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Monday, March 5th

Monday March 5th, 2018


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No welcome back to the podcast for Monday march 5 and you're about to hear our show from today would no commercials and no music just the good stuff in net annaly reflections of day one. It. Well and I'm super excited to get to talk about oh. It's not a fake. We'll let let's let's be honest it's always stressful yeah it's a little awkward it's you know putting to get this team for the first time Ralston they're trying to have it a conversation and in salary no joke you're exactly Maine is a lot of pressure you can even admit that I wasn't as bad as I thought it is another yeah. In it's little lot better than I thought it led I'm still stuff to work on yeah. Of course only they know we expect to have figured out after Monday that stripped ledger here I think you bring a new element to the show that we desperately need not only does she have the single perspective on life. But the female perspective very important yes so we're grateful that you here and excited to just kind of you know it takes awhile. If that takes awhile to get to know somebody and to have this thing feel like a cohesive unit but today was just the beginning on super bound I just found a hole in my favorite T shirts saw. Slow Joseph that pretty much means I got to retire yeah now that's right there are. I can't even see it especially as your skin is so white underneath and white party your teacher I think you're good yeah our cigarette after our and I just put pen mark in my pants like that my wife I'm taking you get out this pen mark in my pants when you come on Fridays again on a shark yeah I got you yeah I think. I got a way to highlight Aaron one of my favorite pairs of pants and apparently has nothing you do at home but we Gator dry cleaner was able to get out the high letter on it and know that I didn't know. I'm let's talk about some things that we did not get to today first and foremost how cool would it be to work for a company. That allowed you to nap. Encouraged you and now I'm on the on the fence about this I don't well I think it would be awesome especially to have a big proponent now. Here's the deal yes and we had a question isn't why I'm at about. Well I just don't like OK this is take our jobs for instance say they had like a nap. Copier whatever they conveniently there is room for napping. We're gonna nap during the show right and what's for dumbest thing tomorrow our work done I just assume you go home and Matt Wright and your assuming that everybody's job is like cars in 99.9. Percent of people's job is nothing like what we know we have a very user job obviously gonna through my own lands in right right bid for most people who are working ahead and anger and ninety job protect job and your nine to five. Right after lunch there's probably fail out of a great twenty minute window. When you should be napping off first of all they say you don't need a nap if you're getting between seven and nine hours asleep anyway you don't need in that wreck and nap would be a mistake. Also you only want a nap for twenty minutes at a time everybody knows Aaron and lead snapper. I am an upper band again that our snapper Lauren I can't twenty minutes out on the also. I am. I gave they say twenty minutes is kind of idea and I agree with that because any longer your body think she window orient sleeping gets mad at you for waking up a yeah wake up grow I wake up so not only groggy and it's so grumpy Beckham though if I take more than a Tony minute nap I'm Justin at a home this is your body think she went to bed and that's mad these you got up on kind of an -- expert in the mapping industry and by the way I told Joseph about this last week Kathleen nap is the best we can do a lot of caffeine unity. No I don't that your specified during the copyright free take that right he wake up in your bone you know having groggy deal my fear would be not waking up. Like I'm gonna take a nap and then in two hours later that that we're Elaine I'm still own an iPod well yes at the alarm he hopes to use her. Well there's a company copy vision in wears a Alberta that they body got out of 141000. Dollar napping pod is called. Of course they referred to as an energy pod but you can get in there for twenty minutes time it's got the music and I forget everything it's got to close able don't top. Soothing lights this upsurge soothing music lights in vibration and heat and I bet panel you can follow civil yeah. Quicker you're in the pot yeah I think I definitely trying to and I guess in China it's kind of standard operating procedure which I wouldn't think it would be because typically the Chinese are so hard working but the nap is pretty common with their day routine. Probably because they worked full fifteen hours that you and I Matta visited a place that encourages Albert napping in there in this building I think it's like Merriman financial death on a mud club visit there they had their own nap rooms of being backs analysts now wow yeah I mean if you work keying I think in San Francisco Seattle. Ended a place where they attack that kind of new age workplaces happening you probably have a pretty progressive bosses in an apps but. Anyway so that's. That's kind there's a new movement going are on the corporate global world if that includes where you work. Well let's be honest most of us do not have jobs or some gonna set up a 151000 dollar place for us to go to not be. It seems ridiculous. But anyway so that was one thing that we course didn't get to talk about today. The next what do you guys think about all these reboots so and Emily said that she watched old Roseanne episodes all we can longer Kindle. Yes I am so over all agreed it's like willing grace and Rosie and and Fuller house and they're all my favorite shows that are all coming back so I'm all about it. Joseph yeah I haven't I haven't had a favorite shows that come back yet so for me I can do without three who is that the Politico that in like the show to begin with a few won't be a show that you wanna see reboot it can. She that are honestly. Well it is not even over yet but I would like to see the reroute a house of cards now that yeah I hope things shutting down right but that's kind of right on the heels of an endings honesty I don't out. Maybe like you know cartoon or something dark tales is big fan out on it occurs to me that in this is my opinion of these turbines don't really work. And for me it's almost even seen Harrison Ford beat Indiana Jones 2030 years later I find it kinda sat here and I think everybody has their moment. In the sun and when that moment is over it's time to go to the next six or so many new shows Sony Netflix shows. I don't think I'd wanna watch it and resorts argument is nine to five with Dolly Parton Lily Tomlin Jane Fonda. And they're gonna reboot the movie which I love the original movie is gonna blow your mind by. 37 years ago. That movie came out I've never seen a you haven't now and I find out Dabney Coleman is a horrible corporate boss. It's an hour from holds up those look everywhere and watch it be stupid now I can tell dad loved as a kid because they had like there's little cartoon inner leave parts you know energetic killing yes you know they made a really funny cute. I honestly I don't know I can tell you the last and I watch it it's been at least fifteen years I guarantee that those three women were not allowed to nap at work now under Dan Coleman and her boss in nature but he weighs just about three women who work in an office who are bullied harassed. All the normal stuff. And then they kidnapped the Boston take matters into their hands if I you know beaters and received it held up anyway Dolly Parton says the three main women and imovie are already do again. I just. Arab people probably gonna jerk for saying this but I just think. That was almost forty years ago yeah how did these three women as I did have mad respect for all I'm gonna get a pull that off now I don't know I don't know under the what movie are they doing within all female cast now can anybody help me this is used to send. She's I don't know eleven with a women. Com home managed so many original ideas I think it's just they figure if it's a franchise that made a lot of money they figure no matter how bad it is they're gonna make X number not so it just an easy I think he's just an easy direction gallon for a line he Stevie and. Really don't let me win here you enjoy these thing I tell me I got up right now you're kind of making a point I. I do you see that they have to have like will and grace that you Sam coming back for just to season and get to that I wanna see like slowly die off and like ruin whatever. But when it comes to you like friend's friend is my absolute love that show when he got on Mac yet so bad. Don't mess it up and it Mac and this time like. It was the perfect setting of the where they were at their agent you know it wouldn't work now so I felt I think also it's really depends on what it is and how. I am to be a total flip flop for here. But I actually think not that it was a big fan of the original I wasn't but I I for some reason I think that. I guess all the trailer for the new Roseanne yeah and it looks kind of good it looks interesting avenue something endearing about seeing vampire that noticed Megan so I love John Goodman he's right right Dahlia anything he entire original cast yet anything Gibbons and I'm not shockingly Roseanne looks pretty good I don't know how she pulled out of should better where they is this like Netflix thing there's going to be on more than don't know what they're running trailers outside during the Oscars that was that big mr. I don't have any K election and what you tonight table. But that was almost the big trailer tease of the night was Roseanne the big trailer you know I'm all right another thing the most expensive your your life is. 31. Early just pack. I know vets say at least thirty to see you escaped I think these things are stupid how can you tell anybody that one year's going to be bear most expensive here yeah I mean I guess if you have a several kids by that time for me it's certainly has an economy that a story I found a little more interesting Mabel wrapping up with this. Kids nowadays are so used to computers they can't even grip a pencil anymore. That's an. The new study. Kids are so used to using ipads and computers it's affecting their grip strength and dexterity more more kids are having trouble. Holding a pencil all their groups to. I didn't know about all I mean you've got younger kids don't think Wright's comments it's all computer is just know he's no hero because they come home especially with the math there's the pencil and I see Dillon whose or twelve year old riding and stuff you know they definitely have to right. And end up until so he's going into what fifth grade. Even I think it was just this year is the first year that he had a device at school. So before that result township and riding in a giggle about you can't argue they can't grip a pencil really. Think it's a ridiculous according to a new report. Yeah and hold a pencil numbered is. It's. It's just I'm just reading off a piece of paper here it's ridiculous more more kids are struggling with how to hold a pencil because they don't have the strength in stereo. The only way they can write his by gripping it with their entire fist like a gay man. And. I don't know about that birthday is you know him animated story and oh yeah I got a real sex sources. Researchers think it's because they just don't get as much practice in our building those muscles up anymore I think this is that the number two pencil company personality. Urged the military here and yes financing of this story. I think I might be right about that fight any final thoughts here before wrapping up. How -- it like a case obviously having Emily here which he's on the other sense computer yes pretty amazing but it's so different rank is yet I've been doing this buyer sells for five months for the first time ever heard an entire careers. But what again if I mean honestly for especially for me connect pulled way back this kind of chill out and knock people on the phone get that'll serve. Yeah I don't want to disappear on the air completely now and I don't think you have a valuable role in people of come to really know you the last five months but yes but for us. It's it's him we both have the effort to get back a little bit and feed off to what families for him it's I just forgot what that's like being able to you know not not be completely absorbed either on the air off the air yet and I'll just be honest I mean for me. I hate the first day of anything I am is a first avenue job or I trying to sport or your I hated because I'm not familiar with it is not comfortable to me I don't feel like that studio or read your show that's my living room rent and I wanna be really comfortable there and sit back and that's how I want every one of you feel when you listen to the show. So when there's eighty things slightly different in Joseph noses about me like I'm just sick after all everything's got to be in the right place. I hate the first day because it's different now it's different because it's better. But I still hate it takes and I don't think I personally don't not. I figured some Seagram company unit Jerker I is being honest I hate the first day I can't wait to be weary soul. Regular normal and routine I like our new living room yeah damn right it definitely even even in like that cohesiveness and just the rhythm from 5 AM till 9 AM got way matter yet. Well an end anyway Albert glad you're here you'll notice on the show today today is gonna held a text messages and text and you get just for personal response and perhaps love note from Italy. And also you bring in new feature with you today called the Big Three which is the Big Three stories is just to refresh to share. What everybody's talking about so what's trending. All right enjoy the show any feedback we she sent me an email Matt at Seattle wolfpack come good bad ugly don't matter we'd love to hear from you guys end enjoy the show we'll see you back tomorrow. He did you have any. Do you think he would spell the morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is on this game then you 100 point 70 look. Yeah you know me Matt McAllister happy Monday everybody but slow Joseph it is with great pleasure that we welcome for the first time assembly reins to the morning wolf well it's youth. It's weird at the turn an extra microphone now drug used to it only. What I want in aisles like jail where's light switch should be studio and he's like. And it should do an area around it three decided yet in the year didn't go and excited about the show today it's great to have your finally I now it's a long time coming but yeah all the very quickly. Yes well for you maybe it took us six months so yeah I think yeah. For you would dig it didn't take that long and we're glad you're here and we're excited for you to be part of the show today meets we got some of the usual stuff coming up too by the way a 1000 bucks at 6 o'clock we continue on with the 1000 dollar wolf and work pay day. And then now we switch surprised at the beach street to David got DS Scotty mccreery Jamey Johnson. Doubled down at the Washington state fair. Which should be canonized CA get tickets for both shows I think they're back to backs coach and I Iraq. I've right now as we do deeply enough colleague here summit to to show off right to a 6421. Wolf if you're up you had to coffee need to get a sound base. Damn funny Seattle is going to be our leadoff scholar hello Bonnie how are you. Super say hi Emily. I am I bunny. I see you here you can even be here at all. So bunny what he'd do it up early slow just as you are into real estate is that your game. OK awesome so are your real sore. I can tell you right now my wife Vanessa is trying to pass the real estate exam. I think she's taken a test today or tomorrow for the third time it is not easy averaged a new respect for any real estate agent act right there into. Half I mean amassed the merits was giving her the math funny. Yet what it. I didn't quite meet that it's been about fifteen years now yeah well yeah when you gotta you gotta it's a married or single bunny does get to know you little bit here. Single very. Interest in our what do can lead us into our next topic here because Emily is also saying oh she's brand new in the PNW so we're going to be talking this morning about. Forty go or how do you meet people when you're single in this area bunny what are your tips. I certainly Iran I ask you ask if I. That's well you now wanna be eliciting their body how about that. Or share our eyes are out of Baghdad so what do you like to do year in the. Just take a walk. Into it at a lot lately. It out urge our friends. Today practicing it was short break. Yeah. There gotcha he bunny B make you really mad and he really tick you off. It. Funny if you have. I have to dollars and leader. You know I've. You know what's right make it very happy. What's area but we all wanna point Turkey in the face at times what's his car okay we don't because that would be violent and whatnot but we I'll have that feeling bunny. It's funny he here right at. Well as you know my wife has our. It's got a one and hacker most of the time it's so funny to hear her say that about a one and Acura Lindsey baby you're really Habibie asked noting that he's a jerk and just a little jerk. Exit baby boy. You drag him. So our rights aside a little bit about music your body can running at a time though we would like to play a song for you. So I don't like it but. I am sorry. Well there's only one song the falls into that category right now it's called five more minutes and rob will play for air and taken by the way were given away tickets you have to beat the street. Scotty mccreery the Washington state fair. I. Right it will hold on get sun coming up at about six medicine and we will kick into that conversation for any of either also single like miss Emily here we need a couple of tips on how to get out meet people in the DNW. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So Walsh Emily first day and one of the things we're talking about last night we all this kind of said Haywood everybody do over the weekend and and Lisa you were a fiddle around with bumble. Yeah an honest now's the what is that is that. I edit I figured it was a dating site but I don't mean enough. It is still extremely tender but it's where the girl has to make a person is so but the guy and girls like on each other. Then the girl has 44 hours to say hey I like you or look up or whatever and then the guy has 24 hours or spot okay so it's kind of initiated by the girl. So him. Saying that you were on bubble would you tell me that looking now that your in Seattle this is home right you'd obviously like to start the process. Of honesty without their yellow how that was bumble. It and by the way this is kind of fun to slow Joan I have not the one thing I think we have not talked about a six month. It's a dating I don't know Marion asked. Okay and mean there's a lot of cease fight we laugh if you don't like guns like Brady keep you honest I think laughter but that's typical yeah. And then pulled it eyesight right on I saw the message and 24 hours message I'm not in the right away. Equities and the just so I follow her. He's like who slept right if you like tracked. And convey a message UNL I have to message that says based like right on me as well it'll tell me we matched. And sometimes also like right in kneel immediately say to you guys. They are like OK it's exactly like Tinder except this guy like a creep her firewall a good actor doesn't allow the guys the same thing fair exactly. The the Sadie Hawkins and as soon and exactly. All right so you you swipe read a few times but you haven't so what other ways are there to get I mean being single in Newtown not knowing anybody is going to be kind of tough gap site is you have to then we thank god for these dating sites early could be walking around downtown knocking you know it rang out of people. Right I was walking by the water the other day. And missed you guys ram I need but he didn't even look up now that well how this thing and so now. I remember that time just trying to bring your single you're trying to figured out that here's a look like in a morning wolf pack for those you are single. Now I can jump in here and help them lay out a little of what we're looking for here. Is how you meet people in the PNW 206421. Wolf for text 46150. How was your weekend by the way did you get out alive check out the city. I didn't really get out I just kind of an. I adjusted unpacked everything's pretty chilled yet this guy that lived. Gas I do feel bad yourself on your mister Grimm story that you are staying in temporary housing it's like an air being made you have a giant TV right but there's no cable there's no remote and there's no possible way to use the TV. Right so I've been watching on my Kindle like to some Amazon Pratt and the watching Roseanne actually. The original obviously. Saying yes or talk a little bit about and leading in the city be in single how you get out there we have a conversation off here. In the truth evidence there is no answer to that question there really is an and I attend. I mean slowed just a little bit different because he miss Sophia on Tinder actually worked out and hey they're married for the most part. You know I think you'll invariably end up meeting somebody begin updating. And kind of random ways right it's when you're not looking for it that it actually happened. Yes in fact I was thinking about the misery in a way could possibly meet and I just found out my grandfather. He met his while he met my grandmother because they were in the army together she was working for the army. And then they got divorced and and he got shot in a bar fight and met his second wife she is the art. You Graham bug or shot and a bar yeah apparently had a awesome or I know this stuff sorry I didn't know that gap so she has to be partners and that's how they maddening got Mary. Nice segue from the love story part of it the do you have any idea why he got you know I yeah. I think I I need now now that's awesome right do you know where he got shot you know I just found out I got back all the information I itself. I'll dig a little deeper but right now. All right so what are we flip that up a little good morning wolf back to try to get you don't hear a little bit get to colony and saying hello wake yup it is early on a Monday but how about that how about. Deem most random place yes that you met your significant other I kind of liked that. And your grandfather getting shot and a far. Would have to be here whereas right now I've morning wolf back let's go to a 6421 wall protects 46150. Good morning Ryan import orchards or talking about the most random place that you have met your significant other you got so the forests. And again that they're really get an idea. Met my age now beyond they edit their gardens planted or even Q well. It was guards. That. Union and they've played this is flat you know we've met at the big guards they wanted to go out. And but they called me at my period in me than they edit it this morale like OK hang out. And even though there. First met he is her parents wouldn't let it go to analyst program that home that they would let it out in place heated now. If this whole thing just is very confusing to receive bureaucracy not drinking and regarding Wright or are you know now we're just hanging out to your hardware your twelfth. Yeah. It wasn't really big and isn't Idaho at the. And it basically brought you into entertain her right to the parents you go off and do their own thing. Yeah that make it go hang out after their IK notes around that's period. To us exports he won all four you can text 46150. Honest place you met your significant other Megan and are continue gallant horse. Yeah I actually met my eyes now. Hinder. And I actually found out after. That we. All time and basically area. In seeing how well that's. I was winner tester is gonna go into and work kinda related. It. At the we're cousins and you know. So and -- were talking a minute about bumble DD Tinder at all does that tell us legitimate as one happened and ten there can't why not I don't know someone recommend a novelty and I am kind of just eating into the hall I OK yes there's there's a lot there. Are right dead Megan so you're getting married is that right here. Congratulations. That works out sometimes if I remember when Tinder first came around. It was strictly for pocono because it was a hole. I. Yeah I do believe does an insular Joseph will always stick up for tentative because when he came out it was a that the dispersants ten feet away from me who strictly about pocono is all that distance from the Afghan that's kind of how I remember. I mega listen congratulations on your pending nuptials have a wonderful day we love you. Hi Natalie got Emily here on the show gonna jump into a little more information so abuse is told today and now gonna take a look at the Big Three stories of the day trying to give you guys some information on your way to work today. And I believe today and less intended to be aggressive juicy country gossip there's some break ups again happening in the world relations it's coming to an end you got that in less than now like at six minutes. So yeah needed a leader and I well for a handful of peanuts doesn't help until seven dollars ball here's Matt McAllister. You 100 points out though wolf let's take a look at the Big Three stories these are the stories people talking about this morning Monday march 5 and the lead. Yes the last I Oscars that the shape of water is probably the biggest accolade. The film beat out nine others for best picture freak has been dormant won for best actress and three billboards and Gary Oldman. Pleaded best actor and his role as Winston Churchill and the drama darkest hour which idea that. Would still be happy about that he really wanted. Speaker Gary ran down a huge aerial letdown and he's got some raider movies and know Oscars in this like LS streets careers in its ironic and two is that there with the role he wins an Oscar for you can't even tell him no the costume was so unbelievable yeah great movie and about lethargy Mikhail with such an amazing job hosting with all the sensitivity this year hugest handles it. I love his comment about the ship orders as you know badly screwed up his men this year. We screw up that bad when women start dating fish. At a certain. I Matt I know you love might not care about this one but it's going to be all over. There's another girl headed to the current cash in the only Khloe Kardashian announced that she her boyfriend Justin Thomas Frist and Thompson are having a baby girl. I'm kind of you know you're right about what you said the first gap I know you don't care I have been so does because people aren't there still heated gas. RA and the big one in country music relationship and is starting to look like Randall Lieber an intercity east have broken. There's evidence kindness social media Anderson had to post a photo on his industry and since Herbert they November. The last picture she shared with in January now she refuses to comment about it but she did a lead to get an hour lash out. Saying that she of this sad feeling that heartbreak debt for have a notion on stage so. They're done them. I started to see both things popping up on social media over the week and you know it's so true yeah you can figure out somebody's relationship by looking at their Easter. I just tell you my wife is a master at it and her refusal to Condit is also a big indicator. I canoe greeted warmly like if you look if somebody asked you questions and you refused to comment. Are you basically just adding fuel fires are saying. Our happy we love each other really come model French kiss him right now honey you know that's what she's done previously and another. Marriage that's coming to an end or relationship Pennington and Kimberly Perry of the began Perry is getting divorced from her husband former baseball player Tiki Aaron media. There it's I heard they're citing irreconcilable. Difference. I was popular they've only been married a little over three years that. Look at talked old GP aired CB about our fans that feel like if you marry Kimberly you marry those two broke out there like it immediately if you insist it's a deal. This is the morning wolf packs with the church after 100 points off the world. Does it matter where you work here at the end of you set some we can get you the level the radio and swear you win Tiki mug club and we were so excited GigaVox from the USS turner joy instead naval destroyer museum in Bremerton very cool. Although. There's no name is no Florida no none so. Don't you show your. You let fester Drake is happy to be kept me healthy. Hello Katy Perry today and it. Looking at doing great my name is Rand Paul and I'm calling on behalf of Kanye West who would like to rain down the USS turner joy for a private for the party for his children. Is that something you do there. To read about that fact that they can't. Generally it during the day that it debate we we still have regular business. But if you hated to do act that way it would be just kept. Yang you know Katie this is not gonna work for mr. Weston came in the kids at. Can't have anybody on board and they gonna have to do it during the day and you don't want to like did ring out Disneyland forums I know it's possible you probably saw that in People Magazine. Yes yeah and listen for this particular toward to mr. west would like to fire some of the guns is going to be possible. In that came he would need to get ahold of I president that the decision would have been me I am. Man of sport just in terms of betting that the ship was holding it holding. And I see got to play hardball with me are what are we made a substantial donation to the USS turner joy 5600000. Dollars ought to do it ya well I am sure they would absolutely. Right. OK for that kind of money he figured his staff the vote fully and Kanye could pretend that he's the captain. I'm sure because I think that that's something you. Would have to talked about and in particular I can't expect and it could. Now would this be the same person who would be in charge of a PR and marketing cigarettes and coffee mugs to radio stations for their mug club then. That would flat as how I had and I ended yet I think that would be great to configure and would make these big check out to now with the need your manager. Let me etiquette JoAnne. Guess when it. Well hello there JoAnne meant accounts are calling from morning wolf back or you can't you. It's not thanks so much for sitting as a coffee mug for one in the US attorney George W part of the month club were so honored. And we'd like to swear you in officially if you're OK with that. Are you rated take the mug club pledge to. Yeah OK let's do this raise your right hand please and repeat after me I state your name like. You hereby pledge my allegiance to the morning wolf pack. Yeah played badly for the loyal and proud member of the month club. It's a little bit delightful went to crank up the wolf every morning and let the bank of oil everywhere. Congratulations by the power vested in me I dubbed the official member of the morning wolf pack much of the it's a pleasure to welcome in the USS turner joy naval destroyer museum that is cool. Oh well we love you for that thank you for listening that's important. Yeah yeah. They do are we on the markets can be expensive and if your kid ever destroyed something really valuable in nine minutes we'll tell you about a British kid because. A 120000. Dollars in damage over the weekend. Palace raid and he's a hugger and. So wolf Emilie de want a mile and a right now morning wolf package your kid. Ever destroyed something really expensive to 06421 wall for you can text us 46150. The reason we're talking about a there was a toddler in Britain over the weekend destroyed a hundred in 20000. Dollars. Worth of entities it can even imagine her two year old son of British mom shared her story on social media apparently they went to go visit a relative. He pressed a button on a small remote control which had been left on the coffee table. And it made that TV come up from aside camp than her and I guess all these priceless antique started jumping all over the ground. That's not to mention your ruin the parquet floor which is funding the sins I don't even know that museum there but it's probably grew expensive now. So at the end of today a 120000. Dollars worth of damage I don't know about you guys I did something really similar around about eight years old my best friend our playing in my godmother cells and she has all kinds of antiques arresting her pillow fighting. And I knocked one of them on the ground that I isn't new is expensive turn at a cost about five grand. Yeah I was so scared I when hit on their shed for like few hours before they came on. So you didn't tell anybody right away no I wouldn't hands terrify what did you do the days. Nothing left apparently. They had to and they they found out as Disney got home I was so scared of all gonna happen Maryland head I'm morning wolf tackle what has your kid destroyed really expensive are 20642. And wolf for Texas for 6150. So there's just admitted that he broke a 5000 dollar base that he was a kid. And you my enemy when I was kid him I destroyed a boat. I don't hold both a whole boat was perfect for those of you who know vote today thirteen foot Wheeler and it was like a little family Bo but it was I was a teenager it was kind of my boat that's how we tool around in Lake Michigan in the summertime. And we started playing this game with the boat this is how stupid. Thirteen year old boys are where there was a point Ocalan to sandy only to be cash. And we would take the boat and I would flip to tilt so the engine can come up and we goes fast is that vote ago with a 35. You know how it's horse power engine and we go up on the beach and the engine would pop up. And him go crossed the beach in back into the water. Yeah seem to be different almost like skid across yes and we could and we did it a lot and not thinking about the damage that it did to the bottom of the vote. And we took the boat out of the water that summer my dad called because of K. It's got a call from the marina what what we doing the boat and go what in what do you need dad not then just drive and graphics like the bottom of the votes completely destroyed. There's almost almost enclosed holes and I did they had to totaled about. No it's a whale or so it's five to death I think it patched all the bottom stuff right but as she. That ain't cheap and I don't know what the bill was but I do know that. You can get your vote license Rivera has summoned the heads up like dad but again morning wolf back you to go wanna hear from you right now what is the most expensive thing your child or you ruined. To a 6421 wall. Jim Laurie generated polls bow our unit anybody. I'm doing pretty good I'm seeing here late o'clock on the work and I heard the radio and I just want to share much start. Please do yet we started talking about this because a two year old angler of the week industry and 120000. Dollars worth of antiques. What's the most expensive thing you destroyed or your kid. Yeah well what dose size six years old I was living so there they Diego. And these teenagers gave me this. Dobbs who in the paper bag sure. Someone else to do about you know in my apartment complex which right now. And that's the wind picked up the entire thing and spirited and terrible we can just gave Dick just soaring down the hill Chechnya and everything on fire. We'll I ended up catching the entire small mountain on fire starter a lot. An accident showed there with the fire marshals were about two and a half hours he lectured. So you fessed up to Jerry. Oda men you must have been freaky now. I to a 6421 wolf text 46150. We see it went text someone broke every deposit 20000 dollar prosthetic laying. Not only that expensive but then you got one med grandfather can't get around. Let's see here or Joseph installment should what is most expensive thing that you or your kid destroyed. Well there are 6% in my embedded part two Cadillac Obama area of ought to know there's a hill. And Soros anyway down to a neighbor's house you and I always get their play in a Cadillac or one time I actually put into gear. And it rolled downhill right to neighbors that's. 00 yeah I thought I thought I ate up. Yeah that is some serious destruction you can and hopefully nobody was hurt job. No no nobody was served. I remember I ran out. Sorry Sullivan a bit like I had another long. Megan apartment apt. I didn't even see better relax in the neighbor's house thanks for Collin -- Mary's so Kwame. Most expensive thing you is a kid or your kids destroyed. I'm when I was about seven years old I. Whether it's abandoned apartment with my friend that I and DEA. I don't remember what we're getting it think you're right it's. Slated buyers I think an edit an eagle. Yeah. I. Never admitted to his I don't think I might of what I was like twelfth but yeah I was pretty bad the whole thing like I was back I wrote. And what about FBI is on the I'm married ever get some people here wanna talk to you from the King County FBI. Departments are a no just bulldogs stay married Levy they should be a part of the morning wolf that. Now rags. I'm coming up next you know get cash coming up at 7 AM in beat the street get a new prize today it's the Scotty mccreery Jeannie Johnson doubled down. At the state fair if you wanna get in a little bit early for beat the street to a 6421 wolf right now the morning all sat with Matt McAllister and product. This. 100 points out though wolf let's tackle we not fake news stories sound they can really art. Starting Kenya where brain surgeons operated on the wrong patient I missed day. After worker mixed up the ID tags at the hospital. Boy that's one thing if you're having like your nails done and put the wrong call or permanent and cutting open your head and clerical system needs some work for the organization. Medical staff and what Kenya's biggest hospitals have been suspended after sending the wrong patient in for brain surgery. They didn't realize they'd open the wrong stole. And sold two hours into the procedure narrow meant to remove a blood clot by the way. Yeah reportedly they just mixed up DID today it's. By the way both the first and operated on and the blood cut plot patient are in good condition I think that. Albeit with a brand new started to rain on their head shaved head yeah yeah. I do not make news about this car explodes after me and uses axe body spray in the lights a cigarette. Attacks spray. You have to do you think I don't know but I've got a twelve year old boy and a son who takes a bath in the stuff so much so that it like completely pollutes the second floor of the house. I could see us if we smoked we'd probably be dead how this happened in Maryland they see a car blew up when a guy lit a cigarette. After sprinting himself with the axe body spray in his car. These cigarette it's great combo caused a sudden and violent expansion of the air molecules. Instead of the front window blew the doors open. Only consisted get a Tivo announced this is a good story to present to them and they. For some reason they don't know less is more yeah that's true especially acts as its. Toxic I have one last story here than a fake news woman dubbed popcorn and a two year old girl during a movie in New York City. Slow Joseph thinks is justified because it was a Star Wars film picks and I'm getting any kid ends up. The mom says all the kid did was ask for some popcorn and apparently a woman in the guy she was win at. They dumped popcorn honor and in through the popcorn box her head it's. Yes the mom says all she said his popcorn she didn't say a full sentence. The girl's mom told the woman they don't talk to my daughter. The woman and allegedly proceeded dump popcorn over the two year old handed hitter with the empty container. Apparently she had a contusion I don't take if anybody touch my kids. It would be game on you I would be in jail they admire and had to admit I was in particular person talked about. I wouldn't think so but there you go there's not fake news news stories it sounds like but really. Only days is morning welcome back with some accounts after 100 points off. Flack hit the pavement and that could be history too. Good morning Janet in span away how are you today are showering yeah you sound awesome Janet did you have a good weekend right here. K do you say Gerson hiding and leaky she's brand new to the show today and welcome to adamantly say in where we're so excited to have her here and we know that your excited to get your hand on two pairs a concert tickets Scotty mccreery on September 7. And they get Jeannie Johnston the next night at the Washington state fair you're gonna go see both if you can beat the street has SN Janet. Downgrade and two nights in a country music back to back you be worn out. It would add up until I'm talking about a minute ago you up beat the street works right yep I do let's keep defied questions thirty seconds on the clock before meets challenger. Whose slow just found at the coastal farm and ranch in Marysville here we go Janet are you ready. Yet I am question number one. Daniel Craig Sean Connery have both played what spot. Yeah which city is LeBron James play basketball and lakers. Who is Kelly rip this morning show co host. I have noise it if you do. Yeah no no I kept Seattle's negotiating get a team in what sport. I thought he. Which group sings the song boon docks. And would be I think Kerry. So time is up Janet how do you think you did beat the street and not at all. All that matters is do better than that challengers so let's hope they know nothing how's that sound Dan. Okay all right let's meet him and get slowed Joseph found this guy at the coastal farm and ranch in Marysville. What's your name where you're from and what you do. Seekers sleep for Marysville and I killed this for a living. The first name is Steve are gonna find out how he did janitors who work our way through the same five questions with seat for Marysville scenario question number one. Daniel Craig and Sean Connery have both played what's. Bond and spa all he can set it right out. But you get their edits again we both got a point it's off to a good start your tied up at one apiece that's gonna question number two. Which city as LeBron James played basketball for. Cleveland. Was right to end standard unfortunately you said LA Tony Clinton lingers despite death in correctly now you're down one seeds got the lead two to one let's go to question number three. Who is Kelly Griffith morning Sheryl Crow. Ryan Seacrest. Got that on right. To Yang and I think you are probably go back to Regis Janet affected region directly. Or as well I think you're headed in just like that you are a little bit of a hold this is not looking good with two questions let you down 321 the F. All right let's go to the local question Seattle it's currently negotiating to get a team and work pro sport. And it's still hot. Like today's seats is all over this he's four for four he's perfect you got it right to. But you're down 42 heading in the last questions that Jim there's no possible way to channel can win so it. It's a Monday you ride this drug bust a little bit osu student question of a five C had Allen played out which group sings the song than docs. Thumb tack. Got me there. There's one that's kinda good news for you. It's I was little big town believes that the series your thinking about the man period she is getting a divorce but she did not saying Buddha it's OK yeah. Final score seat for Marysville who kills fish for. In our good friend Janet from spanned a way to work so it was fun. We had a great time the data do you really think that there wouldn't let you walk away from this contest with nothing I hope not but it it's. Not no way that he had a near par the morning wolf thank you listen. Our way of saying thank you need to dvd tickets anyway candidacy Scotty mccreery and Jamey Johnson the Washington are OK I mean the idea. I think that's. Thank you are becoming an action negatively the story that new girl and Lee brought more than today it happened last name the most random way. You have met your significant other is the topic and you got to stick around in the story about how her grandfather. Met her grandmother it's Great Neck. You're listening to the morning wolfpack with Matt McAllister. It's morning wolf pack Matt McAllister and we would know right now. Who met their significant other in the most random way to a 64 Q1 walls. Or of course you can text or 6150. Emily's first day came in Glendale hum bigger story there heavily. Yes I think a couple of things about my grandfather last night my mom is accurately and she's going through in my house I had a locker that I with my dad's. Because he had the same name as my grandfather but he did right out of the captain in the army my grandfather was lieutenant and she's like I realized this was your grandfather's consistently Tenet which I say I did you realize my grandfather was Vinny army so found that out just. That's your grandmother she has no actually he was a bar fight in your grandmother with the ER nurse. Did me. Visit our in another. So yeah I need to know how but yeah they mad because you shot in a bar fight. And you didn't know that I didn't know that he had no info on the bar far now that's kind of where my did you really know why don't you know you got to do a lot to get shot in a bar right I think. Apparently that hey these are. They are so I'm thinking maybe if Flesch who may be gray is yeah if they wasn't like an internal organ injury don't think so that's how old's your crap I'm met a guy. That's awesome and you don't have to beat out of course that. That's a pretty great story to start us off fear the most random way you met your city go to a 6421 Wall Street in text 46150. Right now morning wolf back. I made a Buckley most random place you met your significant other. I'm not my wife. The primary can't pay and Ann Arbor. And here's a waitress there and there's the head waiter guy and you're like hey get your card member. And argue that this is this girl I didn't know which. Which one it was. Hello my name and told them look particularly in the he gave it during the next couple weeks later and got attacked the military the hanging out and celery we've been married almost cheers. Eight years ago. Wait so the guy says hey I want your number 41 of the girls but he didn't tell you which girl it was. You know as stylish and say OK and I. I was sixteen and show I'm like OK you know him and then I didn't know when I got that they didn't mean it really no clue us. I made so I'm sure there were a couple of waitresses in there that you notice that you were hoping it wasn't them. Yeah yeah it was a couple and then you know and I got the bag than than we actually had the mutual friend can fill out that was an early bird are now and I got out of dealing to a lawyer but I wasn't really here. Deployed talk about rolled the dice he has that's airline in but you that's the kind of stuff you do when you're sixteen you know again I gonna go for it I know this goes this thing in the bathroom doesn't work out but. It could have been like a 45 year old married one named flo you didn't know that answer but there are. I never got to come text dominant. Yeah I want our listeners and the girls bathroom in middle school new school on the first day he walked into the wrong rest treatment she held on the night possible way. But that's. Another one that they met their exit Wal-Mart they are both customers walking down the reds still lookup island he asked her and her friend if they wanted to go to his party. And named Cary said that the girls at her local coffee shop kept trying to better off on a blind date. And she said she wasn't feeling it meanwhile genetic I online and they decided to meet in that coffee shop and it's the same guy that the copy shut people are trying to setup with. Just have to make a movie out of right there I start talking about the most random way you make your significant other gonna jump in here morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf. Course she can now break up a text to 46150. Just put your name. Always when you're not looking for the end of finding the person you spend the rest your life with. Yeah conversation last night at my mom I found out that my grandfather meant I grandmother because he was shot in a bar fight and she is ER nurse that took care not for. So lost in your grandpa is no longer around to head the strength of guy that would be great story I know I'll give it any more details. Tied to a 6421 wolfpack or you can text 46150. Guerrilla attacks against. And woods are talking about the most random way people have met their significant other. Attacks are you tell you story amendments. Eight while giving cheer us. And solid little evil plot every era and it appeared they do George and I don't I got like water resort opens your gear and give it up and Gertrude out initial things always fortunate and a half yeah she needed but not the top shelf and our security. So I grabbed it for a masters you want a better. That we met a lot of our costs while all over the have been together ever since I'm here. So you can actually meet somebody in a Hershey store and have a work out for a yeah. I'm. A little over at her yeah love an hour right here resent Jessica Bonnie lake random way you've made years ago Jessica. I'm has been a burst water when he first thank. And that an all white and memories they're very well and I had. I was gonna say those 21 year old in doubters that he get out and out admitted. Yeah live a pretty great it's an act again. That's definitely didn't Wear. It. But the one of those deals where you look at the next day you like saw a picture you had a number you're phoney like ho yes guy. I think that Ayala has somewhere there was a guy there appreciate the call came in Rochester random way you make your significant other. I was a freshman in high school and went to the homecoming dance with the guys. Neither of us were old enough to derive from his older brother and his day drove. And I ended up marrying older brother we've been very. But there is six years now. That's a great story. But the same guy didn't get to go to homecoming 1000 freshman I don't think I'll know I'm picking up from everybody goes a homecoming and then at all how if so how did big bro make a move by and you end up being totally creepy must happen later in life. Element it was about a year later on wall. Aren't. Any detects over there and running and attacked. There was no one is mom was the time curb its contents when she's thirteen and they met. I I time you know yet you know I noticed on gas and they met that way. Kind of rate. As very random. All right appreciate because guys got to stay with a student is coming up next out of Vietnam believe you start getting into the pop culture side of things. It is the Big Three stories of the day in and we can bring in now next door. Into the morning. Oh I now. 100 point seven though wolf at least first day she's got the Big Three stories happening Monday march 5. I am last and last I Oscars that he missed it the shape of water is underway with the biggest accolade. Film beat out nine other for best picture. Free to McDormand won best actress in American three billboards and Gary old eminently in his best actor for Brooke his role as Winston Churchill in the drama darkest hours. Yeah I thought Jimmy Kimmel did such a great job this year with all the sensitivities. And everybody have a very serious platform right. He gets of their lays it out yeah and makes it okay I'm comfortable. Absolutely an all night it was funny I love what he's regardless of I wanna make this long to show ever so whoever has the shortest speech is gonna win a jet ski. And again had a price is right lake have a staff data I don't know whose dad is really for the always lose me right out the military do an animated short films asked button that. Well in a relationship is we got a couple breakups and start to look like Marino labored and Anderson east of broken up. If you're looking for evidence each person hasn't posted on at her on his answer grand. Since her birthday November in the last six she shared with him was in January number it doesn't not commenting which kind of says something in another itself. But she did a lead in of recent show that she is heartbreak it's sad feelings and her songs and then saying ten man. That take back related. And you know my wife Tommy you can always tell it's gone on our relationship. By some of the social media area and there are some famous people never post pictures of their significant others and it's his week here. Right but they used to UN back the bad don't and are now this one we're sure of Kimberly Perry from the band Perry is getting divorced her and her former baseball player JP air and CBS. They're citing the always popular irreconcilable differences and they did marry a little over three and a half years so they are assured that. Coca now we got some sad news Matt and aptly just killed tease him a dealers and injured two others when he miles outside ethnically alum. Avalanche occurred at 4600 feet elevation just north as around the 41. He died Saturday afternoon Natalie and he was a Bonnie lake police officer for fourteen years. Exact roundtree was 27 also killed battling each and then Ryan journey and Kyle alt well. Were injured still just you guys know avalanche danger in many areas is still high please be aware of the race this beat this avalanche deaths in the past seven days. So tragic and I had two heads couple two to reach out just. DC's rock a community like I'm also in our thoughts and prayers obvious to the Stanley that is a horrifying so everybody be careful be aware that. How that McAlister hasn't progress. Yeah they need guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Parent eminent danger help with this one a little bit. If you are adults that still has. Let's just say interactions with a stuffed animal or Teddy bear. They need to go ahead pick up voting give us a call to us exports you won wolf or you can Texas and 46150. If you're embarrassed for some reason text might be easier but a phone calls always better judgment here none whatsoever because there is an adult on this radio show right now that still has a stuffed animal. When they sleep at night we'll get there and a second. The reason we're talking about a new study found 84% of men. 84%. Of guys still have at least one stuffed animal. I'm finding that impossible to believe they say 70%. To 77% of women do. And this is the part that I really don't understand 40% of adults say they still interact. With their stuffed animals so I'm assuming that means full night is that animal and talking to a person sleeping when they. Oh yeah that could be an interaction okay. Let's say. The rest is not that important. Emily yes it's your first day. And you were the only one on this show that actually still interacts with a stuffed animal wanted to talk about that perhaps second. So yeah I sleep with stuffed animal it's because I sleep with my arm tucked up. And if I don't have a stuff Finland MIL poker so I do have a stuffed animal but it's not a specific one like I had no attachment. Every 620 year actually throw away nice up in a we just acted like he's well I think peeking out of the skin you know it's cold yeah but I don't get a new one it's just correct some ice like I had a pillow that I could be the same thing but. I know judgment for people. So you X don't shop for. Forgive them why do you throw it away deficits in thinking like shrink stuff and rat he and yes I need a New England. And it's funny so both my bonus kids fourteen and twelve well the twelve year old boy does not that they both have meanings gamble blanket okay academic fourteen year old and she'd kill me if I was saying this is now she's in high school. She's a got a little white Teddy bear this is please yes app yet. To your point. They do get kind of nasty tone act the part of having a hard time with is that 84%. Of men. Have a stuffed animal a Debbie and Munro hello good morning. A year here to tell us your husband has a stuffed animal. I'm sorry do you see when the truth. No load moved to Al he's got to lose stuffed moose would net because it would be needs and our. I know there always err on the bad economically. How is going to be. You bet they want the IDs from his child threw him. Well. I don't know where I am I think oh brother got recruitment. It is they don't play I think one guy gets Buffy. Are all decorated with it but no it under bad. Do you have any giving him now have a quiet night in Ottawa but still. Well. And in what do you think as his wife about the stuff. The animals. Romney doesn't bother me about why can't I go on the floor something else. Does he have made it far. Did you have names forum. Okay all right so there's one the falls and the 84% morning wolf fact no shame here no judgments right. 206421. Wolf we're talking about adults with stuffed animals are 46150. On the tax. Good morning Mike in Lynnwood we're talking about adults the stuffed animals in the part of have a hard time grasping is it 84% of men. Still have at least one stuffed animal do you fall into this 84% mines. Six. You have six healthy animals they get shelved I don't they I don't sleep draping the good there I actually still have herpes. Wow are you married might get sale on user sentimental attachment to each one no it's just. I want to repair order. I've collected one reason or another built all of rare for a Coke. There was a party in here that said that most of the adults still in Iraq too with their stuffed animals as are any interaction Mike. Now they sit they all I might appreciate a jagged and here's Patrick in the clause so Patrick Yemeni stuffed animals are ignorant got a true. Okay and do you sleep do you go ahead. I do not yeah here's my my guess on why it's such a high percentage of guys have them and it's Brendan from girlfriend and corporate from daughters or other female friendly and up. That may east and Africa again I've got I've got turn ordinary the last Gerard that they present for my girl for it and so you no longer have this growth and you do I do. He sums things. Maybe she's not girls anymore the first thing I would do you better get used to them so yeah and that's why don't ever intellectual aren't they just didn't think we are not yet don't let the current girlfriend find the axes Teddy bears that apple. Yes no doubt that would shot. So that don't just my take why 84% to got a town because of your girlfriend by one for you jury thrown it away without it isn't serious stroke. Appreciate you checking in thanks for me to part of the show meant to us 6421 wolf is these phone number of adults was stuffed animals feel free to use it. And 461 finds here on the taxed. The map we've got a couple of text Crist says he also has stepped admits apparently like I have this well I think that takes the edge off a little bit and if you're gonna have the unleashes a man they got a moves this fourth foot tall cop goes size means and his name is a rip. Part OK I guarantee you that he single. Who's one guy can delegate Joseph in your place here do you think you can get away with putting a four foot moves that you are absolutely a 100% now enough. And I don't care for how much bigger place that would not feel and I in in the conversation of having a boost. I don't think that really matters I think it's a sentiments. Yeah I agree this Tennessee though query that a couple of years ago at Christmas they were talking about childhood toys and he's talking about his favorite star worst to block a stuffed animal. His daughter actually went online and found the original 1976. She got stuck in one got forms that he still had to outline all sit in the chair next is that some balance there aren't a kind of one of the doctor yeah that's an awesome Kenya Alia that. Listen to becomes a money your. Children I get it right what are these leaches out he said in his chair next to that you know Alice would put that in some kind of a frame I mean it's not a Julia. Appreciate the attacks in the calls yet again yet that's the news 84% of guys allegedly supposedly. Still have a stuffed animal and around somewhat. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice. Tell us a funny thing about handling on day one I'm pretty sure in slow journey to back me up. She's a bigger sports fan neither one of us. Yeah has are you wearing her ESPN playoffs pull over today. Yeah my college national championship. OK so you must go around with Russell Wilson our quarterback he's playing that is left trying to play for the Yankees which personally. I would just assume we focus on doing my best quarterback that. You know we've ever seen. But he was in Tampa over the weekend spring training his first at bat with the Yankees. He struck out. Diego. He's he's never end well and I applaud anybody for stepping outside the wheel house but you know as our franchise quarterback. Just come back here and throw the football around Shelly and what I guess again at least force do we really need to be good at reading work upper Michael Jordan. It never works out for anybody for being honest Bo Jackson could be really cold Iowa. You got to correct something I said a minute ago. And I should know better because I grew up in Kansas City. But Bo Jackson really was a pretty good to sport athlete we're talking about Russell Wilson now trying to play baseball right. Over the we did he struck out for the Yankees which no big surprise it's a hard thing to do but you know I said there's lot of guys who tried to do with that have not been successful. That the Jackson really was not cynical seated as a remedies to take the bats and break him over is named Diane I know there. Yet you're probably young for that but it was like the most manly thing anybody's ever go yeah and he did it a lot. Yeah yeah get mad and snapped a baseball bat over his thigh out it was he had those three churned it was awesome and there's one other guy to just to be fair to Russell Wilson and these guys ago try to play professional baseball is one of the guy that. I think everybody can agree did it well he guesses we guess from Deon Grant again yeah I on Sanders empty though but he still exits but see I don't think that work and he wasn't very successful and not a professional football thus is that thing Bo Jackson the end Sanders did it both professionally at the the highest level whereas like Michael Jordan played double a baseball you know I had ever was a trooper and I don't think that was a good call from Michael Jordan gave it. It was painful to see the greatest do something that he's not the greatest right and what's the point you know and then of course there's always a Garth Brooks. I think he got in their little bit or go by yeah it is not an easy thing to do and I think that at least in the modern mayor of that list is pretty short of people a couple of but. Knock yourself out wrestles his comeback complete football for the Seahawks six USO ES one yeah. Callous. You 100 voice yeah wolf. Boy studios now. And you wanted to point 7 along the morning wolf thank handing over and is believed to be doing this I've never had as many microphones on a onetime NBA. Yeah super fun and I like some goofy when I get around it gets so excited giddy. Nobody in these guys and may have mentioned just cool as a cucumber like you nervousness and really get nervous asserting your nerves and just tell myself to stop gap but who does that. No it's why is that post it notes and there's a big it says Matt is really big letters they can't I have to remember to say it's name is many times like when I'm addressing him. And yeah. Oh okay that's where releasing. Its dealings family that's Matthew Knight. And if there's oh yeah. I only got to see I wanna keep things on time did you know me I'm a control freak I had twenty seconds to write about the keyword for free cash money. South right. And what are you doing and she compared anti as I'm I'm so excited we're getting away cat sitting at a wanna know will it we did a year 1000 dollars when we give you a thousand bucks. He didn't blow links. Hopefully are you gonna be boring and pay bills. You are you know my answer if I didn't have all these people at the hands out waiting for money I would blow it but I got to be responsible and take credit cards and you any money no war or anything Emily what do you do when I'm 5050 and one half that spinning after it Simon get to these Fletcher. Because I live first lectured me smearing the others OK slowdown boon that day you know there's a fun guy over there. Yeah. Ideally we'll have lunch today and they. And it. The morning it'll actually not a jealous weekday mornings from Clarksville.