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Monday, March 12th

Monday March 12th, 2018


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Hey welcome back to the podcast it is Monday in every bit of a Monday produce a settlement themselves. It's also a daylight savings Monday almost like a bonus texture we just heard an hour. It's map by the families here as well and slow Joseph and before you here to show that we did this morning just a couple things that we didn't get a chance to talk about by the way in any feedback at all Matt and Seattle wolf dot com is my email address but as a follow up to Friday may we should get in a little bit more detail about at least date over the we can -- one. But you told us on Friday it was a potential of. Two there was the potential of seal the second one is coming this week. Elitist idea still on the table is still on tape is you don't have a date picked out. Now we just said because he has a weird schedule work schedules or panic kind of see where Ryan Howard he's gotten to today. Mean maybe in the afternoon for coffee. I predict is probably not gonna happen well I think if it's all right you're already procrastinating. There's something there now that's not true I did that on my dating thing for awhile and I we would often take weeks or procrastinating to actually get something out and so this is normal I think it's pretty normal parent and I know I and I can't get a vibe your first date was that was very nice in Indo wonderful experience but. And little boring nadir missing a spark. Yeah we definitely didn't have a spark. On but it does not give them another chance I mean I know that for states to be awkward especially for some people. Have a hard time opening up so even quiet. I'm so yeah outlook awfully probably. And office that you could be quiet too. I was not quiet oh you're infected you over compensated the other person is absolutely I got to stop saying as much after I knocked it a lot. All right all right and so the I mean we'll definitely probably meet up again and then. See from there if he's out if there's. An outside his friends I think he's friends and if you were called to Friday in Schroeder of the Friday podcast. It's always good to have a swat team member on your side yes I don't hear that that guy should be year I would feel better fuse different yet you said countless times in the time that we work together than there is no such thing as separate platonic friendship with him in a woman I don't use that idol is there he's I don't know I don't what I disagree and now I've always felt that way I think of the guys being. Is hanging around him wants to go do saying these things every guy has usually yet there's there's a motive there's an answer any agenda you have an oven guy and a bag girlfriends that I was not trying to get to bed residents that's totally legit. I guess all I can do is speak for my own experience and they do not have to learn how an imminent you know you look at everything the way you look at everything back. And and I know I've only just ever had guy friends anybody that any can go up dating a girl I wouldn't hang out any female out there who's ever thought. Matt was your friend you know there are no hint who is there literally are enough I think girls or girlfriends and guys occurrence and we can have a girl for you hang out with a girl you're dating her hedge these crazy hair is straight out. I know I'm not crazy if I had platonic relationships but it does make me questions like these where he was it really has assigned if I sign. And you know employer ended up happening nine times out of ten you can tell me right now and only is the guy. One night had too many drinks in confessing he's always had a little and you wanted to go farther I get. Yeah I and I really think it is platonic and again. They're normal yeah when I don't know are not normal thorough I mean I'm dating advice and we'll talk about stuff that is totally legit half. Thanks to you know probably it's probably the exception not the rule but it definitely have I I can see that and for mine Doug -- tonight Europe I was raised by mum on in my sister so I had so much of that at home all I ever wanted to do was hang out with my guy friends I have my dad who didn't live there so. I just or animus over the guys all the time guess only time I can be around news and I never went home while iron and I are a little bit that probably 95% of the friends that matter hung out toys have have been guys but there's there's been a few that having girls I don't think about it when you're a relationship with a member of the opposite sex is very difficult because men and women are so different and we speak different languages. We'd like different things for the most part and we care about different things so I friendship. I find is pretty challenging. I want to go see this movie they wanna go to. That's in the only reason you make concessions is because you're having sat. So yeah honey we'll go to see this horrible movie you know pretend like it is not live later. Bet I'll vote truth and our men and women. I can't say that on the show because there's a family show where we're doing over an element for the honest with you before you make concessions needed these you don't wanna do their relationship because it is a wonderful playoff again that houses there I've had a few friends and having girls that it's been totally platonic and and -- it's been easy to maintain averages. And Hanley would you say most of your friends are women are menu you actually told us early on you Kyle liked him guys. Yeah growing up I eight was all about the guys I mean Negroponte Brothers I was a tomboy and had a tanning guy friend as I get older I trying to have more girlfriend yeah. But I don't police have a couple of guys that Nike chlorine sound like if I wasn't in Seattle but back home here and well. I'll also add this caveat that that is to somewhere in the middle. I don't hang out with it since I've been a relationship with Sophie and married like I don't having girlfriends and now they're allowed to you know survive that as I think if you're single that that probably happens a lot more than we generally yes I would agree and I can probably have a healthier outlook on having more friends. I think I guess that I'm married and I married to a woman that wouldn't understand that anyway that sounds like viewers to know what. I'm not gonna go try to make gotta have it now in Korea proper permits is there any I don't know any woman in relations deteriorate and why you have another girl I don't get a I had dug girl. So anyway I know about that Debbie to keep this up to date on on my dating years aspect for. And this is and by the way for those you remembering Friday's podcast. As the guiding you went out with Friday night it was an. Was my pick yes the next one will be Joe's panic the act can I think your chances are pretty go to go ahead better fiscal I'm still waiting for a good story and so what you've got to be a total jerk produce on the very inappropriate and work. And lead without a monkey feet on day one out. I don't and I think that's the probably the first guy was and there was nothing special there and I don't either way pros or cons and just kind of like I mean desperate to date with that there are two older cheaper copies of the X tabled. A if that's. Not a good sign. I and I think there's two kinds of people in this world you can have a relationship with you can be with slow and steady which is typically kind of boring but you're not gonna get those crazy peaks and valleys rates that disrupt your life but also can make you great at the same time and then you can marry somebody with a lot of passion emotion energy and it's always a thrill a minute. But though that's when you get the dips. Unsteady I need to make me laugh. And I'm a bit of the Smart Aleck and saying you know on the key keep up with that wing Brad and I just didn't get app I've slow and steady doesn't usually make you laugh now I'm extremely slow steady makes you feel comfortable it's very safe you know I can get cheated on Lester you're gonna have a good husband Iguodala loves them yes ticket probably get a puppy I think. But you know you'll be glad he got to get challenged me challenge yourself it's typically with somebody who is very creative and outgoing and gathers a little big create like good crazy but also bankers that are app. Again what a lineup all right moving on a couple things I thought were great today we didn't get a chance to talk about by the way in unison you hang out people. Or maybe to the point I'm a parent you notice a nervous people make nervous kids. It can't get past the long hitter up nothing told leaders that energy saying in. They were saying in this article I read today that stress can be very contagious and if you hang around with somebody who stressed all the time. You tend to get like that second hand stress the Little League and it may just say haters are really easy fix. Don't hang out with that person. And new study out of candidates stress is contagious. If you're spending time in people who are stress is gonna mess with your brain and make you more stressed out to totally think. This kind of obvious is that really the study in now probably not but it's here it's our Arab body mind you know imagines that an income streak and out I address every. But he had about five year period going to such an and he's my best friend the world's I'd love to go and hang out just try to take his mind off things. But it was. Debilitating being around him when he was at peak stress like Al Moscow and tank it's exhausting totally yeah and especially when you're around somebody who does allow them to get stressed themselves distressed about everything I asked. And it's exhausting to I think is your friend or your relationship partner you're talking a personal allege they act one of our today the right you very much you wanna get on the leisure and something had to take her to stay on. And is there room up and unless there a moment. Yeah the other story SO that we didn't get a chance to talk about an almost did that I I just think Iran energy to get this happy about it that effect at I don't know if you saw this but there was a guy in Germany is a factory worker he lost his wife while their son was battling leukemia and this is the stories that I cattle like it just goes to show that people are inherently good in my opinion. His coworkers donated over 3000 hours of their own overtime pay to let him take eighteen months off of work loud and still have it be paid leave. So he got to stay home win his son while I was gone through leukemia and again. You know I can't imagine again as a parent is Vanessa wasn't there a I couldn't hold it all together and worked the same time now and no way you just need that help. So he got to stay home he got to help his son. You know he's three year old son fight leukemia. And now the great news is like the super happy ending is as I was doing better. And you should be able you know to go to preschool which allows dad to go battle all of them. So cool yet even Indian. That's an amazing story go but the cool part in my mind is the fact yeah like d.s offer transferable in Germany like my markets at a company where they constraints. Are really act and she can't she was a nurse yeah they just had PTL paid time off an adverse sick leave it was four. You know vacations whenever and they created and they can give it to keep 'cause they would do this not and that near mount Iraq but occasionally yell someone's maternity green out their child was sick or something making. Yeah it is unequal way for your birthday or like marriage presently here have fifteen minutes yeah. I had. Yeah I wasn't aware of that enemy in diners are what are what the profession that's allowed and I know it doesn't work in the corporate 95 UB you know what. A bit of all these like UH progressive tech companies in Seattle and that's very common enemy I think patty you donate one day for meals donates one day right isn't that much to the person getting at is a whole world oh that's what ended up happening. I. Guess the HR manager at this company talked to the co workers they came up with a planks they're trying to help this guy out in some way the factory has about 650 employees. Every single person. Not one person didn't do that's awesome they all helped out they donated a total of 3265. Hours or eighteen months worth of paid vacation. So he gets paid time off to get to view the sun. And now it's August so some. You know Hyundai perverse if I get around like a 599%. And they didn't really like just their. I guess I have here a year you write what you have the momentum going yeah I can't say no if these Baghdad is not standing during the wave this idea is that they're like G everybody hates him artists. So that's basically though I got its you hear discern a minute I'm gonna say right now is. I think you can hear the fatigue a little better in the beginning I. I want you guys last Friday that this one hour is gonna make a huge difference in both dearly. Oh he had. In my defense I had a root canal on Friday and I had -- family in -- did have a -- physically I had a big weekends -- in a plus -- woke up at 2 in the morning with a -- Tuesday had to get more Ibuprofen -- I'm I'm just kind of worn down Sophie left town yesterday -- at all or did you guys I don't and in -- early February in they -- like -- -- -- -- barking and -- to -- Lee in there and -- very easily said well I will tell you -- yes we have not dealt with daylight savings time in ten years in now that we -- I think -- sucks yeah I know what I I get it when farmers ruled the -- -- now -- is we don't need to -- -- calling back when you get that extra -- that's nice is it worth it though and here in Seattle we have an experience -- but apparently it's already light until 10 o'clock at night -- we don't need another -- program. But anyway I hope you guys. Seriously I don't out of my car the money is no gas in my car BBC was broken out as you needn't apply exhibited Brighton for your house ahead the next closest to me an extra fifteen minutes to get to work yen Madison and it was just a big pile all right enough complaining that won't have to. I was everybody go around the horn and say something positive whether it be about somebody else in the room themselves. Or what they're gonna do today heavily you start to something really pop it's. It's gorgeous day today freak and I miss getting to have gone into the weather I'm excited about seventy degrees you know explore a little antidotes are like he's got to find a place to live idea. All right Joseph yet I might hit the dog park today. You guys you're having nice weather guilty earlier I now Marty dude dude it's third demoted and removed now online there's no way I'm going to have prior retired I'm I don't toward. Candy downloading got a best and you greatly in the I don't another way to help your case it's international NAFTA is something that holiday it is national napping I can't be coincidence. Monday and that's the same reason I had a Margarito on national Marguerite today now this is great excuse to have one of Clinton Tuesday about. Just. Well I have a media play you can't go together. You know I'll say I'm so happy and I'm surprised I'm having a bad day because I'm so grateful that my family's all here and yeah we can together in my in laws who love and took you know poppy to Burgundy candidates have a my wife and my son here in my hand him a little step kids and I'm just arms those so happy. My mood. Does reflected today I'll say that I question just yes I should be on exactly that assessment that pat and I should be on cloud nine and I was dragging tasks. All right guys enjoy your day we'll see back tomorrow. Mickey WNBA. Do you think he went smell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this. Point seven. Well good morning everybody good morning wolf back Matt McAllister here and live there alone and let him or there's the show there. Image of the look at you this morning's first time you've had a dream about somebody then you remember the dream we see them all the time of cat eyes drifted slow Joseph and I were Kelsey Valerie these handlers. DF yeah mirror and a hotel somewhere trying to get hurt a year forward. And I accidentally used shows toothbrush. Penning his backpack and root canal on Friday had sonic care real I can't use it right. I borrowed just to pursue my dream and you got really upset over the fact that our tier threat. I'm I think cause a little fights he wanted a radius in the united. Yeah I I don't know why. You guys had a highly at all why you've she's a joke sorry for using different iron in my chief Baidu will give the route now story of little bit later that was kind of fun also. What why lies do you tell your spouse to make your life easier. What's it like to commute by ferrying came middle its fingers all coming up on Atlantic Ocean pleasures schaeuble continue while with the wolf that worked payday at 6 AM the first shot to win. That cash but now right now are regularly up collar somebody who's ready to go get the show started at. As we like to say get a some base here we need to do that first thing to us export to one wolf again to a 642 on wall. I'm not sure if it's a daylight savings time thing or it's just a Monday evening. But we haven't gotten stood up for the legal scholar in months slap shot out of the what you don't like dead and I'm feeling it and Emily just making fun of me because I was saying on Friday it would joke at all is it's one hour ahead I'm feeling back there I don't know if it's entertaining family or is legit but. Why is saying today there's a higher risk of heart attacks and there's four crashes there's a higher level of stress and people are you guys. Are you get but you have to admit the heart attack the scary thing does seem a little extreme IE. I'd like we still one Alina golf ridiculously right now don't wait for somebody else to call because nobody did. 206421. Night and wolf slave nobody's inevitably cause he has to pick the songs. Tickets no no matter I did that's how I got Emily I think as it is a woman gonna let you out they have the first pick up like letting you walk through the door first tie up. I'll we'll tell you when added insult to injury on top of it being daylight savings time Monday we all lose an hour's sleep which right. By the way completely in equated ridiculous anyway gallery this daylight savings time thing. By in the car this morning in the worst feeling ever you get the car but I haven't heard micro weekend because you run around with family. In their car which is a big UConn or whatever. No gas. That's the start of my dad as I got to go to a gas station first thing. Some by the enhancements like cast anybody wants a free buzz get so then I get downtown. And the exit to the radio stations closed. In the middle of the 964 AM and they're doing road work so that I had to do detour some fifteen minutes late for work then that negative to work this is the typical Monday. In the coffee machine is broken you add all I want it was just a really nice toughest strong coffees. The meeting get that you got a jet Monday problem but personal problems with a completely first for problems that's in this much I'm gonna complain. I promise llamas a little bit timed event Jarrett lake Stevens good morning everybody. It thanks for rescuing its yet nobody wanted to check in of course now every single I have a look at we do little motivation Jerry how was your weekend. What was the highlight of your awesome weekend Jared. It's got a lot what kids are out and bought. Yeah I doubt there's and a barbecue. Joint zionist. Sent Examiner's. It economic times. That's interesting because my in laws are in town too so like yeah my kids he knows many of poppy were down we get a good bar what are your four wheelers and bring this. That's awesome in the weather was oh my god I can't answer gorgeous office. My god perfect all right so Jerry feeling need daylight savings time and all this morning is that just us. All right this is just Jared. Pick a song and he's on the played for wanna make you happy on Monday okay. Who heads. The under. Jason and me now like dad are body will be there for a couple of minutes in Nigeria thanks for being a part of a morning wolf pack we appreciate it. And you have a great day a little short in the normal but here's the first thing we're talking about the show coming up in about a minute to be relied your spouse to get what you want or to make your life easier I think we all do on a daily as stoic as well it did happen to somebody on the show over the weekend we got the story coming up next. Here that morning. I'm still a party you. Though wolf is one little white lies did you tell your spouse to make your life easier. 206421. Wolf for you protect 46150. I think it's safe to say that yelled grease the wheels so to speak a little bit before but happened to us slow Joseph over the weekend that he was the one who was deceived us. He was lives here IA yesterday morning Sophie wakes me up at a panic that we gotta go gotta go she's leaving to go to LA for five days for some training thing. She's my flights leaving in less than an hour a night out crap. Jump out of bed spring into action get like those nine get her in the car and get down to the airport dropped her off. My grand run around. Now fifteen minutes later she sends me text at camp through security and what did you make it that I am I thought I was there for another hour and a half I just told you that sneak into the airport. Like whoa it's really she'll likes to get their super early and I like that Canon you know just. Toe the line just a little they get there may be at you know 45 minutes to an hour advance barely six to be there like two hours I'm confused though. Why wouldn't she just tell you that the flight is it. Earlier than it was that while the panicky last minute guy get in there now Whiting said I don't know a guy Cuba to be honest in the allegations there was I was sleeping in late yesterday morning which I normally do on Sundays. To see just. Drag me out of bed when she was ready. Assuming that I wouldn't drag my feet wouldn't get there that actually kinda Smart her. Yeah a magnet bed you know I've backed the im pretty sure I got there there whenever you ask me if she disaster where I had about it no sir are. Really I think I might be a little bit just I don't mind OK you may need to see me a little bit to get which one. Yeah but all the panicky last minute like amenable delaying yeah I think she just she just she knows that I would put up a fight if she said now what will be their two hours early because I always dim and donate and then sent. I think she messed up by telling you that he deceived you can now she can never knew this why I again I don't know I got to get your shouldn't just say yes hey why not now brightness of a world where does that leave you in the future or any other you know flattery is real sail off but it but it camera memory bank RI Joseph I have more questions for you about this because I'm I'm I'm kind of fascinated by the claimant. Morning low back what white lie do you tell your spouse to a 6421 wolf right now let's check in. The morning wolf back to Matt McAllister and lazier too and of course look Joseph when we're talking about the white lies we tell our significant others to gamble we wanted to make our lives a little bit easier. And that we got a text from Nate from Puyallup he said he's a pro SE I am almost there if I can play when he's actually just leaving the house. It's quite like did that on Saturday after verb and a vegan. Yeah father and I need to stop give more boos and overwhelmed me at MS it was take these where are you guys make of all five minutes out we we were just pulling in the costs go the end shuttle veteran. For live for had a little too much. And a nun and not at all. That's putting all right to a 6421 wolf as the number or you can tax and it'll go right to family over there for 6150. Sir you were talking of this because. Slow Joe's wife lied to him about what time her flight was leaving yesterday morning sushi you get to the airport earlier hit just more time to relax which personally I felt like that to hand I don't know why he had to be so dramatic about it. Other than the fact I'm thinking about this more. She did not have trust that you were getting out of bed and but I gagged to deceive you to get you motivated even get out of bed I guess that was day yeah she's trying to get their hour earlier than she near that I would ever there if it was up to me yeah this you know I guess it I mean it. Is am I the only one gets the idea. But in their relationship now I think the more you we talk about this topic the more little. My eyes and I'll play isn't Vanessa like notoriously late for things oh absolutely there's a mad he get right I still EA en us think about that I do what Joe's wife does all the time he's really she's laid everywhere elements. I won't be so dramatic on the simulate the event starts at 430 right even though starts at five because I know we're not getting near to five and we talked about this yesterday after you texted me what happens here. I told her and then she's a pool. What what lies you tell me an actor and I was it when she doesn't know. And she's sleeping bell teller when she wakes up sometimes when she's in Arizona and she's got all the kids in the baby she's doing this and that run around. That you called that you would be doing if I'm watching and Netflix show or something a sound fold laundry baskets and vacuum hoses of I'm. And feel like here's. And lazy yeah I feel guilty I do the exact same thing whatever difficulty from work I'll never teller when I'm actually get it at all. I always something productive results guarantee they they add value once you start thinking about and I think you realize you'd tell you shouldn't other probably between thirty to forty west Tyson Gay hate. How well a lot and that's it. Well that might have been a slight favorite for the sake Megan is a bit better type 206421. Wolf morning wolf pack what why lie do you tell your spouse. The morning when needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts or not doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. No wolf in other news here on a morning loss back. Families had her first date in the PNW will the real me. I ended in us and well on Friday when we you're sitting around here after the shows you showed us two dudes popped up on your bumble account yes. And Joseph picked to 192 that. That I picked on the date with the one you could hit a good I have to thank you was ex military yeah I have a date with one Joseph Tex coming up this week but who. We make CUA Anderson school and awful which if you've never been there it's really cool I guess the east to be natural high school. And so they've broken an up until a lot of different restaurants and bars like the principal's office is a bar and I I'll really that is actually there is lost yet and there's one VAR that went pool tables and south budget fire pits and to feel like you're in a school. So we got outside snow quite yet and I playgrounds yeah. I hadn't had a ball and many if not I won't have much tether ball to help but about every legal atmosphere on. Lot of times it is now on any first aids early assist. Kind of like K let's get to know each other entirely through Brian Hayward yeah so I don't see I I you have got again. Okay all right that's it that's all we get it I mean a way to that was he ex military. The key is an on course. But not ex militants now I knew his Brothers militarily look like yeah. He got a good deal seeing the ex seal team six he had no he he growing up wanted to be military then went to college instead went straight into law enforcement. OK gotcha well either way. I don't know where you guys left things but it's always good to have a member of law enforcement vac yeah phone I'm going to say we knew to a town you know anybody yes. It's a nice guy though he's a proud guy again okay death. I think in the bumble. I know I've been out of a game for so loyally so who was his humbler whatever happens there. Now that's fumble and Tumblr but so how are scale of one to ten how old excited you about this guy. That's got a chaos and tailoring the most exciting thing he does not know the EU purity Ord as he does now but he sleeps till there. 830 years I tell me how many white lies you tell me your first days. I think that's all you like I had waited way too your relation yet I got to start doing and I. Have a seven or eight quiet. But I know first state can be intimidating for a lot of people so most CD opens up a little bit more peace ever sleep around great. First experience of PW guy so was he thrown off by the fact that you didn't drink because of when your dating you rely on the map now he he he fears I had to coax and I didn't come to the very end that I don't drink and he pulls prize but he's only like OK with it and you notice that you were drinking cokes all what I ordered out like Coke for now. All for now. I have to get off yet you know how to play at all I do I didn't hear this before I get ahead. But yeah I usually cook eggs I told him we are gonna bacon and urban the next day as he literally baking yet to be yo we could debate I. Do you like laughing about it with me about how I was more excited about they can't know yet. All right so. When you left to lose over. Hygiene hugged and kissed each yeah yeah that I don't know who's really being outside there was a gentleman he was intelligent Kagan. And handling it and yeah. Here. It's fantastic. I'd begin Manley we got a Big Three stories coming up next yet it's tax season so whether or not you filed your taxes there's a steaming need to be on the lookout for a aunt it's all the details just eat and. Talents created and these hundred homelands. 100 points though wolf heavily here with a victory stories happening today right attacks. Even which means immediate need to look out for tax scams especially those of robo calls. Last month there are over three billion robocalls across the country most of those first gamers. And and now reports RI RS scam as big. So basically if you want these phone call saying they're the IRS mean need to give them information don't do it I Aaron says they actually send you a letter if there is a problem. So never give out your personal information I now look IRS and taxes people get scared. And if they're threatening no we're gonna you know your money so I just don't do it. Gotta give money to any increase calls seem to target. People that are age 65 and alert out elderly yell get a call mum on the Kailee Wong my social security and now now we do them. After a deal ahead RA last night Tim McGraw collapsed onstage during a performance in Ireland. He had reportedly just finished his some humbling kind of would be taken me and then you have sitting down they took mosque staged Faith Hill came out and gave this announcement. It. They are blaming dehydration that that's suddenly listen this first time it's funny how people just clapped anything anything. By the way we've automatically deducted twenty dollars out of all of your bank account to. I. So again they're saying tennis finding he's taking care of on site didn't even have to go to a hospital or anything in their blaming dehydration. I knew this thing I'm super excited when I found this this morning new gigantic pool floats are gonna be the new thing this summer an Internet is are you going crazy. So there are three full floats and hair. Years ago you probably saw like this one float the flamingo flowed well now there are those floats that they fit at the six people they have cup holders. And coolers on the end everyone's can be taken pictures of the in the summer and I don't want to miss out because yeah I know you see him make you you look at these. This is so cool I don't even have any friends to bid on it I want. Yeah yeah I just think about how long it would take to inflated if you're a oh at a morning. Yet you're not using your mouth by the way that's Tim McGraw got to uniter. I don't play one of those deals this morning wolf pack with NASCAR sex 100 points so well. On the episode it. And a force there and I can have a phone call this morning because now long story short I forgot to lock down and phone number and confirm it because. I remember last week by the don't apologize for my mood all last weekend here. It was your first weekly meetings a little bit more difficult but I was and so McCain all last week and we talked about and I thought I had overdosed on crest white strips right. And I remember once looked distant man I don't think it has anything to do with what's going on your mouth disease seems kind of extreme but it was the exact same time. You have censored news those white strips and all the sudden this anyway I I ended up on Friday after we did the show I finally called my desk and look look I can't take this anymore I know my in laws are coming down and I can't wait. So he referred me to a different. Ended Don take office. And I ended up getting a root canal on Friday afternoon okay which thank god that I did because I finally feel like it's a little sore and all that I but I Nguyen there she took an extra mouse is a thing. You've got one of the biggest infections in your mouth that I have ever seen. Now it's a really says oh yes it's a dark spot on the X ray looks like the iCloud yeah that's yeah. A and it had anything to do with the way through it now I am nothing purely coincidental I just had an infection something with a nerve in the root died and now everyone hates. The word Rick Cali gets so scary was it as bad as ever run it was awful yeah add to the worst part is because my gums were infected. When she put the needle into Nome barely. About three or four those folks. I will tell you go to a silent tear came out of the I I didn't sniff polar inning regularly because big blue blocker last gasp of tears rolled the but listen I really wanna thank doctor Susan Roberts if she got Ian kind of an emergency 345 last minute paying it down today. Got the root canal I was able to enjoy the weekend for the most part and any more pain. A little bit and a bad that you aero India I was heavy on the bike in the first couple days is fun but now. I've just got to back on the Ibuprofen and cowardice and left guides. Just who's going to have an effect but I did grab a coffee mug on the way out because here's the point the story to very evident. She was almost an inch display. To treat you the morning present tour. On the wall morning than their. I think Greg Oden. But sounds more official than it is the idea the morning seasonally wireless new every day so. I say hey can you need coffee mug on the way out and I forgot to tell I'd call on Monday morning but got the coffee mug and you are drugged up and understand that I just doesn't think it's straight it's really unless he wanted to do rather get my payments. So definitely got a day average Canada suppress the ass so impressed. And thank god do I guess and I was able to enjoy the weekend to the family without being invisible paint so. Doctor Susan Roberts Issaquah ended Dunn takes things to do an amazing job and welcome to debug I sat with Matt McAllister and product. 100 points out though wolf happy Monday at least here slow Joe's well I got a question rating overall view. Who live in the PNW and you commute by fairy. I need you to call and check in I got questions. 206421. Wolf the reason is because yesterday. Got in laws in town family we decided to go island hopping. And we do a little research decided we're gonna go to deception pass which is when you're looking at beings in this area to see. It always comes up is like the top ten most beautiful thing in the state of Washington. It's that bridge that goes over deception pass its. Feels it's thousands of feet up in the air. These tournaments so don't worry that oh my god it's beautiful and even the driver yesterday. You're going across would be I'll what I did. I mean he's just fantastic do we get over there we have a wonderful day we have a lunch were looking around. Actually my wife Vanessa sorts falling in love with the Ares I go we deliver real live here today we can't the ferry doesn't get over to the mainland early and for me get to work. Yes someone else told me about I think Bainbridge Island now like now I mean I'm jointly with our hours were limited no I think the first one runs it like 5 AM yeah so. It didn't help you we found this house was for sale and of course my wife plus real estates overlooking an. It was less than 500000 dollars with 360 degree ocean view and I'm thinking. Why is it's possible we're realistic it is so crazy in the PNW how the possible this house is this chief. So we leave the island we. And we had no problem getting over by the bank. We go down we start getting in line and I'll look over there's assigned we have no idea how is it easy to get on the ferry misses last night about 5 o'clock. And there's a sign on the side of the road says from the point where you're at now it's gonna take you ninety minutes. I don't know where. And this is just a random Sunday afternoon and that's just to get on you guys are driving dad you have a car to investigate your car onto the ferry but not like how long I think the dirty job. How come with a very it's only fifteen minute out of the fair it's like it's across before you started these from local TO goes over to Clinton thanks fifteen minutes. But I'm thinking is that's got to be widest house has really is if you did that five days a week Monday night and some people in the building this one had no idea like how long does that take if you have a nine to five job from Monday to Friday to get an affair. So if you live on an island and he can be by fair and I know there's a lot of you. I'm just curious is that why. Is it that par and I think that would be after awhile that was start to Wear you down. 206141. Wolf needs some answers here guys. Hello Kelly you live in Kingston is that correct it. OK so tell me a little about the fairest estimate how that works commuting Monday through Friday I cannot imagine that you have to wait and don't have every time we get an affair with a car. Right Q that's the trick that you want to park on both sides so we found a nice parking spot on the Edmund size. And keepers are there and the wife I'd figured on I just drop drop minister are you get some sort when he fired. You over the bite seven mark the bottom half a block and under the cars that use the work our border rappers out. So do you think that that's pretty normal if you were commuting with the car on a fair or waiting like ninety minutes every day each way it's not as bad you know on Monday through Friday in the morning news. It's a weekend there really jam up and that's which you got stuck and was all the people coming back. I mean you know from visiting and stuff on Sunday afternoons crazy that we did not expect that I told my wife and I think we get it back by five heavy grade when he got some work to do the show. We got the ferry five reading get home till he's seven re yeah Friday's. Come across this site ever he's coming over what are we done it's. Jammed up for a couple are quite certain on Sundays agenda funnel that. You know I thank god for the Girl Scouts cookies though there was. Couple girls selling cookies they kept us occupied the car for awhile we wish you like Bartlett walking down the people at an all tables brilliant but right at the ferry terminal they were sold them on the way over in no way back past the gap a delegate to check and be a part of a show and I appreciate that case daycare and I to a 6421. Wolf. In talking about those few who commute by ferry and what that's like. Or you can text 46150. But I think I discovered over the we can wire real estate is manageable on these islands absolutely because most people in our situation you just simply couldn't do that most who don't want to manage their affairs system. Yeah and I don't wanna pay and we got one Texas said Yang Gig Harbor it's gorgeous here that they don't want pay seven dollars crass nearest bridge. Org attractive Bremer Tenet paid a spread very bright another tech said she does take the Bremerton ferry and she spends four hours commuting day. Four hours or use of the two hours each way and I guess is better if you're not. Driving like he could work in breed and whatever on the theory that still forums Stanford's. Four hours in their due and I don't know I get old fast and we also got another text someone that works on McNeil island. Says that the only way onto the island is a passenger Darius when he met when even a speech quite which isn't bad but if you miss it you have to wait two hours for the next ball. That would hurt gas yeah it's the nice thing about the model T of the clintons fairy is it's every half an hour and that's and it's pretty awesome like when one leaves one side the other leaves the other sides of the get their almost simultaneously every fifteen minutes or so it's pretty great but I can tell you. That was a little bit of a surprise but it they serve beer and offered. I did not seek concessions to happen but you get to see orcas. That apple in their in season there's whales all over the place and the fair itself is actually pretty they do amazing job. I just think that would Wear down daily commuting from an idea on affairs. But hey if you look at him by house I think and over again. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. I am sure the not fake news. So Joseph start keeping track of how many of these stories actually come from Florida that's the Hummer and save 50% did today it's two out of three I. Tell you why actually looked into this because I've wondered why so many. It's because they don't have laws saying they can't pay the full story so most places we'll just say assaults where is in Florida they'll say assault with a waffle. And so that's why. We just have more information yes perfect. Fascinating all right today's first and not fake news headline stories sound fake but aren't. Investigation is early in a way after a woman in Miami Beach in her underwear rode a horse into a dance club. With maybe a little person also on the horse have to say yes. The multi lounge under investigation for possible animal cruelty and public safety issues. After the video the apparent stunt surfaced on social media earlier in the week. The clip shows the woman of what appears to be a Thong and abroad entering the club the white horse. The horse then dips the woman falls off that the horse bucks and walks off. The edge. On some videos you can also see that there was a little person on the horse with a woman a tea. I'm really missing out on some of the nightclub scene I haven't seen that maybe ever in my life dad there's a lot to be had out there mates usually are really boring. All right ten not big news woman in jail for twice trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. Is caught trying to hiring hit men killer husband. From jail flowers. How bad is a woman who seriously does not like her husband now from Salt Lake City. Yes this woman is now convicted of trying to arrange to have her ex husband murdered it. She was previously charged with the seeking a second hit man while in jail. These Salt Lake district attorneys and I've never seen anything like it. Earlier last year she was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation. For allegedly asking one of our employees. A man who also rents a condominium from her if he can raged ever ex husband killed. She allegedly gave him five Graham and and promised him another 100000 dollars once the ex hubby and current wife were both dead. You know by the way through trying to collector ex husband's life insurance so I'm guessing it didn't happen. Either the three no I know she got caught every single time. I thought they just give up inflation a seven year old woman to know exactly a criminal mastermind them. They try something else and finally from Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida researcher bashing in the heads of overpopulated iguanas what. It. It's hard to believe that this is a real story. Researchers are taking controversial approach as they try to rid Florida the invasive iguanas overtaking residents' yards are suggesting now that people simply bash in their brains. With the rocks. Yes what about it like this euthanize them humanely. And like they did but the big rap sin yeah yes form of hunting. No they're using a captive both gun similar to what to do with livestock but they're also smashing the creatures heads and it killed 249. So far. Yeah you can imagine some animal rights activists are having to be get problem with the approach he asked if that's crazy like that is actually happening take a rocket to smash. But this is morning welcome back with another countdown to 100 points topple. Laughs hit the pavement and that could be history too. Hey good morning hotly how were you today I don't think coincidental or not that your calling from local to you or I happened to be hanging out yesterday on the way over to Whidbey Island. You have a good spot there Ollie out. I don't think we'll all right you're thirty years old your project manager and you would like to go see lady and development series record the white river amphitheater August 19 yes. OK let's do this beat the street time. And you're gonna be playing against somebody the slow to have found a Bergman and they confessed on Saturday now the good news is they were drinking and urban city have a and I shot and assuming you're sober at the moment. The let's do this here's the five questions thirty seconds on the clock how they are you ready. The movie Beethoven was about what's. Hot which company uses the slogan I'm loving it. McDonald's Holliman tells a judge on what TV show. What is the mascot for the Seattle mayor in fact. I don't think Edmund. Seen it. I'm. Running out of time. I know Hussein's love me like you mean. It. Okay how do you think it did their colleague. Not very. She's really strong yes it it was a little bit of the decline after that. As long easy to bed in the challenging you win the tickets at least if you tie so let's meet them. What's your name away from them waiting here. Leslie I haven't Washington and the photographer. Let's ask her the same five questions and if you do the same or better you win the tickets to see Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker here we go with question number one. The movie Beethoven was about a lack. Not. Dog was right so you guys both get a point the first question nice job Ali let's move to question number two. Let's fast food chain's slogan I'm in love it. McDonald. McDonald's is right so you both thereof in the same hot start colleague two for two so right now you're tied up at Leslie for maverick. But is Emily suggested a minute ago this is where it went downhill yeah good at that RI let's go to question number three. Howie Mandell as a judge doesn't like TV show. He's got talent. Yeah she was closer than you were but still no point there it's America's Got Talent I believe he's an American Idol is. They act right so no point three do what he that's fine you're still tied to let's go to question number four our local question. What is the mascot for the Seattle Mariners. I don't know. Let's you know balance babysitting dogs yeah united soon announced the mariner moose I yes I can see it in Manhattan and got. But I think that again that he really lion and I knew that would not. Game all right so here's the good news you're still tied at two apiece and as long as she stayed tied. You're gonna win the tickets to go see Lady Antebellum and Gary striker but if Lesley from Everett gets this right and you don't. You're gonna lose none of these images and if its okay here real question number five. Who sings love me like you mean. And Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson's could not be anymore wrong this. They're right it's I mean I really don't think there's no more wrong answer and that. I think you said Luke Bryan. You both draw since Kelsey Mallory I. Come on releasing a loaded us on says he knows he's on about half million on passing a little and it happened in the anti. Fat and yeah so that I do you want it. I write about the bad news is leading you to write the good news is you end up high he knew he could streets. So you end up winning the tickets anyway holly congratulate. Thank you go now thank you for President Obama beat those tickets are coming up Libya relied. Your spouse to get what you want or just to make life a little bit easier Cleland have an assembly on the show over the weekend and we've got the story in eight minutes. So the morning. Oh I now. 100 point seven though wolf he would tell your significant other little white lies to get what you want or to make your life just a little bit easier. Accurate somewhere that on average we tell about ten to twelve of them a day. Haven't slowed to over the weekend. It's I would have to say you are pretty bold about it again I want she's fessed up to at least so I she wakes me up I yesterday Sunday morning. Like in a panic thing I gotta go we go right now to beat the airport and twenty minutes Micah Banks jump out of bad it was a very great sleep and violent. Jump out of bed spring into action Gator at the airport I might call me Susie get through security she called me. What could he make it can make your flight and she's like oh yeah. I had an extra hour I told you I was supposed to be there an hour later than actually was because she likes two hours at the airport I will not get anybody their emitted. Earlier than an hour. And so. She's like I just told you I I always do that apparently is not the first time so she casually messes up that anytime she does the airport she's gonna give me an hour earlier time in his actual round. So the death thing I find interesting is that she went to the dramatics of a Mike Abbott and Goran how many millions have to say you got to leave my night. Yeah well I think I. I think she shouldn't have told that she told the white of the disaster hit it again yeah I am sure she understands also that I will forget the next by the next out I have to literally exploded before there but it is dealing with a certain ethnic ethnic but yeah I think most people probably Emily to your brain gonna set off another flight was delayed yeah how lady time. I'm we have it well I guess that's oh she's she made justifies his exile lie if she ends up telling me at some point and I. I say I'm a sound that's great for you mad about it at all no matter now. I mean I am I don't I don't I still don't understand why Joseph speak to our weather related I play went out I get there early like double thickness. I enjoy the airport I total line I'll be there about thirty minutes from a fight all right so here's the question do you morning wolf back let's have a little fun with this once you. What wide lies do you tell your spouse to 06421. Wolf we can Texas and 46150. You don't get what you wanted to make your life easier. So Joe's wife so he lied to him over the weekend military flight was leaving because she likes to get there really early and she news. That he probably wouldn't takers early sure I don't. It. Tied to a 6421 Wall Street in Texas have 46150. Tiffany that her boyfriend always asked her if this outfit is cool and she tells limited every time he even extending self because he takes longer to get ready and she doesn't kill her hand you don't networks and reverse a lot of reality if you wanna get at the door in the consider my wife likes to be laid everywhere some of that I'd like now like that one. Yeah I eerie Don says he always tells his wife that she's rate even when she's not to simply be arguing. Another good one emanate from Puyallup that he's the king of B I'm almost airtime minutes away when he's actually just leaving the house. Yeah and I think a lot of guys get that you forget that actually have an immune Saturday. We'll birthday confessed. Driving home I took my father's loss we had to you know suburban tastings governor were on the way home we knew and how little party to house and annuity heaven on booze so we went to Costco. On the way home I didn't tell my wife for gonna go there until after I got home I had two bottles of booze in my hand and but right we're getting at three regular customs and where are you guys and of course it took us longer to get out of her gonna bacon and aren't taught. Themselves five minutes away and we're pulling off I know I deal under the brewing going on to you know think you're almost there guys about what other highlight. You know there are some times. Where you know and I love my wife is an Arizona and she's like having a super busy day she's run in the kids here and there just got the baby right trying to you know do all these names in it's that time in my day maybe it's 4:5 o'clock when I'm sitting on the couch and made impact I'm taking my time to watch a TV show. And show that what are you doing. This folding laundry. I I just got done vacuuming and about two do all the vision ladies know the I'm watching TV had nothing going on I just simply can't respond that way and heck out of their guilt that 26421. Wolf or Texas 46150. Here is Laurie and Roy good morning Laurie how aria. REM what good are you feel the daylight savings time thing about glory years that we just went in and here. On though until and it handing him a guy that corn jumped Itanium and done this in ten years you know so it's it's. Check lay asked. My late clock that apparently witnessed it and yet they need to do away with this whole programs. I get it would mean rural farmers but that doesn't have come and play anymore hi this alluring and what little white lies he tell you significant other. So when I'm running late aides oh my gosh I'm almost there. Or find in the grocery store needs cleaning permeate oh my gosh it was so many people alliance. And they didn't know what they were Gillick has done it. Look at that little bit at a time and you know. Now I want to. Right. I have a question for him. If you don't tell him something. Is that a white line or is that just how I'd vote by an addition your like withholding information the C stopped at a store and you buy something it's just don't mention. Does that account so why liars and failed to mention. Now let's just mention that yeah I grant. Sit sit it out you don't ask me then I made it harder if it was in this exact story in my house that's considered alive. Failed to mention you know we are alive at least from some of these things. The future and what are you mean a life that red light you know went out yeah exactly and I think that that by Lori thanks for being a part of the show we love you. They think he'll carry Texas to five ski before 6150. We are in a lot of text about people who do that but I'm I'd that the way. Or telling their significant other that. Coming starts earlier than it does like 1520 minutes earlier we had him out the door that's standard Robben and pretend just I guess this goes along with the failure to tell she said she adds extra chickens their flock without telling her husband but he never noticed it down. Yeah notice Sunday night flight 200 we would futile. All right Kate just a little reminder to coming up at 8 AM and we get an SEC 2000 dollars but coming up in less than ten minutes to get victory stories of the day. Gas country superstar collapsed onstage last night I'll play who it is Cingular latest details on condition and six that it's happened that McAlister hasn't progress. These guys got to bring donuts and 100 points out. Family now would be Big Three stories of the day right Matt is tax season which means it's also the season of tax scams. Don't like across the country what are inundated with robocalls there are almost three billion robocalls last month the most those involving scams. And we're seeing a spike in I arrest related scams of people called a say there with the IRS. And they want to there's a problem your taxes than ever which I know people are very scared BI RS and taxes so they're falling into the scam. Basically never give away your information over the phone I Aron says that there is a problem they will send you a letter to your house. So when she perceives a letter. Don't give any information away and they mostly. Go to older people's awareness is a big target sure your parents are aware of this than me cue that phone call 320. Yeah. Irate last night Tim McGraw collapse on stage or your performance in Dublin Ireland he reportedly was just finishing his song humbling behind when he sicken me and then. Sat down on stage they took off stage and then they can not made this announcement. I love that they're cheering the fact that they wanted to see the restaurant. Yeah you know it's you know people with your rating and that's every gun ended a majority nose out of all your ticket accounts for him. Luggage if there is funny to a guy and I tend to always wanna know what's really going on right whenever celebrity says that they are. Exhausted. Like dehydrated hydrated. I was wonder what's going on death you know. Well they are saying it's dehydration he's treated on this site didn't have got to the hospital and he is fine so. Is that the real sort of necessary they're tell that to cancel it now and then Mac and the new gigantic fool floats are gonna be the thing for the young are so excited about I can't tell this is Stanley is getting really excited about something or is really one of the Big Three stories and did so last year couple years ago if you're a member pool float there in the shape up for me knows and so on says became that they think wouldn't that be aren't that they fit six people all. There massive pool let that go for about a 150 dollars Sam's Club has Ari sold out of them so there's a waiting list online a QB you keep seeing cool floats in the pictures you were showing online they're not in a pool yes we tubing well there and they are mainly it's a larger pool yeah our make it the first you need lake Washington confidence in the first in a little island the jury to see all over social media this summer that many. Nobody I will tell you so my vote is done Lex had a thirteenth birthday last year just wanna have some friends over for the pool party rank and we've looked into getting these kids is what they wanna be there wanna sit in gently with a couple gaffe. But they weren't as big men as they are now these are massive and I want one and don't even know why but I want. Well you gonna have to get a really big pool Ers are spends some time in lake union and I got to get some friends yeah that's one of the requirement that a big. And I thank you mentally. You're listening to the morning the but Alastair in. Our mine the mail whenever I had. If you missed it over the weekend. Everybody was talking about Kate Middleton is fingers. Which is it usual Kate Middleton model is beautiful woman in the world I think yes she's my. Scroll crash he's just perfect wedge she's classy she handles everything right this of course leave it to the paparazzi to find one thing wrong whether an irony that big a thing wrong with their although it is slightly in usual when it comes to physical traits. Her fingers. Are all the same links. In Italy you're looking at your computer monitor as if you were the sort of spooked by this. I'm not now. I think it's as big deal and they're not and actually this same plane that mean they're types creating clothes I gather excellent feature unlikely to my fingers they're alone they're yet everybody's fingers bruised you know that there's a mountain at Leeds city index finger in the middle and hers look like a flat so. Gas to meet if that's my only physical problem like if I'm Kate Middleton an app I got like that's being pretty glass. Yes well. That is all again yes but it it's been only other people started to get involve like breaking down what it means if you're fingers at the same lame jacket. Different origin and share your credit needs it means she's very thoughtful and caring in the month of two and greetings. Yeah okay you can agree to perfection just look at that look at labs. So morning wolf tags we thought this might be kind of fun. What is your un usual physical trait we're talking this morning and Emily decides please don't do it and you face Napster elbow that. Into and I'd like a double Joey needs over extended position at hyper extend silly and it's the act looks broken arm that's. Yeah its bizarre and you really work at tussaud's hammer. I can twist it around in the circling at it look like your elbow is doing hula hoops anchors like people out which just ended the year with AI affecting you know. Party strength. Good party straight. Tomorrow we'll bagged do you have an unusual physical trainer me and I was called a party trick gas give us some physical thing real weapon on a part of your head shake out this. You top off your eyelids where I inevitably to a 6421 wolf or you can texas' 46150. Say hello Kevin north gate how heated anybody although you won't. Hey Kevin I'm great so what's your unusual physical trait we're talking a minute ago about how all of Kate Middleton is fingers the same link. I don't know might end you've born with a second and third towards its but it. Stick together. Did you get them except I know there's nothing celebrated doctor said not a huge issue if he's embarrassed about it later in life is and always be done but it. It doesn't seem to have them all so how old is he now Yemen news wall there will be up to the volunteer. You know I would think that that's about the age when you start to realize that something I knew was different from everybody else. Yeah it could be I don't mormons find them to Connecticut their faith. That's another thing Joseph I don't know if he'll be a great swimmer Michael Phelps junior Gavin pre season nobody thanks for being a part of the show always a pleasure have a great day. YouTube just about the time at least is the boy at school. And you know they do things a bit differently now but back to date of PE shower he played sports you shower with you the boys. That's when you kind of start to notice yeah at a filling into one person making fun of them reported an out oh absolutely. At the moment in Baghdad. Why did you tell me bed everybody else's toes weren't connected with the floor I pray you'll weird. I'm to a 6421 wolf what does your unusual physical trait freaking Texas that's 46150. The Canada from Auburn says as she generally gross people out of his. Turn both her feet around 880 degrees. What do you mean I guess turn them back hurt her ankles can go Ben. Gas you know less things to allow than usual physical traits the kind of hard to look at. Yeah Katie says she'd been both of her thumbs in half and she talks and he had a lot of lakes you have three people out. And then anybody is seen friends understand this I went to extend that they have another and like a third nipple is another blow and it was called that gas on the trip Smith. Oh no I don't know that they know the athletic well you definitely need to show me the athletes I haven't I personnel though and then I also have monkey beat. Yes so in his likeness to receive my monkey thought I might I don't know OK let's see the monkey could. It's actually both B I can do that beat my pink hello. I can spray it really really far I picked things up but I eat yeah it makes it really can be in if I drop something. We're posting her monkey feet on you social media. Seattle wolf mr. Graham Twitter and FaceBook sojo it when she said late I don't know what she met bill I saw her foot and when her toe goes way out of till she also says she picks up a lot of stuff we'll have beaten in uses if you live because there's so. What is their lucky flexible. Next year's out of that there are six X six cleared experience. Why don't have union believes we get to know you. There's a lot of weird thing and about it like monkey feet I just don't think that's going away I have a feeling is gonna come up again I don't have and hear each of them now that's. And people these that I ever eaten with my feet so you can't use chopsticks with goofy ever okay. Has anybody like how did you figure out your feet were different somebody say oh my god to determine if you think I probably hit something but my friends are around a bit like what do it garrison altered states with Jeff Bridges now. I got to see gas comes out anyway monkey he had. Back with Matt Stairs. One place. So awesome morning wolf accurate a beautiful beautiful Monday that perfect weather continues. And at least until the that this morning understandable daylight savings time and all that you missed the mug club at sixteen and we swore in another local business and this time to lose near and dear to my heart. I want to thank doctor Susan Roberts again from Issaquah ended Don takes because she administered an emergency root canal on my mouth. On Friday afternoon before she went home for the weekend. Through February and it pained him. For awhile well in my in laws came in town on Friday with the whole Sammy Sosa is trying to postponement haven't done after they left but I couldn't do anymore so when a narron. Halfway through the drilling which by the way it was wonderful and enjoyed it and listless further root canal goes who's a wonderful pleasant experience. Halfway decent gain huge. The guy on the wolf in the morning in Jackson called that a present or suggest. Makes me sound smarter than I am but yes and so. She was great in the whole office or stagnant mug on the way out and thank them all for listening and trust me my we give us a much better because they got the root canal that. A little side story that I mean look we're new here we don't know that many people were nothing basically. I go to safely afterward to get the prescription for the new in about a gas and Islam and that she's like. Are you mad on the radio light in my mouth is so numb and it looks like ahead college. I couldn't move my mouth. Thanks again that's that's me and I can't talk really good right now I'd had a root canal they can get a picture view it's just not as co. Back to back people. Well yeah it's it the most inopportune time but it was a very flattering and doctor Susan Roberts thank you thank you thank you to drill a hole my two Columbia turns out had a huge infection and their nothing to do with. Prestowitz a he's got a Mulligan to Canada so this new plug in a radio get your business in right now is news sent us a mug. 805 avenue suite. 14100. Seattle wa 981. Old for and we need your mug to guarantee peace and as the mud today you'll be in the mud club by the end of the week cornered. It's callous. You 100 points. Wolf morning wolf path command council welcome. Penalties here Joseph and dragging him to get to work in the coffee machine was broken and why it's. Car was at a gas to cause the big pileup first world problem route running and had a rough morning. Luckily my peoples were here to get me through to get you through well listeners consider all of these great hanging down and temperament and they can. Ahmard is looking forward to the next one deer and sliders you kidding me it's going to be a lot of fun sit and slide and I'm excited and I got I got to hang out with Emily on a Saturday night. What was our favorite thing went to Cleveland I. This person she said this morning was on the rain and ice cream during the night shift writes what I mean they made a bourbon sauce to go on top of it in the restricted in the face doing amazingly I tried that on Saturday afternoon in Austin now and in the best thing for us about it and Lee is as she doesn't drink she gives all of her drinking two phones yeah. Notice how he asked. It's as they got to meet these during two of them we'll take him. And all the boys all night long I would leave for like two minutes I'll play like Emily I'll be back in just a sec and I come back. And all the men are swarmed around Emily. Eniac. On ninth leg and is getting out their show senator first date over the week yeah I talked to him and under that. I'm and is heard a monkey feet are over VW. I just wanna tell you heavily at that big floating thing you're talking yeah that holds six people I don't need frenzy got one right here see I don't do you libel flipped the crap out of that all the media. Hey Kelly says is one of the Big Three things happening today to diminish inflatable. You know floating kneecap and into cap ideally what are you doing today on your show. Seventy degree weather and yep for mats yes you've been seeing these float around FaceBook for a really long time. And now I don't know they're actually here don't know and a low. Will you Wear and there's there's a company making that cowboy boots. CN don't hold. And they are called redneck. Sandals. And they're making race. You can have a pair in the lead him earphones like to get a little closer visualize it don't work don't you make an event I want to. It's just to get right justified to make fun of it. You know they're pretty subtle for is awful that. We anger cowboy boots sandals that sounds awful kind of subtle there's little heel on and is only release date I thought they would be worse other awful below where a enough. I mean they're basically cowboy boots have been needed to tackle blocks I know you. You've seen them on face floating around for years and now redneck boots sandals is actually making these you can take your old pair of cowboy boots or you. If you're crazy and for 75 dollars they'll make you pared just like that so heavenly. Okay and answer your question is would you Wear them. All right a book first no family no no no no that's very knows Delhi would you. All right well. And you be putting pictures up on social and even doce to cowboy boots sandals or else you a check into Dili right now do it to a 6421 wolf 446150. On the tax to Wear out C back tomorrow five. Arnold actually not a character. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 7010.