy but it is it something you're addicted to. I don't think it has to be she's not addicted to career I'm not addicted to the matter is but I enjoy them another definition slow job that I found I just doing really quick there. And I like this one better. It's a habit that is regarded as a weakness in someone's character but not usually as a serious fault. I like at his some of the ones you're talking about a pretty dark tour like immoral behavior ray crash which are Agassi could be like somebody's vice maybe stealing cars. Pray that goes through but back to you. Well OK so I know I maybe instead of vices I like in haste lives I drink Mountain View all the time so like caffeine. A ten years ago maybe shopping shots away too much but now I don't feel like half one. Exceed our gambling problem now half the fact that if you don't have a spending problem Helm. Our we're we're continue this and a couple of minutes by the way if you wanna share any comments about what you think devices if we got that wrong to a 6421 wolf now we can Texas 246150. If you just join the conversation and had the kiddie show one of our very generous morning wolf pack together listeners. Ask Italy defeated by her peers she politely say no I don't drink you said OK well then what your vice. Not what you gonna go get you whatever well at. He just wanted to know and I think it's a fair question is everybody seemingly in in my you view of the world everybody has something everybody China as it. Right so that made him but I only guy doesn't think she has won in again you know we sort of put this definition on. It's something that's a habit that is regarded as weakness in somebody's character for example I know having a battery doesn't make any better. But I elected anyway so gonna do it on Friday or Saturday could make this didn't. That's a vice doses. Nixon yeah he quit smoking but now he's got that faith pan thing. Yeah it yet. And you know it's doing nothing good for Brad and this is pretty common devices right and actually a lot of people have been text in question based on things we've talked about about UN Lee asked. Since she joined the show. I'm number one this goes back a little ways that we knew were moving here and impact familiar stuff you did talk about an excessive shoe collection yes somebody was Smart enough to remember that. Well I and I didn't it I use data shopping problem and nobody nobody meaning used to probably for the last like. 67 years I haven't really done any shopping like clothes purses she's used to be my vice. But I just I don't really Wear them not so I don't shopping Morse all the issues I have are all from the pack. I think what you would get your video collection is. Abolition act that I held and Africa. OK so you haven't bought any shoes and now a year that's okay. Somebody said it may be family's ability to be lazy. Is a vice your ability it is literally and I said he would do as we can you call your shot you said on Sunday. I'm sleeping all day and he said that before and not something I would ever broadcast clear you love to chill and rain delays. And I mean. I guess maybe that could be but I'd argue this like I'm lazy because like he and and nothing else be if I had kids or husband or I at the end. Then I do that I don't draster be lazy instead of casino for. Grass and now I don't think that you think if Kurt the new boyfriend proposes to you at some point like you would stop being lazy. If you'd have a partner in life and he wanted to knock you out if you guys ever had a kid there is no such thing is let you out of your life for somebody right actually because like. All right somebody else mention of the text to her about buying used CD's. I hurt your CD collection again I don't have any come on and it is going to be something you do that's not good to al-Qaeda itself that is. But the food category of binge value through a gallon of ice cream you Phelan crummy I mean I think I'm rare occasions that not even. On a monthly or weekly basis now would be re end of that one off you have to have a place and dance number one well. I gave anybody is listening who thinks they also do not have one. 206421. Wolf or you can think of any questions and I'm not asking to get to the bottom of the list sojo and I'm missing something I don't know man isn't tough. Yes very tough. All right we also got the text here it's open to us excuse me that's a phone number 46150. I don't know Helena the ball how are you today. Well wonderful we're talking about Amelie a little bit here because of the Astra that we can what her vices and she things it's possible that she may not have one. I. I like to cookie home drugs and like every. Bit. Are you Elena and I guess. I don't I don't. Russia and she'd rather not take or create or. And I think for a lot of people caffeine coffee is their vice differently again like I can vouch for this I've just got her started drinking McAfee and drinking every day now so just kind of wing she needs it's it's not even a dependency or a daily thing so this element of the new quickie I'd say yeah. Take a little more time and effort to make that belonging to wait more fun. Morning wolfpack still trying to figure this out on text to does Emily have a vice could at least vice B new Oreo flavors yeah. Research for work OK so are we ruling out food altogether I think your question I don't I don't think there's a good thing that I insulate. From Georgia. Yeah I've only once and for four months yeah I know you posted on disagree. How about making a conscious decision to do something specific you know isn't the best decision is a vice it's a pretty good definition and by the way based on our last call air from Helena you can add caffeine to my list. Yeah in an alcohol is my and your kids how. I love my coffee every morning here's something I don't know that when you first got here and only you were like. Hot and heavy emanating seem like immediately almost every day you added I don't know there's something in there like. Companionship. Or something obviously that down now this season that you did leave the game like a thoroughbred the content and everything. Yeah again I feel that that was bird research yeah it's fading light and heard him boredom there aren't what about tell your phone somebody says a scrolling your phone. I mean I see that again I don't have any to Dina though and I like. He's even of the the real test I'm the best of putting my phone down at night an argument there what about going to nail salons and just brought down. Is that a bites. If you go every day I need no I don't let me act my nails done but if that's bad for you mean I feel like it's just kind and treat. I would say inhaling those chemicals can't be good for you but yes I don't think that's advice if either one of found it hitting the snooze button too many times another text suggested. Do you have a vice Emily and I will find. Is hitting less than his advice yeah it is I think figuring out the definition of advice and then. Seeing if I have one I think urban close I don't let's amusement in his eyes. I'm not giving up on this but I do know we have to next handled victory so what are we talking about great I'm actually gonna talk about when you're prices cocktail there's something I can no longer guy there I don't have all. Okay. So something we can no longer get there it better not be the stir fried vegetables frozen or the salmon patties I'll tell you I'd get up and coming up for you and about five minutes. This is the morning. Alastair only be 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night at large and this is the big story. There's certain things you will no longer be able to buy a cost him matting and here I sit here well it depends on what they are certain. Do I done at these huge court are no longer be sold like the tops and frozen yogurt barbecue brisket Seaway it's chilly in the polish hot dog. Are you no longer going to be sold. The only one of those is resonating in the as the polish odds are with us now when people go that they go their for their regular hunt our dollar fifty deal which is always been and it never raised the privacy. At that will still be there the dollar baking hot I consider it conduct a they're getting these other items to make room person healthier things they're gonna have like I asked my evils and Al Pasteur salads. Are now gonna be there and why we used to cows go to eat healthy men which he held tonight yeah of the show so you're not excited about it. I don't go ahead you go to task of uniting to healthy if you eat there yeah I fury and they now are you go there and not us it's like to cover through reviewed by at a ball game that's negating Rascal out you go their by the way it's a 400 dollar hot dogs to hot dogs that they might you know. You go there you get it in an eagle and Levi's. 400 dollars to used to cool you don't need they get to the dollar Eddie the gateway drug. Pelosi how long this lasts the slowly bring back on getting eighth straight there's a list denying those commonly missed the sun screens spots and I talked about this because. No haven't talked about fronts bring a lot of sun is out and it's very important so. You Ida are few places got to make street covered that's onscreen are your feet the top and bottom of your feet people usually forget about the bottoms. If you weigh on your stomach ache and your feeder up I know someone that burn their feet so badly they couldn't walk for a week each of you don't think about how when kneeling on your stomach and a lot of people have gotten. Scandal lying against them happier yeah your belly button. Your eyelids and the school and going your scalp which I've done I breed my hair's I had a distinct part and break and burning it in heels and just. In the white skin right after I got all those beat by the way I said -- map arrivals on time here I thought ads at eyeballs I was on a it's an outdoor trips backpacking trip we were hiking up a glacier for a month in the guy said luggage if you don't Wear these glacier goggles you're gonna burn your eyeballs as the sun reflects rang off the snow it will burn your rivals. I took them off for Tony minutes I was intent for a week I could no plans. I'll write record and head back and he was born on mammals because every time lullabies Newser to water. Well your eyeballs didn't make the list that makes street dealers sunglasses Ari you're here's your arm pits the neck and your lips. And fitness I think you're seeing waited to hand me yeah easy to miss it just keep tabs at the asked the F and it. And Andy top country albums and 2018 or out so far. End at Thomas ready who's just here comes in at number five actress stapled to end Lou Combs. Third downs Cain brown dome. Now under a minute number team and then taste now dean rear view town candidate number one. But feet at eighteen this song heaven is the top selling country song of the year. Which is just another reason why he need to get our third down did you know he's gonna be sing and it you know two tickets at Seattle dot com. Out by the way we got coming up next share your salary and it's going to be a real good what to and I ran some of the banter and says hey. Do you think that everybody has device and this person Americans it was only said yes and if they say they don't they're a liar. We're gonna take it back up tomorrow modifying your vice. Morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister 100 points and hello. How much time to get Space Needle window washer makes more of particles scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do and you're not supposed to ask someone how much money they make may be that big gas let's play share your salary. Got a real wanna know what everybody else makes reliving that it's never OK to ask. Until now we made a radio contests adamant and if you'd ever like to share your salary and we love to have you on the show to a 6421. Loss at any time right now only two locked loaded for this week's hot on the phone right now is the coal from snohomish hello Nicole. Hello Nicole now you are a general crime victim. Advocate. I can honestly say we have no idea what that entails or Nancy some questions first. You'll share some info and then we'll guess what we think you make further you know a year for a living and and you share salads a sound good. All right Nicole we appreciate you being on a Monday. I think I feel like you. It's not unite you mean you're pretty stingy with the up pleasantries Nicole. I. Can't get out I had a long habits at all. OK guys here are our economic sense and let's get to it does not waste anymore time it's all business and leave uranium by the way I apologize again for Friday it would literally brain dead for one minute and ask no questions I had I'm gonna come back today come to come back strong merry go. I Nicole what exactly do you deal. Oh. OK I if you were pro Bono for the most part are you on salary someone. Are we. Paid you work for the government. OK so you work for a private firm arguing lawyer. I am not. Education have you. I don't. Know how does your stock portfolio is strong and very strong. Okay talent he worked there. I didn't ever think about it. Okay and before that how long have you been in the game. I actually think about what about. Him magnetic car you drive right now. Back down mentally I'm going forward. I am not a speech and time is. They get that I was dare I. When you when you took too much time stalling to stay where this will share her salary next. We've got a call from some dollars on the phone. She is a general crime victim advocates and Nicole again we appreciate you sharing your salary here in about a minute with a sigh what else do we know about Nicole Emily. Think she works our only chance for master's degree she does not work for the government she's not employer. That she's been with this company for about six months and doing this for about ten years and he drags us tonight. Yeah Klondike which by the way those look really sweet. There's now much disparity between the labor Unionists and out anymore. OK so just live in studio game we like to play with each other this is not the point of it but. We'd like to guess what we think our share your salary participants may and what's the overall because that always determines who gets to go first and minister teacher right. The slowdown is at fifteen wins I had eighteen and that you wind on Friday and you have 23. It's ridiculous because the questions I answer by far the worst I now it's just luck of the draw well today since I go first I think I want Friday as well then. The savior based on the fact we cold that you've been doing this for ten years and you have a master's degree. My initial gut said and you do this for the love it to help people that are less fortunate than ourselves. But I must say there's some money in it for you this private firm on the go hundred tanks 100000 dollars a year which again this. I'm just taking a flyer and leagues the I think she does stick for the love of that and not the money some of 4141000. Parents of a joke. And loses can hurt coming up forty. And down an iPad case. The showcase showdown. In emily's RBS is in rare form right now Palestinian girls through well listen I think I heard a little more movies and I was timed to go. I know from snohomish what do you make a year being in general crime victim advocate. Well I can meet a whopping 38. Or thirty years. It. A while after that master's degree do what did take you what do you think your total education caution colts. Okay. So do you still have loans from. Any part of that whether it be undergrad or grad. And this is her chance of and again. It's not a terrible living near retirement is your chance that you can make more or. Doing what you do BQ jury crime advocate or you sort of maxed out. You cut out there Nicole. And I think we're listener. Sorry Nicole listen we bloody ethics or Brian Nash share your salary get a part of a morning wolf pack and again if you wanna share your salary tomorrow. Or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday we would love to have TV on the job the better to a 6421 wolf right now I sat with Matt McAllister. Product. Go wolf CNN viewer where this for these semi armor. A 7 AM hour of the show this morning. Emily related conversations he had with one of our wonderful listeners at the Kenny concerts. Somebody say gonna buy a beer she said I don't drink it's okay. That's interstate what is your vice. She's like I don't have one. I wanted to share this again I'm briefly said this on the radio but I just bring in the somebody that we worked with in the bathroom I didn't say it was you Emily might say hey. Do you think everybody has a vice to I firmly believe everybody asks and he said oh yeah of course they do. In many said without being from trinity united and for your name into it some not continue the present is either don't be mad at anybody. He said. In if they don't if they say they don't have a buy stuff they're lying. He's got a text from my wife you know my son is doing right now was leading eating dog food. He's a year and a half years old only he already has a vice. He's addicted I can't get him away from the dean dog food out to pick up the bowl every time he's around easy to sit there and jumps on these little cables. I'm saying I have a nice nine not admitting it I think I don't think I deal. So. Maybe idea but I don't know why I can't think the line. I wanna give you the opportunity right now to come clean because if you don't. Tomorrow morning at 720 we're going right back if I'm not really I don't think we're going in authority in the paint thrown elbows and box and how old ladies for the last sample accounts go. I'll have a quiz you ready on a hundred questions. Or is full psychological profile because I know. There is something bear third past could be. I just don't think ghettos or even even my wife who's the healthiest person I know apparently other than you it puts a little out of Kremer and our coffee which is a total vying. So and I have hobby spreads divine wind I don't think I have one yeah slow Joseph can Wear you out on this yeah I just thought if something went about sentencing him now. Does go to the beach like just hand without just to sit by the water in here the ocean. Now I navy use few hi Lisa. I'll be pale what about sweet tea and you from the south now I had TPC I got here. It's something. Don't you agree we slugger there's something there's definitely there's something you're hiding something I've. And I think you're I think you're Brady. What was the word I'm looking for here you just to sweep all American girl. But everybody's got a dark secret and tell us your eyes and you go home when nobody's around you do something. There's no fights you do something and I don't know what it is almost find out we'll get lucky. So at stared mountain. Some are morning it's 71 if you wanna help out on fire any questions just senate's tax or any time to order for seven of the vacuum on email Matt at Seattle wolf dot com. Collectively as a morning wolfpack. We need to identify the straight world. And lead her back impact in reminder that she is normal. Needed a leader. And well there are a handful of peanuts doesn't. And that's not all yeah Alistair. 100 points out it's no war also check in my overpriced weather path 77 degrees today moving. Gradually never going back down. Until next Monday a week from today I'm sure in 93. Degrees that's followed by a 91 degree day on Sunday and I'll. But. I'll take it. And we should have local a couple of weeks it'll be all gone and we're really gonna grey skies and rain yeah about eight months. And when you consider what's going on in the rest of the world's. We are one of the few places in the world that has good weather right that's true I mean I Ralph is melting. I was wondering about downtown in this whole crazy this weekend and just everybody was around Alice is because I think there are so many tourists here to if you don't get a vacation right now. You. Don't without a map of the United States of America without globe but gonna work and I go right now does not on fire Seattle Washington and the only place. Well it's a couple weird things going on. First of all in Siberia it's normally about 45 to fifty degrees right now that is their average temperature right right now it's over ninety. No side you re had a double double. Yes global heat wave high temperature records being set all over the world overnight in Siberia. It's so hot that a road actually melted in Newcastle England now this is England. A guys foot sink in to the road if any gets stopped the fire department Eddie's a hammer which is Laguna you imagine. Yeah and district last week I remember seeing two in Chicago they have those giant bridges that opens a votes together in the Chicago river. But the fire tugs were on the river closing down the medal because they're getting so hot they were expanding they were able to open wow today five of those little Tug boats. Closing down. The great I noticed over the weekend everybody I know that lives where I grew up in Santa Barbara California it was like a 105 which is way out for their never root checking into hotels because nobody has their condition yeah and most people will a lot of people here don't either we wouldn't count on Home Depot you didn't do right and yeah I didn't see that the cells were completely clean out of the hands of generally seen as well as the first thing you seek to when you look at Costco. If they don't ask don't get a giant stack of them slugs as a holdout he's gonna sweat and some sort of thing you're gonna start to smell Wolf Blitzer delegates rank I don't have any other option leaving me sleep and work it's so hot that slowing down stock trading the humidity is also affecting radio transmissions to data centers in New Jersey which is adding about eight micro seconds to every stock trade after. And believe about that action makes a huge difference it's so hot. That fields in the country whales are drying up but here's the silver lining. Revealing evidence of ancient civilization. Leave these deals they've never seen before because the fields have never done this they've always been so yeah I had so much water and now it's Atlantis. And finally it's so hot and this is just kind of funny that somebody in Quebec rig tubes from their car into their apartment. To pump in more air conditioning. So I think they're running the car it they're aliens are up to the window. Eight kind of reminds you attended Joseph and I were in Chicago in time and it was like miserably hot August humidity month. And we were still hung over Emmerich can't go to the airport in the course the guy doesn't. He has air conditioning but not really he has that tube that runs from their peers he meant into the backseat he's in we're sitting there only. Greene went on the way to the airport we'd also try to eat pizza which didn't turn out good news one of stem a blade of a delicious deep dish Chicago we almost throughout. And we're just in their tickets are sharing the two sheets total. You see that he needs I think two seconds to cast plus some miserable. So anyway yes we may. Barely tipped into the ninety's but compared to the rest of the world that. We are ready we are in the fabled catbird seat folks. Exactly Matt Stairs. Once flights so all day. Analyst with the cat dragged in yeah. Yeah. Vacationing Deanna lane you got that vacation glow back. It is a story last week ironically enough and you're on vacation about how long vacation glow actually last 862 hours. You get back to work its immediate buzz kill three days in this series 62 hours. Every day's pretty guess I've never had a vacation the last three and come on now. I've I'm back up then it's bad and try like heck you know what other glow I have that afterglow of kitty test and yeah and a fun and a good concert. Yeah I love meeting the listeners to you they're so much fun as a lady I met from grammar name is Sonya and her husband waiting in line to get a beer. Just the nicest people I love the people at the kitty just because. Yeah everybody's friendly when he talked we met a couple. Read the end their Emily that had just gotten back from seeing Kenny and seen John or seeing George Saint John Saint John where he spends all his time and after that devastating hurricane you're talking about. All of the work she's done for those people down there and how when they were there watching him. Those people take him down there he is ago. They're like the devastation is unreal like you see it with your own eyes it's crazy but. There were things where the government wasn't taking care like opening roads and clearing certain things and Kenny says he mini telephone calls and bulldozers to show up and the island can function because it can't get any animals in and shelters here up and get and then not get them adopted he's almost like the prints. Like seeing a baby Dahlia does doesn't it worship him he's got an idol so it was neat to see to hear that from them like you said so many great people so many great stories. So many hang overs. The next day. Well as get added I believe you had to take government that we celebrate about playing located just euphoria and down course and you and welcome Dili back into the mix. 206421. Wolf as I get all her or 46150. We'll see you back tomorrow at 5 AM we'll idea. Actually the car. Mornings I don't. I feel 100 point 70.