The Morning Wolfpack - Monday June 11th, 2018

Monday, June 11th

Monday June 11th, 2018

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Roland hey welcome to the morning wolf pack podcast it's Monday June 11 that Matt McAllister at least there is slow Joe's over there Leo Leo Leo pop and often than you what's your problem recapture the copyright cases have us do and families and we will know RBF. Andrea pretty good day all right now I don't just know our way Owens. He had no I think this is gonna keep on the DL until we have a green light to discuss further things but there's good news and emily's life which is always a good thing. He's excited about radiating. So Emily we're gonna talk about in the movies over the weekend I of course have a one and a half year old to go look to meet ever see a movie not release of the year. Because we get a baby sitter more pay twenty bucks an hour miners spent another twenty bucks an hour to cinema on at least probably at least like three dog on a drinker something about use identical to correct how was that. Get it wasn't. I like the first on a little bit better on but it was deadly funny and and worth seeing if you like the first one yes Geist. Ought to catch up on number one which is I hate all those eight to strong work. I that dislike or have no interest in those giant blockbuster movies anymore beat you guys keep saying that's the one to see active. I'm the same way as you I don't like these superhero whatever but he's kind of the anti superhero very sarcastic. There's a lot of foul language it's not really gamble for kids but it's a whole Larry. Will speak at the blockbusters of avengers affinity war. Only six point eight it's on the way out. Seventh week in a box office so far 600 in 54 point seven million dollars in the states as you see the guy that saw it in the theaters like the 37 time I use send me the story I didn't click on it to read it because that was pretty Celtics plan or read but it cost him to see if that many times he's been over a thousand dollar. I just leaked by the DVD in March that. Over and over I mean listen. It was a great movie and it's really fun in the theater you know it's big and loud and exciting but it's 43 tying I don't know five if there's a movie that I've seen 43 times over the course of my life may be like CUNY user of Christmas story or something's got a lot for me to be like caddy shack stripes. May be old school arriving. That you think you see them all Howell the third and I'm 43 and a half a lot. What about Oliver into the navy theater to see a specific maybe more than one idea the time. I think I've seen it. Other than solo which just came out I think I've seen that I knew I saw that you most recent Star Wars twice each. I saw address speaking of Jurassic Park and no I saw that maybe even three times I'm theaters yet and I never have you but I can't. Reality is I I could that I can allow the usually a really long runs and I and honestly can't wait to see Gandhi again. But. So and some movie called hereditary came in fourth identical to was third and oyster wrecked their battery 280 million on that. Solo came in second. Actually not bad fifty million so it's up to 176. So it's not a total flop which is as a make or it's crazy amount of my I saw another article pop up today said the same thing it's like it was a marketing failed and it's actually a really fun movie well this is kind of cool so. Isn't oceans ate the female take Arnold has eleven number one of the box office 41 and a half million dollars which. I know we all remember the ghostbusters remove that wealthy rather it was like. A flat it's the Ishtar of this generation and I'll be honest it's actually pretty fun is that he had seen our life does not subject is I thought after it just got. Torsion reviews and it tanked in the theater like does that mean bad and so organized Washington like randomly. It's actually pretty learn so we are. I was talking about oceans ain't the same thing I was like man I hope it's dead like there's some strong females or not yeah I hope it's worth. The reviewed and agree female rebate and the person front knee in line is I just like yesterday and it is amazing article package and. Boy I hope they're like one of those AMC points Marino's right back to back then because. So who is in oceans say I'm a little behind you vote on this no pun intended. Now that you say OK okay in Cranston now in half the way it's. I'm opening my computer is this is ultimately already too painful forgot I forgot everybody and I got to Sierra spotted checking out congeniality. Interval interval clay right now we're about to. Pretty woman now to our front end it all right you got Rihanna. Sandra Bullock Cate Blanchett and Hathaway Helena Bonham Carter Sarah Paulson. And okwu a Fina then. Is that a real name but it was a water it is yeah that's your own way she is one name it's our core FEMA RA my Mandy cabling who's the comedian Dakota Fanning so there they had there the women. Asik for Easter on 23456781. Of those is not in the eight. I probably talk yeah. If you don't sponsor. You know Olivia are wanna see that was on that list which is surprising is called hereditary Kia and her saying it's like the scariest movie in history yet opened in fourth yeah it's got like 98 on rotten tomatoes or something like that which for a horror movie is honor while the bomb of the weekend was hotel ordinance which I don't know that that only 3.2 million opening a good place Jeff Goldblum movie but what uncertainty. Or hereditary. It's just its orbit it's like any other guy you know it just it the trailer next horrifying but. You know usually does movies is they don't do well with the critics right but this one is just called the movie you can't say. Yes her and pet ferret did to her editors Mary Herrera area so hotel art in this has the guy in it from misses us. Who plays zine juvenile and another and a brother a black brother how bad our nose and Randle Randle Randle is an hotel ornaments. Are rioting. Or as writing rocks LA in 2028. Disgruntled these make their way into the hotel art of miss. A ninety to whatever he's just did not work yet so there you go. What these days I hope to see a movie. At the moment I. Would she eat fish if she was in order to. I don't think seven out that he did that was something she had eased as she stay away from other like cheese and other in that shot that she is. Absolutely. She's been this is not the now not a game vegetarian. It's funny too because it only took an unknown. So we for a long time and we've had heard Joseph and whatever it albums proud of myself that finally remembered one time the last time they came over. To have a fish option grant and I guys get drunk and serve burgers is like ethnic and do you tell. And I'm Michael at least we have Acela hey. The salmon last night is amazing bank Costco don't thank me and impressed about a salmon and it's easy cheese annuities or five minutes a lot. Though is the reason people go. Off begin is 'cause they want me. No it's funny because I think there's a mentality there and the reason they say this is the reason they say is because they didn't get enough support from their friends and family. So in other words. It's not their fault I don't blame other people are predicated Sigurdardottir ads so down but I guess that that's a mentality and I think he goes hand in hand with some begins. Feel free to send your complaints to Matt and Seattle Los I'm eyes I usually stick up for every opening gambit to silk boxer begin with they just throw in your face yeah. You know they like just yeah well I EU and that says there's a really good documentary on Netflix right now it's called rotten and Vanessa and are working our way derby episode it's cool they pick little. The sections of the food industry whether it's fish production or dairy or whatever make big goal and expose some cool little story like what we watch was about garlic farm which was insane. But it's funny because they did do one on the dairy products and raw milk verses pasteurized milk in the guy is he'd they moved to Wisconsin and they started dairy farm. Because in the guy says he's got those giant you know earring holes and all that he's a total like Seattle hipster. He goes man you know when I got into this I was Vijay is good I realize I woke up morning I have no idea where my food comes from one. I was ignorant so he anyway got into the industry may produce raw milk with a whole another conversation but. So the average person who goes big and only last three and a half months before they go running back into the warm fatty arms of meat to. Now to your question. Why they blame other people it's not their fault they're putting somebody else's fault their victims. But the 59 begins food that they the five non vegan foods that people are most likely to accidentally eat when they first become would be an art. Any guesses so the mistakes they may ease. She's no. I think she's is obvious for the I think people liked a lot of beans are made in light law are now I think people realize that go and accidentally. Eat something made in law are not in the top five and these are good things to like think of delicious things I scream no. OK I didn't say. Chocolate. Chocolate includes animal safari that's made for egg yolk. Beer most spears or clarified using things like gelatin. White sugar. Which is made from using bone charter. Jets sounds awful day jellies almost always used gelatin and of course yogurt is Gary you're grabbing the face that people four get but it. I'd like to know that bones star is ME two. Owned I'd rather not let it. Unity and then I don't know if you guys been keeping up with the last thing but this is a visibly last thing we talked about before we let you here our show from this morning. But lemonade stands are getting shut down across the country I had by police because in our permits have been for a few years now yeah. It's a little kid asked yeah and maybe the story and I'm just getting on my radar because country time lemonade stepped up the plate. And they actually have a fund now called country time legal aid. Where if you can't if your kid can't sell lemonade without a permit to serve they'll pay to cover the cost of the find of the permanent the 300 dollars. Which is pretty cool a brilliant market absolutely. Makes them look good it comes to the kids' day especially since both these kids probably are getting. Find they're getting shut down the prying eye getting fine so they can they can really liked. Probably not and it spending any money and still like pretty it but it. Like honestly though. What kind of world that we live and in where kids can have a damn enemies in eggs is so ridiculous but. Technically I guess it's illegal so eliminate but I permit so I guess there's people relaxing call the police and report lemonade stands now it happened some kids in Denver. And they were raising the money for charity ES yeah. I would love you know they ought to do is somehow find a way to expose the person who calls in the last day is today he had ever is reporting at least cops have better things strategically owning a shut down a lemonade stand right amenities like the biggest jerk off in the world no carrier and our kids. Hey here and a knocks all the cubs all the data. Probably one of those delves a slight turn the other way and don't care but if somebody calls in files over they hammer you have to do it. About doing if you wanna apply you can upload a photo of the permit or find to their website country time legal aid dot com in the aid by the way spelled like lemon aid not legal aid Adam lemon nightly TV country time legal eighty. That's all I got anybody else. Got something fun and good I just can't wait to peel back the union old school yeah we're everywhere that there there's some there's some loose ends that I can be tied off I get a before we can start to talking about it les others like say if we can say you know in NA teased she is. Her energy has been completely different today than any other day we've worked together which in our region and I was surprised because you went dark after I can't argue response government biker Saturday he didn't show a united city had a migraine or. I woke up Saturday with a migraine lasted pretty much in the yesterday afternoon an act finally is able to ticket. And what I have migraines I do you have to have like no light I can partly look at my phone in Hassey completely dark nose down has to cool. And I just take my medicine pass out. Yeah yeah I'd your social media was completely dark so I expected a very dark family this morning so that was a nice surprise you ask you this rent them happen and change. Foundation on which emily's house is still. Receive window lottery here unless you adopt a pet that we just don't know so many. Ways it can go. So many options so many different conversations but. I will say this in ending tomorrow we are going to be in spanned a way it's a pit stop from noon to one everywhere in Mary's Mary's Mary Mary's Mary Mary's into Comcast cafe it's it's cafes to the surface like a little like you know at a roadside diner to deal coal we're gonna be there handing out tickets for the free military breakfast which is this Saturday at the home course and upon. So we would love for active military and your families and all veterans and their families to come to this practice but he did needed tickets are we know how many people are common so we can have the right amount of food. That's simple so Mary Mary's and span away prior to noon to one yet are if you're local C there if not we'll see you back here tomorrow enjoy the show. He did you get. Do you think he would tell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not yet. Point seven. Matt McAllister and only rains good morning good morning in the nice today a good weekend. It could federal rough weekend a bit of a headache for most of it unite the migrants hiding at the migraines and I basically just have to do. More of the world and yet darkroom where it's cool can't even hardly look at my phone screen. And just take medicine passed out. I figured something like that was going on you can tell a lot about a person by their social media and in your social media was darker yeah. He fell off a cliff some figure in Yemen it's been in my greenhouse gas. Most of my weekend which is upsetting going to come to your right drag them is that I missed it goes on. You had to get by the right we had a good night race race are not sorry sorry. No doubt played into an ice so I never thought the party was the balance criterion Saturday. Which was really fun because our our team ended up winning not only a Meyer race but we won the race before are off there's sort of reining in the pros were crashing all over the place. I. It was interstate but it goodnight Ballard I was lot of fun pets got to go pizza pizza and enjoys that the F by crispy pizza. Thought this say when you racy it's even more. Is not a matter of luck I do little everybody institute a big fan of achieve at least one cheap meal a week I Gary pizza and beer Saturday night after the by grace when you win hell yeah. Slidell area are you body of Carrie was I think everybody's good at thinking it more than anything. I don't know I'm really excited about this week because you start giving away tickets to the morning wolf pack military breakfast. That is coming up this Saturday so we can all look forward to that in fact Emily if you wanna pop where we and it's going to be right now let's get this out of the way it is early in as often as we can. The heat can be it urban timber coffee in Sumner from 7:8 o'clock he's gonna have tickets. So just show up with your military ID while supplies last while he's out there and fluids and. And we're gonna be out if we're not out in the morning everyday of the week somewhere trying to give you these tickets which gradually free it lets you. We will be out in the afternoon yes sir no tomorrow we're gonna be out jumping around a little bit in a way. Thank you know you got to schedule yes everything is listed by the way for the military breakfast at Seattle thought Thomas absolutely free. For you and your family direct military or you are a veteran and questions. You get this call lancer for it. We do need leadoff caller here. No it's Monday sometimes that can be struggle bust the let's go let's not make a struggle muscles have a little fun 206421. Wolf right now or text us 46150. Cover shut out here to some guys it didn't get to be leadoff caller today but maybe tomorrow or the next day we love to have you John a bottle Archie in Lynnwood Chris in tub water shout out joins us thank you so much for starting your day with us Emily how we look at the text messages we love getting mad mad that love company. We are looking dead renown is back from Vegas and he says the morning you missed us last week and how much money he lost you know payless that she just mid tier from Minnesota I think serving my to meet the body lakes near Redmond tolerable. Gotta say Heidi cat Dotson an every it's actually. Been in Arlington and of course they can tell my the end of our talk on tightening and similarly mixed check in and. I'm glad we didn't scare mosque argument about why now I think we just became best friends. Hey good morning rob is literally. I do brother. Thank you fantastic wealth thanks for being our lead off calls today happy to see everybody colony and text Giannone Monday. What are you doing up so ungodly early round where you headed it up to work. Out. I work go to jail correction out there who wouldn't so jail not prison prisons worse than jail what kind of jail the work at round. OK okay and actually these guys see up there on a daily basis. All sorts. Be legit streak now for our bid though that if you don't like you know in the game troubled I think out of all the little billion pounds. Yeah yes or we live in a squad the park that we tickers unto all the time is right next to the jail and so sometimes during abuse long parks ashes are going to the bathroom in the jail could get a nice Jake you know nice fan. But there's something about the look on everybody's face when their in the waiting room of the jail. I can't really explain it rob I know you know what I'm talking about but it's almost like. It's it there's a there's a bummer to it there's a disappointment to actors and anxious this dude it's a very interesting dynamic usually good reason no you're never you never read jailed as you wanna be you know so. I I get a kick about dawn and I'm sort of facet of that but I never wanna end up there I know that much. It airborne are quiet or there at a boys and it. We knew when you're in jail the customer's always wrong right rob. At a boys hey rob listen we appreciate you men thanks to listen to show the nucleus zone. It. You've got to my friend happy with bill would rob how long have you been networking at the jail it go out here now OK second be your career you are you good. Yet. Where. It's awesome. Teach third and take a drug. I get it yet can't make sure you do we're gonna prop I don't I don't even know we sold out of the Lincoln reminded mouth might be too late I'll find a way. Love you rob I haven't had anybody thank you. Here that morning. I'm still a party. 100 points. So wolf hello BJ in Ballard how are you producer Aaron drew. Wonderful thank you it's wrong and feed off we'll tell it won't vote. Yes it's one of the requirements that slow Joseph and I have for her dating is that had a gentleman must have fun toys bought it clawed her. You know motorcycles that abode is definitely right there at the top of the list. What a lot of what is it. Are there are scores aren't all they're I've flight instructor at access or what you say yeah that's The Beatles. Okay so are you trying to set up your friend with a Italy or use my friends are harder to happily or very important. Two bad Derek is you have access to a lot of bones but if they really starts dating your pal then we're in with you to write. The African. Only way you did this guy Iran if it doesn't you guys are the ones that are so about about why go out hang Alec the first. CTV gig yeah I hate what I have proposed here Vijay as we set up this arranged marriage. Why don't slow Joseph and I get to get a junior pal in my we have a couple of Beers like old salty sailors do very well put the feelers on this Fella he meets our standards for Emily and we'll pass along the phone number. Or. Is there but does it all sounds good to me when he viewed on the fourth. The order all the Carter who heard it. Erica viable we'll call it an off day it'll be less traffic anyway. Let's call it kind of a friend zone date down for this Vijay if you. Our hair on fire and figure out. I love Eminem who get back to you on okay let let me I guess we can never do that and you know Vijay you can sound like somebody we want to please share your salary with. Yeah I'll play we're gonna go to the you sit there. I stopped and she likes the game he wants to win a game but I then listen BJ grade we will talk to unity tennis mourning for sharing your salary okay. All I was sicker. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice. So while supporting wolf pac man McAllister and we are so excited this morning to start giving away tickets to our first ever our inaugural. If you will. Good morning wolf back military breakfast. Emily let's tell everybody where that's going to be happening today we're talking about free tickets this morning and god. Less wing nuts for not only doing everything else he does around here including this afternoon Joba he's gonna be up early forced to. And he's gonna get out there in Sumner he'll be from 78 it Irvin timber cocky three on 66 avenue. The just show up as how much air for having military I deem that he was Dick. Now there are limited amounts right obviously we can't. We'd love to feed is many people as we GM but. So every day let's just say I think there's like fifty tickets for right when you stop so make sure you get there is close to seven image you can get two free ticket remember this for the family soon. So we'll TV I think as many as six for your family and that you know it yet. That's the best we can do but north Puyallup Sumner Bonnie lake Auburn forty. This is going to be your morning go get those tickets this is kind of your area. Right again he's in the urban Teracopy but it can't remember all that all of us at Seattle Compton beautiful and you can check out the stops for the rest of the week tomorrow we're going to be spent away and we go to Tacoma on Wednesday Lakewood on Thursday. Friday in Puyallup since Saturday morning. From eight to 10 AM we will be at the home course in DuPont. Service everybody of free breakfast by the way I'm looking forward this. We found a it singer who's also enlisted military to do a National Anthem very cool yet Shelby surname we're going to be talking to her in the 7 AM hour will we also. Spent a little more time talking about the military breakfast is when that will be out so look at that is also couple things we need some help on we'll be talking about that as well so. If you are military and you like to help out with the military breakfast 7 AM make sure your whisk his we're gonna need your help. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. I don't know if you saw this over the weekend about the guy that won the 350. Million dollar lottery at a New Jersey. Question for Emily do you ever buy lottery tickets and very rarely only on their super super high. Slow joked yeah we used to you but I haven't since I got here Nike tells of an exit plan it seemed. There are laws the same way as you Emily he'll buy it when he gets up like 700 neck which by the way you have. Weighed less chance of winning the bigger guess I don't work chances I'd rather play would have to look let's strip it by you didn't do I ever again. Now I mean not really now I just figure it's a waste of money that listen the story so guide New Jersey he's 56 years old his name is Ty leads suwannee. He's from little fairy Jersey he. It's actually kind of funny because he had bought some more and she set a store in and his wife called them that hey I found the same more juice at a different store for two bucks cheaper goal return it. And he didn't any did a good idea absolutely. And again for our big blue blue blue yeah or Jews return it anyway. Just say no he is human and not a saint. We got to the store he notice at the powerball was up over 300 million so he took the refund from the or choose to buy a couple I don't know what she bucks. Jessica. A few bucks. The next day he wins 315. Point three million. Dollars and. This week to leave your hand it to the lakers it's not a peace can you check. I think you're much he's not working. And by the time she scanned it she says it all might god bless you say oh my god I backed up. And my hot spot. Bigotry let the businesses what they've been running up or lighten up. She seems to me big taxes big hits big hop decision to leave debris. Well the story always gets excited duke they get a cup affiliate out so that ticket. So tight even his wife to be 100 in 83 million dollar lump sum. Tight says it's his plan to quit his job. This is crazy and Emily pointed it out to meet pay off his old student loans he's 56 years old what do you. To go to Harvard eight times the united gets pretty typical. Static picture I know that is so hard to pay off I know it's Iraqi basically just pay the interest. And he's gonna pay off his house too and maybe now not waste and power of his life returning about a abortions to save two dollars. Come on man doesn't he sound like you've been nicest guy does he sounds like the kind of guy who's so nice and his wife feels comfortable calling in sick you know its drive across town and return and overseas I'm gonna save two dollars. Poor guy you're gonna say sojo. Well I just I always fantasize about winning the lottery and what would I do I think about when the power ball I would totally quit I'd like to say keep my job at that much money the you know 150 million a matter air. But if it was like a small one that the two million price sticker and a man if you ask if you don't keep using your mind you lose your mind yet if you got that much money your job is basically managing it did not an office as there aren't and who are we talking about next in the Big Three. I mom does know best or right so yeah the best pre and according to moms Alltel in. This is the morning. Alistair and you 100 point 701. How big are the Big Three bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on a Saturday night at large and this is a big. The rest of Chordiant top ten membrane and among mom's church when he teen is out. So mad you think gases. So why let me a little south you know let me give you an s.'s top five. And I target I would think to be number one mom brings up T uneven night in LA is no Wal-Mart. That Pasco they'll hobby lobby know the tour is certainly not necessarily stores it's more than. Koreans OK I thought it was like Brad May never mind and probably have thorough look similar they're restores. Bed, Bath & Beyond now decades ago. Three and number ten and dove skin care. An imminent but yeah I just completely. I could do. Dying. And then Doug how old and personal care items of Duncan analyst Tyson Nike image I'm not comment. They handmade and number two you cannot have bandits. Number I'm just Netflix. All right some of love the Netflix with off the mark there and good luck goes our brand. And IRA if you carry game. Kronor or use should be excited because in another Ceres is coming out they officially announce there will be at creek twelve series to gain at around you know games are just coming to an and it next year and it George. Gonna take place a thousand years and before the game of their own so it's gonna tell you like where the white walkers came from the guts it. Did you just on the city even more confusing a thousand years before I got this yes sure you do children of the forest they made white markers for a that accident apparently they don't it's not the story you think he now I think and a. So the only problem is that don't expect to see any time scene they say that it'll be a year. After game of their own ends and gave it turns isn't Indy until next year so many a couple of years before you get that every ball and got. I'm excited RA Tina Brown is and I are not X I had your medics and you're not excited either and late I well I I read the books. But I would definitely watch the prequel. Hasn't beaten me I worked with two people who both read game affirms books they have played on the an excellent for years and me I will tell you I did watch. For awhile and night's ice I just stopping keep up with it and now it's too late. I mean gay parent is so they I know when I went to Croatia and Dubrovnik is king's landing in everywhere you looked as the game a bronze memorabilia people travel all the way they are just to go there it's an amazing genre it's an amazing chip it is to get. I did shows you know our breakdown is coming out came round gonna be there and our third down. In September is happening just one month before he drops his new album it's an almost two years since he dropped an outlook. So I'm excited because we'll get to hear all the new songs great before it releases that came around me I'll meet expected November 90. Okay and I'm by the way that again just another plug for throw down Seattle Telecom for your tickets were pretty sure there are some left get your tickets now. By the time and I think inevitably by the time he gets here. He will be. Huge dummy he's big now but he's about to blow up B member Thomas read like exploded yes. It's right there it's on the cops over this dvd and now morning wolf thank get your tickets at Seattle all of dot com. I think it is taste this is the morning wolfpack with the parents after 100 points the world now on the campus O'Donnell's. Yeah. And he never heard of him fast here in Seattle where about this further amid the nightclub at you know family albums thinking with wing net being out from 7:8 AM this morning. It's a good opportunity me to get those free morning wolf pack military breakfast tickets for the Saturday. But also you could technically drop off a month. And we know that when are usually out its immune to wine and some people don't have their lunch hour then itself. Eighty drop off on their way to work to Anatolia to commute right through Sumner endowed by Louis urban timber coffee is where is going to be conservative we didn't have before for its up to great play it is great place copies delay issue. So the pastries too by the way. But you know Bonnie lake warnings to Oliver are burned word here in that area mile stuff. I'd dig up in my. They are pursuing this goodies from their best so let's learn. OS-X. The Sharon as man and public only from the morning wolf pack now or you. Talked. We are great we got your month border that's about all sorts of cool stuff but it little. Travel size him mentally ill and all sorts get stuff. And not to mention a really great look and coffee mug thank you for reach now and tell us a little bit about him this because this new us we don't know what it's all out. I'm going into our twenties and here we're actually leave the world's largest to any. Will treat each event and music festival in the state of Washington and a source agents about a hundred. Twenty ban. Outperforming in about a 120 day period. It takes place so why is it gorgeous downtown Seattle waterfront. Goes through Olympic sculpture hurt myrtle Edwards park Centennial Park. Actually like a mile and a quarter along. And there into the just think it'll and it's all about really empowering activated. They can't speak about cam the water or even knowing how to regulate candidates still have a long way to go before we get it plugged right. Yeah I was so we won that warriors to Washington were still fighting and a. You know we are now fighting been like for example or they boldly state the delighted that does not have to grow it you know medical marijuana patients get 37%. Tax on their Madison. Which has until I don't mind pact after the wreck people that find that medical patients should be king about 37%. And they really shakes. Government and yeah. Yeah. Yeah well we appreciate the information about him face here and we would love to if you're a fourth swear you in the month club I ever ready. And please share and raise your right hand and repeat after me high stakes game sites. That do hereby pledge my allegiance you're right but smiley. To the morning wolf pack and Omar angle and I and is a proud member. A proud member. When he. I'm not well. All of a pledge to break up the walls every morning I promised to crank up the full every morning and graduate our guys are gonna. Member of the morning Joseph wolfpack. I can't thank you so much. And we levied a sore give us the heads up on him fast all right there's a reason why women dread being asked to be a bridesmaid in coming up in five minutes we will give you the latest news on its morning. Yeah palace created and these here and. So wolf. Wedding season is whether Italy was first thing as a woman that runs through your mind of when your friends ask you to beat a bridesmaids. Wrong crafts and a half and I think about when they bridesmaid at my wedding if not how can I get out of this 64% of people say the wedding planning process is extremely stressful. And I think if you are asked to be a bridesmaid sometimes you're going to be a city something you really don't wanna do because you got to make the right half. At pictures at weddings have always been important but now a social media it's almost the whole thing. Yeah you're basically having a women into question this is the question to you ladies listening in the morning wolfpack have you ever been Nancy do something unreasonable. As a bridesmaid or something that seemed. A little bit ridiculous Emily. I have I mean I've had the typical like wave your hair down and has the bride is wearing it up the there was a Hawaiian. Where there was like six of the striking I think it was six. And it caused frightening it was 59 and so we all have to match her height. The Bragman all the bridesmaids is same height so she had to Wear flat. And then we all had to where she's to match your height I I I I know we're four inch heels whoa so that I visit as tall as our. So did you guys I'll have to your shoe shopping together so you have. You know we did OK just Israel like. What is the easiest way to do so again it was the easiest thing did it was just all get together dancing shopping together well apparently to one of the new trends for this summer and the wedding is that. Bridesmaids are getting specific instructions about how TN. They need to be for the wedding with the ads I had an idea fears that the spray can. I would imagine or go to the old fashioned tanning Booth it's time those going on. I tell him that spray stuff would work better though cause everybody to be the same exactly the law she yen. So ladies if you're listening what unreasonable demands or requests have been asked to view as a bridesmaid. It's wedding season should be plenty of stories and we're the kemba already here and I'm due to a 6421 Waltz. Why can Texas 46150. What were you required to do as a bridesmaid. CJ any elm good morning. And so CJ. Were you ever Astor required to do any unreasonable as a bridesmaid. I absolutely the last early ROI. My bad. How is it mr. Burton Burton. Her husband bachelor party. Now when she came. She was just more comfortable knowing minister for would be in so she thought it was a paid past few are closer region. Gonna happen. If her best friend did this out. CJ had. You had any experience in that profession. Well why would she just assuming that you being good added or forward wanna have any interest in this kind of thing. All my god I have no idea the idea that. Like I think maybe her trust issue like cutting inside source at the bachelor party so I haven't a spy we are up they're saying ideal knowing your husband has seen the girl bright behind you naked like the night before a couple of weeks likely. What if you were asked the same I mean would you even know what to do. I think at least this and I do know that's a hard way to make a living and it takes talent yet to do is like a routine right you have to know the movie but I think now yeah and that's. Don't believe that. Nobody but if you can't to a 6421 wolf I mean it's kind of hard to we had ugly dresses. Here SC didn't do. Dance. CJ it was your friendship hey it was your friends at all compromised by that request are you still friends with the woman who asked to do that. Don't spread the fairways are not backed. Yeah ask chronically gulf with the blood is CJ thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack wow what were you required to do our I mean. I mean I ask put on four inch heels but not you got -- she was due dad that's right. Hello Cherilus spent away happy buddy how are you today you know and have a youth. We are doing so good appreciate you asking so were you required or asked to do anything on reasonable as a bride's maid apparently the new trend is everybody has to have the same team. I do it athletes how to correct let it was gonna happen the night at colliding. She didn't know well known her and her husband had. Immigrated to the United States that they were both hurt any. Okay where did they come from where there all versions it Rick they had immigrated from Kenya or. And you asked you to have that conversation the brain dead. Alone seeking Indians and look I need to know what to expect. Yes exactly. And that. I actually heard some of the things that he would be back in and then Lindsay back from her honeymoon on the all that and more. Blow your mind blown I didn't think anybody can compete with CJ and I think Cheryl is now how old where these folks when you hand haven't talked at least with the bride huge when he. And had no idea. And has no right yeah. Wow I did my kid children's book and the like carried out for disease. I find it so hard to believe and I know things work differently in different countries but that's like the most basic thing in the world I mean they have sex ads like that they have babies they were born and he knows some is gonna. New hurtful people who felt that the heat didn't know. All of that they know how to prepare her about it doesn't. And it's just totally. So much or heard this. See how that somebody could how it Syria. So Cheryl how much time did you put into that talk in terms of preparation to make a spreadsheet or maybe power play maker. I analysts say as some illustrations perhaps. No it's not that I haven't caught that they nitpick about an hour. Did you give her some wine first. Let me we're Adam work pretty. Oh man Cheryl that's it well good on you for actually doing it that's it that's a big gas for bridesmaid. Brey did and you know when you something's really hyped up like you're going to be sporting event or prom or whatever. It's either going to be greater than I was gonna be or not is grade did you get that impression sure which way she was leaning after the honeymoon. Only knows a lot better it's when I answered folder. Gently politically. A lot of yeah. I Chara we love you thanks for being departing general I'll take you very. Were you required. Or asked to do anything unreasonable as a bridesmaid that's the combo it's wedding season to a 6421 wolf for you can Texas at 46150. Hello Jessie you know we are talking about the fact the new trend for weddings this summer is that all of the bridesmaid need to have the same kind of a tan. Where US to do anything on reasonable as he bridesmaids yes. Yet we were asked not to make up its hands not to let here are completely out chat right. So did she just say nodding your hairs from leaving downer did you have to. Yeah down and we were only allowed to Wear light. Eight make up like foundation out about it. How am and ask a very basic question here is the right unattractive no. Because why would she be so insecure that the bridesmaids I would think it makes you look better of the people around you look good tune yeah. She she's very insecure about her luck. Actually my sister Emma but thanks he did he actually pretty he'd make my brother and it was kind of a lot. Quest for me at first I met her in the right mate you know. He hit out at that I didn't get it right make it yet but pretty neat it may make up on America have adjusted to kind of rooted for an yeah all of that. These she did totally done this in a way that you didn't even know it like it hairdresser to be like just to download button click something super simple. If the make up artist is to consent just a natural month bright and he doesn't did not know that she's playing you. Yeah we didn't exactly have the budget a hairdressing. And I act and we were kind of on our own on the island and on top of that area in street unflattering blacked out. Sounds economic wedding I mean no offense if your home I'll know what I'm planning and that's. The secret. Well I'd like to suggest I mean part of the wedding even for duty is to get to dress up little bit which is very out of an ordinary for regular folk. And if you don't get to do that it is kind of a bummer but thank you played nice and yeah I acted everyone plays nice. We gave up late night military aid focused on her. A beautiful readying itself that would be hard to do yeah. Let's just thanks so much for being a part of the morning while back we love you. And just a reminder we got beat the street coming up at 710 tickets and meet and greets for the upcoming show with Cody Johnson Texas guy to a 6421 wolf. This is morning welcome back with another counterattack 100 points topple. Laughs hit the pavement and Jack did beat history to. I'm Michelle in Port Angeles are you today pretty. Very true fantastic. Welcome to beat the street the trivia contest that pits you against a random stranger here in the POW it's you know as much or more than they do. Your gonna win tickets and meet and greets to seek Cody Johnson. Add show box Soto Friday July 27 part of the wolf's year of a million tickets my daughter would love keep I won that are I'd sounds like a GNL in the making you understand how the game works. Then let's ask you the same five questions we asked the challenger last week. Animal playback her answers and see how you did you have thirty sex get through these five questions here we go questionable wanna you mark get set and go which movie featured the stay. Puff marshmallow man. Upstairs which country hosted the most recent Summer Olympics. Thought that was Chris Hill Will Smith played the fresh prince of watched. Well there was a three there airport codes foresee tacked. Asked. The whole boosting the country song mama is broken heart. It. He can all be. OK time Asia Michelle and tornadoes and you can relax and let's meet the challenger who we found by the way the assistant show where center in camp for the circling concert. What's your name they're brilliant what do you do. I am never Allah and I live in Botswana where free Seattle's two minutes. What I've been around the OK let's find out how you did is we asked are the same five questions bricks and everything should just stay puff marshmallow man. Down now. That was a staple you definitely rang I mean I would be my guess it is just us clusters iconic movie Yancy you're off to a one nothing lead Michelle nice work. Rick's character Erica the most recent Summer Olympics. Area. I'm correct he was Brazil Michelle he had that went right through until a lot. You are I forget that kind of stuff so you're off to a two to nothing lead great job Will Smith played the fresh prince of what. I'll act and she knew that limit so did you Michelle so. You have a three to one lead him is heading into the local question what does a three letter airport parrot person tac airport. Hope you both got that one right as well I think you probably can guess that when I got to write that Larry now. It's pretty much over yet afford to lead below the last question anyway I'm using the country song Obama's broken arm. Correct Jason now the results of indirect Miranda Lambert mom was broken hearts all evil. That's something that's the only question didn't get right you wind up winning the streets you've got the tickets. For go to guys to hear the final score nice job Michelle. Number who loaded. I have morning low tech military breakfast is this Saturday eight to 10 AM at the home course in decline we are gonna check in with a wing nut in just five. Short minutes he is out given away free tickets and some air will tell you exactly where. We are so excited for this Saturday it's our turn to serve you breakfast so. You needed a leader who. Well for a handful of peanuts but doesn't help until than a dollar wall here's Matt McAllister. Though wolf and this Saturday we are so excited for the inaugural morning wolfpack military breakfast. Let us buy you breakfast if you're in the military active Bora if you're a veteran we want to personally thank you for the sacrifices you and your family make. To serve our country again 8:10 AM Saturday at the home course golf house grill in DuPont free breakfast. And right now we have tickets to giveaway we know that is now forest. At a place we did before from a club that stuff urban timber in Sumner good morning weighing eight. Good morning Matt Emily killed it did eight sweet spot over here urban timber off yeah hole. Dude there's beer here. Oh we know that we where they're from new ones who we were officially kind of allowed to be drinking beer I don't know about 7:22. AM but whatever. And it's a mind it doesn't matter the time it's like Asia Asia's number kinda the number Q why not start early in my neck. Listen it. Thank you for being outsourced this morning you're going to be out Wednesday and Friday again today your fallen double shifts here we appreciate your man because we really wanna get these tickets out to get the word out about the military breakfast so thank you. It it's my pleasure guys like this that you can stop by over here urban timber. I have plenty of passes to get into the meeting Breck just to be here till 8 o'clock I'd love to see us. Look to snap a picture witty and love to hang out a little that would be the sport it's going to be fun plus maybe we can talk. Beautiful manager Reagan and he servants of beer I don't know maybe. I think he's trying to get an accented by the way I just plug Allison do wing nut this afternoon he's going to be inebriated should be fun yeah today we bring yeah. Everybody's during PM Monday at 72 victory. Grandpa we open that's calico favorite book everybody here at the wolf is passionate about supporting our military in lord knows that the NW we got a lot of militant out. We're behind yeah 110% in this is just a small way of us making sure you know that. Now. Coming up next are pretty excited we're going to be talking to Shelby who's enlisted she is signed up now to be singing the National Anthem right before we open the doors stadium for the regret and really I like that and if you can think of anything between you know now an 8 o'clock when it's gonna be in urban timber to make this breakfast better. We wanna hear from 206421. Wolf we're going to be asking Shelby about a color guard to coincide with her in the National Anthem because we had one. And then there's some complications. So we are without immediate color and we need to tell ago our families is gonna get right. But again if you can think of anything to add to this military breakfast to weaken salute these heroes to a 6421 wolf email Matt at Seattle wolf dot com. This Saturday from eight to 10 AM we are so excited about the inaugural military breakfast the morning wolf thank military records and begging me to free tickets right now if you're active military or a veteran. Yeah we netted out at urban timber coffee and wait for you he's been Sumner. He'll be there to ADM's just stop by with your military Aggie. Assistant Lou Giordano look we euphoria I. I worked Whitney the op. Navy you know honor and we actually give color guard as a volunteer. Poland might be able to get one yeah. Talking about it. Act shocked me LPO about it you might it help you know. Me you know in the. Okay dirt on you talk to that Tokyo is safely to do we need some VIPs. PM WP MD. Okay up. I mean. I think there it is beating up this morning published but I don't talk to him right now walk insolent. Okay super can get back to earth today. Like a lot of turnout thank you so much. So last week. We got this great email to Heyman and leave money we Shelby Weaver and I'm living in Lacey Washington right now I love the wolf I listen every morning to your show and active duty military and so is my husband. I do sing the National Anthem and would love to do it for the morning wolf thank military breakfast this Saturday. I had some for company chain of commands. Police cadet graduation fund raiser golf tournaments and for wounded warrior event if you have any questions let me know she's on a homeless right now we got questions. A Shelby there are a thank you so much for the kind email last week about being willing to sing the National Anthem and our military breakfast that takes it to a whole new level. Of course and it sounds like he's saying before at some pretty big events in your enlisted I mean it's perfect. Now and he's nervous seed in the U sang the National Anthem at a their Penske nervous every time. Of course yes I think it fits into it that you aren't a song like. Speaking from military service members like backward like that's veterans like old guys there that don't want that that may mean the most nervous. Well they're gonna be some veterans there also an active military and our military breakfast for sure it's funny I heard and interviewed me anymore. From this is us move amendment we all kind of forget she started as a pop singer. Was she started as a National Anthem sing when she was a teenager she was in Orlando and she just kind of went around a sporting events and did the circuit. In she said in this interview now is a 35 year old woman. That it is absolutely without a doubt be hardest song in the world to sing because of the range. Yeah okay so she'll be ready to run their run time real quick here just give us a little bit National Anthem and a better. It's funny to thank her and I'm learning. I don't like half an hour now or Katie Shelby were so grateful to you and thanks for the help and being willing to be there on Saturday morning for. Not us but for the active military which you are and the veterans like you said it's going to be a really sweet. Couple hours of course I'm super excited to get those tickets right now with wing net urban timber coffee in Sumner going to be there till 8 AM. This Saturday from eight to 10 AM in DuPont we are going to be at the home course in golf house grill. For a free morning wolf pack military breakfast and according to Anthony shipman who is our partner down their on this deal he says is going to be gourmet ice nothing but the best for our military heroes. It's our turn to serve you guys breakfast so if you're active military or events let us buy you breakfast you and your family and firstly just thank you. For the sacrifices you and for him to make every single day. For our country this Saturday by the way got a sweet little email here from Jean. She's today guys first I want to thank you and I think it's great the wolf is putting on a breakfast for the military. US for ideas about giving any military person who comes a breakfast how I give him a wolf coffee mug. And asked them to come to future mug club events and the wolf will buy them a couple call things. Jeanne I think it's great you're tying it in the mud club something else we love to do here on the morning wolf back and it's funny saying that. We do have an order and we're hoping it'll be here in time rates were kind of throw one I mean we've been working on this this October. But once it all got approved now or like OK good let's get excited. You know something else like England be cool if there's someone out there listening habits and massage therapist arms or. And can bring it up they have like just this neck and shoulder chairs dance on behalf in the I won't even give like five tonight and Hodges that's really pulled a half. I loved that and much appreciate that you know fever had that like any airport kind of lost a wing that is out right now you do need a pass to get in or breakfast it is free so we just wanna make sure we have enough food for everybody that's coming that's for giving away tickets and we know what needs out of anywhere you are right now and not only does he have free passes to get to meet swing and he's like the elusive yet he's here in the Pacific right. Nobody ever see he's waiting. The careless getting yeah I just wrote here I guess I urban children are upbeat micro brew wine bar I'm over here now and I get it to you talked about practice. It I just ordered a am. And she's Chris Bond I. I'm supposed to appear I think this is my need spot you continent here in the back. We got great area it sounds like you might be getting distracted by saluting and I. Adding and you don't really really scary situation let me getting you cannot hide in the corner with you are on in your beer and forgetting about the no it's. Gags begin that I RW Modesto Bee line for us Nike came over you've got a beard that would rival that brown band. I saw images up I saw a lot of social media he looks awesome. Archie and his wife for over here they grad who after the new ram fine urban timber coffee micro brew wine bar over here in armor you gotta stop by Auburn Sumner areas like to click right on the border. Stop buying Beers I'd be here till eight or toll hasn't gone for Kyle out I might not come back and you just fun here. Mets have a good time anybody we love you for doing this horse's morning and and are you going to be outset. But we're gonna blanket the PNW this week we know it'll be at a Tacoma on Wednesday and then Q while a proper on Friday were going to be and sped away tomorrow Lakewood Thursdays we're trying to get to everybody in the area. With these passes they queuing net. You're thank you guys love you brother Dario then it's like no game. About a coming up next Emily is gonna drop these Big Three stories of the day. So we know I would not change its name I hop I can now tell you but the mean means. Bagel it's not they go and find out next. It's the new one at a point 7 wolf the morning wolf pack Matt McAllister before the Big Three quickly. A minute ago we heard from Giordano in Bremerton and she said she might be able to bring her color guard to the warning wolfpack military breakfast. Giordano do you have that good news everybody here is gone all the fingers crossed. I'd kill. Even really enjoyed. Yes we'll be able. We will have I think flag in light bulb is the continental Oscar. You guys of the work we shall be flexing in the National Anthem so we'll see Saturday at 8 AM before we open the doors and by the way for all of you cannot join us for the military breakfast. We will have this on FaceBook likes you literally you'll be able to enjoy a witness along with their social media. This is the morning. Alastair and you 100 point 70 yeah. How big are the big dream bigger than the lines of the ladies bathroom on Saturday night in large and this is the big screen. And that last week the story about I have changing its name I hop mentally dead beat was everywhere on social media I couldn't believe how passionate people were people guessing what the the beach. Now and I hot this Ginsburg burgers. New look. Yes we will talk about a lefty interns big gig yeah I know they said that their son and a B I hop this is just temporary change. But they want to convey that they're taking burgers as seriously as their pancakes though they got like seven new burners coming out it's. All of that that I don't eat there all the time and gain ever did they serve lunch yeah I only ask okay they're open most of them if not all rumor opened 44 hours you get lunch and dinner. Seems like confusing branding if I'm gonna go to the international house of something. And it's paying case I'm getting anxious I would eliminate everything else off the menu and I would have all kinds of crazy different pink TI. Have never ordered pancakes you like other thing I like you probably more familiar with the many gifts like my bonus and Dylan he has a cheeseburger doesn't matter if it's 6 in the morning or 10 o'clock tonight yeah teasing you cheeseburgers or you loved. Are indebted I hop video I pioneered all right irate so I know best and what are the best free and according to mom's a top ten list and just came out. Some interesting to be gotten done on the lists skin care and household personal care in an end of Knuble Hershey. Don so Nike that's revamp it does not dot com which makes sense with inmates ordering easier for moms this surprise me the days. Do you want to have any day and. Yes they do our house we always have a stock first aid to really not only for the kids have for us as well and been as clumsy you are heavily I'm surprised that you're surprised answer lie and hurt yourself on a daily basis you know the basic big idea yet I mean we always have a couple of after the stocks of the NGOs for an he got to have the vaccine you gotta have the outlook comes hydrogen peroxide okay. And the number one it was Netflix. Number one brand I. I gave the routers are going to be happy it is official they're getting a game up there owns. Prequel theories. Inez legend pat cash. George. What I Wear the white walkers came from and they say it's not what we think we know so of course is gonna be so many twists and different turns already pretty confusing yes. Plano people because you know gain a front in next year yes so. We now have for me to look forward to that is going to be a wild because. It's gonna come out this game turns people come out a year after game the front end. Stand tests show when he won. I would say all of you that have kept up at that and I think generally you slow Joseph both have including that you read all the brought us yeah good for you guys decide I got out somewhere likes to this season to herself and now I'm so far gone. There's no way it is one of those ups are beginning he can't just jump drowning in the sea of confused but you can pick up what the prequel he had not gonna happen but I'm happy for you and everybody else because that show is awesome yes and everybody did exit. That's French and morning while back with Matt McCallister 100 points and hill. How much because Space Needle window washer makes horrible article scraper on the Bainbridge ferry to do agree not to look at someone how much money they make you may be the beginning yes let's play share your salary. I don't know I don't know what everybody else makes for a living but it's never OJ asks. Until now and today this is going to be a very special edition of share your salary because on the fallen us. We have DJ made the boat captain from Ballard who called in last week because he wanted to set up buddy out of his with a new Amelie is one of our requirements. For your next relationship is that you don't to vote yes. So Vijay welcome back to the morning wolfpack. Are. Ordered words are great fantastic brother great to here your voice. I know trying to connect. Friday but I'm glad you finally get here on. And this is gonna be Entergy because you are like a lot of people here in the PNW to make ends meet is expensive place to live because it's so awesome. You work or different hats mania a couple of different jobs. Do OK give us the rundown and then we'll try to ask some questions. OK so those words were being here are both chapter. I have a harder target bastard goes godlike. Are better able to drive charter boats or lower you're accountable basically under a lot of but I do charters should be. Irish. OK let's start the clock with one minute rapid firing questions will guess and and you share your salary heavily go. Right from what is that what is it died business what do you guys diving for. Reduce salvage words we are all open I don't recover read articles creeping. Yes really didn't end. The water. Does the tow truck driving part of it have anything to do with the boats. You know. Which have you spend most of the time on. Trucker. OK with some job makes you the most amount of money. Boat after it. How many hours a week easily work. All. Yeah. Let's see do you own a home in the DN WBJ. Yeah kind of I don't quote available. Thanks how reliable how many people you bossa. On the boat too thin margin guidance there's there's six revenue of children. How many Beers you drink every day. A law. We will take a little bit array guiding BJ and we're going to be best for our staff I'm pretty sure Vijay give us three minutes will think about our guesses we'll come back well guess your salary and you'll share your salary next. And welcome back to share your salary because we don't wanna know what everybody else makes reliving that it's never OK to ask. Until now. On the bowl thus we have the boat captain from Ballard his name is Vijay he's a boat captain commercial diver and tow truck driver and if you just joining your salary only wells to be just find out. The city does Steve barnacles great thing Iranians died business. Key is spent the most time being a tow truck driver of that makes the most money being about captain. He works a lot of hours he owns the boat house and drink a lot of beer yup Andy we miss their IB ten. It's not a how's it look so this is our guy I. How popular are quicker or out there. I'm sorry I'm sorry I don't act and I tell you racked. I love these guys that work on the water I really do it there is so great and Joseph used to work in harbor yeah very familiar. You guys like Vijay I know of these is enough. Yeah you do all right does me. There's seek if there's speak in the same language behind the scenes that just want everybody to know that our IBJ. If I'm really looking forward to a day out of the water with junior pals to disclosure when it come down in see about this fell for only when you guys are ready. I don't know we're ready you'll like UW political trick it up or to wire pixels. He had not before he made it this week you were supposed to have nice sort of let's get to a here I believe I won on Friday you did OK based on this is hard is this is a triple stack. And there's layers to what he does yes. So. Seeing as how it's the first. Multi a facet didn't share your salary I'm gonna go a little on the hiring the things plus the earlier to thank you had. Those charters are expensive gas I might go a 151000. Dollars a year. I annaly overdue and I go little Oregon ninety all ten sojo. Who I think I gotta take my act gonna take my chances and allowing them to go just a little owner and going 85. And our bags. BJ the boat captain for valor. If you are ready to share your salary we are excited find out what you may. I'm meg W oh at the age is here. I don't know I finally get by then. You know I get a guy you didn't consult the garden guy and I knew me DJ had a connection it actually makes perfect sense that she would win two majors now they're okay since we always say how much as a vertical scraper make how much is the diet business specifically making. That you're all the group called the oracle are sort sport all support civil rights to a vote. That's not so now we know now yeah. That's what it says in the Sears Canada Europe and how much. Now we can just find out how much a window washer makes on the Space Needle will be good to go. Hey BJ will be in contact about get together for a couple of called cops. Arianna definitely all the old doesn't it out or you don't go or you like block. So I don't know my way skillet yet the house of Islam but to try and its British shallow yet it is a show Bret thank you Emily appreciated. I'm happy with that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts then. Have 100 points. I. And welcome back TV cable guy movie description game to game where I read the description from the cable guy on the TV. About those movies that are on all weekend long week. And Emily and slowed to a fight each other commodity title of the movie we're doing today in honor of the fact that today is the 25. Anniversary. This is gonna blow your mind. A Jurassic Park. That's why there was the marathon and Jurassic Park on this. 25. Years ago that movie came out I think in doing comes out this weekend too is that right yeah so fun fact about Jeff Goldblum in that movie so Jurassic Park you have. Emit an Independence Day are two of the most popular cable movies on all the time he actually use the same line in both films listen to the first clip is Jurassic Park. And and the producers have been a tennis they like the clips of Russia that the quote they had Jeff Goldblum city exact same thing. Twice. That. Go go go go go. I like that must go faster go faster let's go faster OK here we go guys ready. Crowd is tough guy named first right. Jana today and if you know the answer in again now I work with a couple accords Carter's way to minimally did you pick cable I just got it just got all I wanna be and I hope this helps you because you get annihilated industry. Okay eerie you know yell your name you know there an answer a family of undercover super heroes we'll try and it'll go to Emily incredible stuff. Writes an astronaut becomes stranded on Mars answers he's a fairly slow jump the martian yes and on all in the Q school. This was really easy so be ready. A water boy could have slugger waterborne and on Channel 8. Three people attempt to stop a gigantic crocodiles must legend whose pattern now those are dead earlier. It was okay I'll I'll read the rest for you. Three people attempt to stop a gigantic crocodile who is terrorizing residents in black lake main. Black Blake street you're now. Lake Placid ass laughter is in there so our a game be careful this next one in the cable guy movie description game. Game players have the chance to join with buzz in his group of toys you know effort to slow joked. Toy Story. We know you. The game woody. That was the last word with this group of toys to help rescue woody it's not hastily or if he asks. Yeah. A group of intergalactic cash criminals are forced to work together to stop a fanatical warrior from taking control of the universe. From Georgia yeah. And managers. Chris Pratt. And Malia come on that's sheeting. That was an island and in there need when he. Now darn good faith. Ultimately gets it and it isn't come on I'm just trying to help for menus to your slaughter her every time okay. Based on the true story of Jordan bill Ford sort of slow Joseph velocity at. We're all tied up by the way if you've never seen that movie don't watch it with your parents okay. A boy who communicates with spirit seeks the help of those hard slows a six cents. Relentless it. The cross country adventures of two good hearted but incredibly stupid slogans sludge dumb and dumber. That's the wind right there and I are. So much I think I get like the more they Terry added you don't as far as I was learning respect it and now that you are a contest of Simon Arnold and you're out it's only gonna get better. Good morning welcome back with Matt McAllister a place as I did twist an anchorman love triangle can't. Emily grace I never make my bed. 147. Oh so heavily do you consider yourself a grown up. And I know I'm supposed to need but I don't. Feel like I am well you are not alone your 32 years old this. The average person according to a new survey doesn't think they're grown up until they hit 33. And for guys that might even be a little bit later than that Qaeda and cut. Yes here are the top ten signs that you're right you're not grown up and you're actually a large adult child okay just answer yes or note the following. Into watching an entire season of a TV showed a weekend car yes beginnings the signs you're an adult child other. Getting a tattoo I've done that and being in group text chats with your friends. Only you and Claudette is back. You have a friend Adam and yes I've done I mean it's work related goods or nine dollars. Using snapped jets LC filters I don't do that Marcum and buying a pair of limited edition sneakers. Now it is more for the guy I didn't ask yes Judy still do that everyone's so I'm not often but I didn't take your foot game is strong and they think high tops our. Thanks that's been listening to pop music. Now time is say you're an adult child. Voting for somebody healer reality singing show. I've voted for so it's dumb stuff I can't even under orient layer half candidate and Mayo joke. But hey hey both made it dines out now I get my vote mattered they are bringing ketchup mayonnaise to America. Going to a music festival yet but we're all going to watershed here pretty soon and I guess color me any adult child the department. Regularly raiding your coverage for cookies so I know they're not and they're nice so look for a I don't like is things we can I welcome. Is that like finding a five dollar billion Jack OJ thanks maybe their back carries didn't seem the first when he time tells look at that I like and I take anything we're just honey and brown sugar that are. It's asleep too. All right and last but not least on the top ten signs you're actually a large adult child using a funny phone case. No mice very. You slide up the otter box could I drop my friends and allies who are clumsy. Some things and just missed out of the top ten waiting in line for new iPhone. I would say to waiting in line for anything yeah I was watching American ninja warrior with the family the night which is our favorite family show. And there was some cat who waited two weeks. In the walk on line to get on the show out and guess what he was out of the first obstacle that's a really good news that two weeks' time district and you don't have a career at that point so you're not an adult yet you don't have a job time nobody's gonna miss you you're gone for two weeks. Chugging beer. And it and it also shot gunning or beer bong. Yeah all of those and there is the adult child using a cell to stick I know there's a certain age dumping somebody because you're not ready for anything serious. Board dying your hair crazy colors all signs Europe large adult child. Like more than half just you know gullible but look you 32. A lot can happen in a year that's strip you could come back to this is a totally adultery or semester cornered. You 100 points Saturday though wolf. I had a couple of quick reminders while we hand things over to dearly by doing a morning game hey that's that's the here's the video of the podcasts ago for around 101030 issue will be talking about some bonus content to simply didn't have time for today. Like a week in their movies potions ate at the top box office spot pretty good. The average person who goes V in the last three and a half months and the reason why they stopped being deep. And sees how slow Joe's wife is easy in her. You'll have a good expected Wednesday it's kind of makes you would begin by default I think too right so yeah a little bit definitely yeah only comes arises like. Good steak for Renault. Seeds and there is a really simple trick to make sure your luggage always comes out first at the baggage claim that I didn't notes I've done lot of travel so. Excited to share on the podcast you can finder on the app the web site or iTunes. Dean team. My favorite morning show the article. We're in the morning. Thank year. I thank you it's making like beautiful day. And eat today as a day to pay for words do something nice for someone and hope someone less fortunate. And listening to view I hand out your military breakfast passes this morning. And having Wayne Knight involved in that just made me really proud to be a part of this Wolfe's team song and because we love our military so much I just wanna say you're making less beautiful today a lot of people. Is that and I started to play the cheesy music because of that you're gonna make economist Ben Nelson's here is that I had to go for some today. It's our pleasure I think you know I didn't serve and Lisa family's all arm that Graham pod dad. You know so there's always a guilt there that these guys are making such huge sacrifice their families the girls the men and women on that. So it's just a little thing and I like the slogan that popped up over the weekend. It's our turn to serve you breakfast yet you gotta have a dramatic policy can. But thank you dealing. Think you guys for what you're doing it's just 88 can it hits you right now hearts and we have so many military personnel here in the Puget Sound and this is just a great way to Taylor to give back to them so I just love what you do. On news this week well we're excited to be part of it and I definitely will be sharing your reading on social media because we know a lot of people can't get there and it is just for the military so. We face booking you know live I'd definitely the National Anthem with a color guard presentation record that round beginning of the doors open at 8 o'clock again. Got to beat the home course in DuPont so grateful for their participation to tomorrow by the way. It's kind of a regular mug club that stuff for us we'll be in stand away handing out tickets. From twelve to one sludge or going to be instead of waiting you know very Mary's cafe. This is a great story too so slow Joseph sets all these. Thank you the product he calls the sweet lady named mayor. And tells her what we want to come we just come do you mind to come to your place it's coffee shop and hand out military breakfast passes started crying. On the phone because she's so passionate about the military. And we couldn't ask for a better place to be tomorrow instead of so. Let's blow her mind and have the wolf pack show up in full force I only tens of thousands. And let's put her out of business no coffee left to kind of thing. Ideally we're gonna get out of here but they just are minor to all of you get your throat and to get to you can see this guy we talked about this morning he's right now in the moment blowing out. Like Thomas red hues and get your tickets at Seattle Walt dot com for the show he's headline and don't miss it. The 45 so.